February 10, 2008 Modern Design and Fine Art Auction

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los angeles modern auctions Preview: Februar y 6 to 9, 10-6pm Auction: Sunday, Februar y 10th, 12pm


Welcome to another LAMA auction.

In this Sale, you will find a diverse selection of the Fine and Decorative Arts from the Twentieth Century. In the Fine Art offerings we are very pleased to present a strong selection of paintings, prints and sculpture. From Esteban Vicente’s lyrical collage to Raphael Coronel’s somber “Circus Sisters”, there are numerous paintings from different styles to choose from. In addition, Pop works by Warhol, Lichtenstein and Johns highlight one of the best selections of prints we have ever had. Also, one shouldn’t overlook the photography in this sale; many are rare original vintage prints. Some by Cartier-Bresson, for instance, have never been published. The wide range of Decorative Arts is also impressive. Top ceramics include a large selection of Architectural Pottery as well as works by Russel Wright, Gambone, and the late Post-Modern Master Ettore Sottsass. Furniture lots date from the now century-old “Fledermaus “ chairs of Josef Hoffman up to the critically acclaimed contemporary desk by Jasper Morrison of today. Walter Dorwin Teague’s “Nocturne” radio and Peter Muller-Munk’s silver tray represent the pinnacle of 1930’s American Art Deco and may soon become virtually extinct on the open market. Once again we are offering exceptional California Design from a diverse group of designers. For example, take R.M. Schindler’s lounge chair. Born of rational elegance with its humble materials and austere profile, this design set a powerful precedent for the later works of Neutra and Eames. Then there is Maloof’s iconic rocking chair exemplifying the craft movement here and is equal parts personality and technical prowess. And Richard Notkin’s powerful “California Pop-Top; T’ang Dynasty” remains a poetic testament to California’s long held socially critical voice in the Arts. Excellent examples of work by Nakashima, Kjaerholm and Starck help complete what we think is our best and most diverse auction yet. As 2008 gets started, we at LAMA hope you enjoy this catalogue and continue to explore and rediscover the arts of the Twentieth Century as we do also. — Peter Loughrey, Director


1 david CRESSeY Pro/Artisan planter with “Leaf” pattern Model no. 5049 Architectural Pottery, designed circa 1970 12”h x 22”diameter $1,000-1,500

2 David Cressey Pro/Artisan “Bell” planter Architectural Pottery, designed circa 1970 16.5”h x 19”diameter $600-900

3 Marilyn Kay Austin Pair of planters Model no. EG-1 and AC-9 Architectural Pottery, designed circa 1970 10” x 10” x 10” and 15”h $500-700

4 David Cressey Pro/Artisan LARGE planter Architectural Pottery, designed circa 1970 29”h x 27”diameter $2,000-3,000

5 David Cressey Pro/Artisan planters with “Leaf” pattern (2) Architectural Pottery, designed circa 1970 Each 11.5”h x 12”diameter $1,000-1,500


83 Craig Lauterbach Freeform coffee table Designed circa 1960 Signed 15.5”h x 63.5” at longest point x 30” at widest point $7,500-10,000

84 joseph goethe “White cedar” Studio, executed circa 1960 Sold with exhibition catalogue 11.75”h x 8”w x 5.5”d $1,000-1,500

6 LA gardo tackett Planter with walnut stand

7 La Gardo Tackett Planter

8 John Follis and Rex Goode Bisque “Pig” planter

Model no. CP-17 Architectural Pottery, designed circa 1955 Overall 20”h x 12”diameter; planter alone 10”h x 11”diameter

Model no. IN-03 Architectural Pottery, designed circa 1951 17”h x 23”diameter

Model no. G-99 Architectural Pottery, designed circa 1949 14”h x 40” x 27”




9 La gardo tackett “Peanut” with associated base

10 La Gardo Tackett Double cone planter

Model no. F-508 Architectural Pottery, designed circa 1955 12”h x 15”w x 61”l

Model no. T-102 Architectural Pottery, designed circa 1951 20”h x 11”diameter



11 La gardo tackett planter Model no. F Architectural Pottery, designed circa 1951 Impressed “Architectural Pottery USA” With base 14.25”h x 15.5”diameter $1,000-1,500


12 Greta magnusson Grossman Chest of drawers Glenn of California, designed circa 1952 Retains Glenn of California brand 35”h x 63”l x 18”d $6,000-8,000

13 Greta magnusson Grossman chest of drawers Glenn of California, designed circa 1952 Retains Glenn of California brand 35”h x 32”l x 18”d $4,000-6,000

14 Greta magnusson Grossman Bench/coffee table Glenn of California, designed circa 1952 15”h x 66”l x 18”w $1,000-1,500

15 Greta magnusson Grossman Headboard with attached side tables and pop-up lights Designed circa 1952 39”h x 114”l x 19.5”d $4,000-6,000


16 Greta Magnusson Grossman Tripod floor light Model no. 831 Ralph O. Smith, designed 1949 49.5”h $4,000-6,000

17 Greta magnusson Grossman, attributed Floor lamp Possibly Ralph O. Smith, designed 1950 66.5”h $2,000-3,000

18 Irving Tilin Table or wall lamp Tilin Designs, designed circa 1950 25”h $2,000-3,000

19 Frank Rohloff End table Rohloff Studios, designed circa 1970 22”h x 28” x 20.5” $1,000-1,500

20 Greta magnusson Grossman & Ed Frank Group of 4 chairs and “Spider Leg” table Glenn of California, designed circa 1954 Table 29.5”h x 54” x 60”; chairs 28”h x 18”w x 21.5”d $2,000-3,000



23 Esteban Vicente “Collage” 1978 Paper on canvas Signed lower right; verso “Esteban Vicente Collage 1978 Paper on Canvas” 22” x 25” $20,000-30,000

21 Greta von nessen “Anywhere” lamp

22 Greta von nessen “Anywhere” lamp

Nessen Studios, designed 1952 15”h x 14”

Nessen Studios, designed 1952 15”h x 14”

Literature: 1000

L ights : 187 9 to 1 95 9,

Literature: 1 0 0 0

Lights: 1 8 7 9 to 1 95 9,

Fiell , Taschen , 2005

F iell , Taschen, 2 0 05



24 Hans J. Wegner “Valet” chair Model no. PP250 Johannes Hansen, designed 1953 See detail of label 37”h x 19”w x 19”d $6,000-8,000


25 peter Hvidt Interlocking table

26 Hans J. Wegner Four drawer chest

27 Hans J. Wegner “The” chair

France & Sons, designed circa 1964 Retains label “France & Sons John Stuart Inc. Made in Denmark Model # 543” 17”h x 51”diameter or each 17”h x 25.5” x 25.5”

Model no. 250 Ry Mobler, designed 1960 28.5”h x 39.5”l x 19”d

Model no. 501 Johannes Hansen, designed 1949 30”h x 25”w x 22”d




28 Hans J. Wegner sofa Model no. 236/3 Getama, designed 1954 29”h x 96”l x 34”d $3,000-5,000

29 Hans J. Wegner “Papa” chair and ottoman Model no. AP 19 AP Stolen, designed 1951 38.5”h x 35”w x 36”d; ottoman 15”h x 28”w x 16”d $6,000-9,000


30 Mogens Kold Armchair Designed circa 1955 Retains brand 29”h x 26”w x 19”d $1,000-1,500

31 Hans J. Wegner Dining chairs (6) C.M. Madsens, designed circa 1952 Labeled “C.M. Madsens Fabriker Made in Denmark” 30.5”h x 20”w x 16”d $4,000-6,000


31a Hans J. Wegner Dining table Anders Tuck, designed circa 1952 Branded label Table 28”h x 63”l x 33.5”w $3,000-5,000

32 Arne Jacobsen Pair of “The Swan” chairs Model no. 3322 Fritz Hansen, designed 1957 Each 32.5”h x 30”w x 26”d Literature: Fritz

H ansen furniture

catalogue , 1963, pg 70



33 Arne Jacobsen Easy chair or “Pot” chair

34 Arne Jacobsen “AJ” flatware set (84 pieces)

35 Arne Jacobsen “The Swan” chair

Model no. 3318 Fritz Hansen, designed 1961 28”h x 29”w x 24”d

A. Michelsen, designed 1957 Stainless steel Each impressed

Model no. 3320 Fritz Hansen, designed 1957 32.5”h x 30”w x 26”d

Literature: Fritz


Hansen furniture

Literature: F ritz

H ansen furniture

catalogue , 1 9 6 3 , pg 76

catalogue, 1 9 6 3 , pg 70



36 Arne Jacobsen Group of 4 stacking armchairs

37 Arne Jacobsen “Oxford” armchair

Model no. 3207 Fritz Hansen, designed 1961 30.5”h x 24.5”w x 20.5”d

Fritz Hansen, designed 1965 Label “Fritz Hansen Made in Denmark 7301” 50”h x 24”w x 19”d

Literature: F ritz


H ansen furniture

catalogue, 1 9 6 3 , pg 1 2


38 Just andersen Lamp base Designed circa 1935 Stamped “Just 1856” 18”h $2,000-3,000

39 Just andersen Bowl with decoration Designed circa 1935 Stamped “Just B 96 X Denmark” 1.5”h x 7”diameter $1,000-1,500

40 Piet Hein Candelabra Designed circa 1938 27”h $500-700

41 Karl Appel Untitled

42 Karl Appel Untitled

1971 Signed and dated lower right; edition lower left #52 of 100 39.5” x 28”

1971 Signed and dated lower right; edition lower left #58 of 100 28” x 39.5”



43 Karl Appel Untitled 1976 Carborundum print Signed and dated lower right; edition lower left #69 of 110 34.5” x 28.5” $1,000-1,500

44 Karl Appel “Personnage” circa 1972 Signed lower right; edition lower left; titled in pencil verso #64 of 75 Rives blind stamp 36”h x 24.75” $800-1,200


45 Andy Warhol “Mao” (#II.95) 1972 Screenprint in colors printed on Beckett High White paper #89 of 250 Signed in ball-point pen and numbered with rubber stamp verso Printed by Styria Studio, Inc., NY 36” x 36” Literature: A ndy

warhol prints,

Feldman /S chellmann , 2003, pg 8 2



46 Andy Warhol “cheddar cheese” (#II.63) from campbell’s soup ii 1969 Screenprint in colors Edition of 250 Signed in ball-point pen and numbered with a rubber stamp verso Published by Factory Additions, NY 35” x 23” Literature: A ndy

warhol prints,

F eldman/ S chellmann, 2003, pg 74


47 Andy Warhol “Mick Jagger” (#II.147) 1975 Screenprint in colors printed on Arches Aquarelle #14 of 250 Signed by Warhol in pencil lower right; edition lower left; Mick Jagger signature in red felt pen lower left 43.5” x 29” Literature: A ndy

warhol prints,

Feldman /S chellmann , 2003, pg 9 2



48 Andy Warhol “watermellon” (#ii.199) from Space Fruit: Still Lifes 1979 Screenprint in colors printed on Lenox Museum Board #93 of 150 Signed lower left with edition number; blind stamp lower right 30” x 40” Literature: A ndy

warhol prints,

F eldman/ S chellmann, 2003, pg 107


49 Roy Lichtenstein “Before the Mirror” (from the Mirrors of the Mind Portfolio) 1975 Lithograph and screenprint with embossing Signed, numbered and dated in pencil Edition of 100 plus proofs 42.75” x 32” $10,000-15,000

50 Ellsworth Kelly “Red/Blue” (from Ten Works by Ten Painters) 1964 Color screenprint Published by Ives-Sillman, CT 24” x 20” $2,500-3,500

51 Andy Warhol “Brillo Soap Pads” 1970 Silkscreen poster From an edition published by the Pasadena Museum of Art 30” x 26” $1,500-2,000


52 Andy Warhol “Lincoln Center Ticket” 1967 Screenprint 45” x 24.25” Literature: A ndy

warhol prints,

F eldman/ S chellmann, 1985


53 NOT ILLUSTRATED Andy Warhol “Lincoln Center Ticket” 1967 Screenprint En suite with previous lot $1,000-1,500

54 Peter Muller-Munk Silver Divided Tray Designed circa 1939 Hand wrought silver and wood Stamped “Peter Muller-Munk” and “Hand Wrought Silver” 3”h x 11.5” x 12.5” $10,000-12,000


55 Porter Blanchard Handmade “Mesa II” Sterling Silver Service (106 pieces) Designed 1940 Marked “Sterling Porter Blanchard Handmade” Comprised of a 7 piece service for 12 with 11 butter spreaders and 11 serving pieces. $20,000-30,000

56 Josef Hoffman Pair of Fledermaus chairs Jacob & Josef Kohn Retains original Joseph Hoffman fabric J&J Kohn embossed mark and J&J Kohn paper label on each chair $2,000-3,000

57 Paul R. Williams Plywood table Creative Furniture, designed circa 1936 See detail of the label 19�h x 24�diameter $1,500-2,000


58 Rudolph M. Schindler Side chair Custom designed for the Janson House, circa 1948 30”h x 14”w x 20.5”d Provenance: E llen


P rivate C ollection (acq uired from above in 1 9 8 0)


59 Rudolph M. Schindler Side chair Custom designed for the Janson House, circa 1948 30”h x 14”w x 20.5”d Provenance: E llen


P rivate C ollection (acq uired from above in 1 9 8 0)


These three Schindler chairs were custom built for The Ellen Janson Residence, Los Angeles. Janson and Schindler had a close friendship dating back to the late 1920’s. Evenutally he built her house in 1948-1949, towards the end of his career.

