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CV 80

SDF series 1000 TIER III engines, turbo intercooler aspirated with 3 cylinders 12 forward + 8 reverse gears with creeper 3-speed PTO: 540/540ECO/1000 Open centre hydraulic system available with 42+18 l/min capacity pump and 6/8 way remote valves with flow control Oil-immersed band steering brakes with servo-assisted hydraulic operation Robustness and versatility from a compact crawler Dry track chains with 4/5 roller per track ensure an ample footprint

ENGINE Cylinders/Displacement Aspiration Maximum homologated power (2000/25/CE) Maximum power (2000/25/CE) Rated speed Max. torque Max. torque speed Torque reserve Cooling Engine control Engine control Under-hood silencer Fuel tank capacity TRACKS Chain Rollers and track tensioners Bottom rollers per track Carrier rollers per track Shoes per track Carriage covers Shoe width Support surfaces







HP/kW rpm Nm rpm %

82/60 2200 310 1600 15,8 water-oil electronic dry, with safety cartridge and dust ejector with side exhaust 73




SDF TIER III ENGINE 3/3000 Turbo Intercooler

Steering clutches Steering brakes Clutch and brake Service brakes HYDRAULIC LIFT Rear lift Max. lifting capacity Pump delivery Auxiliary hydraulic control valves Heavy duty 3 point linkage with link arms and top link DRIVING POSITION Safety frame Instrumentation Driving seat Gear levers Shuttle levers

dry in oil bath no. no. no.





mm cm²

280 7252

310 8370

1 35 sheet metal 310/360 opt

360 11340

single plate dry clutch rpm 540-540 ECO-1000 mechanical multi-disc, oil bath, hydraulically operated, servoassisted band brakes, oil bath, hydraulically operated, servoassisted operation sequential, lever under dashboard pedal operated mechanical, draft, position and mixed control Kg 2500 l/min. 42 + 18 no.ways 6/8 way with flow deviator fixed coupling folding analogue pneumatic suspension with seat belt central to side of dashboard

heavy dutyfront frame 2+2 side weights, 40 kg each

Ballast DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHTS Max. length with link arms Width Max. height at hood Ground clearance Wheelbase Track Weight with safety frame TRANSMISSION Gearbox clutch Mechanical gearbox 8 FWD + 8 REV Mechanical gearbox 12 FWD + 8 REV Shuttle

1L 1,51

1 SR 0,52

2L 2,01

2 SR 0,69

3 SR 0,84

mm mm mm mm mm mm kg

3065 1180 1212 232 1410 900 3160


1434 1230 250

1430 969 3330

1602 1575

1124 3476

1242 3490

dry, single disc 4 synchronised gears, 2 ranges, (min. speed: 1.57 km/h) 4 synchronised gears, 2 ranges, + creeper (min. speed: 0.52 km/h) mechanical

3L 2,46

4 SR 1,25

8 FWD + 8 REV GEARBOX - SPEEDS IN KM/H AT 2350 RPM 4L 1V 2V 3,67 4,61 6,12

12 FWD + 8 REV GEARBOX - SPEEDS IN KM/H AT 2350 RPM 1L 2L 3L 4L 1,51 2,01 2,46 3,67

1V 4,61

3V 7,50

2V 6,12

4V 11,20

3V 7,50

4V 11,20

PLEASE NOTE: REVERSE SPEEDS ARE SLIGHTLY LOWER THAN THE CORRESPONDING FORWARD SPEEDS The above specifications refer to the most complete level of equipment available. See the current price list and ask your local dealer for further information on standard and optional equipment.

Issued by Lamborghini Marketing Dept. - Code 308.8177.3.2-2 - 02/10 - CFV I.P.

Technical data and illustrations are purely indicative. Lamborghini continuously strives to satisfy customer requirements, and therefore reserves the right to modify its products at any moment and without prior notice.


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