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AGOGIE LN regular Brittany Nay discusses ruggedlooking AGOGIE resistance pants with their creator, Aaron Mottern, who characterizes them as “the only product on the market that allows an athlete to train in natural movement under resistance.”

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On the cover 10 Losing weight – as well as keeping it off – requires a total life transformation … and Charles D’Angelo knows exactly how to guide you through it. Learn more starting on page 10. Pictured from left to right are Miguel Carretero and Charles D’Angelo. Photo by Sarah Conroy.

OCTOBER 27, 2017 |

Winter Opera Saint Louis Humane Society of Missouri St. Louis Press Club Upcoming Gatherings

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Design Elements The Trio Feature: Ladue News Show House, Designers

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Make a Statement Feature: AGOGIE Style Speak

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Cliff Froehlich – one of the metro area’s biggest cinephiles – chats about this year’s Whitaker St. Louis International Film Festival, for which he serves as executive director, with LN copy editor and staff writer Bryan A. Hollerbach.


Radio Arts Foundation


In observance of Halloween, Nancy Robinson, LN’s doyenne of home furnishings, skullfully – er, skillfully showcases three quirky potential additions to area residential retreats, including this 17½-tall table decoration from MacKenzie Childs.


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Connect the Dots Communication Conversation Golf Grapevine Crossword Puzzle Feature: Ferguson Community Empowerment Center

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Dinner & A Show Around Town Arts Speak The Wine Life Feature: SLIFF

October 27, 2017  
October 27, 2017  

Charles D’Angelo; Gatherings & Goodwill; Abode Feature: Ladue News Show House, Designers; Style Feature: AGOGIE; The Daily Feature: Ferguson...