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The Founding of L Power The L Power Foundation was established in the summer of 2008 after a Kimse, learned her daughter had been abused by her husband. Although Kimse reported the abuse within minutes of learning of it and without all the details the damage was done, and that call became the first of many steps on their long road to recovery. Although the blessing were many for her family, Kimse found that the type of support that her family needed was not easy to find. Additionally, while moving through the healing process she discovered that sexual abuse was quit common and although there were many organizations in place to assist them there were a few key elements that her family really needed that none of the organizations were equipped to address. Thus, the birth of L Power. The L represents her middle name and the Power represents the power that her and her children had to find within themselves to help to get to the other side. The butterfly is their reminder that there is beauty in all things, and that all things are possible.

Overview of Programs L Power offers one main survivor program and several community programs, some are reserved for those in our re-design program and the others open to those within the community that qualify. Due to the Foundation being ran by volunteers and on donations, space within the programs are limited based on the access that L Power has. We are working to increase our access to more funds and donation items so that we can support more survivors.

Re-Design Program The re-design program allows the room in which the survivor was abused to be redecorated in an attempt to remove all abuse triggers and create a new safe space. This is offered when the survivor still lives in the home in which the abuse occurred. The following services are offered to clients enrolled in our Re-Design Program

New Spaces & Happy Places The New Spaces and Happy Places are offered when the survivor has been displaced due to the abuse. When funds are available 1st month’s rent and or security deposit is paid. The clients must secure the place.

Out & About Out and about assist with transportation for clients/survivors to major appointments like, Doctors visits, and court.

Healing Zone In this program the survivor / client is assisted in developing a healing plan. This plan is specific to the client and has no limits. We as volunteers work to support them in the plan as much as possible by either having services donated, products donated or refer them to other agencies that specialize in what is needed. Some of the support offered has been; Relaxation Therapy

Therapy Placement

Adoption Planning

Termination Planning

Yoga Classes

Clothing / Image Enhancement Childcare Assistance Schooling Options

Community Programs Include; Butterfly Girls Program Many lives are Impacted When One Influences a Woman...Especially a Young Woman; For this reason we at L Power offer the Butterfly Girls Program—a mentoring program designed to assist elementary school girls through high school senior girls in getting their questions about life answered. Through monthly mentoring workshops, community service projects, and career building activities, we empower our young girls to spread their wings and strive to be their best in their professional and personal lives. We use this platform to focus on self-esteem building and goal planning. We also offer information on ways to keep themselves safe and their minds and bodies from harm. Our Monthly Workshop is two hours long and includes; 1. Self Enterprise: Goal setting and manifesting, career and education panning 2. Beauty and Brains: Health and Beauty 3. Girl Talk: Relationships and Networking

The Personal Purse Project Giving what matters the most. L Power’s Personals Purse Project helps young girls to enjoy the benefit of having a handbag of their own stuffed with everything she needs. L Power donates purses to young girls within the community, and stuff the purses with all the essentials from hair care, to dental care, to feminine products, under garments (bras , underwear) to pajamas, long johns. We work to supply our young ladies with invaluable gifts that not only satisfy their wants, but their needs as well.

It’s A Birthday Party It’s A Birthday Party Outreach Program includes L Power adopting a local shelter that houses single moms and their children. As an organization we will be starting a monthly Birthday Club at that shelter, which will allow us to host a birthday party each month for all of the qualifying girls in the shelter.

Fundraising Programs L Power has many fundraising programs that run all year. L Power receives 100% of the proceeds from all items purchased from our website. One of our specialty items is Chocolate Ribbons of Blue Love, which is a beautiful bag of handmade ivory chocolate in the shape of the blue ribbons that our supporters wear. Below is a list of some of our ongoing fundraising events.

L Power has logo merchandise available on the website.

September – December we have a corporate fundraiser that allows companies to adopt a family for $1000.00. These funds are then used to fill any outstanding program needs for the family and /or holiday support.

Throw the most fabulous blue-themed party for Sexual Abuse Awareness. April is Sexual Abuse Awareness Month. It’s a cause that effects more households than Breast Cancer! Hosting a Blue Party is a fun way you are able to help spread the word about L Power and sexual abuse, and help L Power raise money. You can register and find out more about how to host a Blue Party on our website.

Blue Lemonade Stand Hosting a Blue Lemonade Stand is a fun way to raise sexual abuse awareness, educate children and get the community involved! You will find lots of creative ideas and step by step instructions with the best ways to set up and host the stand as a Business /Organization, School/ University, individuals/Families.

Donations In order to continue providing support to survivors, L Power Foundation needs your support. You can support us by making a taxdeductible donation via our website or by calling our office. Our goal is to help young women, girls and survivors become phenomenal women through our continuous charity and mentoring efforts. We seek individuals and corporations that can help us along the way through donations and sponsorships. By providing helpful resources, you are contributing to the happiness of a child in our community. Just think of it as helping the lives of young girls in need of your support. Doesn't that sound rewarding? That’s because it is! On our website you can choose to donate to a program or our operational fund, you can even choose to donate anonymously.

Sponsorships L Power Foundation has four Corporate Sponsorship Packages available, that are listed below.

The Bronze Package starts at $2,500.00

The Silver Package starts at $5,000.00

The Gold Package starts at $10,000.00

The Platinum Package starts at $20,000.00

For more information and details on each package and their benefits visit our website at

Volunteers Do you have a special skill or talent? Are you interested in helping an organization dedicated to charity work and mentoring young girls? Can you dedicate minimum of 8-12 hours a month to help us reach out to and positively affect our community? If so, L Power Foundation has wonderful volunteer opportunities that will contribute to our goal of helping a new generation of young girls through our community service, mentorships and fundraiser events. Serve on the Board

Volunteer at Events

Help us with Operational Support Lead A Workshop Become a Mentor

Help us with Program Donations

Become a Birthday Club Volunteer You Have The Power To Change Lives For The Better

Individual Sponsorships As an organization we strongly believe in having a good time and lending our support to young woman and girls in the making. However, as with all organizations we have to set some ground rules. Our rules here are pretty simple: have fun, meet new women, and support L Power Foundation’s efforts to be a positive benefactor to young woman and girls in our community. It’s that simple! We understand that as business professionals, mothers, wives, and all around superwomen you won’t have time to attend all events. We ask that you commit yourself to at least two of our signature events, as these are the essence of our organization. We also ask that you be able to help us with our programs with a $25.00 per month Individual Sponsorship fee is due monthly, annually or semi-annually.

Visit us on the Web at Email us at Call us at 202.556.0764 Follow us at @LPowerOrg Like us at

L Power Foundation 2013 Brochure  
L Power Foundation 2013 Brochure  

L Power Foundation 2013 Brochure