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Welcome to the Lake Norman Region

12 History

How Lake Norman was created

14 Water Safety 15 Boat Rentals 16 Live Like a Native 17 Link into the Community

18 Real Estate

The current market in the Lake Norman area

20 Education

Public, private and charter options around LKN

24 Higher Learning

Exploring available higher education schooling

26 Health Care

Lake Norman’s medical community takes care of you

28 Culture

Impressive arts and cultural offerings


Joe Gibbs Racing Center in Huntersville

30 Business

Attracting corporations on a global scale

32 Shopping

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33 Eats

More than barbeque

34 Breweries

A craft beer itinerary

36 Get Outside

Enjoy time in nature on the greenways


Great Lake Living at Lake Norman

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39 Farmers’ Markets

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Fresh foods and picks

40 Location, Location, Location

Find places to explore within a few hours’ drive

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Lake Norman — Huntersville

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Lake Norman — Cornelius

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Lake Norman — Davidson

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Spending time outdoors on land and water


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Welcome to the Lake Norman Region




Cover Photo courtesy of Visit Lake Norman




Great Lake Living at Lake Norman

On behalf of the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce and our more than 800+ active business members, it is a pleasure to welcome you to the Lake Norman region. The last couple of years have been challenging for our community and nation as we dealt with the impact of a pandemic on our families and livelihoods. Our citizens and business community responded to those challenges with determination, resilience, and innovation and we emerged stronger as a community. Those dark days behind us, the sun is again shining brightly as we embrace our new opportunities. Nestled on the banks of the beautiful Lake Norman, our lake towns offer the perfect opportunity for both visitors and newcomers to enjoy the lake living lifestyle of Cornelius and Mooresville, the smalltown college charm of Davidson, and the vitality of Huntersville with its abundant shopping and recreational facilities. Lake Norman, located just outside of Charlotte, provides visitors and newcomers with a window to the past and an eye to the future. The lake is home to the land where the Catawba Indians once walked, and the early European settlers made their stand. Today, it is home to vibrant business parks and retail centers. New neighborhoods have


emerged, and families have relocated to the region, making Lake Norman one of the fastest growing regions in the country. Our proximity to the cultural opportunities of Charlotte, mixed with the charm and lake living lifestyle of our small towns make Lake Norman a great place to work, live and visit. We encourage you to use this important resource with our buyer’s guide (beginning on page XX?) to Shop the Lake and enjoy our diverse array of retailers, shopping centers and restaurants. Treat yourself to the Charlotte region’s premier parks or take in one of our historical sites. We hope Great Lake Living gives you a glimpse into why so many new families are making Lake Norman their home. Visitors and residents can browse VisitLakeNorman. org for more information on dining and entertainment, and newcomers and prospective businesses can find out more about the region at LakeNormanChamber. org. Again, on behalf of our business community and our lake towns we welcome you to Lake Norman.

Sincerely, W.E. “Bill” Russell, CCE President Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce



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Great Lake Living at Lake Norman

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Great Lake Living at Lake Norman



Great Lake Living at Lake Norman

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How it All Began A timeline of Lake Norman’s creation Early 1900s - James B. Duke and Dr. W. Gil Wylie began brainstorming how a series of damns on the Catawba River could provide hydroelectricity to residents of the South.

COMPILED BY RENEE ROBERSON Today - Lake Norman remains a peaceful respite for an extraordinary community of people. Other notable facts:

Sept. 28, 1959 - Duke Power (now Duke Energy) breaks ground on the Cowans Ford Dam. 1963 – Bill Lee, the grandson of William S. Lee and the chairman of Duke Power Company, led the completion of the dam, which was completed at a length of 7,387 feet. The communities of two river crossings, Sherrill’s Ford and Beatty’s Ford are flooded, along with many original homesites, in order to complete the man-made Lake Norman. 1964 – Duke Power offers more than 2,600 cottage sites with leases starting at $120 a year. 1990s – Charlotte’s thriving business environment attracts more and more residents to the shores of Lake Norman when they realize they can live in a lakeside retreat with only a 30 to 40-minute commute into the city.


Great Lake Living at Lake Norman

The Long Island Mill, one of the earliest cotton mills in the American South, opened in the mid-1800s, and closed in 1959 before being covered by Lake Norman. Underneath the lake, there are the remains of a summer camp that opened in 1938 and the site of the Battle of Cowan’s Ford where General William Lee Davidson fought Lord Cornwallis in 1781. There are also old plantations, old homesites, old highways, there is even an airplane discovered by firefighters using sonar in 2013. Sources: Lake Norman Our Inland by Sea by Bill and Diana Gleasner Images of America Around Lake Norman by Cindy Jacobs

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Great Lake Living at Lake Norman


Water Safety

Responsible Boating A look at our area’s personal safety watercraft laws

Living on a lake can be fun, but it’s important to know the rules to keep yourself and other passengers safe while out on the water. The N.C. General Assembly enacted a personal watercraft law that took effect Dec. 1, 1999. On June 30th, 2000 this law was amended. Below is a summary of the law:

Who Can Operate a PWC?

• Anyone 14 years old but younger than 26 can operate a PWC if: - they have successfully completed an approved boating safety education course (proof of age and safety course completion must be carried during operation) - they are riding with a person who is at least 18 and is in compliance with the Boating Education Requirement Law (G.S. 75A-16.2) • It is unlawful for the owner of a PWC to knowingly allow a person younger than 16 to operate a PWC unless they have first completed an approved boating safety education course. • It is unlawful for anyone who has temporary or permanent responsibility for a person younger than 16 to knowingly allow that person to operate a PWC unless they have first completed an approved boating safety education course.

PWC Operation

• No one can operate a PWC on state waters between sunset and sunrise. •All PWC riders, passengers and those being towed must wear approved personal flotation devices. •If the PWC is equipped with a lanyard-type engine cut off switch, the lanyard must be worn by the operator at all times. •A PWC must have a rearview mirror or an observer on board besides the operator to legally tow someone on skis or similar device. •PWCs must be operated at all times in a reasonable and prudent manner. Maneuvers that endanger people or property constitute reckless operation. •No person shall operate a personal watercraft on the waters of this State at greater than no-wake speed within 100 feet of an anchored or moored vessel, a dock, pier,


Great Lake Living at Lake Norman

swim float, marked swimming area, swimmers, surfers, persons engaged in angling, or any manually operated propelled vessel, unless the personal watercraft is operating in a narrow channel (see below). •No person shall operate a personal watercraft in a narrow channel (see below) at greater than no-wake speed within 50 feet of an anchored or moored vessel, a dock, pier, swim float, marked swimming area, swimmers, surfers, persons engaged in angling, or any manually operated propelled vessel. •No person shall operate a PWC towing another person on water skis or similar device unless the total number of persons operating, observing, and being towed does not exceed the number of passengers identified by the manufacturer as the maximum safe load for the vessel. Reckless Operation Includes: • Unreasonable or unnecessary weaving through congested boat traffic. • Jumping the wake of a vessel within 100 feet of the vessel or when visibility is obstructed. • Intentionally approaching a vessel in order to swerve at the last moment. • Operating contrary to the “rules of the road”. • Following too closely (see below) to another vessel, including another personal watercraft. Renting PWCs • No one shall rent a PWC to someone under 16 unless that person meets the conditions in the section “Who Can Operate a PWC?” • A minimum of $300,000 insurance must be carried on each PWC that is rented to the public. Narrow Channel A “narrow channel” means a segment of the waters of the State 300 feet or less in width. • Following too Closely The term “following too closely” means proceeding in the same direction and operating at a speed in excess of 10 miles per hour when approaching within 100 feet to the rear or 50 feet to the side of another vessel that is underway unless that vessel is operating in a narrow channel, in which case a personal watercraft may operate at the speed and flow of other vessel traffic. This information is courtesy of the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission website, A Product of Lake Norman CURRENTS Magazine 2022-2023


Sailing Away How do you rent a boat at the lake? BY RENEE ROBERSON

One of the best things about living in a lake area is . . .well, access to a 34-mile long lake with more than 520 miles of shoreline. Even if you don’t live on the water or own a boat, you can join a boating club or rent a kayak or stand-up paddleboard for a little exercise—through local businesses and the Lake Norman YMCA. But what about if you want to actually just rent a boat for a few hours with some close friends or family? What are some things you need to know? I did a little research to figure out the best way to enjoy a day on the water without the responsibility of boat ownership or maintenance. I reached out to the owners of Cornelius Pontoon Rentals and found out they provide a wealth of information right on their website for anyone interested in renting a boat for the day. Safety first—anyone born after Jan. 1, 1988 must complete and show proof of the NASBLA boating educating course before operating any vessel propelled by a motor of 10 HP or greater. The course is free and available online through Some boat rental places also require you have previous boating experience. Depending on your needs, there are local businesses in the Lake Norman area that offer rentals for WaveRunners and pontoon boats. You reserve a boat in advance for two to four hours and meet the boat at one of the local boat ramps (such as Blythe Landing or Ramsey Creek Park). In many cases, the boat rental company stocks the boat with coolers of ice and snacks, swimming noodles and directions for places to see on the lake. You simply get in the boat, take off for a day in the sun, and return the boat to the same dock. Obviously, spring and summer are going to be busier seasons for boating, so make sure to do your research


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on the different boat rental companies and plan to make reservations well in advance of when you’d like to go on the lake. In addition to Cornelius Pontoon Rentals, Carolina Boat Rentals is also located in Cornelius. Lake Norman Boat Rental and Sales in Mooresville has a variety of boats for rent, plus experienced drivers for an additional cost if you prefer to go that route, plus tube rental kits. The bottom line is, there are plenty of ways you can enjoy a day out on the lake jet skiing, boating, tubing, docking on an island and swimming to your heart’s desire. I recommend starting at and researching which rental company has the best options for your needs. Then make your reservation, suit up in your jacket (required for children under 13 at all times and recommended for everyone else), and enjoy lake life at its finest.


NC CONCEAL CARRY (Intro to Handguns INCLUDED) / Text 704-293-1975

Great Lake Living at Lake Norman


Live Like a Native

Who is Normie?

Does a mysterious creature dwell in the lake? There have long been sightings of mysterious creatures in different areas of Lake Norman. Author Chuck McShane discussed the origin of these stories in his book A History of Lake Norman: Fish Camps to Ferraris, and resident Matt Myers became intrigued enough to create a website,, designed for people to share their own stories. “I’ve heard fish stories since I moved here in 2001,” says Myers. “A friend and coworker of mine bought a boat not too long after we moved. After spending some time on the boat fishing and boating, my interest piqued in these fish tales . . . I spent the time putting together a small site for people to submit their own monster fish stories. It was just for fun to start with. However, it’s taken on a life of its own and grown over the years.” So just who is Normie? Rumors have abounded for years among locals that there are “catfish the size of Volkswagens” near the dam at Cowans Ford, while others have seen a creature resembling an alligator swimming through the lake. Other speculate there could be large exotic fish jumping through the water as the source of some of these sightings. Fisherman have reported a large creature eating their fish before they could reel the catch in. The work Myers did gathering and cataloguing these sightings led to the website catching the eye of experts and television producers. “Shortly after the site started gaining popularity, I was contacted by a Swedish gentleman by the name of Jan-Ove


Great Lake Living at Lake Norman


Sundberg,” says Myers. “Jan was the Expedition Leader of GUST – the Global Underwater Search Team. He’ s been featured twice on The Learning Channel – most popularly in “Loch Ness: The Search for the Truth.” Jan took quite an interest in Lake Norman. He was even kind enough to write an exclusive introduction for the website back when it was in its infancy. Unfortunately, he passed away a few years ago, but his experience in the field of cryptozoology and his advice was an inspiration to keep the site going.” In 2014, the TV show “America’s Monsters” featured the Lake Norman Monster in an episode titled “Champ & Normie” segment that also included Lake Champlain. Myers and many other Lake Norman community members and leaders were featured in the segment, which is now available for viewing on Amazon Prime. “I worked on a documentary film crew for a couple of years about 15 years ago, so I was accustomed to the setup and lights and cameras, but it was an entirely different experience being in front of the camera,” says Myers. “The crew was great. I had a lot of input into the content and info (except they called Charlotte the capital of N.C… I’ll give them a pass. It was a Canadian crew).” The research into the folklore of Normie has also spanned two books, Lake Norman Monster: A Decade of Sightings, written by Myers and a children’s picture book, Normie the Lake Norman Monster, written by his wife Amy. Visit to read more about the sightings around the lake, and keep your own eyes open next time you’re out on the water! A Product of Lake Norman CURRENTS Magazine 2022-2023

Link into the Community

Need More Info? Bookmark these sites to help you navigate the Lake Norman area Charlotte Mecklenburg Library


Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce


Lake Norman CURRENTS


The Lake Norman Regional Economic Development Corporation

Davidson College


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North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission Visit Lake Norman The Weather Channel

The Lake Norman Marine Commission

Great Lake Living at Lake Norman


Real Estate

You’re Home Here A look at the current housing market INTERVIEW BY LARA TUMER

With more and more people choosing to call the Lake Norman area home, whether through job relocations, a change of lifestyle, retirement, or close proximity to Charlotte, the real estate market remains strong and active. We reached out to Catherine Taylor, a realtor/broker with Allen Tate Company, for her thoughts on the current home sale activity in our area. She shares her thoughts with us below.

to relocate, residents of this area are here to stay. We’re seeing a mass migration from all over the country, but typically from larger cities. Those who are driving around will notice this trend, with out-of-state license plates popping up all over. The draw from outside states doesn’t just come from those bordering North Carolina, but from places like Illinois, California, New York, and beyond.

Here to Stay

Overlooking the Small Things

While the Lake Norman area has transitioned to a seller’s market, there is really not much that’s driving anyone to sell. People who leave this area are not doing so for conventional motives such as quality of life, high taxes, cost of living, or traffic. Unless there is a personal reason resulting in the need


Great Lake Living at Lake Norman

The frenetic market is causing buyers to ignore the things that would have previously been a concern. Prior deal breakers like the need for a new HVAC system or appliances that are close to their life expectancy were previously red flags. Buyers are now willing to overlook inconveniences both big and small to A Product of Lake Norman CURRENTS Magazine 2022-2023

Photo by Michael Blevins/MB Productions

build. While delays in construction have always been expected, this problem is further amplified due to hindered material access. In addition, lack of availability is resulting in bidding wars with builders. Even this sector of the market doesn’t come without its own issues.

Family Affairs

Multi-generational relocation is a huge trend right now in the Lake Norman real estate market. Older buyers are influencing their children and grandchildren to explore this area and vice versa. Siblings are also often moving in tandem from across the country. Half a decade ago, many were inclined to downsize. This is no longer the case. Extended families are now pooling resources to look for homes that can accommodate two master bedrooms, as well as additional guest rooms. With more individuals working from home, the requirement for multiple home offices is also a priority for many.

Expanding City Amenities

The Lake Norman area offers many benefits of city living, in a suburban, lake-front environment. We’re seeing the expansion of fine dining restaurants from the city to this community, as well as a plethora of shopping and entertainment opportunities that simply were not here 5-10 years ago. This is the lifestyle many are looking for.

We’re Here For You

Before, During, & After the death of a loved one


secure a home in the Lake Norman area. In the same vein, the due diligence policy, which has now been in effect for over 10 years, is resulting in astronomically high deposits. Buyers are often putting down non-refundable deposits over 10 percent of the home price, which is something they just simply can’t and won’t walk away from.

704-892-9669 16901 Old Statesville Road, Huntersville, NC 28078 Funeral arrangements are a deeply personal choice. Pre planning provides you with the time needed to make practical, detailed, decisions that reflect your standards, lifestyle, taste and budget while giving your loved ones peace of mind.

Services also include burial options, on-site cremation, out of town assistance and monuments sales.

Call today for a FREE preplanning guide NOW OPEN Life Tribute Center Denver, NC

Buyer Challenges

With rates skyrocketing, some demographics including first time home buyers may feel defeated. It’s increasingly hard to compete with over-asking and cash offers (sometimes sight unseen), which are becoming the norm. Regardless of the listed price, sales are almost always closing at over asking. Some are overcoming the challenge by opting for a new 2022-2023

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388 NC 16 Business Hwy, Denver, NC 28037 Located next to Safari Miles Restaurant

A homelike setting for funeral pre-plannin and at need arrangments. One of our lcensed funeral directors will gladly assist you in honoring the wishes of you and your family.

Great Lake Living at Lake Norman



Time to Learn A look at the many educational options available BY EMILY THOMAS | WITH ADDITIONAL REPORTING BY RENEE ROBERSON

Looking for the best educational opportunities for your child? Look no further. Award-winning public and private schools provide considerable and diverse choices here, as families can select from schools that emphasize the arts


Great Lake Living at Lake Norman

and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), as well as Montessori and faith-based-curriculums. Area high schools offer International Baccalaureate programs, Advanced Placement courses and many other options.