The two round back side chairs are similar to chairs designed in the late 1940’s for the Daugherty, Inaya, and Gingold commissions. The lounge chair is similar to a pair of chairs Schindler designed for his own residence (the Kings Road house) in 1921. It is believed that Schindler only designed these chairs for Kings Road and for Ms. Janson.


60 Rudolph M. Schindler Armchair Custom designed for the Janson House, executed circa 1948 Sold with a photograph of Ms. Janson sitting in this chair circa 1960 Illustrated:

rm schindler , Steele, taschen,

1 9 9 9, pg 1 6 0 (in situ shot )


61 Rudolph M. Schindler Ephemera Comprised of numerous personal letters from Schindler to Ms. Janson over a period of about twenty years. Together with several vintage photogaphs and other Schindler related documents. Dimensions vary. $3,000-5,000

62 richard j. neutra hand colored drawing The Schick House, Salt Lake City, UT, 1952 Signed and dated 20”h x 30” Neutra often sketched drawings and renderings for his projects, however, many have been lost over the years. This house, torn down around 1993, was never professionally photographed or published; leaving only these drawings to document it’s existence. $4,000-6,000

63 richard j. neutra hand colored drawing The Schick House, Salt Lake City, UT, 1952 Signed and dated Together with a pencil drawing 20”h x 30” $4,000-6,000


64 Walter Von Nessen, attributed Floor lamp Designed circa 1930s 53”h $1,000-1,500

65 Gilbert Rohde Wall clock Herman Miller, designed circa 1940 12”diameter $1,500-2,000

66 Gilbert Rohde Table clock Herman Miller, designed circa 1939 Chrome and blue mirrored face 6”h x 6”diameter $800-1,000

67 Gilbert Rohde Table clock Herman Miller, designed circa 1939 Stamped “4723A” Mahogany and brass face 5”h x 5”l x 2”d $400-600


68 Frank Lloyd Wright, attributed, with Albert Chase McArthur and Warren McArthur Armchair Custom designed 1929 for the Gentleman’s Lounge, Arizona Biltmore 27”h x 24.5”w x 23”d The architect of record for the Arizona Biltmore hotel was Albert Chase McArthur, a student of Frank Lloyd Wright from Chicago. The McArthur brothers designed the furnishings for this lavish hotel penned “the Jewel of the Desert” when it opened in 1929. $5,000-7,000

69 Edward Rehnquist Promotional shot of a product by Walter Dorwin Teague (3) Shown in the “Designer & Industry” exhbition of the National Alliance of Art & Industry, circa 1930 Together with another image from the same exhibition and an image of Norman Bel Geddes’ “Toledo Island Scale” 7.75” x 9” (two others 10.25” x 8”) Provenance: Museum library archives


of modern art

70 Walter Dorwin Teague “Nocturne” radio Sparton Corporation, designed 1935 Mirrored glass with chrome and radio components Retains tags 46” x 43” x 12” Standing at just under four feet tall, this floor model casts an imposing figure and may be the most avant-guard design for a radio from the 20th Century. According to the Design Quarterly review of the Norwest Collection (Minneapolis), only 10 models are known to exist of this exceptional design. $80,000-100,000


71 theodore brauner Vintage gelatin print Photogram 1945 Signed and dated lower right 10” x 8” $5,000-7,000

72 trayton studios vintage gelatin print Circa 1935 This image of a famous E. McKnight Kauffer designed billboard Various stamps verso and “Trayton Studios” stamp 6” x 9.75” $1,000-1,500

73 laszlo moholoy-nagy vintage gelatin print

74 william & Mayer vintage gelatin print

Circa 1925 Various markings verso and “Photo archive the Library Museum of Modern Art” 7”h x 5”

Photograph of Mies van der Rohe’s exhibition at the German Pavilion, Barcelona, Spain Circa 1929 Stamped verso “William & Mayer” and with various MoMA information 4.75” x 6.5”



75 a.m. cassandre “1946 Acier”

76 alfredo valente Group of Vintage prints (7)

77 albert fenn vintage print

Poster graphic 1946 Signed in image “AM Cassandre” 10.75”h x 16.75”

Circa 1930 Images taken from various views of Paul Frankl interiors Each stamped Approximately 9.75” x 7.5”

1941 Taken of Buckminster Fuller’s “Dymaxion Deployment Unit” Various stamps verso 9”h x 7.5”


Provenance: Museum

Provenance: Museum library archives


of modern art

of modern art

library archives



78 Vija Celmins “Ocean with Cross, #1” 2005 Screenprint Signed lower right; numbered lower left Edition of 108 28.75” x 24.25” $8,000-10,000

79 Larry Clark “1971 From Tulsa” (Billy Mann)” Printed in 1980 Silver Gelatin print Signed verso Together with book 8.5” x 5.25” $3,000-5,000

80 Larry Clark “1971 From Tulsa” Printed in 1971 Silver Gelatin print Signed verso 8.5” x 5.25” $3,000-5,000

81 Mark Seliger “Matthew Barney” 2004 Platinum print Signature, edition, stamp, title and date verso #1 of 15 14.5” x 12” $1,000-1,500

82 Artists & Photographs Boxed set 1970 Group of 15 works in a custom box Published by Multiples, Inc. Partial illustration This exhibition/catalogue illustrates the use of photography in both documenting the creating of works of art and the use of photography as works of art. $2,000-3,000


83 Gunther Foerg “Casa del Fascio” 1996 Vintage Silver Gelatin Print 23” x 16” $1,000-1,500

84 Jasper Morrison Executive desk Designed 1987 28.5”h x 59”l x 34” Literature: M useum

of Design: Luxe,

P op & Cool 1 93 7 to Today, Lisbon , 1 9 9 9


85 Donald Baechler Untitled 1993 #71 of 75 Printed by Pace Editions Signature, date and edition lower left $3,000-5,000

86 Philippe Starck Lounge chair with high back

87 Philippe Starck Low lounge chair

Custom manufactured, designed 1987 54”h x 22”w x 31”d

Custom manufactured, designed 1987 41.5”h x 16”w x 27”d

Provenance: Paramount

Provenance: Paramount

hotel , new

york ; private collection ( purchased

hotel , new

york ; private collection ( purchased

from above by former employee)

from above by former employee )

Literature: Starck ,

Literature: Starck ,

ed S imone P hilippe,

ed Simone P hilippe ,

B enedikt Taschen Verlag Gmn H , 2 0 0 0

B enedikt Taschen Verlag G mn H, 2000




88 Philippe Starck Set of 6 “Easy” chairs Driade, designed 1989 for the Paramount Hotel, NY Mustard Mohair upholstery 37.5”h x 25”w x 24”d Provenance: Paramount

hotel , new

york; private collection (purchased from above by former employee )

Literature: Starck ,

ed Simone Philippe,

B enedikt Taschen Verlag GmnH , 2 0 0 0


89 Philippe Starck “J. (Serie Lang)” table Driade, designed 1991 Stamped “Aleph Starck” 29”h x 83”l x 35.75”w Literature: Starck ,

ed S imone P hilippe,

Benedikt Taschen Verlag Gmn H , 2 0 0 0



90 Philippe Starck “Pratfall” chairs (2) Driade, designed 1982 Labeled “Alephi Ubik Pratfall Philippe Starck” 34”h x 21”w x 33”d Literature: Starck ,

ed Simone Philippe,

B enedikt Taschen Verlag GmnH , 2 0 0 0


91 Philippe Starck Café table Custom manufactured, designed 1987 28”h x 30”diameter Provenance: Paramount

hotel , new

york; private collection (purchased from above by former employee )



92 Philippe Starck Group of 8 “Pratfall” side chairs Driade, designed 1982 Labeled “Alephi Ubik Pratfall Philippe Starck” 34”h x 18”w x 33”d Literature: Starck ,

ed Simone P hilippe ,

B enedikt Taschen Verlag G mn H, 2000


93 Joseph Beuys Group of signed works (8 items)

94 Dan Graham “Homes for America” (6 items) 1966-1974 Color offset lithographs Each signed Published by Griffelkunst Vereinigung Hamburg 19.6” x 21.5” $1,000-1,500

Including Wood Postcard, Felt Postcard, Documenta 1982 letter, Honeypump Postcard set, Ikarus Galerie Edition Postcard, Evening Maintenance (No. 1), Guggenheim exhibtion poster and other poster Circa 1969-1982 Signed except Wood and Felt postcards Framed prints 22” x 28” and 30” x 22” $3,000-5,000


95 Frances & Michael Higgins Glass mobile Studio, designed circa 1965 Signed “Higgins Studio” Approximately 30”h x 24” $2,500-3,000

96 Ross Littel Fabric panel Designed circa 1960 Printed signature lower right 43.5” x 17” $1,000-1,500

97 katavolos, littel and kelley side chair Laverne, designed circa 1952 34”h $1,000-1,500


98 john baldessari throwing three balls to get a straight line (best of thirty-six attempts) 1973 Framed portfolio $1,000-1,500

99 Sam Francis Untitled 1987 Color lithograph Signed lower right; edition lower left #4 of 115 33” x 21” $1,000-2,000

100 Joan hernandez pijuan iris blau Set of 3 etchings Each signed and numbered in pencil Each 15” x 11.25” $1,800-2,000

101 George Nelson “CSS” unit Herman Miller, designed 1959 Comprised of 4 poles, 4 cabinets, 6 shelves, 2 cylinder lights, and drop down desk. 93”h x 97”w $3,500-4,000


102 George Nelson Jewerly chest

103 George Nelson “Sling” sofa

104 George Nelson “Sphere” table clock

Herman Miller, designed 1959-1960 Rosewood 21”h x 30”l x 13”w

Herman Miller, designed 1964 29”h x 84”l x 35”d

Howard Miller, designed circa 1956 5.5”diameter



Provenance: Alexander von Vegesak; Private Collection $12,000-15,000

105 George Nelson “Marshmallow” sofa Model no. 5670 Herman Miller, designed 1956 Retains label 42”h x 38”l x 32”d This whimiscal couch retains its original white vinyl upholstery. $40,000-60,000

106 George Nelson Dining table

107 George Nelson “Roll Top” desk

Herman Miller, designed circa 1956 Rosewood 29.5”h x 72” x 40”

Herman Miller, designed 1961 32”h x 48”l x 32”d $3,000-5,000


108 George Nelson Daybed with back rest

109 American Modern “Action Office” desk

Model no. 5088 Herman Miller, designed 1947 27”h x 75”l x 33”w

Model no. 64918 Herman Miller, designed 1962-4 33”h x 48”l x 32”d


This series was derived from the “Roll Top Desk” first designed by George Nelson. Herman Miller subsequently created the “Action Office” system from this original Nelson design. $2,000-3,000


