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The little book of realities. Student Links


Get ready, get set. Pre-semester checklist


Pre-semester checklist


Academic Life

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Student Services


Student Wayfinder

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Congratulations on becoming a Langara student! Student Links is your quick guide to services and opportunities available to you on campus as well as your rights and responsibilities as a student. Use this checklist to ensure your start at Langara is smooth sailing. Update your contact


Make sure your contact information

Langara. It allows you to: ·· Access the Langara Library

and check your Langara e-mail

·· Write cheques at the Bookstore

frequently. The College uses these

·· Take advantage of student

channels to officially communicate

discounts around town

with the Langara community, especially in case of emergencies such as snow closures.

information before you get your

Langara College 100 West 49th Avenue Vancouver, BC, V5Y 2Z6

Your Student ID is your passport to

on myLangara is up-to-date

TIP: Update your contact

get your Student ID

U-Pass and Student ID.

Your free Student ID can be obtained via Instructional Media Services (IMS) located in the southwest corner of ‘C’ Building. Check the IMS website for scheduled Photo ID sessions. Replacement cards cost $10. TIP: Before you get your Student ID,

paY your fees

make sure you:

Don’t get dropped from your courses.

·· Pay all of your student fees

Make sure you pay all your fees

·· Know your student number

before the published semester

·· Bring one piece of photo ID

deadline. Read the Registration Guide and Course Schedule available online or in print for more information. TIP: Fee deferrals are available to students who: ·· Have been approved for BC/

Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube. Get the latest on what’s going on

advance of the tuition due date

around campus!

hardship ·· Have been approved for sponsorship funding

For more information contact Financial Aid at 604.323.5376.

Langara is on Facebook,

Canada Student Loans in ·· Are experiencing financial


Get Connected.

get your U-Pass

register for New

get credits for classes you’ve already taken

U-Pass is a universal student transit

Student Orientation

If you have studied at another recognized post-secondary

program that gives you 3-zone

Get prepared for classes by taking

school, completed the International Baccalaureate

unlimited access to TransLink

part in this fun and informative

Diploma, or passed an Advanced Placement Examination,

Bus, SkyTrain, and SeaBus services

event. Enjoy a FREE BBQ, music,

you may be eligible for college credit. For details or

throughout Metro Vancouver as

and entertainment and take the

additional information go to or

well as discounts on the West Coast

opportunity to:

contact the Registrar’s Office.

Express. To get your U-Pass, visit the U-Pass Printing Station in the Langara Students’ Union Building. Check the U-Pass website for exact dates. TIP: Before you go to get your U-Pass make sure you: ·· Pay all of your student fees ·· Know your student number ·· Bring one piece of photo ID

pick up your textbooks Once you’ve registered for classes, myLangara will automatically generate a list of textbooks you need. Log on to the portal, visit the myCourses tab, go to the Textbooks Tool and select the appropriate semester.

·· Learn more about life as a Langara student ·· Get info on student services and resources ·· Meet other new students ·· Go on a guided campus tour TIP: Make sure you register early, as space is limited. To register, log on to myLangara. Complete the registration

TIP: Avoid long line-ups and get your books early! Best times to visit the

A prerequisite is a requirement that must be fulfilled before registration is permitted in some courses. It can be a secondary or post-secondary course that needs to be completed or a placement/diagnostic test.

in the Registration Guide and Course Schedule or on the College website.

Tell your parents about parent orientation

Do your parents want to learn more about your transition to Langara? Have them join us for an information-packed event to hear from instructors and current students, tour the campus, and ease event go to the College website.

visit the Bookstore website.

Check your course prerequisites

You can find course specific prerequisite information

are available through the Langara

policies on returns and buy back,

Registrar’s Office.

and bring it with you.

their minds. To learn more about this

listing of books available, as well as

make sure you get the credit you deserve by applying to the

form and make sure to print your ticket

Most textbooks and courseware College Bookstore. For a complete

TIP: Transfer credits are not automatically assigned, so

TIP: Make sure they register early, as space is limited. Visit the “For Parents” section of the College website for more information.

