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Issue 101, March - May 2021



Precision Air pilot looks back on a life in the skies


Why we can't help falling in love with love





Musician and Bongo Star Search judge on how he has bounced back after health scare


The digital tool making professional health advice available to all


A follow-at-home recipe for grilled Cajun shrimp


Rooms with a view of Lake Victoria



A look under the hood at the Mazda CX-30 Paa Tanzania

Eco-friendly picnics

15 COMPETITION Win a meal for two at Kitamu Coffee

Capturing the catwalk's coolest looks as Dar es Salaam hosts East Africa fashion showcase




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Flying into the future It is my great pleasure to welcome you onboard your Precision Air flight and to the latest edition of our magazine, Paa. Precision has been serving its valued passengers since 1993, when it was first registered as a commercial airline. In each of those 27 years since we have without fail been awarded our Aircraft Operation Certificate (AOC) after inspection by the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority. Such an unbroken record is a testimony to our commitment to serving our country and beyond. With our latest AOC awarded in January, we are looking forward to another exciting year as Tanzania’s second designated national carrier serving 11 destinations across East Africa. In ensuring this country continues to provide a skilled and dedicated workforce for the aviation sector, Precision Air has also launched its own international-standard training centre. If you want to see just how a job at Precision Air can turn into an adventurous and rewarding career, take a look at the feature inside on Captain Joseph Wakuwile, who flew with us for 22 years. He is an inspiration to so many. It just leaves me to wish you a pleasant flight and to let you know that we are always keen to hear your feedback, good and bad. Feel free to get in touch through our social media platforms or contact our call centre. Call centre: +255 22 2168000 / +255 784 108800 / +255 22 2191000

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You Are Why We Fly. Patrick Mwanri Managing Director and CEO Precision Air Services Plc



Latest from Tanzania’s leading airline Train with us, fly with us!

Do you dream of a career in the aviation industry, but are unsure where to make your start? Well, Precision Air has set up a training centre offering industry-recognised courses to get that dream off the ground. The centre, which is located in our headquarters in Dar es Salaam, has been approved by the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority and launches in March with a Cabin Crew Initial course. Courses to come include Crew Resource Management, Aviation Safety Management, Transportation of Dangerous Goods, Aviation Security and Aircraft Weight and Balance among others. Precision Air, Tanzania’s leading airline, has been serving the country since 1993. We bring that wealth of experience and knowhow to our courses to provide the growing aviation sector with a skilled homegrown workforce.


Paa Tanzania

Precision Air Managing Director and CEO Patrick Mwanri said: “We are excited about this achievement and we are looking forward to produce competent candidates for the aviation sector in Tanzania and beyond. We have an established experience in this industry and we intend to use it train Tanzanians who will fill the manpower gap in the aviation industry in Tanzania.” The coming courses will not only cater to those hoping to make a start in the sector, but will also provide the opportunity for aviation professionals to increase their skillset and progress in their careers. Mr Mwanri said: “Our centre is not for beginners only, but we are also offering on-job training, recurrence trainings for air operators as well other aviation faculties. We are now accepting training requests from third-party organizations and ready to offer classes that meet international standards.”support the local economy.

Precision Air passes with flying colours for 27th year in a row Precision Air has once again been granted its Aircraft Operation Certificate (AOC), making 2021 the 27th year in succession that the airline has been judged to meet nationally agreed safety standards to fly its fleet for commercial purposes. Inspectors from the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) carried out their investigations in December last year before granting the renewal. Commenting on the achievement Precision Air Managing Director and CEO Patrick Mwanri said the renewal of the AOC is the continuation of our commitment to serving the country and beyond while observing rules and regulations of aircraft operations. “We are happy to receive our new AOC certificate and we would like to thank TCAA for a professional inspection process. On behalf of the management, I am also congratulating the Precision Air team for maintaining our standards

Keep in touch

Capturing the crater and always looking for areas of improvement, which has resulted in this achievement. This was also possible through their commitment to professionalism.”

What does the AOC renewal mean? The AOC is the certification granted by Tanzania Civil Aviation that gives an airline permission to operate commercially within the country and beyond based on Bilateral Air Service Agreements (BASA). This certification is issued after intensive review process done by TCAA Inspectors and it is renewable annually.

Many travellers to Tanzania overlook the lake-filled Empakaai crater in favour of its more famous neighbour Ngorongoro, but it too is a haven for wildlife and – as this image by Tanzanian photographer Daniel Msirikale shows – it is also Ngorongoro’s rival in beauty. Msirikale loves to capture some of the country’s more off-the-beaten-track attractions – check out his Instagram page @that_tanzanianguy for proof – and this image was recently selected among the top 15 photos in the Wiki Loves Earth 2020 global photo challenge. The 2020 edition of

the competition attracted more than 100,000 submissions from 9,095 content uploaders across 34 countries. Msirikale was the only representative from an African country to make the top 15, coming in at number 11. Such a high placing is understandable when you see the image. Msirikale has framed it to contain the brooding presence of a cloud-enshrouded Ol Doinyo Lengai, ‘The Mountain of God’ in the background while choosing a vantage point on the lip of the Empakaai caldera that crops the lake in such a way as to make it look heart-shaped. Beautiful.


The wish-list



Blessed with year-round sunshine, countless beaches and a wealth of natural beauty, Tanzania is a perfect picnic country. To ensure you leave your alfresco dining spot as pristine as when you arrived, here are some innovative ideas for plastic-free, re-usable picnic ware from Dar es Salaam store The Green Room.


BAMBOO STRAWS Hand finished at The Green Room’s workshop in Dar, these straws come in a pack of six beautifully tied with a kitenge ribbon.

#STREETSOFDSM PRINT AND KITENGE REVERSIBLE TOTE BAG Celebrating Dar’s colourful street culture, these tote bags are perfect for carrying your picnic food in line with Tanzania’s plastic bag ban. Available in more than 15 designs.

An eco-friendly alternative to carrying drinking water. The bottles keep drinks cold or hot for up to eight hours and each features an illustration by a local artist.

WHALESHARK ENAMEL MUG Celebrating Tanzania’s rich wildlife, this enamel mug can go anywhere with you.

HAND-CARVED COCONUT WOOD UTENSILS AND BOWLS Reduce the need for disposable plastic picnic ware and go green with sustainable and locally sourced coconut wood options.

BEESWAX WRAPS A set of four kitenge fabric beeswax wraps. Reusable, they fold around food bowls, fruit and sandwiches to keep items fresh in place of disposable wrap plastic.

The Green Room is a product and furniture design company with its flagship store on The Slipway shopping centre in Dar es Salaam. Inspired by sunshine, the sea and nature of beautiful Tanzania, The Green Room is committed to design products that are locally made, useful, beautiful and good to the earth. For more information, visit


Paa Tanzania

Captain Wakuwile

High flyer...

Captain calls time on glittering career

In September last year Precision Air gave Captain Joseph Wakuwile a water salute after the long-serving pilot landed his last flight at Julius Nyerere International Airport, calling time on a 39-year flying career that included more than 27, 000 hours in the air. Here the 65-year-old talks about living his childhood dream, his most memorable flights and his pride at helping train the next generation of Tanzanian pilots.


hen Joseph Wakuwile

heavier-than-air machines, weighing

“Fear of flying has never been a

was a young boy

more than a ton, could fly in the air. I

part of me,” he says, “especially once I

growing up in Tabora,

was so determined to find out.”

have understood the capability and

his favourite pastime was to jump

He was to come to understand

mechanism behind the machine I fly.

on his bicycle and ride the 10 km

those machines close-up in adult-

Once I am airborne, I become totally

south to reach the town’s airport

hood, carving a career as a commer-

relaxed, although still alert.”

where he’d watch in wonder as

cial pilot lasting 39 years, 22 of them

the massive machines took off and

with Precision Air. He learned the

in Dar es Salaam, has logged more

came in to land.

mechanics of flight and found the

than 27,000 hours in the sky and his

wonder replaced with serenity once

skills as a pilot have seen him selected

he was up in the air.

