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May 2014

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May 2014

me winter r u o l o C Why you should consider wedding in winter While wedding in summer seems to be the one tradition the world shares when it comes to wedding ceremonies, it’s like a universal rule, wedding in winter could actually be more enjoyable and less stressful than in summer. Except for the sole sake of defying the rule, here are other reasons why you should opt for a winter wedding:

looks forward to. More so in your hearts, 5. You can increase the number of you mark it as the special event to forever guests In winter, the numbers work in your facelebrate in winter. vour. As corny as it may sound, this time 3. You don’t worry about having bad the saying works: the more people you weather have, the merrier, and warmer. For our area, winter weather is very preCompiled by Joy Mojela dictable — pretty much chilly in the morn-

2. Your wedding stands out Winter is a very quiet season when it comes to events and functions. Moreover, as the universal rule also dictates, weddings are less prevalent in winter. Your wedding becomes the one day everyone at least

Though winter is not the most popular time of year for a wedding, the number of winter weddings has increased dramatically in recent years. If you have been invited to a winter wedding, you are probably trying to figure out what to wear. The proper attire for wedding guests depends on a variety of factors; including the wedding style, location and time of day. A few tips: • When selecting the colour of your outfit, there are a few things to avoid. Don’t wear white it’s not appropriate for anyone but the bride. If the wedding is in the daytime, do not wear black. • Avoid bright colours such as sunny yellow and orange. These shades are best re-

ing, a bit of sunshine in the afternoon, chilly again at night. And with summer being the rainy season for our area, there 1. You can easily get a venue is hardly any need to hold thumbs for no Let’s face it, nothing really ever hap- rain in winter. pens in winter. In terms of functions 4. You can dance all you want and events, Thidila Lodge, Fairview Ruining your make-up in sweat is not Hotel and Tzaneen Country Lodge all say winter is the most quiet and least even in the list of your worries. Everybooked of all seasons. Getting the thing looks better and lasts longer in winvenue you want for the date you have ter. is less of a problem in winter than in summer.

Guests: What to wear on winter weddings

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ever thought oF a destination wedding?


Nestled at the mouth of the third largest canyon in the world, in an amphitheatre of rock, powering up towards the heavens, lush riverine forest caressed by crystal waters, a select symphony of natures creatures as witness, this is Moholoholo Ya Mati, “By the Water”.

Situated on the banks, and at the mouth of the Blyde River Canyon, surrounded by the mighty Drakensberg Mountains in the Lowveld of the Limpopo Province of South Africa. Visit this magical venue and let us ease you through the best day of your lives. Experience a kaleidoscope of textures and materials in our rock and thatch chalets, chapel and restaurant. Seductively placed within this paradise is a white marquee tent for slightly larger receptions. Through this myriad of architectural delight, flows beautiful green lawns on fertile soils, interspersed with massive, age old, majestic Jackalberry trees and friends. Natural, and designed gardens mixed with indigenous flora, spiced in between with an exotic, weave their way in and around structures, moulding a perfect backdrop for any dream wedding day. Photo’s can be taken on a game drive vehicle, near a termite mound or acacia trees, with a variety of animals, making unique opportunities and memories of a wedding in Africa. Our well trained staff will see to your every need from beginning to end. Food to fill and service to match of highest quality. No task too big or too small, leaving you with

a relaxing, stress free day to remember. Extra accommodation can easily be arranged for family and friends in either our own or nearby lodges or bed and breakfasts of your choice. Let us be of service to you, share your experience of a magic destination wedding with us. For assistance with you destination, Moholoholo Ya Mati, Wedding in Africa, contact Marisa at our head office.

For more inFo contact marisa reinach cell: 084 511 3000 or 072 191 2024 ı e-mail:


May 2014

Winter colours on your wedding day the theme of the season by incorporating icy tones, jewel tones, or holiday colours. They can be used as contrast against a sometimes bleak and colourless time of year or to play up a winter wonderland theme. They are generally cool in tone, though warm-toned accent colours can add interest to the overall appearance of the dceremony or the Guests: What to wear Continued from page 2 reception hall. • reserved for spring weddings. Instead look for a dress Dark colours in rich, winter colours such as burgundy, deep plum It is not always and forest green. Red is an appropriate choice, but lean a good idea to use more toward dark reds rather than bold fire engine red. dark colours just • You need to select from the tone of the season, includbecause the bride ing rich brown cool greys and basic black. and the groom • Bright colours such as tangerine, ruby, sky-blue or lime think it is winor print scarf will give the winter pallets a little kick. ter. Dark colours • Try a wool skirt, sweater sets, tights and loafers or pair a make the place sleeveless wool shift dress with a cashmere cardigan, a look warm, but scarf and pumps of any other warm comfortable shoes. it is important to • Balance heavyweight winter fabrics with chunky beaduse bright colours ed chokers, thick as they could crecuffs and heavier ate life during the earrings. picture and video • Choose leather or shooting. flannel-covered Bright colours shoes over micro In a winter fibre and rememwedding, bright ber the dressier colour should the occasion, the usually match smaller the bag. with the bride’s Source: bouquet, colours such as red roses beauty-and-style A lot of women spend too much time deciding on which colours to use for their weddings. Well, think about you and your sweetie in the elegant look of old Hollywood; the groom in tails, and the bride in a white long silk dress with a white fur of faux fur wrap. Winter wedding colours can go with

with holly and pine greenery. Those are the simple and inexpensive choices to consider. Here are a few suggestions to help you: Sample colour schemes • Royal purple and rich green with gold or silver accents • Blue, teal, and blue violet with white accents • Navy blue, sky blue, ice blue, and silver • Apple red and emerald green with silver or white accents

