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Louisiana Coach First in Nation to Receive ProTrach

Michael Lotief | ProTrach Recipient

2017: The Start Of A New You Do You Have Sleep Apnea? E-Cigarettes: Are They Safe For Your Heart?

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Do You Have Sleep Apnea?


St. Martin Hospital Recognized for Excellence in Patient Satisfaction & Quality St. Martin Hospital has been recognized by


Are E-Cigarettes Bad for Your Heart?

iVantage Health Analytics and the National Organization of State Office of Rural Health


Cover Story

First In Nation To Receive ProTrach Coach Michael Lotief

(NOSORH) for overall excellence in Patient Satisfaction and Quality. The awards reflect top quartile performance among all rural


Dr. Hamilton | Preventing Burns

acute care hospitals in the nation.


2017: The Start of a New You


Lafayette General Foundation Honors Healthcare Heroes

Lafayette General Health Receives Honors


LGH Events

Lafayette General Health hospitals received honors from Press Ganey Associates, Inc., a national leader in healthcare analytics. Press Ganey’s prestigious Guardian of Excellence Award and Pinnacle of Excellence Award honors were granted to Lafayette General

Health In General

is produced by the Lafayette General Health Community Relations Department

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Daryl Cetnar

Meghan Connell Alexandra Donaldson Alex Labat Brent Pelloquin Leslie Primeaux

Medical Center, Lafayette General Surgical Hospital, St. Martin Hospital and LGMD Physician Group.

LGMC Given Consumer Choice Award for the 12th Consecutive Time Lafayette General Medical Center was named a 2016/2017 Consumer Choice Award Winner by National Research Corporation (NRC) for the 12th-consecutive time. The award identifies hospitals across the United States chosen by healthcare consumers as having


Coach Michael Lotief COVER PHOTO BY:

the highest quality, and the best doctors, nurses and imaging.

Cancer Center of Acadiana to Open at Iberia Medical Center

Glen Clark

Lafayette General Health (LGH) is pleased to announce Cancer Center of Acadiana (CCA) has partnered with Iberia Medical Center (IMC) to manage the oncology program at Iberia Medical Center’s Main Campus. Leading the team will be Medical Oncologist/Hematologist Paulette Blanchet, M.D. She was there when CCA first opened its doors in Lafayette back in 2010 and is joining Cancer Center of Acadiana at Iberia Medical Center with Nurse Practitioner (and New Iberia native) Sydney Jo LeBlanc.





Sleepy? Snoring?Always Tired? Patients receive full service care from start

and dream sleep. EKG wires are used

Or, maybe you know someone who

to finish, including a clinical evaluation,

to monitor heart rhythm. Movement

snores loudly? Often times snoring isn’t

testing and treatment.

electrodes are placed on the patient’s

just a sound made while sleeping. An

legs to track restless leg syndrome or

increasing number of individuals are

Do others comment on your snoring?

While other sleep centers may be

limited to only treating sleep apnea,

periodic limb movement (PLMD). There

affected by sleep apnea every year.

Sleep Center of Acadiana is the only

are rare instances where seizure disorders

Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder

comprehensive center in Lafayette with

can be detected as well. Patients are also

which occurs when an individual’s

two neurologists board certified in sleep

monitored by low infrared video to track

breathing is interrupted during sleep.

medicine. This allows the center to best

sleep positions.

Kevin Hargrave, M.D., and Adam

treat patients with sleep apnea and other

Foreman, M.D., co-medical directors of

disorders such as restless leg syndrome,

they are apprehensive to go to a strange

Sleep Center of Acadiana at Lafayette

narcology, insomnia and more.

place and be hooked up to all kinds of

General are focused on providing comprehensive sleep care and treatment to Acadiana.

“If a person never gets tested because

wires, there is now a home sleep apnea

What is a sleep test?

test available,” says Dr. Hargrave.

Sleep lab testing involves a patient sleeping in a comfortable, but technology

How do I know if I need a sleep test?