by Precision Air to fly some of its

“The thing that fascinated me most,” he says, “was how these

Captain Wakuwile, who now lives


Captain Wakuwile

most high-profile passengers, such

modernisation programme saw him

as President of Zanzibar Dr Hussein

in the cockpit of the airline’s new

Mwinyi – “a proud moment,” Captain

ATRs with up to 70 passengers on

always away, missing important

Wakuwile says. During his long

board. The 22-year working relation-

functions like graduation of one of my

association with the airline, he has

ship has, Captain Wakuwile says,

children,” he says. “However, I thank

also been called on to train its next

developed into a familial bond.

my family for always being there for

generation of pilots. Sharing his skills,

offers opportunities to make up for it. “It was tough those days staying

me and giving me support.

he believes, is a way of giving back to

Growing venture

an industry that shaped his life and

“When I joined it was exciting time

to pursue projects I have been

he intends to continue mentoring in

being part of new growing venture.

interested in and of course spend


Precision Air was very supportive from

my time with family. There are a

“I’m looking forward to training

the beginning, funding numerous

lot of social programmes to get

young pilots as part of an upcoming

training courses for me. I enjoyed

involved in locally, especially at our

programme at the National Institute

the general attitude and feeling of

local church.”

of Transport,” he says. “I am very

belonging to a bigger family. Even

optimistic about the future of aviation

now I count myself as part of the

The chosen one

in Tanzania and I feel I have to contrib-

Precision Air family.”

When Captain Wakuwile was in

ute to that story and be part of it.”

“Now I will use the opportunity

Life as a pilot necessitated long

his early 20s, he had to win over

Captain Wakuwile wears his

hours and extended periods away

his mother to pursue a career as

65 years lightly and feels he still

from Captain Wakuwile’s family at

a pilot. His first job after national

has much to contribute, despite

home. The married father-of-two and

reaching the Tanzanian Civil Aviation

grandfather-of-one says such separa-

Authority’s statutory retirement age

tions were hard, but that retirement

Flight team Captain Wakuwile in the cockpit with his co-pilot

for a commercial pilot.

“However, I could start feeling chronological age catching up. I think it was the right time to hang up the boots and let the young energetic colleagues, some of whom I have trained over the years, take over. “I still miss flying. I will miss

at the Bank of Tanzania, but seeing an advertisement in the national newspaper calling for applicants for a

“I’m 65, but I still feel strong and that I can go on,” he says.

service was as a statistical assistant

government-sponsored pilot training

Precision Air was very supportive from the beginning, funding numerous training courses for me. I enjoyed the general attitude and feeling of belonging to a bigger family

scheme relit his childhood dream. The advertisement had piqued the interest of many Tanzanians. There were around 1,000 applicants for the three-year pilots’ course at the Finnair Flight Academy at Helsinki Airport in Finland. After a rigorous six-month selection process, which involved checks by an aviation medical doctor, aptitude tests, flying test experience,

mostly those cross-wind

written exams and one-to-one

landings and the views of

interviews, Captain Wakuwile was

Mount Kilimanjaro above the

among the 15 cadets chosen. He


is far too modest to suggest the

Precision Air will certainly

qualities that saw him through, but

miss Captain Wakuwile. He

he does remember the Air Tanzania

joined in 1998, a pivotal time

team had a clear idea of what they

for the airline, which had

didn’t want.

recently expanded to offer

“During our selection interviews I

scheduled services for the

remember the leading psychologist

growing tourist market. He

in the team, Dr Manfred Gardiziela,

began flying the 19-seater Let

told us he can’t tell who will be a

L-410 Turbolet before a fleet

pilot among us, but for sure he knew


Paa Tanzania

Family feel Captain Wakuwile loved his time with Precision Air

I still miss flying. I will miss mostly those cross-wind landings and the views of Mount Kilimanjaro above the clouds who cannot be a pilot among us and

Finland, Captain Wakuwile had his

year. His last flight was a return trip

that was why he was employed to

commercial pilot licence and was

from Dar es Salaam to Arusha via

do the weeding out.”

soon flying for Air Tanzania, where

Zanzibar on September 9. When he

he would stay for the next 17 years.

brought the ATR 72-500 down at

Pilot training

He started off piloting the airline’s

Heading Julius Nyerere International Airport

Julius Nyerere International Airport

Once selected, Captain Wakuwile

19-seater DHC-6-300 Twin Otter with

quit his banking job. It was a brave

later highlights including in 1983

career change that even some family

being part of the crew who flew then

members were unsure was wise.

Tanzanian President Mwalimu Julius

fire engines sent fountains of water

“Mothers are always concerned

Nyerere and his vice-president Hassan

over the taxiway.

about their loved ones,” Captain

Mwinyi from Mwanza to Bukoba. He

Wakuwile says. “In the end she gave

was made Captain in 1993.

her blessings and let me be what I wanted in life.” After three years of training in

Captain Wakuwile switched to

Roland | Wikimedia Commons | CC-BYSA-2.0

a crowd of Precision Air staff had gathered for an emotional farewell that culminated in a water salute as

It was a magical end to a career that lived out a childhood dream and helped many others live

Precision Air in 1998 and continued

theirs. Thank you for your years of

to serve until his retirement last

service, Captain.


The science of attraction

Why we love to love… Exploring the science of attraction

You’d think a blind date between love and science would result in an evening of awkward silences, but it turns out the pair have plenty in common. Paa looks at the chemical reactions in our bodies that occur when we feel attraction and selects some of the best romantic spots in Tanzania to share with your significant other. As is only fair, we also spare a thought for the singletons out there. What is Love? Whether you are looking for ‘Mr/ Miss Right’ or happy to make do with ‘Mr/Miss Right Now’, attraction can come with some strange symptoms. Think of the last time you unexpectedly met someone that enchants you. You start to sweat, suddenly become incapable of forming a coherent sentence and are struck by a physical clumsiness that makes even walking normally suddenly beyond your skill-set. OK, perhaps that’s just me, but there is plenty of scientific evidence that feelings of love release a potent chemical cocktail inside of us that can have


Paa Tanzania

a transformative effect on our behaviour. Attraction floods our brain with the ‘happy hormones’ of oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin, causing a surge of positive emotion. It’s one of the best feelings in the world, which is why finding love has been considered throughout history as life’s ultimate goal. The euphoria can be so consuming that the love-struck can struggle to give thought to anything else – even eating and sleeping. Scientists have found the rush of the release of these hormones induces a drug-like high and can be just as addictive. The beginning

Finding our other half Is love life's ultimate goal?

stage of falling in love – which scientists’ term ‘limerance’ – cannot be sustained forever and the hope is it develops into something deeper, more honest and understanding. If it

The 4 laws of (keeping) attraction Dating apps abound and the pool of eligible singletons is staggering. So why is it so hard to make it past the honeymoon phase? Sona Parmar reveals four ways to seal the deal.


Be happy first. Much like alcohol, a partner can’t make you happy; s/he simply amplifies what you already feel – a bit like icing on a cake. It’s your job to make sure the cake is already phenomenal.


Get clear on what you want. Unashamedly knowing that you prefer a quinoa salad to a mushroom souffle is a good thing. Think of what you’re looking for and how that will make you feel. It’s not about dating someone wealthy because they have money, say, but because of how you’ll feel when they spoil you. does, it might be time to put a ring on it. However, not all relationships end well and the sudden withdrawal from such a high can be hard to take. History is littered with relationships that famously did not work out: Paris of Troy and Helen; Mark Anthony and Cleopatra; and Diamond Platnumz and…well, take your pick. So, to ensure your hot date blossoms into a relationship that welcomes many more February 14 celebrations, here’s some advice from Nairobi-based life coach and Paa columnist Sona Parmar on how to make love last.


Start as you mean to go on. Relationship dynamics are like cement: malleable in the early days, impossible to change as time goes on. To quote relationship guru John Gray, “create a series of positive dating experiences”, show the other person how you want to be treated and trust that the right person will stay. Create a good flow.


