2020-2021 Report of Contributions

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Report of Contributions JULY 1, 2020 – JUNE 30, 2021

Letter from the Head of School Students singing in the rain outside under tents, science lab kits delivered to students’ homes, “Mary Poppins” on Zoom, English classes in Zoom breakout rooms, students on campus six feet apart and wearing masks, plexiglass shields on Middle School students’ desks, socially distanced athletics practices, 30,000 COVID-19 tests administered on campus, and much, much more!

Thank you to our generous community

This was education at Lakeside this past year, and thanks to the hard work, creativity, flexibility, and dedication of Lakeside faculty and staff, our students received an outstanding education in the middle of the pandemic. Students and parents and guardians were enormously flexible and also did their absolute best to find the positive in often challenging circumstances. We can all be proud of the manner in which the Lakeside School community responded to the everchanging exigencies of the pandemic and continued to offer our students a great education. And we could not have continued on without the support of all of you!

To bring our students back to campus we needed to rent eight portable classrooms, test every returning student and employee every week, hire 20 additional teacher’s assistants to be in classrooms with students, buy cameras for every classroom so some students could attend class remotely while others returned in person, put up a dozen tents, and buy countless wipes, cleaning supplies, and signs! Only with all of this could in-person school take place for our students. Your generosity also made possible a weeklong training for more than 130 faculty and staff in how to teach most effectively online, a training that meant we were offering the best possible online classes to our students. So, on behalf of our students: Thank you, everyone! Your donation to the school meant our teachers and students had the resources they needed to teach and learn well in very challenging circumstances. And in 2021-2022, all of the students will be on campus, every day, learning in person and building community with one another! Thank you for seeing us through this challenging period! Cordially,

Bernie Noe P’07 ’09 Head of School

Outdoor trips resumed with new modifications and protocols to keep students safe, made possible by support from our generous community.

Financial Review 2020-2021

Campus stewardship Unrestricted


Faculty and staff excellence


Educational excellence



Figures are unaudited as of press time. Audited figures will be available in November 2021.

Contributions from Lakeside Fund and Parents and Guardians Association


Auxiliary services/Other


Support from endowment



Financial aid


OPERATING BUDGET REVENUES $35.3 million Tuition and fees

69% Technology Facilities


Auxiliary services



ENDOWMENT POLICY: To ensure long-term sustainability, the Board of Trustees has adopted a spending policy of between 4% and 5% of a 12-quarter, rolling average market value, ending on June 30, 2020. In fiscal year 2020-2021, this amount was $7,488,603. The total endowment on June 30, 2021 was $278,077,497.




Educational programs


Board of Trustees | Volunteers Board of Trustees Carey Crutcher ’77 Smith P’11 ’14, Chair Tim Panos ’85 P’22 ’24 ’24, Vice Chair Bert Valdman P’17 ’20 ’26, Treasurer Sean O’Donnell ’90 P’25 ’27, Secretary Amy Crichton P’24 ’26 Sarah Barton P’18 ’20 ’20 David de la Fuente P’16 ’23 Lloyd Frink ’83 P’19 ’21 April Joseph P’14 ’18 ’21 Michael Larson P’12 ’14 ’16 Kathleen Murray Bridgette Taylor P’21 ’24 Brandon Vaughan ’06 David Victor P’05 ’07 ’11 Elizabeth Richardson ’85 Vigdor P’22

Alumni Board Elizabeth Richardson ’85 Vigdor P’22, President Nicholas Stevens ’06, President Elect Cooper Offenbecher ’00, Mission and Governance Chair Scott Reed ’85, Activities Chair Brianna Reynaud ’96 Jensen, Connections Chair Bruce Bailey ’59 P’09 (Honorary Lifetime Member) Teryn Allen ’04 Bench Nate Benjamin ’07 Kate Coxon ’01 Stephanie Saad ’94 Cuthbertson Calder Gillin ’98 Gigi Ryan ’80 Gilman P’19 Erin Kenny ’89 David Mandley ’99 Jackie Mena ’08 Ric Merrifield ’84 Mark Middaugh ’02 Teal Luthy ’87 Miller P’25 Piper Pettersen ’03 Reid Rader ’03 Casey Schuchart ’96 P’26 Nina Smith ’76 P’09 ’11 Ishani Ummat ’13 TJ Vassar ’94 Sean Whitsitt ’05

