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©2009 UNDER ARMOUR® Performance.

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Some athletes run to train. Some athletes train to run. But make no mistake – ALL ATHLETES RUN. Athletes endure every mile To Be Better. On the road or on the field, it’s about outlasting everyone else. The mission begins on the ground with Under Armour’s latest innovation: UA RUNNING FOOTWEAR.





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L6H DC: H:8DC9 JE DC I:6BB6I: (6II AN CDL I=: DE:C 9>K>H>DC "+ A:69:G 6C9 I=: E6>G A:9 I=: DHIDC I=A:I>8HHD8>6I>DC ID 6  H:8DC9 K>8IDGN DK:G 1=>GA6L6N 1DB:CPH L>CC:G %JA>: -EDA>9DGD  6H

HJB:9 I=: A:69 6;I:G  B>A:H 6C9 :M

I:C9:9 >I ID  H:8DC9H DK:G H:G>:H A:69:G -I:E=6C>: ,:>AAN ,/)

 1>I= 6AA ;>K: H8DG:GH >C I=: IDE  I=:  8DBEA:I:9 6 HL::E D; I=: I:6B I>IA:H 6I=:G>C: !6GG:AA  -/ 6C9 6GDA #JGA:N  (- L:G: G:

E:6I G68: L>CC:GH >C I=: B6HI:GH 9>

K>H>DCH *I=:G 6<: <GDJE L>CC:GH >C8AJ9:9 .>IJH (JI>C96 ,/) 6C9 (>B> !6AADC  ;DG  6K: *A>K:G "',,   >AA >MDC "',,   6C9 >AA ,>A:N    "G:6I:G 'DL:AA I:6B %'E= ,>30<490 ,<<077  B6I:H *A>K:G 6C9 >MDC 8A>C8=:9 "7740   ):809E= 3,8; I=:>G >C9>K>9J6A H:G>:H L>CH 6H L:AA ->M 9>;;:G:CI 8AJ7H IDD@ I=: B6H

I:GH I:6B 9>K>H>DC 6L6G9H

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

BDHI 6 9DO:C JC9:G I=: G6>AGD69 7G>9<: 6C9 JEL6G9 7JI DK:G I=: IDE I=: 1:H8=:HI:G 9JD D; ":CC .J;6 6C9 :C>7D76 :G:H: IDD@ 8DB

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 (6II +:AA:I>:G 6C9 =G>HIN 6GG6G6 A:9 6ABDHI  ;>C>H=:GH =DB: 6I I=: 6N-I6I: (6G6I=DC I=: ;>C6A :K:CI D; I=:  /-.! ) "G6C9 +G>M -:G>:H +:AA:I>:G 16GL>8@ ,$ ,JCC>C< #:G>I6<: =69 <DC:  B>A:H I=: EG:K>DJH L::@ >C =>

86<D L=:G: L6GB =JB>9 8DC9>I>DCH HFJ6H=:9 =DE:H D; 6 ;6HI IB: .=:N L:G: 8:GI6>CAN 9>;;:G

:CI ID:>C< I=: HI6GI>C< A>C: >C I=: (>AA >IN 6H I:BE:G6IJG:H L:G: >C I=: PH L>I= 6 CDI>8:67A: 7G::O: 6C9 HJC .=: )  B>A: 8=6BE BDK:9 G><=I ID I=: ;GDCI 6C9 L6H ?D>C:9 7N 6H:N (DJAIDC 6I 6 HJ7  E68: ;DG I=: ;>GHI  B>A:H ,>> #0770>40< :9 L=:C I=: ,/) GJCC:G L6H E>8@:9 JE 7N I=: 34= A,C >: @4.>:<C ,> E68: IGJ8@ .=:  *ANBE>8 .G>6AH B6G6

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I:B7:G I= >C -DJI= DHIDC 9D9<:9 HDB: H:K:G: L:6I=:G *K:G86HI H@>:H <G::I:9 8DBE:I>IDGH 6;I:G =:6KN G6>CH !G>96N C><=I 6C9 I=: IGDE>86A HIDGB L6H HI>AA H:K:G6A =DJGH D;; 7JI I=: 6>G G:B6>C:9 =JB>9 :HE>I: 699>C< I:BE:G6IJG:H >C I=: =><= PH 6C9 B>C>B6A 7G::O: 8DC9>I>DCH L:G: HI>AA 7:II:G I=6C I=: >CI:CH:AN HJCCN E6HI ILD N:6GH ;DG I=:  ;>C>H=:GH .=: G68: HI6GI:9 HDB:L=6I 8DCH:GK6I>K:AN 8DBE6G:9 ID E6HI N:6GH 7JI 7GD@: JE H=DGIAN 6;I:G 6 B>A: DC I=: 9DLC=>AA L=:C I=: IDE  :HI67A>H=:9 I=:BH:AK:H 6C9 I=: ;DJGI= B>A: HDGI:9 DJI I=: IDE EA68:H :=>C9 DK:G6AA L>CC:G A>?6= &>IJG GDCM )3  ):L C

<A6C9 8=6BE>DC L6H +6I (DJAIDC >C I=>G9 DK:G6AA 6I  DB>C< D;; D; 6 HIGDC< L>C DC '67DG 6N 6I I=: GDJC9 6E: CC & I=:  GJCC:G L6H CDI FJ>I: 6H H=6GE 6H =:P9 A>@: 7JI HI>AA IJGC:9 >C 6 HDA>9 E:G;DGB6C8: 68@ L>I= I=:  6;I:G HE:C9>C< I=: L>CI:G 6C9 HEG>C< L>I= I=: GDD@H #6CHDCPH >HI6C8: +GD?:8I >C (>8=><6C =:

 '%&! $! #$* %$% 0- %>8 =3 980< ;9>: $0,6=9;< 460; <74ABC # ,;  %>8 !0@ 0/19;/ ,61 ,;,=398 $4F 435>A3 # ,B  %,= =3 0/19;/ $9=,;B  435>A3 $ >80  %>8 $39/B  "8=2>;= ( %0:=  %,= =3 "6640  460 ,>0 &09>,>4@0 )>DC7 >BC>= # %0:= %>8 980 >66  ;>D24BC4A # ".=  %>8 ,B%=,=0 ,;,=398 ">F4;; #


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 GJCC:GH 86EE:9 I=:>G 8DBE:I>I>K: H:6HDC 7N ;>C>H=>C< I=: H:K:C 8=6BE>DCH=>E G68:H ID :6GC I=:>G 8DK:I:9 $GDCGJCC:G ?68@

:IH >I L6H I=: H:8DC9 =><=:HI IDI6A D; GJCC:GH ID 8DBEA:I: I=: ;JAA H:G>:H *K:G I=: N:6GH I=: H:G>:H =6H 7::C 6C >C8:CI>K: ;DG 8AJ7H ID <:I H8DG:GH DJI ;DG I:6B EA68>C<H 6 BDI>K6I>DC ID 8DBEA:I: 6 ;>GHI B6G6I=DC DG H>BEAN 6 8=6AA:C<: ID I6@: GJCC:GH ID H:: 6C9 8DBE:I: >C 6 FJ6A>IN H:G>:H D; G68:H 6GDJC9 I=: 6HHD8>6I>DCPH <:D<G6E=>8 G:<>DC ! $"!$'!!$ %&  .*.' DC<G6IJA6I>DCH ID 6AA L=D L:CI I=: 9>HI6C8: *A9:HI  3DJC<:HI 

I=DC FJ6A>;>:G H:I 6 HI:69N E68: 6ADC: ;DG I=: C:MI  B>A:H 6;I:G L=>8= =: HI6GI:9 86I8=>C< A6EE:9 GJCC:GH C:6G I=: .NC<H7DGDJ<= G>9<: IJGC ;DG =DB: .=DJ<= =>H E68: HADL:9 >C I=: ;>C6A B>A:H =: HI>AA 8AD8@:9 I=: C9 ;6HI:HI I>B: >C G68: =>HIDGN  6GG6G6 ):L 6A6C8: DHIDC#J9HDC ( =6H BDK:9 JE >C 9>H

I6C8: ID I=:   >C I=: E6HI ILD N:6GH G6C 6 HDA>9 G68: ID G:8DG9 6 H:K:C B>CJI: +:GHDC6A :HI D;   B>CJI:H 7:II:G I=6C GJCC:G

JE ':HA>: #D8@>C<  (6@>C< >I ;6B

>AN 96N 6I I=: 76AAE6G@ =JH76C9 ,N6C 6GG6G6 =69 EA68:9 C9 >C I=: B:CPH HI6C9>C<H 6I  BDC< I=: I:6BH 1=>GA6L6N B:C I6@

>C<  D; I=: IDE  H8DG:9 I=:>G ;>GHI IG>EA: L>C >C I=: DE:C 9>K>H>DCH L>I= )DGI= (:9;DG9 I6@>C< I=:  I>IA: :CIG6A (6HH -IG>9:GH LDB:C L:G: IDE >C I=: DE:C 6C9  9>K>H>DCH HEA>I 7N I=: (:GG>B68@ 06A

A:N  IG>D 1=>A: HDB: D; I=: >C9>K>9J6A "G6C9 +G>M HI6C9>C<H L:G: H:IIA:9 7:;DG: I=: B6G6I=DC &:CI ':BB: 6C9 6G7 (8(6CJH ;>C>H=:9 =><= :CDJ<= I=: HI6C9>C<H ID =DA9 D;; 8=6A

A:C<:GH >C I=:  9>K>H>DC ID L>C I=:>G ;>GHI  %E ,<-,<, . ,9?= 6<: <GDJE H:G>:H I>IA:H =:8@ ???+*A;<*<.6*:*<187,86 ;DG G:  ,C %>,>0E= ):809E= ,=>0< 3,8; HJAIH 6C9 6 HJBB6GN

$# !4AAH "44 =34AB>= 4==854A =3A4FB #82704; D64A 0E83 0A14A 41184 0AAH >=0;3 0BB> $>A< >DC78;;4A (>1H= A0C820 )74AH; A866B>H4 >7= A>F= )74AAH A>F= #82704; DA=B A80= HA=4 !4;;H 4=20 7A8BC>?74A 74CB0B (8270A3 ;0A: !4E8= >D=870= 4A1 D=70 455 >=07D4 4==8B >=>67D4 >7= >=>E0= *8=0 >F;8=6 )40= >H;4 0= D60= =64;8:0 E0=B &0CCH >;CI *>< >;CI "8=30 >A3 70A;4=4 01>A80D;C 0=: 438<0= 8DB4??4 80==>=4 8;; 064= 0E83 0A3H #0CC 0A:4A 0=84; 8;; #0AB70 >60= 0A>; DA;4H 0<4B <?A4B280 0A>;3 0AE8B 8< >7=B>= )CD0AC !0D5<0= 0E83 !4;;H AD24 !8A27=4A >7= !;4B278=B:H 0E83 !A>< (0H<>=3 "01>=C4 4==854A "034

2)&0 "$&1 "2 "62"2&

#,>>C :7>D $$ ,9/ %C/90C 0>09/<0  %

++ "62"2& "0"2).- ).2.1 $.302&16 .' "/12.-& ).2.(0"/)6 555$"/&12.-&/).2.$.,

+3# 0"-1'&01

' 6.3 "0& $)"-(*-( $+3#1 20"-1'&01 ,312 #& 03- 2)0.3() 2)&   .''*$& 5

"+ #) $# #,) #) *,( -(" ((( * *,( *,( )# $# #,) #,) ) $)) #,) -( #,) ) ) "(( "(( #,) *,( )+ $)) -(" #,) #,) #,) #) $# *,( #,) )(( -( ) #,) #) )+ *,(

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$"$  &% +"$D% '# $"%% "'!&$+

%>:<C ,9/ #3:>: .:?<>0=C :1

,<. 3,7?1:?< 

 G:8DG9 ;>:A9 D; BDG: I=6C   :CIG6CIH 6C9 6 8DJGH: G:8DG9 GJC 7N (6GN JAA:C $,'+GDK>9:C8: ,$ =><=A><=I:9 I=: I= :9>I>DC D; I=: (6NDGPH JE GDHH DJCIGN ,68:H EG:H:CI:9 7N I=: DHIDC I=A:I>8 HHD8>6I>DC 6C9 69>96H 6C9 9>G:8I:9 7N /-

.! ):L C<A6C9 6C9 I=: DHIDC :CI:GH ;DG 3DJI=  !6B>A>:H *K:GC><=I G6>CH 9>9CPI 9>H8DJG6<: 6CNDC: ;GDB B6@>C< I=: IG>E ID DHIDCPH !G6C@A>C +6G@ ;DG I=: ;>K: G68: H8=:9JA: H BDG: I=6C  @>9H 6<:H  6C9 JC9:G IDD@ E6GI >C I=: BDGC>C<PH NDJI= G68

:H I=: G6>C 6C9 8ADJ9H <6K: L6N ID HJCCN 7AJ: H@>:H ):MI JE L6H I=: !G6C@A>C +6G@ & DE:C ID 6AA 6<:H 6C9 67>A>

I>:H .=: ;6HI:HI <GDL>C< D; I=: (6NDGPH JE :K:CIH 7D6HI:9  ;>C>H=:GH I=>H N:6G ':69>C< I=: 8=6G<: L6H %DG96C #6BB ;GDB 6C>H>JH )3 #><= -8=DDA #6BB IG6>A:9 6 E6>G D; AD86A H8=D

A6HI>8 HI6GH I:6BB6I:H *B6G 9:C 6C9 =B:9 A> ;GDB =6GA:H

IDLC ( I=GDJ<= 6  DE:C>C< B>A: 6C9 I=: I=G:: G6C :K:C JCI>A L:AA E6HI ILD B>A:H L=:C #6BB :9<:H 6=:69 6C9 =:A9 DC ;DG 6  H:8DC9 K>8IDGN DK:G 9:C G6C9:>H <G69 6>IA>C (6AADN G:8DG9:9 6 8DB;DGI67A:  H:8DC9 K>8IDGN >C I=: LDB:CPH 9>K>

H>DC $C I=: 1DB:CPH =6BE>DCH=>E & ILD I>B: 9:;:C9>C< 8=6BE O>O6 N>AJ  .# 1:HI8=:HI:G )3 . L6H ADD@>C< ID 7:8DB: I=: ;>GHI LDB6C ID L>C I=G:: HIG6><=I (6NDGPH JE I>IA:H 3:I 9:

