LAFD Fire Prevention Bureau - Requirement #47 (2020)

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F.P.B. Requirement No. 47 Revised 2020 TANK VEHICLE INSPECTIONS CHECK LIST

VIN: _______________________________________


MAKE: ________________________

LAFD TRANSACTION I.D. NO: _____________________



1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


Is evidence of a current operational fire permit for the vehicle present? Yes( ) No ( ) Is evidence of current CA DMV registration for the vehicle present? Yes( ) No ( ) Is equipment maintained in safe operating condition? Yes( ) No ( ) (Leaking or malfunctioning equipment shall be removed from service) Requirement No. 47 – With Vehicle: Shall be maintained in the permitted refueling vehicle, readily available to the Chief upon request. The operator must be familiar with Requirement No. 47. Yes( ) No( ) Additional Required Documentation – With Vehicle: On-demand mobile fueling vehicles shall have at all times within the vehicle the following documentation: ( ) safety and emergency response plan, ( ) training records, and ( ) a site plan for each and every location at which mobile fueling will occur. Window Construction: Rear window of tank vehicle shall be solid tempered glass, or, when sliding windows have been secured in a manner not capable of manual operation and approved by the Department. Yes( ) No( )




Are quantity and size limitations met? Yes( ) No ( ) (Film industry truck not more than two tanks of not larger than 110 gallons per each. On-demand mobile fueling truck not to exceed 1,200 gallons aggregate storage capacity.) Approval of the tank(s): Film industry fuel truck: LAFD General Approval No. (1) _______________________ (2) ______________________ On-demand mobile fueling truck: DOT Approval No. ___________________________________________________


Is the required identification plate permanently affixed to the fuel tank? Yes( ) No ( ) (On-demand mobile fueling vehicles only, not applicable to film industry fuel trucks. The plate shall be marked in characters at least 3∕ 16 in. (5 mm) high by stamping, embossing, or other means of forming letters into or on the metal of the plate itself.) Does the identification plate include all of the following required information? Yes( ) No ( ) ( ) Vehicle manufacturer ( ) Shell material ( ) Manufacturer’s serial number ( ) Weld material ( ) Specification identification ( ) Lining material ( ) Date of manufacture ( ) Nominal tank capacity by compartment ( ) Original test date (front to rear) (U.S. gal) ( ) Certificate date ( ) Maximum product load (lb) ( ) Design pressure (psi) ( ) Loading limits (gpm and/or psi) ( ) Test pressure (psi) ( ) Unloading limits (gpm and/or psi) ( ) Head material


Signage: "FLAMMABLE/COMBUSTIBLE LIOUID" "STOP ENGINE/NO SMOKING WITHIN 25 FEET" shall be in letters at least three inches in height. Signs shall be clearly visible from all sides. Removable signage is prohibited. Yes( ) No( ) Construction • Fill Tube: Fill splash tube shalt be installed to extend to within 3" of the bottom of the cargo tank. Yes( ) No( ) • Floors under cargo tanks shall be of metal. Drain holes, if installed, shall be at least one inch (1") in diameter, and located at the corners of the enclosure. Yes( ) No( )


F.P.B. Requirement No. 47 Revised 2020 TANK VEHICLE INSPECTIONS CHECK LIST


12. 13.

14. 15.

Any portion of exhaust systems extending under drain holes shall be protected by a metal shield of at least 24 gauge, so installed and maintained to prevent muffler and exhaust piping from contact with flammable or combustible liquids. • Spark Arrestor (For tanks storing gasoline): Cargo tanks storing gasoline shall be provided with a spark arrestor in the filler neck. Yes( ) No( ) Tank Mounting: Cargo tank(s) shall be permanently mounted to vehicles in an approved manner. Non-Ferrous metal cargo tanks shall be strapped to the chassis as the approved method. Yes( ) No( ) Protection & Accessibility (Multi-use tank vehicle): The cargo tank, pumps, tank fills and relief valves shall be protected from physical damage by separating these items by a steel panel (14 gal. minimum reinforced frame) or expanded metal (9 gal. minimum reinforced frame). Top of tank shall be accessible through movable panel. Access shall be provided to the fuel pumps and the tank top. Yes( ) No( ) Dual product-carriers: Two compartment tanks or two tank systems shall only allow one product to be pumped at a time. Yes( ) No( ) Motor Location: When motor is located within an enclosed space, adequate provision shall be made for air circulation to prevent overheating and the possible accumulation of explosive vapors. Yes( ) No( )


