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Lac Des Allemands

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explore #OutHere DID YOU KNOW? In Louisiana, a parish is the same as a county.


Louisiana’s River Parishes are situated just 30 minutes outside of New Orleans.

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1 6 L AC D E S A L L E M A N D S


1 7 P E R I Q U E T O B AC C O



GEMS OF THE RIVER Discover what makes Louisiana's River Parishes completely unique




EXCURSIONS Suggestions to guide you in planning the perfect trip #OutHere

2 0 FA M I LY E S C A P E S

3 0 TA S T E T H E R I V E R PA R I S H E S

2 2 H I S T O R Y O F E N S L AV E D


2 4 O U T D O O R A DV E N T U R E S



4 0 G R O U P T R AV E L

2 8 S O U L & S P I R I T UA L I T Y















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Bends of the RIVER

Out here you will explore Louisiana’s River Parishes For more travel stories and videos, go to


Louisiana's River Parishes is a strip of land, about 30-miles long, along the Mississippi River. Known as the River Parishes and located in between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. We are known for our unique history, agriculture, cuisine and ecosystems. Influences from Germans, Acadians (Cajuns), French, Spanish, Native Americans and enslaved Africans blend together to create a regional culture unique even to Louisiana. Out here, you will hear stories of previous generations through tours of plantation estates. Then you will explore the swamps to learn of their importance and encounter

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the creatures who live in harmony with the locals. You’ll see why Lac Des Allemands is the “Catfish Capital of the Universe” and known for freshwater crab. Smoked andouille and Cajun/Creole recipes passed down from generation to generation have been perfected over time and will bring you right to the heart and soul of the River Parishes. Finally, you’ll discover Perique tobacco, which can only be grown out here. Visit our website, watch some videos, and get started planning your trip today.

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histor y remembe re d . WHITE GOLD GROWS FROM FERTILE SOILS While the rest of the South cultivated cotton, the Mississippi River provided a unique opportunity for these Louisianans to transport sugarcane commonly called, white gold, to New Orleans and markets abroad. In the mid-1800s, our region, known as the River Parishes, amassed concentrations of wealth from the massive sugar cane plantations dispersed throughout. In fact, at one time America's highest concentration of millionaires was found along the Mississippi River from New Orleans north to Baton Rouge. Enslaved peoples were the backbone of this operation and continued to increase in numbers over the years prior to the Civil War to service the growth in demand for sugar. During this era, Louisiana was producing half of all sugar consumed in America.

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TOURS HIGHLIGHT HISTORY & HARDSHIP Each of the historic estates in New Orleans Plantation Country embodies a unique story that has carried forth for nearly 200 years. Hear perspectives of adversity and triumph to gain an understanding of what life was like for those who lived and worked out here.

LEARN ABOUT ARCHITECTURE Amazing architecture surrounds you from opulent and intricate to simple and rustic. Stroll lavish landscapes, shaded by ancient Spanish moss-draped live oak trees before immersing yourself in the uniquely decorated rooms and facades. Although Native American, Spanish, German and African populations were all abundant in the region, French tradition reigned supreme.

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Serving as the dominant cultural force, French influence is the initial ingredient of Creole culture. In 1734, Bernard de Verges created the first documented design for a structure in our area. It integrated fundamental features that would establish longevity and comfort in the Southern Louisiana environment. The hot, humid climate determined as much of the architecture for plantation houses as the tools and materials used in the construction. Early plantation house styles were built on a continuous foundation so that the weight was spread evenly into the weak soil. Whether used for storage or living space, elevated first floors were a necessity. An emphasis on cross ventilation and protection from the elements remained a top priority. Heavy cypress timber from nearby swamps was chosen to construct the houses because cypress can withstand intense wind and rain, keeping families and possessions safe during hurricanes, and cypress is also termite resistant. So begin exploring the houses today, and discover the stories rooted in their past.

Destrehan Plantation

Evergreen Plantation

The Godchaux House

Houmas House and Gardens

Destrehan offers guided tours by costumed historical interpreters, demonstrations by artisans, and an exhibit on the 1811 slave revolt.

The most intact plantation complex in the South with 37 buildings on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Godchaux House was built in 1764 and was the hub of the St. John Parish Sugar industry in the 1800s.

Three restaurants, an Inn, mansion tours, and acres of landscaped gardens make Houmas House a complete destination.





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Laura: Louisiana's Creole Heritage Site

Oak Alley Plantation

San Francisco Plantation

St. Joseph Plantation

Discover intimate, first-hand accounts of four generations of one Louisiana Creole Family, both free and enslaved.

Come explore 28 historic acres & exhibits dedicated to preserving and interpreting its history.

One of the most ornate houses of the Region, this National Landmark is a beauty and treasure as well as a popular wedding destination.