TIP: If you don’t have a specific prerequisite for a course, you may need to have your background in the subject area, current abilities, and future needs assessed. Currently, Langara offers the following diagnostic tests: ·· Chemistry Diagnostic Test ·· Langara English Test (LET) ·· Math/Stats Diagnostic Test ·· Physics Diagnostic Test

Check with the Registrar’s Office for more information. Check Important Dates Make sure you check the Registration Guide and Course Schedule or the website for upcoming important dates such as payment and class withdrawal deadlines, final exam period, etc.

Bookstore are the week before the semester starts or early in the morning.

The College of Higher Learning.


How do I check my progress? Academic Life

Depending on your educational and career

Learning Centres


goals, you can earn a variety of credentials

Check out one of Langara’s learning

Need an official transcript? You can

centres for free tutoring and

order one online through myLangara


or visit the Registrar’s Office. Fees are

at Langara such as bachelor’s or associate degrees, diplomas, certificates, citations, and post-graduate certificates. As you start your academic life at Langara, there are a few things to keep in mind.

For help with Math and Science courses check out: ·· Biology Help Centre – check online for location ·· Chemistry Help Centre – check online for location

Academic Standing To maintain good academic standing, you must receive a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 1.5 each semester. If your average is less or you receive more than two failing grades, you will be advised to contact the Counselling Department to discuss educational concerns. For more information, read the Langara College Academic

·· Mathematics and Statistics Activity Centre – C209 ·· Physics Help Centre – check

posted on the website. Please allow five working days for processing. Visit the Registrar’s Office website or call 604.323.5241. TIP: If you just want an unofficial transcript, you can print it from your myLangara account or get it from the Registrar’s Office.

online for location ·· Computing Science and Info Systems Help Centre – check online for location

Standing – Academic Probation and Suspension Policy on

For help with writing, check out the

the College website.

Writing Centre located in room C210. The centre can help you:

Did you know Langara also has a great Continuing Studies Department?

They offer more than 700 courses and 40

certificate programs in a

Checking Progress

·· Improve your writing

wide variety of creative,

Interested in comparing your courses with the graduation

·· Understand what academic

technical, health,

requirements of a program? You can do that through myLangara. Simply go to the Student Main Menu, click on Student Records, and then select Graduation Evaluation.

readers expect ·· Develop confidence and overcome any fear of writing ·· Learn to apply structures that

TIP: You should apply for graduation through the Registrar’s Office in the semester you expect to complete your program. To receive your credential at the annual June graduation ceremonies, make sure you apply before March 15.

will clarify meaning

designed to fit into busy schedules and enable you to achieve your

tutorials, handouts prepared by

educational, professional,

faculty, reference books, computers,

and personal goals.

workshops on various topics.

Check the Continuing Studies website or pick


up a Continuing Studies

If a course isn’t working out for

Catalogue for more

you, you can discontinue it by using myLangara. For more information on withdrawing or withdrawal deadlines, please see the Registration Guide and Course Schedule published each semester.

subjects. Courses are

Resources include: one-on-one

self-study tools, and small-group


social, and business


Study options. Flexible study delivery

Distance Learning Can’t make it to campus? Do you have an irregular work or home schedule? Take an online course or choose a guided independent study option and make the world your classroom. Online courses let you interact with instructors and classmates using the web and Blackboard, Langara’s online course software. To get the full list of online options check the Registration Guide and Course Schedule or visit the College website. Guided independent study options are offered in some subject areas such as: Chinese, Communications, English, French, Greek, Latin, Psychology, and Spanish. Please contact relevant departments for more information. Cooperative Education Want to get work experience while attending school? Consider Co-op. You’ll be able to integrate academic studies with practical career-related work experience. You can alternate terms of full-time classroom study with terms of full-time employment to gain experience in your field of interest. External Studies Earn credits while traveling to exotic places. External studies combine the rigors of academic studies with real-world experience. Earn course credits by taking an art history tour of Europe or working on a dig with the Archeology Field School. For a full list of programs, visit the College website.

The College of Higher Learning.