A Product of Lake Norman CURRENTS Magazine 2022-2023

Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence. ~ Robert Frost The Mooresville Graded School District provides another public school option. The district is known nationally for its comprehensive digital plan, resulting in every child receiving a device for his/her use. In 2017-2018, MGSD ranked eighth out of 115 school districts as measured by the North Carolina End-of-Course, End-of-Grade achievement exams. It also has a notable Naval Junior ROTC program considered one of the best in the Southeast. Also serving the Lake Norman area are some of the Iredell-Statesville Schools. Lake Norman High School in Mooresville is a newer high school in the system that was ranked the 59th best high school in the state according to U.S. News & World Report. Some area elementary and middle schools also were named Honor Schools of Excellence or Schools of Excellence. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools offers many elementary and middle schools in addition to three high schools in the area — Hopewell and North Mecklenburg in Huntersville and William Amos Hough in Cornelius. North Mecklenburg is noted for its International Baccalaureate program, while Hopewell offers a comprehensive curriculum including the Cambridge International Program. The three schools offer extensive Advanced Placement courses. J.M. Alexander Middle School in Huntersville is categorized as an IB World School, and it just moved into a brand new building in 2017. Bailey Middle School In Cornelius opened in 2006 and now has more than 1,200 students. The goal of Bailey Middle is to “Inspire Learners and Empower Leaders.” 2022-2023

A Product of Lake Norman CURRENTS Magazine

Public charter options

For other public options, families can consider charter schools, for which tax dollars provide some of the funding. These schools are required to have no discrimination, no religious associations and no tuition. If charter schools have more applicants than available slots, they must use open lotteries to fill remaining spots. Community School of Davidson is a public charter school offering grades K-12. The school has less than 1,200 students, and its mission is to use the principles of The Basic School to provide an optimal learning environment. CSD has the highest demand of charter school admission in North Carolina and 99 percent graduation. Corvian Community School in Huntersville is a public charter school serving grades K-12. Corvian is committed to small class size, and each elementary classroom is served by a teacher and a full-time assistant who remain with students for a two-year learning loop. Iredell Charter Academy is a tuition-free public charter school educating students in grades K-8. Each child receives a Personalized Learning Plan (PLP), designed to track an individual student’s strengths, weaknesses, and cumulative progress in attaining a year’s worth of learning at a specific grade level. Lake Norman Charter School is a public charter school in Huntersville serving grades K-12. Lake Norman Charter’s high school is currently ranked 22nd in North Carolina by U.S. News & World Report. The school’s mission is to prepare students to be community leaders demonstrating per-

sonal integrity with a life-long desire to learn, lead and serve. Lakeside CharterAcademy is a free public charter school in Cornelius offering grades K-8. The school provides all students with the opportunity to experience a focused and coherent curriculum through the Core Knowledge Sequence by E.D. Hirsch. Its mission is to cultivate a highly effective leadership environment that engages, embraces and enriches children’s strengths, one child at a time. Langtree Charter Academy is a tuition-free K-12 charter school in Mooresville. It offers grades K-12, and its mission is to build a rigorous and productive learning environment where students can reach their academic potential and where teachers set clear educational goals. Lincoln Charter School offers a K-12 program on its and Denver campuses. The mission of Lincoln Charter School is to facilitate the development of college-ready individuals through emphasis on rigorous academics and our community expectations: honesty, respect, empathy, responsibility, service and preparedness. Pine Lake Preparatory is a K-12 school that places emphasis on Fine Arts, STEM and Spanish language programs to enhance core classes in the hopes that the attention placed on particular student outcomes that will better prepare them for purposeful lives. The school is currently ranked the 16th best high school in North Carolina in U.S. News & World Report. Pioneer Springs Community School gained official charter status in 2014. Great Lake Living at Lake Norman


Photography By Candy Howard


The school blends the holistic Basic School approach to core curriculum with a healthy focus on the natural world to engage students’ senses on every level. It offers grades K-11, adding a grade each year through high school.

Picking private

Private schools offer faith-based and secular choices for families. Because of the continued growth in the Lake Norman area, school offerings change and grow each year as schools open, relocate and add additional grades and facilities. Cannon School offers a lower, middle and upper school and is located in nearby Concord, making it an easy commute for Lake Norman-area residents. The school is more than 40 years old. Christ the King Catholic High School is located at N.C. 73 and Poplar Tent Road in Cabarrus County, near Huntersville. It is a co-ed, college preparatory, Catholic high school that is open to students of all faiths and backgrounds. Davidson Day School is located in Davidson, off I-77 at exit 30. The school’s mission is to foster academic excellence through collaboration, creativity, and character development, and these elements are woven into everything they do. They deliver an exceptional student experience for children from 2 years old through 12th


Great Lake Living at Lake Norman

grade, with attention to their core values: meaningful connections, a secure and supportive learning environment, enriching experiences, and integrity. Davidson Green School prepares the next generation of leaders and citizens by developing 21st century skills in the context of environmental stewardship. The school is located in Davidson and offers classes from 3 years old through 8th grade. Grace Covenant Academy in Cornelius offers pre-K through 8th-grade classes. The academy is a ministry of Grace Covenant Church and offers students biblical values, comprehensive academics, and exceptional educators while a balanced educational philosophy is reflected in weekly enrichment programs. Lake Norman Christian School is an independent, non-denominational Christian school offering K-12th grades. The ministry of the school is to provide a college-preparatory education in a safe and nurturing environment grounded in the Christian faith. Liberty Preparatory Christian Academy in Mooresville is a Christian school that serves grades K-12. The school is a University-Model School in which students are on campus three days a week and complete professional instructor-prepared lessons at home the

remaining two days. Phoenix Montessori Academy is located in Huntersville and offers preschool classes and grades K-12. The school’s mission is to develop true scholars, life-long learners and productive citizens of the world in a diverse atmosphere that incorporates Montessori principles. Southlake Christian Academy in Huntersville offers grades TK-12 and was founded as a mission of the SouthLake Presbyterian Church. Its 19-acre campus features state-of-the-art educational buildings, along with athletic facilities. St. Mark Catholic School offers instruction in grades K through 8 at its campus at in Huntersville. The school is part of the Mecklenburg Area Catholic Schools. www.stmarkcatholicschool. net Woodlawn School is located in Davidson and serves grades K-12. Its 61-acre campus features the historic Woodlawn plantation home, and its natural setting permits investigative opportunities. Woodlawn believes students are future leaders who resolve conflicts, have a strong ecological foundation, respect diversity, and are committed to a sense of balance and wellness...all while maintaining a healthy dose of adolescent idealism.

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Davidson is named after General William Lee Davidson, who fell against the British during the Battle of Cowan’s Ford in 1781.

For information about available seats for the 2021-2022 school year, please call 704-721-7199.

JrK – Grade 12 |


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Great Lake Living at Lake Norman



Shape Your Future

Exploring available higher education options BY EMILY THOMAS AND RENEE ROBERSON

From the Lake Norman area and beyond, if you’re looking to finish your college degree, get specific training or simply take a few classes to sharpen your skills, you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit for you. Choices include a community colleges with specialized degree and training programs, a unique technical school designed specifically to help jumpstart a career in the automotive industry, schools with classes tailored to the needs of non-traditional and working students, and a private liberal arts university.

Central Piedmont Community College — Merancas Campus With six campuses in the area, Central Piedmont Community College, established in 1963, offers a broad range of disciplines from which students can choose to study. The Merancas Campus, located in Huntersville, focuses on the college’s Public Safety and Transportation System Technologies programs. Examples of curriculum programs include: criminal justice, fire technology and more.


Great Lake Living at Lake Norman

For those interested in pursuing careers in the automotive industry, CPCC – Merancas has courses and degree programs in collision repair technology, diesel and heavy equipment technology, and transportation system technologies. The college also offers Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) for individuals wishing to enter law enforcement in North Carolina. In addition, the full-service campus provides associate of arts degree classes, college preparatory, GED/ESL and college transfer classes. Students can also take part in a diverse variety of continuing education classes, such as Forklift Certification, NC Vehicle Inspection and NC Vehicle Emissions Inspection (OBD II).

Mitchell Community College — Mooresville Center

Founded in 1852, Mitchell Community College, located in Statesville, is an open-admissions community college dedicated to meeting the post-secondary education and training needs of nearby residents. In 1983, the college opened the Mooresville Center, located in Downtown Mooresville. A Product of Lake Norman CURRENTS Magazine 2022-2023

RIGHT: HANDS-ON TRAINING WITH THE UNIVERSAL TECHNICAL INSTITUTE IN MOORESVILLE. Mitchell offers college transfer courses, accounting, business administration, early childhood, information systems, medical assisting, phlebotomy and high school programs. Its GED program has experienced explosive growth over the years. English as a second language classes are taught at three levels and are also gaining in popularity. In addition, the school offers basic skills in the workplace classes, which cover reading, computation, problem solving, communication skills, team-working skills and more. In recent years, the Mooresville Center expanded with 30,000 square feet of office and classroom space, including 12 classrooms, two science classrooms/ laboratories, one multipurpose room, a student lounge and 12 faculty offices.

Universal Technical Institute One of 13 campuses located across the United States, the Universal Technical Institute — Mooresville Campus, located conveniently off I-77, 2022-2023

A Product of Lake Norman CURRENTS Magazine


offers a wide range of automotive technology courses tailored for the NASCAR industry, in addition to various manufacturer training programs. Also known as the NASCAR Technical Institute, it also offers a CNC Machining Technology program. This campus, which opened in 2002, has more than 50,000 square feet of lab space where students can tackle the basics of engine repair, diagnostics and electrical. The rigorous curriculum covers an extensive list of fundamentals and the graduate placement rate is high.

Davidson College Davidson College, established in 1837, is consistently ranked as one of the top 10 liberal arts colleges in the country, as it offers 37 majors, 38 minors, five preprofessional programs including PreLaw and Premedicine, as well as interdisciplinary studies. Located on a 665-acre main campus, with a 110-acre lake campus, the college has 1,973 undergraduate students (53 percent female and 47 percent male) and is the alma mater to 23 Rhodes Scholars. Students attending Davidson College

benefit from a low student to professor ratio (10:1) to allow for a more collaborative, unique academic experience. More than 850 courses are offered each year. In 2007 Davidson College developed the Davidson Trust, becoming the first liberal arts college in the country to replace loans with grants in all of its financial aid packages. Moreover, the campus is an integral part of the cozy and picturesque college town of Davidson, and more than 90 percent of the students live on campus. Athletes at the school compete in 21 sports at NCAA Division I.

The Scoop Johnson & Wales University Johnson C. Smith University Northeastern University Pfeiffer University Queens University of Charlotte UNC Charlotte Great Lake Living at Lake Norman



Taking Care of You Lake Norman’s medical community can meet all your needs BY RENEE ROBERSON With plenty of area hospitals, medical, surgical and rehabilitation centers, patients can rest easy knowing they have numerous options from which to choose, whether they are seeking well care or specialized treatment. Here’s a look at some of LKN’s offerings.

Iredell Mooresville/ Iredell Health System

653 Bluefield Road, Mooresville

Photo courtesy of Atrium Health

Throughout its growth and expansion over the years, Iredell Health



Great Lake Living at Lake Norman

Sytem has repeatedly shown its commitment to the citizens of Iredell County. With a mission to inspire wellbeing and a vision to guide its neigbors to optimal health, the nonprofit system expanded its services in June 2021 by opening a second campus in the southern part of the county, Iredell Mooresville, on Bluefield Road. Iredell Mooresville is home to the county’s only 24-hour urgent care facility outside of a hospital emergency room, providing individuals with convenient access to cost-effective healthcare during all hours of the day. The facility also has a diagnostic

Photo courtesy of Iredell Health System

Health Care

imaging center, with ultrasound, 3D mammography, CT, and general xray; an ambulatory surgery center; occupational medicine services; rehabilitation services, including physical, speech and occupational therapy; and both primary care and specialist physician practices. “Our patients were telling us they preferred not to travel to get the care they need and deserve. We’ve been listening,” says John Green, President & CEO of Iredell Health System. Iredell’s other campus is located in Statesville and is home to Iredell Memorial Hospital, a 247-bed facility with emergency, imaging, cardiology, oncology, maternity, orthopedic, surgical and many other specialties, including a critical care unit and a hospital-based skilled nursing facility. The Statesville campus also has a Women’s Health Center; cardiopulmonary rehabilitation services; laboratory; infusion care services; Iredell Endpscopy Center; J. Allen Knox Radiation Therapy center; and physical, speech and occupational therapy services. The Health System has a Wellness & Diabetes Center, located in Troutman, and physician practices in Statesville, Mooresville, Mocksville, Harmony, Troutman and Taylorsville. Iredell Memorial Hospital is located at 557 Brookdale Drive, Statesville. A Product of Lake Norman CURRENTS Magazine 2022-2023


Piedmont Healthcare Various locations One of the largest physician-owned and -directed multi-specialty groups in North Carolina, Piedmont Healthcare offers more than 200 providers in multiple specialties treating patients in more than 60 locations in Troutman, Mooresville, Statesville and Mocksville. The physicians at Piedmont Healthcare work together across all specialties, allowing patients to receive comprehensive care. In addition, patients have access to the latest in medical tests and procedures, including X-ray, 2D and 3D Mammography, CT. MRI, ultrasound and in-house laboratories. Piedmont Healthcare earned the 2014 UnitedHealthcare PATH Excellence in Patient Service Award, which is based on clinical results that measure how successfully practices have closed gaps in patient care.

Lake Norman Regional Medical Center 171 Fairview Road, Mooresville Formerly known as Lowrance Hospital, Lake Norman Regional Medical Center first opened in 1926 and operated as a non-profit corporation in its early years. Now operating as a 123-bed hospital, LNRMC offers 24-hour services, a surgical weight loss center, orthopedic specialty center, women’s services and The Stork’s Landing Maternity Center, as well as cardiology, oncology 2022-2023

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and surgical services. Over the years, it has received numerous accolades and awards, from places such as the Optum Center of Excellence network in the area of spine and joint surgeries, Blue Distinction Center+ for Maternity Care, and accrediation by the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons. Because of its location in Mooresville, patients close to I-77, I-40 and I-85 can easily access the center for medical services.

Atrium Health Huntersville 16455 Statesville Road, Huntersville

Conveniently located off I-77, this healthcare pavilion is home to five physician offices, and also offers advanced diagnostic imaging services, a full-service lab, retail pharmacy, outpatient surgery center and a 24-hour emergency department with bedside registration for convenience, as well as treatment rooms (including one designated as a trauma/resuscitation room). The staff includes physicians who are board-certified in emergency medicine, and the facility is backed by the breadth and depth of Atrium Health Carolinas Medical Center, the region’s only Level 1 Trauma Center.

Atrium Health Lincoln

433 McAlister Road, Lincolnton This three-story, 101-bed facility is located off the west shore of Lake Norman, servicing the Denver, Maiden and West Lincoln communities. Hospital features include cardiac care, imaging,

pain management and rehabilitation services, as well as a spacious birthing center featuring a Level 2 nursery and a pediatric hospitalist on staff. The hospital is also an anchor to a 64-acre medical campus featuring numerous specialty practices. In addition, there is a 1.2-mile walking trail circling the hospital campus. The facility also maintains a link to local history with the building’s exterior, which contains 300,000 reclaimed bricks from a portion of the former Belding-Hausman Mill.

Novant Health Huntersville Medical Center 10030 Gilead Road Huntersville Novant Health Huntersville Medical Center is a full-service, 91-bed community hospital providing services in a variety of areas, including cancer, heart and vascular, diabetes, imaging, sleep health, orthopedics, maternity, and more. In April 2016, the hospital again received state approval to transfer 48 acute beds and an operating room from Presbyterian Medical Center to Huntersville Medical Center, which will eventually bring the bed count to 139. Its emergency department is also open 24 hours a day and patients have access to advanced surgical services close to home, including the use of the state-of-the art da Vinci Robotic Surgery System®, which involves a surgical tool that provides robot-assisted technology for procedures such as hysterectomies and procedures that help treat prostate cancer. Great Lake Living at Lake Norman


Culture Photo by John McHugh


A Mecca for the Arts Immerse yourself in all the area has to offer Whether you’re into the live music scene, visual art, theatre, or dance, there’s plenty of places to find cultural entertainment in our area. Construction on the Cain Center for the Arts is well underway and is slated to open in December 2022. It will be Lake Norman area’s only public arts and community center, and plans to offer flexible performance, education, gallery and community spaces. In September 2021, Cornelius Parks and Recreation turned programming over to Cain Center, and Cornelius Arts Center will also be moving their classes and events there as well. If you’re a theatre buff, you’re in luck, as any production by Davidson Community Players is sure to satisfy. The company offers shows throughout the year, as it has a permanent home at the cozy Armour Street Theatre in Davidson and each summer, residents can enjoy performances in the larger Duke Family Performance Hall at Davidson College. Davidson College also produces top-notch theatrical productions throughout the year. In addition, the


Great Lake Living at Lake Norman

college offers the C. Shaw and Nancy K. Smith Artist Series, which brings in performances by visiting musicians, choral groups, dance troupes and theatrical companies. Music at Davidson College includes the Davidson College Concert Series along with performances by The Davidson College Concert Choir, The Davidson College Chorale, The Davidson College Jazz Ensemble and The Davidson College Symphony Orchestra. For more than 13 seasons Music at St. Albans in Davidson has brought world-renowned musicians to the Lake Norman area performing in musical genres such as Celtic, classical and gospel. During the warmer months, pack a picnic basket and head out to the Village Green (corner of Main Street and Concord Road) in Davidson for Concerts on the Green. From big band to beach music and yacht rock, this series appeals to all ages. Birkdale Village in Huntersville offers a summer concert series on the weekends. Old Town Cornelius is home to the monthly 2nd Friday


Street Festival Series, which feature live music, arts and crafts vendors, food trucks and other family-friendly entertainment. Art crawls throughout Cornelius and Davidson throughout the year offer extra fun. The Van Every/Smith Galleries and Katherine and Tom Belk Visual Arts Center at Davidson College also offer changing exhibitions, artist receptions and talks throughout the year. However you wish to express your creativity or enjoy the creativity of others, you can bet there’s an outlet for you in the Lake Norman area.

The Scoop Cain Center for the Arts Davidson Concerts on the Green Davidson College Davidson Community Players Music at St. Albans A Product of Lake Norman CURRENTS Magazine 2022-2023


Start Your Engines Joe Gibbs Racing Team BY SARAH QUINN

Any race fans out there? The Charlotte area is often dubbed to be the birthplace of NASCAR. Even Mooresville has gained the name “Race City USA.” And these nicknames aren’t for nothing. Charlotte Motor Speedway is right in Concord and once held NASCAR’s first official race in 1949. And not too far from there is the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte. And just a little north in Mooresville is Dale Earnhardt Inc. The area is surrounded by famous NASCAR attractions, but there is one more name to add to the list, and that is the Joe Gibbs Racing Team facility right in Huntersville. Joe Gibbs Racing Team is owned by the renowned Joe Gibbs. Whom, in his earlier career, was the head coach of the Washington Redskins. In his time as an NFL coach, he has accumulated three NFL Super Bowl Championships and is featured in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. After his successful career in football, he brought his leadership skills to the world of racing. In 1991 he started the Joe Gibbs Racing Team, working alongside his son J.D. Gibbs, who served as president of the company, until J.D.’s death in 2019. The team represents very notable NASCAR drivers such as, Denny Hamlin, who won the Daytona 500 in 2016, 2019, and 2020. They also represent Kyle Busch, a NASCAR Cup Series champion


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in both 2015 and 2019, as well as Martin Truex Jr., 2016 Southern 500 winner, and Christopher Bell, the 2027 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series champion. Alongside drivers, Daniel Hemric, Brandon Jones, Harrison Burton, and Ty Gibbs. Overall, the team has won 5 NASCAR Cup Series Championships, landing Joe Gibbs in the NASCAR hall of fame in 2020. The successful team’s facility features their collection of trophies, memorabilia, a car showroom, a gift shop, and an overview of their race shop. The lobby at Joe Gibbs Racing is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. The Team Store, which features many collectibles such as sheet metal, diecast cars, replica helmets, windshields, and autographed items, is operating at limited hours, so call before you plan to visit. They even have merchandise from some of your favorite drivers like hats, t-shirts, and accessories. So, start your engines, and check out Joe Gibbs Racing in Huntersville.

