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Close more sales​ ​with a system Heirlooms: A niche to explore ​ ourt case C supports salt standards


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Special new products issue: Suppliers invest in improvements to save time and money PM40013519


enviro passagio

A modern take on European styling, in an alluring cobble-style paver with the added benefit of permeability. Enviro Passagio’s subtly blended colours combine gracefully with unparalleled texture, setting a new standard in texture and detailing.





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MARCH 2015 VOL. 37, NO. 2


New products for 2015 Save time and money, and boost creativity, with this year’s crop of new products for the landscape trades. COLUMNS 24 SUSTAINABLE LANDSCAPING Broaden your skill set with heritage varieties BY SEAN JAMES

26 LEGAL MATTERS Court case spotlights heavy use of salt BY ROBERT KENNALEY

28 ROAD TO SUCCESS Sell yourself clearly and correctly BY ROD McDONALD

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34 MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS Create a successful sales process BY MARK BRADLEY

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4 38 41 43 44 46 ON THE COVER: The new Tweel airless radial tire from Michelin. See page 10. MARCH 2015 | LANDSCAPE TRADES |


greenpencil No good excuse for failure to return calls

Silence speaks I

ndustry expos and networking events are irreplaceable. Trades shows are where we meet up, learn, share information and, at least in my case, receive feedback that no one would otherwise take the time to pass on. At Congress 2015, a venerable industry member specifically came to me to get the name of a landscape contractor — who could be counted on to return phone calls. One of his friends is looking for a front yard makeover. He was embarrassed that, despite his connection with the trade, he couldn’t direct his friend to a company owner who would follow up on a modest project. Shortly after, I spoke with an industry veteran about the many homeowners he visits, who are frustrated and discouraged by indifference from By Sarah Willis landscape companies they contact. In an economy where we are fortunate that people want to invest in their homes, he notes there are contractors leaving money on the table — and a bad taste in homeowners’ mouths — by ignoring leads. Ignoring customers is not unique to the horticultural service industry. Our 60-year-old house is tired and needs a facelift. We started with the outside several years ago. l have a family connection with the landscaper, so the process was fun, easy and rewarding. But since then it has been hard work to spend money on updates inside the home. Twice in the last three months I have visited showrooms, and


met a sales person at our house for measurements, yet never received a follow-up with a quote. I’m trying not to take it personally, but why are companies spending money on websites and advertising if they don’t want more business? Even successful contractors admit this is a problem. Obviously at times, everyone has more work than he can possibly handle. If failure to followup is failure to prioritize leads, or you’re busy chasing work that doesn’t materialize, a better system is in order. In this month’s Management Solutions column, Mark Bradley details a step-by-step process to ensure you consistently attract the right work and close more sales. A customer who is honestly told he is not the right fit for your company during a pre-qualification call is treated with consideration and respect. A customer who is ignored is not. The industry veteran mentioned above has been successful for years because he bases his business on customer relations first; and now counts many former clients as friends. He recognizes that even returning a call to say he can’t help is standard professional sales conduct. You can never go wrong using the Golden Rule as a best practice. Have you developed a successful system or standard process for postponing potential work or redirecting wrong-fit leads? I’d be interested to hear about it, email me at sarahw@landscape LT



Displacement 64.8 cc

Weight 9.8 kg (21.6 lb)

Power Output 3.0 kW

Sound Level 75 dB(A)

Air Velocity† 323 km/h (201 mph) Air Volume† 712 cfm (1210 m3/h)

Landscapers, city and municipal workers, and all professionals who clean the roads, walkways, lawns and parks of leaves and debris deserve our respect. And the best possible blower. The STIHL BR 600 MAGNUM® is an impressive example of when power meets comfort. Our top-performing backpack blower delivers powerful performance with optimal handling and comes with a dual-adjustable shoulder strap. It not only features the patented low-emission STIHL 4-MIX® engine but also encompasses a simplified starting procedure and produces fewer vibrations. Whether clearing grass cuttings in public parks, leaves from parking lots or refuse from entire stadiums - the STIHL BR 600 MAGNUM® allows you to get the job done quickly, efficiently and easily. Others have trouble with their backs. You’ve got the solution on your back. There’s no doubt about it: innovative STIHL quality and trouble-free maintenance make the STIHL BR 600 MAGNUM® just as reliable as you are.

At nozzle end

• Advanced 4-MIX ® engine provides the power of a 2-stroke and less weight than a 4-stroke • Simplified starting procedure for maximum productivity • Gives you 37% more power and uses 28% less fuel • Clean burning for better fuel economy and 80% fewer emissions • Industry leading power-to-weight ratio with comfortable harness • Easy-grip throttle with cruise control

QUALITY AT WORK. For 89 years, STIHL has been a world-class innovator in outdoor power equipment. German engineered products featuring the latest pioneering technologies make STIHL the market leader. STIHL products are only available at independent STIHL Dealers who provide expert advice and on-site service. Thank you for supporting the leading team and for making STIHL the Number 1 Selling Brand in Canada.


* “#1 Selling Brand in Canada” is based on an independent market share analysis of gasoline-powered handheld outdoor power equipment from 2014. Source: TraQline Canada.


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products for 2015

What's new? Many of the products profiled in the next 10 pages were launched at Congress; all are new to Canada, and all are designed to improve your success for 2015. Multi-purpose loader The new Avant 760i is the company’s most powerful model. This multipurpose loader comes with modern engine technology including more power and torque, while providing lower fuel consumption, exhaust emissions and noise. The engine design is U.S. Tier 4 final compliant, without the need for a diesel particulate filter or diesel exhaust fluid. Avant articulated loaders can be equipped with over 100 attachments.

Avant Tecno

Fire pit Stacked flagstone has been used for centuries for small garden walls and pillars, now Unilock has incorporated this look into its Rivercrest Fire Pit. This product comes as a kit, pre-arranged on a skid. The outside diameter of the fire pit is 54 in. Available in two colours: Buff and Grey.


Tree and stormwater system The Silva Cell is used to provide an underground framework for growing large trees in an urban area. DeepRoot’s new Silva Cell 2 is 20 per cent lighter, faster and easier to install than previous models. It also retains its strength while using less material. The Silva Cell extends the lifetime of urban trees and is a tool to help communities manage storm water on-site to keep local watersheds healthy.


NEW PRODUCTS for 2015 Paver joint sealant Natural Look Joint Stabilizing Protector (JS) is a waterbased sealant specially designed to stop movement of aggregates and sand in paver joints, while protecting and preserving the original colour of the surface. This new protector gels and solidifies aggregates, as well as sand, in a near permanent state. In addition, it does not release unpleasant fumes and is environmentally friendly.


Dump body

FrostBite is a non-chemical solution for post-emergent weed and crabgrass control. Using liquid carbon dioxide, FrostBite freezes weeds and crabgrass at -40 degrees C. This will kill weeds or crabgrass, and only stun surrounding turf. Each tank of carbon dioxide (not included) will apply approximately 600 treatments. FrostBite is an environmentally friendly alternative to weed and crabgrass control.

DuraClass recently introduced its newly improved HPT Tub Body Line, redesigned to meet all heavyduty dump body needs. The HPT-B1 features a closed fender design, and comes in 14- to 18-ft. lengths in either carbon or stainless steel. The HPT-B1 has capacity ranges from 10- to 20-yards. The HPT-B2 features an open fender design, decreasing the possible areas for rust and the overall body weight. The body comes in 10- and 11-ft. lengths in 3/16-in AR400 carbon steel, and 14- to 18-ft. lengths in 3/16-in. Hi-Tensile carbon steel. Stainless steel is available as an option.



Weed control

Snow blower The new HS720 series of snow blowers by Honda Power Equipment features several key updates into the HS720A and HS720AS models to provide excellent snow throwing performance and convenient operation in a compact package. Despite its relatively small size, the HS720 can clear up to 55 tons of snow per hour, discharging that snow up to 33 ft. away. Large volumes of snow are no problem, as the HS720 clears a 20-in. width easily at heights of 12 ft.

Honda Power Equipment

Pond filters Laguna has released an improved series of Pressure Flo Filters. The high pressure 1,000 – 4,000 gal. UV filters are designed with enhanced filtration features for clean, pristine ponds. Click-Fit fast connectors make setup and cleaning simple and quick work. The new Pressure Flo Filters include improved 13-36 watt UV bulbs, guaranteed to kill algae and eliminate green water, and Pressure Flo 2,000 – 4,000 models include upgraded biological media. The system is designed to work in tandem with a solids handling pump.



NEW PRODUCTS for 2015 Precast slabs The new TUX outdoor slab collection by Techo-Bloc brings the vintage sophistication of classic checkerboard tiling to outdoor terraces and patios. They are de-icing salt resistant, engineered to withstand the harshest climates and look fabulous on patios, poolsides and applications without vehicular traffic.