Advocacy, support, and assistance. Student Services

Starting college is a big step. Langara offers

Disability Services

Health Services

a range of student services to help you get

To request accommodation or

Need a health consultation?

services, make an appointment with

Langara College Health Services

the Disability Services Office and

provide confidential health

provide the appropriate medical

services to the College community.

documents. They can help to arrange

It provides a full range of care

support services on a case-by-case

including immunization, Pap Tests,

basis. Make sure you contact them

screening for STDs, and affordable

as soon as possible as some services

birth control. A psychologist and

such as Sign Language Interpreters

psychiatrist are available on a part-

and Typewell Services may take

time basis. The clinic is open Monday

up to six months to arrange. With

to Friday, 8:30 am-4:00 pm and closed

requests received less than three

between 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm. For more

months prior to the start of the

information, call 604.323.5256 or visit

semester, every reasonable effort will

the College website.

the most out of your educational experience. We’re here to help. Aboriginal Services For advocacy with your band, tribe, or sponsoring agency or help transitioning to college life, contact the Services for Aboriginal Students Manager (604.323.5645 or or make an appointment with an Aboriginal Liaison Counsellor (604.323.5221) for confidential educational, personal, and/or career counselling. Childcare The Langara Child Development Centre runs a full-time inclusive day-care centre for children ages 18-months to

be made to arrange the requested accommodations, but availability cannot be guaranteed.

As a full-time student, you have medical and dental insurance coverage through the Langara

5-years. Priority placement is given to student families.

Please contact 604.323.5509 or

Students’ Union (LSU). For more info

For more information call 604.323.5535 or visit the College

visit room B139 to schedule an

please contact StudentCare at


appointment. Visit the Disability

Services section of the website for Counselling

more information and important

Get confidential career, educational, and personal


counselling through the Counselling Department. Make

What is alumni? How do I become one?

Complete 30 credits and

an appointment Monday through Friday, call 604.323.5221,

Financial Aid

or drop in if it’s an emergency or for short consultations.

The Financial Aid Department can

you’re considered alumni.

help you figure out ways to reduce

As an alumnus, you’re

financial barriers. They can assist

entitled to a variety of

The department also provides: ·· Designated counsellors for international students, students with disabilities, and Aboriginal students ·· Self-service Career Resource Centre offering online and on-shelf college and university calendars, career literature, and info on labour market trends ·· Student Success Workshops on study skills, stress

you with information on bursaries, scholarships, emergency loans,

perks and benefits. Visit

grant programs, student loans, work

the Alumni Relations

assistance programs, and various

section of the website

other financial aid programs.

to get a full listing of

For more information, visit

benefits, events, and

·· Info on College programs, courses, and policies

the Financial Aid website, call

·· Off-campus referrals

604.323.5376, or drop by room B113.

news. Make sure to stay

management, career planning, etc.



Information and Educational

International Education

employment opportunities and Resources

The International Education

There are on-campus short-term work opportunities and

To get help with on-campus

Department (located in Room A107)

co-operative education work terms available. Langara

computer or myLangara issues,

can help you integrate and adjust

offers a range of services and opportunities including

contact IETS by using one of the

to campus life with a variety of

career counselling and resume help.

computer lab phones and calling

relevant, innovative, top-quality

local 5999, phoning 604.323.5999,

programs and support services.

Technology Services (IETS)

or e-mailing They manage computer resources across the campus. Visit the IETS website for more


Short on cash? Many departments at the College are

Visit the College website or call

looking for part-time student help. Contact Financial

604.323.5023 for more information

Aid, demonstrate financial need, and become part of the

about the many IE programs and


services, such as Langara PLUS.

info on: ·· Accessing the web while on

Student Work Assistance Program (SWAP)

Library Need help looking for a particular

·· Wireless access around campus

book or researching your term

·· Computer use policies

paper? Looking for a great place to

·· Computer labs and lab schedules

study or meet up on campus? Drop

·· Printing on College printers

by the Langara College Library. You can access a huge collection of books,

To qualify, you need to be: ·· A Canadian citizen or permanent resident ·· Enrolled in a minimum of nine credits (or a minimum of six credits if you have a disability and are registered with Langara College Disability Services)

Returning students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0. The program is open to all qualified students.