This working sugar plantation, owned and operated by the descendant, has been used in numerous films and tv shows.





Ormond Plantation

Poche Plantation

Whitney Plantation

Home to the German Coast Farmer's Market, this beautiful home serves as a bed and breakfast, wedding venue and offers fine dining.

Nestled amongst beautiful oaks, this house offers first class RV accommodations and cabins for lodging.

An exclusive focus on slavery, this plantation museum has exhibits, memorials, and sculptures.




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B&C Seafood 2155 Hwy 18, Vacherie, LA 70090 225-265-8356 www.bncrestaurant.com

Learn its origins in St. John the Baptist Parish, the Andouille Capital of the World Andouille (an·dou·ille | \än-ˈdü-ē) was born here in the River Parishes as French and German culinary heritages combined. When you taste our andouille, you are tasting our culinary heritage. Be careful to not call it sausage - because of the coarseness of the ground pork, it’s not considered sausage by locals, it's simply andouille. Out here, andouille makers put their own unique stamp on seasonings, mixing them with the meat, then smoking it using a variety of woods such as pecan, oak, or the pit master’s secret

Bailey's Andouille 513 W. Airline Hwy, LaPlace, LA 70068 985-652-9090 www.baileysandouille.com

combination. This ensures the finished product is as distinct as the small-town smokehouse in which it is made. Sliced andouille is a key ingredient in traditional Cajun/Creole dishes such as gumbo and jambalaya. Ever versatile, you'll find it on everything from sandwiches to pizza.

Cajun Cooking Experience 2644 LA Hwy 20 W., Vacherie, LA 70090 225-806-1710 www.cajuncookingexperience.com

Every October since 1972, the importance of andouille to our region has been celebrated at the annual Andouille Festival in LaPlace.

Jacob's World Famous Andouille 505 W. Airline Hwy, LaPlace, LA 70068 985-652-9080 www.cajunsausage.com

La Bon Boucon 13651 Hwy 643, Vacherie, LA 70090 225-265-2138

Spuddy’s Cajun Foods 2644 Hwy 20, Vacherie, LA 70090 225-265-4013 www.facebook.com/SpuddysCajunFoods

Veron's Supermarket 951 W. Main Street, Lutcher, LA 70071 225-869-3731 www.facebook.com/veronssupermarket

Wayne Jacob's Smokehouse Learn the art of making andouille, gumbo, & jambalaya. Visit www.cajuncookingexperience.com to book your Cajun Cooking Experience.

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769 W. 5th Street, LaPlace, LA 70068 985-652-9990 www.wjsmokehouse.com

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VENTURE INTO NEW ORLEANS SWAMP COUNTRY Explore the way swamps influence our way of life A harmonious balance has been created between the swamp eco-system, wildlife, and locals who call the River Parishes home. Cajuns and Native Americans have respected and protected these lands for centuries, and they have continued to remain a cornerstone of our culture. Out here you will see alligators sun bathing and egrets perched on logs as you kayak or canoe Manchac Swamp. Guided swamp tours are led by ambassadors of our land and the lakes and marshes provide you with a fully immersive and eco-educational experience.

AIRBOAT For an exhilarating, fast paced swamp adventure, book a tour on an airboat where you will see the natural beauty our region has to offer. PONTOON BOAT Enjoy plenty of photo opps with family and friends as you meander through the Manchac Swamps on one of our pontoon boat tours. KAYAK Explore the ecosystems out here and truly immerse yourself in the heart of the River Parishes while hearing about the abundant wildlife on a guided kayak tour. TRAILS Visit the Manchac Greenway, manchacgreenway.org. Take your car, ride a bike, or take a leisurely stroll along one of these self-guided tours.


Seeking more adventure? Book a bowfishing trip or check out the Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries website for hunting and fishing seasons and gator hunting guidelines.

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Anglers flock to St. Charles Parish to enjoy what is known as

Dig deep into the rich soil of St. James Parish, home to one

the “Catfish Capital of the Universe”

of the rarest blends of tobacco in the world

“Des Allemandes” (al-uh-mandz) translates in French to mean “the Germans”, it was one of the original German settlements established in 1721.

