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About The Authors Spencer Ward: Spencer likes playing basketball and enjoys playing video games with his friends. He has never wanted to go to any other college than Oklahoma State University. His grandmother, dad, and uncle all went to OSU, and his grandmother even taught there. Remington Linda: He enjoys playing baseball and comedy. He hopes baseball or academics will get him a scholarship. He has wanted to go to Rice University for 5 years, because it is his dream school, where he hopes he will be able to play baseball and possibly in the MLB (Major League Baseball). Hannah Bradford: Hannah Bradford is a fun-loving high school student. Her favorite hobbies include tweeting, texting, instagramming, shopping, sleeping and above all else having a GREAT time with friends. She is a Cheer Athletics Athlete and a member of the First Ladies Dance Team. She only drinks water and soy lattes. She is obsessed with gum (only 5 solstice, not even kidding). To get on her good side bring her a snow cone from Bahama Bucks or “help� her with her homework. Jack Davern: Jack Davern is a true American. He enjoys playing soccer, basketball and video games with friends, and loves movies. He hopes to attend the University of Texas. Through college he hopes to learn about film, and become a movie and commercial editor. Lacey Hartle: Lacey Hartle adores listening to music, watching TV, competing for swim team, and being active in clubs. One of her favorite pastimes is spending time with family on holidays and having fun at her family’s lake house. She hopes to get a college scholarship to Stanford University and graduate with a degree in volcanology.

4 University Life

Letter From The Editor What does it take for a student to thrive in college? Great skill is required, and academic motivation to succeed. A great skill with the social game, and a place of comfort and connection with others. Even though students usually go through a rough patch with grades, they usually climb back up, because of their skill to adapt. University Life tells you everything you need to know about a college environment, from college traditions (page 14), to campus life (page 41), and how to get in (page 34). With University Life, we hope to guide you through the world of colleges and universities.

Jack Davern, Spencer Ward, Remington Linda, Hannah Bradford and Lacey Hartle



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12 University Life

Bedlam Series: History with an Attitude By: Spencer Ward The Bedlam Series rivalry between Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma has been going on longer than most of the others, and it is legendary in college sports. It is just as intense between the two teams now as it was way back in 1904 when the two teams plated their first football game, and when the Sooners won 75-0. The first game was played during the winter in a park in Guthrie, Oklahoma. On one play, the ball got loose and players from both sides went into a creek trying to get the ball and make a touchdown. Oklahoma got the score. My grandmother, Ruth Bullock Ward, 98, said she remembers the Bedlam Series going back for a long time. She said she remembers a headline in a newspaper that said “Bedlam” was what got the tradition started, and gave it its name. She said the competition between the two schools has continued ever since then. She remembers that two games in the 1920s played in Stillwater ended in ties. and “the streets were filled with students doing mischief from both colleges. The police came out.” In the years since then, as the Bedlam Series has gotten bigger and gotten a national reputation, she thinks things have gotten too big, as others have said, too. In recent years, the rivalry has gotten corporate sponsors that have made it a bigger presence on TV. “It’s gotten bigger, because it’s become a commercial enterprise. I think it’s gotten too big. It’s just a game,“ she told my father who interviewed her. “The kids need to get busy with their studies

14 University Life

and not OSU coach Mike Gundy and OU coach Bob Stoops talk before the game. Photo By: Richard Rowe spend too much OU, it will be interesting to see time on campus-ology. This got if the rivalry grows again,” he out of control in the ‘60s and said. “OSU has had a nationally ‘70s with the drinking at the competitive football program rallies and at the games. I think in recent years, and has been they make too much out of it all. winning more frequently again, Her son, Steve Ward, a graduate and I think the rivalry is on the of OSU who is now an attorney upswing again.” According to the in Tulsa, attended OSU from official OSU Web site, and one 1974-78 and remembers the version of the story, the contest Bedlam games, but said OSU now known as the Bedlam did not win any of the football Series was named not after games while he was in school. the football games, but after He said they only won once the wrestling matches that the over OU in the 1970s. Since then, two schools played, and for the OSU has had better teams and brawls between fans after those won more often. The OSU Web matches. That’s what Steve Ward site shows they have won five and other alumni said they have times since 1990. “Now that OSU heard. is competing fairly evenly with

Barry Sanders, an All-American player at Oklahoma State from 1986-88 who was a running back during that time, said the annual game was “even bigger than bowl games, because winning the Bedlam Game gave you bragging rights in the state for the next year.” In interviews with newspapers, Sanders and other players on both teams have said the big game with Oklahoma was the biggest game of the year. They said it was an intense experience they said they will never forget, almost as big as the bowl games they played in. Who leads the series depend on which sport you look at. In the 109 years of the Bedlam Series in football, OU leads OSU by 83 wins to 17 losses to 7 ties, according to the OSU Web site. In wrestling, OSU leads 128-279 and holds a lead in swimming and some other sports, the Web site says. The other sports besides football became part of the Bedlam Series starting in the 1920s and 1930s.

