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Interlude At Etropal Event Space 219-334-6845 219-900-6060 703 Lincolnway (2nd Fl ), La Porte, IN Business Meetings Team Building Retreats Small Weddings Fundraisers Bridal/Baby Showers Anniversaries Birthday Parties Interlude At Etropal Event Space Monthly Available for Private Parties Murder Mystery Dinners 219-805-9934 1306 Lincolnway, La Porte, IN Interlude Suite 219-334-6845 701 1/2 Lincolnway, La Porte, IN InterludeAt 2,000 Sq Ft Sleeps Five Elegant Vacation Rental - Furnished Finder
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La Porte Events

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Braje, Nelson & Janes, LLP has over 50 years of experience providing unparalleled legal services to Northwest Indiana communities. At Braje, Nelson & Janes, LLP, we work hard to ensure your legal needs are met Our diverse team of attorneys specializes in different areas of law This allows us to give you the proper attention and service you require Each case is different and requires the utmost attention Count on us to help you through your legal matters

Are you a small business owner or selfemployed? Looking for a cost-effective and convenient healthcare solution for yourself or employees? Look no further! Direct Primary Care (DPC) is here to revolutionize your healthcare experience With DPC, you can enjoy personalized, comprehensive, and affordable primary care without the hassle of insurance plans and copays. Say goodbye to long wait times and hello to direct access to your provider.

Welcome to a New Healthcare Experience Contact Us Today for More Info! 219-369-6008 www HometownDPC com Experience the freedom of a healthcare system that focuses solely on your needs Take control of your health and your business Choose Direct Primary Care today! personal injury business transactions litigation real estate criminal defense family law estate probate Call us today for all your legal needs
represent clients
variety of cases including: There is always something going on in La Porte. Scan the codes below to find your next weekend plans! Want to see your event featured on our calendar?
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2450 IN 212, Michigan City, IN

MC Doors has been a locally owned and operated family business for over 30 years, proudly serving La Porte and Porter County in Indiana, and Harbor Country in Michigan

In addition to selling new residential and commercial garage doors, MC Doors also offers expert installation and maintenance, including emergency service As a local business, we are dedicated to improving the local business climate and beautifying the surrounding homes and businesses in our community MC Doors offers quality products, fair pricing, and outstanding service We love the work that we do and stand behind it 100% If you or someone you know is looking for new or replacement doors, call us today for a free estimate!

Everyone needs a financial institution they can depend on and trust First Trust is a full-service financial institution providing personal accounts and services, and business accounts and services Some of the products/services First Trust provides include savings & checking accounts, direct deposit, free debit cards, ATM services, auto loans, mortgage loans, personal loans, CD’s, IRAs, youth accounts, and much more Banking is safe & secure through It’s Me 247 online banking, utilizing our mobile app, website, online bill pay, e-statements, account alerts, and more First Trust is empowered by the credit union philosophy of People Helping People while serving their account holders and giving back to the communities they serve.

FIRST TRUST CREDIT UNION 219.324.4359 402 J Street,
Porte, IN FirstTrustCU com

KEEP CALM AND INVEST ON Maintaining Perspective in Turbulent Times

The financial markets are dynamic, with indices fluctuating between gains and losses daily. Even in periods of relative calm, it’s not uncommon for the S&P 500 to experience minor adjustments, moving up and down by less than 1% These shifts, while not always pronounced, hint at the underlying phenomenon of “volatility” - a term that encapsulates the market’s tendency to ebb and flow between significant highs and lows, much like a roller coaster, offering both challenges and opportunities to investors During times of market stress, when stock prices fluctuate up and down significantly, it’s normal to worry about your investments The good news is that if you have planned for the unexpected and invested in a diversified mix of quality stocks and bonds, your portfolio can weather market volatility The most prudent action during unpredictable times like these is to remain focused on the long-term objective of reaching your financial goals

