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F O R B U S IN E SS SEPTEMBER 2011 | Vol. xXI, No. 9


Florida’s Redistricting Shifts Committee Dates

EXCHANGE Medical Community Contributes to Global Knowledge base

BUY LAKELAND. It Makes GOOD cents!

CHAMBER STAFF K a t h l een L . M unson President

B a rb a r a B enne t t Executive Assistant

S a l ly C h a p m a n

Vice President, Finance & Administration

Y a d ir a P. Ho l mes Vice President, Public Affairs

L a ke l a n d Are a C h a mber of C ommerce F orum for B usiness M on t h l y A l ice Hun t | C h a irm a n of t h e B o a r d

C a ro l y n J a ckson

Senior Vice President, Member Relations

Hunt Construction of Central Florida, Inc.

K a t h l een L . M unson | Pub l is h er Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce

Am y S . W i g g ins | E d i t or

J a c q ue l ine L . J o h nson

Senior Vice President, Convention & Visitors Bureau

Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce

C E Desi g n co . | C re a t i v e Direc t ion & P R O D U C T I O N

K a t ie M c B ri d e - M c K en z ie Membership Account Executive

C h ris t ine M ur p h y

Administrative Assistant, Member Relations | Public Affairs

N ikki O a k l e y

Membership Account Executive

Terr y O t t in g er

Vice President, Membership Development

HOW HEALTHY IS YOUR BUSINESS? The YMCA of West Central Florida is partnering with Polk County businesses to help lessen employee healthcare costs through the Partners in Health Corporate Health & Wellness Program. Studies indicate healthy employees have reduced injuries, improved productivity, less absenteeism, better morale and reduced medical visits and costs.

An employee wellness program use to be a luxury - now it’s a necessity. Interested in improving the health of your business? Contact Sandy Bates: 863.644.3528 or




P a t t y S mi t h

Administrative Assistant, Membership Development Visitor Information Specialist

R e v en a T h om a s

Administrative Assistant, Communications Convention & Visitors Bureau

Am y W i g g ins

Vice President, Communications

35 Lake Morton Drive PO Box 3607 Lakeland, FL 33802-3607 (863) 688-8551 Š 2011 Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce. All rights reserved. The Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to refuse certain advertising and is not liable for advertisers claims and/or errors. The opinions expressed herein are those of the writers and do not necessarily represent the position of the Chamber.

our grandparents

TO: Chamber Members FROM: Alice Hunt, Chairman of the Board DATE: September 1, 2011 SUBJ: 2012 Board of Directors Nominating Committee Report The 2012 Board of Directors Nominating Committee, in accordance with Articles VIII and XIII of the Chamber Bylaws, was charged with developing a slate of twelve (12) individuals to serve a three-year term on the Board of Directors. Accordingly, I am pleased to present the following slate to the membership for election, effective January 1, 2012: Lauren Lengyel Peace River Center

Tim Darby

Darby Law Group |

This is me and my “Nanaw” Shirley Darby at my law school graduation. She’s 90 years old now, still lives independently, sharp as a tack and was more than thrilled to learn that my wife and I planned to move home to Lakeland after I passed the bar. This photo means so much to me because her attitude and work ethic have been a great inspiration for me and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her.

One day, my grandpa was late to pick me up from school. Of course, those few hours felt like an eternity, and I just knew I would have to live at school for ever. Of course he came to pick me up and vowed that he would never be late again. For the next eight years, I was the only student whose ride arrived two hours before school even let out!

Karen Houtz Community Bank of Florida

Sarah Case JSK Consulting, Inc. David Daniel Lakeland Surgical & Diagnostic Center L.L.P. Bill Dorman Lanier Upshaw, Inc. Brad Farrow Givaudan Flavors Tim Jackson NuJak Companies Karen Kovach Third Wing Business Strategies, LLC Robert Loftin BB & T Trista Otto Saddle Creek Corporation

A little about my grandma… She’s independent, kind, a lady, and generous to a fault. At 84 she still runs circles around me. She owned her own business, Fun Undies, and was a seamstress for 30 years. Grandma made all of her granddaughters’ wedding dresses along with a lot of other outfits for many members of the community. She is the matriarch of our family; respected and admired. In short, she’s amazing.

Dr. James Payne University of South Florida Polytechnic Jeffery Payne Lakeland Regional Medical Center Dr. William Rhey Florida Southern College Randy Stinson Stinson’s Home Design Center

Kathy Wallen Baylis & Company PA CPAs

This is a photo of my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary celebration in Cocoa in 1979. My grandma was very much into making the right impression, so when she walked down the aisle to the Wedding March played by the “Dixon Arms (Kazoo) Orchestra”, it was very evident that the accompaniment was not up to her standards! My mom and I still laugh about that day!

Per the Bylaws, the membership has the opportunity to place additional names in nomination by presenting a petition signed by at least 25 members. Such petition must be filed at the Chamber office no later than September 15, 2011. If nominations are received from the membership, a ballot bearing names of all nominees will be issued to the membership for vote, and the number of nominees with the highest votes equal to the number of Directors needed shall be declared elected. If no additional nominations are received from the membership, the slate proposed by the Nominating Committee will be considered elected by acclamation. Please do not hesitate to contact me at (863) 647-2023, should you have any questions regarding the proposed slate of nominees. I would like to thank the following members who served on the Nominating Committee: Chair-elect Walker Wilkerson, Immediate Past Chair Joe L. Ruthven, Past Chair Anu Saxena, Stacy CampbellDomineck, Weymon Snuggs and Kathy Wallen. FORUM FOR BUSINESS



RENOWNED LEADERS. GENUINE RELATIONSHIPS. VAST EXPERIENCE. With over 390 years of diversified business experience and leadership, Platinum Bank’s


Lakeland Advisory Board members are anchors in the local business community and have experienced the advantages and challenges in the local economy. The knowledge and understanding that has been gained through these experiences is what makes Platinum Bank your established business partner. As key leaders in the local community, they have a vested interest in ensuring the local economy succeeds.






