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A tradition of giving Report of Contributions July 1, 2019–June 30, 2020



Letter from Head of School Bernie Noe

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Board of Trustees and Volunteers Financial Review

Donor Snapshot

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Generations of donors make a difference Lakeside celebrated its 100th anniversary this year! For 100 years the school has offered the students of the Seattle metropolitan area a creative and dynamic education that has prepared them to be thoughtful and committed citizens and leaders for their city, country, and world. The school is proud of the contribution it has made to society through the students it has graduated. And, I am especially proud of students, faculty, and staff this year. They transitioned successfully to remote learning at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, and they are supporting each other in meaningful ways as our country experiences profound changes directed toward creating a truly just and equitable society. This year has been a challenging year and all are rising to these challenges. We have been fortunate all these years to have individuals like you, who have been most generous to support all that makes Lakeside the best school it can be. Your gifts have funded technology in the classroom, financial aid, sport fields, Global Service Learning, LEEP, summer school, professional development for faculty and staff, strategic initiatives such as Our Work Together and the re-envisioning process, and so much more! Simply put, without donors like you, Lakeside would not be able to offer a world-class academic and extracurricular program to our students. In our second hundred years, we are continuing to educate students for the world of the future. In our classrooms, on our playing fields, in our auditoriums and

studios, and on Outdoor and Global Service Learning trips, our students learn to work collaboratively, to solve real-world problems, to appreciate the intrinsic beauty of the academic disciplines, and most importantly, to make sound ethical decisions in both their personal and academic lives. Our faculty, coaches, and staff are exceptional in their teaching and coaching expertise, their commitment to students, and the continual development of their own craft. As was the goal in the first century of the school’s existence, so is the goal now: to provide our students with a forwardlooking, challenging, and relevant education that will prepare them to serve the world beyond the borders of the campus. I appreciate all that you have done, and all that previous generations of donors have done, to make this school such a great place for our students.


Thank you, everyone!


Bernie Noe P’07 ’09 Head of School


a tradition of excellence


a tradition of giving ď ’

Board of Trustees | Volunteers 2019-2020 Board of Trustees Bert Valdman P’17 ’20 ’26, Chair Carey Crutcher ’77 Smith P’11 ’14, Vice Chair Natasha Smith ’89 Jones P’26, Immediate Past Chair Sean O’Donnell ’90 P’25 ’27, Secretary Tim Panos ’85 P’22 ’24 ’24, Treasurer Amy Crichton P’24 ’26 Sarah Barton P’18 ’20 ’20 Lloyd Frink ’83 P’19 ’21 Michael Larson P’12 ’14 ’16 Mona Locke P’15 ’17 Kathleen Murray Bridgette Taylor P’21 ’24 Brandon Vaughan ’06 David Victor P’05 ’07 ’11

Head’s Circle Volunteers Rob Healy P’19 ’22, Co-chair Hui Hong Kao P’19 ’22, Co-chair

Leadership Circle Volunteers Anna White P’22 ’24, Co-chair Amy Yu P’21, Co-chair Anne Baldwin P’21 Frank Chivers P’23 ’26 Abhishek and Neha Dalmia P’23 ’27 Jo Ann Denney P’21 ’25 Jing Ding P’20 ’24 Amy Fletcher P’22 Teri Franklin P’19 ’23 Kathryn Helde ’84 P’18 ’22 Chip Kelly ’80 P’19 ’20 Steven Lees P’16 ’20 Chris Rogers P’18 ’21 Elena Saba P’17 ’21 Anita Sundaresan P’24 Katie Hosford ’93 Traverse P’23 ’25 ’27 Tessie Wu P’22 Chen Zhao P’22 ’25

