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January 2011

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Vol. 17 Issue 1

INSIDE THIS ISSUE Shore Lines Lakeside introduces a new feature this month called Shore Lines. This month’s profile spotlights Ric Lavallee, an engineer who reinvents himself as a firefighter. Page 4

Tow BoatUS From nighttime rescues to bringing gasoline to boaters, the work is never done on Lake Lanier by the captains of Tow BoatUS. Headed by Robert Estrada, Tow BoatUS on Lanier continues to receive top honors in the form of the Dispatchers Choice for the past 11 years from national Tow BoatUS. Page 57

Prague - beautifully preserved Despite the many wars that Europe has endured throughout history, Prague is the only city that has avoided most of the destruction. It is the largest city in the Czech Republic and part of Bohemia. Page 62 Also inside: Arts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page Break from the lake . . . . . . . .Page Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page Captain’s comments . . . . . . . .Page Classifieds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page COE column . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page Cruising Wilsons . . . . . . . . . . .Page Dining guide . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page Fishing report . . . . . . . . . . . .Page Glenn Burns . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page Lake Lanier Association news . .Page Lake Lanier Olympic Venue . . .Page Lake levels . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page Lanier map . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Page Lanier profile . . . . . . . . . . . .Page Marinas information . . . . . . . .Page Marine crossword puzzle . . . . .Page Outdoor activity calendar . . . .Page Power Squadron column . . . . . .Page Sailing calendar . . . . . . . . . . .Page Steve Johnson . . . . . . . . . . . .Page US Coast Guard Auxiliary . . . . .Page

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The Galbraith family join hands to take the plunge during the annual Polar Bear Swim at the Lake Lanier Olympic Center on New Year's Day. Story, page 22


January 2011

1071 Coalition releases drought study findings is published by Lanier Publishing, Inc., 3292 Thompson Bridge Rd. #250, Gainesville, GA 30506 (770) 287-1444 Publisher/Editor Alan Hope Production Susan Nish Susan Daniel Creative, Inc. Senior Writer Pamela A. Keene Contributing writers Phillip Sartain, Roy Crittenden, Tommy Wilkinson, Millie Adcox, Mike Rudderham, Glenn Burns, Bob & Carolyn Wilson, Lisa Beers, Jane Harrison

By Pamela A. Keene The drought of 2007-2009 had a negative economic impact on the Lake Lanier area of more than $300 million, according to the findings of a study commissioned by the 1071 Coalition. The organization released its findings in midDecember at a public meeting at Legacy Lodge, Lake Lanier Islands Resort. “The negative economic impacts of the lake conditions and low water levels in 2008 were substantial and significant to the region,” said Alex Laidlaw, president of the 1071 Coalition. “Cumulatively, we can document more than

$300 million in negative impact in one year, a figure that can be attributed to low lake levels rather than the economic downturn.” The 100-page report, completed at a cost of $180,000, studied a number of factors during the drought, including visitation at Lake Lanier, impact on marinas, real estate values and recreational usage. Visitation was down by 11 percent at the lake in 2008. Additionally, hotel stays dropped by 13 percent. Real estate values were affected as were employment numbers. The marinas on Lanier saw a loss in earnings of nearly 12 per-

Travel Editor Bill Vanderford Lakeside is published monthly by Lanier Publishing, Inc. based in Gainesville, GA, with distribution in some 300 locations around Lake Lanier and other areas. Opinions expressed by contributing writers are not necessarily those of Lakeside, its staff or its advertisers. Manuscripts and photographs submitted will be considered for publication. Lakeside cannot be held responsible for such materials in case of damage or loss.

cent.Value of boats dropped 10 percent and there was a 62 percent decrease in the number of new boats registered in 2008. It also compared figures for Lake Lanier with downstream economies and populations, showing that the negative impacts on Lanier were substantially larger than those of downstream industries in Alabama and Florida. The

report stated that Apalachicola Bay’s freshwater fishing and oyster industries are very small in comparison to the recreational economy supported by Lanier. “The impacts of the drought on Lake Lanier were the most significant in the entire basin,” Laidlaw said. “It is clear that the Corps must manage lake levels better to respond to drought conditions.”

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January 2011



January 2011

Lavallee: Engineer reinvents self as firefighter Shore Lines From the fascinating to the remarkable, Lake Lanier harbors many personalities and places along its shores. Beginning this month Lakeside presents “Shore Lines” – stories about people who live, work and play around the lake and the places that make the area special. Our initial installment profiles Lanier resident Ric Lavallee, a welltraveled man who’s seen the highs of corporate life as well as experiencing a different kind of height – from the top of a firefighter’s ladder. By Jane Harrison For Ric Lavallee, the allure of big money and waves of challenges have not eroded two boyhood fascinations: his attraction to water and desire to be a firefighter. The 51-year-old native Canadian has merged both on Lake Lanier where he dwells near Duckett Mill Park and works with the Gainesville Fire Department. His route to North Georgia has been an adventurous tour. A fork in his career about five years ago prompted the former Lucent Technologies global sales director to hit the books and run up thousands of steps to pursue a dream that nearly escaped him decades ago. “I’d wanted to be a firefighter since I was a kid…now I’m giving back to the world what I spent 14 years taking from. I live to see the appreciation on someone’s face. Being a medic means you see people at their worst. It’s rewarding to make them feel better. It can be a life-changing, faithchanging event,” Lavallee said. Lavallee, a man who could live almost anywhere seems content for now in the life he has created here making one-tenth of what he made in the high tech world. “I will sacrifice to stay here…I love my job,” he said. “One of my personal goals is


Ric Lavallee's watercraft experience includes sailing and ocean cruising, but he keeps kayaks on hand for quiet ventures on the lake.

to have a greater positive effect on people in the community and I’ll keep reinventing myself to add more” through safety and rescue, he said. Gainesville Fire Chief Jon Canada said Lavallee possesses key attributes of a firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician. “Ric has a great personality which allows him to strike up a conversation with anyone. He strives daily to learn more and use what he learns in a way to help those in the community,” he said. He mentioned Lavallee’s goal to pass the National Registry test in January to become a paramedic. “He works very hard to progress both his formal education and street knowledge in the fire service.” Lavallee’s journey to Lake Lanier has taken him from his teenage years as ski patrol to restaurant renovator and restaurateur to one of the original marketers for wireless internet. He continues to go on ski patrol and markets rescue instruction courses and safety products through his company, Response911. His travels and experiences have earned him the moniker “Ric-apedia” among his friends, said his wife, Dara, a master culinary teacher at Lanier Career Academy. “He knows everything and has done everything…he’s really eclectic.” He spoke to a reporter from the remodeled kitchen of his unpretentious home in the woods above a quiet cove. Dara served homemade cinnamon rolls while two of six children from their blended family slumbered upstairs. Occasionally one of their six dogs, all rescued, sauntered in for a scratch on the head. “I’ve always been a maritimer,” said Lavallee, who was born in Nova Scotia and traveled about the land of 1,000 lakes as the son of a French Canadian Armed Forces career man and French Canadian Syrian mother. “I’ve always been on water and have always had boats,” ranging from sail boats, ocean craft, lake

cruisers, wind surfers and kayaks. The lure of water drew him to Lake Lanier at a career crossroads in 2005. Long before that, the teen Lavallee began putting himself through engineering school in Canada by working in restaurants. A diagnosis of diabetes had put his dream of becoming a firefighter on hold. “Years ago, anyone with diabetes was considered unfit for duty,” he said. During a restaurant worker strike, he traveled to the Canadian west to become a ski instructor and ski patrol. Instead of rescuing people from car wrecks and burning buildings, the young Lavallee was dashing down slopes to save injured skiers. The challenge tapped Lavallee’s inherent ability to keep his cool in life-threatening situations. “I’m at my best in critical situations. I’m a critical thinker and am organized under pressure. I think well on my feet,” he said. He aided multiple trauma patients each shift and found a “different avenue” for his thwarted dream. “Ski patrol offered a more fair opportunity (to serve others) based on my ability,” he said. Lavallee said his venture to the slopes “led to a number of different jobs,” including operating two eateries. He rotated between vocations in the off season and took to the mountains for ski season. In 1993, he was hired to develop a Lucent division installing computer systems. His international travel marketing wireless networks “started the wireless revolution of today,” he said. He made “ridiculous money” before the crash in 2000. When Lucent trivested, he moved from his base in Australia to Atlanta after a friend told him, “Oh my God, you’ll love Lake Lanier!” His first homes in Roswell and Duluth were too far from the lake. “Then about four years ago I went out on a drive. I wasn’t intending to buy anything,” he said. A chance meeting with a real estate agent led him to Duckett Mill. “I bought the house before coming down the driveway. It’s a Cape Cod, like New England. I loved the piece of property situated on the lake. It looked like it was built in the 1970s. I started renovating and moved here in 2005 while renovating it,” he said. In the meantime, the high tech infrastructure continued to downsize. Lavallee opted out at age 47. “I’d had enough. I resigned my


Ric and Dara Lavallee are joined by Sydney and Bosco on the deck of their Duckett Mill home.

position and told Dara I’d always wanted to be a firefighter and paramedic,” he said. Medical advances to control diabetes had removed his temporary dream blockade. “I decided to reinvent myself and went back to school,” he said. “We tightened our belts. It was no different from anyone else. It was an opportunity to do something I always wanted to do.” A neck injury he incurred while rollerblading on a half-pipe stilled him for his studies at Lanier Tech. He recovered and started training for the physical challenge test by running up to 1,080 steps four days a week wearing a 40 pound vest. Lavallee, an athletic 6-foot, 220 pound self-avowed health nut, felt confident he could adeptly roll hoses, carry heavy loads up stairs, run up ladders and carry a 160 pound dummy 50 feet. “I don’t usually fail at what I take on,” he said. “I usually succeed.” He succeeded at being one of 12 from a pool of 200 applicants chosen to serve in the Hall County Fire Department. Two years ago, nearing age 50, he again smoked applicants half his age in the fitness test to move to the City of Gainesville Fire De-

partment and is now stationed at the new Station No. 1 in midtown. Fire Chief Canada said Lavallee and partner, Jeff Clark, epitomized “the true character of who a firefighter should and must be” in their response to an elderly couple without family nearby. “The lady told me that her husband had an emergency and that two of our firefighters had come to assist them and she went on to say how professional they were and how they cared for her husband,” Canada said. “She went on to tell me that Ric and his partner came back to their house the next day (after they were off duty) to check on her and her husband and placed some floor rugs and moved some furniture to allow her husband to maneuver with ease without tripping and falling,” he said. Canada described the compassionate act as the “quiet side of being a firefighter.” It’s the kind of thing that Lavallee wants to give back to the community by continuously remaking himself into newer modes of service as a paramedic, custodian of the lake, and who knows, he said, possibly a side line as a gourmet restaurateur for dinner cruises on northern Lake Lanier.

January 2011



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January 2011

Cabin fever sets in; give your gear a tackle tune up It’s that time again. The bustle and often mission oriented posture of the holiday season is behind us and we find ourselves in a new year. All but the most serious of anglers have stowed the tackle waiting for warmer times to arrive with spring. And among the latter group, if the weather takes a serious turn to the cold or wet side, it can have a significant impact on outings since most folks are only off a couple of days per week with little flexibility. A bit of bad timing with the weather can easily have one off the water for a couple of months. Depending on a person’s immunity level, the age old malaise of cabin fever can set in at any time. Symptoms include staring out the window for prolonged periods wondering aloud if you should venture out in marginal weather. These are often punctuated by hours of watching nonstop fishing TV. Poring over the new year’s “spring” mail order catalogs filled with the latest fishing tackle along with your tried and true favorites only seems to make it worse. Over time, I’ve developed a high level of resistance to the fever, but my wife can tell you about lapses in years past. I no longer go out

ance of rods and reels as well as getting rid of stuff in your tackle box that’s, for lack of a better Tommy word, junk. Wilkinson Dish up some Hot Sauce or Reel Butter Casting Fishing rods, generally speakLanier ing, require little to no maintenance over their life span. If you think I fish with a fresh batch of when three weather systems are the latest rods and reels each year, converging at one time or when you’re wrong. Most of my stuff air temperatures hover in the sin- has some mileage along with gle digits. The only real cure is to many stories (most are true). I do get out there with a fishing rod in like to keep my tackle looking your hand if you happen to get good however. When it comes to lucky with good weather and a rods, clean the blank with a little warming trend. If this is not feasi- window cleaner and a paper ble, there are ways to reduce the towel. For the handle, an old symptoms which will also make toothbrush and a bit of shampoo you more agreeable company for works nicely. This lifts out accuother family members. A way to mulated dirt and oils and can take accomplish this is to engage in years off the appearance of an old productive activities that relate to rod. Likewise, scrub down the fishing. Any pro angler will tell locking ring, threads, and reel you that one key to success in this seat. Dirt build up here will often highly competitive industry is or- wind up in your reel over time. ganization. Anglers who have For the crevices and tight spaces, their tackle squared away are typ- pipe cleaners and cotton swabs ically on the ball with putting are handy. Rub a swab over each other pieces of the fishing puzzle guide insert (assuming your together. If you’re looking for a guides have these) to identify any sure fire way to get organized, areas that might be nicked. This give your gear a tackle tune up. could necessitate replacing a This will optimize the performguide. Needless to say any guide

Call Now For: Transporting Detailing & Maintenance “the connection between boat buyers and sellers”

with a missing insert should be replaced. Not doing so is like asking for repeated line breakage. If you own a rod that is broken at the very tip, this is a good time to install a new one. It’s a very easy procedure but will require a trip to the local tackle shop with your rod to get the right size tip and some glue. Heck, since you’re already there, the shop will probably do it for you and only charge for the tip. It’s a good excuse to get to the tackle store. Strip all reels of old line and clean the exteriors with a grease cutting product. If reels have a bit of age, you may want to consider breaking them down to clean the internal components. Only do this if you’re pretty self confident and organized. A cleared kitchen table covered with newspapers topped with paper towels makes a good work area. If you have the exploded parts diagram for the reel, keep it handy. It’s worth noting that you can partially disassemble most reels and easily put the parts back together. This route, or a combination, may be for you. The overall goal is to remove old lubricants along with the dirt particles they collect and relubricate the reel. When relubricating, I

highly recommend the newer products such as Hot Sauce, and Reel Butter. They form a molecular bond to the parts. Always remember that when it comes to lubing reels, be sparing. Less is better than more. If you are not into taking your reels apart, it could be a great excuse for another trip to the tackle shop. Boiling water straightens bends Now it’s time to open that tackle bag. Once again, I recommend the kitchen table. This keeps hooks away from young family members and pets. Topping the table with newspaper will keep you out of trouble on the home front. Sperate all lures or inserts by category. During this process, you’re going to keep an area designated for lures you have not used in two or more years of fishing. I’m not talking about the back up copies of your favorites or the ones from your grandfather’s old tackle box. If the truth were known, we all have a number of lures hanging around that we just don’t use. Over time, plastic bait storage takes on a life of its own. You end up buying more of your favorite worms and don’t know there are three packs See Fishing, page 7


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January 2011


• Fishing

Lanier Fishing Report

Continued from Page 6 lurking in the bottom of the fifth pouch in the plastic bait binder. Or, you’ll pull out a bag only to find they have bends set in that lend an unnatural look in the water and erode your confidence. Don’t throw those baits away. Drop them briefly in boiling water and remove them with tongs lying them straight on towels to dry. This will remedy a case of the bends. Most of you are probably just plain tired of my repeated recommendations of changing non-premium factory installed treble hooks to super sharp models on hard baits (a.k.a. crankbaits, jerkbaits, and topwater plugs). It’s the last thing you want to do on the evening before a trip you have been anticipating. The tackle tune up is a great time to do this. If you don’t want to invest the money in a total change out, consider outfitting the lures you find yourself using 80 percent of the time. These are likely to be 20 percent of what you own. I do recommend spending a few dollars on split ring pliers for this task. Your thumbnails will be much happier for this decision. Take a look at your spinnerbaits as well. Skirts become tattered over time. These are easily replaced and you can also buy skirt colors that are not available on stock model baits. This is also a good time to customize blade configurations. Downsizing the rear blade on double willow leaf models will allow for burning retrieves when the waters warm in

late spring and early summer. While shaping up and reorganizing your tackle, consider making inserts specific to species or trips. I have boxes just for crappie, stripers, and river float trips. When the time comes, instead of lugging the bag, I simply grab an insert along with two or three rods and go. Now look over at that pile of lures you have not used in two or however many years. Box these up in inserts and find a kid who loves to fish or a local scout troop. Get the picture? They’ll cast these lures with the confidence that makes a huge difference in catching fish. A gift like this is a veritable treasure that gets youngsters started in a healthy and hopefully lifelong activity. Plan your spring trips OK, you’ve done all the things described above and the weather is still too cold, wet, or both to hit the water on your days off. What next? Don’t worry, there are plenty more ways to stave off the effects of cabin fever. It’s a great time to begin planning your trips for the spring. Don’t focus on the same old thing. This could be a great year to rediscover the fun in bringing home a mess of crappie for the table or getting off the lake to a delayed harvest trout stream once the “delayed” part is over. I believe in releasing wild trout but nice size stockers grilled with butter and lemon are mighty tasty and See Fishing, page 10

Level: Around 1069 or about two feet below full pool. Surface temperature: Lower 50s and dropping with each cold front. Clarity: Clear with the exceptions of upper tributaries which may have a little color. Bass fishing has been fair to good lately for those who have been venturing out in the cold or days when temperatures reach into the 50s. The best bite, as expected this time of year, has been deep. Skirted twin tail grubs (a.k.a. spider jigs), spoons, and the ever present shakey head rig have been pretty much accounting for most fish caught. Anglers are fishing depths of 25 to 45 feet deep. On the shallower side of this spectrum, look for man made brush piles on the points and submerged humps. On the deeper end, concentrate on the creek channels with submerged timber. Follow the points toward the old channels and you’ll find areas to investigate. While scouting these areas, a good signal of baitfish pods on your sonar is always a strong sign that bass will be close by. Fish the shallower end of the bite range with shakey head rigs and be sure to target the deeper boat docks anywhere your fish. For these, or intermediate depths, soft plastic skirted twin tail grubs will also get the job done. Be sure to add a scent product and dye the trailer tips chartreuse to get those extra bites. When you go deeper, break out the vertical jigging spoons. The Flex-It and XPS Tungsten are great choices. While lifting and allowing these to drop on free fall, be sure to have no slack in your line as strikes often occur on the fall. This deep water pattern will likely remain constant through the next month. Striper fishing has been very good. At press time the best fishing has been on the south end, but historically, the north end is strongest this time of year so don’t hesitate to ply your efforts up there as a first choice. Be sure to have a 3/8th ounce bucktail jig with a trailer ready on a rod always as you may encounter surface feeding fish at any time. Be on the lookout because diving gulls give a tip off to this activity as they harvest baitfish the predators push to upon surface. Don’t overlook concentrations of loons as well. These divers are never far from their next baitfish meal. Search for striper activity around the points from creek mouths to half way back in. You’ll want to trail a couple of flat lines with unweighted herring or small trout about a hundred feet behind the boat. A balloon inflated to golf ball size tied on the line with a simple overhand knot about 15 feet up will keep your baits in the strike zone and prevent deeper snags. Use limber rods and keep the drags light tightening to the right level on each hook up. As always keep an eye on your sonar and be prepared to drop down lines to about 25 feet or so if you’re spotting concentrations of fish. Use a two-ounce sinker ahead of a six-foot leader that is several pounds less in breaking strength than the main line. As with the bass, this pattern should continue solid through the next month.

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Mission To promote fellowship, conservation, and education among Lake Sidney Lanier Striped Bass Anglers.

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The Lanier Striper Club was formed in 2000. Its 50 plus members are dedicated to promoting fellowship, conservation and education among Lake Sidney Lanier Striped Bass Anglers. The Club meets the first Tuesday of every month and has a monthly fishing outing the first Saturday of the month (following the Tuesday meeting). The Club brings in professional guest speakers at monthly meetings who cover a variety of topics. Our members are beginners, intermediate and advanced fisherman – all are welcome! For more information on joining the Lanier Striper Club, please call Buck Cannon at 404-510-1778.


January 2011

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NEW FLOWERY BRANCH FORECLOSURE listing with the MOST amazing views! What a deal!!!!! Tons of sq footage, huge 1.64 acre lot, 2 kitchens, master w/FP, fully finished terrage level, dock permit for 32 x 32! $769,900

January 2011


Safe boating courses begin in February As you read this article, the Atlanta Boat Show will be under way or on the verge of opening. The Coast Guard Auxiliary booth will again be in the lobby area of Hall “C” of the Georgia World Congress Center, right next to the mobile Coast Guard exhibit from Miami. We invite you to stop by our booth and talk with our members about membership or almost any phase of recreational boating, including arranging for a free Vessel Safety Check. In addition, you can pick up a safe boating course schedule for 2011 being offered by Flotilla 22 Lake Allatoona and Flotilla 29 Lake Lanier. On a personal note, I knew absolutely nothing about the Coast Guard Auxiliary, even though I had been a boater for a number of years. After taking their course, I learned who they were and what they did, including their relationship with the U.S. Coast Guard. That was 18 years ago, and I never regretted my decision. The courses vary, but cover topics such as “Know Your Boat, Before Getting Underway, Navigating the Waterways, Operating Your Vessel Safely, Boating’s

rules referred to as the “72 COLREGS” governing operation of boats in international and inland Roy waters. If you violate any of these Crittenden rules and cause a problem, you will be held accountable to these USCG rules. Wouldn’t it be a good idea Auxiliary to be familiar with the most common ones? The civil penalty that can be imposed for violation of Legal Requirements, Boating these rules has been set at “not Emergencies, Enjoying Water more than $5,000 for each violaSports and Georgia Boating tion.” We’re only asking you to Laws.” spend one day and about $40 to Successful completion of this make you a more knowledgeable course may result in a discounted and safer boater. premium on your boat’s insurance These CG Auxiliary courses premium that could easily be begin February 5 at Lake Lanier enough to cover the fee for the and February 26 at Lake Allacourse. Becoming a more knowl- toona. To get signed up contact edgeable skipper will make boat- the following Public Affairs Offiing much more fun and relaxing cers: and could bring a sense of “reas• Flotilla 22 Lake Allatoona: surance” to some of your guests! Paul Bartoszewick (770) 905Another good reason to take a 9821 or course is because Maritime Law • Flotilla 29 Lake Lanier: Mike holds the skipper responsible for Atkinson (770) 891-6362 or auxanything that happens on your vessel, even the conduct of your Roy Crittenden is Public Affairs passengers. There are written Officer for Flotilla 29. MORE INFO: 770-393-4382 • Flotilla 29 Lake Lanier •

14 Must-Know Questions That “Make Sure” You Get a Boat Cover That is Built Right.

Safe boating course set for Feb. 5 Flotilla 29 of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, Lake Lanier, announces a one-day, seven-lesson “About Boating Safely” course. The course is scheduled for Saturday, February 5, 2011. This course also serves as a PWC certified course for children under the age of 16. This course will be given at the Coast Guard Auxiliary Operations Center, 6595 Lights Ferry Rd., Flowery Branch, Ga., on the left just before the entrance to Aqualand Marina. Classes run from 8:30 a.m.

until 4:30 p.m. and cost is $40. Discounts available for additional family members. Course contents include: • Know your boat • Before getting underway • Navigating the waterways • Operating your vessel safely • Boating’s legal requirements • Boating emergencies • Enjoying watersports • Georgia boating laws Successful completion of this course may result in a reduction in your boat’s insurance premium.

