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MARCH 2010

vol. 47, no. 3 • delivered to the 76,439 readers in hancock park • windsor square • fremont place • park labrea • larchmont village • Miracle Mile

New schools set to open in September

Election among issues on council agenda March 10 Candidate deadline

Larchmont was model

ANNUAL EDITION Section three.

SECTION ONE TEMPLE denied permit.


ST. BRENDAN School blessed.


SIDEWALK SALE on boulevard. 8 NANCY MUNGER remembered. 8 POET in our midst. 9 SAVE THE PEAK and view. 12 JEWELRY that heals.


CHORALE sings "All the Pleasures." 20 PLAYERS spin "Charlotte's Web." 33

SECTION TWO Real Estate Home & Garden

CHATEAU sweet chateau. 2 AREA NURSERY at Pasadena Showcase. 4 WOMEN in construction.


For Information on Advertising Rates, Please Call Pam Rudy 323-462-2241, x 11

Two new campuses will be drawing area students when they open this fall. A new campus is slated to open in central Hollywood in September utilizing a similar curriculum and philosophy to Larchmont Charter School. Citizens of the World Charter Hollywood: A Public School “has an incredible team of experts founding the school and it’s going to be a great option for families here,” said executive director Tara Kelly, who was also a founding member of Larchmont Charter School. Citizens of the World intends to open with 60 students each in grades K-1, expanding annually until the campus ultimately serves grades K-8. “We are very committed to enrolling a diverse group of students ethnically and socioeconomically,” said Kelly, further noting that the school is now accepting applications through March 15. See Schools, p. 17

MAYA NOVICKI sits on shoes she collected for Haiti survivors at Cathedral Chapel School. On hand were school principal Tina Kipp and Maya’s stepdad Carl Risinger. Story page 9

Garage elevator out of service With the elevator down, Larchmont parking garage patrons can burn some calories and get in the habit of taking the stairs over the next few weeks. The elevator in the city garage next to Rite-Aid will be replaced by early April, according to a department of transportation spokesman. The garage will operate normally, and will continue to be open Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and on Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the replacement project.

'Spotty' at best, residents say of city enforcement Muirfield Road needs to be consistent with historic plan After nearly four months, residents of Muirfield Road got some relief in mid-February when city workers showed up to continue street repairs. Residents of the 300, 400 and 500 blocks had a rude awakening in early November when bulldozers and jack hammers were heard outside their doors. Without notifying residents, the city planned to pave the concrete street with asphalt, a violation of the area’s Historic Preservation Overlay Zone, says Cindy Chvatal, president of the Hancock Park Homeowners Assoc. The work was stopped, while a solution could be found. The city eventually relented, and resumed the work, this time with plans to pour concrete. The above incident is indicative of a code enforcement issue that some residents say is out of control.

“Poor, spotty, inconsistent,” were some of the words used to describe the city’s enforcement of its HPOZ, said Chvatal. A spokesman from LaBonge’s office explained the costs to pour concrete are 10 times

more than asphalt. The intersections at Fourth St. and a portion of Fifth, both at Muirfield, will, however be paved in black asphalt, the material used on the site in the 1960s, and therefore in keepSee City enforcement, p. 7

Election procedures will be on the agenda at the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council meeting on Wed., March 10 at 7 p.m. at The Ebell, 743 S. Lucerne Blvd. Deadline to file as a candidate is Mon., March 15. Elections are being held Thurs., May 13. Prospective candidates for the 21-member GWNC board are invited to a meeting Sat., March 6 at 9:30 a.m. at 6501 Fountain Ave. Other agenda items expected to be discussed include the proposed CVS Pharmacy at the northwest corner of Third St. and La Brea Ave., a new pre-school at Elmwood Ave. and request for wine and beer sales at the Mobil Station, 4605 Beverly Blvd. The Council successfully participated with Hancock Park Homeowners Assoc. to prevent the granting of alcohol sales at Mozza to Go on Melrose Ave. near Highland Ave.

Chronicle Camp issue in April Our annual Summer Camps & Programs edition will be published in our April issue. Deadline for advertising space is Mon., March 15. For more information call Pam Rudy at 323-4622241, ext. 11, or

On the Boulevard Glimpses by Jane

OOPS. The area’s historic zone, requiring concrete—based on the 1920s design—was not considered during recent repairs.

Spring is around the corner, and Larchmontians are wondering where did the time go. We hear new stores are opening, including a children’s store where Half-Off Clothing used to be. *** We chatted with Juanita See BLVD., p. 7 ~ Entire Issue Online!



Community Platform By Jane Gilman

March 2010

Larchmont Chronicle

Scene on Larchmont

Challenges ahead The “Miracle Mile 2010” section contained in this issue highlights what’s happening in the area. Unfortunately, the repair of potholes lining Wilshire Blvd., isn’t one of the events that is happening. The potholes are supposed to be repaved in July, but the funds available only call for one and onehalf lanes to be resurfaced. These would be the inside lanes for the Bus Rapid Transit project. With the city budget shortfall, we may need to initiate our own pave-it-yourself project for the remaining lanes. We also see a need for bicycle lanes, traffic mitigation and increased use of public transportation. With the Legacy 163-unit building opening, on the heels of the opening of the adjacent 284-unit 5600 building, we need to work with developers on traffic mitigations. These concerns will be on the agendas of the many volunteer civic organizations which safeguard and enhance the community. These include Mid-City West Community Council, Miracle Mile Residential Association, Miracle Mile Civic Association and the Miracle Mile Chamber of Commerce. We compliment these volunteer groups for their dedication in maintaining and enhancing the community

That's the question inquiring photographer Laura Eversz asked people along Larchmont Blvd.

EARLY READER. Aoife O’Connell, 2½, is absorbed in “The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin” while her mom, Catherine Dupree, does her shopping.

Letter to the editor Fairfax Theater

Become a Dues Paying Member of the HPHOA, est. 1948!

This is the time of year we ask all members of the Hancock Park Homeowners Association, est. 1948, to pay their annual dues. Every homeowner in Hancock Park is a member of the Association, but in order to vote in Association elections or serve on the Board of Directors you must be ‘dues paying member’. Your dues go to supporting Association initiatives such as tree planting, neighborhood beautification, information distribution and many other things. In addition, having a large proportion of dues paying members tells the City the neighborhood supports the Association’s initiatives to keep our historic neighborhood safe and beautiful. So when you get the dues envelope, please tuck in a check and mail it back. Mozza To-Go withdrew their request to get a license to sell liquor to go. This was in the face of strong opposition from neighbors and the almost certain denial of the request by the hearing officer. Given the existing and as yet unaddressed problems with parking and inappropriate behavior by customers and by employees in front of our neighbors’ houses, the assurances of the restaurant operators that they’d deal with any problems arising from the alcohol sales was not credible. The Conditional Use Permit that was issued has strong guarantees in place that parking be provided for employees and patrons, and that a community hot line will be established. Regular communication meetings with the Council offices and neighborhood will also be held to address problems. Thanks to Board member John Rolf and his neighbors for their hard work. The LAPD has responded quickly to the recent outbreak of crime in Hancock Park. Please report any crime to our Senior Lead Officer, Dave Cordova (213-793-0650; email: ) and/or the LAPD Wilshire Division (213-473-0476; http://www.lapdonline. org/wilshire_community_police_station). The enables the LAPD to assign additional resources. If you have any Security questions contact HPHOA Security Committee Co-Chair – Craig Gering – Our newsletter is going online. Watch the website for the next issue. The Association is also planning on discontinuing the telephone number and asks that residents use the website for communication. We’re staffing committees for the new year so if you’d like to volunteer to serve on a committee, or if you have a question or concerns please visit our website: or write the Association at 137 N. Larchmont Blvd., Los Angeles, 90004. If you’re planning changes to your house, be sure and review the Preservation Plan for Hancock Park which is available on the HPHOA 48 web site, www., or the Los Angeles Planning Department web site: . The City planner responsible for Hancock Park is Monique Acosta, 213-978-1169. Please report graffiti sightings by calling 311 or at the City’s Anti-Graffiti Request System - http://anti-graffiti. and by calling Hollywood Beautification, 323-463-5180 Also, report graffiti sightings to Graffiti Committee CoChairs Pam Newhouse at 323-939-5681; email address new140@aol. com or Serena Apfel, 323-936-4928; email address sjapfel@hotmail. com. For questions regarding filming contact the Filming Committee CoChairs, Ruth Marmelzat or Cami Taylor. Ruth can be reached at 323-934-0138 and Cami at 323-692-1414 (Home) and 310-659-6220 (office). Adv.

"Have you kept your New Year's resolutions?"

RE: “Fairfax Theatre threatened with demolition for mixed-use building,” (Dec. 2009). Being a 1950s Southland teenager, I have fond memories of the Fairfax District. Parking cars at Billy Gray’s Band Box, the Silent Movie Theatre, Canter’s, and of course, the Fairfax Theatre, where I could see two films for “75 cents” … Really! Let’s hope this famed landmark theatre since 1929 (years before the Farmers Market), will not become “just another condo,” which has been the fate of so many L.A. historical buildings over the years. Eddie Cress Sylmar, Calif.

Larchmont Chronicle Founded in 1963 Publishers Jane and Irwin Gilman Editor Jane Gilman Associate Editor Suzan Filipek Assistant Editor Laura Eversz Editorial Assistant Alicia Doyle Advertising Director Pam Rudy Classified Manager Geri Freer Art Director Maria Bouniol Circulation Manager Rachel Olivier Production Assistant Nancy MacCoon Accounting Yvonne Auerbach 542 1/2 N. Larchmont Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90004 323-462-2241

"What's a resolution? Oh, mine was to not lose my temper. I'm doing pretty well, except with my sister." Flynn Wilburn (right) Gardner Wilburn 7th St.

Police Beat WILSHIRE DIVISION Furnished by Senior Lead Officer Dave Cordova

Stolen property recovered after four arrests

Stolen property was recovered following the Feb. 11 arrest of four suspects allegedly responsible for multiple auto burglaries. On Feb. 4 around 9 p.m., officers responded to a call of a vehicle burglarized in the 5500 block of Wilshire Blvd. A follow-up to a nearby motel where the suspects were residing led to the recovery of numerous items of suspected stolen property, including personal checks, travel bags, sunglasses and small electronics. PREVENTION TIP: Detectives are advising the public to refrain from leaving any property that can be used to access (Please turn to page 4)

Community Calendar Wed., March 10 - Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council, The Ebell of Los Angeles, 741 S. Lucerne Blvd., 7 p.m. Sat., March 20 - Hazardous Waste Roundup, Park La Brea Activity Center, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sun., March 21 - Los Angeles Marathon. The race begins at Dodger Stadium at 7:25 a.m., and ends near the Santa Monica pier. Fri., April 2 - Neighborhood delivery of The Larchmont Chronicle.

"I have kept them all, including working smarter, not harder; getting back to yoga class; communicating more clearly and concisely and listening better." Michel Bayan Sycamore Ave.

"It's funny you ask. I was just thinking about a resolution I made to organize my closets in '97 and I realized it's 2010 and I still haven't haven't done it. I feel guilty." Jill Galloway Irving Blvd.

"Yes I have. My resolution was to not make any resolutions, since they usually fall apart. But I did resolve to add more fun into my life." Barbara Hale Gramercy Place

March 2010

Larchmont Chronicle




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GET it on sale.

Section 1, 8

TOUR to show off fundraising results. Section 1, 15; Section 2, 9

GOOD NEWS from haiti. Section 1, 16

Section two REAL ESTATE 1 - 11 Real Estate Sales - 8 HOME & GARDEN




Section three MIRACLE MILE


FITNESS czar. Section 1, 10


Section 1, 24

WITCH'S tale of third St. School. Section 1, 18

Notes From the

Yankee thrift. That old time expression reminds everyone to conserve and not waste. Going green, watching our resources and being mindful of not wasting is not a new concept but it has become the buzz and attracted more and more attention. Larchmont Boulevard believes in these new old-fashioned values. The Boulevard represents more value for your dollar, believes in the value of the neighborhood, and encourages a Larchmont lifestyle that promotes neighborly conversations and feelings. The stores are comfortable, friendly and have excellent values; the restaurants are neighborly, care about your experience with them and all are appreciative of your business. I love North of Beverly on Larchmont Boulevard – from Bricks & Scones to the Larchmont Larder. These establishments are terrific and so appreciate your patronage. Our area encompasses many wonderful and diverse areas from Hancock Park, Miracle Mile, Lafayette Square and many others. Larchmont Boulevard is truly our neighborhood gathering spot. Our services are unparalleled; our establishments are amazing providers of great caring services. I continually have to thank the organizations that surround us, from the Hancock Park Windsor Square Historical Society, the Rotary Club, the Garden Club, and the Wilshire Neighborhood Council which contribute with their support and knowledge to enhance, preserve and keep the Larchmont Experience – an experience that so many areas of the city and state are trying to find. Please support our members at and enter your email address. I will keep you up to date on Larchmont Boulevard activities. Adv.

The WSA Block cApTAin neTWork:

GeTGWNC INvolved TaCkles WITH your HoT-B CommuNITy uTToN Issues – ruN forNovember a seaT oN THe NofeIGHBorHood ouNCIl The 11 meeting the GWNC agendaCwas full of!

important land Neighborhood use and community issues including: Greater Wilshire Council Elections will be held on May 13, 2010. • Cell Phone Tower Proliferation – The GWNC Board of Directors voted unanimously to recommend a moratorium on all Filing period: The candidate filing period began on Friday, new cell phone towers until the laws can be reviewed and a new February 12, 2010 and will end on March 15, 2010. policy created. • Larchmont Bungalow 107 N. Larchmont) Comments Candidate Meeting: An ( informational meeting – for candidates were will heard from the managers of the Larchmont Bungalow and GWNC be held on Saturday, March 6 from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m at Board members regarding to the business’ requirement to operate Hollywood City Hall, 6501 Fountain Avenue. as a takeout facility. The GWNC Board voted 12 in favor, one opposed enforcement of “Q” conditions in http://www. general and How to filetoforsupport candidacy: Download the filing form at the specific actions of the City of Los Angeles Building & Safety or call the to enforce the requirements in this case. City Clerk’s office at 213.978.0444 or register at the informational • Wilshire Subway, Crenshaw Station – Eight GWNC board meeting on March 6, 2010. members voted in favor, one opposed and four abstained for a motion categories: to oppose the building of a are station at Crenshaw Candidate Representatives selected for each and of Wilshire Boulevards. The GWNC will invite MTA planners to 15 geographic areas and 6 special interest categoraies. Candidates attend ourto January to in discuss for who wish file for meeting election one options of the for 15 development geographic area the existing MTA-owned property at the corner of Crenshaw and positions must qualify as a Stakeholder who lives, works, or owns Wilshire. property within the geographic area the candidate seeks to represent. • Proposed Medical Marijuana Ordinance – Twelve GWNC Board GWNC geographic areas include: Brookside, Citrus Square, Country votes in favor and one abstention for recommending the GWNC Club Heights, Fremont Place, Hancock Park, La of Brea/Hancock, support the City Attorney and the fourth draft the proposed Larchmont Village, Melrose, Oakwood-Maplewood/St. Andrews, ordinance. Ridgewood/Wilton-St. Andrews Square, Sycamore Square, Western• Windsor Village Developer Lawsuit – The GWNC Board voted Wilton, Wilshire Park, Windsor Square, and Windsor Village. More unanimously to request that the City of Los Angeles vigorously defend a lawsuit brought by the developer of the property located information on the specific boundaries of the 15 geographic areas can at 751-752 South Windsor Blvd. alleging “abuse of discretion” in be found on pages 15 and 16 of the GWNC bylaws at http://www. denials of development permits within the Park Mile area. • Fire station 29 New GPS Units purchased – The GWNC _%20Approved%205-13-09.pdf purchased and delivered five portable GPS units for Fire station Candidates who wish to file for election in one of the 6 special interest 29The station’s captain reports “they are thrilled” with the items. • Robert Burns Park – The GWNC Board voted unanimously categories must qualify as a Stakeholder who participates on a regular to ongoing spend $658.50 for special five 24” boxed trees for landscaping and basis in the interest category thethe candidate seeks to improvements at Robert Burns Park. The park has been temporarily represent. The 6 special interest categories include: Business, closed for re-seeding of the lawn and new landscaping. Renter, Education, Religion, other Non-profit and At-Large. For more information on the election process and other neighborhood We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting – January 13, 2010, 7 p.m., @ the Wilshire Ebell , Parking available issues, please join us at our next meeting, Wednesday, March 10, in the lot! 2010, 7pm at The Ebell.

We want to hear from you… if you haven’t joined our mailing list – please write to and ask to be added.

keeping the community informed.

• On January 29th a woman was assaulted in a Windsor Square residence. The WSA Block Captain Network quickly emailed to the community descriptions of the suspect and his actions, which were provided by neighbors and Olympic Station LAPD officers Captain Matt Blake and Senior Lead Officer Joe Pelayo. The Block Captain Network reported a suspect’s arrest by Olympic Station officers the next day: a great example of community action at work. • Residents who wish to receive emails about neighborhood issues, including crime, are encouraged to contact Wendy Savage at Some Windsor Square blocks do not have a Block Captain, so residents are also welcome to contact Wendy to volunteer to serve.

2010 WSA officerS. The WSA Board of Directors elected new officers for 2010 in January: President – Vice President – Treasurer – Secretary –

Larry Guzin John Welborne Mike Genewick Vince Chieffo

Please visit our WSA website at for updates or to contact the Association and its committee chairs. The Windsor Square Association, an all-volunteer group of residents from 1100 households between Beverly and Wilshire and Van Ness and Arden, works to preserve and enhance our beautiful neighborhood. Join with us! Drop us a line at 157 N. Larchmont Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90004, or visit our website at ADV.

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By John Winther



MarCh 2010


(Continued from page 2) one’s credit card or checking account in their vehicles. Too many times, the victims become secondary victims of forgery, identity theft and fraud crimes when these types of items are left unsecured in their vehicles. BURGLARIES: A home on the 700 block of N. Orange Dr. was burglarized on Feb. 13 between 4:30 and 10 p.m. The suspect gained entry through a side window and ransacked the home before leaving. Jewelry and other property were taken from a home on the 300 block of S. McCadden Pl. between 5 p.m. on Feb. 19 and 8:30 a.m. on Feb. 21. The suspect smashed the victim’s door to gain entry. GRAND THEFT AUTO: A 2002 Toyota Tacoma was taken from the 400 block of N. Citrus Ave. between 11:50 p.m. on Feb. 16 and 9:20 a.m. on Feb. 17. A 2001 Ford Focus was taken from the 500 block of N. Rossmore Ave. between 11 p.m. on Feb. 18 and 11 a.m. on Feb. 19. A 2001 Toyota Corolla parked near 1st St. and Mansfield Ave. was taken between 10 p.m. on Feb. 19 and 11 a.m. on Feb. 20.

THEFT: Jewelry was taken from a home on the 400 block of S. Hudson Ave. between 10:45 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. on Feb. 19. BURGLARIES FROM VEHICLE: Front headlights and property were taken from a car parked on the 300 block of N. Orange Dr. between 9 p.m. on Feb. 7 and 8 a.m. on Feb. 9. The suspect used an unknown tool to cut the headlights from the vehicle and gain entry. Property was taken from a 2010 Ford Focus parked near the 600 block of N. Orange Dr. between 7 p.m. on Feb. 20 and 7:50 a.m. on Feb. 21. The suspect smashed the vehicle window to gain entry.

OLYMPIC DIVISION Furnished by Senior Lead Officer Joseph Pelayo BURGLARY: A suspect was surprised by the victim as he attempted to use a pry tool to open the door of a secured residence on the 400 block of S. Gramercy Place on Thurs., Feb. 18. Nothing was taken and the suspect fled on foot.


at Chocoholics European Cafe

A suspect who broke into a Windsor Square home on Jan. 29 is expected to appear in court this month for a preliminary hearing on seven felony counts. John Christopher Munoz was arrested the day after he allegedly attempted to rape a 56-year-old housekeeper at a home on the 100 block of S. Van Ness Ave. GRAND THEFT AUTO: On Wed., Feb. 3 a 1995 Honda Accord was stolen from the 200 block of S. Ridgewood Place. A 1995 Honda Civic was taken from near the corner of Gramercy and 8th St. on Thurs., Feb. 18. Suspect left a duffel bag and possible video at the scene, prints were taken. BURGLARIES FROM VEHICLE: A 1995 Ford was broken into and property stolen from it while parked on the 500 block of Gramercy Place on Wed., Feb. 3. A car was broken into and property stolen from it on Thurs., Feb. 11 while it was parked on the 4400 block of Maplewood Ave. A 2004 Chevy was broken into and property taken from it on Fri., Feb. 5, while parked on the 400 block of S. Norton Ave. Graffiti Removal Operation Clean Sweep .............................. 311 Hollywood Beautification ............. 323-463-5180

Munoz, 19, gained access to a balcony after climbing onto the roof of a garage and forcing open a window. He then attempted to sexually assault the victim. "She fought back, scratching him up pretty badly," said Det. Kurt Wachter of the LAPD's Operations West Bureau, Sexual Assault Detail. The suspect fled the way he entered. The Windsor Sqaure Association quickly e-mailed descriptions of the suspect, which were provided by neighbors and Olympic Station com-

manding officer Capt. Mattt Blake and Senior Lead Officer Joe Pelayo. "We were looking around the clock for the suspect," said Wachter. Around 2 p.m. the following day, two officers spotted a man fitting the suspect's description near the corner of Gramercy Place and 8th St. Munoz was positively identified at the Olympic Division station by the victim, who was there at the time helping to create a police sketch of him. He was arrested and is being held on $2,420,000 bail.

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March 2010

Larchmont Chronicle

New Park La Brea board revitalizes committees In a move to involve more of its 10,000 residents in Park La Brea in activities, the residents’ association board has opened membership to everyone. New activities include a Theatre and Performing Arts Group. Actors, dancers and writers can audition for upcoming shows. The Clean and Green committee is scheduling a hazardous waste collection on Sat. March 20 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the activity center. Zhita Rea, chairman of the Community Activities committee, said her group will coordinate movies and monthly evening movie programs in the activities center. Rea is also the interim head of the Mediation committee, which reviews the grievance process and determines how


Highland Ave. temple denied permit, again The city has ruled that the Orthodox Jewish temple at Highland Ave. and Third St., Etz Chaim, cannot hold religious services. “It’s not all over, but it’s a milestone,” said attorney Michael Wright. He represents the Concerned Residents of Hancock Park. The group sued the congregation after it built an 8,000-square foot home/temple on the property corner. At the hearing last month Renee Weitzer, chief of staff for Councilman Tom La Bonge, also spoke against the appeal. Rabbi Rubin, of Etz Chaim at 303 S. Highland, argued ethnic discrimination was in force and for the needs of the congregants—Holocaust survivors, the elderly—for a neighborhood temple. The decision by the Central Area Planning Commission ruled against an appeal by the

to handle unresolved issues between residents and management. Another group is the Membership Growth and Community Outreach committee chaired by Carolyn Kreisman. Other committees will oversee garden apartments, tower apartments and east-ofHauser apartments, emergency preparedness and resident safety. There are two dues categories: voting members who pay $15 per year, and non-voting members at no charge. A new board of directors was elected in January, and new officers will be elected on April 5. To learn more about these committees, call 323-9341177; or send an e-mail to

DENIED. Residents are waiting for the city to enforce the ruling.

congregation on Feb. 23. The decision upholds a Zoning Administrator’s ruling last year, which denied the temple a conditional use permit to operate as both a home and a temple holding bar mitzvahs, weddings and other events in

the single-family area. Neighbors first took the congregation to court years ago. Several lawsuits and appeals at the city and state level have been filed since the temple began operations on the property in 1996.

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New buildings blessed at St. Brendan





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Karen Bass seeks to represent the state's 33rd Congressional District Assembly Speaker Karen Bass (D-Los Angeles) announced she would seek to represent California's 33rd Congressional District. Bass made history when the California Assembly elected her to be its 67th speaker, making her the first African American woman in the country to serve in this role. Known for spearheading infrastructure projects to create new jobs in the state, Bass has also championed efforts to provide quality healthcare to Californians and expand

opportunities for California's youth. Congresswoman Diane Watson said she is endorsing Bass because she is the best candidate for the job of representing the diverse 33rd Congressional District. In other endorsements, "Karen has the experience, the leadership and the fiscal discipline we need and will be a great advocate for Los Angeles," said City Controller Wendy Greuel, who worked with Bass to help launch Workplace Hollywood.

A NEW BUILDING adjoining St. Brendan School's original structure at 238 S. Manhattan Place houses a kindergarten classroom, arts and science and conference rooms and a faculty lounge.

The other building acts as a parish center, with a large multi-purpose room, a gym, kitchen and lots of storage. “It’s a parish center, so it’s used for all sorts of things, including after-school sports, drama club, scout meetings and parish activities,” said O’Conner. In addition, there’s a green

Marathon route bypasses area For the first time in years, area streets won’t be affected by the L.A. Marathon, which runs a new route on Sun., March 21. Dubbed “Stadium to the Sea,” the 25th annual marathon begins at Dodger Stadium at 7:25 a.m. It proceeds up Sunset Blvd., to Hollywood Blvd. and continues on through West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, ending near the Santa Monica pier. A 5K Run/Walk is on Sat., March 20. Register before March 12 at


St. Brendan Catholic school and church families, including parents, teachers, students and alumni, and special guest, retired principal Sister Marta Ann Cota, gathered recently for a ceremony to bless the school’s new buildings. The 18-month construction project began in June of 2008 after half of its $12 million cost was raised. The additions were finished when school started last fall. A building that adjoins the school’s original structure includes a kindergarten classroom, arts and science rooms, three conference rooms, a faculty lounge and a computer-room-to-be, said principal Sister Maureen O’Conner. “It’s interesting because the new building has been made to look like the old, as if they had always existed together,” she said.

Larchmont Chronicle



field and a new lunch area. “The youngsters are happy with the extended play space, and all the kids love the new classrooms where art and music are taught,” she added.


Volunteers sought for L.A. Marathon With about 25,000 runners expected to participate in the L.A. Marathon on March 21, "we will need about 5,000 volunteers to make the race work for both our competitors and the communities on the course," said Nick Curl, race director. Thirty-five different positions are available. To volunteer, sign up online at

306 N. Larchmont Blvd.

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Monday-Saturday, 6:30 a.m.– 7:00 p.m. Sunday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

March 2010

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Mayor calls on residents for ideas on trimming budget

ing with the historical zone, city officials say. Besides, costs to pave the


(Continued from page 1) Kemp as she was coming out of Wells Fargo. She told us she keeps her accounts in three different banks on Larchmont since she hates bookkeeping and that’s how she keeps her accounts straight. *** Kay Balue was in Flicka buying a gift for her four-yearold granddaughter Brooke Balue. Parents Richard and Kelly Balue live in Manhattan Beach. *** We heard from Daryl Twerdahl at Chevalier’s Books that her daughter Johanna Pirko is practicing appellate law in Seattle. *** Rosemarie Tutunjian was shopping for a birthday present for her sister Esther at Landis General Store when we met her.

two portions would be prohibitive at $100,000 each. The Hancock Park HPOZ board met March 3, after the Chronicle went to press, to discuss painting the two intersections grey to match the concrete. “Neighborhood preservation is a top priority,” said Councilmember LaBonge. “I am working closely with city officials, residents of Muirfield Road and the Hancock Park HPOZ board to get the street repaired in the manner that is consistent with the Hancock Park preservation plan.” Another case that has residents fuming involves a new driveway on S. Las Palmas Ave. Judging by a photograph, the driveway, which was framed and poured Dec. 1, encroaches on its neighbor’s property and is wider by its predecessor by almost seven feet. The LaBonge spokesman said the contractor violated the permit and has been told to restore the driveway and submit new plans to the HPOZ Board and city Planning Dept. Councilman Paul Koretz,

meanwhile, has introduced a motion that would penalize offenders for proceeding without necessary permits. Rather than letting the fallout hit the neighbors and taxpayers, if passed, the proposed ordinance would target violators of city zoning laws.

tom ford (323) 465-9682 • Dr. Maria Georgitsis 317 NORTH LARCHMONT BLVD


rch n La


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(Continued from page 1)

(the Loop) were raised in January by 75 cents to $4.25 an hour.

© LC 0310


ing to climb in that city. Residents were notified that meter rates in the downtown area

© LC 0309

DRIVEWAY on Las Palmas was enlarged in violation of city zoning laws. The owner is being cited and required to obtain a new permit, according to Councilman Tom LaBonge's staff.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa called upon Angelinos to complete a survey on where to cut the city budget. The survey, called Los Angeles Budget Challenge, is designed to assist the mayor in ideas on how to balance a projected $400 million deficit. City officials will have to make service reductions, furloughs, and revenue generating initiatives. Among the suggestions is a plan to privatize the city’s parking lots. Opponents contend that parking rates will skyrocket. The city of Chicago sold its parking meters to a private company. Rates are continu-


MarCh 2010


Larchmont Chronicle

Guzin to head Windsor Square Association Larry Guzin has been elected president of the Windsor Square Association. Guzin, who has served as head of the security committee, replaces Mike Genewick. Genewick, who has served as president for the past four years, will resume his previous post as treasurer. John Welborne has been named vice president; Vince Chieffo is secretary. Boundaries are: Beverly Blvd. to Wilshire Blvd.; Van Ness Ave. to Arden Blvd.

JEWELRY, GIFT ITEMS, T-shirts and toys will be among the bargains on sale during the semi-annual three-day sidewalk sale on Fri., March 5, Sat., March 6 and Sun., March 7 on Larchmont Blvd. More than 24 retail shop owners who belong to the sale sponsors, Larchmont Boulevard Assoc., will participate.

Infant & Children's Clothing & Toys

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MARCH 5,6 & 7

New ‘kitchen’ specializes in delivery, catering Cardinale Kitchen opened in February at 5784 Melrose Ave. at Vine St. Specializing in take-out, delivery and catering, Cardinale prides itself on homestyle food, cooked to order. “We are not exactly a restaurant, but more focused on delivery and take-out homestyle cooking for “everyday catering,” said Gabriel Guillen, owner. The menu selections reflect Italian-Argentine-American cuisine. Items include stuffed Milanesa, cannelloni, empanadas, shepherd's pie and Cobb salad. Chocolate cake and flan are on the dessert menu. Hours are every day, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Phone is 323-856-0135.


Nancy Munger, volunteer and philanthropist

Nancy Barry Munger died peacefully at her Hancock Park home on Feb. 6. She was 86. A graduate of Marlborough School and Stanford University, she dedicated her life to serving others. She was a trustee and board president of Marlborough School, a trustee of Stanford University, a trustee of the Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens, an overseer of the Hoover Institution and a board member of the YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles. In addition, she served as president of Las Madrinas, was honored for her service to the YMCA, and received the Spirit of Volunteerism Award from the Junior League of Los Angeles. Along with her husband, Charlie, Nancy supported a number of institutions with gifts, including the

Munger Research Center at the Huntington, the Munger Graduate Residence at Stanford University, the Munger Hall at Marlborough School, the Munger Science Center at Harvard-Westlake School and the Munger Family YMCA. Survivors include Charlie, her husband of 54 years, their children, Molly Munger, Wm. Harold Borthwick, Wendy Munger, David B. Borthwick, Charles T. Munger, Jr., Emelie Munger Ogden, Barry A. Munger and Philip R. Munger. She is also survived by 16 grandchildren and by her brother, David N. Barry III, his wife Margaret Carr Barry, and their children and grandchildren. A celebration of her life was held March 2 at the Huntington Library. Donations in Nancy’s name may be made to any of her charities, or to your own favorite charity.

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March 2010

Larchmont Chronicle


Sense of place evoked in Eric Gudas poetry Poet Eric Gudas finds inspiration for his poems from recollections of his childhood bedroom to his Hancock Park neighborhood, where he lives with his wife and daughter. A setting’s sights and smells lead him to the emotions. “I get more out of the details than big statements,” he says. His first full-length book—


Student organizes shoe collection for Haiti victims

an 80-page paperback—“Best Western and Hundreds of pairs of shoes are the Unit 43 Auxiliary of the Other Poems,” on their way to Haiti following Hollywood American Legion, was recently a drive organized by Cathedral headed the drive as a Legion published. project. Chapel School The title comes The project is student Maya PHOTO PAGE 1 from the motel being submitNovicki, 12. he and his father ted to the state Students, stayed at during faculty and parents contrib- convention for promoting a journey to his uted to the two-day drive in Americanism. grandmother’s She is the daughter of Carl January at the school. funeral years The campaign is sponsored and Heather Simon Risinger. ago. It was writThe Junior Auxiliary is open by Soles4Souls that collects ten at 15, when shoes from individuals and to girls ages 10 to 17 and meets he embarked footwear warehouses and dis- Monday nights at 7 p.m. at the on his writing Hollywood American Legion, tributes them free of charge. career, said the POET Eric Gudas in Hancock Park. Maya, a junior member of 2035 N. Highland Ave. Maryland native, Photo by Sarah Riordan who is worktury literature, he recently ing on his PhD in English at taught a class in 19th centuUCLA. ry American poetry, and also His dissertation is on teaches Shakespeare to underSouthern poet Eleanor Ross grads. Taylor, who turns 90 in June. There’s never been a better time to join than during our Whoever the author, poetry There’s never been a better time to join “Her language is incredibly Curves Food Drive. Our 30-minute circuit works every speaks to him like no other than during our Curves Food Drive. Our major muscle group so you can burn up to 500 calories. compressed, taut dense,” he 30-minute circuit works every major muscle genre. “You get the feeling the It’s good for everyone. said. group so you can burn up to 500 calories. writer is speaking to you,” he While he favors 20th cenIt’s Join good for for everyone. $‚ exercise enrollment Regular is provenfee to have long-lasting b says. health. ourof 30-minute circuit three tim when you your donate a Try bag groceries. Gudas has been described as work every major muscle group, streng Join You’ll for $0 enrollment “a dark Whitman chronicling heart and burn up to 500 calories each workout. a world of objects made to be fee when you donate thrown away” and a writer of poems which “celebrate our a bag of groceries. aliveness here on earth and Offer good 3/8 to 3/20 stops time long enough for us Offer based on first visit enrollment, minimum 12 mo. c.d./e.f.t program. New members only. N any other offer. Valid only at participating © 2010 Curves Internationa l wothrough men’2/27/10. a localocations to realize it.” o t s she o g TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE THE WORLD 000-000-0000 000-000-0000 000-000-0000 000-000-0000 000-000-0000 323-465-4652 lter! will s n 1 MILLION WOMEN STRONGER o i He and his wife, animator N. Larchmont Blvd. Address nat527Local Local Address Local Address Local Address Address Local o d Los Angeles, CA 90004 ood Alyssa Sherwood, live on Arden Local Address Local Address Local Address Local Address All f Local Address Blvd., with daughter Lilly, 5. “I love the sense of comcurves.c munity here,” says Eric. “It’s a rare part of L.A. where you TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE THE WORLD 323-465-4652 1 MILLION WOMEN STRONGER have actual conversations with 527 N. Larchmont Blvd. people on the street.” *Food or cash donation required to local food bank determined by club. Offer based on first visit enrollRead excerpts from his book, ment, minimum 12 mo. c.d./e.f.t program. New members only. Not valid with any other offer. Valid only at participating locations through 3.20.10 (USA) and 3.13.10 (Canada). © 2010 Curves International, Inc. at

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*Food or cash donation required to local food bank determined by club. Offer based on first visit enrollment, minimum 12 mo. c.d./e.f.t program. New members only. Not valid with any other offer. Valid only at participating locations through 3.20.10 (USA) and 3.13.10 (Canada). © 2010 Curves International, Inc.

