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What is the Difference between Salt Lake City Bail and Bond?

Salt Lake City offers a variety of options for rescuing people out of situations that call for a bail or bond service. These two services are quite different from each other and need a specific set of skills on the part of the bail bondsman or attorney. Both 'bonding out' and 'bailing out' have the same effect temporary freedom - but they are different in procedure and processing. The most prominent and impactful difference is the source of money. Bail is the monetary amount a defendant must pay to secure his or her release. In the case that he or she fails to appear in court at the specified time, he or she has to forfeit the amount already paid to the court. If the defendant does not have the money to post as bail, he or she must make use of a bond. A bond is bail money paid by a bail bond company. The defendant can take up the specified amount as a loan with collateral, such as a car or house or some jewelry. This amount is accompanied by a set fee, usually around 10% of the bail amount. So, a bond is the bondsman's pledge to make good on the bail in the scenario that the defendant does not appear before the court. A bail is cash only, but a bond can be obtained from a third party as a debt and obligation of the defendant and is also referred to as a 'surety bond'. This third party is either a trusted ally or family member of the defendant or a Salt Lake City bail bondsman. Bail money is returned at the end of a trial if the defendant is released without pending charges. Whereas a bond money, once deposited, cannot be refunded, as it is a surety agreement and a overriding amount to the actual bail amount, and is always less than the bail amount. Therefore, a bail amount is secured payment, while the bond amount is unsecured and once invested, cannot be refunded. Sometimes, depending on the nature of the offence or the criminal record of the defendant, bail amount can be set pretty high, that is when a bond comes into place. The judge might be doubtful of the defendant and can set a bail amount that takes significant effort to produce. The bail bondsman who facilitates the amount, gets to keep around 10% of it, even if the defendant shows up at all proceedings or goes scott free at the end of the trial. Making sure that the defendant's record is clean is crucial to acquiring a low bail amount. In case the bondsman comes into the picture then he takes over the responsibility of the defendant, which is an easier tactic. Salt Lake City bail bondsmen are knoweldgeable and professional in all aspects and can help ensure a spedy release. Sources: 1. 2. 3.


What is the Difference Between Salt Lake City Bail and Bond  

What is the Difference Between Salt Lake City Bail and Bond