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WEDNESDAY, September 18, 2013


Late field goal caps Gauchos’ loss Saddleback College loses its second game of the season to College of the Canyons, 31-28. Adam Kolvites

Sports Editor

A late fourth-quarter field goal by College of the Canyons proved to be the deciding factor in Saddleback College’s home-opening 31-28 loss on Saturday. In the first quarter, Gaucho offense scored two touchdowns by quarterbacks Matt Morin and Tim Belman. Morin ran the ball 3-yards for a touchdown followed by a 5-yard pass from Belman to wide receiver Dominick Ela for the score. Ela finished the night with 197 yards receiving, averaging a teamhigh 14.1 yards per reception. The Gauchos saw their lead disappear in the second quarter, as the Cougars scored three consecutive touchdowns to take the lead, 21-14. The Cougars’ running back Louis Gipson threw his first touchdown of the season on a halfback option, connecting with wide receiver Travion Tucker for a 51-yard touchdown. Tucker led the Cougar receivers on the

night with 172 yards and three touchdowns. When asked about how this win will affect next game, Gipson said, “It’s going to give us the motivation to practice harder in practice and hopefully next week we will get the W.” Saddleback’s Belman threw another 5-yard touchdown with under a minute left in the half to tie the score, 21-21, to running back Tyler Murphy. At the beginning of third quarter, Saddleback regained the lead when defensive back Davonte Merriweather intercepted a pass from Jake Dashnaw and returned it 51-yards for the score, giving the Gauchos a 28-21 lead. Gaucho linebacker Duran Workman also forced a fumble on Cougar quarterback Tony Dawson, recovered by defensive back Laquan Middleton, in the first quarter. Canyon running back Gabe Peralta answered back with a 3-yard rushing touchdown, to tie the score 28-28. Continued on Page 3...

Adam Kolvites / Lariat

Tough Loss: Saddleback College offensive lineman Naaman Butsko walks off the field following the Gau-

chos’ 31-28 loss to College of the Canyons on Saturday.

Saddleback doesn’t fear accreditation check-up Kristen Wilcox Nathalie Lozano

Staff Writers

Saddleback College is facing a mandatory mid-term accreditation report due by October 15. The report involves a selfevaluation, an on-site visit with review and status declaration of the college’s accreditation from the committee. A loss of accreditation would lead to non-transferable diplomas and credits. The non-profit Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) requires full self-evaluations every six years, however, since Saddleback was given a warning in 2010 the school was forced to produce a progress report every year since. The ACCJC issues guidelines for self-evaluation through Chancellor Gary Poertner and individual institutions post the results. The ACCJC recommendations are broken up into two categories. Six recommendations are for the school district and five recommendations are for the individual college. District recommendation one asks that, “…the chancellor develop and implement both a strategic short-term and long-term plan that is inclusive of the planning at the colleges and that this planning structure drive the allocation of district


resources for the colleges, Advanced Technology Education Park (ATEP), and the district.” The result of major planning efforts has produced a districtwide strategic plan that includes the, “five-year construction plan for 2014-2018 and 2015-2019,” and the Educational and Facilities Master Plan (EFMP). Progress is recorded into TracDat, a universal information system for faculty and staff, and an annual progress report is posted on the SharePoint site for district planning. College recommendation one pressed the issue of the college and its constituent groups needing to achieve a collegial working relationship with the current president to address issues with a new optimism, and that the college does not have the same type of relationship with the district leadership and the Board of Trustees. Director of Operations Planning and Accreditation Caroline Durdella said, “The district is everyone, we are the district now. There is more of a sense of unity that we all need to work together to fit the standards. We definitely addressed this in our mid-term report and our now in compliance.” District recommendation two asks, “…the district and colleges develop and implement a resource allocation model driv-


en by planning that includes all district funds, is open, transparent and that is widely disseminated and reviewed/evaluated periodically for effectiveness.” The report called the process for allocating basic-aid funds “mysterious” and expressed a communication issue. Saddleback College President Todd Burnett said, “Frankly it was former administration, on a district level primarily. There were a lot of arbitrary guidelines and it wasn’t datadriven or a lot of transparency. Now it is very public. We have committees, both colleges and the district is involved. Our district website has an update of what the prioritization is.” For future funding allocation administration is expected to review operations through the strategic planning process. The developments in the report state that the projects qualifying for basic-aid are, “… capital construction, major renovation, large infrastructure projects, and site development… Retiree benefit trust fund and other long term obligations… Major technology initiatives, and 50 percent matching funds for scheduled maintenance and smaller renovations.” Saddleback student Niaz Rahimzadeh, 23 Biology, said, “It’s sad that all this funding goes to one place instead of go-

