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from Nigeria to Ghana, South Africa, UK, US, Australia and now UAE. Before now, women are not found in the fore front of business operations and business corporate world due to various challenges they encounter as a woman. They have not been able to balance their life and businesses together due to several reasons. And this has bring about many conflicts in terms of what a woman can really achieve or not. But truthfully, a woman can actually achieve it all but not at the same time. It will all come through at one stage/phase or the other.



adies In Business Magazine Global – Therefore, Our focus regarding this magazine is on the totality of how women can still make things happen for themselves while they achieve their dreams. But in recent years, things have drastically changed to a greater level that every lady or woman out there have actually gotten themselves into a state of excellent performance to do one business or the other through SelfMotivation, Self-Actualization and SelfDevotion.

is the new face for the new generation of magazine publication that showcase and feature both ladies and women in business Globally. This magazine is a female based publication. It is meant to bring out and promote all unsung heroes, philanthropist, and the unknown faces of female entrepreneurs Globally. To talk about their struggles and success.

But nevertheless, much more are still in place to be done because the young entrepreneurs and business starters are still not able to find their feet in the mist of trying to balance between whom they are, what kind of business to do, what their business portray, what other ladies in business are doing, whom to emulate, how to cope as a lady in business, how to generate more profits and how to meet up in all aspect of their lives.

This creative and engaging magazine publication is on prints and online, but strictly meant for female entrepreneurs only. Especially business starters, intending business owners, young entrepreneurs and upcoming ladies and women in business. For them to be SEEN, HEARD & RECOGNISED. The magazine comes out with powerful features at every quarter. It is always very colourful and dynamic with lots of articles and content. It comes with different segment with topics to discuss on every issue relating to women and their struggles. So far, the magazine reach has been extended

Our audience consists of ladies and women who wants to explore to greater lifestyle, wonderful destinations, improve on their sense of belonging, grow their businesses, develop themselves to


v To educate them through the use of modern business gadgets and technology. v To empower them through series of business training and development and business strategies.

learn quickly, learn easy ways to make profit, stay healthy, find out about the latest technology, gadgets and information, learn networking tips, get social and eventually get success.

v To mentor them through their business journey as it comes. v To deliver and create genuine relevance to every lady in business and do a feedback follow up process.

The magazine is not just a publication, but also a platform for ladies and women in business who have been inspired as a member and have also read about how we are making a difference with them Globally. We also give them lots of ideas, innovation and change that will make them more effective and efficient in the business world.

v To use the magazine as a platform to locate, showcase and feature them and their businesses. v To help them achieve success at last and celebrate their wins.

The difference between Ladies in business Magazine Global and other magazines for women is that we are not promoting the celebrities, the politicians, the household names and known faces. But we do support, connect and collaborate with them as mentors and philanthropist. And we create a platform for everyone to reign and shine.


OUR VISION: To create a excellent and sophiscated platform for every lady entrepreneur who is craving for herself and her business to develop through IDEAS, INNOVATION AND CHANGE. OUR MISSION: To ensure that every lady doing business is prepared and ready to be SEEN, HEARD and RECOGNISED without fear but with great confidence to excel. OUR CORE VALUES: v To fetch them out of their shell to gain confidence to excel and be able to compete in the business world. v To lead them into the secret of wealth creation and transformation.





o God be all the glory, LADIES IN BUSINESS MAGAZINE GLOBAL is 3yrs now. Wow! How time flies. I can still very much recollect when i started back then in Lagos, Nigeria. With so much passion and enthusiasm. But no idea of what will become of this wonderful magazines. No doubt the magazine have grown on its path to make a huge difference globally. With it's unique idea, innovation and change to ladies and women in business globally. Starting from Lagos in Nigeria back then was a whole lot to put together. Without any journalism experience in whatsoever world. But the strength and power have been the driven force from passion to purpose. By creating the platform to shine and rise above intimidation and fear for young female business owners, unsung heroes and Hardworking ladies and women in business globally. At LADIES IN BUSINESS MAGAZINE GLOBAL, we feature and showcase different ladies and women in business across the globe. We are global. We are female centric. Our online presence is effectively efficient. We have both the digital and hard copy prints. At the moment, our reach is within NIGERIA, GHANA, UK, US, SOUTH AFRICA, AUSTRALIA and now UAE. We don't have a tribe, religion or belief. As long as you are a lady in business. We are ready to tell the world your struggles and showcase your success stories. Celebrating 3yrs is not that long year you may want to say. But I tell you, so many people have tried doing one thing or the other, but they never lasted 5months. Still standing and operating after 3yrs is definitely a win to celebrate. It may be small, but we should not despise little beginning. Year in, year out will definitely make a milestone someday. And for this wonderful celebration and many achievements by the team and management of LADIES IN BUSINESS MAGAZINE GLOBAL, I will like to say thank you all for following this unique magazine. Either as a LINBIZ member or audience. We say God bless you as you continue to stick with us while we continue to dish out and showcase amazing ladies and women in business globally. Thank you all. From the Founder/Editor's Desk ADESHOLA HELEN ONADIPE. 05












