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Fear lessl y the tr uth 11 Mei 2012

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GTM disgraced Francois Aucamp

In yet another

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Tolmay brought an urgent application in the North Gauteng High Court, claiming that the tender process was flawed. Judge Tuchten found that QPH had indeed made out a prima facie case supporting their allegation that the tender process was flawed. The nett result of the urgent interdict is that all work on the project had to be stopped and

everybody now has to wait for a review application. QPH’s attorney, Mr Stephan van Rensburg, said they will file a review application by Monday, so as to finalise the matter as quickly as possible. The matter that we reported about in March revolved around the construction of a road between Sasekani and Nkowankowa. Mac P Construction filed an urgent application against the GTM and their contractor, Makgetsi Construction Enterprises. In that application the judge found that there was a strong prima facie possibility of serious irregularities in the tender process. Judge Tuchten did not spare the rod and said it is of paramount importance that the residents of a town can expect their local government to make rational decisions and act reasonable in all circumstances. A prominent resident of Tzaneen who prefers not to be dragged into a debate in the media said to us yesterday “the GTM is now on the same road of perdition as the Mopani District Municipality, wasting ratepayers’ money to try and defend their botched work”. The Bulletin has information pertaining to at least four more entities that are busy with litigation against the GTM and many more millions might be needed to settle these matters. Watch this space.

he was arrested in a police trap in February 2010. The trap was held within the Musina area, with the aim of catching corrupt officials who sabotage the course of justice by predetermining the sentence of vehicle theft cases by means of a plea agreement. The three accused allegedly also received bribe money in murder and rape cases. The case against Rambau and his co-accused, prosecutor Estene Willemse and attorney T E Lubisi, is set to continue in Musina on 21 May. All three pleaded not guilty to the charges. Rambau was also accused of compiling a hit list, allegedly conspiring to have some of the witnesses murdered. He was arrested in January 2011, after a warrant for his arrest

was issued in Giyani. This case was withdrawn in August last year, presumably to give the police more time to investigate the allegations. Rambau’s legal representative argued that the case had no merits. In April this year, Rambau’s legal team served papers on no fewer than eleven parties, accusing them of, among others, his unlawful arrest and prosecution. In these papers, the arrest is described as malicious and without reasonable or probable cause. Rambau’s legal team argues that, through these actions, he had been deprived of the preservation of his status as a senior magistrate and suffered physical and psychological trauma whilst in jail. He claims just over R21 million in damages from the parties, which include the police officers who arrested him and investigated the case, the national director of public prosecutions and the Ministers of Police and Justice. — LiN Media/Zoutpansberger

uth Fear lessl y the tr R3

NO for GT M tender

2 Maart 2012

Rumour has it that was awarded to Makgetsi. and Selby Conthere is a link between Makgetsi preferred Francois Aucamp struction, one of the GTM’s seemingly civil construction companies. & Swanepoel Mr Louis Erasmus of Thomas fired in the North Mac P’s attorney The first shots have been Attorneys in Tzaneen is is now referred SC was comGauteng High Court in what and Advocate Dawie Fourie observers as ”the the applicant. Mr to by informed local political for appear to missioned of trouble”. there was a strong and his wife, Ms beginning of the GTM’s season Makapane Colin Modipa Mac P ling the court found that The court ruled for the well-knownthe ap- prima facie possibility of serious irregularities MM Modipa, are the directors of Mac P. Tzaneen, indicating that Construction (Pty) Ltd of The Bulletin has information the GTM and in the tender process. are Reginah the cards for the plicant, in an interdict against The members of Makgetsi a number of claims are on CC in an and Makgetsi Lordwick GTM. One developer who has asked not to be Makgetsi Construction Enterprises by the GTM Sekibela Mahalefa with litigation to Mahalefa’s address is application regarding a tender identified at this stage is busy for the con- Samson Manthatha. (Greater Tzaneen Municipality) Aqua Park, Tzaneen, whilst slam the GTM with a R20 million claim, whilst Sasekani and 33 Aqua Lane, a sub1357 Industrial struction of the road between Manthatha’s address is another developer is also contemplating D3763). The CC’s registered ad- stantial claim against the GTM. Nkowankowa (known as the that the respon- Street, Lenyenye. and/or other The court has also ruled Village, Magogwe, Mafikeng, A number of other claims who opposed dress is Tloung is one M B dents, the GTM and Makgetsi, entity’s accounting officer action are also being considthe legal and of forms applicant’s the the application, have to pay from Chloorkop. according to our information. has been fro- Mhangwana R33 223 649,84 ered, cost. In the mean time the project The tender to the amount of 3 April. In the ruzen, pending a revision on

Season of Trouble

road works tender incident the Greater Tzaneen Municipality (GTM) has ‘Dwelmsmous’ in GLM badly Tzaneen gevang in the red been disgraced in court again — only five weeks after the Bulletin exclusively reported about a court ruling against the GTM in another matter. We warned on the front page of our 3 March edition that “the GTM’s season of trouble has begun”. It now seems that it could become a hectic and long season for the GTM — and very costly too, since they were ordered to pay all costs in the previous ruling and in the latest ruling the judge again made a cost ruling against the GTM! The latest problem revolves around a R10 million tender for the construction of a “new” Claude Wheatley Street along the Letaba River. Makasana Construction’s tender for the work was accepted by the GTM, despite the fact that Makasana had initially been disqualified. Quality Plant Hire (QPH) of Mr Ettienne Foto: Louis Roux

waar dwelms weg van die perseel Dwelmsmouse versteek bietjies Hier ondersoek in die mik van ‘n boom. tydens hulle woon, byvoorbeeld heroïenbehandelde kleefpapier het. ‘n polisiebeampte tik en Tzaneen, waarop ons afgekom verlede week se klopjag in

‘n Nigeriese dwelmsmokkelaar is Vrydag aan die buitedie wyke van Tzaneen deur hy polisie vasgetrek, nadat met ‘n verskeidenheid dwelms in besit betrap is. op Terwyl die polisie hom

‘n die perseel ondervra het, het het, vrou wat dwelms gesoek hom gebel. Sy het in ‘n goudvoor kleurige nutsvoertuig hom die Highgrove Hotel op r gewag. Die registrasienomme • Na bl 9 van die voertuig

The Greater Letaba Municipality receiving is badly in the red after auditor an adverse report from the general (AG) on its performance year. during the past financial the questioning report, The of more disappearance or records the than R135 million, accused irregular unauthorised, GLM of – thus and wasteful expenditure deciding on an adverse opinion. the The AG lashed out against who did GLM’s audit committee, the by not function as required act. municipal finance management review the The committee did not and did annual financial statements a year. not meet at least four times as the Another body functioning committee audit performance by required as perform did not municipal planning and performance least twice management to meet at

or during the financial year, review the quarterly reports It of the internal auditors. an also failed to submit auditor’s report to the council regarding the performance management system, which should be done at least twice during the financial year. did The internal audit unit by the not function as required and the financial management act GLM failed to develop mechanisms, for processes and systems auditing the results of performance measurement as required. that the The report added did not management of the GLM of the audit monitor the effectiveness committee, while the accounting oversight exercise to failed cer offi financial over responsibility reporting. (CFO) did “The chief financial officer disclosed not ensure that amounts agree in the financial statements and to supporting schedules standards documents. Accounting were incorrectly applied.” the GLM This report is bad news for report for after it received a qualified the previous financial year.

‘n Pragtige en talentvolle jong dame van Tzaneen is in die nuus in Australië

— bl 7

Bekende veearts van Tzaneen in knyp oor skedule 6-medisyne


Well-known hotelier Guy Matthews dies after long illness


Vrou by kitsbank in Tzaneen oorval en van R5 000 beroof


Motoriste is opstandig oor die chaos met die werkery aan die R71 weerskante van Tzaneen; en oor skade aan hul voertuie.

Senior magistrate tackles police The senior regional magistrate from Musina, previously from Tzaneen and Giyani, accused of accepting a bribe to influence a court case, has hit back and sued several parties for unlawful arrest and defamation. Senior Regional Magistrate Ronnie Rambau made the headlines on several occasions over the past year. Along with two other officials,

— bl 3

‘n Modderstorting het Vrydag-voordag die lewe van ‘n plaaswerker geëis. Lees verder op bladsy 3 oor die dramatiese voorval in Georges Valley.

Daar is ‘n nuwe derby waaraan Ben Vorster gaan deelneem. Die besonderhede oor die wat, wie, waar en wanneer hiervan is op bladsy 4.

3 Februarie


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Hoedspru it onder wate r; so het dit uit die lug ge lyk

Premier Ma thale must go!

Pressure is mounting on Limpop Cassel Mat o Premier hale ed youth mov to resign, with an accr head. In the ement the latest to call editmea for his in the spotligh ntime Mathale’s wife is also that the Poli t, after it has been ann oun ce and the Hawks hav ced firmed that e con they are inve stigating her. -

There seem s to be alm pertaining ost no end to corrupti on, tenderpr to the scandals nepotism eneurship, and bad go fraud, vernance in general • His busines s

connection • Mathale’s s are well-kn mu own in bot • Salaries wen lti-million Rand bus iness empire h politics and busines t up by 80% • Mathale s extends bey • R80 has splashe ond Limpop d out R½ mil nett profit from a R12 o 1 million asse lion for stat Some of Ma e-of-the-art t thale’s asso furniture for base! • Thaba Mu ciates are: his office famadi and Magoebask his

Lugfoto’s met erke Tom van der nning aan Meulen

Manaka Property Inv estments • Jannie Mo olman, wel l-known buil magnate of ding Polokwane • Jimmy Kou rtom bellides, Limpopo pow er player and well-known multi-millio aire busines nsman

loof’s spectac ular tea farm been ruined s have Mamphoku- by the beneficiaries, the Mak Now the dep goba Community Tru artment of st. agriculture taken back has control of the farms.

Turn to pa ge 3 for mo Vroeg in Februarie vanjaar ons re dehet tails skokkende inligting oor die moontlike betrokkenheid van Limpopo se Premier, mnr Cassel Mathale, gepubliseer. Nou haal dit die dagblaaie se hoofopskrifte!


11 Mei 2012


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te hou!

Maritza Swanepoel Goeie voorstel, Chris. En dan kan hulle met die kleingeld mense behoorlik oplei en ordentlike omheining opsit om die diere veilig

Gert Van Der Westhuizen Hy verdien dit. Wat gaan eendag oorbly om vir ons kinders te wys, net ‘n foto? Sulke varke moet in die tronk gegooi word en die sleutel ver weggegooi word. Soos hulle tans aangaan, gaan die renosters teen die einde van die jaar uitgewis wees. Well done vir die mense wat hom gevang het. Alles in die lewe gaan nie net om geld nie.

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Pedagogiese Petaljes

Vlieg praat met die Volk en krap waar dit jeuk...

Vlieg is dankbaar, en hy is seker so ook is sekere pedagoë en besmeerraadlede dankbaar dat daar die laaste week of twee ander stories opgeduik het om die aandag ‘n bietjie van die derby-debakel af te trek. Vlieg dink hier onwillekeurig aan Etoli, Place of Tolls, die her-dreigemente van die dorp se grootdoop, Victor se terugkeer as Bokkaptein, of (hopelik) nie, en natuurlik die langverwagte ontdekking van die G-kol! Maar voordat die opvoedkundiges nog meer op hul louere rus as gewoonlik, moet Vlieg hulle herinner daaraan dat hulle nog steeds met ‘n Vliegoog dopgehou word, al dink hulle nie so nie. Magnum MooEye en sy besmeerraadkamerade het v.i. (Vliegs insiens) nou wel die derby-toets gedop, ten spyte daarvan dat hulle tot dusver vriend en vyand op ander terreine beïndruk het. Gelukkig is daar nog genoeg van die jaar oor om te herstel en symste vriend en vyand hou hulle fyn dop. Vlieg oorweeg dit selfs om hierdie komende winter ‘n das by sy

kortmouhemp te dra. Dit lyk vir Vlieg ook of daar darem nou nie meer asem opgehou word duskant die dam nie. Vlieg en heel ander vriende en vyande is dit eens dat Den Yssen begin smelt het toe dit eers uit die Swart skaduwee uitgekom het en nogal goed afgaan. Nogal ‘n aangename verfrissende lafenis. Dis net dat Vlieg ‘n reguit vorentoe handskud gewoond is, en sukkel nog om daai “move” reg te kry! Vlieg en vriende en vyande is selfs verras oor die Primêre sportvertonings wat Willeswaar met rasse skrede verbeter het. Maar daar is tog ‘n groot bekommernis oor die voorgestelde oplossing daarvoor om te keer dat die akademiese program so inmeng met al die aktiwiteite, al is dit dan net Maandagaktiwiteite! Dit mag dalk op die oog af na ‘n Rijn gedagte lyk om die akademiese toetse sommer summier af te stel, maar Vlieg is nie so seker oor die opvoedkundige waarde daarvan nie. Yes, Yes, Yes?

Die mense hoor

Let wel: Hulle sê nie so nie! • Wimpie sê dit is nie net die stof wat trek as daai seiljag anker gooi in Houtbaai nie, dit gebeur so vinnig, weet Wimpie te vertel, dat jy eintlik net sien klippe spat... • Dit is nie net seiljagte wat so kan briek trek nie, die nuwe Toyota is self nie ‘n stuk gereedskap om te onderskat nie. Dit versnel weer so vinnig dat jy net klippe sien spat... • As mense meer hieroor wil weet, kan hulle skryf om te vra vir ‘n geleentheid om die sieljag van naderby te beskou. Of die Toyota. Rig u brief aan: Snuffels, PK Hout-

baai, Kaap... • Die ou rakker met die kapoen sportmotor (nie Avis s’n nie!) is nog springlewendig as die bevolkingsaanwas aandag verdien. As daar nou nie êrens ‘n short gekom het in die bedradings nie, is hy kapabel en help verder... • Barend sê toe die verkeersman hom vra om uit te klim en hy vir die verkeersman sê “ek is te dronk om uit te klim, klim jy maar in”, het hy die diener so ge-”rattle” dat hy maar net kon lag en vir hom, dis nou Barend, gesê het hy moet maar sy ry kry......

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Mothers hold their child’s hand for a while but their heart forever.