Compiled by: Rethabile Maake

Source: traditionscolourstheme/winterwedding


May 2014

Wenke vir die groot dag 1. Foto’s, foto’s, foto’s! Hulle is vir altyd en daar is niks so lekker as om weer jou album deur te kyk nie. Die troudag is die één dag wat julle as paartjie het om soos BBP’s (Baie Belangrike Persone) behandel te word. Geniet dit!. 2. ‘n DVD is `n móét. Huur ‘n professionele persoon. Dit is wel duur en jy dink dis onnodig, maar dis iets om vir altyd te hou! Al is julle skaam, jul kinders en ouers sal dit wil sien en elke jaar op jul herdenking is dit lekker om daarna te kyk. (As julle stry, herinner dit jou dalk hoekom jy in die eerste plek getrou het). 3. Jy kan nooit almal gelukkig hou nie. Dis jou troue. Doen dus wat Jy wil, al sê wie wat. Jou ouers het hul beurt gehad. Luister na raad, maar doen wat jy wil. 4. Moenie te veel strooimeisies hê nie. Dit raak te gekompliseerd – as jy wel baie het, sê dan presies wat elkeen moet doen. Almal kan nie help aantrek nie. Vra een of twee op die meeste. Jou ma sal dit ook baie waardeer om hiermee betrokke te wees. 5. Doen alle mooimaak die dag voor die troue. a. Net hare op die troudag— jy moet rustig opstaan, al lê jy net ‘n rukkie langer in die bed — dit sal help

dat jy ontspan! b. Bad en maak gereed vir die person wat jou hare gaan doen. Trek `n toeknoophemp met `n romp aan, anders gaan jou hare deurmekaar wees. 6. Laat die strooimeisies of jou ma/sussie die reëlings by die kerk behartig. 7. Maak `n lys van wat jy moet doen en merk af. 8. Maak n program vir die verloop van die troue en die res van die dag. 9. Kies die regte seremoniemeester. a. Iemand wat lief is vir praat en nie skaam is nie. b. Iemand wat `n goeie (nie ‘n skurwe) grap kan vertel. c. As jy nie so `n familielid of vriend het nie, huur iemand van buite wat hom (of haarself) al bewys het as een wat geskik is om dié belangrike taak te verrig. 10. Kies ook die regte persone om die heildronke in te stel. Moenie van oupa en ouma vergeet nie!. 11. Moenie vreemde kalmeerpille die aand voor die troue drink nie. 12. Gaan deur die seremonie in die kerk met al die betrokke persone en maak seker dat elkeen weet waar wie moet staan, wanneer wie moet loop en wie die ringe sal aangee. 13. Onthou om jou platejoggie of musiekspan`n lys te gee van die liedjies wat in die kerk gesing sal word, watter items dalk gelewer word en watter musiek wanneer by die onthaal gespeel moet word. 14. Indien moontlik, neem die foto’s voor die diens. Dit spaar baie tyd. 15. Laaste maar nie die minste nie: wees helder genoeg om elke kosbare oomblik te benut en te geniet! Dié besondere dag kom (hopelik) net een keer. Bydrae deur Rachel Slabbert

Guide for bride’s parents Mother of the bride

Seated in the first row to the left at the ceremony; is first to leave afterwards. Acts as the official hostess at the reception. Stands first in the receiving line. Brings the guest book and unity candle. Keeps a record of all the gifts received, together with the maid of honour. Chooses the colour of her dress first.

Father of the bride

Drives with the bride to the ceremony. Escorts the bride down the aisle. Sits next to the bride’s mother. Acts as official co-host at the reception, makes final payments to the caterers and musicians. Is the last person to leave the reception.

Hulp nodig? Gaan loer hier Deesdae het mens die gerief van die • • www. internet, om tonne inligting op te spoor. • • www.debtclinic.

Hierby is ‘n kort lys van webwerwe waar ‘n voornemende bruid (en die bruidegom kan gerus ook maar hiermee help) inligting, wenke, voorbeelde van uitrustings, beskrywings en omskrywings en nog meer kan gaan opsoek. • • www.weddingplanningwiz. com • • www.myweddinglabels. com • • • • • • • http:// • • www.