Football is the thing that most The OU coach Bob Stoops Photo By: Tim Sharp game. After World War II, as people look at when they more students had cars, the think about the Bedlam Series. number that traveled to the According to the Web site, OSU, other school for the games which was called Oklahoma increased and the crowds got Agricultural and Mechanical larger. As that happened, the College when the rivalry first legend of the Bedlam Series started, scored its first points in a football game in 1914 and didn’t grew. Students who attended OSU at win until 1917. OSU tied OU 1922, that time remember seeing Theta 1926 and 1929, by a score of 0-0 Pond colored with red food each time. dye by OU students, and toilet Over the years, students have paper was thrown on trees at engaged in a lot of activities both schools’ campuses as part that has added to the stories of student activities the night about the rivalry. In the 1920s, before the game, according to Mrs. Ward and the OSU Web site stories in newspapers at the time said, a tradition started where and recollections by students. OU students stole the ringer of At OU, OSU students would the big bell in Old Central, OSU’s put a dress on an OU campus oldest building. It was later statue and paint orange letters traded back and forth between on buildings. There were also the winners of the annual pep rallies, secret “raids” onto football game. the campus of the opponent Back in those days, students and competitions between did not have cars to drive from fraternities and sororities at one place to another, and she the two schools. That kind of remembers that they used to entertainment has continued for skip classes for several days and years, even until today. take the train from Stillwater to Norman for the big football


Steve Ward and my dad, Mike Ward, member that in 1965, OSU won the football game against OU, breaking a 19-year losing streak with a score of 17-16 over OU. OSU fans celebrated by having a big party in the streets, and honking their cars horns all night. The same kind of celebration took place the next year when OU won the game. While other schools have their version of the Bedlam Series, like Army and Navy and Michigan and Michigan State, the official OSU Web site says the rivalry in the Sooner State has a national reputation and is now a national legend. Sports writers in Oklahoma say that it’s the oldest and the only one that’s called Bedlam. That adds to the legend of the rivalry, they say. The fans think the Bedlam games are big deal and so do the sponsors. Starting in 1985, various companies from Ford to the Bank of Oklahoma to the Oklahoma Farm Bureau have been official sponsors for the Bedlam Series games. They donate money to each school as a part of their contract. The amount of money they pay for the sponsorships is not available to be disclosed, but it is probably in the millions of dollars. The money they pay goes into the sports departments for scholarships and other things, said the OSU Sports Information Office. According to their Web site, OSU Athletic Director Mike Holder said the scholarships are an important part of the sports programs at the two schools. Scholarships are important for several reasons, because they pay tuition for students who could not otherwise afford it and for star athletes who are needed for the teams. They also allow more students to participate in more sports, not just football and wrestling and the other major sports. The sports scholarships at the two schools now include many sports, as well as other ed-

16 University Life

ucationalOSU Cowboys coach Mike Gundy programs. In interviews with Oklahoma newspapers, he and other university officials have said that while the Bedlam Series is competitive, it is friendly between the two schools. It also brings both schools national recognition when they play on TV or when the Bedlam games are covered by the national media. That helps draw attention to OSU and OU and helps them recruit students from other parts of the country with a higher profile. It is also important to the local businesses that make money from the large numbers of fans on game day. School officials have estimated

Photo By:

the annual football game alone pumps millions of dollars into the economy of Norman and Stillwater, as people eat at restaurants, party at bars and stay in hotels. Exact figures for the economic impact of the annual football game alone could not be determined , but having that many people in town for one day can certainly make a big difference. And just think, it all started with a football game in the middle of the winter that ended up with players in the creek.

Bob Stoops stands with his victorious team, he is the coach of the Oklahoma Sooners. Photo By:

OSU wins against OU in 2011, in the Bedlam Championships, OSU won 44-10 Photo By:

“It’s gotten bigger because it’s become a commercial enterprise,” she said. “I think it’s gotten too big. It’s just a game.” 17

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By: Remington Linda It’s the little

extra activities that sets a person apart from the rest in the college admissions game. Colleges look for a variety in activities, as well as grades. Colleges look for the students that want it the most. According to, of the over 8.2 million applicants in the U.S., only twothirds of these applicants will be accepted. For example, to become an engineer work or intern at an engineering firm, to be accepted and meet

requirements according to a certain major. Oscar Ortuno, a junior at LASA High School, is interested in the engineering major. “I’m in robotics club to prepare for engineering,” Ortuno said. It is so fun! We can build robots out of so many things, such as Legos, metal, or even sometimes wood. We can also build many more contraptions.”

In high school, college applicants take a SAT or ACT standardized test. When getting into a college, one of the first things a college looks for is SAT or ACT scores. A college’s first impression is the scores made on these tests. These colleges especially pay attention to the score that most pertains to a major that an applicant is interested in. Colleges look at GPA, however they also look at the classes taken that acquired this GPA. For example, according to http://collegeapps. Stanford College has an acceptance rate of about 7 percent, a required GPA of around 3.5 to 4.0, and usually a SAT score of 2100, and a ACT score of at least 30. Depending on the college, the acceptance rate and expectations will vary. At Florida University, the requirements are a 20 on the ACT and a 440 on math and critical reading according to, This college doesn’t utilize the writing score because it doesn’t focus on writing in the


Acceptance Rates of Top Colleges


Acceptance Rate (%)

What Do Colleges Look For?

39% 24% 7% Stanford

curriculum. These scores determine what major an applicant will choose, from engineering to hospitality. They are a gateway to a college admission. These requirements are one of the many required to get into college. Others include, completing at least 16 high school academic units, including four credits in English, four credits in social studies, four credits in mathematics, and four credits in science, according to These credits may differ depending on the degree. At Notre Dame College the requirements differ (1360-1500 on the SAT and 32-34 on the ACT) from the other colleges because each college makes a varying amounts of money. This money funds the college’s needs, such as electricity. The more money a college has the more competitive its application process, because it can reject more people and still make the necessary amount of money. Location affects the requirements, too. A college in a desirable loca-


Notre Dame


College Names tion will attract more applicants, therefore raising the amount of revenue for this particular college. For example, OSU has a 82 percent acceptance rate and a requirement of a 22-28 Composite and a 1000-1210 out of 1600. These requirements are not as rigorous because it is located in Oklahoma, which a not as desirable to live in as California because of the city is out of ther way of major towns. So, because of this the university can’t generate as much money because of its location. This drastically affects the acceptance rates and requirements. These four colleges are just a few of the many colleges that exist, but these four represent the highest standard to the lowest standard and provide a summary on the application process (low standard meaning the lower test scores and requirements required to gain admission and high meaning the opposite).