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MarCh 2010


Former Rotary president heads Apartment Assoc. Earle Vaughan has been named president of the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles. Earle He was electVaughan ed last month to serve the 2010 term for the AAGLA, the largest rental housing owners’ association in the nation. His goals include monitoring of legal issues that affect the housing industry and its legislative lobbying efforts. He also aims to establish a water subcommittee to examine how apartment owners can conserve water. A director of AAGLA for more than 10 years, he has chaired its finance, government affairs, state legislative and publications committees.

Larchmont Chronicle

City Council recognizes Weider for fitness prowess

Together with his father Russell and brother Tyrone, he manages 15 apartment buildings in Los Angeles. His greatgrandparents founded Page schools in 1908. Its six campuses include an elementary school on Larchmont Blvd. A past president of the Wilshire Rotary Club and area manager for Page Private Schools, he is past assistant district governor of Rotary District #5280, which oversees 46 L.A. area clubs; he has served as the district’s literacy chairman the past two years. He is also a past president of the board of directors of the Hollywood Boys and Girls Club. He is director of the organization’s foundation. An alumnus of UCLA and Cal State Long Beach, he and his wife Theresa have a daughter, Sophia.

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His pioneering efforts to promote physical fitness has earned Joe Weider special recognition in Los Angeles. Weider, who has spent 70 years teaching guidelines in physical training, nutrition and recuperation, recently earned the honor from Los Angeles City Council members. A native of Canada, he is cofounder of the International Federation of BodyBuilders (IFBB) along with brother Ben Weider and creator of the Mr. Olympia, the Ms. Olympia, and the now-defunct Masters

Olympia bodybuilding contests. W e i d e r , Hancock Park, is the publisher of several bodybuilding and fitness-related magazines, most notably Muscle & Fitness, Flex, Men’s Fitness and Shape. He is also manufacturer of a line of fitness MAN OF THE HOUR. Joe Weider with wife equipment and Betty and city councilmen, from left, Bernard supplements. Parks, Bill Rosendahl and Tom LaBonge.

What’s under the hood? Find out at the Petersen

Wilshire Police seek volunteers

Learn the basics of what's under the hood in Automotive Awareness 101, a new class for teenagers 14-16, Sat., March 6 at the Petersen Automotive Museum, 6060 Wilshire Blvd. The course will be offered at two workshops, 10 a.m. or 12:30 p.m. Topics about car maintenance will be covered by Phil Jelinek, instructor of the award-winning Auto Shop at Monrovia High School. The class is geared for teens with learners permit, and their parents who want to brush up on their car knowledge as well. For more information, call 323-964-6308. Class is $15 per each parent/child pair (parent attendance is required).

Do you have one day a week to spare? If so, you can fulfill an important position by volunteering at the LAPD Wilshire Station, 4861 W. Venice Blvd. Jobs include filing, reception and front desk assistance. Call 213–473–0200, and ask to speak with the Wilshire volunteer coordinator, Officer Gregg Webber, for information on the application process. Applicants are required to be fingerprinted as part of the LAPD background procedures.

AA LIVE SCAN Document Shredding Services Available to Prevent Identity Theft and Fraud. Authorized Shipping & Drop Off Center • Notary Public • Live Scan Fingerprinting m-f 9am-6pm • sat 10am-2pm

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Larchmont Chronicle




Covenant House event to salute Wayne Ratkovich

National Trust for Historic and silent auctions, and mu- Segal & Feldstein, LLP, will PLAYS, and BOOKS on FILM, THEATRE sic by the swing band Royal also be honored. Preservation. Segal chaired and comto raise funds In addition, he is PICTURE a found- Crown Revue, and the MOTION INDUSTRY pleted a $6 million Capital for CHC and its outreach and ing board member of the

by Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald Q: I’m starting to think about warmer LA weather and the clothes that go with it but my neck and chest look dry, freckled and even a bit wrinkled. What can I do? A: “Start by treating this skin like an extension of your face,” says Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald. “It’s safe to say that no one wants their head looking 20 years younger than their décolleté.” Smooth your facial sunscreen and antioxidant treatments down over your neck and chest, she explains. Reverse some of your sun damage in a single office visit. “We may think children’s skin looks so fantastic because of its flawless texture. Well just as important is its completely even color. It’s like a clean, fresh canvas.,” says Dr. Fitzgerald. One of the most effective options for addressing pigment changes is IPL (intense pulsed light) laser treatment. “You know those little red capillaries you see around your nostrils? Well, they’re likely also on your neck and chest.” With a single IPL treatment that redness will vanish and brown spots, after initially darkening, will fade a week later. Mild sun damage will be effectively treated with one IPL application, while more moderate to severe cases will require additional treatments, she explains. “Lasers today can accomplish in one application what took three visits in the past,” she says. Next up? Crepey skin can be smoothed in two ways. The injectable, SculptraAesthetic restores your neck and chest to its youthful past for two years after a single treatment. “It’s as though you took a pencil eraser to lines and wrinkles,” says Dr. Fitzgerald. Alternatively, skin-tightening laser treatments typically require a series of three to five treatments with results lasting indefinitely - which is definitely promising. After all, your body deserves to look as gorgeous as your face. Laser treatments to address pigmentation, or lines and wrinkles: $350 each; a current $500 special for chest and face; Sculptra treatment for neck and chest $1000

Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald is a Board Certified Dermatologist located in Larchmont Village with a special focus on anti-aging technology. She is an injection training physician for the better known dermal fillers such as Juvederm, Radiesse and the new Evolence as well as a physician trainer for Botox. Dr. Fitzgerald is an assistant clinical professor at UCLA and an international Sculptra trainer for Dermik Laboratories. Visit online at www.RebeccaFitzgeraldMD. com.Telephone (323) 464-8046 Adv.

Woodbury honors Spiegel at annual awards luncheon Edward Spiegel has received the Woodbury University 2010 School of Business Alumnus of the Year award. He was honored at a luncheon in February at the Lakeside Golf Club for his contributions to his industry, community and the university. Spiegel, a Hancock Park resident, earned his degree from Woodbury with a major in accounting. A CPA for more than 25 years, he was a partner HIS BUSINESS ACUMEN Edward Spiegel in the firm of Levin, Cooper, earned Woodbury University honors. Spiegel & Co. blks east of airfax In 1990, the owners of Cast & Crew hired Spiegel as ex- workforce from 40 to more ecutive vice president, and in than 250, and expanded the number of offices. 1993, he was appointed presiIn 2006, the company was dent, CEO. sold to Abry Partners, and he He increased the gross revenue and net, expanded the remains as CEO.

7623 Sunset Blvd. [5


Campaign for Covenant House California. For more information, visit

Hot off the Press plays published by Wilshire rotary of los angeles Samuel French

WILSHIRE ROTARIANS IMPACTING LIVES BOTH NEAR AND FAR Rotarians carry a motto of nomically disadvantaged homes “Service Above Self,” and based on and sponsored them in the Wilshire their efforts this year, it’s clear the Sports Association little league basemembers of the Wilshire Rotary Club ball season. have taken that to heart. Speech and Music contests Our members responded to the were held during our meetings in crisis in Haiti – first February, where we saw sending a Shelter Box first-hand the talents of our in the days after the local high school students! earthquake. Then, after Winners were chosen from learning from people each contest, who will go in Haiti that they still on to perform at the Rotary had an urgent need for District level. Our club is tents, Rotarians immealso busy impacting elediately stepped up and mentary school students, donated another $1,000, as a pair of Rotarian volunwhich we will use to teers is reading each week purchase industrial/mil- President Chase Campen to children in their school itary-strength tents and library. send to Haiti. Friday afternoons, March 18-22, a team of Wilshire many Rotarians are volunteering at Rotarians is traveling to Ecuador, the St. James Soup Kitchen, and on performing a myriad of service projSaturdays we frequently deliver meals ects in both coastal and mountain with Meals on Wheels. If serving the regions. community, meeting friends and We’ve also had a big impact making business connections seems locally. Through our relationships appealing to you, stop by one of our with the area schools, we recently weekly meetings every Wednesday at identified three children from econoon, at the Wilshire Ebell.


(323) 876-0570

The World’s Most Famous Drag Queen,

Arts Council to salute Hollywood supporters Madame Tussaud’s Hollywood is one of the honorees at the Hollywood Arts Council's 24th annual Charlie Awards Luncheon on Fri., March 19, starting at 11:30 a.m. in the Blossom Room at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Emceed by ABC-TV’s George Pennacchio, celebrity guests will present awards to individuals and companies for significant contributions to the arts and Hollywood. Other honorees include: architect Michael Rotondi, Thai Community Festival, artist June Wayne, Hotel Café and Theatre of Note. The event helps support Project S.O.A.R. (Students

Overcoming All Risks), the Council’s After School Art Workshops and the annual Children’s Festival of the Arts. Founded in 1978, the Hollywood Arts Council is a non-profit public benefit corporation dedicated to contributing to the quality of life in the community of Hollywood by promoting, nurturing and supporting the arts. Tickets are $100 each. For reservations, call 323-8712787. For more information, call 323-462-2355 or go

RuPaul signs his new book,

Workin’ It

at Samuel French Bookshop in Hollywood Saturday, March 13 at 2:00pm

Samuel French Bookshop 7623 Sunset Blvd. 90046 (5 Blks E. of Fairfax) 323-876-0570 •



booksiGNiNG •J 27 • 3 Noah and Logan Miller

residential programs serving homeless teens. Mickey Segal, CPA, managing partner of Nigro Karlin



Downtown Women’s Center, his firm having served as the volunteer developer of its first residence for the women of Skid Row. Ratkovich and his wife, JoAnn, are also benefacune tors of the Master ofpm Historic Preservation Program Suite in the Robert H. siGN Timme Architectural Research Center at USC’s School of Architecture. The event will feature live


HONOREE Wayne Ratkovich will receive award at benefit.

Covenant House California (CHC) will honor Wayne Ratkovich with its Visionary Leadership Award at the Spring Awards Dinner on Fri., April 23 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Scott McMullin, CHC board chairman, will present the award to Ratkovich, founder saturday and president/CEO of The Ratkovich Company, a development firm. Both men are Hancock Park residents. Ratkovich is a trustee of the Urban Land Institute and an emeritus trustee of the

Adopt todAy Law Office of John E. McPherson


Complete Legal Services for Adoptive parents & Birth Mothers

Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarships are available for qualified college students to study abroad in 2011. Please contact Earle Vaughan at for further information. You must have applied to college or Graduate School in a foreign country to qualify. The amount of the scholarship can be up to $25,000 if the applicant is selected.

114 South Irving Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90004 e-mail:

© LC 0808

323.466.9043 ©LC0110

Thank you, Wilshire Rotary Club

• Domestic & International • Birth Mother Screening & Matching • Home Studies Arranged


March 2010


Larchmont Chronicle

Join campaign to save city’s iconic sign, and pristine view New York has the Statue of Liberty, San Francisco has the Golden Gate Bridge and Los Angeles has the HOLLYWOOD sign. This iconic symbol of our city is the first place many people visit when they step off the plane at LAX. This sign, which Larchmont Chronicle readers can see within a short distance of their front doors, is nestled on a natural hillside in the eastern Santa Monica Mountains. It is that hillside that I want to protect, and I hope you will help. The hillside, Cahuenga Peak, is 138 acres of pristine land that is west of the Hollywood sign. I believe this property would make a wonderful addition to Griffith Park. Right now, though, it is in private hands and has been on the market for luxury housing development.

3 D A Y S O N LY !

APRIL IS the deadline to raise funds to buy land.

I’ve worked for the last nine years to set aside about $4.3 million from various park bond measures to acquire this land before it is developed. Now, my office is working with the Trust for Public Land to raise the $12.5 million asking price to acquire the land for the city. The fundraising deadline is Wed., April 14 so we must move quickly. With two sig-

Councilman Report by

Tom LaBonge nificant private donations, including $1 million from the Tiffany & Co. Foundation, we are about half-way to our goal.

Larchmont Curves hosts annual food drive Fitness franchise Curves is encouraging women to collect non-perishable food items to be distributed to area food banks. “At the core of our business is the message that women are stronger when they rally

of our city is threatened, and that we must act now. To learn more about our effort to acquire this land to expand Griffith Park for future generations of Angelenos, visit

We still need your help. In February, the Hollywood sign was temporarily covered in a mesh banner that read “Save the Peak.” It was a high profile way to let the world know that the greatest symbol

together, and that is the point we hope to bring home with our food drive,” said Juliet Kipperman, owner of Curves at 527 N. Larchmont Blvd. Members who donate a bag of groceries or make a minimum donation of $30 during the

month of March will receive a reusable Curves grocery freezer bag. Non-members who do likewise between March 8 and 20 can join Curves for free. For more information, contact Kiperman at 323-465-465 or

Friday to Sunday, March 12 - 14, 2010

Up to

75% off

Come in and save 20% to 75% off our finest offerings throughout the store: watches, jewelry, and giftware. Also huge savings on tabletop, including: crystal, china, flatware, and silver. Quantities are limited, so hurry in. A sale this big only comes once a year!

ments. Team members provide immediate on-scene crisis intervention, attend to survival and comfort needs, act as a liaison between the victim and emergency personnel and provide referrals to traumatic incident victims and their families. Crisis include homicides, suicides, serious traffic accidents, natural deaths and multi-casualty incidents. Volunteers must be 21 years old and in good physical condition. CRT members par-

ticipate in 48 hours of training. Sessions are at the LAPD Academy in Westchester starting in April. Contact Jeffrey Zimerman at 213-978-0697 or

YOU’RE READY FOR RETIREMENT. 3 5 1 N o r t h B e v e r ly D r i v e , B e v e r ly h i l l s

IRT-4516-A IRT-4516-A DEC DEC 2008 2008

MAKE SURE YOUR RETIREMENT STRATEGY ISRETIREMENT. READY FOR YOU. YOU’RE READY FOR RETIREMENT. YOU’RE READY FOR Sale is only at our Beverly Drive location. Rolex not included. All sales are final. No phone orders. No house accounts.



IRT-4516-A IRT-4516-A DEC 2008 DEC 2008

Individuals living or working in Los Angeles are invited to become a member of the Crisis Response Team (CRT). “It is a critical component of our ability to respond to emergencies in our city,” said Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. “I urge Angelenos to get involved and assist in their neighborhoods in times of crisis.” The CRT is composed of adults who respond to traumatic incidents at the request of L.A. police and fire depart-


BROTHERS COLLATERAL Family Owned and Operated





As you nearAsretirement, you probably questions the about the Call today.Call Your financial you near retirement, youhave probably haveabout questions today. Your financial advisor can assess yourassess your new chapter in your life. Questions like: Have I saved enough? advisor can new chapter in your life. Questions like: Have I saved enough? particular situation How will I How payyou for Will Icare? outlive money?my particular situation and As you near retirement, probably have questions about themoney? Call today. Your and financial willhealth I pay care? for health Willmy I outlive help you develop help youyour develop advisor can assess your your new chapter in your life. Questions like: Have I saved enough? retirementretirement income strategy. income strategy. When you When think about the answers to those questions, you think about the answers to those questions, particular situation and How will I pay for health care? Will I outlive my money? it’s important to consider: it’s important to consider: help you develop your youlong near retirement, you probably have questions about the Call today. Your financial �� As How spend � you Howwill long you in willretirement spend in retirement As you near retirement, you probably have questions about the Call today. Your financial retirement income advisor can assess yourstrategy. chapter in your life. Questions like: Have I saved enough? �� new When you think the answers to those questions, Theabout return on your investment portfolio � The return on your investment portfolio advisor cansituation assess your new chapter in for your life. Questions like: Havemy I saved enough? particular and How will I pay health care? Will I outlive money? � � Theconsider: amount of amount money you can withdraw your from your � The of money you canfrom withdraw it’s important How to particular situation and will I pay for health care? Will I outlive my money? help you develop your retirement retirement plans after plans you retire after you retire help you develop your � How long you will spend in retirement retirement income strategy. When you think about the answers to those questions, retirement income strategy. When youinvestment think about the answers to those questions, � The return on your portfolio it’s important to consider: Andrew R Hutcheson, CRPS® Andrew R Hutcheson, CRPS® it’s important to consider: Financial Financial Advisor Advisor Financial Advisor How long you willcan spend in retirement � The amount� of money you withdraw from your �� How 606 606 N N Larchmont Larchmont Blvd Ste Ste 204 204 Blvd Ste 204 long you spend in retirement 606Blvd N Larchmont The after return on will your investment portfolio retirement plans you retire Los Los Angeles, Angeles, CA CA 90004 Los90004 Angeles, CA 90004 �� The return on your investment portfolio The amount of money you can withdraw from your 323-466-2041 323-466-2041323-466-2041 � The amountplans of money youretire can withdraw from your retirement after you Member Member SIPC SIPC Member SIPC Andrew R Hutcheson, CRPS® retirement plans after you retire Financial Advisor . Andrew R Hutcheson, CRPS® Financial 606 N Larchmont BlvdCRPS® Ste 204 Andrew RAdvisor Hutcheson,



FREE PARKING Open 7 Days M–SAT 10–5 SUN 11–4

5901 Melrose (corner of Cahuenga) 323.462.5599






Financial Advisor Los CABlvd 90004 606 Angeles, N Larchmont Ste 204 Los CA 90004 323-466-2041 606 Angeles, N Larchmont Blvd Ste 204 .

323-466-2041 Los Angeles, CA 90004

323-466-2041 Member SIPC Member SIPC

IRT-4516-A DEC 2008

Volunteers sought for city’s crisis response team

Larchmont Chronicle

March 2010




MarCh 2010


Larchmont Chronicle

Rock your world with gemstones inspired by goddesses, ancient lore By Suzan Filipek Elaine Sonne’s one-of-a-kind rings, necklaces and bracelets are big in size and purpose. Inspired by the Celtic horse goddess Epona to the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, her pieces are infused with Afghan jade, turquoise and pearls. Ancient

coins, colored glass, shells, prehistoric bones and found objects are added to the mix. Not bad for someone who mostly just wore a wedding ring before she became a jeweler 12 years ago. Shamanism, myths and legends also make their way into

Lucy Zahran & Co. tttttyttttt at The Grove

Large Tender Heart

Tender Coeur XXL Depth and purity, contrast of a satin finished heart dwelling in the transparency and light of the crystal. Lalique reinvents this timeless piece in an XXL size and brings you a bigger heart for more generosity and tenderness. ©LC0310

One of the largest selections of • Steuben • Herend • Baccarat • • Hermes • Lalique • Halcyon Days • 323.933.3166



Darren Ransdell Design

Randy Esada’s

ANTIQ ANTIQUARIAN HOME Fine Home Furnishings 5719 Melrose Avenue • 323-462-4663


her designs. The latest of her six books, “Legends of the Stone,” “is about myths and how to wear them,” she explains. But the pieces are more than about interesting stories and wearing something beautiful. Making jewelry is healing— for her, and the wearer, she says in her N. St. Andrews Pl. home. In another life, when she was a practitioner with the Church of Religious Science, she would give her client a gemstone, as she was becoming something of an expert on their healing properties. Through her research she learned crystals brought clarity and all shades of green improve health and money. “One day, a client said, ‘Would you make me a bracelet?’ and off it went from there,” she says. She held private showings in her back yard, where there is an exhibition gallery, and she traveled to shows in San Francisco, San Diego and Arizona with her husband and “soul mate” John. “He was wonderful. Compassionate and patient.” They met 33 years ago at an aerospace company, where she was an administrative assistant. He had since become a horse massage therapist. He wasn’t the slightest bit interested in jewelry, smiles Elaine. But he always supported her. Life was good for the mother of two and grandmother. And then John fell and broke his

TURQUOISE, coral and other gemstones infuse healing in Sonne’s designs.

hip, and two years ago, following hospital complications, died, leaving Elaine not only to suffer the loss but a malpractice suit. She finds company in her “roommate” Ulysses, a Himalayan Persian rescue, and comfort with her stones. After washing her stones she leaves them out in the sunlight or sometimes the moonlight. Their magical abilities lie in their birth—they capture the earth’s electricity from a volcanic eruption millions of years ago, according to her website. The intricate bead and design work is done in an upstairs studio, while a kiln heats to 1600 degrees in a workshop in the back of her 100-year-old Craftsman home. Here she bends silver and works with copper, “the metal of the magician.”

While her interest in jewelry came later in life, she was always interested in color and design, having renovated fixers with her husband, including their home, which she attributes to inspiring her work. “Gemstones are all over the place,” she says pointing to a large piece of amethyst standing by the front door. A football-sized quartz crystal rests on a table. “People walk in, and say, ‘boy, it feels good in here,’” she says, wearing six-inch, dangling silver earrings. Maybe seven inches, she thinks. “I like doing whimsical and different.” Elaine is at Selma Ave. and Cahuenga Blvd. at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market on Sundays. For more on Elaine and her jewelry visit

March 2010

Larchmont Chronicle



Garden tour to raise funds for Burroughs

STUDENTS explore a tile wall at Frances Blend School for the Visually Impaired. It was created using funds from previous Historical Society garden tours.

A WATER FOUNTAIN is part of the sensory garden at Blend.

The Windsor SquareHancock Park Historical Society Garden Party and Tour will open six historic private gardens to the public, while raising funds for a greening project at John Burroughs Middle School. The fifth annual tour on Sun., April 25 from noon to 4 p.m. offers an opportunity to see the private spaces of some of the oldest and most beautiful properties in the city. The tour begins at the Frances Blend School at 5210 Clinton St. Proceeds from the past two years’ garden tours were used to create a sensory garden, tile wall and fountains at the school for the visually impaired. Among the six private estate gardens featured this spring are an historic walled castle on a stream in Brookside, a courtyard landscaped with native plants in Hancock Park that includes a putting green and a draught–tolerant Windsor Square garden. Margaret Hudson, Windsor Square, will receive the Society’s Community Service Award. She played a major role in the recent improvements to Robert Burns Park at Van Ness Ave. and Beverly Blvd. Hudson

also chaired the campaign to help achieve Historical Presevation Overlay Zone designation for Windsor Square. A reception following the tour includes a lecture on beekeeping, supper and a silent

auction at a private estate. Tickets can be purchased by mail at WSHPHS Garden Tour, 137 N. Larchmont Blvd., #135, 90004 for $50; online at www. for $55. Call 213-243-8182.

Apply Now!

$12.75 - $18.50/hr



(323) 419-1244



ridor nsit cor expo trsaanta monica to

pass epulvperdoajec t i-405 esn g in wid

bus rapid wilshirseit project tran

ec tor l conn idor regionsait r r o c tran

Metro is delivering transit and highway improvements to the Westside. From extending the subway to adding a carpool lane to the 405 freeway through the Sepulveda Pass, congestion relief and thousands of new jobs are in the works. Help us shape a better future for LA County. Visit to learn more.

10-1480mr ©2010 lacmta

e subway westsid e t ex nsion

w/l ax crenshcaorridor it s tran


MarCh 2010


Journalists uncover more than a story

Electrolysis by


Marjoram exhibit Ernie Marjoram, Orange Dr., is exhibiting his paintings at Bergamot Station, Bldg. D3, 2525 Michigan Ave. in Santa Monica through Sun., March 27. His work was also included in the 2008 California Art Club Gold Medal Exhibition held at the Pasadena Museum of California Art.

HAPPY STORY to come out of Haiti. Above interpreter Deiby Celestino and Robert Penfold with Winnie.

center of the capital with intermittent water and power. He encouraged people to continue to donate to such groups as Upon his return to the neighborhood, where he

lives with his wife Shar and three children, he raised $650 at a Super Bowl party for rescue efforts. “This tragedy will impact the people of Haiti for years to come,” said Penfold.

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INSPIRED BY Nickelodeon, the television channel for kids, and instigated by first grader Quinn Glickman (second from left), neighborhood children and classmates from Larchmont Charter School recently hosted a lemonade stand on Gower St. Starbucks on Larchmont Blvd. donated coffee, and families baked and made signs. The event raised $490.11 which was donated to UNICEF for the Haiti relief effort. From left are Lucia Camon, Quinn, Katie Zieff, Norah Peter, Sofia D’Anunzio, Frankie D’Anunzio, Kaia Glickman and Clara Mulligan.

By Suzan Filipek When the earthquake struck in Haiti, journalist Robert Penfold, Fremont Place, booked a plane the same night and reached devastated Portau-Prince the next day with a camera man and interpreter by his side. The trio for Nine Network Australia TV were waiting to interview an aid worker at Save the Children Fund when locals said a baby was heard crying from beneath the rubble nearby. Past broken down houses and sheets of tin they came upon men who were pointing to where the sound came from—under layers of concrete that probably gave way when the Jan. 12 quake hit almost three days earlier. “It was gut-wrenching,” says Penfold, who remembered thinking at the time that there was nothing they could do. But after days of “tragedies and sadness and dead bodies… to hear this baby” gave them hope, and interpreter Deiby Celestino, a short, agile man, felt confident he could somehow squeeze into the rubble and started to dig. NEIGHBORS LENT a sledge hammer and Celestino smashed into what looked like a kitchen cabinet, as the cries continued from below. He also worked around a dead body—believed to be the girl’s father—until he made headway, creating an opening. Seeing the light, the 18-month old girl crawled to the opening, when Celestino “grabbed her by the shoulder and pulled her out,” said Penfold Except for a few scratches and dirt, “she was fine, it was extraordinary. “She wasn’t afraid. She just stared at us, [as if to say,] ‘What took you so long,’” Penfold said. They poured water over the child who had been covered in dust, and took her to the Save the Children non-profit, and she was soon reunited with relatives, including her grandmother. Penfold stayed a total of 10 days in the devastated Caribbean country at CNN’s headquarters, a hotel in the

Salon O’Tiffe Stimulus Package


With any color services OR 25% OFF FOR FiRst timE CliEnt

Eco-friendly non-toxic products 639 N. LarchmoNt BLvd. 323-467-3994 323-962-5573

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(323) 460-6111 540 North Larchmont

Larchmont Chronicle

© LC 0105


March 2010

Larchmont Chronicle



Dr. Louie receives Invisalign rating as Premier Provider

DR. GIL TEPPER, left, head of the Miracle Mile Medical Center's new Spine Institute, 6014 San Vicente Blvd., demonstrates technology to Miracle Mile Chamber of Commerce president Steve Kramer at a recent opening.

New schools to opeN iN fall (Continued from page 1) While administrators have not yet secured a facility for the school, they are pursuing several options, said Kelly, with the target area between La Brea Ave. to the west and Western to the east, Melrose on the south and Fountain to the north. “It may be that we occupy a temporary facility at first,� Kelly said. “We are confident we will have a permanent facility in our early years.� Another school slated to open in September is the Episcopal School of Los Angeles. Designed for families with children from the 7th through

12th grades, the school will feature academics, athletics and extracurricular activities, as well as other offerings. With plans to be located at Immanuel Presbyterian Church at 668 Catalina St., the school will open this fall with seventh and ninth grade classes with 30 students in each grade level. Each year, the school will add two grade levels with seniors graduating their first class in 2014. An open house is scheduled for Sun., March 21 from 4 to 5:30 p.m. For more information, visit

Dr. Shervin Louie has joined the five percent of dentists in the country named an Invisalign Premier Provider. Louie, whose practice is in the Larchmont Medical Building, qualified for the distinction by meeting the program’s case and clinical education criteria. Invisalign is a teeth-straightening treatment consisting of a series of aligners that the patient switches out about every AT THEIR OPEN HOUSE. Dr. Luis Martines and his wife Ann detwo weeks. buted their orthodontic office on the fourth floor of the Larchmont Each aligner is individually Medical Building recently. manufactured with exact calculations to gradually shift the /&$/7.4/7.,/3!.'%,%3 teeth into place.

/&$/7.4/7.,/3!.'%,%3 "/FX%FBMFSTIJQ

food fare raises funds for planned i(FUUP,OPX6Tw"/FX%FBMFSTIJQ parenthood


i(FUUP,OPX6Tw More than 150 Los Angeles restaurants will be serving "ĂŠ   samples of their cuisine at the Planned Parenthood Guild Food Fare on Thurs., March 11. $ Florists, wineries and cater UBY +tax

UBY ers also will be showing their wares at the event at the Santa .VTUNBLFQSJPSBQQPJOUNFOU Monica Civic Auditorium. .VTUNBLFQSJPSBQQPJOUNFOU .VTUCF)POEBWFIJDMF TUUJNFCVZFST .VTUCF)POEBWFIJDMF %PFTOPUJODMVEFTZOUIFUJDPJM Food trucks will be featured TUUJNFCVZFST %PFTOPUJODMVEFTZOUIFUJDPJM Expires 3-31-10 &YQJSFT for the first time at the annual &YQJSFT event. A silent auction will be held. .BSDPo4BMFT.BOBHFS The morning session is John Jacinto - Parts & Service Director 4FSHJPo4FSWJDF.BOBHFS 10:30 a.m. to.BSDPo4BMFT.BOBHFS 2 p.m.; the eve“We are a new Volvo dealership 5PMM'SFF 888.300.1314 ning session is 6 to 9 p.m. For 4FSHJPo4FSWJDF.BOBHFS servingDowntown, Downtown, Los Feliz, Silver Lake, serving more information and tickets, 4'JHVFSPB4U -PT"OHFMFT $" serving your community serving the Hancock Park area and its surrounds serving Downtown, Los Feliz, Silver Lake, call 213-284-3200. serving the Hancock Park Hollywood, Echo park, and Atwaterâ€? /&$/7.4/7.,/3!.'%,%3 Hollywood, Echo park, and Atwaterâ€? MPDBUFEOFYUUP-"$POWFOUJPO4UBQMFTDFOUFS located nest to LA Convention & Staples center /&$/7.4/7.,/3!.'%,%3 5PMM'SFF



f™°™xf™°™x 19.99




“Weare areaa new new Volvo “We Volvodealership dealership “We are serving Downtown, Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Hollywood, Echo park,together and Atwater� Atwater� Hollywood, Echo park, and Lifeis is better better lived Life lived together


come visit and see the‌ "/FX%FBMFSTIJQ MPDBUFEOFYUUP-"$POWFOUJPO4UBQMFTDFOUFS come visitlived and seetogether the‌ Life is better xc70 "/FX%FBMFSTIJQ EASY ON THE EYE, EASY ON THE ROAD, Life is better lived together


come visit and see the‌

xc70 come visit and see the‌ i(FUUP,OPX6Tw

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Fall Volvo Specials -*  FallVolvo Volvo Specialsc30 * Fall * Specials

$18.99* $58.99 c30 f™°™x * Cooling Fall Volvo Specials $58.99 $18.99 f™°™x Engine Oil And Fall Volvo Specials Filter Change * Cooling TUUJNFCVZFST System Service * $58.99 $18.99 Engine Oil And * TUUJNFCVZFST 8&-$0.& * Cooling Filter Change $58.99 $18.99 System Service Engine Oil And 8&-$0.& Cooling Engine Oil UBY And Filter Change W/Multi-Point Inspection

Multi-Point Inspection Includes: .VTUNBLFQSJPSBQQPJOUNFOU

UBY Free brake condition report Up to 5 quarts of engine oil Free under hood inspection Genuine oil filter and gasket .VTUCF)POEBWFIJDMF Free complete report with Top off all fluids %PFTOPUJODMVEFTZOUIFUJDPJM suggested services & Tire pressure check W/Multi-Point Inspection estimates

System Service Includes:

Perform cooling system flush Install cleaner to radiator & run system for 30 minutes Complete flush and exchange with new coolant Add additives to radiator-pressure test system for leaks

Includes: Multi-Point Inspection Includes: .VTUNBLFQSJPSBQQPJOUNFOU &YQJSFT Free brake condition report Up to 5 quarts of engine oil Perform cooling system flush Expires 10/31/07 Expirescleaner 10/31/07 to radiator & run system for 30 minutes Free under hood inspection Genuine oil filter and gasket Install .VTUCF)POEBWFIJDMF Free complete report with Top off all fluids Complete flush and exchange with new coolant %PFTOPUJODMVEFTZOUIFUJDPJM suggested services & Tire pressure check Add additives to radiator-pressure test system for leaks Shuttle is available FOR SERVICE CUSTOMERS within 5-6 mile radius *Must present ad when order is written. Applicable to Volvo vehicles only. Plus tax, shop supplies, and hazardous waste fees.

*Must present ad when order is written. Applicable to Volvo vehicles only. Plus tax, shop supplies, and hazardous waste fees.

2010 Chevrolet Traverse 2LT FWD

Good fuel economy, loads of space in the roomy interior and an attractively affordable price puts top-of-the-line Chevrolet Traverse at the top of the popularity poll, as well as outselling Ford Flex by a 2 to 1 margin. State-of-the-art features include 4-wheel disk brakes, ABS, stability and traction control for the comfort and safety of passengers, heated or cooled front bucket seats, plus a power-operated sunroof and rear skylight.


.BSDPo4BMFT.BOBHFS &YQJSFT W/Multi-Point Inspection Expires 3-31-10 Expires 10/31/07 4FSHJPo4FSWJDF.BOBHFS Multi-Point Inspection Includes:

*Must present ad when order is written. Applicable to Volvo vehicles only. Plus tax, shop supplies, and hazardous waste fees.

*Must present ad when order is written. Applicable to Volvo vehicles only. Plus tax, shop supplies, and hazardous waste fees.

800-945-5685 800.945.5407

Expires 3-31-10 Expires 10/31/07 Includes:

Shuttle is available FOR SERVICE CUSTOMERS within 5-6 mile radius Filter Change  .BSDPo4BMFT.BOBHFS System Service W/Multi-Point Inspection • 1945 S. Figueroa St. • 800.945.5407 800-945-5685 800.945.5407 4'JHVFSPB4U -PT"OHFMFT $" Free brake condition report Up to 5 quarts of engine oil Free under hood inspection Genuine oil filter and gasket Top off all fluids suggested services & Tire pressure check estimates

Free complete 5PMM'SFF  report with

4FSHJPo4FSWJDF.BOBHFS Multi-Point Inspection Includes:

*Must present ad when order is written. Applicable to Volvo vehicles

Perform cooling system flush Install cleaner to radiator & run system for 30 minutes Complete flush and exchange with new coolant Add additives to radiator-pressure test system for leaks

Includes: *Must present ad when order is written. Applicable to Volvo vehicles

only. Plus tax, shop supplies, and hazardous waste fees. only. Plus tax, shop supplies, and hazardous waste fees. MPDBUFEOFYUUP-"$POWFOUJPO4UBQMFTDFOUFS Free brake condition report Up to 5 quarts of engine oil Perform cooling system flush

 Shuttle is available FOR SERVICE CUSTOMERS within 5-6 mile radius Expires 10/31/07 Free under hood inspection Genuine oil filter and gasket Top off all fluids suggested services & Tire pressure check estimates

Expirescleaner 10/31/07 to radiator & run system for 30 minutes Install Complete flush and exchange with new coolant Add additives to radiator-pressure test system for leaks

*Must present ad when order is written. Applicable to Volvo vehicles

*Must present ad when order is written. Applicable to Volvo vehicles

Expires 10/31/07

Expires 10/31/07

Free complete 5PMM'SFF  report with


Since 1921

only. Plus tax, shop supplies, and hazardous waste fees. only. Plus tax, shop supplies, and hazardous waste fees. MPDBUFEOFYUUP-"$POWFOUJPO4UBQMFTDFOUFS 800-945-5685

Shuttle is available FOR SERVICE CUSTOMERS within 5-6 mile radius

Felix Chevrolet • Cadillac

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Life / Annuities / Health / Auto / Home / Business


5670 Wilshire Blvd., #720, Los Angeles, CA 90036

3330 S. Figueroa Se habla espaĂąol

With handsome full unibody construction, comfortable seating for seven or eight, along with much more cargo space than any of it’s competitors, it’s easy to appreciate the legend being built about this versatile crossover. As a work-horse, Traverse can easily handle a 5000 lb load. The best news of all is that GM’s popular OnStar Communication system is standard. Moreover, Traverse provides 116.4 cu. ft of welcome, workable cargo space. Ultra smooth parking-assist and rear-view camera deliver additional safety when maneuvering tight spaces. For the “entertainment-inclined� even a USB port is available for connecting and charging portable media devices. Now you can see why Chevrolet is so proud of the new 2010 Traverse, hailed as the model for the future of SUV’s. Come take a look and a test drive.