The Scoop Joe Gibbs Racing 13415 Reese Boulevard W, Huntersville Great Lake Living at Lake Norman



Primed for New Growth

The Lake Norman area partners businesses with the perfect space



The Lake Norman area is primed for new business development, with much of the recent growth planned for Huntersville. There is currently over 6 million square feet of speculative space in planning, review or under construction. Below are a few speculative development projects of note as of June 2022: • NorthCross Commerce Center has two buildings completed being 331,000 square feet and the other being 114,000. Two more buildings are planned for this site as well. •Bryton Commerce Center has completed three buildings totaling 350,000 square feet with plans for Phase 2, which is now under construction. •Selwyn Property Group completed a speculative building off Alexandriana Road that will be just over 100,000 square feet. •Scannell Properties has completed two buildings in


Great Lake Living at Lake Norman

The Park Huntersville that total 231,000 square feet. •Johnson Development has an industrial speculative building under construction in The Park Huntersville, which will total around 150,000 square feet. •Trinity Capital Advisors currently has 225,000 square feet under construction in Huntersville. • Two new Class–A industrial buildings are going up on Baily Road in Cornelius. One building will be 85,000 square feet, the other 110,250. •IDI Logistics is developing the 77 North Logistics Center, 153,990 square foot industrial building right off Mt. Holly- Huntersville Road in Huntersville. •In August 2021, Safeguard Medical announced moving its headquarters to The Park Huntersville, occupying 159,120 square-feet of the Edgewater Ventures and Alidade Capital industrial building. •In April of 2022, Financial Independence Group purchased a five-acre site in Cornelius which will house its new 80,000 square feet corporate campus. A Product of Lake Norman CURRENTS Magazine 2022-2023

Photography courtesy of Lake Norman Economic Development



This activity comes after years of work by Ryan McDaniels, head of Lake Norman Economic Development (LNED) and other local leaders to attempt to spur development. McDaniels’ focus now shifts from eagerly pursuing development to finding tenants to occupy the high volume of space that is coming to Huntersville. His team at LNED has done so by adding more virtual tours of sites, he says. “It is exciting for us because I know we’ve missed deals because we just simply haven’t had the right product, and now we’re going to have that option.” North Mecklenburg is in a competitive position for international projects due to being located just 20 minutes from Charlotte Douglas International Airport. The Charlotte airport is the 6th busiest airport in the world and is home to the second largest hub for American Airlines. The airport is an international gateway with numerous non-stop services to 175 2022-2023

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Photography courtesy of Lake Norman Economic Development

Photography courtesy of Lake Norman Economic Development


cities including London, Frankfurt, and Munich. Charlotte Douglas International Airport also has a 200-acre intermodal facility that is strategically positioned creating an intermodal hub linking air, rail, and truck to East Coast seaports. The facility, which is capable of 200,000 lifts annually, transfers containers between trucks and trains, and connects to the intermodal facilities at the Port of Charleston. The following companies continue to be Lake Norman’s biggest employers, a list which has remained relatively unchanged over the past few years. Trane continues to lead the way with 1,600 employees on its Davidson campus, followed by Davidson College with 750 and MSC (350). McGuire Nuclear Station tops the list for Huntersville at 1,200 employees, followed by Novant Health (690), Metrolina Greenhouses (650), Joe Gibbs Racing (650) and Rubbermaid (400). Great Lake Living at Lake Norman


Boutiques, Home Décor, and So Much More

Photo by Renee


Photo by Jon Beyerle




If you want to shop local, shop the trends, or just shop until you drop, Lake Norman has it all. From high-end boutiques, home decor stores, name brand retailers, consignment shops, and antique malls, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to shopping. Shopping for something special for your closet is easy in Lake Norman with several high-end boutiques. Remedy Clothiers in Jetton Village carries women’s and men’s clothing, jewelry, shoes, and Johnny Fly sunglasses. Mine by Sandy’s sprawling location on Jetton Street in Davidson is full of high-end women’s clothing, or pop into her smaller shop on Main Street Davidson for a quick shopping fix. Luna’s at the Lake (Cornelius), Hampton’s Men’s Clothing (Mooresville), and Beck on Broad (Mooresville), all offer a curated selection of fashionable clothing. For luxe activewear, check out Well Kept in Davidson. And for the mini fashionista in your life, head to Cela Baby in Cornelius which carries both traditional and fun children’s clothing as well as books, toys, and gifts. For those in the market for new home furnishings or décor, Knotty + Board in Cornelius (soon to be Davidson), is a great place to find inspiration. For custom, made in North Carolina, sectionals, sofas, beds and ottomans check out COCOCO Home in Cornelius. Walking into Dutchman’s Casual Living Stores in Cornelius will make you want to redecorate your home with their beautiful furniture, rugs, light fixtures and bedding. Other places to try when on the hunt for something unique are Bungalow Market and Home Heart & Soul in Cornelius, and Lily Grace Interiors in Mooresville. And if antiques are your jam, clear your calendar and spend the afternoon at Main St. Antiques in Mooresville or Oak Street Mill Antiques in Cornelius. When it comes to sustainable fashion, Lake Norman has


Great Lake Living at Lake Norman

got you covered. FlairTRADE in Cornelius carries high quality brands for both women and men, jewelry, handbags and shoes. For upscale fashion at a great price, look no further than Brand Name Consignment in Cornelius. Head to Huntersville for the little people in your life at Kid to Kid, which offers gently used baby gear, clothing, shoes and toys. In need of a gift but not quite sure what to buy? Just pop into one of several local shops in Lake Norman and you will find something special. Inspired LKN, next to Cornelius elementary, is teeming with jewelry, home goods, candles, greeting cards and a selection of children’s items. The Village Store in Davidson also offers a little something for everyone, as does Sweet Magnolia in Cornelius. Honeysuckle Home in Davidson is the destination for the perfect hostess gift. Other unique shopping experiences in the area include the Bradford Market in Huntersville (organic grocery store), Lebo’s in Cornelius (western wear and shoes), and the newly opened PlantHouse in Huntersville (houseplants & ceramics). If you are more of a one-stop shopper, then Birkdale Village is for you. Currently undergoing a $20 million redevelopment to elevate its offerings and become even more of a community hub, Birkdale has a variety of retail shops, restaurants, and gathering spaces. Home to name brand retailers like Lululemon, Sephora, Loft, Janie and Jack, Willams-Sonoma, Barnes & Noble, Lovesac, as well as boutiques like Uniquities, Poppies Gifts, Nina’s Boutique, Apricot Lane and the instagrammable Girl Supply, look no further than Birkdale for a convenient shopping experience. As local shops continue thrive and Birkdale Village evolves to the next level, Lake Norman can fulfill all of your shopping wants and needs! A Product of Lake Norman CURRENTS Magazine 2022-2023


More than Barbeque Find a variety of food choices to fit your every craving BY RENEE ROBERSON One thing people in the Lake Norman area love to talk about is the food scene, because there is such a great variety here. Whether you are looking for fine dining, healthy fare, or international cuisine you can eat on an outdoor patio overlooking a charming downtown or lake view, you’ll never get bored of our food options. North Harbor Club Restaurant and Bar offers casual to upscale New American fare in a waterfront setting. From their signature sandwich, the Turkey and Avocado Panini, to signature entrée Brined Pork Loin Chop, there is something for everyone. Guests can eat and sip hand crafted cocktails in the regatta-themed dining room or on one of three waterside patios. They also offer a private dining experience in “The Boat House,” the perfect venue for business and any special occasion. North Carolina is noted for its barbecue, and the lake area is home to several establishments that have legendary followings, such as Lancaster’s BBQ on Beatties Ford Road in Huntersville or Midwood Smokehouse in Birkdale Village. Slow-smoked pork with sauce served in squeeze bottles on the side is the way to go. Don’t forget to try a side of Brunswick Stew or mac and cheese (considered a vegetable here), and a serving of banana pudding for dessert. The owners of popular The Egg Café in Davidson recently opened up The Crazy Pig, a barbeque restaurant offering award-winning barbeque, local craft beer, decadent sides, and more often than not, live music on the outdoor patio. (We recommend The Wildcat, featuring beef brisket, 2022-2023

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grilled onions and peppers and provolone cheese with bbq ranch). Kindred, owned and operated by Joe and Katy Kindred, has become a must for anyone dining out in Davidson. Their famous milk bread has inspired a new restaurant concept with the same name that opened up this year. Milkbread, billed as an “all-day café,” serves milk bread doughnuts, crispy chicken, vegetable-focused bowls, salads and a variety of beverages. The Kindreds also own the lakeside upscale fish camp Hello Sailor! in Cornelius. Nosh on mouthwatering tacos and nachos at the southern-inspired Osito’s Tacos & Tortas in Cornelius at a more casual atmosphere (plus they have a taco truck for special events!) Link & Pin beckons for a fun date night in Huntersville, as does Antico Italian Restaurant. A walk through pedestrian-friendly Birkdale Village in Huntersville will tempt your taste buds with all kinds of dining options. You’ll feel like you’ve hit the jackpot with casual restaurants offering Asian fusion, woodfired pizzas, upscale burgers, and traditional American favorites, as well as a fancy establishment specializing in steaks and seafood. And if you’re looking to finish things off with dessert, Carolina Cones has been serving up ice cream for the past 41 years. And don’t forget SweetCakes Bakery, also in Cornelius, for a mouthwatering cupcake, or hop on the Bubble Tea craze at ShareTea next door to the popular 131 on Main. Your tastebuds will thank you! Great Lake Living at Lake Norman



Craft Beer for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Soak up the sunshine and support the best in local beer BY LARA TUMER

When summer brews up in Lake Norman, it’s a favorite time of year to enjoy the warm weather, lake water, luscious green parks, and time outside with family and friends. Enjoying a cold craft beer is a great way to cool off, relax, and unwind between activities. Not sure where to start? Check out this sample itinerary, which allows you to spend the day soaking up the sunshine with a few stops along the way supporting the Lake’s best local beer serving businesses. Early Risers - Paddleboard Session Start the day on the lake, arguably the best time to get on the water. The current is calm, and you won’t be fighting speed boaters and jet skiers for space. Paddle boarding isn’t only fun, but it’s a great way to sneak in some exercise. Take your paddleboard out on the lake for a fun way to sneak in some exercise. If you don’t have one, check the Lake Norman Chamber Memership Directory at the back of this guide for ideas on where you can rent one for a few hours. Fuel Up - Park Picnic & Growlers To-go After an hour or two on paddle boarding around the lake, head to Eleven Lakes Brewery located at 10228 Bailey Road in Cornelius. Weekend hours begin and noon on Saturday and 1 p.m. on Sunday. Grab any of their noteworthy small batch beers like Sandbar Blonde or River Otter Red. Make sure to pack some sandwiches, snacks, and a picnic blanket so you can head around the corner to Bailey Road Park for


Great Lake Living at Lake Norman

COOL OFF WITH A LOCAL BREW. a mid-day picnic. Or, plan on visiting when one of the area’s tasty food trucks will be on site. Prep for Happy Hour You can’t miss D9 Brewing Company. Their website makes it easy and seamless to order 4-pack cans in over a dozen selections with seasonal limited releases and standing favorites both in the mix. Simply pull up and pop your drunk for curbside pickup. Throw a cooler in your car to chill your beer while you tackle the afternoon’s outdoor activities and don’t forget to stock up on a few extra cans to have at home. Get Moving – Mid Day Hike & Afternoon Swim Mostly shaded, Jetton Park is the perfect place to escape the sun and enjoy an afternoon hike or bike ride, depending on your preference. The loop is an approachable 1.4 miles in total and can easily be completed by the whole family with a paved path that’s easy to navigate and stroller friendly. You can pop off at one of the park’s picnic tables and crack open your beer if you simply can’t wait. Perhaps you’ve worked up a sweat. Take the 2-3 minute drive around the corner to Ramsey Creek park to take a dip in the lake. If you’re looking to create your own beer tour, head to, with a full and comprehensive beer and wine trail map, organized by neighborhood. A Product of Lake Norman CURRENTS Magazine 2022-2023

Education • Community Inspiration • Entertainment

Our 2022-23 Season! Fall 2022 Events at the Cornelius Arts Center (CAC) Music at the Mill Visual Art Exhibitions Visual Art Classes for Adults and Youth

Spring 2023 Events at CAC and Cain Center for the Arts Cain Center Performing Arts Series Visual Arts Exhibitions Visual Art Classes for Adults and Youth

Full Season to be Announced on July 28, 2022 Want to join our mailing list or get involved? Write us at 2022-2023

Cain Center for the Arts Post Office Box 1443, Cornelius, NC 28031 A Product of Lake Norman CURRENTS Magazine • 980.689.3101

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Photography by Brant Waldeck

Get Outside

Greenways at a Glance You’re sure to find a favorite


COMPILED BY STAFF REPORTS | PHOTOGRAPHY BY AFTERBURNER COMMUNICATIONS Area residents love the access to the many greenways because you can choose your preferred way to enjoy them, whether it’s through walking, running, biking, etc., and you can enjoy nature solo or with others.


Great Lake Living at Lake Norman

Happenings in Huntersville Torrence Creek Greenway runs 1.4 miles through woods and behind neighborhoods off Gilead Road in Huntersville. The western section of the greenway runs through a A Product of Lake Norman CURRENTS Magazine 2022-2023

meadow, where neighbors say they often see deer. The eastern section passes by a series of large rock formations, with some rocks as big as school buses. Short sections of the greenway are boardwalks that meander through wetlands. A proposed Lower McDowell Creek Greenway west of the Wynfield subdivision is in the development stages that would connect the Upper McDowell Creek Greenway, which runs along Birkdale in Huntersville and create seven miles of trail. The Caldwell Station Creek Greenway, covering 2.6 miles and connecting Bailey Road Park to Highway 21, runs up against the Heritage Green and Oakhurst subdivisions, making access to the trail just a few steps away from residents’ homes. A project called the “Emerald Necklace” is currently in progress, and when completed, will be a 13+-mile network of greenways and multi-use paths encircling the town of Cornelius. Learn more at Greenways-Trails.

Carolina Thread Trail On many of the area’s greenways, you’ll see markers that read Carolina Thread Trail. In fact, 22 miles of the Carolina Thread Trail’s more than 260 completed miles run through the Lake Norman area. The trail runs through 15 counties in North and South Carolina. The Lake Norman section of the Catawba River Blueway (part of the Carolina Thread Trail) is approximately 31 miles long, making it possible to paddle part of the trail. Throughout the trail, you’ll find various attractions, both historical and commercial.


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The South Prong Rocky River Greenway This greenway is part of a 6-mile network of trails and sidewalks in Davidson. The wide paved trail accommodates walkers, runners, and bikers. This trail winds along a pleasant creek and through neighborhoods in the town of Davidson. Occasional benches line the trail and provide comfortable resting spots for trail visitors. Recently, the city of Cornelius extended the greenway into the Antiquity neighborhood. So now the community can enjoy an 8.5-mile hike or ride from Antiquity Greenway to the West Branch Nature Preserve Trail. So what are you waiting for? Get out and explore!


NC CONCEAL CARRY (Intro to Handguns INCLUDED) / Text 704-293-1975

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The Importance of Giving Back

Fifteen ways to serve LKN BY RENEE ROBERSON The residents of Lake Norman care, in so many ways, whether it is addressing food insecurity, housing needs, the digital divide, or those experiencing other difficult times in their lives. Want to get involved? Below you’ll find 15 local ways you can serve. Many of these suggestions are places that we’ve likely featured in CURRENTS over the years. Spread kindness!

7. Donate a laptop from your business or organization to E-2-D. org and help eliminate the digital divide for area students.

1. Donate items like men’s, women’s and children’s clothing along with blankets, sheets, and comforters at Lydia’s Loft in Huntersville.

10. Volunteer for set building, clean-up days, usher and box office help at Davidson Community Players.

8. Become an animal foster for Lake Norman Humane. 9. Donate household items at the Cornelius location of the Habitat for Humanity of the Charlotte Region ReStore.

11. Donate a Kuranda Dog Bed to Happy Tails Rescue, Inc. 2. Have the youth in your home sign up to be a volunteer at Ada Jenkins Center in Davidson. 3. Get together a team of family, friends, or co-workers for a service project at Hope House Foundation in Huntersville. 4. Sign up to be a driver and help deliver bagged lunches to area schools each week through Bags of Hope.


12. Help provide basic hygiene and feminine products to women and girls in the community through Well Equipped Period. 13. Help residents who don’t have access to affordable health care with a donation to Lake Norman Community Health Clinic in Huntersville.

5. Organize a supply drive for Children’s Hope Alliance in Barium Springs.

14. Volunteer at the various fundraising events at Davidson Housing Coalition or help provide maintenance support at the DHC’s properties.

6. Train to be a volunteer at Angels & Sparrows: A Community Table and Resource in Huntersville.

15. Learn how you can get involved with Davidson Lands Conservancy.

Great Lake Living at Lake Norman

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File photo by Lisa Crates


Farmers Markets

Supporting Local A look at Lake Norman farmers markets

There’s nothing better than flavorful food prepared by fresh ingredients from local farms. Lake Norman has plenty of places to find succulent fruits and vegetables, plus beautiful bouquets and homemade jams, jellies, cheeses and more. Davidson Farmer’s Market When: Every Saturday from 9 a.m.-noon April – November Where: Next to Davidson Town Hall between Main and Jackson Streets Info: The Evening Farmer’s Market of Statesville When: Every Thursday from April through October, 3:30-7 p.m. Where: Pecan Park in historic downtown Statesville Info: Huntersville Growers’ Market When and Where: Every Saturday from May through October, 8 a.m.-noon, Veterans Park, Huntersville Tuesdays May-August, Novant Hospital Parking Lot, Huntersville, 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Info: Denver Farmers Market When: Every Saturday from 8 a.m. until noon Where: Denver Baptist Church 6917, Forest Hills Drive, Denver Info: Troutman Farmer’s Market When: First Tuesday in May through last Tuesday in September from 4-7 p.m. Where: Troutman ESC Park Pavilion, 338 North Avenue Info: Look for Troutman Farmers Market on Facebook 2022-2023

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Great Lake Living at Lake Norman


Location, location, location From the Mountains to the Sea What can you find all within a day’s drive of Lake Norman?

