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why. But that’s for them to ponder. I understand my assignment: to faithfully execute onsitting the that was given to me. why. But that’s forvision them ponder. I in However, for to too long

In our January issue we focused faithfully my assignment: to faithfully on a Rebirth: Dawn of a New Year. aunderstand feeling of disappointment I know that myvision purpose in life is totobe the me. execute on thefor was given me. why. Butisthat’s themthat to ponder. I It’s the time when we get serious or joy counterproductive. light for others to step into their greatness. understand my assignment: to faithfully about our goals. Well, setting I’m not saying forwomen you not to the Iexecute know that my purpose inwas lifegiven is be the Therefore, if I vision want toto truly own on the that to me. them at least. But as February acknowledge the pleasure or greatness. light for others to step into their greatness. their power, live beyond their potential, and rolls around and then March, pain. Take all women in so you will Ilive know that purpose in life istruly to beown thebe the Therefore, ifmy I it want to life unapologetically AF, I must we often lose momentum. What know what to do or what to light for others tobeyond step intotheir theirpotential, greatness. their power, live and and example. Therefore, if I want to truly own was so important or a nonavoid doing towomen replicate the live life unapologetically AF, I must be the the their power, liveyou beyond theirsit potential, and example. negotiable is not so important feeling. But can’t This is the beginning of year three of Ladies live life unapologetically AF, I must be the anymore. That’s why this issue’s and stay indefinitely in theaccomplished Who Leverage, andofwe have why. But that’s forBut them tobeginning ponder. example. why. that’s for themI to ponder. I three of Ladies This is the year Ladies is Momentum. feeling. By doing so, there’s As thetheme clock strikes midnight every yearunderstand we my assignment: to faithfully so much: from our global to the understand my assignment: to faithfully Who Leverage, and to we have network, accomplished accomplished execute on the vision that was given me. execute on the vision thatof was given to me. This is the beginning year three of Ladies no forward progress. celebrate the dawn a new year, newwe As the the clock clock Ladies Who now the As strikesofmidnight everyayear so much: fromLeverage our globalPodcast, network, and to the the Who Leverage, we have accomplished I know my purpose in Life life isand to bein the object in motion stays requires day.celebrate AAn rebirth of sorts. The for a that Momentum celebrate IVisionary know that my purpose life is toforward be theand now the the dawn of a opportunity new year, in a new Magazine. Ladies Who Leverage Podcast, the As the clock strikes midnight every year we light for others to step into their greatness. so much: from our global network, light for others to step into their greatness. to the motion. This is exactly what we progress – stay in motion. day. A rebirth rebirth of sorts. The opportunity for a clean slate. A do over. Orof for some…a day. A Life Therefore, ifVisionary I want women to Magazine. truly own Podcast, celebrate the dawn a new year, ado. new Ladies Who Leverage Therefore, if I want women to truly ownand now the clean slate. And I’m not done… need do, keep moving. Keep clean A doof over. foropportunity some…a do. their live beyond theirbeyond potential, and day.slate. Ato rebirth sorts.Or The for power, a their power, Life live their potential, and Visionary Magazine. And I’m not live life unapologetically AF,done… I must beAF, the But, we don’t have to over. waitI Or forfor the new livethis life unapologetically I must curated be the the momentum. know it’s hard In issue, we have clean slate. A do some…a do. example. example. But, we But, we don’t have to wait for the new As for next, you’llpractical have to stay tuned year. sometimes. Every single day we are alive we are And I’mwhat’s not done… But don’t give up! inspirational stories, As for what’s next, you’ll have towill stay tuned tuned year. Every year. Every single day are we are But, we don’t have towe wait foralive the new This to is the beginning ofbeginning year threeofofyear Ladies andis the stay connected. What say is you presented with those same opportunities This three of Ladies advice, and strategies toIstay help and stay connected. What I will say is you you presented As for what’s next, you’ll have to tuned Who Leverage, and we have accomplished presented with those same opportunities to year. Every single day we are alive we are Who Leverage, and we have accomplished will not be disappointed. live, explore, be better, and do better. As themust clockAs strikes midnight every we We keep our goals and you keep your tomomentum. so much: our global network, the thebetter, clock strikes midnight every year we will not be disappointed. and stay connected. What I will say isRead, you live, explore, be and doyear better. so much: from our global network, to the presented with those same opportunities to from live, explore, celebrate the dawn of the a new year, Leverage Podcast, and now theand now the what celebrate dawn of a a new new year, aLadies new Whotake Ladies Who Leverage Podcast, dreams from becoming just notes, and implement will not be disappointed. live,Aexplore, be better, and do better. day. rebirth of sorts. The opportunity for a But fornow, now, let’s celebrate launch. Visionary Magazine. day. A rebirth of sorts. The opportunity for a Life ThisThis issue celebrates those moments Visionary Life Magazine. But for let’s celebrate thisthis launch. This issue issue celebrates moments another thought or that you learn. They say knowledge is clean slate. A do over. Or those for some…a clean slate. do over. Or do. forthing some…awe do. Savor thecontent content in this issue. Get inspired withwith personal stories ofAof triumph after loss. But for now, let’s celebrate this launch. Savor the in this issue. Get inspired This issue celebrates those moments And I’m not done… with personal inspired personal stories triumph after loss. And I’m not done… added to our resolutions list and power. But, don’tBut, have to for we don’t to new wait for the new bythe the stories. Implement strategies. Savor the content in this issue. Get inspired with personal stories ofthe triumph after loss. Taking a we chance on await seemingly crazy idea. by stories. Implement thethe strategies. Taking strategies. Taking a chance on ahave seemingly idea. As for what’sAs next, you’ll have to stayhave tuned never accomplished. year. Every single day we are alive weare arecrazy for what’s next,Implement you’ll to the staystrategies. tuned year. Every single day we alive we are by the stories. Taking awith chance on ato seemingly crazy idea. Share the knowledge. Share the knowledge. Moving cross-country to live beyond your Moving and stay connected. What I will say is you Moving cross-country live beyond your presented those same opportunities to and stay connected. I will sayknowledge is you presented with those same opportunities to But really, it’s What applied Share the knowledge. Moving cross-country live beyond your will not be disappointed. live, explore, be better, and potential. Operating as atobetter. visionary CEO. will not be disappointed. live, explore, be better, and doCEO. better. potential. Operating as ado visionary potential. In Kellyism #18 in my book, that’s power. April’s issue will be even better! potential. Operating as a visionary CEO. April’s issue will be even better! Embracing Embracing your body, mind, andsoul. soul. But for now, April’s let’sfor celebrate this launch. Embracing your body, mind, and This issue celebrates those moments issue will be even But now, let’s celebrate thisbetter! launch. This issue celebrates those moments Unapologetic AF: 34 Ways To Savor the content Embracing your body, mind, and soul. in this issue. in Get inspired with personal stories of triumph loss. after Savor the content this issue.have Get inspired with personal storiesafter of triumph loss. But while you wait, you work to a do… do… by the stories. Implement the strategies. But while you wait, you have work to do… Unleash Your Inner Badass, I Grab your favorite drink, This inaugural Taking a chance on a seemingly crazy idea. This inaugural issue of Ladies Who by the stories. Implement the strategies. Taking a of chance on a Who seemingly crazy idea. But while you wait, you have workfind to do… This inaugural issueissue Ladies This inaugural of beyond Ladies Who Go unleash your badassery and live life Share the knowledge. Moving cross-country to live your Share the knowledge. Movingyou cross-country toDon’t live beyond your Leverage Go unleash your badassery and live life encourage to “Sit. quiet place, and enjoy! Leverage “Visionary Life” magazine is a Go unleash your badassery and live life Leverage “Visionary Life” magazine isisaCEO. Leverage “Visionary Life” magazine a potential. Operating as a visionary unapologetically AF! potential. Operating asCEO. a visionary new day for April’s issue unapologetically will be issue even will better! AF!better! day mymy brand. Itbody, isby piece stay.” What I mean thatpiece is unapologetically AF! April’s be even Embracing your body, mind, and soul. new day for brand. It isanother another piece Embracing your mind, and soul. newnew day for my brand. It is another ofyou our ecosystem puzzle. Another way to of our ecosystem should celebrate your wins And always remember to of our ecosystem puzzle. Another way to while you But wait, you have work tohave do… work to do… But while you wait, you This inaugural issue of Ladies Who of our ecosystem puzzle. Another way This inaugural issue of Ladies Who to authentically authentically connect women so they Go unleashunleash your badassery and live life and live life and live authentically connect women they Go unleash your badassery and mourn your losses. In life, your badassery Leverage “Visionary Life” magazine ismagazine aso Leverage “Visionary Life” is a authentically connect women so they unapologetically AF! can build thriving businesses and live life unapologetically AF! can build new day for my brand. Itmy is another can build thriving businesses and live life new day for brand. Itpiece is another piece it’s important for us toand sit in the life unapologetically AF! -Kelly -Kelly canunapologetically build lifeto ofunapologetically ourthriving ecosystem puzzle. wayAnother to live way unapologetically of ourbusinesses ecosystem puzzle. AF.AF.Another -Kelly moment but don’t say there for authentically connect so they authentically connect women so they unapologetically AF. women NTER NTER WINTER can build thriving businesses and live action. life long. Progress requires can build thriving businesses and live life Each issue of the magazine will be wellKelly Charles-Collins Each issue of the magazine will be well-Kelly Each issue of the magazine will be wellKelly Charles-Collins UE -Kelly RUE ISSUE unapologetically AF. unapologetically AF. rounded, focused on featuring stories that So, sit; don’t stay. rounded, focused featuring stories that Each issue offocused the magazine will be wellrounded, onon featuring stories that Kelly Charles-Collins WINTER