You Tube


ing to each building.” College Recommendation two says “…the team recommends that the college address the need for both maintenance and new facilities funds and use these funds to address the current safety, accessibility and educational needs of the students.” Director of Operations, Planning and Accreditation Caroline Durdella said, “The commission really wanted to make progress in their self-planning and allocating resources, and decision making.” This led to “District-wide Strategic Planning” starting with Analysis of Data to District-wide Strategic Goals, bringing Saddleback Strategic Planning to Irvine Valley’s Strategic Planning to work together. District recommendation three focused on communication between faculty and staff. “The teams recommend that the college, district, administrators, faculty and staff develop a communications process among the entities on key issues of district-wide concern including academic calendar, planning, (ATEP) Advanced Technology Education Park, technology and building priorities.” The recommendation is to create a new standardized channel of communication that everyone can use consistently and easily. The report also wanted a


Courtesy of SOCCCD website

SOCCCD Chancellor Gary Poertner

definitive consensus for how to handle disagreeing board members. The main concerns for communication were that decisions had been made and it was not clear they were made, to which the solutions listed were to post the meetings agendas, record minutes, handouts and documents on SharePoint, delineate actions and decisions in meeting minutes, and provide RSS feeds. Now a monthly newsletter with highlights from the Board of Trustees is distributed. Continued on Page 2...


News 2


‘Hotel Rwanda’ sparks Syria discussion

unless there are outspoken members of their populace The Saddleback College pushing for action. Cinema, Television and Radio “We have become so comprogram hosted a screening of placent,” said Vanessa Garcia, “Hotel Rwanda,” on Friday 22, political science. “[But] night at 7:30, a movie about we have more power than the genocide of nearly one money holds… history has million African refugees in a tendency to bend toward 1994, starring Don Cheadle. justice when people act for Keir Pearson, a Saddleback change.” faculty member who wrote Lydia Burnam, 33, political the film, was scheduled to be science, an African student presi t h [But] we have more pow- w ent for Ugana Q&A er than money holds… his- d a n a f tory has a tendency to bend r o o t s , ter the b e v i e w - toward justice when people act l i e v e s ing, but for change.” t h a t unforep a r t s e e n - Vanessa Garcia, 22, Political Science of the circumprobstances lem is, prevented his attendance. For- “...our leaders, and [that] we tunately, his colleagues held a are messing up our beautiful discussion following the film. world.” CTVR faculty Maria MayShe agrees with Garcia that enzet asked the attendees the people have the power to about how they felt watching create change, “It’s so hard to a movie that so closely cor- just sit back and watch.” relates with current events in Ron Meyers, of Mission Syria, their causes and how Viejo, felt the film’s depiction society should act upon atroc- of the genocide was of benefit ities. to society, because, “ got The typical sentiment was to enough of the population that governments won’t typ- that some people are paying ically intervene during these attention.” conflicts if there is no finan“Anytime where somecial ‘upside’ to offset their thing like genocide is happenmilitary expense, of course ERIC GORMAN Contributing Writer


DISCUSSION: Students converse about their socio-political viewpoints following the screening of “Hotel Rawanda” Friday at Saddleback. ing, where people are getting hurt, I think it’s crucial that everyone get involved,” said Andrea Napoleon, music.

“That’s what sanity is.” Pearson’s second major screenplay is “Chavez,” which is currently in post-produc-

tion according to “Chavez” is directed by Diego Luna, stars Michael Pena as Cesar Chavez and is

set to be released in 2013.