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

,B9;D< >: 3,7:498<

+:?>3  8470 4A4<H *0H;>A -0;C70< * "4G8=6C>= # "407 A0<B -0;C70< * 4;<>=C #


 4A4<H ;;4H*0AC4A $8C470F:B %0: ;D55B #  D;80 !4A= -0;C70< * -0;C70< #  

  8470 0=84; F0AC A0=8C4 )C0C4 ;0B7 )CA0C70< $  (>18= A>BB -0;C70< * "4G8=6C>= #  

<,96749 #,<6  #4= >A30= 0<< D550;> $. -><4= 08C;8= #0;;>H #435>A3 #


):809E= 3,8;4:9=34;  #0AH D;;4= (441>: &A>E834=24 ( (


09E= 3,8;4:9=34;  02>1 !>A8A ( (827<>=3 !. !$

><?;4C4 A4BD;CB 0A4 0C AAA-,,:<2 ,C:<=?;

,<C ?7709 A49= >30 ):809E= 3,8;4:9=34; ,> >30 ,C:<E= ?; 49 .:?<=0 <0.:</ >480 &30 <4=3 =>,< ><,49492 49 #<:@4/09.0 A09> :9 >: A49 >30 !0A 927,9/ 3,8;4:9=34;= ,9/ ;7,.0 >3 49 >30 ?<:;0,9 3,8 ;4:9=34;

'%&!0@ 826,8/ ;,8= #;92;,7

+)* $4F =6;0=3 70B 4BC01;8B743 0 6A0=C ?A> 6A0< C70C 8B 34B86=43 C> 3> CF> C78=6B 74;? 0C7;4C4B CA0E4; C> <44CB 0=3 BD??>AC ;>20; AD==8=6 0=3 CA02: 0=3 584;3 ?A>6A0<B E4AH H40A 8= D=4 C74 +)* $4F =6;0=3 >0A3 >5 >E4A=>AB F8;; 34C4A<8=4 C74 C>C0; 0<>D=C >5 6A0=C <>=4H C> 14 68E4= 0F0H C70C 58B20; H40A C7;4C4B 0=3 ?A>6A0<B 20= 0??;H 5>A 6A0=C <>=4H 0=H C8<4 3DA8=6 C74 H40A 0=3 C74 >0A3 F8;; 38B1DAB4 C74 <>=4H @D0A C4A;H F0A3B F8;; 14 68E4= >DC 10B43 >= <4A8C =>C >= 0 58ABC2><458ABCB4AE43 10B8B

%=,B >:=9/,=0

8=3 C74 ;0BC4BC B2743D;4B 0=3 =4FB ><,.6 <:,/= .<:== .:?9><C 8:?9>,49 <?99492 <,.0 A,76492 C:?>3 ,9/ 8:<0  742: C74 F41B8C4 AAA?=,>190:<2 6

EZ-JAN-FEB-09:Layout 1


1:42 PM

Page 7



'! $#&% & !) !! $"%% "'!&$+  #"!%#% .02.- "-% .-.4"- "0& 2./ &5 -(+"-% '*-*1)&01

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

6AA ;>GHI 6BDC< 6AA GJCC:GH DK:G  )  H=:PH  '>7:GIN  HL:EI I=: I=G:: LDB:CPH I:6B I>IA:H 1: =DE: 6AA 69JAI 9>HI6C8: GJCC>C< 8AJ7H L>AA ;>:A9 6 I:6B >C 


):809 6  #0AH D;;4=

 4== >=>E0=  !0B84 =<0=  4BB820 82:0H  4= *>><4H  8;44= >=;>=  D;84 )?>;83>A>  >0= >7;:4  )0A0 >=07D4 !0C4 AE8=

( $  +=0 $ &*  $ * &*

&0,8=  >BC>= 

 $4F 00=24 >BC>=  A>BC>= *  $8:4 4=CA0; &0A:  )8BD &A>942C   )CA834AB  "814ACH   +#0BB ">F4;;  &( (028=6 *40< 0<1A8364 )?>ACB 09 6  H;0= -H:4B

 0AAH $>AC>=  (>;0=3 "0E0;;44  &0D; (H0=  0AA>3 )7>4<0:4A  (82: (>D=CA44  -8;;80< )0=34AB  0E4 D8;80=>  DBC8= "DCI #0A: #8;;4A







$ "H=G $ -(* $8:4  +=0 $ $ 




&0,8=  >BC>= 

 $4F 0;0=24 >BC>=  A>BC>= *  $8:4 4=CA0; &0A:  0AC<>DC7  4=CA0; # )CA834AB  -78A;0F0H (*  +#0BB ">F4;;  A44= #C   )CA834AB  &( (028=6 *40< ,=>0<=  7A8BC8=4 (40B4A 0C74A8=4 "85B27D;CI *A02H (>B4   >0= )0<D4;B>= 40==4 02:4CC "8B0 >D24CC   &0CCH >;CI 0C74A8=4 0AA4;; "4=8 -4114A   #0A;4=0 .0=4CC8 &0,8= )   "814ACH 

 &( (*    )+ )   "814ACH 





 #    #  +=0  )+

)   "


,=>0<= 09  0= A0=4:  (


 #82704; $07><  )    !4=C "4<<4  ) 

 A0=28B DA34CC  )   >B7 A>F=  #   >1 -8==  #

     >7= 0A1>DA  "(( 

 *>< (H0=  (

   >= -0;3A>=  )+     *43 #2!=867C  #  

 #8;C )27D<0274A  )*    (82: )C4CB>=  )*     4AAH "4,0BB4DA  )*     58=8B74AB 8= <4=JB <0BC4AB A024 &0,8= 09   )

 8A86>  &( (*  #    "((    )+  #)  * 09    "((

 # 09    )*



 "((    )+   "   )+


.0& 0.11 .3-206 &51 .- "(&


EZ-JAN-FEB-09:Layout 1


1:42 PM

Page 8



EZ-JAN-FEB-09:Layout 1


1:42 PM

Page 9


*-2&0  &82CDA4B 5A>< *74

 +)* 0;; $0C8>=0; A>BB >D=CAH 70<?8>=B78?B 424<14A  &;0=C4B 4AAH (42A40C8>= &0A:  )?>:0=4 - ):809= &0,8=  !0A ,7,9.0 :=>:9  

 $"%% "'!&$+ $! #$* %$% .=: ):L C<A6C9 =6BE>DCH=>EH 6AHD B6G@:9 I=: ;>C6A H:<

B:CI D; I=:  2  "G6C9 +G>M *C8: 6<6>C I=: "G:6I:G DH

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

))+ ))+ ))+  * * "(( "((

0.08-0< " $0-0.., :9:23?0 09 <:?>0 >: >30 ):809E= 3,8;4:9=34;  >:; ;3:>: 4= ,=40 98,9  ;<47E= " #3:>: <0/4> &:; ,9/ :>>:8 460 %.:>> #3:>:=

%?880< .<:== .:?9><C <,.492 49 (0<8:9>


EZ-JAN-FEB-09:Layout 1


1:42 PM

Page 10

Introducing miSOUL Tech interchangeable sole system for customized performance. TM

Run One - miSOUL Tech

Select the miSOUL Tech Cushion 1.0 insert with superior EVA chassis for arch support and Si-18 gel in the forefoot and heel for cushioning and shock absorption to get you through another long run.

Or slip in the miSOUL Tech Light 1.0 insert with Superfoamâ&#x201E;˘ cushioning in the forefoot and heel for innovative high-energy return and a spring propulsion plate for extra push off on race day.

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1:43 PM

Page 11

3X Ironman Champion CHRIS LIETO

See miSOUL Tech in action at KSWISS.COM

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1:43 PM

Page 12



!&"!  #"!%#% ! !) !! "+ #!% )!& (% ")!&")! 

' "% "! "$ &'&%

 )! ! '%  $")!

".9<.6+.:  :8>2-.7,. !



 E6>G D; *ANBE>6CH DJIG6C I=: 8DBE:I>I>DC ;DG /- =6BE>DC

H=>E 8GDLCH 6I I=: 0- 6G:B6G@ DLCIDLC & >C +GDK>9:C8: 1=>A: 6 8A:6G HJCCN 6C9 >C8G:6H>C<AN L6GB:G 96N HADL:9 I>B:H 6 7>I >I 9>9CPI 9:CN I=: ;GDCIGJCC:GH $I L6H I=: ;>GHI I>B: >C G68: =>H

IDGN I=: I=>G9 I>B: 6H 6 /- =6BE>DCH=>E :K:CI L>I= /- GJCC:GH H8DG>C< 7DI= I=: B:CPH 6C9 LDB:CPH L>CH ':69>C<  GJCC:GH 68GDHH I=: A>C: L6H /- HI::EA:8=6H: *ANBE>8 "6B:H ;>C6A>HI CI=DCN !6B><A>:II> .) L=D 86J<=I 6C9 HIGDC<AN E6HH:9 ;:AADL :>?>C< I:6BB6I: (6II .:<:C@6BE 1$ L>I=  B:I:GH ID <D 6C9 L:CI DC JC8=6AA:C<:9 JE I=: ;>C6A =>AA ID I=: L>C >C  !>GHI AD86A GJCC:GH L:G: G:9H=>GI 8DAA:<>6C =G>H 6GC>8A: ):LIDC ( >C I= ;DAADL:9 7N *L:C 16H=7JGC "G -EG>C<;>:A9#6GG>:GHB=:GHI ( >C I= (6G7A:=:69 ( C6I>K: -=6A6C: !A6C6<6C CDL A>K>C< >C )DGI= 6GDA>C6 G:E:6I:9 6H G68: L>CC:G DC I=: 9>HI6;; H>9: 6H I=: ;>:A9 L6H CD B6I8= ;DG I=: :>?>C< 7GDCO: B:96A>HI #:G   L6H  H:8

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

(DAAN #J99A: +GDK>9:C8: ,$ JCA:6H=:9 6 EDL:G;JA @>8@ ID L>C I=: C9 6CCJ6A .J;IH #:6AI= +A6C  & ;DG 1DB:C 6C9 L>I= >I I=: /- 1DB:CPH  @B =6BE>DCH=>E (DC96N I=GDJ<= DH

IDC 6C9 6B7G>9<: -:GK>C< 6H I=: /- =6BE>DCH=>E ;DG I=: I= I>B:  LDB:C ;>C>H=:9 I=: IG69>I>DC6A DAJB7JH 6N :K:CI #J99A: :9<:9 DJI O>O6 A>NJ  .#  )3 >IN 7N A:HH I=6C 6 H:8DC9 GJCC>C<  ID L>C =:G ;>GHI / - .>IA: 6C9 6 H><C>;>86CI E6N96N H=:PH EA68:9 IDE  >C I=: ;6AAPH /- & 6C9 & /- 8=6B

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

:CPH & >C I=: 8DJCIGN 6C9 9>9 I=:BH:AK:H EGDJ9 7N ;>C>H=>C< I=:  :K:CIH 6H L:AA



#4=  =C7>=H 0<86;84CC8 !=>GE8;;4 *$

 #0CC *464=:0<? #038B>= -  "D:4 !8?:>B648 !$  0= A>F=4 40E4AC>= %(  0E83 0=:>FB:8 (>274BC4A 8;;B #  7A8B 0A=82;4 $4FC>= # -><4=  )70;0=4 ;0=060= &8CCB1>A> $

 #0AH D;;4= &A>E834=24 ( ("  0=4 -0=98:D 0:D=H8 !$  (4=44 #4C8E84A08;;84 ;06BC055 /  #>;;H D33;4 &A>E834=24 (






*40<B  $- "$ %)*%$

 %+"( (+$$$ %)%  (+$ %%    ( %)*%$ *(  #&" (*    $- "$ %)*%$   ( %)*%$ *"!  ( %)*%$ *-*  -"*# *










 #>;;H D33;4 &A>E834=24 (  

    +) 70<?8>=

 I8I0 ;8HD *  *4H10 $0B4A *  <H (D3>;?7  &A>E834=24 (  (4=44 #4C8E84A08;;84  ;06BC055 /  (414220 >=>67D4 $4F 0;0=24 >BC>=  "8=3B4H =34AB>= %634= +*  *4A0 #>>3H >D;34A %  ;E0 AH4A D==8B>= %  *4A4B0 #2-0;C4AB 0<1A8364 #  &0CCH #DAA0H   >D;34A %  >0= 4=>8C)0<D4;B>=   A44?>AC #




%&$% $"$ "$ !"&% '%"! & ")!&")!  BDC<HI I=: G:HJAIH D; I=: 0- DLCIDLC & L6H 6 C:L /LDB:CPH B6HI:GH   9>K>H>DC G:8DG9 %D6C :CD>I -6BJ:AHDC H=DL:9 I=6I L=>A: HI>AA 6 8DBE:I>I>K: ;DG8: >C I=: B6G6I=DC H:: =:G *ANBE>8.G>6AH E:G;DGB6C8: >CEG>A H=:PH GJCC>C< L:AA 6I I=: H=DGI:G 9>HI6C8:H IDD %D6C 8AD8@:9  >C +GDK>9:C8: ID 7:II:G I=: 8JG

G:CI 6<: <GDJE B6G@ 7N  H:8DC9H L=>8= L6H H:I >C  .=6I 7DD@

:C9:9 I=: H:6HDC L>I= G:8DG9H 6H H=: H:I 6 /- 1 B6G@ >C I=: B6G6I=DC >C EG>A 6I I=: *ANBE>8 .G>6AH >C DHIDC -=: ?JHI B>HH:9 I=: & >C DHIDC 6I I=: .J;IH & ;DG 1DB:C >C *8ID7:G 12 


EZ-JAN-FEB-09:Layout 1


1:43 PM

Page 13



'!"$ "+ #% $"%% "'!&$+ '%& !) !! '!"$ "+ #% $"%% "'!&$+  #"!%#%

8>.6+.:   =::255>255. ! .=: B::I L6H =:A9 6I JGG>AAK>AA: (>99A: -8=DDA ;DG I=: ;>GHI I>B: 6C9 I=: ;68>A>IN 6C9 8DJGH:H EGDK:9 ID 7: 6 <DD9 ;>I L>I= I=: B::I *K:G  GJCC:GH IDD@ E6GI >C I=:  G68:H .=6C@H ID I=: -:CI>C:A -IG>9:GH ;DG H:GK>C< 6H =DHI 8AJ7 .=: B::I L>AA GJC >C )# >C  6C9 G:IJGC ID JGG>AAK>AA: >C  .=: IDE  I:6BH 6C9 >C>K>9J6AH >C I=: IDE  FJ6A>;>:9 ;DG I=: ;DAADL>C< L::@PH ,:<>DC $ =6BE>DCH=>E

%*7 8:<5*7- *:4 :87@ ' 8>.6+.:

