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First active shooter exercise at Saddleback

mare,” said Tod Burnett, President of Saddleback. “What’s “Male, white, 5’10”, blue really scary about that is it’s probably the most likely sceshirt.” “Multiple victims down, nario that we might see on our campus… This is one of the gunshot wounds.” “Officer down. Repeat, Of- things we are trying to do to be much more prepared if and ficer down.” With phrases like these ever such a horrible disaster coming from police radios, the like this happens.” Due to previous events, the sounds of bullets being fired campus and local law enforceand screams of terrified bloody ment saw the need for a plan victims, the Student Services of action for this circumstance. Center turned into what looked “Recent events have motilike a scene reminiscent of vated us to do this,” said Jennie Columbine or Virginia Tech. McCue, Director of Marketing The f i r s t and Communications. “It’s an Saddleopportunib a c k ty for us to The scenario College work with Active was law our local Shootlaw enenforcement er Exercise forcement was put on responding to the and Orange by the Sad- call of a possible County dleback Fire Ausuicide which College Pot h o r i t y, lice Depart- turned into a to unment, Orschool shooting. derstand ange County and reS h e r i ff ’s spect people’s responsibilities Department and Orange County Fire Authority on Tuesday, should such an incident occur March 25, to simulate their re- on our campus.” It also gave a chance for sponse to an active shooter on the multiple Orange County campus. agencies to practice working “As a college president, as together. a citizen, as a human being, I “We have not had the opcan’t think of a worse night-

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sarah santoyo

news editor

ASG begins campaign season Sarah Santoyo

News Editor

The Associated Student Government held a mandatory meeting for all candidates vying for elected positions on Friday, March 21 in the Student Services Center, Room 211C. Those positions include president, vice president and multiple director positions. The meeting marked the beginning of their campaigns at Saddleback College. This includes making and posting fliers, staking campaign posters in the grass area of the Quad and potentially spreading the word in class with the permission of faculty. “We want it to be lively and let people know ASG is here,” said Erin Long, Inter-Club Council Adviser. “We’ve never had so many people campaigning at the same time.” Elections tables will be in the Science and Math and BGS quads for the voting period from April 8 to April 10 in which only Saddleback students can vote. They will be open from 10 a.m.- 1 p.m. and 4-7 p.m.



CANDIDATES* Director of Veteran’s Affairs and Resources: - Edwin Lamothe : “Student Veterans need a representative that can voice their concerns, and be able to bring solutions to their issues. I am approachable and ready to bring some enthusiasm in our sister and brotherhood.” - Matthew Maclaine: “I would like to help Saddleback College continue its legacy of excellence during the coming year and support the students by representing them effectively as Vice President.” Director of Events: - Neekoo Delrooz: “I seek election to broaden my skills with people and event planning. I seek to gain a sense of unity at school and to bring students closer to events and discussions that involve their support.” - Shannon Elsasser: “I am a fun and hard-working person with great ideas. I have served as an ASG volunteer and love working in a collaborative environment.” - Iman H. Moujtahed: “I’m extremely passionate and experienced in event planning. I received ASG Volunteer Member of The Year and have been a Psi Beta & Psychology Club Officer since Fall 2011.” *only listed are the candidates with opponents

Stefan Stenroos | Lariat

The Sheriff’s Department, armed with training guns and rifles, approach the Student Services Center in response to a call that an active shooter was on campus. portunity to work with Orange County Fire or law enforcement, so here’s our opportunity,” said Christopher Wilkinson, Chief of Police at Saddleback. The simulation was designed as a learning tool for first responders in these situations and the 54 staff and faculty CERT members. “This is a learning exercise. So we want them to make any errors, or whatever you would call it, behind our law enforcement and fire personnel,” Wilkinson said. “They have evaluators in vests with clipboards. They will be critiquing them and helping them through this.” The scenario was law enforcement responding to the call of a possible suicide which turned into a school shooting. “Basically the drill is the call of a student that’s talking

to themselves. We get that a lot,” Wilkinson said. “There’ll be a couple calls inserted down to my dispatch center at the far end of campus. My officers are staged to come to a possible 5150. When they start getting closer, they will actually ramp up the scenario.” More than 40 volunteers from Saddleback’s cosmetology, nursing and theatre departments took on the roles of the victims with some of them wearing special effect makeup depicting gunshot wounds. “Our cosmetology department and faculty are actually responsible for helping to make this a real life scenario,” McCue said. Inside the building, one of the SWAT officers acted as the shooter and fired blanks. “The reason why we did that was to cause the law enforcement to go to a hunter

