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F O R B U S IN E SS NOVEMBER 2011 | Vol. xXI, No. 11

BUY LAKELAND. It Makes GOOD cents!

CHAMBER STAFF K a t h l een L . M unson President

B a rb a r a B enne t t Executive Assistant

S a l ly C h a p m a n

Vice President, Finance & Administration

Y a d ir a P. Ho l mes Vice President, Public Affairs

L a ke l a n d Are a C h a mber of C ommerce F orum for B usiness M on t h l y

C a ro l y n J a ckson

A l ice Hun t | C h a irm a n of t h e B o a r d

Senior Vice President, Member Relations

Hunt Construction of Central Florida, Inc.

K a t h l een L . M unson | Pub l is h er Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce

J a c q ue l ine L . J o h nson

Am y S . W i g g ins | E d i t or

Senior Vice President, Convention & Visitors Bureau

Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce

C E Desi g n co . | C re a t i v e Direc t ion & P R O D U C T I O N

K a t ie M c B ri d e - M c K en z ie Membership Account Executive

C h ris t ine M ur p h y

Administrative Assistant, Member Relations | Public Affairs

N ikki O a k l e y

Membership Account Executive

Terr y O t t in g er

Vice President, Membership Development

P a t t y S mi t h

Administrative Assistant, Membership Development Visitor Information Specialist

Am y W i g g ins

Vice President, Communications

35 Lake Morton Drive PO Box 3607 Lakeland, FL 33802-3607 (863) 688-8551 Š 2011 Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce. All rights reserved. The Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to refuse certain advertising and is not liable for advertisers claims and/or errors. The opinions expressed herein are those of the writers and do not necessarily represent the position of the Chamber.




pets at work

DeGeorge Custom Frames

Foxy Girl and Baby Bear have been a fixture at Vince and Julie’s frame shop for almost 10 years. The two Cairn Terriers (think Toto) call the production room their daytime home. They have numerous clients - and one UPS gal in particular - extremely well trained. These folks blow right by Vince and Julie, greet the “Pups”, and hand over the treats. Then they speak to the humans and get down to business.

Highlands Properties/North Carolina

CE Design Co.

Wilson Electric Company

B & L Tire Sales

Bringing dogs to work is a family tradition at B & L. My dogs expect to come to work and wouldn’t know what to do if I left them at home. They are friendly and are always ready to give attention to me, my staff, and customers. It definitely provides a warm, open atmosphere, which cuts down on the stress level for everyone. Dogs in the workplace is a very rewarding experience.

AKA mac pies and macaroni, this little guy keeps all of us girls inline. As CE Design Co.’s full time bouncer, Mac makes sure to keep us all clicking away throughout the entire day. As a lover of apples, tuna fish, almonds and yogurt parfaits, this one-ofa-kind pup is sure to be found curling up in Amy’s lap, lounging on Sonya’s feet, letting stinkers in the production department and constantly attacking Christian. Just remember, be careful when you decide to open our door... you never know who is going to card you.

Chris and Jo have found that bringing the “girls” to work is a fantastic marketing tool! The golden retrievers appear on all advertising. We’ve had clients call us just because they saw the pictures of the goldens and felt an instant bond because they were dog lovers too!




RENOWNED LEADERS. GENUINE RELATIONSHIPS. VAST EXPERIENCE. With over 390 years of diversified business experience and leadership, Platinum Bank’s


Lakeland Advisory Board members are anchors in the local business community and have experienced the advantages and challenges in the local economy. The knowledge and understanding that has been gained through these experiences is what makes Platinum Bank your established business partner. As key leaders in the local community, they have a vested interest in ensuring the local economy succeeds.






Experience EMERGE: Stress 101

brandt merritt

Southeastern University


Few things are as stressful as a job search, especially for someone who is currently out of work. Although the national unemployment rate remains high at more than 9%, the situation is even worse for young adults. According to a recent survey from Rutgers University, 14% of recent college graduates are unemployed or looking for full-time work. Even law school graduates aren’t immune from the tight job market. The National Association for Law Placement’s Employment Report released this summer

showed the employment rate for law school graduates is at 87.6%, the lowest since 1996. Imagine spending tens of thousands of dollars on an undergraduate degree, even more on a law degree, and then graduating without any good leads for a job and a ton of student loans waiting to be paid. That’s some kind of stress. As a meaningful networking organization of dedicated, talented young professionals from Lakeland, EMERGE Lakeland provides avenues to help young professionals overcome the poor job market.

In addition to informal networking events where members can build relationships that might lead to job opportunities, EMERGE Lakeland offers relevant training and events geared toward making them more attractive employees. One recent example was a luncheon for members in September, during which Steve

Scruggs of the Lakeland Economic Development Council (LEDC) provided an update on new businesses and corporations coming to Lakeland in addition to other economic news in our community. Events such as that give EMERGE Lakeland members a better understanding of the local economy and how they can best fit in.

EMERGE Lakeland programs such as P2P Networking and EMERGE Serves are also dedicated to producing better-equipped employees whom companies want to hire. EMERGE Lakeland can’t turn around the job market on its own, but we’re doing what we can to help young professionals continue to thrive in our community.



Traviss 863.499.2700 Ridge: 863.419.3060 FORUM FOR BUSINESS




David Boles,

Office Furniture Depot


In the business world, workers must be focused intently on their jobs and yet aware that comfort at the office lends itself to increased productivity and reduced stress. Most people fail to recognize the importance of purchasing a good chair despite the fact the average person spends 80-90% of the time doing work from a seated position. Whether it is a folding chair or a leather luxury chair, everyone should be aware of what they are sitting on and how it affects them. Ergonomics is defined by Webster as the applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely. Poor work conditions


To Adjust an Ergonomic Chair:

often times result in Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), as well as stress, fatigue, eye strain, headaches and blurry vision, including back and neck problems. The ergonomically sound workspace includes having the computer monitor and document holders at eye level to help cut down on eyestrain. A tilted keyboard provides rest to arms and wrists keeping them in a neutral position. While the ergonomically correct chair can take strain off the neck, shoulders and back, it also helps with circulation. The ultimate purpose of having a workstation structured around ergonomics is to fit the needs of each worker for their improved comfort, health and safety.