May 2014

Mac Country Venue

Carina Snyman | 082 573 8599

30km up Magoebaskloof next to Bramasole and Magoebaskloof Hotel

Start a lifetime of memories together at the Tzaneen Country Lodge...

For your Wedding Day: Come pamper yourself with our

Bridal Package

Your wedding day is certainly the most important day of your life. A special occasion demands a special setting... At Tzaneen Country Lodge we provide the attention to detail, delectable food and personal service, while the Earth Spa provides indulgent body and facial treatments, as well as other finishing touches. To make your wedding an unforgettable and magical experience!

TheraNaka Body Buff Earth Spa Bath Ceremony Swedish Full Body Massage TheraVine Balancing Facial French Manicure French Pedicure

A day of romance and celebration in the most welcoming and graceful surroundings imaginable, is yours.

Complimentary Fruit Platter and Champagne or Juice Value R1100

hotel | conference | spa • 015 304 3290/1/2 | |

015 304 3079


We can accommodate up to 150 people for weddings, conferences, functions and parties.



May 2014

low-down of wedding planning

Beverly Maritz, functions co-ordinator at Fairview Hotel in Tzaneen, has helped couples prepare for their weddings for about eighteen years now. Here is her low-down on wedding planning: What is the trending style with weddings these days? I can’t say, really. People have different tastes and ideas of what they want their wedding to look like. The only trend I’ve noticed is in colour. A lot of people tend to mix silver and white, and maybe add a different colour, on decorations. How far off in advance should one start planning a wedding? Eight months to a year is long enough time to get the venue you want and create the wedding of your dreams. What is the first thing one should look at when

planning a wedding? It’s important for one to first look at the number of guests and getting the venue. How important is it to use a planner? It’s very important to have someone other than yourself make sure everything runs smoothly. It takes the stress off as well. Which season has the most wedding ceremonies? Definitely summer and spring. Most people have families scattered all over the country and the world. December is often the only time they can get everyone together. How can one keep the budget low? Keep the numbers down is what I would say. Having less people means less spending on venue and food. Also, use local and seasoned flowers, as they are easier to find.

How important is it for the groom to be involved in the planning? A wedding is always about the bride, although these days grooms are getting more involved in wedding preparations. The bride should decide on whether she wants the groom involved and how she wants the groom involved.

What do you enjoy most about planning weddings? Seeing the bride and groom’s faces light up when they arrive at the wedding and see everything is in order. What is your advice to one going through the mayhem of planning a wedding? By all means, don’t stress. Make your plans to the day of the ceremony and put them down on paper. Any final words? Although you may have all your plans written down, remember not everything will work according to plan. Again, don’t stress. Allow some flexibility in your plans. Interview by Joy Mojela


May 2014

Letaba River Lodge

Eco Park Exquisite weddings close to nature

Year-end functions • Weddings • Conferences and events • Accommodation Game drives • Restaurant • Matric farewell • Self catering units 076 991 1111 | 073 441 8880 | |


May 2014

Second time wedding What the photographer should be aiming at...

During the ceremony Parents being seated Bridesmaids walking down the aisle Flower Girl & Page Boy walking down the aisle Groom’s expression when he sees his bride Bride & father walking down the aisle Exchanging vows Ring exchange The Kiss Signing of register Confetti throwing outside church/ chapel After the ceremony Bride & Groom exiting the church/ chapel

Newlyweds with parents Newlyweds & whole bridal party Newlyweds & minister Newlyweds & bride’s family Newlyweds & groom’s family Huge group photo!

Try something new, like a theme Themes are a great way to express your personalities. If you and your partner fell in love through a certain hobby you share, like rock-climbing, you might give your wedding a rock climbing theme. Make the venue resemble a rock-climbing site, or get married at a real rock-climbing site. Art Deco is another popular way to replicate a theme — from structured gown, gloves and a hat, to the table settings and floral designs. Write your own vows If you had the traditional wedding where the pastor guided through the vows line by line before, why not write your own vows this time around? If you have children, you can involve them in the ritual and give them lines to say. Or you sing your vows, or make a poetry performance. Incorporate meaningful symbols for wedding essentials Flowers and herbs lend a special

At reception Close-up of rings The cake The tables & décor First dance Bride & father Bride & father-in-law Groom & mother Groom & mother-in-law Best Man & Maid of Honour Cutting of the cake Master of Ceremonies Best Man making a toast Groom saying his speech DJ/Band Flower Girl dancing with Page Boy Guests dancing Candid photos of newlyweds, family & friends Bride throwing her bouquet The catching of the bouquet Groom throwing the garter The catching of the garter

Compiled by Joy Mojela wedding-essentials/ second-weddings-tips-and-ideas/

Accommodation in Pretoria

Accommodation in Pretoria

100 meters from the N1




Tel: 012 804 1597 • Cell: 081 011 6542 • 081 011 6543 460 President Street, Silverton • 2km from the N1

glamour to the day. If you think about what scents you love, you can create unique memories for you and your guests. Make an outdoor altar and ask your family or special friends to come forward with a flower/herb and explain the significance to the wedding couple. If you plan you can plant a wedding garden, harvest what you need for your marriage ceremony and enjoy the garden for years to come. Keep it small It’s easy to get carried away with the guest list at times. If you’ve both been married before, you have less pressure to invite the whole world and make an impression. Maybe this time you could only invite people you truly want to share your special day with, like close family and friends. Make it an intimate ceremony and have everyone give a speech at the reception.