uarantine days, none of us really know what we're doing or how to cope. At least, I'm taking it dayby-day, trying to balance work & home. Travelling from couch to our desk in the house during the lockdown is what we all do. Work from home is the new thing around. I for one discovered for myself that why not work from home in our Pyjamas.

Do it Yourself

Fashion! Home Work Style or Stay-Home Chic in PJs. Why not Boss Babe!!


However, taking just a pyjama top and incorporating it into what would otherwise be a normal outfit, wearing a sports bra and button down the shirt is Bold enough!! But it's a great statement on its own. It's a casual look, a bit conservative, but still a little daring. Currently we all work from home and are on Zoom meetings most of our time, well due to the Covid-19. I know how lazy we feel to get up and dress up!! Let's have some fun with work!! So, I decided to try my satin night shirt with a pair of jeans, ah so comfy and stylish!! Little fusion with a good neck piece and my favourite Lipgloss. O la la, it made me feel so comfortable. The new home-work fashion treading is so kool. I like to style more so I decided to add Denim jacket, it makes the look more stylish.

To sum up, Nightwear is the new fashion, which means leaving the house in something you just might have worn to bed the night before is finally socially acceptable. Yes !! wearing pyjamas out of the house is officially in. Pyjamas are the comfiest clothing possible. A luxuriously smooth silk pyjama shirt with a classic fit and soft feel. Wow sounds so comfy!! In the same way Silk/ Satin (PJ) nightwear are pretty timeless, also good to be fearless with print. Floral prints or a bold print they all look good. Plain light satin with dark or contrast piping gives a little stunning look. If you are in the PJs trend, you need to be a little brave to try these. But it makes you look Chic and cozy, Classy and Fabulous, Elegant and Graceful. definitely Extraordinary.


Let's try to pair your night silk shirt, lets 1st go with ripped jeans, tucked Night silk shirt and a broad black/ brown belt, Nude heels and a sling bag ... Voila its calling it a day ladies!!! Nightwear (PJ) however, is often best supported with heels and pair it with Causal or flashier bag, giving you a more put together look – depending on the design of the pyjamas you may even be able to wear this look to th e office!

I love morning breakfast with my ladies, with the cool weather and beautiful sunshine a lazy day but when you wake up in your pyjamas, rock a robe as a kimono., slip in sneakers Messy braid makes it a fashion choice or a last minute, rolled out of bed decision. Either way, it's incredibly chic. And voila — you are ready to go out for your morning cuppa coffee." Slik/ Satin Nightwear robes can make its way into any look, like casually throwing a robe over a simple sports Bra and ripped jeans. The best way to elevate pyjamas is by pairing them with a shoe that adds height and a pair of big earrings. For more casual but chic look White sneakers and big glasses. Oh and you go girl. Its summer some of us love brunching munching, try a Satin pastel PJ set with a plain sports bra inside pair your favourite Stiletto with kool shades, Nightwear suit is made even chicer with a few buttons undone. So lady boss your ready to go for the brunch. Another good option Is to try The wide leg and high waist trousers with contrast piping or even floral prints makes it easy to transition satin pyjama set from the bedroom to the streets. And don't forget High heels!! For women who love wearing Satin jumpsuits try oversize cuffs and contrast piping ones with round earrings. You can add a broad belt too for a little extra style. A patterned pyjama gives you a bold look, and the best way to support that is with a bag and casual shoes. Daring and raring to try out this bold new style!! Also please don't try the neon colours, stick to light & pastels!! Remember what you wear to complement your PJs will make it look good or you will look like you have just walked out of your bedroom. So Stay classy and Fabulous!! “BLEND IN!! STAND OUT.”


HEALTH & LIVING WELL implementations related to disease prevention and enhanced wellbeing with related health insurances and financial profits. Both of these aspects has placed a mark on the way how we live our life, do our business interactions and further develop the economy.



owadays faced with the current lockdown it is time for us to sit and reflect on what has happened, the wisdom and legacy the pandemic left for us and the evolution of our lives going forward.