Market Moves and the Weather

Like the weather, investing naturally comes with surprises For the most part, the financial markets offer returns consistent with historical averages, resembling the usual calm weather that greets us on a daily basis We might face cloudy skies or occasional downpour, around 130 days per year, but these events are generally considered minor inconveniences rather than catastrophic events The S&P 500 has only experienced 23 calendar quarters where the S&P lost 15% or more since 1927, approximately 52% of all calendar quarters since inception Just as we navigate our daily routines without undue worry over severe weather, our approach to investing should similarly emphasize maintaining our positions for the most probable outcomes

while also preparing for the less likely scenarios of significant downturns

Fortune Favors the Prepared

Taking risks is an essential component of capitalism It is a normal aspect that should be accepted rather than feared Unfortunately, our brains are often entrenched in the ancestral “fight or flight” response, which hasn’t fully adapted to the rapid twists and turns of today’s capital markets Due to this, it is crucial that we learn to anticipate potential misfortunes and consider how to prepare for them well in advance.

Avoiding the financial markets just to escape the anxiety associated with volatility is akin to never leaving the house to avoid getting our clothes wet While this approach might shield you from immediate discomfort in the short term, it ultimately leads to undesirable long term outcomes Your hard-earned savings, for instance, might struggle to keep their value after accounting for inflation if they are not exposed to market growth.

Adopting the Right Strategies for Dynamic Markets

It is essential for investors to understand that market corrections of 10-15% or more are a fundamental part of the investment landscape Despite a generally positive outlook for the investment landscape in the medium to long term, these fluctuations can occur unexpectedly Recognizing that such short-term declines are essentially the cost of entry to the substantial long-term growth potential that equities offer to a diversified portfolio is crucial It’s important to learn to ignore short-term price changes caused by the randomness of the news cycle

Foundations of Portfolio Diversification

Building a diversified investment portfolio is like constructing a well-built house that can withstand all kinds of weather Just as a sturdy roof and strong walls protect against rain, wind, and snow, a well-diversified portfolio provides a buffer against market downturns Also, keeping up with market trends and working with an advisor can help investors make better decisions and adjust their plans only when necessary

Understanding Our Emotions and Frailties

Understanding and navigating the psychological landscape of investing is crucial for long-term financial success, especially in the face of inevitable market volatility the essence of successful investing lies not in outsmarting the market or

predicting its next move but in mastering one’s own emotional responses to the inevitable difficulties The most significant adversary to successful investing, as it turns out, isn’t the fluctuations of the market itself but the person we see in the mirror every day Our emotional reactions to market volatility-fear, panic, the urge to liquidate holdings to stop the perceived pain-are the real culprits that can derail our financial futures

Psychological Preparedness and Emotional Discipline

To prepare for market volatility, investors must first acknowledge that markets, by their very nature, are unpredictable and subject to periods of rapid change Just as a seasoned sailor anticipates storms and prepares accordingly, so too must investors expect market fluctuations and arm themselves with strategies to maintain control over their fears This preparation is not just about having the right financial tools and strategies in place but also about cultivating a mindset that views volatility as a natural part of the investing process rather than a threat

Understanding Our Emotions and Frailties

By understanding the psychology behind our reactions to market volatility and preparing accordingly, investors can navigate the inevitable storms with confidence The key lies not in trying to avoid volatility altogether but in learning how to weather it with grace, patience, and strategic foresight

In conclusion, the journey through the financial markets is often marked by periods of uncertainty and volatility However, it is precisely in these moments that the value of seasoned guidance becomes most evident Horizon Private Wealth Advisors is a guiding light in strategy and knowledge, equipping investors with the tools and insights they need not only to prepare for the unexpected but to capitalize on it

CheckoutPaulFleming’sStepstoNavigateMarket Volatilityonthenextpage Learnmoreatwwwhorizonbankcom/trust-management

Steps to Navigate Market Volatility

Embrace Long-Term Planning: Focus on your ultimate financial goals and remember that markets have historically trended upward over time This perspective can help you see past the temporary storms and keep your eyes on the horizon

Cultivate Emotional Toughness: Train yourself to view market downturns as opportunities rather than catastrophes Recognizing that volatility is a normal aspect of investing can help you keep your composure and adhere to your

investment strategy, even during turbulent times

Build a Financial Buffer: An emergency fund and a part of your portfolio allocated to stable assets can function as your financial umbrella, protecting you from having to make hasty decisions

during market downturns Your advisor can help you determine the right size for your rainy day fund, based on your cash flow needs and portfolio asset allocation