16. 17.

Location: Emergency electrical shut-off switch shall be located on the front of vehicle, readily accessible to the operator in an emergency. Yes( ) No( ) Placarding: Placarding of emergency shut-off shall be located at the front of vehicle with a sign stating "EMERGENCY SHUT-OFF" in one high letters on a contrasting background. Method of operation shall be indicated by and arrow or by the "PUSH" or "PULL" as appropriate. Removable signage is prohibited. Yes( ) No( )


18. 19. 20.


22. 23.


Dispensing Hose: The dispensing hose shall not exceed 50 feet in length. Dispensing hoses in excess of 25 feet shall be placed on approved hose reels. Yes( ) No( ) Nozzle: The dispensing nozzle is a approved automatic closing type. Yes( ) No( ) Fuel Limit Switch: Mobile fueling vehicles shall be equipped with a fuel limit switch set to a maximum of 30 gal (116 L) and a nozzle or other approved device that, when activated, immediately causes flow of fuel from the mobile fueling vehicle to cease. Yes( ) No( ) Hose Storage: Is fueling hose being properly stored in vehicle and in good operating condition without damage by abrasion, bending, crushing or kinking? Yes( ) No( ) Does hose leak or have defective seals? Yes( ) No( ) Tank Covers: Are covers closed and pressure and vacuum vents provided? Yes( ) No( ) Equipment Cabinets: Housing vehicle auxiliary equipment shall have expanded metal, perforated metal or grating type flooring to facilitate air circulation within the enclosed space and to prevent accumulation of spilled liquid. Yes( ) No( ) Spill Kit: Mobile fueling vehicles shall contain a minimum 5 gal (19 L) spill kit of an approved type. Yes( ) No( )


25. Construction: A heavy duty ground minimum 1/8" bonding cable shall be metallically connected to the transfer apparatus or chassis of the tank vehicle on one end and shall be provided with suitable metal clamp on the other end. Yes( ) No( ) 26. Installation: The cable shall be carried on a reel. The ground cable shall always be carried in such a manner that it will not be subjected to sharp kinks or accidental breakage under condition of general use. Yes( ) No( )


27. 28.


Electric Motor: Electric motors shall be of a type approved for hazardous electrical areas. Yes( ) No( ) Wiring • Installation: Wiring shall be substantially installed with all terminals firmly connected and insulated to prevent breaking from vibration or contact with conductive materials. Conduit or cable shall have oil proof insulation. Yes( ) No( ) • Location: Electrical equipment and wiring shall be located so as to prevent contact with spillage from cargo tank or suitable shielding shall be provided to attain equivalent protection. Yes( ) No( ) Automotive or Power take-off batteries: Shall be mounted only in the engine compartment. Yes( ) No( )


30. 31.

Type: Portable Fire Extinguisher: Each cargo tank or tank vehicle shall be equipped and maintained with at least one approved portable fire extinguisher having a minimum 40B:C classification. Yes( ) No( ) Installation: Fire extinguisher shall be securely mounted to the vehicle and readily accessible for immediate use. Yes( ) No( )



Safety Can: An approved container of not more than five gallons capacity, having a spring-closing lid and spout cover, and designed to safely relieve internal pressure when subjected to fire exposure. Yes( ) No( ) DNA( ) • Safety cans ONLY may be used in conjunction with refueling operations.

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