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Idus IS – simple, flexible and cost-effective

Idus IS offers you many advantages Idus has since 1992 developed the software for information, documentation and maintenance. Today we have over 2,500 satisfied users. Our philosophy is to make user-friendly software for all types of industries and for everyone within an organization. You have much to gain from using Idus IS. You get full control of your maintenance and can save you big money for your business. In this brochure you can read more about the key benefits of Idus IS. Welcome to Idus IS - a simple, flexible and profitable maintenance system.


Idus IS handles all industries! Idus IS has fantastic flexibility and works equally well in almost any industry. Idus IS is the most widely used system for the control of water and wastewater plants in Sweden. Our users also include ports, a biscuit factory and the ultramodern corvettes of the Swedish Navy. To name just a few. We specialise in particular in the process industry, power plants, manufacturing industry, food industry, water and wastewater plants and real estate. But Idus IS’s flexible and modular

solution means that it works well for just about any industry. We at Idus are also known for being receptive to the needs that exist and constantly develop new functions in close cooperation with our customers. This means that we can adapt the system to the specific needs of every industry.


Idus IS can easily be linked to other systems Idus IS can be easily interconnected with your other systems, for example business systems, financial systems and monitoring systems. Statistics and other information from operation can thus be quickly and easily transferred in both directions and be of benefit. A manufacturing company, for example, can link Idus IS to its business system and base its maintenance on reality instead of static intervals. As a result, both unnecessary breakdowns and unnecessary maintenance are avoi-

ded, which can save large sums of money. Another example is automatic transfer of costs per cost centre for working time, spare parts etc. to the financial system.


Idus IS can be expanded according to your needs Idus has several different add-on applications that simplify, improve and expand the system. • Idus Pocket is a mini-version of Idus IS intended for PDAs. This application can handle maintenance functions, value reading and stock functions, for example. • Idus Web handles fault reports over the Internet and is ideally suited to companies whose employees need to report faults without otherwise making use of the maintenance system. • Idus Import is a great add-on when you need

to gather information from other applications, such as contacts from Excel or data from Excel files. • Idus Message means that the fault report reaches the right person directly. An automatic fault report or work order is sent by printout, e-mail or SMS text message. • Idus Doc can save documents with automatic linking to work order and object. • DUSiFIX is a direct link between Idus IS and iFIX. The same interface is used for both

systems, and you have access to all the maintenance functions directly on your process screen. • Idus Valuereader enables you to link your monitoring program to Idus IS and, for example, transfer operator signals automatically to Idus IS. • Idus DataServer can be used for transfers for example of worked time, maintenance costs and stock transactions to your financial system, business system or any other system.


Anyone can learn how to use Idus IS quickly One of the greatest benefits of Idus is its simplicity. Anyone can learn quickly how to use the system, even people who do not work with computers on a daily basis. Different levels of authorisation mean that individual users only see what is relevant to them, and all data is entered in the same way by all users. Idus can, if necessary, offer tailored training courses for you and your staff. We also regularly arrange training courses at various levels.

With the add-on application Idus Web employees can report faults over the Internet without needing to use the maintenance system.


Idus IS image navigation makes it easy to find what you are looking for Navigating in Idus IS is very simple. With the intuitive image navigation, you can point and click your way through the plant. You obtain simple and natural search paths to objects, functions, external applications containing information or other images. You choose for yourself whether you wish to have drawings, maps, photographs or graphic illustrations. A great advantage is that production personnel, for example, can very easily create a fault report directly from an image.

Image navigation can be expanded so that you can navigate down to the smallest screw if you wish to do so. One example is using CAD images, for example PI diagrams, to complete the search path down to the smallest sensor. It is thus very simple to find parts in the plant through the CAD drawings.


Idus IS gives you exactly the right information With Idus IS you always obtain the right information. With a few simple clicks you can find out many things, for example: • What does a particular measure cost? • How long does a particular measure take? • What faults are most common on different machines? • Which machines cause most trouble, and which least? • Which spare parts should always be in stock? • What intervals are optimal for different types

of maintenance? The statistics and information from Idus IS provide you with an ideal basis on which to take sensible and long-term decisions, for example with regard to major investments and renovations, taking on new staff or reducing staffing levels.


You can get started in three days Many of our customers are surprised how quickly they are able to get started with Idus IS. Depending on size it takes 3-10 days – then you’re ready for the off. The Indus Remember package helps you to start working effectively with Idus IS without delay. To ensure that implementation of the system runs smoothly, we have personnel on site to act as project managers and provide inspiration.

Our staff have years of experience and talk plain language so that you, as our customer, see the whole cost picture and need for resources. We tailor the package to your particular needs and guarantee that the software can start to be used directly after the project. The principle is based on the most important functions being started up very quickly.


Idus IS keeps a check on more than maintenance Idus IS can be used for much more than just maintenance. Continuous supervision and inspections are administered in the same database as other maintenance. Using different modules you can enter many different functions, for example: • Stock. Idus gives you complete control of your stock. You can optimise your stock so that you always have the things you need and are not left with a mass of unnecessary and costly items gathering dust.