Falling in love is easy; we see only the positive. The real question is, can you live with the traits that annoy you? This is what determines whether your new squeeze is a keeper. @inspirationbysona on Instagram


The science of attraction

Best places for a romantic date in Tanzania If you’re looking to treat a budding influencer…

For more information, visit its

If there is a rival for your significant

other’s affections in as much as they

Facebook and Instagram pages at

they love you, Ahlan Restaurant, in

For a loved one who loves to be pampered…

Dar es Salaam, would make an ideal

The temperature may rarely drop

location for a dinner date. Its wall of

below 30°C in Zanzibar, but the

imitation red, pink and white roses has

island is still a wonderful place for

become the backdrop of choice for

chilling out and one of its most

Instagram selfie enthusiasts and this

relaxing spots – a haven of peace

Exfoliation just for her and a Karafuu

popular place, in hospitality hotspot

amid the bustle of Stone Town – is

(clove) and Coconut Exfoliation just

Oyster Bay, attracts a stylish, young

Cinnamon Spa. Here you can choose

for him. Then while one enjoys a full

crowd. The food is just as eye-catching

from more than 30 therapies and

body massage, the other can give

with the menu including a ‘burger

treatments using the finest organic

their skin some intense condition-

wheel’ – a selection of bite-sized burg-

ingredients from the archipelago. If

ing cocooned in Cinnamon Carrot

ers and sides arranged on a miniature

you are attending with a loved one

Hydrating Wrap. It’s all topped off

fairground wheel and brought to your

and want to be pampered as a pair,

table – and a tasty range of wraps,

the spa offers 60-minute couple’s

salads, mocktails and milkshakes.

massages as well as a specially

Spa date Pamper your loved one at Cinnamon Spa in Stone Town, Zanzibar


Paa Tanzania

created two-hour package for which includes a Cinnamon Swirl

with an Indian head massage.

The food of love Ahlan Restaurant in Dar es Salaam

Image: Ahlan restaurant

love themselves almost as much as

For more details, visit

The food is just as eye-catching with the menu including a ‘burger wheel’ – a selection of bite-sized burgers and sides arranged on a miniature fairground wheel

Pretty in pink Lake Manyara

Tree-top dwelling is the way to go around here with even the park’s lions getting in on the act and spending the days lazing on branches before descending to hunt at sunset. For more details, visit

For a date with adventure…

To fly away with your dream date…

If your other half is a thrill seeker who

There can be few more romantic

feeds on adrenaline, they are going

sights than seeing the plains of the

to love you for ever if you organise

Serengeti wrapped in dawn’s glow as

a white-water rafting adventure for

you soar silently overhead in a hot-air

the two of you on the Rufiji river. The

balloon. The cool morning air means

river rises in southwestern Tanzania

this is an active time for wildlife here

and winds through the Selous Game

and you may catch sight of predators

Reserve before emptying into the

such as lions and cheetahs on the

Indian Ocean and there is some steep

hunt or, dependent of the time of

section along the way where the

year, get an appreciation from above

water picks up speed and turbulence

of the scale of the wildebeest and

for some Class 4 and 5 rapids. Tour

zebra migration. It’s a luminous, once-

Company Wantok Adventures runs

in-a-lifetime experience and made

rafting adventures here throughout

even better when shared with a loved

the year. For more information, visit

one. There are many companies offer-

ing hot-air balloon experiences here,

For escaping together…

but Scott Dunn ups the romance you’ve come back down to earth. Visit

one time with your partner then for more details.

Tree Lodge could be in order. You’ll also get some undisturbed quality time with some of the best wildlife Tanzania has to offer. These 10 luxury tree houses make up the only lodge in the whole of Lake Manyara National Park so you are alone to explore its wonders such as a flamingo-filled soda lake with buffalo, cheetah,

Laugh away the heartache… You don’t have to fall in love to get a serotonin hit. Laughter is also a natural tonic for mind and body. A night out at one of PunchLine TZ’s regular comedy nights in Dar es Salaam is sure to get you giggling. The PunchLine team have been pivotal in establishing a stand-up comedy scene in the city with its weekly Raw show at Flames Restaurant, in Masaki, and the PunchLine Comedy Club at Hamu Restaurant each month. Host Evans Bukuku and a revolving roster of international and local comedians are sure to get you in a good mood. For more information, visit

Start singing…

with a champagne breakfast once

If you want some exclusive one-ona few nights at the Lake Manyara

Valentine’s for singletons

Get some of your single friends together, get glammed up and sing your hearts out to your favourite tunes. The popular Dar chain of seafood restaurants Samaki Samaki holds karaoke nights every Wednesday and rooftop bar Level 8 at the Hyatt Regency is also a great place to belt out your favourite break-up songs. For more information, visit and @HyattRegencyKilimanjaro on Facebook

giraffe and impala roaming its shores.


Paa Competition


Win a meal-for-two at Kitamu Coffee – ‘Tanzania’s cutest café’


Kitamu Coffee is well known

from the range-baked fresh every day by

in Arusha as the place to

owner Leah Assenga.

go for delicious breakfasts

So Paa is delighted that this 100

and lunches packed with fresh, local

per cent Tanzanian-owned café is

ingredients. The café in the centre of

offering our latest prize. One lucky

town – just moments from the Clock

reader will receive a meal-for-two at

Tower – has two floors of cosy and comfy

Kitamu. The winner and their guest will

seating so it’s also the ideal place to

get their choice of main course and a

get together with friends over a freshly

dessert as well as an accompanying

ground cup of coffee sourced from the

coffee and fresh juice. It’s sure to be an

smallholder farms on the slopes of Mount

unforgettable meal. Good luck!

Kilimanjaro. There’s also the tempting option to pair your coffee with a cake

For more about Kitamu Coffee visit

To be in with a chance of winning, answer the three questions below and email your answers along with a photograph of yourself taken with a copy of Paa 101 on your Precision Air flight to

Questions: 1. What is the name of the latest single by Ommy Dimpoz that also features South Africa artists DJ Tira, Djadja and Prince Bulo?

3. Mobile app M-Afya dispenses health advice to subscribers in what language?

Last Issue's Winner Martha Abdul Congratulations Martha! You win a beautiful bed collection by Handmade From Tanzania. See more at Thank you for flying Precision Air.

Image - Kalmin & Khloe Holdings Ltd

2. Can you name one of the ‘happy hormones’ your body releases when you are in love?

Terms and conditions: One entry per person. Entrants must be 18 years or over. The organisers' decision is final. The competition is not open to employees and their relatives of Handmade From Tanzania, Precision Air, or Land & Marine Publications Ltd. Email : by 10th January 2021. Images shown are for representation only.


In pictures...

Swahili Fashion Week 2020 The cream of the East African fashion world once again convened for Swahili Fashion Week 2020 in Dar es Salaam last December. At the three-day event, now in its 13th year and held at the Serena Hotel, models strode the catwalk showcasing the latest collections by the region’s best designers and fashion houses. As ever, there were a host of prizes awarded at the event, which itself has just been crowned East African Fashion Week of the Year. Among those recognised were Afriposh, in Arusha, who won the Accessory Designer of the Year award, Nucy, from Sudan, who won African Designer of the Year and Gertrude Shoo, from Arusha, who won the Washington Benbella Award for emerging designer. For more details on the event and the full list of prize-winners, visit Hussein Awadh

Imaqualate Designs


Paa Tanzania

Irada Style

Shahbaaz Sayed

All images courtesy of Simon Deiner / SDR Photo / Group of Creatives Swahili Fashion Week

Martin Kadinda


Africa Attire For All

DD Craft

Anetella Clothing

Ashubra Designs

Chuwa Fashion


Ommy Dimpoz

'My fans prayed for me… and that meant everything'


Paa Tanzania

Images courtesy of Sony Music Africa

New label Ommy Dimpoz has recently signed a record deal with Sony Music Africa

Just under two years after falling seriously ill and fearing he would never sing again, Ommy Dimpoz is back and his profile is bigger than ever. He has just signed for major label Sony Music Africa, is one of the judges on TV talent show Bongo Star Search and has a new album all set for release. Paa talks fame, fun and fashion with the Kigoma kid. Where were you born in Tanzania? Was

You took time out from the music industry

music a big part of your life when you were

due to serious illness. Was there a time when

growing up?

you feared you would not be able to return

A: was born in Kigoma. Yes, it was a huge part

to singing? (I heard you lost your voice for a

of me as long as I can remember, I used to love

time as a result of the surgery)

listening and dancing to music.