Power vacuum Grasshopper introduces its new HighLift 15B PowerVac. The 15 cu. ft.-capacity metal hopper can be raised with the touch of a switch to a maximum height of 72 inches, to empty clippings precisely where they need to go. The collector easily clears fences and compost pile walls. The PowerVac Collection System features a deck-driven Quik-D-Tatch vac capable of picking up wet grass, high-moisture leaves, pine straw and other debris without clogging, for uninterrupted productivity.


Tree Zip Designed and specially fitted to protect u​ pright ​​juniper and cedars. Tree-Zip is installed within a minute by one person using this combination of heavy duty zipper and dense burlap fabric. This product provides efficient protection for trees from winter elements such as; wind burn, freezing rain, snow fall, salt, and animals. Tree-Zip helps evergreens maintain a strong shape all winter,and is reusable year after year.

T​ ree-Zip​ 8 | MARCH 2015 | LANDSCAPE TRADES


SitePro from Worksaver introduces two new grapples, MGU-48 and MGB/G-48, designed for mini skid steer/compact tool carriers. Model MGU-48 is designed to fit any unit with a universal mini mount, while Model MGB/G-48 fits the Bobcat MT-series and the Gehl 1640E. The overall unit width of both models is 48 inches.


Tailgate spreader SaltDogg’s new TGS02 tailgate spreader features a frame to fit into a 2-in., Class 4 hitch, which does not require truck bed rail drilling. It is ideal for use on 1/2- to 1-ton trucks and SUVs. The 3-cubic ft. capacity tailgate spreader features a horizontal-auger feeder design that gives contractors the flexibility to easily spread ice melt and bagged salt. An optional vibrator can be added for mixing salt and sand. The TGS02 offers spread widths from 3- to 20-ft., for both residential and commercial use.

Buyers Products

Kubota’s Z700 Series Commercial Zero-Turn

Comfort and convenience meet rugged, commercial-grade quality in Kubota’s Z700 Series. They are designed to maximize efficiency with superior cutting performance, stability and easy operability. • Commercial grade Kohler or New Kawasaki gasoline engines • 6” deep mower decks in cutting widths of 48”, 54” or 60” • Sliding deluxe seat (optional suspension kit)

NEW PRODUCTS for 2015 Mini excavator The new Cat 303E CR mini hydraulic excavator, only 61 in. wide across the blade and having a compact-radius design that limits tail swing to less than 5 in., is an easily transported machine that works efficiently and safely in small spaces and on congested job sites. The 303E CR’s hydraulic system uses low-effort, pilot-operated joysticks that the manufacturer says provide more precise, consistent control than mechanical-linkage controls.


Zero turn mower The new Ferris IS 3200Z commercial zero turn mower line-up uses the latest mowing technology to provide commercial cutters with superior performance, quality and comfort. The patented suspension system features adjustable rear coil-over-shocks and front independent, adjustable coil-over-shocks, increasing mowing productivity, as the operator can maintain ground speed and take full advantage of available horsepower. Comes with a 61- or 72-in. cutting system.

Ferris Mowers

Natural stone The Peterborough Fencewall is one of the new Earth Tone Blends from Colonial Brick and Stone. It is a blend of deep brown tones and is available in drystack retaining wall, thin stone veneer or full thickness building stone. Other products that blend well are pavers, edging, guillotined drywall, beam rocks (up to 13-ft. long), regular and oversized flagstone and regular and oversized steps.

Colonial Brick and Stone

Airless tires Michelin’s new All Terrain airless radial skid steer tire is designed for more rugged off-road working conditions, making it a viable option for landscaping and construction industries. While the new Hard Surface tire, which provides more longevity on pavement and asphalt, presents an option for very high-use operations. The new 12N16.5 X Tweel SSL provides the benefits associated with pneumatic tires, but it doesn’t go flat, reducing maintenance and downtime. High strength, poly-resin spokes carry the load, reduce machine bounce and provide excellent operator comfort. In addition, the tires have a deep underlying tread layer that allows the core outside tread to be retreaded numerous times, helping reduce the overall cost of ownership.



Little Quick Fire®


Fire Light ®

Cool customers. Why should mild climates have all the fun? With our new hardy hydrangea varieties you can enjoy spectacular flowers no matter how cold your weather. Little Quick Fire® gets the season started early, flowering before anyone else, and is small enough to fit into any garden. Dwarf Bobo® hydrangea is even smaller – the perfect choice for a high-end patio design. And if color is what you’re after, look no further than pomegranate-red Fire Light® hydrangea.

Download the iBook at: Learn about these and other Proven Winners plants with the new iBook for landscapers. Easy-to-read overviews of each genus lead to detailed, downloadable pdf sheets for individual varieties. Available from Proven Winners® ColorChoice® growers.

NEW PRODUCTS for 2015 Paving stone The new Carleton paver size offers the look of a slab in a 60mm paver. With its small chamfrain, smooth finish and modular pattern, the Carleton delivers the modern and trendy look homeowners are looking for. The product is available in two vivid colours.

Trimmer converts to submersible pump The PortaPump Jr. is designed to fit as an attachment to most string trimmers. Transform your trimmer into a powerful and highly portable, submersible pump in just minutes, without the use of tools or adaptors. The PortaPump Jr. is perfect for hard-to-access areas or remote jobsites; remove standing water from golf course bunkers, post holes, or window wells. Simply place the pump into the water and pull the trigger on your trimmer.



Mower Hustler’s new Raptor Flip Up mower features heavy duty fabricated steel decks and frame. The deck lifts and lowers with the push of a button, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance. The deck height can also be adjusted with a push button. The unit features a patented automatic park brake system, 48- or 54-in. deck and options include a grass catcher, LED lights, FlexForks, steering extension kit and mulch kit.


Zero turn mower The new Snapper Pro S200xt large frame mid-mount zero turn mower now comes in a new 28-gross hp model featuring the Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 810cc engine. This new engine features forged rods, crank, cast valve covers, a dynamically balanced flywheel and a five-in. Donaldson air cleaner. The baffle design and deep deck allow for better airflow and the extra wide opening allows for a more even, greater dispersal of clippings.

Snapper Pro


Compact track loader Case’s new TR310 Alpha Series compact track loader features wider tracks (15.75 in.), a greater overall width (74.3 in.) and lower ground pressure (5.0 psi) than other medium-frame CTLs in the Case lineup. The machine’s 74 HP, 232 ft.-lbs. of torque and increased hydraulic flow make it ideal for landscaping. The radial-lift arm design is ideal for digging and pushing applications, and the machine’s hinge-pin height (10 ft., 3 in.) is excellent for loading and unloading trucks.

Case Construction Equipment

NEW PRODUCTS for 2015 Cordless cut-off machine The Stihl TSA 230 is the world’s first battery-powered cut-off machine. Its 230 mm (9-in.) cutting wheel and emission-free cordless technology ensures clean work both indoors and outdoors. Its light and compact design with ergonomic handle allows for ease of use and comfortable operation. Equipped with a standard-fitted water connection for a clean wet cut.


Compact wheel loaders Precast cap stone The Hudson Cap combines the beauty and texture of natural stone with the strength of pressed concrete. At 24 in. long, and available in both 10- and 12-in. depths, this split face cap provides an elegant slate finish to walls and steps. Hudson Cap is available in a striking Ultra Black colour.

Best Way Stone

Kubota Canada has added two new models to its compact wheel loader lineup. The R530 and R630 emphasize comfort and efficiency and will be equipped with powerful Kubota diesel engines and advanced features. All new inside and out, the two new models will feature a four-post ROPS/FOPS canopy or deluxe factory cab with air conditioning. The R630 has an advanced electronic hydrostatic transmission, offering four different operating modes.

Kubota Canada

Aerator Billy Goat Industries announces its new hydrostatic drive 30-inch reciprocating aerator, featuring in-ground turning. Combined 30-in. wide aeration and speed up to 4.3 mph, the AE1300H completes quarter acre aerations in as little as 15 minutes — 59 per cent faster than 26 in. drum units. With its Variable Aeration Density, the unit creates two to 10 times more holes in a single pass than drum models, offering the ability to do patch repair and seed bed prep in just one pass. Billy Goat’s Flextech arms provide flexible limb reciprocating action, driving plug depths up to two times that of drums, even in dry soil.

Billy Goat Industries

Landscape design software Drafix Software announces PRO Landscape Version 21 as the latest release of its landscape design software. Version 21 upgrades include an expanded image library; enhanced plant information, including the ability to find and use plants that are deer resistant and drought tolerant; direct export from CAD to PDF; new step and deck commands; and new colour CAD options including pencil sketch and blended watercolour modes.

Drafix Software 14 | MARCH 2015 | LANDSCAPE TRADES



ON THAT NEXT JOB. Give yourself an edge the next time you quote a landscaping project. Give yourself the Unilock® advantage. As the leader in the industry, Unilock’s distinctive products will grab your client’s attention and never let go, with leading edge designs that will help you blow the competition away.