110 George Nelson Desk and chair Herman Miller, designed 1948 Desk retains foil label Desk 29.5”h x 40”l (closed) x 25”d; chair 31”h x 20.5”w x 22”d $1,500-2,000

176 Richard Diebenkorn “High Green, Version I” 1992 Color etching and aquatint Signed and dated lower right; edition lower left # 30 of 65 52.5”h x 33.865” $120,000-150,000

177 Richard Diebenkorn “Sugarlift Spade” 1982 Aquatint Signed, dated and numbered in pencil Edition of 35 plus 11 artist’s proofs 16”h x 14.865” $6,500-7,500

111 George Nelson “Thin Edge” cabinet Herman Miller, designed 1956 Retains foil label 33”h x 80”l x 20”d $3,000-5,000

112 George Nelson Chest of drawers Model no. 4620 Herman Miller, designed 1948 39.5”h x 40”l x 19”d $1,000-1,500

113 George Nelson Walnut cabinet Model no. 4933 Herman Miller, designed 1948 29.5”h x 56”l x 19”d $800-1,200


114 Alexander Calder Untitled (Boocliers) Color lithograph Signed lower right; edition lower left; titled in pencil verso #90 of 90 BFK blind stamp 24” x 35” $700-900

115 Alexander Calder Untitled Color lithograph Signed lower right; edition lower left #27 of 75 26” x 38.5” $1,000-1,500

116 Alexander Calder Untitled

117 Alexander Calder “Circus”

Color lithograph Signed and dedicated lower right 25” x 20”

Bon Art 1975 #81 of 100 Hand woven maguey jute fiber 84” x 56”



118 Alexander Calder “No 9”

119 Alexander Calder “Sun”

Bon Art 1975 #9 of 100 Hand woven maguey jute fiber 56” x 84”

Bon Art 1975 #26 of 100 Hand woven maguey jute fiber 56” x 84”



120 Alexander Calder “Turquoise”

121 Alexander Calder “Moon”

Bon Art 1974 #58 of 100 Hand woven maguey jute fiber 56” x 84”

Bon Art 1975 #99 of 100 Hand woven maguey jute fiber 56” x 84”



122 Alexander Calder “Star” Bon Art 1975 #30 of 100 Hand woven maguey jute fiber 56” x 84” $3,000-5,000

123 Alexander Calder “Pyramid” Bon Art 1975 #1 of 100 Hand woven maguey jute fiber 72” x 96” $3,000-5,000


124 Richard Anuszkiewicz “Inward Eye” suite of prints (10) Color Serigraphs with Plexiglass case 1970 Pencil signed #478 of 500 19.75” x 25.75” $2,000-3,000

125 Miroslav Sutej untitled (2) Circa 1970 Acrylic on panel Approximately 15” x 10” $2,000-3,000

126 Max Gottschalk Pair of chairs Custom manufactured, designed circa 1970 28”h x 28.5”w x 24”d $3,000-4,000


127 Victor Vasarely Untitled Signed lower right; edition lower left #105 of 125 $1,000-1,500

128 Victor Vasarely Untitled Signed lower right; edition lower left #26 of 100 18” x 22” $800-1,200

129 Victor Vasarely Untitled Signed lower right; edition lower left #82 of 267 30.5” x 26.75” $800-1,200


130 Herbert Bayer “ordered amassment” V’Soske 1972 Signed and dated 71” x 72” Bayer, a student at the Bauhaus, who in the company of Kandinsky, Klee and Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, became an influential artist in the international art and design scene. $4,000-6,000

131 Joe Colombo “Elda” chair Comfort, designed 1963 38”h x 40’w x 38”d The “Elda” chair is considered to be one of the first large scale armchairs made from fiberglass. Literature: Joe

C olombo and I talian

D esigns of the Sixties, Favata , Thames and Hudson , 1988


132 Wendell Castle Pair of “Molar” arm chairs Beylerian, designed 1969 Impressed “WC” with makers mark 25”h x 37”w x 32”d $3,000-5,000

133 Italian Group of 4 “Rock” lights Studio Singletron, designed circa 1968 Plastic forms with textured surface Retains label “Singletron 48010 Bagnara di Romagna RA Made In Italy” Largest 24”h x 20”diameter $2,500-3,000

134 Artist Unknown “Planete Interdite” (Forbidden Planet) 1956 Color lithograph Printed in Belgium 20.5” x 14.5” This poster features the famous shot of “Robby the Robot” holding the buxom “Altaira Morbius”, arms askew. Robby, one of the most iconic sci-fi figures of then and now, was designed by Robert Kinoshita and built by MGM for a reported cost of over $120,000. Art Direction for the Feature Film was by Cedric Gibbons. $1,000-1,500


135 American Modern Sofa Steelcase, designed circa 1978 24”h x 82”l x 32”d $2,000-3,000

136 Joe Colombo “Hemispherical Coupé” floor light O-Luce, designed 1964 Adjustable height, as shown 78”h The “Coupé” lighting series comprised of the Hemispherical and Cylindrical lamps; it won the International Design Award in 1968 Literature: Joe

C olombo and I talian

D esigns of the Sixties, Favata , Thames and Hudson , 1988


137 Victor Vasarely “Rey-Tey” Signed lower right; title and edition lower left #28 of 200 30”h x 24.25” $800-1,200

138 Joe Colombo “Poker Table” Zanotta, designed 1968 27.5”h x 39” x 39” This table design is part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York. Literature: Joe

C olombo and I talian D esigns of the

S ixties, Favata , T hames and Hudson, 1 9 8 8 .


139 Curtis Jere floor light Sculpture

140 Peter Pepper Aluminum wall sculpture

1977 Signed “C. Jere 1977” 58”h

Peter Pepper Products, designed circa 1972 Aluminum construction Retains Peter Pepper label verso Varying dimensions 42” x 33”




141 Vico Magistretti “Marienbad” Medicine Chest Carrara & Matta, designed circa 1960 Embossed logo verso 24” x 12” x 6” $1,000-1,500

142 Giancarlo Piretti “Plona” chairs (2) Castelli, designed 1969 Retains label “Plona Divisione Sedie Castelli Italy” with logo Each 28”h x 27”w x 21.5”d $2,000-3,000

143 Mario Bellini & Giorgio Origlia “Area” floor lamp Artemide, designed 1974 62”h This series was produced as a hanging and table light version and was one of Bellini’s most interesting designs. Literature: 1000

L ights : 1960 to the

P resent, Fiell , Taschen , 2005


144 Eero Aarnio “Ball” chair Asko, designed 1963 52”h x 39”w x 26.25” $2,000-3,000

145 Mansaku Minashima “B 1” 1967 Oil on shaped canvas Signed, titled and dated verso 35.25” x 35.5” $2,000-3,000

146 Richard Anuszkiewicz Untitled Print 1968 Signature, edition and date lower right #90 of 149 35” x 25.5” $800-1,200

147 Ernest Trova “Paris Review” 1968 Signature, date and edition lower right #123 of 150 26.5” x 26.5” $800-1,200

148 Italian Pair of chrome table lamps Stilnovo, designed circa 1970 Retains label “Stilnovo Made in Italy” Each 25.5”h x 17.5”w x 11” $1,000-1,500


149 Italian Modern Pair of “Sforzesca” armchairs Simon International, designed 1971 Retains label “Simon Made in Italy” 27.5”h x 39” x 39” This chair was created as an homage to Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni’s “Sanluca” chair of 1960. $1,200-1,500


150 Gaetano Pesce Group of 13 Resin objects

151 Gaetano Pesce “Candle” stools (4)

152 Gaetano Pesce Group of 3 Resin rings

Fish Design, designed 1990-95 Marked “Fish Design” with various numbers Ranging from 12”h to 7”high

Custom designed for the Chiat/Day advertising office, New York, 1991 Each 17.5”h x 9” x 9”

Designed circa 1995


Pesce designed these to be used as end tables (in a group) or as stools $2,000-3,000


153 Shiro Kuramata “Flower Vase #3”

154 Shiro Kuramata “Flower Vase #2”

Ishimaru Ltd, designed 1989 12”h x 3.75” x 10.5”

Ishimaru Ltd, designed 1989 8.5”h x 4.25” x 4.25”



155 Shiro Kuramata Pair of “K-Series Oba-Q” floor lights Yamagiwa, designed 1972 Approximately 17.5”h These were produced in three different sizes, however because each are shaped individually they each differ slightly. Literature: 1000

L ights : 1960 to the

P resent, Fiell , Taschen , 2005


156 Marc Newson Flower vase Glazed ceramic vase Designed circa 1994 16”h $700-900


159 Marino Marini “Marino from Goethe, Plate I” 1979 Etching and aquatint Signed “MM” in blue pencil and numbered Edition of 125 plus proofs 35.865” x 25.25” $3,000-4,000

157 Gio Ponti Porcelain vase

158 Gio Ponti Porcelain vase

Designed circa 1955; these examples produced later Impressed “Imolarte” with makers mark and “Cooporativa Ceramica Imola” 13”h

Designed circa 1955; these examples produced later Impressed “Imolarte” with makers mark and Ponti signature 15”h



160 Marino Marini “Rider and Horse” (together with Catalogue Raisonné)

161 Marino Marini “Olympic Games”

1977 Aquatint Stamped with Atelier signature Edition of 150 28.75” x 22.5” $1,500-1,800

1972 Lithograph in 20 colors Aside from edition of 200 signed examples 34.5” x 25.25” $800-1,200

162 Angelo Mangiarotti Pair of clear and frosted glass table lamps Designed circa 1970 15”h x 18”diameter $3,000-4,000

163 charles pfister glass vase Knoll, designed circa 1975 $600-800

164 Angelo Mangiarotti Crystal bowl Colle Signed “Colle” with makers mark 7”h x 14”diameter $1,500-2,000

165 Italian White Glass lamps (2) Mazzega, designed circa 1970 15”h x 15”diameter $1,200-1,500


166 sandro chia “torso”

167 sandro chia untitled

168 Umberto Romano “Child of the Night”

Color lithograph 1989-90 #32 of 75 Signed lower right; edition lower left 40” x 28”

Color lithograph 1989-90 #75 of 75 Signed lower right; edition lower left 40” x 28”

Acrylic on panel Signed upper right 21” x 14.75”




169 Edward Ewing “Frontier Trapper Oregon” and “Lumberman” (2) 1950 Oil on canvas Each signed lower right Each 16.5”h x 12” $600-800

170 Luciano Gaspari Glass orb Salviati, designed circa 1960 6”h $1,000-1,500

171 fulvio bianconi Glass Vase Venini, designed 1951 Signed “Venini Murano Italia” 11.5”h Literature:

I vetri venini , Deboni, um -

berto allemandi & c, 1996, plate 1 1 8


172 Fontana Arte Pair of sconces Designed circa 1965 11” x 7” $4,000-6,000

173 Fontana Arte Group of 3 recessed ceiling lights Fontana Arte, designed circa 1958 Largest 8”diameter $1,800-2,500

174 Flavio Cabral “Four Female Figures” 1967 Oil on canvas Signature and date lower left 32” x 58” $2,000-3,000

175 pietro Consagra Untitled Edition of 90 38.5” x 27.5” Printed at Gemini $1,000-1,500

176 William Gropper “Shoemaker” 1952 Softground etching #40 of 100 7” x 5” $600-800


177 susan Laufer Untitled 1989 #33 of 35 Printed by Pace Editions $1,000-1,500

178 Emerson Woelfer Untitled 1981 Work on paper Signed lower left; dated “3-21-81” lower right 12.5” x 9.5” $1,500-2,000

179 R.B Kitaj “Waiting for Lefty” 1974 Screenprint in 6 colors Signed in pencil lower right Edition of 70 36.75”h x 25.25” $1,000-1,500

180 R.B Kitaj “The Desire for Lunch is a Bourgeoise Neurosis” 1965 Screenprint Signed in pencil lower right Edition of 70 29.8” x 20” $500-700