Stand in front of the chair. Adjust the height so the highest point of the seat is just below the knee cap. Your thighs should be parallel to the floor when you sit. This allows you to place your feet on the floor insuring good circulation in the legs. Use a footrest if the feet cannot rest flat on the floor or if there is pressure underneath the thighs. The footrest should be adjustable and support the whole foot. Sit so that the clearance between the front edge of the seat and the upper part of the legs behind the knee is at least one finger width. Adjust the back height to provide support to the lumbar or lower back area. This will help you maintain correct posture and reduce back pain. Adjust the seat angle by unlocking the mechanism to tilt the seat forward or rearward when working for extended periods of time. This minimizes pressure on the underside of the thighs and reduces tension on back muscles. Adjust the back angle to provide firm support and help reduce back fatigue. Adjust the optional armrest height to your comfort. If using a fixed height worksurface, raise the chair to obtain the proper arm and upper body position. Adjust chair height so elbows are about the same height as the worksurface.







DEEP As a locally owned and operated CPA firm, Wall Foss is proud to provide prompt and personalized CPA services. Our close proximity to our clients allows us to remain grounded and understand the marketplace where our clients live and work. We identify opportunities for significant savings through careful planning and execution. Wall Foss is here, today and always, to solve problems, build relationships, and grow your wealth.

212 East Highland Drive | Lakeland, FL | 863.683.0708 |

Take Time for Family with Polk’s Special Week

Theresa Sessions,

YMCA of West Central Florida, Polk County Family Week Volunteer


Since 2007, Polk County Family Week has been dedicated to sharing the importance of quality family time with the community. Each year a committed group of volunteers works to engage families and stresses the importance of families to our strong, vibrant community. Quality family time is proven to have a positive impact on our children and our community. November 12, your family is invited to the Polk County Family Week kickoff event to be held in Central Park in Downtown Winter Haven from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The event will feature a 5k run, bounce houses, fun activities, a petting zoo, food, family photos and other great free activities for the entire family.

Heritage Lakes

Homesites starting in the low $200’s Executive Homesites Gated 24-Hr. Manned Security

This “Family Reunion” themed event will begin with an international parade celebrating the diverse cultures in our local community. There are art and essay contests for students from Kindergarten through 8th grade. It’s a great way for youth to share their love for their families. Winners in three different age categories will receive cash prizes and recognition at the kick off. A Grandparent of the Year contest is held to recognize the importance and wisdom of grandparents. Nominations of a caring grandparent who merits recognition are currently being accepted. Thursday, November 17 is “Be the Best

The Sanctuary

Starting at $659,900 Luxurious Estate Villa Homes Fairway or Waterfront Views

Neighbor Day”. There are countless ways to show your family how to be a good neighbor, and many ideas for service on the Polk County Family Week Web site. Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales and Explorations V Children’s Museum in Lakeland are offering free admission with the donation of a new or gently used book. And on Friday, November 18 all Polk County YMCAs will be open for fun, free family activities!

You Can Participate in

Family Week 2011! Monday, November 14 | Celebrate the Past Tuesday, November 15 | Celebrate the Present Wednesday, November 16 Celebrate the Future & Eat With Family Day

Thursday, November 17 Be the Best Neighbor Day

Friday, November 18 Family Fun Day

please Visit PolkCounty You can participate in Family Week 2011! for details of all Polk County Family Week activities, events, and contests. Updates are continually being added, so check back often to make this the greatest Polk County Family Week ever!

Mission Lakes

Starting at $199,900 64 Upscale Townhomes Four Floor Plans To Choose From

Laurel Glen

Starting in the $300’s Lakeside Villas Three Floor Plans To Choose From Visit our Sales Center at 1301 Grasslands Blvd. Suite 100 (866) 668-1227 | Pat Jones (863) 581-4699 or Debbie Haskell (863) 602-8830.


N a nc y M a r t ine z Watson Clinic LLP

‘Tis the season for peace and joy, but for many of us, the holidays can also be one of the most stressful times of the year. Entertaining family and friends, preparing large meals, cramming in last minute shopping and worrying about the lasting effects your purchases will make on your pocketbook, are just a few of the potential anxieties the season can bring. This is in addition to the regular daily stresses that already afflict many of us. According to research compiled by The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, the workplace can be the primary source of much of that daily stress. Consider the following statistics:

40% 26% 29% 8


of employees report their job is “very or extremely stressful” are “often or very often burned out or stressed” by their work feel “quite a bit or extremely stressed at work.”


In a 2006 poll conducted by Accenture’s HR Services, nearly 2/3 of those surveyed reported experiencing additional stress at work during the holidays, a situation that has only been exacerbated by the current economic landscape. These added pressures can result in diminished performance, employee illness and lost work time. “There are a number of steps both employees and employers can take to make stress less prominent and persistent in the workplace, particularly during the holiday season,” says Karen R. Teston, MD, a child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist at Watson Clinic’s South location. The first step, according to Dr. Teston, is in accommodating a balance between the professional and personal lives of each member of your team. “We all want to be at our best and remain productive in the workplace, but sometimes it’s unavoidable that our personal lives may carry over and affect our performance,” says Dr. Teston. “This is especially true during the holidays.” Here are a few tips for employers who want to es-

tablish a less stressful work environment during the holiday season and all year round: Sometimes it seems as though there aren’t enough hours in the day to fulfill the demands of both our work and home life. Some employers have responded to this by offering their team members a full or partial day out of the office to catch up on holiday gift shopping and preparations. Flexibility in scheduling goes a long way in calming the frequent intensities of the season, and enhancing job performance in the process. Employers can also offer stress and time management tools year-round in the form of education programs, discounted gym memberships or group activities that accentuate the importance of daily exercise. Additional resources such as anonymous help lines or emotional assistance programs should also be made available. Employers should follow their own advice when it comes to balancing the demands of the personal with the professional. Your team will learn and find their cues from the example set by members of the upper management.