Shortage of medicine worries The medicine shortage at the Letaba, Phalaborwa and Van Velden hospitals has deteriorated to a point where it has now become critical. Bulletin has made a number of enquiries about the situation since the beginning of the year, but is has been flatly denied that any shortages have been experienced. However, we have reliably learnt that the Mediclinic Tzaneen has been requested to help with medical supplies a number of times in the past couple of months. In the meantime the DA leader in Limpopo, Ms Desiree van der Walt, and members of her team, have been done a survey. They found that there was indeed a serious shortage of essential medical supplies. She announced on Tuesday that she will be writing to the MEC of Health and Social Development, dr Norman Mabasa, to seek an urgent meeting with him, to discuss the issue of the

Still no text books

Urgent forensic investigation urged by DA shortage of medicine in Limpopo’s public health care system. This situation is largely attributable to the irregular awarding of pharmaceutical contracts and the mismanagement of Limpopo’s provincial pharmaceutical depot in Seshego. The worrying situation at the depot was revealed to the DA last week by concerned employees at the depot, who spoke to them on condition that that they remained anonymous. Van der Walt says the employees pointed out serious illegal activities at the depot. “Serious allegations of a collusion between private pharmacists and officials at the depot to exchange drugs that are about to expire with

An urgent application in the High Court against the minister of basic education and the Limpopo department of education in relation to their failure to procure and deliver textbooks for pupils in Limpopo will be heard on Monday. The academic year is almost halfway gone, yet pupils in Grades R, 1, 2, 3 & 10 still do not have textbooks. Textbooks have not been ordered and there is no indication as to when

fresh stock. Theft of drugs also seem to be rife at the depot. “Conditions at the depot are so deplorable that medicine to save lives shouldn’t be kept there. During our meeting with the employees, it transpired that all these problems began to emerge when the warehousing, procurement of medicine and distribution was outsourced by the department to Vuna Healthcare Solutions in 1995. “Allegedly this company has close ties with members of the ruling party”, Van der Walt said. “When the outsourcing deal had come to an end, the department officially hired the former manager of Vuna to oversee the depot. “The MEC must urgently intervene to ensure that our province enjoys an adequate and uninterrupted supply of medicine. He should also launch a forensic investigation, to root out corruption in the awarding of pharmaceutical contracts,” she said.

final orders for textbooks will be submitted. The application asks for an order directing the departments: To provide textbooks to pupils who have been without textbooks since the commencement of the academic year; and To put in place a “catch-up” plan to provide additional classes to pupils until their lost curriculum is recovered.

Limpopo-skole kry ‘n geelkaart Limpopo se rugbyskeidsregters is keelvol vir die voortdurende beledigings en selfs dreigemente waarmee hulle op skolevlak getreiter word, en hulle het nou die spreekwoordelike streep in die sand getrek. Dreig of beledig (belaster) weer een van ons skeidsregters en hy onttrek daar en dan — en dit beteken ook dat die skeidsregter van die veld sal stap, selfs as ‘n wedstryd al aan die gang is, waarsku mnr Johan Venter, die voorsitter van die Blou Bulle Skeidsregtersvereniging Limpopo. Die onlangse voorval waarin ‘n skeidsregter katswink met die kop deur ‘n skoolseun van Hans Strijdom geslaan is, was die laaste strooi wat betref die fisieke aanranding van ‘n skeidsregter. Die verbale aanvalle op skeidsregters het die fluitjieblasers nou ook keelvol en ‘n voorval die afgelope Saterdag op Lephalale, waar ‘n skeidsregter se karakter glo erg aangetas is, is Maandagaand indringend op ‘n vergadering van die skeidsregters bespreek. ‘n Senior bestuurslid van Limpopo se skolerugbyvereniging het die vergadering bygewoon en moes na verneem word lelik bont staan om te keer dat Limpopo se skeidsregters nie besluit om voortaan nie vir enige rugbywedstryd waarin enige span van die betrokke skool speel, ’n skeidsregter beskikbaar te stel nie.

Daar sal nou ‘n brief aan skole in die provinsie gestuur word, om te waarsku dat as die teistering van skeidsregters voortduur, Limpopo se skeidsregters nie vir wedstryde van skole waarby die wangedrag toegelaat word, beskikbaar sal wees nie. Senior skeidsregters van die vereniging sê dit is sorgwekkend dat dit meesal onderwysers is wat ook rugby afrig, wat nie huiwer om voor die seuns skeidsregters sleg te sê, te beledig en selfs van oneerlikheid te beskuldig nie. Dit is asof ‘n gees van losbandige gebrek aan selfdissipline en skaamtelose belastering van skeidsregters by sommige skole-afrigters uitgebreek het. Dit laat mense wonder of die wenmotief by skole nou so oorheersend geraak het dat alle ander aspekte van die opvoedkunde oorboord gegooi word, sê ‘n oud-skeidsregter wat in ongeloof luister na wat skeidsregters deesdae moet verduur. Venter sê in Limpopo is daar enkele skuldiges wat veroorsaak dat skeidsregters se geduld op is. “Dit is egter nie vir die skeidsregters om voor te skryf hoe die probleem deur skole bestuur moet word nie. Maar ons sal ons skeidsregters beskerm en as afrigters nie dissipline kan handhaaf nie, wat selfdissipline insluit, sal ons gewoon onttrek en dan kan die skole maar sien en kom klaar,” sê Venter.

• Lees ook ons ”Kommentaar” op bladsy 6. Francois Aucamp


11 Mei 2012


Johan in sy fleur weggeskeur Een van Letsitele se nuwe geslag-boere, mnr Johann van Veijeren (28), is Saterdagaand na ‘n motorongeluk op die Eiland-pad (by die ingang na mnr Milan Thalwitzer se plaas) dood, toe sy voertuig van die pad geloop en teen ‘n palmboom gebots het. Van Veijeren was ‘n oud-leerling van die Hoërskool Ben Vorster. Na dat hy afgestudeer het, het hy saam met sy pa, Gustav, op die plaas Constantia gaan boer. Hy is verlede jaar op 16 April met me Candice Schulze getroud. Hy word oorleef deur sy vrou Candice, sy seun, Gus-

tav (Klein Dude), sy ouers, Gustav en Sarie, en sy suster, Karla. Wyle Johan het aktief aan boerderybe-drywighede deelgeneem en was ‘n bestuurslid van hul plaaslike boerevereniging. Sy ouers is prominent en meelewend in die gemeenskapslewe. Die familie het gevra om die geleentheid te gebruik om almal vir gebede, ondersteuning, oproepe, boodskappe, besoeke, ensovoorts, te bedank. Dit word opreg gewaardeer en dra hulle deur die moeilike tyd. ‘n Gedenkdiens vir Johan is Woensdag in die NG Kerk Letsitele gehou.


11 Mei 2012


Kyk wie’s terug

Die Wimpy in die Tzaneng Mall in Tzaneen spog met ‘n personeelkorps waarvan verskeie lede al lang jare by hulle werk. Me Agnes Ndzuna is een van die langdienswerkers. Sy het onlangs haar sestigste verjaarsdag gevier. Sy werk al 32 jaar vir die eienaars van die Wimpy (mnr Jan Nieuwenhuizen en sy dogter, me Drinette Walkenshaw). Sy het in 1980 by die ou Wimpy in die Boulevard-gebou gewerk, toe hulle daar oorgeneem het — en sy werk nou al twaalf jaar by die Wimpy in die Tzaneng Mall. REGS BO: Me Lin-Mari Barnard, ‘n oud-leerling van die Hoërskool Ben Vorster, is onlangs met mnr Danie Kruger van Witrivier by Letaba River Lodge in die huwelik bevestig. Die paartjie vestig hulle in Tzaneen.

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Die vrugtesmouse wat deur die hof belet is om in die padreserwe by Letsitele se afrit handel te dryf — en toe verjaag is — is terug. Dié keer net meer van hulle. Dit is die lekkerste van Suid-Afrika: mens hoef jou nie aan die howe te steur nie. Die regering stel die voorbeeld en die bevolking doen

Dis weer tyd vir die NGK Wolkberg se jaarlikse basaar op 25 en 26 Mei. Jan de Wet, trompoppies, mini-ysterman, rommelverkoping, gebak, ingelegte produkte; plante, vars groente, vrugte, vleis, wegneemetes. Hope pret vir die kinders. Navrae: 015 307 4062.

die regering dit na. Intussen raak die straatsmouse by die dag meer in Tzaneen en waar hulle op talle plekke langs die R71 verjaag word, keer hulle die volgende dag (soms sommer nog dieselfde dag!) terug. Die polisie steur hulle ook nie aan wetstoepassing nie. Hulle kan seker nie hul verskaffers verjaag nie.

Op 90 oorlede Me Nancy Mostert, ‘n inwoner van Tzaneen reeds sedert 1940, is op 20 Maart in die ouderdom van 90 jaar dood. Sy laat vier kinders, Jacobus, Cecelia, Tonie en Louisa, asook agt kleinkinders en veertien agterkleinkinders agter.

Now in Tzaneen First aid, basic fire and health & safety rep training Call 071 343 2207 or 072 360 9602

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Not all superheroes wear capes!

‘n Nuwe wêreldrekord vir worsbraai is in Mokopane opgestel, toe ‘n stuk wors van 630,03 meter lank gebraai is. Daar is 277 kilogram beesvleis, 95 kg varkvleis, 20 kg speserye, 2 liter Worcestersous, 1 liter asyn, 5 liter water en 10 bondels derms

Skuiwe by die Bulletin

11 Mei 2012


gebruik, asook ook 2 bakkievragte braaihout. Die braaityd was 1 uur en 30 minute. Dit het 7 mense 9 uur geneem om die monster wors te maak en daar was 38 braaiers!


Retha Nel (bo links) is bevorder tot nuusredakteur van die Bulletin. Sy het twee jaar gelede by ons as joernalis aangesluit, nadat sy ‘n graad in kommunikasiekunde aan die Noordwes Universiteit verwerf het. In haar pos sal sy die redakteur bystaan met die koördinering van nuusinsameling. Yvonne Ndlovu (bo middel) het die einde van April haar jaar internskap by die Bulletin voltooi, en toe besluit om by ons te bly. Sy ontvang haar graad in die joernalistiek later dié maand van die Tshwane Universiteit van Tegnologie (TUT). Sy spesialiseer in bladuitleg en grafiese ontwerp. Percy Mthombeni (bo regs) is een van vier studente wat hul internskap vir die volgende jaar by die Bulletin doen. Hy is ook besig met sy graadstudies in die joernalistiek aan die TUT. Onder links is Martina Jege wat ook vir die volgende jaar haar internskap by ons doen. Sy het ‘n diploma in joernalistiek aan Damelin Kollege verwerf. Langs haar is Amelia de Ridder, wat ook vanjaar haar internskap by die Bulletin doen. Sy het aan die Universiteit van Pretoria gestudeer. Edwin Ramashidja (onder regs) is ook ‘n finale jaar-joernalistiek student aan die TUT wat sy internskap by ons doen. Hy spesialiseer in tipografie en videografie. Die studente se vordering word deurlopend deur die TUT en die Seta vir die mediabedryf gemonitor. Dit is die tweede jaar dat die Bulletin vir opleiding van joernalistiek studente van verskillende tersiêre instellings gekeur is

Our Vision: The creation of a skilled workforce to meet the health and social development needs of all South Africans. Our Mission: The HWSETA endeavours to create and implement an integrated approach for the development and provision of an appropriately skilled workforce that will be empowered to render quality health and social development services that Registration no. 11/HWSETA/01/04/05 are comparable to world-class standards. Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority

Workplace Skills Plan and Implementation Report Workshop Invitation The Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority (HWSETA) would like to take this opportunity to invite all its registered stakeholders to attend a one-day Workplace and Skills Plan and Implementation (WSPIR) Workshop which will focus on the requirements of the WSPIR submission for the 2012-2013 financial year.

Stakeholder representatives should be: • Skills Development Facilitators (SDF) • HR Managers • Training Managers • SMME owners and NGOs in the Health and Social Development Sectors • Training Committee Members and Labour Representatives of all organisations registered with the HWSETA. Topics of Discussion:

• Feedback on the WSPIR submissions for 2011-2012 • Organising Framework of Occupations (OFO) • Demonstration of Online Submission WSPIR 2012 - 2013 • Criteria for approval of the WSPIR • Mandatory Grant Policy • Functions of the Training Committee • Role of Training Committee Members • SDF Registration with HWSETA. Attending is only through confirmed attendance.

To confirm your attendance, please contact one of the offices listed below. A fully completed RSVP form must be submitted to the relevant official by the RSVP date in order to confirm your attendance.

Region Contact Name Contact Details Limpopo & Rosy Mokhopha Tel. (015) 297-2313/2196 Fax: (015) 297-2416 Mpumalanga City Tzaneen Pietersburg

Workshop times: 09:00 - 15:30 Forum Date 22/05/2012 24/05/2012

RSVP Date 15/05/2012 15/05/2012

Please Note: The HWSETA will not be responsible for any travelling or accommodation expenses.

Visit our website at

Human Communications 86823


BESKOU DIT AS ’N GEGEWE PERD WAT JY DALK IN DIE BEK GAAN KYK Elke nou en dan gebeur dit dat ons ’n kans kry wat nie onmiddellik in die oog spring nie. Gevolglik is ons geneig om dit te ignoreer en deur ons vingers te laat glip. Maar mettertyd word dit duidelik dat dit die spreekwoordelike gegewe perd was en kan ons onsself skop dat ons dit nie met albei hande aangegryp het toe ons die kans gehad het nie. Een so ’n kans is die Klassieke 5 Beleggingsreeks van Old Mutual. Vyf handuitgesoekte effektetrusts wat in die jare vorentoe opbrengste sal lewer waarvan jy maar net kon droom. Selfs al sit jy nou net ’n klein bedraggie opsy, kan dit groot uitbetalings beteken, danksy die krag van saamgestelde groei met verloop van tyd. En as jy bang is dit gaan jou te veel bind, ontspan! • Effektetrusts sal jou nie bind nie. • Jy kan binne ’n dag toegang tot jou geld kry – sonder boetes. • Jy kan maandelikse betalings oorslaan. Weer eens, geen boetes nie. • En geen aanvanklike administrasiefooie nie – jou geld werk dus van dag een af vir jou. Soos alle geleenthede in die lewe – hoe gouer jy dit aangryp, hoe beter.






Old Mutual Enhanced Income Fund

Old Mutual Stable Growth Fund

Old Mutual Balanced Fund

Old Mutual Flexible Fund

Old Mutual Top Companies Fund

1. Kontak jou Old Mutual finansiële adviseur of jou makelaar 2. Skakel 0860 WEALTH (932584) 3. Besoek

Old Mutual Investment Group (South Africa) (Pty) Limited is ’n gelisensieerde finansiële diensverskaffer. Effektetrusts is gewoonlik medium- tot langtermynbeleggings. Vorige prestasie is nie ’n aanduiding van toekomstige groei nie. Skommelinge kan oor die korter termyn voorkom, terwyl jou belegging in ooreenstemming met die markte beweeg. Wisselkoersbewegings of -skommelinge kan meebring dat die waarde van onderliggende internasionale beleggings styg of daal. Effektetrusts kan by leen en die uitleen van skrip betrokke wees. Fondswaardasies word daagliks, om en by 15:00, op ’n vooruitprysingsgrondslag gedoen. Die fonds se TOV weerspieël die persentasie van die gemiddelde Netto Batewaarde van die portefeulje wat as koste, heffings en fooie met betrekking tot die bestuur van die portefeulje aangegaan is.


