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All about Arrowtown

There is something magical yet simple about the Arrowtown Autumn Festival. Perhaps the magic is the simplicity. Thousands of people, visitors and locals alike, flooded into this quaint little village on the Northwest corner of the Whakatipu Basin over ANZAC weekend. Why? To look at trees, smile, laugh and cheer the classic kiwi community spirit that has driven this festival for decades. Nothing flashy, just kids (and adults) having fun. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Success in a nutshell, on a golden wilding tree leaf. Here lays the conundrum for Arrowtown. We have a very active environmentally focussed community who are passionate about eradicating wilding trees on the hills above the village. Douglas Fir we can all do without, chop chop.

However many of the rest are the very reason for this magical display, that drives not only a fun long weekend of festivities, but also economically drives the marketing of the entire district over the months of April and May. Where to stop the chop, is the question the local community is asking itself. Wilding tree control is a massive issue here, as it is in Central Otago and the Mackenzie Basin too. Everywhere that rolling tussock country is easily invaded by wilding trees.

Drawing a line around Arrowtown will of course require ongoing control above the line. That comes at a cost. But is the cost worth it for the kind of magic Arrowtown is famous for at this time of year. I am 100% sure it is. Chop the Douglas Fir and leave the Autumn colours. Tens of thousands of visitors, along with the marketing people at the APBA and DQ, along with all our local businesses that get an autumn colour sugar rush, will also agree, it would be absolute insanity to kill this golden goose.

Speaking of golden geese, Arrowtown has also been making news for its ‘shared use trial’ of the main street recently. Complete pedestrianisation is complete nonsense and not one single resident I know supports this. So you have to wonder, why open up a “let’s talk” conversation on the topic?

It’s our town, we live here. We drive down the main street, admittedly very slowly, and always have since the days of horse and cart. This makes it a reallife, working, hustle and bustle main street, not a fake, empty tourist attraction. Will the bureaucrats sitting in City Hall (Queenstown) just stop trying to kill this magical little village. Pedestrianised main street becomes a vacant “Mall” surrounded by 12 metre high penthouse holiday homes for Aussies and Aucklanders. Neat. This does not sound like a great little village atmosphere that has worked so well for 162 years.

Traffic calming is fine, tidy up our muddy fringes for sure. Big tick and our appreciation for that. But the last thing we need is to turn off the local engagement with our CBD. We don’t need to look very far, just over there, in Queenstown Bay, to see how cutting locals out of the CBD works for heart and soul of a town.

Scott Stevens


Health - Frustration grows as future vacant rest home beds lie in limbo

There’s growing frustration in local health circles with no firm decisions being made on the future use of the current 34-bed Lake Wakatipu Care Centre rest-home located next to the Lakes District Hospital, which will be vacated later this year.

Local health care professionals, doctors and elderly health advocates are hoping for community consultation on how to use of the wing, now over 30 years old and in need of an internal upgrade.

Lakes District Hospital and the Lake Wakatipu Care Centre share the Health NZ – Te Whatu Ora-owned building at Frankton, formerly known as the Wakatipu Home. Health NZ currently contracts age-related residential care services at the centre to Arvida Queenstown Country Club with the Country Club leasing the current site.

Health NZ– Te Whatu Ora – Southern regional manager for Ageing Well, Te Waipounamu, Mardi Fitzgibbon says Health NZ is still looking at what it could use the vacant space for, but ‘it’s early days yet’ – a similar media response to that given early last year. She wouldn’t be drawn on possibilities that are being explored for the site, including whether the extra 34-dual-use rest home-hospital level bed wing would be used for an extension to Lakes District Hospital.

Wakatipu PHO (Primary Health Organisation) founder in the early 2000s, Dr Hans Raetz says the former Southern District Health Board has known for at least five years that that wing would be vacated. “There’s no excuse for that lack of planning,” Raetz says. “They’ve not planned anything and have no budget for extra space in Queenstown,” he says. “As usual they’ll wait until it’s glaringly obvious that there’s a need here then start emergency planning.”

While it would make logical sense to use the old 34-bed aged care space for an extension to Lakes District Hospital facilities, he suspects there will not be sufficient government funding available. “That’s likely to be part of the reason for any delay to a decision, but with the new Dunedin Public Hospital likely to outgrow its size quickly it would be great to have extra beds in Queenstown.”

He says while it’s expensive to turn a wing like that into a hospital level facility, it could potentially be turned into a ‘decanting facility’ for patients’ post-surgery, or once they’ve been stabilised at a major public hospital, which would require significantly less investment.

Former long-time Queenstown GP and WellSouth clinical lead Dr Richard Macharg believes any proposal for the future of the old, aged care facility attached to the hospital should involve consultation between all parties. “It would be good if we are kept in the loop about Te Whatu Ora Southern’s plans as any solution must be a cooperative one. At this stage we haven’t heard anything,” he says.

Lakes District Hospital Foundation chairperson Jon Bitcheno, whose group fundraises for shortfalls in government funding on hospital projects, says the foundation has also been discussing possible future uses for the wing with hospital management.

“We’ve had that on the agenda this last 12 months,” he says. A range of uses have been raised, including housing particular medical equipment, an expansion for the Emergency Department, or other hospital services. “We are always guided by hospital management,” Bitcheno says. He’s not surprised no decision has been made saying that the decision doesn’t rest with hospital management alone.

The foundation was established to cover any District Health Board shortfalls and has raised $1m for a CT scanner at the hospital and built a ‘Whanau Room’ for people accompanying out of town patients. If any future use of the wing wasn’t funded then the foundation would help fund it, he says. “That’s something we’d fundraise for, absolutely. If it’s not going to be government funded and the hospital management thought it was the best use of the space, and the community agreed, we would get on board.”

Bitcheno says any decision should be planned carefully. “It’s a specific space and there’s nowhere else there to expand. Once it’s gone, that’s it, so it’s important to take the time to get it right, he says.

Wakatipu Care Trust chairperson Michael White says his group has discussed possible uses for the wing, but also stressed the community should be consulted on whatever is decided. The trust was established after a public meeting to consult on the need for a local hospice facility and got a resounding ‘yes’. “If that was something we were to raise funds for some of the elderly wing beds could be used for that,” White says.