):L C<A6C9 HHD8>6I>DC GJCC:GH 9DB>C6I:9 I=: I:6B G:HJAIH 6I I=: ,:<>DC $ %JC>DG *ANBE>8 GDHH DJCIGN 8=6BE>DCH=>EH DC -JC96N >C ):L 3DG@ >IN 6C9 G:8DG9:9 ADIH D; FJ6A>;>:GH ;DG I=: )6I>DC6A %* (::I .=: IDE  I:6BH 6C9 DI=:G >C9>K>9J6AH ;>C>H=>C< >C I=: IDE  FJ6A>;>:9 ;DG I=: )6I>DC6AH DC :8:B7:G  >C 0>G<>C>6 ):L C

<A6C9 GJCC:GH 6<6>C B69: JE I=: A6G<:HI E:G8:CI6<: D; 6AA ;>:A9H >C I=:  G68:H 8DCI:HI:9 6<6>CHI I=: ;>K: DI=:G 6HHD8>6I>DCH D; ,:

<>DC $ DDA I:BE:G6IJG:H 6C9 A><=I L>C9H B69: ;DG <DD9 G68>C< L:6I=:G 6I I=: ;67A:9 06C DGIA6C9I +6G@ 8DJGH: L=:G: I:C G68:H >C ;>K: 6<: <GDJEH L:G: 8DCI:HI:9 .LD D; I=: 96NPH >C9>K>9J6A L>CC:GH L:G: ;GDB ):L C<A6C9 %68@ DAADEN LDC I=: 3DJI= DNH G68: 6C9 CDI DCAN A:9 =>H "G6C>I: -I6I: !A6H= 3DJI= DNH 7DGC 

 I:6B ID 6 HIGDC< L>C 7JI I=: !A6H=  I:6B G68:9 ID H:8DC9 #6A:N "G6N D; 0:GBDCI L6H I=: <DA9 B:96A>HI >C I=: 3DJC< 1DB:CPH G68: .DE I=G:: ;>C>H=:H L:G: G:8DG9:9 7N C>C: ):L C<A6C9 GJCC:GH 7:NDC9 I=: ILD L>CC:GH DCDG 6C;>:A9 +'  (DAAN (867: "6I:>IN (" BB6 #JA7JG9 31 6C9 (>I8= ':K:>AA: -:CI>C:A-IG 3( L:G: H>AK:G B:96A>HIH 6C9 G:C96C &:CC:9N "-!  (69:A>C: :G@HDC +GDK (" &6>IA>C (8"6=>: (- $" &:AAN #6AA><6C $" 6GDA>C: 6EJ6CD -- 31 LDC 7GDCO: .=: (>9<:I ">GAH G68: L6H 6 ):L C<A6C9 I:6B HL::E 6H 16AI=6B . "6I: >IN -IG>9:GH 6C9 -:CI>C:A -IG>9:GH L:CI  

 L>I= H>M BDG: ):L C<A6C9:GH <D>C< 6H >C9>K>9J6AH >C I=6I <GDJE ) PH )>I:=6L@H -EDGIH AJ7 9DB>C6I:9 I=: 8=6AA:C<>C< (>9<:I DNH G68: 6C9 )6H=J6 +'PH 6CI6B DNH H8DG:9 I=: ;DJGI= I:6B L>C ;DG I=: 6HHD8>6I>DC "G6C>I: -I6I: !A6H= 8=:8@:9 >C ;>K: I:6BH ID =:69 HDJI= L>I= +' 6C9 -:CI>C:AH 7DI= L>I= I=G:: I:6BH .=: ;>C6A 8AJ7 >C 0>G<>C>6 L>AA 7: .:6B ,/) EA68

>C< I=>G9 >C I=: 3DJI= ">GAH >C I=:>G ;>GHI 6EE:6G6C8: >C I=: %* EGD<G6B $C IDI6A ):L C<A6C9 L>AA G:EG:H:CI L>I=  D; I=:  I:6BH ;GDB ,:<>DC $ =:69>C< ID )6I>DC6AH .=: ;JAA G:HJAIH 6ADC< L>I= G:HJAIH ;GDB DI=:G ,:<>DCH 6G: 6K6>A

67A: DC I=: )6I>DC6A H>I: '%& $"! "! " * $0=?7>= :9>49?0/ :9 #,20 





 ) )  )  -* )





 (+$  )) ) 



 )# )) ) ))


,<6 ://,4<0

4/20= 4;6<  #>;;H #2014

 F4=HC7 -8=B78?  !0C7;44= >)0=6  D;80 !4A=  )0A07 )F0;;>F &0,8=  )

 -0;C70< *  )4=C8=4; )CA834AB  A0=8C4 )C0C4 ;0B7  *40< (D= +9>=3 4;6<  7A8BC8=4 0E8B

 "44 #8;=4  #04E4 -4BC>E4A  ;4G0=3A0 (40A3>=  ;8I014C7 >=F0H +:?>3 47<= &0,8=  A0=8C4 )C0C4 ;0B7

 )4=C8=4; )CA834AB  *40< (+$  ) *A803  -0;C70< * 8=0;70/4,=0 4;6<  ==0 (483

 !4;;8 0;;860=  !0C84 #48=4ACI  !08C;8= A4BB4A  )C4?70=84 -0A3)<8C7 &0,8=  )4=C8=4; )CA834AB

$&" -* -* $&"

+9>82 )9708  0;4H A0H 

 <<0 D;1DA3    !4;B4H (8??    0A>;8=4 0?D0=> ))

  ;8I014C7 (H0=

  !: &0,8= '%&! " * $0=?7>= :9>49?0/ :9 #,20

&0,8 $'! ,> >30 !,>4:9,7 " 13 


#3:>: .:?<>0=C :1

,8=,7 4;6<  0BB0=3A0 ,0;8=

 "407 A0<B  7;>4 *0H;>A  4;4= $C4=64A8  4BB820 ?0944 &0,8=  $0B7D0 &"

 A0=8C4 )C0C4 ;0B7  -0;C70< *  A035>A3 ;4<4=C0AH

'%& $"! "! '!"$ "+ #% $"%% "'!&$+  #"!%#%

EZ-JAN-FEB-09:Layout 1


1:43 PM

Page 14



3-*.0 +6,/*$1 0.11 .3-206 &13+21 -% 2.0*&1


'%&! " * $0=?7>=  :9>49?0/

,8=,7 9B<  >=>A 0=584;3

 4A4<H *0H;>A  0AA4CC >B74A  "D:4 =I4;  830= #2"0D67;8= &0,8=  $0B7D0 &"

 A0=8C4 )C0C4 ;0B7  A035>A3 ;4<4=C0AH  -0;C70< *  $8C470F:B ) 4/20= 9B<  4A4<H ;;4H*0AC4A

 -8;;80<B "H>=B  &0CA82: "H=27  (>14AC 4B8BC> &0,8=  $8C470F:B )

 A0=8C4 )C0C4 ;0B7  )4=C8=4; )CA834AB  A0=8C4 )C0C4 ;   $0B7D0 &" +9>=3 9B<  02: >;;>?H

 >=0C70= ,8==4=14A6  0=84; F0AC  "D:4 012>2:  #8C274;; )A>:0 &0,8=  A0=8C4 )C0C4 ;0B7

 A0=8C4 )C ;0B7   )4=C8=4; )CA834AB  A0=8C4 )C ;0B7   8;; = 0AA84A 8=0;70/4,=0 9B<  ;4G0=34A 0;;>

 )410BC80= 0:0DB  *8<>C7H )74?0A3  #82704; #0AC8=  7A8BC>?74A >A30= &0,8  )4=C8=4; )CA834AB +9>82 08  0E83 DA;4H

 >A4H >>60=  #8C274;; "4E48;;4  *8<>C7H 0;206=8  0<4B /8;4=I864A &0,8  )4=C8=4; )CA834AB 

$&" -* )  $&" $8C4





 )  )  )  )  ) 

,8=,7 4;6< 57  "407 A0<B  0BB0=3A0 ,0;8= &0,8=  )0= 846> )>0; ((  $0B7D0 &0;  A0=8C4 )C0C4 ;0B7 4/20= 4;6< 57  %;90 (0?082

 %;8E80 #DBB054A

 D;80 !4A= &0,8= )0= 846> )>0; ((

-0;C70< * 0C4 8CH )CA834AB )4=C8=4; )CA834AB +9>=3 4;6< 57  )84AA0 /0<10A0=>

 !08C;8= #20784

 7A8BC8=4 0E8B &0,8=  )0= 846> )>0; ((  *40< (+$  A0=8C4 )C0C4 ;0B7 8=0;70/4,=0 4;6<  !4;;8 0;;860= +$

 +9>82 )9708  57

 0;4H A0H

 A024 &A8C270A3 ,8=,7 9B< 57 >=>A 0=584;3 &0,8= )0= 846> )>0; (( $0B7D0 &" 4/20= 9B<  57 #0G "070=24 &0,8= )> 0; ((

$8C470F:B ) A0=8C4 )C0C4 ;0B7 +9>=3 9B< 57  02: >;;>?H &0,8= A0=8C4 )C0C4 ;0B7   A0=8C4 )C0C4 ;0B7   !,>4:9,7 " *


     )) ))


 )) ))

,;5 !,=498,66B

.,.6+.:  !2,1687- %2:0272* ):L C<A6C9 6HHD8>6I>DC GJCC:GH B69: 6C >BEG:HH>DC 6I I=: )6I>DC6A %JC>DG *ANBE>8 GDHH DJCIGN =6BE>DCH=>EH >C 0>G<>C>6 AL6NH 6H FJ6A>IN :K:CI I=: 9:EI= D; I=: ;>:A9H 8DJA9 7: H::C JH>C< I=: (>9<:I 6<:   <>GAH G68: 6H 6C :M6BEA: L=:G:  GJCC:GH 8GDHH:9 I=: ;>C>H= A>C: >C I=: H>C<A: B>CJI: 7:IL::C I= 6C9 I= EA68: "G6C>I: -I6I: !A6H= A:9 7N %68@ DAADEN >C ;>;I= G:EG:H:CI:9 I=: 6HHD

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


  $8C4 $8C4 )  $8C4

,50 &304;



% )499492 +:?>3 :C= &0,8 ,> >30 " !,>4:9,7= 14 

-0;C70< *   $0B7D0 &0;  

 -0;C70< *  -4BC>= #  -0;C70< *     

 (+$ #) (+$



+=0C,* +=0C










00> $0=?7>=  :9>49?0/ 90B> ;,20

EZ-JAN-FEB-09:Layout 1


1:43 PM

Page 15



-% .0&   &13+21



 >=>A 0=584;3  A4=30= !4==43H  830= #2"0D67;8=  4A4<H *0H;>A &0,8= $0B7D0 &0;  A0=8C4 )C0C4 ;0B7  A035>A3 ;4<4=C0AH

:9>49?0/ 1<:8 #,20

'%& $"! "! * $0=?7>=

&0,7 #6,.482< ,8/ 8/4?4/>,6 484<30;< 48 =30&9: 4;6< ,8=,7   0BB0=3A0 ,0;8=  "407 A0<B  4BB820 ?0944  A820 0;4 &0,8=

 $0B7D0 &0;  A0=8C4 )C0C4 ;0B7  -0;C70< * 4/20= 

 #>;;H #2014  #034;8=4 4A:B>=  $0390 !4A=  %;90 (0?082  %;8E80 #DBB054A  )70==>= -A867C &0,8= -0;C70< *

0C4 8CH )CA834AB )4=C8=4; )CA834AB +9>=3  !08C;H= #20784  7A8BC8=4 0E8B  )84AA0 /0<10A0=>  ;8I014C7 )<8C7  "44 #8;=4 <4A6  !08C;8= #20D;4H &0,8=

A0=8C4 )C0C4 ;0B7  *40< (+$  )4=C8=4; )CA834AB 8=0;70/4,=0   !4;;8 0;;860= &0,8=  )4=C8=4; )CA834AB +9>82 )9708   0;4H A0H

 <<0 D;1DA3  0A>;=4 0?D0=>  "0DA0 DAE8=

$&" -*

     )705CB1DAH )CA  

4/20= 5  #0G "070=24  (H0= *A02H  (>14AC 4B8BC>  -8;;80< "H>=B  &0CA82: "H=27  #0CC 8B274CC8 &0,8= $8C470F:B )  A0=8C4 )C0C4 ;0B7  )4=C8=4; )CA834AB


 ) &A>E -* -* )



+9>=3  02: >;;>?H  #8C274;; )A>:0  A0=3>= "0C70<  >=0C70= ,8==4=14A6  )C4?74= -8==  /0270AH 0;4 &0,8=  A0=8C4 )C0C4 ;0B7 

 A0=8C4 )C0C4 ;0B7   )4=C8=4; )CA834AB

   #) (+$ (+$ ) ;8C4 -*


8=0;70/4,=0   ;4G0=34A 0;;>  )410BC80= 0:0DB &0,8=

 )4=C8=4; )CA834AB  $0B7D0 &0;


+9>82 08 

 #8C274;; "4E48;;4  >A4H >>60= &0,8=

 )4=C8=4; )CA834AB



$&" ) $8C47 -*





$8C4 $8C4 ) $8C4    ) ) $&" ) )






)) ))


"2*.-"+  &&2 &13+21 .-2*-3&%


8=0;70/4,=0 9B< 57

)410BC80= 0:0DB &0,8= )4=C8=4; )CA834AB $0B7D0 &0; +9>82 08   57

>A4H >>60= &0,8= @D0;8I4AB *  )4=C8=4; )CA834AB




     5 H>D 70E4=JC 2742:43 >DC C74 '%& 08-0<=E "97C ?064 ;0C4;H 0C C74 $0C8>=0; F41B8C4 H>D F8;; 58=3 0= 8=2A40B43 =D<14A >5 >554AB 0=3 38B2>D=CB 0E08;01;4 #>BC F8;; 58=3 B4E4A0; >554AB C70C 40B8;H 2>E4A C74 2>BC >5 <4<14AB78? 742: >DC 3>>;AAA?=,>1:<2808-0<=34;-09014>=

        !4>03,A6= ,> >30 !,>4:9,7 " *

00> 15 

EZ-JAN-FEB-09:Layout 1


1:43 PM

Page 16



&30  89? 9>8=,48 4;.>4= A *=5 2:;,1

9>8=,48  '6=;,  &;,46 !0@<

!"( &" %#"!%"$ '%&! "'!&! $'!!! $'& $CDK  =6H H><C:9 DC 6H I=: I>IA: HEDCHDG ;DG I=:  /-.!