NEW Pillar Units The realistic stacked flagstone appearance of Rivercrest and the innovative rapid assembly system makes it a sure winner in looks and installation efficiency.



Recommend Rivercrest™ as part of your next project bid to stand apart from the competition and lock up the job. For sizes, colors and other details or to connect with a Unilock Territory Manager, please visit

NOW AVAILABLE! PILLAR UNIT 20” x 20” x 4 1/2” 50cm x 50cm x 11.4cm


NEW PRODUCTS for 2015 Plank-shaped paver Choose the size, finish and colour from Unilock’s Promenad Plank Paver series for long narrow paving ‘planks’ to create a dynamic linear aesthetic to complement any modern design. Available in three sizes: 4 x 12 x 4-in., 4 x 16 x 4-in., and 8 x 24 x 4-in. Available in four colours: Series 3000 Black Granite, Il Campo Granite Blend, Enduracolor Opal and Enduracolor Steel Grey. U


Compact track loader With its new T450, Bobcat reintroduces a compact track loader platform size that has not been available in recent years. With a width of just 56 inches when paired with a bucket, the T450 is well-suited for accessing and working in tight jobsites, often performing tasks previously done with manual labour and tools. In addition, the machine’s rubber track undercarriage minimizes ground disturbance, just 4.7 pounds per square in., to established surfaces for fewer repairs when a project is complete.

Simple irrigation controller With the latest controller in its ESP-LX series, Rain Bird has provided a simple, easy-to-use controller. The new ESP-LX Basic is an entry-level controller that provides only the water management features and modular options that commercial sites use most. The base model can control 12 stations and is expandable up to 48 stations. Users can create four individual watering programs with eight available start times per program.

Rain Bird


Mobile app for paver treatments Techniseal has introduced what it says is the first mobile application for polymeric sand and treatment of pavers in North America. The app will help users determine which Techniseal product is best suited according to the type of surface to be treated, its environment and the desired look. This application also helps calculate the approximate amount of material that will be required for each project. The program is complemented by a series of informative and instructive videos.


Natural stone-look step The Camden Step offers the look of natural stone steps with installation functionality. Utilizing a lightweight cavity body design, this step allows the use of easy installation techniques, as it weighs almost half as much as comparable products on the market in look and size. The Camden Step is available in two beautiful earthen colour tones.

Best Way Stone 16 | MARCH 2015 | LANDSCAPE TRADES

From moving dirt to zero-turn mowing, They all count.

The GreenFleet Loyalty Rewards Program just got better. How ? Well, for starters, every piece of John Deere ride-on equipment* can count towards your membership level. From combines to lawn tractors, skid steers to zero-turn mowers. Signing up for GreenFleet is free. And once you purchase two pieces of equipment in twelve months, you are eligible to receive valuable discounts on John Deere products. Plus you’ll save money on John Deere tools and workshop products. Stop in or give us a call today to learn how GreenFleet can turn your loyalty into savings. To view full program terms and conditions, visit Everything Counts

*GreenFleet Equipment is defned as self-propelled, ride-on equipment. All attachments and implements are excluded. See GreenFleet Terms & Conditions at 62535

NEW PRODUCTS for 2015 Brine maker Battery-powered outdoor equipment Dewalt’s new line-up of battery-powered outdoor power tools includes two 40V MAX Brushless String Trimmers, two 40V MAX Brushless Blowers, and a 40V MAX Hedge Trimmer, engineered for lawn care professionals. The cordless outdoor tools run on the Dewalt 40V MAX lithium ion battery platform with Dewalt’s Extreme Runtime on the brushless units. The units are available with either a 4.0Ah 6.0Ah lithium ion battery, for 50 per cent more battery capacity.


The Brine Pro 2000 brine maker from SnowEx provides simple installation and automated operation, empowering end users to confidently produce their own brine. Engineered for use with low-flow water input and standard 220 VAC power sources, the Brine Pro 2000 features touch-screen controls with separate modes for automatic and batch production. Its automatic salinity control helps ensure proper salt/water proportions with minimal effort from the operator. To minimize corrosion, the hopper, mixing chamber and reservoir are constructed of polyethylene with powder-coated and stainless steel components.


Mini skid steer Ditch Witch says its new SK850 is designed and engineered to be the most comfortable, productive and durable mini skid steer in its horsepower class. With a 37 hp (27.6 kW), Tier 4 Yanmar diesel engine, the SK850 is the most powerful of the company’s mini skid steers. The SK850’s innovative high-drive track system has bolt-on sprockets that can be interchanged, an exclusive Ditch Witch feature, to provide longer-lasting performance.

Ditch Witch

Family Owned and Operated Since 1989

A wide selection of natural stone and precast concrete products • Flagstone • Interlocking • Cultured Stone • Masonry products • In-Lite LED Lights

• Retaining walls • Aggregates • Accessories • Bulk/bag road salt • Kichler LED Lights

Office and yard: 25 Langstaff Rd. E., Thornhill, Yonge & Hwy 7-407 Manufacturing plant: 12350 Keele St., Maple 416-222-2424 or 905-886-5787 Fax: 905-886-5795 Yard: 2777 14th Avenue Markham, On. 905-479-2201 Fax: 905-479-2202



Chosen for

GreAT projeCTs of The world. perfeCT for your work.

Techniseal® is the polymeric sand of choice for major projects around the world such as the Ground Zero Memorial in New York City. When you apply the very best polymeric jointing sand, you improve the appeal and durability of your paver installations and the reputation of your company.

NEW “DRYPAK” PLASTIC BAG TECHNOLOGY Techniseal®’s legendary RG+ Polymeric sand is now available in a plastic bag. After years of research and development, Techniseal® has ultimately opted for the latest European “Drypak” technology. RG+ is now available in the most water-resistant bag ever, and still remains THE reference on the market.




The new plastic bag and the sand colours are available regionally in 2015. Contact your Techniseal® dealer or representative for product availability.


FREESTANDING NEW PRODUCTS for 2015PREMIER GRILLS A Delta Heat Premier Grill on a base brings a touch of outdoor lifestyle to any patio or deck. These grill bases are designed with Designed from the ground up as a zero-turn mower engine, the new Exmark 708 cc V-twin engine introutility and longevity in mind. Make the your outdoorair space with design one of duces a number of new performance and serviceability enhancements. most The ofinnovative intake these three models.

Zero-turn mower engine

reduces dust and debris build-up with a constant flow of pre-screened air. The Exmark 708 cc V-twin Grillsmoother Base Features: engine also features a vacuum choke override for increased startability and running at • Fourthe heavy duty casters (two locking) start-up. A quick-drain system offers the ability to drain oil without tools and design dramati• Two stationary side shelves with cally reduces the time required for routine oil changes. The quarter-turn twist-lock dipstick design integrated utensil hooks makes oil level checks quick and easy. • Grill head & access doors can be


Zero-turn diesel mower The new Z997R Diesel ZTrak from John Deere features a powerful 37.4 hp Final Tier 4 diesel engine, making it a large zero-turn mower that will work in all conditions, including tall and wet grass. The Z997R is available with a 60- or 72-in. side discharge deck, a 60-in. mulching deck or a 60-in. 7-gauge fabricated rear-discharge deck. The Z997R is designed with a heavy-duty frame, features a shaft drive to minimize deck belt costs and flat-free front tires to reduce field downtime.

removed for built-in application (38" & 32" grill bases) • Front access doors

(38" & 32" grillgas bases) grill Outdoor LP tank loading The• Rear DHBQ32R-B 32-in. Delta Heat grill offers a direct heat and ceramic (26" pedestal base only) radiant grilling system, with three 18-gauge stainless steel U-burners. Features include a two-position rotisserie, interior halogen lights and double lined hood. Grilling space is 525 sq. in. with a 174 sq. in. warming rack.

Urban Hearth



John Deere

32" GRILL BASE Precast steps and walls


Skid-steer loader tires SKS 732 tires from Solideal maximize off-road durability for skid-steer loaders. They feature a large tread depth with optimized lug-to-void ratio that provides traction. Wraparound hauler steps provide quick tread cleanout for best off-road traction. A new impact guard sidewall design deflects debris to better protect sidewalls and reduce stress cracking.

Camoplast Solideal



The indoor warmth and rich look of hardwood flooring is now available outdoors with Techo-Bloc’s Borealis. The modular five in.-wide slab is being called trompe-l’oeil; it will have you guessing whether it’s hardwood or concrete. Borealis looks and feels like wood planks, is offered in three alluring colours and is great for adding drama through creative bandings and designs. Introduced last year, Borealis is now available for steps, edges and walls.



hudSon cAp A rustic split-face cap with a textured flagstone top. Available in a 10" and 12" depth. THREE


TrEviSTA ® 50


Large format paving slab, 50mm in thickness with a natural slate texture. Available in multiple colour blends.

