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20 December 2019

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Dams should provide not export water ■ Joe Dreyer

President Cyril Ramaphosa has appealed to authorities to utilise the dams to provide local people with water instead of selling water to other provinces or district municipalities. He said that the water should be extracted from local dams to provide local people with water. This was in response to concerns by communities who have reported that despite having many dams around their communities, they were still stuck without water. It then allegedly came to light that water was being “exported” to other municipalities. The case in point in Tzaneen is the pumping of water from the Ebenezer dam in Haenertsburg to the Polokwane municipality where water is sold

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■ Joe Dreyer

As part of the 25 years of democracy, the Department of Correctional Services will institute a special remission of sentences to inmates serving sentences of twelve months and beyond as of the 16th of December 2019. This was announced by the office of the president. Thankfully, those not qualifying for the special remission, include sexual offenders, murderers, armed robbers and those considered dangerous criminals in line with section 286 (A) of the Criminal Procedures Act, Act 51 of 1977. This was announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa and collaborated by the Minister of Correctional Services, Ronald Lamola on Tuesday at Bergville and Pretoria respectively. The special remission of twelve months would affect prisoners who are duly on probation, paroles and the low risk offenders. The process does not include offenders who have not yet been incarcerated and those who were declared dangerous by the courts. Shortly thereafter, while addressing members of the media, correctional services minister, Ronald Lamola, said “this will assist offenders with the problem of alienation from their communities because as the department they are committed to create safer communities by correcting and rehabilitating offenders before releasing them to utilise some skills they acquired while in jail”. Lamola said that it was the first time a president has issued special remission for prisoners who are in prisons. He said there are various ways in which prisoners could be pardoned namely, parole, sentences that have been served halfway, remission of sentence where the sentence is cut, medical parole as determined by the department and presidential pardon also issued by the President. He said that the prison population, though overcrowded, currently stands at 244 000 and the number of inmates to be affected stands at 14 000. Women and people with disabilities would be the first to be released.

An extreme drinking binge at Nkowankowa Unit B after a big wedding, landed a local man in custody after traffic officers found that he exceeded the legal alcohol limit by seven times. He was immediately arrested by police and thrown into the cells. “A motorist was detained at Nkowankowa in Limpopo after being found with a blood alcohol content that was seven times more than the legal limit,” RTMC spokesperson Simon Zwane said. This follows the long holidays coupled with several functions that included tombstone unveilings and the wedding on Saturday which was even talked about in the early hours of Sunday due to the free flow of alcoholic beverages at the gathering. In another incident a man was arrested on the N1 near Westenburg in Capricorn after he was clocked speeding at 218 kilometres per hour.

Jaques van Niekerk

Call Centre: 086 101 7488 Fax: 086 606 4606 Email:

Scheme at Bergville where water from the river is sent to the people of Gauteng province, while locals were left with nothing. The law dictates that water be managed by agencies of government such as Rand Water in Gauteng and Lepelle Northern Water in Limpopo. A source within the water purification industry confirmed that it is by law that water is managed by third parties. “According to the Water Services Act, which is Act 108 of 1998, all water sources such as rivers, dams and streams are the property of the Department of Water and Forestry. Water users should be registered and pay something for using the resources. Water agencies operate on the behest of the department.”

■ Joe Dreyer

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to their residents. This while local villages such as Khujwana, which along with the Ebenezer dam area, comprises ward 16 of the Greater Tzaneen Municipality, still battle to obtain drinkable water. The same example is the Thabine valley area where residents from villages around that dam complained that water from Thabine is extracted to Lenyenye while the locals are left without. The residents believe that this is because they are unable to afford paying for the water. The other area where a dam is used for water to supply the non-villagers is the Tours dam which supplies far off villages that include Julesburg and Mogapeng villages. Ramaphosa was referring to the Tugela water

Inmates receive 218km/h Nkowa remission speedster arrested

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Gratis voorgeskrewe sonbril saam met enige voorgeskrewe bril

In yet another incident involving the “Arrive Alive” campaign, a motorist and two foreign nationals were arrested while trying to bribe traffic officers on the road. “Driving under the influence of alcohol and speeding continues to be a major cause for concern. Motorists are therefore urged to observe the rules of the road all the time and traffic officers are commended for showing no mercy for those who break the rules of the road,” added Zwane. The Nkowankowa suspects was due to appear in court at the Ritavi magistrate court on Tuesday morning. Zwane said that the majority were caught for driving under the influence of liquor, speeding, and for some outstanding warrants.” Since the festive season started, 1 600 motorists were arrested for traffic offences, 1 200 vehicles impounded for not being roadworthy, 600 taxis and busses were also impounded and 330 road blocks commissioned.