181 Richard T. Notkin “California Pop-Top, T’ang Dynasty” 1974 Signed verso with exhibition label Sold with catalogue of the exhibition Approximately 26” x 16” x 9” This sculpture won a prize in the 1974 “California Ceramics & Glass” exhibition at the Oakland Museum of Art Literature: California

C eramics &

Glass, exhibition catalogue published by the Oakland Museum of A rt, 1974



182 James Prestini Turned wood bowl

183 Espenet Turned wood platter

Designed circa 1948 Composite woods Impressed signature and retains exhibition labels 5.5”h x 9”diameter

Custom, executed 1961 Signed “Espnet Madrone 61” 14.5”diameter

Provenance: D r


Friedman (ac q uired

from the artist ) ; Private Collection , C alifornia


184 Saxby Turned wood bowl

185 Dean Saunter Group of wood objects (2)

Studio, executed circa 1965 Signed “Camphor From California Saxby” 4”h x 9.75”d

Designed circa 1980 Each signed “Dean Saunter” Tray 19.5” x 14” x 1”



186 James Prestini Turned wood vessels Designed circa 1948 Branded signature 2.5”h x 2.5”diameter $1,000-1,500

187 James Prestini hand sculpture Designed circa 1948 6” x 8” x 4” Provenance: Estate

of james prestini


188 sam maloof rocking chair Custom designed and executed 1995 Walnut and Ebony Signed “Sam Maloof” and engraved “No. 30 1995” 45”h x 26.5”w x 44”d $30,000-40,000


189 Gertrud & Otto Natzler Thick walled vessel

190 unknown artists vintage gelatin prints (12)

Executed circa 1958 Signed “Natzler” with paper label “Q030” 2.5”h x 4”diameter

Printed circa 1950-55 Images of decorative objects, some from entries in the 1953 “Good Design” competition Various stamps and markings Approximately 8” x 10.5”


Provenance: M useum

of modern art

library archives


191 Lloyd Wright, attributed Architectural coffee table Manufacturer unknown, designed circa 1955 17.5”h x 41” x 32.5” $8,000-10,000


192 Max Finkelstein “Sea Horse” 1962 Welded Architectural Bronze 44.75”h x 23” x 19” $8,000-10,000

193 Abbott Pattison “Paris Landscape” 1959 Watercolor and gouache on paper Signature, date and title lower right 22” x 29” $1,500-2,000

194 Kevin Larmon Untitled 1986 Oil on linen laid on canvas Signed with the intials 19” x 15” $4,000-6,000

195 Ken Bowman “A-B-EX” painting Circa 1970 Acrylic on canvas Signed verso “K. Bowman” 12” x 12” $500-800

196 Charles Gassner Untitled Circa 1960 Drawing Signed lower left 36” x 27.5” $1,000-1,500

197 Ken Ferguson Ceramic charger Studio, designed circa 1970 Impressed “F” 3”h x 17”diameter $800-1,200

198 Barbara Willis Group of ceramics (9) Studio, executed circa 1955-2005 Each signed Charger 15”diameter; rectangular bowl 2.5”h x 16” x 4.5” $1,500-2,000

199 Arthur Umanoff Table with 4 chairs Designed circa 1960 Table 28.5”h x 42”diameter $1,500-2,000


200 George Nakashima “Conoid” dining table

201 George Nakashima “Conoid” chairs (8)

Studio, executed 1974 Walnut Sold with copy of original receipt from the Nakashima studio 28.5”h x 82”l x 52”w

Custom designed circa 1960, these examples executed c. 1970 American Black Walnut & Hickory Marked with the clients name in ink 35.25”h x 20”w x 18”d



Mr J ohn Cooper



202 George Nakashima slab coffee table Studio, executed 1963 Walnut Marked with the clients name in ink 13”h x 108”l x 19.5”d $40,000-45,000


203 George Nakashima Coffee table Studio, executed 1974 American Black Walnut with Rosewood “Butterfly” joints Marked with the clients name in ink 13.5”h x 53”diameter $20,000-30,000

204 George Nakashima Rocking Chair Studio, executed 1974 Marked with the clients name in ink 33.5”h x 31.5”w x 33”d $4,000-6,000

205 George Nakashima Grass-seat chairs (3) Designed circa 1947, this example executed circa 1970 American Black Walnut and Seagrass One chair not illustrated 27.25” x 23.5” x 19.5” $2,500-3,500

206 George Nakashima lounge chair

207 George Nakashima Console

Designed circa 1950; this example executed circa 1970 American black Walnut 31.25”h x 23.5”w x 33.5”d

Widdicomb, designed circa 1959 28.5”h x 32” x 20”




208 George Nakashima “Amoeba” side table Designed circa 1951, this example executed 1974 12.5”h x 14” x 17” $1,000-1,500

209 George Nakashima “Greenrock” ottoman Designed circa 1973, this example executed 1974 American Black Walnut with nylon webbing 15” x 21” x 21” $2,500-3,500

210 Raphael Coronel “Circus Sisters”

211 Jesus Leuus “Mujeres Platicando”

Acrylic on canvas Signed lower right; Lewin Galleries label verso 40” x 50

1972 Acrylic on Masonite Signed and dated lower right 12” x 9”



212 Richard Stein Convertible sofa bed Knoll, designed circa 1949 26”h x 75”l x 34”d $2,500-3,000

213 Jens Risom Pair of side chairs Model no. 666 Knoll, designed 1942 Retains Knoll Associates label 30.5”h x 17.5”w x 21”d $800-1,200


214 Richard Schultz “Petal” side table Knoll, designed 1960 Retains Knoll Assoicates label 19”h x 15.5”diameter $600-800

215 Richard Schultz “Petal” dinette table Knoll, designed 1960 28”h x 40”diameter $1,500-2,000

216 Richard Schultz “Petal” coffee table Knoll, designed 1960 Teak wood Retains Knoll label 15”h x 42”diameter $2,000-3,000


217 Eero Saarinen “Grasshopper” chair and ottoman

218 Harry Bertoia Pair of barstools

Knoll, designed circa 1948 35.5”h x 26.5”w x 33”d

Knoll, designed 1952 Each 41.5”h x 21”w x 22.5”d



219 Florence Knoll Couch Knoll, designed 1954 32”h x 86”l x 29”d $3,000-5,000

220 Florence Knoll Pair of lounge chairs Knoll, designed 1950 Retains Knoll label Each 31”h x 28”w x 30”d $3,000-4,000


221 Robert O. Dowd “$10”

222 Robert O. Dowd “Oreo” sculpture

1967 Oil on canvas Signed lower right “Dowd” 30” x 40”

circa 1967 Signed “O’Dowd” verso 12”diameter x 3”



223 Hidekate Ohno Abstract (Work No. 9) 1960 Painted burlap on canvas Signature, date and title verso; Retains Primus Stuart label and Yamada Gallery, Japan labels verso 36” x 28.5” $1,500-2,000

224 Paul Jenkins Untitled Watercolor circa 1972 Signed lower right 38” x 25” $2,000-3,000

225 Isamu Noguchi Dinette table Model no. 311 Knoll, designed circa 1954 Knoll Associates label 29”h x 36”diameter $2,000-3,000

226 Isamu Noguchi Dinette table Model no. 312 Knoll, designed circa 1954 29”h x 46.5”diameter $2,000-3,000


227 Kaj Franck Green glass vase

228 Sven Palmquist crystal vase

229 Kaj Franck Glass vase

Nuutajarvi-Notsjo, designed circa 1960 Signed “K.F. Nuutajarvi-Notsjo 67” 9”h x 8”diameter

Orrefors, designed circa 1955 Signed “Orrefors Sven Palmquist” 7”h

Nuutajarvi-Notsjo, designed circa 1960 Signed “K.F. Nuutajarvi-Notsjo” 6.5”h x 5”diameter




230 Leon Rosen, attributed Etegeres (2) Pace, designed circa 1975 Each 79”h x 32.5”l x 16”d $4,000-6,000

231 American Modern Pair of brass cylinder lamps Model no. NT-975 With Flemish Bronze finish Nessen Lamps, Inc., designed 1980 29”h to top of finial; 4”diameter column $800-1,000

232 Paul McCobb Cane & Brass bench Directional, designed 1956 14.5”h x 30”l x 17”w Literature: D irectional

Designs by

Paul Mc C obb ( furniture catalogue) , 1 95 6 , pg 8 1


233 Paul McCobb Wrought iron bench Model no. 1306 Directional, designed 1956 15”h x 20” x 20 $300-500


234 Willy Rizzo Circular coffee table Burled wood on rotating base Signed 14”h x 51.5”diameter $2,500-3,500

235 Tommi Parzinger Sideboard

236 Tommi Parzinger Glass coffee table

237 Tommi Parzinger Octagonal table

Custom manufactured, designed 1964 32”h x 84”l x 20.5”w

Custom manufactured, designed 1964 17.5”h x 27.5”diameter

Custom manufactured, designed 1964 18”h x 18” x 16”




238 Tommi Parzinger Wood table lamp Custom manufactured, designed 1964 Lamp shade not illustrated 61”h to top of finial $3,000-3,500

239 Tommi Parzinger Lacquered low bench Custom manufactured, designed 1964 12”h x 48”l x 10”w $3,000-5,000


240 Kelvin & Phillip LaVerne Bronze rectangular table LaVerne, designed circa 1960 Signed “Kelvin Phillip LaVerne” 15”h x 57”l x 20”w $2,500-3,000

“By unifying the surface of a wall panel with the surfaces of a folding screen, the opposing illusions of transparency and reflection give way again to a sense of completion.” Baila Goldenthal


241 Baila Goldenthal “Cosmic Egg” 1977 Folded screen Acrylic on Philippine Mahogany Signed and dated Each panel 66”h x 23”w; fully extended 66” x 110” This screen features hinges that allow each panel to fold in either direction which creates many possible views. $8,000-10,000

242 Gaetano Scolari Chandelier Scolari, designed circa 1970 24”h x 27”diameter $2,000-3,000

243 in the style of Borsani Oval dining table

244 Jens Risom Pair of red leather chairs

Stowe Davis, designed circa 1955 Retains Stowe Davis tag 29”h x 72” x 45”

Jens Risom Design Inc., designed circa 1960 Retains Risom label Each 39”h x 28”w x 24”d



245 Jens Risom Pair of red leather chairs Jens Risom Design Inc., designed circa 1960 Retains Risom label Each 39”h x 28”w x 24”d $4,000-6,000


246 Helen Lundeberg “Naiad #2” 1968 Acrylic on canvas Signed and dated verso 54” x 30” $25,000-30,000

247 Wayne Thiebaud “Fish” (from Delights) 1965 Etching Signed, numbered, dated and titled in pencil Edition of 100 12.75” x 10.78” $3,000-4,000

248 Wayne Thiebaud “Lunch” (from Delights) 1965 Etching Signed, numbered, dated and titled in pencil Edition of 100 12.75” x 10.78” $4,000-5,000

249 Wayne Thiebaud “Olives” (from Delights) 1965 Etching Signed, numbered, dated and titled in pencil Edition of 100 12.75” x 10.78” $3,000-4,000


250 Yngve Ekstrom Lounge chair and ottoman Designed circa 1970 Branded signature Chair 40”h x 27.5”w x 31.5”d; ottoman 19”h x 23.5”w x 17” $1,000-1,500

251 Norwegian Rosewood bench Designed circa 1960 13”h x 79”l x 14.5”w $1,000-1,500

252 japanese modern Lounge chair and ottoman Tendo Mokko, designed circa 1970 Retains tag 37”h x 21”w x 30”d $1,500-2,000


253 Donald Deskey Fire tool set Bennett, designed circa 1955 33”h $1,500-1,800

254 Paul T. Frankl Cork coffee table Johnson Furniture Company, designed circa 1950 Retains markings “5005 #333” 15”h x 47” x 35.25” $3,000-5,000

255 American Modern Pair of Rosewood “Cubic” tables Designed circa 1970 Smallest 15”h x 19.75” x 19.75”; largest 16”h x 39” x 39” $1,000-1,500