Perique (pe·rique | \pə-ˈrēk) has a humble beginning – the tobacco starts out as seeds so small that one thimbleful will plant nearly one full acre. These seedlings are planted in mid-March and grow for three months and once mature, produce leaves more than 18-inches long which are harvested in June. Harvesting perique is back-breaking work, done by hand using cane knives during one of the hottest months of the year. Leaves are hung on wires in

In 1978, the New York Times wrote about the lake. Locals told the writer an abundance of “little red worms” on the bottom of the lake nourish the catfish making them the best in the world. The late Tarzan Matherne, a fisherman who lived on the lake, was quoted by the Times as saying, "Des Allemands has the best catfish they got in the world. This lake we've got don't have any pollution to give the fish an oily taste. If they'd have a catfish capital of the world somewhere else, I wouldn't care to go.” 16 | #OutHere

Plan a vacation in the area and attend the annual Louisiana Catfish Festival in June.

open air barns before being placed in oak whiskey barrels to age for four months. Perique is a labor of love, as the farmers are required to pay a copious amount of attention to the details of the fermenting to achieve the rare flavor. Every six weeks, the barrels containing the leaves are opened, the liquid is drained off and the leaves are turned so that they continue to ferment. The result is a flavor that fans define as

spicy, earthy and rich. Perique is most commonly used as a blending tobacco due to it's pungent characteristics. Agricultural research reveals that perique is able to thrive best here due to breaks in river levees throughout the years which has pumped rich sediment into the soil. Pick up a perique cigar at Matherne's Supermarket on LA-3125 in Paulina. LARiverParishes.com | 17

EXCURSIONS IN THE RIVER REGION On the pages that follow, explore Louisiana's River Parishes. For more travel stories, itineraries, and videos, go to


Family Adventures

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History of the Enslaved

Active Explorers get Outdoors

From the Ground Up

Soul & Spirituality

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Taste the River Parishes

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FAMILY ADVENTURES History meets the outdoors for families who crave excitement

EXPLORE OUT HERE Make a stop at Destrehan Plantation to enjoy educational exhibits and demonstrations. Learn the story of Laura Locoul Gore and those who lived and worked on her family’s sugarcane plantation at Laura: Louisiana's Creole Heritage Site. After learning the history and traditions of the region, try outdoor activities like bike rides on the levee. 20 | #OutHere

Hike in Wetland Watchers Park or the nature trail at the St. James Parish Welcome Center. Don’t forget to see the magic of the swamps by taking a family kayak tour with Wild Louisiana Tours or experience the thrill of riding on a pontoon boat at Cajun Pride Swamp Tours. Be sure to learn about the history along our river at the Great River Road Steamboat Museum at Houmas House.

EAT LIKE A LOCAL Families can’t leave without enjoying a classic snoball from Todd’s Cream Shack. If you’ve worked up an appetite, enjoy a delicious roast beef po-boy from St. Rose Tavern. Don’t forget to wash it down with an ice cold root beer. If you want to eat your history lesson, then stop off at Spuddy's Cajun Foods and taste homemade andouille.

GET ARTSY The Lafon Performing Arts Center has productions to entertain everyone in the family. A Saturday stop by the German Coast Farmer's Market will help you find a locally-made souvenir or treat to take home. Be sure to check out the gift shops at each plantation for books, jewelry, art and much more.

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THE HISTORY OF THE ENSLAVED Adversity unfolds into a triumphant unification of voices At Whitney Plantation you will be fully immersed and gain a complete understanding of the struggles of plantation existence in the field, in the big house, and everywhere in between. Exhibits highlight the important factors that dictated daily life for enslaved families, first-hand accounts will illustrate the bonds created and on-site memorials honor the legacies left behind. The 1811 Slave Revolt museum at Destrehan Plantation details an uprising that largely impacted the dynamic of the relationships between the enslaved and plantation owners. This four-day insurrection was led by Charles Deslondes on January 8, 1811, and included the enslaved from multiple plantations. Visit the 1811/Kid Ory Historic House to walk the grounds where many of the participants in the revolt joined the fight for their freedom. Evergreen Plantation is known as the most intact plantation complex in the South, and you can truly get a sense of how the enslaved lived in the 22 slave cabins, still in their original double row configuration. Historic Riverlands Christian Center picks up where plantations leave off. This structure was the first Catholic church built for African Americans in Louisiana. It houses the Soul River Musical Journey which shows the impact African Americans have had on American music from the days of slavery to modern times. 22 | #OutHere

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ACTIVE EXPLORERS GET OUTDOORS With so many options, it's easy to be active #outhere Our swamps and rivers have a symbiotic relationship. Swamps are low-elevation, fresh, brackish or salt-water wetlands dominated by woody plants and trees. Our swamps are associated with the mighty Mississippi River, creating a haven for nutrient rich land where animals and plants thrive. It is the perfect setting for outdoor adventurers to explore.

Wild Louisiana Tours gets you close and personal with our waterways with their kayak tours of the Manchac Swamp and inshore kayak fishing charters.

Numerous boat launches in our region, make it easy for anyone to have access to our waterways. Enjoy world famous catfishing or crabbing on Lac Des Allemands.

Book a tee time at Belle Terre Country Club. The 18hole championship course designed by the famous Pete Dye, accommodating golfers of all skill levels.


From lakes to swamps, head out here for the best catfishing and bowfishing in the region.