What is Sleep Center of Acadiana at Lafayette General?

equipped bedroom. Technicians

Not everyone who snores has sleep

apply electrodes to the patient’s scalp

apnea explains Dr. Hargrave. Sleep tests

Sleep Center of Acadiana is a

which displays light sleep, deep sleep

are recommended for those who are

comprehensive sleep medicine facility.

overweight, have Type II Diabetes, and those whose snoring is consistently complained about. “If your snoring

Health Consequences of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

interferes with your partner’s sleep, then that’s a sign,” says Dr. Hargrave. “If your partner hears you gasping or stop

OO OO Sleep Apnea is an identifiable cause of high blood pressure.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea afflicts one in every five Americans.

breathing, that is called sleep apnea.” What are the benefits of being treated at a comprehensive sleep center?

STROKE Men with moderate 30% higher risk to severe OSA of heart attack or were nearly 3x premature death. more likely to have a stroke.

“Patients can be more awake, and more alert,” says Dr. Hargrave. “They typically see an improvement in their mood. Improved stamina and appetite as well.”

To learn more about Sleep Center of Acadiana at Lafayette General call (337) 289-8282 or go to

Greater than 50% of sudden deaths from OSA occur between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Untreated sleep Approximately 80% Treating OSA may apnea costs of OSA patients are improve Type II Americans an extra overweight. diabetes. $4.3 billion per year.

Sources: Medscape,, BioMed Central





E-Cigarettes: Are They Safe for Your Heart? It seems with millennials “fads” are becoming part of everyday life. Without doing the proper research beforehand, fads could be more harmful than they seem. Electronic cigarettes, commonly known as “e-cigarettes” or “vapes” are becoming increasing popular. One reason is because they lack the dangerous smoke, tar and carbon monoxide of traditional tobacco cigarettes. Plus, they don’t have the “usual smell” of cigarette smoke and can be smoked almost anywhere. But, doctors say e-cigarettes still carry risks.

E-cigarettes are not safer than

traditional cigarettes. “While science on e-cigarettes has not yet produced


5-15x higher

than smoking one pack of cigarettes per day

“Nicotine is highly addictive, vaping is nothing more than a nicotine delivery vehicle. It will elevate the heart rate and blood pressure and will accelerate the process of arteriosclerosis.” Mitchell Lirtzman, M.D. a definitive answer, we do know the

propionaldehyde, which is a known

effects of nicotine on the system. There is

carcinogen. Can you imagine

some evidence that the risk of malignancy

what this is doing to your heart?

is higher than in the “non-vaping”

population,” says Mitchell Lirtzman, M.D.,

are particularly vulnerable to the effects

cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon at

of nicotine, so e-cigarettes should be

If you have heart problems, then you

Heart and Vascular Center of Acadiana

avoided. In a 2015 study published in

at Lafayette General.

The New England Journal of Medicine,

researchers found that the lifetime

There is not enough research on

e-cigarette safety in the long term.

cancer risk of using e-cigarettes long

E-cigarettes are still relatively new,

term is estimated to be five to 15 times

having entered the U.S. market in 2006.

higher than that of smoking one pack

Even though some known cancer risks

of cigarettes per day, due to the toxic

associated with tobacco use may be

substances in the e-cigarette vapor.

avoided when switching from traditional

cigarettes to e-cigarettes, the risk for heart

blockages or who have congestive

disease remains.

heart failure could see a decline in their

condition or have new symptoms arise.

“Nicotine is highly addictive, vaping

People with coronary artery

is nothing more than a nicotine delivery

Therefore, just because e-cigarettes look

vehicle. It will elevate the heart rate and

more advanced and lack the usual smell

blood pressure and will accelerate

of cigarette smoke, seeing isn’t always

the process of arteriosclerosis,” says

believing. Follow your heart, do your

Dr. Lirtzman.

research and avoid smoking e-cigarettes

and traditional cigarettes altogether.

Vaping, unlike smoking, involves the

inhalation of vaporized liquid consisting of water, nicotine, a base of propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin. Propylene

The New England Journal of Medicine; 2015



glycol is broken down to a toxin called



To learn more about Heart and Vascular Center of Acadiana, visit

I didn’t know what to think. I had shortness of breath. Pain in my chest through and through to my back. I talked to my daughter, and she figured it was a heart attack. She brought me straight to Lafayette General’s Emergency Room. She knew I’d get the best care here. A nurse practitioner, whenever she was listening to my heart, she heard a heart murmur. So, they called in a cardiologist. Everyone was right there for me the whole time. They were determined to find out what was wrong. They found an aneurysm had burst in my aorta. It was like looking for a needle in a haystack. But they found it, repaired it and saved my life. No complications at all. I stayed in ICU one night, and I went home three days later. I was in the best hands. My name is Cynthia Smith, and I choose Lafayette General.

