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site plan Qingcheng Mountain is located in the southwest of Dujiangyan city of Sichuan Province, northwest of Chengdu plain and Qingcheng scenic area. It is 68 kilometers away from Chengdu and 16 kilometers away from downtown Dujiangyan. Qingcheng Mountain is one of the famous Taoist mountains in China and one of the cradles of Taoism in China. It has been going through more than two thousand years since the Eastern Han dynasty.





⑪ ⑩

⑥ ④

First Floor

⑦ ⑧

① ⑤

④ ⑤

⑧ ① ② ⑤

Gound Floor ① Entrance

⑥ Bar

⑪ Study

Construction Detail

② Gallery

⑦ Kitchen

⑫ Master bedroom

① Thermal insulation

⑤ Concrete slab

③ Living room 1

⑧ Gadern

⑬ Storage

② Truss structure

⑥ Tile flooring

④ Living room 2

⑨ Terrace

③ Double Glazing

⑦ Ventilation and service trench

⑤ Bathroom

⑩ Bedroom

④ Aluminlum Frame

⑧ Concrete topping

Scale 1:25

This building faces south to ensure full sunlight, which is in accordance with the traditional chances building. Meanwhile, there is enough space between the trees and the building to ensure the large landscape area, which can create a good space for people’s leisure time. Three layers of the windows with different size are set up to take the scenery and the light inside the building for capturing outdoor environments.

Interior Space: Swimming Pool *Staircase connecting the ground floor and the basement guides people to walk down to the swimming pool. *Creating a nice view of the Qingcheng Mountain.

Interior Space: liviling Room *The curvatures in the ground floor create more dynamic spaces, meanwhile allowing more lighting to enter the building *The spacious dimension of the living room can provide more activity space to resident

This site is not a busy location due to the layout of the Surrounding functional building. The new public sevice building could emphasize this area. Problem: the view line to the residential part Solveďźš double facade

Architectural Portfolio_ Panhongyu  
Architectural Portfolio_ Panhongyu  

2015-2017 (Individual Work & Group Work)