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Nearly a century ago, Land O'Lakes, Inc. was formed by farmers, for farmers. These men and women worked hard, took care of their land and animals, looked after their neighbors, and recognized that we all do better when we work together. Today, our cooperative has grown into a thriving business with a unique farmer-to-fork view of the food and agriculture industries. We still believe in the importance of creating better livelihoods, being good stewards of our natural resources and building strong communities. We’re proud to carry on our founders’ values as our diverse team works together to feed human progress.




Donated through memberdirected philanthropy programs


Servings of produce generated by Land O’Lakes Community Gardens program in 2019


of our milk supply we are committed to assessing for environmental impact by 2025


Years of international development impact


Total Global Food Challenge Emerging Leaders who have worked to address food insecurity around the world




Harvesting Hope: Helping Our Neighbors—an initiative to support farmer mental health and suicide prevention

Discover our farmer-to-fork story at www.landolakesinc.com/Corporate-Responsibility

y t i l i b a n Sustai Land O’Lakes, Inc. has a longstanding commitment to feeding people and supporting farmer livelihoods while safeguarding natural resources. When it comes to sustainability, dairy farmers and crop growers have different needs. That’s why we have on-farm teams who specialize in each industry. We provide farmers with data insights and ag technology to enable them make conservation decisions and activate continuous improvement plans—all while keeping operations strong for the long-term. Key to the agronomic stewardship effort is Truterra, LLC, a Land O’Lakes business unit that works throughout the food system to advance and bring conservation efforts to scale. The Truterra™ Insights Engine is the core of the only farmer-owned and farmer-driven food and ag sustainability program in the U.S. Working through ag retailers, Truterra helps farmers establish stewardship baselines and goals, and model profitability scenarios for each field. It supports food companies in meeting their commitments around climate change and sustainable sourcing.

Year in Members of the U.S. Dairy Stewardship Commitment and Sustainable Dairy Partnership.

Truterra announced major new customer relationships, using ag tech to help leading food companies quantify and benchmark stewardship in their supply chains.

Truterra received $1.5M award from USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service to help farmers test innovation on-farm with the Soil and Water Conservation Society.

Enrolled over 1.7 million acres in the Truterra™ Insights Engine.

Discover our farmer-to-fork story at www.landolakesinc.com/Corporate-Responsibility

7 3 e r u t n e V


37. That’s the percentage of our Earth’s land where farmers grow their crops and raise their livestock to nourish the world. While the farmland footprint varies from country to country, 37% is all we’ve got to work with. The world’s population will be nearly 10 billion by 2050. We’ve got to work together—across continents, cultures and markets—to make abundant, nutritious food available so everyone can realize their full potential. And we need to do it in a way that sustains the health of our soil, water and air. Land O’Lakes Venture37 is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit uniquely positioned to help solve this challenge, thanks to the backing of Land O’Lakes, Inc. Since 1921, this farmer-owned cooperative has unlocked the potential of dairy, livestock and crops farms and business ventures to Feed Human Progress. And because farmers help one another—no matter where they live— Venture37 brings this know-how to the markets that need it most.

Year in 1.3M+








Discover our farmer-to-fork story at www.landolakesinc.com/Corporate-Responsibility

Foundation & Community LAND O’LAKES

At the heart of our identity is the idea of

working together for the common good—today and for future generations. That’s why each year, Land O’Lakes, Inc. donates a portion of its pretax profits to the Land O’Lakes Foundation and supports corporate giving through its Community Relations work. Through programs such as Member Co-op Match, Matching Gifts to Education and the annual United Way campaign, we work to serve the many communities where our members and employees live and work. Together, we are fighting hunger, supporting education and strengthening communities.

Year in

$13 million

total contributed to nonprofit organizations, higher education institutions and community initiatives

Foundation grants $1.0 million

$4.3 million

$2.6 million




Corporate giving $800,000

dollar value of employee volunteer hours


in-kind product donations for hunger relief efforts

$3.5 million

corporate contributions & nonprofit sponsorships

Discover our farmer-to-fork story at www.landolakesinc.com/Corporate-Responsibility

Diversity LAND O’LAKES

& Inclusion

At Land O’Lakes, Inc., we work together to

discover, build and achieve our purpose. Vital to our success, and core to who we are, is diversity and inclusion. It means valuing and respecting the perspectives, experiences and talents of all individuals. Rooted in our cooperative values, our employee and member communities are built on the principles of inclusion and embracing teamwork. High performing teams, where every voice feels heard and valued, allow us to pursue our common purpose: Feeding Human Progress.

Year in 100% of our Talent Acquisition team participated in D&I training sessions to increase their cultural competency.

Approximately 25% of all headquarters-based employees and over 380 remote employees attended the 2nd annual D&I Summit.

Our 10 Employee Resource Groups gave over 1,000 hours of volunteer time to the community.

Two new Employee Resource Groups formed: Aging Successfully to support our experienced employees; and Field Inclusion Plant Networks to support our teammates in facilities across the country.

We supported veteran, LGBTQ, women-owned and minority-owned businesses through our Supplier Diversity program.

Discover our farmer-to-fork story at www.landolakesinc.com/Corporate-Responsibility

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Land O'Lakes, Inc. Corporate Responsibility Overview  

Land O'Lakes, Inc. Corporate Responsibility Overview  


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