mode to go towards the noise,” Wilkinson said. Volunteers were also alarmed by the multiple “gunshots” that were fired. “We were in the room where the shooting started,” said Briana Clark, a 23-yearold nursing major. “It was scary being in there and hearing the screams. It was really realistic.” Law enforcement personnel were given disabled blue and red guns to use for the exercise. Even though volunteers knew it was a drill, the emotions and responses to the action were genuine. “We knew it wasn’t real, but it felt like it. My heart rate was going,” said Ashley Townsend, a 20-year-old EMT student. “It was good practice for if I was ever in a situation like that.”

However, some felt that law enforcement could give more tips to volunteers as to how to react in this scenario. “It raised a lot of questions. There was a girl screaming in the hallway ‘Help me! Help me!’ and I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. Should I go help her or stay in the room?” said Raquel Karstens, a 26-year-old nursing major. “It would have helped if they gave us more direction.” The Saddleback Police Department has a flier specifically for instructions and suggestions on how to act in an active shooter scenario. It can be found at www.saddleback. edu/police. Overall, the simulation was seen as a success. “The response has been very positive,” McCue said. “I think practice can only help us.”

IVC opens new Life Science Building DAnny pestolesi

IVC Editor

At Irvine Valley College, local and college officials were present at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Life Sciences Building on Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. Following the ribbon cutting was a reception and tour of the new building. Among the speakers at the event were IVC President Glenn Roquemore, South Orange Country Community College District Board President T.J. Prendergast, SOCCCD Chancelor Gary Poertner and Irvine City Mayor Dr. Steven Choi. Roquemore was grateful to all the parties involved in the creation of the new Science facility and gave credit to each one in his speech, from the facilities crew at IVC to the construction company, saying that because of them there is a “great deal of quality in the finished work.” The new Life Sciences Building earned the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Gold Certification with its use of, “daylight harvesting and natural ventilation suitable for the mild, coastal climate” and its use of sustainable and recycled materials in the facility, a press release said. The certificate is “a green building certification program that recognizes best-in-class building strategies and practices” according to the U.S. Green Building Council website.

Danny Pestolesi | Lariat

The new Life Sciences Building and greenhouse at IVC earned a LEED gold ranking and has been stocked with new equipment and supplies. Irvine Mayor Steven Choi and SOCCCD Chancellor Gary Poertner were among those that spoke at its dedication ceremony. “We support education any way we can [in Irvine],” Choi, one of the final speakers at the dedication, said. “We embrace the educational opportunities provided to our citizens.” Staff working in the new building are grateful for the new facilities. “It is a big improvement, almost double the lab and prep space as our last building,” Lewis Akers, a lab technician at IVC, said. “For the most part the building is outstanding, only little things here and



there.” While the speakers at the event supported the creation of the new facility some students at IVC were not in complete support. “The building is nice, I just feel IVC could be spending its money and resources better,” Elvira Peinado, 43-year-old business major, said. “Parking for one.” She also said that she toured the building but while near the glass walls it created a greenhouse effect inside that became rather hot and unenjoy-

You Tube


able to her. The building is a two-story educational space with two classrooms, seven science labs, one computer lab, a meeting room and an office space for faculty. The labs have been specialized for the scientific disciplines practiced in the facility. There is also a one-fourth acre greenhouse next to the facility that is growing local flora and maintained by the IVC Biology, Ecology, and Environmental Sciences department.


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Think before you ink Kristen Wilcox

barred in the industry and every part of the body is fair game. Take “Lizard Man” for instance. He is an extreme case of body modification with green scales tattooed, covering his entire body. I don’t know where he works but his boss either loves it or he is his own boss. The stigma of tattoos not being accepted in the workplace is being conquered every day. Popularity has lead to mild acceptance in corporate settings. Hollywood has even let tattoos go uncovered in some movies, where prior they would be hidden with make-up. I obeyed the T-shirt rule when I chose to get tattooed. In fact, with all my clothes on nobody knows about my secret art. I digress, I rarely wear clothes that don’t show my tattoos, that is my artistic ex-