11 Mei 2012


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Ons mening

Die Boodskap

Vrydag 11 Mei 2012

Ds Barry van der Merwe NG Kerk Letsitele

Skole en rugby

Skolerugby het vanjaar al ‘n paar liederlike skandes op hul kerfstok gekry, terwyl die jaar skaars vier maande oud is en die rugbyseisoen slegs twee maande. Die jongste nuus is dat Limpopo se skeidsregters, wat onder die sambreel van die Blou Bulle Rugby-unie sit, nou keelvol is vir skoolseuns wat nog nat agter die ore is, en afrigters wat verteer word deur die wenmotief — en met hul bedenklike gedrag skeidsregters se lewens onnodig vergal. Wat is aan die gang? Het ons dan sulke swak verloorders geraak? Is ons besig om perspektief te verloor in ons verafgoding van ‘n spel? Is ouers deesdae so lamsakkig dat hulle nie meer hul seuns kan dissiplineer en help lei nie? En afrigters (sommige onderwysers)? Het hulle vergeet hulle werk met jong mense wat nog nie emosioneel heel volwasse is en nog nie ryk lewenservaring het nie? Voel hulle in hul eer gekrenk as hul span(ne) verloor? Vergeet hulle dat hul primêre taak steeds is om die kinders akademies by te staan, en dat sport (rugby) nie die alfa en die omega van opvoeding en kennisverryking is nie? Daar is ‘n groot nood vir baie ernstige selfondersoek in skolerugby, veral ook wat betref die toenemende kommersialisering daarvan. Vir wat deesdae op en langs skole se rugbyvelde gebeur, is daar in ‘n beskaafde samelewing nie ruimte nie. Of stap ons die pad van die Romeine? Is ons besig met selfvernietigende verlaging van morele en etiese standaarde? Is ons vasgevang in ‘n spiraal van gejaag na geld, gejaag na roem en eer, gejaag na wen ten alle koste, gejaag na... wat?

Dankie Anette Eastes, SAVF Kleuterskool Tzaneen, skryf: Na die pas afgelope Tzaneen Eisteddfod, wil ons graag Melanie Botha, die organiseerder van die Afrikaanse Eisteddfod, en Ursula Schoeman, die organiseerder van die Engelse Eisteddfod, bedank vir hul puik reëlings. Ure se organisasie en nagte se beplanning is ingesit om die program vir ongeveer 300 deelnemers te laat slaag. Sertifikate is gedruk — en dit alles sonder betaling. Melanie en Ursula, wees verseker ons as onderwysers, ouers en deelnemers waardeer jul diens aan Tzaneen se gemeenskap.

Relief DA Councillor Luke Perkins, PO Box 70, Haenertsburg, wrtites: I note with relief that the ANC has finally taken a firm decision on something: elected officials should not eat cake in public while celebrating their centenary year. This will no doubt have an effect on the catering business so I hereby commit to eating as much cake in public as I can; this will also show people what life could be like under the DA. I will however not eat and drive at the same time as the traffic officials seem to frown on this; and the only other request I make to the ANC is for the Mayor to stop driving her R700 000 luxury car in public; if she needs to get to remote villages with bad roads she could perhaps trade it in for a quad bike. (And why ARE the roads so bad?)

In ‘n naartjie

Roy Hurter van Tzaneen skryf perf e-pos: Iemand het gesing dat sy nooi in ‘n naartjie en sy ouma in kaneel is. Snaaks hoe mens se gedagtes op die ingewing van die oomblik terug gevoer kan word, sommer so sonder dat jy wil. ‘n Maanlig-nag in die bos neem my terug na Rhodesië of die reuk van boerbok, na my oom se plaas buite Kirkwood. Maar gisteraand was dit die “pits”.


we support any lawful action to end violence against our women and children. Let us al help to spread the message. Ek moet kafee toe, maar dis al na 20:00. Ek weet mos die dorp maak al voor daai tyd toe, maar Ma hou aan en aan en aan... en ek ry maar. Spreuke het mos gepraat van die lekkende dak en ‘n vrou! Elk geval, die winkel is toe en ek besluit die motorhawens se”convenience store” sal dan die ding moet doen. Nou moet ek deur die dorp ry en daar op die hoek, daar by die leë garage, daar langs die sentrum wat nie klaarkom nie, kry ek hierdie “flashback”: Dis Tzaneen, die jaar 2006, en as jy ‘n man van edele inborste is, ry jy nie saans alleen in die strate van hierdie dorp nie. Of as jy moet, stop jy nie by die stoptekens nie want, sien, die “horisontale-stresverligting-werkers” besluit sommer self jy’t stres en wil net verlig! Hier kom toe ‘n nuwe Polisie-Kommissaris wat die klomp “werkers” verjaag het (wonder wat sou gebeur het as hulle hom CCMA toe gevat het). Ek moet sê, na dit was hier minder stres in die dorp en ‘n man kon alleen dorp-toe ry. Maar dis 2012 en “hulle” is terug! In volle swang, sonder om dit te probeer wegsteek (sic), sonder ‘n sweempie vrees vir die gereg! Aan die nuwe Kommisaris: hulle kan jou nie CCMA toe vat nie; hulle kan jou nie van diskriminasie beskuldig nie; hul optrede het niks met rassehaat te doen nie. Hulle oortree die wette van die land en dis jou plig om iets daadwerkliks daaraan te doen. Ons, die inwoners van Tzaneen, eis dit van jou en jou personeel. Ons is geregtig daarop om saans, sonder vrees, in ons dorp te kan ry, alleen as dit moet. “Be a man”, en wys ons hoe eerlik jy in jou oortuigings is om Tzaneen die skoonste dorp in die Limpopo te maak. Amandla vir ‘n skoon Tzaneen, amandla!

lankal af dat daar n ouderd o m s beperking op die nuusuitsending op TV geplaas moet word. Hopeloos te veel geweld en al daai dinge wat die jonge verstandjies vir ewig sal beskadig. Shame, dan moet ons as ouers die skuld kry want ons het die arme bloedjies nie die nodige opvoeding gegee nie! Maar kyk, toe ek vanaand die nuus sit en kyk en ek hoor hoe agtien oumense sommer so sonder stamp of stoot, hul enigste heenkome moet ontruim, net oor die DA ‘n buurvrou se ongevoeligheid steun, was dit darem wragtig te dik vir ‘n daalder. Ek glo die beswaarde is seker maar ontstel deur die feit dat sy die goue reël van afge tredenes vergeet het: moenie met ouderdom spot nie, want as jy nie voor die tyd doodgaan nie, kry jy dit self. Of miskien was die realiteit van oud-word te na aan haar been, ek meen nou maar, loer oor die muur en kyk hoe oom Frikkie lekker aan sy gebraaide skaaptjoppie sit en suig. Die tande het mos al jare gelede ingegee, sien. Of miskien was die reuk van Vicks of au de cologne te veel vir haar se konstitusie en het dit haar na haar oupa/ouma laat verlang wat ook in ‘n ouetehuis is en nooit deur haar besoek word nie. Ag, die redes is seker legio, maar niks regverdig die DA om so blatant, een persoon se selfsugtige, onbesonne beswaar tot ‘n politieke vlak te verhef nie. Dit laat my wonder: wat is die DA se rêrige agenda? Waar staan hulle in hul credo om na die belange van die hulpbehoewende om te sien? Is dit beperk tot babas en oumense soen voor die verkiesing, maar as dit gaan om te “produce”, gaan dit om politieke gewin? Laakbaar, om die minste te sê. Ek sidder om te dink dat hierdie mentaliteit die opposisie is en oral verkondig dat hulle oor ‘n paar jaar die land gaan regeer. Eish, ten minste weet ons nou waar

Letters • Briewe

Nee, DA, nee Roy Hurter skryf per e-pos: Kyk, ek sê van

Die Griekse filosoof Epikuros (341 – 270 vC) het gesê: “Of God kan leiding keer, maar Hy wil nie; of Hy wil leiding keer, maar Hy kan nie; of Hy wil nie en Hy kan nie; of Hy wil en Hy kan. As Hy kan, maar Hy wil nie, is Hy nie die God van liefde nie; as Hy wil maar Hy kan nie, is Hy nie almagtig nie; as Hy nie wil nie en nie kan nie, kan ons Hom nie God noem nie; as Hy wil en Hy kan, waarom doen Hy dit dan nie?” Daar is min mense wat nog nie gevra het nie: “Hoekom, Here?” Die vraag oor waarom daar soveel hartseer in die wêreld is, terwyl ons glo God is die God van liefde, sal by ons bly tot aan die einde. Die digter en Bybelvertaler Totius (1877-1953) het twee kinders aan die dood afgestaan. Sy seuntjie is op `n jong ouderdom aan `n infeksie oorlede. Sy tienerdogter is deur weerlig geslaan en het in sy arms gesterf. Totius het ook gevra: “Hoekom, Here?” Ek graaf met my gedagtes Ek graaf met my gedagtes in die geheimenis, en soek of daar geen antwoord op al my raaisels is. Ek graaf nes in ‘n sandhoop met my: Waarom? en Hoe? By elke nuwe poging, dan val die plek weer toe. Ek graaf; maar elke môre begin my werk van voor; ek graaf; maar as ek weg is, skuif snags die sand daaroor. “Helaas, die voorgeslagte (so klink ‘n stem in my) het ook soos jy gegrawe, maar daar’t geen spoor gebly. “Dus, hou maar op met grawe, berusting is so soet; net één ding te gelowe, en dit is: God is goed!” — Totius Mooi naweek!

die geld heengaan, maar wat gaan dan van ons oumense word? En dan het ek so wraggies my kruisie by hulle getrek met die laaste verkiesing. Glo my, ek en baie ander het nie hierdie “curve-ball gesien kom nie. Miskien dit gaan my laaste kruisie vir hulle wees, want, ten spyte van wat die mense sê, ek is mal oor oumense en dink ons skuld hulle so baie, dat ons oud gaan wees by die tyd dat ons hulle terug betaal het. A nee a, DA, “shame on you”.

Thank you

Malcolm Banks, Letaba/Tzaneen Lions club, writes: Jetty 3 - Smit Garren/Lions Family Day - Tuesday 1st. May 2012: Raft Race; Pirates of the Caribbean have fun. Fun and action is the only way to describe the raft race at the Smit Garren/Lions family day. The competitors in the spirit of the theme ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ had to contend with water cannons, flour bombs and flying eggs. We would like to congratulate the three ‘Warrior’ teams who took all the prizes this year and the excellent result of the hard working ‘Smit Garren’ and ‘Coke’ teams who came second and third under heavy artillery fire. Thanks goes to the other teams (Letaba Expo and Tzandeboo Construction) for helping to make this event such a success and look forward to seeing you all next year. Thanks again to Stanford Lake College for the loan of the rafts and to the Bulletin for promoting and judging this event.

Ons verwelkom briewe van lesers. Hou dit asb kort. Pos dit, faks dit of stuur dit per e-pos. We welcome letters from readers. Please keep it short. Fax or send by e-mail.



A mother understands what a child does not say.

11 Mei 2012


Gelukkig was dit net na betaaldag ‘n Modderstorting op die plase Red Bank (van dr Theo de Jager) en Diggers Rest (vroeër van mnr Peter Drake en tans die eiendom van ‘n groep van die Makgobas) in Georges Valley het verlede Vrydagoggend die lewe van ‘n 58-jarige plaaswerker geëis, en nog twee in die hospitaal laat beland. Duisende kubieke meter modder het teen ‘n berghang losgeraak en omstreeks 01:30 ‘n plakkerskamp op Diggers Rest getref, en inwoners in hul slaap oorval. Werkers op Red Bank het wakker geword “met die geluid van ‘n helikopter”. Toe hulle uithardloop, het hulle besef dat die geluid deur ‘n modderstorting en meegesleurde klippe veroorsaak is. Dit het ‘n sement opgaardam en vyf plakkerhuise meegesleur, en vyf mense was aanvanklik vermis. Georges Valley se kanaalraad het binne vyftien minute die kanaal afgesluit, en die polisie en nooddienste was ook blitsvinnig op die toneel, om beseerdes af te voer en die vermistes te soek. Die oorledene is onder die rommel van sy huis gevind, waar hy geslaap het. Net vyf van die sewentien inwoners van die huise wat platgevee is, was die nag tuis — omdat hulle die vorige dag hul lone ontvang en vir die naweek weg is. Die ramp is veroorsaak deur ‘n lek-

kasie in die vloer van die kanaal, wat oor ‘n lang tyd ‘n groot volume,water in die berghang vrygestel het. Die styl helling het onder die kanaal ingegee, en ongeveer een hektaar ha plantasie ook weggespoel. Ses boere wat stroomaf uit die kanaal besproei, is vir die winter sonder water. Ongeveer 680 mense het ook water vir primêre gebruik uit die kanaal onttrek, en noodmaatreëls moes vir hulle ingestel word. Boere in die omgewing het onmiddellik ingespring om alternatiewe verblyf beskikbaar te stel, vir slagoffers wie se huise in die slag gebly het. Teen Vrydagaand is alle slagoffers ook deur die boere van klere, kos, komberse en huisraad voorsien. Die Mopani Distriksmunisipaliteit (MDM) het Sondag komberse en matrasse gebring, en het onderneem om na die beskikbaarheid van lopende water om te sien. Die LUR vir landbou het Saterdag die rampperseël besoek. Skade word op etlike miljoene rande geraam, en die kanaalraad kry tans kwotasie vir die herstelwerk. Die hoof van rampbeheer van die MDM, mnr Hannes Visser, lei ‘n reeks onderhandelings met verskeie staatsdepartemente, om noodleniging te koördineer en seker te maak dat alle aspekte van die ramp se gevolge behoorlik oorweeg kan word.

Nou weet mense hoekom heet die plek Red Bank: die grond is rooi, rooi, rooi. Links bo is waar die berg weggekalwe het. Regs bo wys die opdrifsels van die moddervloed hoe erg dit was. Links staan ‘n vrou verslae en kyk of daar iets van haar aardse besittings oorgebly het. Daar het nie! Links onder is ‘n deel van die pad van verwoesting. A op die foto is die bekende saagmeul van Diggers Rest en B is waar die sement-opgaardam was. Onder kom ‘n man wat onder die modder begrawe was, by die nooddienste se versamelpunt aan. Nie eens sy familielede het hom erken nie, totdat iemand hom aan die trui geëien het. Hy was een van die gelukkiges... Foto’s: Francois Aucamp




11 Mei 2012


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Op 90 jakker hy nog rond Mnr Jan Louis Grobbelaar, gebore op 27 Mei 1922 in die voormalige Wes-Transvaal en dus oor veertien dae 90 jaar oud, was bes moontlik die mees uitgelese gas op die Familiedag by die Tzaneendam. Hy het met ‘n koue bier in sy hand en met sy broekspype opgerol in sy kleinseuns se boot geklim en saam met hulle ‘n wilde draai op die dam gegooi! Jan-Louis staan hier op die boot en Pieter van der Westhuizen sit langs sy oupa. Op 29 Mei sal mnr Grobbelaar en sy vrou 58 jaar getroud wees! Hulle woon in Gauteng, maar kuier gereeld by hul dogter Elsa en die kleinkinders.


MEJ BYTJIE: Diané Eloff (0-2)

MNR BYTJIE: Jonah Altenroxel (2-4)

Absent: Chloe Venter (4-6)

Ross Albertyn (0-2)

Armand Eloff (4-6)

Snap Photography and Alminda van der Merwe Photography

Tashné Opperman (6-8)

Judy Classen (2-4)

Tiard Thompson (6-8)


All I am, I owe to my mother.