Photo By:

Stanford University is located in Stanford, California.

Photo By:


Requires GPA of around 3.5 to 4.0, and usually a SAT score of 2100, and a ACT score of at least 30

20 University LIfe

Photo By:

Oklahoma State University located in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Photo By:

University of Flordia located in Gainesville, Florida. Requires a 20 on the ACT and a 440 on math and critical reading.

Notre Dame University located in Notre Dame, Indiana Requires a 1360-1500 on the SAT and 32-34 on the ACT.

Photo By:

Photo By:

Photo By:

Requires a 22-28 Composite and a 1000-1210 out of 1600 on math and critical reading.

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Florida Gators: Inside The Chomp By: Remington Linda

UF Alumni location for bowling

Students are hard at work at Florida University. They are studying in the beautiful courtyard, eating in the cafeteria, socializing with their friends, and searching for a way to blow off steam. Their way to blow off steam is simple, clubs. The different ages are separated. Their answer is simple. Clubs. There are hundreds of clubs at Florida University, varying from sports clubs to language clubs. “This club has given me something to do in college other than focusing on my classes”, Michael Moskowitz, President of

22 University Life

University of Florida’s bowling club, said. In college everyone is looking for a way to express themselves. They are looking for a group of friends that we can trust. College is a way of finding ourselves in the form of expression through social life. Clubs are an outlet to self-exploration and discovery acording to “The best thing about bowling is that it is indoors but still requires athletic ability to perform at a high level.”, said Moskowitz.

In Moskowitz’s experience, he uses his club as a way to blow off steam. He uses it as a way to improve his athletic ability. To him the

Bowling Ball Courtesy of

club is not just a social gathering it is also a way of expression. He can meet new people while doing what he loves. Moskowitz uses his club to maintain exercise and to socialize.

“We have competed in several tournaments in the state of Florida hosted by FSU, UCF, USF, and we have also hosted a tournament. We have also bowled in tournaments in Atlanta and Las Vegas”, said Moskowitz.

Florida University Logo Mascot Courtesy of

Moskowitz is able to express himself in competition, such as tournaments. Competition is a key part of how this club affects him. Competition is healthy for self-exploration because he can find what he excels at. He can also use this for what degree he will get in college.

Mike Paiva Coaching Florida Gators Bowling

Moskowitz. “Our most famous member is our head coach, Mike Paiva, who bowled on the team while he was a UF student and has since coached for 26 years”, said

It is important in any club or organization to have a good leader or coach. Mike Paiva is that leader for UF Bowling Club. He is the most famous

and important member of their team, according to Moskowitz. He is a teacher for the club and a mentor. He provides support and leads his students in the right direction.


“We raise money by hosting youth bowling tournaments each semester. We also sell items like t-shirts and tumblers to raise money as well. Donations also are a big help to us”, said Moskowitz.

Moskowitz later goes on to say, This fundraising helps the club pay for many things, including supplies and trips they may take. An example of this would be the National Championship run of 1974. Without it the club wouldn’t be possible “Traditions are not a big part of our club. As the officers change from year to year, things are done differently each time. We are always trying to get better, not really keeping things the same all the time”, said Moskowitz. Traditions at University of Florida are a common thing, such as the “Gator Chomp” however, in the bowling club it is the complete opposite. The club has officers each year that change, so tradition can’t be Lora Barry, UF Lacrosse, Courtesy of put into place. All the club members, are trying to do is make the club better and help find themselves in the work they do for the good of club (Fundraising, Volunteering, Etcetera) according to Moskowitz.

24 University Life

“The most memorable moment of our club was when we finished 2nd in the national championship in 1974.”, said Moskowitz. Even without traditions, Florida Bowling Club still remembers 1974, the year they placed second in the National Championship. The team is very proud of this accomplishment since there are hundreds of bowling clubs in the U.S. at the college level. The club still cherishes this championship even though it was almost 40 years ago. “The only requirement to join the UF BowlingClub is that you must be a University of Florida student, faculty, or staff member”, said Moskowitz.

National Championship Runner Up Trophy 1974 Courtesy of

Bowling Pin Set For Competitive Bowling Courtesy of

The fact that this club includes staff and faculty is extraordinary. Normally, clubs will only include students with a few

mentors. However, this is not the case at Florida University. The club is very inclusive. It includes everyone who this club can

affect and does effect.


Crafting Careers for after College

Old College Graduate

College students don’t always go into a job that relates to their degree but what that they have a job now that they like. One example is the story of Valerie Hartle she went to the college UT in Austin TX. She went there to get her degree in

biology after getting a swimming scholarship. She tried to get her biology degree over 2 years when she found her true passion for possess art. She graduated with her degree and now works as a full time teacher in a pre-school.

This picture is of the main fountain at UT campus in Austin TX where local Valerie Hartle went to school This fountain is a common hot spot where students like to work and hangout.

26 University Life

This college student is hanging out and doing work at here college library so she can graduate and do good at her future job.