Instructional Media Services

journals, magazines, newspapers,

Contact Financial Aid at 604.323.5376 or visit the website

Instructional Media Services can

databases, and audiovisual materials.

for more information.

Still can’t find what you’re looking

Employment Resources

for? Ask a librarian. Contact them in

Want to learn how to write effective resumes, network for

person, by phone (604.323.5462),

employment, and interview for success? Need to access

online, or via e-mail.

a job search engine? Visit the Student tab in myLangara

assist you with Student IDs and production of materials for class presentations and assignments. They also offer access to equipment such as VCRs; slide, film, and video film projectors; and audiocassette

Not on campus? You can still use

players for class projects. For more

the Library. It’s accessible 24/7 via

information, call 604.323.5309, drop Research

by room C265, or visit the College

your essays and assignments online by:


·· Accessing thousands of magazines, journal articles, and

for information and resources including access to the Langara Workopolis Campus website. Find postings for summer employment, part-time jobs for students, and full-time positions after graduation. Also don’t miss the annual Career Fair, which is held on campus every spring!

e-books ·· Finding schedules for library research classes and online tutorials ·· Linking to e-mail and AskAway (online) chat reference help

Learn effective research skills. Take advantage of the Library’s foundations class in library research concepts.

The College of Higher Learning.


Your compass around campus. Student Wayfinder

‘C’ Building




‘A’ Building

‘B’ Building

‘C’ Building


Anthropology Labs

Nursing Labs

Building Services

Outdoor playgrounds

Students’ Union Building

Biology Labs

Photo-Imaging Labs



Accounting Services


Physics Labs

Computer labs

Advanced Education Media Acquisition Centre

Resource Room

Bicycle Repair Shop

Chemistry Labs

Publishing Labs




Binding and Faxing Services

Computer Labs

Studio 58

Deans of Instruction Offices

18-months to 5-year old programs

Continuing Studies

Tim Hortons

Disability Services


Cooperative Education

Division Chair Offices



Changing Rooms

Design Formation Studios

Facilities and Purchasing

College Board

G103 and G109 Classrooms

Employee Lounge

Faculty Offices

Faculty Offices


Fine Arts Studios

Financial Aid

Geography Labs

Health Services


Human Resources

Information & Educational Technology Services (IETS)


BC College and Institute Library Services

Book Buy Back


Communications and Marketing



Langara Cafe

Education Technology Centre


Langara Students’ Union Office (LSU)



Institutional Research

Meeting Rooms Reception Office

Meeting Rooms


Registrar’s Office

Multi-Purpose Room

Media Rooms

Services for Aboriginal Students

President’s Office

Meeting Rooms

Vice-President Academic and Provost’s Office

Private Group Study Areas Study Spaces

Lecture Halls

Vice-President of Administration and Finance’s Office

Meeting Rooms

Wireless Internet

Newberry Hall

Writing Centre

International Education Journalism Labs


Student Accounts U-Pass Office Wireless Internet

Jumper cables

Computer labs


Instructional Media Services (IMS)

Duke’s Gourmet Cookies & Cappuccino


Math/Stats Activity Centre

Information Kiosk

Dave Pearson Native Student Centre

Computer Labs

Starbucks Wireless Internet

LSU Health and Dental Plan Ombudsperson Student Lounge Space Wireless Internet

‘A’ building ‘B’ Building

Students’ Union Building






























MS Free motorcycle and scooter parking B

Free bicycle racks

SB Secure bicycle lockup








PARKING RATES Long-Term (Daily) YELLOW (Outdoor) Emergency Call

 $3.00 .................................................

 $6.00 ........................

for 4 hours for all day (until lots close)

 $3.00 ...........................

 Free on weekends Short-Term (Visitor) Parking  $1.25 ..............................................

100 West 49th Avenue Vancouver BC Canada V5Y 2Z6

per 1/2 hour

The College of Higher Learning.