A naturally inspired 48" wide step with a light weight design for easy installation.

For information about our products, contact us at 1-800-BESTWAY or visit us at LET’S TALK LAndScApE. COME VISIT US AT BOOTH #1772 WOODBRIDGE


8821 Weston Rd. Woodbridge, ON L4L 1A6

63 Anderson Blvd. Uxbridge, ON L9P 0C7


/ / PAV E R S / / WA L L S / / ST E P S / / S L A B S / / C U R B S

NEW PRODUCTS for 2015 Skid-steer loader The new S450 skid-steer loader from Bobcat is less than five feet wide for working in tight jobsites. The S450 has a spacious cab, a 20 per cent increase in auxiliary hydraulic pressures and a non-diesel particulate filter engine. The new engine used in the S450 loader has increased torque, produced over a wide range of engine rpms, allowing operators of all skill levels to better utilize the machines’ maximum performance.


Electric mower with blower Mean Green Mowers introduces a powerful yet quiet addition to its line-up of commercial electric mowers. The STALKER (STand on wALK behind) mower is now available with a powerful electric grass and debris blower, concealed under the front cover. Now it is possible to do all your mowing and debris blowing without ever stepping off the machine. With air volume and speed similar to most gas powered blowers, this zero emission, quiet blower is sure to please.

Mean Green Mowers


Bark Mulch Organic • Textured • Consistent


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We’re frequently bombarded with news about genetically modified organisms, and pushback from around the globe. Let’s weed that out for now, and focus on the brighter side of the story. Old varieties of seeds, often termed heirloom or heritage varieties, have a lot going for them beyond perceived ‘wholesomeness.’ Heirlooms are the plants your grandmother would have grown. Typically they have been bred less and so, often, although not always, are more disease resistant. Species known for their fragrance, such as night scented stocks, have better fragrance. If we’re talking veggies, they sometimes taste better. For instance, heritage tomatoes have an incredible diversity of flavours and a wide range of forms. Brandywine tomato is my personal favourite, but it is UUUUUgly! Others are tiger striped, black/purple, golden yellow (yellow varieties usually have less acid and a milder taste) and the different types of cherry tomatoes seem endless. In many cases, flowering annuals will be much larger, since we have been breeding plants to fit smaller suburban gardens. This all makes

Reset your thinking, and try growing redroot pigweed, a delicious and attractive edible leaf vegetable that can easily be grown from seed.



for a larger plant palette. None of this is to say that modern hybrids and cultivars don’t have a place, since many are bred for disease resistance, form, colour and dwarf characteristics. However, one usually cannot save seed, since they will not maintain the same characteristics of the parent plant. New cultivars will be more inbred and selected for different features, so may have lost fragrance and complexity of flavour — but they too have a place in your toolbox. Heirloom plants stand out for their reliable seed germination rate. Breeding techniques often reduce seed germination in following generations. Home gardeners and landscapers alike can save some of the seed from the previous year, dry it, always label it carefully, and keep it in a cool, dry place such as the fridge to sow for next season. Events known as seed exchanges or ‘Seedy Saturdays’ are held all over North America where folks can trade or buy varieties they don’t have. Although, industrially, we only grow three main types of potatoes, there are hundreds of varieties that were originally developed in the Andes. Each was adapted to different elevations, rain and sunlight levels. Every cultivar has different tolerance to diseases, so if a disease sweeps through an area, some plants will be killed while others will thrive. This means, by growing a mixture of cultivars, you are not putting all your eggs in one basket. Diversity is key to a steady harvest. Some are finger shaped, some are bulky. Some are purple, while some are golden. Potatoes, for what it’s worth, have complete nutrition IF the soil is properly stewarded, including adding organic matter and fallowing fields. Most annuals and vegetables have heirloom seed available. It’s worth a reminder that, as professionals, we fall victim to two syndromes; we forget we don’t know everything

‘French Red Brocade’ is an heirloom marigold with striking large red flowers and a long period of bloom. Here, the colour combines nicely with purple coneflower.

and we forget to have fun. The wonderful thing about what we do is that we’re always able to learn new things and we have a job that’s inherently enjoyable. Blow a bit of money on new seed you don’t know. Fail! Succeed. Play. Broaden your skill set. We often bemoan horticulture’s dwindling market share, but we forget the fastest growing part of that market is edible landscaping. We lose touch with the fact that much of the world is moving toward sustainable horticulture. Be aware of these issues, and your business will stand out in LT the eyes of potential customers. Sean James is owner of an Ontario-based environmentally-conscious landscape design/build/maintenance company, an eco-consultant and a popular speaker.

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Of road salt, soybeans and wheat BY ROBERT KENNALEY

On January 16, 2015, Mr. Justice Carey of the Ontario Superior Court released his decision in Steadman v. The Corporation of the County of Lambton, [2015] ONSC 101 (CanLii). The case before him was a claim for damages for ‘private nuisance,’ brought by Joseph and Evelyn Steadman, whose farmlands adjoin a regional highway. The tort of ‘private nuisance’ is in essence an unreasonable interference with the use and enjoyment of land. What makes the tort ‘private’ is the fact that the person making the complaint need not establish that the nuisance impacts the public at large, but only that it unreasonably impacts his or

her use or enjoyment of the land in question. What is unreasonable will, of course, vary in the circumstances. The Steadmans’ claim against the County was for damage to their soybean and wheat crops, and soils, caused by the County’s use of road salt. In response to the claims, the County relied on the social utility of salting and its statutory obligation to keep its roads safe. It also argued that the Steadmans had not proven that salt caused the damage and that the farmer should have, in any event, mitigated by fencing the property, creating a drainage ditch or spreading gypsum to counteract the effects of the salt.


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Salt damage intrusive Mr. Justice Carey found, upon hearing evidence on wind patterns, soil tests, controlled experiments and farm land real estate values, that the road salt had damaged the soils, impacting both crop production and the land’s value. In applying the law of private nuisance, Mr. Justice Carey followed a previous Ontario road salting case (Schenck v. The Queen; Rokeby v. The Queen (1981), 34 O.R. (2d) 595, which had been affirmed by both the Ontario Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada), in which the Court, in balancing the interests in that case, gave “full recognition to the importance of proper highway maintenance” but held that the plaintiffs were entitled to “vindication in damages against the continuing intrusion on their lands,” concluding that the interference with the use and enjoyment in that circumstances was of sufficient magnitude to support the action for nuisance. His Honour also followed a more recent Supreme Court of Canada decision (Truck Centre Ltd. v. Ontario (Ministry of Transportation), [2013] SCC 13, in which our highest Court followed Schneck in stating that liability for damages in such circumstances is imposed where “the harm or risk to one is greater than he ought to be required to bear under the circumstances, at least without compensation” (Supreme Court’s emphasis). This is where, in my view, the analysis becomes interesting. After 12 days of trial, Justice Carey found that 15 of 80 acres were salt damaged and that the farmer was entitled to $45,000 for crop loss for the years 1998-2013 (or $200 per acre per year,) and damages of $56,700 (or roughly six per cent of the clean assessed value) for the diminished value of the land. In doing so, His Honour clearly found that the damages exceeded what the farmer ought reasonably have been expected to bear as an adjoining property owner. 26 | MARCH 2015 | LANDSCAPE TRADES

One might wonder, however, if there was any amount of road salt damage that the farmer should have been expected to bear, without compensation. Although Justice Carey did not address that question, it appears he made his decision, at least in part, based on the fact that the County’s own road manager had admitted that he was “shocked” at how much salt the county had used in 1997, that some maintenance operators were “old school” and slow to adopt some of the new standards, and that the County had, since 2009, ensured that all drivers were “compliant with the new guidelines” for salt distribution on the roads. The plaintiff’s expert had also testified that these guidelines (which included distribution rates of between 135 and 200 kgs per two-lane kilometer) were 54 per cent higher than the MTO guidelines, such that the County was possibly over-salting. (There does not appear to have been any consideration to whether or not the MTO rates would have been applicable, given the potential for different traffic volumes).