A: Yes, several times during multiple surgeries and especially when I lost my voice for about a

Tell us about Top Band, the first music group

month, after the first surgery. It was a terrifying

you formed?

period for me.

A: It was headed by Khalid Mohammed, who is well known as TID, and I started as a back-up

Your single ‘Baba Ni Wewe’ thanked your

singer and eventually graduated by having my

fans for standing by you through your illness

solo session, performing cover songs before

and recovery? How important was it to know

branching out as a solo artist.

you had their support? A: It meant everything to me. I received so

You’ve collaborated with a lot of big names in

many messages, calls etc from fans across the

your career, such as TID, Vanessa Mdee and

world that wished me well, prayed for me,

Diamond Platnumz. Which artists would it be

others offering all sort of support. When you

your dream to collaborate with in the future?

receive such well wishes, it gives you strength,

A: I have a long list of several artists I would

faith and hope.

like to collaborate with but in the near future, I would be delighted to work with [Congolese

How is your health now? You certainly

singer-songwriter) Fally Ipupa and [US singer]

look fit judging by your Instagram page [@

Chris Brown.

ommydimpoz]. Do you exercise regularly?


Ommy Dimpoz

Online Follow Ommy on instagram: @ommydimpoz and facebook: ommydimpozPKP

I won’t say I have a particular style; I just know what looks good on me and how to pair outfits considering the pattern, colours and style A: It is getting better by the day. I am

A: I am a fan of DJ Tira’s music and

You also are interested in fashion.

still adjusting to eating certain speci-

personality and I made and effort to

Endorsing GSM Malls here in

fied meals and portions. I have started

seek him out [for a collaboration]. He

Tanzania and Europa Art in South

exercising but nothing extreme just

was quick to respond and appreci-

Africa. How important is it for you

lightweights and stretches.

ated my work as well. I had great fun

to look good and how would you

collaborating with him alongside

describe your signature style?

Prince Bullo and DlaDla.

A: I love fashion. It comes second

You signed with Sony Music Africa in December last year. What do you

to my music. I won’t say I have a

hope this will do for your music and

You also have an album coming

particular style; I just know what looks

your career?

out very soon. What can you reveal

good on me and how to pair outfits

A: This is a great move for me

about it at this stage?

considering the pattern, colours and

especially now in my career. I am fully

A: Not much I am afraid (laughs). Just

style. I feel good when I look good.

committed in creating good music

know it will be a great album with the

that will now be able to be heard

best of other African artists

across Africa and globally, seeing the likes of Davido, Wizkid , ShoMadjozi’

I’ve read that you fancy yourself as

s growth and progress, I am truly

a comedian. Have you always liked

inspired to follow in their direction.

entertaining and making people

Future sounds Ommy has a new album coming out soon Chrislogan | Wikimedia Commons | CC-BY-SA-4.0

How has Covid-19 impacted on your recent music plans? Do you enjoy playing live shows and do you hope to schedule concerts in Tanzania in the near future?


A: It has affected my music plans

Sony Music Africa is based in South

A: That’s what people around me

greatly. We had to postpone our

Africa and there are a host of South

consider me. I am aware I have a great

album release and several other

African artists who are on ‘Dede’,

sense of humour and it comes easy

entertainment activities including

your first single release for the

in making people laugh but I am not

events and yes, I do love performing.

label. How did the collaboration

considering it as a career… not at the

It connects me with my fans, which is

come about?

moment at least.

important to me.



Healthy message

The start-up that dispenses well-being advice via text

Phone application Mobile afya seeks to bridge the digital divide in health awareness in Tanzania. The internet is not necessary to access the app’s government-approved advice on topics such as sexual health, family planning, first aid and nutrition written in Swahili by Mobile afya's team of medical professionals. Launched in October last year to be accessible and affordable to all, the app has the potential to change and even save many lives. Founder Mariatheresa Samson Kadushi talks to Paa, revealing how the idea for the start-up was born, the medical and tech expertise involved and plans to expand the app’s reach across East Africa Mariatheresa Samson Kadushi

information and education, including

describes the beginnings of Mobile

family planning.

afya as an “accidental innovation”

“From there we started the process

that came to her while working

to develop an easily accessible solution

with homeless children on the

that provides sexual and productive

streets of Singida, in central Tanza-

health information to women in rural

nia, for her charitable association

and semi- urban areas. Building a dedi-

Kids of Africa…

cated team, we expanded to include

“M-afya was established as a result of a mere curiosity. In late 2015 I was

more general health information and

was lacking in the team.

Mobile afya was born.”

“Now we have 12 health profes-

in Singida where I noticed a high

sionals – including medical doctors,

number of homeless children living in

The Mobile afya team has grown

clinical officers, public health special-

poverty. I decided to start a case study

to include leading experts in the

ists and medical students – out of a

to investigate what was causing such

fields of medicine, health and

large numbers of street children in


the region and found the main reason

“In 2017, I along with co-founder Dr

team of 21 members.” User-friendly The app has been designed for all

The team creates the app’s health

was unplanned pregnancies. Many

Hilderruth Allan Shoo, who is a medi-

advice content from scratch and it

young parents were having more chil-

cal doctor and public health specialist,

all goes through a rigorous review-

dren than they were able to take care

started to build Mobile afya. As the

ing process…

of. The average number of children

start-up took shape in 2019, Farah

per household was six. This factor

Rida, Ina Sclie and Anja Witte joined

their knowledge then it gets reviewed

exposed the underlying problem – a

forces with us to bring resources,

by different stakeholders and our

lack of sexual and reproductive health

new skills and knowledge that

advisors. Lastly content has to go to


Paa Tanzania

“The team develops content from

Images courtesy of M-Afya

Leaders Mariatheresa Samson Kadushi and (bottom) Dr Hilderruth Allan Shoo

the Government’s Ministry of Health,

research underway to measure

Community Development, Gender,

knowledge improvement and the

Elderly & Children to get reviewed

impact that the app is having on its

and approved. Once all this is

users. For the future we are exploring

completed, we can upload content to

possibilities of expanding to voice

the app and start disseminating.”

messages, WhatsApp chat bot and

The only way to fight misinformation is to counter it with correct and accurate information

smart apps as well.” It costs just 3,000 TZS for an annual subscription to Mobile afya, which

With the app aimed at a mostly

mentored by a professor who is an

allows the user to access the

rural or semi-urban population

expert in HCD, which helped a lot.

regularly updated database of

with limited familiarity with tech-

information as many times as they

nology, it was crucial to make it as

want over the year…

user-friendly as possible…

“After paying the annual subscrip-

“The importance of making Mobile

In many communities, health Outreach Spreading the message

awareness is hampered as much by misinformation as lack of informa-

tion there’s no additional costs or

afya user-friendly has been a crucial

tion with traditional healers and

limits. We are constantly improving

part of its development since the

superstitions holding sway…

Mobile afya and collecting feedback

study in Singida. All our work has

from our users on information that

been grounded by human-centred

areas. Misinformation is a big problem

they want to see on the app and the

design (HCD) methodologies with

that we have come across in most of

topics are updated on a monthly

five stages –empathy, ideate, define,

the communities we have interacted

basis. We have an impact evaluation

prototype and test. I was lucky to be

with during our research phase. The

“This is the case not only in remote



only way to fight misinformation is to

it with my day job [as chief operations

counter it with correct and accurate

officer of Dar es Salaam start-up

information. We believe Mobile afya

ecosystem Safe Space Group] so it

serves this goal by making sure that

was a lot to manage. The experience

correct information is widely spread

of building Mobile afya has been

and is easily accessible by local

the most challenging task I have

communities through their mobile

embarked in my career but also

phones. People who encounter misin-

the most important work of my life.

formation will now have a point of

Strong will, consistency and persis-

references to oppose it and educate

tence have carried me through the

others as well.”

moments of exhaustion and many frustrations of building a start-up

Mobile afya was made available

throughout the years. I believe that

to the public in October 2020 and

I am part of the team that will trans-

already has more than 1,000 Tanza-

form public health as we know it by

nian users and there are plans in

capitalising on the impact of mobile

place to expand into neighbouring

technology for health inclusion.”