Abbeyfield NZ chairman Simon Hayes agrees the wing was built as part of local health services and should remain as that. “There’s increasing demand for everything from mental health facilities to respite care, Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, the Cancer Society,” he says. “You could look at a combined use. The Country Club isn’t the answer to all our needs for elderly people looking at end of life options for living and care,” he says. “The reality is a lot of people can’t afford to go to the Country Club and not everyone who is older can afford health insurance.”

Local MP Joseph Mooney says he’s awaiting information from Health NZ about its plans and has confidence that they will be factoring in the growth in healthcare needs for Queenstown Lakes. It’s great that the new facility is being built by Arvida as “care for the elderly is an important part of the specific healthcare needs of this area”.

The aging Lake Wakatipu Care Centre formerly Wakatipu Home attached to Lakes District Hospital

Elderly home residents on the move

All 34 Lake Wakatipu Care Centre residents will move to the new Arvida aged care facility currently under construction at Queenstown Country Club later this year.

Arvida communications manager Robbie Walker says Queenstown Country Club has given all current centre residents the option to move into the brand new, 62-care-suite facility, with no extra cost incurred, unless they want to upgrade to a premium suite. “At this stage we’d expect that most, if not all, of the Lake Wakatipu Centre residents will be directly transferring to Arvida Queenstown Country Club Care Centre,” he says. “We’ll know more when we are closer to the completion of the new care centre towards the end of the year.”

With 62 suites at the new three-level care facility, there will be plenty of room for new resident’s keen to move in and Walker says they’ve received lots of interest already. The care suites will offer rest home, hospital, and dementia-levels of care.

Staff at the current centre are planning to move all residents across to their new home on the same day with help from their families, some of whom say the elderly residents are excited to move into the nice new centre. “We’re working on a plan to transfer all residents in a smooth transition,” Walker says. “We will have additional team members available on the day and we’ll be encouraging families to join us too.”

Fitzgibbon says while Queenstown Country Club will take all current residents who want to move into the new centre, they are also free to choose to relocate to any other aged residential care facility in the region.

QUEENSTOWN DHARMA CENTRE, 12 LAKE ST TUE (7 May) @ 6:30pm, “Deepening Mindfulness” with Grant Rix SUN (12 May) @ 10am, “Cultivating Awareness” followed by “Social Sunday” Dana for the teacher gratefully accepted. See www.dharmacentre.org.nz or FB

Example of new care suites available at Arvida Queenstown Country Club. Image supplied


Police have been dealing with some alcohol-fuelled aggression with fighting and late-night assaults occurring in downtown Queenstown this past week. Police were called to Queenstown Mall after reports that six or seven males were fighting at 1.15am on 27 April. Community and Youth Constable Amanda Shute says once the fight had dispersed a verbal argument occurred between a person involved in the fight and another male. “This male has then allegedly pushed the other causing him to fall through a window of a local clothing store.” An 18-year-old Queenstown male has been charged with wilful damage and will appear in the Queenstown District Court on 3 May. It’s not known if the victim was injured as he’d left the scene before Police arrived, but Shute says they’d like to speak to him.

On Anzac Day at 6.46pm Police were called to a Church Street bar after an intoxicated male had been refused service. The man had then allegedly assaulted a staff member and caused damage in the bathroom, Shute says. “He was charged with wilful damage and common assault and is due to reappear in the Queenstown District Court on 21 June.

A 32-year-old Queenstown male was also given a formal warning for assaulting another male, allegedly punching him in the back of the head, after a verbal altercation in Camp Street at 6pm on 27 April.

Two males from out of town have also been given formal warnings after allegedly being found fighting, also in Camp Street, not long after at 4am on 28 April.

Shute says Police are seeing an increase in dishonesty offences like shoplifting, particularly from local supermarkets, possibly due to the high cost of living at present. “If people are struggling then there are services available to them like Ministry of Social Development emergency grants,” she says. “We’d also urge people in difficult positions to reach out to other help agencies like the Salvation Army and Happiness House for support.”

Meanwhile, the drink driving offences continue. A 28-year-old Queenstown male allegedly blew 894mcg/l of breath when he was pulled over and breath tested in Goldfield Heights at 5pm on 29 April. An alleged repeat offender, the man will face charges in the Queenstown District Court of driving with excess breath alcohol, third or subsequent, and driving contrary to an alcohol interlock licence.

Two drivers also received infringement notices for allegedly driving with breath alcohol levels exceeding 250mcgs, but not more than 400 mcgs, after being stopped at a checkpoint in Frankton on 26 April.

Police are urging any would-be new recruits to turn up to their recruitment seminar at the Queenstown station in Camp Street at 7pm on Wednesday, 8 May. They’re looking for “self-motivated, community minded people who can think on their feet and keep calm under pressure”, Shute says. “We’re looking for interest from all parts of our community as we strive for a Police force that reflects the diverse composition of our community.” Anyone aged 18 and over who’s interested in joining the Police is welcome. The seminar is aimed at providing information and answering any questions that prospective applicants may have. Register your interest for this event by emailing Sergeant Simon Matheson on simon.matheson@police.govt.nz

To volunteer for Community Patrol email: queenstown@cpnz.org.nz


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Frontline legend – Fae Robertson retires

She’s been the bright and shining frontline star of Queenstown’s tourism industry for 65 years, greeting visitors from around the world with her unique effervescence and style. There’s never a bad day when Queenstown’s most treasured travel consultant Fae Robertson’s around – rained out Milford flights, snow closed roads, or not.

Fae, 80, retired from the i-Site Visitor Centre in the Clock Tower building on Sunday, May 5, after first starting an apprenticeship in the job, aged 15 in 1958, for the then Government Tourist Bureau.

In those days she worked in the old Railways office on what is now Steamer Wharf. “I’d have a phone on each shoulder with people on hold all over New Zealand, while I rang the hotels and motels to book them.”

Apart from a few years working part-time while her kids were small, Fae’s been at it ever since, selling everything from lake launch rides on The Muritai and Moana, to Earnslaw cruises to Kinloch and Routeburn morning teas. Farmers would line up too, wanting to book cattle on the Earnslaw to Glenorchy. “There was very little sightseeing back then,” she recalls. “There was one jetboat on the lake.”

Fresh out of school with a strict Catholic upbringing, Mum’s rules were ‘no nylons’, so Fae would climb the stile in Gorge Road on her way home from work and sneak her white sockets back on.

It was a culture shock at times.

“A wee lavender lace lady in a dress hat, and gloves carrying a handbag came to book two rooms in Milford but there was only one double available,” Fae says.