G37834 JULY2010





Fun things to do on campus. Campus Life



Student Clubs

Looking for something more competitive? Langara’s

Want to make an impact on

Clubs are a great way to meet new

varsity teams, the Falcons, have racked up an impressive

the College? Become a student

people. For a full list of clubs, please

number of titles over the last three decades in men’s and

representative on the Langara Board

contact the Office of the Dean of

women’s badminton, basketball, and soccer. Try out for a

of Governors, which is responsible

Student Services or view the list

spot on one of the teams or cheer them on by catching a

for the strategic direction and

online through myLangara.


management of the College. You can

Contact the Athletics department at 604.323.5652 or visit for more information. Intramural Sports Into sports? Whether you’re looking for a recreational activity or a more competitive intercollegiate experience, visit the Langara Athletics and Intramurals Department in room G008 in the Gym for info. Basketball, badminton, volleyball, tennis, indoor soccer, etc., are the available activities and vary from semester to semester. It’s a great way to meet new people, relax, and get some exercise. Suggestions are always welcome. For more information check

also become a student representative

Studio 58

on Education Council, which is

Studio 58, Langara’s professional

responsible for policies concerning

theatre training program, presents

student evaluation, withdrawal,

four full-length plays and two “Risky

academic standing, appeals,

Nights” projects between October

grading, awards for excellence, and

– April each year. Take advantage

curriculum content. Elections are

of the student pricing or one of the

held every semester (concurrently

FREE preview performances and

with the elections for the Langara

check out a show. Contact Studio 58

Students’ Union).

at 604.323.5227 for details.

Student representative positions on Langara Council, which is responsible for making recommendations to the President regarding the development of College policy, procedure, and practices, are appointed by the Langara Students’ Union. For more information, contact the Registrar’s Office.


Other life essentials. Campus services


Printing & Photocopying


An Automated Teller Machine

Copy card operated self-service laser

Need somewhere to store your stuff? Both the gym and

(ATM) is located in the main lobby

printers are located throughout the

the Langara Students’ Union rent lockers for a minimal

of ‘A’ Building.

campus. Printer copy cards may be

fee on a semester-by-semester basis. Space is limited so

purchased in the Library or from a

make your request as early as possible.


dispensing machine across from the

Make sure to familiarize yourself

cafeteria in ‘A’ Building.

with the evacuation routes posted in each classroom. If you experience or encounter an emergency, use one of the “Panic buttons” strategically located around the campus or call local 4444 or 604.323.5270 for assistance. In case of emergencies, you’ll hear a two-stage alarm: ·· Warning bells (slow beat - 20

a semester-by-semester basis. Please see the Facilities

throughout the campus. Photocopies

Assistant in the gym equipment room for details.

are 10¢ per page with a copy card or 15¢ per page when using coins. Food Services Are you hungry? You have several great choices. ·· Cafeteria (‘A’ Building) ·· Tim Hortons (‘A’ Building) ·· Starbucks (Library)


·· Duke’s Gourmet Cookies &

the building immediately

Cappuccino (Students’ Union Building) ·· Langara Cafe (Students’ Union


·· Bookstore (‘C’ Building)

the safety and security of everyone

·· Vending machines are located

centrally located across from the Bookstore. In case of emergencies, please call: ·· Local 4444 from any inside phone ·· 604.323.5270 (during office hours) ·· 604.562.1011 (outside office hours)

Langara Students’ Union Lockers can be rented on the first day of classes. A full locker rents for $8 per semester and a half locker rents for $7. An additional deposit fee of $9 is charged and will be refunded before the last day of final exams in each semester. Lost and Found Lost something on campus? Check the Lost and Found at the Information Kiosk, main lobby of the ‘A’ Building. Unclaimed items are held for one semester. For more info, call 604.323.5686.


Langara College is concerned about on campus. The Security Office is

Gym locker rental includes towel service. Rental is on

Photocopiers are also available

rings/minute) means prepare to ·· Continuous ringing means leave


throughout the campus

What’s Happening Around Campus?