) (DJCI6>C ,JCC>C< >G8J>I $CDK  L=DH: / - D;;>8:H 6G: >C !G6B>C<=6B ( =6H 6 ADC< =>HIDGN >C I=: HEDGI D; BDJCI6>C GJC

C>C< .=:>G H=D:H =6K: 7::C LDGC 7N B6CN /- 6C9 $CI:GC6I>DC6A (DJCI6>C GJCC:GH $; NDJ <D ID 6CN BDJCI6>C JAIG6 DG IG6>A G68: >C ):L C<A6C9 NDJPG: HJG: ID H:: 6 <DD9 CJB7:G D; 8DBE:I>IDGH L:6G>C< I=:>G $CDK PH 'DD@ ;DG I=: $CDK  8G:L 6I 6AA  D; I=: (DJCI6>C >G8J>I G68:H L=:G: I=:N L>AA 7: H:AA>C< H=D:H H=DL>C< D;; I=:>G A6I:HI EGD9J8IH 6C9 B6N7: :K:C G68>C< 6I HDB: D; I=: :K:CIH

 $ !'&$&"! #$"'&% $&'$!% % %$% %#"!%"$ #6BB:G )JIG>I>DC B6@:GH D; #::9 6C9 #6BB:G ":A L>AA 8DC

I>CJ: I=:>G HEDCHDGH=>E 6C9 EGDK>9: 7DI= <:A 6C9 HEDGIH 9G>C@H ;DG I=:  $CDK  /-.! ) (DJCI6>C >G8J>I

+#%% & & )%!&"! "&&$+ 1=>A: (I 16H=>C<IDC >H ;>AA:9 DC ADII:GN I=:G: >H 6 L6N ID H:

8JG: 6JIDB6I>8 :CIGN >CID I=: 8A6HH>8 Q,JC ID I=: ADJ9HR ;DG  .=: $CDK  /-.! ):L C<A6C9 (DJCI6>C ,JCC>C< >G8J>I =6H I:6B:9 JE L>I= I=: (I 16H=>C<IDC ,D69 ,68: ID D;;:G 6 HE:8>6A DEEDGIJC>IN ID 7NE6HH I=: ,68: 'DII:GN >C  .D FJ6A>;N ;DG I=: ADII:GN 7NE6HH NDJ C::9 ID 9D I=: ;DAADL>C< : 6 /-.! (:B7:G ???=;*</8:0 DBEA:I: 6AA  G68:H >C I=: $CDK  /-.! ) (DJCI6>C ,JC

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

$! "$    &" "%& !&$!&"! !  #"!%#% #$%!& + '%&!) !! .=:  G6CCBDG: #>AA A>B7 L>AA EA6N =DHI ID 6C >CI:GC6

I>DC6A 8G:L D; BDJCI6>C B:C 6C9 LDB:C 6H I=:N =DHI I=: )DGI= B:G>86C :CIG6A B:G>86C 6G>77:6C ) (DJCI6>C ,JCC>C< =6BE>DCH=>EH DC %JC:  .=: G68: >H 6AHD I=: /- (DJCI6>C ,JCC>C< =6BE>DCH=>E 6C9 /- I:6B B:B7:GH 6H L:AA 6H 6AA DI=:G B:G>86C GJCC:GH >C :K:CI L>AA 8DCI:HI ;DG 8=6BE>DC

H=>E B:96AH 6H L:AA 6H 8DBE:I: ;DG HEDIH DC I=: .:K6 /- (DJC

I6>C ,JCC>C< .:6B I=6I L>AA 8DBE:I: 6I I=:  1DGA9 (DJCI6>C ,JCC>C< =6BE>DCH=>EH >C -L>IO:GA6C9  &)%!&"! $" $ $& ,:B:B7:G I=6I I=:G: >H 6 ;>:A9 H>O: D;  ;DG I=: (I 16H=>C<

IDC ,D69 ,68: 6C9 I=: HE68:H ;>AA FJ>8@AN CIGN >H DC A>C: DCAN 6C9 >H 9DC: >C 6 ADII:GN ;6H=>DC CIGN 7:<>CH DC (6G8=  6C9 8ADH:H (6G8=  L>I= I=: H:A:8I>DC H=DGIAN ;DAADL>C< I=: 8ADH: D; :CIG>:H -:: ???68=7<?*;1270<87:8*-:*,.,86


 89? '%&! 9>8=,48 $>88482 %0;40< $  #!"" #" +G>C8:IDC (   B>A:H ???,6;:=78:0;,1.-=5..7<:A/8:6; ?*,1=;.<<)27/8;1<65 $    1>AIDC ID .:BEA: )#  B>A:H ???0*<.,2<A8:0 *,4!*,. #   " #" # )DGI=;>:A9 ( /-.! ) .G6>A ,JCC>C< =6BEH  &B   B>A:H ????12<.68=7<*27625.:;,86,:*768:. #       )DGI= DCL6N )#  &B B:C &B LDB:C /-  ) (DJCI6>C =6BE>DCH=>EH ????12<.68=7<*27625.:;,86,:*768:. #$   #"  '>C8DAC )#   (>A:H ????12<.68=7<*27625.:;,865887 #$  " !#"$  1>C9HDG 0.   B>A:H ???,5=+9.70=27,A,5.;,86;,=<7.A!=79-/ -:G>:H G:HJAIH =>HIDGN 6C9 6AA I>B: ED>CI 6C9 E6GI>8>E6I>DC A>HIH 6G: ;DJC9 6I ???=;*</7.8:0<:*25

!0@<60==0; 98=;4->=9;<

>DAC=4H 8A3 )C4?74= &42:82>=8B #8:4 *A0E4AB !4= (>18270D3 ,82C07 )08;4A #8:4 )2>CC &0D; !8AB27 )C4E4 ,08C>=4B

,C:?> 41184 )?4=24A :;C /4>:< 0?BC>=4 &7>C> )<4>0< #0A: >3308A4 )<4>0< 455 )0E064 #3:>: <0/4> #3:>: <0/4> )<4>0< )<4>0<

#3:>: <0/4> #3:>: <0/4> #3:>: <0/4> #3:>: <0/4>

EZ-JAN-FEB-09:Layout 1


1:43 PM

Page 17



 7     (6HI:GH 8=6>G (>@: .G6K:GH G:EDGIH Q;I:G 6 K:GN HJ88:HH;JA  L: 6G: 6AA ADD@>C< ;DGL6G9 ID 6C 68I>K: >C9DDG H:6HDC >C  .=:G: L>AA 7: EA:CIN D; DEEDGIJC>I>:H ;DG (6HI:GH 6I=A:I:H ID ;A:M I=:>G BJH8A:H DC I=: 7D6G9H I=>H L>CI:G R C9 (>@: L>AA 699 ID =>H 9JI>:H 6H L:AA =6K>C< 7::C 6EED>CI:9 =6BE>DCH=>E ->I: -:A:8I>DC -J78DBB>II:: =6>G ;DG I=: )6I>DC6A (6HI:GH .! DBB>II::


++ )+( JGA>C<IDC 0. 8DCI>CJ:9 =:G =67>I D; L>C

C>C< BJAI>EA: :K:CIH EA68>C< ;>GHI 6BDC< 1DB:C   >C I=:       6C9  B:I:G =JG9A:H   (6I8=

>C< =:G L>CH >C I=: B:CPH G:HJAIH L:G: .33 "( +:C68DD@ )#.L>A><=I .=GDL:GH >C I=: ( ?6K:A>C P ' , )+-)( -EG>C<;>:A9 ((6HH 0:AD8

>IN >C I=: (    6C9 +($, .+ -- 1DG8:HI:G "G -EG>C<;>:A9 >C I=: (   

&"# %&$% & !&"! "!"$%

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

>IN E:G;DGB6C8:H >C I=: HJBB:G (::I 96I:H 6G: %JAN  



.=: (6HI:GH +:G;DGB:GH D; I=: 3:6G 6G: 6L6G9:9 7N 7DI= I=: B6HI:GHP .G68@ 6C9 !>:A9 6C9 I=: 'DC< >HI6C8: ,JCC>C< 8DB

B>II::H *C I=: GD69H I=: DK:G6AA L>CC:GH ;DG  L:G: (6>C:PH )( '. &,)( 6C9 /I6=PH  (($, $')($-$, %D6C   H:I 6 E6>G D; 1 G:8DG9H 6I & 6C9 I=: B6G6I=DC :CC>H 

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

#$ ! & 

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

I:9 ID $C9>6C6EDA>H 7N 6 96I: >C (6N CIGN >C;DGB6I>DC L>AA 7: ;DJC9 6I ???=;*</8:0 6C9 BDG: HE:

8>;>8 B::I >C;D 6I ????6* 8:0

"'$ "% )! &  %&$% !&"!%

.=G:: ):L C<A6C9:GH L:G: DC I=:  GDAA D; :A:8I::H ID I=: /-.! (6HI:GH #6AA D; !6B: .=: (6HI:GH #*! >C8AJ9:H 6AA 9>H8>EA>C:H D; I=: HEDGI .G68@  !>:A9 'DC< >HI6C8: ,JCC>C< ,68: 16A@>C< 6C9 GDHH DJCIGN 6H L:AA 6H G:8D<C>O>C< (6H

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

!DJG ):L C<A6C9 6HHD8>6I>DC 6I=A:I:H :6GC:9 <DA9 B:96AH 6I I=: /- (6HI:GH *JI9DDG .G68@  !>:A9 =6BE>DCH=>EH >C -ED

@6C: 1 J<JHI    +6GI>8>E6I>DC 7N 6I=A:I:H ;GDB I=: CDGI=:6HI L6H 9DLC ;GDB G:8:CI DJI9DDG B6HI:GH )6I>DC6AH 9J: ID I=: ADC< IG>E 6C9 A6I: >C I=: H:6HDC 96I: 17 

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1:43 PM

Page 18



"' ! "$$  !    %' !$ $")! !'& !&" & %'  "  

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

>C< GJCC>C< 688DBEA>H=B:CIH 6H L:AA 6H 6 GDJH>C< DK6I>DC ;GDB AJ7 B:B7:GH #: ?D>CH EG>DG N:6G >C9J8I::H '6GGN 6C9 -6G6 (6: :GB6C 8D ;DJC9:GH D; -/ A:DCDG6 (:C9DC86 J@: #JI8=>CHDC +6I ,D7>CHDC 6C9 #:CGN !>C8= 6C9 '>H6 DJ8:II >C I=: -/ #6AA D; !6B: DC<G6IJA6I>DCH ID -JBC:G


I>DC !>II>C<AN I=: >C>I>6A =DCDG:: >H 6 ):L #6BEH=>G: G:H>9:CI 6H L6H ":GGN D7 ">96G> D; ::G>C< )# 6 ;>MIJG: 6I 6 L>9: G6C<: D; 8DBE:I>I>DCH ;GDB NDJI= ID B6HI:GH ;GDB IG68@ ID 8GDHH 8DJCIGN L6H 6L6G9:9 I=: L:AA 9:H:GK:9 EA6FJ: ;DG   HJBB6GN D; ):L C<A6C9 6L6G9 L>CC:GH I=GDJ<= I=: N:6GH 86C 7: ;DJC9 6I =;*</7.8:07.?;*861878:; 555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555

"'$ "!"$ & ! !!'

' !!% $( %&! #$"& $!&%


.=: /- .G68@  !>:A9 !DJC96I>DC 6CCDJC8:9 I=:  /- >HI6C8: +GD?:8I $C9>K>9J6A I=A:I: "G6CIH BDC< I=: ;>K: G:

8>E>:CIH G:8:>K>C< 6   <G6CI 6G: (DAAN #J99A: +GDK>9:C8: ,$ 6C9 )6I: %:C@>CH 'DL:AA ( #J99A: G:EG:H:CI:9 I=: /- 6I I=: 1DGA9 GDHH DJCIGN =6BE>DCH=>E 6C9 LDC I=: /- & ,D69 =6BE>DCH=>E =:A9 6I I=: .J;IH & ;DG 1DB:C G68: >C DHIDC *8ID7:G  %:C@>CH G:8DG9:9 6 HJGEG>H>C< I= EA68: ;>C>H= 6I I=:  *ANBE>8 (6G6I=DC .G>6AH 6C9 =6H EA68:9 =><=AN >C DI=:G B6?DG /- GD69 :K:CIH =:PH 6C 6HH>HI6CI 8D68= 6I / (6HH

'DL:AA .=: /- >HI6C8: +GD?:8I >H 9:9>86I:9 ID 69K6C8>C< :A>I: 9>H


I:GH 6C9 QJE  8DB>C<R 6I=A:I:H I=>H EGD<G6B >H 6 8DAA67DG6I>K: E6GIC:GH=>E 7:IL::C B6?DG 9>HI6C8: GJCC>C< :K:CIH /-.! 6C9 I=: /-.! !DJC96I>DC :9>49?0/ :9 90B> ;,20

 !""$ &$ ! 