11 Mei 2012


Mari Weber, g’n uitgedroogde suurlemoen, vier 30 jaar “Ek onthou hoe ek as kind speels in die tuin rond gehol en dramatiese passies voor denkbeeldige gehore opgevoer het” vertel Mari Weber, gesoute aktrise en bekende drama-onderwyseres van Tzaneen. Weber vier vanjaar haar dertigste jaar as onderwyseres in drama, maar aftree is nie in haar vooruitsigte nie, berig Amelia de Ridder. Alhoewel die uitgesproke aktrise nie maklik oor haarself praat nie, behoort haar suksesse geen geheim te wees nie. Mari is reeds in gr 2 deur haar onderwyseres aangeraai om dramaklasse te neem en sy het vroeg in haar laerskooljare op dié gebied begin floreer. Na sy aan die Hoërskool Ben Vorster gematrikuleer het, is sy Pretoria toe om haar graad in drama by Tuks te verwerf. Kinders was nog altyd haar passie. Alhoewel sy haar pa se winkel heeltyds in Tzaneen bestuur het (nadat hy siek geword het), het sy deeltyds dramaklasse gegee en hier en daar opgetree. Weber het vyf jaar later drama-afrigting haar heeltydse beroep gemaak. “Dit is ‘n harde, veeleisende werk”, vertel sy, “maar wanneer dit by die eindresultaat van ‘n toneelspel of opvoering kom, is dit deur en deur die moeite werd.” Weber is die enigste drama-onderwyser in die omgewing. Sy rig leerlinge tot so ver as Phalaborwa en Polokwane af. Honderde aspi-

rante akteurs en aktrises het al onder Mari se bekwame hande deurgeloop en hulle onder haar vlerk tuisgemaak. Tussen haar klasgee deur skryf sy toesprake, sketse en toneelstukke vir revues, eisteddfods en ander tonele. Sy rig verskeie produksies af en doen die afronding daarvan. Sy bied ook lisensiaatkursusse aan dramastudente. Weber is al negentien jaar deel van die Raad van Afrikaanse Beoordelaars en sy is lektor by die Spraak- en Dramakollege van SA. Weber spot dat sy geen uitgedroogde suurlemoen is nie. Haar leerlinge hou haar jonk en dit is vir haar belangrik om op hul vlak te bly. Vir haar gaan haar werk nie oor roem nie, maar eerder om vir kinders in ‘n stukkende wêreld standvastig te wees en ‘n “veilige plekkie” te bied. Sy sal nog graag ‘n handboek vir dramaonderwysers wil skryf en moontlik nog ‘n radio-drama op haar kerfstok sit. Op die foto links is ‘n jeugdige Weber in aksie met ‘n dramatiese voordrag en bo is sy saam met van haar studente by Merensky. Weber voer op 12 Mei haar skreeusnaakse solo-vertoning, Bikini Blues vir ‘n laaste keer op. Kaartjies kos R100 en is by Bobbie Haynes (083 417 1914) of Debbie Kruger (079 515 0178) beskikbaar.


11 Mei 2012


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Tribal war looms in MDM

Culinary safari to help SAVF The TzaneenInfo Culinary Safari — an exclusive charity event — was recently held, showcasing some of Tzaneen’s top venues, menu’s and musical talent. The event raised R12 333,15 for the SAVFTzaneen’s Social Development Fund. The evening’s hostess, Ms Anneke Buys, sales manager and spouse of Dana Buys, the managing partner of Vrede & Lust Wine Estate, took the guests on a four venue (Fairview, YumYum, Tzaneen Country Lodge and Hotel@ Tzaneen), five course safari presenting an extensive tasting of nine Vrede & Lust wines. “I want to thank everybody that contributed to the success of the event, making it possible for us to better the lives of fellow Tzaneeners,” said SAVF volunteer and co-project organizer Lizelle Pienaar.

Present at the handing over of a cheque to the SAVF were Mr Martin Basson (Tzaneeninfo volunteer) and Mss Marcelle Basson (Tzaneeninfo volunteer), Lizelle Pienaar (SAVF volunteer), Ina van Schalkwyk (SAVF Director), Monica Rynhoud (Tzaneeninfo Sales), Liezl Wagenaar (Tzaneeninfo projects) and Charmaine Hartmann (Tzaneeninfo events).

There is no truth whatsoever in the allegations that Tsonga-speaking people are overlooked for employment by the Mopani District Municipality, in favour of Pedi-speaking people. So said the executive mayor of the MDM, Mr Joshua Matlou, this week. A local branch of the SA Municipal Workers Union (Samwu) accused the MDM of practicing tribalism and nepotism. Matlou said the allegations are unfounded, baseless and lacking substance. Samwu and the MDM have been at loggerheads over the appointment of the municipal manager. It was reported that Samwu wanted the municipality a Tsonga-speaking person to be appointed as municipal manager. Samwu branch chairman Steven Mashabane, says the union had embarked on a strike because of the unfair practice within the MDM. “More often than not, Maake overlooks

‘n Bekende baken op die pad van Tzaneen na Nkowankowa, die Yamorna Vulstasie, het ‘n nuwe voorkoms. Dit was ‘n Engen-vulstasie, maar het nou ‘n Viva-baadjie aangetrek. Viva is honderd persent in Suid-Afrikaanse besit. Daar is ook ‘n geriefswinkel en die kompleks word bestuur deur mnr Dries en me Riana Moolman, hier regs saam met die span petroljoggies en winkelassikstente. Regs is die “nuwe” vulstasie.

Tsonga- and Venda-speaking people in favour of Pedi’s. It is wrong that the MDM is now run by a Pedi-speaking municipal manager and a Pedi mayor. It is also painful that the MDM had a chief financial officer, technical director and corporate service director who are all Pedi-speaking,” he said. Matlou refuted the claim, saying people in the MDM were appointed based on merit and qualifications. “Why mention only Pedi-speaking when we also have Tsonga- and Venda-speaking directors? Maake is qualified and knows his work inside out. We cannot, by law, relieve Maake of his duties in an effort to please the union.” The provincial leadership of Samwu has since distanced itself from the comment made by the Samwu branch. Percy Mthombeni.


Sing out loud in the car even, or especially, if it embarrasses your kids.

90% of hotline cases resolved The Greater Tzaneen Municipality (GTM) recently hosted the provincial media liaison officers’s monthly meeting. Thirty Limpopo communication officers met to celebrate the 90% presidential hotline cases that have been resolved. The GTM is one of the municipalities that helped reach the 90%. According to GTM spokesman Thulani Twala, these meetings are held monthly to oversee how they can resolve matters being raised by the public. Twala said that the GTM plans to launch a mayoral hotline, to deal with water problems experienced by residents, housing, ID and other problems. “We have hired three trained liaison officers to attend to all the matters and a tender for a call centre will be issued. There is no matter that will be regarded as too small and no caller will be referred to any department,” Twala said. The hotline is expected to be up and running by the end of the first quarter of the GTM’s new financial year. Martina Jege

Communication officers from all over Limpopo gathered in the GTM’s council chambers for a monthly meeting. They celebrated 90% of cases reported to the presidential hotline being resolved. Cutting the cake are Messrs Musa Mthetho (Tzaneeen), Ike Thema (Premier’s Office), Ms Perpetual Ragolane (Greater Letaba), Mr Neville Ndlala(Tzaneen), Ms Patricia Muchabi (Tzaneen), Mr Duncan Mogale (Tzaneen), Ms Vutivi Makhubele (Tzaneen), Mr Khutso Malatji (Mopani District) and the general manager: service delivery development in the premier’s office, Mr Gregory Makoko.

Spyt kom mos altyd te laat! Opera-liefhebbers kan uitsien na arias uit verskeie bekende operas tydens Letsitele se eerste opera-aand, môre (Saterdag) om 19:00 in die NG Kerk Letsitele se amfiteater. Die program is in twee dele verdeel, met die tweede helfte wat uit ligter arias bestaan. Gaste kan uitsien na Ilze Coetzee se vertolking van Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen uit Die Zauberflöte. Ander welbekende arias in die program is Antoinette Olivier se vertolking van Měsíčku na nebi hlubokém (Song to the moon) uit Rusalka, Righard Linde se vertolking van La fleur que tu m’avais jetée uit Carmen en Dirk Venter se vertolking van O, wie will ich triompfieren uit Die Entführung aus dem. Daar is nog kaartjies beskikbaar teen R80 en dit sluit ligte verversings in. Kaartjies kan by Martin Gubitz (082 395 9540) en Ina van der Merwe (072 435 4648) gekoop word. Skakel die NG Kerk Letsitele se kerkkantoor vir navrae by 015 345 1618. • Moenie volgende week spyt wees nie. Wees Saterdagaand in die amfiteater en neem ‘n bietjie kultuur in!

Murder trial of lawyer is on Sitting in the courtroom bearing a relaxed innocent-look, one can easily mistake Godfrey Ngobeni for a loving father, who’s probably in court for traffic violation or some other minor offence. However, this is the man whose arrival in court is announced by heavily armed police walking side-by-side with his legs and hands tightly shackled against his waist. He’s linked with Gezani Abby Maluleke, one of the top attorneys in Giyani, currently facing charges of attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder against another attorney, Mr Silence Mthombeni. It is alleged that Maluleke hired Ngoveni to kill Mthombeni. However, the attempt failed. The case has been postponed several times, due to technicalities. This prompted the magistrate to warn both parties on Monday when the case went to court, that come 23 July, the case must be heard, no matter what. Meanwhile Ngoveni is linked to other serious charges relating to murder, armed robbery and escape from prison. Orlando Chauke


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11 Mei 2012



11 Mei 2012


Florence Nightingale Florence Nightingale was a legend in her lifetime, but the Crimean War years’ which made her famous, were just two out of a lifetime of ninety years. Old Age Although she was bedridden for many years, she campaigned tirelessly to improve health standards, publishing 200 books, reports and pamphlets. In recognition of her hard work, Queen Victoria awarded Miss Nightingale the Royal Red Cross in 1883. In her old age she received many honours, including the Order of Merit (1907), becoming the first woman to receive it. Florence died at home at the age of 90 on 13 August 1910.

Early Years She was born in Italy on 12 May 1820 and was named Florence, after the city where she was born. Her parents, William Edward and Frances Nightingale were a wealthy couple, who had toured Europe for two years on their honeymoon. During their travels their first daughter, Parthenope, was born in Naples (Parthenope being the Greek name for the ancient city), followed one year later by Florence. On returning to England the Nightingales divided their time between two homes. In the summer months they lived at Lea Hurst in Derbyshire, moving to Embley in Hampshire for the winter. Lea Hurst is now a retirement home and Embley is now a school.

Call from God Florence and her sister Parthenope were taught at home by their Cambridge University educated

father. Florence was an academic child while her sister excelled at painting and needlework. Florence grew up to be a lively and attractive young woman, admired in the family’s social circle and she was expected to make a good marriage, but Florence had other concerns. In 1837, whilst in the gardens of Embley, Florence had what she described as her “calling”. Florence heard the voice of God calling her to do His work, but at this time she had no idea what work that would be.

The years of struggle and the visit to Kaiserswerth Florence developed an interest in the social questions of the day, made visits to the homes of the sick in the local villages and began to investigate hospitals and nursing. Her parents refused to allow her to become a nurse, as in the mid-nineteenth century it was not considered a suitable profession for a wel educated woman. While the family conflicts over Florence’s future remained unresolved, it was decided that Florence would tour Europe with some family friends, Charles and Selina Bracebridge. The three travelled the world. Miss Nightingale was the principal advocate of the pavillion plan for hospitals in Britain. Like her friend, the public health reformer Edwin Chadwick, Florence Nightingale believed that infection arose

spontaneously in dirty and poorly ventilated places. The mistaken belief nevertheless led to improvements in hygiene and healthier living and working environments. Florence also advised and eagerly supported one William Rathbone in the development of district nursing in Liverpool and many Nightingale-trained nurses became pioneers in this field.

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MEDICLINIC honours its nursing professionals On 12 May every year, Mediclinic takes the opportunity to thank its nursing practitioners for their hard work and commitment to their profession and patients. The significance of the date is that it commemorates the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale’s birthday and marks International Nurses Day. “Our patients are at the heart of our care, but our nursing practitioners are the heart of our hospitals. Their attention to detail ensures orchestrated nursing processes. Their wellhoned expertise allows them to make deliberate, practical decisions in the best interest of their patients. While their compassionate approach soothes and comforts,” says Estelle Jordaan, Nursing Executive, Mediclinic Southern Africa. In recognition of these attributes, Mediclinic Southern Africa presents the Nursing Excellence Award to a nursing practitioner at each hospital. These nursing practitioners, nominated by their peers, patients and their families, epitomise this culture of caring, combined with expertise, and Mediclinic is proud to recognise them in this way. The recipient of the Mediclinic 2012 Nursing Excellence Award will be announced next week. The international nursing theme chosen for this year is “Closing the action” which gap: From evidence to action”, focuses on the best possible application of knowledge in delivering care to provide the most successful outcome for patients. “This is in line with Mediclinic’s ethos of patientcentric care based on a firm scientific foundation,” Jordaan says. “International Nurses’ Day is the one day a year that we are able to dedicate entirely to our nursing practitioners to express our gratitude for the dedication they demonstrate on a daily basis.”


SWEATER, n.: garment worn by child whose mother is feeling chilly.


Audi Q3 is a premium SUV Audi SA is venturing into a new market segment with the new Audi Q3, a premium compact SUV. It is sporty, efficient, versatile and trendy — a vehicle which feels right at home on or off any road. The Q3 showcases Audi’s expertise in all aspects of engineering, from its lightweight body through to efficient drivetrains and a dynamic chassis to its state-of-the-art assistance systems and multimedia systems. Design of the Q3 has coupe-like styling that symbolises its sporty identity. Pricing Q3 2.0 TDI 103 kW man: R 370 000 Q3 2.0 TDI 130 kW quattro S tronic: R431 500 Q3 2.0T FSI 125 kW quattro man: R404 500 Q3 2.0T FSI 125 kW quattro S tronic : R421 500 Q3 2.0T FSI 155 kW quattro S tronic: R467 000

The compact SUV is 4 385 millimetres long and 1 831 millimetres wide, but only 1 590 millimetres high. The wheelbase measures 2 603 millimetres and the overhangs are short.

The Audi Q3 is launched with a choice of four four-cylinder engines — two TFSI units and two TDI. All three displace 2.0 liters and have power outputs between 103 kW and 155 kW. The engines in the Audi Q3 work together with a variety of different transmissions. The 2.0 TFSI with 125 kW and the 2.0 TDI with 103 kW are mated to a manual six-speed gearbox. Models with the two topof-the-range engines come standard with a seven-speed S tronic.The Q3 2.0 TDI with 103 kW, drives the front wheels. All other engines are paired with quattro permanent all-wheel drive.


11 Mei 2012


Before and after

Air pollution caused by a dry cleaner in Tzaneen’s old industrial area and exposed by the Bulletin, belongs to the past. Two months ago employees and other people in the area complained that their health was threatened by poisons contained in the coal smoke being released by Springbok Dry The photo above was published in the Bulletin of 3 March, to show how Cleaners. The GTM‘s environserious the air pollution was at the time. Below hardly any smoke can be seen coming out of the same chimney. mental health departReport by Martina Jege — ment investigated the matter and submitted reports to the Mopani District Municipality’s department of air quality control management. MDM officials found that the wood being burned in the boilers contained creosote. They negotiated with the supplier of the wood to remove the creosote, “but it needs continues monitoring”. Springbok’s manager, Mr Pieter den Limpopo Premier Cassel Mathale in favour of a democratic governHartigh, confirmed extended condolences to the famment elected by the people, rethat the problem has ily of the late Ngoako Ramodike gardless of the colour of their skin. been solved. “We are “who served the people of LimHe served our people with courage very strict on boiler popo and SA at large, as the Chief and dedication. He participated in staff and lately we various programmes that assisted Minister of Lebowa and a memhave not had any in improving the living conditions ber of a democratically elected parliament. Ramodike played an of our people. His passion to serve complains. It means important role during the Codesa the people will be missed. May his that we are doing a negotiations before 1994. He was soul rest in peace!“, Mathale said. great job,” he said.


