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Vol. 15 - No. 8

Delhi Twp. ‘11 budget discussed By WILL KANGAS

DELHI TWP. — The 2011 general fund budget was approved by the board at its Nov. 16 meeting, but not without one ‘nay’ vote. Trustee Derek Bajema voted against that portion of the budget. “I voted no on the 2011 general fund budget because it plans to spend $142,000 more than the 2010 budget did,” Bajema said. He said he has a hard time voting to approve it after voters recently approved raising taxes for police and emergency services. “Now that new revenue is secured the township continues to spend more creating problems down the line that should be fixed today,” Bajema said. The bulk of the increase in spending is used to fund higher personnel costs in the fire department, he said. “We have a respondsibility to offset that increase with cuts so the budget stays

flat,” he said. Township Supervisor Stuart Goodrich said this was not a ‘final’ vote on the budget and that Bajema’s charges are misguided. Goodrich said it is apparent everyone else on the board is comfortable with the budget. “If we are all happy with it why would we want to make some changes?” he said. He said the township budget operates differently than how state budgets operate. The township has made personnel cuts as well as cuts in health care costs for its employees in recent years. Goodrich said the increase in costs for 2011 could be because of the higher costs of health insurance that is being felt across the state. Continued decreases in state revenue funding and drops in property tax value cut revenue dramatically,

November 21, 2010

Apple pies made, sold for swimmers By WILL KANGAS |

Courtesy Garry Kolb/

The Holt High School kitchen looked like a minifactory for a brief time on Nov. 13 for the fundraiser.

See Budget/page 3



and Dimondale since 1995

HOLT — The Holt High School kitchen area was transformed into a makeshift apple pie factory on Nov. 13. Volunteers from both the Holt Boys and Girls Swimming and Diving teams put on hair nets and aprons and made apple pies as part of a yearly fundraiser. Co-organizer Mark Majeske said the fundraiser is in its 17th year and is becoming a Holt tradition. “We sold over 1,000 pies this year,” he said. “It is quite the operation.” Team members pre-sell the pies leading up to the assembly day, where lines of volunteers mix apples with cinammon and dough before they are packaged and shipped to those that ordered them. “We ran out of cinammon a couple times,” Majeske said. “I think we cleaned Sam’s Club out that day.” He said volunteers assembled pies using over 3,000 pounds of apples. “It gets messy, but we clean it up afterwards and make sure everything looks the same way that we found it.” The process of making them starts a few days earlier, as the dough is prepared at the Immaculate Heart of Mary church kitchen. From there the dough is taken to the high school kitchen on the Friday night beforehand and the preparation begins. “Then on Saturday we go full speed ahead,” he said. “We were still making them as people were picking them up around noon.” There are still some extra pies. Those who want them can contact Janet Harris at (517) 763-5428.

Affordable • Licensed Child Care • Well trained, experienced staff • Meals included • Low staff to child ratios Free YMCA membership (to qualifying families) • Call Kristy to schedule a tour at 517.827.9696

Oak Park YMCA 900 Long Blvd., Lansing Just south of I-96 off Cedar St. 517.827.9700

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November 21, 2010

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2011 is debated

Holt Community News

87th Annual

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forcing the township to ask voters for an extra 2.6 mills at the August primary. Bajema used a recently proposed blight program as an example of what he feels is unnecessary spending. The program would create a revolving fund to help the township purchase and re-sell homes to keep neighborhood value stable.

News in brief Newspaper has early deadlines next week

Due to the Thanksigving Day holiday, the Holt Community News has early deadlines for the issue of Nov. 28. Editorial submissions must be made by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 22. The classified ad deadline is Wednesday, Nov. 24, at 5 p.m.

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November 21, 2010


4 Holt Community News

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On November 8, the Community Service Committee of the Holt Kiwanis Club presented Kari DeRosa and Kris Hummel with certificates of appreciation in recognition of their sincere dedication and years of service to the Give-A-Kid Projects. Give-A-Kid projects include Give-A-Kid-A-Backpack in August, Give-A-Kid-A-Coat in October, and Give-A-Kid-A-Christmas. Currently Kari and Kris are working on the Give-A-Kid-A-Christmas and have placed Christmas trees in various Holt and Dimondale businesses. Pictured in the front row are Give-A-Kid directors Kris Hummel and Kari DeRosa. In the back row are Holt Kiwanis Club Community Services Committee members Steve Morgan, J.R. McGraw, Vince Herreid, Ben McGraw, Jane Wallin, and Roy Caldwell.

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November 21, 2010

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Holt Community News




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November 21, 2010


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Holt Community News

6 Dart Bank to collect

food and toys



Dr. L. Robert McConnell %*&# $+&(')

Free refills on all sizes of pop and popcorn! Tickets and showtimes available at both and 316-9100


Dart Bank and Mortgage Company will be collecting non-perishable food items for the local food bank. We are a toy collection site for Toys for Tots for local children. Dart will be teaming up with the Salvation Army to collect personal hygiene items. Please bring your nonperishable food, new unwrapped toys, and personal hygiene items to our Holt Lobby. Dart Bank and Mortgage Company will be collecting these items from Monday, Nov. 16 until Friday, Dec. 10.

Your Community online

The Capital Area District Library Board is pleased to announce the winner of its annual staff award, in recognition of exceptional customer service and/or innovation.

Located at US 127 @ Lake Lansing Road

Sunday, December 12 th

MSU’s Wharton Center Cobb Great Hall

Tickets on sale now:

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Holiday Pops Ticket Giveaway


Celebrate the season with the Lansing Symphony’s Holiday Pops! Join us for all of your holiday favorites, featuring East Lansing native Glenn Seven Allen, who takes a break from his exciting Broadway career to celebrate the holidays with us. Make Holiday Pops a part of your family’s holiday tradition!

Head Librarian, Holt-Delhi Library Cheryl was recognized for her dedication to patrons and staff, her commitment to improving services, and her efforts to make the library a vibrant member of the Holt-Delhi community.

November 21, 2010

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November 21, 2010

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Holt Community News

8 Submissions to the calendar are encouraged. Deadline is 10 a.m. Monday. Go to for more listings or to add your event.


Fax: (517) 543-3677 Mail: 239 S. Cochran Ave. Charlotte, MI 48813


Ingham County Animal Shelter mobile adoption event , Petco, 510 Frandor Ave., Lansing, noon-4 p.m. third Sundays. Adopt a homeless pet from the Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter. Info: 676-8370, Super Senior Specials, Capital Area Humane Society, 7095 W. Grand River Ave., Lansing, noon-7 p.m. weekdays and noon-5 p.m. Saturdays through Nov. 30. Reduced fees on all dogs and cats over 6 years old. Cats are adopt one, get one free. Complete health care package is included. If you

are over 60 years old, the adoption fees on these senior pets is waived. Info: 626-6060, www.cahs-lansingorg. Cost: $50 adoption fee on cats 6 years or older.


Crafters wanted, Trinity AME Church, 3500 W. Holmes Road, Lansing, show is Dec. 10 through 12. Info: 646-9453 or 487-2093. Finley’s American Grill “Great Holiday Food Drive”, through Dec. 31. Nonperishable food items are being collected at Lansing area Finley’s restaurants to support the City Rescue Mission of Lansing. Patrons who donate food items will receive $5 gift certificates. Participating restaurants are located on South Cedar Street in Lansing and West Saginaw Highway in Delta Township. Info: 485-0145.


Jazzercise, Holt First Presbyterian Church, 2021 N Aurelius Rd, Holt, 4:30 p.m. Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, 6 p.m. Mondays and Wednesdays, 8:45 a.m. Saturdays. Jazzercise is a 60-minute danceaerobics class that includes a warm-up, high-energy aerobic routines, muscle-toning and cooldown stretch segment. Info: 351-1689,


Kiwanis Club of Holt, Charlar Place, 4230 Charlar Dr, Holt, 6:30 p.m. Mondays. E-mail kiwanisclub for the speaker of the week. Info: 699-5595. Kiwanis Club of South Lansing, Salvation Army, 701 W. Jolly Road, Lansing, 7:30-8:30 a.m. Nov. 26. Info: 882-1495.

Voted Best Pizza 10 Years in a Row Find Out Why!




South Lansing/Holt Rotary Meeting, Causeway Bay Hotel, 6820 S. Cedar St., Lansing, 12-1:15 p.m. Wednesdays. Info: 525-4421.

ESTATE PLANNING Wills, Trusts, Estate Plans


Community Dinner and Dance, Charlar Place, 4230 Charlar Dr, Holt, 6-10 p.m. Wednesdays. Dance to the sounds of the Jack Clarkson Band. Dinner included. Info: 699-5595, Cost: $10 for dinner and dance.

• • • • • • •


2011 Camaro Raffle, Charlar Place, 4230 Charlar Dr, Holt, until 2 p.m. Nov. 29. License #R08236. Grand Prize 2011 Chevy Camaro, first prize $1,000, second prize $500, third prize $100. A minimum of 2,000 tickets must be sold or the raffle will revert to a 50/50 drawing. Tickets are on sale Continued on next page

2385 Delhi Comm. Suite 5 Holt, MI 48842

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November 21, 2010

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Calendar at Shaheen Chevrolet, Champions Sports Bar & Grill. Info: 974-8811, Cost: $20 each ticket.


Wonderland of Lights, Potter Park Zoo, 1301 S. Pennsylvania Ave., Lansing, 5-8 p.m. Thursdays-Sundays, Nov. 26-Dec. 26, closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Carolers, electric light sculptures of animals and thousands of lights line the paths of Potter Park Zoo. Activities include crafts and cookie decorating, storytelling, holiday music, animal presentations and appearances by Santa and Mrs. Claus every Friday and Saturday evening. Info: 342-2710, Cost: $4, $3 for seniors 62 and older; $2 for children 15 and younger, free for zoo society members.


Mid-Michigan Youth Symphony Holiday Concert, East Lansing High School, Center for the Performing Arts, 509 Burcham, East Lansing, 7 p.m. Nov. 23. The program will include music from Mozart, Tchaikovsky, more. Info: 646-6096 , Cost: donations accepted.

Holt Community News

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last Tuesdays of the month. All persons who are grieving the loss of a loved one are invited to attend this monthly discussion group and receive support from fellow grievers. This month’s topic: “A Mourner’s Bill of Rights.” Info: 268-1000, Cost: free .

Alcoholics Anonymous Central Office, 1915 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing, ongoing. Call the 24-hour AA hotline, stop in SEMINARS AND or visit website for literature and WORKSHOPS meeting lists for AA, Alanon and NA support groups in the greater Boy Scout Merit Badge Lansing area. Info: 377-1444, Workshops, Fenner Nature Center, 2020 E. Mt. Hope Ave., Lansing, Nov. 21. For scouts who Celebrate Recovery, Cedar are interested in achieving their Street Church, 1705 Cedar St., Holt, Eagle Scout award. Two workshops 7 p.m. Thursdays. New group for on the “Tracking” and “Reptile and women who are going through Amphibian Study” merit badges will a divorce or have a troubled be offered. Held in conjunction with marriage. Meal offered at 6 p.m. the Chief Okemos Council of the General groups for men and women Boy Scouts of America. Call for also are available. Info: 699-5433, times. Info: 483-4224. " LIBRARIES Debtors Anonymous, All SUPPORT Drop-in Thanksgiving Saints Episcopal Church, Lower GROUPS Crafts , Capital Area District Level Yellow Classroom, 800 Abbot Library South Lansing Branch, 3500 “Coffee, Donuts & Rd, East Lansing, 7:30 p.m. S. Cedar St., Lansing, 4 p.m. Conversation” Grief Wednesdays. For those who are Nov. 24. Ages 5-10. Info: 272-9840, Support Group, Palmer, Bush having problems with debt and " & Jensen Family Funeral Homes, compulsive spending. 351-7160, Holt-Delhi Chapel, Holt, 10 a.m.

Teachers awarded mini grant

Courtesy photo

The second grade teachers at Midway Elementary (Linda Carmer, Jennifer Good, and Debby Mangopoulos) were awarded a Holt Education Foundation mini grant for $750.00. This money will be used to help fund transportation for the Big Nature Lesson that takes place at Fenner Nature Center and Harris Nature Center.