Leadership Circle Volunteers EJ Blanchfield P’24 ’25 Frank Chivers P’23 ’26 Abhishek Dalmia (Co-chair) P’23 ’27 Jo Ann Denney P’21 ’25 Amy Fletcher P’22 Teri Franklin P’19 ’23 Kathryn Helde ’84 P’18 ’22 Yvonne Holecek P’23 Anne Marie Krivens P’17 ’18 ’21 ’23 Rachana Mundra P’24 Chris Rogers P’18 ’21 Dani Ruthfield P’23 Alice Streidl P’24 ’25 ’26 Anita Sundaresan P’24 Katie Hosford ’93 Traverse P’23 ’25 ’27 Anna White P’22 ’24 Tessie Wu P’22 Amy Yu (Co-chair) P’21 Chen Zhao P’22 ’25

Megan Kirley P’16 ’18 ’22 Jennifer Lane P’26 ’26 Debi Larson P’20 ’22 Jen Lewis P’17 ’19 ’22 Peng Li and Qing Chen P’27 Zhen Lin and Hongying Lian P’22 Teal Luthy ’87 Miller and Eric Miller P’25 Tricia Nora P’18 ’22 Tokunbo and Adekunbi Olukoya P’21 Sam and Michele Osborne P’24 Todd and Erin Parsons P’22 ’26 Daniel Potthoff P’25 Matthew and Minnie Reichek P’19 ’27 Mary Reidy P’21 Christiane Tsoungui P’25 Fang Tu P’24 Rob and Kathy Voce P’21 ’24 Liguo Wang and Hong Shen P’20 ’22 Brian and Sharmila Williams P’21 Steph Yurcisin P’24 Xiaoyuan Zhou P’21 ’24 Jennifer Zou P’17 ’22

Parent and Guardian Volunteer Co-chairs

Alumni Fundraising Volunteers

Mariana Lavratti Keller P’26 Tricia Nora P’18 ’22

Dick Bangert ’67 Bruce Bailey ’59 P’09 Cindy Oberto ’97 Burdick Caroline Daly ’08 Mick Deal ’58 P’99 ’02 ’04 Ned Dunn ’70 P’06 Pat Dunn ’65 P’95 Christian Fulghum ’77 P’14 ’16 Richard Hartung ’74 Cam Hazen ’67 Bob Helsell ’55 P’81 ’82 ’87 ’98 GP ’11 ’17 Kevin Ke ’09 Vanessa Brewster ’99 Laughlin Bethany Mito ’96 Lee Sarah Leung ’94 Joe Min ’12 Michelle Moore ’02 Morrison

Parent and Guardian Notewriting Volunteers Eric and Karin Butler P’22 ’23 ’27 Natalie Dearie P’22 ’25 Chris ’90 and Ashleigh Dickinson P’20 ’22 Hongming Dong and Fenghe Lu P’21 ’25 Marc Gavin and Gwen McConnell P’22 ’27 June Han P’23 Tracey Hawk P’22 Amy Holmes P’22 Fei Hong and Jin Liu P’20 ’25 Mariana Lavratti Keller P’26 Dori Kelleran P’23

Rick Morry ’61 Melissa Morgan ’92 Nelson P’20 ’23 John Patton ’88 Reid Rader ’03 Vidya Rajan ’09 Scott Reed ’85 Thom Rose ’97 Autumn Bradley ’93 Roth P’24 P.J. Smith ’91 Terry Smith ’71 Kallin Spiller ’17 Bill Sroufe ’68 Nicholas Stevens ’06 Mark Stiefel ’75 Betsy Wade ’11 Preston Walls ’94 Hank Whitney ’44 Lauren Deal ’99 Yelish

Planned Giving Advisory Volunteers Sandy Bernbaum ’60 P’88 Sarah Bellows ’97 Bowman Jolene Cox P’11 Jim Flaggert P’22 ’24 ’26 Bill Fleming ’74 Chris Prentice ’86 P’16 ’19 Kevin Scudder P’13 ’17 Julie Yee P’21 ’23

Your gift allowed Lakeside to implement important health and safety initiatives that were crucial for the hybrid student experience, such as regular COVID-19 testing, daily health screenings, contact tracing, and frequent deep cleaning.