Top Paying Degrees Colleges look for students that will go ahead through colleges with their degrees and not switch. Some of the best degrees to get that will provide a good job in the future would be according to are Biomedical engineering: which is when you work with life sciences, engineering and medicine. Biometrics: this field shows how to build automated identification devices like many readers replace photo IDs and passwords in both the public and private sectors. This industry is expected to grow to

$363million by 2018, according to Transparency Market Research based in New York. Forensic science: More experts are needed to operate the new tools to prevent and investigate crimes to analyze evidence. Computer game design: The global market for video and online games is expected to reach $82 billion by 2017, according to DFC Intelligence in San Francisco. Budding designers must learn skills such as animation, audio design, and programming and productionmanagement. It’s okay to get a more broad

degree because many people when they get out ofcollage don’t go into a job that directly relates to their degree. When looking for a job that does not relate directly to their degree is hard to find because people have a hard time opening up to what they can do when they have been taking all there specialized college classes or one subject. So my advice is to do what you love from the beginning so that when you have to change it’s not difficult.


Future Degrees With Top Pay


$120,000 s a l a r y f o r t o p

$110,000 $100,000 $90,000 $80,000 $70,000 $60,000

This college student is at school studying for her exams and will be graduating from college in a few years this photo was posted online at

p a y i n g




j o b s


forensic science


computer game design


biomechanical engineering



Fashion Frenzy By: Lacey Hartle

This picture was taken and posted online at it depicts a college student walking down the sidewalk in her fashionable cloths. When she goes out of the house she loves to have a fashionable outfit that shows off the season.

Dedicated Follower Of Fashion AnnaLee Rice wakes up every morning thinking of her day to find it is wet and cold because in Indiana the weather can be fickle and bizarre and cold and wet, she usually will consult her weather app and then find something appropriate to wear but she has not gotten much sleep because of her anxiety about a big her big exam. Even through all that she still finds a way to wake up every morning and get ready it

28 university life

takes 45 minutes and she chose a gray v neck from J. Crew as a top and a pair of pants, they were designed by her favorite fashion designer Jenna Lyons. She accessorizes the outfit with shoes she got from the mall and a necklace she got from a boutique in New York city. “The University of Notre Dame is notoriously preppy. Thus, the student body’s fashion is preppy blended with the artfully disheveled

appearance resulting from all-nighters and too much caffeine. I have actually seen men wearing sports coats, boat shoes, and sweatpants all at once if that gives a greater sense of our weird style dichotomy,” Said Rice, a senior at Notre Dame College. The way people are is expressed with how they dress, give off first impressions when people meet. Fashion can make a greeting pleasant or terrible.

The way people are is expressed with how they dress, give off first impressions when people meet. Fashion can make a greeting pleasant or terrible. Pattern can give a person a perspective on if your life may be happy silly funny a complete wreck or neutral. There are so many ways to show people feelings and what your life is

like or should be can be shown by how they dress and look. From happy and inviting to cold and harsh, college students have been finding ways to represent their school and lives for years. Fashion can be different at every school some have a sporty fashion, elegant fashion, artistic Fashion, fashion built for slobs, or preppy fashion.

Then there is the choosing of what color to wear which can be so hard because people don’t want to give off mixed signals, Rice said her favorite color to wear is gray. “It’s chic, easy to wear, and goes with everything. And it’s appropriatfor all seasons,” she said. It’s so easy to wear to and can go with any accessories.

This image is of a fashion design that was posted online at these are just some of the designs made for college students that have busy lives but they still what to look good.


Constructing Creative Costumes How you design fashion is a lot like people design during costume designing, in the since that they are both an art form, or craft. Fashion is a way to present yourself and costume making is a way to express someone else. The world of Costume design is based off of script but is still a lot like fashion, costume making is the using of color pattern texture to make a seen in a play look complete but it is challenging to create a costume because every fabric hast to look good in the lighting on stage. What fabrics you use on stage for costumes can impact the way the audience sees the costume. Richard E. Donnelly Professional Specialist M.F.A., Goodman School of Drama/Art Institute of Chicago said he likes, “Oh definitely silk, anything natural silk, wools, linens, cottons I really cringe when I think of polyester and some of the contemporary micro fibers that we have today because they just don’t look good on stage as much as the silks, linens, and wools due.”

Pattern is another way to express the feeling of the seen on stage, the pattern shouldn’t clash with the surrounding background because you want the fashion of the design to pop against the set. There are so many different patterns to choose from abstract/geometric stripes, checks, damask, ethnic, floral/foliage, novelty, paisley, plaid, small scales, solid, stripes, or toile but not all these patterns look pleasing on all actors. “Well again it goes back to the script and what’s appropriate for each of the characters.”Donnelly said. because obviously when you are working with a character whose has certain quality’s that don’t suggest a bright patterned garment. “perhaps you have an actor or actress who is short and overweight so putting some kind of horizontal stripe on him or her would not be wise unless you were in a prison outfit of cores um but so it hast to be tailored to gear towards both the actor and the character and the appropriateness of what is needed in the script.” Said Donnelly.

Constructing an outfit can take a lot of time and effort. When creating a fashion piece it takes even longer because more people work on a costume not like fashion when it’s usually one person creating the design making the outfit putting it on the person getting it on the catwalk and then getting it into stores can be hard costume making is much easier. “It’s hard to time it of cores it depends upon the complexity, period or the style, and rarely dose any one person due it them self. If I was to sit down and build a crinoline dress for something like Gone with the Wind it would probably take upwards of a 150 to 200 hours to build it, fit it, and get it finished but in theatre and is true in fashion that 200 hours is normally spread out among four or five people once you develop the pattern who due the initial stitching someone else who dose the trim and the details and the hand work someone else might put on the buttons and such so it is kind of spread out among a group of people rather than an individual.” Said Donnelly. This is a picture of a a few costumes that were made for a perfomance at northeastern univercity this photo was found of online at http://hautefashionneu.wordpress. com/2012/11/14/hautespeaker-recap-costumedesigner-frances-mcsherry/. At this link you can find maore information who made the costumes at this website.