Implement Tax-Efficient Strategies: Strategies such as tax-loss harvesting not only provide tax benefits but also serve

as a reminder of the initiative taking steps you can take to manage your investments, further instilling a sense of control A sudden drop in a broad market index offers generous opportunity for harvesting tax losses that can be used to offset the taxable impact of future gains

Stay Informed: Keeping current about financial news and market trends can help you differentiate between normal market cycles and true shifts in market fundamentals, reducing the likelihood of knee-jerk reactions

Diversify Your Portfolio: A well-diversified portfolio is like wearing attire for all

weather conditions-it can help protect you from the brunt of market storms and ensure you’re prepared for whatever the market throws your way

Prioritize Quality Investments: Investing in companies with strong fundamentals is like building a sturdy shelter; it provides a haven during financial storms It can be tempting to chase the latest fad or follow the advice of TV pundits, but long-term investing success comes from planning and discipline

Located in beautiful downtown La Porte at 602 Lincolnway, down the block from Plaza 618 We are your hometown coffee & bubble tea spot We have a light breakfast & lunch menu, free wi-fi, outdoor seating area, and over 50 flavors for all your beverage needs We offer a relaxed inviting atmosphere where everyone is welcome to sit, read, work on your laptop, even play a board game Home of the Coffee & Canvas, event space rental, dine in, door dash delivery

7 AM - 5 PM

9 AM - 5 PM

Regular Portfolio Rebalancing: Just as a skilled captain might adjust the boat’s sails in response to changing winds, rebalancing your portfolio ensures that your investment strategy still is aligned with your risk tolerance and financial goals Shifts in the value of one part of your portfolio compared to others, due to a sudden decline, are excellent opportunities to rebalance your portfolio Practice Dollar-Cost Averaging: An investment strategy that involves regularly investing equal amounts of money over time, regardless of market fluctuations, to potentially reduce the impact of volatility on the overall

purchase This strategy is akin to steadily walking forward, regardless of weather, ensuring you make consistent progress towards your goals

Consult a Financial Advisor: Just as you might check the weather forecast before heading out, consulting with a financial advisor can provide you with insights and strategies tailored to your unique financial situation and goals

219-325-8080 602 Lincolnway,
Porte, IN HotSpotCafe


there is Something for Everyone

There is always something happening in the City of La Porte - Arts in the Park, Friday Night Live, Movies in the Park, etc With summer right around the corner, we have highlighted the biggest events you do not want to miss!

78th Annual La Porte 4th of July Parade

La Porte traditions and history of innovation run deep Generations of Hoosiers have gathered at the annual 4th of July Parade in La Porte to make lasting connections - with family, friends and the community Like the telephone, the parade keeps getting better with time! Whether you attended last year’s parade, or it’s been several years, this year’s p d i lli h ! Vi it k

La Porte LakeFest: July 26 - July 28

Running July 26th through July 28th, the festival boasts three days of music, art, food, and fun for the whole family on La Porte’s Pine, Stone, and Clear lakes, showcasing the city’s natural resources, as well as showing neighboring communities what it means to be “Livin’ the Lake Life” in the City of La Porte

The festival offers a wide range of ventures that cater to all ages, making it the perfect destination for a family outing Kids will have a blast in the dedicated Kids Fun Zone, filled with exciting games and activities that will keep them entertained for hours on end. But that’s not all, music lovers are in for a treat with the incredible lineup of concerts, featuring talented artists that will have you singing and dancing along On Saturday, you can enjoy the Clear Lake Crafters Market, where you can find unique and handcrafted items that make perfect gifts for your loved ones With something for everyone in your family, La Porte LakeFest promises to be an unforgettable experience that you won’t want to miss! Visit laportelakefestcom for a schedule of events and more info


Annual Sunflower Fair: September 21

The Sunflower Fair in beautiful, historic Downtown La Porte is one of the largest area festivals with over 100 craft and nonprofit vendors Enjoy a day with family and friends for Artisan wares, food, entertainment, kids activities, and much, much more Enjoy the many activities of the day: Kid’s Fun Zone, Rib Cook-Off, Artists Gallery Walk, Antique Auto Show, and Sunflower Growing Contest. Brought to you by the City of La Porte and a volunteer committee of dedicated community members, the unique fair celebrates everything fall The fair comes downtown every 3rd Saturday in September Visit sunflowerfaircom for more info

“In the end, as a leader, you are always going to get a combination of two things: what you create and what you allow.”