Initial funding came from family,

“For Dr. Hilderruth and I, Tanzania

friends and the team members’

is our home country hence the best

own savings, but the rising profile

place for us to pour our knowledge

of Mobile afya has attracted

and passion into. Kenya and Rwanda

the interest of international

are our next destinations. We are


looking to start expanding in the third quarter of 2021.”

In late 2018, a Hamburg-based company gave their Christmas donation to our work so

It has taken more than three years

that we can prototype and test the

to get Mobile afya off the ground

app. In late 2019 and early 2020 we

and it has become something of an

secured our pre-seed funding from

obsession for Kadushi…

two European female investors who

“It has taken over my life. Before

believed in the potential of our work.

starting to work full time for Mobile

We are hoping with the new funding

afya in 2019 I was balancing building

this year we will be able to venture

‘I want my family to subscribe’ “During my pregnancy clinic visits I was told I had gestational diabetes, this was a shock to me and my family since we have never heard of gestational diabetes. Little was told to me about the condition at the healthcare facility where I went. Through Mobile afya I was able to learn more about the condition. I would also like for my family to be subscribed to the service so that they can also get information and learn about different diseases and health conditions. Testimonial from a 35-year-old woman in Mbezi, Dar es Salaam


Paa Tanzania

Instant advice A member of the M-Afya outreach team shows off the app

Images: M-Afya

out more to different regions and

ministry so we do not offer any expert

rural areas to spread the word on the

advice on the disease.

app and reveal its benefits. “In February we will be launching

Mobile afya may be the project

our second round of fundraising to

she’s in charge of currently, but

accelerate our impact and expand

Kadushi says she has always been

our reach in Tanzania and beyond.

a leader…

We are looking for investors and

“I spent the first eight years of my

partners from all over the world who

life living in the Udzungwa Mountains

are interested in digital health, mobile

where my father was working as an

technologies and mobile apps.”

engineer at the Kidatu Hydro Power Plant. Being a first born in a family of

Health help Mobile afya offers advice on the symptoms, treatment and preventive measures for a wide range of health conditions and diseases. Among them are:

Covid-19 may have made everyone

six girls, three of them being triplets,

more aware of their health, but

I had a lot of responsibilities from a

launching Mobile afya in the wake

very young age. My first ever lessons

of the pandemic brought chal-

on leadership and organising were


learnt at home. I grew up loving to

Non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, cancers, sickle cell and heart conditions.

step up and to do things that seemed


“Covid-19 slowed down every aspect of our work. It took longer to

hard. I took on my first role leading

finalise legal and regulatory processes

a kids’ church group when I was

that we had to comply with. Also

nine, later I was a choir master and

during the pandemic, we had to

went to my first conference alone

close our offices for some time and

when I was 10. In character, I’m still

work from home. It brought a new

the little girl I was but now leading a

challenging reality that we had to

start-up and impacting lives through

adjust to.

the work that I do.

Food and nutrition (for the general public and for people in special groups such as pregnant women or those who live with chronic diseases)

ing and disseminating Covid-19

spending quiet time in mountains and

Sexual and reproductive health including adolescent health

information is managed by the

listening to audiobooks and podcasts.”

First aid

At the moment the role of educat-

Apart from work I love travelling,

Easy to use When a Mobile afya user dials *147*47# they get a menu with a list of health conditions topics and they choose the number of the one most relevant to them. This prompts options – for example symptoms or treatments for the chosen condition – and the user will receive texts with the information requested. For a video demonstration of how the app works, scan the QR code on the right or go to


Paa Food / Grilled Cajun shrimp

A Cajun crowd-pleaser Paa is delighted to have Tanzanian chef Monalisa Rwechungura as its new cookery columnist. The business graduate’s culinary brand has its own YouTube channel, Diko by Monalisa, in which she shares short video recipes for international dishes as well as Tanzanian classics all in Swahili. For us, she starts with this fiery seafood dish and breaks down the steps to create it in English and Swahili. Furaha ya chakula!


et’s talk about the deliciousness

spicy as you want. It gives the shrimp

that is Cajun shrimp!!!

an amazing flavour! Perfect as a starter

Packed with big and bold flavours

for a party, or as a main course served

from the Cajun seasoning, this dish is

with rice/pasta or just add a simple

a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Not to

vegetable on the side and dinner is

mention that it is a total time-saver,


clocking in at just 20 minutes from prep to cooking time. This recipe includes homemade Cajun seasoning that you can make as


• Shrimp 0.5 kg • Dry spices for seasoning:

garlic powder, onion powder, white pepper, black pepper, paprika, Cayenne pepper, thyme, basil, parsley, oregano, salt

• Diced pineapples.

Prep Time: 15 minutes Cooking Time: 5 minutes

To stream from the full list of video recipes, visit the Diko by Monalisa YouTube channel. More information is also available at the Instagram page @dikobymonalisa


Paa Tanzania

And let’s not forget, it’s a healthy meal, which makes it perfect for most dietary requirements. Let’s get to it!

Method 1. If you are using wooden/ bamboo skewers, soak them in water for 30 minutes, skip if using iron ones. 2. Clean, de-vein and wash the shrimp. 3. In a clean bowl mix all your dry spices to form a Cajun seasoning rub. 4. Season the shrimp with the Cajun seasoning rub and let sit for 30 minutes. 5. Skewer the shrimp while alternating with the diced pineapples.

6. Apply oil to the grill and set temperature to 170°C. 7. Once the grill is hot, place skewers on and grill for 2.5 minutes per side. 8. Drizzle with lemon juice and garnish with fresh parsley.

by Chef Monalisa Rwechungura


• Kamba 0.5 Kg, Kitunguu Swaumu

cha Unga, Kitunguu Maji cha Unga, Pilipili Manga Nyeupe, Pilipili Manga, Paprika, Pilipili ya Unga, Thaimu, Majani ya Mrehani, Majani ya Parsley, Majani ya Oregano, Chumvi na Vipande vya Nanasi.

Muda wa Maandalizi Dakika 15 Muda wa Kupika Dakika 5

Mbinu Kama unatumia fimbo za kuchoma za mbao, ziloweke kwa dakika 30, ruka hii hatua kama unatumia fimbo za chuma. Menya, safisha na kuwaosha kamba. Ndani ya bakuli safi changanya viungo vikavu vyote ili kupata mchanganyiko unaofahamika kama Cajun seasoning rub. Weka mchanganyiko wa viungo (Cajun seasoning rub) kwenye Kamba na uache Kamba wakae kwa dakika 30. Weka Kamba kwenye fimbo za kuchoma zikipshana na vipande vya nanasi. Paka mafuta jiko la kuchomea na uweke moto wa 170°C. Jiko likipata moto weka Kamba na uwachome kwa dakika 2.5 kila upande. Nyunyuzia maji ya limao na kupamba na majani ya parsley.


Paa Tech

Don't worry, be tech-savvy We are living in uncertain times right now and that can be a cause of anxiety for many people. With enough to worry about in the wider world, gadgets that bring us a bit more security and comfort in our everyday lives are very welcome. Here are Paa’s picks for peace of mind.

TILE PRO Image: Tile Inc

If preparing to leave the house each morning sees you engage in a frantic ritual of patting down pockets, searching through bags

EMBER MUG 2 Image:

and poking an accusing finger at your partner and/or children as

It may be a sign that the smart home technology creative well is

you struggle to find misplaced keys, your wallet or your phone

beginning to run dry that after smart phones, smart speakers and

then this Bluetooth tracker is essential. The Tile Pro is super slim so

smart TVs we are presented with the smart mug, but don’t knock

can hook onto keys or slip into a wallet with ease. Pair the tracker

the Ember Mug 2 until you’ve tried it. Hot drinks can be another

with your phone through the Tile app (on the App Store or Google

victim of our hectic, distraction-filled lives and the shock of a

Play) and should you have any trouble finding the item the tracker

mouthful of forgotten-about cold coffee is not a great way to start

is connected to, one click will activate its alarm (there is a choice of

your day. The Ember Mug 2 will keep your hot drinks piping hot for

nostalgic bleeps to choose from) alerting you to its location. If you

up to an hour (or all day with its charging coaster). Use the app to

can find your tracker, but not your phone, just press the button on

set the mug to your desired drinking temperature – so there’s no

its back of the Tile Pro and your phone will sound its own alarm to

chance of a cold cuppa or scalding your mouth – and you’ll always

make it easy to hunt down.

have a warming beverage to return to. US $33 US $138.00


Paa Tanzania

Reassuring gadgets

PHILIPS SMARTSLEEP LIGHT Image: Koninklijke Philips N.V.