MORE INFO: Mike Atkinson, Public Education Officer, Flotilla 29 • 770 891-6362 •

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January 2011

Six Mile Bass Club nets state team and individual titles

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SCHEDULE YOUR FALL MAINTENANCE AND WINTERIZATIONS NOW! Stop by our convenient location or give us a call today 4765 Truman Mountain Rd. • Gainesville, GA 30506 Hours: Monday - Friday 8 - 5 • Saturday 8 - 12 • Closed on Sundays

(770) 356-3024 Cell David Daniel (770) 887-6942 Shop Back row left to right: James Coberly, Craig Monnin, Paul Burchfield, Jeff Hempker. Front row left to right: Scott Pendley, Mike Marshall, Ryan Clift. By Pamela A. Keene Six Mile Bass Club has netted both the team and individual state titles at the 2010 BASS Federation Nation State Classic in late November at Lake Hartwell. The 36-member club sent six of its top anglers to the competition. Angler Mike Marshall won the individual title for the second consecutive year and will move on to

the Southern Regional competition in April 2011 at Barren River, Kent. It’s a lead-in tournament for the Bassmasters Classic in 2012, which has a $500,000 prize. Team members Craig Monnin (captain), Jeff Hempker, Ryan Clift, Scott Pendley, Paul Burchfield, James Coberly, and Mike Marshall fished the event.

“Last year we finished second and were disappointed,” said Monnin, who founded the club and serves as its president. “We were very excited to come back this year and win the team title.” Sponsors for the club include Hammonds Fishing Center, Boating Atlanta, Sworming Hornet Lures, Wiley X Sunglasses and TFO Rods.

• Fishing Continued from Page 7 make for elegant dining along side new potatoes and some greens. Check out the DNR website for more information on streams and dates. There’s a real sleeper in here too. I’m talking about walleye. Incremental stocking efforts by the DNR over years is really starting to pay off for those in the know. These tasty fish will typically make a spawning run up major tributaries toward the end of February and early March. Populations are better than ever. If you’ve never enjoyed a batch of fried walleye, you certainly need to. The DNR web site can steer you in the right direction for these gamefish. And, don’t forget that striped bass typically make mock spawning migrations up lake tributaries in March as well. All in all, there’s going to be a lot of potential when March arrives. The weather can be a bit fickle but you should not miss out on the action. Take a look at the calendar and think about what lies ahead. Don’t forget to plan bass fishing trips as well. Nearing the end of March, the willow trees will begin to green. This is a

prime time to fish around points and boat docks for pre spawners. You’ll also want to allocate some lake time a week prior to the full moon in April. With normal weather conditions, this is a time to make your best spotted bass catches of the year as bass move shallow in droves. When you’ve planned all these out and are still looking for something to do, check out the fishing sales and clinics that typically take place in late February to early March. This is a great time to enjoy free seminars by renowned local anglers and top tournament professionals. It’s a really fun way to spend a

late winter afternoon and the information will certainly sharpen your skills for the months ahead. In closing, you can find some great fishing out there this time of year. But, if the weather is inclement or you’re just waiting for spring, there are some really good ways to spend your time anticipating the fishing trips that lie ahead. Until next month, be safe and enjoy the lake! Tommy Wilkinson is assistant manager for Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World in Duluth. MORE INFO:

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January 2011


All brick luxury w/ heated pool Easy walk to ss dock on deep wtr

Luxury home has it all! Flat walk to deep wtr, VIEWS

Separate attached in-law cottage Flat walk to lake, close to water

Better than new, ~4300 sq. ft. Flat walk to water, yr-round views

Four-sided brick, heated pool, great views, koi pond, easy walk to lake, lrg lot. Single slip dock in drought-proof cove . Upscale n'hood. Priced to sell at $899K.

Magnificent builder's home w/ every feature you can imagine. You'll love the views, flat walk to the dock, & DEEP water. Dbl slip permit, sgl slp dock. Fantastic n'hood. $1.19mil.

4BR renovated lake home so close to the water! Flat walk to sgl slp dock, great yr-round views. Huge kitchen, open flr plan, hw floors, in-law cottage. Just $449K.

Showcase home! Imported Italian sea granite ctrs, ss appliances, open floor plan, full finished bsmt. Amazing views, very flat path to lake, 1.23 acres! SS dock. Below appraisal @ $549K.

Luxury lake home, grass to water Dbl Slip dock, amazing long views

As far south as it gets on Lanier ~180ยบ lake views, close to water

Great Buford location, finished bsmt, like new, easy path

Newer lake home in Gainesville Easy walk to dock, fenced yard

Builder's own luxury home w/ too many features to list. Big back yard w/ grass to water. Views will take your breath away. Cool work bldg looks like vintage gas station. $1.19mil.

Soaring lake views 2 sides, deep water, SS dock, very close to water, no-wake cove. Buford home renovated, open floor plan, magnificent screen porch & decks. $549K.

Lake home like new, priced to sell. Hardwood floors, granite ctrs, 2-story family room, nice views. Easy walk to SS party dock or take cart path. A deal at $450K.

Granite counters, hardwood floors, wall of windows for lake view, flat path to lake, fenced yard, SS party dock w/ lift & kayak launch. Ridiculously low at $425K.

Pre-foreclosure luxury on s lake Fantastic outdoor spaces, views

May be most gorgeous views on lake, luxury home just reduced

Buckhead styling on Lanier! Beautifully finished in Buford

Pre-foreclosure-back on market Deep water, views, luxury style

Awesome luxury home w/ fantastic upscale details. Most gorgeous outdoor living spaces on lake w/ breathtaking sunset views. 6BR, huge bsmt. Reduced $599K.

Completely rebuilt luxury home, just steps to SS party dock on deep wtr, amazing views, every feature top notch. Workout room, fnshd bsmt w/ custom bar, 3FPs. $899K.

Great south lake location, gorgeous craftsman style, almost new, open floor plan, EASY walk to dock, beautiful architecture. Reduced again to $519K.

Luxury home on lovely deep-water cove. Fantastic architectural details & trim, every feature is high-end. Great views of lake & mountains. Reduced again to $722,500.

Look again! Newly renovated Cedar boat house, deep water always

Affordable lake living in Flwy Br Enjoy the views & n'hood ramp

Completely renovated, Cumming Flat walk to wtr, big back yard

Lake Lots - Foreclosure on one of the best cul-de-sac lots in Shores of Lyncliff next to its slip in the community marina, .84 acres, over 230 ft lake frontage, amazing views. $249K - Huge 2.21 acre G'ville lot w/ almost 250 ft lake frontage on deep water, gorgeous views, great n'hood, sgl slip dock permit. Priced to sell at $225K.

Upscale n'hood, perfect location, grandfathered-in cedar shake boathouse in deep water. Newly renovated w/ granite ctrs & more, very well-built. Reduced to $499K.

Year-round lake view! 4BR, 2BA, new crpt & flrs. Fenced kennel for dogs & huge lot w/ land for your garden. N'hood has a boat ramp. Just @$225K. Might lease.

Close to Atl in Cumming - 3BR loft floor plan, flat lot, easy walk to dock, big yard, completely renovated in '04. HW floors, stainless appliances. $349K.

- Corner lot, .7 acres, lovely building site. Did get dock in lottery, waiting for approval from Corps. Just $139K.


January 2011

Now Accepting New Lake Listings!

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RE/MAX Advanced

TESTIMONIALS FROM BUYERS & SELLERS SHOW BEVERLY WILLIAMS DELIVERS! Jim Gregory & Rick Hoyle, Sellers “Beverly has made selling our home on Lake Lanier a GREAT experience! We have a new friend as well as a great agent! Thanks for everything!”

Buy a “Foreclosure” w/Beverly Tasha W. Barnes, Buyer “From the moment I spoke to Beverly, she was the most courteous professional Realtor that I have ever met. As we discussed my first home preferences, Beverly continuously took into consideration the wants and needs of my disabled mother. Beverly always kept me on track and we were able to find my "perfect first home" within 2 weeks! Beverly Williams made the entire process from the first home the initial the closing A STRESS FREE EVENT. I would highly recommend Beverly Williams to anyone who in the home buying market. Thanks for everything, Beverly!”

Buy a “Freddie Mac” w/Beverly

Mary Ann Drury, Seller “I want to express our sincere appreciation for the extraordinary efforts and time that Beverly put into the sale of our home. She worked above and beyond the expectations of what most people think a realtor will do to assist us in the sale of our home. We knew when interviewing realtors that Beverly was the best of the best. Her honesty and forthrightness were outstanding qualities that caught our attention immediately. Beverly's dedication to follow-up and keep us informed throughout our extremely long and difficult sale show her high professional manner. It would not have happened if it had not been for Beverly!”

Buy a “Short Sale” w/Beverly Jeff & Alicia Knowles, Buyers “Being first time home buyers we were very pleased with the help that we received from Beverly. We really appreciate her patience and the time she put into finding us a home with our crazy work schedule. She accommodated us at our convenience. Beverly, you are really great at what you do!”

Alexis Chambers, Buyer “I was referred to Beverly Williams by a family member who is also a Realtor. He had the utmost confidence that she would be able to help me find what I was looking for within my price range. The house that I put the contract on happened to be a FORECLOSURE. My experience with Beverly was great but my experience in buying a foreclosure was a nightmare! Without Beverly's persistence in dealing with the bank's Realtor and the Attorney for the Bank I still may not be in my home. I really couldn't have gone through the process without a Realtor. Beverly went above and beyond to help me get this home. I actually closed 2 months after putting a contract on the foreclosed house which is almost unheard of in today's market. Buying a FORECLOSURE is a stressful process… and I could not imagine getting it done without Beverly's assistance.”

Bart & Claudia Hodges, Sellers “We would recommend Beverly Williams to anyone wanting to sell their home. Other agents we spoke with wanted us to list our home for lower than our selling price, but Beverly recognized the value of our home. She developed a beautiful brochure that showcased the assets or our home and looked great on her website. Her marketing efforts paid off in a quick sale in a slow market. Beverly and her excellent staff stayed in touch throughout the process and were great to work with.”

Buy a “Fannie Mae” w/Beverly Bryan Morris, Seller “Beverly, I cannot even begin to adequately express my deep appreciation and gratitude for all that you did to help me through this grueling house-selling process. Your very high level of expertise, knowledge, and professionalism were why I wanted to work with you, but I was continually grateful for your warmth and heartfelt friendliness during those times when I got discouraged. I am firmly convinced that I got the best representation from initial listing to final closing because I was working with you. Thank you so very much for all of the extras including all of the marketing that you provided. Keep up the hard work, and best of luck in the future. Thanks again a hundredfold!”

Real Estate Market Update ... Middle and higher price ranges are selling again. Almost all my listings are gone. I need more “motivated” sellers. Contact me ASAP! - Bev

S e e m y l i s t i n g s a t . . . w w w. b e v e r l y w i l l i a m s 1 . c o m

January 2011


678-754-7552 770-536-8500

Now Accepting New Lake Listings! Beverly Williams ASSOCIATE BROKER GRI, ASR, REO, LLC SHORT SALES, RESS



6141 Jim Crow Road


D OCK ! YEAR ROUND VIEW! Completely renovated ranch on finished terrace level. 3BR/4.5BAs, Master BR w/lake view offers jacuzzi, shower. Kitchen w/new SS appliances. Vaulted great room w/FP, hardwood floors, 3-car garage. Finished terrace level offers den w/2nd FP, rec room, large bedroom w/jacuzzi bath, office and half bath. Double slip covered dock in place. Easy, level walk to deep, DROUGHTPROOF water. MLS#2927479 $689,000

! T C A R T N O C R DE






P ERMIT ! SOUTH SAILING WATER! Sold "as is�. Covered approved dock permit on record. 4 BR/3 full & 2 half BAs, Master on main w/Jacuzzi shower. Kitchen w/many upgrades. Vaulted GR w/lake view. Full finished terrace level, 3-car garage, boat door. Easy walk to water! MLS#2923836 $926,000


6805 Misty Cove


W /2-S LIP

PARTY D OCK ! FABULOUS 3BR/3.5BA RANCH on full finished terrace level. Master on main w/jacuzzi. Vaulted great room w/massive stone fireplace. Seperate formal dining room, kit w/granite counters, stainless appliances, breakfast area & bar, opens to great room.2BR/2BA in basement and huge rec rm for entertaining. Cart path to 2-slip party dock w/electricity. MLS#2848819 $450,000


9605 Cove Point




GREAT BUILDING SITE LAKE LOT. 1.444 +/- acres. Corp of Engineers approved single slip covered dock permit. Survey, easement agreement. Great opportunity to purchase lot with dock permit on deep water channel! Build now or later. 1 mile to rowing venue. MLS#2826660 193 Clarks Bridge Rd. Tract 2 $350,000 $297,000






CUMBERLAND ON LANIER S/D - 30% complete. 5BR/4.5BA. Massive vaulted floor plan, 4 side brick, 4-car garage. Full unfinish terra lvl. Tax records show home is approximately 6,726 SF. SS covered dock in place, Corps says dock permit is current. Great opportunity to get dock in place and complete home. Buyer must pre-qualify with Suntrust lender. Hurry! Priced to sell quickly! MLS#2871197 $249,900 $174,900

SOLD! 4134 Greyfield Bluff Dr.

S e e m y l i s t i n g s a t . . . w w w. b e v e r l y w i l l i a m s 1 . c o m


January 2011

Captain Quin Strikes Again ...

Captain Quin, Inc. • 22 -Year Veteran Guide on Lake Lanier • Boat, Tackle & Bait Included • Insured

Make a reservation with Captain Quin NOW! Schedules are made on a first come, first serve basis. Get your request in now as peak appointments fill up fast!

770-503-5995 or email

Jim French


GRI, CRS, CRB, Phoenix, Crystal & Silver Phoenix Awards


Vic Shirley GRI, ARC, CNRS

THIS HOUSE HAS EVERYTHING! 3BR/3 Full & 2 Half BA. Spacious master BR & BA. True gourmet kitchen w/top of the line appliances, island, bar & breakfast nook. Separate dining rm. Rec rm has full kitchen w/bar, fireplace & game ares. All of the finer details & extras. 2-slip party dock in deep water. A steal at $999,000. JIM FRENCH 404-401-6254, VIC SHIRLEY 770-656-7502

PRIVATE LAKE HOME. 4BR/3BA, Like new interior, open comfortable design. All new kitchen, breakfast area, separate dining room, open great room, rec room. Lots of storage, double garage. Deck, patio, covered dock, great view! $449,900. VIC SHIRLEY 770-656-7502, JIM FRENCH 404-401-6254


CHARMING CAPE COD - 4BR/3.5BA, Great rm. User friendly kitchen, breakfast rm, sperate dining rm. Nice master. Wrap-around porch, deck & patio. 2-car garage. Dock w/lift. Very private. $649,000. VIC SHIRLEY. 770-656-7502, JIM FRENCH 404-401-6254

4 SIDES BRICK RANCH in great Forsyth County neighborhood. 3BR/2BA, split bedroom plan, soaring ceilings, formal living & dining rooms, kitchen & breakfast area, other popular features. Bargain priced at $183,900. VIC SHIRLEY 770-656-7502

FORECLOSURE. 4BR/4BA + bonus rm. Spacious throughout, up-scale master, gourmet kitch, sep dining rm. Unfinished bsmt studded & stubbed, ready to finish. 2-car garage. Bargain at $265,000. JIM FRENCH 404-401-6254, VIC SHIRLEY 770-656-7502

Jim French 404-401-6254 • Vic Shirley 770-656-7502 • Office: 770-889-3051 • 770-889-6871 Fax ©2009 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Coldwell Banker is a registered trademark licensed to Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Owned And Operated By NRT LLC. *Source: Atlanta Business Chronicle. 2083

January 2011




New on the market. Lake and mountain views like no other. 14.31 acres. Boat dock permit in hand. Great location for an estate home w/lake frontage. Could be subdivided into acreage lots. Property goes from culde-sac to cul-de-sac on Winding Lake and Ivey Road. Ronnie Waller 678-947-7449

CAMBRIDGE IN ALPHARETTA - Great home w/5 BR/2.5 BA. Open plan w/1st floor hardwoods. 2 BR's on upper level have hardwood. Oversized deck and private fenced rear yard. New appliances. New washer and dryer remains. Don't miss this one! Vicki Treadwell 678-947-7445

$674,000 CHESTATEE - Charming! Heart Pine entry doors. Stunning foyer/stairway. Grand room w/coffered ceiling, fplc, French doors, handscraped plank flrs. Kitchen w/ keeping rm. Main floor master. Travertine bath. Large porch w/ fplc overlooks private rear yard. Sally Willison 404-375-6945

$140,900 Bank Owned Foreclosure. 3 BR/2 BA. Nearly new home. Great Room, Dining Room, New Appliances. Master Bath with separate tub and shower. 2 Car Garage. Lot is 3/4 of an acre, near all Dawson County Schools and close to town. Ronnie Waller 678-947-7449

Home of Atlanta’s No. 1 Office! Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

$599,000 Perfect home for relaxing in the mtns of Big Canoe. Beautiful home secluded on 5.9 acres. Enormous master on main w/ gourmet kitchen open to spacious sunroom. Formal dining & living rm. Amazing terrace level w/ 2 BR/2 BA, rec. room, FP, grt rm & screened porch. Renee Martin 678-982-9801

$479,000 PERFECT LAKE LANIER HOME - Gorgeous lake views, short walk to dock in very deep water, updated kitchen w/ granite, huge greatroom with wall of windows. Don't miss this 4 BR/2 BA home in a great Forsyth County location at a great price! Phil Baraona 678-910-5930




FORECLOSURE - Bank Owned. Nearly new home in small quiet neighborhood. One acre lot, level, landscaped-. 4BR/2BA. Great Room with fireplace, separate Dining Room. Nice Kitchen with pantry and Breakfast area. 2 Car Garage. Ronnie Waller 678-947-7449

THE HAWTHORNE 3BR/3BA w/master on main, ofc/study, media rm., separate living rm/bkfst rm w/ French doors leading to ext'd covered private patio, wrap around porch, awesome kitch, maple cabinets, lg. bar, den w/FP/gas logs. Dee Ballew 770-540-2600

Immaculate kept home. Better than new, 5 BR/2 BA. Family Room with hardwood floors, fireplace/ gas logs and built in book shelves. Country Kitchen with stained cabinets, stainless steel appliances, Office/Study, fenced backyard/ above ground pool. Sue Stancil 404-401-6487

$998,000 Spend some of the best times of the year on Lake Lanier! Brand new lakefront home recently reduced. 4BR/3.5BA. Master suite on main. 10'ceilings on main and upper- level lot grassed to lake. 32x32 dock in place, pool to be put in. Ronnie Waller 678-947-7449

$299,900 Owner relocating. Cul-de-sac lot. 4 BR/4BA. Granite counters, hardwood floors, daylight basement. Keeping Room off Kitchen, large fenced backyard. Two story Family Room with wall of windows. Deck off master, screened porch. Debbie McCrory 404-314-8520

$875,000 The perfect answer to lake front living - 3.71 acres with lighted tennis court and covered double slip dock. 5BR/5.5BA, Master Suite on main, grt rm. 2 FPs, separate dining room, wet bar, rec room. Deck, patio w/hot tub, 4 car garages, view to deep water. Ronnie Waller 678-947-7449 400 North/Lake Lanier Office \ 770.889.3051 \ 1735 Buford Highway, Suite 125, Cumming, GA 30041 For Free Mortgage Pre-Approval, Contact Jay Posey: 404.992.5462 Š2009 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Coldwell Banker is a registered trademark licensed to Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Owned And Operated By NRT LLC. *Source: Atlanta Business Chronicle. 2084


January 2011

LAKE LANIER OLYMPIC VENUE Vinson, Hefner selected paddlers of the year By Jane Harrison Emily Vinson and Ben Hefner were honored as Paddlers of the Year Dec. 12 at the Lanier Canoe & Kayak Club Annual Awards Banquet. It was the second consecutive annual award for Vinson, a 2012 Olympic hopeful who trained both on local water at the Lake Lanier Olympic Venue and at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, Calif. The Gainesville native who first viewed Olympic paddlers on Lake Lanier in 1996 won three gold medals in national and international competition in 2010. Focusing on team boats, senior women K2 and K4, the 21 year old has been one of USA Canoe/Kayak’s most promising women’s team players for at least four years. Hefner, who paddled in both junior and senior canoe classifications last year won seven gold medals in C1 and C2 200, 500, and 1,000 meter national and international events. LCKC High Performance Coach Claudiu Ciur has described the 19-year-old as “the best canoer in the U.S.” His performances have also been noted by USACK National Teams Director William Irving, who believes he has 2012 Olympic potential. Overall, LCKC achieved 53 gold medals and numerous silver and bronze awards last year after racing in the U.S., Canada, Poland, France, Germany Hungary, and Mexico. The club won its ninth Canoe Kayak National Championship in Oklahoma City in August. Highlights listed by LCKC in 2010 included popular community events such as the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival, day camps, middle school and dragon boat racing series and annual Polar Bear Swim. Other awards presented for 2010 included: • Sr. Male Paddler – Morgan House • Sr. Female Paddler – Anna Crawford • Jr. Male Paddler – Luke Potts • Jr. Female Paddler – Morgan Smith • Juvenile Male Paddler – Stanton Collins • Juvenile Female Paddler – Rebeca Westmoreland • Bantam Male Paddler – Emerson Smith • Bantam Female Paddler – Karenna Paul • Masters Male Paddler – Jack Blendinger • Masters Female Paddler – Tammy Woodard

LAKE LANIER OLYMPIC VENUE INFO Here's a profile and calendar for the two clubs operating at the Lake Lanier Olympic Venue:

Lake Lanier Rowing Club

Emily Vinson (above) and Ben Hefner (below), LCKC Paddlers of the Year.

Contact: Jim Pickens, Coach Phone: 770-287-0077 Email: Address: Lake Lanier Olympic Venue 3105 Clarks Bridge Rd., Gainesville, GA 30506 Website: Club offerings: Recreational and competitive rowing for ages 13 to 80+. Beginner to elite offered through regularly scheduled practices, classes, and camps hosting of local, regional, national and international rowing regattas. Calendar of events: (complete list on website) Jan. 29 - Lanier Heartburn Indoor Sprints Jan.-March - Winter and Spring Break Collegiate Training March 26-27 - John Hunter/Lanier Sprints Regattas May 14 - Southeast Junior Regional Championships May 28-29 - ACRA National Championships

Lake Lanier Canoe and Kayak Club

• Most Deserving Female Crew – Women’s Junior C4, Elle Hefner, Karenna Paul, Hannah Shilling, Sadie Foote • Most Deserving Male Crew – Means Juvenile C2 – Emerson Smith, Jonathan Olson • Most Improved Male – Tommy Wade • Most Improved Female – Kasi Paul • Developmental Rookie Girl – Farran Smith • Developmental Rookie Boy – Daniel Burchardt • Aspire Awards – Anatasia Haack, Dillon Kimsey, Megan Johnson, Andrew DeLozier • Service Award – Pete & Cheryl Smith • Myra Satterfield Award for Sportsmanship – Terri Olson • Julia Johnson Award for Contribution to Adult Paddling – Nancy Canupp • Community Sponsor Award – Gainesville Park & Rec and Hall County Parks & Leisure Services • Corporate Sponsor Award – Microsense • Gary Gaines Award for Outstanding Contribution to the paddling program – Eddie Foust

Contact: Office Administrator Brenda Miller, LCKC President Tim Watson Phone: 770-287-7888 Fax: 770-287-3444 Email: Website: Address: Lake Lanier Olympic Venue 3105 Clarks Bridge Rd., Gainesville, GA 30506 Club offerings: Recreational and competitive canoe and kayaking for ages 12 and up. Beginner to masters programs offered through regularly scheduled practices, classes, and summer camps. Also hosts local, regional, national and international competitions. Calendar of events: (complete list on website) Venue seats about 2,000 with parking capacity of about 400 cars. The boathouse and tower are available to rent for meetings and special occasions.