Experience EMERGE: promoting health for young professionals

tim darby

darby law group


There are many ways for young professionals to keep their health care costs low during their lifetimes. Lifestyle choices such as avoiding smoking and drugs certainly help, regular check-ups with a doctor are necessary, and a good diet goes a long way. But sometimes lost in the debate over health care costs is the impact of fitness in keeping costs low. Companies have started to take notice. A recent study by Harvard University


professors found that for every dollar a business spends on wellness programs, it saves $3.27 in medical costs and $2.73 in absenteeism costs. The Kaiser Family Foundation reported that in 2010, 75 percent of American companies provided wellness programs, up from 57 percent in 2009. Fit employees save companies money, which in turn puts more money in employees’ pockets. EMERGE Lakeland, a meaningful networking organization of




dedicated young professionals, is committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle among young professionals and companies in Lakeland. Its membership also includes employees at prominent health organizations including Lakeland Regional Medical Center, the Polk County Health Department and WellDyneRx. Emerge held an event at the Lakeland Family YMCA in June during which members learned about the YMCA’s community outreach


efforts and volunteer opportunities. Some members also won free month-long memberships at the YMCA. The YMCA is one of a number of places where young professionals can improve their fitness. Chamber members who offer a place to stay fit include the city’s Kelly Recreation Complex and Simpson Park Community Center, Lifestyle Family Fitness, Gold’s Gym, Pyramid Profiles, Serious Exercise and Total Body Conditioning. Lakeland



also promotes biking and walking/running with many trails and paths around the city. The benefits of staying fit are almost endless, and the opportunities are available for young professionals to find their fitness outlets in Lakeland and keep their health costs under control.




DEEP As a locally owned and operated CPA firm, Wall Foss is proud to provide prompt and personalized CPA services. Our close proximity to our clients allows us to remain grounded and understand the marketplace where our clients live and work. We identify opportunities for significant savings through careful planning and execution. Wall Foss is here, today and always, to solve problems, build relationships, and grow your wealth.

212 East Highland Drive | Lakeland, FL | 863.683.0708 |






1=<4723<B7/: 7<4=@;/B7=< 23AB@C1B7=< 4=@B63 AB13<BC@G A^SQWOZWhW\UW\67>>/ 4/1B/O\R50: Q][^ZWO\QSa]ZcbW]\a

Sandy Bates

YMCA of West Central Florida

F`OgbSQV\]Z]Ug SZSQb`]\WQRSab`cQbW]\ ASQc`SR]Qc[S\b b`O\a^]`baS`dWQSa AQVSRcZSRaS`dWQS QZSO\]cba =\aWbSR]Qc[S\b RSab`cQbW]\ 0]\RSRO\RW\ac`SR


How can employers help?

Annual health care costs have now exceeded $2.5 trillion as of 2009 and are expected to reach $4.6 trillion in the next nine years. Out-of-pocket expenses are rising right along with health care plan costs, creating a frightening situation for personal and corporate bottom lines! Baby boomers, those born between 1946 and 1964, are 76 million strong and now are reaching the age of 65 at 10,000 per day - for the next 17 years! Health care costs increase dramatically as we age. Retirees often remain on a companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s benefits plan. Even with the best insurance plan there are significant financial responsibilities to both the employee and employer. So whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the answer? Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s estimated that 75% of our health care costs are associated with certain behaviors and lifestyles such as smoking, lack of physical activity or poor eating habits. To begin reducing those costs, we need to take control of our lifestyles and behaviors. How can employers help? Employee wellness programs can assist with health screenings that can identify high-risk factors. These Health Risk Assessments, or HRAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, offer employees some baseline numbers including blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose or sugar and body mass index or height/weight relationship. Another critical component of an employee wellness program is health coaching. HRA results are best interpreted by a trained coach, giving each employee an opportunity to develop targeted goals. This encourages the employee to make behavioral changes in manageable steps increasing the likelihood of change. Health fairs, special events and wellness challenges are all methods to keep employees mindful of staying healthy. Many employers also choose to change environmental factors. What do you serve in your vending machines or at meetings? Sodas and pastries can easily be changed to water and healthy snacks such as fruits and vegetables. Does your company offer incentives to stay healthy? Benefit packages can be aligned to encourage health promotion by decreasing premiums for those who remain healthy or change their health status. Company wellness programs have the potential to significantly reduce health care costs for employees and employers alike. For more information on how the YMCAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Partners in Health program can benefit your company, call (863) 644-3528.

E m p l o y ee W e l l ness Pro g r a ms

0`WO\1]^WQ !  !%#&







He a l t h R isk Assessmen t s


He a l t h C o a c h in g


N u t ri t ious S n a cks


I ncen t i v es t o s t a y h e a l t h y

Lakeland Area Chamber Foundation seeking grant applications The Lakeland Area Chamber Foundation is one of the greatest assets this Chamber has in serving the diverse needs of our community. Founded in 1973 as a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization, the Foundation serves to support worthwhile community and education betterment initiatives. Through the generous contributions of member businesses and individuals, the Foundation is able to award small grants to not-for-profit organizations in the Lakeland area to support specific community and education betterment projects. The grant awards will be issued for the 2012 calendar year.



If you are aware of community not-forprofit organizations that meet these grant guidelines, please have them contact Barbara Bennett at the Chamber via email (bbennett@ or telephone: (863) 6888551, ext. 233, for further information on the grant program.