The year 2020 was a stressful one with triggers including loss of income, isolation and health fears. All this anxiety can play havoc with your sleep, which in turn only compounds the symptoms. The Philips range of wake-up lights have been clinically proven in establishing a healthy sleep and wake routine in tune with your body clock. You set your own sunset and sunrise times. At night the light glows red before dimming to darkness and for further relaxation it will play a guided breathing meditation. In the morning the light builds until your room is filled with bright morning light accompanied by your soundtrack of choice. US$ 99


The pandemic has made us all more conscious about cleaning hands and surfaces to curb the spread of germs. Thanks to the march of technology we can sanitise devices we are in close contact with through ultraviolet light exposure. You can pop keys, phones and face masks in this box and in five minutes UV radiation will have wiped out 99.9 per cent of any bacteria and viruses present. It comes with a USB cable for power and is super compact so ideal to bring with you on your travels. US $69.00


So you’ve got yourself together. You’ve got your hot chocolate steaming away in its Ember Mug, you can feel your sanitised keys and your Tile Pro in your pocket and you have had a great night’s sleep. Time to reward yourself with a movie on the big screen in your own home. This portable projector is so small you can put it in your pocket, but it will project streamed films or video from your IOS or Android devices 100 inches wide on a screen or wall at your home, the office or at a party. The picture quality is surprisingly good and brings the home cinema experience without the fuss or big price tag. US $199


Paa Stay / K Hotels Entebbe

Uncover the ultimate in lakeside luxury

K Hotels is a recent arrival on the Entebbe hospitality scene and offers a wonderful leafy, lakeside location, classy facilities for both leisure and business travellers and one of the best sundowner spots in the city. Location

is a quite magnificent view. You can

Eight storeys The hotel makes the most of its height with a swimming pool, bar and gym on the top floor

Forest and Beach, which is around

At just 10 minutes’ drive from

step out from the hotel and wander

Entebbe International Airport and

amid the exotic plants and trees

30 minutes away on foot.

on the main road to Kampala, the

of the gardens while Entebbe Zoo

hotel is ideally placed for those

(Uganda Wildlife Education Centre)

The hotel has been designed to make

coming in to the city or planning

and the ferry dock for Ngamba

the most of its lakeside locations

further journeys. Yet, while Entebbe’s

Island – a forested sanctuary for 49

with floor to ceiling windows and

commercial centre is on its door-

orphaned chimpanzees – are also

balconies to soak in the view. The

step, it also fringes the city’s botani-

just a short walk away. This part

communal rooftop area gives every

cal gardens and its eight storeys

of the Entebbe peninsula is very

guest a share of the best vantage

means you can see beyond the

picturesque and tucked in among

point with its wraparound terrace

garden’s lush expanse of palm and

all the greenery you’ll find some

dotted with sumptuous sofas to

cypress tree tops to Lake Victoria. It

fantastic beaches such as Kitubulu

experience sundowners to die for.

Style and character


Paa Stay / K Hotels Entebbe The décor is tasteful and earthy

sushi and wraps. The top floor also

with shades of cream and beige

has a bar for drinks around the pool

throughout. The neutral colour

or to savour at the end of the day,

scheme adds to the spacious feel

watching the sun sink into the lake.

of the place with its double height reception bathed in natural light. Of course, that wonderful view out

An extensive buffet breakfast is also served each morning.

over the lake makes every room feel



This is a hotel well aware of just how

Service is attentive, yet relaxed and

good its lakeside views are so its roof-

friendly, offering a personal touch to

top is a centre of activity. Sharing the

every guest.

eighth floor you’ll find an infinity pool,


which is open from sunrise to sunset, as well as a good-sized fitness centre

With 48 rooms, K Hotels can just

with cardio machines, free weights

about lay claim to being a boutique

and a personal trainer on hand.

hotel. Every room is spacious and styl-

The rooftop bar and dining area

ishly appointed, but, if you can, opt

becomes a chilled-out nightclub on

for the Junior Lake Suite or two-room

weekend evenings with DJs attracting

Classic Lake Suite, which have balcony

a local cool crowd.

views over the African Great Lake. All rooms provide an excellent level

With the hotel’s proximity to Entebbe’s CBD, K Hotels attracts

of refinement and comfort with invit-

plenty of business travellers and has a

ing beds dressed in fine linen sheets,

state-of-the-art conference room that

truly massive bathrooms with walk-in

can hold up to 100 guests as well as

showers, satellite TV, work and seating

rooms for smaller meetings.

area and complimentary wi-fi.

Food and drink The hotel’s dining options include an excellent à la carte restaurant with

The hotel also has some of the city’s best visitor attractions on its doorstep and excursions and guided tours can be booked at reception.

European and Indian dishes on offer.


It provides for a dramatic dinner with

Double rooms start at US$ 140 a night.

its floor-to-ceiling windows, but if you

The Junior Lake Suite (with views of

really want to embrace the views, the

Lake Victoria) starts at US$ 165.

rooftop restaurant serves an all-day menu of light bites such as burgers,

To book or for more information, visit

Corona safe K Hotels has extensive Covid-19 safety protocols in place, including daily health checks for guests, regular cleaning, sanitisers in all the public areas and wash rooms, periodic fogging of entire premises and Government-monitored health check-ups for staff, who are all equipped with gloves, face masks and sanitisers.


Paa Tanzania

If you can, opt for The Junior Lake Suite or two-room Classic Lake Suite for their balcony views over the lake

Images: K Hotels

Fresh and healthy The restaurant offers a range of Indian and European dishes

Victoria view Guest rooms and the restaurant enjoy views of the lake


In-flight Magazine





Then potentially so are 120,000+ Precision Air passengers each issue †

The most effective form of print advertising: in-flight magazines E-version also available online to 134,000+ Precision Air followers as well as on their website: Don’t forget to book your advertisement to promote your company, brand, products or services Generous discounts available for series bookings

To advertise please contact: Catherine O'Callaghan Tel: +44 (0) 7944 212 063 (WhatsApp) Email: Godfrey S. Urassa Tel: +255 (0)686 118 816 (WhatsApp) Email: Payment is required on publication date via bank transfer and payable to Land & Marine Publications Ltd. Bank details can be found on the invoice. Payment for Classifieds is required on booking. Advertisers will be invoiced by Land & Marine prior to publication deadline. Cancellations must be received in writing within 14 days of the order. †Estimated.


Paa Motoring / Mazda CX-30

Looks that don't quite kill


very once in a while, and

CX-3 and a car that was probably the

solid-feel switches, stalks and knobs

probably far too frequently,

most visually appealing of any small

– all very classy. By contrast the CX-3

a car manufacturer launches

SUV. The CX-30, by contrast, seems

felt a bit flimsy in places. Mazda has

a new model that seems to go

to have lost some of the captivat-

also opted for a less in-your-face

backwards in terms of its design.

ing lines and standout good looks

SatNav and infotainment system.

There may be great strides made

associated with its much-admired

in the cabin, under the car’s skin


This is a significant change over the Choice The 2.0-litre petrol engine

outgoing model.

and in efforts to improve its ride

Things are better, though, on the

and handling but when it comes

inside. The CX-30’s cabin is neat and


to visual appeal, then the new

tidy enough, but so was the CX-3’s.