30 University Life

Costume designing is great but choosing what to wear in the morning can be hard, especially when you don’t know what to wear. For college students they have so many places to go, to school, the mall, to the park, out with friends, on dates, and then just being at home. They must have so many cloths to go to so many events. “I really enjoy fashion and looking put together, but I also like to be comfortable so I try to dress for comfort and still being fashionable. Here in San Francisco the weather is pretty cold, especially around this time of year, so right now my favorite things to wear are l eggings, heeled ankle booties, and oversized sweaters with large necklaces or even scarves.” Said Jordan Hunter, she is a But she also wears clothes to go hang with friends. “Again I am pretty casual. I do dress it up with my

friends sometimes if we are going out to dinner or to a bar.” Jordan Hunter said. Fashion isn’t all about clothes it’s about makeup, and accessories and shoes too. Some girls put as much as Two hours into doing their make up every day, and some guys spend hundreds of dollars on shoes just to impress their friends. Lots of girls and guys wear accessories especially at San Francisco State University were Hunter goes to school. “My personal style is pretty unique. I like to keep up with some trends, but I also like to throw some originality into it. I got my friends into wearing statement necklaces because they liked how I could dress up even the simplest outfits. My personal style’s trendy, comfortable, and cute!” Fashion can make a greeting pleasant or terrible. Color could be a way to express

yourself, color gives of mood, and students appreciate what their different pieces of clothes stand for. Style can impact a person’s point of view, neutral is one of the best ways to go using earth tones or neutral colors. Then there is patterns, you can use should be bright and noticeable so the outfit makes sense. The way people express who they can be is by hast to do with how they dress or give off first impressions. There are so many ways to show people feelings and what your life, school, friends, job, and home are like or can be. It’s shown by how they dress and look and how much work you put in to your look. From cheerful and warm to sad and gloomy college students have been finding ways to express them self’s for a long time. With a little bit of work every college student can look great thanks to fashion.

This is a picture of college students hanging out and having a good time because they are confortable. picture was posted online at


Tumble Your Way Into a Scholarship By: Hannah Bradford

Give me a S-C-H-O-L-A-RS-H-I-P!! What’s that spell? SCHOLARSHIP! All high school athletes would love to score a free ride to college. College grows in cost every year, and parents are trying to figure out ways to pay for their childrens education. Students from all around the world vying for scholarships to lower the tuition. Universities offer multiple ways to earn scholarships through sports, clubs, and academics. Cheerleading is

another opportunity to earn a scholarship and participate in University Life. Chris O’Connor, Navarro Cheer Alumni, received $1,350 in scholarship funds. “I love my Navarro Cheer family and the memories we share. Attending a Junior College helped me because it was smaller and I had more opportunities,” O’Connor said. Universities offer different levels of scholarships ranging from as little as $500 per semester to full tuition.

Funds provided for not only tuition, but also travel-related costs, textbooks, housing and uniforms. The University of Kentucky awards 16 in-state tuition scholarships. Out-of-state squad members receive the amount of in state tuition off their tuition. Additional scholarships available to the athlete with the highest GPA and to the athlete with the greatest financial need. Info found at trads/cheer-policies.html

Photo Credit: http://www.

School: University of Hawaii Titles Won: Placed 7 in the Division 1A UCA National College Cheerleading Championship in 2012. Scholarships Offered: The University of Hawaii awards up to 14 full tuition scholarships. Fun Fact: The tallest female cheerleader on the team is 5’2”.

Photo Credit: Smoothtrooper1

UHPhoto cheerleader is perfoming UH coed team is performing at a home Credit: Smoothtrooper1 at a basketball game. She is basketball game. They are in one man piking during jumps section. stunts pumping up the crowd.

32 University Life

School: University of Maryland Titles Won: Placed fourth in ‘10 and ‘11 at NCA National Collegiate Champions. Scholarships Offered: University of Maryland offers scholarships based on the tryout results. Fun Fact: Maryland has two different cheer teams, coed and all-girl.

Photo Credit: Corisicana ISD

School: Navarro College Titles Won: UCA National College Cheerleading Champions in ‘00, ‘02, and ‘03 in the Junior College division. Scholarships Offered: Navarro College offers $1,350 each semester to 20 out the 30 team members. Fun Fact: Since 1997, Navarro College has finished no lower than 2nd place.

School: University of Kentucky Titles Won:UCA National College Cheerleading Champions in ‘85, ‘87, ‘88, ‘92, ‘95-’10, and again in ‘12. Scholarships Offered: The University of Kentucky awards 16 in-state tuition scholarships. Fun Fact: They have won more championships than any other Division 1A school. School: Okalahoma State University Titles Won: ‘10 and ‘12 NCA National Collegiate Champions, in ‘11 placed sixth. Scholarships Offered: No major scholarships offered, up to $3750 per year awarded for up to 4 years if maintain requirements. Fun Fact: Cheerleaders make a calender every year to fundraise. The University of Hawaii awards up to 14 full tuition scholarships. They have large access to the Western Undergraduate Exchange program which cuts out-of-state tuition into half of what it normally would be. Potential squad members participate in a 7-day tryout process in hopes of securing a position on this elite squad. Each athlete should bring their highest level of tumbling and stunting skills. The athletes reap educational rewards equal to their cheer skills, determined after try-outs. Info found at http:// CHEER_0814080617.aspx?path=cheer

Junior Colleges should not be overlooked as an option for scholarships. They often have more money available for

cheerleading because they don’t have large athletic programs like a university. Navarro College located in Corsicana, Texas has a strong competitive cheer team, they are seven-time national champions. Navarro offers $1,350 each semester to 20 out the 30 team members at the coaches discretion. Info found at http:// cheerleading/

Full paid tuition can easily be attained by choosing the right college. South Mississippi Community College in Summit, MI offers full-tuition scholarship for the entire squad. In order to receive the tuition you must remain on the team for the whole school year, and maintain a 2.0 GPA. Barton Community College located in Great Bend, KS, also

offers full-tuition plus books to all in state squad members. Out-of-state athletes receive $500 towards tuition plus additional funds for textbooks. Info found at http://www.topcheers. com/cheerleadingscholarships

A cheerleaders education can be supplemented through scholarships. Amount and availability vary over 225 colleges and universities. If wanting to attend an Ivy League school, be aware they often do not offer scholarships for cheerleading or any other sport. Academic scholarships, the only option with the majority of higher ranking schools. The universities usually tie the amount of scholarship awarded with the skill set of an athlete.