Rowers to test fitness in Lanier Heartburn Indoor Sprints By Jane Harrison Many rowers focus on fitness during the winter months with indoor workouts using weights and stationary rowing machines, or ergometers. Off-thelake training heats up around the country when rowers compete in virtual races on ergometers. The Lanier Heartburn Indoor Sprints, set for Jan 29, is one of more than a dozen indoor rowing competitions listed by Regatta Central this winter. Sporting names like Erg-of-War, Erg Rodeo, Erg Pull, and Ergomania, these sweat fests gauge rowers’ fitness levels before the spring sprint season gets under way. The Lake Lanier Rowing Club’s ergatta is expected to draw 100 or more junior, collegiate, masters and unaffiliated athletes to the Lanier Olympic Venue boathouse. The event will function as a strength and speed test for the club’s veteran rowers and the new junior squad, many of whom have not faced off against opponents in an indoor setting with yelling coxswains, screaming supporters, and steamed up windows. As participants heave-ho on the ergs, an announcer will be shouting

their progress shown on a screen that electronically charts the race for all to see. Last year rowers from Georgia Tech, Georgia State University, University of Georgia and local junior and masters rowers raced virtual distances ranging from 500 to 2,000 meters. A group of Crossfit NE Georgia athletes also hit the ergs for a tough workout. The contest is open to any athlete, whether or not they have rowing experience. Awards are traditionally presented to the top three finishers in the collegiate, juniors, masters and the “never, ever rowed on water” classifications.


Lanier Heartburn Indoor Sprints What: Indoor rowing competition on ergometers (stationary rowing machines) When: 8:30 a.m. Jan. 29 Where: Lanier Olympic Venue Boathouse, 3105 Clarks Bridge Rd, Gainesville Information: (770) 287-0077,,

More LLOV stories, see pages 22, 28.

January 2011



The Norton Agency



REO and Short Sale Certified

434 Green Street, Gainesville, GA 30501





PRIVATE OASIS! GRAND LAKE ESTATE ON 6.5 ACRES. Three finished levels recently renovated. 5BR/4.5BAs. Two bedroom guest house over four car garage. Heated pool, s-slip dock in secluded deep water bay. Study, theatre, wine bar and pub. A fabulous home for entertaining. Room for helipad and tennis courts. GAINESVILLE, HALL COUNTY




LAKE VIEWS FOREVER IN "SIDNEY ON LANIER"! Close to the water and room for everyone in this gorgeous 5BR/5.5B with 20x40 pool and party dock in deep water! Rare 2-story guest apartment w/kitchen, LR, sep BR, handicap features. Elevator. Also for lease.2255 SIDNEY DRIVE, GAINESVILLE 30506

IDEAL LAKE SETTING! Huge privacy and beautiful year round south lake views! All brick builder's home. Gorgeous lot with gentle topo & Corps on two sides. 5BR/4.5BAs. Three finished levels. 32x32 party dock on deep water area of Young Deer Creek and Pilgrim Mill Rd. 5BR/4.5BA. 3940 TAMIAMI TRAIL, CUMMING 30041

REDUCED! MOTIVATED-BRING ALL OFFERS! IN EXCLUSIVE GATED LAKE LANIER COMMUNITY WITH COVERED BOAT SLIP! Close to GA 400, this gorgeous custom home has 3 finished levels w/6BR's, finished terrace level w/custom bar, media room, more. 3 fenced acres, a heated salt water pool and hot tub, lake views. Adjacent lot available to make appr 5 acres, + a 2nd slip. Trade possible. 14 CHRISTOPHER LN, DAWSONVILLE


HOT DEAL! APPROVED SHORT SALE! EXCLUSIVE GATED POINTE WEST S/D IN OAKWOOD. ALL BRICK THREE FINISHED LEVELS WITH INFINITY POOL AND TWIN SLIP PERMIT! REDUCED FROM $1,450,000. You will love this 5BR/5.5 bath lake home situated on deep southlake waters! Open floor plan with many updates. Finished terrace level with second kitchen, screened porch! 5640 POINT



PREMIER HARBOUR POINT MODEL HOME WITH LAKE VIEWS & BOAT SLIP OPTION! Three finished levels of luxury appointments for entertaining! Fabulous terrace level w/ inlaw suite, fitness, billiards room. Big lot. Was $1.2M, REDUCED for quick sell. 3314 HARBOUR POINT PRKY, GAINESVILLE


ADORABLE LAKE COTTAGE AT WATER'S EDGE! 4BR/3B craftsman built in 2005 with finished terrace level. Quiet culde-sac. Twin slip party dock. Great lake views! 2517 VENTURE LANE, GAINESVILLE 30506




BEST VIEW UNDER $1M IN HARBOUR POINT! Charming 'lakefront' home on no maintenance lot in villa section. Enjoy views from most rooms. Open plan featuring vaulted GR & mst on main. Boat slip option in world class marina. 3473 MARINA CREST DR., GAINESVILLE


DRASTIC $300K PRICE REDUCTION!! ELEGANT LAKE HOME IN EXCLUSIVE SWIM/TENNIS GATED COMMUNITY W/PRIVATE 2-SLIP DOCK! Deep water, gentle walk to dock, 5 BR, 3.5 BA, lake views from most rooms, finished terrace level w/ 2nd kitchen, screened porch, hardcoat stucco. 5657 POINT WEST DRIVE, OAKWOOD 30566, POINTE WEST.


TWO ACRE LAKE LOT WITH CORPS LINE IN THE WATER! GREAT VIEWS! 5BR with finished terrace level. S-slip party dock in deep water. North Hall schools. Reduced. Make offer! 4010 DONNA DRIVE, GAINESVILLE


REDUCED! IMPECCABLE CRAFTSMAN GET-A-WAY ON PEACEFUL NORTH LAKE! 4BR/3B on finished terrace level. Two story GR w/stone FP, lg screened porch. Exquisite landscaping w/stone patio & firepit. Gentle path to newer aluminum twin slip party dock. Deep open H2O. EZ GA 400 access. 5609 MARKS DRIVE, GAINESVILLE



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e Atlanta Visit us at th

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Denise Abruscato Realtor, ABR,® SFR®

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Value - $960 elow Market

ssively B

Priced Aggre

3696 Looper Lake ty $385K Point Proper


5930 Lakeside Court Only $240K

Make an offer on this fabulous, over 1/2 acre, Lake Lanier lot, with 161’ of shoreline and ACOE property line near water. Build your dream Lake Lanier home in Forsyth County with senior tax breaks and great values.

Forsyth County Lot $299K

All Brick, Master on the Main, 3 Car Garage, Double Slip Dock. Gently lived in house in never dry, year round South lake sailing water. 3 Finished Levels. 4 Bedroom Plus, Finished Terrace level w/Bar and theater room. Home features Certified Professional Home Builder specialties, composite deck, functional open floor plan. Awesome 2story windows compliment rare year round lake views. Media room w/built in custom bookcases, hardwoods & double French doors.

Harbour Point Home with Single Slip Dock. Custom home with spacious master on main, large remodeled kitchen, breakfast nook & large open keeping room. Finished terrace level with 3 fireplaces, wide doorways and staircases for open plans.

Absolutely the most, breathtaking view, of open water on a point property. Home site is ON the water's edge. 2 mile view of open water with well groomed shoreline, beautiful rounded river rock blanket. Welcomed by large slate colored steps. Embellished by natural stone seawall that wraps around property. 3BR/2BA home or great floor plan for your new home.

Almost 3/4 acre near GA 400 exit 14 and Lanier Beach South/Samples road. Partial fence along one Lakeside area. Build your Lake Home soon!

Lake Lanier home Buyers – Many great Lake Lanier investment opportunities are available, right now. We have good values with many options available. I am available to support your Lake Lanier home search criteria, research, and specific, first or second home needs. I am an experienced Lake Lanier homeowner for over 14 years, and successfully worked with many Lake Lanier homeowners. Our teams are ready to support your home buyer needs, quickly and efficiently soon. Don’t miss these Lake Lanier buyer opportunities.

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January 2011

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January 2011


Boat show means spring, summer not too far away for zoo feed, and also are exporting them back to Asia where they are considered a delicacy. HowMike ever this hasn’t controlled their Rudderham growth yet, so President Obama – who has been known for appointing czars – has appointed a Carp Captain’s Comments Czar. John Goss was named to the post. His main job will be preventing the carp from entering The Great Lakes where they which will aid you in knowing that you have the proper and safe could destroy the billion dollar sport fishing industry. They recommended U.S.C.G equipment on board. Start your boating might even close the existing canals to control the problem. year off right with a boating course and inspection. If you suc- Let’s hope they get them under cessfully pass the course most in- control. I’m sure you will hear more about this. Some people surance companies will give you might think its funny, but it is a a 10 percent discount on their real serious problem. premiums. The U.S. Power Quotes Squadron also has courses that in“Nothing makes a fish bigger surance companies will also give premium discounts upon comple- than almost being caught.” - Author unknown tion. “Success in never final.” Enjoy the show and whatever boat you choose we wish you safe Winston Churchill Wakeboarding and enjoyable cruising next year. It became popular after it was Raft-up record introduced at the 1996 X-Games, Several years ago some movers and shakers around Lake and has surpassed water-skiing in recent years. I think it evolved Lanier tried to organize a world record raft-up of boats, gunnel to from water-skiers’ one ski trick routines where we used one trick gunnel. A Guinness World ski and went over a ski-jump to Record was set on Kentucky’s perform 540 degree turns, heliLake Cumberland last August. copters, crossunders and somerSponsored by the Lake Cumbersaults. Now they use a boat which land Association, they rafted up 1,651 boats, which beat the previ- is designed to create a wake and has a tower to attach the tow rope ous record of 1,453 boats set at at a higher point. Lake Norman in North Carolina Both Correct-Craft and Masin 2004. To see photos of this tercraft have special wakeboard raft-up go to Hey, what about boats. Sea-Ray, Bayliner and Regal have followed suit and ina Lake Lanier try at the record? troduced special wakeboard Carp czar boats. You will find these boats at You’ve probably read about the boat show. Also since wakethe Asian Carp problems in our rivers. They are harvesting them boarding is performed at much slower speeds than water-skiing you don’t burn as much fuel, so it’s cheaper on the wallet. Wakeboarding also has a magazine dedicated to the sport. One Dock Moving Specialist thing is for sure, you won’t see any obese wakeboarders. Remember if you are in the sport or going to take it up, watch your with 3, 6, or 12 month contracts wake and get some big air. • Refloat, repaint, redeck New ethanol problems • Pressure wash, stain or seal The EPA has seen fit to introduce E-15 for 2011. This is for • Shoreline steps vehicles built in 2007 or later. The • Party decks E-10 has caused enough problems • General repairs for boaters. In marine fuel sys• Ramp wheels, anchor poles tems the high alcohol content acts as a solvent, scouring varnish and • Shoreline winches & cables crud in tanks. It can also melt the “We’ll move your dock anywhere resin used in older fiber glass fuel and will watch it all year long” tanks and degrade seals and rubJeff Thomson • Cell: 770-310-9337 ber components, leaving residue Email: that clogs carburetors and injec-

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. It’s boat show time again and those of you who are anticipating time on the water next season can choose the boat which will suit you and your family best. If you buy a new boat I would recommend you have a sea trial to make sure the boat suits your needs. Yes, I know it’s not boating weather, but we do have winter afternoons in the 50s. If you decide on buying a used boat, insist on seeing the maintenance log. Remember in this economy the first thing owners don’t do is preventative maintenance. This could leave the buyer of boats that haven’t been maintained with expensive repair bills. This is why I recommend that all boat owners keep a maintenance log book with receipts. That way when you sell the boat you will more than likely get a better price than a boat that can’t prove what service its had. Also on a used boat with a trailer make sure you check the trailer, bearings, tires and winch. It could save you money. The boat show will also have fishing tackle, wakeboards, waterskis and tube toys for fun on the water. If you have questions about your present or future boat the show is where you can get your answers. There will also be electronics of various brands on display which will make it easier to decide which units you want at your helm. Don’t miss the U.S.C.G. Auxiliary booth where you can find out where and when they will hold their boating classes. They also have free boat inspections

In & Out Dock Watch FREE MONTH

tors. Ethanol molecules attract water, and when the saturation level gets high enough, they phase separate into layers of water and ethanol at the bottom of tanks and lower the octane of the fuel on top. Poor performance, engine damage, corrosion and expensive repair bills can result. E10 fuel also breaks down quickly and often sooner than the typical off-season boat storage time frame. The Yamaha Marine Group confirms that ethanol causes 25 percent of the calls to the company’s customer service hotline. Most late model marine motors are designed to run on E-10, but if you can find non-ethanol fuel it would perform better. It kind of reminds me of the ’50s when we hunted down Amoco high test unleaded fuel so we wouldn’t foul our spark plugs. Not only has corn based ethanol affected the marine industry, but its production has raised the price of a bushel of corn where it affects many items we buy at the supermarket, raising our cost of living. It has been found that corn based ethanol does not have enough energy density punch as fuels using camilina or algae as its base. Currently the U.S. Navy is testing these fuels that wouldn’t compete with corn and our food industry and they have a better carbon foot print. To prevent ethanol problems, try to locate a source of nonethanol fuel. Install a 10-micron water-separating filter in your fuel system. This will help remove the water and debris common with E-10 fuel. Add a fuel stabilizer before filling up with fresh fuel. Stabilizers will minimize ethanol problems. If your boat is stored for a long period of time add stabilizer per instructions and fill the tank to minimize phase separation and condensation. If you want to have your voices heard about this problem, write your congressman, senator or even the president. Let’s hope this problem is solved and soon, so we can all have trouble free boating. Design a better life jacket There’s another contest to design a better life jacket. (P.F.D. personal floatation device). The project is being sponsored by the Boat U.S. Foundation, Underwriters Laboratories and the Personal Flotation Device Manufacturers Association. The competition to

design a new and better P.F.D. will go from now to Feb. 1, 2011. The winner will receive a $5,000 award. So remember when you and your fellow anglers, sailors, or boaters make your suggestions for a better P.F.D. and design a better P.F.D. and win $5,000. Contact: and good luck. Sea Scouts I was glad to see the formation of two Sea Scout ships on Lake Lanier. Sea Scouts are a great opportunity for youngsters to learn about boating. If they reach the Quartermaster level they can enter the military service as an E3. I was a Sea Scout in the first Ship that was formed in Clearwater Beach, Fla. and was elected by my peers to be the first Sea Scout leader. We had some great times. Our leaders were retired Captains and yacht owners, so we had some great trips and learning experiences. If your son or daughter is interested contact: The two Ships are located in Cumming/ Forsyth County and Gainesville. Check it out. Your kids will learn about boating and have some great experiences. 15-year-old solo circumnavigator Laura Dekker and her sailboat “Guppy” arrived in St. Maarten on December 20, which was her scheduled E.T.A. per her blog. She said she is taking her time and not trying to set a record. She arrived at St. Maarten at the beginning of their winter tourist season, which I’d say was excellent timing. Her blog says that her trip across the Atlantic was fairly uneventful, only sighting a few ships. Her weather varied from becalmed where she used her auxiliary engine occasionally, to using only the storm jib and mizzen sails in stormy weather. Don’t know her next port of call, but we’ll keep you posted. If you want to follow her, check out her blog at We wish her good sailing. Hope you have a great time at the boat show and will be on the water in your new boat next season. Be courteous, practice safe boating and I’ll see you on the water when it gets warmer. Mike Rudderham is a veteran marine surveyor with more than 40 years experience in the marine industry.


January 2011

Neither rain nor cold dampen Polar Bears’ spirits By Jane Harrison Emily Baker and Phill Norrey had already decided to take the plunge into matrimony before they decided to literally plunge into Lake Lanier together Jan. 1. The rain soaked couple announced their engagement on the slippery dock at the Lake Lanier Olympic Venue just before they jumped into the lake in the 14th Annual Polar Bear Swim. “We’re so happy! What better way to wash away the old. It’s invigorating, like being reborn,” said the shivering husband-to-be as the two headed for a warm soak in a hot tub with other “polar bears” on a soggy New Year’s afternoon. Ninety-two jumpers celebrated the start of 2011 at the Lanier Canoe & Kayak Club’s fundraiser by jumping, belly-flopping, and cannon balling into lake. Although conditions appeared similar in and out of the water (humidity 100 percent, temperature in the low 50s), the look of shock on participants’ faces revealed the pouring rain did not acclimate them for total immersion in the chilly lake. Even 12-time “Polar Bear” George Wangemann remarked that the water felt as cold this year as it did last year, when temperatures

were more than 10 degrees lower. The long-time Gainesville city councilman, clad head-to-toe in a fluffy white chicken costume, dubbed himself the “Polar Chicken” and mascot of the poultry capital prior to strutting out on the dock. But, in his resolve not to get his feathers soaked and sink to the bottom of the lake, he stripped down to his swim trunks before flapping his arms and diving in. Judges Cheryl Chabot, from Tropic Pool and Spa, and Mike Braff and Sheldon Foot, from LCKC, concurred that by shedding his feathers before hitting the water, Wangemann forfeited a potential Best Costume prize. That award was won by the Galbraith family, whose seven members donned white T-shirts declaring “Welcome 2011!!.” Shane Galbraith and son, Conner, 7, did the jump last year and coerced Shane’s twin brother and his family to join them this year. In the boathouse, Jennie Galbraith spoke warmly of family togetherness in the coming year. She later stood proudly beside her smiling clan as they prepared to leap off the dock. Seven splashes later, the Gailbraiths’ grins turned to grimaces as they dogpaddled like

crazy toward the ladder. “It took my breath away,” Jennie squeaked, as they flocked to the hot tub. North Hall Middle School student Tucker Buffington and three co-harts got honorable mention in the costume contest after they partied into the lake wearing tall, purple party hats. “We’re crazy … we just want to live the life,” said a goose-bumped Buffington. “Right now, I’m really, really cold … I can’t feel my body.” Billy Moffett, of Gainesville, looked in complete control of his body and faculties when he performed the perfect can opener jump. “I did it last year so I knew what I was getting into,” he said. His superior “ker-plunk” won first place in the Big Splash category, just out splashing defending champ, Jerrell Verner. Verner, a hulking bear of a man in a black two piece and yellow crocs, exclaimed, “It’s cold!” as he climbed out of the water and scrambled for a towel. Rusty Grindle flipped into the New Year to claim the Best Jump award. Ten-year Polar Bear veteran Vicki Howell’s graceful swan dive won honorable mention. The local educator said the annual winter baptism “starts the new year in a

Expires 2-15-2011 Please present coupon after you receive your quote.


Four North Hall Middle School students take the plunge. refreshing way.” Eleven-year-old Virginia Russell doesn’t think she’ll make jumping in the lake a New Year’s tradition. “I’ve always wanted to do it … but I probably won’t do it again,” said the North Hall middle schooler through chattering teeth. Jessica Tilson, who splashed into the New Year with five friends, said her first resolution became

clear once she hit the water: “Oh my God! I’ve got to get to the ladder!” The large turnout of Polar Bears brightened a wet, dreary New Year’s Day and raised funds for the LCKC youth program. After their feat, participants, who paid from $20 to $25 each, shared chilling experiences over hot chili and See Polar Bear, page 67

Expires 2-15-2011 Please present coupon after you receive your quote.

January 2011


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January 2011

Could sunspots be key to wacky weather? We certainly had a wild weather ride in December! Tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, snow, sleet, freezing rain, and one beat forecaster! Earlier this fall the Climate Prediction Center issued its winter weather outlook. The prediction was for a warmer and drier than average winter. After our second snow and ice storm I emailed the C.P.C. to see if the predictions for January were going to change, based on what we have all gone through so far. I did not get a response. The La Nina central Pacific Ocean cooling is continuing. When these conditions persist, we should have a warmer than drier than average winter. I sure have my doubts. Hopefully, we will get a break from the thrills, chills, and high heating bills! I don’t know about you, but my December heating bill looks like a second mortgage payment. I know La Nina brings warmer than average temperatures. I also know there is a huge link (although not fully understood) between sunspot activity on the sun and our weather. When there are many sunspots, the weather is warmer than average. When there are few or no sunspots, the weather is colder. I have a theory that the lack of sunspots we have seen this year is overwhelming the La Nina pattern. There are many climatologists who agree and are trying to figure out the connection. Here is what they have been looking at: cosmic rays linked to


rapid cloud changes, thus cooling the Earth. As climate physicist JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC JAN Glenn Henrik Svensmark exBurns plained in the book 1 1070.78 1070.81 1070.22 1069.67 1069.47 1068.55 1068.68 1069.06 “The Chilling Stars,” 2 1070.79 1070.90 1070.18 1069.58 1069.48 1068.47 1068.80 1069.15 3 1070.78 1070.92 1070.21 1069.47 1069.45 1068.44 1068.84 Lanier when there are a lot of 4 1070.80 1070.82 1070.18 1069.43 1069.41 1068.36 1068.85 Outlook cosmic ray particles 5 1070.86 1070.90 1070.10 1069.41 1069.36 1068.33 1068.92 striking the earth, there 6 1070.92 1070.87 1070.11 1069.34 1069.24 1068.30 1068.89 are more clouds, when 7 1070.92 1070.78 1070.12 1069.25 1069.19 1068.28 1068.88 there are less cosmic rays there are less 8 1070.89 1070.66 1070.11 1069.20 1069.14 1068.19 1068.88 9 1070.86 1070.54 1070.04 1069.16 1069.14 1068.14 1068.86 clouds. This is significant for climate 10 1070.87 1070.56 1069.97 1069.12 1069.11 1068.09 1068.85 change because low clouds cool the planet. 11 1070.89 1070.56 1069.90 1069.15 1069.05 1068.05 1068.89 Low “sunspot” activity allows more cos12 1070.92 1070.50 1069.85 1069.14 1069.01 1067.99 1068.93 mic rays to strike the earth, increasing 13 1070.93 1070.49 1069.80 1069.09 1068.95 1067.98 1068.92 14 1070.92 1070.46 1069.81 1069.05 1068.91 1067.96 1068.91 cloud cover and cooling the planet. 15 1070.99 1070.41 1069.79 1069.00 1068.85 1068.07 1068.89 “The blizzard that pummeled the Upper 16 1071.05 1070.43 1069.72 1068.95 1068.82 1068.02 1068.90 Midwest in mid-December was one for the 17 1071.03 1070.48 1069.67 1068.93 1068.80 1068.04 1068.93 record books, burying some communities 18 1071.01 1070.49 1069.58 1068.92 1068.74 1067.99 1068.96 with nearly two feet of snow and breaking 19 1071.02 1079.47 1069.53 1068.86 1068.71 1067.96 1068.96 20 1071.05 1070.43 1069.54 1068.81 1068.67 1067.96 1068.94 100-year-old records in others. Even all 21 1071.00 1070.38 1070.02 1068.77 1068.61 1067.96 1068.95 the way to the South, new records have 22 1071.00 1070.35 1070.15 1068.72 1068.55 1067.95 1068.94 been set.” 23 1070.91 1070.34 1070.12 1068.67 1068.52 1067.93 1068.93 “Extremely cold weather blasted the 24 1070.88 1070.35 1070.06 1068.59 1068.51 1067.92 1068.91 United Kingdom, only two weeks after 25 1070.86 1070.32 1070.00 1068.59 1068.51 1067.88 1068.95 26 1070.89 1070.31 1069.98 1068.74 1068.47 1067.84 1068.95 what some have called the U.K.’s earliest 27 1070.88 1070.30 1069.96 1068.99 1068.58 1067.85 1068.91 wintry blast in 17 years. The first week of 28 1070.88 1070.24 1069.93 1069.07 1068.61 1067.86 1068.88 December was the coldest opening week 29 1070.85 1070.21 1069.90 1069.12 1068.59 1067.87 1068.91 of December in central England since 30 1070.84 1070.17 1069.84 1069.38 1068.58 1068.26 1068.89 1879. What is more, it is the second cold31 1070.16 1069.76 1068.57 1068.87 AVG 1070.91 1070.50 1069.94 1069.07 1068.89 1068.08 1068.90 est opening week here since the earliest MAX 1071.05 1070.92 1070.22 1069.67 1069.48 1068.55 1068.96 records were taken in 1659. The Parisian MIN 1070.78 1070.16 1069.53 1068.59 1068.47 1067.84 1068.68 snow is the latest extreme winter weather event to impact Europe. As we reported last week, London has also experienced our nearest star and its ultimate connection … and stay warm! unusually cold and snowy weather.” to our planet’s weather systems. Glenn Burns is chief meteorologist The bottom line here is that we need Have a wonderful New Year everyone for WSB-TV in Atlanta. more research into what is happening on