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rounded, focused on featuring stories that stories that rounded, focused on featuring

Charles-Collins Kelly Charles-CollinsEsq., Kelly Charles-Collins, Esq., MBA Kelly Charles-Collins, Charles-Collins, Esq.,MBA MBA

whole self. whole self. Visionary Badass && whole self. We will all encounter failures and Kelly Charles-Collins, Esq., MBA Chief Visionary Badass Founder address female entrepreneurs as their Chief Visionary &Founder Founder address female entrepreneurs as their Kelly Charles-Collins, Esq., MBA Badass Kelly Charles-Collins, address female entrepreneurs as their Kelly Charles-Collins, Esq., MBA Esq., MBA Ladies Who Leverage whole self. Ladies Who Leverage wins. When experiencing failure, Chief Visionary Badass & Founder Chief Visionary Badass & Founder whole self. Ladies Who Leverage whole self. Chief Visionary Badass & Founder LWL is a lifestyle brand. We are focused on Chief Visionary Badass & Founder LWL is a lifestyle brand. We are focused on

LWL is a lifestyle brand. We are focusedLadies on Who Leverage Ladies Who Leverage or what I call aWe lesson, we want Ladies Leverage LWL is a lifestyle brand. are focused onthrough building your badassery through LWL isbusiness a lifestyle brand. We are focused on building your business badassery LadiesWho Who Leverage building your business badassery through building your business badassery through LWL addressing isto a lifestyle brand. We areboundaries, focused on building your business badassery through wallow. We will rant, rave, addressing women’s beliefs, boundaries, women’s beliefs, addressing women’s beliefs, boundaries, addressing women’s beliefs, boundaries, addressing women’s beliefs, boundaries, @kellycharlescollins &&@ladieswholeverage brands, bag (a/k/a themoney money bag), and@kellycharlescollins building your business badassery through @kellycharlescollins and someone to blame – & @ladieswholeverage brands, bag (a/k/a the bag), and @kellycharlescollins & @ladieswholeverage @ladieswholeverage @kellycharlescollins & @ladieswholeverage brands,find bagbrands, (a/k/a the money bag), and @kellycharlescollins & @ladieswholeverage brands, bag (a/k/a the money bag), and bag (a/k/a the money bag), and their being. It’s about empowering women addressing women’s beliefs, boundaries, their being. It’s about empowering women women @kellycharlescollins & @ladieswholeverage whether ourselves or someone their being. It’s about empowering @kellycharlescollins & @ladieswholeverage their being. It’s about empowering women @kellycharlescollins & @ladieswholeverage @kellycharlescollins & @ladieswholeverage their being. It’s about empowering women @kellycharlescollins & @ladieswholeverage @kellycharlescollins & toleverage leverage all of who they are, to be more to all of who they are, to be more @kellycharlescollins@ladieswholeverage & @ladieswholeverage to leverage allmoney of who they are, toand be more brands, bag (a/k/a the bag), toelse. leverage all of who they are, to be more Misery loves company. @hrlawattorney @hrlawattorney to leverage all of who they are, to be more @hrlawattorney @hrlawattorney than they think they can be. It’s be. about than they think they can than they think they canIt’s be.about It’s about @hrlawattorney @hrlawattorney than they think they can be. It’s about theirthan being. It’s about empowering women helping women embrace that theyIt’s arethat they think they can be. about @kellycharlescollins & @ladieswholeverage helping women embrace they are kellycharlescollins kellycharlescollins kellycharlescollins helping women embrace that they are kellycharlescollins powerfulwomen at their core and encourage them helping embrace that they are kellycharlescollins powerful at their core and encourage them to leverage all oftheir who they are, to be more helping women embrace that they are On the flip side, when we have kellycharlescollins powerful at core and encourage them to live beyond their potential. It’s about @hrlawattorney to live beyond their potential. It’s about powerful at their core and encourage them at their core and encourage them thanpowerful they think they can be. It’s about abeing we want prolong our towin, live beyond potential. It’s a true visionary. A to woman who is about being atheir true visionary. A woman who is toguided live beyond their potential. It’s about by her desires—and her desires to live beyond their potential. It’s about being a true visionary. A woman who is helping women embrace that they are kellycharlescollins guided by desires—and her desires joy. We want tohershout from alone—to live the life she believes she being a true true visionary. A woman woman who is alone—to live the life she believes she being a visionary. A who is guided by her desires—and her desires powerful at their core and encourage them the rooftops, bathe in the deserves. deserves. guided by her her desires—and her desires desires alone—to live the life she believes she guided by desires—and her to live beyond their potential. It’s the about excitement, and not let alone—to live the life she believes she Before October 2021, publishing a magazine deserves. alone—to live the life she believes she Before October 2021, publishing a magazine being a true visionary. A woman who is I told feeling go. was not in my plans. And know when told when deserves. was not in myI plans. And I Iknow deserves. some I waspeople doing theydoing wondered guided bypeople her desires—and her desires Before October 2021,it, a magazine some I publishing was it, they wondered why, and some might still bemight wondering why, and some still be wondering waslive not in my plans. And I know when I told Before October 2021, publishing ashe magazine alone—to the life she believes Before October 2021, publishing a magazine some people I was And doing it, theywhen wondered was not in in my plans. plans. And know when told deserves. was not my II know II told

why,people and some might still wondering some was doing it,be they wondered some people II was doing it, they wondered

why, and some some might still be be wondering wondering | 4 | Winter 2022 Before October 2021, publishing a | 4 | Winter 2022 why, and might still was not in my plans. And I know when I told some people I was doing it, they wondered | 4 | Winter 2022 why, and some might still be wondering | 2 | Spring 2022





Published Quarterly | 3 | Spring 2022




How I turned my eating disorder into a growing side hustle.