Staff Writer

Checking out at a local grocery store I notice the cashier has a pink lily tattoo on her forearm. I stare and admire the art. The delicate veins of dark pink running through the petals. The vibrant green which appears to ombre out of the pistil of the flower. She quickly notices and misinterprets my admiration. In defense mode she explains company policy on tattoos. I smile, lift my sleeve and show her one of mine. In a bank a few weeks later, my teller has an elaborate Chinese scene tattooed in black and white. Underneath his button-up shirt I can barely see the tail peeking out on his wrist. He strikes up a conversation about tattoos because mine are on full display. His nonchalance struck me weary. Can I trust this person with my money? What’s the difference between the cashier and bank teller? The cashier was professional. The banker was on auto-pilot. The question is not if tattoos are professional. The question is are you? When tattooing first became popular in the United States in the 1950’s tattoo artists followed the unwritten law of never inking the hands, face or neck. It was known and implied that these areas, due to high visibility, would be problematic in a professional setting. Today it is no-holds-

pression, UNLESS I am going into a professional setting. According to CareerBuilder. com “A 2011 study shows that 31 percent of surveyed employers ranked “having a visible tattoo” as the top personal attribute that would dissuade them from promoting an employee. So although companies across many fields are increasingly focused on diversity and inclusion, tattoo flaunting is still probably best reserved for postwork hours.” As a journalist, sometimes I interview the homeless and sometimes I’m sitting with the President of Saddleback College. In either instance, I want the control of how people are going to judge me. I don’t want to be written off because of my art. Will people really trust me to represent them via journalism if they see a bunch of tattoos? I don’t know, but I won’t chance it.



addleback College is familiar with the additional paper and staples cluttering the SM/BSG bridge for events each week. The fliers seem to be of little use and are a detriment of the appearance and an inefficient way of finding out about what’s going on around Saddleback. The problem is that anyone can post fliers without approval. Yet, its been argued that this is the easiest approach to display messages, especially since the designated areas are the places that get the most foot traffic on campus. Offering tutoring services? Hosting an event? Just shoot some staples and information into the bulletin board near the bookstore, or perhaps the bridge on the other side of the library. Or as we at the Lariat like to call it, the wrong side of the library. Since the new bridge connecting to the library was built in 2012, the SM/BGS has become the bastard child. And an ugly one at that. “Its definitely a problem. I clean up all the fliers and trash at the end of the month, pretty gross with all the staples and gum,” DJ Tate, 22-year-old child development major said. “They could change out the wood every month or so.” The solution would be to regulate flier posting by the Associated Student Government. It would result in less trash and physical damage. We should also restrict stapling fliers on the bridge all together, and replace it with a bulletin board between the SM and LRC building. It may cost money for Saddleback, but its a longterm solution as opposed to constantly replacing distressed wood. After that, it’s just a matter of getting students to actually check the bulletin board. However, Chandler Boyer, undeclared major, provided a suggestion that could help to get the ball rolling. “I know other college’s have certain things on the board and if you go to the event and mention that then they’ll give you a discount of some sort,” Boyer said. “That way they’ll know people are actually looking at it.” Developing student involvement while saving students cash sounds like a win-win to us. The cherry on top, of course, is less litter and clutter on campus.

Participants over the age of 50 were far more likely to find tattoos distracting than those in the 35-49 age range. Statistics provided by A study released in 2010 by the Pew Research Center notes that 70 percent of those between 18 and 29 years-of-age who have tattoos, decided to conceal their body ink under clothing. Statistics provided by Pew Research Center

A 2011 study shows that 31 percent of surveyed employers ranked “having a visible tattoo” as the top personal attribute that would dissuade them from promoting an employee. Statistics provided by

photo illustration by Marivel Guzman

Capitol Records releases ‘House of Lies’ soundtrack Lindsey goetsch arts and entertainment editor

All who have watched House of Lies know his name by the end of the night. The show’s very first episode ended with Gary Clark Jr.’s seductive “Bright Lights,” tying together the character Don Cheadle illustrated. Personally, I have been a fan of Gary Clark Jr. Even for those of us who have never seen an episode of the show can naturally predict how it goes, simply by the reputation “Bright Lights” has obtained and the undertones that come with it. Lyrically and musically, it is obvious what scene this song could be in. Basecamp’s effortless creation “Smoke Filled Lungs” and Thomas Dybdahl’s “This Love is Here To Stay” not only speak to the native viewer of the show, but also speak volume to those in relationships and struggling through various aspects of life, which is a majority of why we all listen to music - emotional release. “Heartbreak” by The James Hunter Six gives us that freedom to release negative tension like situations in the show.

