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Team Apparel 2010

by Cregg Weinmann

Here’s our annual snapshot of apparel options for your cross country and track & field teams. There are technical fabrics available at a variety of price levels, and the options for personalizing the gear range from custom screenprinted graphics to the nearly infinite possibilities available with sublimation. In addition to the options for uniforms, we’ve looked at a few warmups. You’ll find even more possibilities by browsing the websites of the manufacturers.



The adidas team apparel lineup includes singlets, shorts, shimmels, briefs, boy shorts, and speedsuits, as well as warmup jackets and pants. It also offers in-line technical apparel for training, and style options for the coaches.

The ASICS team apparel line includes singlets, shorts, shimmels, briefs, and boy shorts, in technical polyester meshes and nylon fabrications. It also offers several styles of warmup jackets and pants, as well as team accessories, including bags. ASICS offers a full line of innovative in-line training apparel.

Team Clima Singlet $28 adiBody Compression Short $30 The adidas women’s range is completed with the addition of this compression-style short, adidas’ take on the boy short silhouette. The technical polyester/Lycra fabric is great for moisture management, fit, and support. The singlet continues the team look with the expected performance of moisture-wicking polyester. Each available in 9 team color combinations.

Intensity Singlet $38 Intensity Short $20 The Intensity Singlet is constructed of a knit microfiber mesh fabric that’s lightweight, wicks moisture well, and dries quickly. The Intensity Short features a smooth, thin microfiber fabric that reduces friction, is lightweight, and wicks/dries efficiently. Both are available in 8 team colors accented with white inserts, as well as solid white.

Blue Star Sportswear


The Blue Star team apparel line features singlets and shorts in several grades of quality and fabric types, along with the option of semi-custom sublimation and traditional screenprinting of your team graphics.

The Boathouse team offerings include singlets, shorts, shimmels, briefs, boy shorts, and speedsuits, as well as warmups. It has options for workout apparel and there’s a line for coaches, as well. Customized sublimated uniforms are available on the Boathouse website.

Dash Singlet $15 Charger Short $12 A new and dynamic design in the Blue Star line, the Dash singlet features the proven Hy-Dry polyester fabric that’s in all its top-end singlets. The Charger shorts are also Hy-Dry, V-notched, and unlined. They’re available in 2”, 4”, or 6” inseams to cater to athletes in all events. Both singlets and shorts are available in 10 team colors with custom printing available.

Genesis Full-Zip Jacket $70 Arena Pant $55 Originally known for its warmup suits before broadening its line, Boathouse provides quality and styling in all its garments. The Genesis FullZip Jacket is made of a heavyweight knit with zippered side pockets and a sharp team look. The Arena Pant has a comfortable stretch thanks to the same knit fabric, a 12" ankle zipper for quick changes between events, and side seam pockets.


Team Apparel 2010




The Brooks team apparel line comprises singlets, shorts, shimmels, briefs, and boy shorts, as well as warmup jackets and pants, and valuepriced team training apparel. In-line apparel is also available for training.

The GTM team apparel line is composed of singlets, shorts, shimmels, briefs, boy shorts, and speedsuits, as well as warmup jackets and pants. They also offer value-priced team training apparel and a line for coaches.

Mach IX Shimmel $36 Podium Boy Short $28 One of two Brooks team shimmels, the Mach IX Shimmel handles moisture and is as durable a technical top as any on the market. Available in 6 colors, most teams should find what they’re looking for. The Podium Boy Short is Lycra and polyester, and is as functional as it is popular. Moisture management is excellent, with good looks to boot.

Performance Singlet $28 Performance Short $14 Catering to the budget-conscious, the GTM Performance singlet and short provide value without sacrificing features. Both are constructed of smooth-finished polyester that wicks moisture well. Shorts have 4" inseams and the women’s singlet features an additional front layer for modesty. Both are available in 8 team colors.

Hind The Hind team apparel line consists of singlets, shorts, shimmels, briefs, boy shorts, and speedsuits, as well as warmup jackets, pants, and tights. 3200 Meter Singlet $50 Event Short $50 The 3200 Meter Singlet/Short duo is new to the Hind line. The waffle-textured polyester knit allows customization with sublimated graphics in addition to the moisturemanaging properties of the fiber—both significant improvements in uniform technology for the line. The styling and construction are first-rate, providing a top-level team look that performs.



