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The Dalat’s Update Fall 2013

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Namsan Tower, Seoul, Korea

The Dalat’s Update

Fall 2013

HIGHLIGHTS Promotion Effective September 1, 2013, Lan was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, Signal Corps, Regular Army

Wedding Anniversary


BACK TO SCHOOL: Dan, Daisy and Hanna begin their new academic year at Seoul American School, a Dept. of Defense Dependents School (DoDDS).

eaves colors starting to change as the weather began to get cooler on an early autumn morning here in the Republic of Korea’s capital city. One thing for certain, the colors on a set of leaves resting on Lan's shoulders had made a permanent change. The oak leave's color had changed from gold to silver. In some aspects of the word, that would be a reduction in value, rank, and status. In the roman era, a gold coin could be traded for five silver coins. And most recently in the iWorld, gold iPhone 5s were the most sought after smartphones in the market. However, in the US Army, going from gold to silver is a step up in rank, responsibility and of course, pay. Having been on the peninsula for more than two months, our family began to get situated with our routines in our new home, work, school, and the community. Lan had been assigned as the Chief of Operations for the newly realigned US Army Command Information Systems Activity-Pacific (USACISA-P) formerly known as Joint Command Information Systems

Lan and Minnie celebrated their 15th year wedding anniversary with their friends and relatives at their home in Seoul, Korea

Birthday Celebration During the Fall season, there are three birthday celebrations for the Dalat’s family: Minnie: October 1st Hanna: October 15th Daisy: November 9th

Chuseok This year, Korean’s Thanksgiving celebration is scheduled for September 19 which is the 15th day of the 8th lunar month.

New Mailing Address LTC Lan T. Dalat PSC 303 Box 24 APO AP 92604


Fall 2013

Activity ( JCISA). Dan entered his freshman year at Seoul American High School and joined Boy Scouts of America Troop 88. In addition, he enrolled as a Junior ROTC cadet. Daisy began her first year at Seoul American Middle School in the 7th grade and thought 7th grade math was way too boring. Hanna started her first grade with Seoul American Elementary School. Meanwhile, Minnie stepped up her efforts in supporting this dynamic family with many activities throughout the day ranging from driving, grocery shopping, doing laundry, preparing dinner, and working out. In her spare time, she enjoyed oil painting in her art studio - a converted patio area. In addition, she took piano and swimming lessons at the Yongsan Community Center.

PROMOTION: Lieutenant Colonel Lan Dalat is joined by his family during the cake cutting event celebrating his promotion at Dragon Hill Lodge, Yongsan Garrison, Seoul, Republic of Korea on September 4th, 2013.

Dan continued to strive to succeed in both during school and after school activities. Too early to tell whether he would excel in high school or just meet the status quo. However, all early indications clearly showed that Dan will succeed in scholarship, leadership, character, and service. These traits would serve as the core foundation as he continued to develop into a young man. During his first camp

Left: Dan and Daisy slide on the shoulder marks with US Army Lt. Col. ranks while Hanna dons the beret with the new rank insignia. Right: 1st Signal Brigade commander, Colonel Paul Fredenburgh and Mrs. Minnie Dalat place the new shoulder straps on Lan Army Service Uniform.

Wedding Anniversary

Fall 2013

out with BSA Troop 88 here in Yongsan, the weather was not cooperating. Continuous precipitation in the area did not deter him and his scout troops to pack up and go home early. Instead, he marched on with a determination to “get ‘er done.” Daisy also did well in school. Her only complaint with school was how boring 7th Grade math was. We spoke with her math teacher and found out that they spent the first few weeks reviewing lower level math. According to her teacher, it would get tougher. Like her brother, she wouldn’t like sitting around doing nothing. As soon as she got home, she completed all of her homework before heading out to the soccer field. As a member of the Avengers, Daisy was no slacker when it comes to soccer practice. She had to be the most dedicated player in the team. Okay we are a little bias! Hanna began her first grade and her violin lessons. Riding the bus on her own, Hanna managed to get to class on time every day. After her first day of school, she came home quite sad. “I don’t have any friend.” Hanna said sadly. “Don’t worry Hanna, you will get to know your classmates and you will make many friends, okay?” Daisy comforted her younger sister. It’s true. Within a week, all she did was talking about her friends at school. Hanna took

her first violin lesson at the community center. She learned how to hold the violin with her neck while balancing the bow with her delicate right hand. That was not an easy task for a left handed child. After a few practice sessions, she managed to hold the bow with her right hand with ease. Autumn had always been a very special season for our family. It’s a time of celebration of many significant events ranging from wedding anniversary to birthdays. This year marked our 15th wedding anniversary at the same place where we met, fell in love, and got married. Korea served as a special place for our family since it formed the two beginnings: a career and a family. Similarly to the yin-yang symbol, Lan’s Army career and our family life continue to support each other in many aspects of life. Contrarily to the common perception that yin and yang are two opposing forces; they are in fact

2nd Lt. Lan Dalat and Minnie attend the 1998 Signal Ball at the Hyatt Hotel, Seoul, Korea

Birthday Celebration

Fall 2013


Fall 2013

Family Gathering

Fall 2013

Birthday Celebration: Hanna celebrates her birthday with six of her cousins and friends at home

complementary to each other and relying on each other for its existence in a dynamic system.

the extra cheese since that was the first ingredient that went empty. Everyone had a blast at Hanna’s party.

We quietly celebrated Minnie’s birthday but pulled all stops to have the best birthday party ever for Hanna’s 7th birthday celebration. Bouncing castle was a big hit among Hanna's friends. The girls enjoyed themselves with games, cupcakes, brownies, and tea party. More importantly, they enjoyed making their own pizza for lunch. Real ingredients were set on the table along with real pizza dough. Each girl rolled her own dough and made it round enough to fit on a plate. They selected their own ingredients and placed them where ever they want. Fortunately, Minnie had prepared

The fall just started and we just wanted to send out this quick note to let you know where we are and what we are up to. You will hear from us again soon. Enjoy! Dalat Family

Around Seoul

Fall 2013

윔� Chuseok

The best way to learn about the culture is to live within that culture. For us, that could not be further from the truth. Not only that we live in Seoul, we live in the heart of the city with many rich cultural events. On a beautiful Chuseok Friday afternoon, our family took a stroll over to the National Museum in Seoul, which located next to our current residence. There, we witnessed some of the best Korean traditional dances.