January 2011


Truce needed in the Georgia, Alabama, Florida water wars By Val Perry Executive Vice President, Lake Lanier Association As Gov.-elect Nathan Deal prepares to assume his responsibilities for Georgia, he faces many challenges. Unemployment, the budget and economic growth clearly head the list. However the issues of water supply and management also demand concentrated focus. In times of drought, as experienced in 2007-2008, water was taken from Georgia to ostensibly benefit some Florida mussels and sturgeon. The annual economic contribution from Lake Lanier is measured in hundreds of millions of dollars. This value contribution is dramatically reduced when the water level is lowered. Visitations drop due to potential safety concerns caused by hidden hazards just below the surface. As the water wars have festered for years, several claims have been espoused by Florida and Alabama proponents that are myths. Here are two of the myths stated about Georgia: • The problem is that Atlanta development and growth results in taking water from downstream users. In fact, Florida’s demand of

was not an authorized purpose even though approximately 4 milNews & Information lion people receive their water from Lanier. Magnuson acknowledged that although Lanier has been providing water for Georgia residents and businesses for almost 60 years, new authorization is required by July 2012. He challenged the three states to agree on 5,000 cubic feet per second dura water supply and management ing a drought is more than 10 plan, and to obtain congressional times normal Atlanta consumpauthorization for water supply tion. and recreation. If this order can• Georgia is wasteful of water resources. In fact, Georgia, led by not be accomplished by July 2012, then the Georgia withthe Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District, has made drawals must revert to 1975 levsignificant strides in conservation, els. That would be devastating for Atlanta and the other municipalieducation, general focus and inties that use water from Lanier. frastructure repair over the past Magnuson’s decision is being apseveral years. These investments pealed by Georgia in the 11th and public awareness have reDistrict Court. A decision could sulted in reducing water contake over a year. sumption in Georgia. Clearly, Deal has a significant The current status of the trichallenge as he becomes an exstate litigation is driven by Judge pert on “water war” issues. After Paul Magnuson’s July 2009 decithe new governors achieve water sion regarding the authorized pursupply and management agreepose Lake Lanier. He ruled that ments, Georgia’s congressional the U.S. Congress only authordelegation, headed by U.S. Sens. ized Lanier for hydropower genJohnny Isakson and Saxby Chameration, flood control and bliss, will have to convince Connavigation requirements. Water gress to issue authorization for supply for people and businesses Lake Lanier Association

the water supply and recreation uses of Lanier. Solving the water issues between the states represents a significant requirement for Georgia’s future since water is essential for growth and economic stability. All of Georgia must rally in support of Gov.-elect Deal in his efforts to protect and conserve Lake Lanier for the future. In summary, successful water supply and management plans need to be implemented for Georgia’s future. While there are many water initiatives under way in Georgia, the most significant and

pressing issue is the resolution and water management agreement between the governors of Georgia, Florida and Alabama. Founded in 1966, the Lake Lanier Association is the oldest volunteer group working to protect the high water quality as well as water levels and to preserve its valuable legacy for future generations. It is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization. MORE INFO: 770-503-7757

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January 2011

January 2011


Chilled to the bone in the Bahamas by an Artic blast Bob and Carolyn Wilson, aboard Sea Island Girl, continue Lakeside's long running series of cruising adventures which began in the mid-1990s. To date we've had the Johnston family, Jean and Bill Bayman, and Mechelle and Bill Cooksey all contribute to the series. Bob and Carolyn boated on Lake Lanier until leaving for their adventure in 2002. Don’t let ‘em fool ya when they say “it’s betta in da Bahamas.” With all the pictures of the white sand beaches and palm trees swaying in the breeze you could easily be convinced that it is going to be that way 12 months a year. Well believe me, “it ain’t necessarily so.” Now there are many days like that and the sun does shine most of the time, but Bahamians take their licks like everyone back home, and I’m not talking about hurricanes – just your day in day out temperature swings. I guess when your body adjusts to a certain temperature, you become accustomed to it. Here the temperatures can vary from the 90s during the summer months to the upper 70s during the winter, but Mother Nature seems to get a kick out of throw-

Bob & Carolyn Wilson Cruising Wilsons

ing an occasional curve ball, just to keep everyone honest. We arrived mid-November and were beginning to get a little cocky when the temps were in the 80s and the skies were clear. The water was in the mid-70s and life was good. But as the Farmer’s Almanac had predicted, things began to change early December and when the first cold front blanketed the northeast with snow, the winds blew all that cold weather into the southern parts of Florida and into the Bahamas. It dipped into the high 50s for a couple of nights and Bahamians were chilled to the bone. A few years ago, we experienced similar conditions. The workers at a nearby construction site were dressed in what could only be described as snow suits – ski hats, down jackets and gloves, and it was around 65. The sight of

them hovering around a fire pit was quiet humorous, but for them it was the only way to get their body temperatures back to something a bit more tolerable. This December was no different. That first Arctic blast changed things for a lot of people. The locals were pulling out their winter clothes and boaters, having recently arrived from south Florida, began trading in their tshirts and shorts for jeans and fleece pullovers. Those with heaters aboard used them day and night whenever the temps dropped below 60, and there was no sympathy from friends and family back home. If you recall the previous year, it was uncharacteristically cold as well. Much like last year we find ourselves sitting on the boat enjoying an adult beverage or two, awaiting the passage of yet another cold front. The thermostat is set on 72 and it is a little disheartening to think we have come all this way just to watch the wind whipping amid the palm trees and the waves breaking along such a beautiful white sand beach. This is not necessarily the high season for tourism in the Bahamas, but the cruise ships con-


Chillin’ in the Bahamas.

tinue to bring in hundreds of thousands of paradise seeking tourists hoping to make their escape from the wintry weather back home. We see them stepping off the shuttle buses making their way toward the straw markets and bars dressed as though they were in Oahu mid-July. And even the most kind hearted amongst us has to laugh, as we watch them running from shop to shop, trying to escape the frigid temperatures with a flamboyant taxi driver yelling, “it alright mon, you in da Bahamas now and ever-ting gonna be alright.”

Well anyway, it’s great to be back in the islands among the people we have come to love. They do make us laugh at times, but we share in their sad times as well. Tourism in the Bahamas has definitely been affected by the downturn in the US economy, yet most everyone has a smile on their face and a kind word to say. So if the weather is beginning to get you down where you are, pack your swim suit, grab your snorkel and sunglasses and make your way to the Bahamas. You may want to consider bringing See Wilsons, page 28






HUNDREDS OF PATHS INSTALLED ON LANIER! Thinning • Grading • Clearing • Cleaning Lake Paths • Walking Paths • Golf Cart Paths RUSH



Dock Power/Water • Path Lighting • Path Dressing TA ATLAN W HO BOAT S S! L SPECIA

Drainage • Erosion Control • Trenching Natural Boulder Walls/Beds ALL KINDS OF GRADING,GRAVEL & FILL WORK ONLY $150 MINIMUM!* Small Jobs OK • Semi Retired Affordable • Hundreds of References! Licensed • Insured

Make your woods look like a park! Clear out all the undergrowth in your woods!

Call Mike: 678-410-1375 *Within 10 mile radius of shop


January 2011

American Boat Brokers expands with new facility on Holiday Road By Pamela A. Keene American Boat Brokers has expanded its facilities with a new four-bay 4,800-square-foot addition on its three-acre site at 6516 Holiday Road. Additionally, the business is adding the services of boat mechanic Kelly Patrick to its offerings. “Kelly has a great following,” said Larry Sosnow, owner of American Boat Brokers. “It’s a win-win for all of us that he’s coming on board. People will come here to have their boats serviced and when they’re looking for a boat to buy, they’ll think of us.” The addition will allow American Boat Brokers to work on boats inside under cover all year long. The building has a 20-foot ceiling, with ample room for all sized boats. American Boat Brokers offers service and all kinds of boat work, from bottom jobs to detailing. American Boat Brokers was started in 1994 by Guy Firor at Lanier Harbor Marina. Sosnow became a partner in late 1997. The two men bought The Dam


American Boat Brokers new addition at its Lanier Islands Parkway location.

Store, which they operated for several years, until 2003, when they split the businesses. Firor took The Dam Store and Sosnow moved American Boat Brokers to its current location. “We’ve become an international boat broker,” Sosnow said. “We’ve exported boats to Europe, Australia, Asia, South America, and Canada, and we’ve sold more than 5,200 boats since we’ve been in business. No boat is too big or

too small for us to sell.” The company provides extended warranties and financing, even on pre-owned boats it doesn’t sell. It offers free pick-up and delivery. Sosnow is optimistic about 2011. “We’re looking forward to a very prosperous year next year,” he said. “Come by and see us, meet Kelly, Ken Smith and Brian Thompson. We’re ready for a great year.” (770) 993-1460 Features: • Available in 3, 4, 5, & 6 step models

• Wilsons Continued from Page 27 along a pair of your favorite jeans and a sweater or two, but as you do, always keep in mind that tried and true expression,

“hey mon, it always betta in da Bahamas!” - Until next time, Bob & Carolyn Wilson

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• Flip-out mounts (included) to allow the unit to be rotated out of the water for storage

• Over 25 Years Experience

dock ladder is great for people and pets.

These steps actually enable some people to get in and out of the water where they were previously unable with conventional dock ladders. They are just like a staircase! Why climb out when you can walk out! Patented.

$15,000 to finance two trips to Europe for Olympic qualifying races. “The main expense is travel and racing fees,” House said. Other costs include room and board and boat rentals for overseas races. The Lanier Canoe & Kayak Club Olympic Legacy athlete said he will be training on Lake Lanier, San Diego and Hawaii. House is also selling a newly designed long-sleeved T-shirt, hoodies, tank tops and sun visors on his website, The Mellow Mushroom event will feature food, drinks, music and raffle prizes, including a chance to win one of House’s kayaks. For reservations, contact House at or (770) 540-6307.

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By Jane Harrison A fundraiser for 2012 Olympic hopefuls Morgan House and Emily Vinson is planned for 6-8 p.m. Jan. 15 at the Mellow Mushroom in House Gainesville. The local couple, brought together by their love of kayaking, is seeking hometown support of their Olympic dreams. Vinson US Olympic Committee cutbacks in funding for canoe/kayak have prospective Olympic paddlers paying many of own expenses. House said he needs to come up with

• Superior craftsmanship

• Easy to install - only 4 bolts to install


House, Vinson plan fundraiser

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January 2011



January 2011



This year’s event now a four-day show 49th annual Atlanta Boat Show set for World Congress Center By Pamela A. Keene Mark your calendars for January 1316, when the 49th Annual Atlanta Boat Show docks at the Georgia World Congress Center. With all kinds of boats for every type of person, the show also offers fun attractions for the entire family, plus boating, fishing and sailing courses for novices and experienced captains to hone their skills. “The Atlanta Boat Show is not only the ideal place to compare brands and get a great bargain, but also a great destination to enjoy some nautical fun with the family preparing for boating season,” said Larry Berryman, show manager. “And with hundreds of products to choose from for every activity and

budget, plus activities for boaters of all ages, everyone is sure to be inspired to discover why life is truly better with a boat.” From seminars for fishing and sailing to extreme watersports exhibitions all the details are included in this special two-page report. However, if you need more information call 770 951-2500 or visit

A scene from a recent Atlanta Boat Show.

Distortion Boarding, Extreme Rail Jam are back The Atlanta Boat Show will feature a number of special events, including: • Affordability Pavilion – Back by popular demand, this area will showcase boats for those with smaller budgets, highlighting pricing options and displaying boats in all categories that can be financed for $250 per month or less. • 2nd annual Distortion Boarding, Extreme Rail Jam – Boating and outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for adventure can see the nation’s top riders unload a variety of extreme boarding tricks and stunts over a 30,000 gallon landing pool. Powered by the “Grinch Winch” — a portable towing device that pulls riders at speeds of up to 25 mph — pros from Distortion Boarding, Malibu, Mastercraft and Ski Nautique will perform daily riding exhibitions. • Let’s Go Fishing Center – “Reel”

fun for everyone, from aspiring anglers to fishing fanatics, the Let’s Go Fishing Center offers everyone a chance to find out what’s new in the world of fishing with daily free seminars and hone their angling skills with live demos. • Miss GEICO – Miss GEICO is back! One of the world’s fastest offshore racing boats, powered with the same turbine engines that flew missions in the first Gulf War and can reach speeds of more than 185 miles per hour, will dazzle any boating enthusiast with a need for speed. • Pre-Show Shopping – The Atlanta Boat Show’s newest online offering allows attendees to pre-shop the 2011 show for the greatest deals on the newest boats by visiting Show goers can plan ahead and search boats by brand, model and more, sched-

The 2011 Atlanta Boat Show Dates & Location: January 13-16 Georgia World Congress Center Hall C, 285 Andrew Young International Blvd, NW, Atlanta, GA 30313 Hours: Thurs-Fri 11am-9pm, Sat 10am-9pm, Sun 10am-6pm Admission: Adults - $9, (16 & up) Children 15 and under free when accompanied by an adult Details: For more information call 770-951-2500 or visit

ule dealer appointments onsite or at the dealership, plus have the chance to receive free tickets to the show through select participating dealerships. • Sailing Seminars – New for 2011! Perfect for new and seasoned sailors, Windsong Sailing Academy will host a variety of free, daily educational sailing seminars. Click here to view the complete schedule. • Tupolev 007 Russian Rescue Boat – During the arms buildup, the former Soviet Republic developed some pretty bizarre weapons, vehicles and boats that were never mass produced. This rescue boat was one of them. The Tupolev 007 is a can’t-miss! Reaching speeds of more than 150 miles per hour, this rescue boat is powered by an MP14 aircraft fighter engine and is one of the only three originally produced and the only

one still in existence. Its estimated value is $2 million. • Family Day – Thursday, January 13th is Family Day. Presented by the Marine Trade Association of Metro Atlanta. All Family Day attendees will receive special discounts to local restaurants including Ted’s Montana Grill, and will have the chance to win a variety of great prizes. Family Day prizes include free boat rental certificates from Park Marine, a special behind the scenes family tour of the Georgia Aquarium and tickets to local sporting events. • SpongeBob SquarePants – Meet Bikini Bottoms’ favorite resident! Nickelodeon's SpongeBob SquarePants. He'll be on hand to greet fans and pose for pictures Saturday and Sunday, from 11am–3pm.

Distortion Boarding Extreme Rail Jam See the nation’s top riders unload a variety of extreme boarding tricks and stunts in the 30,000 gallon landing pool. Powered by The “Grinch Winch” – a portable towing device that pulls riders at speeds of up to 25 mph – pros from Distortion Boarding, Malibu, Mastercraft and Ski Nautique will perform and host daily riding expositions. Rail Jam Demo Times: • Thursday and Friday 3pm and 7pm • Saturday 1pm, 4pm and 7pm • Sunday 1pm and 4pm Practice sessions will be held each morning around 11am

January 2011


2011 ATLANTA BOAT SHOW • JANUARY 13-16 “Let’s Go Fishing” Center Seminars Get tips and advice from top pros at the Let’s Go Fishing Center sponsored by Allstate. There will be a free Berkley fishing gift for seminar attendees while quantities last plus enter for a chance to win a Berkley Fishing Dream Tackle Box and gear, valued at $350. Thursday January 13, 2011 Noon Trick Worms for Bass, Rick Burns 1:00 pm Shallow Water Structure Fishing, Hawg Trough Fishing Team 2:00 pm Texas rigging for Bass, Tom Branch 3:00 pm Lowrance HDS Sonar and Radar, Bill Carson 4:00 pm Fly Fishing the “Hooch” Chris Scalley 5:00 pm Fishing Lake Allatoona, Matt Driver 5:30 pm Fishing Coastal Georgia, Capt. Greg Davis 6:00 pm STRIPERS!,Captain Ken West 7:00 pm Basics of Sonar, Ken Sturdivant Friday January 14, 2011 Noon Shallow Water Structure Fishing, Hawg Trough Fishing Team 1:00 pm Lowrance HDS and Radar, Bill Carson 2:00 pm Lake Oconee Stripers and Hybrid’s, Mark Smith 3:00 pm STRIPERS!, Captain Ken West 4:00 pm Fly Casting Cures, Chris Scalley 5:00 pm Trick Worms for Bass, Rick Burns 5:30 pm Fishing Coastal Georgia, Capt. Greg Davis 6:00 pm Fly Casting 101, Rene Hess 7:00 pm Basics of Sonar, Ken Sturdivant Saturday January 15, 2011 11:00 am Lake Oconee, Mark Smith Noon STRIPERS!, Captain Mack Farr 12:30 pm Shallow Water Structure Fishing, Hawg Trough Fishing Team 1:00 pm Kayak Fishing, Tony Narcisse 2:00 pm Bass Fishing Secrets, Phil Johnson 3:00 pm Basics of Sonar, Ken Sturdivant 4:00 pm Fly Fishing the “Hooch” Chris Scalley 5:00 pm West Point Lake, Chris Bell 5:30 pm Fishing Coastal Georgia, Capt. Greg Davis 6:00 pm Lowrance HDS and more, Bill Carson 7:00 pm Lake Lanier Stripers, Butch Mingione Sunday January 16, 2011 11:00 am Shallow Water Structure Fishing, Hawg Trough Fishing Team 11:30 am STRIPERS!, Captain Ken West Noon West Point Lake, Chris Bell 1:00 pm Bass Fishing with Soft Lures, Tom Branch 2:00 pm Basics of Sonar, Ken Sturdivant 3:00 pm Fishing Lake Allatoona, Matt Driver 4:00 pm Fly Casting 101, Rene Hess 5:00 pm Trick Worms for Bass, Rick Burns

Sailing Seminars - Room C 103 6:00 pm Noon 1:00 pm 2:00 pm 3:00 pm 4:00 pm Noon 1:00 pm

Friday January 14, 2011 Introduction to Sailing Saturday January 15, 2011 - by Windsong Sailing Academy Introduction to Sailing Celestial Navigation Introduction to Sailing How To Go Sailboat Chartering Introduction To Sailing Sunday January 16 , 2011 - by Windsong Sailing Academy Introduction to Sailing How To Go Sailboat Chartering

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January 2011

HOLIDAY MARINA Where Every Day is a Holiday on Lake Lanier!

Home of the Westrec Advantage Program Our one of a kind program offering discounts on fuel, Ship’s Store purchases, dining and much more! Call to find out more about this exclusive program designed just for you!

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January 2011


h 230 t o o B how S t a o ials! B c e a t p n S a l e t t the A inter Storag a s U rW See Come Us About Ou Ask

Announcing a New Reduced Pricing Structure for Some of our Most Premium Docks Premium Docks include: Free Runabout Storage Free In-Slip Pumpout Service Locked Entrance Gate Weekly Garbage Pick up In Season Sunday Newspaper Delivery Professional, Seasoned, Friendly and Helpful Marina Staff M Dock 80x20 - $750/month or $8550/annually* N Dock 90x20 - $915/month or $10,450/annually* Z Dock 100x22 - $1015/month or $11,550/annually* Standard Dock Reduced Rates: Includes Free Runabout Storage 6 Dock 80x20 – $550/month or $6175/annually* 6 Dock Breakwater 80x20 - $585/month or 6650/annually* *Must be paid up front on an annual basis A Westrec Marina

6900 Holiday Road • Buford, GA 30518 • 770-945-7201


ow ng n N lli o s Se der rs! le n i A ra T

January 2011

Golf Carts & Powersports 2 LOCATIONS: New on! Locati

5835 Holiday Rd. Buford, GA 30518 770-614-0053

N Se ow PW llin Cs g !

January Pre-Owned SeaDoo Special! Call For Details.

2820 Peachtree Industrial Blvd. Duluth, GA 30097 770-232-9330 PWC Service Golf Cart Rentals Available! Call Us For Details!

Let Us Maximize Your Boating Experience! Our complete and comprehensive list of services help you maximize your boating experience. Our goal is to not only help protect your investment, but also provide you with something even more valuable; TIME! 770-380-1499 • 404-925-8166 Please visit our website or call for more information about our products & services.

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January 2011


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Aluminum Sundeck with Gables

Pathway Steps with Mulch

Erosion Control – River Rock and Granite Available w/ Shoreline Steps

ur O n i Jo ve o M k Doc Today! am r g o r P

Also Available: Dock Repair, Refloats and Gangway Wheels

770-531-77355 • Marine Specialties, Inc. • (770) 531-7735

Marine Specialties, Inc. • (770) 531-7735

Marine Specialties, Inc. • (770) 531-7735

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January 2011

January 2011



January 2011

The M ost Sought After Marine Special ist On Lak e Lanie r!

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Get Ready for Winter! Call for Winterization Specials. Xtreme Bilge Heaters Available.

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Georgia Realty Lake Lanier & Surrounding Area







$485,000 THIS IS THE LOT YOU'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR! .91 Acre DEEP Water Lot with 165' of Waterfront-Open Ranch with Wall of Windows for Optimum Views, Spacious Owner Ste. w/Hot-Tub, Updated Baths, Bright Open Kitchen & Screen Porch- Finished Basement has Rec. Room with Fireplace + Lakeside Sunroom with/Bar. Covered Slip-Dock with Side Swim Platform - PLENTY OF ROOM FOR DOUBLE SLIP-DOCK! Enjoy 2011 Living on Lake Lanier!



POINT (BEST) LOT IN UPSCALE GATED COMMUNITY ON LAKE LANIER at End of Cul-De-Sac - Ready to Build Your Dream Home with Cleared Path to Top of the Line "Wahoo" DOUBLE SLIP-DOCK with Party Deck, Water, Electricity and Ceiling Fan - Secured by Adjustable Poles & Cables + Wood Steps with Ramp for Gangplank Wheels is Already in Place! (Dock Value Approx. $45K) Deep Water for Year Round Enjoyment!


$525,000 LIVE IN HARBOUR POINT YACHT CLUB & HAVE AN AMAZING HOME + LAKE LANIER! Gorgeous 6BR/5BA Home has 2-Story GR w/2-Sided FP, Office/BR w/FP on Main, Spacious Owner Ste. w/Wet-Bar, Finished Terrace Level w/Game Room, Media Room + Workshop. Three Car Garage + Fantastic Amenities!!!

$360,000 DON'T LET THIS ONE GET AWAY! Excellent Opportunity to Get on the Lake for Only $360,000 in this Upscale Lake N'hood-Off GA-400 Exit 16. Built for Lake Living with 3-Sided Wrap-Around Porch+HUGE Lakeside Screened Porch. Tile and Hardwood Floors in this Great Open Plan-Amazing Finished Room on Terrace Level has Furniture Grade Finished Pine Walls & Ceiling with Lots of Glass for Nature's Views! Slip-Dock in Great Water. BUILT TO LAST!



$550,000 $349,000 WONDERFUL BRICK RANCH IN BEAUTIFUL LAKE N'HOOD with Oversized Slip-Dock in DEEP Water! Vltd GR w/Brick FP, Large Kitch w/Hrdwd Flrs+Island, Beautiful Lakeside Room w/Lots of Windows+Hrdwd Floors. Gentle Path to Dock w/BIG WATER VIEWS from Dock (bank approval required)

EXCELLENT PRICE ON THIS BEAUTIFULLY REMODELED RANCH with Huge Finished Basement with Stone FP + Private Apartment/Office above Garage with In & Out Entrance! Rich Hardwood Floors, 2Sided FP in Great Room & Separate Lakeside Gathering Room, Gourmet Kitchen, Large Dining Room, Huge Vaulted Owner Ste. W/Sep. Sitting Room + Updated Bath, Screen Porch, Expansive Deck w/HotTub+Covered Patio. LOTS OF PARKING Area+2-Car Grg.+Double Slip-Dock-Private Lake N'hood.