Tel: 012 332 1767 • Cell: 081 011 6544 • 081 703 4839

1393 Dunwoodie, Cnr of Dunwoodie & Trumper, Waverly, Pretoria


Befor the wedding: Bride & groom Getting dressed Full length With parents With parents (separately) With siblings With Maid of Honour/Best Man Bride with Bridesmaids Bride with Flower Girl & Page Boy Best Man getting dressed


May 2014

Think out of the box for the rings There are so many options for the cou- for several months, we still couldn’t ple that wants to symbolize their mar- make a decision before the wedding. riage commitment with We gave up, knowing a ring, but are looking that we would find the for something other than perfect wedding rings a traditional wedding when the time was right. band. After our wedding, my Mary Scott searched husband ended up purthe web and dozens of chasing a pair of beautijewelry shops for rings ful native Alaskan rings and has this to say about on a business trip to Anthe subject: My husband chorage, which we decifinds most rings uncomded to wear as our wedding bands. Below are fortable, and we also did not want a typical gold/ a few examples of what I found when I searched silver wedding band — so we decided to look for extensively for something special (Photo credits: artinon-traditional rings. After researching rings

Emergency measures Puffy eyes: Spritz some cold rosewater (available at chemists) on cotton wool pads and leave them on your eyes while you’re relaxing in the bath. Less-than perfect skin: Brighten and perfect your complexion with Clarins Beauty Flash Balm or you could try Payot Spa Energising Wake-Up Spray. A pimple: Use Clinique Spot Treatment Gel and ask your make-up artist to skil-

fully cover it with concealer. Fever blister: Get Vyro Hexal from your GP. Broken nails: Stick-on nails are great for last-minute emergencies. Nailene (at Clicks) has a good range of products, including French manicure/pedicure tips. Unwanted shine: Invest in skin blotting tissues which you can use over make-up to blot away oil or perspiration.


May 2014

Who does what? KEY: (B) Refers to bride (G) Refers to groom Right after you both said ‘Yes’ Announce the engagement to family and friends. Hire a wedding planner. (B) Agree on guidelines, including: budget, type of wedding and expense sharing. Set a date. (B&G) Look for the ideal venue and book it. (B) Decide on number of guests and let the groom’s family know their quota. (B&G) Design or shop for the stationary. (B) Appoint speakers and select music. (B&G) Choose bridesmaids. Collect their measurements and discuss ‘the look’. (B) Get going with your own dress. (B) Find a caterer, discuss menu and drinks. (B & B’s Mother) Select a good photographer and videographer. (B) Book transport for the bridal party. (G) Consult a lawyer, if necessary. (B&G) Start thinking of a honeymoon destination. (G) Three months before Shop for wedding rings. (B&G) Finalise your guest list. (B&G) Select a florist. (B) Start your health and fitness

program. (B) Assist your mother with her wedding outfit. (B) Shop for honeymoon and pre-wedding party outfits. (B) Two months before Post invitations. (B’s mother) Decide on your bridal registry. (B&G) Check on your dress, groom’s suit, bridesmaid’s dresses & best man’s suit. (B&G) Order your wedding cake. (B) Make appointments with hairdresser & make-up artist. (B) Buy bridal accessories (veil, shoes, jewellery). (B) Decide on how you will organise your financial affairs. Make an appointment with the bank. (B&G) Finalise honeymoon arrangements. (G) Follow up with the caterer. (B/B’s Mother) Assist guests with accommodation. (B’s Mother) Buy a guest book. Begin writing thank-you notes for gifts received early. (B) One month before Follow up on unanswered invitations. (B/B’s Mother) Check that the official documentation required for the wedding

is in place. (B&G) Notify the relevant parties about your change of name. (B) Confirm bookings for the wedding day with the hairdresser and make-up artist. (B) Organise a final dress fitting. (B) One to two weeks ahead Confirm final guest count, inform the caterer and decide on seating plan (B/B’s mother) Arrange a rehearsal at the venue and ensure all wedding attire is ready. (B) Verify arrangements with the photographer and caterer. (B&G) Pack for the honeymoon. (B) Wear your wedding shoes at home to break them in. (B) Arrange delivery of the cake. (B) Write the place cards or have them printed. (B) Take a day off to unwind. (B) The day before Do a make-up test run. (B) Have a manicure and pedicure. (B) Get to bed early. (B) The big day Make sure you eat breakfast for energy. (B&G) Sparkle and enjoy. You have earned it. (B&G)