256 Edward Wormley Club chair Dunbar, designed circa 1948 28”h x 28”w x 35”d $1,500-2,000

257 Edward Wormley Club chair Retains Jack Lenor Larsen upholstery Dunbar, designed circa 1958 30”h x 29”w x 31”d $1,500-2,000

258 Edward Wormley Pair of ottomans Dunbar, designed circa 1948 Retains tag 17”h x 22” x 22” $2,000-3,000


259 Edward Wormley Pair of trapazoid tables

260 Edward Wormley Table/console

Dunbar, designed circa 1950 Retains green Dunbar metal tag Each 19.5”h x 19.5” x 19.5”

Dunbar, designed circa 1956 29”h x 54”l x 17” (or 34”d)



261 Vladimir Kagan Display Cabinet Kagan, designed circa 1955 Sliding glass doors not illustrated. 84.5”h x 83”l x 20”d The upper section of this cabinet features a unique system of lighting where the light emminates from the acrylic shelves similar to fiber optics. The lights themselves are wired via minature “aligator” clips which connect to the adjustable tracks of the shelves. $5,000-7,000

262 Kenneth Noland Untitled 1957 Oil on wood Signed and dated along left edge. 22”diameter The artist has kindly confirmed the authenticity of this painting. $20,000-25,000

263 Vladimir Kagan Burl coffee table Kagan, designed circa 1965 16”h x 36”diameter $800-1,000


264 Milo Baughman Pair of “scoop” chairs Thayer Coggin, designed circa 1954 Retains lables 29”h x 26.5”w x 28”d $2,000-3,000

265 Milo Baughman Group of 4 lounge chairs

266 Milo Baughman Bench

Thayer Coggin, designed circa 1965 Each 27”h x 29.5”w x 32”d

Glenn of california, designed circa 1959 18”h x 87”l x 18”w




267 Joe Atkinson Group of 6 chairs Thonet, designed circa 1958 31”h x 21”w x 21”d $1,500-2,000

268 American Mid Century Anonymous coffee table (5 pcs) G. Fox & Co., designed circa 1970 Signed on the marble “G. Fox & Co. Hartford, Conn #1120 Italy” 15”h x 59”diameter (assembled) $1,500-2,000

269 Maurizio Tempestini, attributed Pair of benches John B. Salterini Company, designed circa 1950 Each 30”h x 73”l x 27”d $2,500-3,500

132 La Gardo Tackett Large Wok (model no. U-12) Architectural Pottery, designed circa 1958 12”h x 36”diameter $1,500-2,000

270 George Mulhauser Desk chair Pycraft, designed circa 1965 Retains label “Plycraft Inc. designed by George Mulhauser” 27”h x 22.5”w x 24”d $1,000-1,500

271 Raymond Loewy “Roberk Dash Control Fender Mirror” Loewy Associates, designed circa 1962 With manufacturer and Loewy logo 9”h x 15”l x 11”d Loewy was a prolific industrial designer who’s work ranges from cars, trains, planes and experimental designs for NASA. $2,000-3,000


272 Raymond Loewy Stool Mengel, designed circa 1950 17”h x 17” x 17” $600-800

273 MonteVerde Young Upholstered bench Designed circa 1960 17”h x 48”l x 21”w $800-1,200

274 MonteVerde Young Dining suite Comprised of a dining table and 6 chairs Designed circa 1960 Table 29”h x 75.5”l x 44”w $2,500-3,500

275 Leonardo Nierman Untitled Circa 1970 Acrylic on panel Signed lower left 38” x 28” $1,500-2,000

276 Leonardo Nierman “Prismatic City” Circa 1970 Acrylic on panel Signed lower right; titled verso 36” x 48.5” $2,000-3,000

277 Leonardo Nierman “Eclipse” Circa 1970 Acrylic on panel Signed lower left; titled verso 24” x 32” $2,000-3,000


278 James Rosenquist “Window Washer Glass House” 1978 Color lithograph Signature lower right; edition and title lower left Artist Proof #10 of 15 22.5” x 39.5” $1,000-1,500

279 James Rosenquist “Star Ladder 2nd State” 1978 Etching Edition of 78 22.75” x 39.865” $1,500-2,000

280 James Rosenquist “Flame Still Dances on Leo’s Book” (From Leo Castelli Portfolio) 1997 Lithograph Signed and numbered Edition of 90 plus proofs 37” x 27” $1,500-2,000

281 Robert Motherwell “Mexio City Personages III” (from Three Poems by Octavio Paz) 1986-88 Lithograph Initialed and numbered lower right Edition of 50 plus proofs 25.75” x 31.78” $2,000-3,000

282 Robert Motherwell “New York International: Untitled” 1966 Lithograph Signed and numbered in pencil Edition of 225 plus proofs 22” x 17” $3,000-4,000

283 Robert Motherwell “Return” (from Three Poems by Octavio Paz) 1986-88 Lithograph Initialed and numbered lower right Edition of 50 plus proofs 28.25” x 19.875” $2,000-3,000


284 Poul Kjaerholm “PK 22” chairs (2) E. Kold Christensen, designed 1955 29”h x 25”w x 24”d Literature: P oul

Kjaerholm ,

C openhagen, 1 9 9 9



285 Poul Kjaerholm “PK 11” chair

286 Poul Kjaerholm “PK 61” sofa table

Fritz Hansen, designed 1965 Retains label “Fritz Hansen 1985” 26”h x 25”w x 17.5”

E. Kold Christensen, designed 1955 With black slate top 13”h x 31.5” x 31.5”


Literature: P oul

Kjaerholm ,

C openhagen, 1 9 9 9


2871 Poul Kjaerholm “PK 24” Chaise Lounge

288 Poul Kjaerholm “PK 71” nesting tables (3)

E. Kold Christensen, designed 1965 34.25”h x 61”l x 26”w

E. Kold Christensen, designed 1957 Largest 11”h

Literature: P oul

Kjaerholm ,

Literature: P oul

Kjaerholm ,

Copenhagen , 1999

C openhagen, 1 9 9 9, pgs 9 6 - 9 7



289 Poul Kjaerholm “PK 31/3” E. Kold Christensen, designed 1958 28”h x 78.5”l x 28”d Literature: P oul


C openhagen, 1 9 9 9, pg 1 0 0



290 Poul Kjaerholm Pair of “PK 1” chairs E. Kold Christensen, designed 1956 Each 27”h x 19”w x 18”d $2,500-3,500

56 Otto Natzler Mobile 1969 Hand strung mobile created from shells collected by Natzler Signed “Otto Natzler 1969” 47”h x 34”w Natzler collected the shells for each mobile made. This example was made as a gift to Mrs. Leonard Sperry in 1969, the year following the landmark exhibition of Sperry’s collection at LACMA. Provenance: Otto Natzler ; Mrs Leonard Sperry; G ift from M rs Sperry to present owner .


57 Gertrud and Otto Natzler Ceramic wind chime Studio, executed circa 1962 18.5”h x 6”diameter Sold with Julius Shulman vintage silver gelatin print and Natzler Christmas card. $7,000-10,000

291 Poul Kjaerholm “PK 24” Chaise Lounge E. Kold Christensen, designed 1965 34.25”h x 61”l x 26”w Literature: P oul

Kjaerholm ,

C openhagen, 1 9 9 9


292 Poul Kjaerholm “PK 80” daybed E. Kold Christensen, designed 1957 12”h x 75.5”l x 31.25”w Literature: P oul

Kjaerholm ,

C openhagen, 1 9 9 9



59 Gertrud & Otto Natzler “Old Turquoise” mat glazed squat bottle Studio, circa 1968 Signed Natzler 3.5”h x 5.5”diameter $8,000-12,000

61 Gertrud & Otto Natzler Turquoise blue high bowl with finger marks Studio, executed 1965 Signed Natzler with paper label N628 4.25”h x 5.75”diameter $3,500-4,500

293 Poul Kjaerholm Prototype “PK 15” chairs (4) Custom crafted, designed 1979 Each 27.5”h x 22”w x 17.5”d In 1952 Kjaerholm designed the “PK 15” chair in steel. In 1979 he revisited this design to produce the chairs in Beech wood and cane. The chairs we are offering here are four prototypes of this 1979 design. The lot will be sold with a letter by George Tanier confirming the origins of these chairs. $25,000-35,000


294 Robert Peter Mangold “Orange/Black Zone” 1997 Two-color woodblock cut Signature lower right; edition lower left #39 of 50 for the Chinati Foundation 17” x 20.75” $2,000-3,000

295 Richard Serra “Viday Afangar #9” 1991 Photo etching with aquatint on carborundum Signed, dated and numbered #50 of 75 13.5” x 18.5” $2,000-3,000

296 Edward Kienholz “For $92.00” 1969 Signed and dated lower right with thumb print 12.25” x 16.2” $4,000-6,000

297 Bruce Nauman Untitled 1969 Two-color offset lithograph Signed lower right 24” x 20” $2,000-3,000

298 Frank Gehry Group of 4 “Wiggle” chairs Designed 1972 Each 34”h x 15.75”w x 27”d From 1969 -1973 Gehry developed a line of furniture from corrugated cardboard. The “Easy Edges” line, in which this design originally debuted, was first sold nationwide at Bloomingdales. $6,000-8,000


299 Jim Dine “Multicolored Robe for the Seoul Olympics”

301 Jim Dine “The Cellist” (from Eight Sheets from an Undefined Novel)

1988 Lithograph Signed and numbered Edition of 300 35” x 27”

1976 Etching with hand painting and watercolor Signed, dated and inscribed Edition of 30 plus proofs 41.75”x 31”


This lithograph was from the suite of ten lithographs with hand coloring from a total edition of 10 plus 4 artist’s proofs.

In the Eight Sheets from an Undefined Novel series, Dine used scratched, unpolished roofer’s copper for his plates. Dine worked directly on the plate surface with drypoint, soft ground, and hard ground etching techniques through approximately 10 states. After the BAT impression had been pulled, the coppery plates were all steel faced to prevent breakdown of the subtle soft ground textures during editioning. This specific example is the rare large-margined first edition, not the later second edition with small margins.



300 Jim Dine “Crimper” (from Ten Winter Tools) 1973 Lithograph Signed, dated and numbered in pencil 30” x 22”

302 Frank Stella Untitled (angriff) 1971 Stone lithograph in black Signature, date and edition lower right #8 of 75 16.5” x 22.5” Literature: the

prints of frank stella:

a catalogue raisonne 1967-1982 , axsom , hudson press, 1 9 83


303 Jasper Johns “Light Bulb” (from 1st Etchings, 2nd State) 1969 Etching Signed, dated and numbered in pencil #21 of 40 25.75” x 19.75” $6,000-8,000

304 Frank Stella “Lincoln Center Festival ‘67” AND “9th new york film festival” 1967 and 19671 Color lithographs Printed by the List Art Foundation, Inc. and commission by Stella for The Lincoln Center for Performing Arts 45” x 29.25” and 46” x 31” $800-1,000


305 Ed Ruscha Every Building on the Sunset Strip

306 Ed Ruscha ThirtyFour Parking Lots

307 Ed Ruscha Some Los Angeles Apartments

1971 Published by the artist First Edition

1967 Published by the artist Signed, dated and inscribed First Edition

1965 Published by the artist Signed, dated and inscribed First Edition




308 Ed Ruscha A Few Palm Trees

309 Ed Ruscha Edward Ruscha (Ed-Werd RewShay) Young Artist

310 Ed Ruscha Real Estate Opportunities

1971 Heavy Industry Publications Signed First Edition $1,500-2,000

1972 Published by Minneapolis Institute of Arts This book, designed by Ruscha and Ed Foster, accompanied the Minneapolis Institute of Arts’ exhibition of Ruscha’s prints, drawings and books. $1,500-2,000