Your guide to the world of music since 1976


CALL FOR APPOINTMENT 517.324.7020 VV. CUUNEYT NEYT KA ALFA LFA, M MD D Toll free 888.517.0077 LJ-0100047992

Adults & Children

Four Convenient Locations: MAIN OFFICE


Bring this ad with your guitar (1 per person) to

RESTRING and CLEAN YOUR GUITAR FREE - $18 value with purchase of a $5.95 set of strings


Custom Guitar Shop

Monday - Friday 10 - 8 Saturday 10 - 5, Sunday 12 - 4 4695 Okemos Road, Okemos


134 S. Cochran Ave., Suite 1B


St. John’s Medical Building 901 S. Oakland St.


ICMH Specialty Clinic 550 E. Washington St.

November 21, 2010

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SUPER CROSSWORD ACROSS 1 Use a calculator 4 Cartographer’s creation 7 Actress Sonia 12 “_ Dancing” (‘78 smash) 18 Payable 19 Bristol brew 20 Abuse 22 Puget Sound city 23 Mimic 24 Tub 25 Sarah Miles movie 27 Ruehl of “The Fisher King” 30 Muldoon’s partner 31 Itches 32 Remnant 33 Southwestern sight 36 Start to snooze 39 Anne Nichols play 46 Existed 50 Japanese honorific 51 Nick of 130 Down 52 Zilch 53 ‘90 Barry Levinson film 55 Style 58 “_ the fields we go . . .” 59 Vicki Lawrence sitcom 61 Overseas 63 Icelandic epic 65 Word with stop or bull 66 Bodybuilder’s pride 67 Musty


68 Unlikely to enthrall 70 Hoopster Archibald 73 Pinky or Peggy 74 Massachusetts resort 79 Comrade 82 “Dies _” 83 Present 84 High spirits 87 Profess 89 University deg. 91 Uncommon 93 Amulet motif 95 Everly Brothers hit 99 CPR provider 101 Jenny Lind, for one 102 Involve 103 City in Kyrgyzstan 104 Scoffed at 106 “Run to Him” singer 107 Conductor’s concern 108 Liam Neeson film 112 Make a muumuu 114 Ruminate 115 “The truth at last!” 116 New York stadium 120 Cornerstone abbr. 124 “David Copperfield” character 129 Saul Bellow novel 134 Pirate’s quaff 135 Hubbub 136 Estefan or Estevez 137 Painted poorly 138 Slangy suffix 139 Brink

140 Just 141 Philharmonic section 142 Opera’s Merriman 143 Essential DOWN 1 Eliot’s “_ Bede” 2 Con 3 “Bambi” extras 4 Experts 5 Lamp lad 6 “Our Gang” canine 7 “It’s freezing!” 8 Bandleader Alvino 9 Incarnation 10 Marchetti of football 11 In addition 12 R-V hookup? 13 Crone 14 “_ Breaky Heart” (‘92 hit) 15 Make too much of 16 Portent 17 Fights 21 “Kookie” Byrnes 26 Writer Rand 28 Artichoke heart? 29 Shows one’s teeth 34 “CHiPs” star 35 Cow or sow 37 Norwegian saint 38 Prima donna 39 Actress Nielsen 40 Fishhook parts 41 Sluggish 42 Milne creature 43 _ roll

44 Airhead 45 May or Stritch 47 Siren 48 Architect Saarinen 49 “La _ Vita” (‘60 film) 54 AMEX rival 56 Linguist Chomsky 57 _ Lama 59 _ Hill (Civil War site) 60 Corset part 62 Earl _ Biggers 64 Spurt 69 Benito’s bread 71 Flat hats 72 Idle and Sevareid 75 After-bath powder 76 “Gimme five!” and “Aloha!” 77 Mythological swimmers 78 Sketch 79 Wear out the carpet 80 _ _ garde 81 Lenya or Lehmann 85 Roman fountain 86 Underworld 88 Impact sound 90 Comice kin 92 Symbol 94 Exemplar of redness 96 Puppy protests 97 _ gin fizz 98 Presidential monogram 100 Placekicker’s prop 104 Wildebeest

105 Blood count? 109 Exercise the elbow 110 Witch doctor 111 Frankfurter’s field 113 Marry 116 Noah’s eldest

130 “Lorenzo’s _” (‘92 film) 131 Powell co-star 132 Nourished 133 QB’s stats


123 Malarial fever 125 Rock’s _ Butterfly 126 Conifer covering 127 Singer Adams 128 Actress Schneider


November 21, 2010

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117 Scottish philosopher 118 Kuwaiti ruler 119 Competent 121 Part of EST 122 Peter or Ivan

To advertise in this space call Becky Swan 517-1014 or Sarah Archer 517-377-1242

Gingerbread house contest benefits county purchase materials for Habitat homes. “The Gingerbread House competition is a great way to encourage creativity and community awareness, especially with our youth participants,” said Todd Pierce-Ryan, executive director of HFHGI, said. “By building a gingerbread

News in brief Sparrow Guild to host Charity Ball Nov. 20

The Sparrow Hospital Guild hosts the 85th Charity Ball on Nov. 20. The black tie optional affair will be held at The Country Club of Lansing. Festivities begin at 7 p.m., diner at 8 p.m. with dancing to follow. Reservations may be made by calling Bev Suhrheinrich at (517) 655-5761. Benefactors are $250 each and patrons are $125 each. Donations are also welcomed.


Holt Community News

MASON — Habitat for Humanity of Greater Ingham County (HFHGI) is holding its 11th Annual Gingerbread House competition. Teams and individuals build gingerbread houses; the public donates money to vote for its favorite house. Event proceeds go to


house, kids can help build Habitat houses.” Mason-area gingerbread houses will be on display at Turtle Tom’s Ice Cream Shoppe, 350 S. Jefferson St., from 4-8 p.m. Friday, Nov. 26. The gingerbread houses that garner the most money for Habitat for Humanity will be displayed at the Meridian Mall in Okemos from 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 11 and from 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 12. Registrations are accepted through Wednesday, Nov. 24. Contact Todd Pierce-Ryan at (517) 655-1872 or; — From Habitat for Humanity of Greater Ingham County

Charlotte Lions Club


Saturday, November 27 8 a.m. - 2 p.m.

at the Charlotte Middle School 1068 Carlisle Hwy., Charlotte


Holiday Arts & Crafts Show


hat familiar red and white envelope gives you the power to keep people in our community from going to bed hungry.

Just $60 feeds a family of four for six days. That's powerful.

(*3' $4 ,#*+5 Directed and Choreographed by Gregory M. George

25=? HAEB 7<97> DA,

Thanksgiving weekend at Wharton Center for Performing Arts

/B95D9B 15@C=@; .AA8 -5@> 4$3$ -AG &&%)( 15@C=@;" 20 '*+%&#&%)(

Friday & Saturday November 26 & 27– 7:30 p.m.

(*3' .-+*-'5 FFF$;B95D9B?5@C=@;:AA865@>$AB;

Tickets:1.800.WHARTON or


Every dollar you give stays right here in our local communities. And every dollar makes a difference. Please give–via envelope, or online at Donations are tax deductible and eligible for the state of Michigan tax credit. In partnership with the Lansing State Journal

'3'/4 &.++#/ 4.2 (*3' 01#40 *- *-()#," '#1.- #-& %+*-1.- %.2-1*'0


November 21, 2010

Sunday November 28 – 2:00 p.m.

The Holiday Envelope Campaign is your single best way to fight hunger in our community. In 2010, we provided more than three million meals to the hungry in Ingham, Eaton and Clinton counties. Nearly half of those we serve are children. Others include the elderly and the working poor who just can't make ends meet.


Holt Community News


Why choose Lansing Ophthalmology?

Soule — Cole

Ann Sabrosky is happy to announce the engagement of her daughter Lindsay Soule to Paul Cole. Paul is the son of Kathy Cole and the late Paul Cole. Lindsay and Paul are 2002 graduates of Holt High School. Lindsay graduated from Douglas J. Institute in 2004. Paul is a Paul Cole and Lindsay Soule 2008 Criminal Justice graduate of Ferris State University. September 2011 wedding is planned.

Trigeminal Neuralgia

Specializing in braces for children & adults


Our doctors and staff make the difference! We’ve brought together 23 of the area’s most well-respected doctors, assisted by highly trained technicians, certified opticians and our patient-focused staff. And we’re all working together with one goal: to provide the best in total eye care for every member of your family. To learn more, call 800-292-1668 or visit

New hope through Gamma Knife surgery. Call toll free (866) MI-GAMMA or visit


Catherine E. Novak

Charlotte • Grand Ledge • Fowlerville • Howell Lake Odessa • Lansing • East Lansing • Williamston LJ-0100055253


2101 N. Aurelius Rd. Ste. 4 • Holt, Michigan 48842 LJ-0100047541





GRAND RE-OPENING in HOLT “NEW” 9” Pan Pizza (1 item)


Medium 1-Topping Pizzas

(1 item)


$7.99 Ea

13” Pan Pizza


TAKING GREAT TASTE Sir Schwings Mild, BBQ, or HOT!

Original Hot Potato -DESIGN YOUR OWN!

Cinnamon Sticks with Icing ng

Veggie Salads

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Not Valid with any other offers. Dine In, Carry Out. Delivery Charge Extra - $10 min. Expires 12/31/10

14” 1 item $9.99


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Cinnamon Sticks

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November 21, 2010

Bread Sticks with with th Sauce S & Chee Che CCheese ese se Di Dips ps




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…Again and Again

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Discover Dimondale


Wilcox Pharmacy Stephan Wilcox, Pharmacist

140 East Rd. Dimondale, MI 48821


(517) 646-9274 (517) 646-9278 (fax)


Family Dental Care of Dimondale, P.C.

Hairstyling For The Whole Family


111 N. Bridge Downtown Dimondale (517) 646-6504



“FAMILY” BARBER SHOP Closed Sun., Mon. Tue.-Fri. 8 am - 6 pm Sat. 8 am -12 pm

Store Hours: M-F 9 - 6 • Sat 9 - 1

214 N. Bridge Street Dimondale, MI 48821 Ph (517) 646-8226 Fax (517) 646-7545

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 448 Dimondale, MI 48821

Dimondale, MI

(517) 646-5443 LJ-0100055226

Fast, Professional Service

Jessica Banister

p// 517-377-1258

Account Relationship Specialist

f// 517-482-5476

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Lansing State Journal

Commercial • Residential • Free Estimates

November 21, 2010 // 120 East Lenawee Street // Lansing, MI 48919

4990 N. Gunnell Rd. • Dimondale, MI 48821 Office (517) 646-9108 • Cell (517) 897-3317


Stephen W. Purdy – Owner

Holt Community News

14 Salvation Army can

If you are a Holt/ Dimondale School District resident and in need of help for Christmas for toys and or food, please make plans to apply at the Salvation Army Christmas Bureau now through Wednesday, November 25. To be interviewed applicants must go to the Salvation Army Distribution Center located at 3305 S. Pennsylvania Avenue in Lansing (located between Cavanaugh and Mt. Hope). No appointment is needed. Interview hours are Mon., Tues., Wed. and Fri. from 9 a.m.-3:45 p.m. and on Thursday from 9 a.m.- 6:45 p.m. Non Holt/ Dimondale School District residents that are school of choice still need to go to the Salvation Army to apply to receive help with Christmas. Questions, call (517) 853-0427. Items needed to sign up include Picture ID, something with a current address on it, Social Security Card for person making the application, Social Security numbers for all adults 18 and older in the home, paperwork to verify income for all adults in the home, DHS case number or Bridge Card and Medicaid/ insurance card, birth certificate or Social Security card to verify children 17 and under in the house.