/-.! ):L C<A6C9 Q+G:H>9:CIPH L6G9HR L:G: EG:H:CI:9 6I I=: 6HHD8>6I>DCPH 6CCJ6A B::I>C< ID ;DJG >C9>K>9J6AH L=D =6K: ADC< 7::C 8DCIG>7JIDGH ID I=: HEDGI >C I=: 6HHD8>6I>DC ,DC D:B@:G G6CHIDC ,$ L6H G:8D<C>O:9 L>I= I=: 0DAJCI::G -:GK>8: L6G9  ;DGB:G EG:H>9:CI D; I=: DG<6C>O6I>DC =>BH:A; ,DC =6H H:GK:9 >C 6 K6G>:IN D; AD86A G:<>DC6A 6C9 C6I>DC6A 8DB

B>II:: EDH>I>DCH >C I=: E6HI  N:6GH 6H L:AA 6H :K:CI 9>G:8IDG ;DG 6HHD8>6I>DC HI6I: 6C9 C6I>DC6A 8=6BE>DCH=>EH 6C9 =6H D;;>8>6I:9 6I 6AA A:K:AH D; I=: HEDGI >C AD86AAN 6C9 C6I>DC6AAN ,DCPH LDG@ >C ):L C<A6C9 6C9 7:NDC9 @CDLH CD 7DJC9H 6C9 6AA 6EEG:8>6I: =>H 8DCI>CJ:9 HJEEDGI D; /-.! ) .=:  Q(6G?6 6@@:G 3DJI= -:GK>8: L6G9R >H H=6G:9 7N I=: >CH:E6G67A: 9JD L=D A:69 I=: +GDK>9:C8: D7G6H &:K>C %68@

HDC 6C9 .=DB -E6CC 7DI= D; +GDK>9:C8: ,$ .=: D7G6H 8AJ7 8:A:7G6I:H >IH I= N:6G D; 8DBE:I>I>DC >C  6C9 >H 6 G:<JA6G E6GI>8>E6CI 6I 6AA NDJI= :K:CIH AD86AAN 6H L:AA 6H G:<JA6GAN FJ6A>;N

>C< 6 CJB7:G D; 8DBE:I>IDGH ;DG C6I>DC6A 8=6BE>DCH=>EH .=: A6II:G 688DBEA>H=B:CI I=DJ<= 9D:H CDI DJIH=>C: I=: H>BEA: ;68I I=6I I=: D7G6H EGDK>9: DEEDGIJC>I>:H 6C9 >CHIGJ8I>DC ID 9DO:CH D; :6<:G NDJI= >C I=: <G:6I:G +GDK>9:C8: 6G:6 :K:GN N:6G .=: C:L Q":GGN 6CIDG *;;>8>6AH L6G9R L>AA 7: <>K:C G:<J

A6GAN 7JI CDI C:8:HH6G>AN 6CCJ6AAN ;DG H:GK>8: 6H 6C D;;>8>6A ID 18 

!:7GJ6GN  /-.! ) 1 )"') *+ ) #(+$*)

-#$+- 6I #6GK6G9  6B !JAA H8=:9JA: D; :K:CIH !:7  

) 1 )"') $). ,*'' "$. #(+$*)-#$+- 6I DHIDC /C>K:GH>IN

!:7  (6G  /-.! ).$*)' $)**, #(+$*)

-#$+- ,:<<>: ':L>H :CI:G DHIDC ( .>8@:IH 6K6>A67A: >H8DJCI ;DG /-.! B:B7:GH ???=;*</8:0 (6G8= 

) 1 )"') # - #(+$*)-#$+- ,:<<>: ':L>H .G68@  EB


)$& -#*'-.$ $)**, ).$*)'- ,:<<>: ':L>H :CI:G ???7*<287*5;,185*;<2,8:0


(-- -.. .,& *# ---*$

.$*) '$)$ !G6B>C<=6B (


/-.! ).$*)' (-. ,- $)**, #(+$*)-#$+- '6C9DK:G ( <:  >C  N:6G 6<: <GDJEH ???9><,8:0

-:: ???=;*</7.8:0<:*,4 ;DG 6 ;JAA H8=:9JA:

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1:43 PM

Page 19



"' ! "$$  !     $% $ )! %D6CC: DL L6A@:9 6 HB6GI G68: >C IDJ<= 8DC9>I>DCH -I6GI>C< >C C9 EA68: H=: <G69J6AAN BDK:9 JE ID ;>C>H= HI #DL:K:G L=:G: H=: EA68:9 >C I=: G68: L6H DCAN DC: <D6A -=: =DE:9 ID 7G:6@ I=: B:G>86C 1DB:CPH *ANBE>8 ,:8DG9 #:A9 7N (>8=:AA: ,D=A DLPH I6H@ L6H CDI :6HN <>K:C I=: L:6I=:G 8DC9>I>DCH 1>I= 6 <JIHN E:G;DGB6C8: DL 7GD@: I=: B:G>86C 1DB:CPH *ANBE>8 ,:8DG9 6C9 L6A@:9 I=: ;6HI:HI & I>B: ;DG 6C B:G>86C >C >CI:GC6I>DC6A 8DBE:I>I>DC :K:G I I=: /-.! CCJ6A (::I>C< >C :8:B7:G H=: G:8:>K:9 I=: ,DC 4>CC L6G9 6H I=: 8DJCIGNPH IDE ;:B6A: L6A@:G I=: I=>G9 I>B: H=: =6H 7::C HD C6B:9

*C -:EI:B7:G  I=: /- B:CPH I:6B H8DG:9 I=:>G ;>GHI :K:G I:6B 6L6G9H 6I I=: 1DGA9 (DJCI6>C .GDE=N G68: I6@>C< I=: 7GDCO: B:96AH 7:=>C9 $I6AN 6C9 =DHI -L>IO:GA6C9 .=: -:C>DG B:CPH & G68: L>I=   ;::I D; 8A>B7 =69 +$ &%  6H I=: I=>G9 /- H8DG:G G9 DK:G6AA  .=G:: D; I=: ;DJG /- H8DG:GH L:G: ;DGB:G L>CC:GH D; I=: (DJCI 16H=

>C<IDC ,D69 ,68: 6H L6H DK:G6AA L>CC:G %DC6I=6C 1N6II D; ):L 4:6A6C9 .LD E6HI ):L C<A6C9 BDJCI6>CIG6>A 8DBB>II:: 8=6>GB:C / .(#' (-G69;DG9 ( 6C9 $#+ )&- (- +DGIA6C9 *, H:GK:9 6H %JC>DG 6C9 -:C>DG .:6B A:69:GH G:HE:8

I>K:AN 555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555

9;70; 4?4<498  * 3,7: /<98 989;0/


!DJG ;DGB:G HIJ9:CI 6I=A:I:H L:G: >C9J8I:9 >CID I=: >C6J<JG6A 8A6HH D; I=: >K>H>DC $$ GDHH DJCIGN I=A:I: #6AA D; !6B: 9JG


K:B7:G  BDC< I=:B L6H E6HI &::C: -I6I: GJCC:G ) ,)( 9HDC IDD@ 6 JC>FJ: ?DJGC:N ID =>H C6I>DC6A >C9>K>9J6A I>IA: C AA B:G>86C >C ILD N:6GH 6I DA7N DAA:<: 9HDC A:;I I=: 8DAA:

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

!&$!&"! !"&%


 '  IDD@ :><=I= EA68: 6I I=:  $CI:GC6I>DC6A =>76 @>9:C ,:A6N >C %6E6C DC )DK:B

7:G  ;>C>H=>C< >C  I=>D

E>6 9DB>C6I:9 I=: :K:CI L>I= 6 8DJGH: G:8DG9 D;  .=: ;DG

B6I ;:6IJG:9 8D :9 I:6BH 6AI:GC6I

>C< GJCC>C< H>M A:<H IDI6A>C< I=: B6G6I=DC 9>HI6C8: ,:8:CI '6-6AA: / <G69  ( .$"& 2 G6>CIG:: ( G6C  @B I=>G9 A:< >C  BDK>C< .:6B /- JE ID H>MI= EA68: ):L (6HH G:H>9:CI .:G:H6 (816AI:GH 6B

#3:>: -C 011 %,@,20<,.0A,76.:8 >0==4 >F >= 74A F0H C> 0 7G>9<: ;>C>H=:9 H:8DC9 >C I=: BC ?;024 58=8B7 8= -><4=JB LDB:CPH 6AI:GC6I: G68:

,=D9: $HA6C9 GJCC>C< <G:6I )2 )2& E6HH:9 6L6N I=>H HJB

B:G ;GDB 6C 6EE6G:CI =:6GI 6II68@ =: L6H   -I6I: 8=6BE>DC 6C9 G:8DG9 =DA9:G L=>A: 6I #DE: #- >C I=: PH =: G6C ;DG / .:M6H A +6HD CDI8=:9 H:K:C K>8IDG>:H >C I=: *8:6C -I6I: (6G6


8AJ9>C< 6 ;>;I= 6C9 6 H:K:CI= 1>I= 6 E:GHDC6A 7:HI D;  >C I=: B6G6I=DC =: IL>8: 8DBE:I:9 >C I=: /- *ANBE>8 (6G6I=DC .G>6AH 6C9 G:EG:H:CI:9 I=: /- 6I I=: +6C B:G>86C "6B:H

>0==4 >F 24=C4A >5 #0=274BC4A $ F8=B C74 6>;3 <430; 0C C74

 %;H<?82 *A80;B

! A024 F0;: 8= D64=4 %( )74 A4?A4 B4=C43 C74 +) 0C C74 4898=6

 %;H<?82 0<4B *74A4B0 ,08;; " 58=8B743 B42>=3 0=3 )DB0= A<4=C0 ( C>>: C74 1A>=I4 &7>C>,82C07  &7>C>(D==4C

.LD I>B: (6HH68=JH:IIH >K>H>DC $$ -I6I: 8GDHH 8DJCIGN 8=6B

E>DC  $)( 9>:9 >C 6 86G 8G6H= >C J<JHI 7:;DG: =:69>C< ID 6GIBDJI= ID 7:<>C =>H ;G:H=B6C N:6G

: (024 -0;: 8= 4898=6

(:BDG>6A G68:H ;DG 7DI= >C9>K>9J6AH L:G: 8DC9J8I:9 7N I=:>G AD86A GJCC>C< 8DBBJC>I>:H 6C9 :68= 9G:L L:AA DK:G  GJCC:GH


:9>49?0/ :9 90B> ;,20

EZ-JAN-FEB-09:Layout 1


1:43 PM

Page 20



  (#     $% &$ !  !"&%

69B>C>HIG6I>DC H=: LDG@:9 DC I=: 9>;;>8JAI I6H@ D; H:8JG>C< 6C >C

9DDG IG6>C>C< K:CJ: ;DG >G .>B: I=: 8AJ7 L>AA L>I= I=: =:AE D; EDGI67A: GJCL6NH 7: K6JAI>C< >C I=: DC8DG9 ( GBDGN I=>H L>CI:G )( )#&% 8DBE:I:H >C B>99A: 9>HI6C8: G68:H ;DG ):L 6A

6C8: DHIDC =6H LDC I=: =><=AN 8DBE:I>I>K: =6H: DGEDG6I: =6A

A:C<: DHIDC G68: 6C9 L>AA GJC 8GDHH 8DJCIGN >; <>K:C 6 CJ9<:  <G69J6I: D; +GDK>9:C8: DAA:<: 6 =6G9 LDG@ :I=>8 BDK:9 =:G JE ID I=: C6I>DC6A 86A>7:G A:K:A 6;I:G H:K:G6A N:6GH 6 BJAI> I>B: FJ6A>

;>:G ;DG /- $C9DDG =6BE>DCH=>EH H=: B69: I=: EGDK>H>DC6A FJ6A>;N>C< HI6C96G9 ;DG I=:  *ANBE>8 .G>6AH >C I=:  6H L:AA  ;JAA I>B: EJ7A>8 H:GK>8: :BEADN:: >C I=: EJ7A>8 =:6AI= ;>:A9 %D6C =DE:H ID EJGHJ: 7DI= 6I=A:I>8 6C9 6869:B>8 <D6AH >C I=: ;JIJG: L=>A: 76A6C8>C< ;G:: I>B: IG6K:A>C< 6C9 HE:C9>C< I>B: L>I= ;6B>AN 6C9 ;G>:C9H $; NDJ =6K: 8DBE:I>I>DC G:A6I:9 >HHJ:H ID 7G>C< ID I=: 7D6G9PH 6II:CI>DC GJC 9DLC DC: D; I=:H: >C9>K>9J6AH ID 7G>C< I=:B ID I=: I67A: ;DG NDJ

;0,=0; 9<=98 & =3 ,= 6>- !,=498,6< ':9 7N I=G:: >C9>K>9J6A L>CH I=: "G:6I:G DHIDC .G68@ AJ7 EA68:9 ;DJGI= 6I I=: /-.! AJ7 .G68@  !>:A9 =6BE>DCH=>EH =:A9 >C I=: &6CH6H >IN HJ7JG7 D; *A6I=: >C %JAN .=: E6HI C6I>DC6A 8=6BE>DC L6H ;DJGI= >C I=: LDB:CPH I6AAN 6C9 H>MI= 6BDC< B:CPH 8AJ7H ID 8DB7>C: ;DG ;DJGI= DK:G6AA AJ7 L>C

C:GH >C I=: 8DBE:I>I>K: B::I L=:G: 6AA E6GI>8>E6CIH =69 ID 7: 6 B:B7:G D; 6 AD86A 8AJ7 >C8AJ9:9 '2+ $( .G>EA: %JBE

-)+ )--)  #JG9A:H 6C9 !!   #><= %JBE .=:G: L:G: 6AHD ;DJG 8AJ7 G:8DG9H :HI67A>H=:9 (:CPH I:6B L>CC:G L6H I=: =DHI &6CH6H >IN -BD@: L=>A: ;G:

FJ:CI K>H>IDG ID DJG 6G:6 )>@: :CIG6A +6G@ . LDC I=: LDB:CPH 9>K>H>DC 555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555


& +"'$ '%& "$

=360=0 $0:;0<08=,=4?0<

AA /-.! 8DBB>II::H 6C9 7D6G9H >C8AJ9>C< I=DH: 6I I=: AD86A 6HHD8>6I>DC A:K:A 6G: G:FJ>G:9 ID =6K:  68I>K: 6I=A:I: G:EG:

H:CI6I>DC DC HJ8= 8DBB>II::H D; /-.! I=A:I: E6GI>8>E6I>DC >H 6 @:N 8DBEDC:CI D; I=: DG<6C>O6I>DC 6H I=: E:GHE:8I>K: D; 68I>K: E6GI>8>E6CIH 86C A:69 ID HJ88:HH:H >C 6AA 6HE:8IH D; EGD<G6BH ;GDB :K:CI DE:G6I>DCH 6C9 H8=:9JA>C< 9DLC ID I=: QCJIH 6C9 7DAIHR D; GJCC>< I=: HEDGI /-.! ):L C<A6C9 =6H G:<JA6GAN =69 <DD9 E6GI>8>E6I>DC 7N 68I>K: 6I=A:I:H 6H 8DBB>II:: 8=6>GH K:C L=:C 6I=A:I:H B6N EJAA Q9DJ7A: 9JINR 7N 6AHD H:GK>C< 6H 6 8DBB>II:: 8=6>G I=: ) 6HHD

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

E:I:9 >C I=6I :K:CI ;DG H>M N:6GH  EGD9J8I D; #DE@>CIDC ( #- =:G H:C>DG N:6G EGD?:8I I=:G: DG<6C>O:9 6C9 86GG>:9 DJI 6 I:C L::@ EGD<G6B ID >CIGD9J8: EDA: K6JAI>C< 6C9 G:A6I:9 <NB8G6;I>8H 68I>K>I>:H ID HIJ9:CIH -=: <G69J

6I:9 ;GDB 6I:H DAA:<: >C  6C9 H:GK:9 6H 6 KDAJCI::G 6HH>H

I6CI 8D68= 9JG>C< =:G H:C>DG N:6G (6@>C< 6 IG6CH>I>DC ID 8AJ7 20 

/-.! ):L C<A6C9PHI=A:I: D; I=: (DCI= +GD<G6B G:8D<C>O:H AD86A 6I=A:I:H ;DG I=:>G E:G;DGB6C8:H 6I I=: AD86A G:<>DC6A 6C9 C6