Organizations must meet the following criteria to be eligible for grant awards: Program to be funded must fall under the following LACF major areas of emphasis: Education and Community Betterment. Applicants are required to hold 501(C)(3) status in order to qualify for funding. Funds must be used to benefit the Greater Lakeland area.


Funds are restricted for operational use to support specific programs and cannot be used to fund Capital Projects (e.g., bricks and mortar), Permanent Personnel Costs (e.g., wages, benefits), or any other recurring Overhead Costs.



Left to right Jennifer Adams, Pam Mitchell, Gwyndolyn Hughes, Barbara Lineberger, Joe Furnari

Personal attention from your own private banker.

“We are fortunate to have these five professionals with more than 100 years of combined banking experience right here in Polk County.” Paul J. Noris – President and CEO

Our personal banking officers understand your busy schedule. You can depend on us to be a flexible financial partner and provide an unparalleled level of service. If this level of personal service is missing from your current bank, perhaps it is time to consider intelligent banking at Bank of Central Florida. Discover why everyone is talking about Bank of Central Florida … you’ll find we are refreshingly different. Member FDIC

Downtown Lakeland 101 S. Florida Avenue • 863-682-7100 South Lakeland 5015 S. Florida Avenue • 863-701-2685 Bartow 515 N. Broadway Avenue • 863-534-3585


C in d y S t ern l ic h t Lakeland Regional Medical Center

There is still no cure for cancer. The good news is that, according to the National Cancer Institute, more patients are surviving the disease -- living healthier and longer lives. How has this happened? New and innovative treatment options have become available to cancer patients through ground-breaking clinical trials. Clinical trials and research have also improved the quality of life for patients with a variety of heart-related conditions. Under the governance of the Lakeland Regional Medical Center Institutional Review Board, medical facilities right here in Lakeland are conducting powerful, ground-breaking research which is saving lives and bringing hope to patients throughout the world.

Clinical Trials at-a-Glance According to Robin Stewart, RN, PhD, OCN, CCRC, manager of clinical research at Lakeland Regional Cancer Center, clinical trials, in essence, are used to develop new ways to diagnose, prevent, treat, and, hopefully, cure disease. “Each trial is designed with a specific goal in mind, whether to explore the effectiveness of a new drug, look at a new use for an existing drug, or verify that a new drug is as good, or better, than the current treatment,” said Stewart. Additionally, trials can include medications, vitamins, supplements, acupuncture, equipment, massage and additional education.

Patient Safety Comes First On a national level, all clinical trials are first approved by an ethics committee who ensures that the investigational procedure or drug will not cause harm to the patients involved. The local ethics committee for our region is the Lakeland Regional Medical Center Institutional Review Board (IRB), which is made up of physicians, nurses, and volunteers from within the community who have an interest in patient safety.






Lakeland Paves the Way Lakeland Regional Cancer Center (LRCC) and the Center for Cancer Care & Research (CCCR), have taken leadership roles in the area of specified cancer research, offering the latest treatment advances through clinical trials. Over the years, LRCC has offered trials for renal cell, fallopian tube, lung, myeloma, pancreatic and many other cancers. They were also the first treatment facility in the world to offer various trials for melanoma and prostate cancers. “Cancer care is not just about chemotherapy anymore. We know that cancers are unique and that “one size fits all” cancer therapies are no longer appropriate,” said Stewart. In January of this year, LRCC became the first cancer facility in the United States to conduct a prostate cancer trial using an innovative new drug that works with traditional chemotherapy to reduce the spread of the disease. The first patient in the U.S. to participate in the study was Merle Clark of Haines City

who was treated at Lakeland Regional Cancer Center. Just a few weeks later, Lakeland Regional was the first to implement another trial in which an injection helped reduce the oral side effects of treatment for head and neck cancer. Furthermore, LRCC is one of only three institutions in the country that participated in another international trial for advanced melanoma. Currently, LRCC has the only patient in the world still receiving treatment, four years after the melanoma study began. LRCC’s clinical trials have been sought out by potential patients from places throughout the globe, including Iraq, Iran, Israel, Australia, Columbia and the Philippines. “Recently, a local patient traveled out of state to a large well-known cancer center only to be told that the best possible care for them was a clinical trial at Lakeland Regional Cancer Center,” said Stewart.

grapefruit-drug interactions,” said Dr. Patrick Reddy, a Watson Clinic cardiologist and co-author of the high-profile study that gained international attention. “Our top objective is to be able to give informative answers to questions like this and to improve patient care. By involvement in clinical trials, we are able to obtain information from the research process that can ultimately be used in our own practice to benefit local patients. In addition, these groundbreaking clinical trials allow an opportunity for patients to be more active participants in their own care, and potentially help future generations of patients just like them.” The Watson Clinic Center for Research is dedicated to fostering research in every area that the main clinic offers, gleaning knowledge from a dedicated clinical staff.

Improving Cardiac Care

When patients participate in a clinical trial, they not only receive newly-discovered treatments and therapies, but they have the added support of an entire team of specially-trained research staff. “Our patients become part of an extended family of physicians, nurses, and support staff whose primary interest is to provide the best cancer treatment possible,” said Stewart. Research nurses at LRCC are certified in oncology, research, or both. At Lakeland Regional Cancer Center, dedicated research staff are paired with each patient, acting as their guide, educator, and support throughout their treatment and beyond. “Most patients remain part of the research family for life and some participate in more than one clinical trial,” added Stewart. “I have been fortunate to work with a strong group of research personnel,” said Dr. Kevin Browne, chairman of research at the Watson Clinic Center for Research. “These people are the backbone of our clinical research group and have permitted us to be

Also leading the way in clinical trials is the renowned Watson Clinic Center for Research. Through this center, patients have the opportunity to participate in dozens of innovative clinical trials at any given time. Many of these trials also focus on cancer diagnoses, such as breast, colon, and leukemia, and are coordinated through their Center for Cancer Care & Research, as well as trials for cardiovascular conditions, including congestive heart failure, atrial fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia and fibrillation. Watson Clinic cardiologists recently contributed to an important research study concerning the interaction between grapefruit juice and the popular medication Lipitor, which is prescribed to control high cholesterol levels. Their findings concluded that typical daily consumption of grapefruit juice is safe with Lipitor and there is no necessity to reduce dosages. “As a cardiologist and prescribing physician, a number of my patients have asked me about

Clinical Trials Bring Added Support

Lakeland Regional Cancer Center

Haines City patient Merle Clark and LRCC Clinical Research Manager Robin Stewart, RN, PhD

recognized nationally for performing high-quality, complex research trials.”