BANKRUPTCY A Second Chance – A Fresh Start

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help with Christmas

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November 21, 2010

Sharing...Life’s Journey. • • • •

24 Hour Care & Supervision Medication Administration Nurse On Call 24 Hours Personalized Care Based On Individual Need 989-224-1650 517-485-5966


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Auctioneer* Appraiser 39 yrs

517-394-3006 Lansing, MI I do consignments & pickup I do auctions all Winter long

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Selling all types of personal property and real estate at auctions throughout Michigan and the United States. LJ-0100054730

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Honorable John W. and Lorabeth Fitzgerald Fri. Nov. 26th @ 3:00 p.m. • Sun. Nov. 28 @11:00 a.m.

Held at the Masonic Temple, 200 W. River St. Grand Ledge Adam Fitzgerald Trustee Public Welcome Selling the contents of the Historic Grand Ledge Home list & photos are @ Auctioneer number 13778

McAllister Brothers Auctions



November 21, 2010


2361 Cedar Street, Holt, MI 48842 • 517-322-3090


Auctioneers • Realtors • Appraisers •

Lavern Yutzy, Auctioneer 4431 N. Chester Rd. Charlotte, MI 48813 (517) 543-7113


LJ-0100054736 #18871

Fitzgerald Estate Auction


• Antiques • Real Estate • Personal • Liquidation


121 N. Main St., Suite 100, Bellevue, MI 49021 Office: 269-763-9494 Fax: 269-763-9495 LJ-0100054735

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Fall had plenty %"&&('# $")&* of great points

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HCN sports reporter Sean Merriman breaks down his list of the top-five team performances from Holt’s 2010 fall season.

1. Holt Girls Golf

The Rams had a memorable season, which was capped with a third place finish at the Division 1 state meet at Eastern Michigan. Leading the way for Holt was senior all-state selection Mariah Massa, who was selected as this year’s Lansing State Journal golfer of the year. She helped lead the Rams to a CAAC Blue championship followed by a firstplace finish at the regional finals.

2. Holt Soccer

LSJ File photo

Mariah Massa and the Holt Varsity Girls Golf Team were tops from a great fall season.

700 W. Ash St. Suite C Mason

*Restrictions apply

Holt-Dimondale (517) 999-0788 5834 Michigan Rd Dimondale, MI 48821

East Lansing DeWitt (517) 339-0788 (517) 668-0788 2247 East M-78 1070 West Clark Rd. East Lansing, MI 48823 DeWitt, MI 48820

676-5578 LJ-0100047828








a’s Bob Vil Saving ergy Top En k for the Pic 011 2010/2 eason S Heating

5. Holt Volleyball

After losing to Grand Ledge on two separate occasions during the regular season, the Rams put together their best match and beat the Comets when it mattered most, in the district finals. It was the second year in a row that Holt had made a trip to the regional round. The first was in 2009. The Rams featured a talented group of seniors led by Devan and Kyla Walworth, Emily Klauka, Kylie Hoose and Marissa Star. 3. Holt Football All four played significant Despite losing a talented roles in the teams postseagroup of seniors from the son run in 2010. previous year, the Rams had an outstanding season, which concluded with a second round playoff loss to Howell. Al Slamer’s club finished the regular season with a record of 6-3, good for second place in the CAAC Blue. Senior halfback Curtis Nick finished the year as one of the areas top rushers and Mike Smith and Tobin Egger led the Rams defensive attack.




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2100 E. Provincial House Drive ■ Lansing, MI 48910 517.272.4029 ■ LJ-0100052041


Stop in today and talk with one of our knowledgeable sales associates.


4. Holt Tennis

The Rams put together one of the most memorable seasons in Holt’s recent tennis history, placing second at the regional meet and making it to the Division 1 state finals. Holt’s record improved every year under head coach

Dennis Greenman

Russ Olcheske with the best coming in 2010. Leading the way for the Rams was senior Josh Green, who finished the regular season with only one loss at No. 4 singles.

One year after reaching the state finals, Holt put together another solid season. The Rams finished the year with a final record of 15-3-6 before losing to Battle Creek Lakeview in a district semifinal matchup. One of Holt’s most memorable wins of the season was a 1-0 win over rival Okemos, which helped lead the Rams to another CAAC Blue title.

November 21, 2010

You get so much Peace of Mind from just one agent

-$("*%$)& #+))',


Holt Community News



lanni ng

Yo u r R e c o v e r y

After injury or surgery, you want to get back on your feet as quickly as possible. Capital Area Health and Rehabilitation Center is a new choice for you to experience excellent care in a warm and inviting environment. Contact us for a tour. We can sit in one of our day rooms, discuss your needs and explore the opportunities available to help you return home and regain your independence. ...helping people live better

Wonderland of Lights to begin at zoo


Become part of a mental health treatment team and provide a stable home for a youth involved in the juvenile justice or child welfare system. Excellent training, support, and licensing assistance provided. Daily reimbursement includes $75 plus room and board rate. For more information, contact

,%$0'" +0& ) *%0' ) ./ ) -%'%&1(1#"


Kelly Gluszewski at 517-346-8034 or LJ-0100055264 FREE 2-Night Vacation!

SHOP MASON THIS HOLIDAY SEASON Put some security under your tree!

Mason Elevator Company Leslie Farm Center 104 S. Lansing St. • Mason 517-676-1016

117 E. Maple Street Mason, MI 48854


s HappyHoLiD yfrom Stop in and see our new showroom



Hours: Monday-Friday 8am - 5pm; Saturday 8am - Noon


Admissio adults; $3 fo and $2 for ch Zoo Society be admitted ing is also fr tendees. Str available.

304 E. Bellevue St. • Leslie 517-589-8248

Lawn Seed and Fertilizer • Bird Seed • Dog Food • Cat Food • Pet Supplies • Muck Boots Gloves • Livestock Supplies • Softener Salt • Ice Melter Salt

203 N. Cedar • MASON

Holt Community News



The Potter Park Zoo’s 18th annual Wonderland of Lights kicks off Friday, November 26. Thousands of shimmering lights will illuminate the zoo and delight visitors as they enjoy festive decorations and seasonal activities, including crafts and cookie decorating, story telling, animal presentations and holiday music. This family tradition also features life-size animal silhouettes and moving light sculptures on display throughout the zoo. Guests can warm up by a cozy bonfire or with a mug of cocoa. And of course, Santa and Mrs. Claus will appear every Friday and Saturday evening to visit with children and hear their wish lists. Wonderland of Lights will be open from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Thursdays to Sundays through December 26.

Office: 517-676-2449 Toll Free: 1-800-342-5906

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Holiday Specials Join us at Ware’s Pharmacy for hot chocolate and cookies from 5-8pm on November 26th FREE Bridgewater Votive Candles while supplies last with purchase of $10.00 Gift Item or more


Free Ornament with purchase Offer good November 26th ONLY

24 hour answering service phone 676-9199 304 S. Jefferson St. • Mason



November 21, 2010

Senior Citizen Discount

Ware’s Pharmacy is a family owned pharmacy that has been serving people in our community for the past 70 years. We have 3 reistered pharmists to fill your scripts, answer your medical questions and help you in an emergency with twenty-four hour emergency service. We also have a wide variety of wonderful gifts and cards to select from.

LANSING — The Early Childhood Investment Corp. (ECIC) has awarded $928,233 in ReImagine Early Years grants to 11 school districts across the state to foster innovative P-8 (prenatal through age 8) educational reform. The Ingham School District, which includes Holt Public Schools, will get $100,000 of the grant. ReImagine Early Years grant funds will be used to: • Implement preschool or other early childhood programs to improve school readiness • Improve student proficiency in core content areas • Create continuity between early learning and elementary schools • Create high quality learning environments in early grades

The grants, which were funded by the Kellogg Foundation, were targeted to school districts identified by the Michigan Department of Education last year as Project ReImagine sites. Project ReImagine is an effort to encourage innovative strategies using public and private partnerships to help change the way education is delivered in Michigan. Schools or school districts receiving the grants are: Comstock Public Schools, Farwell Area Schools, Grand Rapids Public Schools, Ingham ISD, Lakeview Community Schools, MasonLake-Oceana ISD, N.I.C.E. Community School District, Oxford Community Schools, Saginaw ISD, Traverse Bay Area ISD, and University Preparatory

Academy in Detroit. “Making sure children have high quality early learning opportunities from birth through age 8 is crucial to their later success in school and in life,” said Jessica Gillard, director of early learning and innovation for the ECIC, a public/private initiative that is spurring investment in enhanced delivery of early childhood programs through system-building. State Superintendent Mike Flanagan prioritized the focus on early childhood education as a key component for Project ReImagine applications. “We understand the value of providing children with quality learning well-before they toddle into kindergarten classrooms,” Flanagan said. “These grant funds will go

November 21, 2010

Woman to make preaching debut at Holt church HOLT - Michele Childs, seminary intern at Holt United Methodist Church, will make her preaching debut at the Church during its three services of worship, 8:30, 9:30 and 11 a.m.. on Sunday, Nov. 21. Michele is in her final year of pastoral preparation and is Masters of Divinity candidate at Methodist Theological Seminary in Delaware, Ohio. She is a native of Grand Ledge and recently retired from the State of Michigan Department of Retirement Services. Her Thanksgiving sermon will also be taped and evaluated for her West Michigan Conference Board of Ordained Ministry examination. Five Members of the Robert DeClercq family will receive the sacrament of

a long way to help every school district realize that necessary shift.” Michael Haynes, superintendent of the NICE Community School District in Ishpeming, said the grant is a “huge opportunity” for local families. “The grant will enable our district to take initial steps toward the concept of ‘universal early childhood’ while recognizing that a high-quality pre-kindergarten education can occur anywhere,” Haynes said. “One of our goals is to provide a model for other districts to replicate as they engage in activities that strengthen families and prepare children for success in school.”

Palmer, Bush & Jensen Family Funeral Homes

would like to invite you to our annual

Remembrance Service Sunday, December 5th, 3pm 6020 W. Saginaw Highway

Everyone is welcome to attend regardless of when your loss was or even if your family was served by another funeral home. Ornaments available at all chapels in weeks prior to service.

www.palmerb u Lansing Chapel Mon – Sat 9-5 520 E. Mt. Hope Ave. 517-484-5349

Delta Waverly Chapel Mon – Sat 9-5 (Sat til 1) 6020 W. Saginaw 517-323-7890

Holt Delhi Chapel Mon – Sat 9-5 (Sat til 1) 5035 Holt Rd. 517-268-1000



Your Full Service Real Estate Company: Auctioneers, REALTORS®, Appraisers

Courtesy photo

Michele Childs will be preaching Sunday at Holt UMC for the first time.

Bill Sheridan, CAI, AARE

Doug Sheridan, CAI, ATS

Dave Trout, Agent

Sharon Davis, Agent

baptism at 8:30 a.m. and the Feast after the 11 a.m. sercongregation will host its vice. annual Thanksgiving Jubilee The public is invited.

Your Community online Find local coverage of Holt, Delhi Township, Dimondale

740 South Cedar St, Mason


(517) 676-9800


Grant money will go to ISD


Holt Community News


DIMONDALE — Dimondale Toddler Time volunteer, Connie Caron, had a desire to give back to others and help teach young children the value of doing good deeds. Connie had heard of the Connecting Kids Project and knew the list of items needed for foster care children in Eaton County included blankets.

Taking this information the Dimondale toddler time spent about four weeks working on the blankets to give to those in need. Laminda Dingwell, a mother of two children (Isaiah and Elijah), offered to help Connie out by taking her own free time and cutting out all the fabric needed to donate 9 blankets to the

Connecting Kids Project. Dimondale Toddler Time made 2 infant blankets, 4 blankets for older children and 3 teenage blankets. They even included a ribbon on the blankets that say “Hand made with love by Dimondale Toddler Time moms and children”. There is a spot for the new owner to write his/her name and date so

the child will know that this blanket is THEIRS and theirs alone. The group also gathered some toiletry items that were on the organization’s wish list for the foster children. Connecting for Kids is a group of volunteers that provide items needed to the Foster Kids in Eaton County so that the children have something that is theirs, without these items the foster children often have little, if any, personal belongings.