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Simple, effective tips & techniques to adjust your skin’s reaction to warmer climates. | 4 | Spring 2022

IS MY MESSAGE How I Turned an Eating Disorder Into a Growing Side Hustle By Alana Van Der Sluys


hite-knuckling gnawing hunger when most would just sit down and eat. Performing repetitive mental math to reassure myself that I had not exceeded the paltry 1,000 calories I alloted myself each day. Attempting to power through the brain fog and lethargy that came between the time I became hungry and the prescribed “ideal” time to eat my next meal. Dreading the daily weigh-in on my scale, knowing that a higher number would be a recipe for shame and anxiety for the rest of the day. This was my reality for nearly seven years. It took a healthy dose of honesty and research to realize that I had developed not one but three eating disorders: orthorexia (an obsession with “clean” eating), binge eating disorder (cycles of intense restriction followed by overeating), and body dysmorphic disorder (a hypercritical focus on a particular body part and/or perceived flaw). It took even more honesty, introspection, and self-help books to realize my eating disorders were a perfect storm of reliance on external validation, people pleasing, codependency, and perfectionism. After I had recovered (which was a slow and nonlinear process), I reflected often on those years. I resented what I had done to myself. I mourned most of my 20s, the years I had wasted in the pursuit of a number on the scale and | 5 | Spring 2022

It took even more honesty, introspection, and self-help books to realize my eating disorders were a perfect storm of reliance on external validation, people pleasing, codependency, and perfectionism.

six-pack abs. I was angry that diet culture’s narrative was heard by millions of other women around the world, and that those women, like me, simply accept it as the price of admission to life. If you are a woman, you have to conform to a thin ideal, or at the very least, waste your time, money, and energy pursuing it. Around the same time, I read about TV broadcaster Robin Robert’s harrowing health and career journeys. One of her mantras stuck with me: “Make your mess your message.” It was then I realized that I had the power to help other women who were suffering from chronic dieting and poor body image. Women who wanted to heal their relationship with food and their bodies, but didn’t know where to start. I had a bachelor’s degree in journalism so I knew how to write copy that was clear, organized, and inspiring. I knew how to research the topics surrounding these issues. I am also a high school English teacher by day, so I have always had the passion and talent to help mentor and guide others. With the tools I had cultivated, I decided to create a side business, Freedom with Food and Fitness, an online community where I help women heal their relationships with food, weight, and their bodies through the anti-diet philosophy of intuitive eating. We come back to who we were as babies and children, listening to and respecting our bodies’ cues, and cultivating a sense of worth that is not tied to our external bodies. Since launching in December 2020, when my firstborn was just five months old, my business has expanded to include three engaged and growing social media platforms, a biweekly podcast, two evergreen video courses, a 10-week group coaching bootcamp, a weekly blog, guided meditations, a steady email list, and a book on the way. Still, it’s been a difficult journey. I amassed a list of 87 rejections from literary agents before finding one to champion my book. Social media growth has been slow because of the saturation in the health and wellness space. I struggle with and experience guilt for not balancing my work and home life perfectly. Despite those things, though, I know that my purpose with Freedom with Food and Fitness is greater than those struggles, those rejections, those insecurities. My mess has revealed what I believe to be one of the greatest purposes in my life: to help women come back to themselves with love.

Here are a few tips for other entrepreneurs to “make their mess their message”:

3. Become an expert. In order to recover, I read every self-help book I could get my hands on,followed every body positive account I could on Instagram, and listened to every podcast I could find while doing the laundry, cleaning the house, or commuting to work. Know how to heal your own mess and work on doing just that, in order to help others heal theirs.

4. Your avatar is your messy self. The person you were when you struggled the most is your target audience. You know how to help them better than anyone else because you helped yourself. So remember what your pain points were, your fears, your worries, your behaviors, and your recovery process. It’s crucial information for the people you want to help.

5. Be patient. Creating a business takes patience and a whole lot of trial and error…and subsequent failure—that’s how we learn what works and what doesn’t. Also, be patient with your clients. Remember how long it took you to get past your obstacles; now remember that most people aren’t as self-aware and driven as you (and most other entrepreneurs). Be kind, empathetic, and compassionate toward your customers and clients. Authentic connection will not only better benefit them, but your business, too.

My mess has revealed what I believe to be one of the greatest purposes in my life: to help women come back to themselves with love. Alana Van Der Sluys is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor (in training) and the founder of Freedom with Food and Fitness. FreedomwithFoodandFitness.

1. Spend time alone to reflect. Many entrepreneurs are always doing, going, and striving. But taking purposeful time to just reflect on how you’re doing, as a person, is paramount. What are you struggling with? What keeps you up at night? Those are pain points in your life that you should examine.

2. Dig deep. Many of my clients truly believe losing the last 15 pounds is what they need to feel happy. What they’re not cognizant of is why they believe that will make them happy. Digging deeper to find the true reason behind your goals can help you get clear on what your mess really is. | 6 | Spring 2022

10 Phrases

Women Need to Drop from their Business Speak By Angela Fulcher As a 20+ year veteran of business marketing and communication practices, it’s been incredibly interesting to watch the evolution of women in the workplace—including what they say and how they say it. Fifteen years ago, I took a brief break from entrepreneurship, and worked for a technology security company as VP of Marketing and Communications. I was the only female officer in a global public company (yes, you read that right) and also a mom with young children. Asking (yes, I had to ask) to leave in the middle of the day to see my child’s school play was pretty much like committing a felony in the eyes of the C-level men. “You want to what?” “To do what?” Thankfully, we’ve moved down the road quite a bit since then, and there’s much more flexibility in how women are perceived and supported in the workplace. However, there’s still more to accomplish, and by being mindful of business speak, women can continue to garner more respect, feel confident, and move forward in their careers.

“I’m sorry for…” Unless you have hurt someone’s feelings, you must stop saying this. DROP: “I’m sorry to bother you.” Go for: “I know you’re busy, but I need your help on this one.” DROP: “I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier.” Try: “I didn’t get back to you earlier because I had many things on my schedule, and I wanted to be able to give you my full attention.” DROP: “I’m sorry for being late.” Don’t be late. DROP: “I’m sorry, but I disagree.” How about: “That’s an interesting point of view, but I have to disagree.”

“Could you please…” Just say “please do this.” Phrasing a request as a question is something men rarely, if ever, do.

“Does this make sense?” If you have to ask, you most likely haven’t been clear enough in the first place. (I am still working on this one.) | 7 | Spring 2022

“I should have…” Using ”’should” is akin to saying I’m not good enough. It’s also a sign of holding on to regret. Whatever is in the past is, well, in the past. You can’t do anything about that. “I want to…” or “I would love to…” is a much better reframe.

“It’s my opinion that …” Using ”’should” is akin to saying I’m not good enough. It’s also a sign of holding on to regret. Whatever is in the past is, well, in the past. You can’t do anything about that. “I want to…” or “I would love to…” is a much better reframe.

“I believe” or “I think” A corollary to #5. Work to simply state your input in work conversations. This is a tough one, but practicing will not only make you appear more confident—it’ll actually make you more confident.

“I’m not sure,” and “I’m not an expert, but…” Why lead with the negative or weak? Don’t under-qualify yourself by prefacing with uncertainty or demeaning your expertise. If you’re not sure enough, do your research first. Prepare and then stand by your arguments/statements to let people know A) that you have something to say, and B) that they should listen.

Ellipses (...) are problematic. A corollary to #5. Work to simply state your input in work conversations. This is a tough one, but practicing will not only make you appear more confident—it’ll actually make you more confident.

“Without further ado …” Ok, this is just a personal peeve. This is WAY overused in A) introducing a speaker, B) transitioning to the main idea, and C) just in general. You’re creative, come up with something else. People will be so grateful.