Accepted salt standards will help It is not clear how His Honour would have decided the case had the County been applying salt at demonstrably reasonable rates during the applicable time frames. The decision, accordingly, may have little precedential value in such a circumstance. Still, the decision does raise some significant messages, issues and concerns. First, the decision highlights what the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association, Landscape Ontario and others (including Smart About Salt and the University of Waterloo) have been saying and working at for years: it is neither wise nor responsible to simply ‘throw more salt’ at roads and parking lots in an effort to manage ice, given the significant environmental impacts that can occur as a result. Nonetheless, the decision does appear to pit a municipality’s obligations to protect public safety on the roads against the need to ensure that salt does not unreasonably impact the environment. In this context, the decision provides little guidance. Where a farmer, for example, might question the need for a higher distribution rate, someone injured in a car accident would no doubt argue in favour of more salt. It is here where Mr. Justice Carey’s decision highlights the need for a legislative solution: a set of accepted distribution rates which balance the need for public safety and the need to protect the environment. A set of rates are required which will allow those responsible for road and parking lot maintenance to know just how much is enough, and how much would be too much. It is only in this way that we can avoid the prospect of asking that very question — how much was enough — in each circumstance. The good news is that many, including CNLA, LT LO and Smart About Salt are working towards this. Robert Kennaley of McLauchlin & Associates practices construction law in Toronto and Simcoe, Ont., and speaks and writes regularly on construction issues. He can be reached for comment at (416) 368-2522 or at This material is for information purposes and is not intended to provide legal advice in relation to any particular fact situation. Readers who have concerns about any particular circumstance are encouraged to seek independent legal advice in that regard. MARCH 2015 | LANDSCAPE TRADES |





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Bits and pieces on the road to success We are in the age

of new media and online information that can be at times, difficult to keep up with. Some of us adapt, others refuse to change. Those who have adapted often make two basic mistakes, so says me, the fellow who receives the emails, Tweets, Instagrams and so on. First, if you are presenting yourself and your business with new media, then make yourself available to your customer base. There is a Honda dealership close to where I live and they sell a line of snow blowers and rototillers. They have an online presence and I clicked the Contact us button, made an inquiry and two years later, I have never received a response. In fairness, they should post “Please do not press the Contact us button. We will never get back to you.” That would have been more honest had they done so. If you have a Contact us button, then someone must respond to those inquiries. Second, if you are going to have an online presence or send out online flyers to advertise your products and services, then it is in your best interest to have a proofreader go over your ads before the send button is pressed. What brings this up is a friend from the trade and I were chatting. She had

received an email version of a flyer from a local garden centre. She complained to me that the grammar within the ad had been atrocious. “How bad was it?” I asked. All of the basic rules had been violated. The theretheir-they’re one, the improper use of double quotes when single quotes were required and so on. The flyer had the appearance of something that had been written and sent out with no attention given to even basic spell check. I get it. I am perfectly aware of how I exist within the confines of a glass house when it involves writing. Recently, in another magazine, I wrote of how I had attended three social functions, one evening, only to have Justin Trudeau follow me into each one. I wrote, tongue in cheek, that, “he must have been stocking me” and spell check let it through. My writer friends took great delight and mirth in pointing out that ‘stocking’ should have been ‘stalking.’ Yeah, yeah, make a mistake and The Greek Chorus begins to chant. It is mandatory if you write an online ad or an ad for a newspaper, magazine or flyer, that it be proofed, again and again. When called upon to provide a lecture to students


regarding writing, I tell them, “Anyone can write but few can edit.” I have heard many stories of high school and university students, who wanted to write, and they had some talent indeed, but they wanted to submit their writing after one attempt, with no editing. Good luck with that and hopefully Stephen King is not laughing too hard at the concept. A long-time friend was a producer at CBC Radio One for many years. We discussed the importance of editing and she told me that it was common for her to proofread an email five times before sending. She became my definition of someone who should be emulated. Thoroughness, as she practiced it, will pay huge dividends for most people. I don’t buy into this concept of, “Well, you know what I meant.” To me, at least, this concept smacks of laziness along with an inability to communicate. When we send out an ad, any ad, we want the ad to sell our product and services. When we want to sell something, it really does help if we are clear, in fact, perfectly clear, as to what it is we are selling and any conditions that the reader needs to know.

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When Quality Matters 28 | MARCH 2015 | LANDSCAPE TRADES









roadtosuccess On occasion all of us have heard the phrase, ‘imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.’ I had a fellow greenhouse operator copy my ad for poinsettias — except he added in one line to ensure the ad was indeed his own. He chose to add the phrase, “Hurry down while there are still some good ones left!” Wow! Never should you include that line or anything similar because now you have told people that in a short period of time, you will be selling a second-grade

product. You have informed readers that your first-rate poinsettias are finite and that they, the customers, should not bother to come to your greenhouse the following week. What a great way to limit your sales. If you are quite articulate with words, grammar and spelling, then by all means, write your own flyers and ads. If you are not proficient in those areas, then find a staff member or someone who is. There should be no problem with any owner handing over

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that task to another. After all, most of us realize that we are not great at every task. We let others look after our books, some of us have staff do our hiring and HR work and yet again, some of us have employees who specialize in greenhouse growing, operating equipment and computers. There is no shame in having others do what they do best and letting us do whatever it is that we do best. The next paragraph is a short story of letting another person use his gifts and skills to accomplish your goals. I had a very difficult customer to whom no matter what I offered, was never satisfied. I found an easy and quick solution. A high school girl worked for me part time; she could charm a leprechaun off his rock. I took her out to the customer’s home with the delivery plant in hand. The student went into the customer’s home, presented the plant and informed the woman that the plant could not be left unless the customer was totally satisfied. No call backs. No complaints. The student got the woman’s consent. Had I gone in myself, at my wit’s end with this customer, an argument would have erupted and both parties would have been upset. What I could no longer do by myself was easily taken care of by a 16-year-old girl. She said, “That was a piece of cake.” Send me back to school. Back to why presentation is so important in our ads and communications. People rely upon the information received from us when we send them something or when they visit our web page. If we say we are open certain hours, then we should be open those hours. I have asked business owners why they were closed instead of open as advertised. The answer has been, “I have to get the guy who looks after my web page to update those hours.” What? People who visit your web page are relying upon the information they are reading. Having incorrect information is (need I write this?) not an effective way of building customer confidence. A few years ago, we were travelling around the interior of British Columbia. We would look up bed-and-breakfasts on my laptop, for the town we were headed to that evening. Picking one out, we would call for a reservation. Many of the places that we telephoned 30 | MARCH 2015 | LANDSCAPE TRADES

Everybody’s growing to...






roadtosuccess informed us that they were only open during the summer months. Why not put that information across the top of your web page so that people, such as me, would know? I can tell you that web pages have frustrated me many times, from those that supported small businesses to those that were operated by major corporations. I dared to ask the Canadian Tire website a question a year ago, and it has never been answered. Wow, again and again! All the communication that comes from your business, including ads, flyers, radio spots, television commercials, emails or web pages, must have one thing in common. They must present a clear and consistent image that your company is one that the consumer should be doing business with. If that is not your goal, then you are wasting your time. Here are a few tips for producing ads or communications for your business. Be clear, never obtuse. Try to reduce the number of conditions. Readers detest the

small print. If you have one-gallon potentillas on sale, then have all one-gallon potentillas on sale. Proof everything. Have two sets of eyes check your work. To quote a doctor friend: “I have never lost a patient due to a second opinion.” If you need assistance with correct English, then have a copy of ‘The Elements of Style’ by Strunk and White on your desk. Many writers use this small book, written in easily understandable English, which explains word usage. This book will help you to write effectively. Never mistake an ad for a manifesto. One day, a fellow who had grown up in the trade, decided to launch his new company. He sent out a flyer. It was typed in single-space and filled with useless information. Information that he somehow thought was important, but it didn’t make his case. What he really wanted to say was, ‘Hire me. I have lots of experience and know what I am doing.’ He should have stayed with that sentence.

Simplicity works. Being cute, a punster or showing people how smart you are, rarely gets you to where you want to go. Don’t be afraid of open spaces in your ads. Very few people are going to read all of the words that you can fill up that space with. Lastly, using capital letters does not make your statements more important than the use of lower case. It is a myth that upper case letters capture attention. Communication, well written and laid out, is important to stay on the road to LT success. Rod McDonald owned and operated Lakeview Gardens, a successful garden centre and landscape firm in Regina, Sask., for 28 years. He now works full-time in the world of fine arts, writing, acting and producing in film, television and stage.

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Versatility: One machine for all jobs Maneuverability: Articulated compact-sized machines Minimal turf impact Powerful: Excellent power to weight ratio Economical: Low operating and maintenance costs Special features: Easy to drive, side entry, great visibility, telescopic boom 32 | MARCH 2015 | LANDSCAPE TRADES

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Create a successful sales process BY MARK BRADLEY

If you are looking to improve growth, profit and work-life balance next year, you would be wise to start with your sales process. When you’re looking at rootcauses of problems, waste, inefficiency and lost opportunities, many of the reasons can be traced back to a poor, or no, sales process. If you find yourself losing too many jobs on price, spending too many evenings on client meetings that don’t turn into work or are having trouble differentiating your company from the sea of competition, you need a better sales process. Your process needs to be a systematic step-by-step approach that attracts the right leads and differentiates your company from your competitors, gathers all the right information, and frames a solution that fits your clients’ needs and budget. Attracting the right leads The type of leads you attract will have enormous impact on your success. I have heard many contractors complain about the types of jobs, and customers, in their market and how they can’t seem to get the good jobs. If you’re not attracting the right kinds of leads, you’re spending too much time in meetings and conversations about work you don’t even want. You’re trying to sell to customers who aren’t really a good fit for your


business. While you’re spending time on all that, you have less time and energy to spend on the good leads that are coming in … and many of those leads are lost to competitors.