There’s a choice of two 2.0-litre

model comes as something of a

There is a noticeable improvement

petrol engines (as there were with


when it comes to the quality of the

the CX-3). But now both use mild

Sadly, this seems to be the

interior materials used in the CX-30.

hybrid technology – that’s a small

case with Mazda’s new CX-30 – a

Full marks to Mazda for not trying to

electric motor coupled to a 24-volt

replacement for the ever-so pretty

skimp here. The same goes for the

lithium ion battery. A six-speed

All models get auto lights and wipers, adaptive cruise control, air conditioning and a handy head-up driver’s display

Interior Five trim levels are available


Paa Tanzania

Images: Mazda Public Relations

manual gearbox is standard in

get auto lights and wipers, adaptive

monitoring, lane departure warning

some markets, with a six-speed

cruise control, air conditioning

with lane-keeping assistance, a rear

automatic most likely finding its

and a handy head-up driver’s

cross-traffic alert system and a driver

way to East Africa.

display. Stepping up to SE-L Lux sees

attention alert system as standard.

an electric tailgate plus heated front

There are further safety features on

frustratingly tiny. The CX-30's boot is

seats, climate control and keyless

higher-level models.

a bit bigger but still too small when

entry. Above SE-Lux, there’s leather

compared to those of its rivals.

upholstery, and cars can be specced

What’s more, it’s not available with

with Mazda's pricey and thirsty

a two-level floor. On a positive note,

i-Activ all-wheel drive system.

The boot in the old CX-3 was

an electric tailgate is now standard on all but the entry-level trim. There are five trim levels to

Safety first

The pocket-sized CX-3 was a Good looking The CX-30 is still gorgeous

wonderfully well-equipped small SUV that was both good to drive and, in my opinion, great to look at. In many ways, the new CX-30 is still fun to drive and probably

When it comes to safety, the CX-30

slightly better built but not quite so

choose from and all are pretty well

really stands out and has automatic

gorgeous to look at.

equipped. For example, all models

emergency braking, blind spot


No-nonsense talk with Sona

Twenty years


magine you are Aladdin. You rescue the

this concept that we need to work off certain

magic lamp and when you finally rub it,

things in this life. Another maybe.

the genie that appears isn’t interested

But I digress.

in granting your three wishes. Instead, he

What if you knew, that you just had 20

gives you a different gift: the date that you

years left? This is not the one week or one

will die.

year I sometimes talk about, rather a decent

The good news is that you’re not going to be wiped out by Covid-19. The less good news is that you have 20 years left. At what point in your life would that be

expanse of time to put your mind to work. What is your purpose? Why are you here? They say that the two most important days in your life are the day that you are

a welcome forecast? I wouldn’t mind being

born and the day you figure out why. Do you

told that at age seventy. I think I would then

know? Do you care? And if not, why?

feel that I’ve had enough time.

Yes, we are spiritual beings having a

But what if you were told today? What

human experience. Yes, there are certain

would you change? What would you stop

things that we have to experience for the

expending your finite energy? Where would

evolution of our soul. But there is a reason

you stop wasting your time?

that you are here – and this idea that you

What is your purpose? While “seize the day” is a popular motto, no one really thinks about their mortality as something they can prepare for. Maybe you get your finances in order. Maybe you spend

Sona Parmar Clinical Nutritionist Paa has a new columnist. Sona Parmar is a Nairobi-based clinical nutritionist certified by the Nutrition Therapy Council. In each issue the mum-of-three will take a wry look at the human condition inspired by events in her own life. To find out more about her work, visit and

have been given the date of your death, a mere 20 years into the future, is cause to start re-evaluating how you are living now. Do your actions today support your longterm life vision? Do you even have one? Every day, you are either moving towards

some more time with your kids, your spouse.

that goal or away from it. There is no

But what about the idea that we’re all put

in-between. There is no coasting. Coasting

on this earth for a reason, maybe to learn

is regressing. Coasting is opting out of life.

something, maybe to give something?

Coasting is not wanting to take responsibility

at the end of their lives, and the second at

and realise how powerful you are.

the end of the memory of their lives, when

I think about my grandmother, who now lives in a nursing home. After my grandfather passed away some years ago, she has deteriorated significantly. It’s like her reason

You create your future. Or I should say co-create.

for being, for getting up every day has gone,

Contemplate your legacy

and, as a result, without her purpose, it’s as if

You are going to die. We are all going to die.

the will to live has gone. I look at her inability

What will your legacy be? Or will you be

to walk and wonder why she’s still here.

forgotten as you as you are six feet under?

Don’t get me wrong; it’s not like I’m willing

In his book, Farthest Field, Raghu Karnad

her to die. It’s more that I wonder why we are

says that “people have two deaths: the first

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Paa Tanzania

They say that the two most important days in your life are the day that you are born and the day you figure out why

Paa Royal Benefits

Benefits that will make you feel like royalty Precision Air is always looking to give its customers an exclusive and memorable service experience; and the Paa Royal benefits programme is part of that mission. The membership categories* are as follows:

Jade Member benefits

Silver Member benefits

Upon enrolment, members will be given their unique Paa Royal number, which they must always show whenever they buy tickets as well as during check-in at the airport. After flying three times or more, members will be given a Jade membership card. With the card, they will be recognised as members of the Paa Royal Programme.

After attaining Silver membership level, the member will be issued with a Silver membership card which he (or she) must show at all Precision Air point of sales in order to receive the recognition that he deserves. Should a member book online by logging into Paa Royal Pages, he will automatically receive points earned to his account.

Other benefits of Jade membership:

Members will be entitled to special treatment and priority treatment whenever they travel.

• Priority membership baggage tags to ensure tagged bags will be handled with special care and delivered first on the conveyor belt at the passenger’s arrival destination • An opportunity to get a free ticket within the Precision Air’s network after accumulating enough points in their account.

*Please note that, in each membership category, if a member is unable to maintain the required number of flights in a year, he or she will be downgraded to their tier level achieved in that current year.

Other benefits of Silver membership: • Free 5 kg baggage every time member travels on a PW operated flight • Priority membership baggage tags to ensure tagged bags will be handled with special care and delivered first on the conveyor belt at member’s arrival destination • Opportunity to obtain a free ticket within the Precision Air network after accumulating enough points in your account • Priority telephone reservation in those times when you want to make your reservation and cannot visit our office or travel agent. Booking is a call away through our Paa Royal helpdesk line.

Gold Member benefits

Tanzanite Member benefits

After attaining the Gold membership, members will begin to experience royal and exclusive treatment whenever they fly. Members will be opened up to a new world of opportunities and experiences and, of course, receive more rewards. Should a member book online by logging into Paa Royal Pages, he (or she) would automatically receive points earned to his account. Other benefits of Gold: • Free 10 kg baggage every time member travels on a PW operated flight • Priority membership baggage tags to ensure tagged bags will be handled with special care and delivered first on the conveyor belt at member’s arrival destination • Opportunity to obtain a free ticket within the Precision Air network after accumulating enough points in your account • Priority telephone reservation at times when you want to make your reservation and cannot visit our office or travel agent. Booking is a call away through our Paa Royal helpdesk line • Priority waitlist/airport standby each time you want to travel and your selected flight is full.

When members reach Tanzanite member they attain ultimate royalty. We will always strive to give these royal members an exclusive and memorable flight experience. At this level, members will already be used to royal treatment; royalty will be their way of life. Other benefits of Tanzanite: • Free 15 kg excess baggage every time the member travels on a PW-operated flight • Opportunity to obtain a free ticket within the Precision Air network after accumulating enough points in your account • Confirmation on any flight if a member is prepared to pay Y class fare, regardless of the flight booking status • Priority waitlist/airport standby whenever you want to travel and your selected flight is full • Priority telephone reservation at times when you want to make your reservation and cannot visit our office or travel agent. Booking is a call away through our Paa Royal helpdesk line. • Priority membership baggage tags to ensure tagged bags will be handled with special care and delivered first on the conveyor belt at member’s destination.

• Silver,Gold and Tanzanite members also get discounts of up to 20 per cent when visiting GSM shopping malls Msasani and Pugu, Southern Sun Hotel, Akemi restaurant, East Point Restaurant and the Colosseum hotel and sports club - all in Dar es Salaam.