H:CI:9 EA6FJ:H 6I I=: 6HHD8>6I>DCHPCCJ6A (::I>C< >C -:EI:B7:G *74

 F8==4AB 0.08-0<  $0-0.., 98923>0 $4F 0;0=24 >BC>= )C0C4 >;;464 & A>BB >D=CAH $0C8>=0; 70<?8>= 0=3 A0=:43 C7 8= C74 +) 0C 

< 5>A

 !:@08-0<  ,.5 9669:B A0=8C4 )C0C4 ;0B7 DA70< $ D=8>A %;H<?82 A>BB >D=CAH $4F =6;0=3 0=3 (468>=  270< ?8>= .>DC7 8E8B8>= ".>:-0<  ,== #0660=40; (D==8=6 4A8C064 -0AF82: ( $4F =6;0=3 #0A0C7>= 270<?8>= 0C 0H )C0C4 #0A0C7>= %0;>08-0<  ;4. 6,50  $4F A8C08= * +) #>D=C08= (D==8=6 *40< ->A;3 D? 2><?4C8C>A 0=3 +) C40< B2>A4A ?2?=>  ,<0B 466 #0=274BC4A 4=C4A ,* 4?C0C7;>=  +) *40< 2><?4C8C>A 0=3 B2>A4A 8= 8=C4A=0C8>=0; <0C27 EB 4A<0=H ?7C  9,880 9@ #0=274BC4A $ %;H<?82 *A80;B

:8;><4C4A A024 F0;: F8==4A 0=3

 %;H<?80= ?90  @423= ,;-4,<C #8;5>A3 $ $4F 0<?B78A4 BC0C4 7867 =.3::7 <0.:</ =0>>0< ,9/ !,>4:9,7 .3,8;4:9 49 >30 3423 5?8; ,C  ?0;,/ %,7>06< * >BC>= # +) #0BC4AB %DC 3>>A (42>A3 B4CC4A 0C

<4C4AB ;<47  ,<40 87,8  D=C8=6C>= ,* %;H<?82 *A80;B #0A0C7>= C>? $4F =6;0=3 ?;024A 8= ?4AB>=0; 14BC C8<4 ,<.3  ,>;, ,;;0 #0BB ,4;>28CH "410=>= $ ->A;3 #0B C4AB *A02:  84;3 70<?8>=B78?B <430; F8==4A 0-<?,<C  $><<066 ;9@8 )C0=5>A3 0=>E4A $ 

<4C4AB +) 70<?8>=B78? <430;8BC ,9?,<C  9,8 93650 $4F 0;0=24 >BC>= -4BC>= # 

<4C4AB8=E8C0C8>=0;<44CF8==4A0=3+)=3>>A70<?8>=B78?@D0;8 584A (403 C74 ?A4BB A4;40B4B 0=3 BD<<0A84B >5 C748A BD224BB4B 0C AAA?=,>190:<290A=,:8

EZ-JAN-FEB-09:Layout 1


1:43 PM

Page 21



'%&! !!' &! ".9<.6+.:  &*5<1*6  AA DG<6C>O6I>DCH 6G: G:FJ>G:9 ID =6K: 6CCJ6A 7JH>C:HH B::I

>C<H 6C9 /-.! ) >H CD :M8:EI>DC .=:  B::I>C< =:A9 >C 16AI=6B ( DC -:EI:B7:G  L6H 6 B>MIJG: D; G:8D<C>I>DC 6C9 7JH>C:HH .=: B::I>C< EG:AJ9: L6H I=: I=A:I: D; I=: (DCI= EG:H:CI6

I>DCH ;DG I=: E6HI  BDCI=H 8DDG9>C6I:9 7N 0+ %D=C *A:H@> =DC

DG::H ;DJC9 :AH:L=:G: >C I=: M8=6C<: 4DC: +G:H>9:CI  ( )$#. DE:C:9 I=: 7JH>C:HH B::I>C< 6C9 ;DAADL:9 L>I= H:K

:G6A 7G>:; EG:H:CI6I>DCH ;GDB 8=6>GH 6C9 D;;>8:GH L=>8= HJEEA:

B:CI:9 EG>CI:9 G:EDGIH  L6H 6C :A:8I>DC N:6G ;DG 6AA EDH>I>DCH D;;>8:GH 6C9 HEDGIH 8=6>GH .=: ;>C6A 8DBEDH>I>DC >H 6 <DD9 7A:C9 D; :ME:G>:C8: 6C9 :CI=JH>6HI>8 C:L8DB:GH 6H L:AA 6H 7:>C< 9>K:GH: ;GDB 6GDJC9 I=: G:<>DC &:C L6H JCDEEDH:9 ;DG 6 H:8DC9 ILD N:6G I:GB 6H EG:H>

9:CI .=: I=G:: K>8: EG:H>9:CIH L>AA 7: G:IJGC::H $' +$ 1:HI;DG9 ("',, 6C9 )#( & ,%$ :ABDCI ( (6HH0:AD8>IN 6ADC< L>I= C:L D;;>8:G ++2 .,% +( :GC6G9HIDC (-( 6GGN =6H 8D68=:H I=: -( GD69 GJCC>C< IG6>C>C< <GDJE 6C9 >H DC I=: G68: 8DBB>II:: ;DG I=: %DC:H ,:6AIN "GDJE  (>A: G:8:CIAN H:A:8I:9 6H 6  "G6C9 +G>M :K:CI #: >H 6 EG68I>8>C< 6IIDGC:N 6C9 >H L:AA K:GH:9 >C HEDGIH A6L - / $ ", ,:69>C< ((NHI>8 ,JCC:GH 8DCI>CJ:H 6H H:8

G:I6GN 6H 9D:H - *# (  %$)($, DHIDC (-/ L=DH: :A:8

I>DC 6H IG:6HJG:G ;DAADL:9 =>H 6EED>CIB:CI ID ;>AA I=: EDH>I>DC A6HI L>CI:G -EDGI =6>G EDH>I>DCH L:G: 6AHD JCDEEDH:9 $C8JB7:CI ).+-( 2 $+ !6ABDJI= (!. 6C9 %$* & / +)6H=J6 )#".G>69 6<6>C H:GK: 6H 6H B:CPH 6C9 B6HI:GHP 'DC< >HI6C8: ,JC

C>C< 8=6>GH ?D>C:9 C:L 1DB:CPH ', 8=6>G 7JI ADC< I>B: GD69 BDJCI6>CIG6>A 6C9 8GDHH 8DJCIGN 8=6BE>DCH=>E 8DBE:I>IDG $, ). -- C9DK:G (-/ / &&.' '6LG:C8: ( ". 6C9 $% +/ +, 16I:GIDLC ((0. 8DCI>CJ: G:

HEDCH>7>A>I>:H ;DG *E:C 6C9 (6HI:GH .G68@ 6C9 !>:A9 G:HE:8I>K:AN L=>A: )'  -+()!! 1DGA9H 'DC<:HI .=GDLG6CHIDC ,$ 8DC

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


;A>8IH D; >CI:G:HI L=>A: KDI>C< >C 7D6G9 B::I>C<H 6C9 6 A:C<I=N

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

I>K: B::I>C<H L>I= <DD9 >CEJI :CHJG: I=6I DJG 6HHD8>6I>DC L>AA @::E DE:G6I>C< ;DG I=: 7:II:GB:CI D; 6AA >C I=: HEDGI AD86AAN 6C9 C6I>DC6AAN .=: 8DBEA:I: B::I>C< B>CJI:H 6G: EDHI:9 6I ???=;*</7.8:0+8*:-

  7  "% $$&&"!  .=DH: >C9>K>9J6AH L=D L6CI ID 8DBEA:I: I=: G:K>:L I:HI ;DG G:

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

EA>86CIH >C8AJ9: I=: ;DAADL>C< ;DG :>I=:G DC: DG 7DI= B::IH %D: JAAD8@ .=GDLH )>8DA: JAAD8@ 'DC<.G>EA: %JBE 6K: DD@ (6GH=6AA '>C96 ":DG<: #><= %JBE D7 ">96G> %6K:A>C -I:E=:C &>A:N !>C>H= '>C: .DB &C6II ,68: 16A@ 6C9 (6GH=6AA %JHI>C &JD A:8IGDC>8 (:6HJG:B:CI ,>8@ '6?D>: %JBEH +6I '6K:AA: .=GDLH %6C:A +6FJ>C A:G@ +6I ,DC6C +DA: 06JAI '6C8: .JGA:N .=GDLH %>B 1>A8DM #:69 A:G@


'%& $'%  '#&% !  /-.! ,JA: 7DD@ 8=6C<:H 6G: 8DCH>9:G:9 >C :K:C CJB7:G:9 N:6GH 6C9 6 E68@6<: D;  GJA: 8=6C<:H L6H 8DCH>9:G:9 6I I=: ,JA:H DB

B>II:: B::I>C<H 1=:C 6 HJBB6GN >H EDHI:9 >I L>AA 7: 6CCDJC8:9 K>6 I=>H A>HIH:GK:G .=:  /-.! ,JA: 7DD@H L>AA 7: 6K6>A67A: >C (6G8= :68= 8AJ7 L>AA G:8:>K: 6 GJA: 7DD@ DD@H 86C 7: DG9:G:9 6I ???=;*</8:0 6C9 >I >H 6AHD 6K6>A67A: I=:G: ;DG G:K>:L DG 9DLCAD69 :9>49?0/ :9 90B> ;,20

EZ-JAN-FEB-09:Layout 1


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Page 22



  7  :9>49?0/

I>B: I I=: *ANBE>8H #6AA EA68:9 I= 6C9 6AI=DJ<= =: =69 HDB: 9>H6EED>CIB:CI >C I=6I H=DL>C< =: >H NDJC< 6C9 :6<:G ID 7J>A9 DC =>H EDI:CI>6A Q$ 6B <G6I:;JA ID =6K: I=: DEEDGIJC>IN ID 8DBE:I: DC I=: %D=C #6C8D8@ :A>I: I:6B 6I I=:  DHIDC (6G6I=DC R H6>9 #6AA Q.=: DHIDC (6G6I=DC >H I=: <G6C9 9699N D; I=: 1DGA9 (6G6I=DC (6

?DGH ID L>C =:G: LDJA9 B:6C 6H BJ8= ID B: 6H L>CC>C< 6CN B6G

6I=DC >C I=: LDGA9 >C8AJ9>C< I=: *ANBE>8 "6B:H 1=6I >H 9DC: >C DHIDC A>K:H DC ;DG 6AA I>B: R #6AA >H B6GG>:9 ID EGD;:HH>DC6A GJCC:G -6G6 :> #6AA 6C9 I=: 8DJEA: G:H>9:H >C (6BBDI= '6@:H 6A>;DGC>6  BDCI= 6;I:G I=: #6AA C:LH *ANBE>6C &6G6 "DJ8=:G 8DBB>I

I:9 ID GJC I=: I= DHIDC G68: "DJ8=:G B69: =:G B6G6I=DC 9:7JI 6I I=:  ):L 3DG@ >IN (6G6I=DC 6C9 86B: DJI D; >I L>I= 6 I=>G9 EA68: ;>C>H= >C  .=6I I>B: H:I 6 CJB7:G D; B:G>86C LDB:CPH B6G6I=DC 7:HIH I=: ;6HI:HI 9:7JI B6G6I=DC I=: ;6HI:HI B:G>86C I>B: :K:G GJC DC I=: )3 (6G6I=DC 8DJGH: 6C9 I=: ;6HI:HI /- LDB:CPH I>B: D;  $CI:GC6I>DC6AAN 688DBEA>H=:9 DC I=: IG68@ H=: ;>C>H=:9 C>CI= >C I=:  B 6C9 I= >C I=:  B   6I I=: :>?>C< *ANBE>8H 6C9 6I I=:  1DGA9 *JI9DDG =6BE>DCH=>EH H=: LDC I=: 7GDCO: B:96A >C I=:  B 7:8DB>C< I=: ;>GHI B:G>

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HD8>6I>DC G:8:>K:9 6 +G:H>9:CIPH L6G9 ;DG =:G 8DCI>CJ:9 H:GK>8: ID I=: HEDGI 6I 6AA A:K:AH -=: 6C9 =JH76C9 )( E6HI ) EG:H>9:CI 6C9 NDJI= 8=6>G 6H L:AA 6H D;;>8>6A L:G: EG:H:CI:9 I=: %D=C 6K>HL6G9 ;DG 7:NDC9 D;;>8>

6I>C< >C I=: HEDGI !DJG D;;>8>6AH L:G: G:8D<C>C>O:9 ;DG 9:9>86I:9 H:GK>8: ID /-.! :K:CIH 6C9 IG68@  ;>:A9 6C9 8GDHH 8DJCIGN B::IH >C <:C:G6A AA LDG@ I>G:A:HHAN ;DG I=: 7:C:;>I D; I=: 8DBE:I>IDGH 6C9 L: I=6C@ I=:B 9::EAN .=DH: CDI:9 ;DG  6G: / +(- &::C: )# ) ).+& 2 6GG>C<IDC ,$ $-) !! -DB:GK>AA: ( 6C9 $' $& )1 !6AA ,>K:G (

     $>880;<D &;,48482 #6,8< ;0 !9@ 48 423 0,; 19; =30

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H>DC A:6K:H 6I  6 B L=::A8=6>GH 6C9 A>I: 1DB:C HDB:I>B: 6;I:G  6C9 I=: B6>C HI6GI D; 16K:  6I  6 B L>I= 16K:  6I  6 B 16K:  GJCC:GH L>AA =6K: A>@:AN 7: GJCC:GH L>I= F6JA>;N>C< I>B:H >C I=: =><= PH 6C9 67DK: .=: ;>C>H= A>C: 8ADH:H 6I  E B .=DH: GJCC:GH L=D L6CI ID FJ6A>;N ;DG I=:  DHIDC G68: BJHI GJC 6 B6G6I=DC FJ6A>;N>C< I>B: ;GDB A6I: -:EI:B7:G  I=GDJ<= I=:  :CIGN 9:69A>C:

&9: 70;4.,8< 97482 DHIDC (6G6I=DC HEDCHDG %D=C #6C8D8@ !>C6C8>6A 6CCDJC8:9 I=6I I=: ILD ;6HI:HI B:G>86C B6G6I=DC:GH D;  ,N6C #6AA 6C9 &6G6 "DJ8=:G L>AA ID: I=: A>C: DC EG>A  #6AA 6AHD I=: ;6HI:HI B:G>86C >C  =6H FJ>8@AN EGDK:C =>BH:A; 6H DC: D; I=: 7:HI 9>HI6C8: GJCC:GH >C I=: LDGA9 #: H::@H ID 7:8DB: I=: ;>GHI B:G>86C L>CC:G D; I=: G68: H>C8: "G:< (:N