Red Overalls will stay ■ Jeff Jackson The provincial leadership of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in Limpopo will not be affected by the restructuring of the party. The restructuring was announced after the national congress, named the National People’s Assembly. This after it was blamed for non-performance during the election in May this year. The party’s leader, Julius Malema, said that all the provincial leaders would have to be deployed to the national campaign while the local elections in 2021 are to be led by new elected leaders. “We will never have a gathering like this again and we have to state this in front of the media because if we tell them to leave, they would say, Malema is a dictator and he had chased us away. But Limpopo PEC will not be disbanded because they would say they were attacked.” Being the avid lover of his own voice, he continued by stating that the Eastern Cape had performed better than Limpopo and that this obvious observation will serve to confirm that the EFF is not a tribal organisation from Limpopo. “It shows we are wanted in other areas. We want to take the municipalities of Johannesburg, Tshwane, Nelson Mandela Bay and others because coalition politics proved that the ANC is no longer wanted

Stand van Damme Dam Levels

in those areas.” “It is not too hard for Mpumalanga to retain the official opposition,” he continued unabated. “In the North West, councillors of the ANC vote with the EFF and we are still defeated because of the holy ghost. New blood is sought to come and join us in parliament. With the 2021 elections coming, those who want to be councillors should go to the streets tomorrow so that when 2021 comes, the communities would not say that they do not know you.” When it was thought that he had finally concluded his address, Malema continued. “We are not going to forward proportional councillors names during the local government elections as this allows others to take advantage of our hard work. We are going to only forward names of ward councillors and those that will get the highest votes after that of the ward councillors will be appointed proportional councillors.” Finally concluding the long address he said the party will, in January, mobilise against the banks, the financial services sector and the government for planning to privatize some of the state owned enterprises such as Eskom. He very confidently stated that his party would go to the ground and build structures that would take the way forward in view of the local government elections due in 18 months.

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20 December 2019


The most hated street in Tzaneen -Where even the law fears to tread

The free-for all Claude Wheatley business centre which operates under the watchful eye of the taxi industry. Here there is no need for business rights, lease agreements, traffic rule enforcements or health and safety inspections.

Joe Dreyer

The seasonal rains have again washed the poor workmanship of the municipal road’s maintenance crews down the clogged stormwater drains exposing the very same suspension swallowing potholes this newspaper has been complaining about since 2016. The road past Van Velden hospital is nearly impassable and so too the section of Messer Street leading up to Peace Street. The infamous Boundary street is once again showing its trademark tyre shredders as you approach the four way stop at Minitzani Park. Arguably the most eye-blinding product of ten years’ worth of lackadaisical municipal leadership must be the festering mess formerly known as Claude Wheatley street. The fact that taxi drivers have carte blanche over one of the main arteries of the CBD supersedes comprehension. Left with a single lane in which to traverse oncoming delivery trucks, busses and other vehicles, motorists are forced to navigate the gauntlet of jaywalking pedestrians, illegal street sellers, makeshift barbershops, potholes and rows upon rows of minibuses who enforce their right of way by simply driving into moving traffic with their hazards on. Once safely exiting the other side of the taxi rank, a traffic circle, crowded with vehicles for sale obstructs your view of oncoming traffic. The GTM’s traffic officers shrug their shoulders as they opt to fine motorists picking up hikers, mere metres from the illegal street vendors on the R71 instead. Their excuses in


the past have ranged from fear to helplessness. Similarly, the case of the taxi drivers occupying the corner of the traffic intersection opposite Lifestyle Centre where the R71 intersects Voortrekker Road. Despite traffic signs indicating “no stopping”, these taxi operators have claimed the corner as a lookout where they allegedly keep vigil for motorists who dare to stop and offer a hiker a lift. There have been numerous reports of taxi drivers intimidating motorists and even smashing their windows should they dare to pick up a hiker. Their argument is that they lose money through these free rides. At a “super block” on the R71 in the direction of Georges Valley from the Lifestyle Centre three weeks ago, a GTM traffic officer told this journalist that he should stop complaining about the illegal street hawkers selling their goods mere metres from the roadblock. “No matter if it’s legal or illegal, what must we do? These people are putting food on the table. Go and pay your fines at the municipality,” he said as he handed me a printout of fines I allegedly accumulated through exceeding the speed limit on that very road. “I am speeding because I need to put food on my table and I am late,” I counter argued. In this municipality logic is subject to scrutiny. Tzaneen can only hope that the municipal manager will not be too battle-weary following the recent attempts to oust him, to focus his attention on the dire situation within his traffic department. The new year should start with a public explanation from Aleck Nkuna, the director of community services, in charge of sorting through this mess.

In South Africa, we approach a traffic circle from the right, yield to traffic on the right and go around it clockwise. In Tzaneen, however, we approach it from whichever angle we please. We can even use it as a parking or loading bay.

The South African law on sanitation for hairsalons states in Statutes (SDCL 36-14) that chairs, walls, floors, and windows shall be kept clean at all times. This does however not apply to any hair salon or barbershop in Tzaneen.



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20 December 2019

Stop speeding down Kloof ■ Jeff Jackson The infamous Magoebaskloof pass has already claimed a few Gauteng vehicles as the 2019 Silly Season builds towards its year-end climax. On Wednesday morning (yesterday) a vehicle travelling from Gauteng to presumably the Kruger, overturned on the infamous bend near the Warriors Academy landing on its roof a few metres down the drag. Five occupants including four adults and a child suffered minor injuries and were treated on the scene. The cause of the accident is believed to have been speed. Motorists are urged not to speed down the Magoebaskloof pass and abide by the unenforced rules of the road which includes an 60km/h speed limit through the bends as one descends towards Tzaneen. This speed limit was introduced in September 2014 following a spate of deadly accidents.




