Cannabis Flowchart

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LAFD Cannabis Work Flow DCR provides applicant with information pertinent to the type of license requested in combination with a flowchart outlining City Departments and required entities to contact.

If any other City clearance or permit is required, DCR will not issue a license until all clearances and permits have been approved and issued.

DCR is able to issue a license if all other City requirements have been met. DCR is able to issue a license if no other City requirements exist.

Applicant must obtain applicable permits and initial inspections from LAFD CUPA for hazardous materials storage, and from LAFD Cannabis prior to issuance of a license from DCR.

Non-volatile extraction manufacturing operations and carbon dioxide (CO2) enrichment during cultivation must be inspected, certified, and maintained by an approved third-party engineer on a regular basis. (TBD by the Industrial Commercial Section)

Applicant is referred to LADBS and LAFD FDS to obtain proper permits and clearances for any change of use, tenant improvements or construction, and all non-volatile extraction manufacturing, carbon dioxide (CO2) enrichment during cultivation, and high rack storage projects. LAFD will review all architectural plans.

LAFD FDS must review, approve, and issue a fire permit or plan check approval for all extraction manufacturing /high rack storage operations, and carbon dioxide (CO2) enrichment during cultivation, and will provide the applicant with a list of approved engineers for third party review when requested. Applicant may also propose an engineer for consideration through an application process. LAFD FDS will notify LAFD Cannabis regarding all cannabis related projects.

DCR issues an initial or renewal license if all LAFD permits and licenses are current and approved.