MarCh 2010


Larchmont Chronicle

Precious Blood hosts fundraiser

Resident finalist in New Zealand film contest

CHARACTERS in Rhonda Hayter’s book came from Third Street Elementary, where her sons attended school.

‘Witchy Worries’ inspired by son’s monstrous behavior By Laura Eversz

Rhonda Hayter smiles when she describes her son, Ethan, now eight years old, in his younger years. “He was so cute… he had all these curls and he looked like a cherub.” But sometimes, “this monster would come out.” Hayter says Ethan, a former Third Street Elementary School student who now attends the New L.A. Charter School, recognized his younger self and some of the funny things he said when he read his mom’s new book, “The Witchy Worries of Abbie Adams,” to be published in April by Dial Books for Young Readers. The 242-page book, for readers eight to 12, is about Abbie Adams and her family, who come from a long line of witches. The story begins with her brother, Munch, inspired by Ethan, morphing into a wolf and attempting to eat his first grade teacher, Mr. Merkelson. Bill Merkelson, a former teacher at Third Street, along with principal Dr. Susie Oh, librarian Carol Koneff and

Carol Pollack, who works in the office, are all characters in Hayter’s book. “I spent many years at the school volunteering when Ethan and his older brother Duncan went there,” said Hayter. “In my mind, the school in my book was Third Street.” In “The Witchy Worries,” Abbie is a regular 11-year-old girl with normal problems, including a really strict fifth grade teacher, Miss Linegar (rhymes with vinegar). She’s chronically behind in homework, struggling to remember all her lines for the drama club play, and tormented by having to keep a big secret from her very best friend. She’s also a witch and has to deal with her brother morphing into a werewolf. Hayter, a former actress who lives with her husband and sons in Miracle Mile south, works as a story analyst for a movie producer. After giving up acting 10 years ago, she discovered she got the same kick from writing. “You’re entering another


Aya Tanimura, Hancock Park, is one of five finalists in the “100% Pure New Zealand Presents Your Big Break” short film competition. Tanimura worked in Queenstown, New Zealand, with “Lord of the Rings” producer Barrie Osbourne and others to shoot and direct her own short film, “Sweet As.” Osborne was among a panel of judges who selected Tanimura. When Tanimura and her competitors are finished, a winning film will be selected by director Peter Jackson to air on IFC just before the Independent Spirit Awards on Sat., March 6. “I’m so incredibly grateful and honored to have this opportunity,” the 29-year-old daughter of a Japanese diplomat wrote on her blog, adding that “the pressure to create something worthy of everyone’s votes is a little daunting.” world, and it’s exhilarating,” she says. Now working on revisions for a second book, Hayter says her life as a mom, a story analyst and an author is interesting and exciting. “The great thing is, I get to stay home.” The author will sign copies of her book at Chevalier’s, 126 N. Larchmont Blvd., on Sun., April 11 from 1 to 3 p.m.

Precious Blood School’s annual dinner dance and fundraiser will be held at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown L.A. on Sat., March 13 at 6 p.m. The Daughters of Mary and Joseph, who were principals

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and teachers at the school in the 50s, 60s and 70s, will receive the Sr. Patricia Smith Educational Award at the event. For tickets or more information, call 213-382-3345.

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March 2010

Larchmont Chronicle



Picking up poop is getting easier with city Stormwater Program

PET OF THE MONTH. Beautiful Milagro is among felines rescued from area shelters, just in time by Saving Grace L.A. Puppies are available as well. Donations and kibble are always needed. Call 323-871-8538, or visit

of dog waste and water then flows untreated into our local waterways and the ocean. The bacteria found in the fecal matter affects sea life, as well as surfers and swimmers, the tourism industry and economy. The parks where the dispensers have been located are Ascot Hills, Elysian, Sepulveda Basin Off Leash Dog Park and Westminister Dog Park. Community organizations or stores are invited to partner

with the City of Los Angeles Stormwater Program by sponsoring a dispenser.

SciSSorS & Sudz Mobile Pet GrooMinG

* natural & Herbal baths (oatmeal, tea tree, citrus) * breed Haircuts & Short Haircuts

Chihuahuas are pets, not latest fad Chihuahuas have become phenomenally popular in recent years, garnering starring roles in films such as "Legally Blonde" and "Beverly Hills Chihuahua," and seen with Paris Hilton on celebrity outings and reality TV shows. Breeders responded to the trend. But while tiny in size, their owners quickly learn the purse-size dog has all of the needs of a large breed, sometimes more, from socialization to vet care. Coupled with a global financial crisis and mounting foreclosures, record numbers of the petite pooches have been reported at animals shelters statewide. Don’t get a dog on impulse or to be trendy, according to the Westminster Kennel Club. For more tips visit, and

For information contact the city at 800-974-9794, or visit

* More than 18 years experience


panded. Park patrons can pull the bags from the dispensers to pick up after their pets and then throw the bag with the pet waste in the trash. Residents can also leave clean plastic bags in the dispenser for others to use. By having residents contribute plastic bags to the dispensers, the community is involved in reducing the cost of bags and labor for the program, while keeping L.A. clean and healthy, say city officials. If not picked up, pet waste pollutants may be washed into the storm drain by rain or irrigation run off. This toxic mix

310-836-5635 You have your Housekeeper. And your Landscaper. Now you have your Pet Sitter!


“Take a Bag, Leave a Bag,” a city pilot program to encourage dog owners to pick up after their pooch, is underway at four public parks. Three dispensers have been placed in each park with plastic bags as part of the L.A. Stormwater Program While the parks are not in the Hancock Park area, the program may be eventually expanded based on its effectiveness, to be evaluated over the next several months. If there are signs that these dispensers are stocked and there is a decrease in unattended pet waste at parks, it is likely the program will be ex-

Professional Pet Sitting Service Call for a free in-home consultation!

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april barnett Owner/Operator

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MarCh 2010


Larchmont Chronicle

Religious news

‘All the pleasures’ from Baroque to today

Celebrate spring, rebirth with Fauré’s ‘Requiem’ Celebrate spring and rebirth with 19th century composer and organist Gabriel Fauré’s “Requiem,” performed by the Hollywood Master Chorale on Sun., March 21 at 7 p.m. at the Hollywood United Methodist Church, 6817 Franklin Ave. “The Requiem is a deeply compelling and transformative work,” says artistic director and conductor Jeffrey Bernstein. “Its sheer beauty is irresistible, and in it Fauré explores a great range of emotion—from sorrow and lament

to comfort and peace. Soloists include soprano Lauren Buckley and baritone Scott Graff. Organist is Edward Murray, director of music and organist at Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles. Preceding the Fauré piece are several short works that also explore the themes of death and transcendence. To purchase tickets, visit or the Hollywood Master Chorale’s website, or call 323-960-4349.

Snyder joins staff at Wilshire Music Flutist Libbie Jo Snyder, St. Andrews Square, has joined the staff of the Wilshire Music Academy. Sponsored by the Wilshire Presbyterian Church at 300 S. Western Ave., the Academy offers an after-school program for all ages with classes in piano, violin and flute. Snyder is a jazz flutist and singer who has toured with the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra,

the Roger Wagner Chorale, and recently played on a film score for “The Eastsiders” produced by area resident Frank Badami. Malcolm Bosma, the church’s choir director and organist, will teach piano and music theory. Brian Benning, who plays for the Santa Barbara Symphony, will teach violin. For more information, call 213-387-5387.

Wilshire Presbyterian ChurCh “Showing Christ’s Love for All Peoples”

EvEry Sunday

9:00 a.m. 10:30 a.m. 11:45 a.m.

Bible Study, Choir Practice, Child Care Worship Service, Children’s Sunday School Fellowship Hour ~

300 S. Western ave. (at 3rd St) 213-387-5387

© LC 0310

Lenten Season Wednesday evening service 3-28-10 - Palm Sunday Luncheon

RELIGIOUS DIRECTORY The Anglican Church of Our Saviour Sunday ServiCeS: 8am Low Mass & Sermon • 10am Sung Mass, Hymns, Sermon


You are invited to our worship services

Traditional services according to the 1928 Book of Common Prayer

Cathedral Chapel Catholic Church 923 S. LaBrea Ave. (at Olympic) • 323.930.5976



624 N. Rossmore Ave. (Arden at Melrose) • 323-465-7506

Ecclesia Gnostica Gnostic Christian Church Bishop Dr. Stephan Hoeller Sunday Eucharist 11:00am Wednesday Eucharist 8:30pm Lectures • Fridays • 8pm

by Stephen Satie (Q&A with playwright) starring Michael Goldstrom, Susan Meerson • SUNDAY, MARCH 21ST z 2 PM • Tickets available at the door Weinberg Aquatic Center • SENIOR WATER AEROBICS — DAILY • Special Senior Prices! • Info: 323.525.0323


9 - 10 AM

JCC Maccabi Games® • Teens: 13 to 16 years! • Tryouts scheduled • Info: 323.556.5203 Seniors Passover Seder Lunch • FRIDAY, MARCH 26TH • Reservations: 323.556.5231 WESTSIDE JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER 5870 West Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90036 323.938.2531 z z

Sunday Worship Contemplative Service, 8:30 am, Wylie Chapel Classic Service, 9:30 am, Sanctuary Worship at 11:00 am, Sanctuary 1760 N. Gower St., Hollywood, CA 90028 (323) 463-7161

A New Beginning with

Holy Week Services Palm Sunday, March 28 Worship 11:00 am

Los Angeles

A Glorious Easter

Maundy Thursday, April 1 Service 7:00 pm

Easter Sunday, April 4 Organ Prelude 10:30 am

Good Friday, April 2 Service & Meditation 12:10 pm

Worship 11:00 am

Holy Saturday, April 3 Holy Flame Service 8:00 pm

Festive Reception and Easter Egg Hunt For Children 12:00 pm

3363 Glendale Boulevard, Atwater, Los Angeles • 323-467-2685

Hope Lutheran Church 6720 Melrose Ave. Hollywood

(323) 938-9135 Sunday Worship Celebration 10:30 0307

Leon’s Dictionary


Saturday 5:30pm • Sunday 8:30am, 10:30am, 12:30pm (Spanish) & 5:30pm Weekdays 7:30am • Wednesdays 8:05am (School Mass)


Celebrity Staged Play Reading

First Church hosts Lenten concerts, chamber singers Organist-in-residence S. Wayne Foster will play the “The Complete Organ Works of Felix Mendelssohn” at a series of Thursday concerts through April 1 at First Congregational Church of Los Angeles. The free Lenten performances begin at 12:10 p.m. at the church at 540 S. Commonwealth Ave. “Music for Strings and Voices” featuring the USC Thornton Chamber Singers is on Sun., March 28 at 4 p.m. in the Sanctuary. Dr. Jo-Michael Scheibe will conduct the concert of Brahms, Janiquin, des Prez and Dickau as well as Tarik O’Regan’s “The Ecstacies Above.” Tickets are $15; $10 for students and seniors, and are available at the door. Proceeds go to the USC Thornton Chamber Singers.

performance. Tickets are $21 and $15 in advance for students/children/seniors and the disabled. Tickets can be purchased online at or call 323-342-2263.

First Congregational Church

Sat. Mass: 5pm • Sun. Mass: 8am, 10am, 12noon, 5pm Daily Mass: 8am • ThurS, only: 8am & 12:05pm •

Mass schedule:

pel, African, and other lovely music about the pleasures of love, music, dance, hope, and friendship.” Artistic director Glenn Carlos will give a pre-concert talk 45 minutes prior to each


6301 West Olympic Blvd. • (323) 935-0228 •

“Welcome to All the Pleasures,” the Metropolitan Master Chorale’s concert, will be performed Sun., March 21 at Congregation Kol Ami on N. La Brea Ave. at 4 p.m. Another performance is set for Sun., March 28 at Hollywood United Methodist Church, 6817 Franklin Ave. at 7 p.m. The Glendale Philharmonic Orchestra will be featured as guest musicians. “They will perform one piece on their own, and then accompany us for a number of our pieces,” said Chorale singer Catherine Schuster, Hancock Park. “Music from the Baroque Era” will be on the bill, “as well as some modern, gos-

Traditional Worship

Progressive Values

Inspiring Community

Between Downtown and Hancock Park

540 South Commonwealth Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90020 • Tel 213.385.1341 Dr. R. Scott Colglazier, Senior Minister

Visit Our New Website at

March 2010

Larchmont Chronicle


BREATHE LA seeks volunteers Show your commitment to clean air by donating time to BREATHE LA, a Miracle Mile-based group that promotes clean air/healthy lungs through research, education and technology. Volunteers

HEALING ABILITY of hyperbaric chamber was the topic of, left, Roque Wicker, program director, and Olympia medical director Babak Dadvand at recent open house.

Olympia introduces center for wound management Olympia Medical Center introduced its Center for Wound Management and Hyperbaric Medicine in February at a community open house at its 5900 W. Olympic Blvd. facility. The Center combines several modes of medical care to treat patients with chronic, non-healing wounds. It is an outpatient program that facilitates the healing of body and mind. An outpatient clinic, it

is dedicated to providing comprehensive and advanced treatment options for the management of all problem wounds. Babak Dadvand, medical director, said the hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a treatment for diabetic wounds, skin grafts, osteomyelitis and soft tissue radiation complications. The therapy is designed to stimulates growth of new blood vessels, reduce edema, increase oxygen delivery to

are sought to assist at upcoming events including the UCLA Green Lifestyle Film Festival


from March 19 through 21; and Kick Butts Day on March 25. For more information, go to

tissues and fight certain types of infection. In hyperbaric oxygen therapy, patients breathing 100 percent oxygen are placed in a chamber pressurized to two to three times atmospheric pressure, equivalent to diving to approximately 50 feet deep in seawater.

Close to everything. Far from ordinary.

library Calendar

March 22 at 6:30 p.m. Origami craft-making for the family with Bennett Arnstein is on Sat., March 27 at 1 p.m. Ongoing Toddler Story Time on Mondays at 10 a.m. Computer Comfort Class meets Tuesdays at 2 p.m. Grandparents and Books Tues. at 5 p.m.; Wed. at 3 p.m.; Sat. at 11 a.m. Mah Jongg group meets on Wednesdays at noon. Knitting Circle, all skill levels, meets Saturdays at 10 a.m. Used Book Sale sponsored by the Friends of the Library on Saturdays at 10 a.m. Basic hatha yoga class meets on Saturdays from noon to 12:45 p.m. WILSHIRE LIBRARY 149 N. St. Andrews Place 323-957-4550 The U.S. Census Bureau is conducting tests for workers age 18 and over for temporary assignments lasting five to 10 weeks. Most positions require U.S. citizenship, a driver's license and use of a vehicle. Testing is on Thursdays at 5 p.m. Adults age 18 and over. Collage Art 2 workshops on Thurs., March 11 from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. Supplies provided. Six years and older. Teen Library Council meets to discuss DVDs. music CDs and books on Thur., March 25 at 3:30 p.m. Ongoing Computer Comfort Class meets on Mondays at 1 p.m. Storytime for kids ages 3 to 5 years meets on Wednesdays at 10:30 a.m.

A rare find and a classic address in the heart of Hollywood, Kingsley Manor embodies the eclectic spirit of its surrounding community from nearby cafes, restaurants and culture, to the extraordinary collection of people and perspectives. Known for its innovative programs, Kingsley Manor welcomes USC gerontology student residents who add to the vitality of this community. Kingsley Manor. Manor. A A Hollywood Hollywood original. original. Kingsley Schedule your tour today: 323-661-1128 Schedule your tour today: 323-661-1128 Respite / Short Term Care Now Available Kingsley Manor offers offersthree three Kingsley Manor levels of care including levels of care including 24-hour 24-hour on-site healthcare

1055 North Kingsley Drive Los Angeles, CA 90029

on-site healthcare.

License #197602346


(Continued from page 31) projects for the whole family on Thursdays, 4 to 5 p.m. MEMORIAL LIBRARY 4625 W. Olympic Blvd. 323-938-2732 Silly Second Saturdays features a special performance by Heidi Swedberg, who will illustrate how to play the Ukulele. The free 90-minute workshop is for adults and chilren of all ages (under 7 must be with an adult. Bring you own uke, borrow one, or purchase one for $40, and learn to plays songs on it in on Sat., Mar. 13 at 3 p.m. First Friday book club meets to discuss "The 19th Wife" by David Ebershoff on Fri., March 5 at 1:30 p.m. Copies available at library, Author Talk with Emmy Award-winning producer, writer and director, Mary Lou Belli, co-author of "The Sitcom Career Book" and "Acting for Young Actors." Meets on Mon., March 8 at 6:30 p.m. Lunch @ the Library: Memorial Old Time Picture Show presents "This is the Army" starring Alan Hale, Kate Smith and Ronald Reagan, on Thurs., March 18 at 12:30 p.m. Free popcorn. Bring a sack lunch. Student Smart presents seminar on improving your study skills on Wed., March 17 at 4 p.m. Teen Crafts meets Sat., Mar. 20 at 11:30 a.m. to have some crafty fun. Special Information Program: "Breaking Free: From Polygamy to Me" presented by Margaret Futerer, author of "Escape Your Past" on Mon.,


March 2010


Larchmont Chronicle

Art comes alive at L.A. show; generations mingle at tea

Nenninger heads Las Madrinas

Robin Nenninger, Windsor Square, will head the Las Madrinas, a support group for Childrens Hospital Los Angeles for the coming year. She was introduced at the group’s recent meeting at the annual ball. Another local resident on the board is Diane Hawley, chairman of the group. Ginny Dickinson, Hancock Park, was recognized for her dedication and generosity. She, along with Victoria Dean and Laura Seaver, will have their names added to the Las Madrinas plaque in the hospital lobby. Dr. Michele Kipke, director of community, health outcomes and intervention research, was presented with a contribution toward the group’s pledge of $5 million for autism research.


responding to the needs of the whole person

a community of hospitality offering a continuum of care Independent and Assisted Living Apartments Alzheimer’s Residence Skilled Nursing/ Rehabilitation FIND OUT MORE ABOUT US AT WWW.STJOG.ORG © LC 0609

Judy Posney, Aris Marcella Ruble, Alan Harrison, Monica Rosenthal, actress Ann Archer, Jeffrey Powell, Charles Carr and Demi Grey. *** Lelani and Edwin Raquel hosted the Windsor Square– Hancock Park Historical Society Membership Tea in their magnificent Beaux Arts home in Fremont Place. One-hundred members and their guests e n j o y e d scones, clotted cream, petit– fours and tea sandwiches provided by Melanie and Paul Boettcher of Kings Head in Santa Monica. Membership chairman Richard Battaglia gathered guests in the soaring ballroom where he presented the organization’s executive committee: Rita Beasley, Myrna Gintel, Ernie Marjoram, Juanita Kempe, June Bilgore, Kate Nunes, Caroline Moser, and president, Fluff McLean. “Talk about history,” quipped member Carolyn Layport. “I grew up in this very house!” (sharing it with the ghost of Mary Pickford). Other partakers of high tea were: Carol Fondevila, past WSHPHS president Chris Blakely with wife Betsy and Chris’s mom B.J. Blakely, Sandy and Bill Boeck, Yvonne Cazier, Joann Clark, Lorna and Luigi Gentile, Sylvia Marjoram, Sandy McLean, Mary Nichols, Ramona and John Selby, Mary Anne Singer and Gerry Kimbrough. Representing future aficionados of Hancock Park and Windsor Square were members’ daughters Carmina Raquel, Isabella Battaglia and Lavinia Boettcher. *** The Fashion Institute of Merchandising and Design and Galleries put on a feast under crystal chandeliers and welcomed a world of past Academy Award costume design winners and current nominees to preview its 18th annual “Art of Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibit.” This year’s exhibit featuring 100 plus costumes from 20 (Please turn to page 23)

‘‘I choose fresh chefs.’’ “I’ve always felt most at home in the kitchen, so it’s no surprise that Josephine’s Kitchen is my favorite spot at Belmont Village. It’s so cheerful – all my friends are there, the meals are made fresh, and the menu is loaded with choices! Best of all, my family loves the food too. Now when we get together for a family dinner, I leave everything to the chefs . . . and me? I just enjoy the company.”

‘‘I Choose Belmont Village’’ • Licensed nurse on-site around the clock • Chef-prepared, restaurant-style dining • Free scheduled transportation daily • Fitness and social activities • Medication management • Housekeeping and laundry • Assistance with daily living • Circle of Friends® memory program • Short-term stays available • Specialized Alzheimer’s care

Ask about our financial solutions for seniors & families!

Burbank (818) 972-2405 Encino (818) 788-8870 Hollywood Hills (323) 874-7711 Rancho Palos Verdes (310) 377-9977

Kara Wily Pilates 510 N. Larchmont Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90004 323.595.2852


The L.A. Art Show, that grandest ship of the state of the arts, arrived full regatta at the L.A. Convention Center with a gala opening on Jan. 26. Artists, collectors and stars politely elbowed their way to first looks at thousands of works by the world’s most important artists—present, past and future. More than 3,000 first night patrons sipped champagnes and boutique wines and Around countless other delights while the strolling past a Town collective of art with that would rival Patty Hill any great art museum. And just to remind the international crowd that this is 21st century LA and not the Tuileries, the evening also featured performance artist Nick Cave, whizzing and dancing in his tassled “sound suits,” and live “street artists” Kofie and El Mac creating 15x20 ft. urban landscapes. Bouncing happily back and forth between Peter Paul Reubens and contemporary Uruguayan photoscapes were such artful souls as: Carolyn Ramsey, Sebrena Simmons, Councilman Tom LaBonge,

Westwood (310) 475-7501 RCFE Lic. 197603515, 197603848, 197605090, 198204246, 197607761 © 2010 Belmont Village, L.P.

Call 866-905-2266 or visit to order your free guide to Assisted Living LarchmontChron_3_2010_FC.indd 1

2/23/10 8:07 PM

March 2010

Larchmont Chronicle



Around the town

ADMIRING COSTUMES at the Fashion Institute event were Aris Marcella Rubel, Alan Harrison and Judy Posner.

(Continued from page 22) 2009 films invites cinema and design lovers in for a closeup, behind the seams look at great artistry worn by stars from “The Young Victoria,” (Sandy Powell) to “Where the Wild Things Are” (Casey Storm). Between and among were: Lyda Serrano, Kevin Jones, Clarissa Esquerra and Christina Johnson. Admiring the dapper suits worn by Johnny Depp in “Dillinger” were: Steven Major, Brian Boyce and Palace Costumes owner Lee Ramstead with multi-Oscar winner, designer Julie Weiss who said, “I met Lee 30 years ago on my first visit to Palace Costumes and I’ve been a fan ever since.” Others displaying their own inimitable style were Matthew

Hancock, Allison Leach, Islean Kirker, exhibit designers Mona May and Marlene Stewart, Costume Designers Guild president Mary Rose, Michael Black and FIDM director Barbara Bundy. Located at 919 S. Grand Ave, the exhibit is open with free admission to the public. And that's the chat!

PALACE COSTUMES owner Lee Ramstead discusses displays with designer Julie Weiss.


Finishline Physical Therapy

Jazz quartet sets Hollywood concert





i Sav

ll Ca




5 8-1



3 w!


,0 $5

531 N. Larchmont Blvd. 323-463-0592 323-463-0596 fax

Garey Raymond, PT ….See you at the Finishline!

Come experience the BridgePoint Difference


abo u o u Gua r t ran tee *

Independent and Assisted Living


TAKING TEA are, from left, Carmina Raquel, Isabella Battaglia, and Lavinia Boettcher.

A jazz quartet will perform at the Hollywood Studio Bar & Grill, 6122 Sunset Blvd., on Fri., March 12 at 8 p.m. Flutist-vocalist Libbie Jo Snyder will join Jane Getz on piano, Bill Markus on bass and Paul Cohen on drums and vocals. The repertoire includes music from “Greensleeves” to the Beatles.



March 2010

Larchmont Chronicle

Census Bureau seeks workers

The U.S. Census Bureau is looking for workers for the 2010 Census through the end of May 2010 for temporary assignments, most lasting five to 10 weeks. Most positions require U.S. citizenship, a driver’s license and use of a vehicle. Each applicant will undergo a background check. “The jobs, which offer competitive wages and flexible schedules, also allow people to work in their neighborhoods,” said Marilia Matos, associate director for field operations. An accurate census count means a fair distribution of money for schools, roads, neighborhood improvements and elderly care in your community, said Matos. To apply, call 866-861-2010.

Discussion & Support Group for Adults with Aging Parents

• Caring for ill and difficult parents • Decisions regarding end of life issues • Getting closure • Resource Referrals

Tuesdays at 6 pm beginning April 6. $25 per one hour session.

LOCAL MERGER. The recent wedding at St. Brendan Church for Katherine Russell to Michael Enright united two local families. The newlyweds each have four children and numerous grandchildren, most of whom attended the ceremony.

Japanese gardens, rancho on OASIS Long Beach tour Board the bus at the Westside Pavilion on Wed., May 26 at 9 a.m. for a day-long excursion to Long Beach as part of OASIS travel program for older adults. The morning begins with a guided tour of the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Gardens at Cal State Long Beach. Afterward guests will head down to the waterfront for a Japanese lunch at Tokyo Wako, where the chef will demonstrate his skills by grilling meals tableside. Following lunch is a docentguided tour of Rancho Los Alamitos historic adobe ranch house, and a visit to its gardens. Cost of $62 includes driver tip and lunch. Call 310-475-4911 ext. 2200 for reservations.

Tax preparation free for seniors

Seniors, age 60 and older, are eligible for free income tax preparation at the Hollywood Senior Multipurpose Center, 1360 N. St. Andrews Place. Appointments are available between 8:30 and 11:30 a.m. Bring 1040 and 540 forms, Social Security cards, and driver’s licenses, plus evidence of income and interest and the previous year’s returns. The service is free, but a donation is welcome. Sponsor is AARP. To make an appointment, call 323957-3900. q

For more information, call (323) 935-5826 420 ½ N. Larchmont Blvd.


Facilitator, Shelley Miller, is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 25 years experience.

March 2010

Larchmont Chronicle


‘Spring Fling’ to raise funds for St. Anne’s

Shakespeare troupe to enact three plays



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Guests may have their beverages shaken or stirred at “Diamonds Are Forever,” a fundraiser for Pilgrim School, 540 S. Commonwealth Ave. on Sat., March 13. The “Casino Royale” will be in full swing throughout the evening, where friendly croupiers, pit bosses and dealers will explain the rules of the game to gamblers who are invited to wander through mini-casinos. Foods from around the world will fuel guests for dancing, as well as shopping at auction tables featuring items such as dinner for four at Providence, a vacation in San Croix, Bar Marmont meal and drinks, a strand of black pearls and a mink coat courtesy of Somper Furs. The event will support the new Science Center and provide funds for Pilgrim’s expanding music program. Tickets are $100; $125 to sponsor teachers (includes two tickets). Contact Toni DeVito at or 213-385-7351 for more information.

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Youngsters in the Los Angeles Drama Club will perform Shakespeare’s “The Winter’s Tale,” “Much Ado About Nothing” and “Timon of Athens” for two weekends on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from March 12 to March 21. The event will be hosted by Lost Studio, located at 130 S. La Brea Ave. The Los Angeles Drama Club began in 2004 when two mothers (also professional actors) gathered a handful of young neighborhood children in the garden of a historic Brookside home to learn about the world of Shakespeare. In a town where TV and films overshadow the theater, here the children were encouraged to learn everything about the craft of acting for the stage—especially Shakespeare’s stage. Today, the club has 52 children, ages 6 and up. Tickets are $10 and are available along with showtime information online at

‘Diamonds Are Forever’ Pilgrim fundraising theme

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ENGAGED ARTISTS. Robert Redford embraces Madeline Puzo, dean, USC School of Theatre, after being presented with the school’s inaugural “Robert Redford Award for Engaged Artists.” It will go to artists who have distinguished themselves in their work and also in their public commitment to social responsibility, to increasing awareness of global issues and to inspiring and empowering young people.

The “Spring Fling” boutique on Fri., March 19 will raise funds for St. Anne’s. Guests can shop for Easter and spring-themed decorations, gift items, handcrafted floral wreaths, jewelry, gift baskets, clothing and fashion accessories as well as a selection of baked goods from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 155 N. Occidental Blvd. in St. Anne’s Foundation Room. Boxed lunches from Marie Callendars are available for those wishing to dine. Preorder at by March 12. St. Anne’s provides residential treatment and transitional housing programs, mental health services and educational, vocational and community outreach programs. Call Christina Machado Essex at 310-821-0108.


Setting the Standard Since 1969

THREE LEVELS OF CARE Country Villa Terrace Assisted Living Community offers three levels of care. One level serves those who need partial help with daily living activities, such as bathing and dressing. For those who need total assistance, we offer higher levels of service. In most cases, those helping you will be certified nursing assistants. Like all Country Villa communities, Country Villa Terrace Assisted Living is known for providing high-quality care in a atmosphere. comfortable Prospective residents and their families are welcome to visit and stay for lunch. On request our administrator will evaluate resident candidates who are in a hospital or nursing home to determine if they meet our admission criteria. Family and friends may visit at any time. Please call If you would like more information or to schedule a tour.

Call Herb Hirsh to schedule a FREE tour and lunch 323.653.5565 6050 West Pico Boulevard

Lic. #198201010


MarCh 2010


Larchmont Chronicle

school news ECHO HOriZON


School Reporters:

By Maya Klapper, 6th Grade Jackson Terry, 5th Grade

Phoebe Townsend Center for Early Education Younsook Jang Christ the King sydney Gough Curtis School Maya Klapper Jackson Terry Echo Horizon Krystyn Joy hernandez John Burroughs eva hilton Larchmont Charter John sapunor Loyola christina Bartzokis Marlborough Audrey noble Marymount caroline wade Pilgrim Yingjoy li skylynn Marquez Precious Blood John Ferraro St. Brendan Jonathan Rich St. James’ ella Pang Third Street Jules Zeesman Turning Point noah lee Wilshire

EHS was one of the 213 schools around the country participating in the Green Cup Challenge. The Challenge is a program of the Green Schools Alliance, made up of students from public, private and independent schools all around the country coming together to take action on climate change and the environment. The 5th grade recently participated in a Colonial Era Exhibition. Students were separated into groups studying colonial architecture, food, clothing, medicine, trades, entertainment, chores, education and laws. Students collected more than $1,200 in the Pennies for Peace Project, which will help build schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Battery recycling has come to EHS. There are special bins located in our foyer. The 6th grade went to the Kirk Douglas Theater to see “Darwin,” a tale of the scientist and his creation. The story was told using puppetry, technology and dance.

By christina Bartzokis 8th Grade On Feb. 1, 371 Marlborough students were part of the California effort to break the world record for most people simultaneously jumping rope. “Jamba Jump Day” aimed to get 80,000 Californians jumping and raise awareness of childhood obesity. The Marlborough School Charitable Fund has chosen four organizations to support this year. HerShe, MOSTE (Motivating Our Students Through Experience), Girls and Gangs, and Homegirl Café all help educate girls in need in the Los Angeles community, and each will get $7,500. MSCF’s next fundraiser, “An International Affair,” will be held March 21.

Larchmont Chronicle

Pilgrim By caroline wade 11th Grade February at Pilgrim was quite busy! The secondary students ventured to Cedar Lake to brave the mountains. They enjoyed skiing, snowboardJewels Haskell won the school’s Shakespeare contest, giving her the chance to move into the regional round of competition. Drama Ensemble will present “The Diviners” with the help of guest artist Thadeus Frazier-Reed, a sound designer. The sophomore class went on an overnight trip to SeaWorld, where they got to dissect squids, pet sharks, and then sleep beside the shark and manatee tanks.

ing and sledding. According to anonymous sources, some students returned with Valentines just in time for the 10th grade Valentine Gram sale! Delina Yemane (Class of 2012) was selling Valentine’s Day grams for students to send to teachers, friends, or that special someone. Part of the proceeds were donated to buy food and supplies for earthquake victims in Haiti. Not only has Pilgrim been on a sugar rush from candy this month, we’ve been crazy for fruit! Tasty Tuesday has brought us organic local fruits to try. During morning meeting, a new fruit is introduced and a sample is given to students. A good way to burn off all the candy and fruit Pilgrim has been enjoying, is to STOMP. Stomp performed at Pilgrim to kick off our “Stomp Out Hunger” food drive for Hope Net.

NEW The New Erika J. Glazer Nursery School Now Accepting Applications

Parent & Me Classes

Now forming for ages birth - 2½ yrs

(213) 388-2401 • Wilshire Boulevard Temple Historic Campus 3663 Wilshire Boulevard • Los Angeles For more information, contact Beth Weisman at

Member of academy of Pediatric Dentistry

immaculate heart middle school

State-of-the-art Pediatric Dentistry Center

• Directed by the Immaculate Heart Community and Lay Associates. • Located in the Los Feliz Hills Since 1906. 5515 Franklin avenue, los angeles • (323) 461-3651

Our Pediatric Specialists & Staff make your child’s Dental visit fun & positive! © LC 0108


A Private Catholic School for Girls Grades 6 through 8

(213) 381-5437

3932 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 200 (Free Parking in rear)

March 2010

Larchmont Chronicle



school news MaryMount

tHIrD StrEEt

By Audrey noble 12th Grade Will you be mine? Girls asked their dates this very question when attending our annual Winter Formal. Revolving around the theme of “Be Mine,” boys and girls dressed to impress danced the night away. But February was more than just a month of dancing. We learned how to be better global citizens with a special Mission Day. The culmination of Unity Week, Mission Day was spent looking closely at this year’s mission goal—"to deepen a consciousness of citizenship and social justice." The highlight of the day’s events was a presentation by Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, who gave an inspirational talk on the special developments happening in biotechnology that he hopes will be instrumental in helping to cure some of today’s most deadly diseases. Later in the day, classes integrated the importance of social justice into lesson plans, and the day ended with a concert by Christian rock group, Dr. Iven. In sports news, both varsity soccer and basketball enjoyed massive victories and took home the title of Sunshine League Champions.

By ella Pang 5th Grade Have extra change floating about the house? Hello coin drive! Students at Third Street Elementary School are almost destroying their houses looking for loose change so they can fill their classroom plastic box labeled with their teachers’ name to fill with coins. The two classes that raise the most money will win an ice cream party. The money that is collected

goes towards the Friends of Third, the non-profit fundraising arm of the school. They will use it to provide important programs such as the technology lab and music instruction. In previous years, the parents in Friends of Third have counted the money. However this year, the student council’s newly elected treasurer, Kyla Gelev, will lead the student council in sorting, adding and boxing hundreds of coins. Each class might bring in $10 or even $100. So far, it’s a very close race among all of the classes!

