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R3 T Target


SDF 1000 series TIER III engines, 4 cylinders, aspired or turbo diesel engines 15 FWD + 15 REV, 20 FWD + 20 REV synchronised gearbox 40 km/h maximum speed Hydrostatic braking on all four wheels Hydrostatic steering with independent pump 2WD and 4WD availability

Fuel tank capacity



2WD 4WD SDF 1000.4 WTI EC TIER III 4/4000 Turbo intercooler

2WD 4WD SDF 1000.4 WTI EC TIER III 4/4000 Turbo intercooler




rpm Nm rpm %

2300 345 1400 28

2300 376 1400 21


DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHTS (with rear tyres) Max. length without link arms Width min.- max. Max. height at safety frame Ground clearance Wheelbase 2WD-4WD Front track min.- max. Rear track min.- max. Weight with safety frame 2WD-4WD TRANSMISSION Gearbox clutch Mechanical gearbox 15 FWD + 15 REV Mechanical gearbox 20 FWD + 20 REV Max. speed Shuttle Rear differential lock Lubrication

BRAKES AND STEERING Braking system Parking brake Hydrostatic steering Steering angle REAR P.T.O. Clutch


litres mm mm mm mm mm mm mm kg


420/85R34 4065 1950-2200 2469 400 2330-2350 1600-2100 1600-2100 3350


electronic dry with double element with horizontal exhaust 100

Operation HYDRAULIC LIFT Rear power lift Maximum lifting capacity Pump delivery Auxiliary hydraulic control valves 3 point linkage (link arms and top link) RH link arm and top link DRIVING POSITION Platform

420/85R34 4075 2050-2250 2469 400 2340-2360 1600-2100 1600-2100 3600

Safety frame

single disc, self adjusting, hydrostatically operated 5 synchronised gears, 3 gears ranges 5 synchronised gears, 4 gears ranges with creeper 40 mechanical, synchronised mechanically operated forced

15 FWD + 15 REV GEARBOX - SPEED IN KM/H AT ENGINE SPEED OF 2350 RPM WITH 18.4 R30 REAR TYRES 1L 2L 3L 4L 1M 5L 2M 3M 4M 1,19 1,6 2,129 3,033 3,79 4,089 5,097 6,782 9,658

1V 11,474

5M 13,024

2V 15,433

Instruments Driver’s seat

3V 20,533

4V 29,242


ENGINE Cylinders/Displacement Aspiration Homologated power at nominal engine speed (2000/25/CE) Nominal engine speed Max. torque Max. torque engine speed Torque backup Cooling Engine control Air cleaner Silencer underhood


oil-immersed disc brake on all four wheels multidisc oil-immersed mechanically actuated reactive type with dedicated pump 50° (4WD) 55° (2WD) multiple discs in oil bath with independent engagement 540-540 ECO-1000-1000 ECON rpm synchronised P.T.O. electro-hydraulically operated, push-button control mechanical kg 4200 l/min. 56 no. ways 4/6 fixed hitching balls automatic hitching mechanical adjustment with tunnel suspended on silent-block four uprights two uprights recliner digital display mechanical adjustment, safety belt

5V 39,431

20 FWD + 20 REV GEARBOX - SPEED IN KM/H AT ENGINE SPEED OF 2350 RPM WITH 18.4 R30 REAR TYRES 1R 2R 3R 4R 1L 5R 2L 3L 4L 1M 5L 2M 3M 4M 1V 5M 2V 3V 4V 5V 0,423 0,569 0,757 1,078 1,19 1,454 1,6 2,129 3,033 3,79 4,089 5,097 6,782 9,658 11,474 13,024 15,43 20,53 29,24 39,43

The above specifications refer to tractors with all available equipment. For standard equipment and options, refer to the current price list and ask your local dealer for details.

Published by the Marketing Dept. - Cod. 308.8170.3.2-1 - 10/10 - CFV

Technical data and illustrations are guidelines only. As our aim at LAMBORGHINI is to deliver a product that increasingly satisfies customer requirements, we reserve the right to update this information at any time, without notice.


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