“No worries if not” I am so guilty of this. But know that if it is worthy of being assigned, it needs to be performed. Clarify your expectations of others, and this won’t be necessary. Period.

Angela Fulcher is the founder and president of Growth Strategy Agency, a marketing and strategic communications firm | 8 | Spring 2022

How to Ask For Sh*t You Need At Work By Dr. Bunny McFadden

Step 1: Build Your Relationship The cycle of relationship building is essential to preparing for an ask. Relationships cycle through foundational connections, problem-solving, and co-creation. Often, we find ourselves stalling out when we try to skip to cocreation. Sure, there may be an urgent problem at hand, but it’s important to keep the wheels turning so that the relationship feels collaborative. One tip to keep the cycle moving is making 10 to 15% of every meeting about personal check-ins. Ideally, this isn’t just small-talk about how someone’s personal life is going, with callbacks to prior conversations, but also about common vision building, recognizing strengths, and holding space for deeper emotions. This step is recursive; think of it like preparing a garden bed rather than laying a foundation for a house. It happens regularly, involves challenging labor, but ultimately leads to more fruitful relationships.

Step 2: Know the Ask Stages There are three main stages to making a big ask. Whether you’re looking for funding, an extended deadline, or flexibility, you’ll follow roughly the same path. • First, build the picture of why something is needed and why that person is the one for the job, including highlights of that person’s past work. How will this help various stakeholders, not just you? • Next, make the ask. It should have three layers: what you would like in a dream world, what your bare minimum is, and the sweet spot in the middle. This is known as the Goldilocks Method. You frame the sweet spot in a more favorable light when you can argue that it’s reasonable and tempered. | 9 | Spring 2022

It can be frustrating, even devastating when you have a clear need and nobody will help. I’m in a director role at a nonprofit, and I’ve been working on a formula for how to ask for things I need. These tools can come in handy whether you’re partnering with a new organization, working with funders, or collaborating with colleagues.

• And finally, close with a carefully worded sentence that you practice in advance. This relies on using the right wording (chart from this website) as below to speak something into existence. Consider increasing the probability that something will happen and using present-continuous or present-simple to frame your goals as inevitable. “We” language is also helpful because it subtly draws stakeholders in and unites them in a common pursuit.

Step 3: Aftercare Whether it’s input, help, or material assets, it’s essential to practice aftercare. You may not have gotten exactly what you wanted from the conversation, but as long as there wasn’t a scorched-earth threat, there will be other opportunities to collaborate again. That’s why aftercare involves recognizing the challenges, highlighting the collaborative moments, and expressing gratitude for the relationship.

Dr. Bunny McFadden is a queer, neurodivergent Chicana mother. @bunny.the.doc

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We connect badass female entrepreneurs in a safe, supportive ecosystem to build their business badassery. | 11 | Spring 2022

LWL’s foundational principle is “collabosourcing®,” which means leveraging your and the LWL community’s expertise, resources, and relationships to build your business, brand, and badassery. Through Ladies Who Leverage, female entrepreneurs learn to connect authentically, build strategically, and live life unapologetically AF. In LWL, badass female entrepreneurs find empowerment, support, inspiration, accountability, and a wealth of experience and knowledge to drive their success.


To connect badass female entrepreneurs and business owners in a safe, supportive ecosystem to create and share ideas and information, build thriving businesses, and live life unapologetically AF.


We don’t compete. We collabosource. While we understand that healthy competition is good for business, we don’t compete against each other in a way that negatively impacts each other’s businesses. Instead, we support each other and find ways to leverage our expertise, resources, and relationships to build our businesses, brands, and badassery.


Being a successful female entrepreneur requires an intentional focus on your whole self. Leveraging the 5 pillars of “The BYBB Effect” we empower you to grow your business and master how to Build Your Business Badassery. Business is as much about what you do, as it is who you are while doing it. You must both show up and show out. That’s why in Ladies Who Leverage we are committed to mentoring you on your journey from doing random business activities to becoming the strategic badass visionary entrepreneur you truly are.


For more information and to apply to be invited into the Ladies Who Leverage Global Network and Mentoring Accelerator, visit | 12 | Spring 2022

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Grew My Business to

7 Figures

And how you can too—now. By Chloe Elise


jumped into the financial industry in 2018 after going on my own financial journey and struggling to find advice that applied to me, a woman in her 20s. All the financial advice that I found was from older men and didn’t address issues that I cared about and knew other women cared about too. Similarly, in my own journey, I had felt like I didn’t get an invite at the table to talk about money like my male counterparts had.

So, I decided to create my own table and start a financial literacy company that would empower other women in their 20s and 30s to start figuring out finances in their own lives too. I had an unshakable belief that my business would succeed, that I genuinely owe to grit, some business books I had rented on Audible, and the idea that if I went all in and failed, then at least I tried. Every dime that I made within the first 8 months, I reinvested back into my business. This allowed my business to take off while I was still in a corporate job and wouldn’t need to count on that paycheck. During my first year in business, I made just under $4,000 in revenue, I have now grown Deeper Than Money to a global company that will generate 7 figures in 2022 alone. I sought out mentorship consistently throughout my entrepreneurship journey and still do to this day, as I believe as the CEO you must be consistently growing, because the company can only move as fast as you can. | 13 | Spring 2022

I had an unshakable belief that my business would succeed, that I genuinely owe to grit, some business books I had rented on Audible, and the idea that if I went all in and failed, then at least I tried.

My biggest piece of advice for someone embarking on the journey of starting a business is to give yourself permission for your business to look different. I had different priorities, a different business model, and I drank coffee out of a pink mug with hearts and lipstick-stained lips on it. It’s okay to make your business your own, because that is what will bring your ideal clients to you. Authenticity wins. Additionally, make sure to get your business finances organized from the beginning. Even if you are starting a side hustle it is so important to set yourself up for financial success. 82% of businesses fail due to cash flow problems, but it doesn’t have to be a big investment to get set up. Free resources like Wave (my favorite free bookkeeping software) are a great starting point and set you on the right path from a financial standpoint. You should also outsource earlier than you think that you need to. Hire for the team and business you want in six months so that you can grow and scale and meet those goals. Start looking for a virtual assistant if you don’t have one already, look at hiring out contractors for administrative work or tasks that aren’t in your zone of genius or are time and energy absorbers. Scaling your team can help you to scale your business efficiently and effectively.

awkward, but working on your skills to market and sell will not only help you build your business, it will also challenge you to sharpen your skills and create revenue that is authentic to you, your brand, and your customers. Make a sale every day until it feels second nature and comfortable to build revenue and bring in customers. Create a monthly meeting for yourself or with your team to improve client experience and expectations. Take a look at your current processes. How are they serving your clients? In what ways can they improve? Are there additional training or certifications you can work towards to provide more support? Are there gaps in your communication to your customers? Are there ways you can improve the value of products you are providing? Checking in with yourself, your team, and your clients ensures that you are actively engaged in the client experience and keeping them at the center of your business.

It’s okay to make your business your own, because that is what will bring your ideal clients to you. Authenticity wins.

Chloe Elise is the 26-year-old CEO and founder of Deeper Than Money.