Truck hijacked

No leads yet

■ Jeff Jackson

■ Jeff Jackson

The Police in Musina have launched a manhunt for three unknown suspects who on Friday the 13th of December at approximately 19:50, hijacked a truck that was transporting copper. The truck was travelling from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to Durban. The incident took place along the N1 highway in the Musina policing area next to the weigh bridge, about eight kilometres from Beitbridge border post. It is reported that the driver of the truck was travelling with his wife when they were allegedly stopped by three men wearing the National Traffic Police (NTP) uniforms and using blue lights. The suspects then forced the couple into the Horse’s extra cab and drove with them until they reached the Doreen/Verbaard gravel road where they were left stranded. The trailers were loaded with copper. “The Police were notified and immediately commenced with investigations. The Horse was later found abandoned without the two trailers, along the Venitia road. The suspects might have used another Horse to pull them from this area,” the police said in a statement to the media this week. “The Provincial Commissioner of the South African Police Service in Limpopo Lieutenant General Nneke Ledwaba, has already activated a Team of investigators to track down the suspects and bring them to book.” The Police are requesting anyone with information that can lead to the arrest of the suspects and the recovery of the trailers to urgently contact Lieutenant Colonel Mamuhoyi on 082 414 6683 or the Crime Stop number on 08600 10111, alternatively the nearest police station.

The Police in Limpopo are still seeking information that can assist in the apprehension of suspect(s) responsible for the murder of an old man, whose mutilated body was found next to the new Peter Mokaba Stadium last week. The deceased was identified as Patric Sindisa Langa (70) from New Castle, Kwa-Zulu Natal. Preliminary police investigations revealed that the 70-year-old deceased allegedly visited one of the local churches in Seshego outside Polokwane and never went back home. His family has since been traced and notified. The deceased’s body was found with some body parts missing on Thursday, the 12th of December. The motive for this gruesome incident is not known at this stage but ritual murder cannot be ruled out. SAPS Provincial Commissioner LT Gen Nneke Ledwaba has urged community members to come forward with information that can assist the police to arrest the suspect(s). Anyone with information about the incident is requested to contact Lt Colonel Richard Boshomane at 079 894 5501, the Crime Stop number 0860010111, the SMS Crime line 32211.

Two dead after jump ■ Jeff Jackson The Maake police have launched an investigation into an incident where five people allegedly jumped from a speeding vehicle, resulting in the death of two of them and hospitalization of the remaining three. The incident is reported to have occurred during the early hours of Monday morning in Bismarck Village at the main road. According to the police, three men and two women were hitch hiking next to the main road when a white Nissan double cab bakkie with a canopy, driven by an unknown man, stopped to offer the group a ride from Metz to Bismarck Village. Apparently when they reached their destination, they alerted the driver who was speeding but he did not stop, and all five occupants jumped out of the moving vehicle. The driver did not stop after the incident. Police and emergency services were notified by the community in that area and upon arrival two women aged 26, were certified dead after suffering multiple injuries. The other three aged between 19 and 21, were transferred to the local hospital in a critical condition. The deceased have been identified as Kgomotso Moagi and Mmantjana Maimela, both from Bismark Village. The driver of the vehicle is unknown at this stage and Police have opened two counts of culpable homicide for investigation. Police are appealing to anyone with information about the incident or with information that can lead to the arrest of the suspect to contact Colonel Hanyane Mathebula on 082 414 3309, the Crime stop number 0860010111 or the nearest police station.

Drug bust ■ Jeff Jackson Another 57-year old man was arrested in Tzaneen sometime over the weekend for allegedly running a “drug lab” from his home. During this so-called bust the police confiscated dagga grown through a hydroponic process, some magic mushrooms, some lollipops (a man-made opioid pain medication, fentanyl’s potency is between 50 and 100 times more than that of morphine) and a Ford Fiesta. This arrest and the information the police detectives obtained from the arrested suspect led them to a lab in Gauteng where they made another arrest. Members of the Provincial Organized Crime Unit and the Provincial Drug Team in Limpopo, on Friday the 13th of December, conducted an operation that led to discovery of a drug lab at Plot No 74 Maroela, Kameeldrift in Pretoria. This led to the arrest of two suspects and seizure of drugs with an estimated street value of R5 million. Two suspects aged 23 and 35 were arrested and the police confiscated some mushrooms, bottles of dried dagga, 60 indoor dagga plants and various pieces of equipment used in the manufacturing and packaging of dagga. (It is noteworthy to mention that the police specifically labelled the dagga as “indoor dagga” in their media statement). The Provincial Commissioner of Limpopo Lieutenant General Nneke Ledwaba has hailed all members of the SAPS who were involved in this operation and thanked community members for continuously providing valuable inform to the police. Community members are urged to continue sending tip offs via MySAPSApp or by calling our Crime Stop number 0860010111. The suspects will soon appear in court on charges of dealing in and possession of drugs.