P: Parent/Guardian, GP: Grandparent

Parent and Guardian Annual Fund Volunteers Qinghua Feng P’17 ’20, Upper School Co-chair Mariana Lavratti Keller P’26, Middle School Chair Tricia Nora P’18 ’22, Upper School Co-chair Brian and Heidi Austin P’06 ’07 ’19 ’20 Rafael Cornejo and Ofelia Ahumada-Cornejo P’21 Glen and Alexis David P’23 ’25 Natalie Dearie P’22 ’25 Chris and Ashleigh Dickinson P’20 ’22 John Felten P’25 Omer Gajial and Shirin Issa P’22 Marc Gavin and Gwen McConnell P’22 Marsi Gorman P’20 Dan and Amy Holmes P’22 Fei Hong and Jin Liu P’20 ’25 Hongying Lian P’22 Phillip Liu and Linda Deng P’20 Ying Liu P’22 Hongming Dong and Fenghe Lu P’21 ’25 Robin Nagel P’22 Melissa Morgan ’92 Nelson and Marty Nelson P’20 ’23 Tokunbo and Kunbi Olukoya P’21 Daniel Potthoff and Jody Ginger P’25 Kevin and Sandy Raftery P’23 Saritha Reddy P’20 Hong Shen P’20 ’22 Shuguang Song and Hongbin Xiao P’15 ’20 Cheng Wei and Lin Cheng P’20 Steph Yurcisin P’24 Sophia Zhou P’21 ’24

Alumni Class Rep Fundraising Volunteers Dick Bangert ’67 Cindy Oberto ’97 Burdick Caroline Daly ’08 Mick Deal ’68 P’99 ’02 ’04 Ned Dunn ’70 P’06 Pat Dunn ’65 P’95

Christian Fulghum ’77 P’14 ’16 Richard Hartung ’74 Cam Hazen ’67 Bob Helsell ’55 P’81 ’82 ’87 ’98 GP’11 ’17 Kevin Ke ’09 Meghan Mullarkey ’98 Kiefer Vanessa Brewster ’99 Laughlin Bethany Mito ’96 Lee Sarah Leung ’94 Joseph Min ’12 Michelle Moore ’02 Morrsion Rick Morry ’61 Melissa Morgan ’92 Nelson P’20 ’23 John Patton ’88 Reid Rader ’03 Vidya Rajan ’09 Scott Reed ’85 Thom Rose ’97 Autumn Bradley ’93 Roth P’24 P.J. Smith ’91 Terry Smith ’71 Allie Chinn ’89 Spiess Bill Sroufe ’68 Nicholas Stevens ’06 Mark Stiefel ’75 Betsy Wade ’11 Hank Whitney ’44 Jenny Mowrer ’00 Womack Lauren Deal ’99 Yelish

Lakeside/St. Nicholas Alumni Board Elizabeth Richardson ’85 Vigdor P’22, President Claudia Hung ’89, Immediate Past President Teal Luthy ’87 Miller P’25, Mission and Governance Chair Casey Schuchart ’96 P’26, Activities Chair Nicholas Stevens ’06, Connections Chair Bruce Bailey ’59 P’09 (Honorary Lifetime Member) Teryn Allen ’04 Bench Kate Coxon ’01 Stephanie Saad ’94 Cuthbertson Calder Gillin ’98

Gigi Ryan ’80 Gilman P’19 Ellis Hazard ’10 Brianna Reynaud ’96 Jensen Dahlia Liao ’92 Mak David Mandley ’99 Jacki Mena ’08 Mark Middaugh ’02 Elliott Okantey ’05 Cooper Offenbecher ’00 Brian Park ’88 Piper Pettersen ’03 Reid Rader ’03 Scott Reed ’85 Liza Shoenfeld ’05 Nina Smith ’76 P’09 ’11 T.J. Vassar ’94

Planned Giving Advisory Council Thad Alston P’00 ’03 Sandy Bernbaum ’60 P’88 Sarah Bellows ’97 Bowman Jolene Cox P’11 Jim Flaggert P’22 ’24 ’26 Bill Fleming ’74 Bob Helsell ’55 P’81 ’82 ’87 ’98 GP ’11 ’17 Chris Prentice ’86 P’16 ’19 Kevin Scudder P’13 ’17 Laura Shifflette ’73 Julie Yee P’21 ’23

Faculty and Staff Campaign Volunteers Jenny Estill ’06, Co-chair C.J. Jatabarry, Co-chair


Financial Review 2019-2020 ENDOWMENT DISTRIBUTION BY PURPOSE $8.4 million Unrestricted


Campus stewardship


Figures are unaudited as of press time. Audited figures will be available in November 2020.