January 2011


Lakeside Calendar January 2011 „ Jan. 10, 11 – Auditions for “Charlotte’s Web” held by Fifth Row Center Theater at 7 p.m. each night. Cold readings from the script and improv for seven women and seven to nine men held at 5509 Main St., Flowery Branch. Production will be in mid-March with a short staging of the show on Feb. 25. Info: „ Jan. 13 – Friends of the Library and BULLI host “Mark Twain” presenting Mark Twain impersonator and Branson, Mo., legend Dave Ehlert telling Twain’s life story wrapped around many of his famous quotations and witticisms. Program is free and open to the public. Info: 770532-3311, X134. „ Jan. 28-30, Feb. 3-6, 10-13 – “Arsenic and Old Lace” presented by Holly Theatre in Dahlonega. Info: 706-864-3759. Thru Mar. 4 – Ferdinand Rosa exhibit featuring abstract, mixed media paintings held at Adams Restaurant at 15 Main St. in Buford. Free. Info: 770-531-9848. „ Thru August – Arie Meaders exhibit held at The Folk Pottery Museum of Northeast Georgia at the Sautee Nacoochee Center, 283 Ga. 255 N. Sautee. Arie Meaders is the mother of famed folk potter Lanier Meaders. Times: 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Mon.-Sat.; 1-5 p.m., Sun. Admission: $5, adults; $4, seniors; $2 children. Info: 706-878-3300; Brenau University „ Jan. 20-Mar. 26 – “Utopian Dreamstate,” features works by Elizabeth D’Angelo. Reception held 6:30-8 p.m. on Jan. 20 in the Presidents Gallery, Simmons Visual Arts Center. Free. „ Jan 20- Mar. 26 – “Mark Maker,” features works by Dennis Campay. Reception held 7-8 p.m. on Jan. 20 in the Leo Castelli Art Gallery, John S. Burd Center for the Performing Arts. „ Jan. 20-Mar. 26 – “Book + Sculpture + Sound,” features works by Jennifer Khoshbin. Reception held 6:30-8 p.m. on Jan. 20 in Sellars Gallery, Simmons Visual Arts Center.

Cumming Playhouse „ Jan. 13-16 – “Branson on the Road,” all seats $25. „ Jan. 21-23 – Mardi Bras “Street Scenes,” all seats $15. Times: 8 p.m. Thurs./Fri./Sat.; 3 p.m. Sun., unless otherwise noted. Info: 770-781-9178; Elachee Nature and Science Center „ 1st Saturday Hikes – Monthly except January and August, the first Saturday of the month, held 10-11:30 a.m. Learn about local native plants and animals. This monthly hike is a great way to explore the Chicopee Woods with an experienced guide. The program fee also includes admission to the museum exhibitions. „ Spring and Fall – Stars Over Elachee held Fridays, Saturdays and/or Sundays at dusk. Learn to use a telescope and star chart to view stars, planets and constellations in the night sky. Pre-registration is required. Fee: $10, adults; $5, children through age 12; free, members. Call for dates and times. „ Spring and Fall – Backyard Conservation Workshops, Compost and Rainwater Collection instruct in recycling natural resources. Call for dates and times. Info: 770 535-1976, Gainesville State College „ Jan. 10-Feb. 4 – “Faculty Biennial”

our history and make some crafts to celebrate him. „ Jan. 24-28 – Music Craft Week, make some musical instruments and create own songs „ Feb. 1-4 – Dental Health Week, all week enjoy arts & crafts about dental hygiene „ Feb. 7-11 – Valentine’s Day Week, make own valentines all week Info:; 770 536-1900; Lake Lanier Islands Resort „ Jan. 29 – Shag Dance Party featuring The ShagTones from 7:30-11 p.m. Boogie on over for a “shag-tastic” night filled with dinner and dancing. Two-time National Shag Dance champions, Charlie & Linda Art Exhibit. Reception held Jan. 12 at Reese will kick the evening off with shag 5:30 p.m. in the Roy C. Moore Art Gallery. lessons and the ShagTones, Atlanta’s Elite Info: (770) 717-3639; Party Band will rock in Lake Lanier IsGainesville Symphony Orchestra lands Resort Grand Ball Room. Tickets: $60+tax/couple; $35+tax/individual (in„ Feb. 26 – Carnival Ball held at 7 p.m. at the Chattahoochee Country Club in cludes gate entrance, admission to party Gainesville featuring a “Mardi Gras” din- and dinner. ner, a show and a silent auction. AdmisInfo: 770 945-8787; www.lakelanierission: $75. North Atlanta Trade Center „ Mar. 18 – Youth Person’s Concert held at 9:45 a.m. and 11:15 a.m. Tickets: „ Jan. 15 – Golden Spike Train Show $5. „ Jan. 21-23 – Pride of Dixie Antiques Market „ Apr. 30 – “Side by Side” Fusion Concert „ Jan. 22 – Word on Da Street Urban „ July 3 – Patriotic Pops Concert held at Literary Festival Brenau University Amphitheatre „ Jan. 28-30 – Great American MotorInfo: 770-532-5727; cycle Show All ticket prices are $8-30 and perform„ Feb. 12-13 – Atlanta’s Exotic Bird ances are held at Pearce Auditorium at Fair 7:30 p.m., unless otherwise noted. „ Feb. 19-20 – The Great Southern Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds Fishing Show Info: 770-279-9899, www.northatlanta„ Jan. 22 – Bill Medley In Concert „ Mar. 19 – Charlie Daniels In Concert (Tickets on sale Feb. 4) Quinlan Visual Arts Center Info: 706-896-4191; www.georgiamoun„ Thru Feb. 20 – Winter Exhibitions Tickets: $35 + $2 clude work from Barry Sons, Judy Bynum Handling; $25 + $2 Handling (unless oth- George, Jill Schultz-McGannon and Bob erwise noted) White. Admission: free to members, $5 Interactive Neighborhood for Kids suggested contribution for others. Opening reception, Dec. 9, 5:30-7 p.m. Sponsored „ Jan. 10-14 – Bird Craft Week, create some bird crafts with feathers by Willis Investment Counsel. Info: 770 536-2575, www.quinlanartcen„ Jan. 17-21 – Martin Luther King Week, learn about this important person in

Website commemorates upcoming 150th anniversary of Civil War Georgia has launched the state’s official Civil War website in commemoration of the upcoming Sesquicentennial. “We created this site so that it serves as an online portal for communities and Civil War organizations in Georgia to promote their Civil War commemoration activities and events on one comprehensive site,” said Kevin Langston, Deputy Commissioner for Tourism for the Georgia Department of Economic Development. “ will make it easier for visitors to plan their vacation by having access to all of our Civil War sites, stories and

commemoration events.” The website is one of the state’s key marketing initiatives encouraging locals and visitors to explore and experience all facets of Georgia’s Civil War history. Features of the site include an interactive map of museums, battlefields, landmarks, historic homes and other significant locations; calendar of events; a timeline of events that took place in Georgia between 1861 and 1865; a news section; links to educational resources and related Civil War sites, and more. The second phase of the site will include Civil War driving trails; stories and written

observations from Georgians during the Civil War; a multimedia section for video and images and more. The state also developed a guide book, Crossroads of Conflict, a driving map and recently introduced an official sesquicentennial logo. The Sesquicentennial anniversary is expected to generate a significant increase in heritage travelers to Georgia. According to the U.S. Travel Association, heritage travelers encompass 78 percent of all leisure travelers. In 2009, heritage travel had an economic impact of $192.3 billion in the U.S. The

The 150th anniversary of the Civil War is commemorated at The new website will make it easier for visitors to plan their vacation by have access to all Georgia Civil War sites and events.

Georgia Tourism Division is partnering with the Georgia Civil War Commission, Georgia Humanities Council, Georgia Historical Society, the Tri-State Civil War 150th

Association, and many other entities in Georgia to maximize exposure and increase the number of heritage travelers during this fiveyear commemoration and beyond.



January 2011

January 2011


An Attractive Smile Is One Of The Best Assets An Individual Can Possess

Happy New Year from Sugar Hill Smiles!

The New Year welcomes Dr. Amy G. David, shown with her husband Brad.

James G. Davis, D.D.S., P.C. and Associates

Dr. James G. Dr. Fred J. Dr. Matthew Davis D. Katz Leydecker, III

Dr. Amy G. David

Braces in One Visit Advanced Cosmetics Teeth Whitening/Bleach Teeth Colored Restoration Smile Makeovers Bonding, Veneers, Implants Reconstruction Root Canals Cleanings Preventative Sealants Non-Surgical Gum Disease Dentures, Crown & Bridge

NEW PATIENTS WELCOME! 770.945.2119 • 4520 Nelson Brogdon Blvd • Sugar Hill, GA 30518 Conveniently located on Nelson Brogdon Blvd., Just west of Buford Hwy (13/23), across from Mall of Georgia Ford


January 2011

Rodney Hellemn 770-945-9524 • Email:



“Keep Smiling!”

Visit for information and photos about these properties and more!


Priced at $1,295,000 Priced below appraised value! Builder's personal deep water lakefront home. Double slip dock in no wake cove. Trey, vaulted & coffered ceilings everywhere. Gourmet kitchen, marble & hardwoods thru out. Terrace level entertainment game room & 12 seat theater room. Pack your bags and wake up in Paradise every day!




Priced to Sell $164,500 $154,500 Reduced $149,500 $134,900

Priced to Sell $149,900

Four sides brick on nearly 2 acres, near mall of ga & i-985. The main level and the finished terrace have two seperate entrances from the exterior. The main level and the terrace cannot access each other from the inside. Upper level has 3bed/2ba. Lower level has 2beds/1ba. Gunite pool has been out of service

PRICE REDUCED! Cozy 1 BR weekend condo complete with covered deep water slip at south end of Lake Lanier. Unit is on the ground floor with beautiful views of the lake. Swimming pool overlooks the lake and is just a few steps from this unit. New trim, paint and decor thru out.

Features two bedrooms with two & one half baths-open floorplan all within walking distance to Lanier Harbor Marina-unit has nice kitchen with breakfast bar and upgraded appliances-oversized bedroom with trey ceilings-fully furnished. Also for lease at $ 1550 a month.





SOLD Reduced $600,000 $450,000 PRICE REDUCED! Gated community ranch on a basement with stunning lake views from the family room. Master on main, executive home 3 sides brick, professional landscaped. Full finished basement with kitchen and pantry. Koi pond. In neighborhood with million dollar plus homes. Owner financing available.

Priced to Sell at $349,000 Priced to Sell at $89,500 Close to Shoal Creek & Lake Lanier Islands. This vacant lot is next to commercial property & a busy 4 way. Will sell subject to zoning. Property had a house that has been removed. All utilities are in place.

Priced reduced! Bring all offers! Nice lot on hight traffic South Lee Street in Buford. Between Hwy 20 and Buford Hwy. Commercial area near Mall of Georgia, Super Walmart & I-985. Has nice rental housecould be tear down.

Thinking of buying or selling? Give me a call! I need your listing! All new listings come with a FREE appraisal from a certified appraiser with Lake Lanier knowledge.

January 2011




Joy Jones, Broker

Cell: 770-355-4918 • Res: 770-967-2681 Office: 770 622-3081


Information is believed to be accurate but is not warranted. Offer subject to errors, changes, omissions, prior sales and withdrawals without notice. Equal Housing Opportunity.


Magnificent custom designed, quality built 4-sides brick 6BR, 7BA home with the deluxe master suite on the main level. Elegant formal living room, banquet-size formal dining room, keeping room kitchen and breakfast area, cherry cabinets and granite counters, a paneled study, private guest suite, two kitchens plus mini-kitchen, 3 wet bars & rec room. Mirrored exercise room, screened porch, 5 fireplaces, marble & hardwood floors, coffered ceilings. Furnishings are negotiable. Elevator to 3 floors, 25K generator, security, an irrigation system, decks and porches to enjoy private spa tub and lake views. Sited at water’s edge with over 300 ft. of lake frontage landscaped with waterfalls, fish pond, fire pit patio with a private path to the lake. Garage parking for more than 3 vehicles. Located in prestigious Harbour Point, a gated swim, tennis and marina community with covered boat dock available. Convenient to GA-400. Shown by appointment only! $2,990,000


Enjoy lake living at its best! Sited at water’s edge, this 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath home has a bright,open plan with vaulted ceilings, walls of windows, hardwood floors and finished terrace level. Gourmet kitchen, recently remodeled, features granite counters, stainless appliances and custom cabinets. Covered boat dock - Young Deer Creek - prime sailing water near GA 400. $650,000



Bright open 4 bedroom, 3-full & 1-half bath ranch style home sited at water’s edge with soaring ceilings and walls of windows to enjoy lake views from most rooms. Finished terrace level - in-law suite, recreation rooms, bonus room and office - perfect for entertaining. Short, easy walk to covered 2slip dock. Convenient to major hwys, near Olympic rowing venue, shopping, golf courses, medical facilities, parks & recreation areas. Vacation every day! $600,000

Perfect 4 bedroom, 3 full and 1 half bath retreat to enjoy Lake Lanier at its best. Bright open floor plan, vaulted great room, walls-of-windows, expansive decks and finished terrace level is great for entertaining and comfortable family living. Prime location near GA 400 Exit 17, Northeast Georgia Premium Outlet Mall, schools, marinas, golf courses, parks and recreation areas. $329,900



K 0 0 3 $ D E C U RED



Stunning quality built, 4-sided brick, 5 BR, 3.5 BA lake home, elegantly appointed with expansive hardwood floors. Spacious formal living room & dining room & fireside family room, granite counters in gourmet kitchen, delightful screened porch, 2 decks and large patio designed to enjoy lake views. Dreamy master suite on main level. Finished terrace level features huge fireside recreation room in-law suite and 2nd kitchen. Sited at water’s edge in prestigious gated Pointe West, a swim/tennis neighborhood. Easy walk to private 2-slip party deck boat dock with ultra deep water. $1,295,000


Fantastic 2BR/2BA no maintenance deluxe condo sited at water’s edge offering 2-mile view of lake. Pristine move-in condition, saline pool, courtesy docks. Enjoy Lake Lanier at its best. Prime location near GA 400 Exit 14 - close to everything! $349,000

Custom built in 2007, this 5 bedroom, 4 bath awesome Lake Lanier chalet features soaring ceilings and glass windows to enjoy views of the lake. The cathedral pine ceilings, huge stone fireplace, gourmet granite kitchen, banquet sized dining area, expansive decks, screened porch, recreation room with wet bar for entertaining offer the best of lake living. There is a spacious detached apartment above the 3car garage. The 2-slip party deck boat on always deep water. Enjoy the quiet wooded seclusion with approximately 120 feet of lake frontage. Convenient to GA 400, only 3 minutes to North Georgia Premium Outlet Mall. $899,900


Spectacular lake views from most rooms of this 2BR/2BA condo w/bsmt. All appliances and furnishings included. Gated n’hood pool, 5 docks - vacation every day! Fantastic opportunity! Convenient to GA 400 Exit 14, golf courses, shopping, medical facilities, parks & recreation areas. $289,000


Build your dream home on this wonderful .74 acre Lake Lanier lot. Covered single slip boat dock in place - can be upgraded. Fantastic location near I985, Falcon complex, golf courses and shopping. $275,000

Lake Levels Are Up - Prices Are Down! Now Is The Time To Buy!


January 2011

Dick Runstadler O 678-384-4642 E-Fax 678-609-4299 C 678-707-1967

434 Green St • Gainesville, GA for virtual tours of homes

LANIER ESTATE HOME. Double lot, approximately 1.6 acres. Double slip dock w/party deck. 7 bedrooms, 5 baths, first floor w/master bedroom. Finished basement. All furniture included. Priced low - only $837,000. Tour at

LANIER PENINSULA LOT. View front and back, deep water. Approximately 3000 square foot ranch. 400 feet waterfront. Move in condition. Can accommodate large boat. $745,000. Tour at

LANIER. Very private lot, like new custom home. Double slip dock w/ party deck. First floor master bedroom suite. Finished basement. Room for pool.

LANIER CAPE COD on Flat Creek. Dock w/party deck, garage w/room above and barn. Room for motor home, etc. Tons of extras. Only $588,000. Tour at

$799,900. Tour at

FORSYTH, LANIER RANCH. Dock w/8000# hoist & party deck, permit for 32x32 dock. Huge level lot w/cart path to lake. 6 miles to GA 400. Tremendous opportunity. $649,000. Tour at



LANIER. Updated 4 bedroom, 3 bath brick ranch. Approximately 180 ft on lake w/newer double slip dock, surrounded by woods. Perfect primary or weekender. Only $387,000. Tour at


NEW LISTING. FORSYTH. Newer 4 BR, 3.5 BA traditional, loaded. Backs to Etowah River, Blue Ridge Mountain views. Equestrian stables in S/D to board your horse - trails, trains & shows. Swim and tennis. Nothing like this one. Only $297,500. Tour at


Lake Lanier Home Are Selling in 2010! 275 Active Homes for Sale • 24 Pending Sales • 163 Sold & Closed in 2010 Tremendous Time to Buy! Call Me Today to Find your Lake Home!

January 2011


Sailing Club Events 2011 SAILING EVENTS ON LAKE LANIER Club




JANUARY BF/SSC Poker Run/Mad Hatter LARC Winter #1 - LLSC Hosts SSC Ice Breaker #1 LARC Winter #2 - UYC Hosts SSC Ice Breaker #2 LARC Winter #3 - AISC Hosts SSC Ice Breaker #3

Sat Sun Sat Sun Sat Sat Sat

01/01 01/02 01/08 01/09 01/15 01/22 01/29

Sat Sun Sun Sat Sun Sat Sun Sat

02/05 02/06 02/06 02/12 02/13 02/19 02/20 02/26


1064 - Open UYC Spring #2 Ice Breaker #4 Hot Ruddered Bum Winter #4 - SSC Hosts Ice Breaker #5 UYC Spring #3 Winter #5 - BF Hosts


Nippert #1 Laser Southerns UYC Spring #4 Nippert #2 Atlanta Cup Winter Gale #1 Nippert #3 Winter Gale #2 AISC Kick-off/Reg Party Around Alone Commodore's Cup Nippert #4

Sat Sat/Sun Sat Sat Sat/Sun Sun Sat Sun Fri Sat Sun Sun

03/05 03/05-06 03/12 03/12 03/12-13 03/13 03/19 03/20 03/25 03/26 03/27 03/27


Dogwood Regatta Winter Gale #3 UYC Makeup 1 Commissioning Nippert #5 AISC Summer 1 - #1 Masters - Skippers over 50 Rebel Rouser (MC Scows) Winter Gale #4 AISC Summer 1 - #2 AISC Summer 1 - #3 Celtic Crossing UYC Makeup 2 Melges 24 Regatta

Fri-Sun Sat Sat Sat/Sun Sun Wed Sat Sat/Sun Sun Wed Wed Sat Sat Sat

04/01-03 04/09 04/09 04/09-10 04/10 04/13 04/16 04/16-17 04/17 04/20 04/27 04/30 04/30 04/30

Melges 24 Regatta AISC Summer 1- #4 Lormand Cup Multihull AISC Summer 1 - #5

Sun Wed Sat Sat/Sun Wed

05/01 05/04 05/07 05/07-08 05/11






Women Skippers - Open Region Dinghy Race Thistle AISC Summer 1 - #6 PHRF Championships AISC Summer 1 - #7

Sat Sat/Sun Wed Sat Wed

05/14 05/14-15 05/18 05/21 05/25


AISC Summer 1 - #8 Fair Winds #1 Junior Week - All week AISC Summer 1 - #9 Fair Winds #2 AISC Summer 1 - #10 Reggae Regatta AISC Awards Party Couples Race Fair Winds #3

Wed Sat Su-F Wed Sat Wed Fri-Sun Wed Sat Sat

06/01 06/04 06/05-10 06/08 06/11 06/15 06/17-19 06/22 06/25 06/25

Firecracker Cup AISC Summer 2 - #1 Fair Winds #4 AISC Summer 2 - #2 Moonlight Scramble/Firefly #1 AISC Summer 2 - #3 Evening Breeze #1 AISC Summer 2 - #4 Evening Breeze #2

Sat Wed Sat Wed Sat Wed Sat Wed Sat

07/02 07/06 07/09 07/13 07/16 07/20 07/23 07/27 07/30


Wed Sat Wed Sat Wed Sat Wed Wed

08/03 08/06 08/10 08/13 08/17 08/20 08/24 08/31





AISC Summer 2 - #5 Evening Breeze #3 AISC Summer 2 - #6 Moonlight Scramble/Firefly #2 AISC Summer 2 - #7 Evening Breeze #4 AISC Summer 2 - #8 AISC Summer 2 - #9


Vern Pickering AISC Summer 2 - #10 Special Olympics Regatta Old Goat - Thistle Regatta AISC Awards Party Dorton Cup C22 “Gone with the Wind” DST Race #1 Fall Squall #1 UYC Fall 1 Junior Regatta DST Race #2 Barefoot Open

Sat/Sun Wed Fri-Sun Sat/Sun Wed Sat/Sun Sat/Sun Wed Sat Sat Sat/Sun Wed Fri

09/03-4 09/07 09/09-11 09/10-11 09/14 09/17-18 09/17-18 09/21 09/24 09/24 09/24-25 09/28 09/30







Barefoot Open Sat/Sun Lightning Regatta Sat/Sun DST Race #3 Wed MC Nationals W-Sun Bill Sears #1 Sat Fall #1 - SSC hosts (Bill Sears #1) Sat Laser Regatta Sun Fall Squall #2 Sun DST Race #4 Wed Fall #2 - BF Hosts (Fall Squall #3) Sat UYC Fall 2 Sun Bill Sears #2 Sun DST Race #5 Wed Fall Squall #4 Sat UYC Fall 3 Sat MC Regatta Sat/Sun Bill Sears #3 Sun Halloween Regatta Sat/Sun

UYC Fall 4 Bill Sears #4 Miss Piggy (J-22, J-24) Annual Meeting Fall #3 - AISC Hosts Whitecapper/Oyster Roast Lanier Cup Invitational Bill Sears #5 UYC Fall Makeup 1

Parade of Lights UYC Fall Make-up 2 Fall #4 - LLSC Hosts Fall #5 - UYC Hosts (UYC 5)


10/01-02 10/01-02 10/05 10/05-10 10/08 10/08 10/09 10/09 10/12 10/15 10/16 10/16 10/19 10/22 10/22 10/22-23 10/23 10/29-30

Sat Sat Sat/Sun Sun Sun Sat Sun Sat Sun

11/05 11/05 11/05-06 11/06 11/06 11/12 11/13 11/19 11/20

Sat Sat Sun Sat

12/03 12/03 12/04 12/10

Sun Sat Sat Sun Sat Sat

01/01 01/07 01/14 01/15 01/21 01/28


Poker Run/Mad Hatter Winter #1 - UYC Hosts Ice Breaker #1 Winter #2 - LLSC Hosts Ice Breaker #2 Winter #3 - AISC Hosts

These races are open to non-club members interested in connecting with the racing scene on Lake Lanier. For more information, visit and click on the club that's hosting the race. LARC - Lanier Auxiliary Racing Committee AISC - Atlanta Inland Sailing Club BFSC - Barefoot Sailing Club LLSC - Lake Lanier Sailing Club UYC - University Yacht Club


January 2011

Bass Pro Shops to hold free boat show Jan. 14-23 Bass Pro Shops is holding a boat show at its 5900 Sugarloaf Parkway, Duluth location January 14-23. The free show will offer boating and fishing seminars during weekend days. Topics include “Do-ItYourself Service” Saturdays at 1 p.m., “Local Fishing Tips” Saturdays at 2 p.m. and “Using the Latest Electronics” Saturdays at 3 p.m. Sundays at 1 p.m. learn about “Towing Your Boat,” “Organizing your Boat to Fish” at 2 p.m. and get “Local Fishing Tips” at 3 p.m. Professional anglers and experts like 2000 Bassmaster Angler of the Year, 10-time Bassmaster Classic Qualifier and five-time BASS winner Tim Horton will be on hand

January 15-16 to answer questions and offer fishing tips. With any boat purchase you will receive a VIP member card for up to 20 percent off on Bass Pro Shops products for two years. Plus, when you buy a 2010 or prior model year you will receive a Bass Pro Shops Shopping Spree Card worth up to $1,000. Register to win the free Tracker 12’ Jon Boat that will be given away Saturday, January 15 or the $200 Bass Pro Shops Gift Card to be given away Sunday, January 16. Someone’s name will be drawn Saturday, January 22nd, to receive a $200 certificate for free certified boat service including labor and parts and another lucky winner will

Crossword Puzzle

receive another $200 Bass Pro Shops Gift Card Sunday, January 23rd. Winners will be announced both weekends at 5pm each day. Also, one winner per store will win a Kevin VanDam autographed hat and a $100 Bass Pro Shops gift card. Each of those winners will be entered to win The Wilderness Escape Sweepstakes where one Grand Prize Winner will take home a new 2011 NITRO Z-6 with OptiMax Pro XS and trailer, a Big Cedar Lodge Family Vacation and a fishing trip with Kevin VanDam – a total retail package or more than $28,000. „ MORE INFO: 678 847-5500 January 2011 Puzzle Answers

presented by BoatU.S. Reprinted with permission from BoatU.S. Created by Rowan Millson

NVAS TECH A C Canvas Fabrication for Boats/Home/Commercial

BOATS • Enclosures (all types) • Solar screening • Bimini tops & frames • Mooring covers (all types) • Party tops • Snap in carpet • Valances • Houseboat rail skirting • Bar covers • Repair work

HOME/COMMERCIAL • Patio enclosures • Patio awnings • Patio canopies • Solar shade screening • Bar shade canopies • Bar covers NOW OFFERING • Banners & signs • Boat lettering • T-Shirts

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Quillian Woodall • 404-925-5398

D DISCOVER ISCOVER S AILING! At Windsong, sailing is our only business and your business is our primary concern!