Donors helped make reliable technology accessible to all students — ­ including dedicated digital devices, access to the internet at school and at home, and tech support when needed.

2020-2021 Donor Snapshot



donors supported Lakeside School

new donors



of donors gave a gift of $50 or less

of donors gave a gift of $100 or less



donors increased their gift

donors have supported Lakeside for 10+ years consecutively

Your gift allowed young musicians, actors, and visual artists to further hone their skills and adapt creatively to changing circumstances.

Your contribution supported the growth and school spirit that students experienced on athletic fields and courts, even during shortened seasons.

Your gift to Lakeside during this challenging year helped Lakeside cover a myriad of unexpected costs, which allowed our students to continue to receive an excellent education without interruption.

Highest percentage of alumni giving participation by decade: 1940s


1946 43%

1981 30%



1959 43%

1990 23%



1965 31%

2003 25%



1970 30%

2010 12%

Thank you to our alumni donors!

Donations to Lakeside provided educators with professional development opportunities throughout the year, such as a week-long intensive training provided by Global Online Academy to help teachers hone and maximize their blended learning skills.

Marjorie Liu ’96

Lisa D. Cook

June Robinson

Min Jin Lee

Dr. Clyde Ford

Your generosity helped students learn about the world and each other in the Lakeside Lecture Series and from other guest speakers.

Development Office Daiga Galins Director of Development daiga.galins@lakesideschool.org Carol Borgmann Director of Major and Planned Giving carol.borgmann@lakesideschool.org Lisa Broesamle Development Office Administrative Assistant lisa.broesamle@lakesideschool.org Lani Carpenter Parents and Guardians Association Administrative Assistant lani.carpenter@lakesideschool.org Allison Conkin Special Events Coordinator allison.conkin@lakesideschool.org

Thank You! Samantha Dale Assistant Director of Development, Alumni Giving samantha.dale@lakesideschool.org Nicole Donahue Fundraising Data Entry Specialist nicole.donahue@lakesideschool.org Johnpaul McLean Assistant Director of Development, Parent/Guardian Giving johnpaul.mclean@lakesideschool.org Rick Rossland Development Office Systems Coordinator rick.rossland@lakesideschool.org Leslie Schuyler Archivist leslie.schuyler@lakesideschool.org

We are grateful for your contributions in the 2020-2021 school year and look forward to your continued support for years to come. Gifts can be made by cash, check, e-check, credit card, wiring funds, or the transfer of securities. ONLINE

Visit lakesideschool.org/give BY MAIL

Make your check payable to Lakeside School and mail to our bank: Lakeside School c/o Bank of America PO Box 740136 Los Angeles, CA 90074-0136

Lakeside School Middle School office 206-368-3630 Upper School office 206-368-3600 Development and Alumni Relations 206-368-3606 Admissions and Financial Aid 206-368-3605 Parents and Guardians Association 206-440-2740 lakesideschool.org Every effort has been made to include all donors to Lakeside School between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021. If you notice an omission or error, please contact Johnpaul McLean, assistant director of development, parent/ guardian giving, by telephone at 206-440-2959 or by email at johnpaul.mclean@lakesideschool.org. Thank you. Photos by Tom Reese and Lakeside School staff photographers.


Call 206-368-3606 to donate with your credit card. GIFTS OF SECURITIES

Contact the development office at 206-368-3606 for instructions. Our nonprofit tax identification number is 91-0564971. If you have any questions or would like more information about giving opportunities, please contact us at 206-368-3606 or development@lakesideschool.org.

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