Photo Credit: Commons Wikimedia

Fordham University, Keating Hall is pictured above. Fordham University is located in Bronx, NY and is recongnized in the top 100 colleges in the US.

34 University Life

The R.A.C.E to Apply Tips on choosing and applying to colleges By: Hannah Bradford


ike delicious pancakes, the mail laid stacked in neat piles on the counter. The eager student begins to systematically dig into the heaps of college correspondents, hoping to gain information to decide which college to attend. “I went through the obnoxiously large amounts of emails and postcards that colleges send you. Even though nobody goes through them, I actually went through all of them because I figured if they were interested in me I’d have a better chance of getting in,” LASA Senior, Alex Albach said. The application process takes a lengthy amount of time to finish, students must tend to all the tedious details, and fill in every part of the application to showcase the applicants best qualities. Colleges look for well rounded students, who would improve their campus, and contribute to the community. Choosing a college to apply to can create difficulties for some people. Students need to consider many things. Do they have my major? Where is the school located? Do they offer what I want? The options for colleges abound, so when choosing which ones to apply to, careful research must take place before applying. The job of applying and getting accepted into college takes perseverance. “The best advice is to be very detailed and specific on the resume and to be personal

in the essay, so that we have a good idea of who the student is and all that they have to offer so that we can determine if our university is a good fit for them and whether they are a good fit for our university,” said Shenika Ivy Mays, Freshmen Admissions Counselor at University of Florida.

“The best advice is to be very detailed and specific on the resume and to be personal in the essay,” said Mays. Students will often work with teachers, trusted adults, or counselors while completing the applications. “I just worked with people from the college center and my coach to prepare,” said Darius Johnson, LBJ senior. Other students sought out outside help, “I went to this lady who helped me write and review all my essays,” said Maddie Troy, LASA senior. In addition, students will rely on their college guidance counselor for assistance. “This year is the year I decided which colleges to apply too so I was basically in Ms. Kocians room every day bugging her with questions because she knows like everything,” said Alabach.

Photo Credit: Hands of Thomas County Volunteer Group

Members of the Hands of Thomas County Voulnteer Group pose for a picture after feeding the homeless. Volunteering is a great way to show colleges contributint to the community is important. Photo Credit: Doctors In training

Student taking standerized test with her peers. Preparing and studying for the standerized tests will imporve the results and acceptance rates into college.

Photo Credit:

Every student wants to be accepted into the colleges they apply to. Make sure the colleges applied to are in with reach depending on the results from taking standerized test and GPA throguh high school.



Photo Credit:

Research colleges and narrow down to a top ten list. Visit colleges, look at reviews, talk to conselors, friends, and family to decide where to apply. Consider many things about each college; weather, location, academics, is it a good fit? Choosing which schools to attend could give a student issues, so a lot of time needs to go into research. “Colleges look at bright students, students that are going to succeed. What will they bring to their campus? They want a strong student, so grades and test scores. Thats not it, in some big state schools the numbers are really important to them, its not just the GPA, but the courses you take and what kind of high school you attend,” said Jamie Kocian, a college counselor at LASA High School. Well-rounded, what every student is trying to achieve. “Well rounded students are those who are successful in all or most areas,” said Mays. Each student takes a different approach to achieve wellroundedness. “I’m in a lot of volunteer clubs and I also work which colleges like because it shows I’m responsible. I’m also in NHS and have taken all four years of math and science,” said Alabach. Equally involvement in all activities is a key attribute,

36 University Life


Photo Credit:

Apply to the top ten colleges(safety, match, and reach), pay attention to detail, and show the qualities of a well-rounded student. Look at every piece of the application and follow the directions exactly. Try to submit the application at least a week before the deadline to ensure it is recived on time.

“I started to think about it [joining clubs] freshmen year. I joined a lot of clubs I thought were interesting and not just things I thought I would look good for colleges. I tried to not just focus on dance, school, or sports, but try to do everything equally,” said Troy.

“Well rounded students are those who are successful in all or most areas,” said Mays. “Colleges look at bright students, students that are going to succeed. What will they bring to their school? The initiative, are they in clubs? Did they do volunteer work? Are they a dedicated member of society? Leadership roles are good,” said Kocian.

There are tons of colleges across the world and students have to narrow down the tons to around eight colleges and begin applying. “I got a huge book with 300 colleges in it and I read through and narrowed down my choices based on the size of the school and the location I wanted,” said Troy. “The average number [of colleges being applied to] would be from 6 to 8, but we will have a student apply to 2 schools and it’ll be their dream school. Then we’ll have some students apply to 20-25 which is out of control. That shows me that the student hasn’t done his/her research because a good list would be under 10. The more schools you apply too the more stress you are taking on,” said Kocian. Really consider all of the aspects of a college before choosing to apply to it. Researching is extremely important for the best college experience, take the time needed .


e s o o h C

Choose which colleges to attend, after accepteance to all. Congratulations, every college saw a model student. Now with all the research, decide where to attend school for the next four years!