Contact Us For more details, email or call +255684202022



Paa Contacts

Your nearest Precision Air office anywhere in the world TANZANIA DAR ES SALAAM HEAD OFFICE

Diamond Plaza, 1st Floor, Plot no 162 / 38, Mirambo Street / Samora Ave, Dar es Salaam Tel: +255 (0)22 219 1000 Contact Centre: +255 (0)787 888 409 / 408 / 417 Email:


NIC HDQ Building, Samora Ave / Pamba Road, PO Box 70770, Dar es Salaam Tel: +255 (0)22 213 0800 / 212 1718 Fax: +255 (0)22 211 3036 Email:


(For users of VISA and MasterCard) Diamond Plaza, 1st Floor, Plot no 162 / 38, Mirambo Street / Samora Ave Dar es Salaam Tel: +255 (0)686 177 458 / (0)689 669 446 Fax: +255 (0)22 211 3036 Email:


Ngorongoro Tourism Center First Floor Goliondoi & Makongoro Road P.O. Box 1636 Arusha - Tanzania Tel: +255 27 254 5489 / 254 5503 Email:


Bukoba Office-GSA, Bukoba Machinery and General Supplier, Bukoba Centre Kawawa Road Tel: +255 (0) 28 222 0545 / 222 0204 Mob: +255 (0) 713 316 806 / (0) 787 616 806 Email:


Mtendeni street, Dodoma Tel: +255 787 845 200 / 754 972 173


KNCU Building, Ground Floor, Old Moshi Road Tel: +255 784 686 418 +255 (0)272 753495 / 753498 Mob: +255 (0)787 800820 Email:


Tanu Road, Posta Building, PO Box 1066, Mtwara Tel: +255 (0)23 233 4116 Mob: +255 (0)787 818 442 / 767 818 442 Email:


Along Kenyatta Road, Plot no 002, Mwanza Tel: +255 (0)28 250 0819 / 250 0204 Fax/Tel: +255 (0)28 250 1054 Mob: +255 (0)784 402042 Sales Office Mobile: +255 (0)784 968427


Zanzibar Airport Tel: +255 (0)24 223 4521 Fax: +255 (0)24 223 4520 Email:


Barclays Plaza, 7th Floor, Loita Street PO Box 50990-00100, Nairobi Tel: +254 (0)20 327 4282 / 4290 / 4297 Mob: +254 (0)724 76 0736 / +254 (0)736 046 595 Airport: +254 (0) 733 934 795 / 731 530 000 Email:


OR Tambo International, International Departures Terminal A, AVIAREPS Counter Johannesburg, South Africa Tel: +27 11 783 6415


Pan Africa House, Plot no.3 Kimathi Avenue P.O. Box 5619 Kampala Tel: +256-790 381 431 (24hr Emergency) Mob: +256 784(704) 329793 Email:


Argentinierstrasse 2/4 A-1040 Vienna, Austria Tel: +43 1 585 3630 Fax: +43 1 558 536 3088


Suite 1302, 109 Pitt Street Sydney, Australia Email:


Park Hill, J.E Mommaertslaan 16B 1831 Diegem, Belgium Tel: +32 (0)2 712 0584 Fax: +32 (0)2 725 8392 Mobile: +32 (0)47 770 9971


Precision Air C/o Aviareps PL 10 00750 Helsinki, Finland Finland Tel: +46 8 55569162 Email:


Precision Air, 11 rue Auber 75009 Paris, France Mob: +33 (0)6 21 824 908 Reservation: +33 (0)1 534 35397 Fax: +33 (0)1 5343 7919


Josephspitalstrasse 15 80331 Munich Germany Tel: +49 (0)895 525 3373 Fax: +49 (0)895 450 6842


Kaiserstrasse 77 60329 Frankfurt / Main Germany Tel: +49 (0)69 770 673 010 Fax: +49 (0)69 770 673 018


7 Stadiou Street Athens 10562 Greece Tel: +30 (0)210 9341 500 / 501 Fax: +30 (0)210 934 1620 Email:


Precision Air GSA APG Ireland 27 Lower Ormond Quay Dublin, Ireland Reservations: +353 (0)1 804 5100 Email:


Beechavenue 104 1119 PP Schiphol, Netherlands Tel: +31 (0)20 520 0280 Fax: +31 (0)2 6 23 0151


Bravo Murillo 101, Planta 6 Oficina 3, 28020 Madrid, Spain Tel: +34 (0)91 458 5560 Fax: +34 (0)91 344 1726 Email:


Aviareps, Riddargatan 17 11457 Stockholm Sweden Tel: +46 (0)8 55569162 Email:


Badenerstrasse 15, 8004 Zurich Switzerland Tel: +41 (0)44 286 99 60 Fax: +41 (0)44 286 99 00 Email: Precisionair-Switzerland@


Discover The World -Turkey Nef22 E Blok 13. Kat No:194 Atakoy/ İstanbul 34156 TURKEY Tel: +90 212 806 11 87 Email:


AirlinePros 420 Lexington Ave Suite 358-360 New York, NY. 10170 Tel: +1 877 496 9887 Email:


APG Global Highbridge House, 581 Bath Road Longford, West Drayton Middlesex, UB7 0EW Reservations: +44 (0)844 482 2313 Email:


Tel: +254 (0)786800640 +254 (0)20 3274297 / 82 / 90 Email:


Welcome Aboard

Fly with a face mask

Safety and well-being on board PASSENGER SAFETY Precision Air takes passenger safety very seriously. Aviation safety isn’t just the pilot’s or the cabin crew’s job – it takes all of us. It is easy for our natural sense of caution to be dulled in our modern environment, where things don’t go wrong very often. Whether in the air or on the ground, your life and the lives of your family members could some day be saved if you make it a point, in every situation, to create a mental plan of action in case of emergency. Here are some important tips to help you enjoy your travel experience with Precision Air – in flight and around the airport.

EXIT ROW SEAT A passenger who is allocated an emergency exit seat: A. Must be both willing and physically able to open the exit doors in an emergency B. Must completely understand the printed emergency evacuation techniques C. Must be 16 years old and above.

PAY ATTENTION TO PRE-FLIGHT BRIEFING Although the information seems repetitious, the locations of the closest emergency exits may be different depending on the aircraft that you fly on and the seat you are in.

CARRY ON BAGGAGE There are strict rules about what you can bring on board an aircraft. Because:

Carry-on bags must be small enough to fit under the seat in front of you or in the overhead bins. Please confirm with Precision Air rules before your travel to avoid delays. *Remember: All carry-on baggage must be left behind in an evacuation.

SAFETY ONBOARD Boarding and leaving an aircraft requires your full attention. As you move to and from the aircraft, you may be in a busy area with many other passengers and cargo, moving vehicles, other aircraft, slippery walkways and/or stairs.

RESPECT YOUR CREW AND FELLOW PASSENGERS Everyone has the right to safe and secure travel. That is why Precision Air employees and the aviation authority will not tolerate any behaviour that interferes with the flight or puts the safety of passengers and crew at risk.

SEATBELTS Seatbelts must be fastened during take-off, landing, during turbulence and any time the crew deem it necessary. Keeping the belt on when you are seated provides that extra protection you might need in case of emergency. If you are responsible for an infant or a child, you must first ensure that your own seatbelt is properly fastened, then secure the child and, if it is an infant, secure the child’s or the infant’s restraints.

A. Not all aircraft have space to store your carry-on baggage.

Important note: There are a number of events involving air turbulence that highlight the importance of keeping seatbelts fastened throughout the flight.

B. In an accident, baggage in the aisles makes it harder to get out of the aircraft quickly.

Though rare, in-flight turbulence is the leading cause of injuries to both passengers and crew.


Paa Tanzania

For the your own safety and the safety of your fellow passengers and crew, we ask you to wear a face mask during the entirety of your flight today. Thank you!

You Are Why We Fly It’s a good idea to keep your seatbelt fastened even when the seatbelt signs are not on.

MEDICAL CONDITIONS AND PREGNANCIES If you have a medical condition and may need assistance during your travel, kindly ask the Precision Air offices or agents about procedures before your flight. If you are pregnant, you will need to fill a Precision Air medical form, to be signed by your doctor, to confirm that you are OK for travel. For further details, kindly ask while booking your ticket from our sales offices and/or customer services.

PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICES Use of portable electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, MP4 players, iPads, etc are not allowed during take-off, landing, taxiing, descent and climb. Precision Air prohibits the use of some electronic devices during flight because they emit signals that can interfere with the aircraft's instrumentation. Some of the items prohibited include cellphones, radios, remote-controlled games/toys, laser pointers, iPads or tablets that transmits frequencies, portable printers, walkie-talkies, scanners and laptops. These items need to be stowed away for these phases of the flight to avoid injuries in case of an emergency.