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Graduation 2009 LANGARA COLLEGE

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05 26 09 8:14:27 PM

Congratulations to the Langara College Grads of 2009! Graduation is a day to honour and celebrate our graduates’ achievements, as well as the success of our faculty, staff, and administration for their excellence in providing quality educational opportunities. At Langara College, we celebrate the success of our students who have come to us from varied backgrounds. At this year’s graduation ceremonies, you will have the opportunity to meet and read about these students. Their academic accomplishments have led them to further education, or to new careers in healthcare, social services, and early childhood education. You can also read about our outstanding alumni who are pursuing careers in the arts, human services and social sciences. We are celebrating you, our graduates, who are ready to embark on new paths, embrace new opportunities and make a difference. We encourage you to be life-long learners and continue to further develop your professional skills or explore personal interests. The freedom to choose, to understand, and to make a difference belongs to those with open and educated minds. Education is lifechanging and life-long, and will continue to provide you with the freedom to make choices that will shape your future successes. We only ask one more thing of you – be the best you can be!!! Once again, Congratulations. Dr. David Ross President Langara College


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Knowledge is yours

On behalf of the Langara College Board of Governors, I would like to extend my gratitude to those who have supported our graduates. As we celebrate this important occasion, we appreciate that behind every successful student stands a community committed to their academic excellence. The support of family and friends of our graduates – many of whom are here today – has been instrumental. The commitment to instructional excellence demonstrated by our faculty has been important to student success. So, too, has the support provided by the extended college community. And finally, to our donors, your generosity has expanded opportunities that have benefited many Langara students. Each graduation is a poignant reminder of the College’s mission to provide accessible education that meets the needs of our diverse community. It is an opportunity to celebrate the success of our graduates and to acknowledge those who have played a role in helping our students realize their fullest potential. Congratulations to the 2009 graduating class. As you leave Langara College, you can look forward to the many achievements that lie ahead. David Chiang Board Chair Langara College

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Academic Excellence At Langara College, we recognize the outstanding achievements of our graduates and welcome this opportunity to showcase their academic excellence. Our award-winning graduates have received a broadbase of learning and have developed the skills they need to build successful careers. The time our students spend at Langara College in a wide variety of programs can culminate in bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees, diplomas, certificates and/ or citations. What is perhaps not widely understood is the value of these credentials. Students who complete two years of study at Langara College progress with confidence in their future learning, many of them outperforming those who entered university directly from high school. Career program graduates receive a strong academic base with job-ready, state-of-the-art marketplace skills that lead to careers in the arts, business, industry and community services.

Critical thinking frees your mind Critical thinking is at the core of every discipline in higher education. It is how students achieve measurable competence in literacy and numeracy to go on to future study, to apply to their career, or to become a contributing member of society. Critical thinking is a skill that everyone can learn and use in their lives. Langara College equips students with the skills to be critical thinkers. Critical thinkers are free from intellectual dependency on anyone else. They can manage the wealth of information that they are bombarded with everyday and find the nuggets of truth that are embedded. Put succinctly, critical thinking frees the mind.

These students may earn a credential, which they can proudly add to their curriculum vitae.


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2009 Graduation Award Winners Langara College Graduate Excellence Award (Arts and Science) nn

awarded to the student graduating from a two-year arts and science program with the highest cumulative grade point average.

Governor General’s Bronze Medal nn

awarded to the student graduating from a two-year program with the highest cumulative grade point average.

Recipient of both awards: Anton Joel Friedman Graduate, Arts and Science Program Anton Friedman began his postsecondary education taking Psychology, Geography and Languages in the Arts and Science Program at Langara College. However, when he took a Biology course to satisfy the science requirement for the program, he fell in love with science! He went on to take Chemistry, Math and Physics. Anton has transferred his credits to the University of British Columbia for the Fall Semester, where he will further his studies in General Biology. Anton has worked hard to put himself through school, and believes that Langara College has given him a solid basis for his future education. “College is underrated – the manageable class sizes and approachable teachers create a really nice environment to try various subjects – I am very happy with my decision to attend Langara College.”

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Langara College Graduate Excellence Award (Career) nn

awarded to the student graduating from a two-year career program with the highest cumulative grade point average.

Award Recipient: Jennifer Minnion Graduate, Early Childhood Education Program Jennifer Minnion knew she wanted to work with children. She heard that the Early Childhood Education Program at Langara College had a great reputation, that it was looked upon favourably by employers, and that its graduates were able to get the jobs they wanted. Jennifer also liked that after three terms, she would have the skills she needed to work in her chosen field. Of her instructors, Jennifer says, “They love and respect children – they provide a good model of how to have a relationship with a child.”   Jennifer is currently working full-time in the same early childhood centre where she completed her volunteer experience. Her future plans include completing a degree in childcare, then opening her own home daycare.