Accreditation (continued from page 1) Burnett said, “We added a board policy talked about [student success], led by faculty in within the report that is at least a year old. As particular to give them updates on the student for communication, before we had a lack of pro- success task force recommendation, and at the cesses and poor decision making. Now we have last meeting we just had the state score card. better committees that have better representation Burnett said. “The board has been consistently becoming more engaged on student success of everybody, including students and staff.” The committee made its third college rec- and in particular completion of the agenda of the ommendation asking that, “The commitment to state, so they are more engaged than they ever equity and diversity be demonstrated through have been. This new strategic plan will be critmultiple means, including an updated Student ical.” District Recommendation five tells the Equity Plan and greater faculty involvement on Board of Trustees to develop a clearly defined the Equity and Diversity Committee.” The Equity and Diversity Committee has policy for a code of ethics. In the report evalbeen reinvigorated and includes representatives uation it is written that, “less than cordial displays,” have taken place from board members at from faculty, staff, and administration. “We do monitor our student performance in meetings. The report’s conclusion states, “Board memvarious aspects…A portion of it will look at student performance through many demographics.” bers who are found by a majority of the board to Durdella said. “You have to really have acted unethically or to have violated this policy may be sublook at your students and address any gaps.” Coming from North Caroli- ject to reprimand, possible exclusion District recomna, our school without a doubt from closed sesmendation four asks the sions, public cenBoard of Trustees to com- is racially diverse, it stands out.” sure, referral to the municate its self-evaluadistrict attorney for tion results annually and - Niaz Rahimzadeh prosecution, or othuse them as the basis for er action as deterimprovement. College recommendation four the team rec- mined by the board.” Burnett’s only comment is “there has been ommends that the faculty have as a component of their evaluation effectiveness in producing notable improvement and it used to be a lot more student learning outcomes. According to the contentious. It is a lot more collegial today.” College recommendation five “recommends mid-term report Saddleback College has demonstrated its commitment to the SLO assessment that a student services strategic plan be develand program review processes through the in- oped and implemented to address issues includstitutionalization of the faculty-led Educational ing campus accessibility.” The mid-term report states Student services Planning and Assessment (EPA) Committee. Monitoring student success has been in Bur- has been an integral part of the college strategic planning process and has nett’s “Top 10 Goals” for the past three semesters. The Student Success Task Force has been addressed student accessibility and visibility for its student support services. the linchpin in achieving this recommendation. “I think there’s an emphasis placed on stu“All last year at every board meeting we


Michael Grennell Editor-In-Chief Melanie Roberts Online Editor Kaylee Johnston News Editor Chelsea Jarrell Life Editor

dent success, however students are not aware didn’t understand it fully but I think it had to that the schools continuance (with accreditation) do with, once again, communication. ‘What is runs off student success,” Rahimza- the role of the college versus district services?’ that kind of stuff. We deh said. Students can I can guarantee we will not did clean up a lot of things,” Burnett said. keep updated with ever be losing accreditation. ” “I believe we are simple web navigating in a good place, what due to information only - Todd Burnett is clear to me when a click away on the I reviewed the midSaddleback home page, term report and all making it accessible the follow-up reports is that the entire district and keeping students well informed. “The commission also strongly recommends including the college has made substantive progthat all accreditation records be a click away,” ress,” Durdella said. All six of the recommendations were adDurdella said. “That is one recommendation that dressed in the college’s 2011 and 2012 Accredwe are in compliance with.” The last district recommendation states that itation Follow-up Report. The follow-up reports “the district provides a clear delineation of its were required under the 2010 warning. To view the full draft of Saddleback Colfunctional responsibilities, the district level process for decision-making and the role of the dis- lege’s mid-term accreditation report visit: trict ion college planning and decision-making. For calendar of overdue department reviews The district should provide a regular review of district communities, conduct an assessment of Chancellor Gary Poertner touched on ATEP the overall effectiveness of services to the college and communicate the results of those re- and gave a glowing review on his website at views.” According to the mid-term draft, “the need htm. for clear delineation of roles and responsibilities within the district has been an issue since at least 1998, when it was addressed by the accreditation visiting team, and it continued to be identified as problematic in 2010.” To solve this issue a district-wide function map describing workflow and entity functions was created by part of the District-Wide Planning Council. The Task Force on Committees which reports to the Consultation Council also got involved and asked each committee to do a self-evaluation of committee charge, membership, communication processes and assessment of goal attainment. “Everybody was a little perplexed and we

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The Lariat is the student newspaper of Irvine Valley College and Saddleback College. The Lariat is an independent, First Amendment, student-run public forum. One copy of the Lariat is free. Additional copies may be purchased for $1 at the Lariat newsroom, which is located in LRC 116. Letters to the editor are welcomed. Please limit letters to 200 words or less and include a name, valid e-mail address and signature.