Advancing the Cure Finding the cure for cancer is a long and winding road. By bringing innovative clinical trials to the community, Lakeland Regional Cancer Center and Watson Clinic Center for Research remain dedicated to the relentless pursuit of these cures. After all, a cure for cancer will be found through a clinical trial.

FO R MO RE INFO RMATIO N ] Most clinical trials offered to patients require no extra testing, and usually involve a change or adjustment in medication. To learn more about these trials (and for a complete list of current trials), please contact Lakeland Regional Cancer Center, the Center for Cancer Care & Research or the Watson Clinic Center for Research.

Center for Cancer Care & Research

Lakeland Regional Cancer Center Robin Stewart, RN, PhD, OCN, CCRC, Manager of Clinical Research (863) 603-6565 research-and-clinical-trials

The Watson Clinic Center for Research Noreen McGowan, BSN, CCRC, Administrative Coordinator (863) 688-6826




s mal l b u s i n e s s o f t h e month

JeffersonAllsopp, Inc.

439 S Florida Ave, Ste 201 Lakeland, FL 33801 (863) 688-7691 F: (863) 683-3970

CONNECT ] Small Business of the Month Committee Member, Gary Cleveland (Cleveland & Company, Inc.) presents the August Small Business of the Month Award to Jefferson-Allsopp. On hand to receive the award was: Back Row (L to R): Walter Pollard, David Scott, Jamie Pollard, Committee Member Gary Cleveland, Brant Martin, Mark Martin Front Row (L to R): Lisa Lund, Donna Castlow, Sylvia DeMouey, Donna Petry, Carol Smith, Tracey Cermeno, Nadine Boswell, Diane Ard Not present: Kimberly Wilson, Patty Parker & Phillip Hancock


According to the 1920 Census, the population of Lakeland was 7,062. By 1925, the beginnings of the insurance agency that would later be known as Jefferson-Allsopp were taking shape. Today, Jefferson-Allsopp is a shining example of a successful family business. All of the principals of the agency are descendents of previous agency owners! Through the years, the agency has weathered the storms of change, but has

maintained the qualities on which it was founded. Jefferson-Allsopp offers a refreshing portrait of stability and longevity; some insurance company contracts date back more than 50 years. Additionally, of the firm’s current employees, 35% have been with Jefferson-Allsopp for more than 25 years. Jefferson-Allsopp’s business model is built on personalized service by a well trained local representative. You will always find a personal family atmosphere when

conducting business. JeffersonAllsopp supports the community through a variety of charitable organizations. They support the Boys and Girls Club of Lakeland and Mulberry, Lakeland City Baseball, Alliance for Independence, United Way, and Florida Southern College Baseball, Golf, and Basketball programs. In 2007, JeffersonAllsopp moved into a new office on the second floor of the Pilot Bank building on South

Florida Avenue. The office reception area offers a warm welcome for customers and the new space allows for greater efficiencies for office staff. While the insurance marketplace may always be in a state of change, Jefferson-Allsopp stands as an example in our community of an insurance agency built on the principles of hard work, good training, and personalized customer service. As their motto says, Jefferson-Allsopp has been delivering

B y: G a r y C l e v e l a n d ,

“Quality Insurance since 1925”. The Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce would like to congratulate Jefferson-Allsopp, Inc. as the Small Business of the Month for August.

For more information on some of the requirements for the Small Business Award and to view previous recipients, please visit BusinessResource.

Cleveland & Company, Inc.



W A N T T O K N O W W HY B E in g A M E M B E R O F TH E LA K E LA N D A R E A C HA M B E R I S S O B E C O M I N G ? R E AD on . . .

C AL E N D a R




Small Business Employers, Mark Your Calendars to Attend!


Small Business HealtH Care Forum

Learn about Prevention & Wellness and the Direction of Health Care Reform

Friday, September 16

Register today to take advantage of this valuable and timely health care forum!

8:00 am - noon • the lakeland Center (lake Hollingsworth room)

• Free Admission to Area small Business Employers • Complimentary Continental Breakfast & Refreshments

One of the major problems small business employers face is navigating the health care system. At this Forum, you will learn of wellness initiatives and the advantages for small business employer health care programs.

Insurance professionals will cover the information you need to know in obtaining the most comprehensive, affordable coverage for you and your employees. IF yOu Are A smAll busIness emplOyer, yOu need tO Attend thIs ImpOrtAnt FOrum.

Reserve your seat today by visiting For more information, call the Lakeland Chamber at (863) 688-8551, Ext. 233 Brought to you by the Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce and the following sponsors:

save the date september

R DooEs! PRiz

Steadily rising health care costs are a significant fiscal threat to Florida’s business community. As these costs continue to rise, some employers are being forced to raise employee contributions, increase deductibles, eliminate prescription coverage, increase co-pays, make cuts in other areas or drop coverage altogether. Because of these health care challenges, it is more important than ever that employers know how to navigate the health care system and to learn as much as possible about wellness and prevention programs being offered for their employees. To address these issues, the Chamber has organized a half-day health care forum on September 16 especially geared to small businesses. Through the support of generous sponsors, the event will be free to area employers.