Perhaps the most important step an employer can take to ensure a healthier and more productive workforce is in establishing an open line of communication with employees from the outset. Dr. Karen R. Teston, MD This promotes a safe and empowering environment that will boost team morale and individual performance. Finally, all of us can relieve the pressures of the holidays by adhering to more realistic expectations. “It’s important to remember that the holidays should be a time to enjoy the company of our closest family and friends,” says Dr. Teston. “What most of us remember from childhood holidays is not the perfectly

set table, nor the carefully chosen cards and gifts, nor the amount of money parents spent on us, but the emotional tone of the family holidays. It’s important for parents, particularly parents who work outside the home, to take care of themselves during holidays. For most of us, this means prioritizing and deciding that less can be more. A walk at night looking at the stars or a drive with the family checking out holiday decorations may be a better choice than adding one more party, or shopping ‘til you drop.” Watson Clinic offers psychiatry services from two convenient Lakeland locations: Watson Clinic South at 1033 North Parkway Frontage Road, and our Main Clinic at 1600 Lakeland Hills Boulevard. They also offer psychology and psychotherapy services at their Edgewood location, 2020 Edgewood Drive South in Lakeland. Appointment scheduling: (863) 680-7000.

Holiday Str e s s B y S us a n Hu l bur t The Salvation Army

Imagine yourself as a single mother with two children. After losing your job because of cutbacks at work, you find yourself going through all of your savings; unable to find another job and unable to pay the bills that keep piling up. Next, an eviction notice is placed on your door and you know that you and your children will need to leave your home. You’ve never been in this situation before; you’ve always worked, paid your bills and taken care of your children. This is the reality for many families coming into the Emergency Family Shelter at The Salvation Army Center of hope. After losing everything, they come to us in desperation, hopeful for help and direction. When families enter The Salvation Army’s Emergency Family Shelter they receive:

. . .

Thursday, November 3 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Assistance with basic needs, including linens, hygiene items, meals and clothing

Counseling in setting goals to work towards employment, permanent housing and independence

Beef O’Brady’s Family Sports Pub 4810 S Florida Ave

Encouragement and direction from staff to create personal, financial, and spiritual stability

The Lakeland community has an opportunity to help relieve stress for the families that come to The Salvation Army during the year.

. . . . .

Share news of employment opportunities Share knowledge through a life-skills class Donate new or used linens and pillows Donate children’s clothing - especially shoes Pray for our families and staff

To learn more, contact The Salvation Army at (863) 853-2214 FORUM FOR BUSINESS



s mal l b u s i n e s s o f t h e month

Fun Bike Center Motorsports

1845 E Memorial Blvd Lakeland, FL 33801 (863) 688-3333 F: (863) 688-2489


Fun Bike Center is a 60,000 square foot bonanza of motorcycle FUN! What started a small motorcycle dealership off Gary Road 16 years ago, Fun Bike Center (FBC) is today recognized nationally as one of the top power sport dealerships in the country. In 2003, Daniel J. Dorsch envisioned a facility that would revolutionize the motorcycle industry. Having owned Lakeland Honda, selling Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha since 1993, Dorsch embarked on this multi-million dollar project that not only rocked the motorcycle world in Central Florida but changed the “visual landscape” of the east entrance to Lakeland with improved

landscaping, a clean parking lot and future improvements and retail entities – earning them Lakeland’s beautification award in 2007. Situated on 5½ acres, Fun Bike Center is located across from the south shore of Lake Parker on Memorial Boulevard. This impressivelymaintained, freestanding “superstore” is not what you’d expect from a typical motorcycle dealership! Once inside the floor-toceiling windowed lobby, you’ll feel like you’re in a luxury car dealership... with shine and polish bouncing off more than 700 brand new and preowned motorcycles, ATVs, mopeds, personal watercraft and utility vehicles.

Lead by a team of three brothers, Jordan, Nicholas and Elliott Dorsch, FBC Motorsports is a celebrated leader in the motorcycle industry. The Dorschs are referred to as “the new Mavericks” in the industry by Born To Ride Magazine for their outof-the-box thinking with regard to marketing, retailing and advancing the consumer demand for motorcycle products and related products. Fun Bike Center was awarded the “Best Company to Work For” in 2009 by Dealer News Magazine. The family management team attributes this and their 2010 “Top Dealer” nomination from the same magazine to having employees that love to come to work!

The company also distributes an impressive 20-page newsletter to all employees featuring company news, birthday celebrations, employee tips, industry articles, and numerous photos of company-sponsored gatherings. The FBC mission is to spread the word that motorcycling is for everyone – young, old, friends, family and foes. FBC sponsors numerous fundraising groups and organizes benefit rides with a large percentage of proceeds given back to groups such as the Red Knights who support families of deceased firefighters. Other charitable and non-profit organizations supported include Riding with Angels, Project Outreach, Christian Motorcycle

B y: M a ureen S h a w, Small Business of the Month Committee Member, Maureen Shaw (Flower Cart Florist) (center) presented the October Small Business of the Month Award to Fun Bike Center. On hand to receive the award were Nick Dorsch, David Dorsch, Jordon Dorsch, and Elliott Dorsch, along with their team members: Nadine Costigan, Alicia Millwood, Chad Bronson, Sarah Livsey, Sharon Caruthers, Brian Wright, Michelle Thompson, Kurt Jung, Yorjan Cabapote, Kevin Deese, Priston Vann, Giovanni Lopeze, and Dean McCracken.