We make the difference in: Quality • Service • Value! Affordable Parks & Recreation American Sailing Association (ASA) programs.

Convenient Aqualand & Holiday Marina Locations.

770-967-1515 “Take a Windsong Sail, where sailing is always a breeze!”

Check out our comprehensive array of programs! Sailing, Cruising, Chartering, Buying a Boat, Engine Maintenance, 12V Marine Electronics, Radar, Weather, Coastal & Celestial Navigation.

We also offer Sunset Cruises and Recreational Outings!


January 2011



6450 Holiday Road, Buford, GA 30518

INTRODUCING YOUR NEXT BOAT! The most comfortable lounger on the water!!

Also at Hideaway Bay Marina Visit U s at the Atlanta Boat Sh ow Booth E 30



Atlanta Marine has just been awarded the #1 Monterey dealer in the world! 2011 looks to be even better with the introduction of new runabouts and cruisers 20'-40'.


A PlayCraft pontoon is more than a pleasantly powerful boat. It's more than a craft, so luxurious you might be tempted to avoid dry land all weekend.

Everglades manufactures unsinkable high-end fishing boats designed for the Big Water! These boats range in size from 21'-35'. The craftsmanship is unmatched in the industry.

MOOMBA & SUPRA We are proud to represent Supra and Moomba for over 15 years. This year's line-up is the best we have ever seen with more innovative features and style sure to satisfy your desire for performance and luxury. Great for wakeboarding, skiing and surfing the wake!


January 2011

Take the Ninja Challenge in Dawsonville Jan. 15 By Jane Harrison Dawsonville, Georgia seems an unlikely site for an assemblage of wannabe Ninjas. The North Georgia community where moonshiners once brewed whiskey in covert stills is not often linked to stealthy Japanese mercenary agents skilled in martial arts. Nonetheless, those who want to test their physical ability to perform non-combat Ninja moves will be competing in the Ultimate Ninja Challenge Jan. 15 in the former moonshine capital of Georgia. The indoor-outdoor contest for all ages will put participants through a range of speed, strength and agility tests in a fun-filled environment with a band and spectators. “It’s for fun-loving, whimsical people,” said organizer Lowell Starr, of the Taikwando School in Dawsonville. He expects the

event will appeal not to the “super intense and serious” Ninja hopefuls, but to those who just want to “see what they can do and have fun doing it.” Their antics will be serenaded by rollicking tunes by a group of young musicians from Music Matters, an Atlanta rock band school. The testing ground will be set up at Kilough Elementary School, where participants will run various distances in the school yard and punch, kick, climb, crawl and leap through an obstacle course in the school gym. Judges will gauge contestants’ core strength with traditional push-ups and situps. All events are timed, with awards presented to the fastest times in eight age divisions. “You’ll need to be agile to move through our obstacle course, fast to complete the run and strong to be tops at the pushup/sit-up contest,” according to

the event description. Perhaps the most fun and challenging component is the test for the most agile Ninja. Athletes are expected to high step it through a tire run, shimmy across a ledge on a wall, spider-walk across crisscrossed rope, run up and slide down a ramp, and aim their fists and feet to punch and kick out targets on a board. They will also crawl through a tunnel, walk across a balance beam and be presented with a board to break. The agility test, which participants perform one at a time, promises to be as much fun to watch as to do, Starr said. Spectators can watch from the gym bleachers as Ninja aspirants stumble or glide through 10 obstacles on the 50 yard course. The speed test for the fastest Ninja involves a half mile loop run, with participants 17 years and younger making two laps and

those older than 17 running four laps. In the strongest Ninja contest, potential Ninjas will do as many correct push-ups and sit-ups as they can in two minutes for each exercise. Ninja competitors younger than 18 get a one minute test for each activity. Athletes are awarded points for each event. The points are added together to determine winners in different age groups. Starr said this is the first time he has directed an Ultimate Ninja Challenge for all ages. Adults who viewed his past events for

young students in his taikwando school urged him to open up a challenge to include adults. He said he decided to follow up on their suggestion after participating in the Warrior Dash in Mountain City last May. The outdoor obstacle course, mud fest and extreme run attract “all kinds of people” for an insane day of racing. Starr expects the Ultimate Ninja Challenge will attract the same ilk of fun-loving folks, except it will be partially indoors and much cleaner.

Ultimate Ninja Challenge When: First wave 8 a.m., final wave 4 p.m. Jan. 15 Where: Kilough Elementary School, 1063 Kilough Church Rd., Dawsonville Fees: $25 in advance, $30 race day; $2 spectator admission Information:, (770) 633-5511

Outdoor Activity Calendar January Outdoor Calendar See Lake Lanier Olympic Venue Calendar for canoe/kayak and rowing activities Stars over Elachee at Chicopee Lake, Gainesville. Learn how to use a telescope, view the night sky. Bring pencil and flashlight. For ages 8 and up. Register in advance. 5:15-7:15 p.m. Jan. 8, 5:45-7:45 p.m. Feb. 12, Elachee Nature Science Center, 2125 Elachee Dr. Adults $10, ages 812 $5., (770) 535-1976. Beginning Bee Keeping, Helen. Learn basic bee keeping, hive starting. 9:30 a.m.12:30 p.m. Jan. 8, Smithgall Woods Conservation Park, 61 Tsalaki Trl. $10 plus $5 parking., (706) 8783087. Chiller Challenge, Jefferson. 5K run, 1-mile fun run/walk. 3 p.m. Jan. 9, Jefferson Elementary School, 415 Hoschton St. $25. Lanier Running Club, Gainesville. 7 p.m. Jan. 10, Johnny’s Pizza, 104 Carrington Dr. Fit2Tri Triathlon Club, Gainesville. 7 p.m. Jan. 11, Fit2Tri, 1292 Thompson Bridge Rd., (770) 532-2453. 32nd Annual Hogpen Hill Climb, Helen. 17K footrace from Helen to Hogpen Gap, 5K race in Helen, 80K bike ride. Bike ride 8 a.m., 5K 9 a.m., 17K noon Jan. 15, Helen Fest Halle, Edel Weiss Dr. 5K $25 by Dec. 31, $30 after; 17K $30/$40; 80K $40/$50; students $20., (706) 754-1313, Ext. 222, (678) 795-0115. Pilot’s Club Chase 5K Run/Walk, Watkinsville. 3 p.m. Jan. 16, Oconee Veterans Park, 3500A Hog Mountain Rd. $18 by Jan. 7, $20 after., (706) 680-7223.

Lakeview Academy New Year’s Resolution 5K, 10K, 1-mile Fun Run, Gainesville. 1 mile 3 p.m., 5K/10K 3:20 p.m. Jan. 9, Lakeview Academy, 796 Lakeview Dr. $20 by Jan. 11, $25 after., (678) 943-3960. Ninja Challenge Obstacle Course, Dawsonville. Jump, punch, kick, climb and crawl through 10 obstacles, plus run and do push-ups, sit-ups. First wave 8 a.m., final wave 4 p.m. Jan. 15, Kilough Elementary School, 1063 Kilough Church Rd. $25. (770) 633-5511. Chilly Dawg 5K, Athens. 9 a.m. Jan. 29, Sandy Creek Park, 400 Bob Holman Rd. $$19 by Jan. 21, $25 after., (706) 542-3386. Winter Bird Hike, Gainesville. Naturalist-guided hike in Chicopee Woods, 1011:30 a.m. Feb. 5, Elachee Nature Science Center, 2125 Elachee Dr. Adults $5, 2-12 $3, younger than 2 and Elachee members free., (770) 535-1976. Chainbuster 9/6 Hour Mountain Bike Race, Watkinsville. 10 a.m. Feb. 12, Heritage Park, 2543 Macon Hwy. Registration from $50 solo to $130 3-person team. Spartan 5K, Athens. 5K run/walk 9 a.m., sprint 10 a.m. Feb. 12. Athens Academy, 1281 Spartan Ln. $15 by Jan. 31, $20 after; $50 family by mail only. Taste 10K, 1-mile, Athens. 8 a.m. Feb. 18, City Hall, College Ave. & Washington St. $25 10K, $65 10K/Taste of Athens; $15 1-mile family walk run; $55 1-mile family run/Taste of Athens., (706) 549-6632. Thrills in the Hills Marathon & HalfMarathon Trail Run, Winder. Footraces on park’s scenic mountain bike trails. 8

a.m.-2 p.m. Feb.26, Fort Yargo State Park, 210 South Broad St. Half marathon $35 by Feb. 18, $30 Feb. 19-24, $45 race day; marathon $45/$50/$55; $5 parking.,, (770) 867-3489. Dirty Spokes Duathlon, Winder. Run 3.8 miles, mountain bike 11.85 miles, run 2.10 miles on park trails. 8 a.m. March 12, Fort Yargo State Park, 210 South Broad St. $40 by March 1, $45 March 2-11, $50 race day; relays $60/$65/$70; plus $5 parking.,, (770)-867-3489.

Zulu Adventure Frogtown Trail Challenge, Cumming. 4-mile & 10-mile offroad, off-trail race on flagged course through wilderness. 8 a.m. March 12, private property, Old Federal & Nicholson Rd. $25 4-mile, $30 10-mile by Jan 31; $30/$35 Feb. 1-28; $40 either race March 1-9 or until 500 limit is reached., (678)246-9386. - Compiled by Jane Harrison MORE INFO: Additions/corrections, email:

Great Southern Fishing Show set for February 19-20 By Pamela A. Keene The Great Southern Fishing Show is coming to the North Atlanta Trade Center in Norcross February 19-20. Designed to cater to fly fishing, shallow water and light tackle anglers, the show will have dozens of exhibitors and experts on hand. “The Great Southern Fishing Show features everything you need to advance in the sport or learn how to fish for the first time,” said Rhonda Sodel with the North Atlanta Trade Center. “Men, women, and young people will be entertained and educated on the art of fishing. The experts will be on hand to answer your questions and share their experience with you.” Special presentations by fly and light tackle fishing expert Henry Cowen and Atlanta-based fly-fishing author, photographer and internet host Zach Matthews highlight the weekend.

Other guides and experts include David Cannon, Eric Cook, Scott Cunningham, Jimmy Harris, David Hulsey, Abby Jackson, Chris Scalley, Ken Sturdivant, Wanda Taylor and Bill Vanderford. Additionally, there will be casting instruction for experienced and novice women, plus a cooking class to demonstrate how to prepare their catch. Casting demonstrations and lessons, opportunities to talk with expert guides and learn about fishing destinations are featured in the show. The youngsters can fish in the catchand-release Kids Trout Pond. Hours are Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is $8 for adults and $4 for youngsters 7-16. Children 6 and under are admitted free. MORE INFO:

January 2011


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Coast to Coast Yacht Sales now open at Hideaway Bay Marina By Pamela A. Keene More than 10,000 boats are listed for sale through Coast to Coast Yacht Sales, Lake Lanier’s newest boat broker. Founded by Kurt Backus of Atlanta Marine and Chris George, the company is both an online and a brick-andmortar boat brokerage with national and international reach. “We’re taking advantage of the multilisting technology to create a new type of boat brokerage,” Backus said. “We literally have thousands of boats to sell worldwide and access to 2,500 brokers who are members of the service through Yacht World.” Backus and George opened their first facility at Hideaway Bay Marina in Flowery Branch. They plan facilities in Florida, Texas, Alabama, North Carolina and Maryland within the next two years. There are seven brokers locally on staff to assist buyers and sellers. The company’s website – – is comprehensive. Each listing is accompanied by a photo of the vessel. Click on the photo and you get complete details about the boat, where it’s moored, its make and model and other information. “People can go online and shop to their heart’s content for your dream boat – every-

thing from 200-foot cruisers to pontoon boats,” George said. “All the items listed on the website are available for us to sell.” All types of boats are listed: cruisers, fishing boats, houseboats, sport boats, ski/wakeboats and pontoons. Sailboat listings are coming soon. Coast to Coast Yacht Sales is the only brokerage in Georgia to hold memberships in the Florida Yacht Brokers Association and the Yacht Brokers Association of America. “This gives us a professional edge to do business the right way,” Backus said. “We uphold the business practices of these organizations and outlined in their bylaws.” Both men have extensive backgrounds in the marine business. Backus and his wife Lisa opened Atlanta Marine in 1995. George is the former owner of Dream Marine and has 16 years in the business. “Stop by our booth – No. 105 – at the Atlanta Boat Show to learn more about us and ways that you can reduce the cost of boat ownership while your boat is listed for sale with us,” Backus said. “This is an exciting time and a great concept.” MORE INFO: 866-453-5795

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January 2011

January 2011


Atlanta Sail and Power Squadron hosted annual Seafarer's Ball Interactive boat show exhibit planned, advanced boating courses start soon By Lisa Beers The Atlanta Sail and Power Squadron continued to stay busy in December with holiday themed events and looked ahead to January with opportunities to learn more about our organization and boating safety. Our Seafarer’s Ball was held December 11 at Maggiano’s Little Italy in Atlanta. The annual event is the highlight of the winter months for members as we celebrate the holidays in style with friends old and new. Along with dinner and dancing, the ball also featured a silent auction to benefit the Calvary Children’s Home. Each year the ASPS has focused our attention on giving and this year was no exception. Funds were raised through the silent auction and also through generous donations from members to help the children at Calvary have a merrier Christmas through holiday gifts and scholarships. Once again the Atlanta Sail and Power Squadron assisted in the Annual Lake Lanier Parade of Lights by providing seven mark

an interactive fire simulator available. This training aid will allow our booth visitors to use a realistic fire extinguisher to try their hand at putting out a video fire at multiple difficulty levels. The experience is true to life and illusAtlanta Sail & trates the challenges of Power Squadron extinguishing a fire. ASPS hosts will be on duty throughout the boat show to assist visitors with boats for the event. Our mark the simulator and provide valuboats helped provide safe turns able hands-on training in the corand mark hazards along the parect techniques for using a fire rade route. This year’s winner of extinguisher effectively. Please the “ASPS Mark Boat Choice” award went to Larry Cost and his plan to stop by and see us at the sailboat, TreSea. The award was a boat show, and be sure to try out your fire safety skills. But be safety package consisting of an warned, this simulator is exinflatable PFD, a fire extintremely fun and hard to put down! guisher, and a first aid kit. ConThe ASPS is also geared up to gratulations, Larry! Looking toward the new year, start our next advance boating the ASPS is excited to host an in- class session on January 24. The teractive safety exhibit at the up- session will mark the first time coming 2010 Atlanta Boat Show, that these advanced level courses January 13-16 at the World Con- will be available to the public. Anyone with an interest in ingress Center. Our booth will include a multimedia display where creasing their nautical knowledge may enroll. Classes run from 7 the public can learn more about until 9 p.m. and meet at the the Atlanta Sail and Power Heiskell School in Buckhead. Squadron, our events, activities and education. We will also have USPS qualified instructors who

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are also experienced boaters teach the material. There will be three subjects offered in this session: Piloting, Weather, and Marine Communications Systems. Piloting covers coastal navigation using charts and electronic equipment. Students will learn to plan courses and to determine their position on the water using terrestrial navigation aids. Weather is a comprehensive study of weather systems and patterns. Students will learn the causes of weather phenomena and how to predict weather changes using observations and instruments, information of tremendous value to serious boaters. Marine Communications Systems is a review of such systems available to the recreational boater. The course covers standard VHF radio, Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS), FCC rules and regulations, High Seas radio (MF/HF and satellite communications) Family Radio Service transceivers. The course also covers

troubleshooting radio installations. Detailed information about each class, fees, and instructions on signing up can be found on our website at Membership in the Atlanta Sail and Power Squadron is not required to take a class, but as an added benefit, students who decide to become members of Atlanta’s Boating Club will receive a discount off their first year’s dues equal to 50 percent of the cost of the course. This special discount will be valid for up to six weeks after course completion. Visit us online at to learn more about Atlanta's Boating Club, our events and activities, seminars and other membership benefits! Atlanta Sail and Power Squadron members have access to advanced boating classes, social events on and off the water year round, fun and informative monthly membership meetings, and more.



January 2011

Calliope Sweets brings visions of sugar plums to Flowery Branch By Pamela A. Keene The baking starts each day before the sun comes up. Patty Phillips, co-owner of Calliope Sweets in downtown Flowery Branch, gets to the shop between 5 and 6 a.m. to start preparing the homemade cakes, cookies and pies that will sell Monday through Saturday to customers hankering to satisfy their sweet tooth with a little something. Calliope Sweets is a combination of Southern and New Orleans, with specialty desserts available by the slice or whole, individually or by the dozen. Phillips’ coconut cake is the biggest seller, followed closely by hand-styled carrot cake, cheesecakes in multiple flavors and a variety of cookies, cupcakes, pies and brownies. The shop sells Community Coffee, a New Orleans’ standard. Currently, Calliope Sweets provides desserts for several area restaurants, including Toasted & Tapped Brew Pub and Fish Tales at Hideaway Bay. The shop also caters and fills special orders. Phillips, who lives in Flowery Branch, and her sister Diane Hanes, who lives in New Jersey, opened the shop in late November, just in time for the holidays.

They’re using recipes handed down from family and friends to create their baked-fresh-daily desserts. Hanes, an executive in New York City, is Phillips’ business partner and makes frequent trips to visit her and their business. Calliope Sweets was born from the economic downturn. Phillips had been a real estate agent until the market went south. “I decided I wanted to go in another direction and baking appealed to me,” she said. “Our mother was always a baker and it’s been fun for me over the years. Diane and I developed a business plan over the summer, found the space and opened the shop.” Visitors to the shop are immediately hit with the fresh aromas of cakes, cookies and pies baking throughout the day. It’s hard to resist all the goodies that fill the shelves daily. Once a week, Phillips donates her left-over desserts to the Flowery Branch United Methodist Church Food Bank. “It’s my way of giving back a little to the community,” she said. Located in a former karate studio, Calliope Sweets is outfitted with a baker’s kitchen and furnished with antiques, including an


ON FACEBOOK! old cash register. It’s across the street from Common Grounds and right next door to Fifth Row Center community theater. Phillips is a champion for development in downtown Flowery Branch. “The community has been amazing,” she said. “We really want to make downtown Flowery Branch a destination. We’ve got

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some great shops and restaurants and hope that people will start coming here more often. It’s a wonderful place.” Calliope Sweets is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.




Patty Phillips, co-owner of Calliope Sweets.

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January 2011



January 2011

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Work never ends on Lanier for Tow BoatUS By Pamela A. Keene Fifty-eight bucks may just save your life. That’s how much it costs for a membership to BoatUS that includes free inland towing. From nighttime rescues to bringing gasoline to boaters, the work is never done on Lake Lanier by the captains of Tow BoatUS. Headed by Robert Estrada, Tow BoatUS on Lanier continues to receive top honors in the form of the Dispatchers Choice for the past 11 years from national Tow BoatUS. While receiving accolades is nice, it’s the daily work of the captains that’s most rewarding. “We’re called in for all kinds of things, from people running out of gas to boaters in distress,” Estrada said. “And we’re on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year so we’re prepared for many different situations.” The company operates three vessels on Lake Lanier. It has four captains, who each have their US Coast Guard Masters certification and towing endorsement. Several recent incidents typify the types of work done by the captains. Last summer, Estrada was called in to tow a 70-foot houseboat that had overheated. There were 20 people on board. “While we were coming back a severe storm blew up and ripped the bimini top off the houseboat,” he said. “We got sideways to the wind and the houseboat nearly capsized, pulling my tow vessel

back toward the houseboat. It was rather frightening for the passengers, but we were able to make it back to the docks OK.” Another time, Tow BoatUS answered a call to help locate an autistic child who was lost on a jet ski. The captains worked with Hall County authorities, who located the youngster around 12:30 a.m., so the story had a happy ending. In October, Lanier Harbor’s Barkley Geib was monitoring Channel 16 on the VHS when he heard a call for help from a sailboat in trouble. “Two of the passengers had fallen into the water and the guy left on the boat wasn’t a sailor,” said Ed Gaito, one of the Tow BoatUS captains. He and captain Rick Dieumegarde, accompanied by Jonathan Bachelor, were double-teaming the incident in two boats that night in a thick fog. “Fortunately the guy on the boat figured out how to use the VHF to call for help. We headed out to the location and were able to rescue the two other boaters from the water. “The event was filled with positive coincidences,” Gaito said. “For instance, my motor failed to restart at one point while I was stopped to listen, and at that moment, I heard the two guys calling for help and led Rick to them by sound. If my motor had been running, I wouldn’t have been able to hear them. The two victims were hypothermic, and one had a bump on his head. They had life jackets

on, which in this case, most definitely saved their lives.” Scott Sears is Estrada’s other captain. The organization is headquartered out of Lanier Harbor. Estrada and his team have seen it all. And they are willing to share their knowledge with boaters. “Many of our calls are from people who run out of gas,” Estrada says. “I make it a rule to never go below under a third of a tank without filling up. Think of it this way: you’ll take a third of a tank to go to your destination and plan for a third of a tank for your return trip. Remember that you might use more gas than you anticipate, so keep that tank filled.” Lanier Harbor Marina offers 24/7 gas service, but most of the other marinas don’t keep their gas docks open after hours. Tow BoatUS works in concert with various agencies on Lake Lanier, including the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Hall County and Forsyth County sheriffs and the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. Tow BoatUS is the only organization that monitors VHS Channel 16 24 hours a day. It is also reachable by telephone through 404-405-2641 or through Lanier Harbor’s gas dock at 770945-2884. “Our job is to help boaters on the water,” Estrada said. “We handle probably 700 or so incidents each year, mostly in April through September. But we’re here all year long, every day and night, waiting for the calls.”