Challenge yourself to make a sale every day until selling feels comfortable and second nature. At first making a sale can feel uncomfortable or | 14 | Winter 2022

How to Develop Systems & Processes for a Business

By: Kristin Marquet

usinesses today are more complex than ever before. With the shift B in technology, companies have become more reliant on systems and processes to run smoothly. To create a system that works for your business, you need to identify the key processes that your business is involved in and then map them out. Once you have mapped out your key processes, it will be easier for you to identify the areas where improvement can be made. But first, it’s important to first take a look at the definitions for both systems and processes. A system is a set of organized procedures for carrying out an activity. Processes are sets of activities that are executed in sequence according to a plan, with the goal of achieving specific results. | 15 | Spring 2022

As an experienced female founder that has systemized more than half of all business operational functions, here are my best tips:


Create a daily checklist of items you need to complete every morning. A checklist can be used for a variety of tasks, such as: • Creating a new project with all the necessary steps • Writing down tasks • Checking off tasks that have been completed • Ensuring that all tasks have been completed


Create a schedule for yourself so you know what you should be doing at any time. Make your schedule a list of activities that you plan to do in order, at any given time. When you have a schedule, it will be easier for you to remember what tasks need to be accomplished and when they need to be done. It also helps you stay on track with your daily life and achieve your goals.


Many female entrepreneurs struggle with being organized and staying on top of their work. Many get overwhelmed by the amount of work they must do, which can lead to poor performance. However, setting up a workflow to manage tasks will ensure all tasks are completed. You will need to decide what your workflow looks like. • Are you going to have one person in charge of generating ideas? Or will there be multiple people with different skill sets? • The next step is deciding what tools and software you will use for your workflow. Some of the most popular tools are Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Trello.


Developing an operations manual that outlines how your company will operate and what its goals are will be a huge help when it comes to onboarding new team members. Create a manual that outlines the company’s goals and how it will operate. The manual is not just for the employees. It is also for the investors, partners, and other stakeholders of your company. The operations manual will help them understand what your company does and how it operates so that they can make an educated decision about whether to work with you. Overall, businesses need to have systems and processes in place to ensure they can deliver their products and services in the most efficient way possible, while also helping them stay on top of their game by keeping them organized and aware of what is happening in the market.

Kristin Marquet is the founder of the award-winning PR firm Marquet Media, LLC as well as the owner of the media company @femfounder | 16 | Spring 2022

4 Easy Ways to Legally Protect Your Online Business By Amira Irfan


housands of people are turning to the Internet to make money. Online businesses lead to more opportunity for individuals who want to do more than punch a clock. However, as a business lawyer, I’ve seen many online business owners fail because they do not know what legal documents they need to protect their websites and businesses.

Here are 4 easy ways to legally protect your online business. 1. Have a Proper Privacy Policy on Your Website

When you run an online business, it’s important to ensure that your personal information and profit are legally protected. personal vs. public), determining what content is appropriate, determining where legal issues will be resolved, and so on. Your website should include Terms and Conditions to protect your business.

When you run an online business, it’s important to ensure that your personal information and profit are legally protected. Your main concern should always be the security of your customers’ data. That’s why you need to have a Privacy Policy on your website that discloses how you collect, store, and use personal information. Under the Privacy Policy, you’ll disclose what data you’re acquiring about your customers and how it’s being used.

If you sell products or services, you should include those terms on your website as well. It is important for the customer to understand what they are getting into before purchasing your products or services, and this helps to avoid future misunderstandings or legal issues.

It’s legally required to have a proper Privacy Policy on your website that’s compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act). Both regulations are designed to protect your customers’ personal information.

ADA website compliance refers to the requirement for websites to be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA was passed in 1990 and applies to both public and private businesses. For those who are not in compliance, the ADA can impose fines as well as civil lawsuits.

2. Post a Disclaimer on Your Website

There are several things you’ll need to do to make your website ADA compliant. For example, put in alt tags so those who are blind can understand what is happening on the page. You should also avoid including images, or any other content that does not help convey the scheme and flow of the page, in your alt tags. Another thing you can do is use headings and page titles to help users understand the idea of a topic.

In addition to a Privacy Policy, you should post a Disclaimer on your website to limit your legal liability if something goes wrong. Your disclaimer should be easily visible on your website (many businesses place it in the footer section of their website). Your Disclaimer should be tailored to your business niche and include any specific types of content that your business might deal with, whether it be health and fitness or personal finance. As always, consult with an attorney to make sure your Disclaimer properly communicates your intent to limit your liability.

3. Create Terms and Conditions for Your Website and Products A website’s Terms and Conditions are the rules that users must agree to follow in order to use it. These can include following copyright laws, determining how access is granted (e.g., | 17 | Spring 2022

4. Make Sure Your Website is ADA Compliant

Amira Irfan is a business lawyer and the CEO of A Self Guru, a company that provides legal templates and services to help entrepreneurs protect their businesses legally.






D4604 | 19 | Spring 2022

WHY SHE’S AN UNAPOLOGETIC BADASS: Isabella is learning to value herself and charge more for her services while also giving back by facilitating sessions and speaking at events.

Isabella A d e d i j i


sabella Adediji is the founder and Managing Director of Yellow Tamarind Productions, a media and PR company based in Lagos. She has hosted several TV and radio programs such as Searchlight, Teach For Nigeria Radio School, Africana Literati, The FrontPage and The Movie Buff Show. Other shows include Correct Student, Rubbin’ Minds, Untold Facts, The Clapperboard Show, TraderMoni Radio Show, Nolly Silver Screen and Politico Politica with Isabella Akinseye. She is a seasoned compere and has anchored conferences, festivals, awards and corporate events. She is a 2019 Obama Leader. An Education with English and Drama graduate from the University of Cambridge, she is the editor of An award winning writer, her works have appeared in newspapers, magazines, journals and online publications.

If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. isabellaadediji isabellaadediji

L a g o s ,

N i g e r i a | 20 | Spring 2022



E v a n s

Shanel is unapologetic about her badassery. Her persistence in moving forward despite challenges and continuing to redefine herself gives women around her the courage to do the same.


hanel works with coaches, consultants, and organizations to create a consistent, engaging presence in their social media and business operations. She develops strategies and techniques to build a strong foundation during launches and provides ongoing support as businesses grow with careful attention to a brand’s voice and personality. Shanel doesn’t run your average social media consulting firm. She partners with organizations to understand overall business goals, upcoming launches, and ways to maximize your online presence. She does this with strategic planning, content development, coaching, and retreats. Shanel Evans is also Co-founder of 2 nationally recognized youth athletic training organizations where she oversees operations, event management, and advanced social media campaigns since 2015. Shanel and her businesses have received accolades by SCORE Mentor, Black Enterprise, Barter Black Pitch Competition, Prince William Living Magazine, MentHer magazine, and Lendio. Shanel has a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from the Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University. Shanel resides in Woodbridge, Virginia, with her husband and three daughters. Every once in a while, you get a rare moment to redefine yourself. Your Moment is Now. - Shanel Evans shanelevansva shanelevansva

W o o d b r i d g e , | 21 | Spring 2022


WHY SHE’S AN UNAPOLOGETIC BADASS: Tamika has chosen herself. She has not allowed naysayers to deter her from doing what she loves as a certified matchmaker, while also practicing law, balancing her professional and personal life and helping others.

Tamika M i c h e l l e

J o h n s o n

A t l a n t a ,



amika Michelle Johnson, an Attorney & Certified Matchmaker, recognized early in her early 20s that there seemed to be a lack of qualified suitors for educated, professional, and accomplished women. Since that time, she has been fascinated with understanding the dynamics of relationships, why some worked, why others didn’t, and specifically why high-achieving, successful women often complained that they had a hard time finding suitable partners, many times ending up single and alone or in unhealthy relationships with toxic men. After overcoming her own relationship woes, Tamika launched "Platinum Connections," an exclusive matchmaking agency for high achieving professionals to transform them from “Successful & Single to Marvelous & Married.” Through her agency’s matchmaking services and singles events, Tamika connects platinum-level women with other high-quality men for potential long-term, healthy relationships. Tamika also speaks to audiences about ALL aspects of relationships from “Why Many Professional Women Struggle in Relationships” to the “Business of Dating.