Connie read the book The Berenstain Bears – Think of Those in Need by Stan and Jan Berenstain. Then blanket bags in hand they headed to the local drop off site in Dimondale for the Connecting Kids Project, Main Street Pizza. Here they ordered pizza so they could celebrate their gift to others with a pizza party to end Tuesday’s Toddler Time. Toddler Time is a literacy-based playgroup sponsored by Eaton Great Start

with funds from Eaton County United Way. Dimondale Toddler Time meets weekly on Tuesday’s at 10:00 am. For more information please contact Connie Caron at (517) 645-7757. For more information on Eaton Great Start, including a calendar of activities, please visit For more information on Connecting for Kids contact Ronda at 517-541-8987.

Holt Community News

Dimondale toddlers learn to help others


—Eaton Great Start.

December 15-19 MSU’s Wharton Center Tickets on sale now: Log on to or call 1-800-WHARTON

Boss Like Frank Hart Jr. Contest

Courtesy photo

Dimondale toddlers learned to help others via Eaton Great Start. LJ-0100054732

Tell us why your boss is like (or not like) Franklin Hart Jr. in 95 words or less and you will be entered to win tickets for you and up to 9 of your office mates to see the opening night performance of “9 to 5” at MSU Wharton Center on Dec. 15th.

Earth Spirit Gardens 6545 Billwood Hwy., Potterville, MI

2mi. W. of the State Secondary Complex or 1 1/2 mi. E. of M-100

Cut Your Own

Trees drilled, cleaned • Blue Spruce .................$25 & baled at • Spartan Spruce.............$25 No Charge

• Firs...............................$35-$40

Fresh Cut Trees Starting @ $20 Several varieties to choose from:

• Frasier Firs • Scotch Pines • Concolor Firs • Balsam Firs • Blue Spruce • White Pine

Wreaths, Roping, Handmade Baskets, Ornaments & Antiques

OPEN: Nov. 26TH - Dec. 24TH Open: Fri., Sat. and Sun. 11am - 5pm


Full contest rules at


November 21, 2010

Winners will be chosen at random by entering their story at

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Bulletin Board

November 21, 2010

ADDICTION DESTROYING YOUR LIFE? Let us help! 70%+ success rate! Discover your own Pathway: Holistic * Self-HELP * Cognitive * Indigenous* Faith based ** Visit website: m 1-877-394-3651. MC MARIJUANA FOR MEDI CAL USE! Michigan law allows people with certain conditions to qualify. We help Michigan residents, Live in Michigan? We can h e l p , www.TheMedicalMarijuan 517-787-1206, 616-947-1206, 734-667-5960 MM HEALTH CAREERS TRAIN ING. Start at the Blue Heron Academy—Medical Massage, Medical Assisting, Phlebotomy, Personal Training 888-285-9989 Email the Lansing Community Newspapers 24/7 at:


GOLDEN DOODLE PUPPIES LHASA APSO PUPS AKC are here! Ready by ChristHypo-allergenic,Non, shedmas. 15 yrs. exp., written ding, Parti colored & guarantee. I am a home blonde w/ blk markings, 8 breeder, not a puppy mill weeks, Beautiful coat and or kennel. Golden and markings. Good with chilblacks available. dren, health guaranteed, www.goldendoodlesinmic lovable, parents on site, shots, vet checked, 269-503-0636/269-489-5318 wormed, will be small, males starting at $350 obo, GOLDENDOODLE PUPPIES 1 female $400. Mini’s & Standards, EngEXPERIENCED BREEDER. lish cream & red, OFA, Vet (517)425-2702 checked, shots, health guaranteed, champion parents, very well socialized. MALTESE PUPPIES Shots, 989-865-6408 wormed, very small. $400. 517-627-6418, 517-614-9564 GOLDEN RET., DOODLE & Poodle to guardian homes. MALTESE PUPS AKC Tiny, $10. For details and cation 517-802-8540, leave 517-974-0431 email for response. MINIATURE SCHNAUZER GOLDEN RETRIEVER PUPPUPS AKC, Ready to go. PIES AKC-OFA, champion $350/each. 517-812-2455 sired, shots, Vet checked, guaranteed. Ready for OLDE BULLDOG PUP 12 Christmas. 989-865-6408 wks, choc/tri male. RB bloodline, shots, wormed. $500/firm. 517-763-7324 GOLDEN RETRIEVER PUPS AKC, Vet checked, 1st shots, well socialized, PERSIAN KITTENS- Balls of great with kids. $400. fluff. 1 white, 2 517-388-0056/517-627-1288 flamepointe, 1 shaded silver. $250+. 517-455-1378 GREAT DANE PUPS 9 wks. 1st shots, wormed. Black & PITBULL PUPPIES R eady white. Purebred. $400 now. Family bred. Vet 989-980-9771 chkd. Must see. A-1 quality. $100. 517-673-6224. GREAT DANE PUPS A K C $700.00. (517)663-6169 PIT BULL PUPS 3 m a l e s . $400obo 313-790-5013 LAB PUPS POMERANIAN PUPPIES AKC A K C Tiny males. Reds & Beautiful blacks. 1st shots. $350 puppies! each. 269-763-2102. Shots, vet >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> checked, > PUGGLE PUPS - Cute, > ready to > > adorable. Shots, > go to wormed. Wellness > > > their guarantee. $250. > > forever homes, 11/20. 517-719-1199 > > $350-$400. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 810-210-2572 ROTTWEILER AKC PUPS Champion bloodlines. Call 517-552-1912 or 517-202LAB PUPS AKC Black, $250. 1128. Call 989-875-3270 or 989763-8077 SHELTIE PUPS AKC, Champion lines, excellent qualiLAB PUPS AKC Black, vet @ ty. Beautiful pets! $500 1st shots, parents on site. Call 989-725-6885. Ready now! Great family pets. $325. 517-663-2162. ENGLISH BULLDOG PUPPIES AKC. Males & females, 8 wks. 616-902-6855 LAB PUPS AKC Chocolate, shots & wormed, $400 females, $300 males. 517ENGLISH BULLDOG PUPS 896-8429. AKC,3 females, 1 male, 3 mos. Shots. $1,500/obo. PUPS F1 517-569-3744/517-879-6773. LABRADOODLE Chocolate or Black, $400. (989)289-6481 GERMAN SHEPHERD & bull SHI-WEENIES, SHI-TZU mastiff mix pups. 1 boy, 4 DACHSHUND mix 3 LABRADOR RETRIEVER girls. $200. Shots. months, Beautiful coat and PUPS AKC. Black & Choco989-637-4387 markings, loveable, palate Females, 9 wks, Dews rents on site, shots, claws , Exc. hunter, Exp. wormed, teady bear breeder. Good with chilpuppies,non-sheding dren, loveable, parents on hypo-allergenic $275.00. site, pure bred, shots, ( 5 1 7 ) 3 7 5 - 2 4 0 5 vet @ , wormed, $450. (269)209-2315

BOXER PUPPIES AKC 10 weeks old, 3 females, 2 BEST HOME LOANS!** Land males available. 2 yr Contract and Mortgage Health guaranteed. ExcelPayoffs, Homelent temperments. $700.00. Improvements, Debt(517)896-0635 Consolidation, Property Taxes. Foreclosures. PURBOXER PUPPIES CHASES TOO! Includes GOLDEN RETRIEVERF E M A L E (older) Lost on AKC reg. Ready Nov. 3rd. Houses/Mobiles/Modulars 11/12 from N. St. Johns Shots, etc. $600. Call 517Good/Bad/Ugly Credit! area. Call: 989-620-0335. 565-3630. 1-800-246-8100 Anytime! United Mortgage Services. SPANIEL BOXER PUPS, AKC LOST COCKER White and Tan, In Holt by pion lines. 2 males, 11 MC Cedar & Aurelius. Call with wks., tails, dews. $250. and information (517)993517-812-2392. CASH NOW! CASH for your 4397 structured settlement or BOXERS AKC REGISTERED annuity payments. Call J.G. puppies, 4 fawn females. Wentworth. 1-866-738- LOST Very small adult gray cat, Fireside Dr., near $350. Call 517-702-9573. 8536). Rated A+ by the Forest-Aurelius-Collins Rd. Better Business Bureau. Lansing. 517-242-4001. MC CHIWEENIES 10 weeks old, 1st shots & wormed, very MALTESE MIX LOST off small. $250. 989-427-3205. Saginaw & Barlett Sts. White w/some black. COCKAPOO/POM 3 BUFF/1 "Oreo" Call: 517-980-5500 Black, 11 weeks, Good with children, loveable, wormed, $175. (989)235****BEST HOME 6120 LOANS****Refinance for any reason: Mortgage and COCKAPOO PUPS 4 feLand Contract payoffs, males, $550 & 2 males, debt-consolidation, home WHITE CAT FOUND Near R$500. 8 wks. Can be seen Club at Creyts/St. Joe. Call improvements, property at: to identify: 517-449-1124 taxes, foreclosures. Pur734-649-3729/734-649-4072 chases too! Includes Houses/ Mobiles/ COCKAPOOS WHITE & tan. Modulars. Cash Available 7 wks. old. Well puppy for good/bad/ugly credit! chkd., tails & dews, $200. 1 - 8 0 0 - 2 4 6 - 8 1 0 0 Call 517-749-6992. AKC BOXER PUPPIES 2 MM fawn females $600; 2 huge COCKER SPANIEL PUPPIES! males solid black $900. For Good colors. 989-426-3866 DRDANIELSANDSON.COM pix youtube @ "shenanor 989-246-0658 Karen. CASH REAL ESTATE doah boxers 5" Both paLOANS We Buy Land Conrents on site. 517-676-7708 COCKER SPANIEL PUPS tracts. $10,000-$500,000 1st shots, wormed. Can be Priregistered. $250. No Sunvate Money, Fast! Deal day calls. 989-584-6192 with Decision Maker. Michigan Licensed CUTEST EVER! NMLS#138110 800-837Peke-A-Poo, Shi-Poo, 6166 or 248-335-6166 Poodle & Shi-Nese Pups. Allan@DrDanielsAndSon.c Toy breeds. om Adorable! Vet checked. MM $450-$550. 517-404-3045/517-861-7086 AKC HAVANESE ADORABLE healthy family raised pups $1100 517-230-1631

Animals Lost



By Phone: Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm Toll Free 877-475-SELL or 877-391-SELL By Email: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week By Fax: 24 hours a day 7 days a week 517-482-5476


Garage Sales Suburb PORTLAND APTS. FIRST ANNUAL CRAFT AND BAKE SALE. Sat. Nov. 27, 2010, 8 AM-4 PM. Sale will be located in the Community Room, 1800 Lillian Blvd., Portland.

Household Estate Sales ESTATE SALE Fri. & Sat. 11/26 & 11/27, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Variety of treasures. 650 Joan Dr., Mason.



AKC YELLOW LAB PUPS 6 Weeks, $400. (989)2896481 AKITA-4 YR OLD spayed female with a sweet tempermant, needs a patient, sensitive home. Call 517-669-6452. AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES AKC Parents on site, $300. 616-891-1058.

BEAGLE PUPPIES 4 litters, $125-$200. 7 wks.-3 mos. old, shots & wormed. Call anytime 989-560-6143. BICHON FRISE PUPS - AKC Family raised, health guar., hypoallergenic, Vet checked & already trained. $400. 989-640-2766 BLUE HEELER/BORDER COLLIE MIX PUPPIES. $50 each. Call 517-726-1418.

BOSTON TERRIER PUPPIES Males, shots, wormed. , vet checked. $200. 989-2685830.

GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPS 7WKS OLD, parents on site, shots, wormed, NO PAPERS $300. 517-812-2559

TEDDY BEAR PUP YORKIE PUPPIES AKC Reg16 wk. old female. Vet istered, Health guaranchecked, shots, wormed. teed, parents on site, $300. shots, vet checked, Males $400, Females $500. (517)652-9277 517-404-3045/517-861-7086

In Person: Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm 239 S. Cochran Ave., Charlotte, MI 48813 120E. Lenawee, Lansing, MI48919 Classified Liner Ad Deadline – Thursday, 5pm Classified Display Ad Deadline – Tuesday, 5pm Firewood


A1 ALL ASH, OAK & Maple Delivered. $60/per face cord. Premium seasoned wood. 517-525-5510.