CHrISt tHE KInG By Younsook Jang 7th Grade February is a short month, but Christ the King school managed to hold many exciting events. We started off with Catholic Schools’ week. The busy seven days began with Open House and ended with Spirit Day. On this last day, Coach Andre Brent, our PE coach, organized many exhilarating games in

which the 7th and 8th graders and teachers competed. We celebrated St. Valentine’s Day by exchanging gifts, chocolates and valentine grams. Ms. Severin, our eighth grade teacher organized a St. Valentine Etiquette Breakfast for her class. The students exhibited their good manners and fine etiquette skills. Our Junior High Academic Decathlon team members are studying hard for the competition, which will take place in the L.A. Sports Arena on March 6th. We wish them luck!

City offers Public Works internships Los Angeles area high school students can apply for the Board of Public Works High School Internship Program by Mon., March 15. The program exposes youth to career options in the water, wastewater and architectural and environmental engineering industries. Partnering firms offer six-week, paid internships that integrate classroom learning with workbased experience. To apply, go to

Tumbleweed Day Camp Serving our community for over 55 years!

Located in Brentwood•1024 Hanley Avenue

(310) 472-7474

Hancock Park’s first choice for: Summer Camp High Adventure Beach Club Swim School Birthday Parties Horseback Riding School Field Trips

Upcoming tours are March 14th and 28th at 12:00 & 1:00 PM. Call for reservations.

Join us this Spring & Summer, as we take your child on an adventure to remember! ©LC908

• 12:1 ratio, students to staff • arts & crafts • games • specialized enrichment Locations:

Fun Gym Classes for kids ages 6 months and up. Saturday & Sunday Birthday Parties Free Parking!

hancock park elementary • ivanhoe elementary • the hollywood schoolhouse Spring Camp: march 29-april 2, april 5-april 9 Summer Camp: June 28-sept 3 early bird tS diScoun

call or email alex herrera, sr. camp director 310.671.4400 ext 33 • *prices vary depending on location ©LC0310


March 2010


Larchmont Chronicle

school news ST. BRENDAN


By John Ferraro 8th Grade    February was a busy month at St. Brendan’s. We had Ash Wednesday, a safety assembly and our Kindergarten entrance exams. Our basketball teams have done a fabulous job. In fact, our A-Boys team got through its season undefeated under the watchful guidance of Coach Rice. This is, indeed, a hectic time of year. Our 8th graders all anxiously await their high school acceptance letters. St. Brendan will be hosting a Spring Fling fundraiser in the new Parish Center on March 6. All proceeds will go directly to the school. Second graders will be having a field trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific, our 4th graders will be going to San Juan Capistrano, and 7th graders will visit the Queen Mary and the submarine, Scorpion.

By Noah Lee 6th Grade Wilshire Private School students had a lot of fun getting ready to celebrate the Korean Lunar New Year holiday. At a school-wide assembly and celebration, traditional Korean games took place, as well as some drumming by 5th and 6th grade students. All of the students even got one dollar for bowing to their elders, showing

Cathedral Chapel wins Quizbowl

For the eighth year in a row, Cathedral Chapel took first place overall in the Academic Quizbowl held at the school at 755 S. Cochran Ave. Its Super Quiz team placed second in the competition among 17 Catholic elementary schools. Students who placed in individual subject areas are: Flora Eun, grammar; Kaiyah Routh, literature; Laurent Park, social studies; JuEun Kang, fine arts; and Noella Park, religion. Students are busy preparing to compete with 100 elementary schools in the Archdiocesan Academic Decathlon on Sat., March 6 at the L.A. Sports Arena.

their respect! Then we moved on to the American holiday of Valentine’s Day. The two days before the weekend, Valentine’s Grams were sold for $1 by Student Council. Almost everyone enjoyed the sugary sweetness of candy! Another important and exciting event this month was the Musical Theater performance of “The Three Little Pigs: The Untold Story,” written by the 5th grade English teacher, Ms. Barr. It was definitely a play that put smiles on the audience’s faces.

Larchmont Charter By Eva Hilton 5th Grade There is no name-calling ever at LCS— especially during No Name Calling Week! We are all excited about the national contest in which students were challenged to submit art projects or written work about “no name calling.” Meanwhile on campus, the 2/3 classes have been working

on an economics unit to learn about productive resources and supply and demand. They then created a “marketplace” to sell a service or product to other students. I would sure love to donate to one of those services! In the 6th grade, students just culminated a unit centered on the novel, “Seedfolks” by Paul Fleischman where they wrote about recipes relating to their culture. To celebrate, everybody brought in homemade dishes! It was great for everyone to try all of them.

Center for Early Education By Phoebe Townsend 5th Grade Typically it’s all about the love in February. Except love doesn’t always mean candy bracelets and cut-out hearts. So this year students collected quarters to help Haiti through their hard time. We also had an assembly where a storyteller came. Some grades gave out candy or cards to their classroom. Sixth grade had a basketball tournament during lunch. The 5th grade did a project with a news report on a “Time For Kids” story. Fifth grade is going on field trips to the Music Center and the Science Center/Museum. Each class does a project for our Gala each year, and all of the class projects look great and are complete. Our school had an Eco Fair, and kids enjoyed learning science and about ways they can save the earth. Students and staff are spreading the love during this awesome month.

Temple Emanuel Academy Day School and Early Childhood Center • ERB Scores (standardized testing) for the 6th Grade are in the top 5th percentile nationally • The staff has been teaching for an average of 15 years • 50% of our 5th and 6th grade qualified for the Johns Hopkins Center for Gifted and Talented Students • 100% of our students are Mensches! • Small class sizes To join one of our tours, contact Tanya at: 310.288.3737 x246 or Temple Emanuel Schools: Day School Early Childhood Center

8844 Burton Way, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

310.288.3737 x246

A Private Catholic College Preparatory School for Young Women Grades 9 through 12 • Directed by the Immaculate Heart Community and Lay Associates. • Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. • Located in the Los Feliz Hills Since 1906. 5515 Franklin Avenue, Los Angeles • (323) 461-3651

Precious Blood school A Kindergarten through 8th Grade Catholic Elementary School WASC Accredited • Integrated Curriculum • Computer Class Art & Music Programs • Sports Program • Student Council Small Class Size • After-School Care through 6:00pm 307 S. Occidental Blvd., la, ca 90057 • cOrner Of third St. & Occidental www.pBSchOOl.uS • (213) 382-3345 • fax: (213) 382-2078


© LC 0110

immaculate heart high school

(all ages welcome)





GRAND OPENING March 28th noon - 4pm 660 North Larchmont Blvd (at the corner of Melrose)


March 2010

Larchmont Chronicle



school news PRECIOUS BLOOD



By Yingjoy li, 6th Grade skylynn Marquez, 7th Grade

By Jonathan Rich 6th Grade The 1st Grade class watched a presentation from the California Science Center. A large dome was set up in the Parish Hall and a planetarium-style presentation was given. They projected a desert onto the walls of the dome, and the students inside saw what a desert looked like. Third grade teachers Mrs. Cregan and Mrs. Kuramoto organized a “Native American Fair” for their students as a culmination of their study of Native Americans. Students dressed up as Native Americans and displayed the totem poles that they had made in class. There was a full Native American lunch for the class and a PowWow performance for the whole school to watch. Fourth graders went to the Mission San Juan Capistrano. The children saw the fields, the buildings where the Native American workers slept and the church. The docents taught them how to make rope out of plants. Sixth graders had a Cooperative Day with the students from the Center for Early Education. Everyone had a good time getting to know each other and playing games.

By Krystyn hernandez 8th Grade J o h n Burroughs said goodbye and offered up congratulations to our school principal, Mrs. McKay, on her retirement. For seven years,

We had a wonderful science fair. Wow, what great projects this year! Our in-house academic competition in math and science was a lot of fun. Working in cooperative groups, there were many hands-on projects and experiments to make learning fun. Eighth graders are busy taking high school entrance exams. Decathlon team is doing lots of independent studying and together, too. Students celebrated Chinese New Year by drawing various Chinese dragons in art class. Our annual dinner dance and educational award is at the Sheraton Hotel downtown. The theme is Masquarade Ball. The Daughters of Mary and Joseph will be honored this year with a special acknowledgment to Sr. Nuala Briody. The DMJs were the first principals and teachers at our school in the 1950s, 1960s and part of the 1970s. Our Young Authors Evening is coming up. Students author and illustrate their own books that are put on display for families.

Christ the King CatholiC sChool Grades K - 8

she worked on a vision for our school, which was to create a college-going culture. She helped implement field trips to local colleges, and we are the only LAUSD middle school that administers the PSAT, ACT Explore test and the practice CAHSEE test for 8th graders. During her tenure at the school, our API score steadily increased to 811, putting us

into the prestigious 800 club. Mr. Martinez, who has been our assistant principal for four years now, will be taking on the job in March. In the meantime, we have Ms. Rita Davis as our interim principal. The comments from people at school have all been positive. One student remarked, “Mr. Martinez has been here a long time; I think he’s very qualified.”

CURTIS SCHOOL By sydney Gough 4th Grade The 4th grade is having Reading Day where the whole class does nothing all day except read. Students will come to school in comfy, PJ-like clothing and bring a little pillow. The 3rd grade had their ShowMe-What-You-Can-Do talent show. They sang a couple of songs all together as a grade, there are some narrator parts, and then the talent portion began. O u r first track meet is coming up soon. Two participants from each upper-school grade will compete. Book Spree is almost here! It is a book sale with TONS of books all set up on racks in the auditorium. Students bring home the prices of the books they’re interested in purchasing and their parents write a check. There are also some cute coloring books, pencils, pens, pencil sharpeners, erasers, mini staplers, notebooks, toys, etc

Strong Arts, P.E. and Technology Programs Emphasis on Self-Reliance and Mutual Respect Pre-K through 6th Grade Challenging and Individualized Curriculum Accredited by CAIS, WASC & NAIS.

3430 McManus Ave., Culver City, CA 90232 (310) 838-2442 •

Over 50 Years of Excellence in Catholic Elementary Education • PC Computer Lab - Internet Access • SmArt Boards in Grades 1-8 • Fully Accredited by WASC & WCEA • Highly Qualified Faculty & Staff • CYO Sports Program - Student Council • Fine Arts & Choir Instrumental music Program • Daily Hot Lunch • After-School Program Homework Club • Departmentalized Junior High School • Spanish Classes • Classical Languages & Culture • Academic Decathlon

If PILGRIM SCHOOL Is at the Top Of Your List, You’ve Done Your Homework.

ToDDler Program Through hIgh School

Call For Information (323) 462-4753 617 N. A rdeN B lvd . l os A Ngeles (M elrose & v iNe )


Now aCCeptINg applICatIoNs For 2010-2011 testINg by appoINtmeNt

100% college accePTance raTe

new FIne arTS cenTer For a Tour PleaSe call The aDmISSIonS oFFIce – (213) 355-5204

Dentistry for Children and Young Adults

Pediatric Dentistry Randall E. Niederkohr, D.D.S.

Member American Dental Association Diplomat of American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Maria Singson - Orthodontist


TV & Video Games

We have a unique living room atmosphere Children from newborns to 18-year-olds feel comfortable Saturday Appointments Available

(323) 463-8322 • 321 N. Larchmont Blvd, Suite 809

5 4 0 S . C o m m o n w e a lt h av e n u e • l o S a n g e l e S , C a l i f o r n i a 9 0 0 2 0 w w w. p i l g r i m - s c h o o l . o r g • ( 2 1 3 ) 3 5 5 - 5 2 0 4 Pilgrim School is a division of First Congregational Church of Los Angeles


MarCh 2010


Larchmont Chronicle

school news LOYOLA


By John sapunor 12th Grade Loyola’s varsity basketball team recently ended its regular season with a 63-45 win against the Crespi Celts. They finished with a record of 23 wins and 2 losses, and are advancing into playoffs. Cub soccer also celebrated a recent victory, winning 3-1 over Notre Dame High School. This victory earned the team a spot in the playoffs as well and ended their season with a final record of 18 wins, 6 losses, and 5 ties. At our annual blood drive, the American Red Cross came to Loyola and drew pints of blood from students who were age 16 or older. Many Cubs participated in the American Mathematics

By Jules Zeesman 7th Grade This month at Turning Point School, we had a couple of cool events and some big celebrations! At our open house, students who Competition, a chance to show off their math skills by advancing to future rounds. Loyola welcomed former Laker Byron Scott, who gave a speech in Otero Lecture Hall. During Juvenile Justice Week, students raised awareness about the harsh punishments that many minors face in America’s justice system. Students and faculty signed petitions opposing the sentences that many juveniles must face.

are in the middle school musical performed two songs from the show. Also, every month the school has family meetings. When you first join the school, you are assigned a family made up of teachers and students from different classes and even different grades that get together throughout the year and do activities together. Staff members are in a family, too! We also had Spirit Day, which is a commemoration of the day we moved into our new school building in Culver City in 2001. We played a basketball game where the middle school kids played each other, and then the best basketball team played some of the teachers! We also brought no waste lunches, where nothing can be thrown away. Also, true to Turning Point School’s Spirit Day tradition, each and every student got a doughnut!

Marymount High to install energy-producing umbrellas Marymount High School recently launched the One on One student laptop initiative to equip students and faculty with the tools needed for a 21st century learning environment. The school has taken the spirit of the initiative to new heights by looking towards renewable energy to power the laptops outdoors. In the coming weeks, four self-sustaining, clean-energy producing SKYShades Solarbrellas will be installed across the campus. Each umbrella incorporates lightweight organic photovoltaic panels (OPV) onto its exterior. On a typical day, the OPV panels will produce 640 watts—enough energy to

power four laptops for nine consecutive hours. “By installing the state-ofthe-art Solarbrellas, our students and faculty will be able to take the classroom environment outdoors,” said head of school Jacqueline Landry. “Additionally, reducing our carbon footprint is a high priority, as evidenced by the ratification of a comprehensive Green Initiative Philosophy Statement by the Board of Trustees in February 2009.” Faculty and students will be able to incorporate the 13 ft. x 13 ft. Solarbrellas into studies of alternative sources of energy. In addition, they will be able to power up their mobile devices under the UV protected shades.

Marat Daukayev School of Ballet S Congratulations to our Youth America Grand Prix New York Finalists! Elizabeth Addas. Luis Delcid Eli Gruska. Rahel Lebsekal. Matisse Love and Devin-Alexus Marin (seen below)

S Pre-Ballet to

Pre-Professional Training in Russian Style Classical Ballet at Dance Arts Academy 731 S. La Brea Ave. (at Wilshire) S Registering

St. James’ Episcopal School 625 S. St. Andrews Place Los Angeles, CA 90005 (213) 233-0133 x306

now for Spring Semester 2010 Classes for girls and boys ages 3 & up Beginning to advanced levels our website or call for class schedules 323.965.0333

St. James’ Episcopal Preschool Early childhood education in a nurturing community for children ages two-and-a-half to five. • Children — Respected for their wonder and creativity, ability to do meaningful work, individual perspectives, and ability to play. • Families — Respected for their roots and traditions, loving companionship, commitment, and dreams for their children. • Staff — Respected for their vision, delight in children, teaching skill, knowledge of age-appropriate curriculum, commitment to families, and sense of fun. • We cherish what we all learn from each other. Accepting applications for September 2010. Accredited by NAEYC.

To apply or schedule a tour call 213-738-7871. 4270 West 6th St. Los Angeles, CA 90020 213-738-7871


S Visit

March 2010

Larchmont Chronicle



LIBRARY CALENDAR Teen Council meets on Tues., March 16 at 3:30 p.m. to make candy that looks like sushi. Adult book group meets on Tues., March 23 at 6:30 p.m. to discuss "Lincoln" by David Herbert Donald.

Student Smart SAT workshop on Tues., March 23 at 3:30 p.m. to learn better study skills and prepare for test. Ongoing Grandparents and Books: Mondays, 2:30 to 4:30 p.m.; Tuesdays, 2:30 to 4:30 p.m.,;

Wednesdays, 2 to 4 p.m. Toddler Tuesdays at 11:30 a.m. Adult computer comfort class on Wednesdays from 2 to 3 p.m. LACMA Art Classes: art (Please turn to page 21)

Marlborough suMMer school is Back for 2010! STANDING ROOM ONLY crowd packed the Memorial Library for a recent performance by Deacon Jones and the Bucket of Blues Band. Jones, on keyboard, was band leader for John Lee Hooker, Freddie King and Curtis Mayfield. He signed copies of his book, “40 Years With the Blues Legends: the Life and Times of Melvyn ‘Deacon’ Jones.”

Create a collage, relax with yoga, learn to play the ukulele


Coed Grades K to Adult K and 1st grade students sign up for Camp Mustang! June 21-July 23, 2010 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Sports camps begin June 14

...where imaginations, minds, and bodies thrive! Course catalog and registration available at (323) 964-8401 250 South Rossmore Avenue

Los Angeles, California 90004





grade on Wednesdays, 4 to 5 FAIRFAX LIBRARY p.m. 161 S. Gardner St. 323-936-6191 Used book sale on Wednesdays and Saturdays from noon The Miracle Mile Writers to 4 p.m. Club is dedicated to educating Get Lit: teens perform poetwriters of all levels of expertise in the craft and business of ry and spoken word on Saturwriting while providing net- days at 10 a.m. working and support. The free FREMONT LIBRARY 6121 Melrose Ave. monthly meetings welcome 323-962-3521 writers of all disciplines, both published and aspiring. The Eat Right for Healthy Livclub meets on Sat., March 6, 3 ing workshop, presented by to 5 p.m. certified nutrition and wellMonday Morning Story- ness consultant Andie Jones, time for babies and toddlers shows how to choose right for includes stories, songs and fin- healthy eating. Learn the top gerplays on Mondays, March 10 food categories that may be 8, 15 and 22 at 11:30 a.m. slowing metabolism, how to Friends of the Library meets read nutrition labels and red Tues., March 9, at 10 a.m. to flags to look for. Meets on Sat., help plan events and share March 13 at 3:30 p.m. ideas to support the library. Census job recruitment and Ongoing testing in the Community Grandparents and Books: Room on Mondays, Thursdays Call branch for dates and and Saturdays from 12:30 to 3 times. p.m. Learn computer basics Friends book sale: Fri., Tuesdays 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. March 5, 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. and Art classes for kids: LAC- Saturdays, March 6 and 20 MA staff present hands-on 4.0wart x 5.0h in B&W from noon to 5 p.m. projects for children K to 5th

Marlborough announces the return of our Summer School offering Art, Smart, and Heart classes to engage your child’s creativity, brain, and body.


Turning Point School is Expanding!





DED 19


O pen 6:30am-6:30pm


Sat., April 17, 2010 10am-12pm

Announcing the expansion of our facilities to include a 400-seat theater, music and art studios, playing field, multi-media center, and outdoor environmental classroom. Now Accepting Applications for the 2010-2011 School Year.

Visit for a special online offer! Hancock Park Campus 565 N. Larchmont Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 323.463.5118 Ages 2 through Grade 8 Beverly Hills Campus 419 S. Robertson Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 323.272.3429 Ages 2 through Grade 6

Please contact or call (310) 841-2505 for more information and invitation to an admissions event. Additional enrollment opportunities for the 2010-2011 school year include: • Primary (Early Childhood Program) • K-1 (Kindergarten and First Grade Signature Program)

• Elementary (Grades 2-5) • Middle School (Grades 6 -8)

Tu r n i n g P o i n t S c h o o l | 8 7 8 0 N at i o n a l B lv d. | C u lv e r C i t y, C A 9 0 2 3 2


MarCh 2010


Larchmont Chronicle


Durang’s comedy targets terrorism, torture Why torture is Wrong, and the People Who Love them by Christopher Durang is a zany satire, a hysterically funny commentary on America’s preoccupation with terrorism, Homeland Security and the definition of torture among other subjects. Felicity (a delightfully daffy Rhea Seehom) wakes up married to Zamir (Sunil Malhorta), and proceeds to take him home to the family. Mommy Luell (Christine Estabrook) has a preoccupation with theatre and Mr. Durang manages to skewer many of his British competitors using her dialogue. Daddy Leonard (Mike Genovese) has a military past and a covert present tense with a hair trigger. Participating and commenting on the proceedings is the delicious Alec Mapa as voice/narrator/Looney Tunes, which speaks for itself. The cast is at the top of its game, but credit for this outstanding production must go to director Daniel Henning. He mines every laugh and doesn’t let even the smallest detailed moment escape.

Through March 14. Stella Adler Theatre, 6773 Hollywood Blvd. (2nd Floor), 323-6619827. 4 Stars *** What is three hours long, has 16 pitch–perfect actors, one of the most famous fic-

Theater Review by

Patricia Foster Rye

titious female schemers in 1830’s Paris society and some of the best period costumes (costume design by A. Jeffrey Schoenberg) ever seen in a 99-seat theatre? Cousin Bette, written by Jeffrey Hatcher, based on the novel by Honore de Balzac. What could be a stressful workout for the audience becomes a fascinating character study of the most famous “poor relation” in literature, Cousin Bette. Played by Nike Doukas, the night I saw it, she gives an

absolutely stunning, nuanced performance. Director Jeanie Hacket has kept these multiple characters and plotlines clear and intriguing and the scene changes deft and smooth. This is very worthwhile theatre. Through March 21. Antaeus Theatre Co. at the Deaf West Theatre, 5112 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, 818506-1983. 4 Stars *** Dirty rotten Scoundrels, book by Jeffrey Lane, music and lyrics by David Yazbek, premiered on Broadway in 2005 to mixed reviews. The musical is based on the blockbuster movie of the same name (star-

tive. Through March 21. Interact Theatre Company at the NoHo Arts Center, 11136 Magnolia Blvd., North Hollywood, 818765-8732. 3 Stars *** Geography of a Horse Dreamer by Sam Shepard was written in 1974, and premiered in London under the author’s direction. Cody (Kris Lemche), a misplaced Wyoming cowboy, has an unusual talent. He dreams the names of the winners of various horse races. Held captive for his moneymaking abilities, his gift has started to fade, placing him in jeopardy at the (Please turn to page 33)

ring Michael Caine and Steve Martin). The story centers on two con men: suave, sophisticated Lawrence Jameson (Chip Phillips) and crass newcomer Freddie Benson (Matt Wolpe). They arrive in the same resort town and, convinced the pickings aren’t big enough for the both of them, a bet is made. The first to swindle $50,000 from a woman wins and the other must leave town. Director Richard Israel has set such a frenetic pace that any real moments (and there are a few) fail to connect with the audience. Of the capable cast, Michael Manuel as Andre Thibault is particularly effec-

Assistance League¨ of Southern California


CHARLOTTEÕS WEB Book by Joseph Robinette Music & Lyrics by Charles Strouse Based on the story by E.B. White Saturdays March 20,  27 Sundays February  28   March  7,  14,  21,  28 2  pm All  performances

Ticket Donation $12

Come Enjoy a Taste of Greece! Your Hosts Dimitris & Thomas Houndalas We’re Open for Lunch & Dinner 7 Days A Week

127 North Larchmont Boulevard

BOX OFFICE (323) 469-1970

© LC 0505

Reservations Recommended Call 323.464.5160

Celebrating 90 Years as


Theatre for Children

1367 North St. Andrews Place, Los Angeles, CA 90028



2:59 PM

Page 1

Closed Sunday & Monday


Phone (323) 467-5123 (323) 467-7788

Larchmont’s Favorite Italian “Best of 2008”

Available for Private Parties on Mondays

– City Search

“Affordable, the Foccacia bread makes every visit worth while...”

Award-Winning Restaurant • 6667 Hollywood Blvd.


Larchmont Deli and Market

Since 1983

Est. 1978

– Merrill Shindler, Feed Your Face, KABC

Now Serving

232 N. Larchmont Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90004 (323) 962-9510

LuNch & DiNNer! Free Delivery Catering available

5210 W. Beverly Blvd. 323-466-1193 or 323-466-1194

On-line Ordering • Convenient Delivery ©LC1009

Monday thru Saturday • 8am - 5pm

“Louise’s is one of the few places in town that satisfies with every bite – year in and year out.”

March 2010

Larchmont Chronicle




Nine O’Clock Players presents ‘Charlotte’s Web’ Chen, Bradfield to read at Ruskin Poetry at the Ruskin will present readings by awardwinning authors Ching-In Chen and Elizabeth Bradfield on Sun., March 14 at 1:30 p.m. The event will be hosted by Kate Gale, managing editor of Red Hen Press, at The Ruskin Art Club, 800 S. Plymouth Blvd.

Chen's work includes Poets Against Rape and APAture Arts Festival: A Window on the Art of Young Asian Pacific Americans. Bradfield has been published in The Atlantic Monthly, The Believer and Orion, among others. Cost is $10; $5 for seniors and students; 310-669-2369.

AUDITION Ages 8-15


WILBUR THE PIG makes friends with Charlotte the spider and Fern the farmer’s daughter in “Charlotte’s Web.”

AUDITION LOCATION The Los Angeles Music Center • 12 Week Session+ Show Rehearsal • Final Stage Performance • Experience NOT needed! • Fee Based


(Continued from page 32) hands of his captors, a group of thugs led by Fingers (an excellent Dov Tiefenbach). What happens spins the play into a surrealistic landscape but with a very stock ending. Billed as a comedy, there are some laughs, but director Jamie Wollrab has taken it all much too seriously. The performance runs through March 6. Moth Theatre, 4359 Melrose Ave. (entrance is in back through alley), 323-666-2296. 2 Stars

Chicken “Pupa Chango” with Antonio’s Chardonnay

© LC 0305

Antonio’s One & Only

7470 Melrose Ave. • Call for Reservations (323) 658-9060

PERFORMANCE SEASON 2010-2011 • Snow White & The 7 Dwarfs • Tom Sawyer & The Gang • The Snow Queen

Community Theater Center Stage MICHELE ASSOCIATES


We don’t just teach improv, we create comic legends.

Register NOW


for Spring Break Camp and Spring

Available for Rent Beautiful, newly renovated auditorium space located in the heart of Hollywood!


• Improv • Video • Acting • Comedy Writing • Musical Improvisation • Youth & Teen Classes


• Perfect for concerts, private functions and seminars • Measures 45 ft X 90 ft and can hold up to an 80-piece orchestra • Conveniently located near major freeways & public transportation • Ample parking

Contact Amie Moore 323-993-3157 • 817 Vine Street, Hollywood

For Audition Appointment & Information Office (V/M) 213-388-2957 email-

©LC0310 ©LC0310

Friendship, acceptance and coping with life’s realities unfold in the barnyard in the Nine O’Clock Players Theatre for Children’s presentation of “Charlotte’s Web.” The production, based on the story by E.B. White, opens the Assistance League of Southern California’s 81st season. The play is directed by Todd Neilson, with musical direction by Dean Mora. Facilities are available on the theatre patio to accommodate birthday parties or other groups. Reservations are required, as well as a $25 per table set-up charge. Weekend shows run through Sun., March 28 at 2 p.m. at the Assistance League Playhouse, 1367 N. St. Andrews Pl. Tickets are $12; call 323-469-1970 or go to





March 2010


Larchmont Chronicle


Brit makes ‘Darkness’ work; ‘Hitchcockian’ Polanski Here, all are American except the hitman, who is British.

At the Movies with

Tony Medley

The Ghost Writer (8/10): Director Roman Polanski admitted in open court that he drugged and raped a 13-yearold girl, then ran away. Almost as reprehensible, his newest film paints Tony Blair and the USA as the bad guys in the war against terror. But personal feelings about those two issues can’t overcome the

fact that Polanski is talented, and that this is a film with Hitchcockian tension that is thoroughly enjoyable. Ewan McGregor, Tom Wilkinson, Olivia Williams, Kim Cattrall, and Pierce Brosnan give sparkling performances, enlivened by the award-quality music of Alexandre Desplat. Valentine’s Day (7/10): My expectations were low for this ensemble-cast of stars romance, but Garry Marshall has a nice touch here. In addition to loading the film with terrific location shots of Los Angeles, including Marina del Rey, the Hollywood Freeway, the fountain at Wilshire & Santa Monica Blvd. in Beverly Hills, the Venice Canals, and the Hollywood sign, among many others, he gets good performances from most of his cast, including Ashton Kutcher, Topher Grace, Jennifer Garner, and Anne Hathaway. Maybe it’s a trifle, but it’s an entertaining trifle. Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Thief (3/10): What were they thinking, to make a violent movie that could scare the

socks off of children out of books written for 10-year-old boys? Changing the age of the protagonist from 12 to 17 and clumsy direction and setups encumber what could have been an intriguing story of Olympian gods still fighting in the 21st century. Writer Craig Titley’s clever lines and metaphoric attack on President Obama aren’t enough to save this. When in Rome (1/10): Burdened by uninspired directing and a story that can best be described as drivel, the majority of the actors, espe-

The Hollywood Studio Bar & Grill and Dolores Petersen Present

“The Flute & Voice of Libbie Jo” Fri., March. 12th 8 p.m. - 10:30 p.m. Libbie Jo Snyder - Flute & Vocals Jane Getz - Piano Bill Markus - Bass Paul Cohen – Drums & Vocals ©LC0310

Edge of Darkness (10/10): Despite the fact that Mel Gibson gives a top performance as the grief-stricken detective out for revenge, what makes this movie work is British director Martin Campbell (who directed the original as a 1985 British miniseries, as well as the 1983 miniseries “Reilly, Ace of Spies,” one of my personal favorites), an expert at pace and tension. There is not a minute of this film that lets you relax. Extra special is Gibson’s relationship with shadowy Ray Winstone, who gives an Oscarcaliber performance as that favorite Hollywood fantasy creation, a caring hitman. In the British miniseries all the characters were British except the hitman, who was American.

cially Bobby Moynihan (from Saturday Night Live) and Alexis Dziena, are so irritating they could seamlessly fit into the worst chick flick. The script is annoying, to be sure, but star Kristen Bell adds nothing that would make one empathetic with her. Alone among the cast, Josh Duhamel overcame the drivel. He’s not in that many scenes, as it’s a story about Bell, but if the film has any bright spot, it’s Josh. From Paris With Love (1/10): The first hour is one of the more ridiculous hours of film I’ve had to sit through. John Travolta is an over-the(Please turn to page 35)

6122 Sunset Boulevard @ Gower $10 cover plus 2 drink minimum or dinner Reservations: 323-466-9917 At Gower Gulch, SW corner Sunset & Gower Excellent food! Free Parking in front. •

Lunch Special Only $8


Free Delivery on orders of $150 or more


Lunch & Dinner Every Day of the Year

Chan Dara


ot The Nd ry a n i r So O Restaurant Thai In LA WEST L.A. 310-479-4461 11940 W. Pico Blvd.

LARCHMONT 323-467-1052 310 N. Larchmont Blvd.

Bogie’s Liquor

Please!... Don’t Drink & Drive

We Deliver Until 1:30 am

Call 323-469-1414

5753 Melrose Ave. Hollywood


3357 Wilshire Blvd. • 213-385-7275

©LC 0406

Restaurant Hours: Mon. - Tues. 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Wed. - Sat. 11 a.m. to midnight Sun. 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Bar Open till 1:00 a.m. Mon.-Thurs. ~ 1:30 a.m. Fri., & Sat.

March 2010

Larchmont Chronicle




Wagner's 'Ring' set for April 3; quartet to repeat L.A. Opera will premiere the final production in Richard Wagner’s Ring cycle, “Götterdämmerung” (Twilight of the Gods), on Sat., April 3 at 1 p.m. at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Music Center. Four more performances will run through April 25. The new production is staged by director/designer Achim Freyer. “Twilight of the Gods,” which first premiered in 1876, is the final chapter of Wagner’s four-part epic “Der Ring des Nibelungen.” The opera features smitten gods, a magic ring, murder and sacrifice incorporating Scandinavian and German mythology. L.A. Opera Music Director James Conlon conducts the production. This is the final production of the four individual operas in Wagner’s epic. The quartet will then be performed sequentially beginning May 29. The second cycle opens on June 8 and the third cycle starts June 18. Each cycle runs over the course of

nine days. Tickets range from $20 to $260. visit LA Opera Box Office, or

phone 213-972-8001. The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Music Center is at 135 N. Grand Ave.

“A new way to eat... ...the old fashioned way”

HOMESTYLE AMERICAN, ITALIAN, ARGENTINE FOOD Empanadas • Entrees • Specialties • Salads • Sandwiches • Pasta

TAKE OUT & DELIVERY (323) 856-0135

Your neighborhood kitchen



(Continued from page 34) top, violent psychopath, shooting more bullets in the first hour, killing so many people in Paris, that it’s hard to believe anybody is left to speak French. The violence is so pervasive it becomes like white noise. And he’s a good guy! He should have shot co-star

Jonathan Rhys Meyers, whose attempt to “act” seems like a bad American Idol audition. Where’s Simon Cowell when we really need him? After an hour, though, somehow 20 minutes found their way into the film that are actually entertaining. Unfortunately, the last 10 minutes reverts to ludicrousness. Read full reviews at www.


At the Movies

Ristorante Join the Marino family for traditional Italian cuisine complemented by a fine large wine list.

Friends Of The Observatory

invites you to a festive reception to preview our plans for Griffith Observatory’s 75th Birthday Celebration

Diamond Nights *Northern Lights

Lucy’s Café El Adobe 5536 Melrose Avenue Hollywood, CA Hosted by Lucy & Patricia Casado

RSVP by March 9 to Lisa Anderson: 213.473.0879 Business casual attire

323-466-8812 • 6001 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, Ca. 90038


We look forward to seeing you for Lunch or Dinner.


Please join us on Thursday evening March 11, 2010 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

All Kinds of Macaroni and Cheese Delivered to your Door




4300 WILSHIRE BLVD 2 miles north of 10 Fwy (Crenshaw Exit)

(323) 938-3616



DREAMS CAFE’ • LOUNGE Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

5625 SUNSET BLVD 0406

1/2 block east of 101 Fwy (Sunset Exit)

(323) 467-5171

Come Try Us

At the Larchmont Farmer’s Market Every Sunday 323-646-4000





March 2010

Larchmont Chronicle



Easy-to-grow native grasses add texture, motion and grace to the landscape.

Page 13

Page 6

Page 4

Larchmont Chronicle’s


3-D TVs are coming to your living room and more from the Vegas electronics show.

Pasadena Showcase collaborates with the American Red Cross and numerous decorators.