Website is your business gateway Your website will be just about everyone’s first impression of your company. Customers and leads, new hires, vendors, bankers, or anyone doing homework on your company is going to get his first impression from your website. It’s not good enough anymore to just have a website. Your website needs to immediately distinguish your company from the competition, filter the right leads into your sales pipeline, and give customers an easy way to contact you, such as phone, contact form, etc. Even referrals, typically a company’s best source of business, are checking you out online to validate the referral. If you want to win better jobs, your website needs to change your customer’s mentality from, “I want a backyard patio,” to “I want this company to build my backyard patio.” I would also include pictures of previous projects — your best four or five. Clients don’t need or want to scroll through 20 projects; just show your best work. Include descriptions of the projects (what the cli-

ent asked for, how long it took to construct) and even budget ranges (e.g. project budget: $25K - $35K). You don’t have to give away the price, but you want to give a range to help educate customers on what work costs. This will filter out customers who don’t meet your target, and set realistic expectations for new customers who have never experienced this type of work before.

Gathering information Many sales are lost long before you ever present the bid. You spend hours designing, estimating, and more, only to find out (too late) that there was never much hope for a mutually acceptable proposal to begin with. The reason for this waste of your valuable time (much of it during evenings and weekends) is a lack of information. You need a sales process that gathers as much information about the job as possible, before you put too much work into it. I like to break it down in three phases. Phase 1: Before the first visit. Before you invest any time in going to meet the client, your first phone call should gather some basic information about the lead. Where does the client live? What’s the general scope of the project? What type of work is it? Does

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managementsolutions the client have a completion deadline? If you have ever found yourself visiting a property, only to find out they wanted a few tiny tasks done, or they wanted work completed by a deadline that you can’t schedule, you didn’t ask enough questions on the first call. Solution: Give your office staff, or whoever answers the phone, a clear script to handle new leads. Questions like address, available times to meet, scope of the project, and timeline can help you filter out hundreds of leads before you invest (or waste) any time chasing them down. Your staff needs a good idea of the scope or type of work to ensure it fits your target market. Phase 2: During the first visit. When you do arrive to meet a prospective client who fits your target market, your goal should be to listen first, and talk later. The more questions you ask, the more key information you will unearth about the job and the client. This will help you tailor a proposal to your customer, containing key elements and features other contractors may have over-

looked, or not uncovered. Solution: Ask to get inside the house before you walk the site. Make mental notes of the flooring, art, furniture, kitchen design… any information that will help you establish what kind of taste the client has (modern, traditional, natural, eclectic, etc.). Create a standardized site assessment form for anyone who visits a customer to make sure every designer or estimator is asking the same key questions about the customers’ needs, lifestyle, or current issues such as drainage or privacy.

cess for everyone, this is a conversation you need to have. Imagine how embarrassing it is for a customer who thinks $40K worth of work costs about $10K! He would likely be so embarrassed about asking for so much, that it’s easier to ignore your follow-up calls or emails, than tell you he has only a quarter of that amount to spend. Solution: Before you leave the meeting, write out a quick budget for the customer. On a simple piece of graph paper, give realistic ranges of what work costs:

Phase 3: Finishing your first visit. At the end of the first visit, your goal is to leave with a client budget. This is often an uncomfortable exercise for both parties. The contractor is afraid to ask, and worries he won’t get an honest answer. Customers are afraid to give an honest answer, because they don’t know what landscape work costs, and are afraid the contractor will take advantage of them. But if you want to increase your closing rate, and make it a more comfortable sales pro-

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$8,000 - $15,000 $2,500 - $5,000 $2,000 - $4,000

Here, you’re not committing to a fixed price, you’re simply giving the client a realistic price range of what work costs. “Based on what you’re looking for, you’re looking at a project that would be in or around $15K to $25K, depending on project selection, details, and other variables. Is this a number you’re comfortable spending?” You’re the expert. It’s up to you to educate the customer. By giving him a budget range, you can either confidently design a project that meets his budget (along with a few recommended upgrades), or realize that there is no way you will be able to provide this customer’s desires within his budget. Either scenario will help you save tens, even hundreds, of hours designing or trying to sell work to clients who simply didn’t understand what they should expect to spend for a landscape project. Using a sales process, such as the one above, will improve the way you sell this year. It will help bring in better work, reduce the amount of time selling and chasing jobs that never materialize, and it will help you sell your company on more than just price. LT

Mark Bradley is president of TBG Landscape and the Landscape Management Network, based in Ontario.

Didn’t get a copy? Please let us know!! 36 | MARCH 2015 | LANDSCAPE TRADES


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industrynews New look for Canada Blooms Canada Blooms has been connecting people to the joys and benefits of gardens and flowers for nearly two decades, a tradition that will continue this spring with a revamped show that continues to showcase the very best in Canadian gardening. This year’s theme, Let’s Play!, has inspired the professional designers, architects, builders and floral superstars responsible for the feature gardens. Once again co-locating with the National

Home Show, the 19th edition of Canada Blooms will have a new look and feel when it opens on March 13. The changes starts with a move to a new location in the Direct Energy Centre. A grand entranceway through the National Home Show will lead garden lovers to Canada Blooms. The new area has lower ceilings, and $250,000 has been invested in better lighting to highlight the feature gardens and create a more intimate ambiance throughout the Festival.

Logistically speaking, there is no underground parking below the new location, meaning there are no longer weight restrictions on the feature gardens or how much material can be used in their design, so landscape designers can let their imaginations go. Once again, a huge feature will be the Toronto Flower Show, the biggest flower show in Canada and one of the most popular events at Blooms, giving amateur floral arrangers and garden club members a chance to showcase their talents and show off their green thumbs. Landscape Ontario’s Otium Garden will celebrate opportunities for outdoor exercise. Learn how to incorporate exercise elements into your garden, including a natural climbing wall. Three stages will feature more than 200 hours of seminars from top garden experts and celebrities, including The Pond Stars from National Geographic and TV gardening experts Mark Cullen and Frankie Flowers on the Unilock Celebrity Stage. Canada Blooms will be held from March 13 to 22, 2015, at the Direct Energy Centre at Exhibition Place in Toronto. For more information, to volunteer during the show, or to purchase, please visit

Nutri-Lawn honours national winners

Franchisees from coast to coast gathered in Huatulco, Mexico, for the 2014 Nutri-Lawn Annual General meeting. After two days of training sessions on best practices and service enhancement, the top performers of 2014 were recognized at the annual Awards Gala Celebration. “It’s always an amazing trip with a great group of franchisees and managers. We work hard, we play hard, and we celebrate the accomplishments of our colleagues together,” Chief Operating Officer Jordan Lavin explains. “This meeting is our annual finish line. We come home refreshed, re-energized, re-inspired to chart a new course and set new goals for the upcoming season.” Top performers were recognized in five main categories, Growth, Customer Service, Brand, Innovation and Our Nourishment awards. The 2014 Franchise of the Year award was received by Chad and Kelly Scott of Nutri-Lawn Okanagan South. “It’s a pleasure to see the results when a franchisee is able to execute all aspects of the business; sales, marketing, pro38 | MARCH 2015 | LANDSCAPE TRADES



Photo (L to R): Jordan Lavin, COO; Ryan Vincent, CEO; Chad Scott, Franchise of the year, 2014, Okanagan South; Ted Dzialowski, Executive Director

duction and exceptional customer service. Chad and Kelly should be very proud of their accomplishments in 2014.” says Nutri-Lawn President Ryan Vincent.

Business and buzz at Congress Optimism across all landscape sectors was the theme at Congress 2015, held in early January at the Toronto Congress Centre. As Canada’s

largest green industry trade show, Congress is a key venue for buying equipment and supplies, as well as renewing connections. “Congress is always a great start to my new year. It is where I catch up with my industry contacts and start to develop new ideas, while at the same time, seeing what’s new in the industry at such a world-class event,” says Alan White of Turf Systems, a Burlington, Ont.,-based lawn care and snow management provider. Attendance was strong at over 12,000 delegates, and 586 exhibitors displayed their products. Congress is also the Canadian industry’s professional development hub; over 30 sessions and keynotes were offered. The next Congress takes place Jan. 12 - 14, 2016.

New control against EAB and ALHB Arborjet announces that IMA-jet is now approved for use in Canada for the control of the emerald ash borer (EAB) and Asian long-horned beetle (ALHB). Arborjet says its formulation is cost-effective and works via trunk injection, designed to move quickly to the target within the tree. The company has worked with over 200

U.S. municipalities for nearly 10 years to protect against invasive insects and diseases affecting trees. The result is that IMA-jet has been proven through independent university research studies to be an effective treatment for many pests, including ALHB and EAB.