Highgrove Lodge Luxury Accommodation • Restaurant • Tavern • Conference


Wedding Venue • Luxury Accommodation Restaurant • Tavern • Conference

Tel: 015 307 7242/3 • 072 150 5380 • 082 427 6888 • • Highgrove is situated opposite Ben Vorster High School

Uitnodiging: bewoord so Tradisioneel: Mnr en me T Holt nooi u hartlik uit na die huweliksbevestiging van hul dogter, Janette, en Neil Marais in die kerkgebou van die NG Moedergemeente, Tzaneen, op Saterdag 10 November om 15:00. Die onthaal is by die Tzaneen Country Lodge in Tarentaalrand. As die paartjie gasheer en gasvrou is: Me Anneke Bruwer en mnr Mark Dawson nooi u vriendelik uit na hul huweliksbevestiging in die NG Kerk Wolkberg, Tzaneen, op Saterdag 10 November om 16:00. Die onthaal is by die Fairview River Lodge. Burgerlike troue: Mnr en me Edward Barnett wil u graag uitnooi na die plegtigheid waartydens hul dogter, Vicky, in die eg verbind word met mnr Philip Bakkes in die Gereformeerde Kerk Laeveld op Saterdag 10 November om 14:00. Sluit asseblief weer by die onthaal aan, wat in Sanloo Manorgastehuis gehou word. Ouer wat lewensmaat ver-

loor het as gasheer of -vrou: U teenwoordigheid as gas sal deur me Elize Jansen hoog op prys gestel word, by die huweliksbevestiging van haar dogter, Sophia, met Dawid Kilian in die AP Kerk, Tzaneen, om 15:00 op Sondag 10 November. Die onthaal na die diens is in die Mashutti Lodge, Agatha. Pa van die bruid as gasheer, weer getroud: Mnr en me Thomas Spies sal u teenwoordigheid waardeer by die huwelik van sy dogter, Santie, en Ronald Moore in die Anglikaanse Kerk, Tzaneen, op Saterdag 10 November om 15:00. Die onthaal word by die Highgrove Lodge in Tzaneen gehou. Geskeide ouers as gasheer en -vrou: U word hartlik deur dr Ian Smit en me Magda Roets uitgenooi na die huweliksbevestiging van hul dogter, Isabel, en Regardt Donkin in die Metodiste Kerk, Tzaneen, op Saterdag 10 November om 17:00. Die onthaal is in die Tzaneen Country Club by Politsi.


May 2014

Legal matters to consider While it is easy to get carried away with wedding preparations and booking the honeymoon, a marriage is more than that. Before you say ”I do”, you might want to consider a few things on the legal side of the ceremony. You might want to consult a specialist in family law to understand the legal consequences of your marriage. If anything, at least know what it means to be a wife or a husband before the law. Ask about antenuptial agreements. Legally, all couples are married in community of proper-

ty unless they sign an antenuptial agreement. According to lawyer Brian Segal (Wedding Album Magazine), being married in community of property means “all assets of whatsoever nature, including inheritances, unless specifically excluded in the testator’s will, fall into the joint estate.” An antenuptial contract allows you and your partner to set terms for which you can assign assets, future earnings and losses in your respective names. It also allows you to perform transactions without the necessary consent of your partner.

The antenuptial agreement is signed before the marriage ceremony and becomes effective when the marriage dissolves, either by death or divorce. In the absence of an antenuptial agreement, you can still sign a postnuptial agreement, if both you and your partner accord. Other legal matters to consider include changing or updating your will and insurance policies. Compiled by Joy Mojela Baxter, J. 2014. ‘The Professionals’.Wedding Album.p. 51. South Africa

Accessories for the groom Gone are the days when the bride would solely take the center of attention at a wedding. With today’s weddings being so highly accessorized, the groom’s fashion also comes under the spotlight. One should be able to distinguish the groom from the guest clan at a wedding. When the question is to look dapper on your wedding day, a finely crafted suit should not be the only thing that fits the bill. A suit should be complemented with accessories to make a fine coordinated outfit. Here are some tips on wedding accessories for grooms: Neckwear: Neckwear should be the most basic and important accessory on a groom’s list of wedding accessories. It should form the cynosure of everyone’s attention on your entire outfit. In terms of colour, always go with a conservative colour choice and pat-

The perfect couple

tern to achieve the right image on the occasion. A silver silk tie with a black tux or a stripe or weave can work wonders. Cummerbunds: There are various choices for cummerbunds, ranging from the classic black to the more dapper ones. A cummerbund should always be complemented with a jacket. Cufflinks: For an extra touch of male-glamour, you will never go wrong with cufflinks. Sport your personality with a wide range of available motifs. Shoes: Of course your outfit is not complete without a nice pair of shoes. As with cufflinks, sport your personality with the wide range of available shoestyles. Compiled by Joy Mojela


Photo by: Willie Botha

The perfect bride

Arrives slightly late at the ceremony. Greets guests afterwards in the receiving line. Has first dance with the groom, then one with her father and one with the groom’s father. A Muslim bride decorates her hands and feet with henna swirls.

