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A WORD FROM LANSON Spring is a busy time for everyone. Our calendars begin to fill with parties and weddings as we all emerge from winter hibernation. Our gardens begin to green again as rains usher in a new growth of color. We are in the business of celebrating all of the newness of this season and enhancing it through our landscape and floral + event design departments. When I opened the doors of Lanson B. Jones + Company in 1994, I did so with the purpose of developing a brand that went beyond a simple service but that would become synonymous with a friendship.Yes, we’re in the business of being problem solvers, service providers, and concept creators. But, in taking it a step further we invest ourselves in the well-being of our clients. Spring is simply a season to highlight that - and we’re excited to share some of the designs and stories that bring us as much joy as the warmer temperatures and longer days.

TABLE OF CONTENTS : * Seasonal Color Guide * Rethink. Redesign. * April Showers Bring May Flowers * New Beginnings * The Spring Bride Please contact Lanson B. Jones & Co. with any questions on booking the services you see in this catalog, pricing or proposals. We’re happy to bring beauty to your garden, home and event!

SPRING FORWARD To Houstonians, we rarely experience much of a winter. As we venture into the traditional spring months, we see those quintessential sites. Azaleas blooming, kids playing outdoors, restaurant patios filling with people sipping rosé, loving the longer days. These are all signs that spring is here, and at Lanson B. Jones and Company, we are thrilled. Spring for us means gorgeous, colorful florals. It means weddings. It means new garden designs. Most importantly, it means times to celebrate outdoors with family and friends. More than anything, we truly believe gardens are for people, and with the warmer days in front of us, we find opportunities to gather in the garden and bring life to the backdrop of boxwoods and blooming vines. Coming on the heals of our holiday catalog, our spring issue highlights all of the key moments of the season: spring-cleaning, entertaining, marrying, graduating, and everything in between. We cannot wait to see our designs hop off of these pages, into your homes and gardens and amongst your loved ones!

SEASONAL COLOR SPRING COLOR BY CHRISTIAN RIVAS and RACHEL GIBBS So long winter, it’s time to watch the flowers grow! We believe there’s nothing more exciting than bringing your garden to life. From sculpted Boxwood to vibrant clusters of Petunias, we love designing eye-catching gardens that showcase spring’s natural beauty.


Creating a focal point in your landscape design adds excitement! The sculpted Boxwood outlining the beds of multi-colored Miss Muffet Caladiums creates an elegant exclamation point to your landscape.


Adding Petunias brightens up landscapes that would otherwise look monochromatic.Unlike other spring flowers, Petunias come in a variety of warm and cool toned colors. Also, sweet little flowers can add a visual pop when planted in terra cotta pots!


Highlight your seasonal color bed by creating a contrasting frame. Tip: Use different colors of the same flower to add visual interest. In this case, we used red and white Begonias.


Moonlight Caladiums are considered wonderful spring whites with luminescent leaves that your guests will adore. Bonus: Moonlight Caladiums can brighten any shady spot with their colorful foliage.


A garden is a stage. From the start of the chef’s table in the vegetable garden to the early morning escape with coffee in hand, these moments spent enfolded in the blossoming foliage can be small snippets of your day. Or they can be grand celebrations like weddings spent under tents thin enough to see starlight. They can be Easters and Mothers’ Days and Memorial Days spent nestled amongst loved ones around an ample dinner table. Our firm counts ourselves among the most blessed to fashion these spaces, designing the slates on which this memories will be cast.


An outdoor fete is the most spirited. Grilling outdoors, and bringing bowls of delicious dishes to a well-dressed table is something that always brings a crowd. At Lanson B. Jones and Company, the outdoor living space is a crux in our European Scale Design concept. We create “rooms” for your garden. Sometimes these rooms are constructed of carefully designed hedges and walls, and sometimes they are truly open air living spaces. They are kitchens with fully installed stoves, ovens and grills. They are porticos, arches, and gazebos where a dining table easily sits. The key is for your garden to be usable for your family’s needs. After all, gardens are for people.


Parterre gardens classify small, isolated areas of color or foliage. These are little pieces than can create big impact in a garden. They are boxed herb gardens for the farm-to-table chef. They are porticos enclosed in climbing roses for the lover of beauty. They are patches of seasonal color for the hostess looking to wow her guests. They can even be the secret gardens in which you can find moments of solitude and rest on those perfectly quiet, sunny Sundays.


Cultivating different spaces is key, but it doesn’t always have to be done by creating outdoor rooms. Clarification of your yard and garden can happen simply by outling a clear, crisp area where your gorgeous grass and beds can grow. Areas where you’ll bring your kids outside for a backyard picnic or you’ll find your pup sunning himself. It’s a simple space, but often the most usable.

APRIL SHOWERS BRING MAY FLOWERS SPRING CELEBRATIONS As the weather warms (well, gets warmer than it already is), spring celebrations start in full bloom. Everyone is looking for a reason to host a soiree in their garden to boast blooming dogwoods, crepe myrtles, and azaleas, and there are multitudes of opportunities to do so. As always, we want to bring unique ideas to the forefront of entertaining. Our entertaining guide focuses on those pieces that many of us can find in our own collections. Mint julep cups are a timeless focal that are easy to arrange, create an elegant impact, and never go out of style. The options to make them unique, even seasonally, are endless. We have just chosen some of our favorites.