Association, Shriner’s Hospital for Children, Florida Children’s Home, Disabled American Veterans, Fallen Firefighter Survivors Foundation, FAITH Riders, Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer Foundation and so many others. The Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce would like to congratulate Fun Bike Center Motorsports as the Small Business of the Month for October.

For more information on some of the requirements for the Small Business Award and to view previous recipients, please visit BusinessResource. Flower Cart Florist



W A N T T O K N O W W HY B E in g A M E M B E R O F TH E LA K E LA N D A R E A C HA M B E R I S S O B E C O M I N G ? R E AD on . . .

C AL E N D a R




Super charge employees with Chamber’s 5th Annual CarBQ

Q B r a C Q B B c i s s Cla er lunch p 0 1 $

On November 18, the Chamber, with the help of Fred’s Southern Kitchen, will be serving up some of the best pulled pork sandwiches in the county! Businesses are encouraged to support the Chamber and their employees by ordering lunches for folks in the office. Orders of more than 25 lunches can be delivered free! If you’re picking lunch up for the office, drive on by Hangar #2 at Tigertown to pick up your order & be the office hero with a complete lunch for everyone! For only $10, your completely portable CarBQ lunch includes a pulled pork sandwich, sides & dessert! Order for your office today by visiting CarBQ.! For additional information, or to find out how to volunteer, call the Chamber at (863) 688-8551 Ext. 228. Thanks to the following sponsors for FUELING our CarBQ efforts!

DIESEL Bright House Networks Fred’s Southern Kitchen WONN/WPCV/WLKF/WWRZ Radio

PREMIUM Pepperidge Farm | U.s. foodservice Southern Wine & Spirits of Florida

SUPER Centiv | McGee Auto Service & Tires Saddle Creek Corporation Vecchio, Carrier & Feldman, P.A.


Black & Brew Coffee House & Bistro

UNLEADED A-C-T Environmental & Infrastructure Bank of Central Florida Clark, Campbell, Mawhinney & Lancaster, PA


Order today at

Baylis & Company PA CPA’s Cipher Integrations | Regal Chevrolet, GMC, Honda, Acura, Kia




November 2011 dates thur 3

Thursday, November 3 Schmooze a’ Palooza 11:30 a.m. Beef O’ Brady’s 4810 S Florida Ave

Mon 7

Monday, November 7 EMERGE Lakeland Annual Dinner

thur 10

Thursday, November 10 21st Annual Chamber Scramble

thur 17 Fri 18

Fri 4

11:00 a.m. Lone Palm Golf Club 800 Lone Palm Dr

Thursday, November 17 Business After Hours

Friday, November 4 EMERGE Lakeland Steering Committee Retreat

Tuesday, November 8 Talent Development & Education KSI

wed 9

Wednesday, November 9 Government Affairs

3:30 p.m.

8:00 a.m.

9:00 a.m.

wed 16


wednesday 2


Talent Development & Education KSI 4:00 p.m.

Government Affairs 8:00 A.M. BusinessVoice of Greater Lakeland - 9:00 a.m. executive committee meeting - 4:00 p.m.








Accommodations.................................................0 Winter Accommodations..................................0 Visitor Information Mailings .......................15 Visitor Center E-mail Inquiries......................55





Schmooze A’Palozza Beef O’Brady’s 11:30 A.M. Leadership Lakeland Class XXIX

EMERGE Lakeland Steering Committee Retreat 1:00 - 5:00 p.m














21st Annual Chamber Scramble 11:00 a.m.

17 Business After Hours 5:30 P.M.

24 chamber closed for thanksgiving holidays


Relocation Response (Walk In)......................18

Noon Lakeland Yacht & Country Club 929 Lake Hollingsworth Drive

board of directors meeting noon


Relocation Response Mailings........................1





Walk-in Visitors.................................................288

4:00 p.m.


featuring Keynote Speaker Anne Beiler, Founder, Auntie Anne’s

September Tourism Inquiries


11:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. Tigertown, Hangar #2 2301 Lakeland Hills Blvd

Tuesday, February 7, 2012 2011 Annual Meeting

During the month of September, our Visitor Information Center assisted hundreds of individuals, answering questions pertaining to Chamber member businesses and the Lakeland community.

Wednesday, November 9 BusinessVoice of Greater Lakeland

Friday, November 18 CarBQ

EMERGE Lakeland: Annual Dinner 5:30 P.M.


City Government Day

tues 8

5:30 p.m. Cannon Buick-Cadillac-Mitsubishi 5210 S Florida Ave


Thursday, November 3 Leadership Lakeland Class XXIX

1:00 - 5:00 p.m. Webster University, Lakeland Campus @ Lakeside Village 1479 Town Center Dr, Ste 202

5:30 p.m. The Sorosis Building 90 Lake Morton Dr



thur 3

CarBQ 11:30 A.M. - 1:30 P.M.

25 chamber closed for thanksgiving holidays

Even t HI G H LIG H T S Business After Hours 01 | Members and guests filled

the showroom at Fun Bike Center Motorsports for the September Business After Hours.

02 | Lakeland Raiders

representatives visit with new fans.

Each month, the Chamber enlists the help of 20 volunteers to mentor new and current members with involvement in Chamber events

03 | Chair Alice Hunt (Hunt

Construction of Central Florida, Inc.) presents a plaque of appreciation to the Dorsch Family. L-R: Elliott Dorsch, Jordan Dorsch, David Dorsch and Nick Dorsch.

and programs. This month, the Chamber staff would like to recognize DeeDee Jones, owner of King’s Court Gowns for her outstanding attention to Chamber members and attendance at events! DeeDee is a wonderful asset to the Chamber and to the Lakeland community!