Proximity to endless road trip opportunities is another reason residents love our location. Whether you want a quick jaunt a couple of hours up the Blue Ridge Parkway, a shopping excursion, or a leave-your-cares-behind retreat to one of the many beaches along the Carolina coast, Lake Norman is perfectly positioned as a home base for all manner of Carolina adventures. Here are a few ideas for you: Hickory/High Point/Thomasville Drive Time — Hickory: 45 minutes Drive Time — High Point and Thomasville: 90 minutes North Carolina has long been considered the furniture capital of the United States, and no three cities are more tied to furniture than Hickory, High Point and Thomasville.


Great Lake Living at Lake Norman

Despite recent trends toward moving production overseas, some of the best-known brands in the furniture industry remain headquartered in these three cities. In fact, some of the most extravagant furniture you’ll ever see moves through these areas. A drive through the heart of Hickory on Highway 321 shows just how many outlets still sell locally made goods. High Point hosts a twice-a-year furniture market that attracts thousands of industry buyers from all over the world. Boone Drive Time: 2 hours Boone is another North Carolina mountain destination Lake Norman residents can easily reach for a fun day trip or long weekend. Some of the Blue Ridge’s highest peaks

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are located in the Boone area. It’s another favorite for those interested in viewing the beautiful fall foliage. Many bed and breakfasts beckon visitors year round, and the town is home to Appalachian State University. During the holidays, dozens of Christmas tree farms open for business, so families can pick out the perfect tree and make lifelong memories in the process.


Greenville Drive Time: 2 hours Greenville, S.C. has become well known in recent years for being a hub of culture, outdoor adventure, food and beer. The streets and parks of the city are home to almost 100 pieces of public artwork.The 32-acre Falls on the Reedy park sits right in the heart of downtown and features a 40-foot natural waterfall and floating pedestrian Liberty Bridge. A popular activity is cycling along the Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail, a 22-mile multiuse trail system that runs along the Reedy River. If you don’t have your own bike there are plenty available to rent. There are also many places to shop in Greenville, from storefronts displaying funky pieces of artwork to antiques, to farmhouse décor, urban outfitters, and boutiques with carefully curated clothing brands. There’s also an Artists Guild Gallery co-op that represents more than 20 local artists and many other storefronts where you can shop for handcrafted mixed media pieces, jewelry, watercolors, and photography. Asheville Drive Time: 2.5 hours Asheville is western North Carolina’s largest city and serves as the business, cultural, shopping and dining hub of the mountains. Asheville is known across the world for being a mountain gem, as it has an arts scene filled with concerts, festivals, art galleries and performances. The city is located in the heart of the Blue Ridge and is known for its natural beauty. The Blue Ridge Parkway, which brushes Asheville, attracts motorists each October when the trees begin to turn. While the historic Biltmore Estate, which sits on the city’s outskirts is a favorite destination for those who love spring flowers and beautiful holiday decor. Charleston Drive Time: 3.5 hours Few destinations anywhere are as splendid as Charleston, S.C. Make one trip to this charming southern city and you’re sure to be back. Charleston is located on the coast and is considered by many to be the South’s cultural capital. Dining in Charleston is world class, and the city’s dozens of restaurants offer Lowcountry menus that simply can’t be beat. Here you’ll find beautiful gardens wedged between historic pastel homes — many of which were built before the Civil War (which started in nearby Fort Sumter). Beachgoers are also at home in Charleston. Folly Beach, Isle of Palms, Kiawah Island, Seabrook Island and Sullivan’s Island offer a variety of fun for those wanting to hit the sand. Myrtle Beach Drive Time: 4 hours Few places are as hot come summer as Myrtle Beach, S.C. (and we’re not just talking about the temperature). Myrtle Beach boasts miles and miles of beautiful beaches, hotels at every price point, hundreds of shops and nearly 2,000 restaurants. And if you’re a golfer, few places can offer more than the Myrtle Beach area does all year long. More than 14 million people visit Myrtle Beach each year. Families love the carefree summertime atmosphere the beach offers, and with amusement parks, theaters and nightclubs in the mix, there’s truly something for everyone in Myrtle Beach.


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Distance from the Lake Norman area (Huntersville) to Several Major Cities New York City: 9 hours 50 minutes; 630 miles. Philadelphia: 8 hours 30 minutes; 534 miles. Washington D.C.: 6 hours 20 minutes; 393 miles. Atlanta: 4 hours; 254 miles. Savannah: 4 hours 30 minutes; 265 miles. Jacksonville, Florida: 6 hours 15 minutes; 400 miles. Miami: 11 hours 40 minutes; 750 miles. Nashville: 6 hours 45 minutes; 425 miles.

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The Towns of Lake Norman



Rich in history and exploration

Photo courtesy of Carolina Renaissance Festival & Artisan Marketplace

golis Photo by Lisa Mar



Huntersville is the first Lake Norman town north of Charlotte in Mecklenburg County. The Town was renamed from Craighead to Huntersville in honor of major landowner and cotton farmer, Robert Boston Hunter. Whether you’re looking for family-friendly festivals, a chance to explore the outdoors, or places to shop and dine, the town of Huntersville continues to attract new residents each year.

Fairy House Festival. This annual festival held each February at Latta Nature Preserve is one that everyone can enjoy while building fairy houses and reconnecting with nature. Fairy, gnome, and other appropriate costumes are encouraged but not required.

Carolina Renaissance Festival & Artisan Marketplace. History comes alive each October and November with non-stop, day-long, immersive, and interactive entertainments. The open-air Artisan Market is filled with arts and crafts, games and rides, jousting knights on horseback, falconry, mermaids, fairies, dragons, feasting and more.

Loch Norman Highland Games. The Loch Norman Highland Games is a family-friendly event presented by Historic Rural Hill each April. Featuring Highland dancing and athletics, bagpipe bands, a giant Kid’s Zone, Scottish merchants, haggis, Celtic rock and traditional performers, historic reenactments, hearth cooking, N.C. beer and wine, whiskey tastings, kilted running events and much more. The next games will take place in April 2023.

The Rural Hill Amazing Maize Race. Each fall, participants gear up to navigate the giant 7-acre corn maize featuring more than two miles of interconnecting paths. Take a hayride around the farm, enjoy local beer, wine and cider, play a round of cornhole,

Hello Huntersville. This festival takes place every May in downtown Huntersville. It celebrates the works and talents of local artists and is a wonderful event for families. While you’re there, stop in Discovery Place KIDS for even more fun.



and more at Historic Rural Hill. www.

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North Carolina Brewers and Music Festival. This celebration of North Carolina brewing and real music takes place at Historic Rural Hill every May. More than 40 brewers bring their goods to the festival and a variety of bands perform. Guests can camp on the grounds throughout the weekend to fully enjoy the festival. Check out the website for the 2023 festival date. www. Christmas in Huntersville & The Holiday Market. Held in early December, this event features a tree lighting ceremony, visits with Santa, shopping at The Holiday Market designed to support local businesses, food and drink, artists and vendors, and more.

Huntersville by the numbers Year incorporated: 1873 Population: 61,376 Median household income: $100,789 Median value of owner-occupied housing units: $301,500 Source: A Product of Lake Norman CURRENTS Magazine 2022-2023

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The Towns of Lake Norman


Festivals, community engagement, and lake fun


BY RENEE ROBERSON While known mostly for having the largest amount of Lake Norman shoreline (approximately 520 miles), Cornelius has a compelling origin story (many historians have traced the town’s origins to a dispute over cotton weighing) and has quickly grown to attract families and celebrities alike.

Symphony in the Park. Every June, The Charlotte Symphony Orchestra travels to Cornelius to perform at the Bailey Road Park Bandshell. After the performance, guests get to enjoy a spectacular fireworks show.


Tawba Walk Arts & Music. Festival Each September, this festival in Old Town Cornelius features two stages of entertainment, more than 100 local artists and vendors, craft breweries, food trucks, street art, games, giveaways, a kid zone, and more.

All American Dog Show. Pets and their caregivers gather each October at Robbins Park to visit with pet-related vendors, concessions, and vie for the title of “Best Kisser,” “Best Puppy Dog Eyes,” “Cutest Puppy,” and “All American Dog.” Charlotte Dragon Boat Festival and Asian Festival. The team competition that is part of a Chinese tradition that’s more than 2,000 years old attracts visitors to Ramsey Creek Park in Cornelius each year. Stay for an Asian Cultural Program that features performers, exhibits, and vendor booths. The event takes place each October. www. Laketoberfest. Craft beer enthusiasts won’t want to miss this community event held at Bailey Road Park each October. Attendees enjoy live music, beer from local North Carolina breweries, family-friendly games and activities, and food trucks. Cornelius Jazz Festival. This annual event held each May benefits the Smithville CommUNITY Coalition includes the area’s best jazz music, food trucks, children’s activities, local business, artists, and more.


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Light Up Cornelius. Residents look forward to this annual Christmas kick-off event and tree lighting held at Town Center each November. It features community group performances, family activities, horse-drawn carriage rides, Santa and Mrs. Claus, and more.

Cornelius by the numbers Year incorporated: 1905 Population: 31,412 Median household income: $90,377 Median value of owner-occupied housing units: $352,600 Source: Contact: Town of Cornelius

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A Product of Lake Norman CURRENTS Magazine

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Davidson Culture, food, and annual traditions can be found in this college town COMPILED FROM STAFF REPORTS

Founded in 1837, Davidson College is a private liberal arts institution that offers educational and entertainment opportunities. The surrounding town offers the perfect blend of small-town charm, worldly sophistication, and award-winning dining experiences. SIGNATURE EVENTS: Davidson Community Players. Founded in 1965, Davidson Community Players offers a full season filled with a variety of award-winning theatrical performances, beginning and February and culminating with a Christmas production in December. Their summer musical at Duke Family Performance Hall at Davidson College is always a must-see! Art on the Green. This three-day spring arts festival draws visitors (and artists and artisans) each year from the surrounding towns and beyond each April. Artists display their work in Davidson establishments from South Main Street, historic Main Street, and the Concerts @ the Circles at the opening night gallery crawl. The next day, Art on the Green, a juried art festival with booths full of hand-crafted art from artists all throughout the region begins, along with food and drink from on-site food vendors and area restaurants. (There’s also a Fall Arts Festival held each year in the downtown area). Concerts on the Green, Concerts @ the Circles, and Second Saturdays at the Square. Once the weather turns


Great Lake Living at Lake Norman

warm, pack a picnic, gather your friends, and check out live music at one of three places in town each weekend. You’ll find everything from yacht rock, Americana, jazz, gospel, country, and much more. Town Day. This event coincides with National Bike Month each May and encourages residents to ride their bikes and park in the “bike corral” on site. What began as a day of service and fellowship continues to grow with activities, non-profit booths, family activities, food and drink vendors, and much more. Christmas in Davidson. Located in downtown Davidson and akin to a Norman Rockwell Christmas, this annual celebration features carolers, horse-drawn carriages, entertainment, shopping, hot cocoa and more. Be sure to stop in the library to visit with Santa before you leave. This event always takes place the first full weekend in December, and it’s still a time-honored tradition in town.

Davidson by the numbers Year incorporated: 1837 Population: 15,106 Median household income: $131,144 Median value of owner-occupied housing units: $439,100 Source:

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A Product of Lake Norman CURRENTS Magazine

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The Spiritual Side Finding your place of worship BY RENEE ROBERSON

Places of worship are an important part of our community, and many have taken root throughout the towns over the years. Most of the early European settlers here in the 1770s were Scots-Irish or Scottish. History has it that one of the oldest churches in the Lake Norman area began when a group of Christians gathered on the bank of a creek under a bank of trees they called “Ramah Grove.” While the first log structure housing the church was constructed in 1783, the current sanctuary used for Ramah Grove Presbyterian Church was built in 1881. The church still stands today. Hopewell Presbyterian Church off Beatties Ford Road in Huntersville also has a rich history, having been officially founded in 1762. Davidson College Presbyterian Church was founded in 1837. In Cornelius, Bethel Presbyterian Church was founded in 1828 and still


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flourishes in the lakeside town as part of the Presbyterian movement called ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians. The community is also home to Grace Covenant Church, which started out as Cornelius Tabernacle under the leadership of Dr. S.K. and Emily Clanton in 1937. Grace Covenant now serves approximately a few thousand parishioners through services at three different campuses; 17301 Statesville Road, Cornelius, 531 N. Greenbriar Road, Statesville and 296 N Hwy 16 in Denver. Serving both the Davidson and Huntersville communities, Lake Forest Church is a member of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church denomination. Freedom to worship all types of denominations is alive and well here. You’ll also find The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Davidson is home to the Davidson

Friends Meeting House for the Quaker Community and Temple Kol Tikvah, serving the Jewish community. To help accommodate the growth brought on by the construction of Lake Norman, St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Mooresville raised funds for the building that still stands today in the early 1960s. You’ll find St. Mark’s Catholic Church in Huntersville and St. Therese Catholic Church in Mooresville. For those who prefer a more contemporary form of worship, there’s also a variety of non-denominational churches spread throughout the area, such as Elevation Church, Journey Church, Newsong Church, LIFE Fellowship Church and many others. These houses of worship are only the beginning of a very long list—because no matter where you prefer to seek out spiritual comfort, you’re sure to find what your soul desires in the towns of Lake Norman.

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Visit Lake Norman can assist with an unforgettable celebrations

Wedding dresses with hues of blue, sheer fabrics, and after-party mini dresses Destination weddings/full weekend events Mix & match attire for the wedding party Statement florals


Whether you’re seeking a smaller micro wedding celebration or something on a grander scale, Visit Lake Norman can help. Planning to say “I do” by the water’s edge, at a country club or at a rural location with a rustic vibe? No worries—it’s all here. VLN offers a Comprehensive Wedding Venue Guide, which highlights details needed for selecting the perfect venue. After choosing a venue, VLN can assist with accommodations by securing discounted hotel rates and room blocks for guests. If your group requires many rooms, a complimentary hospitality suite can be leveraged. VLN’s complimentary hotel lead service secures the lowest competitive rates by having hotels vie for your wedding 2022-2023

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Photography courtesy of Visit Lake Norman

Love at the Lake

2022-2023 Wedding/Bridal Trends

group’s business. Hotel leads outline your wedding group’s specific accommodation needs. You can also receive information on group-friendly restaurants for your party, transportation options and trip itineraries so your guests and wedding party can take advantage of all the area has to offer. When VLN assists with accommodations, you’re entitled to Lake Norman-branded wedding bags, complete with an official Lake Norman Visitor’s Guide. As a free wedding services provider, contact Rodrigo Carreon with Visit Lake Norman at 704.987.3300 for information on how to make your wedding planning a “piece of cake.” Great Lake Living at Lake Norman


Photo by Jon Beyerle



Get Outdoors Check out the abundance of activities in our area Photo by Jon Beyerle



Great Lake Living at Lake Norman

One of the things that attracts so many people to the Lake Norman area is the mild temperatures, four seasons, and abundance of recreational activities. Here’s a list of just a few suggestions for outdoor recreation . . . At the northern most point in Troutman, there’s Lake Norman State Park, an ideal place to enjoy the area’s natural beauty and go running or mountain biking. The 1,328-acre park includes 13 miles of shoreline along the northeastern shore of Lake Norman. There is a 125-yard beach and public swimming area, which is supervised by lifeguards seasonally, as well as a concession stand, showers, restrooms and changing stalls.

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The Scoop Blythe Landing Fisher Farm Park Jetton Park Lake Norman Community Sailing

Photography courtesy of Visit Lake Norman


Lake Norman State Park main.php Latta Plantation Nature & Preserve North Mecklenburg Park Ramsey Creek Park

ROBBINS PARK IN CORNELIUS Lake Norman has a great public park system that will never leave you bored. In Cornelius, Ramsey Creek Park is a 43-acre waterfront park with boat-launching areas, docks, a fishing pier, and a public swimming beach. Visitors can rent large “funbrellas” to utilize on the large and waterfront picnic area. There are also picnic shelters, horseshoe pits, a volleyball court, a three-acre dog park, playground and nature trails. Jetton Park in Cornelius is a 104acre park that has a beach area, wooden gazebos, a formal garden and a playground. There are also eight tennis courts, and paved walking and biking trails, most of which wind through nicely shaded wooded areas. For a small fee, visitors can rent waterside picnic decks equipped with a grill and a table. For the ones who love physical activity . . . Each town has a robust parks and recreation department that offers affordable classes and excursions, with many of them being outdoors. Many of the breweries also offer run 2022-2023

A Product of Lake Norman CURRENTS Magazine

and cycling clubs, yoga, paddling and other activities where you can socialize while getting in a workout. For the nature-lovers . . . Check out the Latta Plantation Center and Nature Preserve in Huntersville. It’s situated on more than 1,000 acres on Mountain Island Lake. There, you’ll find hiking trails and the Carolina Raptor Center, where visitors can observe more than 25 species of raptors living along a Raptor Trail with a self-guided tour. Plus, visit the newly opened Quest education center. To the ones that never can stay on land . . . In Huntersville, Blythe Landing offers 26 acres of fun. From floating piers and boat ramps to a beach and playground, as well as picnic areas and sand volleyball courts. Blythe Landing is also home to Lake Norman Community Sailing. They offer a variety of sailing programs for all ages if you’re feeling adventurous.