:G >C  !DAADL>C< 6 HJ88:HH;JA 8DAA:<: 86G::G 6I -I6C;DG9 #6AA FJ>8@AN ;DJC9 =>H EDI:CI>6A DC I=: GD69H $C A6I:  =: H:I I=: B:G>

86C & G:8DG9 6C9 >C :6GAN  7GD@: I=:  N:6G DA9 B:G>

86C =6A; B6G6I=DC G:8DG9 =>H  B6G@>C< I=: ;>GHI I>B: 6C B:G>86C =6H 7GD@:C I=: DC: =DJG 76GG>:G .JGC>C< ID I=: B6G6I=DC #6AA B69: =>H 9:7JI >C 'DC9DC >C  L>I= =>H  I=: ;6HI:HI 9:7JI :K:G 7N 6C B:G>86C I I=: / - *ANBE>8 .G>6AH =: 8GJ>H:9 ID 6 C:6GAN ILD B>CJI: A:69 DCI>CJ>C< =>H B:I:DG>8 G>H: #6AA G:IJGC:9 ID 'DC9DC G6C 6 G:

B6G@67A:  B6@>C< =>B I=: H:8DC9 ;6HI:HI B:G>86C D; 6AA 22 

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Shoe Review 2009 SPRING



Motion Stabilizing




Two trends are in the forefront this season: gender and money. A few seasons back, some brands attempted to market to men and women separately—even with different names for the same shoes—with lessthan-successful results. This season, the shoes carry the same names and attempt to provide the same kind of running experience for runners of each gender. More than one-third of the shoes in our Review have been modified to account for differences between male and female runners. Men generally weigh more than women and have more muscle mass, which means they can more easily flex running shoes. They also land a little harder than women do. Designers adjusted their shoes to accommodate these very real differences. For men, the landing area is a bit larger and firmer, while the women’s models are, in comparison, softer and more flexible. The second trend has been a noticeable jump in prices. This may have been some time in coming, as the world economy is shifting. Workers everywhere expect higher wages, the costs of resources and transportation have increased, and the bottom line is the bottom line—running shoes are not what they used to be. While they’re not rocket science, running shoes are technical, and technology, research, and delivery have very real costs associated with them. Both trends coincide with the continued push to make running shoes better able to handle the idiosyncrasies of the human foot and, by extension, make your daily run more beneficial.

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Welcome to the Running Network’s 2009 Spring Shoe Review! If you’ve been a longtime reader of our Reviews, you may notice that the review is now part of each Running Network magazine partner’s regular pages. We have done that, quite frankly, in response to the challenging economic times. Our focus is the weartesting and review of running footwear and providing that information to you, the running consumer, in a timely fashion. We publish two large reviews a year (in the spring and fall), and additional shoe features in the May, July, September, and November issues. In addition, we are excited to provide you with an expanded version of this Review—with reviews on an additional 10 shoes— online at in April 2009. Please remember that our reviews are only the starting point on your personal journey to find the best running shoe for you. We urge you to visit your local running store for more help. If you don’t know where to find one, visit our website and we’ll help you locate your local running store. Happy (and Healthy) Running and Walking!

Running Network LLC Partners

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Larry Eder President, Running Network LLC

Missouri Runner & Triathlete

Award Winners BEST SHOE Neutral


RIN G 200


BEST SHOE Performance SP

RIN G 200


BEST SHOE Motion Stabilizing


RIN G 200





Saucony Triumph 6 Best Shoe—Neutral Zoot Ultra TT 2.0 Best Shoe—Performance adidas adiStar Salvation Best Shoe—Motion Stabilizing ASICS GEL–1140 Best Value

Reviewer: Cregg Weinmann Project Coordinator/Editor: Christine Johnson Designer: Kristen Cerer Proofreader: Marg Sumner, Red Ink Editorial Services Shoe Photography: Daniel Saldaña, Cregg Weinmann Advertising Sales: Running Network LLC, Larry Eder, President, 920.563.5551, ext. 112, Publisher: Larry Eder, 608.239.3785 Website: For a Media Kit, please visit our website. This 2009 Spring Shoe Review is produced independently by Running Network LLC for its partner publications. All shoes reviewed were tested by experienced, competitive runners who were matched to the biomechanical purpose of each shoe model. Copyright © 2009 by Running Network LLC. All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be stored, copied, or reprinted without prior written permission of Running Network LLC.

K-Swiss Run One miSOUL Tech Best New Shoe Diadora Mythos 280 GB Best Renovation

Running Network LLC and its partner publications suggest that, as with all fitness activities, you meet with a healthcare professional before beginning or changing your fitness regimen.

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ii | Running Network 2009 Spring Shoe Review


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N EUTRAL adidas Supernova Glide—$100 The Supernova Glide is as good as the best neutral shoes in the adidas line. The name is new (it was previously the Supernova Cushion), but the other changes seem cosmetic until closer inspection. The changes, though slight, do improve the shoe. The upper features better breathability and reduced weight, thanks to a change in the mesh that doesn’t sacrifice comfort. The GeoFit memory foam ankle collar still provides a cozy fit around the ankle. The midsole sports slight changes to the molding and retains the ForMotion cassette, so the ride is still the same. Subtle changes in the outersole’s appearance improve its flexibility, and adidas has kept the carbon heel-and-blown rubber combination that has worked well for the Supernova series. If the adidas fit and the neutral Supernova shoes have been your cup of tea, drink up. “Fits great, very comfortable, and wraps around the foot nicely. They felt light weight and felt great while running. The cushioning was very noticeable—almost bouncy, but protective. The shoes are very comfortable, but I think a little overpriced.” Sizes: Men 6.5–13 (whole & half sizes), 14–20 (whole sizes only); Women 5–12 • Weight: Men 12.6 oz. (size 11); Women 10.2 oz. (size 8) • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: Strobel slip-lasted, adiPRENE+ Strobel board (heel) • For: medium- to high-arched feet with neutral biomechanics to very mild overpronation

Diadora Mythos 280 GB—$100 The Mythos series displays the best Diadora Running offers, and the 280 GB is a nod to Olympic Marathon champion Gelindo Bordin, longtime brand icon and one of its key developers. The Mythos 280 improves the ride by adjusting its Axeler technology. The threadlike titanium wire is unchanged, but Axeler WI5 adds angled thermoplastic elements to absorb shock by flexing and then springing back to shape, providing an energetic toe-off. The upper is open airmesh with synthetic leather overlays to support the foot, and accommodate a range of foot shapes. Reliable Elaston foam means that the midsole is well cushioned and durable. The shank is vented, providing support and breathability.The outersole is Duratech 5000 and Flexoft (carbon rubber heel, blown rubber forefoot) because it works. New cushioning technology, fine-tuned fit, cushioned ride, and flexibility have earned the the Mythos 280 GB our Best Renovation award. “The fit allows good heel fit and support with a good amount of toe room. I was impressed with the cushioning and forefoot flexibility, though they were heavier than other Diadora shoes I have tried.”


Sizes: Men 6–13.5; Women 5.5–10 • Weight: Men 13.8 oz. (size 11); Women 11.1 oz. (size 8) • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: Strobel slip-lasted, EVA Strobel board • For: medium- to high-arched feet with neutral biomechanics

New Balance 1063—$125 The 1063 stays true to the mission of its predecessors: providing great cushioning for low-arched, neutral feet. The upper has been upgraded for a bit more support, with a full rand, redesigned and repositioned overlays in the saddle and the toe, and a little softer mesh to go with the same smooth interior. The midsole sports a new configuration of DTS (Dynamic Transition System): a crash pad that improves the lateral release on touchdown and better smooths the foot’s transition through the footstrike. The forefoot cushioning has been enhanced with a little more Abzorb SBS, but, almost magically, the weight has been reduced (by almost 3% in the men’s shoe), which means less work for runners, and a little faster time on the watch. “The shoes felt supportive and fit quite well. Excellent cushion, especially for long training runs. The support and cushion were better than expected, and this is a good step forward for NB.” Sizes: Men 7–13,14,15 (B,D,2E,4E); Women 7–11,12 (B,D) • Weight: Men 13.2 oz. (size 11); Women 11.0 oz. (size 8) • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: Strobel slip-lasted, Abzorb Strobel board • For: low- to medium-arched feet with neutral biomechanics

Reebok Premier Ultra KFS VI—$120 If there were an award for best aesthetic improvement, the Premier Ultra KFS VI would certainly be in the running. Reebok has raised the bar to a new height, gaining ground in both fit and performance. The upper has received improvements to fit, support, and comfort. The KFS inserts have been repositioned nearer the instep, which opens the stretch mesh across the metatarsals, and the overlays have been enhanced from the midfoot to the heel to better secure the shoe to the foot. The midsole is still responsive, but a little better cushioned than version 5, thanks to minor tweaks to the DMX Shear and the shank. The outersole features new flex grooves for better flexibility, and a noticeably more energetic toe-off. Runners looking for high mileage performance will do well to slip their neutral mid-arched feet into the Premier Ultra KFS VI. “Good fit, snug on the heel, and comfy toe box. Bit of a lift (roll up) at the tip of the toe box, which fosters a natural toe push-off. Definitely durable. After 100+ miles, no noticeable wear and tear—shoes still feel like new.” Sizes: Men 6.5–13,14; Women 5–12 • Weight: Men 14.0 oz. (size 11); Women 11.2 oz. (size 8) • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: Strobel slip-lasted, DMX Foam Strobel board • For: medium to high-arched feet with neutral biomechanics

Saucony Triumph 6—$125 The Triumph epitomizes the Saucony commitment to producing quality running shoes. The sixth edition, like other updated shoes in this review, requires close inspection to see the changes. The upper is much the same, but the tongue is better padded (though a good deal thinner), and the overlays have been trimmed back or repositioned to provide more open space across the metatarsal area, making the shoe bunion-friendly. The midsole appears largely untouched, though the shank reveals a bit more of the thermoplastic than the Triumph 5 did. The ride is responsive, with cushioning befitting the Triumph legacy. As with many of the shoes in this review, the Triumph 6 will cost a little more, but it’s worth it. The overall feel, craftsmanship, and ride were responsible for the Triumph 6 earning our Best Neutral Shoe award. “The shoe felt light as I ran, probably from the comfortable fit through the arch. I liked the supportive stable feeling, and the good measure of cushioning. There are tiny differences [but] the shoe is very close to the last few versions I have used.” Sizes: Men 7–13,14; Women 5–12 • Weight: Men 12.7 oz. (size 11); Women 10.4 oz. (size 8) • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: Strobel slip-lasted, HRC Strobel board • For: low- to medium–high-arched feet with neutral biomechanics iii | Running Network 2009 Spring Shoe Review




RIN G 200


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N EUTRAL /M OTION S TABILIZING Under Armour UA Apparition—$110 Under Armour is new to running footwear, but its development team is not. The UA Apparition, flying a bit under the radar, is actually the best shoe in its new line. The upper utilizes FootSleeve technology, which is similar to the gusseted tongue construction or monosock used in other running shoes. Like all such construction, whether it fits you is largely dependent on the shape and volume of your foot, so it really requires a try-on to tell if it works. The midsole is a combination of EVA and rubbery inserts—ArmourBound, ArmourLastic, and Cartilage—which make for quite a comfortable ride. The flat sole, which keeps the foot in contact with the ground during transition, and good flexibility permit the foot to move naturally. The carbon rubber outersole is unremarkable, except in its durability and good traction. “This shoe fit very well. The more that I wore the shoe, the better it fit, but it had a lengthy break-in period. The cushion felt about right; it felt stiff at first, but broke in with running. Fairly comfortable shoe, I was pleased with its overall feeling.” Sizes: Men 8–13,14,15; Women 6–11,12 • Weight: Men 13.9 oz. (size 11); Women 11.6 oz. (size 8) • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: Strobel slip-lasted, EVA Strobel board • For: medium- to high-arched feet with neutral biomechanics

adidas adiStar Salvation—$140

BEST SHOE Motion Stabilizing


RIN G 200


A new name for the old adiStar Control isn’t all that’s new about this shoe. The last (new about a year ago) has been dialed in to maximize the fit for as many runners as possible—a little to either side of a medium arch. The strength of the Salvation is that it fits well and has outstanding cushioning and stability. The upper switches to EVA in the tongue for better protection, a different open mesh, and repositioned overlays that reduce the weight. The midsole features a minor extension of the ProModerator support and a full-length adiPrene Strobel board for seamless cushioning. Small reductions here and there add up to almost half an ounce shaved off the weight of the shoe. The cushy ride and reliable stability earned the adiStar Salvation our Best Motion Stabilizing Shoe award. “It fits very well. I feel that it gives very good arch support and toes have enough room. Very good cushion—almost like slippers underfoot. Foot felt stable and secure with no rolling. Pleased with the overall capabilities of the shoe.” Sizes: Men 6.5–13,14,15; Women 5–12 • Weight: Men 13.3 oz. (size 11); Women 10.8 oz. (size 8) • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: Strobel slip-lasted, adiPRENE+ Strobel board (heel) • For: medium- to high-arched feet with moderate overpronation

ASICS GEL–1140—$85


The GEL-1140 has a lengthy heritage in the ASICS line. Runners looking for effective stability on a budget have always responded to this model. The 1100 series has been the beneficiary of a generous trickle-down of ASICS’ experience and technology. The upper is little changed from the 1130, even using what appears to be the same mesh, with the expected minor tweaks to the overlays. The tailoring has been adjusted for a better heel fit and more room in the toebox. The midsole is time-proven SpEVA (ASICS’ preferred foam prior to its introduction of Solyte), and this configuration gives the 1140 a stable, well-cushioned ride. The outersole is classic ASICS fare: AHAR (carbon rubber) heel with a blown rubber forefoot. The combination of the fit, stability, ride, and—most of all—price earned the GEL-1140 our Best Value award. “From the first time I tried the shoes on they fit my foot perfectly. I felt like my foot was supported and cushioned. It's like running on a gel pack. It seems to help my pushoff. My foot feels well balanced and secure in the shoes while I’m running.” Sizes: Men 6–13,14,15,16,17 (D), 7–13,14,15,16,17 (2E,4E); Women 5–12 (B,D) • Weight: Men 12.8 oz. (size 11); Women 10.5 oz. (size 8) • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: slip-lasted • For: low- to medium–high-arched feet with mild to moderate overpronation