Cynthia Smith Heart Patient

Learn more about Cardiovascular Services at





First in Nation to Receive ProTrach On Wednesday, October 26, 2016, Louisiana Softball Head Coach Michael Lotief became the first person in the U.S. to receive a state-of-the-art tracheostomy valve at University Hospital & Clinics (UHC).

home games. After taking a “turn for the

worse” in late 2015, he had surgery on

receiving his first tracheostomy valve

his inflamed esophagus which required

impressed the medical professionals

a tracheostomy. Since his surgery, Lotief

working with him. His positive demeanor

spent almost every day working with the

is why he was chosen to be the first in the

Speech and Occupational Therapy team

country to receive the ProTrach DualCare.

at UHC.

The ProTrach DualCare is a valve that helps

restore the natural heat and moisture in

“These are all my friends,” says Lotief.

“They became part of my routine. It’s good

the lungs of patients with tracheostomies

to see people that took an interest in my

enabling them to speak hands-free.

care. Those were some tough times in my

This is a milestone in what has

life, but they gave me a reason to smile and

the U.S. fitted with the ProTrach DualCare,”

been a long journey for Lotief. While

be hopeful.”

Clinical Education with Atos Medical,

diagnosed with a malignant tumor in his nasopharynx (upper throat). His battle is one that has lasted for more than thirty years. Lotief continued fighting off infections in his throat even at the end of the 2015 NCAA postseason.

“They did surgery to try to remove

the tumor back in the ‘80s,” says Lotief. “Following the surgery were some intense radiation treatments. What’s happening to me now are the after effects of the radiation from all those years ago.”

In March of 2015, Lotief was

“I knew he would be a perfect candidate. He’s always in extreme conditions, kicking up dust on the softball field while using his voice in coaching. So, I knew this would be a perfect solution for him.”

Inc. “He’s an icon here in Louisiana and he

really is a representative of those who wear

a tracheostomy valve. So, I felt that not only is he a spokesman for throat cancer,

back at practice and in the dugout for




but someone who understands living with a trach.”

“We’ve been emailing, calling and

staying in touch with Atos Medical to see when the device would be available in the U.S.,” says Tammy Marks, Speech and Occupational Therapy Manager at UHC.

Tammy Marks Speech and Occupational Therapy Manager at UHC

“I knew he would be a perfect candidate. He’s always in extreme conditions, kicking

hospitalized and missed a series of games. A mere two weeks later, he was

“I promised him he would be the first in

said Julie Bishop-Leone, Director of

attending college in 1983, he was


His smile and positive attitude after

up dust on the softball field while using his

voice in coaching. So, I knew this would be a perfect solution for him.”

“They became part of my routine. It’s good to see people that took an interest in my care. Those were some tough times in my life, but they gave me a reason to smile and be hopeful.”

The DualCare valve has a Heat and

to overcome a physical, mental or social

NEW PHYSICIANS Deanna Blanchard, M.D. Family Medicine 2825 Grand Point Hwy., Ste. 6 Henderson, LA Next to Crawfish Town USA (337) 454-6280 Lafayette General Health would like to welcome family medicine physician Deanna Blanchard M.D., who opened her practice in Henderson, next to Crawfish town USA. Dr. Blanchard is eager to bring family medicine services to those in northern St. Martin Parish and lower St. Landry Parish. When asked why she chose Lafayette General, she says, “This is home.”

Moisture Exchanger (HME) that restores

adversity that presented an additional

the natural heat and moisture to the airway

challenge to the already demanding job

that is lost when the patient can no longer

of a coach.

Orthopedic Surgery

breathe through their nose and mouth.

This combination with a hygienic, one

able to adapt to having a tracheostomy

1448 S. College Road. Lafayette, LA (337) 233-5300

way speaking valve provides a “hands-

valve,” says Marks. “To be able to function

free” method for speech. Atos Medical is

with it, to getting back to his everyday

looking to receive feedback from Lotief

activities. It’s been such an amazing

about the device.

transformation to watch.”