11 Mei 2012


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Lambré verower sy Springbok-kleure

Nuwe ras, nuwe HK Twaalf Pinz²yl-verse is Dinsdag deur ZZ2 aan die Hoërskool Merensky besorg. ZZ2 het ’n vennootskap met Merensky gesluit en die bestuur van die stoet aan die landbouskool toevertrou. Rodney Stevens, Marco Strydom, Steven Brooks, Ruurd Jacobs en JD le Grange was by toe die verse afgelewer is. Agter staan mnr Willie Stevens, die adjunkhoof: landbousake by Merensky.

Die vreugdevure brand hoog by die Griessels van Tzaneen en by die Hoërskool Ben Vorster, nadat Lambré Griesel die naweek aan die proewe vir die SA Skyfskietspan deelgeneem en sy Springbokkleure verwerf het. Hy het sy plek in die span oopgeskiet, deur ‘n telling van 556 punte in die 3P-afdeling en ‘n totaal van 1428 uit 1600 te behaal. Hy is vir die SA-span gekies wat in Augustus by Bisley in Surrey, Engeland, gaan deelneem. Bernadine Voster en Werner van Rensburg was ook na die proewe genooi. Slegs die tagtig beste skuts in die land is na die proewe in Bloemfontein genooi.

Foto: Jean Aucamp

Events l Gebeure


Church l Kerk

Compiled by / Samestelling deur: Retha Nel - E-pos/e-mail: met ons te kom kuier. Ouers meer as welkom. 1 September. Kom geniet die Barnyard-styl Vir navrae skakel Elsa by die kerkkantoor 015 vertoning van Juanita du Plessis saam met 307 4062 tydens kantoorure. vriende en familie. R100/kaartjie. Kaartjies is Bikini Blues Hervormde Kerk Laeveld Hondeskou NG Kerk Tzaneen: Wolkberg, beskikbaar by die skool se finansiële kantoor. (Duiwelskloof ) Kerksaal, môre, 09:30 vir 10:00. 26 Mei, 11:00. Skryf jou hond in vir die pret Vir navrae skakel die skool 015 305 7901. Die gewilde eenvrouvertoning deur Mari Weber. hondeskou. Daar is vier items waaraan honde Support The Tzaneen Depression and Kom geniet ‘n slaplag kykie in die stryd van ‘n erg deelneem: Wys my jou truuk (hond doen ‘n Anxiety Support Group meetings every middeljarige vrou se soektog na ‘n swembroek. toertjie), Wie’s die baas (hond en eienaar wat alternate Thursday at 18:30 at the Macadamia Die toneelstuk is reeds 35 maal suksesvol meeste na mekaar lyk), Blaf duet (wie die meeste Community Centre. Colleen on 015 307 5137 or opgevoer voor gehore van Messina tot in die blaf ) en Dierbaarste dier (oulikste hond wen). 083 415 5137/071 853 2121. Vrystaat. Kaartjies beskikbaar by Bobbie Haynes Die hond met die meeste punte is die kampioen. Round Table Clubhouse in Circle Drive, 0834171914 of Debbie Kruger 0795150178. Navrae: Annaline Nel 083 456 3143. Tzaneen, meeting on the first Tuesday of every Koste: R100 en sluit eetgoed in. Books and Art Methodist Church Hall, month. Henk Van Wyngaardt on 076 371 7193 11

This Week

Letsitele Opera-aand NG Kerk Letsitele Amfiteater, môre, 18:30 vir 19:00. Kom geniet ‘n aand van opera-sang. Kaarties: R80/p en sluit ligte verversings in. Vir meer inligting skakel die kerkkantoor 015 345 1618.

Extravanganza Hoërskool Merensky skoolsaal, Woensdag, 18:30. Kom geniet liedere van Broadway soos I dreamed a dream en Memories asook David Kramer-liedere deur die hoofseun en eerste rugbyspan opgevoer. Kostes: R50/volwassene, R30/skoolkind. Kaartjies beskikbaar by die skool se finansiële kantoor. Vir navrae skakel die skool 015 305 7901. Competition

Write a poem or story about your mother and stand a chance to win a prize. Not more than 2 A4 pages. Hand in at the Letsitele Library before 31 May. Winners will be announced on 6 June. For enquiries contact the Letsitele Library 015 345 1911. 11

This Month

SAVF Hoededag

18 Mei. Koop ‘n plakker vir die SAVF se Wear to Care-hoededag en dra ‘n kreatiewe of indrukwekkende hoed. Gelde ingesamel gaan vir projekte vir die versorging van kinders en mindebevoorregte-gesinne. Plakkers is beskikbaar by SAVF Tzaneen teen R10.00/plakker. Donasies is ook welkom. Vir navrae skakel Ilza Roelofze 082 773 0471.


Hoërskool Ben Vorster saal, 18 Mei, 14:00-16:00. Vir dogtertjies van 3-6 jaar. Mari Weber en haar poppeteater, asook sangstudente van René Mynhardt tree op. R50/ dogtertjie. Ma’s ook welkom, daar sal verversings wees, R50/kaartjie. Kaartjies by die SAVF Tzaneen Kleuterskool of gasvrouens beskikbaar. Vir navrae skakel die kleuterskool 015 307 4255.


Tzaneen, 26 May, 10:00-16:00. A display and or Bruce Mogg on 082 824 4291. sale of paintings and fine art by local artists and Divorce Counselling DivorceCare and books by local authors. Entry free. Contact Iris DivorceCare 4 Kids, Shekinah House, Tuesdays, Freestone on 082 922 9127 or Beth Keller on 015 18:30/19:00. Contact Maryna on 015 307 2527. 307 5516. Herofield Aanddiens Sondae, 18:00, Herofield Kruistog Herofield, 30 Mei, Adshadestraat 48, Tzaneen. Skakel Hannes 14:00-15:00. Hoërskool Ben Vorster, Hoërskool Steyn 082 309 8335 of Merensky en Stanford Lake College gaan elk ‘n deel van die kruis dra en na Herofield toe stap. Die kruis word daar geplant en die groep het Sport 11 dan ‘n lofprysingsgeleentheid daar. Vir navrae skakel Hannes Steyn, 082 309 8335.

Kompetisie Die Hervormde kerk Tzaneen 11 This Week bied die Groot 3-kompetisie. Eerste prys: Jagnaweek in die Waterpoort (1 eland, 1 koedoe en 1 rooibok). Tweede prys: AMC Classic kookstel. Ringbal Oefentye is Maandae & Donderdae Derde prys: iPad. Kaartjies R50. Sluitdatum 31 18:00-20:00. Skakel Borries by 084 222 4950 of Mei. Navrae: 015 307 4508 of 072 144 7514. Natasha by 015 307 3316. Indoor Hockey 11


Pieter Kotze

Voetspoortjie Kleuterskool bied aan Pieter Kotzé. Musiek, kuier en dans in ‘Barnyard’-styl. Tzaneen Skousaal, 1 Junie, 18:00 vir 18:30. R100/p, bring eie piekniekmandjie. Kontantkroeg. Kaartjies by Voetspoortjie Kleuterskool. Navrae: Inge Mari Kotzé by 083 456 3465.

Letaba Showgrounds (Chameleon Indoor Cricket). Wedstryde saans tussen 18:00 en 22:00. R25/p (4 of 5/span). Bring eie hokkiestokke, balle sal voorsien word.


Alle dames en mans wat belangstel om Netbal te oefen word genooi om Maandae en Woensdae Vanaf 17:15-18:15 saam te kom oefen by Laerskool Tzaneen se bane (langs die rugbyveld). Navrae: Rosie 0824539161.


Kaartjies uitverkoop vir 8 Junie. This Month 11 2e vertoning vir 7 Junie beplan. Voor finale reeling reëlings getref word moet gekyk word of daar genoeg belangstelling is. Kaartjies R120/p. Boogskiet Limpopo Field Archery Bespreek dus so gou moontlik by Denise by die Champsionships 19-20 Mei. Gehou op die kerkkantoor 015 307 4496. veldskietbaan van die Hoërskool Merensky, 28 La Petite Piaf Hotel@Tzaneen, 9 June, skietpunte vanaf 10 tot 80 treë. Alle boogskuts 19:00. A tribute to French singer, Edith Piaf. Lizelle welkom! Skakel Marietjie by 0832767886 of van der Vyver will be performing with Sonja van Zyl accompanying her on the piano and Wim van Schalkwyk on the cello. R180/p, dinner: French-style canapé platters. For bookings call Ander 11 Lané 082 806 2110 or Deniel 083 856 7355.

NG Kerk Tzaneen: Wolkberg, 25-26 Mei. Vrydag: 08:00-20:00, Saterdag: 08:00-13:00. Mini Ysterman kompetisie, SAVF Trompoppies, pret hondeskou. Verskeidenheid plante en Inni-Berg Fees 2012 24-25 Augustus. saailinge, Jumble sale, gebak, handwerkartikels Aangebied deur die CVO Skool Zoutpansberg. ‘n en vele om te eet. Vir die kinders is daar skyfskiet, Optredes deur kunstenaars soos Izak Davel, Fredi spookhuis, springkasteel en reuse glybaan. Nest, Arno Jordaan, Karin Ferreira. Stalletjies, Navrae: Wolkberg kerkkantoor 015 307 4062. biertuin, Mej. Inni-Berg Fees, en Inni-Berg Jan de Wet NG Gemeente Tzaneen- Karakter. Vir meer inligting oor die fees en die Wolkberg, 25 Mei, 10:00-10:30 vir die kleuters , beskikbaarheid van stalletjies, skakel Miempie 10:30–11:00 vir die groter kinders. Jan de Wet du Toit by 084 606 0165 of Raymond Pretorius kom kuier vir Tzaneen omgewing se kleingoed. by 082 899 5011. Kleuterskole, speelgroepe en laerskoolkinders Juanita du Plessis Hoërskool Merensky, word hartlik uitgenooi om die oggend saam

AGS van SA Duiwelskloof Zwaririrylaan, Modjadjiskloof: 015 309 9275. AGS van SA Letsitele H/v 2de & Oosthuizenstrate, Letsitele: 082 697 6881. AGS van SA Tzaneen Claude Wheatleystraat 2, Tzaneen: 015 307 5112. Anglican Church C/o Hermanus & Agatha St, Tzaneen: 015 307 3534. Baptist Church 12 Koos Nel St, Tzaneen: 015 307 4634. Catholic Church Ged. 241 Voortrekker Road, Tzaneen: 015 307 6845. Catholic Church Haenertsburg 969 Bok Street, Haenertsburg: 083 964 9859. Christian Church Haenertsburg 7 Rissik Street, Haenertsburg: 015 276 1111. Dinamus Gemeenskapskerk Hoërskool Ben Vorster se saal: 082 823 1074. Evangelies Gereformeerde Kerk Adshadestraat 11, Tzaneen: 015 307 3371. Gereformeerde Kerk Claude Wheatley-straat,Tzaneen: 015 307 1558 / 015 307 1874. German Evangelical Lutheran Church Zwariri Road, Modjadjiskloof. 082 653 5498. St Paul’s United Church Haenertsburg Mark Street, Haenertsburg: 015 307 3534. Shekinah House 10 Manorvlei on Old Gravelotte Rd, Tzaneen: 015 307 4729. Lede in Christus Kerk H/v Pieter Joubert & Jopie Bothastrate, Tzaneen: 015 309 9920. Methodist Church 10 Peace St, Tzaneen: 015 307 4525. Hope Methodist Church Duivelskloof Boltman St, Modjadjiskloof: 015 309 8594. NG Kerk Laeveld Boltmanstraat, Modjadjiskloof: 015 309 9323. NG Kerk Letsitele H/v Joubert / Bothastr, Letsitele: 015 345 1618. NG Kerk Tzaneen Agathastraat 28, Tzaneen: 015 307 4498 / 015 307 4497. NG Kerk Wolkberg Agathastraat, Tzaneen: 015 307 4062. New Apostolic Church Tzaneen Vrouefederasie Hall, King Edward Road, Tzaneen: 015 307 4807. Nederduitsch Hervormde Kerk Laeveld Morrisonstraat, Modjadjiskloof: 015 309 9580. Nederduitsch Hervormde Kerk Letsitele Dr Anneke Skoolsaal: 015 345 1128. Nederduitsch Hervormde Kerk Tzaneen Agathastraat 14, Tzaneen: 015 307 4508. Pinkster Protestante Kerk H/v Frank May & Pearlmanstrate,Tzaneen: 015 307 1111. Sewendedag Adventiste Kerk Aqualaan 25, Tzaneen: 015 307 3240. Volle Evangelie Kerk Parkstraat 3, Tzaneen: 015 307 3387. World Impactors Bible Church Aka Christian Center Church.1B Section Nkowankowa, Nsova Street. 015 307 3531. Herofield 48 Adshade Street, Tzaneen: 082 309 8335.


Laerskool Dr Annecke, Letsitele, 28 Julie. Skole se juniors en seniors, jongmense en selfs oueres neem deel. Weerbaie opwinding en kraampies met ’n verskeidenheid heerlike eetgoed. Navrae: Gerhardt Vorster by 083 457 8824. Kort. Maklik. Kragtig.





