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Domestic violence & abuse Relationship and domestic violence refers to a situation when a person is violent towards a present or former partner, child, close relative or another close relationship. Relationship and domestic violence can cause physical or mental injury, a disturbance of development, a lack of basic necessities or even death. For a child, being exposed to violence between family members is just as damaging as being the victim of the violence.


Before I had no idea that breaking things, threatening with violence and using someone's money without permission can also be violence.

We have a responsibility Domestic violence is a silent phenomenon. In a family that is experiencing violence, there is often no attempt to seek help. Violence is not a family matter; rather outsiders often have to address the violence. The victims feel helpless to escape the situation. If you suspect or detect that there is violence in someone's family you should talk to them and encourage them to ask for help.

Let us to help you

connection regardless of location LAPLANDS MOTHER AND CHILD HOME AND SHELTER ASSOCIATION Daytime help center Discussion times from Mon-Thu 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Fridays 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. p.040 631 0122. Chat information from the website.

Shelter Rovaniemi Shelter services 24/7 p. 040 584 0021.

Crisis Center

Safe? Recognize the signs

of domestic

violence & abuse

Phone consulting and appointments Mon-Fri 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. p. 040 553 7508.

LOCAL AND REGIONAL SERVICES Common emergency numbe:r 112 Social services available 24/7. Check the number on your local website.

INFORMATION AND SUPPORT VIA INTERNET Also in English ensijaturvakotienliitto.fi riku.fi naistenlinja.com tukinainen.fi nollalinja.fi monikanaiset.fi



What is domestic violence? Physical violence hitting, kicking, biting, slapping, shaking, pushing, choking, pulling hair, stabbing, burning, hitting with an object, threatening with a weapon, or threatening to physically assault another individual. Emotional violence name-calling, punishing, humiliating, intimidating, threatening, exasperating, tightening, controlling, stalking or isolating. Financial violence coercion into financial dependency, control of another's money or unauthorized use of another person's money or property. Sexual violence restricting sexual self-determination, sexual depreciation, prohibition of contraception, forcing an abortion, coercion into various forms of sexual activity or sexual intercourse, sexual assault, abuse or rape of an unconscious individual. Abuse or negligence leaving a child, elderly person or disabled person without care, help or treatment in situations where the victim is dependent on another person, harming another person with drugs, intoxicants, chemicals or solvents.

The victim may be a child, an adult, an elderly person or even a domestic animal. The offender may be a man, a woman, or a child.

Daytime help center The "honeymoon" period, where everyone believes in a better tomorrow

Apologizes, promises, feelings of helplessness

Relations tighten, tension increases

The circle of violence Explanations, feelings of guilt

Control, fear, anxiety, sorrow

You can receive help with problems in your family or close relationships. You can contact center for example with parenting challenges. If you have problems in your partnership, if there is abuse or violence in your family, or if you feel that daily life is a struggle, we are here to help. You can contact a center if you are worried about your own behavior in relation to your family or close relationships. Together we can think about the best ways to get help to your situation or to book a discussion time. The service is free.



Break the circle of violence!

Ask for help If your own resources are not enough to change your current situation, get professional help. This is especially important if the violence has persisted for a long time or if there are children in the family. Even if you are afraid to talk, it is worth it. The sooner you identify situation, the better. Violence does not disappear with silence.

The shelter home is intended for all of those individuals who are in need of help. If you are experiencing intimidation or are in need of help and support for your situation and need a temporary residence, the shelter can provide you a place to stay. Fear or the threat of violence is a sufficient reason to seek shelter. You can come to the shelter alone or with children. You can come any time of the day. It is also possible to get advice via telephone. Distance is not an obstacle. If you are thinking about coming to a shelter, you can call and chat with an employee about possible transportation arrangements. The service is free.

Crisis Center At the Crisis Center, you can get help and support if you or someone close to you has experienced traumatic events or diverse life crises.You can book an appointment to Crisis Center; times are available also after 4 p.m. if needed..

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Esite englanniksi (in English)  

Regognize the signs of domestic violence and abuse. Tunnista väkivalta lähisuhteessa -hankkeessa tuotettu esite lähisuhdeväkivallan ilmiöstä...

Esite englanniksi (in English)  

Regognize the signs of domestic violence and abuse. Tunnista väkivalta lähisuhteessa -hankkeessa tuotettu esite lähisuhdeväkivallan ilmiöstä...


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