Public Boat Ramps Beatties Ford Boat Ramp Unity Church Road, Denver Blythe Landing Park 15901 NC Highway 73, Huntersville, 704.432.1369 Hager Creek Boat Ramp Kemp Road, Mooresville Lake Norman State Park Lake Access 159 Inland Sea Lane, Troutman, 704.528.6350 Little Creek Webbs Chapel Road, Denver Long Island Boat Launch Long Island Road, Sherrills Ford McCrary Boat Launch Highway 150, Mooresville Pinnacle Access Area Highway 150, Mooresville Ramsey Creek Park 18441 Nantz Road, Cornelius, 704.432.1369 Stumpy Creek Boat Ramp 160 Stumpy Creek Road, Mooresville, 704.878.3103

Ready, set, play! Great Lake Living at Lake Norman


Sports Spectators Welcome! Check out these other area sports teams COLLEGIATE SPORTS Davidson College Wildcats UNC Charlotte 49ers ----------------------------------RACING NASCAR

Wildcats’ Master of the Mic David Gelinas and his love of broadcasting basketball BY KAREL BOND LUCANDER

----------------------------------NFL Carolina Panthers ----------------------------------NBA Charlotte Hornets ----------------------------------HOCKEY Charlotte Checkers ----------------------------------MINOR LEAGUE BASEBALL Charlotte Knights Kannapolis Cannon Ballers ----------------------------------SOCCER Charlotte Independence


Great Lake Living at Lake Norman

Since fall 2010, when David Gelinas began announcing for Davidson Wildcats men’s basketball, he’s covered every home game. He watched while the campus court was named for Coach Bob McKillop, saw great young talent De’Mon Brooks, Jake Cohen, Jack Gibbs, Kellan Grady and others ignite the team, and felt the buzz as NBA two-time MVP and Davidson’s all-time leading scorer Stephen Curry returned to John Belk Arena. “Whenever Steph Curry comes back to visit, the student section gets stirred up,” he says. Broadcasting games for decades Gelinas recently retired after nearly 12 years as senior associate dean and director of financial aid at Davidson College. For 40 years, he worked in financial aid at colleges and universities from Michigan to Montana to Tennessee.

And for almost as long, he’s also been broadcasting play-by-plays for their sports teams. As he says, if he’s doing it right, we don’t notice the man behind the mic. “If nobody is talking about what I did at the end of the game, I did it correctly,” he says. “I added to the occasion without calling attention to myself.” Being personable, evaluating nuances of the game, putting moments into context – Gelinas brings it all courtside with his smooth, booming voice. To prepare for every game, he says he researches how to pronounce the names of all the players for the opposing teams and does vocal warmups, including musical scales up and down and blowing bubbles with his lips to loosen things up. A Product of Lake Norman CURRENTS Magazine 2022-2023

Massachusetts natives David and his wife, Monica, are big sports fans who have followed the Boston Celtics, Patriots, Bruins and especially the Red Sox. But now these Davidson residents, whose two adult sons are living in Virginia and Tennessee, are also rooting fanatically for their black-and-red home team. Other family members are rooting from afar. “My daughter-in-law has said, ‘that’s my father-in-law’s voice in the background!’” says Gelinas. “I never thought someone would be able to say, ‘I heard you on TV.’ When I first started doing this in the early ’80s in Montana, I never thought I would be doing this for a NCAA Division I program or in an NBA arena. I never imagined my stage would have grown as it has. I am honored that Davidson College has given me the privilege to do this.” And for as long as they’ll have him, David Gelinas will continue to call it for the Wildcats.



If you recently moved to the area, our Welcome Committee Greeters will bring you FREE maps, community information, physician directories, coupons and gift offers from local businesses to help you get acquainted. Call 704-488-2920 to schedule your complimentary welcome visit. Want to become a Welcome Committee Sponsor? Visit or call 704-488-2920 2022-2023

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Photo courtesy of Facebook

On Course

Eat.Sleep.Golf. A look at the courses available at Lake Norman COMPILED FROM STAFF REPORTS

Our area has everything a golfer could want, from public, daily fee 18-hole courses to private golf and lake communities, all with the perfect combination of sandhill golf to rolling hills. Looking for the best links? Check out these area courses:

The Peninsula Club. Also a private, member-only club, this golf course was designed by Rees Jones and plays along the shores of Lake Norman. It also features a practice facility and junior golf opportunities. 19101 Peninsula Club Drive, Cornelius,

Birkdale Golf Club. Designed by Arnold Palmer, this public facility maintains a “private club” atmosphere and is located on 200 acres of rolling terrain, along with tall pines and natural streams. 16500 Birkdale Commons Parkway, Huntersville,

River Run Golf and Country Club. This private, memberowned club features 18 holes of golf, junior golf, leagues and tournaments and many other amenities. 19125 River Falls Drive, Davidson,

Cowan’s Ford Country Club. This facility, built in 1963, is a private, member-owned club that is family oriented and features an 18-hole, par 72 course along with many amenities. 761 Club Drive, Stanley,

Trump National Golf Club Charlotte. This award-winning course promises an elite golf experience and also features a Fazio Five short game complex, along with junior golf and a virtual course tour. The member-only club also features water views of Lake Norman along with many amenities. 120 Trump Square, Mooresville,

Mooresville Golf Course. This public course features a newly-redesigned 18 holes of golf and 18,000 square-foot clubhouse and a top-tier practice facility. 205 Golf Course Drive, Mooresville, Northstone Country Club. Northstone is a private, memberonly club featuring an unlimited variety of strategic angles from multiple tee box locations. The club also features familyfriendly amenities and one-of-a-kind experiences for their guests. 15801 Northstone Drive, Huntersville, northstoneclub. com.



Great Lake Living at Lake Norman

Westport Golf Club. This club bills itself as “Charlotte’s best value in golf,” with an annual membership plan, daily fee rates for the golfing public and amenities for the whole family. 7494 Golf Course Road South, Denver, Golf enthusiasts near and far make plans each year in May to part of the PGA Tour at the attend Wells Fargo Championship, which takes place at the Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte.

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The Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce offers plenty of networking and recognition


Photography By Sharon

Mark Your Calendars


Annual Diversity Council Women’s Conference Coffee Connections & Business Before Hours Lake Norman Diversity Council Women’s Conference will be held Aug. 11, 2022 at the Peninsula Club in Cornelius. Expect a full day of professional development with dynamic speakers, team building, plated meal, cocktail hour and an opportunity to connect with women from around the lake. The event is presented by Atrium Health and open to all. 704.892.1922 The Lake Norman Chamber’s Diversity Council provides a forum for sharing vital information, networking, and fostering professional development for minority and women-owned businesses. The Council also honors existing businesses in the Lake Norman region that embrace diversity in their everyday business practices.

2022 Business Expo

The Lake Norman Chamber Expo is an event that provides member businesses the opportunity to showcase their goods and services to the Lake Norman community — both to the public and other member businesses. This year’s event will take place on Oct. 11 at the Huntersville Recreation Center, The Expo has between 150-200 exhibitors and sponsors and is attended by 1500-2000 members of the business community and public.

Fall Classic Golf Tournament

Dust off your clubs and prepare to hit the links with the Chamber for our Annual Fall Golf Classic on Oct. 31, 2022 at the NorthStone Golf Club. Combine your Chamber networking with a healthy dose of competition. It’s also a great chance to entertain clients and customers. This Captain’s Choice event hosts more than 125 players and participants. Members can become involved in a number of ways, including volunteering and sponsorship. The net proceeds from the tournament fund Chamber programs and operations. For more information about the tournament, or to become a sponsor, call 704.892.1922 or email us at:

Business After Hours

Unwind after your workday, enjoy refreshments and connect with the local business community. Business AfterHours is a relaxing way to end your day, meet people, and enhance your business and personal relationships. Attendance is always high, so bring plenty of business cards. Any member may host an afterhours 704.892.1922 2022-2023

A Product of Lake Norman CURRENTS Magazine

Develop potential leads and build business relationships before the workday begins. Throughout the month, many of our Chamber members host meet-and-greet sessions at their places of business. Attendance at these easy going, unstructured sessions is usually high, so bring plenty of business cards. Who knows? You might have a brandnew customer before your workday has even begun. Call 704.892.1922 to add your event.

Power Luncheons

Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce Power Luncheons are held throughout the year. These luncheons include: the Diversity Luncheon, a Healthcare Summit, Public Safety Awards, Small Business Event of the Year and other lunches focused on various topics.

Ribbon Cuttings & Mixers

Upon joining the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce, or if you’ve recently expanded/renovated, one of the first opportunities you’ll have to get to know your fellow members and introduce them to your business is to have a ribbon cutting or Mixer. If you would prefer to have a simple ribbon cutting ceremony, you’ll have the opportunity to borrow the Chamber’s oversized scissors for the event. You may also extend your ribbon cutting event by also having a mixer. The Chamber will also help you publicize your ribbon cutting, announcing to our membership via our website event calendar and newsletter. Ambassadors and other Chamber staff will also be onsite for the occasion. Mixers are less formal, generally with food and drink, and can be scheduled at any time with a minimum of four weeks notice.

Annual Gala & Awards Banquet

A black tie-optional event, the annual Lake Norman Chamber Annual Gala & Awards banquet is an elegant night of celebration, during which the “changing of the guard” occurs as the outgoing Chamber Chairman hands over the reigns to the incoming Chair. The next gala and banquet will take place in January 2023. There is also a presentation of the Robert T. Cashion Business Person of the Year award and the Duke Energy Citizenship & Service Award — which recognizes leadership and/or involvement in volunteerism and community service. Great Lake Living at Lake Norman


Lake Norman Chamber Membership List

Lake Norman Chamber Membership List

ADVERTISING & MEDIAREAL ESATE SERVICES Artisan Direct 844.613.9168 Cornelius, 28031 Advanced Materials Greenhill Antiballistics Corp. (704) 618-3818 Davidson, 28036 Advertising & Media Robbins Media Group LLC (800) 368-6841 Cornelius, 28031

ANIMAL WELFARE, CIVIC GROUPS AND NON PROFITS Lake Norman Lucky Cat Program (704) 877-7779 Cornelius, 28031


The Junction at Antiquity (704) 464-0466 Cornelius, 28031 The Osprey at Lake Norman (980) 447-7320 Mooresville, 28117

Riverwalk Apartment Homes (704) 489-9687 Denver, 28037

Great Lake Living at Lake Norman

Good Old-Fashioned Auto Repair (704) 799-0318 Mooresville, 28115

Lake Norman Infiniti (704) 237-8000 Cornelius, 28031

R & M Group Architects (704) 909-7081 Charlotte, 28217

Parks Chevrolet at the Lake (336) 648-4844 Huntersville, 28078

RL Architecture, PLLC (704) 756-3540 Davidson, 28036

Planet Automotive Group 704.597.7827 Charlotte, 28213

Wilber Associates (704) 892-3633 Cornelius, 28031

Randy Marion Automotive Group (704) 664-3303 Mooresville, 28117


Redcliffe at Kenton Place (704) 439-0110 Huntersville, 28078

Huntersville Ford (704) 675-7402 Huntersville, 28070

Labella, P.C. (704) 941-2157 Charlotte, 28285

Auto Craft (704) 349.6010 Mooresville, NC

Marquis at Morrison Plantation (704) 997-2111 Mooresville, 28117

Christian Brothers Automotive, Huntersville (704) 464-0620 Huntersville, 28078



Arden at Huntersville (704) 378.8853 Huntersville, 28078

Hendrick Luxury Automall @ Northlake (704) 379-4000 Charlotte, 28269

Lake Norman Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram (704) 896-3800 Cornelius, 28031

Corporate Relocation, Inc. (704) 875-2656 Cornelius, 28031

Apartments at Holly Crest (704) 550-8383 Huntersville, 28078


RL West (LangTree at the Lake) (704) 997-2620 Mooresville, 28117

Genesis Film (704) 881-4911 Huntersville, 28078 KS Audio Video (704) 896-3900 Cornelius, 28031 SoundVision, LLC (704) 696-2792 Mooresville, 28117

AUTOMOBILE DEALERSHIP Autohaus Lake Norman (704) 966-0466 Denver, 28037

AUTOMOTIVE ACCESSORIES Carolina Custom Wheels Tires Accessories (704) 655-4444 Cornelius, 28031

First Reliance Bank (704) 360-9032 Mooresville, 28117 Home Trust Bank 828-850-1214 Cornelius, 28031


Northpointe Bank (704) 992-3335 Huntersville, 28078

Nothing Bundt Cakes (704) 894-8535 Huntersville, 28078

Peoples Bank - Cornelius (704) 237-9270 Cornelius, 28031

Sugar and Spice LKN (704) 756-0357 Mooresville, 28115

Piedmont Advantage Credit Union (704) 660-7200 Mooresville, 28117


Piedmont Federal Savings Bank 336.423.5835 Huntersville, 28078

blueharbor bank (704) 990-7200 Mooresville, 28117 Fidelity Bank (704) 799-3302 Mooresville, 28117 Fifth Third Bank, Magnolia Plaza Branch, Cornelius (704) 688-1411 Cornelius, 28031

Kooks Custom Headers 704-768-2288 Statesville, 28677

First Bank at Cornelius (704) 422-8525 Cornelius, 28031 First Bank at Huntersville (704) 875-1642 Huntersville, 28078


First Citizens Bank (704) 338-4013 Cornelius, 28031

Auto Glass Experts 704-906-6768 Huntersville, 28078

First Horizon 980.272.8964 Cornelius, 28031

Christian Brothers Automotive Mooresville 704-816-7777 Mooresville, 28117

First National Bank (704) 892-7887 Mooresville, 28117

Pinnacle Financial Partners (704) 652-7833 Mooresville, 28117 TRUIST - Cornelius Branch (704) 987-1360 Cornelius, 28031 Truliant Federal Credit Union (704) 522-1955 Huntersville, 28078 United Bank (704) 799-2169 Mooresville, 28117 United Community Bank (704) 439-4343 Cornelius, 28031 Wells Fargo Bank (704) 655-2340 Huntersville, 28078

BAR Ash and Barrel Cigar & Social Lounge 440-537-2155 Cornelius, 28031

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The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery (704) 525-5644 Charlotte, 28217

Group Management Services (704) 307-4390 Charlotte, 28216



Leading to Change (704) 595-1789 Huntersville, 28078

The Kilted Buffalo, LLC (704) 892-7571 Huntersville, 28078


Better Business Bureau of Southern Piedmont, Inc. (704) 927-8611 Matthews, 28105

Scholz and Associates 704.400.6926 Cornelius, 28031

Freecoat Nails 704-408-7390 Cornelius, 28031

Donna M. Moffett, LLC Accountants & Consultants (704) 895-7181 Cornelius, 28031

SAVVY Salon & Day Spa (704) 895-0404 Cornelius, 28031

Duke Business Advisors (704) 953-5608 Cornelius, 28031

The John Maxwell Group - Dan Houston (704) 750-9670 Huntersville, 28078

Holly Receptionists (704) 769-9640 Mt Holly, 28120

Wise Oak Consulting, LLC (704) 572-7333 Cornelius, 28031

In His Hands Tax Service (704) 577-6503 Mooresville, 28115

EOS Worldwide - Brandon Blell 919.412.6673 Denver, 28037

Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce (704) 892-1922 Cornelius, 28031


BEVERAGE COMPANY Choice USA Beverage Inc (704) 823-1651 Lowell, 28098

BICYCLE SALES AND SERVICE Pedego Lake Norman 704-997-5051 Cornelius, 28031 The Spirited Cyclist Bike Shop (704) 948-9300 Davidson, 28036 Trek Bicycle Stores - Lake Norman 704.663.8812 Mooresville, 28117

BOAT CHARTERS Queen’s Landing Sightseeing & Dinner Cruises 704-663-BOAT Mooresville, 28117

BOAT CHARTERS, BOAT RENTALS Carefree Boat Club Lake Norman / Lake Wylie (704) 557-0848 Cornelius, 28031

Leasing Resources, Inc 704.895.8888 Cornelius, 28031 Phemmee LLC 704.658.8207 Cornelius, 28031 Smythe & Associates LLC 704-266-1399 Huntersville, 28078 SpotOn (804) 716-1336 Glen Allen, VA Lake Norman HR Cornelius, 28031


Freedom Boat Club (704) 659-1294 Cornelius, 28031

ABNO Group 704.655.1999 Huntersville, 28078

Lake Norman Boat Club (704) 483-5546 Sherrills Ford, 28673

ActionCOACH - David Dowdy (704) 400-4358 Mooresville, 28117


Bentley Consulting Group, LLC (704) 609-7538 Huntersville, 28078

Boat Rack, Chaparral Boats (828) 478-2118 Sherrills Ford, 28673 Race City Marine (704) 799-0008 Mooresville, 28117

BREWERY Ass Clown Brewing Company (980) 505-0399 Cornelius, 28031 D9 Brewing Company (704) 457-9368 Cornelius, 28031 Eleven Lakes Brewing Company (704) 771-2309 Cornelius, 28031 Lost Worlds Brewing Company (704) 231-5878 Cornelius, 28031


Brandon E. Blell, Professional (919) 412.6673 Denver, NC Barrett Business Services (BBSI (704) 441.2845 Belmont NC 28012 Coach Lawless (RDLawless LLC) 704-727-6021 Huntersville, 28078 Collaborative Solutions Group 704.765.1524 Huntersville, 28078 Core 4 Business Coaching 704.737.3785 Mooresville, 28117 DBeard Consulting, LLC (704) 575-7971 Huntersville, 28078 Embrace the Space Between, LLC 828.333.8957 Charlotte, 28213

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The Core Training, Inc. (800) 660-6670 Cornelius, 28031

Golden Franchise Consulting 980-224-0984 Huntersville, 28078 Griffin Brothers Companies (704) 987-3829 Cornelius, 28031 Joe Vagnone Business Broker (704) 577.8030 Cornelius, 28031 Quest (704) 831-8777 Davidson, 28036 Viking Mergers & Acquisitions (704) 676-0940 Cornelius, 28031

CABLE COMPANY, PHONE SYSTEMS, TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMPUTERS & TELECOMMUNICATIONS Spectrum Cable (704) 941-3979 Charlotte, 28273 TDS Telecom (704) 351-5644 Mooresville, 28117

CATERING BOUKCatering 704-584-9132 Mooresville, 28117 Lake Norman Catering Langtree LKN (704) 438-9777 Mooresville, 28117 The Food Fairy, Inc. (919) 740-5856 Chapel Hill, 27515

CELL PHONES, PHONE SYSTEMS, TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMPUTERS & TELECOMMUNICATIONS AT&T North Carolina (704) 892-8995 Huntersville, 28078 Cell Phones, Retail Store CPR - Cell Phone Repair (704) 892-4082

CHILD DEVELOPMENT, EDUCATION - CHILD CARE Christian Montessori School of Lake Norman (704) 875-1801 Huntersville, 28078 Huntington Learning Center Huntersville (704) 896-3931 Huntersville, 28078

Cool Kids Clubhouse 704-997-5701 Huntersville, 28078 Davidson Community Players (704) 892-7953 Davidson, 28036 Dudley’s Place 704-977-2972 Huntersville, 28078