Canada setting green roof wind standards Canada is leading the way with the first standard test method for wind uplift for vegetated roof assemblies (VRAs). Xeroflor, inventor of the pre-grown vegetated mat, is part of this significant effort as a member of a research consortium led by wind expert Dr. Bas Baskaran of the National Research Council of Canada (NRC). Test results will be used to develop the first wind uplift standard of this kind. Simply put, it will be the “first systematic Pass/Fail technical standard for VRAs in the world,” says Dr. Baskaran. The wind uplift tests are being conducted at the NRC’s Dynamic Roofing Facility in Ottawa, using a chamber fan mechanism that simulates the dynamic effects of wind. After laboratory testing, results will be benchmarked against re-

Atlas Polar QuAlity EdgE

It’s a challenge for some truck-mounted cranes… for us, it’s just part of the job HIAB truCk-mounted CrAnes Are CAnAdA’s FIrst CHoICe.

Atlas Polar




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industrynews international markets. Recognized as a leader in plant breeding, PII is known for its Endless Summer hydrangea collections. PII partners Dr. Michael Dirr, Jeff Beasley and Mark Griffith have developed a strong association with Bailey Nurseries over several decades, and will continue to consult on breeding, plant trials and market trends with the Minnesota-based nursery.

ing and prevent pollutants from entering Lake Ontario, the drinking water source for eight million people. By installing onsite stormwater technologies, IMAX reduced its risk of flooding.

CVC and IMAX win environmental award Dr. Karen Liu, Bonar Xeroflor, at NRC wind uplift tests.

al-world conditions. “The next phase is to monitor vegetative cover on some actual buildings in the Greater Toronto Area under the influence of Mother Nature,” said Dr. Baskaran.

Bailey Nurseries boosts breeding program Bailey Nurseries acquired Plant Introductions (PII), in January, solidifying its position to supply new plant introductions to domestic and

Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) and IMAX Corporation received an Ontario Minister’s Award for Environmental Excellence for using innovative approaches and new technologies to protect the Great Lakes and the environment. The award ceremony took place at Queen’s Park in Toronto. CVC and IMAX Corporation partnered to reconstruct an environmentally-friendly parking lot at the IMAX head office in Mississauga, Ont. This innovative parking lot uses leading edge technologies and expertise from local green companies Imbrium, Unilock, Aquaforbeech and Fernridge. These technologies decrease flood-

MAKING AND MANAGING Toronto’s 21st Century Landscape CONFERENCE

May 22, 2015 / Toronto



This project supports local green businesses, contributes to the green economy and provides more green jobs for Ontarians. The Minister’s Award for Environmental Excellence recognizes and encourages environmental excellence, fosters innovation and raises awareness about the importance of protecting the environment.

Dwarf cranesbill named Perennial Plant of the Year

The Perennial Plant Association has announced that Geranium x cantabrigiense ‘Biokovo’ is its Perennial Plant of the Year for 2015. ‘Biokovo’ dwarf cranesbill is a low-growing hybrid, found originally in the mountains of Eastern Europe, and stands out because of its very long flowering period. Plants form a low, spreading mat of fragrant dark-green leaves. Flowers are white, touched with soft pink. ‘Biokovo’ grows 15-20 cm tall and spreads 30-45 cm, making it ideal as an edging plant or ground cover. It is evergreen and quite drought tolerant, once established. LT

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Photo: Walter's Gardens

Provocative thought leaders from Canada, the Netherlands and the U.S. examine Toronto’s bold landscape architecture-led development and its international implications.

(left to right): Arthur Potts, MPP for Beaches-East York; Christine Zimmer Senior Manager, Protection and Restoration for Credit Valley Conservation; Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Glen Murray.

cnlanews Winter board meeting update In January, the CNLA Board of Directors and provincial Executive Directors attended the annual winter meetings in Toronto, Ont. The bi-annual face-to-face meetings are a great opportunity for industry stakeholders to discuss the priorities and tasks of the association. As part of this, the CNLA Executive Committee, along with CNLA’s Committee Chairs, reviewed the association’s tactical plan. This plan exists to help the Board focus on what it wishes to accomplish, how it will be executed and whom it wants responsible for doing each item within a certain timeframe and budget. It also helps to set a clear direction for CNLA committees and staff, and gives prioritization to budgets to meet those goals. After the meeting, the following priorities were set for the association (in order of importance): training, human resources, revenue generation, public relations and government relations. The tactical plan will be readdressed every two years, to ensure that the association’s aims and objectives are on track. If you have a question about the CNLA winter meetings or would like to get involved, please contact your provincial representative on the CNLA Board of Directors. A list is available at

Occupational standard for the nursery sector A dedicated group of nursery professionals from across Canada convened for an intensive all-day session to share their expertise for the development of a National Occupational Standard (NOS) for the nursery sector. This facilitated session was an important first step towards the development of a certified nursery worker program, as part of the Landscape Industry Certified suite of programs which currently exist for the landscape construction, landscape maintenance, landscape design and retail garden centre sectors. With financial support from Employment and Social Development Canada’s Sectoral Initiatives Program, the objective of the nursery worker certification project is to develop training and testing programs to ensure a minimum standard of competence for nursery technicians in today’s complex production sector. The group’s initial task was to determine the skill level most needed by the nursery sector. It ion dit dE 2n

was generally accepted that the largest skill gap was nursery workers in the low- to middle-management area, as low-skill tasks are adequately met through the offshore worker program. The standard-setting day was held on Dec. 11 in B.C., under the capable guidance of Kwantlen College’s Bruce McTavish as the facilitator and HortEducation BC’s program manager Annika Kristensen. CNLA extends its sincere thanks to everyone who took time away from their businesses to provide their considerable expertise on behalf of the Canadian nursery sector.

Attention designers The new Landscape Designer Manual by Landscape Ontario, CNLA and the Designer Committee, has been released this year and is now available to the public. If you are a landscape designer looking to continue your education and increase the respectability of the industry by becoming a Landscape Industry Certified Landscape Designer, this manual is your first step towards that goal. The manual contains information on landscape construction, design, grading and drainage, horticulture and proper practices. Additional information has been added to all subjects in order to give candidates all the possible information that may come up on the CLD Test. Landscape Ontario has designed a new website that elaborates on the material within the manual. It also provides examples of how to submit your portManual folios once you have Design completed the written Landscape portion of the exam. Visit cldmanual to sign in; you will find your username and password on the inside cover of your manual. If you have the original version of the manual, email Allie McInnes at Landscape Ontario, amcinnes@landscape, and she will provide a PDF version of the additions that have been made to the new manuals. For any inquiries about the CLD manual or exam please contact Colin Vince at 888-4463499, ext. 8625, or landscape industry

Certified Landscape Designer

A joint production of

landscape industry

Certified Landscape Designer



Gardeners have caught our Drift... have you? Gardeners and homeowners all across the country are asking for Drift® Groundcover Roses. They love their tidy size, the non-stop bloom and exceptional disease resistance. Your customers have caught the should too.

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cnlanews Legal insurance launches CNLA, in collaboration with My Generation Insurance, is excited to offer Legal Expense Insurance to members of each provincial landscape association. Members will be invited to purchase insurance through Group Bid Project’s website, scheduled to be launched March 1, 2015, where “More Bids, means More Savings.” You will have the opportunity to choose how much you are willing to pay for your insurance. The more members that join in, the more everyone saves! The policy highlights include: l Providing your business with up to $1,000,000 in legal expense coverage l Defend or pursue your legal rights without worrying about lawyer fees l Legal assistance with contract disputes and debt recovery This product is designed to give you the confidence and peace of mind to focus on what matters most — managing and growing your business.

Connect with your local Common Ground Alliance Canada has millions of kilometers of buried underground facilities. Protecting this critical infrastructure is not only important to our economy, but it is key in protecting lives. The Common Ground Alliance states, “Damage prevention is a shared responsibility.” Make sure that your crew is following best practices for their safety and the safety of those around them. Plug into your local Common Ground Alliance for resources and tips. Both Alberta and Ontario offer a “Click Before You Dig” website, making it easy to submit locate requests. As well, the Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT), allows individuals to submit underground damage and near-miss reports through a completely secure, private web application. Find out more by visiting

Visit Denmark this August The 2015 International Garden Centre Association Congress is taking place in Denmark from Aug. 9 to 14. Explore garden centres, castles,

botanical gardens and museums while learning about the garden centre industry in Denmark. The annual IGCA Congress is a great opportunity to network with peers from around the globe, as members from 17 countries gather together. Find out more information and register at

National gift card program Garden Centres Canada has launched a national gift card program, which offers a gift card that can be redeemed at participating garden centres across the country. These gift cards are unique because they are sent directly to the recipient’s smartphone, making it easy to send, receive and redeem. Garden centres can find out more about this no-cost program by visiting

Never Alone rose set to bloom this spring The highly anticipated Never Alone rose will be available in garden centres across the country this spring. This rose is not only beautiful, with dark pink petals and deep green foliage; it also supports a worthy cause. Developed at the Morden Research Station in Manitoba, this

Never Alone rose

rose was adopted by the Never Alone Foundation, which is committed to improving the lives of people affected by cancer. A portion from the sale of each rose will go back to the foundation, as well as to CNLA’s Heritage Fund. CNLA has developed marketing materials to help garden centres promote the Never Alone rose at their stores. Find out more at neveralone. LT

The Canadian Nursery Landscape Association is the federation of Canada’s provincial horticultural trade associations. Visit for more information. 42 | MARCH 2015 | LANDSCAPE TRADES


comingevents March 13-22, Canada Blooms, Direct Energy Centre, Toronto, Ont.