“In athletics, everybody wants to win

“He has come such a long way in being

“The Cajun people are all about big

Paul Buzhardt, M.D.

Lafayette General Health welcomes Orthopedic Surgeon Paul Buzhardt, M.D., to its staff. Dr. Buzhardt is joining Acadiana Orthopedic Center at Lafayette General. He is a graduate of LSU and earned his Doctor of Medicine at LSU School of Medicine (New Orleans).

all the time,” says Lotief. “When you win,

hearts, love and support,” says Lotief.

it’s easy for people to pat you on the back

“They don’t just love you when you win,

and tell you what a great job you’re doing.

they love you when you struggle. Other

Orthopedic Surgery

When you face adversity, struggles and

people in other communities are with you

sometimes even failure, that’s when you

when you’re winning. This community is

1448 S. College Road. Lafayette, LA (337) 233-5300

need your support structure.”

with you all the time.”

Lotief returned to the coach’s box

full-time for the 2016 season and fulfilled numerous speaking engagements despite complications with his throat. This became

To learn more about Speech and Occupational Therapy services at UHC, visit

Brian Etier, M.D.

Lafayette General Health welcomes Orthopedic Surgeon Brian Etier, M.D., to its staff. Dr. Etier is joining the Acadiana Orthopedic Center at Lafayette General. He completed his residency at University of Alabama at Birmingham, and his rotating externship at Hôpital de l’Archet in Nice, France.

a balancing act for him. Normal coaching duties of lineup cards, pre-game warmups and in-game decisions had to be dealt with…all while learning to live with a trach.

It’s because of his fighting spirit and

drive to never to give up that Lotief was selected by the National Fastpitch Coaches Association (NFCA) as the recipient of the 2016 Donna Newberry “Perseverance” Award. The award recognizes an NFCA member coach who has demonstrated extraordinary

Pictured (l-r) are Katie Hebert, Julie Bishop-Leone, Mollie Cline, Lauren Fournier, Michael Lotief, Milissa Yeager, Jade Stasi, Chloe Roy and Tammy Marks

strength of will and character in the fight

W I N T E R 2 0 1 7 | H E A LT H I N G E N E R A L


Forever Seared Into My Memory

lighter fluid or gasoline on open flames. We see too many kids who get engulfed when those fluids become

Guest columnist Aaron Foster, M.D., a Family Medicine resident at University Hospital & Clinics, discusses burns.

Forever seared into my memory is the

image of my friend, running down the dock at summer camp, his body engulfed in flames. All boys are fascinated by fire, and at age 14 we discovered that aerosol bug spray was flammable, and would briefly burn on your skin without causing injury. This led to the scene of my friend, doused in flaming insect

children admitted for burns. According

an exploding cloud.

to the NIH, most pediatric burns happen

to kids under age five. Most of these are

children from harming themselves, burns

scald injuries and occur in the kitchen.


Given that we adults are in charge of the kitchen, these are avoidable.

keeping small children out of the kitchen

Clothing Immediately remove any clothing involved, so they don’t continue to burn.

while hot food is prepared. Don’t carry children and hot food at the same time. Turn pot handles on the stove inward, so they don’t stick out where kids can grab them. And, make sure appliance

in the lake. Luckily he survived the ordeal

cords don’t hang over counters - curious

unharmed, minus some hairs on his head

children grab stuff, and if that stuff is

and eyebrows.

hot toasters or pots full of boiling soup,

disaster can ensue.

friend. According to National Institutes

of Health (NIH) statistics, a quarter of all

microwave ovens without an adult.

burns treated in the U.S. involve kids

Most of the burns we see are when little

under age 16. While teenage antics

kids take hot bowls of noodles out of

may be unavoidable, burns are largely

microwaves. They bump into the big,

preventable. The incidence of burns,

in-the-way microwave door, and the

and most importantly severe burns, has

bowl spills on the child. Kids can also get

decreased in recent decades. This is due

burned from pulling on a tablecloth with

to improved building codes, education

a container of hot liquid on top.

in schools about fire escape planning

and smoke detectors. Yet burns do still

open flames. This includes campfires and

occur, and fortunately most are minor.

fireworks. Open fires should be contained

As a medical student I spent time


Preventing burns includes things like

repellent, running down the dock to jump

Many children are not as lucky as my

Though we do our best to prevent

Cooling Cool water stops the burning process, and feels good too! Clean with soap and water to minimize infection if the skin barrier is compromised.