Real Estate, Home & Garden

March 2010

hancock park • windsor square • fremont place • larchmont village • wilshire center • park labrea • miracle mile





Hancock Park. Magnificent 3-sty mansion located on a double lot in prestigious Hancock Park. Cecille Cohen 213.810.9949

Hancock Park. This home has it all! Location, stunning details and design, exquisite charm and class! Diana Knox 323.640.5473

PERFECT FOR ENTERTAINING! $3,049,000 Hancock Park. Magnificant 5bed, 3.5bath & guest house Mediterranean Estate done to perfection! Diana Knox 323.640.5473









Hancock Park. 4+3 w/apx 1400 sf guesthse & pool. Office/md’s rm w/ ba.Garden w/outdr liv space. Cecille Cohen 213.810.9949

Hancock Park. LR, DR, brkfst rm, sunrm, kitchen, laundry rm. 4/3 plus office. Drought-tolerant garden. Sandy Boeck 323.860.4240











Hancock Park. Ideal Windsor Sq nest! 3beds+2baths. Same owner 40yrs! Close to Larchmont Village. Loveland Carr Properties 323.460.7606

Mid Wilshire. Meticulously restored but w/modern amenities.Mill’s Act provides tax relief.Avail #9 & 10. Linda Hadley/ James Hutchison 310.562.5907


Hancock Park. Inviting, sought after 4 beds up! Lrg LR w/fpl, FDR. Kit w/FR. Pool & lrg yard. Sep office Loveland Carr Properties 323.460.7606

Hancock Park. 3/2, master w/bath, colorful kitch, LR w/fpl, FDR. New roof, bolted, rear yard. 3 car gar. Victoria Bascoy 323.460.7608

Hancock Park. Lovely 1 +1.5 top floor condo w/treetop views located in the Hancock Park Terrace complex. Loveland Carr Properties 323.460.7606


Hancock Park. Updated Spanish in Hancock Park.New grmt kitchen.3bds/2bas. 3rd St School. A/C.Pool. Lisa Hutchins 323.460.7626


Hancock Park. Mediterranean w/dramatic 2sty entry. 5+4.5, FLR/DR, fam rm, den+jr DR. 2 fpls. For lease. Linda Hadley/ James Hutchison 323.460.7601

Hancock Park. 5+5.5.Gated, private enclave, completely and tastefully remodeled w/designer’s touch.Pool. Cecille Cohen 213.810.9949

Hancock Park. 4bds/2.5bas. Grassy back yard. Amazing new gourmet kitch/fam rm. Central heat/air. Sec. Lisa Hutchins 323.460.7626

Miracle Mile. Spanish house-redone w/decks & spa, private back yard, sliding doors, redone eat in kitch. Jill Morse Lane 213.392.5857



Hancock Park. 1 Sty house, 3BR, 2BA. Painted in & out, remodeled kit & bas. Great location. For lease. Jill Morse Lane 213.392.5857

©2010 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Coldwell Banker®, Previews®, and Coldwell Banker Previews International® are registered trademarks licensed to Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Owned And Operated By NRT LLC. Broker does not guarantee the accuracy of square footage, lot size or other information concerning the condition or features of property provided by seller or obtained from public records or other sources, and the buyer is advised to independently verify the accuracy of that information through personal inspection and with appropriate professionals.


March 2010



Brookside castle facelift includes frontyard pool

“Dimitri forwarded the listBy Sondi Sepunek It sneaks up on you. You ing to me, and I couldn’t comround a corner and suddenly, prehend a castle in the middle there it is, in front of you— of LA… It seemed so Disney an honest-to-goodness castle and I didn’t want to live in a theme house,” says Dean. But smack in the middle of L.A. The Chateau LeMoine, lo- once they saw the home, its original arcated in chitecture Brookside, and its lowas built cation, they for love, a were sold. birthday gift from Confirms French arDimitri, chitect Earl “we love LeMoine to it here behis wife in cause it’s 1926. She fell in love ARCHITECT Dean Caldarelli and convenient the with the Realtor Dimitri Chami give home a to westside, land and needed rehab. Hollywood, its pretty little brook, and several years Beverly Hills, downtown, and later, the architect surprised the neighbors are so friendly!” her with a chateau resembling The home, which features a those in their native south of two-story living room, a Juliet balcony, a turret, a gatehouse, France. After LeMoine’s wife passed and even a moat, was crying away, the home was sold and out for attention. Dean and gradually fell into disrepair. Dimitri quickly jumped into When it came back on the mar- action and gave the entire ket in 2009, Dean Caldarelli, house a facelift. also an architect and owner of Doorways were widened, DC2 Design, a furniture store walls were opened, gothic in Savannah, Ga., and Dimitri archways were replicated Chami, a local real estate throughout the house, and agent. were somewhat skepti- the result is a contemporary interior that still remains true cal of the “castle” listing.

to its original classical architecture. “The house was claustrophobic, so we redesigned the floor plan to flow better and to create better space,” explains Dean. One of the home’s biggest challenges was the landscaping. The side and back areas were unusable, overgrown

Larchmont Chronicle

slivers of space, the brook was a wasted opportunity, and the front yard was just that—a grassy yard. Dean likes proper, Europeanstyle landscape design, so that’s the direction he and Dimitri took. “I was afraid the house would go too Disney,” says Dean, “so I wanted to formalize the land-

scaping and especially the pool because it’s such a dominant feature in the front yard.” Yes, that’s right—the front yard. To take advantage of their limited outdoor space, Dean and Dimitri did something a bit unconventional, building a front yard swimming pool. But it’s more than just (Please turn to page 3)

Don’t Miss this one! 1237 S. Van Ness Ave. Offered at $1,425,000

le b ila va A

Historic home with world class charm! This Dutch Colonial, also known as the Robert F. Swigart house, utilizes many antique appointments and details which enhance the experience of 1914 construction and style. Located on a quiet cul-de-sac in Country Club Park. The large foyer entry leads to grand public rooms. Details include orig HW flooring, pocket doors, built-in cabinetry and antique hardware. The kit opens to the family room. French doors off the family room and living room lead out to an “all season” patio perfect for alfresco dining. Totalof 5 BD and 2.5 BA. The front facing 5th BD is enormous & can double as an upstairs game room. There is a huge “must see” 3td flr attic with priv office! A colonnade pergola forms the perfect entrance to the back yard featuring sprawling gardens, patio areas and a beautiful swimming pool.

355 S. Rossmore Ave listed at $3,395,000 Elegant Mediterranean home sited on a grand scale lot with beautifully landscaped grounds. This estate boasts a large formal entry, huge dining room, liv rm with fireplace and original moldings. Wide plank HW flrs throughout. Gourmet kit. 4 BD & 3.5 BA ; music rm & breakfast room. Separate guest house in back plus 3 car garage. Expansive back yard has a covered outdoor liv rm, flat grassy yard and priv patio with fireplace.

st u J


d ol


310-777-2865 213-968-6344


sandy boeck: in brookside & beyond classic brookside tudor

classic english in brookside

es in cr ow

es in cr ow

EARLY STAGES of front yard conversion to swimming pool.

Bird-watcher clubs often provide scientific information Bird watching (or birding for short) has been popular for hundreds of years. Wild birds are fascinating to watch, and with more than 800 species in North America alone, there is something for everyone. A birder is someone who enjoys watching wild birds. Practically anyone can consider themselves a birder— and more people do every day. In fact, birding clubs are set up all around the world. From historic clubs like the National Audubon Society to up and coming ones like the Wild Delight Birders Club, thousands of bird lovers continually come together to celebrate their outdoor pets. Unlike clubs established

solely for entertainment, birders clubs are unique because of the scientific data they often provide. Many of the observations made and shared in birders clubs are very helpful to ornithological research, and all birders can contribute. Joining a birders club is a great way to share your interests and learn more about wild birds. Audubon California provides monthly educational programs about birds and nature, and members partake in weekly field trips. For information, contact Garry George, Audubon California, 6404 Wilshire Blvd. #1250 or call 323-951-9620 x 104 or e-mail

847 longwood avenue $1,275,000

Inviting entry with a view to wood deck with Jacuzzi tub. Great flow for entertaining! Living room w/ fireplace, formal dining room with built-in buffet, breakfast room, sunroom, kitchen, laundry room, maid’s room & bath. 3 bd, 2 ba, plus an office upstairs. Hardwood floors. Drought-tolerant landscaping with fountains. Two-car garage.

737 tremaine avenue $1,249,000

Center hall plan with architectural details from 1920’s offering great flow for gracious entertaining! Large living room, formal dining room, breakfast room, kitchen, pantry, powder room, maid’s room & bath. Three bedrooms and two baths upstairs. Fenced garden, brick patio, & a two-car garage with attached studio.

Sandy Boeck

“Building Bridges Between Buyers & Sellers”


©2009 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Coldwell Banker is a registered trademark licensed to Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Owned and Operated by NRT LLC. Coldwell Banker does not guarantee the accuracy of square footage, lot size or other information concerning the condition or features of property provided by the seller or obtained from public records or other sources, and the buyer is advised to independently verify the accuracy of that information through personal inspection and with appropriate professionals.



March 2010

Larchmont Chronicle


a hammock. Inside and out, the Chateau LeMoine is now the sparkling jewel that it was

always meant to be. To see the landscaping portion for yourself, don’t miss out on

this year’s Windsor SquareHancock Park Historical Society Garden Tour April 25.

thank you for your trust & confidence the top 5% nationwide

Naomi HartmaN

& LeaH BreNNer



c du

c du



THE CHATEAU LeMoine in Brookside was built for love in 1926.

BROOKSIDE CASTLE FACELIFT (Continued from page 2) your average swimming pool. It’s a Baroque-influenced water feature that you might see on a tour of the grounds at Versailles. Streams of water spout over the pool from every angle, turning it “into a sculptural feature itself. It’s more like a large fountain,” explains Dean. The once unusable side and back yards were transformed into a series of courtyards off of social-friendly, ground floor gathering rooms. Four separate courtyards, each with a water feature and seating area, are accessed through newly installed French doors. Salvaged bricks were used to create the

rear courtyard’s hardscape and stairs. Twisted topiaries, boxwoods, azaleas, pyramidal junipers and roses flourish in each space. “We always do iceberg roses because they bloom all year long,” smiles Dimitri. The neighborhood’s brook presented a different set of challenges. Tucked within 80 years worth of mature, diseased trees and overgrowth, Dean and Dimitri discovered three beautiful hidden palm trees. “I pulled out the ivy myself!” laughs Dean. In its place, Dean and Dimitri planted shade-friendly ferns, flex and gardenias. They added twinkling lights, outdoor music, seating areas and even

302 n. mccadden pl. Offered at $2,250,000

Magnificent Mediterranean, completely remodeled with designer’s touch. Grand public rooms with great flow for entertaining. Fabulous gourmet kitchen with every amenity possible. Family room with French doors leads to lush private oasis with pool. 5 bedrooms and 5.5 baths. Elegance throughout.

w ne

102 n. martel ave. Offered at $1,595,000

Unique Art Deco home inspired by the design of long ago Pan Pacific Auditorium. Remodeled with all new systems including heat and air, electrical and plumbing and is energy efficient. Huge corner lot, wonderfully landscaped yard with orchard and secluded gardens. 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths plus intimate study and bonus room.

g tin s i l



624 n. mansfield ave. Offered at $849,000

Charming English home. Bright & light, formal living & dining rooms, 3 BR/2.75 BA, family room w/ French doors leading to garden.

163 n. alta vista blvd. Offered at $895,000

Charming cottage. Renovated Traditional home, center hall plan, with many upgrades. Waiting for a designer’s touch.


©2010 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Coldwell Banker is a registered trademark licensed to Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Owned and Operated by NRT LLC. Coldwell Banker does not guarantee the accuracy of square footage, lot size or other information concerning the condition or features of property provided by the seller or obtained from public records or other sources, and the buyer is advised to independently verify the accuracy of that information through personal inspection and with appropriate professionals.


Opportunities abound with the right direction.


Call Loveland * Carr Properties !



Wondering which way to turn in today’s Real Estate market?



MarCh 2010


Larchmont Chronicle

French chateau was inspiration for Cravens Estate The historic Cravens Estate on former “Millionaire’s Row” in Pasadena will open its doors as the Pasadena Showcase House of Design, in a collaboration with the American Red Cross, on Sun., April 18. Public tours continue through Sun., May 16. The property is currently the headquarters of the San Gabriel Pomona Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross. In all, 26 interior designers and seven exterior designers will “be bringing the historic Cravens Estate back to vivid life,” said Delise Menik, president of the Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts, which produces the annual home and garden benefit. Once one of the gracious estates on Pasadena’s “Millionaire’s Row,” the nearly 20,000-square foot French Chateau mansion was designed for John and Mildred Cravens by San Francisco architect Lewis P. Hobart. It took two years to build—it was completed in 1930—and was inspired by the Chateau Vaux-le-Vicomte in France. “What’s interesting is that Mildred Cravens was a board member of the American Red Cross,” says Beverly Marksbury, benefit chairman. “She held many meetings

ORIGINAL OWNER was a board member of the American Red Cross, which is in collaboration with this year's event.

at the estate and, then, the house was sold by its current owner, Simon Zervos, to the Red Cross in 1964. But here’s what we didn’t know until very recently. The Chateau Vaux-leVicomte served as a Red Cross headquarters during World War I and II.” The 46th annual Pasadena Showcase House of Design may look familiar, as it’s been in many movies and TV shows, including “Desperate Housewives” and “Mad Men.” For Ben Green, executive director of the Red Cross area chapter, the collabora-

tion with Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts—founded in 1948—is unique in that the two nonprofits involved have such long histories. “Our chapter has been helping others for over 90 years, since our founding in 1914,” says Green. The home and garden tour raises funds for music education, institutions and programs throughout Southern California, including the Los Angeles Philharmonic, high schools libraries and music therapy programs at hospitals, senior centers and foster

in 1965, received a Pasadena Beautiful Foundation Award. Tickets for the Pasadena Showcase House of Design include the house and garden tour and Shops at Showcase 25 vendors, a restaurant and bar. Prime Time tickets (Saturday and Sunday, all day; and Tuesday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 1:45 p.m.) are available for $35 in advance and $40 at the door. Weekday matinee tickets (Tuesday through Friday, 2 p.m. to closing) are $30 in advance and $35 at the door. Children under 12 are not allowed on Showcase property. For more information, visit or call 626-578-8500.

care facilities. “Whether we’re members, designers or supporters, we share one belief,” said Menik. “Music has the power to change lives.” She was among the nearly 600 supporters to get their first look at the 2010 Pasadena Showcase House of Design at the annual “Empty House Party” in January, where guests had an opportunity to see the property’s “before” state. Designated as a Landmark of Historical Significance by the city of Pasadena, it has also been declared a Pasadena Cultural Landmark by the Pasadena Heritage Society and,

Two Dog Organic at Showcase Shops uses less fertilizer and water and can be placed on stands or tables. The Shops at Showcase are comprised of merchandise from all over the country. Among items for sale at the are linens, jewelry, gourmet products, home décor, clothing, bath and spa products. Open Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. It is closed on Mondays.

A local business is the firstever nursery to be a part of the Shops at Showcase at the Pasadena Design, April 18 through May 16. Two Dog Organic Nursery will sell vegetable and herb transplants from seedlings started in owner Jo Anne and Alex Trigo’s Miracle Mile backyard. “We’ll also feature EarthBox Garden Kits,” said Jo Anne. The patented, maintenancefree high-tech growing system


PETE BUONOCORE #1 Keller Williams Team – Larchmont Village - 2009 #1 Prudential Agent – Pacific Design Center - 2008 #1 Prudential Agent – Hancock Park – 2006, 2007

M o n t h ly S tat i S t i c a l c o r n e r Foreclosure activity for Larchmont Village, Hancock Park and Windor Square Pre-foreclosure

Notice to Sell

larchmont Village




Representing top 1% of realtors throughout the country.

Windsor Square




Pete Buonocore knows the power of superior customer service. It is a tenet he has carried over to his real estate practice from 18 years of senior management expertise with high-end national retailers. Peter is a Realtor who embraces real estate as a business transaction.

hancock Park




Since buying or selling a home is often one of the most important personal financial decisions, Peter’s expertise in marketing, finance and contractual negotiations is pivotal to a successful outcome. His credentials include: • Chief Financial Officer with Guess Jeans Retail Division • Vice President of Marketing with Ann Taylor Stores • President of St. John Home Stores, a division of St. John Knits • Board Member of the Larchmont Boulevard Association • Board Member of Larchmont Village Homeowner’s Association • MBA in Finance from Columbia Business School A strong work ethic and strict attention to detail are critical factors to Peter’s performance. His sales leadership has differentiated him from other realtors and honored him with exclusive recognition. His professionalism has earned the respect and cooperation of his peers.

Pre-foreclosure: Notice to Sell: Bank Owned:

Bank Owned

Owners are behind on their mortgage payments. Bank as set auction date to sell property, either to an outside party or, if no buyers, to take possession. Bank has taken back the property. 3825 Sapphire Drive, Encino Hills $1,149,000

remodeled 4 bed/3 bath Observations: Thankfully, there areImmaculate very few bank owned properties in our 1-story home set on private half acre knoll neighborhoods. In the three primary neighborhoods, there are only 4 bank owned in prime Encino. Granite kitchen with properties. Two of the four bank owned properties are under contract with new stainless steel appliances and breakfast owners. bar opening to the family room. ExpanHopefully, the majority of the owners who are not currently making paysive professionally-landscaped yard with ments will be able to get their financespool.inCoveted order and catch Lanai School District.up on their payments or they will potentially make arrangements with their lender for loan modifications. Many banks are finally beginning 414to N. expedite Kilkea Drive,short Miraclesales, Mile allowing owners to sell their properties for less than they owe. This has been a very slow and $1,699,000 extremely tedious and frustrating process the 2past. StunninginIbizian bed/3 bath home plus den/media room. Chef’s As quoted in the Los Angeles Times (2/17/2010), as kitchen of December, 11.4% of California homeowners were 90 dayswith or Viking morestove lateandoncarrera theirmarble loans. Our neighborcounter tops. Sound system throughout hoods are clearly in great shape compared to the whole of California. for entertaining and relaxing. Lushly January and February have seen a considerable improvement in the unit landscaped backyard with a pool/spa sales versus the same period last year.andThe average selling price per square foot is recreation room/cabana, bonus! also up slightly.

Information contained herein deemed reliable although not guaranteed. Keller Williams does not guarantee the accuracy of provided by the seller or obtained from public records or other sources.

Peter Buonocore…providing you with superior service and business expertise.

Larchmont ViLLage beVerLy hiLLs

Fax 310.734.2116 •

PETE BUONOCORE 310.734.2118



March 2010

Larchmont Chronicle


275 Muirfield s $3,150,000 Magnificent Mediterranean Home in Hancock Park

! g n i t s i L w Ne

Enjoy all the elegance and tradition of a major Hancock Park home, including spacious public rooms, huge master bedroom, elaborate moldings, hardwood floors, Palladian windows, and the perfect floor plan. Features 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, home office with mahogany built-ins, an elevator, and lanai. Large backyard with pool, 2 outdoor fireplaces, pool house with shower, bar-b-que, and a secret bamboo hideaway with a lava ring. Prestigious location!

nal o i t i d a r T entwood

1006 Wellesley Avenue $2,295,000

Br Charming

Fantastic Family Home in Brentwood!

4 bedroom suites plus powder room, high ceilings, 3 fireplaces, hardwood floors, and formal living and dining rooms. Large master bedroom has an adjacent office and private balcony. Gourmet kitchen with granite counter tops is located off the large family room featuring a wall of French doors that open to the grassy yard and patio with custom outdoor fireplace. Great for entertaining!

4460 Wilshire Boulevard, #705 $968,500 $899,000

k cock Par n a H n i est Unit


Penthouse with Million-Dollar Views! Huge 2-story penthouse with 3300 square feet, 3 terraces, 2 bedrooms + 2.5 baths, and 17’ ceilings. Large, bright and sunny rooms, and tons of closets. Priced to sell!

A Family Partnership with Over 75 years Combined Experience! Andrew E. Woodward 323.860.4251

John A. Woodward IV Mary C. Woodward 323.860.4265

E-mail Us:


MarCh 2010


MAJOR MANUFACTURERS had huge displays.

Thin is in, plus home 3-D at 2010 electronics show By Martin Folb Guest Columnist Imagine walking 30 miles in four days, trying to see 2,500 plus exhibitors along with 120,000 of your closest friends. This organized chaos was what this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was all about. On opening night Jan. 6, the keynote address by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. showcased many new “tablet” PC’s including a prototype made by HP that is a full function computer—the thickness of a poker chip. Ballmer also announced that Windows 7 was “by far the fastest selling operating system in history.” The sales of desktop PC’s, once thought at death’s door, were extremely strong, as many people’s desktops were considerably older than their laptops. Many decided to upgrade to new machines with Windows 7 rather than try to

upgrade the old hardware. He said that Office 2010 will be released around October, but anyone can go to Microsoft’s website now and download a BETA or test version. It has some impressive new features, especially in PowerPoint. Project NATAL, the “X” BOX gaming system that frees the user from game controls and totally puts them in the game, will be released in time to make it a hot Christmas item. The next day large crowds gathered to rush into the Las Vegas Convention Center to see all of the latest and greatest technology. Undeniably, the biggest buzz this year was 3-D TV! Every major manufacturer (Sony, Panasonic, JVC, Toshiba, LG, Samsung and all of the rest) had huge displays. People lined up to don a pair of 3-D glasses, and experience it for themselves! The success of “AVATAR” heightened everyone’s curiosity about hav-

Larchmont Chronicle

ing 3-D capability in their own home. All of these manufacturers plan to have sets available by spring or summer, and supposedly at prices not much higher than current flat panel monitors. Along with the televisions, they will be introducing 3-D Blu-Ray players and even systems that will convert 2-D content into 3D! Unlike the 3-D systems of the 1950’s that used those cheap red/ green glasses, most modern systems use “active shutter” goggles. They receive signals from the TV that allow the left and right eyes to see only the images that are correct.


Panasonic seemed to work the best, as they use Plasma rather than an LCD screen. Since it can refresh more rapidly, there is less chance for flicker. JVC uses a special screen with a polarizer built in that uses polarizing rather than active glasses. This is the system used

by the studios to view movies in production. It produces the best 3-D, but currently carries a hefty price tag of $8,000. The big question for manufacturers who are betting billions of dollars on the technology; will the public buy into the 3-D concept at home? Most likely, the biggest initial market will be gaming and sports. No one really knows, but in the meantime everyone seems to be tethered to a smart phone, iPod or laptop. The days of “getting away from it all” are gone forever. Martin Folb, a Hancock Park resident, is a physicist and entrepreneur.

462 Arlington Drive, Pasadena L ocated in beautifulWest Pasadena, just minutes from downtown Los Angeles, Burbank and Hollywood, this unique South Orange Grove 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom, one-story home is sited on over a 1/3 acre of lush gardens and tranquility! Offering the perfect combination of functionality and beauty, the main house, with a spacious open floor plan, offers two bedrooms and two baths, an abundance of natural light, hardwood floors, crown moldings and a family room with a wood-burning fireplace. As well there is a one-bedroom and one-bath guest room or office suite with an exterior/private entrance, a two-car garage with additional on-site parking, beautifully manicured gardens with mature plantings and room for RV storage/parking.


offered at $1,279,000

Mary Anne Cunningham 626.396.3961 Rita J. Whitney 626.396.6807

459 E. Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, Ca. 91101 Sotheby’s International Realty, Inc. is Owned and Operated by NRT LLC. Sotheby’s International Realty® is a registered trademark. Sotheby’s International Realty does not guarantee the accuracy of square footage, lot size, or other information concerning the condition or features of the property provided by the seller or obtained from public records or other sources

susan CHadney Assistant Team Leader

Here are some great Homes I sold In 2009. 742 N. Sycamore Ave., Hancock Park Adj. $1,189,000 4501 Henley Ct., Westlake Village $662,000 – TrusT sale 1214 S. Highland, Glendale $632,000 – shorT sale 5909 Fulton, Valley Glen $550,000 – Bank owned 1226 Chavez, Burbank $442,976 – Bank owned 309 N. Holliston #9, Pasadena $370,000 9219 Oneida, Sun Valley $369,000 – TrusT sale 15921 Wyandotte, Lake Balboa $238,000 – Bank owned 3302 Minto Ct., El Sereno $175,000 – Bank owned

...and Just lIsted In HanCoCk Park I even had my own 2 kids buy homes in 2009 to take advantage of these great deals. Call me to discuss your possibilities.


651 wilcox ave. #2e offered at $655,000

Hollywood Hills Office

Sleek & sophisticated condo in prestigious Hancock Park Terrace. Big & bright 2 bd, 2.5ba, closets galore, terrace, pool, spa, cabana & 24 hour security.

make 2010 your own real estate suCCess story



March 2010

Larchmont Chronicle

BUS TOUR brings to life David Smay's book "Crawling Down Cahuenga: Tom Waits' L.A." beginning downtown where Waits honed his ear to the American vernacular.

Esotouric tours visit spiritual sites,Tom Waits pre-fame days The tour is sponsored by Esotouric which has a repertoire of 16 tours, all researched, written and hosted by Richard Schave and his wife Kim Cooper. On the route is The Aetherius Society, the Krotona Apart-

IN CELEBRATION OF “Women in Construction Week,” March 1 through 7, Annie Goepel, executive vice president of Drake Construction, Inc., spoke to a class of fourth-grade students at South Shores Elementary School in San Pedro. Goepel, Larchmont Village, is a member of the L.A. Chapter of the National Assoc. of Women in Construction, which promotes the roles of women in the building industry and provides scholarships to young women pursuing careers in architecture and engineering.

Q: why Are More & More PeoPle TUrning To

li st ed

Ju st

so ld

li st ed

diA/rAy & ChAse?

Springtime: time to clear clutter, get organized

A: CAll Us TodAy To Find oUT

8343 W. Sunset Blvd. Listed at $1,895,000


dia/ray deasy/penner&chase 323.462.7200 Home as art ®.com ©LC0310

8339 W. Sunset Blvd. Listed at $2,495,000

833 S. Detroit Listed at $1,099,000

342 S. Irving Blvd Listed at $2,575,000

so ld

314 S. June Street, Listed at $2,695,000

so ld

Getting organized to cut clutter in your home can be easier than you might think— and the benefits of being organized could extend beyond a tidy house. For instance, organized people save money because they can assess their shopping needs at a glance, making them less likely to buy something out of uncertainty. So how do you join the ranks of the orderly? Follow these tips to tidiness: Perfect piles Gather your things into five piles, bins or baskets: keep, donate/sell, discard, repair or goes elsewhere in the house. Start small. Instead of saying, “Today, I’m going to organize the garage!” say, “Today, I’m going to organize these two garage shelves.” Toss 50 Set a goal to throw away 50 unused, unwanted or broken items in a week. Start in one area and do your best to rid yourself of unused stuff that’s taking up space in your home. Also, if an item has been in the “repair” pile for longer than six months, chances are it will never be repaired. Toss it. “Go back” baskets Use a “go back” basket on each level of your home. If you see an item that belongs in a different area of the house, place it in the basket and set a time each day to return the items to their appropriate places in the house.


Ju st

Maja D'Aoust, lecturer at the Philosophical Research Society and author of "The Secret Source," hosts “Maja’s Mysteries: Rapture & Release” on Sat., March 20. The tour examines the spiritual history of Hollywood, and will visit buildings where some of the most eclectic faiths of the 20th century were founded and flourished, some of which still utilized historic buildings.

ments, Echo Park's Parsonage of Sister Aimee Semple McPherson and The Vedanta Society. For more information, go to maja2. San Francisco writer David Smay brings his book “Tom Waits' Swordfishtrombones'" alive on the bus tour “Crawling Down Cahuenga: Tom Waits’ L. A.” on Sat., April 3. The tour departs from the city's last surviving Skid Row bar, the King Edward Saloon in downtown L.A., where the young Waits honed his ear to the American vernacular and scored Ralph Waite's film "On the Nickel." Next the bus travels to Waits pre-fame days in Echo Park and Hollywood, through wild times at the Tropicana Motel and brawls with the punks at the Troubadour, to Francis Ford Coppola's failed Zoetrope Studios experiment, where Waits met his wife Kathleen Brennan and transformed his life and music.




MarCh 2010


Larchmont Chronicle

Musso & Frank Grill to host Cocktails in Historic Places

SOLD: This home, located at 140 S. Plymouth Blvd., listed for $2.045 million.

Real estate sales* Single family homes

355 S. Rossmore Ave. 460 S. June St. 140 S. Plymouth Blvd. 451 N. Mansfield. Ave. 165 S. Wilton Pl. 503 N. McCadden Pl. 151 N. Poinsettia Pl. 540 N. Lucerne Blvd. 809 S. Muirfield Rd. 157 N. Poinsettia Pl. 416 S. Van Ness Ave. 572 N. Bronson Ave. 947 S. Cloverdale Ave. 232 S. St. Andrews Pl. 923 S. Bronson Ave. 817 S. Norton Ave. 820 S. Wilton Pl. 333 N. Bronson Ave.

$3,395,000 3,300,000 2,045,000 1,649,000 1,150,000 1,099,000 995,000 975,000 965,000 899,000 849,000 845,000 799,000 749,000 749,000 729,000 499,000 356,400

PARAGON of Old Hollywood.

levard on horseback, with the loser having to pick up the dinner tab at Musso & Frank. Call Musso & Frank at 323467-7788 or visit http://www.



Still L.A.’s biggest





You choose which amenities you want to include:

• 160 Acres of Fabulousness

• Signature Upgrades

• Amazing Panoramic City Views

• Pool Access

• Sprawling Green Belts

• Fitness Center

• Pet-friendly

• Additional Storage

• Wi-Fi Café On Site

• Reserved Parking

• Multimedia Theater

& The Grove arket Farmers M W 3rd

• On-Site Dry Cleaners • 24-Hour Patrol St

W 6th St Wilshire Blvd

N La Brea Ave

$599,000 560,000 509,000 509,000 509,000 499,000 499,000 459,000 449,000 429,000 399,000 379,000 361,350 349,000 307,000 299,500

S Fairfax Ave

5601 W. Olympic Blvd., #102 637 S. Fairfax Ave., #Ph3 637 S. Fairfax Ave., #403 637 S. Fairfax Ave., #504 637 S. Fairfax Ave., #404 5037 Rosewood Ave., #210 5601 W. Olympic Blvd., #203 637 S. Fairfax Ave., #304 637 S. Fairfax Ave., #302 637 S. Fairfaxe Ave., #202 860 S. Lucerne Blvd., #301 637 S. Fairfax Ave., #501 5132 Maplewood Ave., #305 4407 Francis Ave., #110 5051 Rosewood Ave., #102 533 S. St. Andrews Pl., #317

Angeles and joined Frank Toulet in a new venture, Musso and Frank Grill in 1919. Today, Musso & Frank is considered the paragon of Old Hollywood grillrooms that were popular destinations for Hollywood's elite, including movie stars, film directors, producers and writers. F. Scott Fitzgerald, William Faulkner, Raymond Chandler and Ernest Hemingway were all regulars, as well as Orson Welles, who held court in his favorite booth. Charlie Chaplin and Douglas Fairbanks once raced each other down Hollywood Bou-

As Hollywood's oldest eatery, Musso & Frank Grill will present Cocktails in Historic Places on Fri., March 26 from 6 to 8 p.m. at 6667 Hollywood Blvd. Sponsored by the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles, Cocktails in Historic Place is open to members and non-members and reservations are not required. The history of the eatery dates back to 1910, when Joseph Musso and Joseph Carissimi opened their first restaurant, Progress, in Portland. When their partnership dissolved, Musso moved to Los

866-682-6120 6200 West Third Street . Los Angeles, CA 90036

* List prices for January

Have questions for the DMV? George Valverde, director of the Calif. Dept. of Motor Vehicles, has answers. Q: I’m a senior citizen and recently lost the ability to drive due to medical complications. Where can I find information on acquiring an identification card? Is there a fee for my new card? A: For those over 62, the DMV offers an identification card valid for 10 years for no charge. The DMV will also exchange a valid license for a nofee ID card to drivers who are no longer able to drive safety because of a physical or mental condition. The DMV also has a Senior Ombudsman program to keep seniors driving for as long as they do so safely. The local contact is at 310-412-6103.

PLB-020 SWEET_6x6.67_LarchChron_01.indd 1

Larchmont Income Property

1/8/10 6:34:11 PM

Larchmont Plaza for sale at $2,750,000.

Ideal owner user opportunity. Great location to the studios. Large corner unit for the owner to occupy. Call for more investment information.

Bob Day 323-860-4221


Is there a fee for an ID card at the DMV?

A Trusted Name in Los Angeles since 1878

Coldwell Banker HanCoCk Park • residential & CommerCial • 119 n. larCHmont Blvd.

March 2010

Larchmont Chronicle


Frances Blend's garden, wall, fountain feasts for senses A sensory garden and threedimensional wall nearby a bubbling water fountain are the latest additions at Frances

Blend School for the visually handicapped, 5210 Clinton Ave. Established last April, “the

sensory garden is an outdoor classroom used on a daily basis,” said principal Nancy Cohen. The community will have the chance to see the garden on Sun., April 25 when Frances Blend serves as the pickup site for tickets to the Windsor Square Hancock Park Historical Society Garden Tour.

wall and adjacent water fountain were implemented in early February, thanks to a collaborative effort on the part of Cohen as well as local residents Myrna Robin Gintel and Laura Cohen. The wall, designed with the story of creation in mind, was made possible with help from the Great Wilshire Neighborhood Council and the Hancock Park Historical Society.

“For students who are blind or multi-handicapped, it’s a wonderful tactile experience,” Cohen said. “Our children learn by doing and touching...the children are planting vegetables, flowers, fruits and herbs...they’re touching them, smelling them and using all their senses.” A three-dimensional tactile

A SENSORY GARDEN gives students a tactile experience with herbs, flowers and vegetables.

Kathy Gless Executive Director 323-460-7622 251 N. Larchmont Blvd. Experience, Integrity, Commitment

THREE DIMENSIONS are featured on a wall designed for students with visual impairments. More information is in Section 1, page 15.

Featured Listings for the Month of March by le

b ila

a av

a av

J une A hn


b ila


o ts



411 N. Oakhurst Ave. #211 $890,000 or lease $5,000/mo.

411 N. Oakhurst Ave. #108 $1,100,000 or lease $5,750/mo.

Medit. style condo w/24-HR doorman/ concierge. 2BR+2.5BA, hardwood floor, living rm w/fireplace. 1,694 Sq.ft.

The Oakhurst Bldg. 3BR, 2.5BA, 3 car parking spaces, hardwood flrs thru-out. 2 fireplaces. Full-service concierge. 2,092 Sq.ft.


Represented Buyer

$2,100,000 2337 Hercules Dr. Represented Buyer


o ts




o ts


$2,200,000 626 S. Lorraine Blvd.




o ts

A Short Sale may be your best option... 1. If you are behind on your mortgage. 2. If you are unable to negotiate with the bank for a lower mortgage payment. 3. If you owe the bank more than the house is worth.

Call for a Free Consultation! The longer you wait, the harder it is for us to help. If your house payments are more than a month behind, your lender has probably already started foreclosure proceedings.

$575,000 203 Curuso

Represented Buyer

$855,000 156 N. Arden Blvd.

June Ahn International President’s Elite

323.860.4284 cell: 323.855.5558 Hancock Park South Office 119 N. Larchmont Blvd.

©2010. Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Coldwell Banker is a registered trademark licensed to Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Owned and Operated by NRT, LLC. Coldwell Banker does not guarantee the accuracy of square footage, lot size or other information concerning the condition or features of property provided by the seller or obtained from public records or other sources, and the buyer is advised to independently verify the accuracy of that information through personal inspection and with appropriate professionals.



March 2010


Larchmont Chronicle

Real estate investor offers tips on how to avoid foreclosure Eli Tene, a renowned real estate investor and managing partner of Peak Corporate Network, offers the following advice on avoiding foreclosure: 1. Communicate with your lender  from the moment you are having difficulties making the mortgage payments. Many times, continuous communication with the lender prolongs the time frame from the beginning of the default to the initiation of the foreclosure proceedings.   When communicating with lenders

and when being asked over the phone to provide financial information, NEVER furnish such data without organizing it on a piece of paper and studying it. People tend to provide wrong or un-audited financial information over the phone which is being recorded by the lender. Changing these figures later might be difficult. 2. Substantiate an income. The most important key factor of obtaining a modification is to substantiate an income. A lender will not grant a workout to anyone who is

not able to show hard proof of income. Make sure your records are straight, especially if you are self-employed. Go thoroughly over your income and expenses. Cut all unnecessary expenses and trim existing ones. Lenders like to see the borrowers living on a tight

“Don’t count on the luck of the Irish to keep your Family & Home safe!” Count on Moore Protection!