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20 December 2019


Peppadew visits Ark again

Kian Macrae, Sylvie and Remi Delsoullier and Richard baker, Chairman of the Board with the cheque for R120 000.

Joe Dreyer

Noah’s Ark have made several friends over the past two decades. One of their closest being the national foods giant, Peppadew who have adopted the adopted so to speak. Last year, through the perseverance of more than twenty cyclists riding under the banner of the Peppadew brand, the children housed at Noah’s Ark orphanage outside Tzaneen, celebrated an extraordinary Christmas. Kian Macrae, Sales Director for the popular Peppadew brand, paid a visit to Tzaneen today to hand over a cheque to the value of R108 000 to the Delsoulliers who run the home for more than 50 children. This year, Macrae and his team returned with a cheque to the value of R120 000. Sylvie and her husband Remi, were delighted

and rather emotional when Macrae handed over the surprise donation which will be put to good use on the property. “We cannot thank you enough,” said Sylvie, “it is humbling to receive such a huge donation and to think that so many of these people who have never met us in person, were so compassionate. We feel so loved.” Macrae explained that the initiative was started after Peppadew directors decided to enter a team into the annual 94.7 Cycle Challenge. Considering their long history with Noah’s Ark, it was decided that this would be the charity to benefit from the funds garnered during the race. Peppadew and Noah’s Ark thank every one of the donors who contributed openheartedly to the well-being of the children.

Annetjie néé Grobler, dogter van Kobus en Sandra Grobler, is Saterdag die 14de Desember met Marcel, seun van Danie en Celia Strydom, in die huwelik verbind. Pastoor Malcolm Immelman van AGS El Shaddai Laeveld het die paar in die huwelik bevestig.

André en Louise Nel is Saterdag, die 14de Desember by Shabeni Privaat Oord in Hoedspruit in die huwelik verbind. Die egpaartjie vestig hulself in Tzaneen en is tans op hul wittebrood vir die feestyd.

Some more sugar stockings ■

Joe Dreyer

In keeping with the festive fever and their well-known reputation for giveaways in the form of in-store competitions, the Sugar Store family has once again put smiles on the faces of two of their regular customers. Jeanette Nolte walked away with an LK braai while Zodwa Ndhlazi-Malepe won a picnic basket hamper.


20 December 2019




Granny’s Grumbles - SMOKING

I am a reformed smoker! Now – before all you dedicated smokers turn the page in disgust because you think you’re about to get a lecture on the evils of smoking I can assure you that I long ago gave up trying to get friends and family to change. I stopped smoking more than 40 years ago and I was a dedicated smoker of Texan Plain which should indicate that I was quite serious about the habit. My mother died (aged 49) of emphysema, her sister never made her three score years and ten before coming to an untimely end from the same ailment - and another two of my friends didn’t even make their sixties before they expired. Yes, I know of people who have smoked well into their nineties without any problems - my grandfather was one - he was never without his pipe and some disgusting tobacco that smelt like fresh baboon dung. During the fifties tobacco farmers became instant millionaires due to the world-wide popularity of cigs. Both of my parents smoked and so did all their friends. Most children (especially boys) surreptitiously smoked stompies or whatever they managed to steal from their parents. Parents (even heavy smokers) had no qualms about beating

the living daylights out of any youngster caught taking a puff. I well remember visiting my mother when I was in my early twenties – my twin brother were 14 years of age. My mother was complaining that my brothers insulted her intelligence by assuming that she didn’t know they smoked. “Just walk into the toilet after one of them has come out – you fight your way through the smoke – then they throw the stompies through the window”. During the visit my brothers went off to bed before eight one night – reason given being that the following day they had a lot of sport and school work to catch up on. They had hardly left the room than my mother said that she knew they were going to have an after dinner smoke. “Watch this” – I was frog-marched to their bedroom door where my mother rapped on the door and said she was coming in. Both of them were obviously in the middle of a smoke when the door was thrown open. John managed to get his one hand behind his back and Pete put his hand in his pocket. Spirals of smoke rose from the Pete’s pocket and from John’s back. Mother proceeded to bark out a list of things that she expected them to do within the next few days. Agonised looks indicated that they were smoking Star cigarettes which had no filter and were the cheapest on the market. John eventually made a leap for the door on the pretext that he had to get to the toilet. Obviously they were not stealing mom’s cigarettes – she smoked Life which came in packs of 50 and had filters. And as all the ex-Rhodesians living at Macadamia Village will attest – all the favourite cigs came in 50s. And my reason for writing about cigarettes – well after much thought on the matter I have come to the conclusion that Hollywood was to blame for the incredible never-ending popularity of cigarettes all over the world. Can anybody