“She said, ‘Oh, that’s fine. We’re friends, Darling.’ My face must’ve been a picture as I was a good Catholic child and so shocked,” Fae laughs. “I didn’t tell Mum about that one.”

“In the early days we did 10hour days with four days off.”

When the office became NZTP Travel (New Zealand Tourist and Publicity Department), Fae’s public speaking strengths saw her sent to Melbourne to sell NZ to the Aussies for six weeks, accommodated at the High Commissioner’s home. When private i-Site owners took over she and others were made redundant, but within two weeks they’d called Fae back to train the other staff.

Trained in body language to help with her 31 years of volunteering for Victim Support,

Fae can get even the surliest early-morning grump to crack a smile, like the man who wanted a trip to Milford. “It was really uncomfortable, so I said, ‘Would you like to fly?

We have some nice choices. An aircraft with or without an engine? It still flies quite well.

Do you want to sit outside? It’s autumn so that’s weather dependent,’” Fae chuckles.

“You don’t want to start the day with a grump.”

That man came back several times during his stay to book trips through Fae.

Fae on the job back in the NZTP days

The Council Word

Help save our stuff!

Got a clever idea for reducing waste or finding other ways to make use of stuff we normally throw away? Grants from QLDC’s Waste Minimisation Community Fund are available to help local groups, schools and businesses make a real difference. Applications close 17 May. More info at qldc.govt.nz/wmcf

Rabbit night shooting

Professional contractors will be carrying out night shooting to control rabbits on the western Lake Hayes Walkway between Marshall Ave and Rutherford Rd. The operation is scheduled to take place from 8.00pm-2.00am on 7 May, 14 May, 18 June and 25 June but, being weather dependent, these dates might change. The area will be cordoned off with signage and personnel at all main entry points. Noise from firearms, while suppressed, might be heard around the area. Find full details and a map at qldc.govt.nz/pest-control

Upcoming meetings & workshops

Did you know most Council and committee formal meetings and workshops are open to the public with some livestreamed and recorded? These are great opportunities to find out about decisions elected members are making for the district and your community. For times, venues and agendas visit qldc.govt.nz/your-council/meetings-committees

Collect leaves to protect waterways

Autumn is beautiful but fallen leaves can block pipes, cause overflows and degrade water quality. Help protect our stormwater network, lakes and rivers by collecting leaves and lawn clippings on your property, then turn them into compost or mulch them to protect your plants and soil.

Experts on earthquakes

As part of the national ‘A lot on our plates’ campaign, a panel of science experts will be answering questions sourced from members of the public. The panel will be livestreamed on Facebook from 7.00-8.00pm on Wednesday 15 May. Find out more at facebook.com/AlpineFault8

Alcohol licence applications

All recently lodged alcohol licence applications are on our website. Any objections must be made within 15 working days of the public notice being published. Visit qldc.govt.nz/services/alcohol-licensing

Arts funding

Got a creative idea or arts project and need funding support? Grants of up to $2,000 are available from the Central Lakes Arts Support Scheme (CLASS). For more info and an application form visit qldc.govt.nz/community-funding

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Celebration of cycling pedals into town

The Big Bike Film Night celebrates cycling in all its different shapes and forms. The programme aims to inspire, featuring a great mix of short films designed for two-wheel enthusiasts. Film goers can expect to be taken on a journey around the world, meeting some incredible characters and passionate cycling advocates, and in the words of the organiser – some bike nutters as well!

This year is the film night’s 10th year and since humble beginnings in Taupō, it has now expanded across Aotearoa and beyond to Australia, Scotland and London. It started in response to vandalism of a biking statue that had recently been erected in Taupō. Now, organiser Brett Cotter’s mission is to bring the best cycling short films from around the world together in one event. “There was a real outcry in the local community, and I thought, let’s turn this negative into a positive – let’s see if I can do a film festival that celebrates cycling and spread the joy but also help get some money to go towards the statue’s restoration and repairing it,” Cotter says. “We had a phenomenal night that night and people came up afterwards saying ‘that was awesome’ and ‘that was amazing.’ So I was able to donate $2,500 and then thought that this could be a nice little garage project – it’s grown over those ten years to be the beautiful beast that it is now, touring extensively across New Zealand and Australia and these little pockets of joy around other places in the world as well.”

The first time Cotter thought to take the programme outside of New Zealand was in 2017 when someone from Hobart reached out and asked if he’d considering bringing it across the ditch. It started with three screenings in Hobart, Melbourne and Canberra and continued to grow from there Double Everest is one of this year’s films and is shot against Queenstown’s panoramic backdrop. It follows boundary-pushing rider Ben Hildred on his latest quest – to do a double Everest. Everesting is a feather few cyclists have in their caps and its concept is fiendishly simple; pick a hill and complete repeats of it in a single ride until you climb 8,848m – the equivalent height of Mt Everest. “For Ben, it’s just another mountain bike ride, but for us mere mortals, it’s utterly bonkers and brilliant; that’s why I love it,” Cotter says.

“The New Zealand films are a real stand out. There’s a really fantastic film called OnWORD. WORD is a non-profit volunteer organisation based in Wellington – WORD stands for World Off-road Riding Department and aims to teach children from ages 11 to 17 to get connected with cycling and the outdoors. A group of the youth riders ride from Wellington to Wānaka and OnWORD is their story. It’s fantastic because in today’s cycling world you see so many stories about 40, 50 and 60 year olds, so to see a story about youth actively doing this is super inspiring for the younger youth to see what they’re doing.”

Each year films can be submitted through the Big Bike Film Night website. The films may be about road cycling, mountain biking, BMX, adventurebased, documentaries, humorous, or something entirely different so long as it shows bicycles in some form. The tour is not a competition, but rather a space for filmmakers to showcase their work, receive merit, help to build international exposure and contribute towards a stronger and more vibrant bike culture.

“A story is a story – it can be animated, it can be cartoon, it can be traumatic, non-fiction, fiction – I’m looking for something that’s actually quite original and creative, but also inspiring to get people out to ride. Our 2024 collection has been the strongest contingent of Kiwi films in the collection, we’ve got four films from New Zealand and six international films. It’s always been about 30-40% New Zealand, and I think New Zealand films provide a heritage story that we can connect with but are also inspiring for international people to see these New Zealand films as well.”