Now’s a good time to review earthquake preparedness The recent devastating • Nonelectric can opener. earthquake that shook Haiti • Essential medicines. should be a wake up call to us • Cash and credit cards. • Sturdy shoes. all. During Other tremblers in Northern California, including the lat- If you are indoors: est jolt that shook the town of • Drop to the ground; take Eureka, also provide an oppor- cover by getting under sturdy tunity for all Californians to furniture; hold on to the furprepare themselves for the next niture until the shaking stops. significant seismic event, ac- • If there isn’t any sturdy furcording to Farmers Insurance niture around, cover your face and head with your arms and Group of Companies. While preliminary reports crouch down in an inside corindicate widespread dam- ner of the building. age has resulted from the 6.5 • Stay away from glass, windows and quake and its anything several afterthat can shocks, scienfall, such as tists continue lamps, TVs, to stress that etc. residents If you are need to get outdoors: ready now • Stay outfor a major doors, find earthquake a clear spot, in the state. crouch down The foland stay lowing are there until a few tips the shaking gleaned from stops. the Federal • Move away Emergency from buildManagement ings, utility Agency, the lines, streetUS Geological lights, trees, Survey and etc. the American Red Cross THE 1994 Northridge earthquake If you hapon what con- occurred on Jan. 17 at 4:31 a.m. pen to be inside a movsumers can do before, during and after an ing vehicle: • Pull over to the side of the earthquake to be prepared. road as quickly and safely as Before • Check for hazards in your possible. • Stay in your vehicle. home and workplace. • Identify safe places inside • Avoid stopping near or under buildings, utility wires, overand outdoors. • Educate yourself, your fam- passes, trees, etc. After ily and your co-workers • Keep emergency supplies • Expect aftershocks. Be careful since they, too, can cause readily available. • Have an emergency commu- severe damage. • Listen for the latest emernications plan in place. gency information via your Have the following disaster radio or television. supplies on hand: • Flashlight and extra batter- • Use the telephone only for emergency calls. ies. • Portable battery-operated • Open cabinets cautiously since objects inside will have radio and extra batteries. likely fallen. • First aid kit and manual. • Inspect utilities. • Emergency food and water.

budget before they are being asked to cut their mortgage charges. Make minimum payments to credit cards. 3. Know the programs available on your loan. Obtaining a loan modification is somehow considered as a “mini loan.” As such, you have to know the

programs available on your loan, know the exact numbers and ratios the lender is looking for (in most cases the lender will not provide it to you), and understand the lender’s language. If you don’t feel secure communicating with the lender and obtaining the modification, consult a professional.

Don’t put up with any more “blarney” from your giant alarm company!

Sign up before March 14th to get your first month of monitoring service for Free! We work very closely with SSA Security Patrol!


Call Don Moore @ 310-463-7631

For a no obligation inspection/consultation


SSA Security Group, Inc. Setting the Standard in Home Security Patrol

• Manned by California certified, academy trained off duty and retired law enforcement personnel • 24-7 direct contact with patrol officer • Patrol never leaves the area • Liaison with local law enforcement agencies



You and your community deserve the best protection available and we will be there to respond.

Call us today! 866-357-1772 ©LC1008

March 2010

biodegradable cat litter that is made from whole-kernel corn. The proteins and fibers in the litter bind with urine and neutralize odor. You can pick it up at Urban Tails in WeHo. Cleaning up after pets: Use biodegradable bags for cleaning up after your pet.

More tips on greening your life and your pocketbook By Kevin Vickery Last month I offered a roomby-room list of simple actions that can be taken in your home to not only reduce your carbon footprint, but save you money. The following are even more ideas for both inside and outside the home that can help you migrate away from fossil fuels towards clean energy. General home Electricity: Plug all of your electronics into a power strip that you can turn off when they are not being used. Electronics and appliances leak electricity when they are not being used. According to a recent study from UC Berkeley, the average California household pays $50 to 70 a year in electricity costs from electronics and appliances hanging out waiting to be used. Light bulbs: Change a light bulb! We’ve heard it a thousand times, but replacing your incandescent bulbs with florescent or LED bulbs will significantly reduce the amount of energy you use. A good lampshade for table lamps or a tinted glass cover for outside fixtures will soften the light from these bulbs. I find that the lower wattage bulbs (equivalent to 40 or 60 watts) work best and they also come in colors. Timers/Motion Sensors: Timers and motion sensors will help you save energy. Table lamps and outdoor lights are excellent candidates for timers. If you’re frequently running from room to room in your house, consider motion sensors so you aren’t always having to turn lights on and (hopefully) off. Windows: Keep your home cooler this summer by applying a thermal film barrier of your windows. The film, which can be found at Home Depot (next to the privacy film), will cut the amount of the sun’s heat entering your home by 60 percent, and a roll only costs about $30. Make sure you get the one without titanium as titanium is a metal that may interfere with your cell phone

reception. Outside the front door Bicycling: Ride a bike! Bicycling in Los Angeles isn’t as scary as you think. West Hollywood, Silver Lake, Echo Park and Venice all have bicycle lanes. It’s good for your body and good for the planet. The Bicycle Kitchen in East Los Angeles offers workshops that will show you how to tune and maintain your bike. They even have a ladies night where transgendered bicyclists are welcome. Visit Car pools: Ridesharing isn’t just for getting to and from work. RideAmigos finds and matches people interested in sharing rides to run errands, go to dinner or even the mall. Uber-cute founders Evan and Jeff provide this excellent service for individuals and businesses in Los Angeles and New York. Besides, you never know who you might meet! Green taxi: If you’re headed out for a night on the town with friends or to the airport, use a “green” taxi or limo service. Local companies like or econation. com offer chauffeured transportation in a fleet of hybrid or alternative fuel vehicles. Kitchen Recycling: Recycle everything you can—paper, paper packaging, plastic bottles, glass, aluminum cans, orange juice containers. Recycling reduces landfill waste and energy used to make products from virgin new resources. Tea: If you are a tea drinker then purchase loose tea. Use a French press, tea ball or strainer, and skip the tea bags and excessive packaging. It’s cheaper and you will have less to recycle. Water bottles: Give up using bottled water that comes in plastic bottles. Instead, use a stainless steel (not aluminum) bottle that can be refilled with filtered water. Backyard Cat litter: If you have a cat, use biodegradable or organic cat litter. World’s Best Cat Litter is an excellent brand of

380 Billion: Number of plastic bags Americans use every year—more than a billion a day, according to Better Bags Colorado. MSNBC says that the production of plastic bags creates enough solid waste per year to fill the Empire State Building two-and-a-half times. Most grocery stores now of-


fer re-usable shopping bags made of recycle material or canvas. Investing in a couple of reusable bags reduces your carbon footprint considerably. 1.5 million: Barrels of oil used to produce plastic water bottles in the U.S. per year. That much energy could power 250,000 homes or fuel 100,000 cars for a year.

Just sold Charming Craftsman fixer, 3 BD, 2 BA, Living room with fireplace, formal dining room w. built-in buffet, breakfast room, sunroom, kitchen & laundry room. Plus an upstairs deck w/Views of Wilshire district and Hollywood Hills.

562 South Norton Avenue S h o r t S a l e U p D at e Last month we reported on Short Sales and received a great response! • If you are late on your payments, • If your loan modification is stalled out • If you owe the bank more than the house is worth Contact me & let me show you how the short sale process will help you.

John Duerler

213.924.2208 • 118 N. Larchmont Blvd.


IT TAKES 1.5 million barrels of oil per year to produce plastic water bottles in the U.S.


Prime Location, Hancock Park Home for Lease

401 N. Mc Cadden Place

6 bed, 5.5 bath, 4900 sq. ft.

Spacious, well designed home. Great for entertaining! Hardwood floors throughout, living room with fireplace, large family room, dining room, spacious kitchen with sub-zero refrigerator system, microwaves, dishwashers, cook top in island, butler’s kitchen, lots of built-ins throughout home. 5 bedrooms, 4 baths upstairs, maid’s room downstairs. Balcony off of master suite. Central A/C. Alarm & gardening service included. Spacious back yard, detached two car garage with new door and roof, extra storage space. EXCELLENT NEIGHBORHOOD!! Great schools close by. Ready for move in now.

Ruth G. Garcia (310) 639-7130


Larchmont Chronicle


March 2010


Larchmont Chronicle

Gem show, environmental fair, tomatoes at Arboretum from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Learn how to grow all sorts of berries at “Berry Basics� on Sat., March 27 from 10 a.m. to noon. A workshop will illus-


Š LC 0208

3121 West temple st l.A., CA 90026

Staff Experts Provide Personal Service to Select the Ideal Flooring for Your Home New Shipment of exciting Wool Carpets In Stock at

Special Prices ŠLC0310

from 9:30 to noon. Experience a greener tomorrow at the L.A. Environmental Education Fair on Sat., March 13 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Students in fourth through 12th grades will use a map and compass to explore the grounds on an ecological treasure hunt. Other activities include craft, music and storytelling, and an Eco-tour. Different schools of ikebana will be represented—from classical to naturalistic to avantgarde—at a show and sale on Sat., March 20 from noon to 4 p.m. and Sun., March 21 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Learn all the tricks for growing tomatoes at the “Great Tomato Talk and Sale� on Wed., March 24 from 10 a.m. to noon. A large selection of heirlooms will be for sale. An Orchid Show and Sale will feature displays and sales, as well as potting demonstrations and speakers on Sat., March 27 and Sun., March 28

Carpet • Linoleum • Hardwood • Vinyl 323•934•7282 7815 Beverly Blvd. •

Paul F. Yount Landscape Design Artistic Theme or Eclectic Designs with an Emphasis on Color, Texture and Composition From Courtyard to Estate Designs

Consultation • Installation Design • Maintenance

310-435-8339 Š LC 505

Alternative to the Traditional Lawn.� Celebrate spring on a field trip to Weeks Roses and Agriscapes at Cal Poly Pomona led by rose breeder Tom Carruth on March 8. Mitchell Hearns Bishop, curator of historic collections, will present “From Vineyard to Botanical Garden: The History of Agriculture at Rancho Santa Anita� on March 25. Thursday Garden Talks are

Over 50 years

Your Neighborhood Flooring Choice for Custom Area Rugs to Custom Installations

LEARN THE TRICKS to growing tomatoes at the Great Tomato Talk and Sale on March 28.


Ecological treasure hunts at an environmental fair, a gem show and tips on planting spring crops are among activities at the Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden at 301 N. Baldwin in Arcadia. The Monrovia Rock Hounds present the Gem and Mineral Show showcasing unique gems, minerals, fossils, geodes and jewelry on Sat., March 6 from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Sun., March 7 from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Learn how to grow fruits and vegetables organically at a series of Saturday workshops. Spring crops is the topic on March 6 from noon to 3 p.m. The class covers companion planting, weeds, insects and diseases, and planting bare root fruit trees and grape vines. Author John Greenlee will explain how to turn a traditional lawn into a bird-and butterfly-filled meadow at the first of a series of Thursday Garden Talks on March 11. He will also sign copies of his book “The American Meadow Garden: Creating a Natural

trate the essentials of gardening in tune with the season on Sun., March 28 from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. For more information, go to or call 626-821-4623.

lic. # C27-760023


Our Business is to bring YOU business.

Why? Simply put, newspapers reach more people, more often. Highly portable and highly visible, newspaper ads go with people and stay with them.

4529 West Pico Blvd.


Contact Pam Rudy

4304 Beverly Blvd. Call (213) 487-1959 Or Cell (213) 304-3200

Š LMC 0803



Newspapers remain the most effective source for reaching consumers.

at the Larchmont Chronicle for more information. 323-462-2241 x 11 ŠLC0908



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'One-w No way ay?' Miracle says Mile Initia

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By Suz an Filipek Traffic, and, wel traffic, develop ment, l, traffic minds are on of the Miracle the members Mil of the (MMRA) e Residential Assoc. . It’s getting wor posed city plan se, and a protraffic is to re-d not irect “It has eve bringing reli Section 3 from resi ryone up in ef. arm owners dents and bus s,� all INSIDE side, said the way to the iness O’SullivanMMRA preside westSECTION nt Jim . ONE Initially, CHANGE city to dire ct traffic officials plan mand at IN comway alon mostly AT THE office. LaBonge's REVIEW bouleva g Olympic and one- thre BOAR rds e lots from Pico D HEAR 5 mile stre —along a 740 to ING the SIDEW seven 742 S. majorit Ave. on tch from Cen Plymout y of resi on the ALK SALE the wes h Blvd. boulevard t and end tinela Fairfax The app dents voiced Blvd. . 6 ing at licant wa opp The firs SPEAKE s told to osition to the t of pro modify AS the thr plan beg Y to suppor ee-phas design posed ins s. e Square t St. Andrews "Once all Sat., March 8. . three Windso been Co 8 implem phases have r un cil ented, NEWSRA will be seeks residen Village fou to move in Wilshi CK SAGA the pre r lanes headinthere ts pr line to ferred re Park. otest By Jane directio g in 3-story Olympic Weste Gilm 9 Gre n rn co ORGANIC Pico hea heading wes (i.e. bor ater Wilshir an ndo Square t hoo e ding eas Teardo at Third bounty , Win the oth t), two and bers d Council boa Neigh- Wil wn dsor St. Sch er going shir rd are lead approved law ool. vard," said way on each ing a cam mem- Wilton e Park and Rid Village, too lat boule- to change gewood . paig e the spokesma Jonathan 22 / Powell, mid-city pol borders of n Pol IQ TEST By Jan n for the the Kir ice Comma Mayor mayor. A propos e Gilman ing in Sep ice station nding Offi smart are S. How k Albane opened three-s tember. and Cou Antonio Vill cer dom se said they? ing line Joh agr 36 s were dra the divid- thu inium buildin tory conproposed ncilman Jack oisa Ush n Gresham g receive police rep mbs wn based er and Jan Wei the traf da orting plan. fic abatem ss tendin were among on ity of down from the e are dist the a tho ma rep rict g ent se ata 60 jororting SECTION But to Los Ang meeting Feb. district s. Six residents who Windsor Vill severa s would ing eles Pol 6 with become part age TWO and bus attende ice Dep of the station Feb. d a me iness ownl residents officials to mid-cit if the two stre request artment arie Branch 21 at the Mem eters on ets, it's s are app current bou y that the the borders be Library orial a mo nd- room moved Real Es Western “The pol roved. on Olymp community east to See One re like a Ave. tat ice e ic Arc Blv Way hav evaluate Home & The bou hite d. e agreed , p. 19 Garden to develop ctural firm for proposed ndaries cur if it wou the work load ers ren the neighborh would dissect tly cantly ld be impacted to see Archeon’s is Archeon Gro if sign up. pro four ood are moved the boundaries ifias: Win See Win ject manager to Western dsor were dsor Villa ge, p. 10 Ave.,� See station boundaries said Thousa , p. 14 Pa nds rk La Br of run and che ner ea has erin local stre g fans will s gone to fill the do annual ets when the 23r L.A gs Glimpses off on Sun . Marathon kick d by Jan s ., e The rou March 2. Larchm same cou te—to run the rse ping up ont lawns are as will go last yea the wel lapr— thr come bouleva VAN DE Ave. sou ough Rossmo rd KA shoppe rain, and re MPS the dro and ice then eas th to Sixth ps with rs dodged St., t to Har recalled.rink Ros skil smo where it l. “Lake vard Ave re� tur ., 8 traffic det caused the It will ns south. usual our wind its The floo s. through CULIN way ARY FIN Ave. bet ding of Ros at Larchm Koreato Crenshaw DS smore and wn, pas Third St. ween Beverly Farmers' ont's t Exposit Hall, ion Market. and dau prompted Ron and Conven the ghter Ver 14 Balue tion CenColiseum, the oni ir Staples ca air ter and to Center down Ros raft and go floa get For Info ending befo rmation at 5th their adv smore. The pho ting and Flo re on Adverti streets enture tos of sing downto wer ma Christm Please Call Rates, wn. CHAN as cards, y go on our GING TIM told us ing ma 323-462 Pam Rudy at Le Pet Kay Balue nager LisaES. Manag -2241, x it Greek. 11 Graebe er Ron Bow r with the doi The Vale * * * ir dogs. n and marketPage 10 pairs gol ntine’s Day mixed success f tournament was at Wilshir e Cou a See Blvd ntry ., p. 9

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On the Bouleva


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March 2010

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Grasses, native plant design Payne topics


plumbing, inc.


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Miniature design Garden Club topic Floral designer Joyce Dean will share her expertise on creating diminutive designs at the Los Angeles Garden Club’s monthly meeting on Mon., March 8 at 9 a.m. The meeting takes place in the Griffith Park Visitors Center Auditorium, 4730 Crystal Springs Dr. Dean is an award-winning exhibitor and National Garden Club Flower Show judge. She will share creative and artist tips and techniques unique to miniature and small designs. Guests should bring a container for a three-, five- or eight-inch arrangement. Non-members are welcome. The meeting begins at 9:15 a.m. with coffee and refreshments. Horticulture exhibits and arrangements will be on display. Call Ashken Evrard at 323665-4523 for more information.

For more information, call 818-768-1802 or go to www.


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The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses. - Hanna Rion


NATIVE GRASSES are easy to grow and are beautiful.

plant gardener at “Gardeners’ Roundtable” on Sat., March 20 from 2 to 3:30 p.m.


Classes on native bunch grasses and garden design and a plant sale are among activities this month at the Theodore Payne Foundation, 10450 Tuxford St. in Sun Valley. A lecture by Mayita Dinos, named best Xeriscaper 2008 by L.A. Magazine, and a field trip will highlight the whys and how-tos of creating a habitat garden on Sat., March 6 from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. The class includes an illustrated lecture at Payne and a self-driven field trip to Arlington Garden in Pasadena. A workshop by garden writer and consultant Barbara Eisenstein will demonstrate how native bunch grasses make beautiful garden plants. Learn about these underappreciated but easy-to-grow jewels that add texture, motion and grace to the landscape on Sat., March 13 from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. The annual Poppy Day Plant Sale and Open House will feature vendors, exhibits and more on Sat., March 27 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Ask questions and get answers from staff members on becoming a better native


MarCh 2010


mailboxes; using fruit plants on a border, along a foundation or at a door; and placing and planting an arbor. Practical tips are given to attract hummingbirds and butterflies, and create evening and Zen gardens. Plans for seeding a backyard plot to create a cook’s garden are also featured. Visit


“The hardware STore” formerly “Larchmont Hardware”

Former Larchmont Hardware manager, Bertha is now at Koontz Hardware. She is the Housewares buyer and department manager. The president of Takeya USA came to see her to show her the lines of this 50 year old Japanese company. Now, Koontz is the first store in the LA area to have this exciting new line of products.Takeya will only be available in specialty stores. All the products are “eco friendly,” “BPA free. There are air tight jugs that fit in the side door of refrigerators, and can be stored on their side, without leaking. There are Table Top Pitchers in unique designs, such as the “ice cube” design.” There are tea and coffee makers that have sleeves so that they can be used for ho t or cold liquids. The cap rotates so that one can stir the tea or coffee by twisting the cap. There is a “fruit infusion” jug to mix fruits, such as lemons or oranges or any fruits, and water. All of these products have “Acra Glass” which looks like glass, but is stronger. All are stain and odor free, and dish washer safe. Come, ask Bertha for a demonstration. You’ll get excited. Aaron has a “fruit fly trap” that is new from Terro. It is specifically for those pesky fruit flies. He also has a “Roach killer Power Pen” so you can just paint or write on the roach killer just where you want it to be. Be sure to say hi when you come from Lar chmont to visit. We love our Larchmont customers.

between San Vicente and Robertson in West Hollywood Weekdays: 8am–7pm, Sat 8am–5:30pm, Sun 10am–5pm

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MORE THAN a million scented blossoms top the 116-year-old vine, star of the Wistaria Festival.



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Descanso hosts design classes

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The Guinness Book of World Records named it the largest plant in the world. Guests can stroll beneath its fragrant blooms during the annual Wistaria Festival on Sun., March 14 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Sierra Madre Estimated to weigh at least 250 tons, the 116-year-old Sierra Madre Wistaria vine grows on an arbor over a private residence. It was planted by William and Alice Burgman, who purchased it in 1894 from Wilson Nursery in Monrovia for 75 cents. H.T. Fennel bought the house in 1913, and built extra arbors to support the vine so it could cover the house. Photos from the 1930s show that it did just that; eventually the roof collapsed and the house was torn down in 1931. The arbors were retained, and a new house was built 200 feet away. During the Festival, downtown Sierra Madre will host an Art and Garden Faire featuring more than 150 crafters, live music venues, children’s activities and a food court. Tickets for a shuttle that runs between the vine and the festival are $10 in advance; $15 on event day. For tickets, go to www.

Learn flower arranging and design principles for all occasions from instructor Ray Tucker at a series of classes at the Descanso Gardens, 1418 Descanso Dr., La Cañada Flintridge. Workshops meet on Sundays, March 7 through 28, from 1 to 3 p.m. Cost is $95, plus a $75 materials fee.

Your local roofer at the same location for over 80 years. “Experience does make a difference.”

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View blooms of record-breaking 250-ton wistaria

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The “All-Seasons Garden Guide,” a planning and planting resource for gardeners, is available this month at nurseries and online. The 2010 edition includes topics such as fun and functional landscape designs, awesome ornamentals, abundant edibles and reliable reference. Plot plans include ornamental and edible beds around

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Farmer’s Almanac garden guide available March 16

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March 2010

Larchmont Chronicle

Tuxedos evolved as a rebellion against tails


Experts offer tips for Do-It-Yourself projects


and named them after Roman gods: January = Janus, March = Mars, and so on. By the late 1500s, however, the cumulative effect of Sosigenes’ error in calculation had shifted the dates of the seasons about 13 days. In 1582, Pope Gregory had the solar year set at the correct 365 days, but kept the original 12 months and their 12 Roman names. *** How come a woman who is wild and willful is called a “vixen”? asks Tanya Robertson. A “vixen” is a female fox and is from the Old English fyxe, which is literally the feminine of the word, fox. The crossover to a human female of like temperament was inevitable and effortless. *** Why are blue jeans also called “dungarees”? ponders Ernest Thiesinger. Denim is a dense cotton fabric from Nimes, France. Jeans are originally from Genoa, and dungarees is from the Hindi word dungri, which is the coarse calico woven in India. Professor Know-It-All is the nom de plume of Bill Bentley, who invites readers to stump him. Send your questions to him at

Do-it-yourself home improvement projects continue to be popular. After all, it can save money and be very satisfying. But not all projects should be do-it-yourself. There are a number of things to consider before picking up a tool belt. Home improvement experts recommend that you ask yourself these questions: Do I really have the skills and knowledge to take on this project? You may be able to install a light fixture, but that doesn’t mean you can put up drywall if you’ve never done it before. Can I do a quality job? Some projects require more skill and experience than others. Make sure you feel confident in your ability to do a job you can be proud of. Poor quality work not only detracts from the look of a home, it can actually hurt the value. Do I have the time to do this? Experts recommend that do-it-yourselfers double the amount of time a project is supposed to take. Do you have that kind of time to invest? Will I actually finish the project? Many homeowners start a project with great enthusiasm. But as time goes on and problems arise, the project gets overwhelming and often gets left unfinished. Can I do this by myself? If your project calls for more than one person, do you have a ready assistant who has the time and the skills to help? If the project requires permits, can I get them on my own? Some projects (or parts of projects) may require building permits. Call your local building authority to find out

THE RIGHT tools are key to a successful project.

exactly what permits are required and how to get them. They can also tell you which aspects of the project require a licensed professional. Do I have the right tools? If not, can you borrow or rent them at a reasonable rate. Trying to make-do with the wrong tools will hurt the quality of your project, and could hurt you. What’s the real cost of doing it myself? It’s about more than just the supplies on a

project list. Take into consideration things like gloves, safety goggles, tools you don’t own and your time. You may also want to figure in the damage factor—what it costs to do things over or repair damage done in the process. Will it really save money? Is it safe for me to do this? Lack of knowledge, experience and the right safety equipment can raise the risk of injury. If your home is older, it might contain hazardous materials like asbestos or lead-based paint. You should always have a professional do that kind of removal work. Cosmetic changes such as painting, putting up wallpaper or paneling, and installing flooring are ideal do-ityourself projects—if you can answer “yes” to most of these questions. But structural changes— foundation or system changes, major framing—are best left to the pros. And if you answer “no” to most of these questions, call a professional. The money you spend on expert help will save you time, hassle, money and regret in the long run.

OFFICES FOR LEASE Larchmont Boulevard

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What’s the origin of the “tuxedo”? Is it from the Tuxedo Club in New York? wonders Holly Peterson. Men’s tailless formal wear, at first worn with black tie only (now with any color), was first introduced in the late 1800s at Tuxedo Park, a very tony suburb about 40 miles up the Hudson from Manhattan. It was the location of one of the first “country clubs” on the east coast. The gentlemen of the club, in rebellion against the established formal wear (white tie and tails) that was mandatory in town, had a local tailor design a suit which was without tails and thereby more casual for country club occasions. This “uniform” for members of the club caught on like wildfire and has, over the years, relegated white tie and tails as the working clothes of classical musicians. *** Where do we get the word “March” for the third month of the year? Is it because armies could go back to war after the snows of winter? queries Ed Throckmorton. You get a B. March does have to do with war, but only because it’s named after the Roman god of war—Mars. When Julius Caesar, advised by the Alexandrian astronomer Sosigenes, reformed the old Roman republican calendar, he made the new calendar solar instead of lunar, calculated the length of the solar year at 365 1/4 days, divided the year into 12 months


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3 e l 2 an



t i D



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Miracle Mile 2010

2 Miracle Mile 2010

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23rD annual eDition







• Community Council agenda • Transportation, traffic • Zoning, outreach

• Media on the Mile • New shops, businesses

• Development watchdog







liviNg iN THE milE

STill TO COmE • In development,

• Development • Business • Subway



• Cooperation cuts crime

• 40 galleries on tour


• Finding Mayberry


under construction


Promote Your Business through the Miracle Mile Chamber For Membership Information Call 323-964-5454 © LC0307

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Miracle Mile 2010 3



14 20





• New charter • Directory

• Traditional, modern

• Exhibits, events

• Film, music, art

• Gyms, park






real estate


• Lisitng sales


CIVIC • Safety summits

Wilshire Courtyard is a million square foot creative office complex built around a beautifully landscaped courtyard and is located in the Miracle Mile. A park featuring a quarter-mile jogging track, children’s playground, koi pond and gazebo adjoins the building to the south.


NIGHT LIFE • Best margarita

Winner of BOMA’s Los Angeles “Building of the Year” award in 2000 & 2007 Winner of BOMA’s International “Building of the Year” award in 2008

Miracle Mile

For Leasing Information Please Call:

Brad Feld at Madison Partners at (310) 407-3400 A RREEF MEDIA/ENTERTAINMENT CAMPUS ©LC0310

Published by the Larchmont Chronicle 323-462-2241 The annual edition is delivered to residents, businesses and employees in the greater Miracle Mile area. It is also delivered to residents in Hancock Park, Windsor Square, Fremont Place, Park LaBrea and Larchmont Village, bringing the total readership to 100,000. COVER PHOTO: Andrew Taylor,

5700 and 5750 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles 90036


We would like to thank the following tenants for making Wilshire Courtyard their place of business: ASG Media, Inc. ANTE4, Inc. AEG Live American Income Boston University Brierley & Partners Courtyard Wellness Creative Circle Deli & Delites E! Entertainment Television East Court Cards & Gifts Entravision Communications First Entertainment Credit Union Fox Animation Goethe-Institut Initiative IPG Lab Lagnese, Peyrot & Mucci Los Angeles Business Journal Manning, Leaver, Bruder & Berberich McCann Erickson Meteor Worldwide Meridian’s Bodies in Motion MOJO LLC Ogilvy/BWR PR OWN Rebel Entertainment Renewable Resources Group, Inc. Speaker of the Assembly Karen Bass Wenner Media The Weinstein Company World Poker Tour

4 Miracle Mile 2010

23rD annual edition

Larchmont Chronicle

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Gabrielle with a Rose (detail), 1911, Musée d’Orsay, Paris, photo © 2009 Musée d’Orsay, Paris, by Hervé Lewandowski

Larchmont Chronicle

For tickets: 877 522-6225 or

23rD annual edition

Miracle Mile 2010 5

On View Now


6 Miracle Mile 2010

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23rD annual eDition

Mid City Council’s focus is transportation, land use By Laura Eversz Transportation issues, community outreach, land use and traffic have been at the forefront of the Mid City West Community Council’s (MCWCC) agenda over the past year. They will remain at the top of the list over the upcoming months, according to board chairman Jeff Jacobberger. In an interview, he filled me in on what’s ahead in the upcoming months. Transportation The spotlight has been on the proposed subway extension, including the project’s timing and where the stations will be. “Metro is going through an environmental review process and preparing recommendations for the board. We’ve been keeping abreast and providing input where appropriate,” he added. The Council is coordinating its position with other stakeholders including the Miracle Mile Residential Assoc., the Chamber of Commerce and L.A. County Museum of Art. As the city works on a plan to develop a bike transportation system, MCWCC is developing a proposed bicycle network for its area, including bike lanes, routes and bikefriendly streets.

Bike lanes are a challenge in this neighborhood because of a lack of physical space on the street,” admits Jacobberger. “But I think there are places where it might be possible, like San Vicente Blvd.” The focus, however, is on finding local streets that connect people but have low levels of traffic and stoplights at intersections. Promotion MCWCC represents 50,000 residents, business owners and employees who live and work from La Brea Ave. to Beverly Hills, Olympic/San Vicente boulevards to West Hollywood. “One of the problems we have from an outreach standpoint is that nobody says they live in Mid-City West. They say Miracle Mile or Hancock Park adjacent. So building awareness and an identity for us has always been a struggle.” Seventy-five to 80 percent of residents are renters, which also makes it a harder audience to penetrate in terms of awareness,” he added. The group will continue to try and build community events. The quarterly Miracle Mile Art Walk, which brings attention to the area’s galleries and restaurants as well as TarFest, the annual music, art

BOARD CHAIRMAN Jeff Jacobberger says the Council supports the city’s development of a bike transportation system.

and film festival, are two such events. Teaming up The Council continues to work with the Fairfax and Third Street business associations to find solutions for parking problems. MCWCC has also teamed up with the Melrose Neighborhood Action Committee, taking part in “National Night Out” activities in August. “We have tried to develop a partnership with Fairfax High School, and to establish pride and a connection to our community,” Jacobberger said. “The school’s great leadership is helping to make that hap-

pen.” The median on the 800 block of Fairfax is completed, with most of the funds coming from a developer of adjacent apartment buildings. Land use Because of the number of restaurants in the area, the issue of how many alcohol licenses are enough as well as parking problems continue to be major topics. Another concern is tall buildings proposed along Wilshire Blvd. between Fairfax Ave. and San Vicente Blvd. “With the subway looking more and more like a certainty, development along the

Mile will continue. The question is how to accommodate the overall needs of the city against preserving the residential neighborhoods and surrounding thoroughfares,” said Jacobberger. Traffic Part of the frustration from a council perspective is that the city doesn’t seem to be willing to do much about traffic. “We get complaints about congestion and cut-throughs in residential areas. And it’s frustrating because we’re adjacent to the city of West Hollywood that does great things with cul-de-sacs and traffic circles that protect the residential neighborhoods.” For years, the city’s approach is to make cars move more effectively. They’ve done all they can in mid-city, so we’re trying to support ways for people to not use their cars.” With a shortfall in general transportation funds prompting major cuts to public transit programs, the Council is bringing a motion to its board to urge the city to rethink its planned elimination of DASH bus lines that serve the Mid City West community. Jacobberger says residents can stay informed of these and other Mid City issues through the Council’s website at


BigareIdeas explored through


6505 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles 323.761.8998 •


interactive play

Larchmont Chronicle

23rD annual eDition

Miracle Mile 2010 7

Travel back To The Ice age In The  of l.a. The Page Museum at the la brea Tar Pits. ◆ Stroll through our Ice age garden. ◆ Watch scientists and volunteers excavate

fossils outside at the Project 23 site and prepare them inside the fishbowl lab. ◆ visit the Ice age store and take home a piece of history!

The Fishbowl Lab

Project 23


5801 Wilshire blvd., los angeles – on Museum row (323) 934-Page or visit

8 Miracle Mile 2010

Larchmont Chronicle

23rD annual edition

Chamber concerns include transportation, growth of Mile By Chris H. Sieroty The Miracle Mile continues to be one of the unique destinations in Los Angeles. Indeed this strip of real estate, founded in the 1920s by developer A.W. Ross, is arguably one of the region’s fastest growing areas for residential and retail development. One look at a map will confirm that the Miracle Mile has truly grown into a residential corridor. Over the past few years an apartment development has opened at 5600 Wilshire Blvd., while work is almost completed at Legacy Partners Inc. six-story building with 163 condominiums at 5550 Wilshire Blvd.  The largest mixed-use development is being constructed by BRE Properties at the corner of Wilshire and La Brea Ave. Demolition of an office building and strip mall that occupied the site is near completion, with a seven-story apartment complex and retail scheduled to occupy the parcel of land that stretches between 8th St. and Wilshire. New retail shops Gone are the multiple department stores that once lined the street, replaced by restaurants, coffee shops, supermarkets, dry cleaners, drug

stores and office buildings housing thousands of workers, many who call the surrounding neighborhoods and new developments home. “We have very good commercial occupancy on the street that gets people walking even on the weekends,” Steve Kramer, president and a founding member of the Miracle Mile Chamber of Commerce told the Larchmont PROPOSED AT CRESCENT HEIGHTS and Chronicle in Wilshire is a 21-story mixed-use building. an interview. nition was too confining,” he “That’s because people are living and working said. “Those expanded boundaries seem to make sense behere.” However, the definition of cause that’s where our memthe traditional Miracle Mile bers come from.” area has changed over the Kramer admitted the neighyears. Today, known as the borhood had felt the effects Miracle Mile District, the area of the economic downturn, stretches along Wilshire from but it’s still strong enough to the Beverly Hills border at maintain itself as a home to a San Vicente to Highland and large concentration of media, south to Pico Blvd. and north advertising, public relations and other businesses that serto Beverly Blvd. “For many years that defi- vice those industries. Since its reforming the

LITTLE BAR OWNER Angelo Vacco talks with Miracle Mile Chamber president Steve Kramer at a recent meeting.

Miracle Mile Chamber of Commerce in 1997, the organization’s focus has been playing a key role in attracting businesses to the area and supporting current members through monthly meetings and a newsletter. “The Chamber also serves as an informational tool, very often for larger businesses to let smaller entities know what they are doing,” Kramer said. “We have very active support from what I would call the larger entities in the community.” He described the larger entities as companies that employ

hundreds of people locally, including The Grove shopping center and Olympia Medical Center. Good relations “We have been very active in the chamber ever since I joined the hospital,” said John A. Calderone, who was named chief executive officer of Olympia Medical Center in 2006. “We really feel that through the chamber we can contribute and reach out to the community.” Calderone said the hospital has worked for four years with the chamber to host job (Please turn to page 12)

Prestigious Miracle Mile Offices Mira cle Mile T o wer HIGHRISE WITH EXCEPTIONAL VIEWS.

22 story highrise in the heart of the Miracle Mile Entertainment District. Offices start on the 7th floor and offer spectacular views of the Hollywood Hills and the Pacific Ocean. The building’s window lines allow for unobstructed views of the surrounding area.