SEASONED OAK 5-10 minimum. Call 989-268-5431 or 1-877-863-9439

Dogs-Cats-Pets WESTIES are for "Life" NOT JUST THE HOLIDAYS!!! or 734-455-9239 for our Westies 101 handout YORKIE PUPPIES CKC 3 males, 1 females, tails, dews & 1st shots. $450$550. 517-655-7077. YORKIE PUPS CKC 2 females, 11 wks. Shots, wormed, tails & dews. $600/each. 517-449-0449


A1 ALL DRY Se a s on e d Hardwood. Same day delivery. $70 per face cord delivered. 517-819-2832.

MERCURY DIMES Complete set, $675. Other sets available. Call 517-543-6203 before 10 p.m. A+ FIREWOOD OAK, maple &cherry seasoned hardwood, $55/face cord. $100 VERY VERY OLD Solid Cherfor 2 facecord. (You pick ry Inlaid Doctor’s Exam Taup). 517-627-8056 anytime. ble, great massage table, $300/obo. 517-627-1305. C H E R R Y , MAPLE & O A K Seasoned firewood. Delivered & STACKED. 4’x8’x16" $65. 517-651-5214


FIREWOOD $50/cord. Call 517-420-7401 FIREWOOD $50 FACE CORD, you pick up or 65/delivered. $50 each for 3 or more with free delivery. 517-887-9355

WASHER & DRYER SET Excellent cond. $225. Call 517-505-0045.


YORKIE PUPS, MALTESE & FIREWOOD SEASONED 3 BLACK LEATHER B A R Yorkie-Poos $300/up Shots H A R D W O O D - Ready to CHAIRS $45 ea. Electronic NoShed Raised w/kids burn in the Charlotte area. Organ $500. Orange armToySize Pups 989.225.1367 $55/face cord, 4’x8’x16". chair $50. 517-332-4738. You pick up. PLEASE, cash only. 517-930-2153. A AMISH LOG HEAD BOARD AND Queen Pillow SEASONED HARDWOOD Top Mattress Set. Brand 20 mi. radius of Eagle. new-never used, sell all for $60/face cord. $275. 989-772-1517. FEEDER PIGS Call 517-647-6654 MM (517) 857-3218

Farm AnimalsLivestock

James V. Moeckel Farm Equipment

AUCTION Sat, Dec 4 at 10am

Farm Equipment -Supplies


1845 CASE SKID STEER with tree spade & bucket, $10,800. Craftsman air compressor 220, 2 hp, $75. Call 517-669-9798.

11480 McCreery Rd, Munith, MI

2007 JOHN DEERE 3720 tractor asking $2970, loader, box scraper, feed chipper, rototiller, contact (586)203-2131

Farmers Market FREEZER BEEF - All natural feed, no drugs or hormones. $2.40 per lb. hanging wt. All cut & vacuum sealed. 517-543-7113

Hay-Grain-Seed ALFALFA GRASSEXCELLENT Hay $4 & up. Can deliver. 517-641-6034

Firewood 100% SEASONED HARDWOOD 4’x8’x16’’ $65 face cord. Free delivery. 4 face cord $225; 10 face cord $500. 517-663-1006


Lansing Community Newspapers 20


Kubota L 2550 Tractor 4WD, W/Loader BF400G, 493 <Z[ & JRS\O 2,21 GZKM\XZ' 02/ <Z[ & GZXa(6SU\ EX\X\SUUOZ GZKM\XZ & AK[[Oa <KZZS[ 7XVLSWO' 2P\ D]UU GaYO & >8 050 0 EX_ 7XZW DUKW\OZ & >8 IKWLZ]W\ -1 <XUO ;ZKSW 8ZSUU & =W\OZWK\SXWKU 12G 6KUOZ & BO_ =NOK 7XZW DSMTOZ' . EX_' /,+ EX_ & >8 .-1 8S[M' -1P\ & JRS\O 0/1 7RS[OU DUX_' 5P\ & JRS\O 1,4 DUX_' 0(-4SW' F*B -,-51 & 6ZSUUSXW JROOU <KZZX_' -.P\ & @ORVKW . EX_ 7]U\S^K\XZ & <]LKW -,, 7XZW FROUUOZ & ;ORU 0-0 <Ka EKTO' 5 -*.P\ & JSWNZX_OZ' 3P\ & <Ka :XZT[' EXYO[' D]UUOa & BO_ =NOK AKW]ZO FYZOKNOZ & BO_ <XUUKWN 1., AKW]ZO FYZOKNOZ & 8OU\K DX_OZ FK_ & ?SWQ Ja[O 0.P\ 9UO^K\XZ' DGC 8ZS^OW & AS[M) 9UO^K\XZ[ & ;ORU JKQXW ;OKZ' 4 GXW & :KZVOZ$[ DZSNO ;ZK^S\a 6X` & @S\\UO ;SKW\ ;ZK^S\a 6X` & >8 50/ JKQXW ;OKZ & >8 521 JKQXW ;OKZ & >8 JKQXW J*EKMT' 3`-2 & #.% 4`-2 <XVO( VKNO <Ka JKQXW EKMT[ & ?O_KWOO 0- JKQXW ;OKZ & EO` FOUP HWUXKNSWQ FSUKQO JKQXW' 4 GXW & =<7 FXSU D]U^OZSbOZ' -,P\ & =<7 AX_OZ' 3P\ AX]W\ON & FSVYUSMS\a GZKM\XZ J*AX_OZ & ;KZNOW GZKM\XZ & FYZKaOZ 6XXV /.P\ J*D]VY & ;ZKNOZ 6UKNO' 3P\' /Y\ & GZ]MT 6X`' -/ -*.' CKT FSNO[ & JSWMRO[' GXXU[' ;KZNOW GXXU[' O\M Too many items to list! See our web site for photos & full listing!

(517) 676-9800

(4) WOOD CHAIRS w/upholstered seats, 70+ yrs.; Solid maple drop leaf table, 2 chairs & hutch, late 50s; Duncan Phyfe drop leaf table w/2 chairs; Wood, wide-top ironing board 70+ yrs. All good cond. 517-566-8781 or 231-598-5544 5 PC. BDRM SET Dark oak wood, great cond., $300. For details call 517-2810030.



WANTED: UNWANTED appliances, air conditioners, cars, trucks, vans, farm machinery, lawn mowers, campers, hot water tanks, aluminum or steel boats, aluminum windows or doors, aluminum toppers, any types of aluminum or steel siding, 4 wheelers, go carts, trailers, batteries. All picked up for Free. Call 517-628-2818

Musical Instruments

A BED QUEEN PILLOWTOP mattress set, new in plastic, $200. Call 517-410-4921. Can deliver. VIOLIN- "LOUIS FEJSZES " made in ’61 in Lansing, MI. A TEMPERPADIC/ STYLE $800/best. 517-372-0919, MEMORY FOAM MATbtwn. 9a.m. & 8p.m. TRESS SET Queen, newnever used, as seen on TV, YAMAHA CONSOLE PIANO with warranty. Cost T118 PE. 1 yr old, exc. $1,800, Sell $695. Can Decond, $3950. 517-546-0573 liver 989-832-2401. MM or

Instructor, Collision Repair Technology at the Capital Area Career Center for Ingham Intermediate School District. The individual in this position will provide a comprehensive and high quality program of study which prepares students for a career, future learning, and leadership in the automotive collision repair industry. Qualifications include possession or eligibility for Vocational Certification as a Collision Repair Technology Instructor and two years recent, relevant work experience working in a shop in the automotive collision repair industry. Terms of Employment: 37 wks/yr, 5 days/wk, 7 hours/day. Compensation: between $32,418 and $65,671 per year. Application Deadline: Thursday, December 16, 2010 @ 4:00p.m. A completed online application, resume and cover letter of interest are required. For a complete job description and application instructions please visit our website at . Computers with Internet access are available at the Capital Area Michigan Works! 2110 South Cedar St., Lansing, Michigan or any public library. AA/EOE

General Help Wanted Attention Students!


$16.25 base-appt 1-5 week work program, flex schedules, sale/svc, work PT in spring or secure summer work, conditions apply, all ages 18+ Call Today 517-333-1700 LANSING CITY COMMUNITY NEWS


Manufactured Homes

15 Medical Billing Trainees Needed!


RELOCATE YOUR HOME AND SAVE! Up to $8,500 in relocation Expenses, PLUS Discounted Site Rent. $199*/mo. for 3 yrs. Call Kensington Meadows (888)-605-2237 *Annual market

Hospitals & Insurance Companies Now Hiring!

No experience? Need training?

Accelerated Career Training Program & Job Placement


incr. apply. Site rent returns to full market rate in 4th year. Home must satis fy community move-in requirements. Expires

Part TimeTemporary

EARN EXTRA MONEY!!! 12/30/10 EHO EARN $1,000 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz~!@#$%^&*()_+`1234567890-=,./?;’:”[]\{}| BEFORE CHRISTMAS Routes available in

ETHAN ALLEN CAMEL BACK SOFA Asking $300/obo. Originally $1200 in 1991. Call after 5, 517-575-0476.

Sporting Goods

MAPLE DIN. RM. SET, TA- 7’ VALLEY POOL t a b l e w/slate top, new felt. SUBLE, chairs, hutch & corner PER clean. $775. 517-589china cab, $700. Maurame 9244/517-917-1059 8 pc. bdrm. set, twin x-tra long w/trundle, $600. 517-337-0529

Travel Tours and Camping


Hobbies-Toys HO TRAINS Walthers Empire Builder Set. F7 A & B Diesels with 10 coaches.Factoryassembled. $1099 new, sale price $500. 517-337-0949

Miscellaneous AMISH LOG BEDS, DRESS E R S , Rustic Table and Chairs, Mattresses for Cabin or Home. Lowest price in Michigan! m 989-923-1278 MM

TAURUS 44 MAGNUM Raging Bull, extras. $550/firm. Permit required. 517-3333932 or 517-803-9977 WANTED: Gun reloading equipment, old guns, bullets, gun parts, more. Call 517-623-0416

Wanted to Buy A AARDVARK ANTIQUER paying cash for guns, jewlery, furniture, art & unusual & bizarre items. 517-819-8700 BUYING Old jewelry, sterling silver, violins, guitars, quilts, artwork. Cash paid. Call John 517-886-9795.

AIRLINES ARE HIRING— Train for high paying Aviation Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified—Job placement assistance. Call Aviation Institute of Maintenance DRIVER-HOME WEEKLY! 877-891-2281. NO touch freight! No MM forced NE/NYC! 6 months experience. No felony/DUI AIRLINES ARE HIRING last 5yrs. Solos & teams Train for high paying Aviawanted. New pay package! tion Career. FAA approved 877-740-6262. program. Financial aid if MC qualified - Job placement assistance.. Call Aviation DRIVERS-TEAMS WANTED, Institute of Maintenance OTR, Class A CDL. 2yrs. (877) 891-2281. MC OTR exp., 23 yrs or older. Excellent pay. Owner Ops ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE Welcome. Hiring now! 877from Home. *Medical, 459-0630. MC *Business, *Paralegal, *Accounting, *Criminal Justice. Job placement asTRAINCO TRUCK sistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualiDRIVING SCHOOL fied. Call 877-895-1828 Day-Eve-wkend Classes Job Placement Assistance MC Class B Training (1 day) (517) 887-1600 Train Local Save Hassle




PRO PELLET hardwood pellets -$175. Delivery MSU BASKETBALL TICKETS Available. Call Mike 5174 with parking pass. Nov. 712-1459. Seven Branches 28, Dec. 4, Dec. 18. $200 in Michigan. per game. 517-719-8951.