03 02

DeeDee Jones

King’s Court Gowns

Information Session and Open House Tuesday, November 15 5:30-6:30 pm Master of Business Administration Master of Arts: • Counseling • Human Resources Management • Management and Leadership

No GRE or GMAT required for Admission rsvp to Sheree Saulter:

Lakeland Campus

Lakeside Village • 1479 Town Center Drive, Suite 202

863-687-9309 • © 2011 Webster University

EC-2016_C OH ad_Chamber.indd 1

5/13/11 10:44 AM

NEW M E M B E R S All County Polk Property Management 1137 Bartow Rd, Ste D Lakeland, FL 33801 (863) 510-5965 Fax: (863) 248-7713 Jerry Hawthorne Property Management

Homestar Financial Corporation

4732 US Highway 98 N Lakeland, FL 33809 (863) 858-6700 Fax: (863) 859-4285 Trina Kingery Mortgages

Schalamar Creek Golf & Country Club

American Insurance, Inc.

Howard Johnson Executive Center 939 W Robson St Lakeland, FL 33805 (863) 688-7972 Fax: (863) 688-8377 Theresa Irizarry Hotels/Suites

Solid Start

3705 US Highway 98 S, Ste 9 Lakeland, FL 33812 (863) 937-9297 Fax: (863) 937-8820 Amber Kossak Manufacturers

American Insurance, Inc.

Lakeland 98 Self Storage

Sound by Design Hearing Aid Center

Broadway Studios

Lakeland Raiders Indoor Football

Sound By Design Hearing Aid Center


Leadership Lakeland Alumni Association

3610 Havendale Blvd NW Winter Haven, FL 33881 (863) 965-AUTO (2886) Fax: (863) 248-1960 Beatriz Sandow Insurance

1500 S Combee Rd. Lakeland, FL 33801 (863) 665-AUTO (2886) Fax: (863) 248-1960 Carlos Orozco Insurance

3604 Waterfield Pkwy, Ste 101 Lakeland, FL 33803 (863) 606-0030 Mary Woodward Dance Studio

1801 Hobbs Rd Auburndale, FL 33823 (863) 401-8686 Fax: (863) 401-8787 Nick Davis Employee Leasing

Floralawn, Inc.

734 S Combee Rd Lakeland, FL 33801 (863) 668-0494 Fax: (863) 668-0495 Robert Averitt Lawn Maintenance

Florida Traditions Bank

1606 1st St S Winter Haven, FL 33880 (863) 299-0600 Thomas D. Pollock Banks

Foshee Jewelers Inc. 943 E Parker St Lakeland, FL 33801 (863) 686-3479 Fax: (863) 687-4730 Clyde R. Foshee Jewelers

2930 US Highway 98 N Lakeland, FL 33805 (863) 808-1774 Fax: (407) 641-9045 Mitch Langer Self Storage Warehouse

701 W Lime St Lakeland, FL 33815 (863) 834-7511 Michael Mink Sports/Teams

PO Box 2903 Lakeland, FL 33806 (863) 647-9463 Fax: (863) 647-2944 Lisa Oliver Associations

Marco’s Pizza

4780 S Florida Ave Lakeland, FL 33813 (863) 647-2900 Fax: (863) 647-2944 Vipul Patel Restaurants

Osceola Regional Medical Center 700 W Oak Street Kissimmee, FL 34741 (407) 846-2266 Susanne Malloy Hospitals

Pegasus Management of Florida, LLC 3062 W Socrum Loop Rd Lakeland, FL 33810 (863) 815-2351 Fax: (863) 815-9607 Dennis Horst Credit Card Processing

Garden Bistro

Salon No. 5

GFS Marketplace

The Salvation Army Lakeland Family Store

702 E. Orange St Lakeland, FL 33801 (863) 686-3332 Barbara Shaw-Reardon Restaurants

3723 US HIGHWAY 98 N Lakeland, FL 33809 (863) 859-9540 Denny Hamilton Food Service Distributors




4250 S Florida Ave, Ste 5 Lakeland, FL 33813 (863) 647-1099 Melinda Doyle Beauty Spa

3915 S Florida Ave Lakeland, FL 33813 (863) 648-0047 Fax: (863) 971-0792 Ken Harrell Retail

4500 US Highway 92 E, Ste 1030 Lakeland, FL 33801 (863) 665-0185 Fax: (863) 666-3423 Tom Wheary Manufactured Home Community

6918 Cypress Gardens Blvd Winter Haven, FL 33884 (863) 875-4828 Fax: (863) 875-4829 Dwayne Frisch Hearing Aids

5307 S Florida Ave Lakeland, FL 33813 (863) 644-8557 Fax: (863) 875-4829 Dwayne Frisch Hearing Aids


(863) 660-1942 Fax: (863) 619-5929 Stephanie Hebel Security Services/Systems

Ulysses Realty Group, Inc.

(863) 614-3565 Fax: (863) 647-1863 Hemant Kumar Real Estate

UR LATA Corporation

1210 Baker Dr Lakeland, FL 33810 (863) 816-3417 Fax: (863) 450-4882 Sandra Lata Property Maintenance

Warrior Running Camps 4404 S Florida Ave, Ste 7 Lakeland, FL 33813 (863) 937-9786 Rick Moody Health & Fitness

West Caribbean Cuban Restaurant 2215 S Combee Rd Lakeland, FL 33801 (863) 606-5954 Fax: (863) 606-5956 Rosa Rodriguez Restaurants


Special thanks to Mayor Gow Fields, Commissioner Glen Higgins and all the Board Members and Chamber Champions who truly make these ceremonies special events.