Primrose School of Cornelius (704) 895-3300 Cornelius, 28031

Exchange Club of North Mecklenburg #3150 (704) 904-8051 Cornelius, 28031

Primrose School of Huntersville (704) 875-7700 Huntersville, 28078

Feed NC 704.660.9010 Mooresville, 28117


Fifth Street Ministries 704-872-4045 Statesville, 28677

Mt. Zion United Methodist Church (704) 892-8566 Cornelius, 28031

CIVIC GROUPS AND NON PROFITS Ada Jenkins Center (704) 896-0471 Davidson, 28036 American Legion, Huntersville Post 321 (704) 875-1126 Huntersville, 28078 Angels & Sparrows Community Table & Resource Center (704) 918-0122 Huntersville, 28078 Angels of 97 (704) 807-4208 Huntersville, 28078 Answer Scholarship Endowment (704) 668-6526 Charlotte, 28277 Arts & Science Council (704) 335-3050 Charlotte, 28202

Global Minds United (704) 654-6274 Davidson, 28036 Goodwill Industries of Northwest North Carolina (336) 724-3621 Winston-Salem, 27115 Goodwill Industries of Southern Piedmont (704) 372-3434 Charlotte, 28266 Hinds’ Feet Farm 704.992.1424 Huntersville, 28078 Hope House Foundation (203) 240-9632 Huntersville, 28078 Hunter Dalton Foundation (704) 400-0326 Cornelius, 28031 Kellys’ Community Kitchen 980.223.1192 Davidson, 28036 Kiwanis Club of Lake Norman Cornelius, 28031

Aspire Carolinas Foundation 704.651.4811 Huntersville, 28078

Lake Norman Family YMCA (704) 716-4411 Cornelius, 28031

Ausie Rivens Community Center / Scholarship Foundation (704) 493-4955 Cornelius, 28031

Lake Norman Marine Commission (704) 675-2011 Cornelius, 28031

Beds for Kids (980) 422-1192 Charlotte, 28203

Lake Norman Wildlife Conservationists (704) 231-3317 Mooresville, 28117

Cain Center for the Arts (980) 689-3101 Cornelius, 28031 Camp Dogwood Meeting & Retreat Center ~ NC Lions Club (828) 478-2135 Sherrills Ford, 28673

Lake Norman Chamber Membership List

Bin110 (980) 689-5081 Cornelius, 28031

Little Smiles of NC (704) 200-9322 Huntersville, 28078 Make an Impact Foundation (704) 831-8777 Davidson, 28036

Carolina FarmTrust / Free Spirit Farm (704) 264-6088 Cornelius, 28031

Mooresville Christian Mission 704.870.2537 Mooresville, 28115

Caterpillar Ministries (704) 517-7764 Huntersville, 28078

Neighborhood C.A.R.E. Center (704) 255-5500 Cornelius, 28031

Children’s Hope Alliance (704) 872-4157 Barium Springs, 28010 Continuing the Mission (910) 315-3570 Davidson, 28036

North Mecklenburg Crimestoppers (704) 896-7867 Cornelius, 28031

Great Lake Living at Lake Norman


Lake Norman Chamber Membership List

North Mecklenburg Rotary Club Cornelius, 28031 North Mecklenburg Woman’s Club (704) 892-1041 Davidson, 28036 Olde Huntersville Historic Society (704) 575-1414 Huntersville, 28078 Opportunities 4 Adventure 704-775-5555 Mooresville, 28117

Antiquity Wilkesboro, 28697 EcoGreen Home Services 704-237-4100 Cornelius, 28031 EDIFICE General Contractors 704.332.0900 Charlotte, 28236


Integrity Heating & Cooling 704-596-3119 Charlotte, 28031

Gregory G. Holsinger, CPA, PA (704) 895-4617 Cornelius, 28031

Little Heating & Cooling, LLC (704) 999-1550 Cornelius, 28031

Hammack, Lane & Company, PLLC (704) 875-7870 Huntersville, 28078

Peace Heating & Air Conditioning (704) 746-9723 Mooresville, 28117 Putnam Mechanical (704) 360-5232 Mooresville, 28117

Rural Hill (704) 875-3113 Huntersville, 28078

360 Painting Lake Norman 704.322.4724 Huntersville, 28078

The VANROSS Foundation (713) 416-1934 Cypress, TX 77429

Allburn Painting (980) 781-7421 Concord, 28027

United Way, Mooresville-Lake Norman (704) 997-3216 Mooresville, 28115

Lime Painting of Lake Norman 704.327.6577 Huntersville, 28078

Alan Simonini Homes, LLC (704) 333-8999 Charlotte, 28202

Trailblaze Paints 704-402-0556 Mooresville, 28117

Arthur Rutenberg Homes 704.889.0218 Cornelius, 28031


Foundation Homes Residential (704) 360-2251 Mooresville, 28117

When Mom Grandma Dad and Grandpa are with Jesus (704) 287-8040 Charlotte, 28216 Welcome Home Veterans @ Richard’s Coffee Shop (704) 663-0488 Mooresville, 28115

CLEANING / JANITORIAL SERVICES Cottage Care (704) 237-4053 Cornelius, 28031 Good Clean Fun (704) 599-9079 Cornelius, 28031 Jantize America Charlotte Metro 631.312.0103 Charlotte, NC Spotless Cleaning Service of Lake Norman (704) 677-4483 Mooresville, 28117

North Mecklenburg Plumbing Co., Inc. (704) 875-1656 Huntersville, 28078

CONTRACTOR: CONSTRUCTION 1st Choice Construction Management. (704) 892-9822 Mooresville, 28115 JD Goodrum General Contractor (704) 895-8842 Cornelius, 28031 Lake Norman Home Builders Assoc. (704) 664-5622 Mooresville, 28117


The M Company (704) 892-4120 Cornelius, 28031

Lake Norman Docks 704-634-3555 Mooresville, 28117

ZolaTerra/SuperSimple Kathy Miles 312-264-1289 Matthews, 28104


COMPUTER SERVICE & REPAIR CET Computer Magic LLC (704) 663-1238 Mooresville, 28117 Shared Resources of NC, LLC (704) 655-0615 Cornelius, 28031

CONSTRUCTION WASTE, GARBAGE AND WASTE RECYCLING O’Leary Group Waste Systems (704) 338-6898 Charlotte, 28203 Republic Services (803) 818-3910 Fort Mill, SC 29715 Waste Connections, Inc. (704) 398-4171 Charlotte, 28214



Great Lake Living at Lake Norman

Haskell 704-586-2316 Charlotte, 28273

CONTRACTOR: ELECTRICAL David Alexander Electric, Inc. (704) 892-1524 Mooresville, 28115 Rotunda Electric (704) 617-1970 Cornelius, 28031

CONTRACTOR: HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING Allied Aire, Inc. (704) 791-8134 Cornelius, 28031

STRMECHANICAL 704-536-5335 Charlotte, 28216


Trilogy Lake Norman by Shea Homes (800) 685-6494 Denver, 28037

CONTRACTOR: ROOFING Eastern Roof Technologies 704.973.9647 Mooresville, 28117 Murphy’s Roofing & Construction (704) 834-1055 Huntersville, 28078 Roof Maxx of Huntersville (704) 286.0995 Huntersville, 28078 Zurix Group (704) 680-3004 Mooresville, 28117

CONTRACTOR: ROOFING / SOLAR Elite Roof & Solar 704.992.7474 Davidson, 28036


Jack L. Anthony, CPA, PA (704) 892-3437 Cornelius, 28031 Ladd, McCall & Associates, CPAsCornelius (704) 896-2870 Cornelius, 28031 Lesemann CPA’s (704) 895-6966 Huntersville, 28078 Martin Halloran, CPA (704) 896-7055 Cornelius, 28031 Redmond CPA PLLC (704) 997-9810 Cornelius, 28031 SCHWINN CPA PLLC 704-742-2277 Cornelius, 28031 William G. Dagit, CPA (704) 655-8648 Cornelius, 28031

DRY CLEANERS PERSONAL SERVICES & CARE Martinizing Dry Cleaning (704) 875-8383 Huntersville, 28078

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Lake Norman Economic Development Corporation (704) 659-6587 Cornelius, 28031

EDUCATION - CHILD CARE Kid City USA Preschool and Daycare 704-626-2899 Cornelius, 28031 LeafSpring School at Cornelius 704-235-3020 Cornelius, 28031


Davidson, 28036 Davidson Green School (704) 892-0091 Davidson, 28036 Lake Norman Charter, Middle School (704) 948-8600 Huntersville, 28078 Lakeside Charter Academy (704) 896-9500 Cornelius, 28031 Langtree Charter Academy (704) 705-1698 Mooresville, 28117 Mathnasium of Huntersville (704) 412-1386 Huntersville, 28078 Omega Learning Center (704) 992-9525 Huntersville, 28078 Pine Lake Preparatory (704) 237-5300 Mooresville, 28115 The Davidson Center for Learning & Academic Planning (704) 892-4533 Davidson, 28036 Woodlawn School (704) 895-8653 Mooresville, 28115

ELECTED OFFICIALS GOVERNMENT Senator Vickie Sawyer (919) 715-3038 Raleigh, 27603

EMBROIDERY AND MONOGRAMMING Action Plus Ideas (704) 536-8337 Charlotte, 28205 Lake Norman Embroidery & Screen Printing (704) 892-8450 Cornelius, 28031 Lakeside Custom Tee’s & Embroidery (704) 274-3730 Cornelius, 28031

EMPLOYMENT ASSISTANCE / RECRUITING (828) 209-1010 Cornelius, 28031

International Kitchen & Bath, Inc. (704) 892-4001 Davidson, 28036

Best Prep LKN 704-228-4625 Cornelius, 28031


Brain Balance of Cornelius (704) 655-1334 Cornelius, 28031

Beckley and Associates (972) 309-0002 Cornelius, 28031

Cannon School (704) 786-8171 X 165 Concord, 28027

BGW, CPA, PLLC (704) 552-0553 Charlotte, 28203

Club Z! In-Home and Online Tutoring of Lake Norman 704-817-4520 Davidson, 28036

Carolina Raptor Center (704) 875-6521 Huntersville, 28078

Davidson College (704) 894-2114 Davidson, 28036

Discovery Place KIDS-Huntersville (704) 372-6261 Huntersville, 28078

Brenda Pressley, CPA, CBM, PFS, CGMA (704) 892-1914 Davidson, 28036 Corriher & Michael, PLLC (704) 663-0193 Mooresville, 28117

Davidson Day School (704) 237-5200

NC Works Career Center (704) 360-8067 Mooresville, 28115 Performance Staffing Solutions (704) 927-1477 Charlotte, 28262


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Mooresville Golf Range, Mini Golf & Pro Shop 704.230.4242 Mooresville, 28117


FINANCIAL SERVICES WEALTH MANAGEMENT 4Point Wealth Management (704) 765-1688 Davidson, 28036 Advanced Wealth Strategies, Inc. (704) 765-3653 Cornelius, 28031

Carolina Renaissance Festival (704) 896-5555 Huntersville, 28078

Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. - J. Lynn Davidson (704) 987-9794 Huntersville, 28078

Carowinds (704) 588-2600 Charlotte, 28273

Bishop Financial Partners (704) 896-9985 Huntersville, 28078

Urban Air Adventure Park (704) 361-8883 Cornelius, 28031

Bookman Bright Retirement Planning & Capital Management (704) 256-6016 Davidson, 28036

EQUIPMENT - PARTY RENTALS Cooke Rentals, Inc. (704) 896-0553 Cornelius, 28031 NC Fun Company 704-817-8620 Charlotte, 28202

EQUIPMENT SALES AND SERVICE MSC Industrial Supply (704) 987-5267 Davidson, 28036

FINANCIAL & INVESTMENT SERVICES - FINANCE & INSURANCE Carney Insurance Agency (704) 892-1115 Davidson, 28036 CAV_OK Family Office (704) 495.6975 Davidson, NC 28036 GEICO Insurance Charlotte Lake Norman 704.449.1458 Charlotte, 28216 Lapis Financial Strategies, Inc. (704) 895-4942 Cornelius, 28031 New York Life - Terry Stamp, Agent 704-560-1939 Charlotte, 28210 NFP Cornelius, 28031 Northwestern Mutual - Lynn Bowser (704) 494-8077 Huntersville, 28078 Retirement Planning Group, Becky Johnson (704) 892-7575 Cornelius, 28031 Sawyer Insurance & Financial Services (704) 664-4838 Mooresville, 28115

Bulldog Asset Management (704) 895-0586 Huntersville, 28078 Carson Wealth Management (704) 508-4949 Mooresville, 28117 Cornerstone Wealth Advisors (704) 987-3410 Huntersville, 28078 Cypress Benefit Solutions (704) 641-9018 Huntersville, 28078 Davidson Capital Advisors (980) 237-9474 Huntersville, 28078 Equitable Advisors (704) 895-7475 Cornelius, 28031 Financial Independence Group, Inc. (704) 895-5606 Cornelius, 28031 Fulcrum Capital Partners (704) 892-1646 Cornelius, 28031 GCG Wealth Management, Inc, (704) 372-4491 Charlotte, 28269 Infinite Wealth Advisors (877) 281-8282 Mooresville, 28117 Merrill Lynch 704-987-4146 Huntersville, 28078 Morgan Stanley - The Stoner Group, LakeNorman Office (704) 896-9138 Cornelius, 28031 North Main Financial Group (704) 987-1425 Cornelius, 28031 Primerica Financial Services 704-895-7666 Cornelius, 28031 Raymond James, Lake Norman Financial, Richard Younts (704) 655-0179 Cornelius, 28031

Smith Financial Corporation 704.663.7040 Mooresville, 28117

Smart Financials 513.444.2115 Denver, 28037

Summit Insurance Group, Inc. (704) 659-2141 Huntersville, 28078

TrustTree Financial (754) 703-6773 Huntersville, 28078


A Product of Lake Norman CURRENTS Magazine

Vic Black, Financial Consultant (704) 451-4700 Charlotte, 28230

PlantHouse - Huntersville 704-533-4519 Huntersville, 28078

Weaver Wealth Management (704) 940-0103 Mooresville, 28117


Williamson Wealth Group/ Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. (704) 892-1012 Huntersville, 28078

FIRE ALARMS / SPRINKLER SYSTEMS BVS Systems Inc (704) 896-9989 Cornelius, 28031

Foster’s Frame Design & Gallery (704) 948-1750 Huntersville, 28078 Four Corners Framing & Art Gallery (704) 662-7154 Mooresville, 28115



Cavin Cook Funeral Service (704) 664-3363 Mooresville, 28115

Champions Sports Performance 704.439.1111 Cornelius, 28031

James Funeral Home (704) 584-9004 Huntersville, 28078

Everest Gymnastics (704) 948-1449 Cornelius, 28031

Pet Pilgrimage (704) 664-5484 Mooresville, 28115

GYMGUYZ North Charlotte (704) 659-0097 Mooresville, 28117

Raymer- Kepner Funeral Home & Cremation Services (704) 892-9669 Huntersville, 28078

Hardcore Serious Fitness (704) 301-5932 Huntersville, 28078 Huntersville Family Fitness & Aquatics (704) 766-2222 Huntersville, 28078 In Motion Fitness, Inc 704-895-8000 Cornelius, 28031 Lake Norman Muay Thai (704) 657-1080 Mooresville, 28117 Raw Fitness 908-894-2135 Cornelius, 28031 Tejas Yoga Lab 704.237.0526 Cornelius, 28031 The Carolina Factory 704-997-8640 Cornelius, 28031 The Exercise Coach Huntersville (704) 659-0099 Huntersville, 28078

FLOOR COVERINGS Huntersville Hardwoods, Inc., dba: AHC Export Lumber (704) 875-6587 Huntersville, 28078

GIFTS & SPECIALTY ITEMS - SHOPPING & SPECIALTY RETAIL Inspired at Lake Norman (704) 997-5500 Cornelius, 28031

FASTSIGNS of Mooresville-Lake Norman (704) 360-3805 Mooresville, 28117 LKN Signs (704) 662-9991 Mooresville, 28117 The Sign Post, Inc. 704-799-1818 Mooresville, 28117 Tier One Graphics (704) 997-8230 Cornelius, 28031

GREENHOUSES, FLORISTS Metrolina Greenhouses, Inc. (704) 875-1371 Huntersville, 28078

GUN SALES AND REPAIR, SHOOTING RANGE The Range At Lake Norman (704) 895-3155 Cornelius, 28031

HEALTH AND WELLNESS A1 Soul Sanctuary 980-474-0051 Huntersville, 28078 Ahimsa Childbirth Services 704.360.0150 Mooresville, 28117

JaLA Woodshop Cornelius, 28031

Enrich UR Health (508) 330-9665 Davidson, 28036

Knotty & Board Interiors (704) 618-2894 Cornelius, 28031

Goodbye Bodyfat of Huntersville (704) 804-0918 Huntersville, 28078

Lucky Box Sports Cards (712) 870-9039 Cornelius, 28031

LMK Clinical Research Consulting (704) 737-7275 Huntersville, 28078

Sun Raised Foods (844) 417-4337 Cornelius, 28031


MINT Nutrition, LLC 828.237.7417 Huntersville, 28078

Binswanger Glass (704) 626-2519 Charlotte, 28206

Native Ceuticals - Cornelius 706-405-5156 Cornelius, 28031


Native Ceuticals - Mooresville (704) 680-6215 Mooresville, 28115

GRYPHOS Creative Agency (704º 380.3838) Statesville NC MS Digital Solutions, LLC (704) 997-9465 Mooresville, 28115

Little Wood Flooring LLC (704) 896-6122 Cornelius, 28031

Red 5 Printing (704) 996-3848 Cornelius, 28031



Artistry Florals, Inc. (704) 892-9010 Cornelius, 28031

Artisan Signs and Graphics 704.655.9100 Cornelius, 28031

Pike Nurseries, Lake Norman (704) 800-4110 Cornelius, 28031

Casco Signs (704) 788-9055 Concord, 28027

Lake Norman Chamber Membership List

Pinspiration LKN 704-237-4029 Huntersville, 28078

Nevco Sanitation Stations 603.858.9550 Huntersville, 28078 North Carolina Weight and Wellness (704) 275-9355 Cornelius, 28031 Renew Health & Wellness, PC (704) 612-0011 Cornelius, 28031 Reshape Alternative & Holistic Health (704) 657-4337 Mooresville, 28117 The Blanchard Institute (704) 288-1097 Cornelius, 28031 The Mold Hunter Inc. (704) 785-0038 Denver, 28037