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Sports 3



...Continued from page 1 Canyon running back Gabe Peralta answered back with a 3-yard rushing touchdown, to tie the score 28-28. Both teams then went scoreless for over ten minutes until the fourth quarter when Canyon kicker Eric Kreitz, put a field goal attempt through the up rights for the lead, 31-28. Kreitz was also 3 for 3 on extra points. During Saddleback’s final drive starting on the 38 yard line after receiving a punt return at their own 42 and personal foul against the Cougars, with only forty five seconds left in the game, Belman drove the ball 23 yards, and then Cougar defender received a pass interference call for 13 yards pushing the Gauchos to the 2 yard line with twelve seconds left. Belman’s final throw was complete to wide receiver Tyler Murphy for no gain falling short of the end zone. After coming off of a loss last week, Cougars interim Head Coach Ted Iacenda knew this was going to be a big game against Saddleback, he said, “…any time you’re coming off a loss and you are facing a goliath, No. 4 team in the state, you got to tread very carefully to begin with, we got down 14 nothing and you know, it could be trouble for your team mentally, they could think here we go again so we had to fight that and we have great kids and we battled back, and we were able to get a quick score, and we started to get momentum.” With the loss, the Gauchos fall to 1-1 on


9/21 at 6 p.m. @ Riverside

Women's Soccer

9/17 at 3 p.m. vs. Santiago Canyon 9/20 at 3 p.m. @ Cypress

Women's Volleyball 10/4 at 6 p.m. @ Orange Coast

Women's Golf 9/18 at 11 a.m. @ Fullerton

Men's Cross Country 9/27 at 10:15 a.m. @ Huntington Beach


Women's Cross Country

Canyons Quaterback Jake Dashnaw completed a total 13 out of 31 passes. the year, while the Cougars picked up their first win. “We didn’t play well enough to win,” Gauchos’ head coach Mark McElroy said after the game. “We just got to regroup after a tough loss like this.”

9/21 at 9:30 a.m. @ Fairview Park, Costa Mesa 9/27 at 10:15 a.m. @ Huntington Beach

The Gauchos’ next game will be away at Riverside Community College, Sept. 21 at 6 p.m. The Cougars will be facing College of the Desert at home that weekend.

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Saddleback students and friends, Michael Palomares and Josh Nuzzi, relaxed a bit over summer, but they also started a company. CHELSEA JARRELL Life editor