There’s always something going on around campus. For up-to-date event information, visit the College website, myLangara, the “Events on Campus” bulletin information posted around campus or connect to us via social media.

In addition to responding to emergencies, Campus Security also provides an evening safe-walk service and publishes the Langara College Personal Safety Guide.

The College of Higher Learning.


What are my rights and responsibilities? Rights and Responsibilities

As a Langara student, it is your responsibility to be familiar with and abide by the policies and procedures outlined in the Registration Guide and Course Schedule, the Langara College Calendar, and on the website. Here’s a quick look at some of your basic rights and responsibilities.


Human Rights Your rights are important. We are committed to the principle that all members of the College community have the right to work and study in an environment that is free from discrimination and harassment. The College prohibits discrimination based on any of the criteria listed in the BC Human Rights Code. Religious Holidays Do you require special consideration for holy days? Make sure you inform your instructor at least two weeks in advance of any alternate arrangements that you might need. ResponsibilitIes Attendance

You’re expected to attend all classes, lectures, laboratories, workshops, practicums, and seminars. Irregular attendance may result in your exclusion from classes. If absence is due to illness, you may be asked to submit a medical certificate. Conduct Langara College is committed to creating an environment that promotes scholarly activity. We achieve this by working together to create a community characterized by civility, diversity, free inquiry, and mutual respect. Copyright Langara College complies fully with copyright legislation. To learn more about how copyright affects you, read the Library’s Copyright Guide available on the Library website. Plagiarism Don’t plagiarize. The intentional or unintentional presentation of another’s words, images, and/or ideas as if it were your own is a serious breach of College policy.


Student power. Langara Students’ union

As a regular studies student, you are

LSU Services

U-Pass Program

automatically a member of the Langara

Need advocacy help? Access to

Need cheap transportation? As a part

office equipment? The LSU offers

of the LSU, you are automatically

a variety of services including

part of the U-Pass program. With a

free public phones, report binding,

U-Pass, you get unlimited access to

Directors elections held each semester, health

photocopying, faxing, use of office

TransLink Bus, SkyTrain, and SeaBus

and dental care, a U-Pass, as well as other

equipment, independent vendors,

services throughout the Metro

constituency centres, volunteer

Vancouver area as well as discounts

opportunities, student agendas,

on the West Coast Express.

Students’ Union (LSU). Your membership dues entitle you to vote in the LSU Board of

important services. For more information on the LSU contact 604.324.3881 or visit the LSU offices in the Students’ Union Building.

microwaves, locker rentals, bike lockers, bike repair shop, jumper cables, tax returns, and ombuds service. Health and Dental Plan

Regular Students’ Union Building Hours Mon-Thu

7:30 am to 7:00 pm


7:30 am to 4:45 pm

Summer Students’ Union Building Hours

As a full-time (9 or more credits) Langara student, you are entitled to health and dental insurance coverage. It’s part of the mandatory LSU StudentCare plan. Start in

The program is mandatory for all members of the LSU. The U-Pass fee is automatically added to your registration fees and must be paid in full before the fee deadline. Exemptions may be granted if exemption requirements are met and the necessary documentation is submitted by the exemption deadline.

September and you are automatically

For more information on the

enrolled in the plan. If you’re

U-Pass Program, terms of use, and

planning for a January or May start,

exemption requirements, please visit

you will need to manually sign or contact the U-Pass coordinator at


7:30 am to 6:00 pm

yourself up for the plan.


7:30 am to 4:45 pm

Make sure you pay your plan fees

before the fee payment deadline to avoid being dropped from classes.

LSU Office Hours Mon-Thu

9:00 am to 6:00 pm


9:00 am to 4:45 pm

Want cheaper books?

All fees should be directly paid to

Both the Langara

Langara. For more information,

Bookstore as well as

including opt-out criteria, contact StudentCare at 1.866.369.8796 or

the Langara Students’ Union sell used books and have a used book buy back service. Visit the Bookstore or LSU for details.

The College of Higher Learning.


Getting here. Transportation

Public Transportation

Bike Routes


Get the most out of public transit by using your U-Pass!