The Big Bike Film Night will screen at Arrowtown Athenaeum Hall on Tuesday, 14 May at 7pm and the Wānaka Community Hub on Wednesday 15 May at 4pm and 7:30pm and on Thursday 16 May at 7pm. The tour will also head to Alexandra and Te Anau as well, you can head to bigbikefilmnight.nz to read more about the programme, stops on the tour, and to pick up tickets.

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Support our cause and win daily prizes throughout May by joining our World Challenge Fundraising Raffle, helping send students on a life-changing expedition to Nepal.

Buy a raffle scanning the QR code.

ALL SPORTS. ALL DAY. LIVE & LOUD | OPEN FROM 12PM | FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM FOR ALL UPCOMING SPORTING EVENTS Tuesday TACO TACO HALF PRICE TACOS UNTIL 9PM Wednesday WING IT WEDNESDAYS HALF OFF WINGS UNTIL 9PM SMOTHERED OR DRY RUBBED | 21 FLAVOURS Thursday BIG DAWG DAY HALF OFF BIG DAWGS UNTIL 9PM Friday BURGER DEAL $2 OFF ANY BURGER 12 PM - 5 PM Saturday BREWDAY $5 OFF SELECTED JUGS 12PM5PM Sunday CAESAR SUNDAYS $2 OFF CAESARS & BLOODY MARYS ALL DAY LONG Monday TRIVIA NIGHT Every Monday at 6:30PM $200 Total Bar Tabs for 1st & 2nd Place! Tuesday GRIZZLY Free Entry 9pm to Late Wednsday Silent Disco 2 Venues - 3 DJ’s 9PM Free Entry Thursday BENNY PAGE Free Entry! 9PM to Late! Friday Knock Off w GRIZZLY 9PM Free Entry all Night Saturday LEW Party till Late Sunday Danny Atkinson Live 5pm - Late Live in the Beer Garden Monday Burger Mondays $25 Burger’n’Beer Deal! 5pm Onwards OPEN FROM 12PM 7 DAYS A WEEK | WILL DRIVER LIVE 7-11PM TUESDAY - SUNDAY Tuesday Karaoke & Open Mic Night from 9pm Wednesday Surreal’s Famous Quiz 7pm Thursday James Fer Upstairs 5pm-8pm Friday DJ Swisha Upstairs 8pm – Midnight Saturday Danny Atkinson Upstairs 5pm-8pm Sunday Live Music & DJs 5pm – late Everyday Happy Hour Every Day 4pm - 6pm CROWNE PLAZA, GROUND FLOOR, 93 BEACH STREET, QT Happy Hour from 4pm – 6pm Corona bucket $30. Wine $9. Tap Beer $9. Cocktails $14 Local Dinner Offer $60 per person 2 Course Dinner Menu including a house wine or beer. Complimentary valet parking. 03 442 5360 Everyday $7.50 QMTBC/ Hivepass membership handles Everyday Locals Loyalty Rewards Everyday Book our taproom for EVENTS Saturday Saturdaze DJ LIVE 4-7pm DJ Chris Langston Thursday-Saturday Stein & Pizza Deal $32 Thursday-Saturday Jug & Pizza Deal $56 (*TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY) Tuesday $10 Hot dogs* Wednesday All you can eat meat $40pp* Thursday $18 Schnitty* Sunday Kids eat free!* Everyday HAPPY HOUR 4:30pm to 6pm Monday $16 Burgers* Tuesday to Saturday New Dinner Menu! 5pm - Late! Book Ahead or Stroll In! Wednesday SKETCH CLUB! Free to Join in Draw Anything 6pm Thursday Open Mic Night Free EntryEquipment Provided, 9PM Friday Charlie C Live DJ Spritz Specials 5pm-Late Saturday Lunar Intruder Free Entry! Doors from 9pm Sunday ODDISEE Tickets Online! Selling Fast!
Everything Else


Wao Film Festival

Embark on a cinematic journey celebrating the wonders of our world at the Wao Film Festival, running from 9-12 May at the Wānaka Community Hub, both in-person and online. This year’s lineup of films ranges from a deep dive into the micro beauty of life on this planet to addressing some of the biggest climate issues we’re facing. Through award-winning films and documentaries, audiences will be transported to breathtaking landscapes and engaged in stories that inspire a profound connection with nature. Join us in exploring ‘A Wonderful World’ and secure your tickets at wao.co.nz for an unforgettable experience of inspiration and reflection.

When: Wānaka Community Hub, 34 McDougall Street

Where: Thursday, 9 May through Sunday, 12 May

This exhibition explores a timeline of comic book art and working drawings, from the 1930s through to today’s graphic novels. Comic books have been an integral part of popular culture for nearly a century, with their roots tracing back to the early 1900s. Journey through a timeline of comic books and poster art, from the 1930s through to today’s graphic novels, alongside working drawings from some of New Zealand’s leading graphic artists, and have a go at creating some of your own comic book art.

When: Daily until June 20, 10am-3pm

Where: Te Atamira, Remarkables Park, Hawthorn Drive, Frankton

‘Writing Short Stories’ Workshop with B.G. Rogers @ Queenstown Library

QLDC Libraries is celebrating local writers with inspiring author talks and creative workshops. Local author Bethany Rogers will explore the art of the short story writing in this week’s author talk. Bethany’s debut collection, Kaleidoscopes in the Dark, was released in 2022 after she was selected for the New Zealand Society of Authors mentorship programme for emerging writers. This is a free event, and to reserve a spot please email queenstown.library@qldc.govt.nz or call (03) 441 0600.

When: Saturday, 11 May, 10.30am-11.30am

Where: Queenstown Library, Gorge Road

Mother’s Day Lunch at Base Camp

Base Camp in Glenorchy have announced that this Mother’s Day, Base Camp Food Over Fire will be serving lunch for the very first time. The menu is a decision-free banquet style lunch, with something for everyone. Enjoy an authentic Southern Alps dining experience with all food cooked in cast iron over wood fire.


Adult (13+): $70, Child (6-12): $35, Infant (0-5): BYO Food. To book, use the QR code.