Eight Am to Noon

lakeland center FORUM FOR BUSINESS



September 2011 dates mon 5

Monday, September 5

thur 15

Thursday, September 15 Business After Hours

Fri 16

thur 22

Chamber Closed in Observance of Labor Day

mon 12

Monday, September 12 EMERGE Lakeland Steering Committee

tues 13

Tuesday, September 13 Talent Development & Education KSI

5:30 p.m. Fun Bike Center Motorsports 1845 E Memorial Blvd

Friday, September 16 Small Business Health Care Forum

wed 14

8:00 a.m. The Lakeland Center, Lake Hollingsworth Room 701 W Lime St

wed 28

Wednesday, September 28 Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday, September 14 Government Affairs

7:30 a.m. Chamber Briefing Room

Noon Lakeland Yacht & Country Club, East Main Dining Room 929 Lake Hollingsworth Drive

8:00 a.m.

9:00 a.m.

11:30 a.m. Regal Chevrolet Community Room 1025 US Highway 98 S


3:30 p.m.

Thursday, September 22 SCORE Business Roundtable

Wednesday, September 14 BusinessVoice of Greater Lakeland

Thursday, September 22 EMERGE Lakeland: Lakeland Economic Update Lunch


3:45 p.m.

thur 22

tues 20

Tuesday, September 20 New Board Member Orientation

wed 21

Wednesday, September 21 Executive Committee Meeting


November 1-2 WE3: Workforce Education Conference The Lakeland Center

3:00 p.m. Chamber Briefing Room

November 10 21st Annual Chamber Scramble Lone Palm Golf Club

November 18 Annual Chamber CarBQ

4:00 p.m. Chamber Briefing Room


Portable BBQ lunch























Chamber Closed in Observance of Labor Day

12 EMERGE Lakeland Steering Committee 3:45 p.m.


Talent Development & Education KSI 3:30 p.m.

20 New Board Member Orientation 3:00 P.M.



Government Affairs 8:00 A.M. BusinessVoice of Greater Lakeland 9:00 A.M.

21 Executive Committee Meeting 4:00 p.m.

28 Board of Directors Meeting | Noon




Business After Hours 5:30 P.M.


Small Business Health Care Forum 8:00 a.m.


EMERGE Lakeland: Lakeland Economic Update Lunch | 11:30 a.m. SCORE Business Roundtable | 7:30 a.m.



Even t HI G H LIG H T S July Schmooze


01 | Jodi Kusley (ACES American

Cleaning & Equipment Services), Dillon Daniels (PoolWorks & AllSolar Service Company) & Doug Braverman (YellowBook) network at Schmooze a’Palooza in July.

02 | Beef O’Brady’s Family Sports

Pub Manager Sean East welcomes attendees to Schmooze a’Palooza.

03 | Members & guests crowded 02


into the portico for food & drinks as well as a tour of Lakeside Village’s beautiful second floor office.

04 | Chamber Chair Alice Hunt

presents the Plaque of Appreciation to Paul Rutledge of Lakeside Village.

05 | With a refreshing breeze across


the roundabout, members gathered near the Lakeside Village fountain for door prizes, give-aways and more.





NEW M E M B E R S 7-11 Socrum Loop

290 Lakeland Park Blvd Lakeland, FL 33809 (863) 815-4480 Stephen Young Convenience Stores

AAA Auto Club South 1457 E Memorial Blvd Lakeland, FL 33801 (863) 688-7921 F: (863) 687-2245 Peggy Bonner Automobile - Clubs

Advantage Insurance Agency 307 Pontotoc St Auburndale, FL 33823 (863) 697-1079 F: (863) 967-6527 Johnny Read, Sr. Insurance

AFLAC/Wendy Devaux 708 Lithia Pinecrest Rd Brandon, FL 33511 (863) 521-5895 Wendy Devaux Insurance

Citslinc International 108 N Ynez, Ste 205 Monterey Park, CA 91754 (626) 571-0616 Leo Liu Travel Agencies

Cox Motors, LLC

1612 W Memorial Blvd Lakeland, FL 33815 (863) 686-9300 F: (863) 686-9804 David Cox Automobile - Dealers - Used

Creation Through Construction

(312) 933-1648 Will Carter Kitchens & Baths

Cross, Fernandez & Riley, LLP 525 Pope Ave NW Winter Haven, FL 33881 (863) 299-5638 F: (863) 299-8944 Sharon L. Urie Accountants - Certified Public

Decisions Grill

1621 E Edgewood Dr Lakeland, FL 33803 (863) 686-6441 F: (863) 683-9367 Vincent T. Uzzardo Restaurants

Got Candy

2973 Duff Road Lakeland, FL 33810 (863) 853-9999 Lea Williams Gift Shops

H & H Transport

3900 Don Emerson Dr, Ste 120 Lakeland, FL 33811 (863) 859-9711 F: (863) 937-5360 Chris Clark Transportation

Jamrock Concrete Design & Decor (888) 323-8626 Robbie Seale Concrete Beautification

Koala Outdoor

Say What?!