The perfect groom

Arrives early at the ceremony. Brings marriage licence. Slips best man payment for presiding official and musicians. Greets guests in the receiving line.


May 2014

Don’t be shy. Ask for advice.

Boobs & Bums

A polished and toned body is an essential confidence booster. Mask dark smudges around the eyes and cover blemishes.


The bride’s

comfortable and tend to stay put. Sheer lipsticks are see-through and glossy with just a hint of colour. Lip pencils define the lip shape and can be used over the entire lip area (under the lipstick) for longer-lasting colour. Lipsticks with plumping agents give the lips a prettier pout.

advice list

A luminous skin requires constant hydrating. Make sure you use a moisturiser that’s right for your skin type.


A soft, silky skin will compliment your dress. Exfoliate regularly and apply luxurious body creams day and night for a truly luminous skin. For a sensitive skin, only exfoliate once a week.

Feet & Hands

Have regular manicures and pedicures either by pro’s or do it yourself. Use a foot scrub regularly.


Enhance your natural glow with fabulous lightweight products. Use a primer under your foundation to smooth and polish the skin. It also acts as a fixative for make-up so it lasts longer, and some even fill in faint lines.


come in many different textures: select one that suits your skin type and tone. Avoid light-reflecting formulations as the reflective particles cause the skin to go white with flash photography.


Colour, condition, cut and style are the key to beautiful hair. Make sure you have a style trial so you are totally comfortable with your look. Prevent disaster:


Book hair and make-up artists well in advance, because they tend to be rather busy in the wedding season. If you are good at make-up, do it yourself have a cut and colour at least two weeks before your but invest in the right products. Remember, you wedding, to allow time to correct any hiccups. need to accentuate your normal make-up slightly so Indulge you don’t look washed-out on the photographs. Don’t skimp on beauty essentials. This is the time to Perfume spoil yourself. The sense of smell is one of the most powerful of Jewels all the senses. Choose a fragrance that reacts to your Be guided by the neckline of your dress and your skin perfectly. Test it at a fragrance counter, go home hairstyle. With an up-style and a strapless dress, and sleep with it and see if you still love it in the chandelier earrings look divine. Delicate drops or morning. Buying other products in the range, such studs and a simple necklace look lovely if hair is as the shower gel or body lotion will create a headown. venly aura as you walk down the aisle.

Keep fit

A healthy diet and regular exercise is crucial not only for a flawless skin, but also to keep your body in prime condition. Cut down on alcohol, drink fruit juice only once a day and avoid fatty or oily food. Up your water intake. Exercise: if you hate pumping and grinding in the gym, try Pilates or dance classes. Or take a brisk walk!

Lashes, Lips & Liners


WIN A Bed & Breakfast for two people for a weekend (including Saturday and Sunday night). Welcome drinks on arrival at the Lodge. Dinner for two (A la Carte). Bottle of wine & chocolate in the room. A romantic turndown service. Picnic basket for lunch on Saturday in our lovely garden. Neck and back massage for two at our Earth Spa on Sunday . Barge trip for two on the river (Friday and Saturday) (45 minutes).

Lash curlers give instant lift to the eyes and make the lashes look longer. False lashes are a great way to get extra volume and length. For full-on lash flutter, consider permanent lash extensions. They look fabulous but do need constant maintenance. Caring for the lips is most important. Use a rich lip balm day and night. Lipsticks come in a plethora of textures, colours and formulas. A matte lipstick has great staying power but can be drying, so top it with a lip balm. Moisturising lipsticks are smooth and


015 307 2176

SMS cost R1,50 For more information: 072 238 8518


To combat pre-wedding stress, treat yourself to a day at a spa. Look out for a special bridal package.

Self Tan

Choose a good self-tanning lotion and practice applying it for at least two months.


Don’t let your teeth let your smile down. It’s a good idea to visit an oral hygienist before the wedding. If they need whitening, consult your doctor on the best method to do this.


Pretty lingerie makes a girl feel sensual. Choose something soft and wispy with your dress. Stick-on bras are great if you’re wearing a strapless or backless dress and need a bit of a lift.


Counteract stress and exhaustion by supplementing your diet with nutrients. An effervescent vitamin C tablet every morning and vitamin B12 injections at any pharmacy give you sustained energy. A natural tonic such as spirulina or barley powder offers an all-in-one boost.


Y = Why Not?

Have fun. Enjoy getting dressed with your bridesmaids. Drink a glass of bubbly, take Rescue Remedy if you’re nervous and listen to your favourite music.

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Quick Fix

As soon as you feel that tingle on your lips, put an ice block on it to reduce swelling and constantly apply a cream designed to heal fever blisters quickly. Pimples always seem to appear when you least want them. Again, ice works amazingly.

Water is the most therapeutic form of cleansing and relaxation. A glorious soak in a fragrant bath full of frothy bubbles is bound to lift your spirits.