Lieutenant Governor’s Silver Medal nn

to honour the student graduating in a one-year program who has demonstrated the highest academic achievement and who has contributed positively to College life or the community.

Award Recipient: Laura Mary Allison Graduate, Social Service Worker Program Laura Allison’s interest in travel and working with children first led her to Taiwan where she taught English to students aged two years to adult. Returning to Canada, she became qualified to work in daycare and preschool settings, and spent several years with the YWCA’s childcare programs. These experiences led to a desire to work with children and their families in a more supportive and broader role such as social work.    A Diploma in Social Services emerged as the next logical step, and the Langara Social Service Worker Program came highly recommended.  “I found the course content meaningful and the faculty supportive and inspiring,” Laura states, “My interest in the field was confirmed.” Laura’s next goal is a Bachelor of Social Work, building on the strong foundation she received at Langara College.


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Langara College Graduate Excellence Award (Bachelor’s Degree) nn

awarded to the Bachelor’s Program graduate with the highest cumulative grade point average.

Award Recipient: Tammy Lynn Sawatzky Graduate, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Tammy Sawatzky was chosen for this award because of her drive to succeed. She spent her preceptorship on the Bone Marrow Transplant/Leukemia Unit at Vancouver General Hospital. Tammy also worked as an employed student nurse at Surrey Memorial Hospital (SMH) on the Surgical Unit. Taking the advice from experienced nurses to work in a generalized area before entering a specialty, Tammy has accepted a full-time position at SMH on the Surgical/ Orthopedic Unit. “Due to the step-down beds on the Surgical Unit, I will receive additional training in telemetry, high acuity, and critical care. This training will enable me to branch out into a specialty area, such as cardiac care.”

President’s Medal for Academic Excellence and Community Service nn

to honour Bachelor’s Program graduates who demonstrate academic excellence and community service.

Award Recipient: Kevin Chen Graduate, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Kevin Chen discovered his niche. He has always loved working with people, and found the Langara College Nursing Program to be an excellent choice. “The Nursing instructors were exceptional,” says Kevin. “The program helped prepare me for my current position as a Registered Nurse at St. Paul’s Hospital on a surgical unit.” Kevin’s instructor, Heather Hume, writes “Kevin exhibited strong leadership and mentorship skills for fellow nursing students… (and) was a motivated professional role model. He is a valuable member of the nursing team who consistently achieved excellent results.” In the near future, Kevin plans to pursue further education in critical care nursing.

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Outstanding Alumni Awards Langara College is very proud of our Alumni. In order to provide inspiration to current students and other alumni, the Outstanding Alumni Awards are presented at Graduation to recognize those who have enhanced the reputation of Langara College through their outstanding career, public service, community service, athletics, arts and culture, or academic achievements.

Outstanding Alumni Award 2009 Arts and Culture Achievement Recipient: Dean Paul Gibson Graduate, Theatre Arts Program, Studio 58 Dean Paul Gibson is an outstanding theatre artist. He has made his mark as both an actor and director, and has been honoured with Jessie Richardson Awards for both. He shares his love of theatre by teaching classes and leading workshops for Studio 58, Capilano University, Bard on the Beach, and Theatre BC. Some of the companies that he has been associated with include: Arts Club Theatre Company, Bard on the Beach (Artistic Associate), Playhouse Theatre Company, Touchstone Theatre, PIE/ Ruby Slippers, Pacific Theatre, Western Canada Theatre, Chemainus Theatre Festival and several companies across Canada. He is also a popular workshop leader and an adjudicator for Theatre BC. In addition to his professional work, Dean has given his time participating in fundraising events as a performer and director for Theatre Cares, an organization that supports persons with HIV/AIDS and other debilitating diseases.

Outstanding Alumni Award 2009 Community Service Recipient: Daniel Budgell Graduate, General Biology Program As a student, Daniel Budgell was selected to be part of Langara College’s Rural Health Training project in the city of Mwanza, Tanzania. The project’s objective was to develop community-level training modules in water quality and health. Participation in this project was a memorable experience for the College, but Daniel took it one step further. He started his own non-governmental aid organization, the “Global Peace Network” (GPN). The Global Peace Network focuses on getting children off the street and into schools, distributes mosquito nets to help prevent malaria, and aims to reverse some of the deforestation occurring in the Mwanza region with a tree-planting project. The GPN has secured funds to build a small orphanage, community centre, classroom and dispensary in partnership with local Tanzanian associations. Daniel will continue to volunteer in Mwanza to supervise and assist in these developments.