Sessums Law Group Lakeland, FL 33803 2212 S Florida Ave | (863) 646-8181

Say What?! (Translator/Interpreter) (863) 529-7099

The Monarch School, Inc. Lakeland, FL 33803 1736 New Jersey Rd | (863) 680-1290

Graybarsoft International (813) 766-8961

Coldwell Banker Commercial Saunders Ralston Dantzler

Florida Kitchen & Bath Designs, Inc. Lakeland, FL 33803 2117 S Florida Ave | (863) 688-0480

Radiology and Imaging Specialists, Inc.

Lakeland, FL 33801

Lakeland, FL 33803

114 N Tennessee Ave, 3rd floor | (863) 648-1528 |

3021 Lakeland Highlands Rd | (863) 688-2334




Dr. Craig W. Valentine, D.M.D., P.A. Welcomes Dr. Diana Craft to the practice. Dr. Craft is a graduate of the UCLA Dental School and the dental residency program at the University of Florida.

Watson Clinic LLP Pleased to welcome Peter J. McDonnell, MD, to our team of expert specialists. Dr. McDonnell is a vascular surgeon who specializes in the evaluation and medical, endovascular and open surgical treatment of arterial and venous diseases. Also, pleased to welcome Roman Gimpelevich, MD, to our team of pulmonologists. His areas of expertise include the treatment of pulmonary conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, pulmonary hypertension and interstitial lung diseases.

• WORKERS COMP • EMPLOYEE BENEFITS • PAYROLL PROCESSING & TAXES Heacock Payroll offers employers a complete payroll processing service which can combine your payroll taxes, workers’ compensation and employee benefits. Allowing you to spend more time on your business and less time on paperwork.

Girls Incorporated of Lakeland Pleased to announce the appointment of Teresa O’Brien as Development Manager. O’Brien is a graduate of Southeastern University and began her career with the Polk County Public Schools in the community relations department.

CPS Investment Advisors James Luffman, CPA/PFS, Partner, was the Accounting & Auditing Track Administrator at the Florida Institute of CPA’s Florida Accounting & Business Expo in Tampa. Mr. Luffman has also been appointed by the President of the FICPA to the Accounting Shows and Estate & Financial Planning Committees for the year ending June 30, 2012.


Danielle Fence Mfg Co Proudly announces that Todd Weihmeir will assume the management and promotional responsibilities for three new product lines: the “all new” Equinox Louvered Roof Pergola, Outdoor Cooling Systems & Progressive Outdoor Retractable Screen System. Also, proudly announces that Dan O’Connell has been named the Product Manager for the entire line of Belgard Paver Systems & Block Wall Products.

CivilSurv Design Group, Inc. Kenneth T. Glass, PSM, was installed as the President Elect of the Florida Surveying and Mapping Society at annual conference in August. Mr. Glass recently ended

1 9 8 2 | 2 9 Ye a rs Peterson & Myers, P.A. Polk State College

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years 1 9 5 3 | 5 8 Ye a rs Sale Insurance Agency, Inc.

You spend more time on your business and less time on paperwork.

1 9 5 5 | 5 6 Ye a rs Stille Real Estate

1 9 6 2 | 4 9 Ye a rs Loftin Real Estate, Inc.

1 9 7 3 | 3 8 Ye a rs Furr & Wegman Architects, P.A.

1 9 7 4 | 3 7 Ye a rs John Goddard Produce Rita Staffing, Inc.

1 9 7 5 | 3 6 Ye a rs Southeastern University Stahl Herndon & Associates, Inc.

1 9 7 7 | 3 4 Ye a rs



100 E Main St. • Lakeland, FL • 863.683.2220 1105 US Hwy 27 North • Sebring, FL • 863.385.5171

CPS Investment Advisors Sam’s Sport Shop

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1 9 8 6 | 2 5 Ye a rs Spherion

1 9 8 7 | 2 4 Ye a rs Citrus Connection/Lakeland Area Mass Transit Dist. University of South Florida Polytechnic

1 9 8 8 | 2 3 Ye a rs Computer Merchandise Corp. (CMC) Polk County Animal Hospital Smith, Feddeler, Smith & Miles, P.A. Town & Country Termite & Pest Control, Inc.

1 9 8 9 | 2 2 Ye a rs A-C-T Environmental & Infrastructure /American Comp Tech Action Home Care, Inc. Fleetwing Corporation Imperial Symphony Orchestra Mail Processing Associates, Inc. Rodda Construction, Inc. Tax Advantage of Lakeland Vecchio, Carrier & Feldman, P.A. Victory Church

1 9 9 0 | 2 1 Ye a rs

Hauser’s Coin Company, Inc. Craig W. Valentine, D.M.D., P.A.

Lakeland Housing Authority

1 9 8 0 | 3 1 Ye a rs

Sonny’s Real Pit Bar-B-Q Sunbelt Title Agency

Browning Moving & Storage/United Van Lines


Innovative Ink Lilley Air Conditioning, Inc.

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his third term as State Treasurer. Also, pleased to announce that Hetty C. Harmon, AICP, has been elected Secretary of the Heart of Florida Section of the Florida Chapter of the American Planning Association (FAPA).

C oldwell Banker Commercial Saunders Ralston Dantzler Realty, LLC Kyle Vreeland recently joined the team as Realtor® and Sales Associate. Vreeland is a retail real estate specialist and a recognized expert on retail properties in Polk County, including restaurants. He leads the company’s consulting practice in the areas of building analysis, space planning, and development feasibility, including architecture and construction.