Is biking more your thing? Check

Looking to save some gas money and

It’s the most economical way to get to campus and around

out the Ridgeway Greenway (37th

lessen your carbon footprint? Why


Avenue) or Ontario Bikeway. With

not carpool? You could qualify for a

special cyclist-priority crosswalks

dedicated carpool parking spot close

and speed controlled intersections

to the campus entrance. For more

they’re a convenient, healthy, and

information contact the Facilities

safe way to get to class.

and Purchasing Department. To

The campus is accessible via the following bus/SkyTrain routes:


There are bicycle racks all over

Canada Line SkyTrain

Langara-49th Station (at Cambie & 49th Avenue)

#49 Metrotown Station/UBC

Runs along 49th Avenue

#15 Cambie Street/ Downtown

Runs along Cambie Street

#3 Main Street/ Downtown

Runs along Main Street

campus but if you want something more secure, the campus also offers a locked bicycle cage. The cage is located in the underground parking beneath the Library/Classroom Building. Entrance is on the south side of the campus. The location is near the gym and offers easy access to showers and rental lockers.

find a carpool opportunity, visit the website. Parking Remember your stall number. The College parking lot operates on a pay-by-stall basis. To pay you’ll need to enter your stall number at any parking pay station located around campus, select the desired parking rate options, and follow the onscreen

Got a flat? There’s a compressed air

instructions. Payments can be made

hose station near the locked bicycle

by coin or by credit card.

cage in the underground parking.

If you’re looking for a more weather protected spot to park your car,

Be careful if you park off campus.

There is a 5-block “Resident Only Parking”

For more information on parking around campus, pick up a brochure from the Info Kiosk, the Security

Parking in front of

Office, or the Library.

may result in a City of Vancouver parking violation.

the Library/Classroom Building.

zone around the campus. a private residence


there’s underground parking beneath

To Lions Gate Bridge, North Vancouver, and West Vancouver ↑

Stanley Park







Sea Bu D s Lo own ns da town le Q / ua y

Burrard Inlet




Waterfront Station


P.N.E./ Playland


West Broadway Centre

Commercial Drive/ Broadway Station


12th Ave.

Ontario St.

Clark Park

Queen Elizabeth Park


41st Ave. Oakridge Mall


Cambie Street Centre

Knight St.

Fraser St.

Main St.

Cambie St.

Oak St.

Main Campus

Alderbridge Way Centre


Computer Access


Continuing Studies


Co-operative Education




Disability Services


Emergency/First Aid


BURNABY 604.323.5376

General Information


Health Services


Human Rights


Instructional Media Services


International Education




Lost and Found


LSU Health and Dental Plan


Main College Switchboard


Math & Stats Activity Centre

604.323.5937 1.866.277.5501

Registrar’s Office


Safe Walk


Langara campus nearest canada Line Station

Services for Aboriginal Students 604.323.5645

canada Line

expo Line


Child Development Centre (Day Care)


millenium Line

Fraser River



bike Lane

49th Ave.

Granville St.

John Hendry Park



Financial Aid

Boundary Rd.

Granville Island

To Burnaby, Coquitlam, and Simon Fraser University ↑

To Point Grey, Pacific Spirit Park, and University of British Columbia ↓

4th Ave.

Commercial Dr.

Strathcona Park

Athletics & Intramurals

Popular bus route Seabus route


Security (outside office hours)


SOS (Support Our Students) Campaign


Student Photo ID


Students’ Union


Studio 58


Transfer Credit






Writing Centre


transfer Station Park

SociAL mediA

Shopping and food



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To Richmond and Ladner ↓ To Delta and Surrey

the coLLege of higher LeArning.


This is not just a college. It’s a springboard. It’s a catalyst. It’s conversations instead of lectures. Students instead of numbers. A compass to help you navigate the great beyond. It’s not the start, nor the finish. It’s a makeover for your mind. This is Langara. The college of higher learning.


Student Links 2010  
Student Links 2010  

Student Links 2010. A new student's guide to all things Langara.