Fri, Sat,Tue: 9:05, 11:50, 14:40, 17:30, 20:20 Sun,Mon, Wed, Thu: 11:50, 14:40, 17:30, 20:20



Daily: 11:30, 14:30, 17:30, 20:30

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Fri, Sat: 9:10, 11:50, 14:30, 17:10, 19:45, 22:20 Sun, Tue: 9:10, 11:50, 14:30, 17:10, 19:45 Mon, Wed, Thu: 11:50, 14:30, 17:10, 19:45


THE AVENGERS 3D ˛ ◊ ∆ Daily: 11:20, 14:20, 17:20, 20:30



¸ ˛ ◊

Fri, Sat: 9:05, 11:30, 14:15, 17:00, 19:30, 22:00 Sun, Tue: 9:05, 11:30, 14:15, 17:00, 19:30 Mon, Wed, Thu: 11:30, 14:15, 17:00, 19:30


OTELO BURNING ¸ ˛ ◊ œ English Subtitles... Fri, Sat: 9:30, 12:00, 14:45, 17:10, 20:00, 22:30 Sun, Tue: 9:30, 12:00, 14:45, 17:10, 20:00 Mon, Wed, Thu: 12:00, 14:45, 17:10, 20:00


THE HUNGER GAMES ˛ Ç œ BATTLESHIP Daily: 11:00, 14:00, 17:00, 20:00 ——————————————————————————————————

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Fri-Sun, Tue: 9:05, 11:50, 14:40, 17:30, 20:20 Mon, Wed, Thu: 11:50, 14:40, 17:30, 20:20



˛ Ç

Fri, Sat: 9:45, 12:00, 15:00, 17:45, 20:10, 22:30 Sun, Tue: 9:45, 12:00, 15:00, 17:45, 20:10 Mon, Wed, Thu: 12:00, 15:00, 17:45, 20:10



˛ Ç

Fri, Sat: 9:15, 11:40, 14:15, 17:00, 19:30, 22:00 Sun, Mon, Wed, Thu: 11:40, 14:15, 17:00, 19:30 Tue: 9:15, 11:40, 14:15, 17:00, 19:30

THINK LIKE A MAN ˛ ◊ Fri, Sat: 9:05, 11:40, 14:25, 17:05, 19:45, 22:30 Sun, Tue: 9:05, 11:40, 14:25, 17:05, 19:45 Mon, Wed, Thu: 11:40, 14:25, 17:05, 19:45


AMERICAN PIE: REUNION ˛ ◊ ª Fri, Sat: 9:15, 11:50, 14:30, 17:15, 20:10, 22:45 Sun, Tue: 9:15, 11:50, 14:30, 17:15, 20:10 Mon, Wed, Thu: 11:50, 14:30, 17:15, 20:10


Besoek ons webwerf vir meer inligting oor komende sport-, kultuur-, skool-, kerken sosiale geleenthede


A mom’s hug lasts long after she lets go.


To advertise in


contact Nicky

083 746 6592


11 Mei 2012



11 Mei 2012


Facebook: search “Laeveld Bulletin”

Smouskous l PicknBuy Services Dienste DASS Refrigeration + Air conditioning. Speed Queen, Whirlpool. Install Defy A/C service, spares and repairs to all makes of domestic appliances. 11 Plantation Road. Tzaneen We collect + deliver 015 307 1798 BUTLER ACCOUNTANTS For PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTING SERVICES 1. Monthly & Annual Accounting 2. Management accounts 3. Compiling of Financial Statements 4. Registrations of Companies 5. Returns for: 5.1 Income tax 5.2 Vat 5. 3 All relevant accounting returns as required by law Contact Harold Butler (SAIPA 17832, SAIT registered Tax Practitioner) At 015 307 3370 & 078 686 8320 Mei101_______ Best services + price on all your gas and oil needs Rohan 082 337 4522 Nov201________________ Need a gift for someone special? Jewellery, cutlery, photo frames, crockery and much more! Contact 015 307 4448 Nov204________________ Is it time for that weekly or monthly carwash? We specialize in valets! We guarantee quality service! Owner supervision. Special rates for pensioners, companies and dealers. Contact 082 908 7855 or 082 908 1231 or 072 314 6008. jul131________________

Milla Flora Om jou tuin uit te lê en versorg is my passie. Doen ook totale instandhouding Ilse 083 407 8061 _______________ Nov501

For all your printing! Full colour work, from invoice books, statements, programmes, wedding cards, school reports, advertising material, calendars and much more. Contact 015 309 9382. aug110________________ Acrylic tips, only R150 for a new set and R100 for a fill! Contact Nicky 083 746 6592 Jan203________________

Hardhorend? Maak ‘n afspraak vir ‘n gehoor toets! Nuutste gehoor apparate, geraasproppe met filters. Kontak Johan Jooste en Charles Allsop – 082 897 8867 of 012 250 2837 of 084 652 9897 Multiclean For all your cleaning of Carpets, Upholstery & Mattresses. Quality workmanship guaranteed Contact Uwe @ 076 8339112 feb302______________

Services Dienste PEST CONTROL For all your pest control needs 0861 101 799 For a clean and healthy environment. Feb201________________ Litchi Trees Mauritius & Mcleans strong trees in 5L bags R20,00+ VAT per tree Large quantities contact Brian @ 083 306 0855 or 015 307 5240 jul111________________ For all your painting supplies, blinds, waterproofing and much more. Contact 015 307 5562. jul128________________ Looking for 9.5mm Stone, 19mm Stone, Building sand and river sand, contact 083 500 4385. jul129________________ Plumbing For all your plumbing and general needs Phone Eugene 082 412 7594 Dec102________________ Naledi store We buy & sell tools 015 307 6991 Jan102________________ Little Angels Dagsorg het nog baie plek vir babas en peuters. Alle Maaltye ingesluit. As U belangstel in liefdevolle sorg kontak Martie 0827323339 om afspraak te reël. Mar102(1)____________

Services Dienste Skakel 015 291 2275 Mar215(1)______________ Tired of doing your own debt collection for your business? For fast, efficient and professional service, contact 015 307 6797. Sept426________________

Verfraai u tuin met “stepping stones” of nagemaakte rotse waar geen gras wil groei nie. Vir gratis kwotasies skakel 072 721 4337 of 073 356 2235 Letaba Vervoer Wegry van tuinvullis en bourommel @ R150 per bakkie vrag (1ton) Skakel 073 356 2235 of 015 307 5439

Springkastele & Glybane te huur in Tzaneen! Kantoor ure: Mon to Fri: 07:00 – 16:30. Shirleen 071 870 9193 suikerbekkie19@ Sept434________________ VERVOER VERVOER VERVOER VAN ALLERLEI VERVOER VAN MEUBELS VASTE ROETES ELKE WEEK VERPAKKING MATERIAAL BESKIKBAAR OP AANVRAAG SKAKEL MICHELLE VIR KWOTASIE 073 976 7605 /


10 Minute Vertical Sunbed!!! For the perfect tan, book now!!! 082 4000 991, 2B King Edward Drive Mar109(1)______________ Ons diens en herstel alle fabrikate. Kontak Mark 015 307 5268 jan305________________ Medicare Centre Tzaneen Holistic management of Diabetes, Cardiovascular and metabolic syndrome and its complications Contact 015 307 2382 Mar205(1)______________ Distributors of Caltex fuels & Lubricants 083 627 8834 015 307 1998 Mar209(1)______________ Lanique Haarsalon Vir Afsprake Skakel 015 307 4604 Mar210(1)______________ The BEST in Catering! Any function, any time! Contact Elna on 083 371 9190 or 082 833 7380. jul106_____________

Key shop & Locksmith Quick Friendly, professional service 24 Hour call out Opening of safes, locks & vehicles. Personalised number plates Supply: locks, keys, safes, number plates 015 307 7775 Mar214(1)______________ Roentes Radiografiese dienste 4D Ultrasound Medi 24 h/v Thabo Mbeki & Pleinstreet Polokwane

KIDZ 2 PLAY Nursery School is a quality educational institution catering for children 3 months - 6 years 076 737 5271 Jan103_________________ Do you need building supplies? We are your one stop shop! 015 307 7168 jan301_________________ Do you enjoy music? We sell drum sets, guitars, keyboards and much more Contact 015 307 4448 Nov205_________________ The Bargain Shop We pay cash for furniture, appliances and unwanted goods of value 015 306 0036 or 083 576 7618 mar209________________ Organic Compost, lawn dressing, potting soil, garden mulch, bark chips Brian: 083 391 0195 083 306 0855 015 307 5240 june 403_______________ TZANEEN TRAILER HIRE Trailers to carry cars, cattle, furniture etc. Single or Double. Axle for rent. We also service and repair all makes of trailers. 29 Plantation Road, old industrial area call: 083 651 0936 082 578 3174 _________________ feb401 Audio Repairs, DVD, TV and VCR Repairs, Spares and Accessories, IC’S and TR’S. We also do orders. Contact 015 307 7189 jan307________________

Services Dienste Do you have a problem with cockroaches? Are they taking over your house and home? I have the solution! Money back guaranteed and very satisfied clients! Call Anette: 083 276 7872 or 015 307 6741 Dec202________________ As julle soek na die geskikte plek vir ‘n verlowings, verjaardag, kerk uitstappie, vergade rings etc. Groot plek met kroeg yskas, tafels, stoele en alle ander benodighede, swembad. Ingeboude braai Kontak 081 404 6292 feb402_________________ Lou-dri Field services Specialise in all earth moving machines, Trucks and Tractors. Contact Danie Ludick 079 073 4985/ or 071 826 6298 Lou-dri velddienste Spesialiseer in grondverskuiwingmasjiene, trokke en trekkers. Kontak Danie Ludick 079 073 4985/ of 071 826 6298 feb102________________ You could earn about $4,000 every month PASSIVELY for life, and you do not have to send any money. For more information, log on to this webpage: http://signup. feb305________________

We offer facials, massages, manicures, pedicures and couples treatments at our day spa. Phone for bookings 015 307 6220. 16B King Edward Drive. jul130__________________ Camelia Florist Specialize in: All types of functions/occasions/funeral flowers, home & office arrangements as well as wedding bouquets. Una 082 872 6214 mei308________________

CARPET & UPHOLSTERY CLEANING The Clean Team – In Tzaneen since 2000 We also clean vehicles, rugs, office chairs etc. Also: Masterguard You know us and our service!! Call today: Eugene and Yvonne 071 783 7112/ 081 301 6018

Need glasses, your eyes tested or sunglasses. Contact 015 307 3703. june404_______________ Cutting back on electricity bills or is your domestic help on leave? School holiday laundry piling up? Dirty tabelcloths after a function? We offer wash, dry and iron, ironing only and tumble drying! Contact Tersia 078 457 9667. june405________________ The Professional Eyecare and Great Value optometrist in town is here to help you. Come visit us for the latest specials and get

Services Dienste value for money. Contact 015 307 2299. jan310_________________ I stock and use products from Schwarzkopf, Great Lengths, ghd, Eco.kid and many more. Come visit me for the perfect hair cut, colour or highlights. I do extensions and sell products for childrens hair too. Contact Lanie 015 307 4604 jan311_________________ Bookkeeping and salary management. Tell: 015 307 7676 Nov509________________ Your junk is worth something! Clothes, books, electrical, equipment, furniture etc. I will collect and sell it all for you! Weekly auctions at 31 Antimony Str Contact 082 925 9780 Mar216________________ We sell new and used vehicles! Contact 015 307 5020 Mar217_________________

Jou Besigheid se Boeke; Kopseer of vreugde? By Maritel doen ons: Boeke tot op finale proef (Bank, kleinkas, debiteur, krediteure en alle gepaardgaande rekonsiliasie) Bestuurstate BTW alle fasette (Boere wat mark toe stuur baie welkom) U.I.F (Werkloosheidsverseke ring) NS! Doen ook Pastel-opleiding met ‘n verskil, prakties by die werkplek. Groot sukses! Kontak nou vir Marie by 072 409 7057,

Ons spesialiser in die volgende mediesefondse: Discovery Health, Resolution Health, Momentum, Fedhealth, Medscheme. Kontat ons vir gehaltediens en professionele advies. Tel: 015 307 3316 Mar218_________________ Veilings elke Saterdag, 10 uur, Voertuie, Meubels, Yskaste, Beddens, TV’s, en baie meer. Privaat inskrywings welkom, 31 Antimoonstraat, Nuwe Nywerheidsgebied, Kontak Kobus 082 925 9780. Mar304(1)______________ Icon Scales Repair centre for weighing equipment Custom made equipment Services & maintenance contracts Sales of weighting equipment Contact Juvan Liversage 084 370 7290 073 734 2781 Apr406(1)____________

Services Dienste LOANS Loans from R1000 to R100000, NO credit checks! We do consolidations! For fast, efficient services call today. We can help you even if you are blacklisted or have garnish orders. Approved within a day and payout within 48 hours. Documents required are a follows: 2 months bank statements, ID Copy & latest payslip. Contact: 083 639 7232 or 078 183 7363 Mei204________________

Bargains Galore Geregistreerde panden tweedehandse handelaar. Ons pand, koop en verkoop enigiets van waarde. Juwele, meubels, gereedskap, ens. Vir die beste pryse. Kom besoek ons by Plantasieweg 11 langs Dass 015 307 1171 082 472 8483 jan406________________

For Sale Te Koop Baltimore – lusering, hawer, tes, boontjie, grasbale te koop en afgelewer Skakel Basie Brand 082 968 1998 Mar302(1)______________ Sahara Pentium 4 Computer, intel 1.8 ghz CPI, 1GB Memory, 150 GB Harddrive, 15 “Flatscreen. Computer programme, skype camera and other accessories included. R2 300 neg. contact Mrs van der Berg 074 264 5320 or 078 677 0525 Apr402(1)______________ Second Hand clothing Tweede handse klere – R30 per kg – baie goeie kondisie vir herverkoop Winter jasse (enkel-lengte) vanaf R180 – ingevoer van UK – so goed soos nuut Perfek vir herverkoop Secondhand Clothing – R30 per kg – very good condition – perfect for re-selling Winter coats (ankle length) from R180 – imported from UK – good as new Perfect for re-selling Contact Mareyna at 076 3766 783 Apr403(1)______________ SAND EN KLIP Tel: 082 737 0125 / 083 500 4385 Apr410________________

NEWLY OVERHAULED GIVE AWAY FOR ONLY R60 000 KOBUS 081 4728 651 Mei201(1)_____________

Vacancies Vakante Apprentice Parts Sales Person position available for a self-motivated candidate with an interest to build a large career in a well established International company Closing date 23/05/2012 Fax CV to 086 296 78 96” Mei205________________ “Administrtiewe pos beskikbaar; Wenkem Tzaneen, wat handel dryf in Landbou Chemikalieë het ‘n pos beskikbaar vir ‘n administratiewe dame. Die persoon moet beskik oor uitsonderlike menseverhoudinge en administratiewe/finansieële kennis. Werks ure van 7h30 tot 16h30 weeksdae. Faks ef E-Pos aansoeke na 015 306 0090 of cor.” Mei206________________ Benodig vryskut verkoops agente om produkte te bemark vir die bou bedryf. Belangstellendes kan Dutoit skakel op 083 289 5396 Mei207________________

Wanted Gesoek Ongebruikte Kweekhuistonnel (Green house) Sal self kom afslaan / verwyder. Bel: 082 7710 777 Mei208________________

Personal Persoonlik Orca Swimming Academy Teaching baby’s – 6 months to adults Heated indoor swimming pool Driving crèches & primary schools to and from swimming Open Monday – Thursday 09:00 – 17:00 Contact Eloise 082 923 7931 Mei202(1)______________

Animals Diere

To Rent Te Huur 2 Ton trok met groot bak en hoë tralies vir vervoer van meubels of enigiets in en om Tzaneen R500 per vrag. Kontak 072 372 4041 Feb204_________________ VERVOER/TRANSPORT STEYNBERG TROK & TREKKER 8 x 8 ton trokke te huur. R16.00/km + btw & 25 ton @ R23.00/km + btw eenrigting Skakel vir Kwotasie: 076 410 9503 / 083 851 7139 of 015 345 1192 / 084 627 0956 Mar103(20)____________

VERVOER & VERPAK Van meubels Skakel Melodi vir kwotasie 015 345 1192 / 084 627 0956 076 410 9503 / 082 851 7139 Epos: troktrek@mweb. Web: www. steynbergmeubel Mar104(20)__________

LETABA FARM EQUIPMENT TLB’s excavators en groot trekkers te huur vir rip ploeg disk. Agent vir SAME en DEUTZ trekkers 083 414 4238 Mar106(1)__________ TO RENT/TE HUUR Trailer Rentals Trailers available Hannes Engelbrecht Contact 073 765 6549 28 Plantation rd (next to PPS) Apr405________________

Vehicle Motor Toyota SWB canopy R3500.00 Isuzu D/C canopy R2500.00 Toyota LWB dra rak/roof carrier R3900.00 Mazda/Ford D/C canopy R4500.00 Skakel 083 276 7872 015 307 6741 mei402_________________ Betaal ‘n deposito en neem paaiemente oor van ‘n: 2005 Mitshibushi Colt 2.8 2009 Tata Indica 1.4 LX Skakel 083 276 7872 of 015 307 6741 mei402_________________

Worshondjies te koop. Tefies R100 elk. Kontak 082 332 2110 mei210_________________


Furniture Removals / Meubelvervoer Ons verpak & verseker landwyd Puik diens & lae pryse Marlien 015 781 0637 / 083 252 8928 You just thinner, younger, healther. Weight loss coach 076 346 1664 Mei203________________

For Sale Te Koop

Trojan concept basic treadmill For sale (used) R 3000.00 Contact 082 776 4431 Mar501(1)______________ HAFLINGER STEYRPUCH

To advertise in the classified contact Lihanie 015 307 7248



Mum, you are beautiful.