New Balance purchased InSport and folded the New Balance track team apparel business into InSport’s business. The InSport team line includes singlets, shorts, briefs, shimmels, boy shorts, tights, and workout apparel.

In addition to warmup jackets and pants, the Nike team apparel line is composed of singlets, shorts, shimmels, briefs, and boy shorts. Customization is available on Also available is its well-known, innovative in-line training apparel.

Vault Singlet $22 Interval Short $19 InSport continues to offer each of its team styles in wears-like-iron tricot nylon fabric. The Vault Singlet and the Interval Short have adorned state championship teams for more than 20 years and still offer continuity without busting the budget.

Track & Field Muscle Tank $40 Harrier Short $35 The Track & Field Muscle Tank adds a new silhouette to Nike’s sublimation customization package. The Harrier Short is one of three styles available in moisture-wicking polyester for performance equal to your athletes’ best efforts.


Team Apparel 2010




The PCS team apparel line consists of singlets, shorts, shimmels, briefs, and boy shorts. Its focus is consistency of product, ready availability in a wide array of sizing for the entire team, and 30+ years of on-time delivery.

Puma’s team lineup consists of singlets, shorts, shimmels, briefs, and boy shorts, as well as warmups. It also offers innovative in-line training apparel.

Reliance Spandex Top $40 Mantra Spandex Short $32 The tricot nylon/Lycra combination provides compression and durability, as well as ready availability in colors and styles to make reordering simple. Two inseam lengths make the shorts a versatile choice that suits both track and field athletes. In addition, its broad size range fits every athlete on the team.

Phaser Warmup Jacket $45 Phaser Warmup Pant $40 This warmup suit features polyester microfiber that’s easy-care, feels comfortable, and offers water- and wind-resistance. The jacket is fully lined in mesh, and the pants are lined to the knee and feature the convenience of 19" ankle zippers for quick changes. Handy zippered side seam pockets in both the pants and jacket are another practical feature. The jacket is available in black or 4 team colors with contrasting white trim. The pant is available in black, navy, or royal blue.

SportHill SportHill team apparel runs the gamut from singlets, shorts, shimmels, briefs, and boy shorts to warmup jackets and pants to value-priced team workout gear. Its quality in-line apparel is also available for training. Speedplay Singlet $15 Gemini II Short $20 The Speedplay Singlet is a knit microfiber polyester top that provides a basic team look coupled with the performance inherent in the fabric. The fully lined Gemini II Short is constructed of microfiber polyester so it offers low friction and moisturewicking, as well as unimpeded freedom, thanks to the half-split design. Both are available in 5 team colors.


VS Athletics

Sugoi’s team line consists of singlets, shorts, shimmels, and fitness shorts, as well as warmup jackets and pants. The customization of sublimated graphics makes intricate designs possible and is available on its team website. It offers excellent in-line apparel for training, as well.

The VS team line consists of several levels of quality and fabric types in singlets, shorts, shimmels, briefs, and boy shorts, as well as warmup jackets and pants.

Mesh Singlet $40 42K Short $40 Sugoi’s reputation for quality technical apparel is available to teams and events through its customization program, made more accessible by permitting quantity orders of 24. The Mesh Singlet is lightweight and quickdrying/moisture-wicking polyester and features the fine detail of sublimated graphics. The 42K Short is the most competitionoriented short in Sugoi’s line, with cool polyester microfiber for softness and excellent freedom of movement.

Velocity Warmup Top $55 Velocity Pant $55 The Velocity Top is a textured polyester pullover with a half-zip. The heavyweight fabric keeps muscles warm with a stylish look and a zippered right-side seam pocket. The Velocity Pant features the same heavyweight textured fabric, along with 9" ankle zippers for easy on/off over shoes, and side seam pockets for convenience.

CREGG WEINMANN is the Running Network LLC’s footwear and apparel reviewer. He has been an observer of the footwear and apparel business for over 30 years. He can be reached via e-mail at Copyright © 2009 by Running Network LLC. All Rights Reserved. No part of this article may be stored, copied, or reprinted without prior written permission of Running Network LLC. Reprinted here with permission.