Recent renovations and common area upgrades. Building signage is available.

JAMISON 5455 WILSHIRE, LLC. Miracle Mile Chamber of Commerce Member


5455 Wilshire Boulevard

© LC 0306

For Leasing Information, Call:

Larchmont Chronicle

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Miracle Mile 2010 9

Read all about it! Media moving into the Mile Variety’s name lights up in neon nightly above the Mile, a fitting symbol for a stretch of Wilshire Blvd. that is home to a number of media outlets, some small and some very, very large. New kid on the mile, Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) with Discovery Communications Inc. has moved to Wilshire Courtyard, to the former Variety offices at 5700 Wilshire Blvd. The trade publication, meanwhile, has spacious new digs on the top three floors of 5900 Wilshire, where the let-

Storage facility to open near Grove Farmers Market continues to make headlines, following celebration of its 75th year. Owner Gilmore Co. plans a 25,000-square-foot retail development opposite its Third St. and Fairfax Ave. location. Opening in June, the Farmers Market Self-Storage facility will be adjacent to The Grove. The 1,135-unit facility will have two entrances off of Grove Drive. The five-story building contains storage units ranging from 5x5 feet to 12x20 feet.

Larchmont Chronicle

23rD annual edition

OPRAH is in good company in the media-centered area.

ters “Variety” shine above the highrise. The lower floors of the Ratkovich building is home to the New York Times, Los Angeles Magazine, radio station KSWD-FM 100.3 and anime publisher TOKYOPOP among others. Other media along the Mile strip include CBS Radio, the Hollywood Reporter, Billboard Magazine, Angeleno, Bevelry Hills 90212, Bon Appetit, Architectural Digest, E! Entertainment TV, E! News and E! Online. There’s also the Los Angeles Business Journal, Style Channel, Dr. Phil, Hanley Wood and Conde Nast.

What’s new

Retail businesses appeal to pedestrians The skyline of Miracle Mile is changing with the advent of high-rise apartment buildings lining Wilshire Blvd. Pedestrian traffic is also increasing as new stores and restaurants are adding to the retail mix. Harry Potter store Witches’ hats, wands, scarves and Quidditch sweaters are on the shelves at Whimsic Alley, the new Harry Potterthemed store opening at 5464 Wilshire Blvd. in early March. The store has moved from its location in Santa Monica for the past five years. With the emphasis on J.K. Rowling’s fantasy series, the merchandise includes the Habber & Dasher shop with robes, cloaks and Hogwarts school uniforms, and Widdleshifts’ Quill & Ink shop. “We’re a fantasy store,” said owner Stan Goldin. “We are also opening a Great Hall party room for birthdays, bar mitzvahs, etc., that holds up to 100 persons.” Mixt Greens Choose from 30 ingredients at Mixt Greens, an organic restaurant with a huge salad bar. The family-owned chain, originating in San Francisco

in 2006, is in the Museum Square building at 5757 Wilshire Blvd. Retail at 5600 Chase Bank will be opening a branch in the 5600 Building. New businesses that are occupying the ground floor of the 284-unit building include Embo Cleaners, Starfish sushi, Wynn Nail Spa, and Tutti Fruit Yogurt. BMW relocates Look for BMW sales and service departments to leave their Beverly Hills location when they move to two sides of Wilshire Blvd. east of La Brea Ave. The new sales showroom will occupy the former Lou Ehlers Cadillac site, and the service and used car facility is being built on the former Bob’s Big boy locale.

Café Flourish plans farewell March 6 Café Flourish vegan restaurant is closing. It opened last year at 5410 Wilshire Blvd. and is holding a closing ceremony on Sat., March 6 from noon to 5 p.m. The party is to thank its many customers for their support. In its message on its website, owners quoted Dr. Seuss. “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”


Proud to be representing

Miracle Mile 47th Assembly District

Miracle Mile

and the

and Proudly Serving The City and County of Los Angeles Since 1975

Zev Yaroslavsky

Karen Bass, Speaker

Supervisor, Third District | County of Los Angeles

California State Assembly 47th Assembly District

Downtown Office


(323) 937-4747

GET YOUR Quidditch sweaters at Whimsic Alley.

In new office Impact Clinical Trials, opened its new offices at 5800 Wilshire Blvd. Previous location was in Beverly Hills. The company was founded in 2002 by Dr Lydia Hazan. The facility provides clinical research on obstetrics, gynecology, psychiatry, internal medicine, dermatology, pediatrics, weight loss and gastroenterology. Impact’s investigators conduct research studies supported by a clinical team of experts with more than 10 years of experience in research. Impact specializes in home visits and is able to provide free transportation for patients enrolled in its studies.

(213) 974-3333 e-mail: Website: HTTP://

© LC 0310

10 Miracle Mile 2010

Miracle Mile 2010 11

23rD annual eDition

Larchmont Chronicle

New stores, services add to advantages of living in the Mile By Marina Muhlfriedel There are hot summer days when I dream of living at the beach, with its cool salty breezes. And I fantasize about heading for the hills, closer to hiking trails, and away from the hubbub. Yet none of these flights of the imagination have been convincing enough to uproot me from Miracle Mile where my family has resided for the past 16 years. I became well acquainted with the Art Deco stretch of Wilshire while growing up in West Hollywood. As a child, Miracle Mile, demarcated by the monumental May Company building on the corner of Fairfax and Wilshire, seemed grand and wholly important to me, where we visited LACMA, the Craft and Folk Art Museum, Van De Kamps, and The Egg and the Eye Café Saturday afternoons. When the time came to house–hunt, my husband and I searched everywhere from the Craftsmans of Altadena to the streets of Venice. My father, then a real estate broker, persuaded us to consider our proverbial backyard, a tired but decently-groomed plot of suburbia in the middle of L.A., an area he felt was about to come into its own.

NEIGHBORS. Marina Muhlfriedel chats with Seun Olowokandi who was taking his son Tobias for a stroll.

Dad couldn’t have been more right. At the time, I didn’t realize that we had settled in Miracle Mile at the dawn of its revitalization and have since witnessed both Wilshire Boulevard and the residential area grow and reinvent day by day, year by year. Security bars immediately began disappearing from windows, landscaping was upgraded, a supermarket appeared, a pit filled in, and an elegant center median landscaped. While the department stores were already a mere memory, a range of cafés, restaurants and art galleries began and continue to materialize be-

neath and between Wilshire’s towering office buildings. Someday all the dots might just connect, and the ground floor retail, entertainment, and health and wellness services will warrant the sort of foot traffic that Larchmont and Third St. enjoy. But that is going to necessitate further revitalization, including more destinations like local favorites, Black Dog Coffee, Busbys/ El Toro Cantina and the El Rey Theater. Although I was initially apprehensive about the proliferation of mega–apartment buildings that have been springing up, I secretly wel-

come the ground floor retail they are bringing, along with an expanded customer base that will eventually stroll along Wilshire. In order for that to happen though, Miracle Mile needs to attract the kind of businesses where people are prone to linger—a fashionable boutique or two, a bookstore, a gourmet shop, or a spa, and enough reasonably priced public parking to make the area friendly to visitors. In the meantime, Miracle Mile remains a place where I never tire of walking my dog and joining in on the endless array of cultural events; where visitors from around the world come to commune with Ice Age specimens pulled from tar and view world class art at LACMA, while torrents of employees flow from office buildings and gather around the regatta of taco trucks that swarm the neighborhood on weekdays. We locals, a neighborly bunch, have seen it all and still, come rain or shine can be found out walking to the gym, post office, or Tom Bergin’s Tavern, stopping to share local news, and observing each others’ kids grow up. We’ve watched the oldest residents of our streets, most

who were the original owners of the houses to be lovingly updated by a new generation. As we fondly say, at least on my street, we found Mayberry in the middle of a metropolis.

Name it, you can find it in La Brea Avenue shops Vintage clothing shops, custom drapery stores, art galleries, antique shops and cafes line La Brea Ave. from Wilshire Blvd. to Melrose Ave. A shoppers’ bonanza, the street will soon be welcoming its first infant store, Beginnings, at 151 S. La Brea Ave. Lighting stores abound, as do fabric stores like Silk Trading and Deco Imports. Whether you are choosing a new couch from Langdon Cole or Barclay Butera, or are taking in a 19th century table to be restored at Vienna Woods or Heaven, the selection of home furnishings is vast. Vintage clothing and accessories are found at The Way We Wore and My Ulrika, Ready for a refreshing snack? Try Yogurtland at 310 South La Brea Ave., where its 16 flavors are sold by the ounce.

Saluting and Celebrating the Residents, I am Honored to be Your Councilmember

Businesses and Community of

And Represent

Miracle Mile

Tom LaBonge Los Angeles 4th District City Councilmember and Staff (213)485-3337


Councilmember, 5th District City of Los Angeles


Paid for by Paul Koretz Officeholder ID#1300860 555 S. Flower St. Ste 4210 Los Angeles, CA 90071


The Miracle Mile

12 Miracle Mile 2010

CHAMBER CONCERNS (Continued from page 8) and health fairs for its members and for the community as a whole. He added that by hosting health fairs, the hospital’s doctors and nurses can provide the community with preventative care and education on important health issues like the H1N1 flu. Tarfest festival The chamber also supports TarFest, a three-day arts festival scheduled for September. TarFest is a festival of emerging film, music and art held annually since 2003 at the La Brea Tar Pits and the surrounding Museum Row. Besides its involvement in TarFest and monthly luncheons, the chamber hosts the Wilshire Corridor Forums. These meetings bring together developers, architects, business leaders and city officials to discuss issues critical to this region. Subway Expansion One of those issues that’s key to Kramer and the chamber’s membership is the expansion of Metro’s Purple subway line to Santa Monica and upgrades to Wilshire Blvd. “An immediate problem we have in this community is the status of Wilshire Boulevard and the potholes,” he said. For one of the busiest east/

Larchmont Chronicle

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west corridors in Los Angeles, Kramer described the current status of Wilshire’s streets as being in incredible disrepair. Kramer also stressed how important DASH bus service was to the area and cautioned that any reduction or elimination of service due to the city’s financial problems would be tragic. As for the expansion of Metro’s Purple Line subway, he said that out of self-interest, one of the organizations greatest concerns “is getting that line extended to Fairfax." Our membership actively supports the extension of the subway,” he said. “It can do nothing but enhance business in the Miracle Mile District. As we like to say, ‘it’s time to start digging.’” For more information, go to

MTA subway.

Wilshire Police Roundtable informs area

Business and community leaders learn about Wilshire police programs at the quarterly Captain’s Roundtable. Capt. Eric Davis, Wilshire commanding officer, provides an update on criminal activity in the Miracle Mile and Wilshire area at each breakfast meeting. Guest speakers have covered topics such as identity theft and violence in the workplace. The next scheduled Captain’s Roundtable meeting is on Thurs., April 29 at 8 a.m. at Maggiano's at The Grove.

AT RECENT Captain’s Roundtable breakfast were, from left, Wilshire LAPD Sgt. A. J. Kirby, Wilshire Patrol Capt. William Hart, Matt Simon, The Grove and Jeff Hererra, Ratkovich Building.

Police cite reasons for crime decline in community

Helpful phone numbers offered:

Cooperation between residents and business owners is one of the reasons crime has decreased in the Miracle Mile area, according to Los Angeles Police Department Wilshire Station captains who spoke at a recent meeting of the Miracle Mile Chamber of Commerce. Captain Bill Hart said other factors contributing to the successful decline include the daily crime briefings with officers. “This gives us a way to see trends and to compare sus-

• Abandoned vehicle, 800-ABANDON • Building and Safety, 213368-7528 • Housing Complaints for building violations for residential units larger than a duplex, 213-847-7845 • Burned out street lights, 800-303-5267 • Dead animal pick-up, 213485-4906; graffiti removal, 323-463-5180; Parking Enforcement, 213-485-4184; Bureau of Sanitation, 800773-2489.

pects in certain crimes,” Captain Hart added. In other successful efforts, Wilshire commanding officer Captain Eric Davis noted that pro-active programs are also assisting in crime prevention in the area. Davis has worked with area developers on “environmental policing.” Additionally, Davis has been on “walk-throughs,” advising on the best landscaping for residential buildings as well as lighting placement.

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Larchmont Chronicle

23rD annual eDition

Miracle Mile 2010 13

14 Miracle Mile 2010

23rD annual eDition

Larchmont Chronicle

Retail, restaurants, stylish design enhance area, says MMRA president La Brea Ave. on residential streets on By Suzan Filipek A store Harry Potter would love, veg- both sides of Wilshire. Members keep an eye on developan cuisine and a BMW showroom. It’s not A.W. Ross’ 1920s Miracle Mile ment and meet with city planners to keep their concerns in check, from any more. traffic to maintaining Set designthe Mile’s Art Deco ers have been look. busy working for The Legacy's 5550 the opening of Wilshire Art Deco Whimsic Alley, “a curved lines will add shopping haven to the Mile's stylish for wizards of dislooks—if the results tinction,” set for are anything like the this month at 5464 "stunning" design Wilshire Blvd. plans, says O'Sullivan. The Dominquez Association memWilshire Building bers worked closely at 5410 Wishire with the developer to retains its historic 1931 character ECO-GOURMET foods are served at morph early sketches NEW DEVELOPMENTS include Legacy's mixed-use project at 5550 Wilshire Blvd., but with all the Mixt Greens. It opened in February. reminiscent of Miami a stylish display of Art Deco Moderne style says MMRA president Jim O'Sullivan. Beach to more in keepmodern conveniences. A 5,400-square foot restaurant ing with Art Deco Moderne. While design can be negotiated, the ect includes six-and-a-half parking levis planned to open with outdoor seating, said building owner Daniel Farasat. sky’s the limit with the number of sto- els with 422 spaces. “Getting around this place is going to Another 6,000 square feet are available ries that can be built on Wilshire, acbe insane,” said O’Sullivan. for ground floor retail with curbside cording to city zoning laws. So watchThe MMRA’s annual meeting is targeting over projects is key, say area watchviews. ed for the fall. Board meetings are on The lunch crowd can watch the peo- dogs. Developments in the works include the first Thursday of the month at Berch ple go by and get their organic fix at Mixt Greens, an "eco-gourmet" restau- BRE Properties’ 482-residential unit Lounge, Westside Jewish Community rant with a cornucopian-style salad bar and 40,000 feet of ground floor retail at Center, 5870 Olympic Blvd. MMRA boundaries are Wilshire Blvd. at Museum Square, 5757 Wilshire Blvd. Wilshire and La Brea Ave. on the north, La Brea on the east; and Set to also make a significant impact “It’s a bit of good news; it’s quite exciting,” Jim O’Sullivan, president of the on the west end—present home to Wells San Vicente (from Hauser to Fairfax) at Miracle Mile Residential Association, Fargo Bank—is the 21-story, 158-resi- the south, and Fairfax Ave. on the west. Visit dential units and commercial project said of the new life on the Mile. Celebrating its 27th year, the group’s at the northeast corner of Wilshire and ENTRANCE at the Dominguez Wilshire members reside between Fairfax Ave. to Crescent Heights boulevards. The proj- Building is true to its 1931 design.


Celebrating 125 Years: From Tradition To Tomorrow 1885-2010 Proudly serving patients with outstanding care that makes Good Samaritan Hospital One of America’s 50 Best Hospitals 4 years in a row (2007-2010). Good Samaritan Hospital is also a recipient of the following awards: • • • •

Joint Replacement Excellence Award – 3 Years in a Row Stroke Care Excellence Award – 6 Years in a Row Maternity Care Excellence Award – 3 Years in a Row Women’s Health Excellence Award – 3 Years in a Row

For a referral to some of our excellent doctors call 1 (800) GS-CARES. Celebrating 125 Years- Larchmont ad.indd 1

2/19/10 9:58 AM

Miracle Mile 2010 15

23rD annual eDition

Larchmont Chronicle

ART DECO-STYLE curves are part of Legacy Partners' design at its mixed-use building at 5550 Wilshrie Blvd.

In Development

CHANGING FACE of the Mile. BRE project, far right, is at Wilshire Blvd. and La Brea Ave.

HIGH RISE project at Crescent Heights.

feet of galleries. October opening.

BRE Properties, Wilshire Blvd. and La Brea Ave. Seven stories, 482-units, 40,000-square feet retail.

In Construction Legacy Partners, 5550 Wilshire Blvd. Six-story, 163-condo and ground floor retail. BMW Sales & Service, La Brea Ave., at Wilshire Blvd.

Holocaust Museum, Pan Pacific Park. Summer opening.

Proposed Gilmore Land Co., Third St. at Fairfax Ave. 25,000 square foot single-story retail space

BMW is headed to the Mile.

Crescent Heights, at Wilshire Blvd. 21-story, mixed-use building CVS Pharmacy, La Brea and Third St.

Farmers Market Storage, adjacent to The Grove Resnick Pavilion, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Fairfax Ave. & Sixth St., 45,000 square

Fairfax Theatre, Beverly Blvd. and Fairfax Ave. Six-story, 71 condos with ground floor retail Casden Properties, two 300-unit residences, Third St.


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16 Miracle Mile 2010

Hit the sidewalk, hop the trolley for Art Walks By Laura Eversz While the building facades along Wilshire Blvd. were designed to be seen through the windshield of a passing car, art lovers will be taking to its sidewalks at quarterly Art Walks sponsored by the Mid City West Community Council, LACMA, and the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council. Numerous galleries held receptions at the year’s first Art Walk held in January, including the opening of “NakianSculptures and Works on Paper” at Jack Rutberg Fine Arts. “I’m so pleased that the galleries located within this district are joining together and planning major exhibition openings in conjunction with the new quarterly calendar,” said gallery owner Rutberg. From Wilshire to Melrose and La Brea to La Cienega, more than 40 galleries and museums offer exhibitions,

Larchmont Chronicle

23rD annual edition

Architecture described on Art Deco walking tour Author and researcher of the block-long Dominguez the book “Wilshire Boulevard: Wilshire Building at 5410 Grand ConWilshire Blvd., course of Los the Wilshire Angeles” will Tower at 5514 lead the Art Wilshire Blvd. Deco Society and the StreamLos Angeles line Modernwalking tour designed May Co. on Sat. March (now the home of 27 at 10 a.m. LACMA West). J. Eric The Art Deco Lynxwiler, an Society sponurban anthrosors the walk on pologist, will a quarterly basis. describe the Comfortable history and walking shoes, a architecture hat, sunscreen of the Mile. TOUR includes former May and water are The tour will Co., now LACMA WEST. suggested. Twobegin at the hour metered Stiles Clemparking available ents-designed, black and gold in the area. terra cotta bank building at Ticket prices are $10 for 5209 Wilshire Blvd. ADSLA members; $15, non Other landmarks include members. Contact

ART LOVERS WILL visit galleries from Wilshire to Melrose and La Brea to La Cienega. Above, a recent Art Walk gathering.

Kalish at 7 p.m. A closing artist reception featuring Mary Heebner, and an after-party takes place from 8 to 10 p.m. at Edward Cella Art & Architecture, 6018 Wilshire Blvd. Free transportation is available aboard Starline Trolley. The shuttle connects all gal-

leries and participating restaurants in the district during the event. Additional Art Walks are scheduled for Saturdays, July 17 and Oct. 16. For an updated list of exhibitions, artist talks and receptions, go to




L.A.’s Premier Holistic Health & Fitness Experience

artist talks and events during the Art Walks on Saturdays from 1 to 10 p.m. On view are works of world renowned and local artists. “The new direction of the Art Walk in launching quarterly district-wide art walks with increased leadership of the galleries is a momentous move,” said Mid City West Community Council Arts and Recreation committee chairman Rebecca Ver StratenMcSparran. “It gives us the opportunity to increase citywide participation.” The next Art Walk takes place on Sat., April 17. It begins at host gallery The Loft at Liz’s above Liz’s Antique Hardware at 453 S. La Brea Blvd. and features a luncheon and photographer’s talk from 1 to 2:30 p.m. A reception begins at 6 p.m. at VOILA!, 518 N. La Brea, with a retrospective on the work of photographer Robert Stivers. Sophia Louisa Projects at PGLA Miracle Mile, 5412 Wilshire Blvd., hosts an artist discussion with Michael

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SCULPTURE “Salome, 1948” was featured at Jack Rutberg Fine Arts gallery. It is part of the exhibit "Nakian-Sculptures and Works on Paper," closing Sat., March 20.

As seen on Tyra Banks, The Doctors, KCAL 9, FOX News, Access Hollywood, and EXTRA!

Larchmont Chronicle

23rD annual eDition

Miracle Mile 2010 17

body. mind. soul.

Just Relax. Featured as one of the best spas by Los Angeles Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, FOX 11 AM News, Sunset Magazine and the Larchmont Chronicle. Century Sports Club & Day Spa offers pampering in the Asian tradition: body scrubs, acupressure massages and facials, unique clay and marble saunas with modern day athletic amenities. Century Sports & Day Spa, a place to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.

A Spa for Women and Men.

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4120 W. Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90019 Tel 323 954 1020 Fax 323 954 1243

18 Miracle Mile 2010

23rD annual edition

Larchmont Chronicle

Visit an L.A. Icon Model Apartments 9a.m. to 6p.m. daily

Park La Brea Leasing Office

6200 West Third St. 866-682-6120

Prices based on lease term & availability. Please call our Leasing Office for details.

Spacious tower apartments with commanding views.


Private, Gated Community Spectacular View Tower Apartments Charming Courtyard Garden Townhomes Year-Round Saltwater Swimming Pools Pet-Friendly Policy Fully Equipped Fitness Center Wi-Fi Outdoor Cafe 24-Hour Patrol Service Close to The Grove, Farmers Market & Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Townhome and Tower residences.

lush landscaping and wide open spaces.

PARK LA BREA IS DOG FRIENDLY One and two-story garden apartments


Equal HOuSing OppOrTuniTy


Larchmont Chronicle

Miracle Mile 2010 19

23rD annual eDition

An oasis within a city Every Convenience is offered in the 160-acre site Park La Brea, called an oasis in the midst of a big city, features open green spaces, parks, fountains and colorful landscaping. The tower apartments offer spectacular views, and garden apartments share a common green space. Activities center The multi-million dollar Activities Center adjacent to Curson Square offers residents an opportunity to get in shape, surf the web, view classic movies and eat at the outdoor café. The Meeting Rooms and a Conference Room are available for rental by the residents for private parties and meetings. Movies are screened in the 84-seat theater. Residents can find all the amenities of a business office including a conference room, computers, a fax and scanner. Fitness center The Fitness Center, operated by Meridian Sports Club, provides a range of exercise options with windows facing the greenery of Curson Square. Equipment includes recumbent bicycles, strength machines, free-weights and cardio equipment.

The fountain at Burnside Circle is in the center of a park with a coffee/refreshment bar.

corPorAte APArtments

Short-term stays with Long-term conveniences The Park La Brea Corporate Apartments provide the luxury of a temporary home completely furnished with housewares and the availability of maid service and cable television. Movie and television personnel, families who are relocating or renovating their homes, and people waiting for escrows to close are among those taking advantage of the tastefully furnished one, two or three-bedroom corporate suites. These suites offer all the comforts of home instead of the impersonal atmosphere of a hotel room.

For more information call Kim rudy, corporate housing specialist, 323-549-2949.

residents’ Amenities These include the convenience of an on-site dry cleaners, beauty salon and video rental store. The Park La Brea Residents Association sponsors activities including Book Discussion Group, Bridge Club, Brush Up Your Shakespeare, English as a Second Language, Library, Writers Group, Community Garden and the chess club. The gated community enables the residents to take leisurely walks or combine exercise with strolling. Exercisers are out early in the morning, power walking their chosen routes or doing laps in one of our fabulous swimming pools. Park La Brea is fiber optically “wired” so that residents enjoy both high-speed Internet access and state-of-the-art cable services. swimming Pools A junior Olympic-size swimming pool features four lanes for swimmers in a tropical style setting near the Sixth St. entrance at Curson Ave. The pool area has an adjoining spa, sun deck and individual locker and shower facilities for men and women. In addition, a second saltwater pool and expanded pool deck with cabanas opened in spring 2009. The Meridian Sports Club manages memberships and day-to-day operations in its role as joint partner for Park La Brea’s fitness center and pool facilities.

Luxe Cabanas.

shoPPing & entertAinment The Grove and Farmers Market are just steps away. They both offer a variety of shops and restaurants. The Grove boasts a movie theater, restaurants and premiere shops. Farmers Market offers food stalls, restaurants, boutiques and weekend entertainment. vAriety oF clAsses The Westside Community Adult School offers instruction in everything from art, ceramics, Mommy and Me and yoga at the Park La Brea location. The fundamentals of drawing, painting and mixed media are taught at the Park La Brea Art Center. Computer literacy is also taught in classes ranging from beginning to advanced Two sparkling saltwater pools.


20 Miracle Mile 2010

Larchmont Chronicle

23rD annual eDition

New L.A. first year API score ranks at top

Certified Public Accountants

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Tax & Financial Accounting Services


Business Consulting and Seminars AN EIGHTH grade class will be added in the Fall to New L.A. Charter School, bringing it to its full capacity of 225 students.

dents. New L.A. serves students from the Carthay area, which doesn’t have a local middle school, and mid-Wilshire, which is served by John Burroughs Middle School. “The culture of the school creates a shared sense of mission, one that reinforces in our students a love of learning, a commitment to social action,

School Directory Elementary schools Cathedral Chapel School 755 S. Cochran Ave. Ph: 323-938-9976 Principal: Tina Kipp Grades: K to 8, 288 students Hancock Park Elementary 408 S. Fairfax Ave. Ph: 323-935-5272 Principal: Ashley Parker Grades: K to 5, 740 students Wilshire Crest Elementary 5241 W. Olympic Blvd. Ph: 323-938-5291 Principal: Joan McConico Grades: K to 5, 300 students Wilshire Private School 4900 Wilshire Blvd. Ph: 323-939-3800 Principal: Leah Walker Grades: K to 6, 100 students

Brakensiek Leavitt Pleger LLP

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By Laura Eversz The New Los Angeles Charter School, opened in 2008, boasted an API score of 830 in its first year. New L.A. is housed in the Oasis Theatre on Wilshire Blvd. near Highland Ave. The score is among the top in the city, said executive director Dr. Matt Albert. It is the seventh highest score of the 107 in Los Angeles Unified School District Middle Schools. “It is an incredible achievement and a tremendous success for a first-year school,” said Albert. “The goal for California’s public schools is to reach an API score of 800. Many schools are falling short of that goal,” he added. New L.A. opened its doors to 75 sixth graders in September of 2008, and doubled in size last September by adding a seventh grade class. Next fall the school will add an eighth grade, bringing it to its full capacity of 225 stu-


Member of MMCC

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New Los Angeles Charter 5100 Wilshire Blvd. Ph: 323-939-6400 Principal: Brooke Merryfield Grades: 6 to 8, 150 students High Schools Fairfax High School 7850 Melrose Ave. Ph: 323-370-1200 Principal: Edward Zubiate Grades: 9 to 12, 2,326 students Los Angeles High School 4650 W. Olympic Blvd. Ph: 323-900-2700 Principal: Elena Brown Grades: 9 to 12, 3,019 students

5670 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1450 (323)954-3100 fax(323)857-0048

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Middle Schools John Burroughs Middle 600 S. McCadden Pl. Ph: 323-549-5000

Family workshop at Craft and Folk

611 S. La Brea Ave. • 1 block North of Wilshire • (323) 931-8148 0507

Declare your global citzenship and learn about Norooz, the Persian New Year that is celebrated on the Spring Equinox, at the Craft and Folk Art Museum, 5814 Wilshire Blvd. The celebration, on Sat., March 13 from 2 to 4:30 p.m. includes art projects, music, dance and an exploration of the full meaning of Norooz. Cost is $10 per child, $5 for members (accompanying adults are free). RSVP required. Call 323-937-4230 x 50 or email

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Larchmont Chronicle

Miracle Mile 2010 21

THE MIRACLE MILE CIVIC COALITION 8758 Venice Boulevard • Los Angeles, California 90034

FOUNDED 1986 OFFICERS AND BOARD OF DIRECTORS CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD Walter N. Marks, III Walter N. Marks, Inc. FOUNDER-PRESIDENT Lyn MacEwen Cohen Vice President Jerome H. Snyder J. H. Snyder Co. Vice President Jim O’ Sullivan Miracle Mile Residential Assoc. Secretary Greg Holihan Prime Group Park La Brea Historian Jane Gilman Larchmont Chronicle Treasurer Terri Reno Transwestern

Resilience Resilience Resilience “READY OR NOT!” Miss Clara Barton (1864), The First Lady of Emergency Preparedness (By Gay Storm Oakes, Past Regent, Daughters of the American Revolution, Los Angeles).”

MEMBERS American Girl Place Los Angeles BRE PROPERTIES BREATHE California of LA County CarrAmerica/5670 Wilshire Blvd. Caruso Affiliated Holdings/The Grove Cathedral Chapel School Farmers Insurance A. F. Gilmore Company Larchmont Chronicle LA/Hollywood Beautification Team LA City Fire Station 61 / Battalion 18 LA County Museum of Art LA Craft & Folk Art Museum LA Museum of the Holocaust Legacy Partners Walter N. Marks, Inc. Miracle Mile Chamber of Commerce Miracle Mile Residential Association MidCity West C. Council Natural History Museum of LA County Page Museum at La Brea Tar Pits Petersen Automotive Museum PLB Management/Prime Group/ Park La Brea Transwestern Screen Actors Guild Screen Actors Guild Foundation Sieroty Company Inc. J. H. Snyder Company The ARTery USA The Original Farmers Market The Ratkovich Company The Wende Museum Tiger West Capitol/5410 Wilshire Wilshire Community Police Advisory Board Wilshire Courtyard


Circle of Friends Circle of Strength

“The Spirit of Cooperation – Miracle Mile Safety Summit 2009”

24 Years of Promises Kept “United We Plant” with LAPD and LA/Hollywood Beautification Team”

• • • • • • • •

Marc S. Cohen Kaye Scholer LLP


Erroll G. Southers, Associate Director USC Homeland Security Center for Excellence Assemblymember Mike Feuer Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky Councilmember Tom LaBonge Councilmember Paul Koretz Councilmember Jan Perry Councilmember Herb Wesson Congresswoman Diane Watson

“Model LAFD Adopt A Fire Station #61”

“FEMA, Dist. IX—Resilience: People Helping People Through Partnerships”

Adopt Fire Station 61, Battalion 18 “Calendar of Courage” for LAFD “United We Plant” honoring 9/11 victims with LA/HBT Alliance with the 9/12 Community at Ground Zero (9/11/11) Wilshire Median Advisory Board Contemporary History of Hancock Park Greening the Miracle Mile Pocket Full of Miracles

“CORPORATE GOOD NEIGHBOR, honoring The Original Farmer’s Market”


For inquiries, Wally Marks 310-204-1865

Lyn MacEwen Cohen

Rick Caruso

Walter N. Marks III

Jim O’Sullivan

Marc Cohen

Tom LaBonge

Hank Hilty

Dan James

Wayne Ratkovich

Terri Reno

• Miracle Mile Safety Summit on Emergency Preparedness and Homeland Security • Museum Row on Miracle Mile • Restaurant Row • Community Design Overlay District • Museum Partnership to Protect Hancock Park • Monitor Wilshire Transportation • Valentine GoodHeart Awards • Romancing the Miracle Mile

Jerome Snyder

Erroll G. Southers

Luisa Acosta-Franco

Jane Gilman

Zev Yaroslavsky

Jim Gilson

We the People Dare to Prepare Since 1986

22 Miracle Mile 2010

Value, locale draw buyers to Mile area The supply of homes under $1 million is drawing young families to the Miracle Mile neighborhood south of Wilshire Blvd. This area is where you get more house for less money,

Larchmont Chronicle

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said Chase Campen. Campen, a Realtor with Dia, Ray and Chase Team with Deasy Penner Real Estate, said proximity to the museums, The Grove, Farmers Market and Hollywood are also at-

tracting buyers. He compared 2008 prices to the previous four months ending February 2010. The average sale in 2008 was $928,000 at $398 a square foot. The most recent figures show eight sales with an average price of $869,000. Miracle Mile North Miracle Mile North is an area Realtor Naomi Hartman has been selling since she moved to the area 30 years ago. “It’s maintaining its integrity,” she said, “largely because of the Historic Preservation

Overlay Zone.” The zoning prevents mansionization of homes in the area bounded by Beverly Blvd. to Third St. between Detroit and Gardner avenues. In 2009 homes averaged $448.00 a square foot, compared to $544.00 in 2008. They were on the market an average of 66 days in 2009, 51 days in 2008, according to Hartman and her partner Leah Brenner at Coldwell Banker Hancock Park “We are seeing many young families moving into the area. The neighborhood has become very diverse,” Hartman added.

New Optimist club meets monthly Last year Carolyn Wallrich decided Miracle Mile needed its own Optimist Club. The S. Sycamore Ave. resident serves as founder, president of the new group. An economic development and financial literacy instructor at L.A. Trade Tech, she had been a member of the Beverly Hills club. Dinner meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of the month. Harry Barseghian donates his meeting room at Harry’s Auto Collision Center, 1013 S. La Brea Blvd. Visit

This house located at 944 S. Dunsmuire Ave. sold for $685,000.

Miracle Mile real estate sales* Single family homes sold during the last six months 848 S. Curson Ave. 847 S. Detroit St. 1042 S. Dunsmuir Ave. 157 N. Poinsettia Pl. 167 N. Alta Vista Blvd. 1044 S. Cochran Ave. 907 S. Sierra Bonita Ave. 947 S. Cloverdale Ave. 838 Hauser Blvd. 438 N. Detroit St. 944 S. Dunsmuir Ave. 1032 Hauser Blvd.

1,205,000 1,100,000 950,000 899,000 895,000 890,000 809,000 799,000 799,000 699,000 685,000 604,000

Condominiums 5601 W. Olympic Blvd., #102 637 S. Fairfax Ave., #404 637 S. Fairfax Ave., #302 724 S. Stanley Ave., #2 637 S. Fairfax Ave., #202 750 S. Spaulding Ave., #229 5955 W. 8th St., #110

$599,000 509,000 449,000 430,000 429,000 400,000 376,500



ILSHIRE ESCRO Family owned and operated since 1944


4270 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90010




*Recent list prices

Considering a Career in


Real estate?


When attending classes with me, you are guaRanteed to pass!

Loans: Preferred SBA Lender and a Top 10 SBA Lender in Southern California

Serving Miracle Mile Businesses Since 1955

(310) 927-8646

Cash Management: Online Banking & Bill Pay; ACH, Lockbox, Card Services Remote Deposit: Same day credit for deposits made before 8 p.m. Deposit Accounts: Checking, Savings, Money Markets, CDs

Call BoB Zay

Health Savings Accounts: For employees with high deductible policies


110 South Fairfax Avenue • 323-549-2100

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Larchmont Chronicle

are you

Miracle Mile 2010 23


Meet the RED Real Estate Group

Morgan Pasco

John Barrentine

Tyler Reichwald

Samantha Allen

RED has demonstrated expertise and knowledge of theWestside, Sunset Strip, West Hollywood, Miracle Mile, RED hasand demonstrated expertise of the together Miracle Mile, Carthay, Hancock Park, Westside, Sunset Strip, and Carthay Hancock Park areasand andknowledge its team comes in a way that is a winning combination for its clients. This West Hollywood areas and its team comes together in a way that is a winning combination for its clients. This experience experience allows them to counsel clients on the wealth building opportunities available to them in real estate. After allowsthree them decades to counselinclients on the wealth opportunities available them in real estate. After nearly threewhile nearly the business, John building has a talent for organization andtoproblem solving in tough situations, decadesbeing in theabusiness, John has Miracle a talent Mile for organization and problem solving in tough situations. Morgan, being a Morgan, third generation family, is a master at building relationships and putting people together. third generation Miracle Mile family member, is a master at building relationships and putting people together. We look forward to working with buyers and sellers alike to demonstrated why... We look forward to working with buyers and sellers alike to demonstrate why...