Turning over to a happier leaf, “Midnight Sun” by Isaac Delusion and reminds the listener of laying in cool grass on the warm summer night listening to The Postal Service’s performance last year at Coachella - light and full of love. Musicians from all over the world have a way of creating something out of the norm. “Illusions of Time” by Kiko King and Creativemaze have that funky beat and somewhat eerie lyric duet that makes me interested in more of their music. Not a track I would normally choose to listen to, but I am glad to have been introduced. Then there’s Michael Kiwanuka, with his soulful voice cutting straight from the soul. “It Always Comes Back Around” has that blues vibe that I have rarely heard from any other British musician. In addition to his song on the soundtrack, the entire album is incredible. As Rolling Stone stated, “Michael Kiwanuka’s “You’ve Got Nothing Left to Lose” is a study in contrasts.” Can we talk about N*Grandjean? Both risqué and sensual, “Shift to Reverse” also has that groovy vibe I want to Salsa


dance all night with an Italian stranger under the Tuscan moon, on a marble bridge, with a glass of wine in hand. I easily picture the relationship between Marty Kaan and Jeannie Van Der Hooven. Knowing how music sets the tone for anything being watched, whether it be a music video or live performance, the vibe, instruments, and lyrics are all crucial elements to be accounted for when it comes to selecting music for a hit television series. When putting together what we hear with what we see, our perspective changes, sending different emotions through our mind and body. When this happens as deeply as it has with many viewers of House of Lies, a successful show is created, new music is found, and the audience is left wanting more. As a non-viewer of the show, the soundtrack has given me a reason to watch. Music speaks volume to me and these songs have given me no choice other than to watch the show from the beginning.

Capitol Records releases ‘House of Lies’ soundtrack including hand-picked songs from seasons 1-3.

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photo courtsey of Capitol Records


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So... WTF is a Gaucho?


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WTF is a Gaucho?

dy Gon za

s nt



Do you hear that echo?

In response to recent tweet by to create a new image for the Gaucho, use a private company to ade            $ quately and accurately develop the current depiction of the Gaucho, came to mind when hearing the word “Gauchoâ€?. eliminate cartoon image of Gaucho and keep ‘G’ as a logo. We are now almost at the halfway mark in 2014, and the Gaucho has While signing up for online classes through Saddleback, Britney J. !$ Parks of Oklahoma tweeted, “The f--is a Gaucho? (Online orientaLindsey Goetsch Carson calls it, sched- through music.the process is still ongoing and that the Athletics depart“I believe tion for Saddleback College iningâ€?, CA) as #suchconfuse.â€? A&E Editor uled to be released this year. “A catharsis,â€? said. ment was lookingCarson at it,â€? said Audra DiPadova, Director of Student “I call it ‘our home’. We’ve “The desire to connect with Life. Their hit music video “Good been there for over 10 years and people and get share my do feelings “I don’t it. What South American cowboys have to do with Morningâ€? includes several it’s been an invaluable compo- andSaddlebackians?â€? questioned passion has always been Roy at Bauer, creator of Dissent the blog, scenes shot in Orange County nent of the band,â€? Carson said, the written and distributed at IVC. “If you’re gonna go with cowboys, forefront.â€? why not go decided to take a poll andoffound most private of you know a Gaucho and localsWeyou might be familthe out band’s studio in Carson haswith a vaqueros?â€? mesmerizing a native cowboy the South American region. But forusmost has been much Followdiscussion through blogs about the image our iar Echo Echo has oftheir Santa Ana. “It’s allowed to ofvoiceThere similar to Caleb mascot is portraying. Gustavo !$      own sound, kind of an alterna- write, produce, record and re- ill from Kings of Leon, but aArellano is offended by our mascot. ball,rock, a surprise, the Brazil team, a genie, drop the bass, and Not because of what it is, but because of the illustration’s lack of tive indie but genres are soccer hearse all in one place‌ be- unique tone and rasp that sets attention to detail. He says the image chosen to represent the Gaucho Gaucho pants. UCSB are the Gauchos as well. mostly opinionated. Either you sides countless nights of just him apart from any other singer. In April 2010 the Saddleback College Associated Student Govern- looks more like a stereotypical bandito than a South American cowwant to ment dance and jam out, or killing the time enjoying oth- theWesley pitched a resolution to modify mascot. ASGeach proposed boy. smashes the keyboard slow dance with lighters in the ers company.â€? and percussion, multitasking following solutions: Create an art contest where students can compete “Look, Saddleback: if you’re going to use Latino stereotypes, at least