Auxiliary services/Other

Contributions from Annual Fund and Parents and Guardians Association



Faculty and staff excellence

14% Support from endowment



Tuition and fees

65% Educational excellence


Financial aid


Auxiliary services

EXPENSES Technology



Facilities ENDOWMENT POLICY: To ensure long-term sustainability, the Board of Trustees has adopted a spending policy of between 4% and 5% of a 12-quarter, rolling average market value, ending on June 30, 2019. In fiscal year 2019-2020, this amount was $8,416,374. The total endowment on June 30, 2020 was $212,696,866. REPORT OF CONTRIBUTIONS 2018-2019


Educational programs Administration



2019-2020 Donor Snapshot


donors supported Lakeside School

159 30% new donors

of donors gave a gift of $100 or less

941 691 donors increased their gift

donors have supported Lakeside for 10+ years consecutively


a tradition of discovery


a tradition of giving ď ’

a tradition of pride


P: Parent/Guardian GP: Grandparent

a tradition of giving ď ’

a tradition of purpose


a tradition of giving ď ’

a tradition of progress


a tradition of giving ď ’

a tradition of excellence


a tradition of giving ď ’

a tradition of discovery


a tradition of giving ď ’

a tradition of pride


a tradition of giving ď ’

Development Office 2020-2021 Daiga Galins Director of Development daiga.galins@lakesideschool.org

Nicole Donahue Fundraising Data Entry Specialist nicole.donahue@lakesideschool.org

Carol Borgmann Director of Major and Planned Giving carol.borgmann@lakesideschool.org

Johnpaul McLean Assistant Director of Development, Parent/Guardian Giving johnpaul.mclean@lakesideschool.org

Lisa Broesamle Development Office Administrative Assistant lisa.broesamle@lakesideschool.org Lani Carpenter Parents and Guardians Association Administrative and Program Specialist lani.carpenter@lakesideschool.org Allison Conkin Special Events Coordinator allison.conkin@lakesideschool.org Samantha Dale Assistant Director of Development, Alumni Giving samantha.dale@lakesideschool.org

Kelly Poort Assistant Director of Development, Alumni Relations kelly.poort@lakesideschool.org Rick Rossland Development Office Systems Coordinator rick.rossland@lakesideschool.org Leslie Schuyler Archivist leslie.schuyler@lakesideschool.org

Lakeside School Middle School office    206-368-3630 Upper School office     206-368-3600 Development and Alumni Relations    206-368-3606 Admissions and Financial Aid    206-368-3605 Parents and Guardians Association    206-440-2740

Thank You! We are grateful for your contributions in the 2019-2020 school year and look forward to your continued support for years to come. Gifts can be made by cash, check, e-check credit card, wiring funds, or the transfer of securities. ONLINE

Visit lakesideschool.org/give BY MAIL

Make your check payable to Lakeside School and mail to our bank: Lakeside School c/o Bank of America PO Box 740136 Los Angeles, CA 90074-0136



Call 206-368-3606 to donate with your credit card. GIFTS OF SECURITIES

Contact the development office at 206-368-3606 for instructions. Our nonprofit tax identification number is 91-0564971.

lakesideschool.org Every effort has been made to include all donors to Lakeside School between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020. If you notice an omission or error, please contact Johnpaul McLean, assistant director of development, parent/ guardian giving, by telephone at 206-440-2959 or by email at johnpaul.mclean@lakesideschool.org. Thank you. Photos by Paul Dudley, Tom Reese, Lakeside School staff photographers, and from the Jane Carlson Williams ’60 Archives.

If you have any questions or would like more information about giving opportunities, please contact us at 206-368-3606 or development@lakesideschool.org.

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virtually on Sa turday, Sept. 2 6 as we celebrate the k ickoff to the ne wly named

(Formerly the A nn

ual Fund.)

Hear from belo ved faculty me mbers, alumni, Head of Schoo and l, Bernie Noe, a s they inspire u stories and bri s with ef presentation s e x p la in Lakeside Fund ing why the is so important. 14

Saturday, Sept .

26 at 10

a.m. The kickoff wil l be live stream ed at lakesideschoo l.org/fundkick off. Visit the link n ow to learn mo re information about the even t and to RSVP!

14050 1st Avenue NE Seattle, WA 98125

Profile for Lakeside School

2019-2020 Report of Contributions  

2019-2020 Report of Contributions  

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