Small children should never operate

Cover Applying antibiotic ointment generously and covering with gauze soothes and prevents infection. Comfort Pain relief with Tylenol or Advil.

After age five, burns happen more with

So, when should kids see a doctor for

within fire pits, with no flammables (extra

burns? Burns that blister, are larger than

in a burn ward, where I saw many

wood, long dry grasses) close by. Kids

the area of the patient’s hand or involve

different types and severities of burns.

should NOT wear loose clothing near fire,

faces or joints. Kids should also have

One thing that stood out for me was

or clothes that easily catch fire with

up-to-date tetanus vaccines, since burns

the disproportionate number of young

a spark (synthetics). And, don’t throw

increase the risk of infection.

Scott Hamilton, M.D. , is a board-certified pediatrician by the American Board of Pediatricians and medical advisor in Lafayette General Medical Center’s dedicated pediatric treatment area within the Emergency Department. Dr. Hamilton is a Pediatric Advanced Life Support course instructor. His blog is available at and through a link at, where it is accessible to parents anytime, anywhere there is an Internet connection.





2017: The Start of a New You! With a new year comes new resolutions, many of which involve a healthier lifestyle. For some, a healthier lifestyle may seem impossible. Every year nearly 200,000 people undergo weight loss (bariatric) surgery in the United States, according to the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.

Bariatric surgery can be the road to a

better quality-of-life, but seeking out a weight loss program can be intimidating. The decision to have surgery may have been on your mind for months, or even years. If you’re still weighing the

program. You don’t just have surgery and

then he sends you on your way. It is very

the center of everything we do. The entire

don’t have to do it alone. The multidisciplinary

weight loss surgery program at LGMC was created to assist people in Acadiana with living a healthier life. Dawn Fremin started her weight


weight loss team is there to support you throughout your journey from the very start.

A Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery

Accreditation and Quality Improvement

Program (MBSAQIP) accredited center,

them with a question, or if I have a problem

research online and asking a lot of questions.

with anything. I like how it was not a one-

M.D., Dennis Eschete, M.D., and Robert

stop shop,” says Dawn.

Autin, M.D. The program’s support team

includes a registered nurse, dietitian,

LGMC’s bariatric program not only have the

patient advocate, behavior modification

opportunity to change their appearance but their day-to-day lives.

an exercise physiologist.

member,” says Dawn. “I was

“I was 39 and weighed about 250 lbs,”

says Dawn. “Now I am definitely more

There is a rigorous review process and a number of standards have to be

confident. I have more energy. I am more

met in order to achieve the MBSAQIP

motivated to get up and do things.”

Being proactive and sticking to your

resolution of a healthier lifestyle in 2017

and reports how LGMC’s bariatric

can also help prevent future health issues.

program ranks against everyone

across the United States. Data

surgery will extend a patient’s life,” says

shows that the complication

Dr. Gachassin. “There is a 95% decrease in

rate at an accredited center

mortality in the first five years for patients

“There is no doubt that having bariatric

is significantly lower than the

who have bariatric surgery versus patients

complication rate at a non-

who don’t have surgery. Cardiovascular

accredited center.

disease is significantly lower for the first 10 years after surgery, especially in women.”

Dr. Gachassin. “One of our standards is that every year we to participate in. We used to try to

Dr. Gachassin by a family

Those who choose to participate in

educator, licensed practical counselor and

pick a quality improvement project

“I was referred to

“Still two years later, I can call any one of

LGMC features surgeons Philip Gachassin,

“We strive for quality,” says

loss journey by doing

At Lafayette General, patients are at

organization takes data collected

weight loss surgery, you

Our new goal is to follow up for life.”

accreditation. The accrediting

options when it comes to

very impressed with the overall feel of his

follow up with a patient for five years, and that was our goal.

Dawn Fremin | Bariatric Patient

If you are interested in learning more about the bariatric weight loss program at LGMC, free educational seminars are open to the public, with no obligation. To see a list of available seminars, visit, or call (337) 289-8484.