When: Sunday 12th May, 1pm - 4pm

Where: 49 Oban Street, Glenorchy 9372

Cook Around The World

Happiness House and The Kiwi Kit Community Trust is holding free bi-weekly cooking sessions hosted in collaboration with the diverse ethnic communities of Tāhuna | Queenstown. Every class represents a new culture and is hosted by a Queenstown community member. Everyone is invited to learn new recipes while celebrating community togetherness! Spaces are limited to 10 so take a look online for more and to reserve your spot at www.thekiwikitcommunity.org

When: Tuesday 7 and 21 May, 10am-1pm

Where: Happiness House, 4 Park Street, Queenstown

The Repair Revolution

The Repair Revolution is back! Sustainable Queenstown is holding two FREE, feel-good, volunteer-based events where the Sustainable Queenstown Repair heroes with varied expertise share their skills and knowledge and help you renew, revive, and repair items and keep them out of landfill! Got broken treasures? Favourite jacket ripped? Get it all fixed and learn repair skills for free. Keen to volunteer? Contact Scott at scott@sustainablequeenstown.org.nz

When: Saturday, 11 May, 11am-3pm

Where: Glenorchy Community Hall, 31 Mull Street Glenorchy

When: Saturday, 18 May, 11am-3pm

Where: St. John Presbyterian Church Hall, Arrowtown (Durham St)

Volunteering to protect native nursery

We are partnering with our great friends at the Whakatipu Reforestation Trust to protect their nursery which produces native seedlings. We are looking for volunteers to help out by lopping and pulling pest wilding saplings for a few hours in the sunshine. The Hilton hotel is kindly sponsoring morning tea and snacks. Anyone is welcome, just bring your sturdy footwear, snacks, water and weather protection. Contact volunteer@whakatipuwilding. co.nz or Padraic on 0278870343 for more information.

When: Saturday, 11 May from 10 am

Where: Jardine Park off Poplar Road

FREE VENUE HIRE T&Cs apply, contact us on 03 442 9995 or email queenstown@lonestar.co.nz to plan your next function. T&Cs apply, contact us on 03 442 9995 or email queenstown@lonestar.co.nz to plan your next function. OPEN 7 DAYS: 9am - Late Corner Tex Smith Lane & Hawthorne Drive, Frankton www.superliquor.co.nz | 03 442 9801 | info@slremarkables.co.nz Remarkables Park The bottle store with something more
you would like your show, event, exhibition or meeting promoted in Goings On drop me a line at davidgibbs@qmg.co.nz with the details FILM COMMUNITY AUTHOR TALKS ART EXHIBITION MOTHER’S DAY


Repair Cafe - Sharing Skills, Rescuing Treasures, Changing Culture!

“These are so great! When’s the next one?” “Do you hold these every month? You totally should!” These are common refrains heard by the events team at every Repair Cafe hosted by Sustainable Queenstown as part of their Resourceful Communities program. Our answer, we hold 4 events a year, but it doesn’t have to stop there!

You might walk into our Repair Cafe hoping that your favourite jacket is restored to its former glory with a fixed zip, but you’ll walk out with a warm fuzziness no amount of fleece could provide- and a fixed zip! The heart of these events, our volunteer fixers - a.k.a. Repair Heroes - are passionate about making broken treasures whole again. Their biggest reward is the smile on your child’s face when the wind-up toy with a broken leg starts trotting along its merry way once again. Many are serial Repair Revolutionaries volunteering countless hours over the last few years, some even taking items home if they were a bit of a project - all to rescue items from going into landfill. They love having a chat and want to share their superpowers with youwalk you through the fixing steps, and if you’re keen, maybe even hand you the tools. So, if you’d like to be a DIY daredevil, but lack the confidence or knowledge, ask a Repair Hero, and they might just sprinkle their fairy dust to elevate your skills. So, the next time a button falls off, voila! YOU are the Repair Hero!

Repair Cafes around the world aim to change the way people think about their

belongings, whether it’s buying smart or second-hand, doing maintenance and considering repair. Despite DIY being such an integral part of Aotearoa culture, there are shiny new temptations advertised as affordable and convenient, the cost to our beautiful whenua often overshadowed and brushed aside.

Therefore, we invite the Whakatipu community to BE THE CHANGE! Let our volunteers diagnose the problem, hand you the pliers and guide you with the solution or recommend a professional - Help us grow repair culture one rescued item at a time.

The next Repair Café events

Glenorchy Repair Cafe - Sat 11th May 11am-3pm (Glenorchy Hall, 31 Mull St) Arrowtown Repair Cafe - Sat 18th May 11am - 3pm (St. John Presbyterian, Durham St)

More details on Facebook.com/SustainableQueenstown Got skills? Email Scott@sustainablequeenstown.org.nz to inquire.

Resourceful Communities is created by Wastebusters, and delivered in the Whakatipu by Sustainable Queenstown. These events are proudly supported by QLDC Zero Waste District Programme.

A Prize a Day for the Month of May - Wakatipu High School Fundraising Raffle

Wakatipu High School are organising a 21-day world challenge trip to Nepal in December.

The trip is 3 weeks and the students will be participating in numerous community service activities such as rebuilding schools and assisting in the education of children in local villages, exploring some amazing parts of Nepal, and immersing themselves in the local Nepalese culture.

This will be a life changing trip creating valuable life skills and personal growth opportunities. While the students will be and working in the community, they first need to sell a lot of raffle tickets to fundraise.

The World Challenge Fundraising Raffle is an opportunity to support a great cause while also purchasing a chance to win fabulous prizes every day throughout the month of May! The World Challenge Fundraising Raffle, where each day presents an opportunity to win prizes, while also contributing to sending WHS students to Nepal.

Participation in the World Challenge Fundraising Raffle is simple:

1. Purchase Your Tickets: Tickets for the raffle will be available for purchase for $5 each through our 12 students and teachers’ or by using the QR code underneath. Each ticket grants you entry into the daily prize draw.

2. Watch for Daily Draws: Every day throughout the month of May, a draw is held to select the winner of that day’s prize. Winners are announced via email and the school newsletter.

3. Win Amazing Prizes: From coffee vouchers to Heli-Glenorchy flights, Clutch reformer Pilates classes to a Southern Discoveries Milford Sound Cruise, there’s something for everyone in the lineup of prizes. You can buy raffle tickets here using the QR code



Unsung hero of the hose

Garry Hall’s always been a good guy to have around.

My Life Story

The former Arrowtown Volunteer Fire Chief and lead Wakatipu Rural firefighter, served in these voluntary roles for just under 40 years – 39 in the Arrowtown brigade and about 15 for local Rural Fire. He’s been in the thick of one too many tragedies, extracting seriously injured people from badly mangled cars and fighting back fierce flames to save others and their livelihoods.