June 24-27, 18th Annual Snow and Ice Symposium, Schaumberg, Ill.

August 16-19, Fall Alberta Gift Show, Northlands, Edmonton EXPO Centre, Edmonton, Alta.

May 20-23, Canadian Society of Landscape Architects 2015 Congress, Hilton Mexico City Reforma, Mexico City, Mex.

July 11-14, Cultivate ‘15, Greater Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, Ohio.

August 16-20, Canadian Fertilizer Institute 70th Annual Conference, Westin Bayshore, Vancouver, B.C.

July 29-30, Penn Atlantic Nursery Trades Show (PANTS), Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, Penn.

August 18-20, Independent Garden Center Show, Navy Pier, Chicago, Ill.

April 11-16, California Spring Trials, April 24–May 10, Arbor Week June 13-15 Garden Days

August 8-12, ISA Annual Conference and Trade Show, Orlando, Fla.

August 27-29, Farwest Show, Oregon Convention Center, Portland, Ore.

June 25, Sixth Annual Canadian Water Summit, Vancouver, B.C.

August 4-6, IGC Show East, Baltimore Convention Centre, Baltimore, Md.

August 25-28, Plantarium, International Trade Centre, Boskoop, Holland.

June 21-24, Garden Centres of America Summer Tours, Location TBD

August 9-12, Toronto Fall Gift Show, International Centre and Congress Centre, Toronto, Ont.

September 9-10, CanWest Hort Show, Tradex Exhibition Centre, Abbotsford, B.C.


YOUR SOURCE FOR HIGH QUALITY CLAY PAVING BRICKS • “Genuine Clay Brick Pavers”Hard fired, tested, proven to endure and enhance any landscape design. • Available in over 100 colour ranges, 30 sizes, and thicknesses from 1” to 3” • NEW Permeable Clay Brick Pavers - For rainwater conservation and stormwater management.

talogue Samples & CaRequest on e Availabl

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Burlington: 905-637-6997 • Toronto: 416-252-5811 • Ottawa: 613-739-5850 Toll-Free: 800-567-5800 MARCH 2015 | LANDSCAPE TRADES |





HELP WANTED St. Jacobs Country Gardens & Landscaping Nursery is a full service garden centre with an award winning landscape division that includes hardscaping, softscaping and waterscaping. Landscape Foreperson: Stellar person with communication and organization skills, self-motivated individual capable of leading an installation crew of 3–5 workers. Experienced with material scheduling and project management. Good penmanship and computer skills, 3-5 years experience an asset. Landscape Construction Employee: People with communication skills, capable of physical work, high moral, work ethics and following instructions. Must have own transportation. Please reply to Only applicants selected will be contacted.

Landscape / Contractors Yard / Seasonal Garden Centre for Rent IN Collingwood High traffic, high exposure location on CR124 and Poplar SR (The new By Pass). Up to 1.5 acre for Outside storage for landscape supplies and equipment, 10 Bins for Topsoil / mulch / stone etc. Storage containers available, also coverall barn and office space. Tree farm on this 24 acre site. Space for Greenhouse available. Contact Gord at


Landscape Architectural Technician Permanent Full Time – Salary Position van der Zalm + associates inc. is looking for a bright, energetic, Landscape Architectural Technician for our office located at #1, 20177 97th Avenue, Langley, BC. This position will work within a team environment to support design projects with technical drawing, drafting, and details. For more information about van der Zalm + associates inc. check out our website at Please forward resumes to please include in the subject line: Landscape Architectural Technician For more details on the this position please visit classifieds


ESTABLISHED MUSKOKA LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE COMPANY FOR SALE Successful, respected company, locally owned and operated, is looking for a professional and dedicated purchaser. Well-maintained fleet of trucks and equipment. Dependable staff, loyal customer base. Year-round operation. For serious inquiries only, please reply in confidence by email to:


FINN Hydroseeders & Bark Blowers New and Used • Flex Guard FRM • Soil Guard BFM • Erosion Control Blanket Seed & Fertilizer Prefilled and Unfilled Filter Sock Toll free: (888) 298-9911 Fax: (905) 761-7959


All classified ads must be pre-paid by credit card. Rates: $62.15 (includes HST) per column inch (approx. 25 words). Deadline: 10th day of the month prior to issue date. January deadline is Nov. 15. Space is limited to a first-come, first-served basis. To advertise: E-mail your name, phone number and ad to Robert at classifieds@ Online advertising also available. Visit www.landscapetrades. com/classifieds for full details.

Ultra-Low Volume Herbicide Applicators • Control drift • Reduce labour costs • Reduce herbicide waste Simple, lightweight, durable sprayers 647-309-7826 •

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IMA-jet hAs


In CAnAdA!

treat for emerald Ash Borer & Asian longhorned Beetle.


Injections in minutes


Backed by 15 years of research


Low material costs and reduced labour

Asian Longhorned Beetle

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Emerald Ash Borer

where to find it COMPANY




Allstone Quarry Products Inc 44 800-263-1270 AMA Plastics Ltd 34 800-338-1136 Arborjet Inc 45 781-935-9070 Atlas Polar Company Ltd 39 888-799-4422 Avant Tecno USA Inc 32 847-380-9822 Beaver Valley Stone 18 416-222-2424 Best Way Stone Ltd 21 800-BESTWAY Bobcat 47 Compass Creative Studio Inc 46 855-318-4101 Ebert's Tree Farms 46 226-377-6321 EnviroSol 26 877-785-1098 Exmark Manufacturing Co Inc 35 402-223-6300 Fieldworks Construction Equipment 43 519-572-9447 Greenhorizons Group of Farms Ltd 27 519-653-7494 Gro-Bark (Ontario) Ltd 22 888-GRO-BARK Hino Motors Canada 33 905-670-3352 Husqvarna Canada Corp 37 800-HUSKY62 Hustler Turf Equipment 42 800-395-4757 Isuzu Commercial Trucks 25 905-612-0100 John Deere 17 Kubota Canada Ltd 9 905-294-7477 Mahindra 13 National Leasing 38 866-586-5501 Oaks Concrete Products by Brampton Brick 2 800-709-OAKS Permacon Group Inc 48 800-463-9278 Pro Landscape by Drafix Software 23 800-231-8574 Pro-Power Canada Inc 28 800-361-0907 Proven Winners ColorChoice 11 800-633-8859 Star Roses & Plants 41 800-458-6559 Stihl Limited 5 519-681-3000 Techniseal 19 800-465-SEAL Techo-Bloc 29 800-463-0450 Thames Valley Brick 43 905-637-6997 The Cultural Landscape Foundation 40 202-483-0553 TIMM Enterprises Ltd 36 905-878-4244 Unilock Ltd 15 800-UNILOCK Zander Sod Co Ltd 30 877-727-2100




50 ACRES OF LARGE CALIPER TREES Chanticleer Pear: 120mm @ 189. • 140mm @ 220. Sugar Maple, qty of 5+: 120mm @ 265. • 140mm @ 335.






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Bobcat is the ONLY MANUFACTURER to build an extendable arm MX in North America

THE ULTIMATE REACH FOR COMPACT EXCAVATORS. Take the industry’s only clamp-compatible extendable arm for a spin.

The Bobcat ® extendable arm option is the only extendable arm that’s clamp-compatible, giving you the best of both worlds. Get power and lifting performance when it’s retracted. Telescope the arm to extend the machine’s dig depth and reach without repositioning. Visit your local Bobcat dealer today to learn how you can extend your reach. Bobcat ® and the Bobcat logo are registered trademarks of Bobcat Company in the United States and various other countries. ©2015 Bobcat Company. All Rights Reserved. | 0115293

Long Arm Extendable Arm

418 -

324 -

E26 x -

E32 x x

E35 x x

E42 x x

E45 x x

E50 x -

E55 x

E60 -

E80 -

Authorized Bobcat Dealers

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Casselman Farm Equipment, Ltd. Casselman

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John’s Equip Sales & Service, Ltd. Frankford

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Can-Am Tractor, Ltd. Chatham

McDowell Brothers Industries, Inc. Sudbury


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Carrier Centers Sarnia

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