(863) 529-7099 Monica Smiley Translator/Interpreter/Corp. Language Instruction

Southeastern University College of Business and Legal Studies 1000 Longfellow Blvd Lakeland, FL 33801 (863) 667-5402 F: (863) 667-5200 Dr. R. Joseph Childs, DBA Schools - Colleges & Universities

800 S Florida Ave Lakeland, FL 33801 (863) 224-3503 Gabrielle Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Toole Advertising

MainGate Taxi

15 S Hoagland Blvd Kissimmee, FL 34741 (863) 292-9166 F: (407) 870-1616 Shirley Rios Transportation

Miller, Crosby & Miller, P.A. 2323 S Florida Ave Lakeland, FL 33803 (863) 688-7038 F: (863) 688-2619 Sozon C. Vatikiotis Attorneys

MullisPeace Group a Division of Atlas Insurance 1959 E Edgewood Dr, Ste 102 Lakeland, FL 33803 (863) 577-2429 Melanie Peace Insurance


970 Lake Carillon Dr, Ste 500 Saint Petersburg, FL 33716 (727) 573-9649 F: (727) 572-7239 Jeremy Porter Payroll Processing

Primoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s II Pizzeria

3114 S Florida Ave, Ste 1 Lakeland, FL 33803 (863) 607-6767 F: (863) 607-9096 Victoria Tapia Restaurants

Each month, the Chamber enlists the help of 20 volunteers to mentor new and current members with involvement in Chamber events and programs. This month, the Chamber staff would like to recognize Ms. Kathryn Koch, Vice President with Lanier Upshaw, Inc. for her outstanding attention to Chamber members and attendance at events! Kathryn is a wonderful asset to the Chamber and to the Lakeland community!

Kathryn Koch

Lanier Upshaw, Inc.

Rapha Vascular Specialists, Inc. 1619 Harden Blvd Lakeland, FL 33803 (863) 577-VEIN (8346) F: (863) 577-2422 Obinna Nwobi, MD Physicians

Rumbough Enterprises, LLC

6244 Napa Dr Lakeland, FL 33813 (321) 536-0856 F: (866) 359-9398 Henry Rumbough Automobile/Truck - Fleet Management Systems

JULY Tourism Inquiries During the month of July, our Visitor Information Center assisted hundreds of individuals, answering questions pertaining to Chamber member businesses and the Lakeland community. Walk-in Visitors............................................. 284 Relocation Response Mailings.................... 4 Relocation Response (Walk In)................... 25 Accommodations............................................. 1 Winter Accommodations.............................. 0 Visitor Information Mailings . .................... 8 Visitor Center E-mail Inquiries................... 68





Special thanks to Mayor Gow Fields, Commissioner Justin Troller and all the Board Members and Chamber Champions who truly make these ceremonies special events.

University of South Florida Polytechnic Administrative Offices Lakeland, FL 33801 439 S Florida Ave | (863) 667-7013

Miche Bag by Carole

Interstate All Battery Center

Lakeland, FL

Lakeland, FL 33801

(863) 899-2523

2855 US Highway 92 E | (863) 666-8787

Madrid Engineering Group, Inc.

Davinciâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Pizza & Pasta

Bartow, FL 33830

Mulberry, FL 33860

2030 State Road 60 E | (863) 533-9007

5925 Imperial Pkwy | (863) 644-7447

The Avenue Hotel Lakeland

Save A Life Thrift Store

Lakeland, FL 33803

Lakeland, FL 33801

3405 S Florida Ave | (863) 646-5731

1923 S Combee Rd | (863) 665-3322




Estates at Carpenters Is proud to announce that both Brian Robare, Chief Operations Officer, and Matt Thompson, Health Center Administrator, have graduated from the University of Southern California’s School of Gerontology with Masters Degrees in Aging Services Management. Both graduated Summa Cum Laude and earned perfect 4.0 grade point averages.

• WORKERS COMP • EMPLOYEE BENEFITS • PAYROLL PROCESSING & TAXES Heacock Payroll offers employers a complete payroll processing service which can combine your payroll taxes, workers’ compensation and employee benefits. Allowing you to spend more time on your business and less time on paperwork.

Creative Contractors

Cipher Integrations, Inc. Has acquired the business technology and services practice of NCT Technologies, LLC.

Lanier Upshaw, Inc. Proud to announce that Leslie Hanley has been awarded the professional insurance designation Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) by The Institutes, an educational organization that confers the CPCU designation on persons who complete eight rigorous courses and examinations and meet its ethics and experience requirements. Lanier Upshaw is proud to announce that Kathy Zoeller, Senior Employee Benefits Account Manager has earned the Certified Employee Benefits Specialist (CEBS) designation.

Proud to announce three recent awards. The LEED Platinum Certified Largo Community Center received the Associated General Contractors’ Horizon Award, marking Creative’s ninth Horizon award honoring the state’s most significant achievements of quality in construction. The Largo Community Center also received an “Excellence in Construction” award from the Associated Builders and Contractors. The University of South Florida, St. Petersburg, LEED Gold Certified Science and Technology Building project was also honored with an “Excellence in Construction” award, marking Creative’s tenth award.

CPS Investment Advisors Chas P. Smith, CPA/PFS, president and chief investment officer, recently spoke at and sponsored the Polk Chapter FICPA’s Monthly meeting held at the Lakeland Yacht & Country Club. His topic was “Market Update”.

Women’s Care Florida, Lakeland OB/GYN Proud to announce its in-office Digital Mammography service has been accredited by the American College of Radiology and certified by the Food &



years You spend more time on your business and less time on paperwork.

1 9 5 2 | 5 9 Ye a rs W.S. Badcock Corporation

1 9 7 1 | 4 0 Ye a rs Meisner Paint & Body, Inc.

1 9 7 3 | 3 8 Ye a rs Gene Engle, REALTOR Hamic, Jones, Hamic & Sturwold, P.A., CPA

1 9 7 5 | 3 6 Ye a rs Beasley, Bryant & Company, CPA’s, P.A. Griffin Pools, Inc.

1 9 7 8 | 3 3 Ye a rs David & Philpot, P.L. Stanley Properties

1 9 8 5 | 2 6 Ye a rs Micro Path Laboratories, Inc.

1 9 8 6 | 2 5 Ye a rs Daryl A. Johnson, CPA

1 9 8 8 | 2 3 Ye a rs Cleveland & Company, Inc. Lockheed Martin Shared Services

1 9 8 9 | 2 2 Ye a rs Allied Scrap Processors, Inc. Radio Training Network, Inc.