877-475-SELL Monday - Friday, 8am – 5pm

Building Materials -Supplies

Concert-Sports Tickets

CERAMICS FOR SALE 2 MSU-PURDUE FOOTBALL 4 kilns, 3,000+ molds, glasstickets with parking pass, ware. $1,500. Call 989-640$150. Call 517-719-8951. 5141. MSU-PURDUE FOOTBALL Email the Lansing Community T I C K E T S 4 tickets with Newspapers 24/7 at: parking pass, $200. Call 517-749-0224.

When you need repairs around the home - and you need them fast- check the service directory in the Source

Classified Section



If interested, contact Karen W. at 377-1247or

Business Opport. Self Employment

LOOKING FOR A JOB? HAVE BILLS TO PAY? Waiting 6 months to start your new career isn’t an option? New Horizons has your solution. Earn your Microsoft, Cisco, CompTia, or Virtualization certification from New Horizons right here in Central Michigan in as little as 10 days of training! Private funding and career placement is available! Call 1-888-413-7876 Newspaper Home Delivery West Lansing The Lansing State Journal has an opening for an independent contractor for an established porch home delivery route. Delivery times are 2 to 3 hours per morning between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. Seven days a week. Route profit is approx. $550 per month. This is an excellent opportunity to earn additional income. You must live in the West Lansing area. If you are interested in more information please contact Karen Warner at 517-377-1247 or kwarner

ASSEMBLE MAGNETS & CRAFTS from Home! YearRound Work! Excellent Pay! No Experience! Top US Company! Glue Gun, Painting, Jewelry, More! Toll Free 1-866-844-5091 MM

Selling an Item? See or Call LCN Toll Free 877.475.SELL

+ HOLT , 2 bdrm., $2,500. Little work needed. Financing available. . 866-694-0821

AUTO OWNERS/WAVERLY Lg. clean quiet deluxe 1&2 bdrms, from $525, no pets. Free heat. 517-7124915, 202-3234, 323-1153

(2) SPACES in the Garden of 10 Commandments incl. 1 vault at Eastlawn Memory Gardens in Okemos, MI. Sell for $1,995. Todays price is $3,920. Call: 517706-7833 evenings. EASTLAWN CEMETERY/ OKEMOS (2) spaces in 10 Commandments, lot 5A. Asking $1,495; priced at $2,600. 517-625-7800

SEMI TRUCK Owner—Operators needed to deliver loads of RV trailers and tent campers across the U.S. and Canada. CDL A and passport required either with your own trailer or leasing one of ours. Call 1-866-764-1601 m MM

Homes For Sale

BEECHFIELD Efficiency thru 2 bedroom, $325-$540. Utilities included. Taylor Realty 517-272-1512. CARY APTS. S. LANSING. 1 & 2 bdrms., $470-$570 mo., heat, water, sewer & trash included. 517-202-3964. COLONIAL VILLAGE AREA: 1 bedroom Quiet Area. No Smoking, No Pets. Call 517-485-4300

DOWNTOWN 2 bdrm., 1100 sf, hardwood floors, laundry. $600+ util. 719-5600 or 482-8771.

EASTLAWN MEMORY GARDENS, Okemos. (4) lots in Prayer Garden. 517-663FREE FORECLOSURE LIST 1597 INGS Over 400,000 properties nationwide. Low down FRANDOR AREA 1400 sf., 3 payment. Call now. 800- EASTLAWN MEMORY GARbdrms., 2 baths, formal liv. DENS Okemos. Dbl. vault 880-2517 & din. rms, spacious kitchincl. dbl. granite marker MM en, rent includes heat, wa(not yet ordered). Asking ter, carport, trash pickup. $3,300 valued at $5,700. Safe secure bldg., on-site ONLY $15,900 517-449-0912 owner. No pets. $875 per 3bed/ 2 bath mo. 517-881-2049. Over 1,100 Sq. Ft. EVERGREEN CEMETERY Newly Remodeled Near entrance. Lot 508 FREE HEAT-WATER! All appliances, W/D Section B - Grave 1. $550. Frandor/Chester Rd. SpaHolt School District Call 630-960-0512. cious 2 bdrm. Quiet, clean, Pet Friendly lg. closets, laundry, carCall Sun Homes at port, storage area. DesiraEmail the Lansing Community Kensington Meadows ble neighborhood on bus Newspapers 24/7 at: TODAY! route. $625. 517-641-7645 1-888-262-1683 or 517-641-7788 Must Close by 11-30-10! EHO

WHAT IS YOUR EARLY RETIREMENT PLAN? Northern Michigan Hotel? Call for Details 866-233-7562

ProfessionalTechnical INSTRUCTOR, LAW ENFORCEMENT at the Capital Area Career Center for Ingham Intermediate School District. The individual in this position will provide a comprehensive and high quality program of study which prepares students for a career, future learning, and leadership in the field of Law Enforcement. Qualifications include possession or eligibility for Vocational Certification as a Law Enforcement Instructor and two years recent, relevant work experience in law enforcement using the skills and knowledge taught in the Law Enforcement program. Terms of Employment: 37 wks/yr, 5 days/wk, 7 hours/day. Compensation: between $32,418 and $65,671 per year. Application Deadline: Thursday, December 16, 2010 @ 4:00p.m. A completed online application, resume and cover letter of interest are required. For a complete job description and application instructions please visit our website at . Computers with Internet access are available at the Capital Area Michigan Works! 2110 South Cedar St., Lansing, Michigan or any public library. AA/EOE

Mobile Homes For Sale

AUTO OWNERS/WAVERLY Lg. clean quiet deluxe 1&2 bdrms, from $525, no pets. Free heat. 517-7124915, 202-3234, 323-1153

Cemetery LotsMonuments

$600 WEEKLY! Process HUD/FHA Refunds from home part-time. No experience needed. Start today! 8 0 0 - 7 6 2 - 2 2 0 1 MM

ACCORD PROPERTIES Studios, 1 & 2 Bdrms. Lansing /E. Lansing Area. 517-337-7900

Okemos EXQUISITE NEW 3,453 sq.ft. home in highly desirable Central Park. 4 bdrm., 2.5 bath, 3 car garage, granite, FP, wood flrs, upstairs laun., master suite, energy star, 10 yr warranty & much more. Must see during open hours 1-4 Sat. & Sun. 4818 Nassau St., Okemos. $306,390. Call for private showing. Allen Edwin Homes, 800-497-2713.

Northern MI Property for Sale A

LAKE CHARLEVOIX , 1000+ sq. ft., wanterfront condo (S. arm). Top floor, 3 bdrm., 2 bath, fully furnished, Fireplace, elevator in bldg. Beach, docks, close to everything. $359K. 248-376-5800

Time Shares FLORIDA Daytona Beach Timeshares on the ocean. 2 units, week 4 & 5, 2 bdrm., 2 bath, kitch., laundry on site, pool, balcony & game room. Internet hookup. 5 mi. to airport & racetrack. $15,000 ea or $25,000/both. 517-627-1747

Planning an Auction?

See or Call LCN Toll Free 877.475.SELL

64.72± Acres in 3 Tracts

Harper & Aurelius Rds

Mason, MI

Ingham County Delhi Township

LAND AUCTION st Wed, Dec 1 at 7pm Auction to be held at

North Aurelius Elementary School 115 N. Aurelius Rd, Mason Tract 1: 1.18± Acres Tract 2: 10.61± Acres Tract 3: 52.93± Acres The Estate of Elizabeth Horstmyer

(517) 676-9800


Lansing Community Newspapers 21

PIONEER POLE BUILD INGS Free Estimates. Licensed and Insured. 2x6 CASH FOR GUNS , Art, Antiques, Jewelry, musical inTrusses. 45 Year Warrantstruments, Valuables. Call ed Galvalume Steel. 19 col517-204-2004/517-663-3931 ors. Since 1976 #1 in Michigan. Call Today 1-800-2920679 MM CASH PAID D iabet ic test strips. Area’s original, oldPOLE BARNS Michigan’s est buyer. Friendly & fair. Largest Pole Barn Compa517-505-2726, 888-639-6179 ny (Best Built Barns) Best Quality, Best Service, Best CASH PAID Price. This Week’s Specials for diabetic test strips. Erected 24’x24’x8’-$5495.00 Up to $15 per 100 strips. 24’x40’x10’-$7995.00 Ph. 517-292-0991 30’x40’x10’-$8995.00 30’x48’x12’-$10,995.00 WANTED TO BUY older moLicensed/Insured torcycles, snowmobiles & 1-877-802-9591 ATVs, running & nonMM running cond. 810-394-2577 A BRAND NAME KING SIZE PILLOW TOP MATTRESS SET in Original Plastic. Includes Deluxe Frame. Cost $1,499, Sell for $475. 989-631-2280. PIONEER POLE BUILDINGS MM Free Estimates-Licensed and Insured-2 x 6 TrussesATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE 45 Year Warranted from Home. *Medical, Galvalume Steel-19 Colors*Business, *Paralegal, Since 1976#1 in *Accounting, *Criminal Michigan- Call Today Justice. Job placement as1-800-292-0679. MC sistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. Call 877-895-1828 MM

OFFICE SECRETARY/ RECEPTIONIST Mon-Fri 10-4. Must possess excelTEACHER lent interpersonal, com- INSTRUCTOR, ACADEMY at the Capital puter, organizational, Area Career Center for grammar and writing Ingham Intermediate skills. Please submit reSchool District. The indisume and cover letter to vidual in this position will Veevay Township, 780 S. provide a comprehensive Eden Rd., Mason, MI 48854 and high quality program by 4 p.m., Nov. 29th, 2010. of study which prepares students for a career, future learning, and leadership in elementary or secondary education. Qualifications include possession of an elementary or secondary teaching certificate and five years recent relevant work experience as a regular education classroom instructor. Terms of Employment: 37 wks/yr, 5 days/wk, 7 hours/day. Compensation: between $35,433 and $69,899 per year. Application Deadline: Thursday, December 16, 2010 @ 4:00p.m. A completed online application, resume and cover letter of interest are required. For a complete job description and application instructions please visit our website at . Computers with Internet access are available at the Capital Area Michigan Works! 2110 South Cedar SEE SOURCEADS.COM St., Lansing, Michigan or OR CALL LCN TOLL FREE any public library. AA/EOE

Flexible schedule. Looking for outgoing "people persons." Please call Jeff at 517-484-0386, ext. 17 for details.

121 ISLAND AVE. 1 bdrm., 1st floor apartment, heat, water, trash removal and basement included. All new flooring. Must see! Quiet neighborhood. $550/mo. 517-881-3386

SOFA QUEEN SIZE sleeper, excellent cond., no stains, non-smoking household. HAWAII 2 ROUND T R I P $500/best. 517-676-4890 AIRFARES, leave any major airport, $199 ea. 1-800-237TWIN MATTRESS, 3890. boxspring & frame, King Koil, blue, comfy, Immaculate. $175/best, paid $400. 517-203-0113.

Schools and Training

north Lansing delivering the Lansing City Communtiy News on the weekend. MUST LIVE IN THE NORTH LANSING AREA,

Apartments For Rent

November 21, 2010


Lansing Community Newspapers 22

Apartments For Rent

Apartments For Rent

Apartments For Rent

LANSING 3322 W. Michigan. 1 bdrm., 1st floor, $525 + electric. Laundry. Call 517-482-8771 or 517-719-5600


P WESTFIELD CLUB Luxury Homes at Affordable Prices

Apartments Suburbs P

• Stylish 2 & 3 bdrm apts starting from $770 • Full size washer & dryer in home • In Grand Ledge Schools • Feline Friendly

Apartments Suburbs


Quiet community with spectacular lake views. Move in specials. Located btwn E. Lansing & Jackson. Off US-127 in Mason!


MASON--FREE HEAT! 2 Bdrms Avail. Now! $99 Security Deposit. $645/mo. Vouchers accepted. Spacious 1,000 sq. ft. Water/Sewer/Trash incl. Pet-friendly. 517-244-0672

Apartments Suburbs

Condominiums For Rent

Old Orchard Apts. Holts Best Value

HASLETT Lakefront on Lake Lansing w/dock, gazebo, beautiful view. patio. Luxury 2 bdrm w/ office, condo/ apt. New maple kitchen, black/ stainless appliances, carpet, central air, granite. W/D. No big dogs, incl lawn, trash, snow. $935. 517-853-6307.