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2008 Graduation Award Winners Mahmoud Sohrabi, Graduate, Arts and Science Program Recipient of the 2008 Langara College Graduate Excellence Award (Arts and Science) Upon his arrival in Canada, Mahmoud Sohrabi attended intensive English courses before starting his studies at Langara College. After completing his Associate of Arts Degree, he was admitted to UBC’s Political Science Honours program. “The skills I learned at Langara were critical to my success. Since graduation from UBC in 2008, I worked as an intern at the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in The Hague and I am now becoming a licensed immigration consultant.” Instructor Ros Scarnell writes, “Mahmoud always applied himself with a great deal of diligence.” Emma Peake, Graduate, Recreation Program Recipient of the 2008 Langara College Graduate Excellence Award (Career) and the 2008 Governor General’s Bronze Medal Emma Peake’s passion for working with people led her to the Recreation Diploma Program. She learned valuable skills in facilities maintenance and event planning, which prepared her for her current position working as an Event Coordinator with the Rick Hansen Foundation. She looks forward to a long and rewarding career in planning and delivering quality recreation programs to the public. Elizabeth Ballard writes, “Emma took my Applied Psychology course – a course involving leadership in small groups. She listens deeply to everyone and finds the value of each person’s contribution.“

Neal Kansy, Graduate, Film Arts Program Recipient of the 2008 Lieutenant Governor’s Silver Medal Neal Kansy received his B.A. in history and international relations from Cornell University. After working at a winery and then as an executive search recruiter, Neal studied screenwriting in the Film Arts program at Langara College. After graduation, Neal completed his second year of Law at UBC while remaining active in film arts. The Department Chair of the Film Arts Program, Alyson Drysdale writes, “Neal was a fantastic student in the Film Arts Program and his excellent work helped raise the profile of the students as well as the program itself. He was one of the founding members of the Film Arts Alumni Association and continues to attend and support our events.”

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History of the College Langara College courses and programs were first offered in 1965 as part of Vancouver Community College at King Edward Centre – since 1970 at the current Langara site on West 49th Avenue. Langara College was established as an independent public college on April 1, 1994.




The increasing demand on the Langara campus prompted development of a 25-year Master Plan to expand the Langara College campus to accommodate new offerings. This plan includes adding a Creative Arts building, a multipurpose classroom building, and expanding our gymnasium. The new buildings on campus are designed to meet LEED Gold standards for sustainable construction and energy efficiency in an attempt to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, thereby reducing our carbon footprint. The Langara College campus is energy efficient throughout.

A Building

D. Award-winning Library/Classroom Building

In 1970, A building was the location for some of the Vancouver Community College programs and courses. In 1994, it became the home of Langara College programs and courses.

The 3-storey building, which opened in July 2007, is outfitted with high ceilings, large windows, and architectural details creating a contemporary and elegant atmosphere. This state-of-the-art learning facility has media rooms, private group study areas, and wireless Internet access.

B Building In the Fall of 1996, a new classroom and office building was opened to address the space needs on the campus. The new building provided additional classrooms, faculty offices and space to house Langara College’s new administrative offices.

C Building Renovation of C Building is nearing completion – the building is being converted to classrooms, computer labs, educational support areas, offices, and meeting spaces. The renovated building utilizes geoexchange principles for heating and cooling to decrease the use of natural gas and electrical energy. The official opening of the building will be in the Fall of 2009.


The sustainable construction and overall design vision of the building has earned two prestigious recognitions: nn

an Acknowledgement Award presented by the Holcim Foundation for sustainable construction


the 2005 Award of Excellence from Canadian Architect Magazine for the building’s overall design vision using sustainable design principles.

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E. A Splash of Green Surrounded by greenery, the new Library’s placement on campus has enabled the creation of new outdoor student spaces including a spacious student quadrangle. This terraced area has benches for students surrounding an open green space.

F. Serene Surroundings An expansive reflecting pool stretches from the east side of the building into the landscaped space in the very forefront of the campus. The pond water cascades from one pool to the other, crossed by a low bridge with islands of wetland plantings and further landscaping surrounding the pool. A grassy area, benches, and trees grace the front lawn.

H. Ongoing Initiatives 1. Adding a new Creative Arts Complex – extending the forecourt between the new Library Building and 49th Avenue, near the reflecting pool. This complex will be designed to showcase the Creative Arts offerings on campus, including an art gallery and a theatre. 2. Expanding the existing gymnasium facility. The expansion will include a wellness centre, badminton court and will allow for an expanded daycare facility. 3. Developing a multipurpose classroom facility between B Building and the new Library Building to provide more classrooms, study spaces, and offices.

G. Langara Students’ Union (LSU) The new Langara Students’ Union Building is nearing completion and will be opening in the Fall of 2009. Like the Library and C Building, the LSU building adheres to LEED Gold standards. The LSU is run by students and provides services for students.

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Grad Publication 2009  
Grad Publication 2009  

Congratulations to all of our 2009 Langara College graduates. Read about our outstanding alumni and award winners.