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Stick to the shore and you can hike, mountain bike, or take your dog along the Bonnet Carre Spillway Trail. A 5.2-mile out and back multi-use trail.


Get close to nature in our swamps and see various animals, birds and native wild flowers.

Precision Fishing Charters offers fishing trips targeting speckled trout, red drum, black drum, and more. Swamp Adventures provides opportunities to see the sights of the swamp by airboat, or opt for a relaxing pontoon boat tour with Cajun Pride Swamp Tours. You’ll create lifelong memories out here while hearing the myths of the Manchac Swamp, learning about the legendary River Parish culture and fascinating folklore associated with our region.


Bike the levee along the mighty Mississippi River or mountain bike the Bonnet Carre Spillway Trail.



New Orleans newest and most exciting attraction! Coming Fall 2020 Zip through the swamp as your local guides educate you on the ecology and wildlife of the swamp. Their course will consist of 5 ziplines, 2 suspension bridges, and a spiral tree staircase! www.zipnola.com


Take a hike out here and explore the unique flora and fauna found only in our swamps and humid climate.

Charter Fishing

Sport fishermen of every skill level can experience the bounty of river parish waters.


Enjoy our five golf courses and driving ranges situated amongst Spanish moss draped live oaks.

LARiverParishes.com | 25

FROM THE GROUND UP Out here, awe-inspiring architecture embodies the poetic myth of our region The plantation houses along the Great River Road are the most assertive remains of a complex plantation culture. Within the big houses, lavish entertainment areas are often a stark contrast to the utilitarian living quarters. Look closely to identify how the river played a large role in the construction and detailing of the structures. At Laura: Louisiana's Creole Heritage Site, Guillaume Duparc used highly skilled enslaved people to assemble his house 26 | #OutHere

using an inverted boat design. Today, etched roman numerals on beams that helped pull together that design can still be found in the basement of the house, which is the best example of farm houses from that period. Edmond Bozonier Marmillion of San Francisco Plantation turned his vision into the very steamboat Gothic style that resembled the ornate structures of a Mississippi riverboat.

Visit Destrehan Plantation, the oldest documented plantation house in the lower Mississippi Valley. Drive by the restored Godchaux Sugar House on the River Road in Reserve.

LARiverParishes.com | 27

SOUL & SPIRITUALITY Churches and cemeteries depict the spiritual richness of the region St. Michael’s Catholic Church's most unique feature, the Lourdes Grotto, was added to the church in the 1870s. The grotto is housed behind the altar and constructed 18 years after the first apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Modeled after the grotto in Lourdes, France, materials used to create it pay homage to the surrounding region. This grotto is made from bagasse, the dry pulpy residue left after juice from sugarcane is extracted. The recessed dome is fashioned out of an overturned sugar kettle, and the altar is covered with small clam shells from the Mississippi River. St. Michael's is also home to the Henry Erben Organ, the oldest working organ of its kind in Louisiana. The organ came to the church by boat in 1857. Explore the grounds of the Kulgar and Kenner cemeteries in the Bonnet Carre Spillway. The graveyards were originally established for the enslaved in the 1800s and later served as the burial grounds for black Civil War Union Army veterans. Religion impacted the lives of African Americans during segregation. Built in 1936, our Lady of Grace Church, now located at Historic Riverlands Christian Center exhibits what life was like for black people living under Jim Crow laws and emphasizes different music genres created by African American musicians throughout history in it's Soul River Musical Journey. 28 | #OutHere

Call (225) 869-8148 to schedule a cemetery tour with Crazy ‘Bout History Tours LARiverParishes.com | 29

TASTE THE RIVER PARISHES Our culture and heritage are directly showcased in the foods we crave, cook, and eat

30 | #OutHere

LOCAL INGREDIENTS INSPIRE OUR RECIPES Food of this region comes from anything we can hunt, catch or grow. Our surrounding swamps and bayous provide us alligators, frogs, freshwater crabs, crawfish, catfish and a wide variety of other animals. Marshlands provide game birds such as ducks and geese on their migratory routes from Canada to South America.

CAJUN MEETS CREOLE IN THE RIVER PARISHES As you travel downriver from Baton Rouge to New Orleans, the food transitions from country, home-style cooking to a more refined version influenced by Native American, Spanish, German, English, African and Italian cultures. Cajun food is based on country French style cooking that evolved from indigenous ingredients sourced from the land. Creole cuisine is considered a sophisticated cousin of Cajun cuisine, utilizing refined European cooking techniques.

Our region's brackish waters and estuaries are created when the Gulf of Mexico’s saltwater mixes with our freshwater providing abundant seafood and inspiring recipes containing oysters, shrimp, and saltwater crabs.

Cajun/Creole recipes rely heavily on fresh herbs and spices to give its food a unique flair. Dishes typically begin with the “trinity” - onions, celery and bell pepper. From there, recipes build savory richness and a distinctive piquant flavor profile.