Lanier Upshaw Proud to announce that Mary Fran Mullan, Senior Vice President/Director of Insurance Operations, Kellie Kallhoff, Associate Vice President-P&C Marketer, and Leslie Hanley, Associate Vice President-Commercial Risk Account Executive, have earned the Associate in Risk Management (ARM) designation. Also, Kathy Zoeller has earned the CEBS designation and was recently promoted to Employee Benefits Account Executive. The Lakeland Chamber prints business announcements each month as space permits. Please email announcements to


years The Club at Eaglebrooke Molly McHugh’s Irish Pub Proud Gator dba Sportsaholics, Inc.


years Arctic Spring, LLC National Kidney Foundation of Florida David H. Wulff, Architect, Inc.


years JSK Consulting, Inc. Kemira Water Solutions, Inc. Marlon D. Lynn, P.A. - Architect




makin g t i m e f o r p u b l i c policy in your business

Yadira Holmes

Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce Vice President, Public Affairs


Feeling like you don’t have enough time? As business owners and professionals, we know that you spend your days trying to balance all of your tasks at work, at home and in the community. And we know sometimes you don’t manage to tick everything off your list. Considering the myriad of things you have to do, it’s no wonder that keeping up with public policy often falls to the back burner. After all, your priority is managing your business, your employees and yourself, which leaves very little time to engage in local, state or federal policy issues. You’ve probably heard the saying, “All politics is local.” And really, it

is. The problems and concerns of towns and cities around the country affect the actions of their representatives and senators in Washington, D.C. State issues such as infrastructure, economic development, and higher education affect how the local economy can prosper. Local decisions, at the county and city level, can promote or challenge how you do business. All politics is indeed local. So how do you add following the political landscape to your list of “to-do’s”, when you have bills to be paid, a business to manage, and a home to tend to? You don’t, we do. The Lakeland Area

Chamber of Commerce Public Affairs division represents the Lakeland business community at all levels of government. We work closely with your region’s elected officials to promote important policies and legislation that will advance the opportunities, competiveness, and economic growth of the Lakeland community. We also ensure that policy will not have an adverse affect on how you can grow and manage your business. Locally, we have advocated on behalf of our business community in areas such as: electric rates, sign ordinance, city budgeting, public safety, transportation/ infrastructure, and

economic development. At the state level, we develop a yearly legislative priority statement, attend delegation meetings with members, visit Tallahassee during Session and engage our delegation members by holding one-on-one meetings. Issues we have focused on in the past include: property tax reform, tort reform, higher education funding, insurance reform, health care and unemployment

compensation. Our Public Affairs Division can also help you with State Agencies or regulatory affairs at the Federal level. This is just a small glimpse of what we can provide you and your business. We offer you a basic approach to public policy, one where you can be informed and also have confidence in your Chamber’s diligent work to represent the interests of the business community.

Do you want to know more about the issues affecting your businesses? Feel free to contact the Public Affairs Division at or (863) 688-8551 Ext. 241 or 228. You may also subscribe to the Chamber’s Public Affairs emails, visit



Left to right Jennifer Adams, Pam Mitchell, Gwyndolyn Hughes, Barbara Lineberger, Joe Furnari

Personal attention from your own private banker.

“We are fortunate to have these five professionals with more than 100 years of combined banking experience right here in Polk County.” Paul J. Noris – President and CEO

Our personal banking officers understand your busy schedule. You can depend on us to be a flexible financial partner and provide an unparalleled level of service. If this level of personal service is missing from your current bank, perhaps it is time to consider intelligent banking at Bank of Central Florida. Discover why everyone is talking about Bank of Central Florida … you’ll find we are refreshingly different. Member FDIC




Downtown Lakeland 101 S. Florida Avenue • 863-682-7100 South Lakeland 5015 S. Florida Avenue • 863-701-2685 Bartow 515 N. Broadway Avenue • 863-534-3585

Your community has always been ours.

David Brown

Doug Elmore

Loretta Mervis

Bretta Christakos

Commercial Relationship Manager - 31 years

Commercial Banking Sales Team Manager – 31 years

Commercial Relationship Manager – 35 years

Commercial Relationship Manager – 28 years

Shared values. Long-term vision. A commitment to each other. The same things that have made us a strong community also make SunTrust a strong bank. In fact, in addition to extensive local market knowledge, our primary bankers have a combined 125 years of experience. In other words, we’re here today and we’re here to stay. Get to know us better. Stop by a branch, call 800.SUNTRUST or visit

SunTrust Bank, Member FDIC. © 2011 SunTrust Banks, Inc. SunTrust and Live Solid. Bank Solid. are federally registered service marks of SunTrust Banks, Inc.

Healt h C a r e P r o f e s s i o n als Stress Well n e s s at C h a m b e r H ealth Care Forum

Melinda Harrison

Watson Clinic LLP Quality of Life KSI Chair


On September 16, the Chamber hosted a Small Business Health Care Forum at The Lakeland Center. The half-day forum featured several health care professionals, who all stressed the importance of proactive prevention and wellness programs to address the skyrocketing cost of health care in the U.S. The program was organized by the Chamber’s Quality of Life strategy group because health care has been identified as one of the key issues facing employers in their efforts to retain a healthy, qualified workforce and control costs.

Dr. John Canto, Director of Cardiovascular Prevention, Research & Education at Watson Clinic, LLP and Director of the Chest Pain Center at Lakeland Regional Medical Center, served as Keynote Speaker. Dr. Canto’s presentation focused on the “Business Benefits of Wellness and Prevention Programs”. He reported that less than 5% of our country’s health care dollars are going toward true prevention, and that Americans need to take more responsibility for their own health wellness. Another topic of concern for area

employers is the Federal health care reform plan and the impact it is having on businesses. Carl Patten, Jr., Director of Health Policy for BlueCross BlueShield of Florida, updated attendees on the new plan that involves health care mandates that became effective in 2010 for employers with more than 50 employees as well as health care tax credits now available for small businesses with less than 25 employees. The small business credit, which takes effect this year, is designed to encourage small employers to offer health insurance coverage for the first