1970 Published by the artist First Edition $1,500-2,000


311 Ed Ruscha Various Small Fires and Milk 1970 Published by the artist Second Edition $1,500-2,000

312 Ed Ruscha Nine Swimming Pools And a Broken Glass 1968 Published by the artist First Edition

313 Ed Ruscha Crackers 1969 Heavy Industry Publications First Edition $1,500-2,000


314 Ed Ruscha Babycakes with weights 1970 Robins-Egg blue paper with pink satin ribbon Published by Multiples, Inc. Part of the Artists and Photographs exhibition $800-1,000

315 Ed Ruscha “Billy” (Catalogue for exhibition of works by Billy Al Bengston) 1968 Flocked Sandpaper cover bound with nuts and bolts with satin ribbon bookmark Edition of 2500 $1,500-2,000

316 Ed Ruscha Twentysix Gasoline Stations 1969 Published by the artist Third Edition $1,500-2,000

317 Carl Aubock Bronze Book ends Designed circa 1955 Stamped “Aubock” 3” x 3” x 1.5” $600-800

318 Ed Ruscha Crackers

319 Ed Ruscha A Few Palm Trees

320 Ed Ruscha Some Los Angeles Apartments

1969 Heavy Industry Publications First Edition

1971 Heavy Industry Publications First Edition

1970 Published by the artist Second Edition




321 Ed Ruscha “Documenta 5” exhibition catalogue 1972 Three ring binder Ruscha was asked by Harold Szeeman to create an image for the Documenta 5 exhibition, of which was reproduced on the cover of the catalogue. $300-500


322 Gordon Matta Clark wallpapers, Splittin & Circus: The caribbean Orange (3) Group of 3 books 1973, 1974, and 1978 (respectively) Two not illustrated $1,000-1,500

323 Jean-Michel Basquiat Book Edition Bruno Bischofberger 1985 Signed by Basquiat From an edition of 1000 A hardcover book of Basquiat’s paintings cooinciding with an exhibition at Gallery Bruno Bischofberger, Zurich. $2,000-2,500

324 Duchamp Young Cherry Trees secured against hares, View and by or of duchamp or rose selavy (3) 1946, 1945 and 1963 (respectively) View not illustrated First Editions $800-1,000

325 James Turrell “Roden Crater Blackline” Signed lower right 30” x 41” The “Roden Crater” project is an ongoing project being constructed in a dormant volcano in the Painted Desert of northern Arizona. Turrell who purchased the land with various grants in 1972 is transforming the Crater into a space “whose art is as much in the light of space and objects as it is in the spaces created in the crater”. The crater is expected to open to the public in 2009. $2,000-3,000

326 james turrell “iltar” and “james turrell: four light installations” 1982 Cyanotype (blueprint) and catalogue with poster #1 of 100 and #54 of 100 17” x 24” $1,500-2,000

327 Ed Ruscha “Other” 2004 Lithograph with colors Signature and date lower right; edition lower left #125 of 250 14.5” x 12” $2,500-3,500

328 Joe Goode Untitled (Blue Cloud Photo series) 1969 Lithograph Signature and edition lower left; James Corcoran Gallery label verso #67 of 75 23.75” x 19” $500-700

14 7


329 Joe Goode “L.A. Artists in their Cars” 1969 Calendar Each sheet 22.5” x 15” At the height of the car craze in Southern California, Joe Goode produced this calendar of fellow LA artists. Literature:

Made in California : A rt,

I mage and Identity 1900 -20 0 0, L AC M A , 2000, pg 205


330 Ennio Luccini “Cespuglio” table light Guzzini, designed 1968 13.5”h Literature: 1 0 0 0

Lights: 1 9 6 0 to the

P resent, Fiell , Taschen, 2 0 05


331 Edward Fields Rug

332 Josef Albers “White Line Squares” (WLX XIII)

333 Pierre Paulin “Petal” chair and ottoman

1973 Virgin wool Signed verso 67” x 127”

1966 Signed and dated lower right; title, edition and Gemini blind stamp lower left Artist Proof VI 20.5” x 20.5”

Model no. 437 Artifort, designed 1959 Retains label “Artifort design: Pierre Paulin” Chair 26’h x 35”w x 32”d; ottoman 17’h x 29.5”l x 19.5”d





334 Peter Karpf Lounge chair Christensen & Larsen, designed 1968 26.5”h x 48”w x 31.5”d $3,000-3,500

259 Hendrick Van Keppel and Taylor Green Pair of adjustable sofa/chaises VKG, designed circa 1950 15”h x 74”w x 30”d $4,000-6,000

260 Van Keppel and Taylor Green Pair of torchiers VKG, designed circa 1952 62”h $1,000-1,500

335 Jasper Johns “#5” 1976 Lithograph from 11 plates Signature, date and Gemini blind stamp lower right; edition lower left #48 of 60 30” x 29.75” Literature: Jasper

Johns P rints : 1970 -

1 9 7 7, Richard Field, W esleyan U niver sity Press, 1 9 7 8


336 tom dixon pair of stools Designed for the Norman Bar, UK, circa 1997 20.5”h x 22” x 22” $2,000-3,000

337 Wendell Castle “Molar” dining chair Beylerian, designed 1969 29”h x 17” x 17” $1,000-1,500


338 Alessandro Pianon Glass chandelier Vistosi, designed circa 1965 28”h x 31” x 31” (each glass element is 6”diameter) $3,000-5,000

339 Mario Bellini Pair of “Le Stelle” sofas B&B Italia, designed 1974 29.5”h x 69”l x 35”d $3,000-5,000

340 Claude Venard “Le Vase de Fleurs” (Still Life) Oil on canvas Signed and titled; Edgardo Acosta Gallery label verso 10” x 7” $1,500-2,000


341 Ellamarie & Jackson Woolley Enamel bowl

342 Ellamarie Woolley Enamel plaque

343 Ellamarie Woolley Enameled “face” sculpture

Studio, executed circa 1968 Signed “Ellamarie & Jackson Woolley 5368” 7”diameter

Studio, executed circa 1965 Signed “Ellamarie Woolley P184” verso 21” x 4” (framed 24” x 6.5”)

Studio, executed circa 1968 6” x 6” (framed 12.75” x 12.75”)





344 Sol Mann Sculpture

345 Ed Wiener Pin and screw-back earings

Designed circa 1970 22” x 22” x 18”

Sterling Stamped “Wiener Sterling”



346 Peter Pepper “People” Wall mounted sculpture

347 Malcolm Leland Study for sculpture

Peter Pepper Products, designed circa 1965 Bronze elements on a wood base Retains tag verso 24” x 24”

Studio, executed circa 1965 7.25”h x 3” x 5.5”



348 Lou Hodges Coffee table California Design Group, designed circa 1970 Retains brand signature 16”h x 50.5”diameter $1,500-2,000

349 Gerald McCabe Square glass occasional table Eon Furniture, designed 1964 17.5” x 17.5” x 17.5” $800-1,200


350 Hendrik Van Keppel & Taylor Green Chair and ottoman

351 Hendrik Van Keppel & Taylor Green occasional tables (3)

VKG, designed circa 1939 Chair 26”h x 26”l x 20”d; ottoman 12”h x 17” x 21”

VKG, designed circa 1950 Each 18.5”h x 21”w x 17.25”d



352 Stan Hawk Fire pit Custom designed circa 1950 18”h x 28.25”diameter $700-900

353 Walter Lamb Group of ottomans (3) Brown Jordan, designed circa 1950 $2,000-3,000

354 Walter Lamb pair of armchairs Brown Jordan, designed circa 1950 33”h x 22”w x 23”d $2,000-3,000

355 Walter Lamb pair of armchairs Brown Jordan, designed circa 1950 33”h x 22”w x 23”d $2,000-3,000

356 Christo “Package on Carozza” (Project for A. Berlingieri, Taranto, Italy) 1984 Lithograph with collage of fabric and thread Signed, dated and numbered in pencil Edition of 100 22.25” x 28” $5,000-6,000

357 Christo “Wrapped Statues” 1988 Photocollage and screenprint From edition of 300 numbered in Arabic 35” x 27” $2,000-3,000

358 Louise Nevelson Untitled 1973 Serigraph Signed Edition of 150 38.75” x 24.75” $1,500-2,000

359 Louise Nevelson Untitled (From Celebration) 1979 Color etching and aquatint #49 of 50 Printed by Pace Editions $2,000-3,000


360 Charles & Ray Eames “La Fonda” pair of chairs with Alexander Girard upholstery Herman Miller, designed circa 1976 33.5”h x 25”w x 23”d $1,000-1,500

361 Charles & Ray Eames Chaise lounge Model no. ES106 Herman Miller, designed 1968 29”h x 75”l x 17.5”w $3,000-5,000

362 not illustrated Charles & Ray Eames Chaise lounge Model no. ES106 Herman Miller, designed 1968 29”h x 75”l x 17.5”w $2,500-3,500

363 Charles & Ray Eames “RAR” Rocking chair Herman Miller, designed 1951 26.5”h x 25”w x 29.5”d This example has Ash wood “runners” which have been found on the Eames’ early rocker designs. $2,000-2,500

364 Charles & Ray Eames “PAW” armchair Herman Miller, designed 1950-53 Retains tag that reads “…shipped from Venice, California” 30.5”h x 25”w x 27”d $1,200-1,500


365 Charles & Ray Eames “La Chaise”

368 Charles & Ray Eames “RAR” rocking chair

Vitra, first designed in 1948 but not put into production until 1990 34”h x 60”l x 36”d

Herman Miller, designed 1951 Retains tag dated “Jan 17 1968” 26.5”h x 25”w x 29.5”d



366 Charles & Ray Eames “DCW” Evans, designed 1945 29.25”h x 19.5”w x 21.5”d $600-800

367 Charles & Ray Eames “DCW” Herman Miller, designed 1945 29.25”h x 19.5”w x 21.5”d $600-800

369 Charles & Ray Eames “RAR” rocking chair Herman Miller, designed 1960 26.5”h x 25”w x 29.5”d $1,200-1,500

370 Charles and Ray Eames freestanding Kiosk Custom designed for the IBM Pavilion, New York World’s Fair Fabricated by hand at DMI, Los Angeles, 1964 Approximately 16 feet high One of only two examples known to have survived after the fair. The lot offered here exemplifies the exuberence of Eames Design. The carefully selected color combinations along with heraldic flags and decorative finials played an important part of the whole pavilion’s ability to attract the general public into IBM’s exhibits. Standing alone, this ingeniously engineered structure represents a rare opportunity to actually own a fully realized work of architecture by Charles Eames. Illustrated: Eames

Design : T he Work of the O ffice of Charles and Ray Eames

Neuhart, A brams, 1989



371 Lucia Stern Untitled Circa 1948 Oil on panel 26” x 18” $1,500-2,000

372 Lucia Stern Untitled 1942 Collage Signed 12” x 7” Exhibited: Museum

of Non- Objective

Painting , 1949 ( later called the Solo mon G uggenheim Museum , N ew York)


373 Lucia Stern Untitled Circa 1952 Oil on panel with custom frame 35” x 28” $3,000-5,000

374 Lucia Stern Untitled 1950 Oil on canvas 64” x 30” $3,000-5,000


375 jan de swart valet Carved wood (possibly Douglas Fir) Executed circa 1960 35”h x 21”w x 20”d Provenance: Estate $3,000-4,000

of Jan de swart

376 Alexandre Noll Wood sclupture Designed circa 1957 Signed “A Noll” 9.5”h x 7” x 3” Provenance:

Original Owner

P urchased directly from the artist


377 Alexandre Noll Ebony bowl Designed circa 1957 Signed “A Noll” 3.8”h x 6” x 15” Provenance:

With Drouot Montaigne

( J une 2 6 , 1 9 9 6 , lot 3 3 4 )



378 Charlotte Perriand Group of 8 side chairs Sentou, designed circa 1950 31.5”h x 16.5”w x 17”d $3,000-4,000

379 Roger Capron Ceramic mirror Capron, designed circa 1956 Signed “R. Capron” 19”diameter $1,200-1,500

380 Marc Chagall “soleil au cheval rouge” 1979 Color lithograph #47 of 50 Signed lower right; edition lower left Mourlot 945 12” x 16.5” $15,000-20,000