Great Lake Living at Lake Norman


Lake Norman Chamber Membership List

HEALTH AND WELLNESS - HOSPICE CARE Hospice & Palliative Care Lake Norman 704-375-0100 Statesville, 28625 Hospice & Palliative Care of Iredell County (704) 873-4719 Mooresville, 28115

HEALTH AND WELLNESS - MASSAGE Massage Heights, Jetton Village (704) 827-5000 Cornelius, 28031 Resilience Therapeutic Massage & Body Works 704.223.0939 Huntersville, 28078 The Edmund Center of Neuromusclar & Massage Therapy (704) 896-3656 Cornelius, 28031 Tranquility Massage and Wellness (704) 340-5594 Cornelius, 28031

HEALTH AND WELLNESS, PERSONAL SERVICES & CARE Abiding Grace LLC 704.340.8400 Cornelius, 28031 Aesthetic Sanctuary 704.727.7220 Mooresville, 28117

Hilton Garden Inn, Charlotte, Mooresville (704) 663-6468 Mooresville, 28117

John Cherry - State Farm Insurance (704) 892-6767 Huntersville, 28078

Hilton Garden Inn-Charlotte North (704) 597-7655 Charlotte, 28269

Medicare Help, North Carolina (704) 754-7168 Huntersville, 28078

Holiday Inn Express and Suites Huntersville (704) 892-9487 Huntersville, 28078

Policyline Insurance Medicare Solutions 704.768.1880 Cornelius, 28031

Homewood Suites by HIlton (704) 987-1818 Davidson, 28036

The Rankin Insurance Group (704) 896-9393 Huntersville, 28078

Charlotte Radiology (704) 367-7877 Charlotte, 28202

My Place Hotels, Huntersville (704) 274-9164 Huntersville, 28078

Charlotte Radiology Huntersville Breast Center (704) 895-3445 Huntersville, 28078

Residence Inn by Marriott (704) 949-1034 Huntersville, 28078

Trisure, An Alera Group Company 818 571-7696 Raleigh, 27607

Centerpiece Home Staging LLC (704) 488-5739 Cornelius, 28031

HOSPITAL / MEDICAL CENTER Atrium Health (704) 631-0999 Charlotte, 28273 Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates (704) 831-4110 Huntersville, 28078

Charlotte Radiology Mooresville Breast Center (704) 235-6446 Mooresville, 28117 Charlotte Radiology Prosperity Breast Center (704) 464-5727 Charlotte, 28269 Charlotte Radiology Vein Center of Lake Norman (704) 367-7877 Huntersville, 28078 Iredell at Mooresville (Iredell Health System) 704.360.6460 Mooresville, 28117

Meraki Aesthetics and Company (704) 280-4420 Cornelius, 28031

Lake Norman Regional Medical Center (704) 660-4000 Mooresville, 28117

Summit Vitality (704) 765-0887 Davidson, 28036

Novant Health GoHealth Urgent Care 980 393 0128 Cornelius, 28031


Novant Health Huntersville Medical Center (704) 316-4003 Huntersville, 28078

Ace Handyman Services, Lake Norman (704) 765-6800 Mooresville, 28117 Copper Innovations, Inc. (704) 663-3497 Mooresville, 28115 Made in the Shade, Blinds & More of Lake Norman (704) 620-1869 Cornelius, 28031 Simply Organized, Mooresville (704) 682-9368 Mooresville, 28117 World of Windows of The Carolinas, Inc 704-921-9898 Charlotte, 28216

HOME INSPECTIONS Brick By Brick Home Inspection (704) 778-1195 Huntersville, 28078 Cardinal Point Home Inspections LLC 704-956-0996 Troutman, 28166 Carolinas Home Inspections (704) 557-5727 Mooresville, 28117



Great Lake Living at Lake Norman

Residence Inn by Marriott, Lake Norman (704) 584-0000 Huntersville, 28078


Catapult (704) 522-8011 Huntersville, 28078

Fogle Insurance Group (704) 875-3060 Huntersville, 28078

Employers Advantage, LLC (980) 422-7953 Cornelius, 28031


INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES -DATA BIZ Technology Solutions 704.658.1707 Mooresville, 28117 Ciprian IT 704.227.1876 Huntersville, 28078 Comstasis Nashville, TN 37208 ENTEC Systems (800) 716-2544 Huntersville, 28078


Comfort Inn & Suites (704) 896-7622 Cornelius, 28031

Blue Cross Blue Shield/Security Plus Insurance Co. (704) 892-7210 Cornelius, 28031

Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, Lake Norman (704) 895-6565 Huntersville, 28078 Davidson Village Inn (704) 892-8044 Davidson, 28036 Fairfield Inn - Northlake (704) 509-0123 Huntersville, 28078 Four Points Sheraton at Charlotte/Lake Norman (704) 766-2500 Huntersville, 28078 Hampton Inn & Suites (704) 947-5510 Huntersville, 28078

Worksite Resources, LLC 704-894-9281 Huntersville, 28078



Comfort Suites, Lake Norman (704) 875-6220 Huntersville, 28078

Wade Associates 704.892.9297 Davidson, 28036

Carolina Underwriters (704) 849-8080 Huntersville, 28078 Central Carolina Insurance Agency (704) 636-5311 Salisbury, 28145 Churchwell Insurance Agency (704) 659-0956 Cornelius, 28031 Griffin Insurance Agency (704) 664-9111 Mooresville, 28117 Hood Hargett & Associates (704) 602-9540 Cornelius, 28031 Jason Colvin State Farm Insurance (704) 987-8887 Huntersville, 28078

The Lake House / CiCi Moss Interiors (704) 897-7525 Cornelius, 28031

IT CONSULTING AND SECURITY Superior Data Solutions 704-253-4416 Mooresville, 28115

LAND PLANNING Davidson Lands Conservancy (704) 892-1910 Davidson, 28036 HensonFoley (704) 875-1615 Huntersville, 28078

LANDSCAPING - HOME & GARDEN CBC Stone & Recycling, LLC (704) 660-5111 Mooresville, 28115 King Green Lawn Service (704) 532-6262 Charlotte, 28269 Weed Man of Lake Norman / Charlotte (704) 822-6620 Denver, 28037

LEGAL SERVICES LEGAL Legal Shield - Bayan Reed (267) 975-5456 Davidson, 28036

LEGAL SERVICES LEGAL, ATTORNEYS - LEGAL Ascension Law (704) 464-0460 Charlotte, 28209

Baker Law Office, PLLC (704) 895-7969 Huntersville, 28078 Bell Law Firm (704) 992-1590 Huntersville, 28078 Bringewatt, Wolter & Snover, PLLC 704.361.0282 Davidson, 28036 Ckezepis Law Firm (704) 659-0273 Huntersville, 28078 Colosimo Ewing and Smith, PLLC 980-689-4464 Cornelius, 28031 Copeland Richards, PLLC (704) 439-4441 Davidson, 28036 Elliott Law Firm (704) 947-3838 Huntersville, 28078 Estate & Elder Law Firm of Vandiver & Bryan (704) 892-9355 Davidson, 28036 Garfinkel Immigration Law Firm (704) 442-8000 Charlotte, 28210 Irvin Law, PLLC (704) 896-0820 Cornelius, 28031 John M. Friguglietti, Jr., P.A. (704) 892-1173 Davidson, 28036 Knipp Law Office, PLLC (704) 765-2511 Cornelius, 28031 Levine Law Group, PA (704) 660-1770 Mooresville, 28117 McIntosh Law Firm, P.C. (704) 892-1699 Davidson, 28036 NC Eminent Domain Law Firm 877-393-4990 Durham, 27701 Randall & Stump, PLLC (980) 237-4579 Charlotte, 28203 Robbins & Bentz (704) 892-4098 Cornelius, 28031 Sandra L. Knox, P.C. (704) 892-1636 Cornelius, 28031 Select Law Partners, PLLC 855-541-4867 Cornelius, 28031 Sodoma Law North (704) 584-4121 Cornelius, 28031 The Coley Law Firm, PLLC (704) 412-3260 Charlotte, 28262 Thebeau & Associates 704.895.5612 Cornelius, 28031 Trego, Hines & Ladenheim, PLLC (704) 599-8911 Huntersville, 28078

A Product of Lake Norman CURRENTS Magazine 2022-2023

Sunnex Lighting LLC 800-445-7869 Charlotte, 28227

Magnolia Woods Events (704) 274-9303 Huntersville, 28078

Accelerated Deliveries Movers & Delivery (980) 257-4515 Cornelius, 28031

Unipet, Inc. (704) 651-5733 Huntersville, 28078

Old Town Public House (980) 231-5191 Cornelius, 28031


Port City Club (704) 765-1565 Cornelius, 28031

DHL Global Forwarding (704) 281-3069 Charlotte, 28273 Errands Airport Services (704) 357-1990 Charlotte, 28219 GLC Logistics, LLC (704) 516-8001 Cornelius, 28031 I-77 Mobility Partners, LLC 704.737.2258 Charlotte, 28216 Kuehne and Nagel Inc. (704) 359-8660 Charlotte, 28273 Leapfrog Worldwide Transport, LLC (704) 372-1078 Charlotte, 28278 Nabella Transportation (704) 495.1619 Troutman NC Olympic Transportation (704) 450-3289 Huntersville, 28078 PAYstar Logistics, Inc (704) 563-6700 Cornelius, 28031 Point Global Logistics (704) 848-5816 Charlotte, 28226 Ship Transportal 704.892.0531 Davidson, 28036 South Creek Construction (704) 895-0606 Mooresville, 28117 TTS Teconja TCI Shipping North America, Inc. New York NY 10118

MANUFACTURING GreenWorks Tools (704) 660-2829 Mooresville, 28115 IOMAX USA, Inc. (704) 662-1840 Mooresville, 28117 Keller Technology Corporation (704) 659-7112 Huntersville, 28078 Microban Products Company (704) 875-0806 Huntersville, 28078 Mitutoyo America Corporation (561) 379-9099 Huntersville, 28078 Poly-Tech Industrial, Inc (704) 992-8100 Huntersville, 28078 Resource MHR (888) 934.0905 Statesville NC 28625 SouthWire Company (704) 379-9726 Carrolton, GA 30119


Lake Norman Marina, Inc. (704) 483-5546 Sherrills Ford, 28673 McLeod Corporation/Holiday Marina (704) 896-5552 Cornelius, 28031

The Peninsula Yacht Club (704) 892-9858 Cornelius, 28031 The Venues at Langtree 704-897-7232 Mooresville, 28117



Arklight Marketing, LLC (704) 318-3003 Huntersville, 28078

NorthStone Country Club LLC (704) 948-4286 Huntersville, 28078

I.M.U. Social Media LLC (704) 439-0787 Cornelius, 28031

Pine Island Country Club (704) 409-7479 Charlotte, 28214

Marketing Simplified (704) 389-0722 Huntersville, 28078

River Run Country Club (704) 892-4633 Davidson, 28036

Mediaosk, LLC. 704-907-1717 Cornelius, 28031

The Peninsula Club (704) 896-7080 Cornelius, 28031

Small Mouth Marketing (704) 502-1514 Cornelius, 28031


The Welcome Committee (704) 660-1155 Mooresville, 28117 Vintage Marketing (704) 895-5333 Cornelius, 28031 ZenBusiness (844) 493-6249 Louisville, KY 40205

ABT Payments, LLC (704) 754-7804 Cornelius, 28031 Horizon Payments 704.787.4283 Vancouver WA 98661 Simpay 631-708-6920 Huntersville, 28078


MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT Town of Cornelius (704) 892-6031 Cornelius, 28031 Town of Davidson (704) 892-7591 Davidson, 28036 Town of Huntersville (704) 875-6541 Huntersville, 28078

NASCAR MOTORSPORTS Champion Tire & Wheel Inc. (704) 892-2500 Cornelius, 28031 Rusty Wallace Racing (704) 799-4507 Mooresville, 28117

OFFICE SUPPLIES Brewer Co., Inc (704) 875-8424 Huntersville, 28078 Carolina Office Systems (704) 337-8900 Huntersville, 28078 Reliable Back Office Solutions (704) 677-4717 Cornelius, 28031

PAPER SHREDDING / DOCUMENT DESTRUCTION Shred South (704) 873-8130 Statesville, 28625

PAYROLL - HCM SERVICES Charlotte Payroll (704) 609-1256 Cornelius, 28031 Dominion Payroll 704-307-4058 Charlotte, 28226

Camp Wagging Tails (704) 895-8444 Cornelius, 28031 Carolina Pooper Scoopers 919.229.9290 Huntersville, 28078 Denver Canine Club (704) 966-1795 Denver, 28037 North Mecklenburg Animal Hospital (704) 892-0207 Cornelius, 28031 Pampered Pets Inn (704) 663-3733 Mooresville, 28117 Pet People, Cornelius (704) 896-5808 Cornelius, 28031

PHOTOGRAPHY / VIDEOGRAPHY Deborah Young Portrait Studio & Gallery (704) 896-3422 Cornelius, 28031 Jan Black Marketing and Photography (704) 607-1773 Cornelius, 28031 Jane Haas Photography 732.673.9893 Stanley, 28164 Ocaid Photography (425) 947-4546 Huntersville, 28078 Personal Brand Images by Mojo Studios (704) 659-0299 Davidson, 28036 Zook Studios 714.809.4309 Cornelius, 28031


Cross Country Mortgage / Karen Bartholomew Team 704.385.4877 Cornelius, 28031

South City Print (704) 529-0555 Charlotte, 28217

Edgewater Residential Capital (704) 662-2362 Mooresville, 28117


Future Home Loans 904-828-9260 Cornelius, 28031

enCOMPASS Advertising Agency (704) 896-9978 Cornelius, 28031

Movement Mortgage, Cornelius (704) 609-5206 Cornelius, 28031

GRYPHOS Creative Agency (704) 380-3838 Statesville, 28677

Old Point Mortgage (704) 526-8317 Cornelius, 28031

Arrow Exterminators (704) 664-2832 Mooresville, 28117

Breast Care Specialists of Carolina (704) 769-3800 Mooresville, 28117

Rosegate I making mortgage easy. (980) 261-5963 Charlotte, 28277

Ehrlich Pest Control 866.844.5061 Denver, 28037

Ensemble Health Partners (704) 765-3715 Huntersville, 28078

Mosquito Hunters of Charlotte (704) 617-9425 Mooresville, 28117

Family Healthcare of Lake Norman (704) 987-7970 Huntersville, 28078

Rid-A-Bug Exterminating Co., Inc (800) 682-5901 Hamptonville, 27020

Huntersville Health & Rehabillitation (704) 912-2222 Huntersville, 28078

MARKETING / PRINT / MAIL / GRAPHIC DESIGN Allegra South End (704) 376-0938 Charlotte, 28236

Silverton Mortgage (704) 626-2444 Huntersville, 28078

PostNet, Cornelius (704) 895-4300 Cornelius, 28031

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage (704) 896-1525 Cornelius, 28031



Bella Love Inc. (513) 293-0569 Cornelius, 28031

Blythe Landing Self Storage (704) 885-1905 Huntersville, 28078

A Product of Lake Norman CURRENTS Magazine

H & H Enterprises of Cornelius, LLC (704) 609-9518 Cornelius, 28031 Payroll Plus HCM (704) 895-0777 Cornelius, 28031 Payroll Pro Solutions, LLC (704) 812-1340 Mooresville, 28117


PETS & VETERINARY Animal Hospital of Cornelius (704) 892-1585 Cornelius, 28031

Lake Norman Chamber Membership List


PHYSICAL THERAPY BenchMark Physical Therapy (704) 951-8320 Denver, 28037 Compleatkidz 980.441.8200 Huntersville, 28078 FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers 704-604-8641 Mooresville, 28117


Lake Norman Community Health Clinic (704) 947-6858 Huntersville, 28078

Great Lake Living at Lake Norman


Lake Norman Chamber Membership List

Lake Norman Pulmonary and Critical Care Specialists (704) 660-4094 Mooresville, 28117

PHYSICIANS CHIROPRACTOR Adjusting The World Chiropractic (704) 895-7227 Huntersville, 28078 Ballas Chiropractic @ Northcross (704) 896-8080 Huntersville, 28078

itrip Vacations Charlotte (704) 912-4199 Kannapolis, 28083

BCB Investments (704) 977-8255 Cornelius, 28031

LePage - Johnson Realty Group (704) 609-8077 Cornelius, 28031


Kuester Management Group (704) 973-9019 Davidson, 28036

C. Crawford and Associates, Inc. (917) 445-5137 Huntersville, 28078

Lexington Park Properties (704) 655-0379 Cornelius, 28031

One Alliance Companies 704.765.4620 Cornelius, 28031

Candor & Co. Realty 704-661-1146 Cornelius, 28031

LKN Commercial, Inc (704) 645-0100 Mooresville, 28115


Chambers & Associates Realty, Liz Brady (704) 258-7941 Cornelius, 28031

LKN, Inc. (704) 323-9222 Cornelius, 28031

Carolina Eye Care - Huntersville (704) 992-3937 Huntersville, 28078

PHYSICIANS: ORTHODONTISTS Lineberger Orthodontics (704) 892-3300 Huntersville, 28078

ChiroLife Wellness Center (704) 799-8750 Mooresville, 28117


Holistic Hands Chiropractic (980) 833-3616 Cornelius, 28031

Pool Scouts of Lake Norman (704) 912-0515 Davidson, 28036

Moliver Chiropractic, PLLC (704) 896-3435 Davidson, 28036

Swim Club Management Group, Inc. (704) 766-2726 Huntersville, 28078

Optimize Chiropractic (704) 237-4010 Cornelius, 28031


Vezendy Chiropractic (704) 895-2240 Cornelius, 28031

Finish Line Wash Pros (704) 794-8259 Mooresville, 28115



Carolina Oral and Facial Surgery (704) 892-1198 Cornelius, 28031 Crawford and Colvin, DDS (704) 895-5850 Huntersville, 28078 Dr. Mark P. Tompkins, D.D.S. (704) 895-3833 Cornelius, 28031 Lake Norman Oral & Facial Surgery (704) 987-3132 Huntersville, 28078 Meletiou & Meletiou, DDS PA (704) 875-1621 Huntersville, 28078