Fertile soil sustains gardens and farms to yield bountiful harvests of sugarcane, Creole tomatoes, sweet potatoes, okra and eggplant along with other fruits and veggies as found at the German Coast Farmer's Market.

Although the two styles are similar, subtle differences can be tasted in some of the sauces that are the essence of signature dishes such as jambalaya, gumbo, ettoufee, and remoulade. LARiverParishes.com/dining | 31


Les Babas de Chouquette or as the locals call it, Baba, is a soft, sweet, yellow cake covered with a thick, rich custard spread with delicious coconut then generously topped with fluffy meringue spread. St. James Parish came to know the infamous dessert in 1957, when Lillian C. Burgeois “Chocquette” introduced the region to a recipe rich in taste and history. According to Choquette, she and her mother had been enslaved by the de la Chapelle family. Today, you can taste Baba at Nobile’s in Lutcher.


Options listed here will help you plan your dining experience in the region: • Seafood: Atchafalaya Seafood Company, B&C Seafood, Bec’s on the Lake, Fatty’s, Frenier Landing, Nobile’s, The Seafood Pot • Cajun/Creole/Po-boys: Belle Terre Country Club, Bonnie’s, The Creole House, Frostop, Jenny’s Overstuffed Po-boys, Oak Alley Restaurant, Sandwich World, Spuddy’s Cajun Foods, St. Rose Tavern, Wayne Jacob’s Smokehouse, Zora Christina's, Zydeco’s • Fine Dining: Latil’s Landing, Ormond Plantation, The Carriage House Restaurant, Petra • Sweet: Café Perique, Chung's, Coffee & Norco, Donut Hole, Fee-Fo-Lay Cafe, Todd’s Cream Shack

32 | #OutHere

LARiverParishes.com/dining | 33


DAIQUIRIS Sweet in taste, like an adult snoball, daiquiris are a staple of the region and a Louisiana tradition. Crawgator, Cajun Colada, Painkiller... the flavors go on and on, as do the sizes. Stop by The Seafood Pot or one of New Orleans Original Daiquiri's, one of the many daiquiri shops in the area, and grab one the next time you find yourself out here.

MINT JULEP Enjoy a refreshing mint julep as you stroll beneath the live oaks at Oak Alley Plantation or while enjoying fresh Louisiana seafood at B&C Seafood. No matter where you stop, you can ask your bartender to make you their own version of this famous drink.

JULIA BROWN You’ll hear the legacy of Julia Brown as you make your way through the Manchac Swamp, but come to Frenier Landing to taste the drink that her story inspired. Beware, they say the drink can conjure her spirit!

CAFFEINE Get your river spark. Check out local art at Café Perique while sipping a cup of coffee and walk through the exhibit at Fee-Fo-Lay Cafe.

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RIVER RHYTHMS Our rhythms are the pulse of our people

LIVE MUSIC Zydeco began as a blend of Louisiana French accordion music and AfroCaribbean beats. A mixture of Creole, Cajun, gospel, and the blues, it has evolved with other influences. Instruments include accordions and washboards, guitars and drums creating a sound that moves your feet as much as your spirit. Be sure to stop by Frenier Landing for their weekly live music

SWAMP POP Swamp pop is identified by its layers of instrumental features. Honky-tonk pianos, heavy bass lines, blaring horns sections are all stacked atop smooth R&B backbeats. The beginnings of this sound can be traced back to the 50’s and early 60’s, but it wasn’t until English musician Bill Millar coined the term “swamp pop” in the 70’s that listeners associated this sound with our region. Weekly dances are held at Boutte Bingo Hall on Saturday/Sunday nights.

GOSPEL / SOUL Experience a musical journey through African American history at Historic Riverland’s Soul River Music Tour. Travel through time from the call and response of the enslaved to modern day music. Enjoy the gospel tent at the annual Andouille Festival in October.

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GRAB THE GANG AND GET OUT HERE From family reunions to group tours, we are one size fits all ADVENTURE FOR EVERYONE Explore the swamps in an airboat with Swamp Adventures before taking an educational stroll with tour guides in period dress at Destrehan Plantation. Learn the fascinating history of the Destrehan family through on-site demonstrations and exhibits. Just down the levee, Ormond Plantation promises a memorable dinner with a menu highlighting the flavors of the region.

38 | #OutHere

HOMEGROWN HISTORY Go check out Chef Spuddy at the Cajun Cooking Experience to learn how to make a gumbo and what the different color of a roux means. Stop for a tour of the picturesque Oak Alley Plantation. Switch up the perspective by touring Laura: Louisiana's Creole Heritage Site, where the focus is digging deeper into the compelling stories of four generations of the Creole’s who inhabited the property.