381 Marc Chagall “Si Mon Soleil” (from Poems, Plate 6) 1968 Wood engraving in color Proof aside from edition of 200 12.5” x 9.875” $1,500-2,000

382 Marc Chagall “Moses and the Angles” (M613) 1970 Lithograph Signed #16 of 30 15” x 12” $2,000-3,000

383 Aristide Maillol “Reclining Nude” Signed lower right; edition lower left #8 of 75 Blind stamp “H Retiet Editeur Paris” 9” x 11.5” $1,000-1,500

384 Henri Matisse “Posies Antillaises (Plate 28)” 1954 (published in 1972) Lithograph Edition of 50 15” x 11” $2,000-3,000


385 Jacques Ruhlmann Sideboard Designed circa 1930s Made for the “Chambre d’etudiant, Pavillon de la France, Maison des Etudiants de Paris” 38”h x 79”l x 20”d $10,000-15,000

386 Pablo Picasso “Peintre et Modele Debout avec Deux Spectateurs” 1963 Etching and aquatint Signed and numbered in pencil Edition of 50 plus proofs 17.75”h x 22” $6,000-7,000

387 Pablo Picasso “Au Theatre: Vieil Homme Couronne de Fleurs Par Des Femmes et Des Fees” 1966 Etching and aquatint Signed with Atelier stamp lower right; numbered in pencil lower left Edition of 50 plus proofs Sheet 18” x 24.25” $3,000-5,000


388 Charoltte perriand group of sconces Les Arcs, designed 1967-85 Each 3”h x 6.5” x 5” From 1967-1985 Perriand collaborated with various architects to create “LesArcs”, a ski resort in the French Alps. Literature: C haroltte

perriand : An art

of living, Mcleod, abrams, pg 1 9 8 2


389 Joan Miro “Escultor, Japan” 1974 Color lithograph on Guarro paper 7.875” x 15.75” $800-1,000

390 Joan Miro “Passage De L’Egyptienne” (plate 4) 1985 Etching with aquatint printed in colors Edition of 146 24.5” x 17” $1,000-1,500

391 Joan Miro “Eclats” 1968 Color aquatint Artist proof 29.5” x 22.4” $5,000-7,000

392 Joan Miro Cover page from “Flux de L’Aimant” 1964 Dry point Pencil inscription verso Edition of 75 plus proofs 23.75” x 29.5” $3,000-5,000

393 jacques Adnet Console Designed circa 1950 Leather wrapped Brass 28”h x 35.75”l x 16.5”d $3,000-5,000


394 Man Ray Untitled (Portrait of Julia Hoyt) 1924 Vintage Silver Print 9” x 6.75” Julia Hoyt (1897-1955) was a famous 1920s Broadway actress, Hollywood film star and society beauty. John Singer Sargent (1856-1925) painted her portrait and called her “the most beautiful woman in America.” In 1922, she was voted one of the top four film actresses along with Mary Pickford. $4,000-6,000

395 Diego Giacometti portrait 1979 Blue ink on paper 11.875” x 9.75” Provenance:

James Lord ( acq uired

from the artist ) ; private collection


396 Henri Cartier-Bresson Group of 6 vintage Silver prints Plus two prints attributed to Bresson Printed circa 1945-1950 6 are stamped verso “Photo Henri Cartier-Bresson Mention Obligatoire” (see below) Approximately 6.25” x 9.25” Provenance:

Close family friend of

cartier- bresson ; thence by descent


17 7

397 Hans Burckhardt Untitled 1945 Signed and dated lower right 17.75” x 24.25 $1,500-2,000

398 ee cummings Untitled (Portrait of Marion Morehouse) Executed circa 1950 Painting on paper Signed verso 8.75” x 7.75” $1,500-2,000

399 Williard Grayson Smythe Untitled circa 1958 Gouache on paper Signed lower right 11”h x 7.5” Smythe was a student and teacher at the Art Institute of Chicago. His works are in the hard edge abstract style; he titled his process “Scattered Balance Design”. He also was a noted graphic designer of the 1940’s and 50’s. $1,500-1,800

400 Williard Grayson Smythe Untitled circa 1958 Gouache on paper Signed lower right 11”h x 7.5” $1,500-1,800

401 unknown artist vintage photographs (2) 1946 Hand colored photographs Depicting the General Motors exhibit at the “Mid-America Exposition” Each 12” x 14” $2,500-3,000

402 Gilbert Rohde “Paldao” pair of cabinets Herman Miller, designed circa 1940 Each 41”h x 40”l x 17”d $3,000-5,000


403 Russel Wright “American Modern” large group of ceramics (82 pieces) Steubenville, designed 1937-50 Coral, Granite Gray, Cedar Green and Chartreuse Curry glazed ceramics. Comprised of a six piece service for 12 plus service. Various sizes $1,000-1,500

404 russel wright Group of spun aluminum objects (4) Designed circa 1935 Each stamped Largest tray 16”diameter $400-600

405 Russel & Mary Wright Group of 5 wood vessels Each signed 4 are by Mary Wright; Dark bowl is Russel Wright Tray 18.5”l x 9.5”; R. Wright bowl 3”h x 11”diameter $1,200-1,500

406 russel wright “oceana” lamp base Designed circa 1935 12”h $400-600

407 Russel Wright Comprehensive collection of ceramic vessels (35) Bauer Pottery, designed 1945 Sizes varying (vases ranging from 5”h to 12”h) Each signed This lot is a rare opportunity to acquire a lifelong collection of Wright ceramics. Like many of Wright’s designs, these pieces were entirely machine produced but have the appearance of being handmade. Comprised of “#1A Pillow Vase” (1), “#2A Vase” (3), “#3A Corsage Vase” (2), “#4A Jug Vase” (3), “#6A Vase” (4), “#7A Centerpiece Bowl” (2), “#8A Ashtray” (2), “#8B Folded Ashtray” (4), “9A Mantlepiece” (2), “#10A Square Ashbowl” (1), “#11A Centerpiece Manta Ray Bowl” (1), “12A Square Flower Pot” (2), “15A Candleholder bowl” (2), “16A Planter/Vase Bowl” (1), “17A Long Bowl” (1), “18A Vase” (3) and a “#19A Long Bowl” (1). Exterior textures and glazes are Gun Metal, Bubble White, Figured White, Glossy White, Jonquil Yellow, Atlanta Brick, and Georgia Brown. Literature: C ollectors


of russel wright, kerr , 2002



408 Max Ernst “Oiseau Mere”

409 Jean Arp “Soleil Recercle”

1972 Aquatint (black and pink) Signed and numbered in pencil Edition of 60 plus proofs 12” x 18”

1966 Woodcut Pencil signed From an edition of 10 18.5” x 14.5”



410 Jean Arp “Soleil Recercle” 1966 Woodcut Pencil signed From an edition of 10 18.5” x 14.5” $1,200-1,500

411 Edgar Bartolucci & Jack Waldheim “Barwa” chair Barwa Associates, designed 1946 42”h x 52”l x 20”d This chair called “Barwa” was a clever chair made at a time when ingenuity and craftmanship was evolving. This design named for the two designers. $900-1,200

412 Preben Fabricius & Jorgen Kastholm Pair of white leather chairs Alfred Kill International, designed 1964 32”h x 28.5”w x 27”d Literature:

Product D esign 1900 -1990,

Barbara Mundt, Dietrich R rimer V er lag , 1 9 9 1 , pg 1 7 2


413 Max Finkelstein “Sensor #18A” 1971 Aluminum construction 17” x 6.5” x 6.5” Similar examples of this sculpture are in the permanent collections of the Weisman Art Foundation (Los Angeles) and the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden (Washington, DC). $6,000-8,000


414 finn juhl Bwana chair and ottoman France & Sons, designed 1960 36”h x 34”w x 28”d $3,000-5,000

415 Finn Juhl Chair France & Sons, designed 1959 Retains F. Hansen & Son and John Stuart tag 27.5”h x 26.5”w x 26”d $1,000-1,500

416 Finn Juhl, attributed armChair Possibly France & Son, designed circa 1953 30”h x 26.5”w x 28”d $1,500-2,000

417 Hans J. Wegner Reversible top coffee table Johannes Hansen, designed circa 1955 Retains brand “Johannes Hansen Copenhagen Denmark” 19”h x 38.5”diameter $1,000-1,500


418 Ico Parisi Valet

419 Danish Modern “Lovig” desk

Designed circa 1968 42”h x 18”l x 14”d

Dansk, designed circa 1965 41”h x 64”l x 29”d




420 Hans Hansen Sterling Silver service (97 pieces) Raadvad Rustfri, designed circa 1955 Stamped “Hans Hansen Denmark Sterling” with Hansen signature and manufacturers brand Comprised of 12 dinner kinves, 11 dinner forks, 4 luncheon knives, 4 luncheon forks, 11 desert forks, 10 large spoons, 8 medium spoons, 15 teaspoons, 11 deim-spoons, 8 butter spreads, 1 gravy ladle, 1 berry spoon, and one large ladle. $5,000-7,000

421 Allan Adler Hammered Silver necklace Executed circa 1955 Stamped “Allan Adler Sterling” $2,000-3,000

422 American Suite of Rosewood furniture Comprised of a bar cabinet and a magazine rack Manufacturer unknown, designed circa 1965 Bar 32”h x 16.5”w x 60.5”l open and 30.5”l closed; Magazine rack 17.5”h x 15.5”w x 27”l $1,500-2,000

423 Hans J. Wegner Dining table CM Madsens, designed circa 1950 29”h x 49”l x 33.5”w $800-1,200

424 Bruno Mathsson Drop leaf table on wheels Karl Mathsson, designed circa 1936 Retains label 24.5”h x 31.5”w x 37”l open (or 16” closed) $1,500-2,000

425 Kaare Klint “Safari” chair Rud. Rasmussens Sendkerier, designed 1933 32”h x 22.5” x 22.5” $800-1,000


426 Poul Volther, attributed Pair of sling chairs Possibly manufactured by Erik Jørgensen, designed circa 1960 41.25”h x 29”w x 27”d $3,000-5,000

427 Scandinavian “Desk in a box” Designed circa 1968 Rosewood 45”h x 32”l closed (64”l open) x 21”d This clever design allows for a desk to be packed away with little effort; perfect for a loft or a tight space. $2,000-3,000

428 Jens H. Quistgaard “Kongo” flatware (63 pieces) Dansk, designed 1954 Stainless steel with black nylon handles Marked “Dansk Design Germany JHQ” Comprised of 5 piece setting for 10 and 7 butter knives, 1 gravy ladle, 3 serving spoons, and 2 serving forks $1,000-1,500

429 Scandinavian Rosewood wastebasket Manufacturer unknown, designed circa 1965 $200-300

430 Nanna Ditzel Candleabra Kolds Savvaerk, designed circa 1955 $1,000-1,500


431 Lino Sabatini Silver & glass bowl Designed circa 1970s 8”h x 9.5”diameter $1,800-2,500

432 Lino Sabatini Silver & Plexiglass frame Designed circa 1970s Marked “Sabatini Made in Italy” with makers mark 8.5”h x 11” x 8”d $800-900

433 Lino Sabatini Pair of silver bowls Designed circa 1970s Each marked “Sabatini Italy” with makers mark 2.5”h x 10.5”diameter and 3”h x 7.5”diameter $600-800

434 Lino Sabatini Long “Sorrento” tray Designed circa 1970s Signed “Sabatini Italy” 8.5” x 20”l x 8”d $800-1,000


435 Gio Ponti Group of Stainless flatware (32)

436 Lino Sabatini Objects (4)

Fraser, designed circa 1951 Stamped “Krupp Milano” with makers mark

Designed circa 1970s Comprised of a platter, appetizer, ice bucket and cocktail shaker. Platter 15”diameter



437 gio ponti devils mask

438 Christofle Vase

439 lino Sabatini group of 3 vases

Sabatini, designed circa 1964 15”

Impressed “Christofle France” with makers mark 13”h x 5” x 5”