Duplexes Townhomes

Duplexes For Rent

MASON MANOR Townhouses 2 bdrm. townhouse, A/C, 2 baths, washer/dryer, 1,300 sq.ft. Fall Special! 517-676-3103

HOLT- 2 LG bdrms, 1 bath, 2 story, large kitchen, central air, washer/dryer, extra clean, full bsmt, gas heat, small pets ok. 517-468-3963 HOLT



Air, Dishwasher, W/D Certain conditions OKEMOS-1445 E. Pond Dr., ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz~!@#$%^&*()_+`1234567890-=,./?;’:”[]\{}| hookup, Private Drive, #11. 2 bdrm., 2 full bath Duplexes Yard & Shed. No smoking

LANSING AREA- 1 & 2 bdrm, Starting from $400 + dep. Includes utilities. 517-372-6250



MICHIGAN WINTER IS on EHO the way! Move into Lansing Towers Today! Great views, Free Garage Parking, Door- OLD TOWN - LCC - Lansing man, Public Transportation, Twp. Beautiful clean 1 & 2 Close to Downtown Lansing, bdrms., hardwood floors, Capitol Buildings, Cooley $525-$675, heat included. Law, LCC & Washington 517-896-8732 Square. SPACIOUS TOWNHOMES Lansing Towers Apts • 2 bdrm., 1.5 bath, $599 • 3 bdrm., 2.5 bath, $699 517-482-8838 or • Washer/dryer hookups. • Walk-in closets. • Garages available. > Pet friendly ? ST.JOHNS-INCOME BASED 517-394-3111 2 BDRM. TOWNHOMES. Beautiful Park setting. Close to schools & shopS. SIDE very nice, clean, ping. Laundry hookup. quiet 2 bdrm., $475, SUNTREE APARTMENTS washer/dryer hookup. 1100 Sunview Dr. 517-388-0584. 989-224-8919 EHO Email the Lansing Community Newspapers 24/7 at:

WAVERLY AREA Large 1 bdrms. starting at $475. Garage rent $80/mo. 517-214-6798


Apartments Suburbs

GRAND LEDGE 2 bdrm. fireplace, garage, central air, washer & dryer, $750$775. 517-282-9669 or 517-349-8000

apt. w/new carpet, paint, appliances incl. washer/ dryer. Walkout patio & covered parking. $800 + util. Avail. now! Deposit. Call 517-706-0644.

GRAND LEDGE quiet 1 bdrm. $455+ deo. 2 bdrm. $550+ dep. Both incl. heat. You pay electric. For nonsmoking responsible individual or couple. No pets. 517-627-9085


1st Month Rent FREE when you sign a 12 mo. lease! Forest View Apts, Haslett * Immediate Occupancy * Cozy 1 bdrm apts $560 LARGE 1 BDRM APT. in * PET WELCOME Grand Ledge, overlooking * Single level bldg w/ prithe park & river, includes vate entries heat & water, $540 mo. + * Washer/Dryer hook ups dep. No pets, no smoking. in utility room Call 517-242-4867. * Vaulted ceiling in living room * Storage access MASON * Lovely wooded setting 2 & 3 bdrm. fireplace, * Close to everything central air, washer/ Call today for info and tour! dryer. From $750. 517-349-2250 517-282-9669 Conditions apply. 517-349-8000

Duplexes Townhomes

$100 moves you in!

BLUE WATER VILLAGE Dimondale, near GM Delta plant. New 2 & 3 bdrms, 2 baths, starting at $700 & trash incl. all appliances, bsmt., pets welcome. Call 517-749-1714 or 517-372-6250

"0" application fee & "0" sec. deposit

At Abbott Parkside Senior Community û Large 1 & 2 bdrm apts for $695-800 û FREE HEAT! û Fun resident activities ûPrivate building with elevator system û Very Close to all major shopping & entertainment û Covered parking available û Professional Staff Call today-- Apartments are going FAST!


1 or 2 bdrms Apts. Call us today! 517-694-8975 conditions apply

GRAND LEDGE LG. Newly remodeled, 2 bdrm Townhouse, 1.5 bath, full bsmt, garage, $695+ util. No dogs please. 517-339-2486


GRAND LEDGE: Updated lg. 1200 sf., 2 BR., + bsmnt., laundry hookup. 1.5 bath, 2 story w/garage, lg. kitchen & bdrms,. w/balcony. Fresh paint, newer carpet. No big dogs. Includes trash, lawn & snow. $730 + util. 517-853-6307



or pets. $750/mth incl. water & sewer. (517) 507-3887

For Rent

5849 O R C H A R D CT. Co m pletely remodeled 2 bdrm, OKEMOS SCHOOLS/ MASON Minutes from MSU. 2 1 bath, full basement with bdrm., 1.5 bath, completewasher/dryer. New carly remodeled, on 2 acres. pet, paint, appliances. Att’d 1 car garage. 1685 Fenced backyard, private Stillman. $775+ util. Secdeck. $650 + utils. tion 8 welcome. For more 517-332-9255. info. 517-930-1575

DELTA TWP 521½ Chanticleer. Beautiful 2 bdrm., 1 bath, 1 car garage. Shared fenced yard. Available now. $680+ util. 517-256-3726.

WEBBERVILLE- 2 bdrm. duplex, 2 car garage, $725/mo. 517-521-3242 or 810-923-0910.

WILLIAMSTON: 1ST MO. RENT DISC. AVAIL. - 216 Jackson St. 1 bedroom. Appliances, incl. dishwasher. Basement, laundry hook up. Nice deck. Very nice yard. $500 per month. 517-861-7314. Email the Lansing Community Newspapers 24/7 at:


Buy, Sell, Research and get Shopping Advice 24/7 at:

Shop when you want! Visit for vehicles in the Lansing area. Audi


A4 2002 QUATTRO AWD $5,500 Sunroof, Leather,155000 mi., Gray 517-592-8843


CRV-EX, 1999 $4900 158,500 mi. Very clean & reliable. Auto, all pwr. Excellent condition. 517-420-6808


LACROSSE CXL 2008 $15K V6,Lthr,5yr/100k WRNTY,39k mi.,htd sts,Blk,sharp. 517-749-7016


LIBERTY LIMITED 2004 $6,750 FIRM 4X4. 4 Door. Ice cold air. 117000mi. Tan. 517-927-5004


HHR LT 2006 $10,875/OBO 4 cyl, Nav System, Lthr, 57500mi., Gold 517-204-4290

LS 430, 2004 $16,800 126K mi. Loaded, white, enhancements, 30 mpg. Excellent condition. 517-349-2440

CAVALIER, 1991 148K mi. Runs good Good condition.

LEXUS ES300 2002 $8750 Executive owned 1 owner, Silver, chrome whls, completely loaded, exc. cond. 517-290-1077

$500/BEST 517-927-9290

Chrysler-Plymouth SEBRING JX i 2000 $3200 Conv, Lthr, Prem Sound, black, Pwr locks/wind 517-655-3676

November 21, 2010


Ford MUSTANG GT 1996 $4900/OBO 4.6L V8, 130K, Cobra hood, billits grill Sharp car 989-620-5707

Mini Vans PONTIAC MONTANA SV6 2006 $9,500 Clean, great shape, rem start, 70737mi., Silver 517-974-7407 HANDICAP VANS USED, BOUGHT & SOLD Mini & full size 5751 S. Cedar - Call Dale 517-882-7299


GRAND AM 2000 $4300/OBO Clean, great running car, 4 cyl, 117K mi. on body, 64K on motor 517-896-7348

CHEVY EXPRESS, 1999 $5500 60K mi. Full sz., advantage conv., loaded, leather. Very Good Condition. 517-709-3520

GRAND AM 2000 $4600 Well kept, clean, all pwr, CD, 102K mi., no rust 248-640-6448

HANDICAP VANS USED, BOUGHT & SOLD Mini & full size 5751 S. Cedar - Call Dale 517-882-7299

Sport Utility Vehicles CHEVROLET TRAILBLAZER LT 2005 $11,500/OBO White, 6 cyl, 4WD, sun & sound pac, 95200 mi. 517-204-5522

Subaru LEGACY OUTBACK AWD, 1998 $3900 175K mi., New eng., brand new tires, 2 sunroofs. Good condition. 517-487-5326

Toyota CAMRY XLE, 2007 $14,000 82K mi., Grey, leather, heated seats, moonroof Excellent condition. 517-881-3111

VEHICLES WANTED DEAD/ALIVE Top $$ paid, Free towing. Same day pickup. 7 Days. 517-487-8704 CAR DON’T WORK Or is crashed! Tired of spending money? Will pay you Cash Today & tow away free! Call 517-505-2098

Junk Cars Wanted CAR DON’T WORK Or is crashed! Tired of spending money? Will pay you cash Today & tow away free! Call 517-505-2098 $50-$500 269-420-2676

DEAD OR ALIVE Salvage cars, trucks, vans. Free towing. We beat all offers. 517-482-2260 BENJAMIN & SON A1 TOWING WANTED Junk cars, vans & trucks. Top $ paid . 517-372-9737


AURORA 4.0 2003 $8470/OBO 125k mi, Blk, Chrome, Tint, BOSE, Snow Tires&Rims. 773-704-3444

DODGE DURANGO SLT 2006 $12,500 V8 Hemi, DVD, 85000mi., Tan, 4wd, Tow Package 517-230-3611

ESCAPE XLS, 2001 $3900 169K mi. Auto. V6, 4WD. Black. Dependable. Good condition. 517-819-5344

’99 OLDS INTRIGUE No rust, low mi., runs perfect. Excellent condition

CHEVY 2008 SILVERADO 31,000 mi., loaded. Excellent cond.


Automobiles Wanted

BUYING JUNK CARS 7-days per week!!!

EXCURSION LIMITED 4WD 2003 $11,000 Triton V10, Tow Package, 135K mi., Black 517-230-3611




Homes For Rent

Homes For Rent

Homes For Rent

1017 S GRAND Lansing. 4 6529 COOPER RD., Lansing BE A HOME OWNER Rent to Cute, remodeled, 2 bdrm., bdrm., recently updated, own. Owner will finance. 1 bath in quiet neighborsec. 8 ok, $950/mo. Call Land Contract available. hood, lg. yard. $600/mo + 517-214-8282 Call 517-202-3121. utilities & deposit. No pets or smoking. Reference 1210 CLIMAX Lansing. 2 check. 517-256-6121. bdrm., hardwood floors, CENTER, 1310 stove, fridge, washer/ dry3 bdrm., 2 bath, laundry, er hookups, easy access to 733 N. JENISON, Lansing, MI bsmt., $750+ util. Call 48915: 2 bdrm., 1 bath. 496, Sparrow & MSU. Yard, 719-5600 or 482-8771 Incl. fridge & oven. Well ingarage. $625+ dep & util. sulated w/new windows. 517-290-1403/517-285-4457 New washer/dryer. Close to St. Lawrence & near CUTE 1 BDRM. Country 1509 MARY AVE home in DeWitt area. LCC/Cooley, $575. 3 bdrm.,1.5 bath, lg. yard, $550/mo. + dep. & util. No 923 EDISON: 3 bdrm. , dishwasher, AC, fireplace, pets or smoking. 669-9455. $650/mo. $15/app. fee. for very clean. $775. both. 517-331-1182. Call 517-388-2661 DANSVILLE SCHOOLS - 3 919 S. HOLMES ST. 2 bdrm., 1547 ROOSEVELT ST. bdrm., 1 bath home on 2 $550 per mo. + utils. 1059 2 bdrm., 1.5 car garage, lg. acres. Across from 6,000 N. LARCH ST. 2 BR, $550 backyard, $650+ utilities. acres of State land. Upmo. + utils. Near busline. 2 Call 517-372-8129. stairs laundry w/washer & BR apt., $550 mo., all utils dryer, wood stove in LR, incld. Rooms w/private Incl. all appliances, full 2 BDRM HOME 625 bath, $350 all utils. incld. bsmnt. $875/mo. + util. & Cavanaugh, Lansing. Cute Call 484-5619. dep. 517-927-6561. & cozy. $600 mo. Call 517349-9436. AFFORDABLE HOMES 1-4 3616 DONALD ST. Lansing. DEWITT 3 BDRM, 1 car bdrms, Section 8 OK. Small 2-3 BR., full bsmt., garage, No basement. Pets OK. Move in spenice yard, good neighbor$800/mo + util & dep. cial! Flexible terms hood. $600 + utils. WITH NO PETS! 517-669-9798 available. $395-$1095. GOOD CREDIT. No Sec. 8. 517-651-1374 (Dogs extra). No cats, no smoking. After 5pm 517DEWITT TWP. - 4 bdrm., 2 285-3336 full baths, central air, 2 car AFFORDABLE HOMES 1-4 attached garage w/ en4229 CHICKORY Lansing bdrms, Section 8 OK. closed breezway btwn. SE. Newer 3 bdrm. ranch, Pets OK. Move in spehouse & garage on quiet full basement, new carpet cial! Flexible terms dead-end street. $875+ & vinyl, very nice. available. $395-$1095. util. & dep. Avail. Decem$800/mo. Call Ron 323517-651-1374 ber 1st. 517-339-1962. 4106.