- Dr. Henry Cloud, “Boundaries for Leaders”

As we consider our personal lives when our self-leadership is at play, we quickly see the wisdom in Dr Cloud’s quote But wait, that’s not all we get Sometimes we get a pandemic, an economic downturn, or a surprise totally out of our control Yet the things we create or allow are most often what color the fabric of our experiences and influence our realities When we look at this quote through the lens of team leadership, the outcomes of what we have created or allowed previously cause storms in our present moments and may project worry into our future The good news is that when we create or allow different things, different outcomes emerge


career is a scavenger hunt for love.”

- Marcus Buckingham, “Love+Work”

We want to love the work we do, and we want to be loved for our contributions to the team, the product, the industry, etc A scavenger hunt always includes going off in different directions It’s literally a live action puzzle There’s no guilt involved in looking in the wrong spot during a scavenger hunt We readily accept that the game involves picking up different pieces along the way It’s part of the game, and if we look in the wrong spot, we won’t find any pieces So what? In a scavenger hunt, we keep moving Maybe we need to give ourselves permission to keep looking, keep learning, and finding more to love




Meet the 2024 Valedictorian and Salutatorian

La Porte High School is proud to announce the valedictorian and salutatorian for the Class of 2024 - Carter Moses and Logan Higley

Carter is the son of Laura and Dave Moses As the oldest of four siblings, Carter has always been busy in academics and volunteer activities Over the four years at LPHS, Carter has taken 20 AP/Honors/Dual Credit classes such as AP Chemistry, AP Biology, and AP Research leading him to earn not only the Academic Honors diploma but the AP Capstone diploma Impressively, Carter took AP Calculus BC his sophomore year Carter is often found volunteering for school and religious events He has been in nine academic clubs including Interact Club, Principal’s Advisory, National Honors and National Technical Society, and Student Athletic Council Notably, he has been president for the 2024 class two years in a row

Outside of school, Carter spends time playing Chess and Euchre, working out in the weight room, and leading on the baseball field Carter has been a part of Slicer Baseball for four years and even played varsity his freshman year, winning a recognition for Mental

Attitude that first season

“Baseball has been my love, my therapy, my quiet place for years I’ve been playing for my family, my team, my community, and most importantly, my God,” Carter said Carter plans to continue his baseball journey at Goshen University with a major in biochemistry and a potential double major in neuroscience. Afterward, he plans on attending medical school to become an orthopedic surgeon

Logan is the daughter of Jason and Ann Higley and is highly involved in academics and activities in LPHS and the community During her four years, she has taken 16 AP/Honors/Dual Credit classes including AP Biology, AP Calculus, and AP Research, earning the AP Capstone and Academic Honors diplomas She also serves as the editor for the school yearbook

Logan has weaved herself into numerous extracurricular activities at LPHS She is in seven clubs, even leading as the NHS President. Her Envirothon team has qualified for State two years in a row Serving those clubs, she has spent countless hours volunteering for events around the community She is also the captain of the

varsity cheerleading and tennis teams

Outside of school and sports, Logan enjoys cooking, baking, painting, needlepoint, and completing puzzles

Next year, Logan plans on attending IU Indianapolis in the Honors College as a Bepko Scholar She is set to cheer for the Jaguars while studying nursing with the end goal of becoming a nurse anesthetist or other specialized nurse

“During high school, I went through the long process of trying to get a medical condition diagnosed I first encountered a nurse anesthetist when I had a lumbar puncture to get diagnosed with idiopathic intracranial hypertension She was so supportive and was able to relax me very easily, and now I want to be able to provide that same support to others as a nurse anesthetist,” Logan said These two students exemplify hard work, dedication, and service They represent the Slicer spirit and will undoubtedly make an impact wherever they go


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