Sabatini, designed circa 1968 Stamped “Sabatini” Tallest 17”h




440 Guido Gambone Ceramic table lamp Gambone, designed circa 1958 24”h

442 Gambone ceramic Table lamp Designed circa 1955 Signed “Gambone Italy” with Donkey 32”h $2,500-3,500


441 Guido Gambone Ceramic table lamp Gambone, designed circa 1958 32”h $1,000-1,500

443 Gambone ceramic Table lamp Designed circa 1958 29”hl $800-1,200


444 Guido Gambone “Lion”

445 Gambone Pair of bottles

446 gambone large ceramic vase

Designed circa 1965 Signed “Gambone Italy” 9”h x 6” x 8”

Designed circa 1970 Signed “Gambone Italy HC95.032 Y.120” and “Gambone Italy” 16”h x 8” x 3” and 12”h x 7” x 3”

Designed circa 1970 Signed “Gambone Italy” 20”h




447 Fantoni Welded metal vase on stand

448 Fantoni Metal vase sculpture

450 Fantoni Square bowl

Designed circa 1968 14”h x 16”l x 4”d

449 Fantoni “Marbro” lamp base

Raymor, designed circa 1968 Stamped “Fantoni Firenze Raymor Italy” 19”h

Designed circa 1968 Signed “Fantoni Italy Marbro Lamp” with makers mark 14”h

Designed circa 1968 Signed “Fantoni Italy” with makers mark 4”h x 14” x 13”





451 Oswaldo Borsani Reclining chair Model no. P40 Tecno, designed 1954 Retains label 31”h x 27”w x 50”d $2,000-3,000

452 Gambone glazed ceramic figures (4) Designed circa 1955 Signed “Gambone” Each approximately 2.5”h x 3” x 2” $2,000-3,000

453 Gambone Glazed ceramic “Bird” Designed circa 1955 Signed “Gambone Italy” 4”h x 7” x 7” $2,000-3,000


454 Italian “Triennale” floor lamp Arteluce, designed 1953 84”h This classic design is illustrated throughout many Arts & Architecture magazines of the period. $4,000-6,000

455 Ettore Sottsass “Hollywood Collection” glazed ceramic vessel Bitossi, executed 1991 Signature, date, edition verso #32 of 99 30”h

456 Ettore Sottsass Chalice vase

457 Ettore Sottsass Vase

Bitossi, designed 1986 Signed “Ettore Sottsass Bitossi Montelupo” 7”h x 8.5”diameter

Bitossi, designed 1986 Signed “E. Sottsass Bitossi Montelupo” 10.5”h x 7”5”diameter




323 Jules Engel “Yellow Fall” 1960 Oil on canvas Signed lower right 30”h x 24”w Retains Esther Robles Gallery label verso $2,000-3,000

458 Ettore Sottsass vase

459 Ettore Sottsass chalice vase

460 Ettore Sottsass Vase (blue and white)

461 Ettore Sottsass Totem

Bitossi, designed 1986 Signed “E. Sottsass Bitossi Montelupo” White with baby blue 9”h x 9”diameter

Bitossi, designed 1986 Signed “E. Sottsass” black base, white top, black circles inside 7.5”h x 8.5”diameter

Bitossi, designed 1991 Signed “Sottsass 91 Bitossi” 8.75”h x 12”diameter

Bitossi, designed 1986 Signed “E. Sottsass Bitossi Montelpuo Italy 043/150” #43 of 150 18.5”h






462 Peter Shire “Saki” pot

463 Peter Shire “Saki” pot

464 In the style of memphis Group of 3 ceramics

Studio, designed 1981 Signed and dated 5.5”h x 7” x 1.5”

Studio, designed 1981 Signed 5.5”h x 7” x 1.5”



Comprised of a pot and 2 cups Pot labeled “Feltman Langer Porcelain USA” 6.5”h x 9” x 4.5” $300-500

389 Peter Macchiarini “Peace Plaque” 1939 Bas relief exhibited at 1939 San Francisco International exposition Signed and dated lower right 18”h x 30”w $15,000-$18,000

465 In the style of Memphis Necklace Designed circa 1980 $600-800

466 Italo Scanga Untitled

467 Unknown Artist Door

Circa 1985 Oil on wood Signed verso 60” x 26” x 6”d

Circa 1970 Oil on wood 76.5” x 28” $1,500-2,000



468 Max Papart Untitled Color lithograph Signed lower right; edition lower left #26 of 50 26.5” x 22” $400-600

469 paco rabanne space curtain Designed circa 1970 Three-colored plastic screen $3,000-5,000

470 A.R. Penck Untitled Color lithograph Signed lower right; edition lower left #37 of 50 29.5� x 41.5� $1,000-1,500

471 Tobia Scarpa Group of wall sconces (4) Flos, designed circa 1966 9” x 15” $3,000-4,000

472 verner panton Pendant “moon” lamp Louis Poulsen, designed 1960 37”h x 34”diameter $700-900


Conditions of Sale/Notice to Buyers The following are our “Conditions of Sale” for the items listed in this catalogue to be sold by Modern Auctions, Inc. (L.A. Modern Auctions or “LAMA”). We are acting as an agent on behalf of our consignors.

Payment All sales are final. All sold lots are to be paid for on the day of the sale. We accept cash, bank wire transfers, checks, and Mastercard and Visa (PLEASE NOTE: Credit card payments are accepted only in person and will not be accepted over the phone). All payments made by personal checks will be subject to clearance before purchases can be collected. Buyers who have not purchased from Modern Auctions, Inc. (Los Angeles Modern Auctions) previously are asked to provide a method of payment and/ or letter of reference from a bank or creditor prior to the auction. Bank wire information is available upon request, please phone (323) 904-1950. If payment is not received by February 13th collection & storage fees will begin incurring.

please submit your phone requests early. On all absentee/phone bid forms, please leave a valid credit card number with expiration date; a deposit of 25% may be required for all absentee and phone bids. Please note that we only accept credit card payments in person. For those absentee/phone bidders who can not come in personally to pay, we will only accept either a certified check or wire transfer as a method of payment (see “Payment” notice). The party responsible for submitting the absentee or phone bid is solely responsible for the payment in full of the total invoice. We will not make any changes to an invoice. Should a dispute arise after the sale, our sale records are conclusive. We are not responsible for failure to execute a bid and have the right to reject any bid. We reserve the right to withdraw any property before the sale and shall have no liability whatsoever for such withdrawal. Should an item be withdrawn, the auctioneer will make an announcement at the time the lot would have been put up for sale. In addition, the auctioneer may add lots not previously listed in the catalogue or addendum.

Buyer’s Premium The buyer’s premium is 20% and will be added to the hammer price on all property sold with Modern Auctions, Inc. For all property sold via eBay Live Auctions the buyer’s premium is 22.5%.

California Sales Tax Sales tax of 8.25% will be collected on all purchases removed from our premises or delivered within the state of California. Those holding a valid California State Resale License must register before each sale and present their valid resale number. No purchases will be released until all sales tax requirements are satisfied.

If the buyer does not comply with all of the notices to buyers, Modern Auctions, Inc, reserves the right to cancel the sale, hold the defaulting buyer liable for the purchase price and buyer’s premium, retain any deposit, and resell the property privately or at auction without further notice. In the latter, the defaulting buyer will be held responsible for all incurred expenses, such as warehouse and transportation costs, commissions, incidentals, and shall be liable for payment of any deficiency in the purchase price. This is strictly enforced. We reserve the right to assess a late charge of 1.5% of the total purchase price per month if payment is not made in accordance with any of these conditions of sale.

Estimates & Reserves


The estimates printed after each lot should be used as a guide only and should not be relied upon as a prediction of final selling prices. Many of the lots offered for sale carry a reserve and are confidential. The reserve is a minimum price at which the seller has agreed to let the auctioneer sell the property.

The authenticity of every item offered for sale is guaranteed. Modern Auctions, Inc. warrants only the authorship of an item (as printed in BLUE type) and does not guarantee the condition, age, or any identifying characteristic used by Modern Auctions, Inc, in any descriptions such as color, method of construction, and type of materials. Any lot using the terms “attributed”, “attribution,” “in the style of,” “in the manner of,” or “after” does not qualify for our guarantee. In addition, the buyer assumes responsibility of reading all addendums and posted corrections to the catalogue prior to bidding.

Condition EVERYTHING IS SOLD IN “AS-IS” CONDITION. No statement regarding condition of any item, whether it is made orally at the auction or at any other time or in writing in this catalogue shall be deemed to be a warranty, representation or assumption of liability. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to inspect all goods prior to the sale. We strongly encourage all bidders to request a condition report on any item before bidding. All electrical items are sold for decorative value only and should be assumed not to be working. All measurements are approximate. Photographs of any lots not illustrated can be found on our website Lamodern.com

Collection and Storage All lots must be removed from the auction showroom by 12:00 pm on February 13th. All property remaining after February 13th will be removed and stored in an offsite storage facility at the cost of the buyer. Purchases not removed by February 13th will be assessed a removal fee of $15 per lot, and daily storage fees of $15 per day per lot. Items in storage are not insured by Modern Auctions, Inc. Unless other arrangements are made and confirmed in writing shipping, packing, insurance, and storage concerns are the sole responsibility of the buyer. A list of shippers can be provided upon request.


Rescission Should the authenticity of an item be disputed after a sale, the buyer has 90 days to provide written documentation or conclusive opinion of a mutually agreed upon independent expert, retained at the buyers sole expense, that the item in question is not as stated in the catalogue. In the event of an error, Modern Auctions, Inc. will rescind the purchase contract. Modern Auctions, Inc. will reimburse the buyer for no more than the hammer price plus the buyer’s premium and only after the item is returned to the original point of sale in the condition in which it was sold. Taxes, packing, shipping and storage costs will not be reimbursed. Modern Auctions, Inc. is not liable for any costs, such as experts and attorney’s fees. If the item is authentic, as stated in the Modern Auctions, Inc. catalogue, then the purchaser shall bear Modern Auctions, Inc.’s expenses incurred in defense of the allegation, such as attorney’s fees and other costs. The limited right of rescission is only available to the original purchaser from Modern Auctions, Inc. once the item is resold, then all rights and liabilities of Modern Auctions, Inc. regarding authenticity end. THE PURCHASER’S SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY AGAINST MODERN AUCTIONS, INC. FOR ANY REASON IS THE LIMITED RIGHT OF RESCISSION DESCRIBED IN THIS SECTION. The purchaser shall not be entitled to damages, compensatory, incidental, consequential, nominal or punitive, nor any expenses incurred during the proceedings, such as expert fees, attorney’s fees and other costs.

We encourage you to attend the sale in person. However, if you can not attend in person we offer an “absentee” or phone bidding service. For this service fill out and submit an “Absentee/Phone bid” form. To obtain this form please call (323) 9041950 or go to our website. We will not execute absentee or phone bid orders unless a signed and completed bid form has been received. All Absentee/Phone bid forms must be received by Saturday, February 9th by 5:00 p.m. via fax to (323) 904-1954. We encourage you to call after faxing to confirm we have received your bid. We kindly ask that you do not call on the day of the sale to submit bids or to see if your bids were successful. All successful absentee bids should be notified by phone by February 12th. In addition, the auction prices realized will be posted the day after the sale on our website. Do not rely on any auction results (prices realized) unless published on www.lamodern.com or as provided directly by Modern Auctions, Inc.

All images and text contained in this catalogue are the sole property of Modern Auctions, Inc. and may not be used or reproduced in any medium without the expressed written consent of Modern Auctions, Inc.

Absentee/Phone bids are on a first come first serve basis; thus, we encourage you to submit your form ASAP. If identical absentee bids are submitted, the earliest received will take precedence. The number of phone lines available are limited so

Modern Auctions, Inc. Bond # 92-W6-8303-9 F Peter Loughrey, principal auctioneer

Rights to Photographs It is important to note that the images printed in this catalogue are considered intellectual property and are copyrighted. Buyers of vintage prints do not acquire the rights to reproduce the images in any form.

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Rudy autio “Odysseum” Glazed ceramic 1972 25” x 26” Signed and dated

Now accepting consignments for our summer auction INQUIRIES Peter Loughrey 323.904.1950 consign@lamodern.com