Value: More than R5 000 Fear lessl y the tr uth


Start treating your nails and cuticles in good time with products designed to encourage strong and conditioned nails. Bright colours can look stunning but chips show more easily. French manicures are always gorgeous: keep the white section thin, use an off-white polish and top with a shimmery pink pearl or beige layer.


Help along your sparkling eyes with a light-textured de-puffing and firming treatment. Trends in eye shadow colours come and go, but sticking to neutral tones will ensure your look remains timeless in the photographs.




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Get a good night’s sleep. Have a light supper, a glass of wine and a warm bath before turning in early. If you struggle to fall asleep, do a few stretching and breathing exercises to relax the body and mind. Sweet dreams! • Credit: Fairlady, September 2009

May 2014

Everyone wants their wedding to be the happiest and most stress-free day of their lives. Here are seven of the most common wedding day errors and how you can avoid them. Wedding Error: Wedding professionals not showing up The last thing you want to do on your wedding day is to track down a missing wedding cake or put out an emergency call for your florist. Make sure you give your wedding professionals the correct names and addresses of venues days before the wedding. Make a document with cell phone numbers and ETA’s of your wedding professionals for your coordinators. Wedding Error: Temperature Tantrums Even though the day is all about you, your guests’ comfort level shouldn’t be neglected. Discuss climate control measures for your ceremony and reception with your venue manager. Have your planner or coordinators know where the thermostats are if the temperatures need to be adjusted. If venue is outdoors, prepare outdoor heat lamps for cooler weather or fans for warmer temperatures. Wedding Error: Hairdo Horrors It’s never a good idea to experiment with a new hairstyle or cut shortly before your wedding. Schedule a trial run with your stylist a month before the


Seven wedding errors and how to avoid them wedding for cuts and color services. To keep track of the looks you are considering, take a camera and any hair accessories to the trial appointments with you. Wedding Error: Missing rings The last thing you want at the alter is to have the wedding rings missing. Grooms, be sure to hand over your bands to a reliable wedding party or family member before the ceremony. Traditionally it is the best man’s responsibility to care for the wedding rings.Make sure he keeps the rings in a safe space up until the time to say “I do.” Wedding Error: Faulty Fittings Always schedule wedding dress fittings in an appropriate time frame. The first fitting usually takes place six weeks before the wedding day, with subsequent fittings closer to the wedding date as needed. Remember to bring in accessories such as shoes and foundation or undergarments to get an accurate fit. Your final fitting should take place a couple of weeks before the wedding, and should include pressing or steaming any wrinkles and a discussion on dress care tips should you (God forbid) accidentally spill something on the gown. Wedding Error: Tumbling wedding cake While a cake designer or baker might charge an additional fee to deliver the wedding cake, it is totally worth it. Transporting a multi-tiered

wedding cake is not something you want to leave up to your groom or mom. Place someone in charge of keeping it safe before the cutting time, while you are at it. Wedding Error: Not hiring a planner or Day-of coordinator Although it is amazing to hear that a bride planned every aspect of the wedding on her own (not for the faint of heart), there are some things one should just leave to the professionals. Wedding coordinators are a lifesaver for overwhelmed brides. They can help tackle and take care of everything, from contract negotiations to helping your mother find her dress. If you believe you do not need a planner for every detail, a day-of coordinator can be used as a point person to touch base with professionals and the wedding party, as well as to ensure that wedding events stay on schedule. Compiled by Joy Mojela wedding-essentials-common-wedding-dilemmas-and-how-to-avoid-them/

Ringe en dinge… ‘n Diamant is vir ewig… en hoe meer klassiek die keuse van ‘n diamant, hoe langer sal dit hou. Wanneer jy ‘n diamant kies, hou die volgende in gedagte: snit, helderheid, kleur en karaat. ‘n Hangkroon (pendant) in ‘n Afro-byderwetse styl, met gekweekte pêrels en met ‘n goue satyndraad deurweef… sal ongetwyfeld die oog vang! Niks is egter so koninklik en dramaties soos ‘n diamante-tiara nie!