Fishing, hunting license fees reduced In news that is sure to be welcome in the current economy – some of the transaction fees for recreational licenses are being reduced, according to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources Division. The internet transaction fee is going from $2.75 to $2.50 and the in-store transaction fee will go from $3.25 to $3. The telephone transaction fee will increase, going from $4 to $5. These fee changes went into effect on Jan. 3, 2011. Two years ago, hunters and anglers were introduced to a new system for purchasing their recreational licenses including internet transactions, telephone transactions and in store transactions. This new system incorporated transaction fees for purchases. Fees are applied to each transaction (not each individual li-

cense, unless purchased at different times). License buyers also should remember to take advantage of a discount of $2.75 on transactions if an annual license or a 2-year license is renewed before it expires. “Per our agreement with the license vendor that we would be able to reduce the amount of transaction fees for internet transactions, we were able to determine that a reduction in fees would come at a future date,” says Michael Spencer, Supervisor of the Division License and Boat Registration Unit. “So, I am pleased to announce that the time is now – there is a transaction fee reduction for both internet and in-store purchase of hunting and fishing licenses.” Licenses can be purchased online (, at

an authorized retail license agent (find a list of retail agents at or by phone (1-800-366-2661). All licenses that currently are free continue to be free and do not require a transaction fee. This includes: Harvest Information Program (H.I.P.) licenses, deer harvest records, senior licenses (65 and older) and honorary licenses. No credit card? No problem. Most retail locations take cash for transactions. Also, a prepaid credit card may be purchased at a variety of locations and used to complete transactions over the Internet or telephone. Sales of hunting and fishing licenses and boat registration provide key financial support for fish and wildlife conservation. „ MORE INFO:


Tow BoatUS's vessels are on call 23/7 for Lanier boaters. Robert Estrada (above) at the wheel of a rescue boat.

Hall County Sheriff’s Dive Team founder dies at 59 By Pamela A. Keene Hall County Sheriff’s Department’s Lt. Art Jetton (ret.) passed away from an extended illness in mid-December. The veteran deputy helped start the Hall County Dive Team, worked on the Sheriff’s Department Jetton SWAT team and served as the department’s spokesperson for a number of years. He was buried with full honors at Alta Vista Cemetery in Gainesville. The 59-year-old Jetton grew up in Gainesville where he graduated from Gainesville High School. He attended West Georgia College and graduated from Gainesville College with a degree in criminal justice. In 1979 he helped found the Hall County Dive team and was involved in the recovery of more than 100 drowning victims before he retired in 2003. After his retirement, he started a pool repair business and worked as a campus police officer at Gainesville State College. “Art was instrumental in starting the dive team and trained most of the divers we have now,” said Col. Jeff Strickland with the

Hall County Sheriff’s Department. “He was a dedicated employee and an extra special guy in all our hearts.” Ken Grogan eulogized Jetton at the funeral. The two were good friends, worked side by side at the sheriff’s department and were both members of the dive team. “Art was one of the most dedicated people you’ll ever find,” Grogan said. “He had nicknames for everybody and many of them stuck. He had an incredible sense of humor.” Grogan said that Jetton was the only person who could get him to wear panty hose. “We had a dive one January – this was before dry suits – and Art told us to put on baby powder, then panty hose, then leotards and then our wetsuits to keep warm. It really worked. He was a true SCUBA diving expert and knew everything there was to know about SCUBA.” Jetton was a certified cave diver and an instructor through PADI. He brought his expertise to Lake Lanier 30 years ago and used his skills for good. “People don’t realize the importance of the dive team,” Strickland said. “Even though it’s a tragic situation, family members need to have closure in events like that.”


January 2011

Despite wet weather, UYC boat Parade of Lights a rousing success By Pamela A. Keene Nearly 500 people turned out at Aqualand to celebrate the holidays on Lake Lanier at the Boat Parade of Lights, sponsored by the UYC Maritime Foundation. Sixty boats, decorated to the hilt, with generators for power, cruised on the south end of the lake on the first Saturday in December. Guests enjoyed the first annual Taste of the Lake, live music and other festivities at Aqualand, which served as the host location for the event. “Polar Express,” owned by Chris Tittiger, won Best in Show and captured the first-place award in the cruiser fleet. The boat was decorated like the Polar Express train. Other awards were given to Ron Mullins for “The Striper Experience,” Runabout/Pontoon/ Center Console; Bonny Putney for “Season’s Greetings,” houseboat under 55 feet and the High Voltage/Griswold Award; Bill Brunetti for “I Love This Bar,” houseboat over 56 feet and best of

Misty, owned by Ed Gaito, was all decked out to lead the boat parade. Gaito was one of those organizing the event so therefore wasn't eligible for a prize.

UYC; and Larry Cost for “TraSea,” sailboat and Atlanta Sail and Power Squadron Award. Alan and Cheryl Shedd won the People’s Choice Award for “Gabriel.” Aqualand also awarded prizes:

First place, Sea Swirl owned by Mark Reuvers; Second place, Heatherset, owned by Tedd Meinersmann; and Third place, Back in the Game, owned by Jeff and Karen Denaga.

Miss Shuckum’s opens on Friendship Road in former Pizing’s location By Pamela A. Keene From wings to oysters, Pizing's in Buford is now known as Miss Shuckum’s, featuring a diverse menu that includes shrimp and oysters, salads, burgers and sandwiches. The star of the show is the oyster bar with shuckers working while you watch to serve up raw oysters more than a dozen ways. It’s located in the bar area of the restaurant. Miss Shuckum’s has come by its name honestly. Co-owner and Atlanta native Amy Bradley moved to Buford from Panama City Beach where she was part of Shucker’s restaurant. “I married into Shucker’s 10 years ago and have since gotten divorced and decided to open Miss Shuckum’s up here,” she said. She opened the restaurant in November with co-owner Angie Ogletree. “I missed the ocean so much that I wanted to bring a piece of the beach to the peach.” Appetizers include buffalo wings, crab bites and fried oysters. Peel and eat shrimp, offered in half-pound or one-pound servings and smoked tuna dip and chips are two trademark items. The menu features a 50-cent

cup of “pay it forward” black bean soup with all proceeds going to charity. Seafood gumbo is a standard. There are several salads, including a spicy grilled Hawaiian chicken club and a blackened steak salad. In fact, Miss Shuckum’s is one of the few places on the northeast side with a Cobb salad. Burgers are hand-pattied. The Cuban sandwich is authentic; the bread is flown in from Miami. Other items include a gyro, a French dip and a fried or grilled grouper sandwich. Entrees range from grilled salmon and ribs to country fried steak and hand-cut ribeyes. Prices range from $8.99 to $16.99. Tuesdays are buy one-get one raw dozen. Miss Shuckum’s will start doing take-out party coolers for lakegoers in February. “People can order from four or five different choices the day before and swing by the pick up their coolers on the way to the lake,” Bradley said. “Then they’re set for the day.” MORE INFO: 770-614-3134

January 2011

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Coast To Coast Yacht Sales • Hideaway Bay Marina 6638 Mitchell Street • Flowery Branch GA 30542 Toll Free 866 453-5795 • 770 967-8218 • Fax 678 482-6669 •

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678-807-7777 770-403-4899 Hwy. 306 & 369 (Hammond’s Crossing) • 4295 B Browns Bridge Road • Cumming, GA


January 2011

General U.S. Army Corps of Engineers ........770 945-9531 Water Release Schedules................770 945-1466 Recreation/Water level Info .............770 945-1467 DNR, Law Enforcement Division.....800-241-4113 Lake Lanier Association Inc. ...........770 503-7757 Boating Safety Courses US Coast Guard Aux. Flotilla 29 ......770 425-4252 Atlanta Sail & Power Squadron .......404 262-7288 Marinas 1. Aqualand...................................770 967-6811 2. Bald Ridge ................................770 887-5309 3. Gainesville ................................770 536-2171 4. Habersham ...............................770 887-5432 5. Holiday .....................................770 945-7201 6. Port Royale...............................770 887-5715 7. Lanier Harbor............................770 945-2884 8. Lazy Days .................................770 945-1991 9. Hideaway Bay ...........................770-967-5500 10. Sunrise Cove ............................770 536-8599 Sailing Clubs Atlanta Hobie Fleet #12 ...................770 393-3405 Atlanta Inland SaiIing Club..............770-962-8897 Atlanta Boardsailing Club ................404 237-1431 Barefoot Sailing Club ......................404 256-6839 Catalina 22 Fleet 68.........................770 887-8373 Lake Lanier Sailing Club..................770 967-6441 Southern Sailing Club .....................770 447-8047

January 2011



Susan Moss





! D L O S

Best deal in Buford! Almost new Craftsman style home w/every imaginable upgrade on Lanier. Great water, double slip covered dock. Fabulous outdoor kitchen/entertainment area. So much for so little $$$.



! D L SO

Below Recent Appraisal. Very large custom executive lake home in beautiful Habersham Landing. 4BR/3.5BA. Incredible master bath, new hardwood floors. Very open floor plan. Deep water dock with expansive big water views. This is a REAL DEAL under 600K. Three finished levels.



770 536-1250



! D L SO

REDUCED 400K; amazing, spell binding big water views from every room; richly appointed & decorated from top to bottom; custom cabinetry; hardwoods; lighting; 3 fireplaces; au pair suite & much more!






Close In City Custom Lake Home. GR w/soaring tongue & groove vaulted ceiling & exposed beams thru-out. Hand pegged red oak floors. Two FP. Renovated kit w/granite counters & Quartz island. Master on main. Private setting w/shaded lake views, S/S covered dock.



Grass to water lake views from every room. Executive lake home in premier North Hall neighborhood. Custom built thru-out. Short gentle walk to dbl slip covered party deck dock in deep water. Complete second home on terrace level. Handicap accessible. Easy to show!

Spacious south Lake Lanier contemporary w/views on deep water. Open floor plan; lots of natural sunlight; massive master suite w/fireplace; single slip dock. Aggressively priced for today's market.

Lake Lots



Lake Lot With Dock • Lakeside Drive ............$219,900

Two Homes, Two Docks for the Price of One! Very unique Lake Lanier ownership opportunity. Good view, drought-proof deep water. S/S enclosed boat house plus a new swim dock. All for this one low price!


0 $129,9

Fantastic all brick home in park-like setting! Beautifully maintained inside & out. Hrdwd flrs thru-out main flr, all BRs up. Mstr w/sitting area, huge GR, wonderful rec rm. On lake but no dock! 2.36 ac & woods on Corp line. Path to lake. Professionally landscaped & irrigated.




$275,0 Holly Hill on Lake Lanier

Lake Lots starting at $295,000


$299,0 Great opportunity to own a piece of Lake Lanier. Single slip covered dock. Covered back deck w/Tiki bar. Community fish & swim docks. Very low association dues. Walk to marina.



This is Where Lanier Entertains. Incredible detailed rock work thru-out this stunning lake executive home. Too many custom features to list. State of the art 32x32 boat dock w/party deck. Expansive big water lake views from every room. Multi outdoor entertaining venues. A must see!

Turnkey a delightfully handsome Lake Lanier cottage on South lake. Recently refurbished and priced to sell furnished. Metal roof; hrdwd floors; open & cozy floor plan, rock accents; screened porch; partially finished basement can be 3rd bedroom. Easy walk to s/s/dock.



Lake Lanier's Big South Sailing Waters w/oversized S/S dock in deep water & views! Exterior stacked stone; 2-story foyer; open great room w/stone FP & view to kitchen. Sunroom w/sunken spa tub overlooks lake w/sunset views! Master suite w/FP. For virtual tour visit

Point Lot. Views on 2 sides. Very close to waters edge, drought proof - never went dry. Oversized s/s dock w/party deck. Boat lift & jet ski lift. Very private & off the beaten path.



Big Deep Water; double slip dock. Oversized 2 car garage; hard wood floors. Big open loft for office or extra bedroom! The best Lake Lanier week end getaway. Perfect condition. 1 acre lot can accommodate future build site for larger home.

3 + Acres w/Single Slip Boathouse w/screen porch overlooking south lake sunsets. Deep water always!! Can divide. OWNER FINANCE. Call Norman



Outstanding Lake Lanier lot, w/DS dock, Corps line in water! Have clear, unobstructed views all the way to the water all year round. Sunset view! Build your dream lake home.


January 2011

Prague is Europe’s most beautifully preserved city From the main railway station in Prague, the comfortable Mercedes sedan sent by the Iron Gate Hotel wound its way through a maze of tiny streets in a circular manner similar to a labyrinth. Though it couldn’t have been more than a couple of blocks from the train station, it took more than 20 minutes to arrive at the Iron Gate Hotel in the heart of Old Town. The trip was a quick lesson that the best way to navigate this ancient section of Prague is by walking. Despite the many wars that Europe has endured throughout history, Prague is the only city that has avoided most of the destruction. It is the largest city in the Czech Republic and part of Bohemia, which runs the gamut architecturally of Roman, Gothic, Baroque, and Renaissance influences. Visitors continually marvel at the massive churches, cathedrals, castles, theaters, bridges over the Vltava River, and art or sculptures on or around every structure. The wonders of Prague’s diverse art and culture keeps newcomers heads turning constantly as though they were on a swivel. It would take months to see even half of this picturesque city. From the historical Iron Gate Hotel (the best place to stay in Prague) that was established in 1519 (, it’s a short morning walk through narrow, colorful streets lined with tiny retail shops to the famous Charles Bridge, which is the best place to begin your walking tour


Above: Outdoor restaurants on Old Town Square. Right: A partial painting from the 13th century inside the Iron Gate Hotel in Prague.

Bill Vanderford Travel Editor

MORE INFO: 770-289-1543 of Prague. This pathway across the Vltava River from Old Town to New Town is almost six football fields in length was first constructed of sandstone blocks in 1357. It was originally named the Stone Bridge or the Prague Bridge, but was officially christened the Charles Bridge in 1870. Because of the magnificent construction, the huge towers at both ends, the more than 70 sculptures, and the breathtaking views of either side of the river, the Charles Bridge is probably the most visited site in Prague. To enjoy the beauty and serenity, early morning is the best time, but the evening can be a very romantic period to stroll the bridge. During the middle of the day, however, hundreds of street vendors, artists, musicians of all kinds, and a few unsavory types show up to vie for your money. The most famous statue on the Charles Bridge is that of Saint John Nepomuk, who King Wenceslas IV had thrown from the bridge to his death in the river


Above: The Charles Bridge over the Vltava River with the Prague Castle and the St. Vitus Cathedral in view. Right: Looking down from the castle area.

because he wouldn’t reveal a confession that the queen had given. Therefore, tradition implies that anyone who rubs the statue in the right place will be granted a wish or become lucky. The brass plaque on the statue has been polished to a bright shine by all the people who have touched it throughout the history of the Charles Bridge. Only touch the part depicting Saint John Nepomuk being thrown from the bridge ... not the other one with the queen and the dog ... that is bad luck! After the bridge and during the picturesque climb over cobblestone roads and up steep, stone stairways to the Prague Castle, many interesting shops, restaurants, and drinking establishments are passed. Looking backward occasionally during this sojourn, unforgettable vistas of Prague and the Vltava River can be enjoyed. The Prague Castle has been in existence for more than 1,100 years, is the largest castle complex in the world, and with the St. Vitus Cathedral is the defining structure of the Czech Republic. Despite numerous fires, changes of rulers, invasions, and even World Wars, this area has remained a living history that has survived every circumstance. The castle was originally built by one the early Czech rulers around 870 AD using only dirt and timber. Since that beginning, it was rebuilt in the Romanesque style during the 13th century, the Gothic style in the 15th century, and after a horrific fire in 1541, it emerged with a Renaissance look.

The last change to its modern Baroque style was accomplished during the 18th century. Also, since 1918, the Prague Castle has served as the official home to the president of the country. After returning from the castle and going back across the Charles Bridge, take a left turn and proceed to the Jewish Quarter. You can visit synagogues, the cemetery, and the remnants of the Jewish Ghetto where many Jews died during World War II. This is a beautiful and historical section of Prague. Walk in an angle to the right after the Jewish Quarter and you will be in the heart of Old Town which dates back to 1091. All of this section revolves around Old Town Square, the Church of Our Lady before Tyn, and the Town

Hall with its Astronomical Clock and tower. Highlighted by colorful pastel buildings and historical statues, the square is always active with tourists browsing the many portable retail shops or tasting the food from vendors in the square or outdoor restaurants. Though parts of Prague are very modern, the true beauty of this magnificent city is the practically undisturbed history. Add to that a culture, language, cuisine, and lifestyle that is totally unique to the Czech Republic, and you have a destination that should be on everyone’s “must see” list! Bill Vanderford has won numerous awards for his writing and photography, and has been inducted into the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame as a Legendary Guide.

January 2011


Lake Lanier Marinas Info AQUALAND MARINA Hours of operation: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for tenants, 8 a.m. to sunset for visitors Phone: 770-967-6811 Location: 6800 Lights Ferry Road, Flowery Branch Types of slips available: Houseboats, covered cruisers, & all types of open slips plus covered & open dry slips, totaling 1,725 wet docks and 460 dry docks Store: Yes Store/Dock hours: 9 a.m.-5 p.m., 7 days a week Types of fuel: Regular Price of fuel: (as of 12/13/10) $3.37 On-site eatery: Dockside Grill Cafe - Seasonal Take-out menu: Sandwiches Restaurant description: Casual Menu: Famous “Docker Burger,” tiki, sandwiches, salads & seafood grilled & fried. Phone: 770-363-2318 Security: 24 hours a day, gated Additional amenities: Self-service work yard with deep draft well & houseboat launching ramp. AQUAMARINA LAZY DAYS Hours of operation: Office/Service/Dock, 9 a.m.-5 p.m., 7 days a week Phone: 770-945-1991 Location: 6700 Holiday Rd, Buford Types of slips available: Wet docks for 75-150 foot covered & 100-foot open slips; 554 dry stack; New 125' x 24' & 150 x 26' HB slips now available. Types of fuel: Valvtect 93 Octane Marine Gas and Valvtec diesel marine fuel Price of fuel: (as of 12/13/10)) $3.79 premium; $3.29 diesel Security: Holiday Marina security patrols marina Additional amenities: Repair services. Free pump/portipotti station for members. Wet slips: private gated access, golf cart valet service, free dockside pumpout. New gas dock, easy access for houseboats. New courtesy docks for dry stack customers. The Houseboat Store has taken over the service dept & boat sales for Chris Craft, Formula, Startdust and Fantasy. BALD RIDGE MARINA Hours of operation: Office, Mon-Fri, 9 a.m.-5 p.m., marina has 24-hour access. Phone: 770-887-5309; Location: 1850 Bald Ridge Marina Road, Cumming Types of slips available: Covered & uncovered. Store: Sandwich shop; some boating supplies Store hours: Seasonal Types of fuel: Mid-grade gas; diesel Price of fuel: (as of 12/13/10) $3.59; $3.29 diesel (Dock open 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Mon.-Fri.; 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Sat./Sun.) On-site eatery: Sandwich Market - Seasonal Menu: Grilled & cold sandwiches, pita wrap. Restaurant description: Casual Phone: 770-889-2185 Security: 24-hour security, gated Additional amenities: Full-service department, parts department, boat body work, yacht repair & Marine Max Stovall sales dock

GAINESVILLE MARINA Hours of operation: Office, 8 a.m.-5 p.m., 7 days a week. Phone: 770-536-2171 Location: 2145 Dawsonville Hwy, Gainesville Types of slips available: 600 slips, dry stack cov. up to 25 feet, wet covered & uncovered to 80 feet. Types of fuel: Philip 66, mid grade Price of fuel: (as of 12/13/10) $3.59 (Dock open 9 a.m.5 p.m., 7 days a week) On-site eatery: Skogies (Seasonal Wed. thru Sun.) Menu: Barbecue, seafood and American fare. Phone: 678-450-1310 Security: 7 days a week Additional amenities: Water service shop, land service shop, recreational room, bath house, pumpout station. Sales of new, used and brokerage boats. Bennington Pontoon Boats and Yamaha Outboards. HABERSHAM MARINA Hours of operation: Office/Store/Dock, 9 a.m.-4 p.m., Mon.-Sat., closed Sundays Phone: 770-887-5432 Location: 2200 Habersham Marina Rd, Cumming Types of slips available: 650 slips for dry storage up to 27 foot Store: Yes Types of fuel: Mid-grade, 89 octane Price of fuel: (as of 12/13/10) $3.49 (Dock open 9 a.m.5 p.m., 7 days a week) Security: Yes Additional amenities: Repair services, detailing and bottom cleaning. Also bathroom and shower facilities are available. HIDEAWAY BAY MARINA (Formerly Starboard Cove Marina) Hours of operation: Office: 8:30 a.m-5:30 p.m., 7 days Marina: 24/7 Phone: 770-967-5500 Web Site: Location: 6334 Mitchell St., Flowery Branch Types of slips available: Wet (472) Dry (150) Store/Gas Dock hours: 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m., 7 days a week Types of Fuel: Regular Price of fuel: (as of 12/13/10) $3.19 Security: 24/7 manned security Additional amenities: Restaurant-Seasonal, complete boat/motor repair, new bathhouse w/ locked showers and AC, laundry, pump out, trailer storage. HOLIDAY MARINA Hours of operation: Office/Store/Dock, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m., 7 days a week Phone: 770-945-7201 Location: 6900 Holiday Rd, Buford Types of slips available: 22-100' Uncovered including 80, 90, and 100' Breakwater Slips; 26-85' Covered Slips totalling 1238 Slips Store: Yes; Convenience items and basic boating supplies. Types of fuel: Premium, unleaded & diesel Price of fuel: (as of 12/13/10): $3.89 premium; $3.69 unleaded; $3.29 diesel (5 percent discount with Westrec

advantage membership) On-site eatery: Dockside Grill - Seasonal Menu: Burgers, handcut/aged steaks, sandwiches, salads & seafood Phone: 770-945-2208 Security: 24 hour Additional amenities: Boat rentals, repair service, pumpout station, boat sales, Sea Tow. LANIER HARBOR MARINA Hours of operation: 9 a.m.-5 p.m., 7 days; Gas dock: 24 hours. Phone: 770-945-2884 Location: 2066 Pinetree Dr, Buford Types of slips available: 40’x16’ & 50’x18’, with power, water, satellite hook-up Store: Yes Store hours: 24 hour gas dock & store Types of fuel: 89 octane, 93 octane Price of fuel: (as of 12/13/10) $3.59 regular, $3.69 premium, with 10 cents off a gallon, both regular and premium, for Boat US members. Security: 24 hours Additional amenities: 24/hr Towing Service PORT ROYALE MARINA Hours of operation: 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m., 7 days a week Phone: 770-887-5715 Location: 9200 Lan Mar Rd, Gainesville Types of slips available: Uncovered, 20-foot to 80-foot; covered, 24-foot to 50-foot totaling 514 slips & dry stack storage (464) for up to 39 feet & 115 covered bay sheds to store boats on trailers Store: Yes Store/Dock hours: 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Mon.-Sun. Types of fuel: 87 octane; no ethanol Price of fuel: (as of 12/13/10) $3.69 regular On-site eatery: Pelican Pete's Bar and Grill Security: Night security Additional amenities: Climate controlled bath house with showers, 24 hour self-service pump out, rental boats, Courtesy dock for dry stack, two ship stores, full service center, largest floating gas dock in Ga, 16 gas pumps. SUNRISE COVE MARINA Hours of operation: 9:00 a.m.-5 p.m., Wed.-Mon.; Closed Tues. Phone: 770-536-8599 Location: 5725 Flat Creek Rd, Gainesville Types of slips available: Uncov-20-70 ft.; Cov-24-50 ft.; to include an exclusive 44 ft Sailboat Breakwater Dock. Total Wet Slips 688 and nine (9) Dry Storage Spaces (boats on trailer). Store: Ship Store Store/Dock hours: 9:00 a.m.-5 p.m., Wed.-Mon.; Closed Tues. Types of fuel: Regular with Valvtect Price of fuel: (as of 12/13/10) $3.57 with 5 percent off with Westrec Advantage Membership Additional amenities: Club House, bath house, laundry facility and pump-out open 24 hours a day.