Arranging a trio of varying size julep cups with monochromatic stems creates a focus on texture rather than the pieces in the vessel. We chose hyacinth, petite peonies, and dusty miller to fill this trio. Ideal to jazz up an end table in the guest bedroom when weekend visitors arrive or to arrange on smaller tables throughout the garden for simple impact. *To purchase pieces like this from Lanson B. Jones Floral + Events, prices would range from $100 - $175, customization available.


We always draw inspiration from the garden. Using herbs that grow naturally in your garden or kitchen make this an easy vessel to arrange. We’ve chosen thyme, rosemary, and mint, all cut and arranged in water. Ideal to create interest on a barcart for a Derby Party or to decorate corners of the bar for your outdoor wedding or fete. *To purchase pieces like this from Lanson B. Jones Floral + Events, prices would range from $65 - $95, customization available.


With our love of flowers, we couldn’t overlook the beauty of a mint julep cup gushing with spring stems to create a runner down a dining table. Here you’ll see ranunculus, garden roses, sweet peas, some herbs and poppies. These pieces carry more interest, so using them as a collection on dining tables is a whimsical idea for a spring party. *To purchase pieces like this from Lanson B. Jones Floral + Events, prices would range from $150 - $210, customization available

NEW BEGINNINGS Spring has always been a time of new beginnings. Whether you’re beginning a new career as a recent graduate, or starting a life with your new spouse, or becoming a first-time homeowner. This season is classified by the buzz of the new. In that spirit, you’ll need new wares to fill those homes and offices and lifestyles that you’re setting out to create. Allow us to suggest some key pieces for your collection that you can find directly in our online shoppe!


(1) A long day at the office deserves a hearty bourbon and a rich cigar. It will be much more enjoyable in these sturdy rocks glasses made from repurposed wine bottles. $32 (2) Our assortment of chambray hand towels are a masculine interpretation of “high quality linens.” $36 (3) Between the deluge of weddings, work cocktail parties and black tie galas, he’ll need a stylish pair of tuxedo duds. Cufflinks, $88; Studs, $88 (4) A fresh scent is just the ticket for any guy – nothing fruity or floral, just clean and refreshing. Mint candle, $20




(1) Graphic prints by 42 Pressed feature maps of Charleston, London and Paris printed in rose gold foil. Perfect for her first apartment. $54 (2) A delicate pair of organic, goldfill hoops are the ideal accoutrement to her carefully laid out “first-day-of-work� outfit. $64 (3) These gold and rattan salad servers are weighty enough to read elegant but versatile enough to serve guests in her indoor dining room or newly-designed outdoor living space. $60 (4) Fragrances are the first impression when a guest walks through the door, so make it a good one like our refreshing Rose candle (and matching soap). Soap, $9; Candle, $28. (5) This ever-so-soft blush marble throw will pair perfectly with that graphic Paris print in her chic bachelorette pad. $120

Visit our online shoppe at to shop the pieces you see here.We even gift wrap!

THE SPRING BRIDE Every girl dreams of walking down the aisle when the world is in full bloom. At Lanson B. Jones Floral + Events, our passion is the perfectly executed, well-designed, detail-focused wedding. Her bouquet is where the story begins. Whether it’s a full blown peony dream or a combination of sorbet colors, spring is when the flowers are at their finest. We want to offer that girl getting ready to head down the aisle some inspiration for the perfect bouquet.


Astilbe is not commonly thought of as a solo bouquet stem, but pulling together an ample amount allows for a unique and impactful piece for the bride looking for something smaller or something creative for her bridesmaids. Framing it with garden-inspired dusty miller creates a lovely color contrast. Pro-tip: have empty cylinders with water waiting for you at the reception in places like the ladies’ room, cocktail tables, and bar corners. Drop bridesmaid bouquets in them when you arrive to the reception to get more bang for your buck.


A green and white color palette will never go out of style. Choose stems that aren’t necessarily cost effective, but that have large blooms to allow you to use less floral and receive greater impact. Here we’ve created a modest bouquet of petite peonies, white Clooney ranunculus, fluttery sweetpeas and herbs.

Lanson B. Jones Floral + Events specializes and wedding and event design. To receive more information on pricing for these pieces and our packages, please email or call 713.667.0709.


Pulling bright colors from our favorite seasonal stems lets your bouquet have a voice. These poppies, Juliet and golden mustard garden roses, ranunculus and scabiosa all have a strong color palette that surprisingly play very well together. For the bride who doesn’t shy from something bold, this sizable bouquet is the perfect choice.

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*Please contact Lanson B. Jones & Co. with any questions on booking the services you see in this catalog, pricing or proposals. We’re happy to help bring beauty to your garden, home and event!

Thanks to Kelli Durham for our cover story imagery. Thanks to Caroline Fontenot for the images you see in “April Showers Bring May Flowers,” “New Beginnings,” and “The Spring Bride.” Finally, thank you to our clients, The Wagners, for allowing the images of their home to be used for our cover story.

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