Sometimes the right person for you was there all along, you just didn’t see it because the wrong one was in the way. – Unknown platinum_connections tamikamichellejohnson | 22 | Spring 2022



M c G o w e n - H a w k i n s

Bridgett pushes forward without hesitation and with an air of confidence that makes others sit up and take notice.


ridgett McGowen, an award-winning author, publisher, and international professional speaker is known to be both comical and memorable. Since 2001, Bridgett has been a professional speaker and has spoken on programs alongside prominent figures such as former President Barack Obama, Deepak Chopra, Oprah Winfrey, Amy Cuddy, Stacey Abrams, Dr. Mae Jemison, Common, and Katie Couric.

Bridgett is a former Forbes Coaches Council contributor and an Entrepreneur online magazine and Medium contributor. She taught at Prairie View A&M University; Lone Star College System in the Houston, Texas area; and University of Phoenix. Bridgett is the author of multiple books to include REAL TALK: What Other Experts Won’t Tell You About How to Make Presentations That Sizzle and Show Up and Show Out: 52 Communication Habits to Make Even More You Unforgettable. Her publishing company, BMcTALKS Press, won a 2021 Bronze Stevie® Award and has been featured by multiple major media outlets.

The most powerful person in the room is not the one who’s the loudest one in the room. It’s the one who knows how to command a room without saying a word.’’ -Bridgett McGowen-Hawkins bmcgowen bmctalks

C h a n d l e r , | 23 | Spring 2022


WHY SHE’S AN UNAPOLOGETIC BADASS: Simone has learned to create her own opportunities (her own seat) and position herself firmly in the driver’s seat. She has found her power.

Simone M o r r i s


imone E. Morris is CEO of Simone Morris Enterprises LLC, a certified minority and women-owned business enterprise providing leadership solutions. She is an award-winning diversity and inclusion leader recognized by Diversity Best Practices, Diversity MBA, Diversity MBE Magazine, and her former employer. In addition, the Stevie® Awards for Women in Business recently dubbed her the 2020 Bronze Winner for Female Solo Entrepreneur of the Year. Simone spent twenty-three years in Corporate America across retail, consumer products, financial, pharmaceutical, and information technology industries. Today, Simone is a consultant, trainer, coach, and speaker committed to developing more inclusive leaders and creating authentic, inclusive cultures in organizations. Simone received her MBA from the University of Connecticut and also certified for Coaching, Project Management, and Mastery in Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Leadership. She is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Public Service at NYU Wagner and a course facilitator for eCornell. Simone has written for Entrepreneur, Forbes, The Good Men Project, Medium, American Management Association Playbook, Thrive Global, Profiles in Diversity Journal, Glassdoor, Leadercast, SmartRecruiters, Social Hire, and Diversity Best Practices. She is a published author and collaborator for several anthologies.

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway. – Susan Jeffers simonemorris simonemorrisenterprises


CT | 24 | Spring 2022

Are you ready to live life unapologetically AF? This book is not for the faint of heart. It’s for women who want to learn how to anticipate, short-circuit, and out-navigate the people, places and predicaments that will keep them from being great. In Unapologetic AF, Kelly Charles-Collins shares her life lessons, strategies, and wisdom gained from a personal and professional life of twists, turns, and detours. From a single mother on welfare to powerhouse attorney and multiple six-figure professional speaker and CEO, Kelly reveals:


the conflicts that became lessons


the diversions and detours that shaped who she has become


the moments that led her to owning her power


the techniques that have paved the way for her success

In her salt of the earth, unapologetic AF style, Kelly guides you through 34 ways she unleashes her badassery as she navigates this journey called life. Wherever you are on your journey, Kelly’s strategies and techniques will empower you with the courage to unleash you inner badass - no matter what - so you can live life unapologetically AF.

Weekly Tuesday meet-up for badass women entrepreneurs

WHY SHOULD YOU ATTEND? Success is not a solo sport. It requires that you build relationships and expand your network. You know the saying, your network is your net worth. It's all about collabosourcing® - leveraging your expertise, resources, and relationships to build your business, brand, and badassery. Relationships are the lifeblood of your business. Not because it's important who you know, but who knows you. Who can speak your name in rooms you're not in and wouldn't have access to?


Connect with other badass women entrepreneurs from across the globe who are focused on building their business badassery. Build relationships & expand your network.


Learn how to leverage your expertise, resources, and relationships to build your business, brand, and badassery.


Build Your Business Badassery by learning how to leverage and implement the Kellyisms in Kelly's book Unapologetic AF: 34 Ways To Unleash Your Inner Badass. Success requires knowledge, strategy, and intention. | 26 | Spring 2022

How to Keep Team Morale Boosted During Your Busiest Months Preventing burnout of your team helps everyone.

By Jacqueline Gualtieri Ah, burnout. Who among us hasn’t felt its cruel sting, especially over the course of the past few pandemic years? It’s a crummy feeling and one that isn’t easily avoided, especially during your busiest seasons. While we all have a responsibility to take care of our own health as much as we are able to, we, as leaders, should also take an interest in the health of our teams. If you don’t take heed, you might end up with an entirely burnt-out team. That’s bad for you, them, and the whole company. | 27 | Spring 2022

Here’s how I keep my team from feeling burnout’s sting.

1. Check in often and personally. Years before the pandemic, before I had a team of my own, I worked for a company in which one could always tell when someone was burnt-out. The trick to discovering this? You’d find them crying in the bathroom. It was a messed-up right of passage to get caught crying there. But with the rise of remote work, there are far less obvious signs that someone is struggling. That means it’s on you to be sure that your team isn’t at home crying in their own bathroom. Before doling out any assignments in the morning, send a message to check in. It may sound tedious to send all these messages personally, but don’t be tempted to have daily meetings in lieu of this. No one likes an added meeting to their schedule, and you’re not going to get personal interactions in a group setting.

2. Be your team’s champion. One huge cause of burnout is repetition that feels like it’s going nowhere. That’s why you should engage with your team and be aware of their short-term and long-term goals. Have goal-setting meetings once a month to check in on this, ideally in an informal setting. It’s important that you as the leader serve as your team’s champion, even if it might inconvenience you. Say someone on your team is doing customer success but you know that they really want to have an engineering role. Set up days where they can shadow the engineering team. One day, they may switch teams. And while that might be tough for you to lose them, the company just gained an excited new engineering recruit.

3. Be honest without trauma dumping. Honesty is a two-way street. If you want to develop a relationship where your team tells you when something is wrong, you need to show them that it’s OK to share. But you, as a leader, have to toe a careful line. That said, being professional doesn’t mean never being personal. If you’re having a problem at home, there’s a good chance that your work life is affected by it and your team is likely to notice. Just spare the details. Trauma dumping, or oversharing personal problems, can cause the whole team to feel helpless and uncomfortable. But being honest about feeling off can help your team feel that they can be open as well. A team leader is an extension of the team, so it’s important to engage how you want them to engage. Be a part of making work feel more like a place where your team members can excel while being themselves, rather than having to conform to unrealistic standards to get where they don’t even want to be.

Jacqueline Gualtieri is a writer and marketer in California’s Central Coast. @jackie_gualtieri | 28 | Spring 2022



Time Management


Time management isn’t so much about managing time as it is about managing yourself. Check out these 7 techniques that help women who are their own boss to take control of their time.

1 2

Decide the principles, not the tasks No matter how much effort we put in to prioritize our tasks, something unexpected will always come up and certain tasks for the day will remain incomplete. Instead of growing frustrated with a long to-do list, it’s more efficient to decide the principle for the finite period. Example: Your principle for the day may be to complete your review presentation while your principle for the week may be to make a sales pitch to ten new prospects. Activities on your to-do list should bring you closer to your principles.