think of a film made in the fifties, sixties or seventies that did not have the stars either blowing smoke rings or gazing at each other through a haze of cigarette smoke? If the man was a gambler (and good-looking to boot) he obviously smoked cigars and the build-up to actually getting the cigar between his teeth could make many a young lady swoon. And - believe it or not Vivian Leigh (she of Gone with the Wind fame) actually disliked kissing Clark Gable due to his bad breath. Upon investigation (via Mr Google) I assumed that the bad breath was due to his smoking three packs of fags a day – but evidently she herself puffed away at four packs a day. It appeared that every Hollywood Star was a walking advertisement for some cigarette or the other. Cowboys always advertised Lucky Strike except the hero of the forties – Roy Rogers who was super-clean. can always tell the age of TV movies – if the stars are smoking it’s an old movie. If there’s no sign of a smoke then it’s from the last twenty years. Don’t know how old Homicide Hunter is but Joe Kenda appears to smoke in each episode to actually irritate non-smokers…he makes a point of throwing stompies around and delights in having overflowing ashtrays. Finally, the one complaint I have about smokers is their tendency to throw their stompies in my garden...and upon seeing my anguished look say “Don’t you know that tobacco is good for the garden?”. Of course I know that tobacco is good for the garden – I used to go to the tobacco auction floors and collect all their scrap tobacco to throw on my grass. However, a mutilated stompie which is full of pure nicotine and takes between 18 months and ten years to decompose is busy contaminating the soil, killing good bugs and making my place look like part of the municipal dump. And on that cheerful and thought-provoking sentence I will finish off with a quote from Mark Twin.



“Giving up smoking is easy I know because I’ve done it thousands of times”.


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Briewe • Letters Pioniers inwoners sê dankie

Wishing all our loyal readers and customers a festive season!

Die inwoners van Pioniers woonstelle in Grensstraat het vanjaar die moeilike ekonomiese tyding met die hulp van lede van gemeenskap oorleef. Nie net is daar weekliks vir die bejaarde ooms en tannies die heerlikste vars vrugte en groente afgelewer nie, maar die munisipaliteit-beheerde kompleks se buitegebiede is opgegradeer en opgeknap deur ‘n handjievol plaaslike sakelui. Die inwoners van hierdie kompleks wil baie graag dankie sê aan die publiek wat hulle so onverpoos ondersteun. Thys Steynberg, Tzaneen Koelkamers, Andre Albertyn, ZZ2, Bridelia Boerdery op Levubu en die talle anonieme skenkers word deur hierdie bejaarde gemeenskap ‘n geseënde Kersfees en voorspoedige nuwe jaar toegewens.



20 December 2019



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20 December 2019




James Bond’s action vehicles on display Ash’s New Land Rover Defender 110 from the Norway sequence.

James Bond’s Land Rover Series III from Jamaica. Photos: MotorPress

Jacguar Land Rover South Africa

The special effects supervisor Chris Corbould, stunt coordinator Lee Morrison and stunt driver Mark Higgins gave some insight into creating the spectacular stunt sequences in James Bond’s latest film, No Time To Die. Included in the new display is James Bond’s Land Rover Series III from Jamaica and Ash’s New Land Rover Defender 110 with continuity damage from the Norway sequence. Chris Corbould, the special effects and action vehicles supervisor, said: “The action vehicles team consisted of approximately 20 technicians working in conjunction with numerous engineers from Aston Martin and Jaguar Land Rover. “Initial talks with Aston Martin and Jaguar Land Rover commenced in October 2018, and many detailed conversations were held to discuss the film’s requirements. Aston Martin built eight bespoke DB5’s along with an extensive spares package capable of completing the rapidly evolving action sequence in Matera. They also supplied three Aston Martin V8 cars as used in The Living Daylights film and two of the latest DBS Superleggera”, said Corbould. “At the same time discussions were being held with Jaguar Land Rover to produce the first batch of eight New Land Rover Defenders, a mission shrouded in secrecy as the world had no idea at this stage of the design.” “A number of the DB5’s and the Defenders were fitted out with complete roll cages, safety fuel cells, fire extinguisher systems, hydraulic hand brakes, battery isolators, rally seats and

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five-point harnesses. Q Branch gadgets on the DB5 included revolving M134 mini-guns appearing from the dropdown headlights, traditional smoke screen, mines dropping from under the rear bumper and an LED number plate creating a modern take on the Goldfinger (1964) revolving version.” “Other vehicles that played special roles in the film include Bond’s Land Rover Series 111, a Royal Alloy GT125 scooter used in Jamaica, and a Triumph Scrambler motorbike used in Matera.” “I think the audience will be thrilled to see the DB5 in full battle mode driving at speed through the streets of the historic Matera in Italy. As the city is built on the side of a hillside, the balconies, roofs and gardens created a natural amphitheatre, and the public clapped and applauded whenever the iconic Bond car was in action.” No Time To Die is Chris Corbould’s 15th James Bond film and his 9th as the special effects supervisor. Lee Morrison, the stunt coordinator, said: “I’m the No Time To Die stunt coordinator, responsible for a team of 100 professional stunt people. It’s my fifth Bond film, and the stunts get bigger and more ambitious every time.” “All the vehicles we used in the film performed brilliantly. We knew we wanted to achieve something off-road and the New Defender didn’t disappoint. We put the vehicles through the most extreme conditions in a chase sequence, and they were unstoppable, said Morrison.” “The three Triumph scramblers and the Tiger 900 we used were specially modified to handle the rigours of the action sequences in Norway and Italy,