Bank with Polk County’s Leading Community Bank

time or maintain coverage they already have. Rounding out the Forum, a panel of health insurance professionals reinforced the need for employers to get employees more involved in making good lifestyle and health care decisions. The following speakers participated in the panel addressing health care best practices: James Scheib, Jr., AvMed Health Plans Dr. Brian Kiss, BlueCross BlueShield of Florida Dr. Lawrence Mullany, United Healthcare Scheib reported that, with 70% of health

care spending related to lifestyle issues, programs to improve healthy habits will have a positive impact on workforce health costs and productivity. Incentives can be offered by employers to motive their employees to change their health care behaviors. As Dr. Kiss stated, “many things we can do for wellness have nothing to do with going to the doctor.” Employers were able to ask questions of the health care experts following the presentations, and were able to visit with insurance and wellness company vendors during the Vendor Fair.

to the following sponsors, the health care forum was offered at no cost to area employers:

Presenting Sponsors: Aetna AvM ed Quality Shines Through

13 Locations in Polk County AUBURNDALE BARTOW

Brian Yates


Downtown Lakeland Mgr.

LAKELAND DOWNTOWN 500 S. Florida Ave., Ste. 100 Lakeland, FL 33801 Phone: 683-2300 Lobby Hours: 9-4 Mon.-Thurs. 9-6 Friday Drive-Thur Hours: 8-5 Mon.-Thurs. 8-6 Friday


Juli Surface

South Lakeland Mgr.

SOUTHERN DUNES FOUR CORNERS SOUTH LAKELAND 4719 S. Florida Ave. Lakeland, FL 33813 Phone: 648-0900 Lobby Hours: 9-4 Mon.-Thurs. 9-6 Friday Drive-Thur Hours: 8-5 Mon.-Thurs. 8-6 Friday 20



BlueCross BlueShield of Florida Uni ted Healthca re The Ledger M edi a Grou p

Breakfast Sponsor OMS Group, I nc.

Break Sponsor Lanier Upshaw, I nc.

LEFT: Keynote Speaker Dr. John Canto, Director of Cardiovascular Prevention, Research & Education at Watson Clinic, LLP and Director of the Chest Pain Center at Lakeland Regional Medical Center addressed “Business Benefits of Wellness and Prevention Programs�. BELOW: Attendees had an opportunity to learn more about wellness programs during the Vendor Fair with Chamber member businesses.

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0`WO\1]^WQ !  !%#&








a of local business o n e c u p at a t i m e

The Common Grounds member feature gives your business the opportunity to showcase “a day in the life” of your employees and customers. Each month, one of the door prizes at the Business After Hours event will be a Common Grounds Lakeland Chamber coffee mug & the opportunity to submit a 350 word article about your local business.

b y Dr . M ic h a e l S t r a t t on Lakeland’s Health & Family Chiropractic

Lakeland’s Health & Family Chiropractic is a place where clients come to find a solution. Sometimes these solutions may be solved by a midwife, helping to answer question or help in the delivery of a baby, a massage therapist helping to sooth a sore, tight muscle, or a chiropractor solving a deeper health issue with chiropractic adjustments to remove subluxation. Whatever the case may be, at Lakeland’s Health & Family Chiropractic we believe our clients should EXPECT MIRACLES. Dr. Michael Stratton has set out to create a family friendly environment where people of all ages, health statuses, and backgrounds can come and find guidance to help them reach their health goals. Dr. Stratton has surrounded himself with a team of family-friendly professionals who enjoy helping children as much as they do older clients. One Chiropractor, one office manager, two of the best massage therapists in Lakeland, two midwives and one midwife in training roam the halls daily dodging children at play and handing out stickers to all of their little clients. Through this family friendly atmosphere, clients are encouraged to relax and destress. An average day at Lakeland’s Health & Family Chiropractic starts with a meeting between Dr. Stratton, the office manager and other staff. Each client scheduled for the day is reviewed, recommendations for specific care are chosen, and a plan is set to ensure everyone gets the best care possible. Oh, and the coffee starts to brew as the day begins. Dr. Stratton loves to educate his patients and challenge them to follow rule #9 “Don’t take yourself too damn seriously.” Midwives have been incorporated into the mix at our chiropractic office because we believe that good health begins at birth. This is also why Dr. Stratton and the staff at Lakeland’s Health & Family Chiropractic focus much of their attention on their youngest clients. Age birth -5 years old are the most important in a child’s development of learning and health. Through birth, learning to crawl, stand up and walk, small yet significant spinal misalignments (subluxations) may occur. If neglected, these injuries during this period of rapid growth may lead to more serious problems later in life. Through everyday education, a loving spirit, an excellent staff, and pure message that chiropractic care can heal the world, Dr. Stratton is changing lives and helping to facilitate healthy families at Lakeland’s Health & Family Chiropractic.








LATERAL FILE: 2 Drawer = $299

Shown Black Leather Conference or Executive Chair Only $99

(863) 682-3450

2440 Hwy. 98 North 1 Mile S. of I-4 Across from Lakeland Chrysler

Locally Owned & Operated


Ounr ess Busi


Available in: Mahogany & Cognac


BOOKCASES: 48” = $139 72” = $199

Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce P.O. Box 3607 • Lakeland, FL 33802 - 3607

TABLES: 42” Round = $159 48” Round = $179 8’ Racetrack = $278

SPECIAL OFFER! While Supplies Last

Is Going To Rock The House! Thu Nov. 1rsday, 7 5:30 pm - 7, 2011 :30 pm




“Experience The Family Difference”







Join Us Thursday November 17th, 2011 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm 5210 South Florida Avenue, Lakeland.

Your RSVP is appreciated • Visit to register • $10 Chamber Member • $30 Non-Chamber Members Additional parking available at Red Elephant Pizza and Grill.

November 2011 Forum  

November 2011 Forum for Business Magazine

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