Allow time for individual contribution Despite the Zoom meetings that fill our Outlook calendars, you may still find yourself working late through the night—or worse, on weekends—to finish your work. That’s because the blue blocks in your calendar often represent the time when others require your presence to accomplish their objectives, leaving you with no time for tasks requiring your individual attention, decision, and focus. Make it a point to block time in your calendar to do tasks that don’t involve anyone else, whether it be to review that important presentation, reflect on the client meetings you had during the week, or think about strategic aspects of a decision. | 29 | Spring 2022

3 4 5 6 7

Keep time for contingencies No matter how much you plan, you will be hit by the surge of the unexpected sometime or the other. This can end up eating up your time. Instead of having a choc-a-bloc calendar where you have to squeeze out time for a lunch break, make time in your schedule for such emergencies so that you don’t end up overwhelmed at the sight of such unscheduled interventions.

Put a stopwatch on your tasks Routine tasks like answering emails can consume your entire day if you let it. Set a time limit for the important and routine tasks in your control, and stick to it. Use the Pomodoro technique and set a timer for a block of 25 to 30 minutes of uninterrupted time for one task before taking a break and switching to the next.

Establish routines for a part of your day Analyze the historical time taken to complete your tasks and identify the two to three-hour time blocks when you are your best productive self. Schedule and block your most important activity for the day during that time. This can pave the way for more productivity.

Organize your environment The time you spend locating that important file on your laptop can add to the pressure of a busy day. Keep the systems, processes, and tools you use for your work neatly organized so that you can easily locate them.

Learn to Say No Keep an eye on your calendar and examine your principles and priorities for the period before committing to something. If there are constraints to your time, it would be better to say “no” upfront rather than risk missing your commitments later. ‘Underpromise and Overdeliver’ should be your mantra. Smita Das Jain is a certified Personal Empowerment Life Coach, Executive Coach. and NLP Practitioner. @smitadjain | 30 | Spring 2022

It’s All About

MENTAL HEALTH By Ryan S. Gallik & Michael L. Stahl

Have you ever felt stressed out, burned out or maxed out? Perhaps you have experienced “ANTS” in your mind which can be described as Automatic Negative Thoughts like “I’m not strong enough, “I’m not smart enough,” “He doesn’t like me,” “I won’t land that contract.” Maybe you or someone in your family is living with anxiety or depression. The American Psychiatric Association reports that about 1 in 5 Americans will experience a mental illness at some point in their life. That’s more than cancer, heart disease, and diabetes combined. Let that sink in. Resilience is learning to withstand, recover, and grow from obstacles and it is not a genetic trait. Learning to be more resilient starts with knowing how to deal with stress constructively.

The first method of dealing with stress is to know three things that cause it… 1. The need to be right. 2. The need to be in control. 3. The need to be all things to all people.

Learn to be confident while also opening your mind to other viewpoints, even if you don’t agree with them. Understand that there are things in life that you can control and things that are simply out of your hands. Accept your own humanity, love yourself, and know that no person can be everything to everyone. When you control stress, resilience increases and sometimes you have to make the conscious choice to overcome any adversity or obstacle you may be facing, despite how challenging specific circumstances may be. Stay Unapologetic AF!

Ryan S. Gallik & Michael L. Stahl are the Co-Founders of The Mental Hygiene Project® mentalhygiene360 | 31 | Spring 2022

Social Media Domination STARTS HERE.


A savvy and customized approach to your social media brand. | 32 | Spring 2022

How to Get PR Coverage For Yourself FROM A FORMER TV ANCHOR By Marin Richardson

Getting media coverage for your personal brand or newest business venture can be like solving a puzzle—that is, if you don’t know what steps to take. As an award-winning national television journalist turned PR agency owner, I have been on the screen thousands of times. And, I’m ready to spill the tea on how we can all get a piece of the media pie. To start, there’s something exclusive about ‘earned media.’ PR is powerful. The effect that press coverage can have on the trajectory of an organization is truly remarkable. The public knows you didn’t swipe a credit card to get featured in a big magazine or on a prime-time news segment. Rather, they realize you did something awesome to get there. So, what was it? Well, as someone who has interviewed thousands of experts, brands leaders, politicians, and public figures, I can tell you many of them have PR agencies to get them in the door. However, PR agencies typically require an entire team working for you around the clock, and they (can be) expensive. If you’re not ready to pay for a team, here are my top tips for getting yourself featured in the media. Essentially, here’s how to DIY your PR.

Create a one-liner


We are all complex human beings: mothers, daughters, business owners, guitar players, roller skaters—the list goes on. But when it comes to PR, your messaging has to be simple. If you are looking to get media coverage for your personal brand, how can you define yourself in one to two sentences? Try to think about how your expertise would be useful to the media (and attempt to include your best accomplishment in the one-liner). For example, a mother and couples therapist would be better positioned for the media as the “NY Times best-selling author and relationship therapist who has coached thousands of happy couples.” A daughter and real estate investor sounds more “press ready.”

Find your niche outlets


It’s great to be on Good Morning America—but it can be challenging to wait around until your expertise falls on their lap. In the meantime, figure out who is talking about your craft. Are you a pet supplement entrepreneur? Financial literacy expert? Florist? Today, there are thousands of cable news shows, podcasts, digital outlets, and even blogs that hyper-focus on just about any topic. And, oftentimes, these outlets can have better ROI for people because the listeners, readers, and viewers are your target demographic. (By the way, niche doesn’t always mean small. Major cable networks have daily segments on entrepreneurship.) | 33 | Spring 2022

Pitch yourself


Once you find some niche outlets, send out pitches! One of the easiest ways to pitch yourself is to newsjack. Find a topic that is pressing, popular, or newsworthy and insert yourself into the media beast. Remember, journalists often pride themselves on writing about societal trends and meaningful stories. So, leave the title of the company you started at the bottom of your pitch and talk about the value you can bring to their podcast, show, or article. Example: Let’s say you own a blanket company and use Amazon to sell your products. The newsworthy topic could be supply chain issues. Send the journalist an email and let them know how you can contribute to that topic: “I am a supply chain expert who runs 8 companies via Amazon. We are importing and exporting thousands of items daily, and I would love to give you a behind the scenes look at what’s going on. Do you have any need for an expert on this topic today?”

Find the journalists


You can often find journalists to pitch based on previous articles they have written. If you can’t find their email address, you can always address an email to the news show, podcast, or newspaper. (Example: they typically have an email like info@ These email addresses are typically monitored by someone on the team scrolling through story pitch ideas.

Leverage your media


Once you get featured on TV or in an article, it’s important to leverage your placement. To be able to say “as seen in” can be wildly powerful for your ethos, authority, and credibility. So, how do you tell people? Anywhere you market

Marin Richardson is a former National TV Reporter and the founder and CEO of Disrupt PR.

yourself, really. Social media, newsletters, websites, email signatures, business cards, etc. Example: My company’s instagram page will most definitely have a post pointing to this article, with an “as seen in Ladies Who Leverage” after this issue


is published.

3 Tips For Appearing Confident on Camera By Kristin Marquet The idea of appearing confident in front of a camera can be quite scary for many entrepreneurs. But it doesn’t have to be. The key is to master ignoring the camera and instead focusing on your body language, voice, and facial expressions. Some entrepreneurs may find it difficult to speak in front of a camera because they’re afraid of being judged or rejected by their audiences. In this case, it’s not the camera that they should fear but their own self-consciousness. Being confident on video is not about being perfect. Rather, it’s about being authentic and genuine with your message, even if it makes you feel vulnerable or uncomfortable at times.

Smile more Smiling makes you look more confident, and viewers are more likely to be receptive to what you have to say if they see you smiling. If it feels unnatural, it will be reflected in your voice and appearance, so make sure you mean it!