“Don’t apply to a billion colleges, its a lot of extra stress, and you will only end up going to one anyways,”said Albach “I think everyones time table is going to be different, but I encourage kids their junior year to start researching colleges. Students need to be thinking about colleges for a good amount of years. If a student is vacationing somewhere go check out the colleges near by. I think that should always be in the back of students mind, but junior year is really when you should be doing all your research and I feel like students pick up the reins the spring of their junior year. Thats when they really start researching and choosing colleges through the summer. Hopefully by the beginning of senior year they have a good sense where they want to go and its not like they need a set list, but a general idea,” said Kocian. Different colleges look for different things, so while


Photo Credit: pitchforkattacks.

Enjoy college in the fall! Its time to have fun, learn, and move away from home! New expericneces await, all of the years of hard schoolwork paid off!

applying try to obtain to the specific things a college is looking for and avoid making common mistakes. “At Florida, we look for students that are well rounded. We look for students who not only excel in the classroom, but also in their community, their clubs or teams, place of worship, on their jobs, etc,” said Mays. “WSU look for nice people and want generally nice people to attend their campus,”said Kocian. “The most common mistakes are simply not providing enough information

on the application and not ensuring that we have received all materials by each designated deadline,” said Mays. Start the R.A.C.E. at the beginning of junior year. R-Research colleges and narrow down to a top ten. A-Apply to the top ten colleges, pay attention to detail, and show the qualities of a wellrounded student. C-Choose which college to attend, after acceptance to all. E-Enjoy college in the fall, all the years of school have paid off!

“I think everyones time table is going to be different, but I encourage kids their junior year to start researching colleges. Students need to be thinking about colleges for a good amount of years,” said Kocian.


Top 10 US College Basketball Teams Right Now By: Jack Davern

Basketball is a very rich part of college culture, and is capable of getting a small college on the map due to their skill in the sport. University Life has combined the 10 greatest teams of all time, teams that have set unforgettable records for their schools that have put them on the map forever

“Many schools throughout the sport’s history have created unforgettable moments or set incredible records that help give each basketball program its own history and culture” -Paul Ables 38 University Life

10. Ohio State Buckeyes

Ohio State Buckeyes game. Art Credit to Mike Portscheller

Total Wins: 1,607 Win Percentage: .608% NCAA Appearences: 28 Final Four Appearences: 11 National Championship Wins: 1 CRS Titles: 22

Starting off the count down are the Ohio State Buckeyes This team has been a big powerhouse in the sport since they made a big impact when the finished as the national runner up in the 1938-1939 championship, and have kept their power ever since.

8. Conneticut Huskies

Conneticut Huskies Award. Art credit to Percy Allen.

Total Wins: 1,513 Win Percentage: .637% NCAA Appearences: 30 Final Four Appearences: 4 National Championship Wins: 3 CRS Titles: 29 The Huskies are a little newer to the scene of college basketball than most teams on the countdown, but they’ve shown themselves to be quite the team. In their short time, they have managed to take multiple championship wins in the past 15 years.

9. Michigan State Spartans

7. Louisville Cardinals

Michigan State Spartans game. Art credit to Tammy Biondi

Louisville Cardinals maskot. Art Credit to wikipedia.

Total Wins: 1,523 Win Percentage: .597% NCAA Appearences: 26 Final Four Appearences: 8 National Championship Wins: 2 CRS Titles: 13

Total Wins: 1,662 Win Percentage: .658% NCAA Appearences: 38 Final Four Appearences: 9 National Championship Wins: 2 CRS Titles: 21

Another northern team in our countdown, that successfully make their claim as one of the best teams in the country. I has won multiple championships, and has left it’s fans with many historic and unforgettable memories of the sport.

The Cardinals best claim for bieng one of the elite teams, is their final four preformance. The Cardinals have advanced to 9 of them. They really became a powerhouse in the 80s, when they won only 2 national championships.

6. Indiana Hoosiers

4. Kansas Jayhawks

2. UCLA Bruins

Jordan Hulls, Indiana Faces Kentucky Art Credit to Brett Walts

Kansas Jayhawks game against the Cyclones Art Credit to

UCLA jump shot. Art Credit to Craig Powers

Total Wins: 1,687 Win Percentage: .637% NCAA Appearences: 36 Final Four Appearences: 8 National Championship Wins: 5 CRS Titles: 20

Total Wins: 2,070 Win Percentage: .720% NCAA Appearences: 41 Final Four Appearences: 14 National Championship Wins: 3 CRS Titles: 55

The Hoosiers have a lot going on in the sport right now. To start, they were led by Bob Knight, who is one of the greates coaches of all time, and were practically truned into legends and ruled the 70s and 80s, making it to the final four eight times, and winning 5 times.

The Jayhawks are slightly more difficult to rank, because no other teams can match theirs in terms of history and longetivity. They come in second for all time wins with 2,070, trailing Kentucky by only 22, and hold a narrow lead over North Carolina. They rank third-best in the NCAA basketball history, and hold the record in CRS Championship wins.

5. Duke Blue Devils

3. North Carolina Tar Heels

Total Wins: 1,731 Win Percentage: .691% NCAA Appearences: 44 Final Four Appearences: 18 National Championship: 11 CRS Titles: 30 UCLA can feel free to boast about their amazing accomplishment. They are the all-time leader in NCAA Championships. Having won an incredible 11 championships, they lead Kentucky by 3, and Indiana and North Carolina by 6.They also tie for the lead in Final Four appearences with 18, which isn’t suprising if you look at their appearences.

1. Kentucky Wildcats

Kentucky Wildcats mascot. Art credit to Duke Blue Devils Game. Art Credit to

Tyler Zeller, North Carolina Tar Hells shoots. Art credit to Brett Frielander.