But it’s all been in a day’s work – unpaid work, for this practical Southlandborn bloke, who grew up hunting and fishing with his dad, the Invercargillbased inspector for the Pest Destruction Board for the lower South Island.

Garry worked after school from 14, carpet cleaning, and at weekends driving tractors and trucks on farms, heading wheat from 15.

A practical kid, he left school at 15, becoming a builder’s apprentice, eventually moving to Arrowtown in the 1980s. “We were building late one night and noticed this girl jogging along. She slowed to a walk, and we got chatting.” He and Christine married in 1986, the year after Garry joined the Arrowtown Volunteer Fire Brigade at the suggestion of mate Russell Foster, who later joined too. They were both honoured for their long service when they retired recently, along with Greg Potter and Antony O’Connell.

Garry has a wad of Fire Service honours, and even designed the brigade’s unique crest featuring a fern and fire hydrant entwined in autumn colours.

While unfortunately there have been too many real fatalities, communications went a bit awry on Garry’s first call-out. “We’d been called to a ‘bus crash’ past Waitiri Station and were told there were ‘multiple people injured’. We arrived to find a cattle truck had flipped over and cattle were racing around everywhere.”

Sadly, there have been many human fatalities over the years, something the brigade didn’t really deal with in the early days, Garry says. “You just had to get up and do the job with what was at hand.” Garry was instrumental in ensuring there was mental and emotional support for the firefighters returning from such tragedies after he noticed one of the guys had been quite badly affected and needed help. He eventually convinced the Fire Chief of the day that support was vital. The chief’s wife ended up joining Victim Support locally.

“After that we’d always go back to the station and have a cup of coffee or a few beers and talk about what we’d just seen.” Garry would then ring around the team the next day and see how they were doing, talking to their spouses or partners, if necessary, to get them help.

clocked 48-hour long stints, fighting serious fires, working in his roofing maintenance business, then monitoring fire sites again at night while chief. It all called for patience at home. Mates around for a barbecue would often end up cooking as he’d get called out.

Rural fires took Garry as far away as Te Anau, up The Remarkables and over to Alexandra, where the fires were pretty intense.

Helicopter pilots would hover their skids by the truck window, passing the lunches to the firefighters on the back, amid some pretty fierce downdrafts. Garry’s had several close calls on the job in choppers when the odd volunteer has forgotten what they learned in training, their pilots very unimpressed. However, his closest call was in the thick of a fully engulfed building in intense heat and flames during the World Bar blaze in 2013 when the upstairs floor collapsed beneath him. Thankfully, the fall was stopped when he was caught midway by his breathing apparatus and arms, which stopped him falling right through into the flames.

Then there was the training exercise that went wrong, the fire chief of the day none too pleased that the boys had blown up a car in a local contracting yard before Deputy Garry arrived on scene. “The guys had drilled the hole in the side of the petrol tank, not the bottom as instructed,” he grins. “The chief was at home and heard the explosion. He phoned me and yelled some strong expletives. Needless to say, we changed our safety regulations in the 1990s.”

He’s spent thousands of hours fighting fires in the past 40 years.

“You had to be self-employed, or you couldn’t sustain it,” he says. Wife Christine reckons revenue in Garry’s roofing business increased by $20,000 the first year he stepped down as chief. But she always knew what she was signing up for - her father (Mason) and grandfather (Stevenson), both Arrowtown volunteer firefighters.

There have been great times though at brigade functions and fundraisers, Garry also coming up with the idea of fundraising for their own fully kitted 4WD smoke chaser to respond to the ever-increasing number of medical callouts.

He’s been an old romantic too, gold panning up the Arrow River for 18 months finding enough to make his and Christine’s wedding bands. Metal detecting, another hobby and the perfect escape from a busy pager, has taken him as far as Australia too.

LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN Page 14 Get in touch today for a free, no obligation quote. Phone: 027 209 8455 | Email: alex@remarkablecoatings.co.nz www.remarkablecoatings.co.nz Trade N Go available now 162 Glenda Drive, Frankton | 442 9926 | lakesmowers.co.nz
He’s Garry and wannabe fireman grandson Cooper Rushton in matching outfits Garry carrying local bride Kelsi out of the Arrowtown Athenaeum Hall for a laugh after the brigade interrupted wedding celebrations for a call-out to the hall in 2008


La soledad de la migración

Me ha llamado mucho la atención la cantidad de mensajes online que he visto en las últimas semanas sobre gente buscando amigos o compañeros para hacer actividades, de gente que se siente sola y no sabe cómo enfrentar algún problema y acude a las redes sociales en busca de un consejo y de conexión con alguien de la comunidad.

La soledad se ha vuelto común en estos tiempos, especialmente después de la pandemia cuando muchos se vieron forzados a enfrentarla como parte de su rutina diaria. Sin embargo, para los inmigrantes, esta sensación parece ser aún más intensa, debido a los cambios que enfrentamos al alejamos de nuestras raíces.

La soledad del inmigrante no se limita a lo físico; también se manifiesta en la desconexión emocional y cultural. Cuando nos movemos, no sólo dejamos atrás a nuestras familias y amigos, sino también el sistema de apoyo social con el que contábamos.

Al establecernos en un nuevo país empezamos inmediatamente un proceso de adaptación y se vuelve común enfrentar diferencias culturales, buscar un sentido de pertenencia, luchar contra la barrera idiomática y sentirnos extraños en un nuevo lugar. Son bastantes etapas que debemos entender, por eso no hay que ser duro con uno mismo, ya que es todo parte de esta forma de vivir que elegimos.

Muchas veces la soledad se profundiza más aún por la nostalgia, la dificultad de establecer conexiones trascendentes y por sentir invisibilidad social al tratar de integrarnos en una colectividad muy diferente y a veces hostil, lo que puede producir sentimientos de aislamiento y alienación interna.

No obstante, de esta soledad de la migración también nace una oportunidad para el crecimiento personal. Nos abre un espacio para la exploración sobre quiénes somos, nuestros valores y aspiraciones, muy lejos de las expectativas y presiones familiares y sociales de nuestro lugar de origen. Es como tener la oportunidad de descubrir algo en nosotros, que quizás nunca habríamos encontrado quedándonos donde estábamos.

Qué ironía sentir que es un sentimiento compartido por millones de personas en el mundo. Muchas veces podemos encontrar consuelo comunicando nuestra experiencia en las redes sociales y a través de la comunidad donde pertenecemos.