part of which can be seen in the first trailer. I’m really proud of the stunts we created, and I’m excited to see the audience reaction when the film is released.” Mark Higgins, the stunt driver, said: “I drove the DB5’s in No Time To Die. Eight stunt replica cars were designed and built for the film, they all had a role to play in different configurations and were fantastic and rewarding to drive, it’s a very special car.” “We filmed in Italy for seven weeks in the summer. Matera is an incredible city, but a challenging environment for a car chase with its narrow cobbled streets, low grip and lots of people around.” “No Time To Die is my fourth Bond film. It was a great job to work on, and I can’t wait to see the finished sequence in April.” The No Time To Die trailer can be viewed at and behind-the-scenes with the New Defender can be seen at https://www. The Bond In Motion at the London Film Museum, in association with EON Productions, has over 100 individual original items on display from the James Bond film series including concept drawings, storyboards, scripts, model miniatures, costumes and fullsize cars, boats, and motorbikes. Since 1948 Land Rover has been manufacturing authentic 4x4’s that represent true breadth of capability across the model range. Defender, Discovery, Discovery Sport, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover, Range Rover Velar and Range Rover Evoque each define the world’s SUV sectors, with 80 per cent of this model range exported to over 100 countries.

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Principal The candidate must be proficient in the following: • Committed Christian • Ministry minded • Recognized Professional Qualification • SACE Registered • Computer Literate • School Management Experience • Police clearance

Grade R Teacher and Senior Phase Teacher The candidate must be proficient in the following: • Committed Christian • Ministry minded • Recognized Professional Qualification • SACE Registered • Computer Literate • Teaching Experience Preferred • Police clearance Your CV with certified copies of ID, professional qualifications and references can be hand delivered to the school office or sent via e-mail to

(ONLY short listed applicants will be invited to an interview for a possible selection).

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Letaba Technical Vocational Education & Training College Letaba TVET College consists of 3 Campuses situated in Giyani, Maake and Tzaneen with an additional Campus at Kgapane Township (former Modjadji College of Education). The College offers the following qualifications at its 4 Campuses:

MAAKE CAMPUS (015 355 3429/30)

GIYANI CAMPUS (015 812 3221)

TZANEEN CAMPUS (015 307 4438)

Business Management (N4I, N4, N5, N6) Electrical Engineering (N1, N2, N3) Mechanical Engineering (N1, N2, N3) Civil Engineering and Building Construction (Level 2, 3, 4) Engineering and Related Design (Level 2, 3, 4) Transport and Logistics (Level 2, 3, and 4) Pre-Vocational Learning Programme (PLP)

Human Resource Management (N4I, N4, N5, N6) Marketing Management (N4I, N4, N5, N6) Electrical Engineering (N1, N2, N3, N4, N5, N6) Office Administration (Level 2, 3, 4) Management (Level 2, 3, 4) Electrical Infrastructure Construction (Level 2, 3, 4) Engineering and Related Design (Level 2, 3, 4) Pre-Vocational Learning Programme (PLP)

Business Management (N4I, N4, N5, N6) Human Resource Management (N4I,N4, N5, N6) Management Assistant (N4I, N4, N5, N6) Finance, Economics and Accounting (Level 2, 3, 4) Office Administration (Level 2, 3, 4) Tourism (Level 2, 3, 4)

MODJADJI CAMPUS (015) 307 5440 (Direct line to Central Office) Civil Engineering (Bricklaying and Plumbing) (N1, N2, N3) and Occupational Programmes

The College will be re-opening for admission of new students from 06 January 2020 until 15 January 2020 for walk in applications only focusing on the programmes with low enrolment. Prospective students, who meet the minimum requirements provided by NSFAS, will be assisted with the application process. Qualifying students should provide proof that their annual household income does not exceed R350 000,00. Returning students will receive their results from 08 January 2020 at their respective Campuses and registration will commence thereafter. The College wishes to take this opportunity to congratulate all Matriculants who have successfully completed their final examination. Letaba TVET College will be awaiting your arrival in 2020 to assist with building a beautiful future for yourselves.

The College will re-open on 02 January 2020. Admission for the 2020 academic year will commence on 06 January 2020.

The College will be available for assistance with related enquiries on the following media: 079 523 5426 or or Find us on social media on: Facebook@letabatvetcollege Twitter@letabatvet or Instagram@letabatvetcollege.

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Some wise travel tips from veteran Holgate

■ Jeff Jackson For the many South African holiday seekers preparing for road trips to Mozambique, seasoned explorer and Land Rover ambassador Kingsley Holgate has some basic tips to ensure a smoother and more enjoyable travel experience. The most travelled man in Africa, together with son and expedition team leader Ross Holgate, have border-hopped into Mozambique with their Land Rovers more than 50 times over three decades. While many South African sun-seekers are well-versed in negotiating these borders, Kingsley has some valuable knowledge to offer his fellow adventurers.