1 9 9 0 | 2 1 Ye a rs All-Brite Specialty Services, Inc. Polk Theatre, Inc. QMI

1 9 9 1 | 2 0 Ye a rs Outback Steakhouse, Inc. Walter-William Investment Co.

1 9 8 0 | 3 1 Ye a rs



100 E Main St. • Lakeland, FL • 863.683.2220 1105 US Hwy 27 North • Sebring, FL • 863.385.5171




Wallis Murphey Boyington Architects, Inc.

1 9 8 2 | 2 9 Ye a rs Crown Printing, Inc.

1 9 8 4 | 2 7 Ye a rs W.A. Magarino, MD, PA Polk County Fraternal Order of Police


years Fields BMW

Drug Administration. This digital partnership with Radiology & Imaging Specialists has been serving Lakeland patients since mid-March.

University of South Florida Polytechnic Library director Catherine Lavallee-Welch recently attended the Special Libraries Association Annual Conference. She serves as chair of the Awards Committee for the Academic Division and is a candidate for division cabinet chair-elect. SLA is an international association for librarians and information professionals from the corporate, government, association, non-profit and academic sectors. Also, Dr. George Philippidis, an internationally recognized leader in renewable energy, has joined the University as director of the Alternative Energy Research Center and associate professor of biofuel engineering.

Santa Fe Catholic School Proud to announce Matt Franzino as Principal. Mr. Franzino has worked at Santa Fe for nine years in the roles of teacher, athletic director, dean of students and assistant principal of student services.

The Lakeland Chamber prints business announcements each month as space permits. Please email announcements to


years Five Star Cleaning Company, Inc. Geneva Classical Academy Polk County Medical Association Supervisor of Elections


years Advanced Comp Aegis Community Management Solutions, Inc. C.A. Reed Associates, Inc. Community Southern Bank Caspian Key, LLC dba Golden Corral Hubbell Eye Clinic Moeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Southwest Grill - South Lakeland Platform Art, Inc. Fetty Partnership, Inc. dba Roto Rooter Kerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s WingHouse Bar & Grill




Publ i c Po l i cy â&#x20AC;&#x201C; T h e F l o rida Legislature P lans for 2012

Yadira Holmes

Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce Vice President, Public Affairs



Every ten years, after each Census, the Florida Legislature is required to redraw the districts from which voters elect their public officials. The districts are redrawn to accommodate population changes and to ensure equal representation among the district populations. In 2012, the Legislature will begin the work of redrawing the Florida House, Florida Senate, and Congressional district maps. Because this process affects how you are represented in both your State and Federal government, the Legislature must work diligently and expeditiously to ensure the adoption of fully compliant redistricting plans with all legal


requirements and of fair and meaningful representation for all voters in the State of Florida. As such, the Florida Legislature must change its schedule to meet the demands of drawing the district lines. Typically, the Legislature begins Committee work in November, with two weeks of Committee meetings in December and January, and three weeks of Committee meetings in February in preparation for the Legislative Session which normally convenes for 60 days in March. The redistricting process has shifted these meetings to ensure for timely attention to State and Federal rules related to the process.

The 2012 Legislative Session will convene on January 10, 2012 and will last the customary 60 days with a conclusion on March 9, 2012 (assuming no session extensions). The Florida House and Senate have set their Committee week schedules for the fall, scheduling six different weeks of meetings before Session convenes in January.

The two chambers will have Committee meetings during the weeks of: September 19 October 3 October 17 October 31 November 14 December 5

If you have any interest in watching the process in Tallahassee, these hearings are live streamed via the Web at the Florida House and Florida Senate Web sites - or Every year, in anticipation of the Legislative Session, the Polk County Legislative Delegation holds a public meeting to listen to the requests and concerns of the county and its municipalities, as well as the public.

In response to the date changes for the Legislature, this year the Delegation will host the public meeting on Monday, October 10 from 1:00-5:00 p.m. at the County Commission Chambers in Bartow. The public is welcomed and encouraged to attend this public meeting. Your Chamber is an active participant in local and state policy. You have a representative at these meetings and throughout the year.

] Should you have any questions related to the public policy initiatives of the Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce, please free to call your Vice President of Public Affairs, Yadira P. Holmes at (863) 688-8551 Ext. 241.


Thursday, September 15 • 5:30-6:30 pm Master of Business Administration Master of Arts: • Counseling • Human Resources Management • Management and Leadership

No GRE or GMAT required for Admission rsvp to Sheree Saulter:

Lakeland Campus

Lakeside Village • 1479 Town Center Drive, Suite 202

863-687-9309 • © 2011 Webster University

EC-2016_B OH ad_Chamber.indd 1

AM F O R U M F O R B U S I N5/13/11 E S S 9:28 | 19

LEDC WRAPS UP FOURTH ANNUAL YLAKELAND SUMMER LEADERSHIP PROGRAM The Lakeland Economic Development Council is pleased to announce that the following 50 participants from 28 companies have completed the 4th Annual YLakeland Summer Leadership Program featuring Local Art, Architecture, Quality of Life, High-Skill High-Wage & Industry Tours, Leadership Training & Speakers, Team Building, Communications, Socials, Networking & Community Service:

Tessa Anzalone

Publix Super Markets, Inc.

Sudipta Batabyal

Publix Super Markets, Inc.

Raj Beesabathini Qgiv

Leigh Anne Siddle


GrayRobinson, P.A.

Krista Henderson

Cameron Snipes

WellDyne Rx, Inc.