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May 2014

As jy die rieme dun moet sny… Dit maak nie saak wat jou begroting is nie — ‘n troue byt seer aan jou beursie. Volg die megaande spaarwenke vir ‘n meer bekostigbare huwelik, onthaal en wittebrood. Groot drome oor die mooiste en uitsonderlikste dag van jou lewe kan deur ‘n gat in jou begroting gekelder word. Jy kan geld leen, maar wie wil nou hul huwelikslewe met ‘n klomp trou skuld begin? As jy egter oordeelkundig beplan, spaar en bespaar, kan jy wel jou mooiste dag hê — sonder om die res van jou lewe aan die skuld af te betaal. Stel ‘n begroting op Besluit op die tipe troue wat julle wil hê: die hoeveelheid gaste, of dit ‘n middagete of aandete met ‘n dans gaan wees en waar julle dit gaan hou. Doen navorsing oor al die moontlike keuses en besluit dan op ‘n bedrag vir elke kategorie: klere, kos, drank, fotografie, dekor en natuurlik jul wittebrood. Tel dit alles bymekaar en voeg ‘n verdere tien persent by as ‘n noodgeval vir die onvoorsiene uitgawes. Hierdie bedrag is dan die begroting vir jul troue. Open ‘n trou-rekening Open ‘n gesamentlike trou-tjekrekening saam met jou geliefde – só kan julle saam die uitgawes en deposito’s dophou en dit is sommer ook ‘n goeie oefening om eendag jul finansies saam te hanteer. Die rekening kan ook gebruik word vir die finansiële skenkings van jul familie en dit sal verseker dat die geld wat gespaar word vir jul troue, wel daarop bestee word. Kies ‘n bank en ‘n rekeningtipe wat aan jul behoeftes voldoen in terme van aanpasbaarheid, sekuriteit en eenvoud. Vergelyk rentekoerse, fooie en jou toegang tot die geld. Onthou dat rekeninge wat hoër rentekoerse bied, gewoonlik ook minder onttrekkingsgeleenthede het. Rekeninge wat jou nie onbeperkte toegang tot jou geld bied nie, moet verkies-

lik vermy word: Onthou dat jy verskeie deposito’s vir jou huwelik sal moet betaal. Wanneer julle vir jul huweliksdag begin spaar, stel ‘n vaste debietaftrekking vanaf jul huidige rekeninge direk na jul trou-rekening in. Laat die bedrag sommer op dieselfde dag afgaan as wat julle jul salarisse ontvang. Dan sal niemand vergeet om ‘n oorbetaling te doen nie en dit sal bowendien keer dat julle die geld op iets anders spandeer.

Deel die uitgawes As die twee ouerpare aanbied om finansieel by te dra vir die troue, is dit noodsaaklik om vooraf te besluit wie vir watter betalings verantwoordelik sal wees. Bespreek jul trouplanne met hulle sodat hulle kan weet wat om te verwag. Sodra die twee families bepaal het wat elkeen kan bekostig, moet daar tot ‘n vergelyk gekom word oor die totale bedrag. Hou almal gelukkig deur hulle te betrek in jou planne. Wys vir hulle foto’s van dit wat julle gekies het en laat hulle weet wanneer hulle die rekeninge kan verwag. Minder is meer Net omdat jy vir jou troue spaar, beteken dit nie jy moet die res van jou lewe afskeep nie. Om net van brood en water te lewe terwyl jy spaar gaan jou beplanning baie minder genotvol maak. Hou ‘n klein gedeelte van jul inkomste eenkant en bederf mekaar elke maand. Die rede waarom julle spaar, naamlik om julle lewe saam te vier, moet nooit uit die oog verloor

word nie. Vinnige geldbesparingwenke 1. Die plek Oorweeg dit om ‘n vriend se tuin of ‘n plaaslike kerk met ‘n saal te gebruik. Alhoewel ‘n tuis-troue baie geld kan bespaar, moet daar in gedagte gehou word dat dit dalk ook baie kan kos om al die nodige toerusting en gerei te huur. 2. Uitnodigings Vra ‘n talentvolle vriend om jou te help om die uitnodigings te maak of te ontwerp. Bespaar op posgeld en papier en stuur die uitnodigings per e-pos uit. 3. Die uitrustings Oorweeg dit om ‘n tweedehandse trourok te huur of te koop, en doen jou eie hare en grimering. Kies ‘n kleurskema, maar vra jou strooimeisies om hul eie klere te koop. 4. Blomme Kies blomme wat in seisoen is en gebruik baie groen in die rangskikkings. 5. Dekor Kies ‘n plek wat nie baie versiering benodig nie, soos ‘n tuin of ‘n reeds-versierde saal. Wees kreatief en versier self deur tulle en feetjieliggies te gebruik. Gebruik mooi blomme wat een-een in ‘n vaas kan staan of op water dryf in plaas van groot blomrangskikkings op die tafels. Jy kan ook potplante huu,r in plaas van om snyblomme te koop. 6. Dankies Skryf ‘n CD met jou gunstelingliedjies vir gaste om huis toe te neem. 7. Vervoer In plaas daarvan om ‘n plaas se prys te betaal om ‘n eksotiese motor te huur, kyk of jy nie vriende of familie met ‘n spoggerige motor het nie. Vra hulle sommer om chauffeur te speel — hulle sal boonop geëerd voel om ingesluit te word. 8. Kos Oorweeg dit om ‘n skemerkelkpartytjie of ‘n buffetete te hou. Span sommer jou troukoek in as poeding. 9. Die kroeg Kies ‘n plek waar jy jou eie alkohol kan bring. In plaas van hardehout en mengeldrankies, laat jou gaste tussen bier, wyn en koeldrank kies. 10. Fotografie Kies die mees basiese en mees ekonomiese pakket van ‘n professionele fotograaf en vra dan jou vriende en familie om die res te neem.

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