160 N. Vista St., Los Angeles, CA. 90036

514 N. June St., Los Angeles, CA. 90004

Real estate looks better in RED!

1339 S. Curson Ave., Los Angeles, CA. 90019

171 S. Martel, Los Angeles, CA. 90036

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118 N. LARCHMONT BOULEVARD 310-276-6656 LOS ANGELES, CA 90004 310-276-6656 118 N. Larchmont Boulevard


24 Miracle Mile 2010

Larchmont Chronicle

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Civic Coalition partners with FEMA to promote readiness Miracle Mile Civic Coalition (MMCC) Safety Summits have included speakers from the FBI, the city Emergency Preparedness Dept. and the California Homeland Security. The Coalition brings together key segments of the community to “dare to prepare,” an ongoing grassroots mission to keep the preparedness issue foremost in the minds of residents, business and government leaders. “We are partnering with FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) to keep the issue of partnership in preparedness at the forefront,” said MMCC founder Lyn MacEwen Cohen. The group also is promoting enrollment in CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) classes, a sevenweek course in disaster preparedness. For the past 24 years the Coalition has been the cham-

pion of the Miracle Mile, promoting Wilshire median landscaping, beautification and the Hancock County Park renovation. “We are pleased to foster the vitality of the resurgence of retail activity in the Mile, particularly the new restaurants that have opened,” said Cohen. The newest project is earmarking funds for replacement of the Art Deco neon sign at the Wilshire La Brea intersection. The replica of the historic sign was demolished by a hit and run driver. The Coalition has raised funds to support Fire Station 61, especially important with the City budget crisis, Cohen added. MMCC also continues supporting Hollywood/LA Beautiful’s United We Plant program, dedicating trees throughout the Mile in honor of victims of the 9/11 tragedy.

READY OR NOT! The 2009 Safety Summit drew speakers, from left, including Jerry Washington, American Red Cross; Gay Storm Oakes as Clara Barton, Fire Battalion Chief Pat Butler, Lyn MacEwen Cohen, Jim O’Donnell, LAPD chief of staff; Mark Neveau, FEMA and Erroll Southers, assistant chief of Airport Police, LAX.

Marat Daukayev School of Ballet

Directory of elected officials

Sen. Dianne Feinstein 11111 Santa Monica Blvd., Ste. 915, 90025 Ph: 310-914-7300 House of Representatives Diane Watson 4322 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 302 90010 Ph: 323-965-1422 Assemblywoman Karen Bass 5750 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 565 90036 323-937-4747

Councilman Tom LaBonge Los Angeles City Hall 200 N. Spring St. Rm. 480 90012 Ph: 213-485-3337 Hollywood Field Office 6501 Fountain Ave., 90038 Ph: 323-957-6415 Councilman Paul Koretz Los Angeles City Hall 200 N.Spring St., 90012 Rm. 440 Ph: 213-473-7005 Field Office 822 S. Robertson Blvd., Ste. 102, 90035 Ph: 310-289-0353

Voted Best Boot Camp in LA!

at Dance Arts Academy, 731 s. La Brea Ave. ( Just south of the Wilshire-La Brea Intersection)

classes for girls and boys ages 3 & up beginning to advanced levels visit our website or call for class schedules • 323.965.0333

A Great Way to Get in Shape and Lose Weight! A Fun Four Week, Outdoor, Exercise Program! For all Ages and Levels of Fitness! Nutritional Counseling Provided! Builds Self Confidence, Strength, Motivation and Friendships!

Assemblyman Mike Feuer 9200 Sunset Blvd., PH 15 90069 Ph: 310-285-5490 or 818-902-0521 www.democrats.assembly.

ItÕ s never too late to get in Shape! You can do it!

County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky 500 W. Temple St. Rm. 821, 90012 Ph: 213-974-3333 EXTRA COPIES For extra copies of The Larchmont Chronicle, call 323-462-2241, extension 13, or stop by Monday through Friday at 542 1/2 N. Larchmont Blvd.

Pre-Ballet to Pre-Professional Training in Russian Style Classical Ballet ©LC0310

Sen. Barbara Boxer 312 N. Spring St., Ste. 1748 90012 Ph: 213-894-5000

323-938-6179 Held at The La Brea Tar Pits/ LACMA Museum Park located on Wilshire near Fairfax Blvd.

. A . L P M A C TM


Morning and Evening Sessions Available!


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Larchmont Chronicle

Holocaust Museum to open ‘green’ site The new Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust will open in the summer, with grand opening events to be held Sun., Oct. 3 to Sun., Oct. 10. Construction of the $20 million, innovative development in Pan Pacific Park is about 75 percent complete. The modern triangularshaped building is being built largely underground. “It’s going to have a green garden roof,” said development director Amy Cabranes. Visitors will be able to access the landscaped roof via walkways from Pan Pacific Park. Santa Monica-based Belzberg Architects created the design. The new museum is being

BUILDING IS underground at Pan Pacific Park.

built in the northwest corner of the park, adjacent to the Holocaust Monument. It

will include 25 parking spaces of subterranean parking. The museum is operating out of a temporary home at 6435 Wilshire Blvd. Founded in 1961 by a group of Holocaust survivors in an English-as-a-second language class who wanted a home for their photographs and artifacts from the Holocaust era. To this day there is no entry fee, as the founders never wanted to turn anyone away for want of money. Tours of the construction site and meetings with the architect are available. For more information or to make a donation, contact Amy Cabranes at 323-651-9915, or e-mail her at

Miracle Mile 2010 25

Art that's fresh for the picking Food becomes art as part of EATLACMA, a project of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art along with the artist collective Fallen Fruit. In all 150 peach, nectarine, apple and other fruit trees were given out in February at LACMA, the Watts Towers Arts Center and Charles Mingus Young Arts Center, with in-

structions requesting the trees be planted in public spaces. Exhibits “The Fruit of LACMA” and “The Gardens of LACMA” will open on Sun., June 27. Lectures, tours and exhibits will take place over nine months concluding with an all-day event, “Let Them Eat LACMA,” in November.

Korean programs build cultural harmony The Korean Cultural Center’s programs provide a cultural understanding of Korea at its facility at 5505 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles educators participated in a workshop on the country’s history and culture in January. Participants received free books and dvds to be used in social science and language arts classes. Teachers were also treated to a traditional tea ceremony and a taekwondo demonstration. The Center, in cooperation with the Global Cooperation Society International, held its annual workshop for law enforcement personnel last fall. The workshop provides Los Angeles police officers with information on Korean history, culture and language. The experience includes lectures by professors in topics such as folk dance and food.

TASTES OF KOREA were sampled at a program at the Cultural Center in October.

The workshop is designed to overcome cultural barriers and encourage understanding of Korean culture. The Center also stages food festivals and language classes. It is operated by the Korean Government’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism. For more information, call 323-936-7141 or go to www.

CCS is your neighborhood SMART BoardTM specialist and educator.

CCS Presentation Systems offers the latest in digital whiteboard technology to help bring your child's school into the 21st century. We offer installation, service, and FREE SMART Board teacher training. Learn more by calling CCS

Cathedral Chapel School • Kindergarten through 8th grade • Classroom Internet Access • Apple Mac Computer Lab with Internet Access • Instrumental Music Program • Departmentalized Jr High • CYO Sports • Lunch Service • Extended Day Care • Honors Math Program • Outreach Concern Counseling Program • Fully Accredited by WASC & WCEA • Spanish Program

today at (323) 954-7754 or

An Archdioces AcAdemic decAthlon

visit us on the web at

rch 6 saturday, ma rena l. A. sports A 0 pm 8:30 am – 4:3









Call for Information

5055 Wilshire Blvd. @ Highland, Ste. 305, Los Angeles, CA 90036

323.954.7754 phone ● 323.954.5898 fax

755 S. Cochran Ave., L.A. 90036

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(323) 938-9976

26 Miracle Mile 2010

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Larchmont Chronicle

Mile developer instituted traffic ‘firsts’ A. W. Ross was a visionary who saw the need for a commercial center on Wilshire Blvd. between La Brea and Fairfax avenues. In 1922, he purchased 18 acres for $5,400 on land his friends predicted would never amount to anything. “If you are successful,” they told him, “it will be a miracle.” The property he purchased was on an unpaved farm road, extending through dairy farms and bean fields. But Ross felt the timing was right—just at the beginning of the era of the automobile. Ross gave Wilshire various “firsts:” dedicated left-turn lanes, the first timed traffic lights in the United States; he also required merchants to provide automobile parking lots behind their buildings, all to aid traffic flow. Major retailers such as Desmonds, Silverwood’s, May Co., Coulter’s, Mullen & Bluett, Harris & Frank and Seibu eventually opened their shops on Wilshire Blvd. between Fairfax to La Brea. Ross ordered that all building facades along Wilshire be built so that the store windows could be viewed through a wind-

shield. Ross’s moves were unprecedented, a huge commercial success, and proved historically influential. Ross had invented the car-oriented urban form—called “the linear downtown” model, later adopted across the United States. The move also contributed to Los Angeles’ reputation as a city dominated by the car. A sculptural bust of Ross stands at 5800 Wilshire, with the inscription, “A. W. Ross, founder and developer of the Miracle Mile. Vision to see, wisdom to know, courage to do.” Ross’s parcel became one of Los Angeles’s most desirable areas in the 1930s, 40s and 50s. Although the rise of shopping malls and the development in the 1960s of highrise financial and business districts in downtown and Century City impacted the Miracle Mile’s importance as a retail and business center, it has retained its vitality thanks to the addition of museums and commercial high-rises. NEON SIGN at each end, top left. ADVERTISEMENT from a 1945 magazine features Coulters, one of the Mile’s premiere stores. BOND CLOTHES and Mullen & Bluett were among the dozens of retail stores along Wilshire Blvd. in the Mile in the 1960s, as seen from this postcard, top. VISIONARY A.W. ROSS, right, overlooks the former farm road he purchased for $5,400.

Dance Arts Academy

"BesT aFFoRdaBLe spa"

"BesT Massage In La"

Citysearch 2008

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massage therapy


chiropractic nutrition

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All Ages • All Levels Ballet, Jazz, Modern Tap, Flamenco, Hip-Hop Irish, Afro-Brazilian Thai Dance & much more!

Our amazing chiropractors, acupuncturists and nutritionist are here to help you achieve and maintain your optimum health. Tamara ZumMallen LAc • Dr Paul Methot DC • Dr. Wendy Yang DC • Marguerite Darlington LAc • Annamaria Poluha CN, CPT ©LC0310 Two

Convenient Locations

303 S. Crescent Heights Blvd. LA 90048 • 323-782-3900 414 N. Larchmont Blvd. LA 90004 • 323-461-7876


Open 7 days a week, 10am-9pm

323-932-6230 •

731 South LaBrea Avenue • (1/2 Block South of Wilshire)

Miracle Mile 2010 27

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$30 Per Person!

Three-Course Meals

At Pacific Theatres

Complimentary Parking


Let our Concierge Services create the perfect date. Call 323.900.8080 for reservations. Menus at TheGrove�.com. Date Night Package sold in pairs. Some restrictions apply. Offer subject to change without notice.

28 Miracle Mile 2010

Larchmont Chronicle

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Tibetan furniture, 'American Stories;' 'Fiberglass Fantasies' tour Jelinek, instructor LOS ANGELES of the award-winCOUNTY MUSEning Auto Shop UM OF ART— at Monrovia High "In the Service of The School. Workshop Buddha: Tibetan Furis Sat., March 6 at niture from the Hay10 a.m. or 12:30 ward Family Collection" p.m. Call 323-964opens Sat., March 27. 6308. Class is $15 Ends April 3, 2011. per each parent/ • "Contemporary ProjMonday-Saturday 3pm-7pm & 9pm-Close child pair (parects 12: Robin Rhode," ent attendance is includes photo comporequired). sitions, video anima• What were they tion and sculpture by the South African artist EEL SPEARING AT SETAUKET, 1845, by William thinking? showcases vehicles based in Berlin. Opens Sidney Mount in "American Stories" at LACMA. that were poorly Thurs., March 11. Ends developed and June 6. ure) and rapa (dance paddle), unfeasible. Ends July 4. • "Renoir in the 20th Century" from Rapanui (Easter Island) 6060 Wilshire Blvd., 323features the last three decades circa 1800. Ends June. 930-CARS; of Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s life, 5905 Wilshire Blvd., 323CRAFT AND FOLK ART until his death in 1919, with 857-6000; dating approximately 80 paintings, PETERSEN AUTOMO- MUSEUM—Cards sculptures, and drawings and TIVE MUSEUM—"Fantasies from the Italian Renaissance works by contemporaries Pab- in Fiberglass," features Cor- to today are illuminated in lo Picasso, Henri Matisse, and vettes to dune buggies, from "The Fool's Journey: the Hisothers. Ends May 9. the past half-century. Ends tory and Symbolism of the Tarot." Ends May 9. • "American Stories: Paintings Oct. 3. "An Introduction to the of Everyday Life, 1765-1915" • Car Activities & L.A. Bookfeatures 70 works from the PALS Sat., March 6 from 1 to Tarot" workshop is on Sun., colonial era up to World War 4 p.m. includes making vanity March 21 from 1 to 5 p.m. • "Bold Abstractions: Textiles I. Ends May 23. license plates. • "Art of the Pacific" features • Automotive Awareness 101, from Central Asia & Iran" fea46 works including a moai for teens ages 14-16, cov- tures robes, gem-inlaid ornakavakava (male ancestor fig- ers car maintenance by Phil ments and Persian carpets

Happy Hour $2 Off


Wines by the Glass Draft Beers Specialty Cocktails

e Piano &

Vocals ed-Sun -9:30pm

• Mojitos day Brunch • Hand-Shaken Margaritas • Martinis

$5 Pizzas & Appetizers • $6 Sliders

from nomadic tribes of the 19th and mid-20th centuries. Ends May 9. 5814 Wilshire Blvd., 323-9374230; PAGE MUSEUM AT THE LA BREA TAR PITS—Area fossil finds show Ice Age life 10,000 PAINTING of all kinds is at the Zimmer. to 40,000 years ago, when toothed cats and giant sloths ZIMMER CHILDREN'S ruled the Wilshire area. MUSEUM—Author Gary Located at 5801 Wilshire Palmer reads from his new Blvd., 323-934-PAGE; tarpits. book, "Gus the Grumpasauorg rus," on March 7 as part of LOS ANGELES MUSEUM this month's Sunday drop-in OF THE HOLOCAUST— workshops from 2 to 3 p.m. "Learn, to Remember, to Passover festival is on March Hope: The Shalhevet High 14 with theater and stories, a School Poland/Israel Trip" fea- Seder play plate workshop and tures images and narration by a frog parade. Flower Power, a senior students. Ends Alpril 1. floral wreath celebration is on The museum houses the March 21; make mobile bird West Coast's largest archive houses March 28. Wonderful of documents, relics and other Wednesdays are part of the materials from the Holocaust summer program. period (1933-1945). 6505 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 6435 Wilshire Blvd., 323- 100; 323-761-8984, www.zim651-3704; lamuseumoftheho-

Callender’s  Grill in the

Voted Miracle Mile’s Favorite Neighborhood Bar

of Miracle Mile

in the Museum Square •

5773 Wilshire Blvd. (323)937-7952

Happy Happy HourHour

5773 Wilshire Blvd. (323)937-79 6:30-9:30pm • Mojitos • Sunday Brunch • Hand-Shaken Margaritas • Martinis

$2 Off

Lunch & Dinner

• Mojitos • Sunday Brunch • Hand-Shaken Margaritas in Our Flagship Dining Room Martinis • Entrees • Soups & Salad Bar • • Pasta & Much More!


• Live Piano & Vocals Wed-Sun

Wines by the Glass Draft Beers Specialty Cocktails

$5 Pizzas & Appetizerstoo! • $6 Sliders SundayBrunch • Live Piano & Vocals Wed-Sun 6:30-9:30pm

$2 Off Featuring


Monday-Saturday 3pm-7pm & 9pm-Close

Happy Hour

323-937-7952 •


Callender’s Grill 5773 Wilshire Blvd. in Museum Square Banquet Facilities Available

5773 Wilshire Blvd. (323)937-7952 in the Museum Square •

in the Museum Square •

• Mojitos • Sunday Brunch • Hand-Shaken Margaritas • Martinis

Wines by the Glass Draft Beers Specialty Cocktails

6:30-9:30pm • Mojitos • Sunday Brunch • Hand-Shaken Margaritas • Martinis

$2 Off

Vocals Wed-Sun 6:30-9:30pm

5773 Wilshire Blvd. (323)937-7952

$5 Pizzas & Appetizers • $6 Sli

Wines by the Glass Draft Beers Specialty Cocktails

Wines by the Glass Draft Beers Specialty Cocktails

Callender’s Grill

$2 Off

Featuring$2 off Wines by the Glass, Draft Beers, Specialty Cocktails • Live Piano enjoy & $5 Pizzas & appetizers • $6 Sliders


Happy Hour

Happy Hour

Monday-Saturday 3pm-7pm & 9pm-Close Live Piano & vocaLS Wednesday thru Sunday 6:30 – 9:30 p.m.

Monday-Saturday 3pm-7pm & 9pm-Close

Monday-Saturday 3pm-7pm & 9pm-Close

Callender’s Gril Featuring

$5 Pizzas & Appetizers • $6 Sliders

$5 Pizzas & Appetizers • $6 Sliders

• Live Piano & Vocals Wed-Sun

in the Museum Square •

Great for After Work and Birthday Gatherings

Join Us On Open Early St. Patrick’s Day, March 17 No Cover • No Lines • No Bull!

323-937-9210 757 S. La Brea Ave. (1 Block So. of Wilshire)

Larchmont Chronicle

Miracle Mile 2010 29

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24-Hour Emergency Services

Your Community Hospital Making a Difference




Our concern and expertise extend beyond the patient to the family members and loved ones. Caring, dignity, and respect are the focus of our team as we work together to provide the highest quality of medical care possible for each individual.

5900 W. Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036 (310) 657-5900 24/7 LIVE OPERATOR AVAILABLE FOR PHYSICIAN REFERRALS AT (800) 874-4325

30 Miracle Mile 2010

Larchmont Chronicle

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The Big Pink, Broken Numbers Band to perform

TOP CHEFS will be creating Irish cuisine at Tom Bergin’s.

Bergin’s, Little Bar makeover to star on television shows Local businesses are getting their 15 minutes of fame. The Bravo channel will air Top Chef Masters 2 featuring Tom Bergin’s Restaurant, 840 S. Fairfax Ave., on Wed., April 7 on an evening show. Guest chefs include Mark Peel, owner of the award-winning Campanile restaurant on La Brea Ave. for 20 years. T. K. Vodrey, Bergin’s owner, said the tavern has been named America's Number One Irish establishment for the fourth year in a row. Meanwhile, the Home & Garden Network brought in Antonio Ballatore to renovate Little Bar, 757 S. La Brea Ave. in February.

The show featuring the update will air this spring on the “Antonio Treatment,” a weekly docu-design series. Ballatore’s makeover included a wooden bar frontispiece centered by a mermaid statue, oak barrel tables covered with distressed copper with an indented copper wall pattern. Neon lighting includes a flashing rocket ship. Look for area fitness Boot Camp LA to be featured in an upcoming issue of Vanity Fair magazine. Jay and Marcella Kerwin, owners, said their fitness program was selected for positive results.

Punk, rock and funk will highlight the Mile’s nightlife this month. El Rey 5515 Wilshire Blvd. 323-936-6400 London band The Big Pink will kick off the evening of Tues., March 9 at 8 p.m., followed with performances by A Place to Bury Strangers and Active Child. Little Boots, Dragonette and Class Actress will entertain on Wed., March 10. The New Master Sounds will perform on Thurs., March 11. Molly Malones 575 S. Fairfax Ave. 323-935-1577 Jami Templeton will perform on Sat., March 6 at 8 p.m., followed by Paris Carney at 9 p.m., Mike Stocksdale at 10 p.m., and Greg Blum at 11 p.m. Katelyn Benton takes the stage at 8 p.m., Mitch Allan at 9 p.m., and Amie Mireiello at 10 p.m. on Mon., March 8. The lineup for Tues., March 9 kicks off at 8 p.m. with Kashmere, followed by Magnolia Memoir at 9 p.m., and Bandito Royale at 10 p.m.

Recipient of ZAGATSURVeY Award of Distinction

Magee’s Since 1917

TarFest’s art and culture to expand with summer series Based on its success in the Miracle Mile in collaboration fall, TarFest is now looking to with local galleries, non-profit grow into a summer-long se- organizations and neighborries of music, art and dance hood institutions,” Panozzo said. events in 2010. Past TarFest venues have “Collaborations have been included the key to the the Korean growth and will Cultural serve as the imCenter and El petus for future Rey Theatre. growth of the Three days of eight-year-old art and culmulti-cultural ture will comcelebration,” mence on Fri., said Tarfest exSept. 24, when ecutive director the TarFest Art James Panozzo. Exhibition will Considered be juried by a the premiere local museum arts and culture curator and event in the produced in Miracle Mile collaboration c o m m u n i t y, with the Los TarFest attracts Angeles Art more than 150 artists and THE EL REY THEATER was Association/ performers an- the venue for a performance by Gallery 825. nually as well The Polyamorous Affair at last U l t i m a t e l y, “arts, culture, as thousands year’s TarFest. community of Angelinos of all ages to the one-mile and collaboration remain posstretch of Wilshire Boulevard itive forces behind the Miracle between Sycamore and Fairfax Mile,” Panozzo said. To participate, or for more avenues. about 2010 Come summer, “from June information through August, two to three TarFest events, venues and more music, art and film hap- sponsors, go online at www. penings will take place on the

Ulysses Voyage

Join Us For Our Fantastic Brunch Brand New Menu • Saturday & Sunday

This St. Patrick’s Day Join us for our World Famous Corned Beef, Cabbage & Potato Dinner


Phone Orders Accepted 6333 West Third Street, LA, CA 90036 Ph. 323/938-4127 • Fax 323/938-2142

Full Bar • Live Music • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner In the Farmers Market • 3rd and Fairfax 323-939-9728 •

New Lunch Menu & Expanded Hours




A Culinary Odyssey inTraditional Greek Dining

Many options available to stay healthy in the Mile Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build endurance or tone muscles, Miracle Mile offers a variety of programs to help your reach your fitness goals. Boot Camp L.A. 5801 Wilshire Blvd. 323-939-6179 During sessions at Hancock County Park behind the Page Museum, recruits do stretches, push-ups, sit-ups, flutter kicks, military style drills, strength workouts using padded weighted bars and medicine balls, as well as circuit training and running. Curves 5001 Wilshire Blvd. 323-937-8767 At Curves, clients receive an all-around workout on a 30-minute circuit of cardio and weight training machines. FBE (Firm Body Evolution)Spa 5858 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 200 323-936-3737 FBE Spa focuses on holistic

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health and fitness to achieve overall well being. Amenities range from an exclusive vibration machine to a whole body massage bed and infrared jade sauna. They offer chiropractic and acupuncture services, as well. Hancock Park Swim Club 818-842-0009 323-379-8999 Hancock Park Swim Club instructors teach swimming and racing techniques, lifeguard certification and overall fitness. Swimmers meet at Marlborough High School and Los Angeles Tennis Club. L.A. Fitness 5950 Wilshire Blvd. 323-934-6150 Members enjoy yoga, cardio kickboxing, hip-hop, salsa and belly dancing classes. The club offers memberships on a monthly basis without long-term contracts. Lenny Krayzelburg Swim School 5870 Olympic Blvd. 323-525-0323 Swimming instruction for

The House of Irish Coffee

beginner to advanced, parent and tot classes as well as classes for those wanting to overcome fear of water or improve their lap swims. Liberation Yoga 124 La Brea Ave. 323-964-5222 With both an indoor asana room and outdoor garden studio, Liberation Yoga offers classes and workshops designed for beginning and advanced students. Meridian Sports Club 5750 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 175 323-933-5875 Classes in yoga, Pilates, swimming, dance, step, cycling and water aerobics. Meridian also has a kids’ club and private certified training. Swimming in Park La Brea saltwater pool. S Factor 5225 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 222 323-965-9685 Pole dancing, lap dance and striptease classes for all shapes, sizes and ages are offered at S Factor, where students can enroll in a series of sessions or take individual classes.

EXERCISE STATIONS are located throughout the park.

Pan Pacific — Miracle Mile’s Central Park A soccer field on one end, a children’s playground on the other and dozens of pathways in-between. That’s the attraction of Pan Pacific Park, stretching from Beverly Blvd. to Third St. Its undulating field draws hundreds of walkers each day. Some go the extra mile by using the exercise equipment found along the paths. Picnickers enjoy the barbecues while trainers put their students to the task. The adjacent recreation center is home to basketball leagues for both kids and adults, a sportsmanship club, dance and gymnastics classes, as well as preschool classes.

WALKERS GET a workout on the paths circling the park.

RECREATION CENTER hosts sports leagues.

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LACMA’s Resnick Pavilion to open October 2010 The $55 million Lynda and Stewart Resnick Exhibition Pavilion is scheduled to open in the fall at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The travertine marble-andglass and stone-enclosed, 45,000 square foot building designed by architect Renzo Piano will house special exhibits. It is tucked behind the new Broad Contemporary Art Museum (BCAM), near Sixth St. and Fairfax Ave. Private events will kick off in September, and it opens to the public Tues., Oct. 5, said LACMA spokesman Barbara Pflaumer. Light-filled galleries will dominate the single-story space with a flexible floor plan to accommodate multiple exhibits and large-scale works of art. Three exhibits will be fea-

said. Phase two of “Transformation,” a campaign to unify the museum’s seven buildings across 20 acres and refurbish and expand its gallery spaces, includes renovation of LACMA West, scheduled to open later in the year or in 2011, said Pflaumer. The former May Co. building, built in 1939, retains its BUILDING DESIGN features travertine marble-and-glass.

tured in the opening: “Olmec: Colossal Masterworks of Ancient Mexico,” “Fashioning Fashion: European Dress in Detail, 1700-1915,” and “Eye for the Sensual: Selections from the Resnick Collection.” Lynda Resnick, a member of LACMA’s Board of Trustees and chair of the acquisitions

All things Ring in the Mile It’s a story of love, gods, murder and the pursuit of a ring, and it’s coming to theaters, galleries and other cultural hot spots in celebration of Richard Wagner’s four-part epic at the Music Center this spring. The 10-week, citywide Ring Festival was inspired by L.A. Opera’s first presentation of “Der Ring des Nibelungen,” with more than 100 cultural and educational institutions in Los Angeles. “Ring Festival LA will be a defining moment in the cultural history of Los Angeles,” said Plácido Domingo, LA Opera director. In Miracle Mile, you can celebrate all things Ring at: Korean Cultural Center “Wagner and the Ring,” a lecture in Korean, will be part

of the Bohemians group Sat., April 17 USC Theatre Dept. chair Michael Hackett will lead a study group Sat., April 24 on Wagner’s trilogy. 5505 Wilshire Blvd. 323936-7141; Goethe Institut Achim Freyer, director and designer of L.A. Opera’s Ring, and journalist Matthew Gurewitsch will discuss the fourth opera in Wagner’s epic on Mon., April 12 at 7 p.m. “From the Dorf to the Hood,” a concert by composer William Roper and his band with featured soprano Christina Linhardt, is Thurs., April 22 at 7:30 p.m. Solo chamber works are inspired by Wagner’s stay in Bavaria and feature unusual instruments associated with the Ring, in-

Open 24 HOurs The Original 24-7-363

Canters' 79


IN Los ANgeLes

AwArd winning

Restaurant • Deli Bakery • Bar EntErtAinmEnt nightly in thE Kibitz room


Catering for All Occasions (between Beverly & Melrose)

419 N. Fairfax • (323) 651-2030

committee, and her husband Stewart, have donated art valued at $10 million as part of their gift to LACMA. “As art collectors and LACMA supporters, we could think of no better way to buttress this rapidly evolving museum than to create additional space for the exhibition of art,” Lynda

cluding the Wagner tuba, helicon, cimbasso, harp and saxhorn. Tickets: $10, telephone 323- 525-3388. 5750 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 10. 323-525-3388, LACMA German tales from the past to the modern era are featured in the exhibit “Myth, Legends, Fables, and Cultural Renewal,” opening Thurs., April 15 at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) through Aug. 16. 5905 Wilshire Blvd., 323 9325881,

gold perfume bottle architectural detail on Wilshire Blvd. It will feature the Boone Children’s Gallery, restaurants, a bookshop and, on the third floor, museum offices. Other LACMA development included purchase of a lot at the 6006 Wilshire Blvd. for a 90-space parking lot. A mixeduse building to house art and offices is planned to be built at a later time.

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Success! Margarita trek pours salty, citrusy results

Assignment? Track down great margaritas in the Miracle Mile area. Result? Success. Where else but Los Angeles would a trek for these citrusy delights take you not only to a few Mexican restaurants, but to a mall, a small neighborhood beer and wine joint, and an Asian fusion restaurant? We began our quest by visiting a Mexican mainstay, the famous El Coyote, which would serve as the litmus test. Regulars know that these margaritas are not the overly sweet versions one might find at a touristy locale. Even El Coyote’s house version, with a hint of pineapple, reminds one that tequila is still the base for these lime concoctions. We typically order their scratch margaritas, meaning each order is made from scratch, and we find that one usually does the trick. Basically, lime, ice and tequila, and salt; the way margaritas were originally intended. We next journeyed to El Toro Cantina, where they pour a slightly more citrusy version. We found that their standard margarita (we opted out of their self-proclaimed Big Ass Margarita that can serve three!) goes well with an assortment of tacos. The drinks do not overpower the food and instead, are a pleasing accompaniment.

Webpage tells favorite local lunchtime spots asks readers for recommendations on their favorite choices for lunch near their work. Recently, the following recommendations for the Miracle Mile area were posted by “Pat,” an editor at Variety in the 5900 Wilshire building who is also a regular food blogger at Her lunchtime favorites, are: a fresh mozzarella or meatloaf sandwich from Black Dog Coffee (5657 Wilshire, near Hauser), the vegan BLT from Cafe Flourish (5406 Wilshire, near Cloverdale), the Grilled Cheese Truck, and the pork banh mi from the EatPhamish truck (parked on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 5900 Wilshire Blvd. near Ogden). Pat lists Baja Fresh as the "go-to lunch place" she and her coworkers eat at too often. "For fast food, it's not that bad. I'm looking forward to trying Mixt Greens when it opens (Feb. 23 at 5757 Wilshire), because we need salads in this area." AD DEADLINE Deadline for reserving advertising space in the Larchmont Chronicle is the 15th of every month.

If you have not tried the Club fun variety Scene of tacos at El by Toro, we sugMaren gest going Clifford on a Tuesday and Amy night when Priore a handful are offered at $1 a piece. While shopping at the Grove, we stopped in the Whisper Lounge for a taste of their blood orange margarita. Both color and taste received our praise, and this more elegant-seeming version of the famous cocktail fits the décor of the lounge. Whisper is actually undergoing a cosmetic uplift, and we look forward to seeing the result given that the lounge already boasted a cozy mix of classic elegance and modern charm. We headed out of the mall for lunch to nearby Buddha’s’

Belly for its scrumptuous Rock Shrimp Tempura starter. Having just a beer and wine license, Buddha’s Belly serves a select menu of soju-based cocktails. Although they do not serve an actual margarita, we opted to try the gingerita….at least the ending of the word is the same! We were pleasantly surprised by this refreshing cocktail. Not usually keen to drink soju-based libations, we felt the ginger would mask the fact the drink was made with a rice-based liquor, and with lime and simple syrup, the gingerita did taste like it could be the Asian cousin to the margarita.

Our final Miracle Mile destination was Little Bar on La Brea Ave. Also a beer and wine establishment, Little Bar makes some cocktails with soju, including margaritas. Not wanting the strong flavor of ginger, we must admit that we were very hesitant to dive into yet another version, and again, emerged happy. The soju version tasted very much like an actual margarita, and we discovered this is in part to the use of a lower alcohol version of tequila called Los Cabos made with actual agave. The Little Bar margaritas, with salt of course, really did taste like their older and more experienced cousins, with less headache potential the next day. On a side note, Friday nights are trivia night at Little Bar, and we found the questions to be answerable, unlike some other versions of this bar

LEGENDARY libation is made with tequila, but not always.

game. We are going to give some of the regular teams a run for their money. El Coyote, 312 Beverly Blvd., 323-939-7766. El Toro Cantina, 5364 Wilshire Blvd., 323-525-2618. Whisper Lounge, The Grove at Farmers Market, 323-931-0202. Buddha’s Belly, 7475 Beverly Blvd., 323-931-8588. Little Bar, 757 South La Brea Ave., 323-937-9210.

The Original Farm ers Market

Spring Market Meals The Grocers of Farmers Market are teaming up to create a weekly collection of easy-to-prepare springtime menus featuring the freshest offerings of the season. Each week we’ll showcase a new meal menu and recipes created by our specialty grocers. Weekly menus, recipes and special prices from the grocers can be found on flyers throughout the Market and online at

“MeeT Me aT Third

& FairFax”

The Grocers of Farmers Market Farm Fresh produce • mr. marcel gourmet market • marcoNda’s meats • purItaN poultrY • BreadWorks tusQuellas seaFoods • Farmers market poultrY • Farm BoY • lIght mY FIre • thee’s coNtINeNtal pastrIes huNtINgtoN meats aNd sausage • t&Y BakerY • t (tea shop)

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Do you know?

1. HOW MANY LIGHTS are in artist Chris Burden’s “Urban Light” sculpture of restored cast iron antique street lamps outside the Los Angeles County Museum of Art?

3. ORIGINALLY a camera store, it now is India Tandori at 5370 Wilshire Blvd. It was designed in 1938 by Marcus Miller to resemble a nine-foot-high Argus 35 mm camera. What is the name of this style of architecture?

4. THE EL REY at 5515 Wilshire Blvd. originally was a movie theater. Did it open in 1919, 1936 or 1941?

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aarp LeGaLServiceS Are you a member of AARP? Did you know that as a member you are entitled to a consultation with an AARP Legal Services Network Provider at NO COST to you? Discounts on most legal services are available to members.

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2. BONES OF SABER-TOOTH TIGERS, mammoth elephants and dire wolves found at La Brea Tar Pits, were preserved during the last of four great Ice Ages at the end of the Pleistocene Epoch. What years were these?

Kramer Law Group 5858 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 205 Los Angeles, CA 90036


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1. How many lights answer: 102. 2. Pleistocene epoch was 10,000 to 40,000 years ago. 3. The architectural style is called programmatic. 4. The El Rey opened in 1936.

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Shopping on La Brea V I Go Green – Recycle the Past! “And think you’ve entered the closet N of a Countess” With Silver, Crystal, T Porcelain, Women’s Clothing and A Accessories, Alligator Bags. G 353 S. La Brea Ave. 323-938-6855 E



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Local news for Hancock Park • Windsor Square • Fremont Place • Park LaBrea • Larchmont Village • Miracle Mile