Lafayette General Foundation Honors Healthcare Heroes

On October 13, 2016, Lafayette General Foundation (LGF) held

Edward J. Krampe was a not only the founder of the first

its sixth-annual gala at Le Pavillon in Parc Lafayette. More than 600

McDonald’s in Acadiana…but a philanthropist, successful

physicians, employees and donors attended the event showing

business owner and a leader in this community. A man with

their support for the philanthropic arm of Lafayette General Health

a deep love for family, he cared a great deal for his extended


family of nearly 70,000 employees.

The gala honors “Healthcare Heroes of Acadiana”, individuals

and businesses that help healthcare prosper. LGF also recognizes

LGH employees for outstanding contributions to medicine.

Employees honored included the Emergency Department

at Acadia General Hospital; Intensive Care Unit at Lafayette General Medical Center; Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit at Lafayette General Southwest; Emergency Room staff at University Hospital and Clinics; and all Lafayette General Health employees who went above and beyond to help a coworker, friend, neighbor or complete stranger after the historic flooding in August.   This year’s Corporate Hero was awarded to Schumacher

Pictured (l-r) are Robin Ferguson (daughter of Edward J. Krampe), Dr. Richard F. Howes and Dr. William “Kip” Schumacher.

Clinical Partners for their commitment to excellence when working with patients and hospitals. Richard F. Howes, M.D., received the Caregiver Hero Award for his outstanding treatment of coworkers,

The gala serves as a fundraising endeavor donating all

patients and their families. Finally, Edward J. Krampe was awarded

proceeds to the Foundation. During the gala, Cian Robinson,

posthumously with the Community Hero Award for his lasting

Executive Director of Lafayette General Foundation,

legacy of community service in Acadiana.

honored its largest corporate sponsors, which included

Schumacher Clinical Partners work with more than 5,000

The Lemoine Company, Cox Communications, Eldercare

healthcare providers across the United States. They treat more than

Outreach and Cardiovascular Institute of the South.

6 million patients annually, including many right here in Acadiana.

Together with other donors the gala raised more than

$300,000 for Lafayette General Foundation.

Dr. Howes has worked in healthcare for more than four decades.

Described as a kind, patient individual, Dr. Howes has embodied caring and compassion for those less fortunate. Patients say he has gone out of his way to make them feel at home, while his staff says they wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.

1 0 H E A LT H I N G E N E R A L



For more information, visit


Lafayette General Medical Center’s Trauma Services Department participated in a successful Sudden Impact Louisiana Mock Crash at Catholic High, New Iberia on November 29. This event illustrates the consequences of impact and how it could all be prevented by making good and safe choices and decisions.

Lafayette General Medical Center hosted our annual Stroke Screening event on Saturday, November 12. The event was free to the public, and physicians will be available on site to discuss results with patients and signs of stroke risks. Patients received a Carotid-artery screening, total cholesterol & diabetic screening, blood pressure and heart rate check, and a stroke risk assessment.

Lafayette General Foundation is honored to announce the first recipients of the Mayci Breaux Scholarship Fund. The scholarship began with a $100 donation from an anonymous donor in Montana just one day after the Grand Theatre shooting. Numerous donations followed, including many from LGH employees, helping the fund grow to $25,000. Nikki Blanchard (L) of Broussard, LA, and Tayler Montet (R) of Maurice, LA, are the initial scholarship award recipients.

Dr. Adam Kennedy, an orthopedic surgeon with LGMD Physician Group, hosted an open house event at his new office in Abbeville. He is expanding his patient outreach by offering office hours in Abbeville, in addition to his offices in Lafayette and Breaux Bridge.

Agriculture students from Notre Dame High School in Crowley, LA, donated custom made seats for pediatric IV poles to Lafayette General Medical Center. The seat allows pediatric patients to sit and “ride” on the IV pole instead of having to walk alongside it.



H E A LT H I N G E N E R A L 1 1

Stroke: Know the Symptoms

Lafayette General’s Acadiana Stroke Support Group holds FREE meetings for survivors and families the second Tuesday of each month (except December) from 3-4 p.m. Lafayette General Southwest - Medical Office Building 2nd Floor Classroom, Suite 2500 (4212 W. Congress St.)

Call (337) 289-7740


Health in General Winter 2017  
Health in General Winter 2017