down contests g in d r a o b h and ir have eek beac a r p C e lt a th S y t Currentl ign, a irts. midst web des t e h elling sh it th s w in lp le e t a kid tha h d h o ig R and there is ign, m f s I r e “ e e d th m g m s in su th d sse si- clo k posse phy, an u of the a in r b g th o g e e o s in id w pon r , v budd nt, we s en ing le h surf, a . ta w y t h h p ts, a d m e rg e and rig photogr free shir h ts it n ness e e w s d e r tu m a ir s Palom g the ack pay the managin Saddleb rs, and s and e e e k r r c ,” a a s ti m s e e i lo f z Pa uz gy alon Michael t entry ined N n s b a te p m n o ur m o c o c O c “ . uzzi lomares g- the Transfer a Josh N to P o l. h o s p o y h te a f c s s thle ] ills o dleback t- side nsored a d o a in their sk p r S s p [ t t s m ir r fi Luke d T-sh ring fro ajor in named e m v id ti raphy an to k a e n r a lf rto hese c n himse to Fulle rna- is ing. T as prove and Inte inded h s o m h ic s te s w m n e o n tale d cusin to Eco ss respe and b a really e d e e in b s in u m B to r Their al dete on their es tion oarder.” b friends lv th e o s y b d m e o few b ly is e th find a or now, to a- tive F p challeng . is m ls o l a c a o tes go ting a list of g ted athle a fun n is le by star ta p u e r of eir start it. mo the end s pursu ny. uzzi th nsor by u o N lo p d s o n a iv to r s f e d Palomar s t-shirt igh an year. y Nuzzi’ ear in h il y ekend k r c is the u io L n e g ju d t past we e to le m w e is o u h n n k T ti n p e a rnd co printing the tde an ap a te a m d school a a T h m g N u s dy NV ds thro BIA bo what ha eality e r . th a k c t be frien y a a n b a e anc Saddle st in irt comp g conte The So- sh tending in d d e r a ir o p b s ar. ch. rf in is so f has alton Bea g Their su d n l n ti e a n r a u b h H a blast , “Mic thing nds had y friend InCal clo “ ie m r f r n o o e e tw ckers VNT ways b ought way sti th y a e h called N r T e g v in e n giv stick ourself.” but I siness g kids u s in b a lp vent Y e a e e b h boards. of the id e would zi. and ys Nuz thought on their ould w a s w m e it ,“ s th r d ewardg rtne lize retty r managin p just pa both rea is n s a t’ b I out th “ ore “My jo our logo my Te d ts e n n s take m a le b to ta e g w in says n, mbined e water,” - desig ompany th c m their co o g in c n e r g ti e repclothin shirt prin t kind of th r brand u O “ to get a i. a z that’s ndles th r- Nuz rted. fun and the ha ning me pany sta ts ig g n s e e in s s D e u r ff.” ally all “We’re is is re the com ays stu th s r o t ,” f a s h r e e f oth chandis also w talents o gives ents is v t e I bout.” “ ’s . y s n e pa ility. a ib s y n it o Palomar n p s tu e r r an oppo Nuzzi’s been people es as lv th have e s o b m e y th e t h n T e body s to inv hosting ith thing ly r w la s u u g e lp r they he pany.” as a com d e e n e w

Surfboard shaper, Jonathan Strom, models for the men’s line

Model Tiffany Ferguson poses in her new NVNT shirt

Saddleback rapper Josh ‘J. Saun’ Saunders CHELSEA JARRELL Life editor

Josh Saunders poses for his new album “Freshman of the Year” cover

Josh ”J. Saun” Saunders began tossing rhymes around for fun with his friends freshman year of high school. Two years later with a crisp new microphone, some recording gear, and a little encouragement, he decided to take rapping as a career more seriously. Now a Saddleback political science student, Saunders realizes music is polar opposite from his plan of going to law school. But his passion is contagious, and the beats just won’t stop playing in his head. Saunders wants every word to be well thought out and have a purpose. “I rap about life events and things people can relate to,” he says. “Also, I went all Will Smith in my album—I don’t cuss in my music.” Preferring not to use curse words as “fillers” in his beats.

Some guy invited me to perform at the Playboy Mansion, but I didn’t go because my mom would kill me.” -J. Saun Saunders’ first clean mixed tape titled, “Freshman of the Year” was just released online this September. The album has taken over two years to write but he is pleased with the album’s sound and variety. His songs “Swag” and “Never Made It” were written when he was only 17 years old. Writing lyrics, recording, mixing beats and marketing has proven to be a lot of work but Saunders is taking on gigs and

showcases in his free time. His last gig at the Shark Club in Costa Mesa he ended up performing in front of an audience of over 200 and turned the crowd from boos to cheers. “Some guy invited me to perform at the Playboy Mansion but I didn’t go because my mom would kill me,” Saunders says laughing. “I’m really just looking to put my music out there. If people like my style, they like it. If they don’t, they don’t.” Between studying and focusing on his music, Saunders runs the 110-meter and 400-meter hurdles on the Saddleback track team. He plans to transfer to USC Gould School of Law fall 2014.

To listen to some of J. Saun ‘s beats, scan the QR code below


Fall 2013, Issue 2, Vol. 46 (September 18)  

Student-run publication covering Saddleback College and Irvine Valley College

Fall 2013, Issue 2, Vol. 46 (September 18)  

Student-run publication covering Saddleback College and Irvine Valley College