• Purchasing. Handle all the company’s purchasing through Idus, regardless of whether it is pens, machine parts or consultancy services. The great advantage is that everything becomes more secure. All purchasing is certified and ready before the order is placed. • Environmental and quality work. Administer environmental and quality routines in the same database as other activity. • Continuous Monitoring. Idus IS handles CM, for example for pressure vessels and lifting

equipment. • Safety rounds. Gain control over your safety rounds by scheduling them in Idus IS. Just as for maintenance, you report any non-conformances and the action taken. • Fire safety checks. You can carry out safety checks in the same way. • Logbook. With the Logbook, operating personnel in control rooms, for example, can document events in a very simple way.

Idus IS from A to Z Account register A financial transaction can be handled in seven different dimensions, e.g. account, cost centre.

Inspections All types of inspections can be handled in Idus IS.

Activities The calendar in Idus IS can also be viewed in the form of a list that can be sorted as desired. It is also possible to click on the various activities in the list to carry out a number of functions.

KPT A dynamic analysis tool that shows key figures. It can be financial or technical data displayed as dashboard or graphs.

Calibrations Idus IS keeps a very simple and quick check on all your scheduled calibrations, for example of pressure sensors, temperature sensors and various instruments. Cost follow-up Cost follow-up is done simply for all types of transactions, spare parts, work times etc. Crystal Report Idus IS uses Crystal Report as a report generator. This means that there are no restrictions at all on presenting data. Data server Idus Dataserver links Idus IS to other types of applications. Fault reports With a few simple clicks a fault report is created directly from an image. With Idus Web a fault report can also be made through the Internet. Employees can thus report faults without otherwise having to make use of the maintenance system. Fire safety checks Fire safety checks can be performed in Idus IS. Gantt diagram A Gantt diagram is used for precise planning of Planning and Work Orders with times, recipients etc. Graphs There are a large number of graphs in the system for financial history etc. History All data can be presented in various types of history. Image navigation A picture says more than a thousand words. By using pictures, drawings or similar, a natural search path is created for the user. The images linked very simply to the database, and the user can zoom down to an object in the database, an external object or directly to a maintenance function on the “right� function for all functions. Import Idus IS contains ready-made modules for importing, for example from Excel.

Logbook With Logbook you can log different events in the system, events which can then go on for example to fault reports and work orders. The number of logbooks is unlimited. Maintenance IS can handle all types of maintenance, e.g. PM, RM, TOOL, EMERGENCY, CM, FIRE etc. Makes Idus IS contains a function for processing information on different makes etc. Message With Idus Message, Fault Reports and Work Orders are sent automatically to the correct recipient by e-mail, SMS text message or printout. Object The objects represent the basis of the plant register. Based on your own reality you create the different types of objects you need, with your own customised fields. By searching on individual objects or groups of objects you quickly obtain the information you want. Spare parts, documents and drawings are linked to the object concerned. Planning Planning of a preventive maintenance (PM) measure can be done directly from an image by linking the object to the PM measure planned. Planning can consist of a time interval, numerical value (e.g. operating time) and occasion (e.g. summer shutdown) or a combination of these. Plant register The structure of IS is easily created with a level tree consisting of a number of folders. These folders may consist of almost anything and provide the basis for the plan register. Pocket Idus Pocket is an application for handling Maintenance and Stock Management in a PDA. Purchasing system Idus IS contains a complete purchasing system containing functions such as internal request, verification, inward deliveries to stock with complete cost control.

Rounds list Create a rounds list to gather a number of jobs under a rounds list name. Each job in the list has a mutual sequence and a number of performance dates. Self-inspection All types of self-inspection can be administered in Idus IS. Signal management Different signals can be used to store values, giving you guidance and control over conditionbased maintenance. You can enter the system at any time and see when it is time for a maintenance measure. Examples of signals are operating times, flows, switching on/off etc. Simple Idus IS is fantastically simple as individual users only see the tabs and fields relevant to them. The system is very simple to use, for example for feedback. Stock There is a complete module for administering spare parts and consumables. Inward deliveries take place automatically from the Purchasing System or by direct inward delivery. Ordering points, currencies etc. can be handled in the module. Stop time With a simple click of the mouse, start and stop times can directly registered in an image. You thus gain complete control of down times for different machines in a plant. Suppliers Suppliers who are in a separate register can be used by both stock management and plant documentation. Time reporting Time spent is reported to the system. This can be done against a WO or without a WO. Different types of time reports that can be costed are created for each person. Web modules For certain types of Maintenance and for Purchasing there are Web-based modules. Wishes Idus is constantly developing the system on the basis of the needs and wishes of our customers. This work takes place in close cooperation with our customers. Work order (WO) A WO contains the information needed to carry out a job, for example when and where it is to be carried out and by whom. The time and spare parts used are linked to the relevant WO.

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SINCE 1992 IDUS HAS been developing software for information, documentation and maintenance and today has more than 2,500 satisfied users. The philosophy is to create user-friendly applications matched to different types of industries and everyone in an organisation.

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