Maintain eye contact with the camera This will give the impression that you’re looking directly at the viewer, and it also makes your message feel more personal.

Speak slowly and clearly Avoid using filler words like “um” or “uh.” The more you say these words, the less confident you sound on camera.

Kristin Marquet is the founder of the awardwinning PR firm Marquet Media, LLC as well as the owner of the media company @femfounder | 34 | Spring 2022

ho LADIES WLEVERAGE LaunchParty | 35 | Spring 2022

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The Birth of Ladies Who Leverage

The Ladies Who Leverage Visionary Life Magazine officially launched on January 22, 2022. But to celebrate we had a pre-launch party to share Kelly’s vision and the journey of the launch. If you were unable to attend, here are some photos and a short video recap. Our mission is to curate and produce content infused with valuable information, enlightened insights, practical advice and useful resources to empower female entrepreneurs to unleash their inner badass, build thriving businesses, and live life unapologetically AF. Visionary Life is digital and published quarterly. To join us on this journey as a contributor and/or advertiser go to | 37 | Spring 2022

The Birth of LWL Visionary Life Magazine | 38 | Spring 2022

Books about Financial Success Women Need to Read. Get empowered to control your financial destiny. By Jessica Vos Nothing beats picking up a book and digging deeper into financial success. Whether it's about personal finance, investments, career, or personal development, anyone can feel empowered to tackle the goal of being financially successful. Here are 5 books that are sure to inspire you to become a successful, financially free woman. Happy reading!

1. Million Dollar Women: The Essential Guide for Female Entrepreneurs Who Want to Go Big by Julia Pimsleur Women in the United States have launched their businesses, but only 4.2% of women business owners make millions in revenue. Julia Pimsleur writes from having been in that 4.2%, and helps other women make it into the million-dollar club. Pimsleur provides rich insight for any woman to build multimillion-dollar companies through inspiring stories and encouragement. The book teaches women that success will fall into place when the right connections are made.

2. On My Own Two Feet: A Modern Girl’s Guide to Personal Finance by Manisha Thakor and Sharon Kedar If you need direction on how to get out of debt, save for retirement, or take financial control of your life, On My Own Two Feet is the book for you. Thakor and Kedar help you realize that you are not alone in your financial problems and that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. The final section of the book takes all of the previous sections and applies them to real-life financial scenarios such as student loans or wedding planning. From all the scenarios, Thakor and Kedar prioritize the importance of financial planning.

5. Prince Charming Isn’t Coming: How Women Get Smart About Money by Barbara Stanny “A heart-to-heart talk about the psychological and financial tools women need to take control of their economic destiny,” The Seattle Times said about Prince Charming Isn’t Coming. At some point, every woman has been accustomed to believing that Prince Charming will be coming to rescue them. This book breaks down the gender stereotypes, empowering women to not feel like they must depend on men to achieve financial success. | 39 | Spring 2022

3. The Black Girl’s Guide to Financial Freedom: Build Wealth, Retire Early, and Live the Life of Your Dreams by Paris Woods It can become easy to fall into a web if one has grown up with generational trauma around money. Paris Woods gives personal and compelling experiences framed into something that can be overcome. Working six jobs as she raised six kids on a $40,000 income, her story provides valuable financial lessons for all. Woods teaches you how to build generational wealth, avoid common financial traps, earn your degree debt-free, and design a life you can start living today.

4. Secrets of Six-Figure Women: Surprising Strategies to Up Your Earnings and Change Your Life by Barbara Stanny We women have to stop devaluing ourselves and demand what we are worth. The 275 pages are enriched with the motivation women need to keep going. Barbara Stanny writes in an empowering way for women to change their relationship with money and reflect on habits and limitations placed on money. The book focuses on a mental game, and is based on the idea that the individual mind is what is needed to make six figures. She gives optimism in being able to break from mental toughness and believing in yourself, allowing you to never lose sight of your financial goals. Jessica Vos is a freelance writer based in New York. @jessicaavos







How to transition

your makeup routine for spring Our skin performs quite differently during the cooler months than it does when the warmer months of spring and summer roll around, hence the need for a slight switch in our regular skincare and makeup routines. The following are a few simple yet effective tips and techniques to consider implementing into your daily routine to properly adjust to your skin’s reaction to the warmer climate.

HYDRATE Proper hydration is paramount all year round, but we must slightly modify our regular routine in order to maintain healthy skin. As spring and summer approach, one of the most effortless ways to retain the skin’s moisture is to hydrate inwardly by increasing our water intake. Also, swap heavier moisturizers for lightweight serums or oil-free moisturizers that feature a concentrate of active ingredients to deeply fortify, nourish, and hydrate the skin. Maintaining the skin’s moisture is of extreme importance (even for oily skin types!) so always remember to moisturize properly to avoid dehydrating the skin.

CONSIDER A SPLASH OF COLOR Many people love keeping the overall aesthetic of their makeup clean, classic, and timeless for spring and summer. In lieu of the typical black or brown eyeliner, try adding a hint of color such as hunter green or deep cerulean blue to the bottom lash line to slightly enhance the look. The same can be done with a pop of color on the lips (think: a slightly bright hue of fuchsia or a beaming berry pink).

GET CHEEKY That slightly flushed, sun-kissed skin is all the rave for warmer seasons! Creamy blushes instead of powders in shades of rosy pinks, peaches, and corals give this appearance and add the perfect amount of color to the cheeks. A bronzer, either cream or powder, gives the skin that same fabulous appearance.

ENSURE SUN PROTECTION Protection from UVA and UVB rays is another adjustment that should be made and increased a bit for warmer seasons. Remember to incorporate a lightweight serum or moisturizer with an SPF of at least 30, and reapply after strenuous activities such as swimming or biking. SPF is an absolute MUST!

DITCH THE FOUNDATION Reach for a tinted moisturizer instead of the fuller coverage foundations. They’re typically more breathable and lightweight, but are also buildable and allow for more layers of coverage if desired. They definitely perform better in extreme heat and humidity versus a heavy foundation. | 41 | Spring 2022

Mauria Smith, professional makeup artist and licensed esthetician based in Orlando, FL with over 10 years in the beauty industry, provides on-location makeup services with a focus in the areas of production, editorial, and bridal both locally and abroad. @mauriasmith


60-Second Stress Busters to Reset and Unwind

By Shannah Kennedy Let’s face it. Burnout is real. If you feel it’s time to brush up on your stress busters to get you back to your awesome and energetic self, here are 5 simple yet effective power rituals to implement when you feel tired, stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious.

1. MASTER THE PAUSE When we pause, we give ourselves time to think and the space to breathe so that we can make the best decisions possible. Stillness is a superpower. Learning to switch off and press the pause button in life is a vital and essential skill to master and avoid burnout. Sit still everyday for one minute to let your mind settle and give your body the chance to take a breath.

2. CHANGE YOUR STATE Revive yourself with movement to change the energy in your body. When feeling overwhelmed or stressed, you have stuck energy in your mind and body. Stand up, stretch it out, touch your toes, then reach for the heavens! Move your body, change your state, and move that stuck energy.

3. REFRESH WITH YOUR SENSES Come back to the moment with the sense of smell. When stressed, roll on some calming essential oils like lavender to your wrists to calm your nervous system. This changes your state and brings you into the present moment instantly.

4. TAKE TECH BREAKS Screen overload and blue light overload can create stress. Get into the habit of walking away from your desk for a minute—step outside, feel the temperature, and breathe in the natural air. It’s fabulous for a quick refuel and reset.

5. WASH YOUR HANDS Slowly wash your hands, reset your energy, and take three deep, grounding breaths. This helps you wash away the stress.

Shannah Kennedy is a strategic executive life and health coach. @shannahkennedy | 42 | Spring 2022