Alphagraphics - Lake Norman (704) 896-9622 Cornelius, 28031 Lake Norman Graphics (704) 987-0111 Huntersville, 28078 MetroGraphics Printing (704) 375-2474 Huntersville, 28078

PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS All Access Investigation & Protective Services (704) 562-4623 Cornelius, 28031

Business Today (704) 895-1335 Cornelius, 28031 Capital Analytics Associates 980-272-0690 Fort Mill, SC 29708 Cornelius Today (704) 895-1335 Cornelius, 28031 Huntersville Living 704-787-1480 Huntersville, 28078 Lake Norman CURRENTS (704) 749-8788 Huntersville, 28078 Lake Norman Media Group (704) 766-2100 Huntersville, 28078 Lakeside Living Magazines (614) 302-5154 Cornelius, 28031 Relocation Guide (843) 327-3319 Raleigh, 27612 The Mooresville Tribune (704) 664-5554 Mooresville, 28115

RADIO STATION WSIC Radio (704) 872-6345 Statesville, 28677


NorthStar Dentistry for Adults (704) 450-6500 Huntersville, 28078


Allen Tate - Angela Standish (704) 896-8283 Huntersville, 28078

Rolle Oral & Facial Surgery (704) 892-9500 Cornelius, 28031

Awards Express (704) 394-3350 Charlotte, 28214

Allen Tate - Anita Sabates 704.562.2515 Cornelius, 28031


Crown Trophy (704) 892-4682 Cornelius, 28031

Allen Tate - Tracey Stehle (704) 949-1300 Huntersville, 28078

Lazer Engraving Specialist. LLC (704) 641-2587 Cornelius, 28031

Allen Tate Company - Hilary Broadway (704) 235-2400 Mooresville, 28117

Piedmont Plastic Surgery & Dermatology (704) 892-4878 Huntersville, 28078


Dermatology Group of the Carolinas 704-784-5901 X3072 Huntersville, 28078 Mooresville Dermatology/ Eterna Aesthetics (Piedmont HealthCare) 704-235-1827 Mooresville, 28117 PC Dermatology 7042301302 Mooresville, 28117


Riva Aesthetic Dermatology (704) 896-8837 Cornelius, 28031

Great Lake Living at Lake Norman

PROMOTIONAL ITEMS, PRINTING/ GRAPHIC DESIGN/ PUBLICATIONS/SIGNS Heritage Printing and Graphics, Inc. (704) 551-0700 Charlotte, 28208

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Abbey Management Services (786) 389.8282 Huntersville, NC 28078

Choquette Properties LLC (980) 721-2670 Cornelius, 28031 Coldwell Banker, Residential Brokerage (704) 987-0123 Mooresville, 28117 Cornelius Retail, LLC (704) 905-6555 Cornelius, 28031 Dave Edwards, Keller Williams Realty (704) 907-7989 Huntersville, 28078 Dula Real Estate (704) 895-1011 Davidson, 28036 Executive Sellers Realty 704-491-2870 Charlotte, 28216 Focus Office Suites (704) 912-2092 Huntersville, 28078 G Brokerage Commercial Real Estate (704) 837-0202 Cornelius, 28031 Glenwood Development Co., LLC (704) 897-1400 Huntersville, 28078 Hansley Realty (704) 502-0241 Huntersville, 28078 Haylee Hunt - EXP Realty 704-559-0899 Huntersville, 28078 Helen Adams Realty (704) 439-3300 Cornelius, 28031 Hillco Realty (704) 340-2022 Cornelius, 28031 Hunter Rowe Real Estate Agents and Advisors 706.870.4000 Cornelius, 28031

Allen Tate Corporate Services (704) 365-6900 Charlotte, 28210

Keller Williams Realty Mooresville (704) 799-3700 Mooresville, 28117

AllenTate Lake Norman - MariaTobin 704.572.0260 Cornelius, 28031

Lake Norman Realty Inc. (704) 892-9673 Cornelius, 28031

Allen Tate Realtors - Stephanie Gossett (704) 896-8283 Cornelius, 28031

Lake Realty - Frank Free (704) 892-6350 Davidson, 28036

Ally Plus Realty, LLC 541-315-6404 Mooresville, 28115

Lake Realty - Marsha Marold (704) 881-4891 Cornelius, 28031

LKN Partners, Weichert Realtors (704) 663-4422 Mooresville, 28117 Meeting Street Homes & Communities (704) 714-3070 X2222 Cornelius, 28031 Newport Properties (704) 663-7779 Mooresville, 28117 NextHome World Class - Rick Carney 704-682-1847 Mooresville, 28117 Pamela Sullivan- REALTOR 704-575-1790 Davidson, 28036 Park Avenue Properties, LLC (704) 334-2626 Cornelius, 28031 Premier Sotheby’s International Realty (704) 727-4170 Cornelius, 28031 Puma & Associates Realty (704) 375-2495 Cornelius, 28031 Ranson Real Estate, Inc. (704) 965-2270 Cornelius, 28031 Re/Max Executive / Debbie Amyotte 704.999.1105 Denver, 28037 RE/MAX Executive Realty at the Lake (704) 815-3200 Cornelius, 28031 Sean Herndon-Winston Dane, KW (704) 892-5518 Cornelius, 28031 Susan McCreery ~ EXP Realty (980) 621-6053 Charlotte, 28216 Team Nadine - Keller Williams Realty (704) 361-9183 Mooresville, 28117 The Knox Group, Inc. (704) 896-1911 Cornelius, 28031 The Lake Norman Company (The North Harbor Club) (704) 892-4619 Cornelius, 28031 The Rockel Group - Keller Williams Realty (910) 583-3817 Cornelius, 28031 The Sarver Group 704-301-1415 Cornelius, 28031

A Product of Lake Norman CURRENTS Magazine 2022-2023

Fresh Chef Kitchen (704) 896-4999 Cornelius, 28031

The Lost Cajun 980-689-2924 Huntersville, 28078

Home Heart And Soul 704-817-4520 Cornelius, 28031

Matters of the Heart Home Care 704-829-7713 Cornelius, 28031

Twinkle Properties 704-214-9505 Denver, 28037

Hawthorne’s NY Pizza and Bar (704) 358-9339 Huntersville, 28078

The New York Butcher Shop 704.293.7079 Cornelius, 28031

Washam Properties LKN, LLC (704) 662-2122 Cornelius, 28031

HoneyBaked Ham Company & Cafe (704) 892-9592 Cornelius, 28031

Vitality Bowls - Cornelius (704) 897-2202 Cornelius, 28031

Kilwin’s Chocolate, Fudge, Ice Cream (704) 237-4869 Huntersville, 28078

Oasis Senior Advisors Lake Norman 704-343-6240 Denver, 28037

Old Store Produce (704) 992-6106 Huntersville, 28078

Transition Tamers (704) 237-4262 Huntersville, 28078

Yates Realty (704) 232-7238 Cornelius, 28031

REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT & DEVELOPMENT North State Development 704.997.8255 Cornelius, 28031

REAL ESTATE, BUSINESS & PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Rose & Associates Southeast, Inc (704) 896-0094 Davidson, 28036

REAL ESTATE, CONTRACTOR: HOME BUILDER Meritage Homes of the Carolinas, Inc. (704) 944-8961 Charlotte, 28277

RESTAURANTS RESTAURANTS, FOOD & BEVERAGES 131 Main, LLC (704) 896-0131 Cornelius, 28031 Andy’s Frozen Custard (417) 881-3500 Cornelius, 28031 BoatYard Lake Norman (704) 895-1782 Cornelius, 28031 Brickhouse Tavern (704) 987-2022 Davidson, 28036 Brooklyn South Pizzeria & Italian Eatery (704) 896-2928 Cornelius, 28031 Chicken Salad Chick (980) 223-0415 Charlotte, 28216 Chick-fil-A Lake Norman (704) 892-0071 Cornelius, 28031 Choplin’s Restaurant (704) 892-4800 Cornelius, 28031 DanielSan, Asian Kitchen, Sushi & Bistro (704) 997-9338 Cornelius, 28031 Dressler’s Restaurant (704) 987-1779 Huntersville, 28078 Epic Chophouse (704) 230-1720 Mooresville, 28115 Famous Toastery 704.425.6485 Huntersville, 28078


Jack’s Corner Tap (704) 892-4433 Cornelius, 28031 Jason’s Deli (704) 895-2505 Huntersville, 28078 Juan Loco Restaurant (704) 997-5560 Cornelius, 28031 Kat’s Seafood Kitchen (704) 997-5688 Cornelius, 28031 LKN Weddings & Events Catering (704) 526-9651 Cornelius, 28031 Longhorn Steakhouse, Inc. (704) 895-3488 Huntersville, 28078 Lucky Dog Bark & Brew (704) 896-5550 Cornelius, 28031

RETAIL - OFFICE SUPPLIES & FURNITURE Office Depot - Huntersville Store #2718 (704) 892-1665 Huntersville, 28078 Staples Office Supply Store Mooresville 704.660.3400 Mooresville, 28117

RETAIL - SHOPPING MALL Birkdale Village (704) 895-8744 Huntersville, 28078 Main Street Antiques (704) 746-3636 Mooresville, 28115 Northlake Mall (704) 921-2005 Charlotte, 28216


Mama’s Pizza Express (704) 892-3305 Huntersville, 28078

A Styled Collective 704.997.8415 Cornelius, 28031

Maola’s Pizzeria & Restaurant (704) 896-1606 Cornelius, 28031

Ace Hardware (704) 892-7651 Cornelius, 28031

Marcos Pizza (704) 765-1500 Cornelius, 28031

Apricot Lane - Huntersville 704-997-8353 Huntersville, 28078

McAlister’s Deli@Lake Norman (704) 896-3354 Cornelius, 28031

Bliss by the Lake Boutique (704) 662-0007 Mooresville, 28117

On The Nines Bistro 704-799-4240 Mooresville, 28117

Brownlee Jewelers (704) 895-1308 Huntersville, 28078

Outback Steakhouse, Huntersville (704) 895-1888 Huntersville, 28078

Burners Cigar Co. (704) 892-5112 Huntersville, 28078

Padovas Pizza 704.727.3655 Huntersville, 28078 Piper’s at Galway Hooker (704) 895-1782 Cornelius, 28031 Pita Pit (980) 231-5535 Cornelius, 28031 Prosciutto’s Pizzeria & Pub (704) 439-4444 Cornelius, 28031 Taste of Buffalo Pizzeria (704) 439-0546 Huntersville, 28078 Tenders Fresh Foods (704) 895-6017 Cornelius, 28031 The Harp and Crown Pub & Kitchen (704) 892-9641 Cornelius, 28031

A Product of Lake Norman CURRENTS Magazine

Cheers To Ewe Yarn Shop 704-706-9425 Charlotte, 28216 CoCo Couture, Lake Norman (704) 896-8044 Cornelius, 28031 Consign On A Dime (704) 892-8492 Cornelius, 28031 Crown and Laurel Home 704.930.9559 Cornelius, 28031 Edible Arrangements (704) 658-0006 Mooresville, 28117 Farm House (Spring Water Farms) (704) 875-0061 Cornelius, 28031 Habitat For Humanity of the Charlotte Region (704) 896-8957 Davidson, 28036

Publix - Magnolia Plaza, Store #1474 (704) 424-5017 Cornelius, 28031

SENIOR LIVING Cadence Living, Huntersville (704) 875-6100 Huntersville, 28078

Publix - Market Square, Store #1481 (704) 424-5017 Charlotte, 28217

Olde Knox Commons (704) 897-2700 Huntersville, 28078

Rustic and Main 919.980.4527 Huntersville, 28078

Ranson Ridge Assisted Living & Memory Care (704) 897-2723 Huntersville, 28078

The New York Butcher Shop (704) 293.7079 Cornelius, NC 28031 Uncommon Scents Inc. (704) 895-0197 Huntersville, 28078 Your Sister’s Kloset, LLC 704.912.8274 Mooresville, 28117

RETAIL STORE - FURNITURE/ MATTRESSES AND MORE Sweet Dreams Mattress and Furniture (704) 360-5789 Cornelius, 28031

RETAIL STORE - HOME IMPROVEMENT Lowe’s Companies, Inc. (704) 758-1000 Mooresville, 28117

SAFETY TRAINING, HEALTH AND WELLNESS CPR Safety Net (704) 493-6663 Statesville, 28625

SECURITY SYSTEM, LOCKSMITH Anchor Security & Locksmith (704) 902-8135 Cornelius, 28031

SENIOR CARE Cornerstone Caregiving North Charlotte 704-387-5040 Cornelius, 28031 Gentle Shepherd Care (704) 209-5040 Charlotte, 28262 Home Careolina, Inc. (704) 892-0030 Cornelius, 28031 Home Helpers of Lake Norman (704) 286-0933 Cornelius, 28031 Home Instead Senior Care (704) 892-6888 Charlotte, 28217

Lake Norman Chamber Membership List

The Tovar Group, LLC (704) 905-6964 Cornelius, 28031

Summit Place of Mooresville (704) 799-2712 Mooresville, 28117 The Laurels/The Haven in Highland Creek (704) 947-8050 Charlotte, 28269 The Pines at Davidson (704) 896-1100 Davidson, 28036 The Senior Care Place - Lake Norman / Mooresville (980) 444-6319 Mooresville, 28117 Williams Place, Gracious Retirement Living (704) 896-3278 Davidson, 28036

SHOPPING & SPECIALTY RETAIL Cashion’s Quik Stop (704) 892-8801 Cornelius, 28031

SPORTS & RECREATION Charlotte Independence Soccer Club 704-894-9995 Cornelius, 28031 D-BAT Huntersville (704) 651-9957 Huntersville, 28078 Go Pro Motor Plex (704) 696-2926 Mooresville, 28117 Lake Norman Little League (704) 771-9590 Huntersville, 28078 Pedego Lake Norman 704-997-5051 Cornelius, 28031 Spare Time at Lake Norman (704) 892-7177 Huntersville, 28078

STORAGE - REAL ESTATE, MOVING & STORAGE Hyde Park Storage Suites, Inc. (704) 895-3503 Cornelius, 28031

Great Lake Living at Lake Norman


Lake Norman Chamber Membership List Lake Norman Storage (704) 896-0123 Cornelius, 28031



A&B Tire & Automotive Center (704) 895-9990 Cornelius, 28031

Carroll International 8285959785 Mooesville, 28117


Diamante Communication Services 9 704-980-0180 Lake Norman Hotwire Communications 800.355.5668 Salisbury, 28144 Longway Broadband Services 615.294.8936 Mooresville, 28115 TelWare Corp. (704) 598-4700 Charlotte, 28213

TIRE SALES WHOLESALE American Tire Distributors (704) 992-2000 Huntersville, 28078


Great Lake Living at Lake Norman

Master Title Agency, LLC (704) 348-2866 Charlotte, 28262

TRAVEL AGENCY AAA of the Carolinas (704) 897-0580 Huntersville, 28078 Cruise Planners - Dawn Cline (704) 909-7739 Charlotte, 28269 Explore More Family Travel (704) 900-3435 Cornelius, 28031 Gifted Travel Network (877) 98.2842 Mooresville, NC 28115 Maestro Travel (704) 992-0432 Huntersville, 28078



Heartwood Tree Service (704) 525-3066 Huntersville, 28078

Visit Charlotte-Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority 800.231.4636 Charlotte, 28202

TREE SERVICE/ LANDSCAPING - HOME & GARDEN Spring-Green Lawn and Tree Care (704) 992-2802 Huntersville, 28078


Visit Lake Norman (704) 987-3300 Cornelius, 28031

WATER & FIRE RESTORATION IZSAM Cleaning of Charlotte (704) 589-4928 Huntersville, 28078

Duke Energy (980) 373-2288 Charlotte, 28214

Puroclean Fire and Water Damage Specialist (704) 992-6046 Cornelius, 28031

ElectriCities of N.C., Inc. (704) 948-0550 Huntersville, 28078

Service Team of Professionals 704-309-7258 Huntersville, 28078

EnergyUnited (800) 522-3793 Statesville, 28687

ServPro of Alexander & Caldwell Counties (828) 302-5298 Lenoir, 28645

VACUUM CLEANER SALES & SERVICE / CARPET CLEANING A-1 Vacuum Solutions LLC (704) 895-5454 Huntersville, 28078

CGC Water Treatment 800-633-7114 Heartland, MI 48353 Lake Norman Water Tree 980-443-3898 Mooresvile, 28117 Zennergy, LLC (704) 907-1421 Cornelius, 28031

WEBSITE DESIGN / MARKETING Halstead Design (704) 231-9504 Huntersville, 28078 Lucander Design (704) 892-8292 Davidson, 28036

WHOLESALE RETAIL COSTCO Wholesale, Mooresville #1333 (980) 447-9749 Mooresville, 28117


Dealer Imports, Inc. (704) 892-0210 Cornelius, 28031

Boomerang Water 833-266-6420 Davidson, 28036

Sam’s Club Mooresville (704) 360-6020 Mooresville, 28117

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We’ve got what you’re looking for. Diner NOW OPEN Ellie’s DinerEllie’s NOW OPEN

Ellie’s Diner NOW OPEN

ComeCome visit the largest visit the antique mall in the South

largest antique mall in the South 88,000 Square Feet • Over 625 Booths

Come visit the largest antique mall in the South

Comfortably air conditioned 88,000 Square Feet • Over 625 Booths Comfortably air conditioned

88,000 Square Feet • Over 625 Booths Comfortably air conditioned

• Come visit the largest antique mall in the South • Ellie’s Diner on site • 88,000 square feet with over 725 booths • Comfortably air conditioned

325 McGill Ave. NW Concord, NC 28026 704-787-9351 Mon-Sat 10-7• Sunday 1-6

325 McGill Ave. NW

325 McGill Ave. NW Concord, NC 28026 325 McGill Ave. NW | Concord, NC 28026 704-787-9351 704-787-9351 | Mon-Sat 10-7• Sunday 1-6 Mon-Sat 10-7 • Sunday 1-6

RISE Collection Forged in mixed metals, the robust lines of the RISE Design Expression draw the eye to its bold, professional-style design. Indulge in the details – a custom knurled handle, brass-inspired knob collars, a bold badge, and geometric grates.

Obsidian Refrigerator This freestanding refrigerator is a premium expression of design and performance. It features the industry-exclusive Obsidian interior and WiFi connectivity.

Available at Queen City Let a Queen City Product Specialist assist you with your custom design.

6 Convenient Locations Monday - Saturday 9am-7pm Sunday Noon-pm

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