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 9—$105 Over time, the Adrenaline series has been very consistent; the overall visual impression is one of gradual change. But it also retains the familiar, and that’s a strength of the Adrenaline—it fits and works for its audience. The Adrenaline GTS 9 is “one of the boys,” but with a few tricks up its sleeve. The upper is the same Element mesh, with slightly larger holes to better handle moisture from the foot. The midsole, added this season, is BioMogo, which does a great job of cushioning and, when you’re done with the shoe, it doesn’t last forever in a landfill. The ride is very stable with enough cushioning to keep runners coming back. The HPR carbon heel and blown rubber forefoot are effective and familiar—a known commodity. Runners who swear by the shoe will be pleased, and those looking for stability, fit, and cushioning, have another option to try. “These shoes fit very well. I didn’t have any break-in period, right out of the box [they] fit. I like that. There were several pluses in these shoes: they were comfortable, durable, and stable. A good training shoe, not too heavy, not too light.” Sizes: Men 7–13,14,15; Women 5–12,13 • Weight: Men 12.5 oz. (size 11); Women 10.5 oz. (size 8) • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: combination Strobel lasted, Texon board (heel), S257 Strobel board (forefoot) • For: medium- to high-arched feet with moderate overpronation

Etonic Jepara 3 SC—$110 The strength of the original Jepara was its combination of cushioning and effective stability. The Jepara 3 has outdistanced the earlier versions by tackling their weakness: weight. The upper is a uniform open mesh, with stretch mesh and HF-welds across the metatarsal region to provide a forgiving, yet supportive fit, and a much plusher feel. The midsole features redesigned flex grooves for better forefoot flexibility, an adjusted second density of foam for better stability, TPR inserts only in key impact areas, and a redesigned shank—all of which save weight while providing better stability and support. The effectiveness of the polyurethane innersole and EVA Strobel board combine to enhance the ride, just as they have in other Etonic shoes. The total weight saving is almost 1.4 ounces, testament to the role judicious use of materials plays in a quality running shoe. “On the first few runs, I thought [it] was relatively stiff, but after a little break-in [it] fits well and is comfortable. The foot feels slightly controlled, but it does produce a comfortable footstrike. Compares well with the major brands I have tried.” Sizes: Men 8–14; Women 6–12 • Weight: Men 13.4 oz. (size 11); Women 11.0 oz. (size 8) • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: Strobel slip-lasted, EVA Strobel board • For: medium- to high-arched feet with moderate overpronation

iv | Running Network 2009 Spring Shoe Review


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M OTION S TABILIZING Karhu Strong Fulcrum Ride—$140 Karhu’s shoes over the past few seasons were appreciated for their low profile and responsive feeling. The Strong Fulcrum Ride features Karhu’s Fulcrum technology (think “mini teeter-totter”) to improve responsiveness by pivoting the foot forward after touchdown. Shortening the time on the heel also reduces overpronation. The upper is a well-supported airmesh, but with few overlays and a bunion-friendly open forefoot. The interior is plush and accommodating. The multi-part midsole features an effective heel crash pad and a stable configuration of the Fulcrum element with a flexible forefoot. The polyurethane memory foam innersole adds an extra measure of comfort. The durable, full-length carbon rubber outersole provided excellent traction. “Great, low-profile fit, one of the most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve ever put on. The cushion is very comfortable, but still bouncy. Strong lateral control, great on the ankles. Have really enjoyed these shoes on runs of 10 miles or shorter.” Sizes: Men 8–13,14; Women 6–11 • Weight: Men 12.6 oz. (size 11); Women 10.5 oz. (size 8) • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: Strobel slip-lasted • For: medium- to high-arched feet with mild to moderate overpronation

K-Swiss Run One miSOUL Tech—$125 K-Swiss demonstrates its commitment to running with its new miSOUL (Modular Interchangeable Sole Technology), a midsole structure designed to accommodate different snap-in innersoles. The Run One comes with two options: a Cushion innersole with resilient rubbery inserts and a Light configuration. By changing them depending on your workout, they don’t get compressed as quickly as the traditional innersole. (You can also purchase replacements.) The combination-lasted design adds stability, along with the dual density midsole and shank supports of the miSOUL components. The upper is open airmesh with cooling perforations through the toecap and the perimeter of the heel, and rubbery thermoplastic overlays give a snug but forgiving midfoot fit. The outersole is traditional carbon rubber in the heel, blown rubber in the forefoot. The combination of the familiar and the innovative earned the K-Swiss Run One our Best New Shoe award. “Quite comfortable, nestles my foot nicely, no signs of blistering or hot spots. I preferred the feel of the Light insole, it enveloped my heel much more snugly. I liked this shoe and the idea of two insoles.” Sizes: Men 7–13,14 (D); Women 6–11,12 (D) • Weight: Men 13.2 oz./14.0 oz. (size 11, with each insole); Women 11.1 oz./11.9 oz. (size 8, with each insole) • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: Strobel combination lasted, Superfoam (forefoot) and thermoplastic (heel) Strobel board • For: medium- to high-arched feet with mild to moderate overpronation

Nike Zoom Structure Triax+ 12—$100 Gender specificity, championed by the Structure Triax+ in the Nike line, is evident in this version, which is precisely tuned for men and women. This version features the unchanged midsole chassis that worked well for the Structure Triax 11: Phylon, an articulated second density with TPU, and a decoupled crash pad that curbs overpronation while allowing the foot to effectively transition. As a shoe that’s largely on target, the upper features only minor changes. The mesh has a better feel to it (smaller holes feel less coarse) and the overlays have been replaced with HF-welds wherever possible to reduce seams. The outersole is almost the same, with a slightly thicker Duralon layer in the forefoot providing extra protection. Devotees will find the Structure Triax+ 12 to their liking, and runners looking for a stable, supportive shoe with a roomy forefoot would be advised to give it consideration. “The first few miles had a soft footfall and I wondered how many miles the cushion will hold up—it hasn’t quit yet. The shoes performed well, and overall I think they are as solid as the other shoes I’ve tried in the category.” Sizes: Men 6–13,14,15 (D,wide,narrow,4E); Women 5–12 (B,wide,narrow,4E widths) • Weight: Men 13.3 oz. (size 11); Women 11.4 oz. (size 8) • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: Strobel slip-lasted, EVA Strobel board • For: medium- to high-arched feet with moderate overpronation

Pearl Izumi SyncroPace III—$115 The evolution of Pearl Izumi’s SyncroFrame shoes has taken a stable technology and adapted the ride to increase the comfort, finally dialing in the combination of stability and cushion. The ride has been softened with a combination of Skydex and foam. The major change is in the outersole, which has been segmented into pods to improve transition and flexibility. The cushioned feel up front is achieved by a new Skydex bag in the forefoot (effectively used in last season’s award-winning Streak), combined with a better midsole foam. The strength of the SyncroPace continues to be the stability of the SyncroFrame. A dual density innersole feels soft on top, but has a supportive, dense layer underfoot. The seamless upper offers a snug fit with a plush interior, a fan favorite. Several testers have a newfound respect for the shoes, which is testament to sound design. “I love the fit of these shoes! They are comfortable the moment you put them on. The cushioning is the first thing you notice. They ride a little firmer than they feel, but I didn’t develop any problems/injuries elsewhere in my leg, hips, etc. I was impressed with it as an excellent, light shoe with a surprisingly long-term cushioning feel.” Sizes: Men 7–13,14; Women 5–11,12 • Weight: Men 14.2 oz. (size 11); Women 11.9 oz. (size 8) • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: Strobel slip-lasted, EVA Strobel board • For: medium- to high-arched feet with moderate overpronation

Under Armour UA Revenant—$120 After several years of development, Under Armour rolls out its running shoe line. The experienced development team guaranteed that every detail of the technology and function of the shoes was attended to. The upper is open airmesh with a close-fitting, gusseted tongue that Under Armour calls “FootSleeve,” tying its shoes to its compression apparel. The midsole employs ArmourGuide, a cradle that offers stability and support. A rubbery material called Cartilage is designed to improve the cushioning between the cradle and the EVA. The EVA formulations in heel and forefoot—Armourlastic and ArmourBound—contribute to the responsive ride. The articulated heel curbs overpronation by lateral release, stabilizing and smoothing the transition. Relying only on the strength of its own technologies, Under Armour has done a very good job right out of the gate. “Good fit, no blisters, lots of toe room. The tongue could be a bit longer; it just kind of hits into the top of my ankle. I like the bouncy feel, not too squishy. Great stability, my foot was nice and straight, staying right on top of the shoe.” Sizes: Men 8–13,14,15; Women 6–11,12 • Weight: Men 13.8 oz. (size 11); Women 11.2 oz. (size 8) • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: Strobel slip-lasted, EVA Strobel board • For: medium- to high-arched feet with moderate overpronation v | Running Network 2009 Spring Shoe Review



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ASICS GEL-DS Trainer 14—$110 ASICS has refined the three key areas of the GEL-DS Trainer: upper, midsole, and outersole. The upper is still open mesh with Biomorphic Fit inserts, but by adjusting the asymmetrical lacing to restore the familiar sizing and support, the upper fits better. The overlays sport new tailoring that gives a better fit through the heel and midfoot. The midsole features a shorter medial second density, which may be partly responsible for the slightly softer feel. ASICS reports that the midsole is a millimeter thinner and the outersole is 2 millimeters thicker, making the forefoot a little more responsive. That extra millimeter has been added to the blown rubber in the forefoot, improving the ride and helping to cradle an insert of high-traction rubber called Wet-Grip that has been added to the forefoot. Fans of the shoe will like the adjustments—it’s still stable, responsive, and light. “I really like the snugness of these shoes; they fit around my feet very well. Great feel, lighter than average, good cushioning. The flexy region [Biomorphic Fit inserts] of the uppers is fabulous.” Sizes: Men 6–13,14,15; Women 5–12 • Weight: Men 11.4 oz. (size 11); Women 9.1 oz. (size 8) • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: slip-lasted • For: low- to medium–high-arched feet with mild to moderate overpronation, for faster-paced runs


Mizuno Waverider 12—$100 The Waverider alternates between being a performance shoe and a midweight training shoe. Version 12 has slimmed down to a Performance weight (under 340 grams). A quick glance at the upper reveals a more open mesh, with overlays that are a bit more substantial and supportive. Trying them on reveals a snugger fit and a softer step-in feel, thanks to the addition of the Ortholite innersole. The midsole is noticeably thinner. The ride is more responsive, which is good for lighter runners and shorter runs, but on longer runs, testers noted that it seemed a bit less cushioned than earlier Waveriders. In a development new to Mizuno, the shoes have been designed for gender differences, with the women’s version featuring more flex grooves to accommodate less body mass to flex the shoe, while the men’s version has a broader flare in the sole for a better landing area. “I like the lower cut on the back, many shoes are too high on the Achilles tendon. Need more support and cushioning, though they did fine for mid-length runs. Light compared to what I normally run in—hardly know I’m wearing them.” Sizes: Men 7–13,14,15,16 (D,2E); Women 6–12 (AA,B) • Weight: Men 11.9 oz. (size 11); Women 9.4 oz. (size 8) • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: Strobel slip-lasted • For: medium- to high-arched feet with neutral biomechanics, for mid-mileage runs


Nike Zoom Start+—$88 The Start was conceived as a shoe for those who want to begin running. No matter what level you are, all runners need good shoes and the Start is a good shoe. The aim was to begin with the Vomaro and create a little sibling. The upper is airmesh in front and closed mesh from the midfoot to the heel. Then Nike minimized the overlays and threw on some Flywire for “tech” appeal. The midsole is Cushlon (thinned a bit to reduce price and weight, and improve flexibility), with a Zoom bag in the heel, and gender-specific design reflected in varied flex grooves and crash pads. The outersole is the Waffle design of the Bowerman shoes, Nike’s best multi-surface traction. The ride is well cushioned and responsive, which is the hallmark of the Cushlon foam. The price tag is perhaps the best surprise—the value here is outstanding. “I liked the way these shoes feel from the first time they went on my feet. The cushioning and flexibility in the forefoot make them very comfortable to run in. Overall, I am very impressed with this shoe. Comfortable, light, and stable.” Sizes: Men 6–13,14,15; Women 5–12 • Weight: Men 11.8 oz. (size 11); Women 10.0 oz. (size 8) • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: Strobel slip-lasted, EVA Strobel board • For: medium- to high-arched feet with neutral biomechanics


Puma Complete Concinnity III—$95 With its unique look, the original Concinnity charted a new design direction for Puma. The Concinnity III makes a few wellconsidered changes. The upper is an open airmesh with a well-finished interior. A traditional lacing system replaces the asymmetrical lacing of the I and II, giving this version a secure, but roomy fit. A deeper throat and a reshaped toe also help. The midsole is reconfigured with a smaller second density, a slightly more flexible forefoot, and a lower profile feel. While the cushioning is good for a lightweight runner, some of our testers found that it was not substantial enough for longer runs or heavier runners. The outersole features EverTrack carbon rubber throughout, with blown rubber in the lateral forefoot for durable cushioning. Overall, the improvements succeed in providing a solid stability alternative in the Performance category. “I really liked the snug fit. The comfort and bounce were great for short fast runs, but would not recommend them for anything long.” Sizes: Men 6–13,14,15,16; Women 5.5–11.5 • Weight: Men 11.9 oz. (size 11); Women 9.5 oz. (size 8) • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: Strobel slip-lasted, full-length EVA Strobel board • For: medium- to high-arched feet with neutral biomechanics to very mild overpronation, for faster-paced runs


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Zoot Ultra TT 2.0—$135 Zoot’s Ultra footwear line is geared to triathletes. The 2.0 offers better cushioning while shaving weight from a very light shoe. The upper has more open mesh, an exposed neoprene insert for a snug-but-forgiving fit, and a DryLex moisture-wicking lining combined with antimicrobial silver nanotechnology. The midsole offers a more generous layer of Z-BOUND, and an extended shank for better stability. Thermoplastic overlays and large holes in the tongue and heel improve the grip and help you get the shoe on fast. The outersole has been upgraded to a tougher carbon rubber in the high-wear areas and combined with blown rubber and TPU to lighten it and improve the ride. All these features meet the needs of triathletes, while providing all runners with low profile, efficient performance. The upgraded materials, design, and performance earned the Ultra TT 2.0 our Best Performance Shoe award. “Fit like a second skin, very minimal. Great light weight. I like it when shoe companies understand that a shoe doesn’t have to be beefy to be good at what it does.” Sizes: Men 8–12,13,14; Women 6–10,11 • Weight: Men 9.9 oz. (size 11); Women 7.7 oz. (size 8) • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: Strobel slip-lasted • For: medium- to high-arched feet with neutral biomechanics, for faster-paced runs vi | Running Network 2009 Spring Shoe Review


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