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SIX 110

SDF 1000 series 4-cylinder TIER III turbo-intercooled engines 16+16 transmission with creeper or Hi-Lo and synchronized shuttle P.T.O. with oil-immersed multi-disc clutch, 3 speeds: 540/540ECO/1000 Open centre hydraulic system available with dual pump rated 52 + 25 l/min. Oil-immersed band steering brakes with hydrostatic servo Driving position on flat platform with silent-block mounts Lubricated track chains with 6 rollers per track, providing a large footprint

ENGINE Cylinders / Displacement Air intake Maximum power, Homologated (2000/25/EC) Maximum power (2000/25/EC) Rated speed Maximum torque Speed at maximum torque Torque rise Cooling Engine control (governor) Engine air filter Silencer under hood Fuel tank capacity TRACKS

n°/cm³ (HP/kW)


(HP/kW) rpm Nm rpm %

102/75 2,300 376 1,600 21.3 liquid-oil electronic dry type with safety element and dust unloader with vertical exhaust adjacent to ROPS upright 130 16.9 R30 dry lubricated oil-immersed 6 1 40 450 14,292 8 front weights, 40 kg each 2+2 side weights, 40 kg each


Track chains Rollers and track idlers Bottom rollers Top rollers Cleats per track Cleat width Footprint

n° n° n° mm cm²

Front ballast weights

DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHTS Length Width Track width Ground clearance Wheelbase Weight TRANSMISSION Gearshift clutch All-mechanical 16 FWD + 16 REV All-mechanical 16 FWD + 16 REV Shuttle Lubrication

REAR P.T.O. Clutch Speeds Operation BRAKES AND STEERING

N SDF TIER III 4/4,000 Turbo-Intercooled

mm mm mm mm mm kg


C.110 SIX

oil-immersed multi-disc rpm 540-540 ECO-1000 hydraulic servo

Steering clutches

oil-immersed multi-disc with hydrostatic servo

Steering brakes

oil-immersed band type with hydraulic servo

Clutch-brake control Service brakes HYDRAULIC LIFT

sequential, via levers under the instrument panel pedal operated

Rear lift Maximum lifting capacity Rated flow of pumps Auxiliary spool valves Heavy Duty three point linkage (lift links and top link) DRIVING POSITION Platform Rollover protective structure Shift levers Shuttle lever Accelerator Driving seat

mechanical with draft, position and mix control kg 3,000 l/min. 52 + 25 with dual pump n° ports 6/10 with flow control with fixed link ends and auto hitch mounted on silent-block bushes with 4 posts sunshade roof and 4 work lights right of driving seat right of driving seat hand throttle and decelerator pedal mechanically adjustable with seat belt air suspension with seat belt

3472 1800 1350 400 1850 5470

pedal operated 4-speed synchromesh gearbox with 2 ranges + Hi-Lo (minimum speed: 1.33 km/h 4-speed synchromesh gearbox with 2 ranges + creeper (minimum speed: 0.61 km/h mechanical, synchronized pressure circuit + transmission oil cooler

1 L Lo 1.15

1L 1.38

°16 FWD + 16 REV TRANSMISSION WITH SHUTTLE AND HI-LO - SPEEDS IN KM/H AT 2,500 ENGINE RPM 2 L Lo 2L 3 L Lo 3L 4 L Lo 4L 1 H Lo 1H 2 H Lo 2H 1.49 1.79 1.92 2.32 2.83 3.40 3.66 4.40 4.76 5.76

3 H Lo 6.14

3H 7.39

4 H Lo 9.04

4H 11.07

1 L Cr 0.40

2 L Cr 0.52

°16 FWD + 16 REV TRANSMISSION WITH SHUTTLE AND CREEPER - SPEEDS IN KM/H AT 2,500 ENGINE RPM 3 L Cr 4 L Cr 1L 1 H Cr 2L 2 H Cr 3L 3 H Cr 4L 4 H Cr 0.66 0.98 1.38 1.84 1.79 2.39 2.31 3.08 3.40 4.20

1H 4.78

2H 6.22

3H 8.03

4H 11.07

N.B.: REVERSE SPEEDS ARE SLIGHTLY HIGHER THAN THE CORRESPONDING FORWARD SPEEDS °The above specifications refer to the highest equipment package available. For information on equipment levels and options, refer to the current price list and contact your local dealer for details.

Produced by the Marketing Service - p/n 308.8167.3.2-3 - 09/12 - CFV

°Technical data and pictures are guideline only. Committed to delivering a product more and more in line with your needs, LAMBORGHINI reserves the right to update the specifications of its machines at any time without notice.


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