Por eso, valoremos también lo importante de acercamos a grupos que nos hagan sentir más cómodos y así enfrentar estos cambios que son constantes en nuestra vida de inmigrantes.

La comunidad latina en Queenstown es grande y está llena de gente solidaria y amistosa. El Festival de Integración Kiwi/Latina recién pasado nos mostró una vez más cuánto queremos compartir y sentir que pertenecemos. Unámonos aún más, ayudémonos y sobre todo acompañémonos.

Y en última instancia, es a través de la aceptación y la comprensión de esta soledad que los inmigrantes podemos encontrar un nuevo sentido de hogar en el mundo.

• No olviden que mi email está abierto si desean compartir experiencias, ideas, historias o buscar algún tipo de ayuda.

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1.Which actor played Roux in the 2000 film Chocolat?

2.Which Shakespearean character is the son of Queen Gertrude?

3.What is the currency unit of Pakistan?

4.Which creature has species including Daubenton’s and serotine?

5.In which country are the cities of Harbin, Wuhan and Shenyang?

6.“Wi-fi” is a combination of which two words?

7.What term is given to code or software that anyone may modify?

8.What phrase applies to graphics programs which interact with people?

9.What isa flock of partridges called?

10.Which fruit can be found on the top of the trophy for the men’s singles title at Wimbledon?

11.In the novel Treasure Island, what is the name of Long John Silver's parrot?

12.Which singer starred in the 1986 film Shanghai Surprise?

13.As well as scales, what does the blindfolded figure of Justice carry?

14.Who discovered the planet Uranus?

15.What is a more common name for coquille Saint-Jacques?

16.Which herb has the Latin name Salvia officinalis?

17.Who directed the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit trilogies?

18.Peter Griffin is the main character in which animated series?

19.What do the letters HDPE stand for when seen on a plastic item?

20.In which country is the wine-growing Barossa Valley?

21.What term is given to the study of fish?

22.In which city did Shakespeare set Measure for Measure?

23.The moons called Phobos and Deimos belong to which planet of our solar system?

24.Which country is landlocked between China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Burma?

25.What covers 85% of Algeria?

26.Which country used to be known as the Gold Coast?

27.In mythology, who was the lover of the Carthaginian queen Dido?

28.Zeno of Citium founded which ancient Greek school of philosophy?

29.What is the name of Bob the Builder's cat?

30.What gives English mustard its colour?


1. Johnny Depp | 2. Hamlet | 3. Pakistani rupee | 4. Bat | 5. China | 6. Wireless Fidelity | 7. Open source | 8. Virtual reality | 9. A covey | 10. Pineapple | 11. Captain Flint | 12. Madonna | 13. A sword | 14. William Herschel | 15. Scallops | 16. Sage | 17. Peter Jackson | 18. Family Guy | 19. High Density Polyethylene | 20. Australia | 21. Ichthyology | 22. Vienna | 23. Mars | 24. Laos | 25. The Sahara Desert | 26. Ghana | 27. Aeneas | 28. Stoicism | 29. Pilchard | 30. Turmeric.


jet boat driver

Whether you’re already a skilled Jet boat driver or have what it takes to become one; we have an exciting opportunity to join the world’s first commercial Jet boating company.

This is not just a job; it's a lifestyle. You'll be part of a close-knit team, sharing your love for adventure with people from all walks of life. We want passionate individuals who thrive in high-energy environments.

If you're ready to live life in the fast lane, possess some mechanical knowledge, and have a burning desire for adventure, then come and join our team of adrenaline junkies!

For entry level Jet boat drivers, we have a training program, so a two-year fixed term contract will apply. KJet thrill customers year-round, so this full-time position will include weekend and public holiday work.

For more information and to apply please email your CV to brett@kjet.co.nz

April 2024 - 6 May 2024

Ph: 03 409 2800



Wood-firedeatery&drink(ery) HEADCHEFWANTEDAT

Asournewheadchef,weinviteyoutotakethe helmofouropenkitchen,leadourpassionate teamanddrivetheevolutionofourwood-fired cuisine.Lead,learnandgrowwithSUNDAYS.

scanandapplyhereoremail people@wearesundays.co.nz

Staysouth.com Ltd. is a 7 day/week property management company managing boutique & individually owned luxury apartments and villas in and around Queenstown. We are a small team of key like-minded people who enjoy working with each other and we are looking to add to the team and recruit:

• A weekend “Reservations & Concierge” superstar

• A “Head of Housekeeping” to run our team of housekeepers and all housekeeping stock, linen and amenities

• A “Housekeeping Supervisor” with a keen eye for detail to work alongside our cleaners and help the Head of Housekeeping and the Operations Manager run a successful housekeeping team and maintain our properties to the highest of standards

All positions require you to be:

• Motivated, mature, reliable, honest, a hard and efficient worker with a keen eye for detail

• Able to work alone as well as within a team

• Able to communicate fluently in English – both verbal and written

• Able to work weekends

• Have a full driver’s license without restrictions or convictions If you think any of the above could be a job for you and you are interested in applying or receiving more information; simply email a cover letter with your CV and an indication of which position you are interested in to sonya@staysouth.com

Page 17

Ph: 03 409 2800



We are currently seeking a licensed DUTY MANAGER

wanting to take the next step... All the usual requirements: must hold a valid work visa, speak fluent English and of course have a Duty Managers cert or being willing to obtain one.

Also looking for LINE COOK/KITCHEN


Send CV’s to manager@smithscraftbeer.co.nz or apply in person and speak to Pat or Chris.


Experienced Cabinet Maker

Bring our clients designs to life by producing expertly crafted pieces of furniture and cabinetry.

Come and join our experienced team at One Dog Furniture in the heart of Frankton, minimum 5 years experience in cabinet making working with solid timber, veneers and particleboard, with trade certification NZ or equivalent.

Enquires to info@onedogfurniture.co.nz or ph 03 451 0010


Skilled and Unskilled Labourers

Traffic Controllers

Looking for casual, temporary or long term work??

Queenstown Personnel and Labour Hire are looking for labourers for a variety of jobs around Queenstown with an immediate start.