HERITAGE MEETS HOLLYWOOD Immerse yourself in the architecturally breathtaking San Francisco Plantation, which motivated novelist Frances Parkinson Keyes to write “Steamboat Gothic”. At Evergreen Plantation, step onto the location where D’jango Unchained was filmed, before heading to St. Joseph Plantation to tour the film location of the popular show Queen Sugar.

LARiverParishes.com | 39


LODGING Louisiana's River Parishes offers a wide range of lodging options. Whether you’re looking for something rustic and quaint or more upscale and luxurious there is a perfect fit for anyone out here.

Throughout the destination, you’ll find familiar hotel brands offering free wifi, parking, and breakfast! Many have meeting spaces and pools for the kids! Turn the page to see what each of our hotel and lodging partners have to offer! Several of our plantations offer lodging for a fully immersive experience at these historic estates. Take a tour before or after, walk under 300-year-old oaks, and grab a bite to eat while surrounded by history. If you’re coming by RV, visit our RV parks throughout the area or stay on the grounds of Poche Plantation in one of their 85 spaces! 40 | #OutHere


Why pay for overnight parking? When you stay in our region, parking is free.


RV Parks

Stay in the midst of the plantations and swamp tours. Then daytrip to New Orleans.

Interested in bringing your RV to the River Parishes?


Stay at one of the 250 spaces near the beautiful Poché Plantation.


Check out a full listing of RV parks by visiting our website at: LARiverParishes.com/rvparks

The average cost per room night is less than in nearby cities. Stay and save out here.

Worried about the safety of your family? Out here you have less to worry about so you can focus on fun.

LARiverParishes.com | 41



Group Rates


Bus Parking

Auberge Du Chêne Vert 2794 Hwy. 44, Paulina, LA 70763







Cottage On The Farm Bed & Breakfast 19637 Highway 643, Vacherie, LA 70090







Destrehan Plantation 13034 River Road, Destrehan, LA 70047








Houmas House Plantaation & Gardens 40136 Highway 942, Darrow, LA 70725







Oak Alley Plantation 3645 Highway 18, Vacherie, LA 70090








Ormond Plantation 13786 River Road, Destrehan, LA 70047








Poche Plantation Bed & Breakfast 6554 State Highway 44, Convent, LA 70723








Group Rates




gnikraP suB

Hotels and Motels A1 Motel 15237 US 90, Paradis, LA 70080



Best Western LaPlace Inn 4289 Main St., LaPlace, LA 70068



Comfort Inn New Orleans Airport 151 Airline Hwy., St. Rose, LA 70087



Cypress Inn 12275 US 90, Luling, LA 70070



Days Inn By Wyndham LaPlace 3912 US 51, LaPlace, LA 70068





Fairfield Inn and Suites LaPlace 944 Belle Terre Blvd., LaPlace, LA 70068






Hampton Inn By Hilton 4288 Hwy. 51, LaPlace, LA 70068





Holiday Inn Express & Suites LaPlace 4284 Hwy. 51, LaPlace, LA 70068





Holiday Inn Express New Orleans Airport South 110 James Dr. East, Saint Rose, LA 70087





LaQuinta Inn and Suites 14221 Hwy. 90, Boutte, LA 70039





LaPlace Motel 918 E. Airline Hwy., LaPlace, LA 70068



Legacy Suites 10533 LA-70, St. James, LA 70086



Millet Motel 1525 West Airline Hwy., LaPlace, LA 70069



Motel 6 12215 Hwy. 90, Luling, LA 70070



Quality Inn LaPlace 3900 Hwy. 51, LaPlace, LA 70068







Ramada By Wyndham - Luling 13889 Hwy. 18, Luling, LA 70070







Southern Inn 13468 US-90, Boutte, LA 70039



Surburban Extended Stay LaPlace 111 Gene St., LaPlace, LA 70068



Supreme Inn & Suites St. James Parish 10441 Hwy. 70 Access St., St. James, LA 70086



TownePlace Suites - LaPlace 4281 Hwy. 51, LaPlace, LA 70068



Troxie's Motel 12177 Hwy. 90, Luling, LA 70070



Uncle Sam's Motel 1190 E. Airline, LaPlace, LA 70068





Westwood Inn 12177 Hwy. 90, Luling, LA 70070

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Bed and Breakfasts


















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TEE-OFF IN THE RIVER PARISHES Out here, golf includes enchanting views and sightings of rare birds native to our area Between the breathtaking backdrops of live oaks and alligators meandering about the waterways, our golf courses are a popular year-round attraction. From courses integrated with driving ranges to a stand alone driving range perfect for families, grab a cold beverage and practice your swing. Our courses include country clubs, which offer reciprocal-play agreements with some of the finest golf courses in Louisiana. For a challenging game of golf or a relaxing afternoon out on the links, you’ll enjoy teeing off in Louisiana's River Parishes.