Homes For Rent


6288 Nye Hwy., 3 bdrm., 1.5 bath, 1531 sq. ft. ranch style home. Propane heat. 517-622-6059 www.sundancefamilyhomecenter. com

FREE RENT TILL Jan. 2011 Brand New Homes

Homes For Rent

Homes For Rent

OKEMOS B eautiful ope n foyer & floor plan, 5 BRs + den, 4 full baths, 2 whirlpools, 3 car garage, 3 season room, deck, fin. bsmt., lg yard & woods. No pets. $2495 mo. + utils., dep. & ref. 517-337-1007.

ST JOHNS – Only $340/Mo! Lease to Own! Your Own Home! Over 1,500 sq.ft. New Carpet & Paint ~ Many more to choose from!! THE MEADOWS (989) 224-7707

OKEMOS SCHOOLS- KEYS T O N E Sub. N. of Grand River on Okemos Rd. 4 bdrm., 3.5 bath in nice, LANSING - 2 bdrm houses quite neighborhood. Loft, & 2 bdrm duplexes and deck, fully fin. basement. apts. $600-$700. Local $1,500/mo. + util. 517-402owner cell 989-550-1181. 3368

ST JOHNS – Only $340/Mo! Lease to Own! Your Own Home! Over 1,500 sq.ft. New Carpet & Paint ~ Many more to choose from!! THE MEADOWS (989) 224-7707

LANSING 230 Francis, Small 1 bedroom, 1 bath home. Storage shed. 517-622-6059 or www.sundancefamilyhome

Office Space For Rent


igh ppoin SHARE OFFICE SPACE in ment of an attorney. Failure downtown Grand Ledge. to appear at this hearing Reasonable. Call 627-9020. COULD RESULT IN PERMANENT TERMINATION OF PARENTAL RIGHTS HCN/ICCN-879016 11/21/10

CampersTravel Trailers


November 21, 2010

Homes For Rent


CASE NO TRAVEL TRAILER COVER 50400-1/2-NA Contour fit for 30-33’ trailWILLIAMSTON - 5 bdrm., 3 PETITION NO er, used 1 season, $175. bath, split level country 10-1570-NA Call 517-819-2081. home on 5 acres. 2 car ga10-1575-NA rage. Gorgeous deck, pet okay. Horse run-in - horse TO: Derrick Clay, Father okay. 20 minutes from MSU. $1,500/mo. IN THE MATTER OF: 231-258-3413 Derrinesha M. and Derrick M CLAY, MINOR CHILDREN

Payments as low as OKEMOS: WALK TO Ben$729/mo. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz~!@#$%^&*()_+`1234567890-=,./?;’:”[]\{}| nett Woods & Okemos 3 Bed/2 Bath, All Appliances, W/D, CA, Holt Schools, Pet Friendly. No Application fees! REDUCED Security Deposits. Available in November! LIMITED AMOUNT OF NEW HOMES! Call Sun Homes at Kensington Meadows Today! 1-888-258-2412 Exp. 11-30-10 EHO

HOUSING DISCRIMINATION? Call The Fair Housing Center at: 1-877-979-FAIR.

Get The Job Done Right

BRENDA’S DOG GROOMING & Training. Quiet Home Setting. 10751 Iosco Road, Webberville (517) 294-0209

Builders-ContractorsRemodelers RENOVATIONS Interior & Exterior


Computer Sales -Service COMPUTER REVIVER: Upgrades, internet repair, virus, spyware removal, data rec. 30 day wrnty. Erik 517-484-6364. Housecalls.

Drywall Gary’s Drywall Finishing "Hang, Finish and Repair" 517-927-3853

Handyman Floor Services

Mr. Natural’s Wood Floors • Refinishing • Repairs • Installation

FREE Estimates 393-0660 or 490-8696 Since 1988

GUILFORD’S Seamless Gutters 5” & 6” Gutters • Master Shields Gutter Protecion • Windows & Siding

Licensed • Insured Free Estimates 517-649-2344





517.322.4131 Trash removal Appliances, brush, carpet, wood, etc. Senior disc. Eavestrough Cleaning.


e Best Pric Around


Appliances • Brush • Carpet • Furniture • • Metal • Wood • Concrete • Shingles

Senior Discount


TOTAL LAWN CARE Free Estimates (517) 887-4985


TRASH, BRUSH, APPL. hauled Yard & build. clean up, trees & bushes trimmed. Low Prices! Mike 393-4664



FM FINISH All Handyman Phases. Good, dependable. Do job estimates. 517-348-4983

FALL CLEANUP SPECIALISTS • Flower Clipping & Clearing • Garden Cleaning & Tiling • Landscape Beds Cleaned • Eavestrough Cleaning Call • Fall Bush Trimming (517) 993-2052 • Mulch Mowing (517) 694-7502 • Firewood • Residential Snow Removal & Salting

Fall Cleanup, Aeration & Dethatching, Overseeding Mowing, Tree/Shrub Removal, Winter Pruning, Removal of Bagged Leaves, Snow Removal & Salting. Mention this ad for $10 off any Total Lawn Care Service

Masonry MASONRY RESTORATION Res/comm., historic. Repair brick, block & stone. Fndn/chimney repair/new. Lic. & Ins. 517-647-5380

Painting-Papering -Plastering PAINTING PERFECTIONS. Int & ext. Quality work. References, free est. (517)332-3281 or 290-4187.

It’s not too late to find a buyer for your camping gear. See or Call LCN Toll Free 877.475.SELL



Since 1975 Licensed - Insured

BENJAMIN STUMP REMOVAL (Formerly Bill’s Stump Removal). Prompt service, free estimates. Insured. 517 285-7831, 517 625-5652

Tree Service

Florida Property For Rent

NASCAR SPEED WEEK 2 bdrm. condo for rent, February 12-19, 2011, at Daytona Beach, on the beach. $1500. Please call 517-676-4453 if interested. OCEAN FRONT CONDO JENSON BEACH, FLORIDA. 2br 2ba fully equipped kitchen. Rent multi-weeks or weekly. 772-229-1772. MC

Office Space For Rent LEASE TO OWN O f f i c e /Warehouse. 5000 sf total. 2000 sf office. All heated & air conditioned. Located in Rensen Center. JollyPennsylvania area. Rate as low as $1250/mo. 331-1734 M-F 8-5 for more details. OFFICE FOR RENT 934 N. Washington, Lansing. former law/insurance office, $450 incl. util., excellent parking. Call Bill 517-485-5577.

OKEMOS OFFICE/RETAIL • 2 offices w/ 550 sq.ft. total $550 + util. per mo. • 1000 sq.ft. $1000 per mo. all inclusive • 2000 sq.ft. $1500 per mo. all inclusive. 517-256-1389


A hearing regarding Petition #10-1570-NA & #10-1575-NA will be conducted by the court on Monday, December 6, 2010 and Tuesday, December 7, 2010 at 8:30 a.m. in COURTROOM 2, VETERANS MEMORIAL COURTHOUSE, 313 W Kalamazoo Street, 2nd floor, Lansing, MI 48933 before JUDGE RICHARD J GARCIA. IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED that Derrick Clay, Father personally appear before the court at the time and place stated above. This hearing may result in the termination of your parental rights.

HCN/ICCN-879288 IN THE MATTER OF Tiara 11/21/10 Marie WILSON, Child TAKE NOTICE: A petition has been filed with this court regarding the following minor (s): Tiara Marie Wilson, Child who was born on 10-29-09 at Lansing, Michigan. The mother of the minor(s) is Helen May Warner. If you are or may be the natural father, you should appear at 313 W Kalamazoo Street, 2nd Floor, Courtroom #1, Lansing, MI 48933 before Judge R George Economy on Tuesday, November 30, 2010 at 10:00 am to state any interest you may have in the minor(s). Failure to appear at this hearing is a denial of interest in the minor(s), waiver of notice for all subsequent hearings, and a waiver of a right to appoint-

Your homebased business can be listed in our directory! or call LCN toll-free 1.877.475.SELL for more information.

COLORADO BLUE SPRUCE Hip high, planted in your yard, $20 per tree. Call 517-944-2727.

Tree Removal Services Total Tree Care Since 1980

517-321-8222 800-843-6561 FREE ESTIMATES

(517) 857-2333 Expert Trimming & Removals Thinning, Elevating, *Fully Insured* Dead Limbing & Shaping *Free Advice* 60 ft. AERIAL WORK TRUCK


Kyran VanSickle Owner/Certified Arborist

Reliable Construction


42 years experience • Vinyl siding • Vinyl windows • Shingled roofs Free Estimates Licensed & Insured

TREE TRIMMING & removal. Licensed, insured. Credit cards accepted. Call Mike 866-557-5848

517-646-9945 1-800-887-1795

Neighborhood People


Call 517-694-7502

or 517-993-2052 Reliable Free Estimates Since 1986

Email the Lansing Community Newspapers 24/7 at:

Down Town Around Town

Neighborhood News

It’s all your Town!

Support the economy

Lansing Community Newspapers

Lansing Community Newspapers 23


For Free Estimate Call 517-669-8066

FALL Painting, Gutter Cleaning, Chimney Sealing. Josh 272-2840.

R. Knott Services

Stump Removel




Fence for all occasions, light excavating, holes augered, bucket & pallet fork work. We clean up scrap metal for free.

REGENT, 139 2 bdrm., 1.5 bath, lg. fenced yard, air, laundry in bsmt., garage. $750+ util. 719-5600 or 482-8771


EAVESTROUGH CLEANING FALL LAWN & garden clean& minor repair. Also Power ups. Gutter cleaning, leaf Washing. Free estimates. raking, snow blowing & Call (517) 322-4131 shoveling. 517-652-9802


LANSING HOME 3 bdrm., full bsmt., formal dining room. New kitchen, paint, carpet. Some hdwd floors. Just remodeled. $750 per mo. Call Terry 517-6417271 or Tom 517-214-7648.

POTTERVILLE IMMACU LATE 3 bdrm., 2 bath, washer/dryer hookup, central air, spacious yard. $600/mo. + util. & dep. Call: 517-881-8776

For more information or to reserve space call

Lawn and Tree Service


BARN ROOF We put steel roofs on high barns. Ask for John 616-527-3635.

LANSING HOME 2 story 3 bdrm., formal dining ,new kitchen, Call 517-641-7271 or 517214-7648.





Barn Work

High. 4 bdrm., 2 bath, granite counter tops, vaulted ceilings, Fireplace. $1600. 517-694-1825.

Service Directory

Lansing-4 Bd/2 Ba th home for $80,000. Payments as low as $120/mo. Call Now 800-240-0578

Holt Community News


November 21, 2010

â&#x20AC;&#x153;...whenever we create, whenever we bring something to life, it is then we truly feel ourselves most fully alive...â&#x20AC;?


Holt Community News  

Lansing Community Newspaper