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Permission Granted to “Dream it. Plan It. Pursue It.”

Why is it that once many of us get to a certain age, we believe too much time has passed to really pursue what we desire? “It’s too late” or “I’m too old” are words we at Karp Financial have heard countless times over 30 years. Before you can pursue anything, you have to give yourself permission to dream it, then plan it. Permission Granted to “Dream It. Plan It. Pursue It.” has been central to Karp Financial Strategies empowering clients to do just that. Planning for your next chapter of life should not mean you must put the rest of your life on hold. At the same time, knowing what you want your life to look like in “retirement” is key to being able to enjoy life now with confidence and plan effectively for when you do. Permission Granted to consider this question: Is there a different way for me to approach my own retirement planning that includes a wealth of experiences now and into the future in addition to monetary wealth? The core philosophy that built Karp Financial Strategies will help you think differently. 1. Stop calling it retirement. It’s the next in a series of life reinventions. First, as kids, different in high school, re-invented maybe the first time in college, again in our first career in a major way, from single to married lifestyle, empty nesting, and then comes our next big reinvention. Do you embrace the changes that come with this next phase of life or fear it? 2. Consider Goals an in-depth look at your Dreams. If you never dream about what you want, how do you get it? Make it personal by finding your “why.” Ask yourself, “What is important to me about…?” Give yourself permission. Period. 3. Each of us has a financial personality created by our upbringing and experiences. Do you understand your money bias to better give yourself permission to spend it? Is your financial DNA serving you or hurting you?

Jeff Karp, CLU®, ChFC®, CASL® 704.658.1929 20 | January 2022

Dream achievement is what builds a life well lived. Once you embrace these three key principles, planning becomes about realizing your dreams, not just numbers on a spreadsheet. Financial software programs can functionally create budgets or calculate needed retirement income. So, has it been a lack of motivation or capability that has kept you from basic financial organization? Finally, consider that each 5-10 years, after 55 can hold unique potential experiences helping to add to the spice of your life. What could these experiences be for you? Tennyson wrote, “It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.” I say, it is better to have experienced and lived, than to have never experienced at all.