“We’ve experienced the Zen of travel for more than 30 years,” Holgate said. “There’s no reason why crossing African borders needs to be a stressful experience. In fact, safe passage can be easier accomplished if approached with a relaxed attitude.” “Many travelers reach a level of anxiety ahead of a border crossing and wrongly begin preparing for confrontation. Instead, prepare to make friends. A positive approach can go a long way toward a pleasant relationship with border officials”, Holgate advised. “Be cordial. A friendly smile, peaceful hand on a shoulder or sociable pat on the back can mean the difference between proceeding to your destina-

tion quickly and being stuck in a lengthy standoff. This advice will ring true for any border in Africa.” “The Kosi Bay and Komatiport (Lebombo) posts might be the most common and direct routes for South African travelers, but be prepared to wait in queues up to kilometres long, especially in the holiday season. Why spend hours parked and waiting when you could spend far more enjoyable time on the road?” “The Giriyondo gate in the Kruger National Park is bound to be a quieter crossing into Mozambique and offers another element to the journey with animal sightings in one of the greatest reserves on earth.” “My personal favourite route for getting to Mozambique is through Swaziland. It’s only around R50 to enter the Kingdom of Eswatini, and fuel is also cheaper there. The more stamps in your passport the better, so earn a few more by crossing through the Goba or Namaacha posts.” “By law officials in Mozambique are required to speak basic English, but negotiations can be eased with some reciprocal language learnings. Get familiar with some friendly greetings in Portuguese.” “Good morning (bom dia), good afternoon (boa tarde) and good evening (boa noite) could be just the icebreakers needed to solve tricky situations. Even just a friendly hello (hola) or how are you (como esta) could come in handy.” “Keep lines of communication open with friends and family at home as well. Make sure someone is aware of your rough travel timetable and expected whereabouts on certain days.” “There’s no need for me to express the obvious

importance of passports, ID documents and driving licences, but there’s other paperwork to consider when driving into foreign countries from South Africa.” “If the vehicle you’re travelling in belongs to someone outside of your party you’ll need a letter of permission from the owner to take it across the border. The same is true if the vehicle is financed from a bank. Obtain a letter from the financial institution giving permission to take it into Mozambique. Make copies of all these documents, including the aforementioned obvious ones, and keep them safe.” “Pay special attention at passport control to make sure your books are actually stamped before proceeding. Incorrect entry stamps or lack thereof could mean hassles when leaving the country.” “While payload space is often occupied by loads of holiday gear, it’s advisable to keep some room for necessary tools, spares and a first aid kit.” “Make sure your spare wheel is properly inflated and jack is in place and functional. If your vehicle makes use of locking wheel nuts, double check that the key socket is safely stored in case you need to change a wheel.” “A medical kit can be useful to treat minor injuries, but it can also help save a life in worst case scenarios so make sure yours is packed and full of necessary items. Mozambique is also a high-risk malaria area, so take precautions to prevent infection. If you or anyone in your group begins feeling symptoms such as headaches, chills, nausea or fever, don’t hesitate to get treatment. This could save yours or someone else’s life.”

Rodney Dey opens new art gallery in town ■ Roelof de Jonge Rodney Dey from Tzaneen is a local artist who opened and established the new Rodney Dey Art Home Gallery from Tuesday the 10th of December until Saturday the 14th of December. Dey said his passion for art started off as a part time hobby and he has never been an artist before, although he always had a love for art. About three years ago Dey decided to take on art and became

quite a creative artist in a short period of time. So much so his art improved that his collection of art pieces started to grow and with the encouragement of his wife Adele, he decided to open the Rodney Dey Art Home Gallery. Dey said that the exhibition will continuously be changed with new and existing art pieces. Some of the art pieces on display can be purchased while some on display are from Dey’s personal collection and not for sale. The mediums Dey specializes in ranges from fibre pens on paper to mixed pencil and crayon, combinations of fibre pens and pencil and acrylic on canvas and paper. Dey advised interested art lovers that it is essential to place bookings in advance since space especially concerning parking is very limited. The Rodney Dey Art Home Gallery is situated at number 2 Kimley Park on the corner of Hendrik van Schalkwyk and Pieter Joubert Streets in Aqua Park. For bookings persons can contact Rodney Dey at 073 315 9969 or Adele Dey at 073 350 7276.




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Lim golfers hampered at windy IPT

The Limpopo U/19 IPT team under the captaincy of James Vorster (front right) and team manager Jean Sadie (front, middle) from the Limpopo Golf Union. Photos: Limpopo Golf Union