Kimley Horn and Associates

Gosbani Hernandez

Justin Soeder

Southern Wine & Spirits of Florida

A-C-T Environmental & Infrastructure

Alyssa Hunt

Sean Soto

Hunt Construction of Central Florida

MIDFLORIDA Federal Credit Union

Marshall Hurley

Rebecca St. Romain

Rockford Ettco Procunier

WellDyne Rx, Inc.

Audrey Innella

Meghan West

City of Lakeland

Land South Group

Justin James

Kayla Wilson


McCrae Bennett

Crowe Horwath LLP

Julian Blunt, Inc.

Megan Brown

WellDyne Rx, Inc.

Angela Carbone City of Lakeland

Ruth Cedeno

MIDFLORIDA Federal Credit Union

Brett Chamberlain City of Lakeland

Coady Cheek

MIDFLORIDA Federal Credit Union

Zach Crum

University of South Florida Polytechnic

Darrian Crumbley Keiser University

Jesse Dang

Lakeland Regional Medical Center

Ivaylo Hristov

WellDyne Rx, Inc.

Andrew Denniger Qgiv

Ellington Jones

Lakeland Regional Medical Center

City of Lakeland

Danielle Edwards

Publix Super Markets, Inc.

Terrell Elliston

Polk State College

Brett Fay

City of Lakeland

Michael Fera

Bank of Central Florida

Troy Garcia

Allen & Company of Florida, Inc.

Ronald Gleydura

Southern Wine & Spirits of Florida



CenterState Bank

Class Stats:

Christine Kimman

50 Total Participants

Summit Consulting

28 Companies Represented

Lyndsey Ladewig

25 Average Age of Participant

JSK Consulting

16 Company Interns

Christine Laney

34 Full time/new hire employees

WellDyne Rx, Inc.

Lindsey Mack Rita Staffing

Megan Kinney

Florida Southern College

Mac Miller

Land South Group

Sara Mullins

Marriott Vacation Club International

Sandra Munoz Qgiv

Sajni Patel

MIDFLORIDA Federal Credit Union

Dusten Pulido

Publix Super Markets, Inc.

Jonathan Salm

The Ledger Media Group

Eric Eddy


Jason Godish

Sabrina Schacht WellDyne Rx, Inc.

Carl Seay

Lakeland Regional Medical Center

16 Lakeland Natives 14 Florida Residents 16 From other states 04 International participants

] F or

information on the lakland economic development council or our ylakeland program please contact the LEDC at (863) 687-3788 or visit us at or

The LEDCâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s YLakeland program launched an 8-week (June-July) Summer Leadership Program (SLP) for interns and new hires in the summer of 2008. The program was started under the Lakeland Economic Development Councilâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s High-Skill High-Wage initiative. The main goal of the program is to connect college students and young professionals to Lakeland and to each other in an effort to attract and retain talent. The 2011 YLakeland Summer Leadership Program was lead by LEDC interns Savannah Eaves and Ashley Attaway.



a of local business o n e c u p at a t i m e

The Common Grounds member feature gives your business the opportunity to showcase “a day in the life” of your employees and customers. Each month, one of the door prizes at the Business After Hours event will be a Common Grounds Lakeland Chamber coffee mug & the opportunity to submit a 350 word article about your local business.

B Y M a r l on D . L y nn Marlon D. Lynn PA – Architect

As an architect, my clients have taught me that the more I understand their needs throughout the development process, the more value I have as a professional. In the summer of 2008, I decided to better understand my clients’ experiences by personally going through the entire development process for our new offices. I purchased a tired and distressed building in the historic downtown area with a vision to maintain the historic character of the building, while adding modern elements for its new use. Although I heard a lot of “you’re crazy,” I committed to improving one little piece of downtown, and with the advice of numerous experts completed a successful project. The process of creating a working environment, building or entire development, is intricate to say the least. Our clients rely on our experience and knowledge of the building process to clarify their ideas and help them to make informed decisions. Because of my project I have decided to offer a more comprehensive approach to projects by earning a real estate license and formalizing a relationship with Kyle Vreeland at Coldwell Banker Commercial Saunders Ralston Danztler. With our combined expertise we have a unique perspective to help guide clients from the process of site/building selection through design to project completion. We have the tools to analyze site conditions, building conditions and develop a comprehensive report to aid in decision making. For our clients the value lies in telling the needs story once and having those ideas brought to fruition at the end of the project. In today’s market we continually see opportunities to reinvent distressed properties into modern, useful spaces at below new replacement cost. At the end of the day the numbers have to work for projects to come to life. It is our intent to share our resources to benefit our clients’ long term goals. Please feel free to utilize our talent for your success. Find out more at








only $


List Price:

• Available with


(same price)

back support and to prevent body heat and moisture build up.

• Chrome accented, multi directional,

Lumbar support is adjustable.

adjustable arm rests • 2 to 1 Synchro-tilt mechanism with adjustable tilt

tension control

(863) 682-3450 2440 Hwy. 98 North

1 Mile S. of I-4 Across from Lakeland Chrysler

Locally Owned & Operated


designed to provide exceptional

or Air Mesh Seat

Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce P.O. Box 3607 • Lakeland, FL 33802 - 3607

Contemporary ergonomic mesh back,

CaresoftPlus Seat

Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce & Fun Bike Center Motorsports Present

business after hours

Don’t miss the After Hours AFTER PARTY Next door at MOJO’S! 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM Open Bar & 1/2 priced appetizers for all after hours attendees

thursday september 15th

5:30PM - 7:30 PM

Networking Event at Fun Bike Center Motorsports

Visit to register

$10 Chamber member $30 non-Chamber Member Fun Bike Center Motorsports 1845 E Memorial Blvd Lakeland, FL 33801

Share business cards Meet new contacts Reconnect with fellow community business leaders Enjoy refreshments, appetizers & door prizes

September 2011 Forum for Business  

September 2011 Forum for Business

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