Belle Terre Country Club 111 Fairway Drive LaPlace, LA 70068 985-652-5000 18-hole course designed by Pete Dye www.belleterregolf.com Cypress Lakes Country Club 10 Villere Drive Destrehan, LA 70047 985-764-6868 18-hole course www.cypresslakescc.com Fashion Golf & Country Club 223 Joe Louis Lane Hahnville, LA 70057 985-783-6486 9-hole course Grand Ridge Golf Club 500 Willowdale Blvd Luling, LA 70070 985-308-1640 18-hole course www.grandridgegolf.com Riverlands Golf and Country Club 500 Fairway Drive Laplace, LA 70068 985-652-6316 18-hole course www.riverlandscountryclub.com St Rose Driving Range 10362 E Airline Hwy St Rose, LA 70087 (504) 466-0411,

44 | #OutHere

TIE THE KNOT #OUTHERE Celebrate Love surrounded by River Parish landscapes and architecture. Say your vows under the shade of centuries-old Spanish moss draped live oaks or inside one of our historic churches. Here, it’s as easy to feel swept away by the architecture as it is the natural landscapes. Out here, you will find all of the professional services needed to help create a storybook wedding. Celebrate and pull back the many layers of our

intertwined cultures through a unique menu based on our regional cuisine. Plan your wedding at the St. John Center, the newest event space in the River Parishes. With a variety of venues, gorgeous scenery, delicious cuisine and affordable accommodations, you’ll never forget saying “I Do,” in the River Parishes.

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CULTURE AND HERITAGE FLOWS FREELY ALONG THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER Artistic influences run as strong as the current of the Mississippi River You will enjoy plays, musicals and fine arts performances put on by the community at the St. John Theatre in Reserve. The Lafon Performing Arts Center in Luling is another great option for those seeking musical, dance and theatre productions out here. Check out their latest season at lafonartscenter.org. If you’re looking to take a piece of New Orleans Plantation Country back home with you, stop by the gift shop or the art gallery at Houmas House Plantation and Gardens to peruse a collection of handmade souvenirs, original works of art and fascinating books.

WE FEED THE WORLD #OUTHERE For centuries the River Parishes have fed the world History starts out here, as we’ve been able to use the Mississippi River as a frontier freeway for exports. What was grown out here made its way to New Orleans and beyond to help fill the needs of an evergrowing population. With an overall annual economic value of $3 billion, it’s easy to see why sugarcane is still the king of the state. Louisiana alone is responsible for nearly 13 million tons of cane each year.

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Each year the Port of South Louisiana is used to transport tons of commodities on the Mississippi River that are used throughout the world. Our rich soil has been used to grow tobacco, sugarcane, indigo, soybeans, and various fruits and vegetables. Out here bakeries and ice houses source the restaurants in New Orleans just like they have for more than a century. Today, the tradition continues, New Orleans and the world look to us to help feed them.

After hearing the first-hand accounts of life at Laura: Louisiana's Creole Heritage Site, pick up a copy of Laura Locul’s memoir, which is the basis of the entire tour. Art lovers and antique car connoseuoirs won’t want to miss out on San Francisco Plantation’s Frisco Fest which draws a diverse crowd each March. For more opportunities to indulge in local crafts, be sure to plan a trip to Destrehan Plantation for their annual Fall Festival. Travelers who also consider themselves foodies will need to clear their calendar on a Saturday morning to shop the German Coast Farmer’s Market located right in the parking lot of Ormond Plantation. And don’t miss the new Great River Road Steamboat Museum at Houmas House to learn all about life on the Mississippi River. Exhibits and artifacts provide visuals and explore the commerce, folklore, culture and the music of the lower Mississippi River.

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FIND YOUR WAY Getting around the River Parishes is easy, so is planning ahead Local Transportation

Air Transportation

Ride-sharing apps will get you out here, but they won’t always pick you up. Connect with United Front Transportation for quality service that will provide round-trip shuttle transit accommodating individuals, small groups or large parties.

Pack your bags and book a flight. The airports surrounding our region provide international access so you can get out here from anywhere in the world.

River Cruises International cruise companies allow our visitors to travel up and down the region by boat. As you disembark, you’ll leave the water and witness the stately mansions rise from the rich soil as you cross the levee.

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Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport is minutes away Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport is less than one hour Charter a flight and land right here in the River Parishes at Port of South Louisiana Executive Regional Airport. Southern Aviators offers aerial tours of the River Parishes.