use the right ones,â€? Arellano, blogger for OC Weekly said. “They can’t even get the sombrero right-the one Saddleback College’s macot wears is a Mexican sombrero, while the type common to Argen %  So what exactly is a Gaucho? People from the RĂ­o de la Plata zone (Argentina and Uruguay). They were all horsemen who took care of horses and can be related to the traditional American cowboy. UCSB got their nickname in 1936 when inspired by Douglas Fairbanks’s  $"  #   population led a vote, the mascot was changed from the Roadrunners to the Gauchos.            Gaucho could be:


air. They are a real band, making real music, with real love for what they do. Echo Echo is Andrew Wesley, Bruce Yolken, Darren Carr, Jameson Burt and Steve Carson. From Santa Ana, Calif., the band has played at venues like The Observatory in Costa Mesa and Hotel Cafe in Hollywood. “There is no formula for creating art,� said lead vocalist Steve Carson. “You may have found a way that is currently working for you, but at any given time that way could change and you’ll find yourself writing your next lyric or humming your next melody in the most random place.� Currently, the quintet is working on their next “offer-

In the past, they have made records at studios including the Compound Studio in Signal Hill, Henson Recording Studios in Hollywood, Action Go Now Studios in Hollywood, and Sound City in Van Nuys. A few of their favorite venues have not lasted, like The Gypsy Lounge in Lake Forest and now the Detroit Bar. It’s a struggle for more than musicians to watch popular venues shut down. “This leaves bands, fans, and music scenes looking for new refuge and a place to call home,� Carson said. Over the years, Echo Echo’s energy, inspiration and drive most commonly has come from the need and desire to express feelings and experiences

background vocals with lead guitarist Burt. Yolken rips the bass to shreds and Carr bangs out the drums, creating a dist. Aside from performing a kickass show and producing extraordinary music, these guys are quite possible the most humbling, down to earth to reside here in Orange County. “Over the past few years we’ve come to realize that it’s important for people to love you what you do or hate it.� Carson said. “The people in middle don’t matter. Indifference is not sexy.� Echo Echo will be headlining Rockin’ A Cure for CF5 benefit on Saturday, May 17 at 4 p.m. – 10 p.m. at the Garden Grove Festival Amphitheater. Rockin’ for a Cure is raising funds to help find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis and have several performers, vendors and sponsors, who will also be a part of the event. Tickets are $15 General Admission and $20 VIP.

change everything.

Scan the QR Code with your smartphone to visit Echo Echo’s Social Media.

Attend An Information Session: April 9th in Irvine

The Bachelor of Science in Management

Irvine, West LA, Encino Graduate Campuses


The members of Echo Echo are Bruce Yolken (bass), Darren Carr (drums), Jameson Burt (guitar), Steve Carson (vocals), Andrew Wesley (keyboards). MEET THE BAND:

A Higher Degree of You


Lariat WEDNESDAY, April 2, 2014

Sports 4



Saddleback streak snapped






Sophomore third baseman Louie Payetta squares off against the Golden West Rustlers in their loss, 2-1, Thursday at Doug Fritz field. MAtthew Corkill Photo Editor

The Saddleback Gaucho bats came up short with runners in scoring position in their loss to the Golden West Rustlers, 2-1, at Doug Fritz field Thursday. The Gauchos fell behind early after lead off hitter for Golden West Michael Farris reached on what should have been a routine play to second and eventually scored on a two out single by Andrew Yazdanbakhsh making it 1-0. The second inning was led off by a walk to Daniel Maguire who also scored with two outs on a single by Michael Farris to right center adding to the Rustler lead, 2-0. Sophomore starter Anthony Shew pitched a complete game allowing only two earned runs in the Saddleback loss to Golden West, 2-1, on Thursday at Doug Fritz field. Sophomore starter Anthony Shew threw a complete game facing 35 batters and only allowed two earned runs with two strikeouts and a walk. Unfortunately for Shew that although