January 2011

Lakeside’s Dining Guide Lakeview Dining Big Creek Tavern - Lunch, dinner and breakfast at 10 a.m. on Sundays. Open year around. Featuring the “Best” Angus Beef, a step up from old-fashioned American food. Billiards, video games, beer, wine, liquor. Buford. B-3, 678-482-1662. Bullfrogs Bar & Grille - Located at Legacy Lodge & Conference Center at Lake Lanier Islands Resort. Open for lunch and dinner daily. Dine poolside or indoors. Selections include salads, sandwiches, entrees, desserts and a variety of drink options from full-service bar. Guests may arrive by boat or car. Buford. B-3, 770-945-8787. Dockside Grill - Holiday Marina. Serving the same Docker burger that’s offered at Dockside Grill Café at Aqualand Marina. Featuring handcut, aged steaks, full bar. Buford. B-3, 770 9452208. Dockside Grill Café - Offering full lake views of Lanier in a casual outdoor café setting. Featuring the famous Docker burger, sandwiches including grouper, tuna and mahi. Aqualand Marina, Flowery Branch. Seasonal. C-3, 770363-2318. Fish Tales Lakeside Grille - Casual lakeside dining featuring grouper fingers, signature salads and much more. Full service indoor and outdoor bar with live music. Open for lunch and dinner everyday during spring & summer, weekends fall & winter. Hideaway Bay Marina. C-3, 770-967-3775. Pier 29 - Located on Lake Lanier at lake marker 29 opposite Browns Bridge. Newly renovated restaurant which is family friendly with a separate bar. Open for lunch and dinner, seven days a week. Offering fresh fish, shrimp, steak, burgers, wings, and hand-spun milkshakes Nightly events and specials. Every Monday, buy 10 wings get 10 free. Live band every Friday and Saturday. Dockside delivery available restaurant's courtesy dock as well as delivery to Port Royal Marina. Visit for coupons 770-7812242. (Former Lantern Inn location.) Sandwich Market - Offers sandwiches, pita wraps, gyros & lahvosh. Baldridge Marina, Cumming. Seasonal. 770-889-2185. Skogies - Specializing in barbecue, seafood and American fare. Fri-Sat 11 am - 10 pm; Sun 11 am - 9 pm. Gainesville Marina, C-1, 678450-1310. Sunset Cove Beach Club - Sunset Cove is an open-air eatery on a quiet stretch of beach near Chattahoochee Rapids at Lake Lanier Islands Resort. Open for lunch and dinner, diners can take in views of the lake during the day or dine under the stars in the glow of firelight from the large stacked stone fireplace at center stage. Guests are welcome to arrive by car or by boat. Complimentary boat slips at the adjoining dock will be available for boaters wishing to drop anchor and enjoy a sampling from the menu. By water, the restaurant is located between buoy numbers 7SC and 5SC. For more information, visit Buford. B-3, 770-945-8787 The Sunset Tiki Bar and Grill at Lake Lanier Islands - Features ribs, sandwiches, burgers, calamari, island shrimp and more. 12-slip dock is available for boaters. B-3. Buford. 770-9327259. Windows Restaurant - Located at Legacy Lodge & Conference Center at Lake Lanier Islands Resort and overlooks Lake Lanier. Provides a full breakfast buffet, and menu options, daily and special dining events every Saturday night throughout the season. A Seafood Buffet

begins in May on the first Saturday of each month, Beer-N-BBQ the second Saturday of each month, Cruise, Dine & Dance the third Saturday of each month and a wine tasting, food paring the fourth Saturday of each month. Visit for details or reservations. Guests may arrive by boat or car. Buford. B-3, 770-945-8787. American Austin’s Steak and Seafood - Specialties include seafood, premium aged steaks and chops, baby-back ribs, chicken and pasta. Open daily, lunch and dinner. Full bar. Cumming. A-3, 770844-0902. Collegiate - Old-fashioned hamburgers, hot dogs and milk shakes served in 1940s setting. Gainesville. C-2, 678-989-2280. CooCoos Nest - Open for lunch, dinner and Sunday Brunch offering wings, salads complimented by fresh meats hand cut daily from Fergusons Meat Market. Also featuring steaks, chops and seafood. House favorites include beer battered fries, hooch beans (a battered and fried green bean), Cuban sandwich and the Quesadilla Burger. Live entertainment weekly. Located at GA 400, Exit 16, Pilgrim Mill Rd. at Freedom Pkwy. Cumming. A-3, 678-4568932; Foster House - Lunch and dinner served family-style featuring casual dining at lunch and fine dining in evening. Lunch served 11-2:30, Mon.-Fri. Dinner served 5-8:30 p.m., Thurs.; 59:30 p.m., Fri./Sat. Cumming. A-3, 770-8879905. Norman’s Landing - Specializing in fresh seafood, hand-cut steaks, Canadian baby-back ribs with Kansas City barbecue sauce. Cumming. Casual. A-3, 770-886-0100. Oar House in Dahlonega - Specialties: handcut steaks, seafood dishes and homemade desserts, “everything homemade from the bread to the pickles.” Located Hwy 52E, 4 miles east of Dahlonega. Reservations suggested. 706-864-9983. Poor Richard’s - Specializing in Prime Rib, steaks, ribs and fresh seafood. Casual dining, dinner only. Full-service bar. G’ville. C-1, 770532-0499. Rick Tanner's Grill & Bar - A neighborhood favorite, the restaurant ofers a casual, friendly dining atmosphere. Rick Tanner's menu offers an array of selections including rotisserie chicken, chicken fingers, smoked pork, fall-offthe-bone ribs, homemade veggies and more. Flat screen TVs, outdoor patio, hand crafted beers. Located at the corner of Buford Hwy. and Hamilton Mill Rd in the Buford Village Shopping Center. 770-866-TOGO (8646), Buford. B-3. Two Dog Café – Classic small town diner with an emphasis on fresh food and fast service for lunch and dinner. Located at 317 Spring St. Gainesville. C-2, 770-287-8384. Wild Wing Café – Offers casual dining, live music, special Monday Trivia Night and 2 Fer Tuesday nights (buy a dozen, get a dozen wings free). Located at 311 Jesse Jewell Pkwy., Gainesville. C-2, 770-536-9177. Yahoola Creek Grill – Features Southern-inspired, made-from-scratch cooking from our outdoor deck, cozy dining room and loft. Full beer and wine list. Open for lunch and dinner, Wed.-Sat. Open for brunch and supper on Sunday. Closed Mon./Tues. Located on S. Chestatee St., Dahlonega. 706-482-2200; Continental/Fine Dining 37 Main - a food/entertainment establishment inspired by Spanish tradition of tapas-small

portions of appetizers-also featuring live music. Full bar. Open Tuesday-Saturday. B-3, 770614-7197. Aqua Terra - European fusion cuisine served daily. Open for lunch, 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m., Mon.-Fri.; noon-2:30 p.m., Sat.; dinner hours are 5-10 p.m., Mon.-Sun. Located on Buford’s historic Main Street. No reservations. B-3, 770271-3000. Blue Bicycle – a bistro touting “great food in a place not to feel rushed.” Open for lunch Thurs./Fri.; open for dinner Tues.-Sat. Reservations are suggested. Located at 671 Lumpkin Campground Road, behind the Outlet Mall on 400. Dawsonville. 706-265-2153. Corkscrew Café - Fine dining featuring varied menu choices, open lunch and dinner. Hours: 11:30 a.m.-9 p.m., Tues.-Thurs.; 11:30 a.m.-10 p.m., Fri./Sat.; noon-9 p.m., Sun. Reservations suggested. Located on 51 West Main St., Dahlonega. 706-867-8551. Dominick’s Italian Restaurant - Features cuisine from the north of Italy, with veal, chicken and seafood dishes. Favorites include chicken saltimbocca and garlic bread appetizer. Halfprice bottles of wine on Monday nights, halfprice appetizers from 5 to 7 p.m. on Tuesdays and endless pasta and salad on Wednesdays. Dominick’s is open Monday thru Sunday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for lunch and dinner from 5 until 9:30 p.m. Located at the corner of Buford Hwy. and Hamilton Mill Rd in the Buford Village Shopping Center. 770-614-0019, Buford. B-3. Firesalt Tavern - Fine-dining restaurant in a casual atmosphere and a café-to-go. Café features gourmet coffee, to-go items and full breakfast and lunch. Restaurant features fine steaks, shrimp and grits, fresh seafood including scallops and salmon. Live entertainment Thursday thru Saturday nights, family night on Wednesdays, Tavern is open Monday through Sunday. Café to go is open for breakfast and lunch; the tavern is open for lunch and dinner. Located at the corner of Buford Hwy. and Hamilton Mill Rd in the Buford Village Shopping Center. 770-9326284, Buford. B-3. Grapes and Hops - Casual dining, new menu items including authentic German dishes and lower prices. Full bar menu, with great selection of beers, wines and cocktails. Lunch 11:30 a.m.-4 p.m., Dinner 5-10 p.m., Brunch 11 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Bar open late. Live entertainment Wed.-Sat. Flowery Branch. C3 770-965-9145.

Luna’s - Continental cuisine, romantic atmosphere. G’ville. C-2, 770-531-0848. Scott’s on the Square - Upscale casual ambience with specialty sandwiches for lunch and gourmet entrees for dinner. Gainesville square. C-2. 770-536-1111. Barbecue/Country/Home Cooking Johnny’s BBQ - Real Pit BBQ pork, chicken & ribs. Brunswick stew. Minutes from Clark’s Bridge rowing venue. G’ville. Casual. D-1, 770-536-2100 Old McDonald’s BBQ - Real Pit BBQ, Brunswick stew, ribs. Minutes from Lake Lanier. Casual. Buford. B-3, 770-945-3431. Deli Common Grounds Coffee Shoppe - Light breakfast, lunch and dinner and desserts followed by fresh roasted coffee. Flowery Branch. C-3, 770-967-4080. Italian BiBa's Italian Restaurant - Featuring pasta, pizzas, salads, chicken, veal and seafood specialties. Open 11 a.m.-11 p.m., Friday and Saturday; 11 a.m.-10 p.m., Sunday through Thursday. G'ville, C-2. 678-450-1661. Piazza - Features traditional Italian dishes, homemade raviolis, pizza, chicken, veal and seafood specialities. Open seven days a week: 11 a.m.-9 p.m., Sun.-Thurs.; 11 a.m.-10 p.m., Fri./Sat. Located on 24 East Main St., Dahlonega. 706-867-9881. Tom's Pizza - Features pizza, Calzones, appetizers and salads. Rabbitown, Oakwood, Flowery Branch. Both Oakwood and Flowery Branch deliver to marinas on southeast side of lake. Rabbitown, 770-287-7444; Oakwood 770-531-0322; Flowery Branch 770-967-1074. Mexican La Cazuela - An Atlanta area landmark that’s expanded to two locations around Lanier. Features fajitas, selection of combination platters and more. Cumming, 678-947-0718, Buford, 770-614-6871. Oriental Little Tokyo - Japanese dining - hibachi grill, sushi. Dine in, take out. Open Tues. - Fri. 10:30 am - 10:30 pm; Sat-Sun 12 pm-10 pm; Closed Mon. Buford. B-4, 770-945-3350. Shogun - Japanese dining hibachi grill, $1 sushi everyday, open seven days week. Steak and sushi. Visit for specials and coupon. Flowery Branch, 770 967-4100; Buford, 678 5416000.

January 2011






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Buford Dam Road

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BOAT & RV STORAGE Two Convenient Locations

6005 Holiday Rd • 2140 Buford Dam Rd Here Are a Few Reasons We Store 700 Boats! • DVR Security Cameras • Motion Sensored Fences • Extra-wide Driveways for Parking (All Paved) • Multiple Washdown Areas • Onsite Mechanic 7 Days a Week

Jet Ski Maintenance and Performance Applications SBT Engine Replacements

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cess d Ac a P y l Ke dua i v i Ind our 24-H

770-831-3309 in E very Spa ce



W &P


January 2011

January 2011


The ‘practical factors’ of navigation explained “Ominous dark clouds of a strong Arctic weather front were starting to rapidly close in with visibility decreasing by the minute. The deafening wind howling at gale force or stronger was churning a confused and tumultuous sea causing the ship to violently heave up and down, shaking and pounding from the massive waves, with icy cold, white, water shipping over the bow and both port and starboard sides.” This is not a scene from a movie or a chapter in a book about vessels lost at sea, but an almost routine and frequent experience I had working on the waters surrounding Alaska in the Bearing Sea, especially during the winter months. Whether success-

on” training. This form of education is also Steve known as Practical Factors in the Johnson US Navy and US Coast Guard. It is a training method consisting of Boating a specific list of skill sets necesSafety sary to become proficient. Not only did we have to know the information but we had to perform the tasks to the satisfaction of the fully navigating through these professional mentor and trainer, dangers or helping other seafarwho would then sign off on the ers, I am here to tell these true sea document stating we were ready stories do happen. to assume that responsibility. The most significant reason I It is by far the best method of can attribute to the safe, success- learning a new skill or improving ful operations and voyages in this on the knowledge you already extremely hostile environment, is possess. Experience has taught proper and effective training. I am me that there is a distinct differnot referring to just learning from ence between instruction and a book or attendance in a class, training. Extended classroom but actual professional “hands presentation, study of educational

The 'off'' season remains busy for Corps By Christie Wortz Although things remain fairly quiet around Lake Lanier in the winter months, it’s hardly a time to sit back and rest for US Army Corps of Engineers Park Rangers. Those of us on the Park Operations side continue to be busy with park improvements and inspections, awarding gate attendant contracts and preparing for the 2011 recreation season, enhancing water safety and navigation programs, and addressing natural resource management concerns in the parks. Campground improvements Over the winter months, we continue to work with our on-site contractors to execute a number of improvements to our campgrounds and day-use areas. There are now 27 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant campsites, and handicap symbols have been added to the facility maps on With these improvements, individuals with disabilities will now be able to reserve the new handicap accessible sites by visiting the campground gatehouse. Previously, there were only five handicap sites available only on a first-come, first-serve basis. At Bald Ridge and Old Federal campgrounds all sites with electricity have been upgraded from 30 amps to 50 amps of electrical power. New washers and dryers have been installed at all campgrounds. All the impact areas have been equipped with lantern

of white beach sand has been added to all designated swim Christie beach areas. Wortz Additional projects Additional park operations US Army winter projects include: the anCorps of nual down river safety inspection Engineers for both the Gwinnett and Forsyth side of the Chattahoochee River, updating GIS/GPS data for river hooks. trails, revamping lake navigation Van Pugh South, which bemaps utilizing new aerial and bacame a campground in 2010, has thymetric imagery provided by been further improved. All exist- the U.S. Geological Survey, coming campsites have been upgraded pleting a project-wide sign into 30 amp electrical service, and spection and replacing all faded more sites are being added. or out-of-date signs, performing Fee increase safety inspections for all faciliTo help offset the cost of these ties, campgrounds, day-use parks, improvements, campground fees and swim beaches, surveying all have been increased for 2011. recreation area boundary lines for Sites with 50 amp service are now encroachments and fence dam$32 per night, sites with 30 amp age, cooperating with our team of service are $30, non-electric tent Corps volunteers for community sites are $22, and primitive walk- outreach and water safety educain sites are now $18 per night. tion, and continuing the neverDue to high visitation, there is a ending job of inspecting the lake two-night minimum stay on for missing/damaged buoys and weekends and three-night miniother hazards. mum on holiday weekends. Rangers are also participating Day use area improvements in prescribed burnings, invasive Honor vaults with a $4 admis- species eradication, and wildlife sion have been added to Old Fed- damage control projects to eneral Day Use, Lower Pool West, hance and protect the natural enLower Pool East, Keith’s Bridge, vironment of the lake. and Long Hollow. New gateSpecial events are processed houses have been installed at year-round and picnic shelters Lower Pool East, Old Federal will become available for reservaDay Use, and Lower Pool West tion beginning in March. and will be manned on weekends and holidays. Additionally, lockMORE INFO: ing gates have been installed at West Bank Overlook and 830 tons

materials, followed by testing is but one aspect of the maritime learning experience. Successful application of the information through Practical Factors is the crucial test which also instills confidence and that is accomplished primarily by hands on training. Of course the lake is not an expansive ocean at the top of the world but it too can be a hazardous place with rough water and high winds at times. How many of you have had the memorable experience of trying to dock or maneuver in close proximity to other boats during inclement weather? Application of hands on training will enable you to successfully get through these difficult

situations and vastly improve your overall boating skills. I heartily recommend scheduling time for training and practice, practice, practice for these types of possible boating scenarios. There are also professionally developed programs and experienced licensed Captains here on the lake that can provide you with this valuable knowledge. Why not consider some Practical Factors this winter and make your total boating experience this upcoming season the absolute best and safest. Steve Johnson, USCG (ret.) works with Your Boat Concierge. MORE INFO:

Former columnist killed in traffic accident Lakeside News was saddened to learn of the death of former golf columnist Chris Henderson of Canton. Henderson, 45, a PGA golf professional, had written a column for Henderson Lakeside for nearly two years before taking a break in early 2010. He was killed when his vehicle was struck by a van two days before Thanksgiving. The van, carrying eight workers, turned into the path of Henderson’s Chevrolet Blazer, according to Forsyth County authorities. The van’s driver, Gerardo Perez Abrego, 25, is charged with second-degree vehicular homicide and failure to yield. Henderson worked with

Affiniti Golf Academy at the time of his death. “His golf tips were always useful and easy to understand, even for a hacker like me,” said Lakeside Publisher Alan Hope. “But more than that, Chris was truly a nice guy who was dedicated both to his work and his wife, Cristine.” Hope said he was told the Hendersons had moved into their new home only a few weeks before the crash. Survivors include his wife of 17 years, Cristine Henderson of Canton. The Henderson family requests in lieu of flowers memorial donations be made payable to Cristine Henderson for the Chris Henderson Memorial Fund at SunTrust Bank, 1628 Cumming Highway, Canton, GA 30114.

• Polar Bear Continued from Page 22 desserts in the boathouse. “This is amazing that so many people came out on such a rainy day,” said outgoing LCKC President Tim Watson. Past Polar Bear Swims on Lake Lanier have attracted as few as 43 jumpers on a frigid, blustery 2008 New Year’s Day and as many as 160 on a balmy Jan. 1 in one of the event’s early years. A reward for the jumpers: a warm dip in a nearby hot tub. PHOTO BY ALAN HOPE


January 2011

Hot Shots Batting Co. opens in Flowery Branch By Pamela A. Keene Batter up! A new business in Flowery Branch has opened to help softball and baseball players of all ages improve their games. Hot Shots Batting Co., located at 4610 Elk Ridge Ct. off McEver Road, has five indoor batting cages, a live softball pitching simulator and an instruction cage. Tryouts for traveling teams based out of Hot Shots will be held January 22-23 and 29-30 from 4 to 6 p.m. each day at the Flowery Branch High School fields. Those interested can sign up at Hot Shots or call the center at 770-967-8266 to sign up. “Our goal is to help enhance the organization and level of play in this area,” said Jamie Kight, owner of Hot Shots. “We want our players to be competitive with the Gwinnett and Forsyth programs.” Kight and her husband John both played when they were younger and the couple has three daughters who now play the sport. John has coached teams in this area for about 10 years. Jamie is a former optician; John works for Gwinnett County. The business occupies just over 6,000 square feet in an existing warehouse. There’s a climatecontrolled parents’ lounge with views to the batting cages. The center offers free wifi. The Kights have hired three coaches. Angela Thompson, who specializes in fastpitch pitching and hitting served nine years as the pitching coach at The University of South Carolina. Prior to joining the Gamecocks she was assistant at UAB and

Middle Tennessee State. She has coached numerous collegiate athletes helping them achieve All-Conference as well as AllAmerican status on the NCAA Division 1 Level. Robbie Hefflinger is the baseball hitting, fielding, throwing and baserunning coach. A graduate of Gainesville High School, he was recruited by the University of Georgia. He played at Perimeter College and was drafted in the seventh round by the Atlanta Braves. He plays for the Rome Braves where he leads the team in hitting and on base percentage. Stan Lyons coaches baseball pitching, hitting and fielding. Prior to high school, Stan played in the East Cobb program where he led his team to two CABA World Series wins. Stan graduated from Collins Hill High School where he was a four-year starting varsity player. He was given a full scholarship to Georgia Southern University where he was a starting pitcher and center fielder. He was invited to both the Florida Marlins and Texas Rangers training camps. Stan is also an instructor at Windward Baseball Academy, training home of Brian McCann of the Atlanta Braves. The Flowery Branch Junior Falcons traveling baseball team works out at the facility. The Kights are also working with several area high school coaches and their teams. „ MORE INFO:

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January 2011


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January 2011

Getting in the last hello when a solicitor phones I’ve been working at home a lot lately. It’s quiet here, with very few of the interruptions one encounters in a busy office. People are always coming around imploring you to stop goofing off at work. Working at work can be so demanding sometimes. Anyway, I figured that I’d be more focused and efficient without having someone standing over me while I’m surfing the net in a vain quest to find a better job. Or, at least I though that was the case. Then I got solicited. Everyone has a story about how annoying it is to get a call from someone trying to get you to buy something you don’t want. Or worse, someone calling to remind you to send a check to pay for the last worthless piece of junk you bought. But far and away, the biggest problem with solicitors is their uncanny ability to call just when you’re falling asleep in front of the television while your remote is on auto-pilot unconsciously flipping through 367 channels of cow dung. As I found out yesterday, it’s just as annoying for them to call during that narrow window

there was dead silence. That led to a flickering hope that maybe Phillip the Secret Service was simply Sartain going through the “vetting” process and was surreptitiously Break checking on my whereabouts. from the “HELLO,” I shouted again, Lake just in case they were scanning me for voice recognition before acknowledging that they were on the other end. Nothing. where I’m actually trying to do In the background, I heard a some real work. The jarring ring muffled movement followed by of the landline shattered the tenu- the sound of someone eating from ous hold I had on my attention a bag of cheese puffs. Suddenly, span. Even worse, it set off the there was a very pointed manic Telephone Search and Res- “HELLO” suggesting that I had cue Protocol to locate the cordless impertinently failed to respond to phone. a “911 call back.” Once I found the offending apCrestfallen with disappointpliance, I snatched it up and ment, I tried to say hello again, breathlessly shouted, “HELLO,” but before I could, I was prelike it was a call from the White empted by yet another “HELLO” House begging me to accept a from someone who was obviously nomination to the Supreme Court using a tin can and string for their which, in my opinion, would be a means of communication with the suitable and genuine “change of outside world. scenery” job opportunity. “HELLO, is this Phillip or Of course, my anticipation of Lydia Sartain?” the caller inbeing elevated to that exalted po- quired in an obviously well pracsition was premature, and instead ticed zombie monotone. Insulted of the President casually address- both that they didn’t recognize ing me by my private nick-name, my deep melodious baritone

L.E. Landscaping & Tree Removal, LLC BEFORE


voice as male, or conversely, that they thought that I was married to a woman who sounds like a Marine Drill Instructor, I paused to consider my rejoinder. Just as I about to respond, I heard still another more urgent zombie “HELLO,” and it led me to wonder whether this solicitor was stationed on Mars, thus accounting for the built in time delay. Befuddled, I tried again, “Hello.” Again, I got the same stupid question, “May I speak to Phillip or Lydia?” “They’re not here,” I an-

swered. “Do you have any idea when they’ll be home?” “No, I haven’t seen them since the Secret Service called.” There was pause, and before he could say more, I cut him off with a question, “What’s the weather like on Mars and do you like working there?” He hung up before I could ask him if there were any openings. .Phillip Bond Sartain is a Gainesville, GA lawyer and freelance writer. MORE INFO: Email:

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Lakeside on Lanier January 2011  

Lakeside on Lanier January 2011

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