Total Wins: 1,971 Win Percentage: .703% NCAA Appearences: 36 Final Four Appearences: 15 National Championship: 4 CRS Titles: 22

Total Wins: 2,065 Win Percentage: .738% NCAA Appearences: 43 Final Four Appearences: 18 National Championship Wins: 5 CRS Titles: 36

The Blu Devils are a great team, but a lot of their success is because of Mike Krzyzewski, who produced arguably the greatest coaching run in history, when he took over the team in 1980. But in fairness to the rest of the team, they have a very good history with wins and national championships.

Total Wins: 2,092 Win Percentage: .763% NCAA Appearences: 53 Final Four Appearences: 15 National Championship Wins: 8 CRS Titles: 52

And finally what you have all been waiting for, NUMBER ONE!!! (echoes for a while). The KenThese guys are just barely behind tucky hold the record of 2,092 the Jayhawks with wins, but beat wins, just barely beating Kansas Kansas with Finl Four appearences by 22, and an all time win percentage of 0.763%. They have and national championship wins. also won 8 NCAA championships, An Amazing team, they tie UCLA and appeared in the Final Four with Final Four appearences, and 15 times which is more than have been a powerhouse year in most teams can say. This team and year out. The Tar Heels pass has definintely earned the spot with flying colors in this countat number 1 in our countdown. down.


Campus Life. Apart from the Academics.

By: Jack Davern

Campus at Green Mountain University. Art credit courtesy of Green Mountain University.

Dave Junker, a college professor at the UT colleges of communication, goes through the motions, 5 days a week, teaching his students, and the rest of the classes grading their work. It can be a boring day, but the mood can be lifted after class. When he gets out of teaching his class, he spends his time on the UT campus. It gives him a chance to unwind relax, or have a little fun. “UT offers all kinds of things to do outside of classes. There’s so much going on here every day that it makes my head spin. There are a lot of UT

40 University Life

athletic events, from men’s football and women’s volleyball, to crew and tennis. There are even more recreational sports that any students can join regardless of whether they are student-athletes. Various academic departments host special lectures, and there’s usually something interesting every day of the week,” said Junker. A college campus can become a very important factor to a college atmosphere, including deciding to attend college at all.

It is obvious that lots of teenagers view college as another step in school, and that it might be more difficult and stressful than high school. What these people probably don’t know, is that you spend more than twice the amount of time in high school, than taking classes in college per week. So what do you do with your time outside of classes, you explore the campus, which offers sports, extracurricular activities, and serves as a great place to relax and meet new people.

“I think my campus is absolutely amazing,” said Junker. “There’s so much to do, and so many interesting things to learn about from so many smart and fascinating people. It can be overwhelming at first because you don’t know how to take it all in. It’s also a beautiful place, with cool buildings, big old oak trees and some of the world’s best libraries.” Some people also tend to have trouble adapting to a new city, especially at the age you go into college, which for most people is fairly young. A colleges campus can become a comfortable environment for the students, and makes it easy to get everything that you would

need or have in your own town, and home. Some people are shy or have social anxiety, but these people are drawn together, making it easy to make friends and establish relationships. This of course doesn’t just relate to UT, but every University across the nation, from Texas, to California, to Florida, to New York and every other state. Students tend to feel the same way as the staff does about a good campus. “I love my campus! Its absolutely beautiful. There’s always something to do and it’s a really friendly and welcoming environment,” said Julia Henry, a freshmen at Southwestern Univesity

Henry has been attending the college for only a few months, and has already made a series of friendships, and become familiar with the surroundings of the campus. “I usually spend my time on campus hanging out with friends, watching intramural events and sports events on campus and swimming/hiking at the Blue Hole in Georgetown.” said Henry.

King of Kings Statue at Notre Dame University. Art Credit courtesy of Notre Dame University.


Universities all have priorities about their campus, one of which is safety. For big universities with thousands of students and staff, a safe and secure campus is required. They need guards, and secure buildings to keep the people safe. Most colleges have been able to improve their security from looking at past events, and have even established their own police force. “When you consider the fact that UT has 45,000-50,000 students, plus thousands of faculty and staff, and is therefore bigger than many mid-size cities, it’s a very safe place to be. We have a campus police force and they work together with the

Austin police. They also have very detailed plans for responding to emergencies,” said Andy Dillon, the dean at the college of communications at UT. He believes that security is a big factor into the ranking of a University. If you’ve ever been to a University, you’ll probably notice it’s size. University campuses tend to cover a very large amount of space, but it can be extremely hard to get from place to place. It is also very easy to get lost. A lot of big schools offer small modes of transportation scattered around the campus.

Photo of students on college campus. Art credit courtesy of

42 University Life

“It is very easy to get around my campus. It is a very small campus and we have bikes that are open for everyone to use to ride from place to place,” said Henry, who doesn’t own a car, so having bikes spread around the campus makes it much easier for her to get around. “ I think the easiest way around is on foot, definitely not car. Buses run regularly to connect major parts of the perimeter but I think the fastest way around is on a bike. Making it easier to park bicycles near major buildings would be one way of improving transportation, as would increasing tree coverage to provide more shade on walk paths,” said Dillon.

As said before, most college campuses can be difficult to move through when driving a car, mainly because of crowds, so walking or riding bikes can be

faster. Bikes can be easier to park than cars, because an actual parking lot isn’t required, and by walking, you don’t have to park anything at all.

“I love my campus. UT is located in the heart of Austin and is really a mini-city within a city. It is a very pleasant walking space, with a creek and interesting buildings where car traffic is restricted,” said Dillon

Photo of campus at Whittier college. Art credit to Whitier college.


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