11 Mei 2012

Property l Eiendomme To Let Tu Huur Offices Kantore SAVF het twee kantore beskikbaar in King Edward Rylaan. Kontak persoon Ilza Roelofse sel 082 773 0471. Apr402______

Flats Woonstelle Gemeubeleerde woosntel met kombuisie vir ENKEL PERSOON Maandeliks: R2 500. Dep. R1 500 Beskikbaar Onmiddelike Gas & Elektriesiteit ingesluit Kontak Christa 078 686 8331 of 015 307 3370 Mei207__________

Town Houses Meenthuis Netjiese meenthuis in medipark. 3 Slaapkamers, 2 badkamers, oopplan kombuissitkamer,mooi tuintjie en afdak vir motor. Water en ligte uitgesluit, R 4000 p/maand. Beskikbaar 1 Jul. Skakel Shani, 0829290588

For Sale Te Koop Stands Erf CiS Real Estate

Sole Mandate 50 + Stands Theo 071 641 9199 Mei201__________

CiS Real Estate

Homes Huise CiS Real Estate

Sole Mandate Very Neat house in Aquapark. 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open plan kitchen and living area. Double Garage R875 000.00 Theo 071 641 9199 Mei204__________

CiS Real Estate

3 Bedroom house in Golden Acres. 2 Bathrooms, open plan kitchen and living area. Double Garage. R1 150 000.00 Thonet 071 641 9137 Mei205__________

Town Houses Meenthuis CiS Real Estate

Sole Mandate 24 Newly Build Town Houses Thonet 071 641 9137 Mei203__________

CiS Real Estate

Sole Mandate 22 Building Packeges Salomie 071 641 9041 Mei202__________

At CiS we go above and beyond to offer you what nobody else can. Because you deserve excellent service. 015 307 2230 Mei206________

For Sale Te Koop

Jeanette Near town 8 ha 2 houses next to main road can be rezoned for business. R3 300 000 Double storey top of the range house with extraordinary beautiful view. Everybody’s dream house. 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom, open plan kitchen and living area, patios with the most beautiful view, 3 garages, Jacuzzi and swimming pool outside, built in braai and bar. Has its own generator with irrigation. Includes spacious garden fenced with electric and has its own auto gate. R 4 300 000 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom, the main room contains a nice fire place for that cold winter nights... 2 built in braai inside and outside with swimming pool, double garage and electric gate. for all the romantics out there, it has an open air shower. R 1 850 000 800m² business stand in the new industrial area for only R770 000 Big double storey house 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, big living areas including entertainment area, with swimming pool and bar. Bedroom flats with double garages. R2 700 000 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, double garage, granite tops, open plan kitchen and living areas with a braai and air cons. R1 000 000 For Rent: 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, in Flora Park R4400 2 X 2ha Plots near Tzaneen for R450 000 each New Office for sale in Boundry Street Doornhoek stand a giveaway for only R550 000 Jeanette 083 258 5862

Maggie Well priced 3 bedrooms home, bathroom, kitchen, lounge, lock up carport, remote access, storeroom with nice braai area to entertain. R 625 000 Close to town 2 ha plot 2x3 bedroom house with water and electricity. R 990 000 First time buyers and investors. this is a good opportunity for you. transfer cost included. Excellently situated near school and Mosque. 1 b e d r o o m , bathroom, open plan kitchen, living areas and 1 carport. R415 000 2bedroom, 1 bathroom open plan kitchen and living area including 2 carports. R522 000 Golden Acres 500m² R1 100 000 Letaba River Estates 1106m² R 360 000 Riverside Estate 1200m² R 360 000 Eden Gardens 805m² R 251 000 Sole Mandate: R e d u c e d Reduced!!! Come and see this 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom with main on suite and walk in closet, large fully fitted kitchen, pantry, laundry, super large entertainment area with aircon an full size snooker table included with pool and Jacuzzi, large well manicured garden corner stand and garages for 3 cars and 3 carports plus loads more. R1 400 000 Maggie 083 216 4779

We urgently need houses, townhouses, stands, farms, Commercial buildings and plots to sell. We have qualified buyers. For the best team in town. Christa 083 460 6597 Jeanette 083 258 5862

Besoek ons webwerf by vir meer inligting oor komende sport-, kultuur-, skool-, kerk- en sosiale geleenthede

Carol Bedroom houses 2 bathrooms, large open plan kitchen living areas with loft. Granite finishing’s with a built in braai in house. 1 bedroom with en suite outside. double garage. R1 485 000 4 bedrooms, lounge, TV room, locking garage, swimming pool. with a good security and remote gate. R1 100 000 Carol 073 129 6680

Abel 5 bedroom house, dining room, lounge, TV room, kitchen with most built in cabinets made out of solid wood. With double garage, wall fenced yard with alarm system. everything you want in a house including a swimming pool. R2 200 000 2 BEDROOMS, 2 BATHROOMS, 3 LIVING AREAS, DOUBLE GARAGE AND A BIG BACHELOR FLAT. GIVE AWAY R 1 040 000 Abel 072 126 1436

Christa Two for the price of one 2 x 2 bedroom and en suit open plan, cozy houses, small garden newly built, very spacious granite top kitchen. both for. R 1 320 000 Christa 083 460 6597

3 bedroom house, 1 bathroom, lounge and kitchen. Give away R 494 000 David 082 681 1268

CENTURION PRETORIA Upmarket House for sale in Raslouw, Centurion. Approximately 800 sqr of shere elegance. This house offers 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 3 Lounges, 1 TV room, 1 Dining room, beautiful entrance foyer with twin stair case. Cherry wood kitchen & spacious laundry. Further, the house offers 3 patios, entertainment area, bar area and a swimming pool. 3 Garages. Electric fencing & alarm. R4 900 000 LEANDI 082 788 0772

Christa Little Paradise 3ha plot, near town lovely views, river runs through, also includes water rights. Your own paradise R 600 000 Christa 083 460 6597

Adverteer u eiendom hier en geniet sukses. Skakel Lihanie by 015 307 7248




11 Mei 2012


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Legals l Geregtelik Removal of Restrictions Act, 1967 Application for: the removal of the conditions of title of Erven 87 and 186, Phalaborwa, and The amendment of the Phalaborwa Land Use Management Scheme 2009. It is hereby notified that application has been made in terms of section 3(1) of the Removal of Restrictions Act, 1967 by the firm Jacques du Toit & Associates for: (1) the removal of the conditions of title of Erf 87 Phalaborwa situated at 19 Essenhout Street and Erf 186 Phalaborwa, situated at 8 Karee Street, which prohibits the use of the land for any other purpose than that of a single residential dwelling, and the (2) amendment of the Phalaborwa Land Use Management Scheme, 2009 to amend the existing zoning of Erven 87 and 186 Phalaborwa from “ Residential 1” to “Residential 3” with an Annex-

ure. This application will be known as Phalaborwa LUMS Amendment Scheme 12. The application and the relevant documents are open for inspection at the office of the Director General, Department of Co-Operative Governnance Human Settlements and Traditional Affairs, Hensa Building, c/o Schoeman and Rabe Street, Polokwane and the office of the Municipal Manager, Civic Centre, Phalaborwa until 8 June 2012. Objections to the application may be lodged in writing with the Deputy Director-General, Limpopo Province, CoGHSTA, at the above address or, Private Bag X9485, Polokwane, 0700, on or before 8 June 2012 and shall reach this office not later than 14:00 on the said date. Mei201______________ Wet op Opheffing van Beperkings, 1967 Aansoek om opheffing van die

Titelvoorwaardes van Erwe 87 en 186 Phalaborwa en die wysiging van die Phalaborwa LUMS 2009. Hiermee word bekend gemaak dat ingevolge die bepaling van artikel 3(1) van die Wet op Opheffing van Beperkings, 1967, aansoek gedoen is deur die firma Jacques du Toit & Medewerkers vir: (1)die verwydering van beperkende titelvoorwaardes van Erf 87 Phalaborwa geleë te Essenhoutstraat 19 en Erf 186 Phalaborwa, geleed te Kareestraat 8, wat die gebruik van die grond voorbehou vir die oprigting van ‘n enkelwoonhuis alleenlik; en (2)die wysiging van die Phalaborwa Grondgebruikskema, 2009 deur die hersonering van Erwe 87 en 186 Phalaborwa, van “Residensieël 1” na “Residensieel 3” met n Bylae. Die aansoek sal bekend staan as Phalaborwa LUMS Wysigingskema 12. Die aansoek en die betrokke dokumente lê ter insae in die kantoor van die Direkteur Generaal, CoGHSTA, of HensaGebou, h/v Schoeman en Rabestraat, Polokwane en in die kantoor van die Munisipale Bestuurder, Burgersentrum, Phalaborwa tot 8 Junie 2012. Besware teen die aansoek kan voor of op 8 Junie 2012 skriftelik by die Adjunk Direkteur-Generaal, Limpopo Provinsie: CoGHSTA by bovermelde adres, Privaatsak X9485, Polokwane, 0700, ingedien word en moet die kantoor nie later as 14:00 op genoemde datum bereik nie. Mei202______________

IN THE LABOUR COURT OF SOUTH AFRICA HELD AT JOHANNESBURG CASE NO: LP1324-04 In the matter between: LAWRENCE MASHATOLE Execution Creditor And MEREKOME FUNERAL SERVICES Execution Debtor NOTICE OF SALE IN EXECUTION PURSUANT to a Writ of execution by the Labour Court given on 23rd August 2005 the under mentioned goods will be sold at 12:00 on the 08th June 2012 by public auction to be held at sheriff’s office, 7 GERRIT KRUGER STREET, AQUA PARK, TZANEEN to the highest bidder for cash, namely: 1 X ISUZU BAKKIE WITH REG NO PFS994 GP (WHITE) 1 X TOYOTA VENTER WITH REG NO OKV737 GP (WHITE) DATED AT TZANEEN ON THIS THE 25TH DAY OF APRIL 2012 (SG) SHIRINDA B. J BALOYI AND SHIRINDA INCORPORATED ATTORNEYS FOR PLAINTIFF OFFICE NO: 101-102, 1ST FLOOR MORGAN BUILDING, 10 MORGAN STREET P O BOX 2975, TZANEEN, 0850 TEL: 015 307 3545/FAX 086 590 3818 REF: BS0149/09/BJS/ HTM Mei203______________ IN THE MAGISTRATE’S COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF LETABA HELD AT TZANEEN CASE NUMBER: 3713/2011 In the matter between: MERCY MKATEKO NDHAMBI EXECUTION CREDITOR And DIOCESE OF TZANEEN EXECUTION DEBTOR NOTICE OF SALE IN EXECUTION PURSUANT to a judgment by the magistrate TZANEEN given on 19 March 2012 the under mentioned goods will be sold at 2 LORETTO

PARK, NEW INDUSTRIAL AREA, TZANEEN, on 1 June 2012 by public auction to be held at 09:00, by the Sheriff for the Magistrates Court, to the highest bidder for cash, namely: 4 X CHURCH BENCHES 14 X TABLES 1 X DEEPFREEZE 1 X TWO DOOR FRIDGE DATED AT TZANEEN on 24 APRIL 2012 SHERIFF OF THE COURT (sgnd) JOHAN STEYN ATTORNEYS FOR EXECUTION CREDITOR JOHAN STEYN ATTORNEYS ELITA NO 1, AGATHASTREET TZANEEN Tel: 015 307 5792 Ref: JS/sdj/AA8036 Mei204______________ IN THE MAGISTRATE’S COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF LETABA HELD AT TZANEEN CASE NUMBER: 5652/2011 In the matter between: LETABA BRICKYARD (PTY) LTD Execution Creditor And SAMUEL SIMATA T/A SIMATA HOMES Execution Debtor NOTICE OF SALE IN EXECUTION IN PURSUANCE of a Judgment of the Magistrate, TZANEEN dated 16 March 2012, the under mentioned goods will be sold by public auction, on 1 JUNE 2012 at 09:00. Venue of the sale: 2 LORETTO PARK, NEW INDUSTRIAL AREA, TZANEEN By the Sheriff for the Magistrate’s Court of TZANEEN to the highest cash bidder: 5 x Tables 1 x Cabinet 7 x Chairs 1 x Fax / Copier 1 x Wooden Bookshelves 1 x Nashua Photocopier 1 x Fridge 2 x Office Tables 1 x High black chair 1 x Sansui TV 1 x Cabinet 2 x Wooden Bookshelves 1 x Bar Fridge

9 x Chairs 1 x Oval Office Table 1 x Brother Printers Dated at TZANEEN on this 2nd day of MAY 2012 (SGD) J H JACOBSZ ATTORNEYS FOR EXECUTION CREDITOR JOUBERT & MAY 50 BOUNDARY STREET PO BOX 35 TZANEEN, 0850 TEL: 015 307 3660 REF: MR JACOBSZ/JK/ J5426 Mei205______________ IN THE MAGISTRATE’S COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF LETABA HELD AT TZANEEN CASE NO: 3676/2011 In the matter between: BEDSON TIMBERS (PTY) LTD Judgment Creditor And STAN & SAM CC Judgment Debtor NOTICE OF SALE IN EXECUTION IN PURSUANCE of a Judgment and Warrant of Execution issued in the above Court for district of TZANEEN the under mentioned goods have been attached, and will be sold in execution for cash or Bank Guaranteed cheque to the highest bidder at 09:00 ON THE 1ST OF JUNE 2012 AT 2 LORETTO PARK, NEW INDUSTRIAL AREA, TZANEEN. 1.2 x Wooden Doors 2.2 x Stable Doors 3.2 x Wooden sliding door frames 4.2 x Wooden door frames 5.2 x Wooden window frames 6.8 x Wooden Window frames 7.7 x Wooden garages doors 8.1 x S/Teel Double 9.8 x Wooden window frames 10.3 x Wooden interior doors 11.4 x 20L paint 12.2 x Wooden Doors 13.1 x Wooden Door 14.2 x Wooden interior doors Dated at TZANEEN this 19 April 2012 (sgd) W F BASSON STEWART MARITZ BAS-