THROWDOWN LIKE A LOCAL We "throwdown" instead of party at these events Sings & Strings Jam Fest April in Garyville www.facebook.com/ SingsandStringsJamFest/ The Sings & Strings Jam Fest is where everyone is a headliner, and no experience is required to jam with new friends. On the grounds of the Timbermill Museum in Garyville, there’s a full day of jubilant music, delicious food, and jamming to the harmony of amateur and experienced musicians. Louisiana Catfish Festival June in Des Allemands www.louisianacatfishfestival.com The Louisiana Catfish Festival offers good music, food, and a whole lot of fried catfish. The weekend festivities, which include a catfish eating contest, are held at the St. Gertrude Catholic Church in Des Allemands, the Catfish Capital of the World.

Alligator Festival September in Luling www.alligatorfestival.org The Alligator Festival offers dancing for days, eating for days, and playing with baby alligators. The three-day festival is held at the West Bank Bridge Park in Luling and includes carnival rides, food booths, and a golf tournament. Andouille Festival October in LaPlace www.andouillefestival.com The Andouille Festival is a food extravaganza featuring live entertainment, carnival rides, and of course, Andouille sausage. The main event is the cooking contest, showcasing Gumbo, Jambalaya, and other tasty dishes made with Andouille sausage. The festival is held at the St. John Civic Center in LaPlace, the Andouille Capital of the World.

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Drew Estate Louisiana Barn Smoker Festival October in Convent www.drewestate.com The Drew Estate Louisiana Barn Smoker Festival is an all-day extravaganza celebrating American Tobacco agriculture, featuring cigar brands made from Kentucky grown Tobacco and Perique Tobacco, grown only in St. James Parish, Louisiana, known world-wide as capital of Perique Tobacco. The festival is held at the L.A. Poche Farm in Convent, Louisiana.   Christmas on the Water Boat Parade December in Des Allemands The Christmas on the Water Boat Parade presents over twenty floats decked out in lights featuring their own holiday themes. The flotilla will festively light up Bayou Gauche Island, as boaters throw beads and candy to the crowds that gather along the shore route to watch the parade. Festival of the Bonfires December in Lutcher www.festivalofthebonfires.org Festival of Bonfires is the prelude to the Bonfires on the Levee. The festival is three days of exciting activities presenting a Gumbo Cook-off, the Tour De St. James Bike Ride competition, nightly live entertainment, and lighting of bonfires on the Mississippi River Levee every night. Bonfires on the Levee Christmas Eve www.festivalofthebonfires.org Bonfires on the Levee is the exciting culmination of the Festival of Bonfires, when all the bonfires on the Mississippi River Levee are set ablaze. Residents in the community serve Gumbo, Jambalaya, Andouille, and other Cajun meals, along with hot Cocoa and Eggnog. 50 | #OutHere

Visitor Centers No matter which parish your find yourself in, stop by a local visitor center to learn more about what our regiona has to offer.

St. James Parish 1094 US Highway 61 Gramercy, LA 70052 225-562-2525 Monday-Friday 7:30 AM-4:30 PM Saturday & Sunday 9:30 AM-4:30 PM

St. Charles Parish 13034 River Road Destrehan, LA 70047 985-307-0495 Seven Days A Week 9:00 AM-4:00 PM

St. John the Baptist Parish 671 Belle Terre LaPlace, LA 70068 985-359-2562

Welcome to Louisiana's River Parishes! The story of New Orleans begins Out Here… On a stretch of land tucked comfortably between New Orleans and Baton Rouge alongside the mighty Mississippi River is a story – a complex narrative - both compelling and repugnant all at the same time. A land carved by and built by the water and riches of the mighty Mississippi. From the glory found in overcoming tragedies, the elegance and the grit, to the many adventures that twist and turn with the bend of the river…Native American, French, German, Sicilian, Acadian, and enslaved people from many lands have all contributed to our regional culture — unique to even Louisiana. Out here we allure visitors by telling the multidimensional, memorable and poignant stories of River Parish culture. It’s not just about the plantation. It’s about the people from the front of the house to the back of the house, from the River to the swamp. It’s about the countless experiences and flavors found in everything from our andouille to our perique tobacco. It’s the bite of an alligator and the spice in our gumbo. Our sugarcane waves in the wind to the beat of our soul music as the leaves of the mighty oak dance to the song of the field. Experience the scent of creole and Cajun cooking or puff on a cigar made of perique tobacco! The River Parishes have fed the world for centuries…out of the rich soil, a hardworking people of all shades have harvested a global feast. Walk or bike the paths atop the levees along the Mighty Mississippi to watch ships pass as they’ve done for centuries. A river. A land. A people. This is Louisiana's River Parishes. As the river rolls, Buddy Boe, CLED, CDME Executive Director River Parishes Tourist Commission

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Monday-Friday 8:30 AM-4:30 PM

info@lariverparishes.com | www.LARiverParishes.com | 866-204-7782 LARiverParishes.com | 51

671 Belle Terre Blvd, LaPlace, LA 70068

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