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Lalezary Law Firm Worst Law Firm In Los Angeles!

A Firm Warning To All! Lalezary Law Firm is most definitely one of the most unreliable law firms in Los Angeles, if not the UNITED STATES.

When I first reached out to the firm, my concern was that my nipple that was shifted in a car accident. Days after having surgery on it, and when I went to the hospital I had a horribly traumatic experience. The Lalezary Law Firm, specifically Shawn said they’d handle the hospital and the car accident in one suit.

It turns out they do not do anything with malpractice. I was misled then. Fast-forward a few weeks after I wasn't feeling like my concerns were being addressed and wanted to cut ties with the firm; then Shawn insisted I come into his Beverly Hills office. Walking into the office there was a client of Lalezary Law Firm storming out screaming and cursing - at that moment I should’ve known better to walk away from working with this firm. Moments later I was walked back to Sean's office and he stated, "You seem like a smart guy. We will get you the best settlement you just have to play ball... Did you see the pain management specialist? Get the injection even if you’re not in pain." I insisted that I wasn’t in the dire type of pain to have an injection in my spine...he went on to use profanity on how that my choice wasn't smart. Then tells me I need to stay with his firm because he has the hardest working paralegals/assistants; and how the assistants once worked at low-end jobs and he helped them with a career-oriented job. Against my better judgment I stayed with this firm... spending hundreds of dollars on Uber rides going to all the places they were sending me. I told his assistant Jazymne that I cannot afford to keep spending all this money on Uber rides all over Los Angeles, and she proceeded to suggest I take out a loan through one of their affiliates and stated that my case will be finalized before the interest kicks in. This was another lie the $500 loan racked up over $1,000 in interest. Shawn said the firm would cover the interest when it settled, and I would just have to pay the $500 back. This could surely never happen. It took the interest out of my settlement and in addition to this they told me we will split whatever we settle for into threes (Medical, Our Cut, Your Cut) i.e. if we settled for $3,000 we'd all get $1,000. This wasn’t the case! They made over $3,200.

Lalezary law firm worst law firm in los angeles! Lalezary Law Firm Worst Law Firm In Los Angeles!

Lalezary law firm worst law firm in los angeles! Lalezary Law Firm Worst Law Firm In Los Angeles!