Contact Sharleen - 027 778 7377 or email sharleen@qtplabour.co.nz

Delivery Driver

• Class 1 only

• Great company culture

• Fast-paced environment

• Full-time, long-term position

• Monday – Friday only

If you are Fit & Reliable with a good knowledge of the area, then please get in touch.

simon.ryder@harrisonbloy.co.nz or phone 0275 333 006



• Greet and assist guests with check-in/checkout

• Answer guest inquiries and provide information about the hostel and local area

• Manage reservations and maintain the reception area

• Work housekeeping housekeeping shifts


• Customer service or hospitality experience preferred

• Strong communication and organizational skills

• Ability to multitask and work under pressure

• Flexibility to work various shifts, including weekends and holidays


• Competitive pay

• Opportunities for growth

• Fun and inclusive work environment

Send your resume and cover letter to hr@blacksheepbackpackers.co.nz

Joiners Wanted

• Must have NZ residency or valid work visa

• Must be trade qualified in cabinetry and timber joinery

• Must have minimum 5 year’s experience in a similar position

• Must hold current full drivers licence

• This is a full-time role

• Remuneration by negotiation is relevant to experience

To apply please email your CV to: queenstown.joinery@xtra.co.nz

Support Tutor

Do you enjoy teamwork and want to make a difference in someone’s life? Are you up for helping disabled people to live each moment to the full? We need flexible support staff who are positive and capable. Positions are available for the following casual positions: Day, evening, weekend and overnight. Positions are in the Lakes District. Experience preferred, wages dependent on your qualification $23.38 -$29.10.

For enquiries and application pack contact vanessa@livingoptions.org.nz or phone 03 448 7748


Permanent or contract position, average 25-30 hours per week, flexible schedule, with some weekend cover required.

We need a mechanically minded, practical person to work as part of a small team to keep Kinross looking and functioning at its best.

You will have aptitude for and experience troubleshooting and maintaining pumps, waste water systems, plumbing, electrical, gardening and property maintenance, equipment and building maintenance.

Plus a can-do, customer focused attitude.

Please apply with CV and cover letter to christine@kinross.nz, giving details of your qualifications and experience. Applicants must currently reside in NZ as a NZ citizen or resident. Working Holiday Visas holders will be considered, but we do not have an AEWV available for this position. Or phone for a chat 0292713210.

Page 18
LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN | 7 May 2024 - 13 May 2024 LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN | 7 May 2024 - 13 May 2024 SITUATIONS VACANT Ph: 03 409 2800 | enquiries@qmg.co.nz | jobfix.co.nz Page 18

Operations Coordinator

Ph: 03 409 2800

enquiries@qmg.co.nz jobfix.co.nz

Whakatipu Youth Trust has a full-time position available for a fabulous someone who is a champion of operational excellence, an admin rockstar, and driver of efficiency.

This 40-hour-a-week position will be based at our premises in Frankton with a fun and vibrant team of people who provide a variety of professional and inclusive, youth support services, programmes, activities and events in the Whakatipu Basin for our amazing local rangitahi!

Key tasks:

Operations Coordinator Responsibilities include:

• Assisting with the management of daily operational activities.

• Performing administrative tasks, such as answering emails, scheduling meetings, etc.

• Coordinating the proper allocation of human resources.

• Managing internal and external stakeholder communications.

• Proactively lead the continuous development and improvement of Health and Safety processes

• Accounts and budget support

• Preparing and maintaining operations documents and reports.

This is an opportunity to join a dynamic team and utilise your strong organisational skills while working for an organisation that at its heart is about care, support and providing opportunities for young people of the Whakatipu district.

Person specifications:

• Approachable and bubbly with a sense of fun

• Positive attitude, uses initiative and strong work ethic

• Proven work experience as an Operations Coordinator or similar role

• Good time management, prioritisation, and multitasking abilities

• Proven high-Level admin management

• Responds flexibly and supportively to requests for assistance

• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

• Excellent planning and problem-solving skills

Applicants should have NZ residency or a valid NZ work visa and a clean NZ driver's licence. Whakatipu Youth Trust is a child-safe organisation that are committed to following safe recruitment processes, including (and not limited to) police vetting. We are not an Immigration Accredited Employer so will not be progressing applications that require visa sponsorship.

If you are interested please email info@whakatipuyouthtrust.org.nz for a job application form and description. All applications to be submitted electronically before 5 PM Friday 24th May.


Queenstown Expeditions & Professional Touring Drivers, Queenstown Based

Our brands have a long association within the tourism industry since the inception of company in 1993. Products such as Professional Touring offer a huge range of transport solutions from Conference and Incentive business to bespoke day tours and local transfers. Queenstown Expeditions operates local tours in the Queenstown area from Mercedes Sprinters through to larger Coaches and 4WD Man Trucks to compliment our variety of work.

We are in need of drivers to join our growing team. If you have 1, P or Class 2 & 4 licenses with Passenger endorsement. We have permanent and casual positions available, We are looking for team members with a can do attitude, excellent driving skills and an ability to relate well with clients and colleges in the work place.

Our business offers an enjoyable work place environment, with excellent remuneration.

If you have any of the above class licenses we would like to talk with you.

Please reach out to us to discuss further.

Join The Fleet in Queenstown

Are you looking for your next career move?

We’re looking for someone who values customer service and shares our high professional standards. Our dedication to excellence sets us apart as industry leaders, committed to providing customers with a premium and reliable experience, every time.

If you’ve got the same values as us and are keen to take the next step in your career, it is time to join Corporate Cabs.

We currently have two vehicles avaliable and are looking for either of the following:

- Contract drivers

- Sole Traders/Owner Operators

If you would like to find out more, please contact Ian Paterson: ian.paterson@corporatecabs.co.nz

Ewen or Morgan P: 021 801 946 / 027 325 7117 E: transportsystems@gmail.com

We're looking for a Reception SuperStar!

One of the best hostels in Queenstown is looking for a new team member to join our tight-knit family! We thrive on creating memorable experiences for both our guests and our team, and we're looking for someone that shares our passion for our region.

A successful candidate will enjoy:

• An energetic & dynamic work environment

• A full-time role with 32hrs+ per week

• A competitive starting wage / 6-monthly review

• Monthly bonus structures

• Rostering set in advance to enable free-time planning

• The opportunity to work, learn new skills and socialise within a great team

• Opportunities to experience the best tours in Queenstown

• Friends/Family discounts on accommodation

An ideal candidate for the role will have excellent communication skills, an outgoing personality, a keen eye for detail, and good computer competency. You will also need a valid work visa or residency/citizenship status.

Please email shaun@absoloot.co.nz with your CV, or please visit https://absoloot.co.nz/about-queenstown/job-opportunities/ to submit your application - we look forward to hearing from you!

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