Gauchos take over first in OEC with walk-off MAtthew Corkill Photo Editor

The Saddleback Gauchos rallied late to take first place alone in the Orange Empire Conference and extend their winning streak to six games in their victory over the Fullerton Hornets, 5-4, at Doug Fritz field on Tuesday night. Saddleback struck first with a two out rally in the bottom of the first inning sparked by three consecutive singles by sophomore Mitchell Holland, sophomore Louie Payetta and an RBI single by freshman Casey Worden to give Saddleback the 1-0 lead. In the top of the third inning the Hornets tied it up on an RBI single by freshman Oliver Jackson, but Saddleback immediately answered with a rally of their own in the bottom half to take the lead back, 2-1, following a throwing error into the Gaucho dugout by the Hornets right fielder that allowed freshman Dylan Diaz to score safely. This game was not without controversy. In the top of the fourth inning the Hornets formed a two out rally started by a walk, a hit batsman and a ground ball that took a hard hop causing a fielding error by Saddleback sophomore shortstop Casey Bennett to load the bases before what should have been the inning ending out on a low-hanging line drive to sophomore right fielder Brandon Cody who made a fantastic play on the ball. Unfortunately for the Gauchos, the ruling on the field was that Cody had trapped the ball and it was still live, allowing the bases to clear and the Hornets to take a 4-2 lead. Sophomore Louie Payetta charges up the Saddleback dugout after his triple in the Gaucho vic-

the Gaucho bats were active with nine hits, they were only able to bring home sophomore Brandon Cody on a sacrifice fly to center by sophomore Louie Payetta in the bottom of the seventh for the lone Saddleback score, 2-1. The Gauchos left 11 runners left on base with seven in scoring position validating why head coach McCartney stresses the importance of timely hitting. “We had a lot of opportunities to score, we had a lot of base runners with nine hits, but we just couldn’t get them across,” outfielder Brett Barker, 20, kinesiology major said after the loss. “We just need to stay positive and keep the same approach staying within ourselves for tomorrow.” Saddleback (16-8, 8-4) remains in first place in the OEC standing, but is now in a three way tie with Orange Coast (20-6, 8-4) and Santa Ana (17-8, 8-4). The Gauchos will travel to Golden West (12-15, 3-9) to close the season series against the Rustlers on Friday with first pitch at 2 p.m.

tory against the Fullerton Hornets, 5-4, at Doug Fritz field Tuesday night. For the final three innings the Saddleback dugout pulled together to climb back into the game with a run in both the seventh on a sophomore Slate Miller RBI ground out and in the eighth after a Payetta triple and an RBI single by freshman Hunter Cullen to tie it up behind a solid relief appearance by sophomore Coleman Huntley (4-1). “I’m excited for our team ,our guys they work hard and they don’t quit,” head coach Sommer McCartney said. “They’ve been that way all season, they’re pretty gritty and I reminded them in the sixth and seventh inning to keep that grit and we found a way.” Tied, 4-4, in the bottom of the ninth the Gaucho’s bench exploded with energy. Freshman Brett Barker pinch hit to lead the inning off with a sharply hit single to center field that was followed by Dylan Diaz’s sacrifice bunt that led to a throwing error by the Hornet reliever allowing Barker to advance to second and Diaz to reach safely. Freshman Luke Jarvis came in to pinch run for Barker and was able to advance to third on a botched pick off attempt before Slate Miller was walked to load the bases for Mitchell Holland with no outs. Holland came to the plate looking determined to bring Jarvis in and on a 1-0 count he took a past ball inside that allowed Jarvis to score the game winner, 5-4. “It was a big win tonight against a really good team,” third baseman Louie Payetta, 19, social sciences major said following the victory. “The guys played extremely well tonight and it was huge for us, we’ve got to keep the same approach of staying humble and working hard looking forward.” Saddleback (16-7, 8-3) continues their playoff push next against Golden West (11-15, 2-9) at Doug Fritz Field on Thursday with first pitch at 2 p.m.

Students, today’s lesson is in comfort, convenience and value. When you ride Metrolink, you’ll enjoy having time to connect with friends via social media, easy parking, even some extra quiet time to study, all while saving some serious cash. Visit our website to learn more, and get ready to move to the head of the class.

Saddleback teammates celebrate after a walk-off win.


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