■ Roelof de Jonge The Limpopo golf team that took part in the South African U/19 Inter-Provincial Tournament (IPT) that started on Monday the 9th of December at the Ernie Els Signature Course at the Oubaai Golf, Hotel and Spa in Herolds Bay, completed a tournament, most would much rather forget. It ended on Friday the 13th of December. Not only did the Limpopo team have to contend with blasting winds all through the competition which they are not used to, but also against some of the country’s best junior golf players. And especially for the captain, James Vorster, from the Hoërskool Ben Vorster who along with his team, could not get used to the conditions on a challenging coastal course. For Vorster this tournament was his last as a junior player for the Limpopo golf union since being part of the junior golf players since the age of 13. From next year on, he will move up the ladder to the senior ranks. In the first round on Monday, Limpopo was found wanting by Mpumalanga’s team that went on to win 8-4. The match that probably shook the foundations of the Limpopo golfers however, was against KwaZulu-Natal. This coastal team relished in the windy conditions and being on a rampage after being relegated to the B-Section of this tournament last year, they were in steamroller-mode and eventually stampeded Limpopo with a 11.5-0,5 triumph. KwaZulu-Natal went on to win the B-Section in fine style to be promoted back into the A-Section

of the SA U/19 ITP. On the second day of the tournament Limpopo enjoyed a bye which gave them time to regroup. In the first match Eastern Province stamped their authority by winning the contest 11-1. The match later the day against Northern Cape gave Limpopo’s team a glimmer of hope that all might not be lost when they drew the match 6-6. In the fourth round the Limpopo golfers came up against the side of the Free State and again had to contend with windy conditions more suitable for a kite flying championship than playing competitive golf. Both these inland teams gave it all their worth in an exciting match with Limpopo giving the Free State golfers a proper run for their money. In the end the Free State just managed to edge Limpopo out with a score of 6,5-5,5. Limpopo finished the tournament off with another defeat against Border. The Border team won the match with a score of 7,5 against Limpopo’s tally of 4,5. Limpopo finished the tournament in sixth place overall on 1 point, level with the Northern Cape in seventh place. The points Limpopo accumulated in all their matches was 21,5 against the 14,5 of the Northern Cape which made the difference. The B Section winners KwaZulu-Natal was followed by the side of Border with Eastern Province taking up the third place. In fourth place overall was Mpumalanga followed by the Free State with Limpopo and Northern Cape filling up the rest of the overall position.

Covering their faces against howling coastal winds at the national U/19 IPT at Herolds Bay’s Oubaai course certainly helped the Limpopo team to keep dust and sand from blowing in their faces.

Sport 20 December 2019

Lim cricket battle SA’s best ■ Roelof de Jonge

In conclusion of another exciting and testing school cricket year, the country’s best cricket players competed and showcased their talents during the 2019 Momentum National Weeks during the first two weeks of December. This National Weeks for provincial schools teams is a key point for Cricket South Africa’s (CSA) development pipeline and provides for promising cricketers for the future. This tourney offer young talents the opportunity to perform on a national platform as they continue their journey through the ranks, with the dream of representing their country from the South Africa U/19 level up to the Standard Bank Proteas team. On Monday the 16th of December the Limpopo U/19 team played in their first match against the side of Border in the annual Coca Cola Khaya Majola U/19 Week. Border won this match by 7 wickets. Border won the toss and elected to send Limpopo in to bat first. Limpopo posted 77 runs all out. In reply Border posted 103/10. This timed game with no more than 75 overs per innings saw Limpopo add 70 runs to their scorecard, albeit for the loss of 5 wickets in their allocated time. Border posted 45 runs for the loss of 5 wickets to seal the match in their favour. On Tuesday the 17th of December Limpopo’s U/19 side came up against South Western Districts (SWD) in another timed cricket match for round 2. The first day of the U/17 tournament on the 11th of December at the Despatch Cricket Ground did not start off on a positive note for Limpopo. The Eastern Cape Invitational XI won this timed cricket match by 179 runs. On the second day of the tournament Limpopo’s U/17’s made amends for their loss the previous day by beating the Northern Cape by 105 runs. In the first innings Limpopo posted 87/10 whereas

Northern Cape could only manage 40 runs for the loss of 10 wickets. In the second innings Limpopo flexed their muscles with 103 runs for the loss of 5 wickets. With some formidable bowling and fielding Limpopo restricted their opponents to just 45 runs for the loss of 5 wickets. On Friday the 13th of December Limpopo once again contested in a match against Northern Cape, this time in a 20/20 overs fixture. Northern Cape won the toss and elected to field first. Limpopo set a target of 113/7 in their 20 overs for their opponents to chase down. Once again Limpopo’s bowling and fielding came to the party as they restricted the Northern Cape batsmen to 77

Michael Mc Nichol

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runs, all out after 17.3 overs to win by 36 runs. Later the day Limpopo came up against the side of Northerns for the next 20/20 overs clash. Limpopo won the toss and elected to send the Northerns batsmen in first to set the target. Northerns posted 107 in their allocated 20 overs and in reply Limpopo made 102/8, but with no overs to spare Northerns won by 5 runs. In the 50 overs format, Limpopo came up against the team of North West. Limpopo fielded first and restricted North West to 177 runs all out in the 43rd over. In reply, Limpopo made the target, with a score of 178/8 to win this game by two wickets. In the last match of the tournament Limpopo faced the side of Border in another 50 overs fixture. Limpopo having won the toss and elected to send Border in first to bat, the Limpopo boys restricted their opponents to 183/9 after 50 overs. Limpopo on a high from their previous win against North West, batted well in reply to win by two wickets, scoring 187/8 after 47.5 overs.

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