SON INC LEX NUMERI 32 Peace Street Tzaneen Ref; WFB/EM/C399 Mei206______________ IN THE REGIONAL COURT FOR THE DIVISION OF LIMPOPO HELD AT TZANEEN CASE NUMBER: LP/TZN/ RC-96/12 In the matter between: CROWNED CORMORANT INVESTMENTS 28 (PTY) LTD Execution Creditor And MARONET SLAGHUIS CC (REG NO: 1992/029183/23) Execution Debtor NOTICE OF SALE IN EXECUTION IN PURSUANCE of a Judgment of the Magistrate, TZANEEN dated 26 April 2012, the under mentioned goods will be sold by public auction, on 25 May 2012 at 09:00. Venue of the sale: SHOP 1, OASIS MALL, AQUAPARK, TZANEN By the Sheriff for the Magistrate’s Court of TZANEEN to the highest cash bidder: 3 x Wooden shelves 1 x 3 Door Fridges 2 x Baron Fridges 1 x NTS Cash Register 1 x Digi Scale SM90 1 x Cold Room/Unit 1 x Okto Scale wall type 1 x Steel Table 1 x Meat saw bdy 1 x Steel table 1 x Small table steel 1 x Plastic Chair 1 x Vacuum Machine 2 x High back chairs 1 x First Aid box 1 x Steel table with back 2 x Glad wrap machine 1 x Display Fridge 1 x Crown Fridge 1 x Coston Fridge 2 x Wood Counters 1 x AC3000 Scale 1 x Steel Shelf 1 x Steel Trolley 1 x Black Drum 1 x Wooden Shelf 1 x Samsung PC 1 x Wooden Bar Chair 1 x Black Bin 1 x Steel Shelf 1 x 3 Draw Desks 7 x Cane Baskets 1 x S/S Hanging Rack 1 x Wooden Table 1 x Wooden Table 1 x Wooden Chair

1 x Cash Register Casio 1 x Fridge Master Fridge 1 x Spice rack 1 x Freddy Hersch oven 58 x White plastic basin assorted 1 x 5 Door Fridges 4 x 20L Plastic Containers 54 x S/S Assorted Basins 1 x Small Wooden Cupboard 1 x 4 Drawer Steel Cabinet 1 x Steel Safe 1 x HP Printer 3 x Long Wood Hanging display rack 1 x Block man Table Wood 1 x Steel Table 1 x Steel Kitchen Cupboard 2 x Polony Slicer 2 x Okto Mincer 1 x Small Steel Table 1 x Digi SM300 Scale 1 x Compact Vacuum machine 2 x Clock Machine 1 x 2 Plate Stove 1 x Microwave Oven 1 x Biltong Dryer 1 x Steel Table 2 x Black Bins 1 x Steel mesh Basket 1 x Tory Scale 1 x Tory Scale 100kg 1 x Wooden Table 1 x Okto K2 Meat Saw 1 x Henko Vacuum Machine 2 x Biltong Slicer elec. 1 x Samsung Fax 1 x Altech Fan 3 x Steel Shelves (C/R) 5 x Extractor Fans Ass 1 x Wooden Shelf 2 x Trolleys shopping 1 x Wooden Table & Bench 1 x Pattie Machine 1 x Electric Tenderising Machine 1 x Freddy Hersch Wors Machine 1 x Band Saunder Machine 100mm 1 x Vulcan Meat saw 1 x Cold room/Unit 1 x Logic Fan 1 x Defy Oven 2 x Steel Tables 1 x Digi Scale D128 1 x Trispade Wors Machine 8 x Shelves Loose (C/R) 1 x Desk Rack 5 Hole (SGD) J H JACOBSZ ATTORNEY FOR THE EXECUTION CREDITOR JOUBERT & MAY 50 BOUNDARY STREET PO BOX 35 TZANEEN, 0850 TEL: 015 307 3660 REF: MR JACOBSZ/JK/ J5502 Mei207______________


A mother’s love is the fuel that enables us to do the impossible.

Vossies vir Limpopo gekies Die Limpopo-netbalproewe is Saterdag in Polokwane gehou. Sestien meisies van Ben Vorster is vir Limpopo-spanne gekies. Clara Olivier, Celia Loubser en Adelle Adriaanse is in die o.18-span, terwyl me Charmain Beetge (LINKS) as die afrigter gekies is. Edwina Manyike en Khataza Mbohombi is vir die o.17-span gekies, Precious Mhlari, Katie Morgets, Tsholofelo Bulala, Khanyisa Chawane en Iseldri Janse van Rensburg vir die o.16’s, en Nadine Engelbrecht, Nicola Liversage, Vanessa Mkhabela, Thandeka Mathye, Carmen Botha en Nsuku Makelane vir die o.15’s. REGS: Richard Wernich is vir Limpopo se o.18-hokkiespan gekies. LINKS ONDER: Allison en Shani Rudder van die Hoërskool Ben Vorster is vir die Limpopo-karatespan gekies, wat môre in Johannesburg aan die SA Kampioenskappe gaan deelneem. REGS ONDER: Hendus Janse van Rensburg, Japke Engelbrecht en Leander Steenkamp het Ben Vorster onlangs

in die Limpopo-swemspan verteenwoordig, wat by die Olimpiese uitdunne in Durban gaan meeding het. Engelbrecht het in die elite jeugafdeling geswem en Steenkamp en Janse van Rensburg het in die jeugafdeling geswem. J van Rensburg het een goue, twee silwer en een brons medalje ingepalm.


11 Mei 2012


Minder as die helfte maak Tzaneen-tydren klaar Die Tzaneen Bathroom Bizarre-tydren wat Mohammed Moosa, ook van Tzaneen, het Saterdag buite Tzaneen beslis is, was nie die tydren gewen, 6:37s voor sy naaste teensonder drama nie. stander. Terwyl Erik de Jager sy terugkeer gemaak Slegs dertien van die dertig inskrywings het het, na hy weens breinvliesontsteking die die tydren voltooi. eerste ronde gemis het, het die span van Eddie Simpson en Marco Lottering weer eens teëspoed gekry. Hulle het vroeg in die wedren teen ’n boomstomp gebots en die agteras beskadig, wat die einde van hul wedren beteken het. De Jager, met sy nuwe navigator, Nico Swarts, het die roes afgeskud en tweede in Klas S2 geëindig, in die algehele agtste plek. Nog ’n Tzaneener, Peter Pilusa, was tweede Erik de Jager is weer in aksie agter die stuur van sy Citi Golf. in Klas S1 en algeheel twaalfde.

Hulle haal Limpopo-spanne

LCC hosts another successful Koraalboom tourny

Unicorn selected for Limpopo team A rising soccer talent from Unicorn Preparatory School in Tzaneen, Mfumo Mongwe, took part in the Limpopo trials in Polokwane recently and was selected for the Limpopo u.13 side as a striker. Mfumo is making big waves in the local soccer scene and has already attracted the attention of several influential figures.

This week’s fitness tip by Ettienne van Wyngaardt (Fitness specialist) Your core consists of all the muscles in your hips, abdomen and back. By working your core, you can train all of these muscles to work together, which will improve your balance and posture. Working your core, can also reduce your risk of injury. Most people have a strength imbalance between their lower back and abs. By strengthening your core, you reduce the imbalances, which are a potential source of injury. Strengthening your core will also improve your performance. A strong core helps transfer force to and from the body’s extremities efficiently so that you can perform well. So join your local gym and get your core stronger.

The Tzaneen Country Club hosted the FNB Koraalboom tournament recently. ABOVE LEFT: The Champion is Syd Reid, flanked by FNB’s Messrs Neels Vermaak and Pokkels de Jager. ABOVE RIGHT: Marcel Schipper was the Saturday individual winner.

Nog sport op bl 20

REGS: Vyf Netbalspelers van die Laerskool Tzaneen is vir Limpopo se o.12- en o.13-spanne gekies. Voor sit Lara Oosthuizen en Lerato Hutamo. Agter sit Paula Ntuli, Elzanne Engelbrecht en Ndavi Nokeri. ONDER: Twaalf seuns is vir die o.12- en o.13-rugbyspanne van Letaba gekies en neem môre aan die finale proewe vir Limpopo deel. Voor sit John Naudé, Roehan Steenkamp, Nkhenso Hosana, Nkateko Tiba, Gideon Vorster en Pietman Opperman. Agter is Dillon Herendoefer, Comfort Shingagwe, Franco Oberholzer, Ba-rend Lombard, Werner Roets en Johan Ehlers.

11 Mei 2012

Merensky wen in hul agterPlaas gehad het. In die hoofwedstryd het die Plasies se eerste span op ’n

Jean Aucamp

Die Hoërskool Merensky het Saterdag ’n treetjie nader aan Limpopo se rugbykroon vir medium skole gegee, toe hulle in hul tweede ligakragmeting teen Frans du Toit te staan gekom het. Die Fransies het hul seisoen vroeër vanjaar baie goed in vriendskaplike kragmetings afgeskop en het Saterdag voorbereid in Plasieland aangekom. Hulle het egter in die o.14’s se kragmeting kort gekom en met 17-5 verloor. Hulle kon hul koppe weer in die o.15’s se wedstryd optel, toe hulle oortuigend gewen het. Maar van daar was dit ’n maklike pad vir die Plasies. In wat sekerlik as die opwindendste kragmeting van die dag beskou is, het Marno vd Meulen, Marno van Wyk, Mike Malatji, Letsego Magagane en Shuka Mbumbela die Plasies se o.16’s tot ’n pragoorwinning van 27-10 aangespoor. Die Ratels het ook nog nie ’n voet verkeerd in die liga gesit nie en die Fransie met 36-7 afgestof. Arno Vorster en Andrew Masedi is elkeen met ’n drie vir hul harde spel beloon. Die oorwinning het getoon dat Merensky dalk oor die diepte beskik wat aan hulle die liga se kroon kan besorg, en was ook net die aansporing wat die eerste span nodig

Letaba klop Dorp vir titel Die Letaba Rugbyklub se eerste span het Saterdag vir nog ’n verrassing in Limpopo se klubrugby gesorg, toe hulle Pietersburg in hul agterplaas gaan stil speel het. Die manne in groen het Pietersburg van meet af aan, soos teen Noordelikes amper ’n maand gelede, voor vasgevat en die spel by die afbreekpunte oorheers. Pietersburg het egter vinnig punte aangeteken, toe Letaba nie die kleinkant dopgehou het nie. Letaba het teruggeveg en kon teen rustyd amper gelyk trek. Pietersburg kon in die tweede helfde nie weer op dreef kom nie en kon slegs op Letaba se foute prooi, om hul telling na 30 punte op te stoot. Letaba het in alle fasette begin oorheers en Dorp het geen antwoorde vir hul harde spel op die grond gehad nie. Een van Dorp se oortredings het hulle duur te staan gekom, toe ’n strafdrie aan Letaba toegeken is. Die eindtelling was 42-30, wat aan Letaba se eerste span die kroon in Limpopo se Presidentsliga besorg het. Hul driedrukkers was Jean-Pierre Kardos, Renier Kruger, Damien Jansen van Rensburg, Giepie Labuschagné en Deano Kruger. Die tweede span kon nie die mas teen Pietersburg opkom nie en het met 22-19 verloor. Die derde span het ook ’n naelskraapwedstryd gehad, maar het met 12-10 geseëvier. Hulle is ook as die wenners van die Presidentsliga gekroon. Die Seniorliga skop op 2 Junie af.

drafstap begin en vroeg die telbord aan die rol gekry, toe hul kaptein, Funani Mabala, gaan druk het. Hy het nie lank op hom laat wag nie en later in die eerste helfte weer so gemaak. Mabala se kapteinsbeurt het egter nie beteken dat hy die speler van die wedstryd was nie. Solly Mukhutu het op slot uitgedraf, maar soos ‘n besete bul gespeel, wat die Fransies die een na die ander uit die pad geboender het. Hy is met ’n pragdrie vir sy kragspel beloon. Jece Swart, wat op skrumskakel diens gedoen het, is stadig besig om die posisie sy eie te maak. Hy het die spel goed gelees en ’n erg gekweste Fransie-span vir oulaas neergetrek, toe hy met ’n tikskoppie van agter die losskrum ’n aanval geloots het. Die bal het verkeerd vir die Fransies gespring en Swart het geduik om die bal in die doelgebied toe te val. Alhoewel die Fransies Saterdag nie antwoorde vir Merensky se kragspel gehad het nie, lê die kommer egter by die Plasies se onvermoëns om die bal deur die pale te skop. Terwyl die telling 31-6 kon wees, vertel die telbord dat die Plasies met 20-6 gewen het. Merensky speel môre in Polokwane teen Tom Naudé in ’n vriendskaplike kragmeting. LINKS: Solly Mukhutu stormloop oor ’n speler van Frans du Toit in Saterdag se ligakragmeting. Foto: Annaline van Vreden

Lou-Maré hou Tzn se naam hoog Lou-Maré Geldenhuys, ‘n oudleerling van die Hoërskool Ben Vorster, het onlangs in Oos-Londen aan die Nasionale Netbalkampioenskappe vir o.19’s en o.21’s deelgeneem. Sy was lid van die Noord-Gauteng o.19-span en ook die onderkaptein. Tydens die toernooi was sy uit 260 spelers genooi om aan die proewe deel te neem. Die geleentheid om ook aan die o.21-proewe deel te neem, was vir slegs sewe spelers van die o.19-groep beskore, waarvan sy een is. Na afloop van die kampioenskappe is sy vir die SA o.19-groep van twintig spelers gekies. Sy is ook as die beste senterbaanspeler aangewys. Geldenhuys dra haar sukses aan haar borge, afrigters en onderwysers wat haar oor die jare geslyp en gemotiveer het. LINKS: Lou-Maré Geldenhuys ontvang gelukwense van mnr Alwyn Matoetoe (hoof van die departement van sport en ontspanning in die Oos-Kaap). Regs is me M Mathetlwa, president van Netbal SA.

SJ skiet sy Springbok-kleure los Die SA Binneshuise Boogskietkampioenskappe het die naweek in Pretoria afgespeel, en tien lede van die Merensky Boogskietklub het gaan deelneem. SJ van der Walt het skitterend gevaar en 299 uit 300 aangeteken. Hy het die goue medalje in die juniorafdeling verower, asook sy agtste SA kwalifiserende ronde geskiet. Hy het sodoende sy nasionale kleure verower. Kyle Smith en Marla Barnard het albei brons medaljes gewen. Rikus Harmse (290 uit 300) en Ricus Warmenhoven (289 uit 300) het provinsiale kleure

in hul afdelings verwerf. Schalk Warmenhoven het ook ‘n SA kwalifiserende ronde met 299 uit 300 aangeteken. Marietjie Harmse het ’n provinsiale kwalifiserende ronde van 290 uit 300 aangeteken. Volgende naweek word die Limpopo Veldkampioenskappe op Merensky se baan gehou. Skuts van so ver as Kaapstad gaan aan hierdie SANIFAA-kwalifiserende toernooi deelneem. Alle skuts van die omgewing word ook genooi om die dag te kom geniet. REGS: SJ van der Walt glimlag trots nadat hy nasionale-kleure ontvang het.


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