What is wellness and wellness economy As per Global Wellness Institute (GWI) wellness as: the active pursuit of activities, choices, and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health. Back to business lifestyle slowly unveils now to a new normal environment and we unavoidably already are witnessing an

Contemplating on the economic development and progression of the new normal we clearly can define two aspects to it: short term and all the measures related to safety, security and precautions and long term and all the

HOW WELLNESS CONCEPT WILL DRIVE BUSINESS GOING FORWARD prevention are already becoming a guide for our life such as social distancing, low touch procedures and disinfection policies whether at the office or going out for leisure. As per google analytics the top searches are being related to health and wellness and more specific to subjects like immunity, selfawareness, mental health, mindfulness, relaxation etc. When the employees return to the business they will be feeling the same way as the first day at school with all those new procedures and information. We as leaders of any business have to ensure that all will be built around not only the old necessary health and safety standards but beyond that looking into expanded wellness options such as biophonic design, healthy co-working spaces and corporate wellness activities and services.

adaptation of it to a required wellness concept being implemented into all four dimensions in business being people, products, places and profits. In this article we will review the implementation of wellness into our people and profit departments.

People The currency of wellness is connection Dr. Travis Safety and Health As Dr. Travis rightly said we need to connect in order to receive wellness and now more than ever connection is deeply needed. In order to deliver a healthy connection safety is a vital pre-requisite. All the safety measures for precaution and


HEALTH & LIVING WELL Conclusion As per World Economic Forum businesses that prioritize their return to work strategies and change their operations will outpace their peers. In order to achieve those goals companies must prioritize on the health and wellbeing on the team members on every step. Planning to return on site with evaluation on health assessments, flexible hours and easy to work processes, continuous education and preparation of the team, empathetic communication with transparent and frequent feedback are just few tools of the wellness inventory on workplace wellness. As soon as businesses realize that their teams are better prepared for the changing digital and onsite workplace and become people rather than profit-centric sooner this will help them achieve organizational goals around sustainability, diversity, innovation where profits will naturally follow.

Education and Health Promotion Lifestyle Health becomes a new consciousness for every winning business corporation. Similarly, to the immune system on a corporate level we need to now look into building and boosting the immune systems of our employees and coworkers. There are already plenty of major players in the market offering healthy immune building corporate solutions such as Organic Foods and Supplements deliveries, Corporate wellness, worksite cafeteria meal design, creating of active spaces to work out and movement, on-site organic markets etc. Connection - Wellness Community Many companies now are starting to organize a weekly or monthly wellness coaching sessions for their employees as part of an existing lifestyle hub within the organization or collaboration with a third party providers such as wellness and fitness clubs and centers with various options to train and learn on-site or at the third party venues. Such examples are the gym memberships offered either as incentives or as part of the employment package or various reduced rate options at contracted health stores and wellness providers. COVID has also shed a light over our values (family, human values, work-life balance) and helped us become a better and more humane version of ourselves. That will be reflecting into the day to day interactions within the office hierarchy where empathy and concern will be considered as the better leadership qualities versus the old school tough and emotion-less working environment.

Wellness, Spa and Retreats Business Consultant Vyara Tosheva has gained professional experience over 19 years in hospitality, leisure, wellbeing and spa sectors. Vyara has graduated in Tourism Management with master degree in Psychology and Sociology, bachelor in Tourism and internationally accredited certification courses in Hospitality and Spa Management. She traveled the world enhancing her expertise through further certifications in Ayurveda, Wellness and Fitness Consultancy, Coaching and Psychology. She is certified NLP and EFT master coach, Reiki practitioner and has managed the opening of the first wellness retreat resort in UAE and GCC, The Retreat Palm Dubai managing the first of its kind Rayya Wellness and Policlinic Center. She created and managed the first holistic retreats in hotel environment where in- house and visiting master practitioners, energy workers and doctors combined their knowledge with fitness, spa and beauty professionals to deliver transformational retreats. As a consultant, she advises and consults hospitality and spa executives on creation of wellness projects and their execution through the following stages: * Existing Projects: from conventional to more integrated set up * New Projects: from conceptualization to implementation * Trainings: Providing Trainings for hospitality and spa executives to upgrade their knowledge * Advisory: Advise on international Retreat Facilitators and Assistance on organization of customized on-property retreats Vyara's mission is to consult and empower busy executives to create or enhance their business model geared toward a wellness life style on both professional and personal levels. Vyara's vision is to create worldwide wellness and health retreat centers that provides premium services for its employees, guests and visitors.

Profit Wellness is multidimensional and holistic and all the positive habits in one wellness dimension will affect all the rest of dimensions. For example, if we sleep better our productivity will increase, if we find meaning in what we do we will be more creative, resourceful and efficient. Such transformations would not only increasingly benefit the workplace culture, but it would also result in a growth of profitability for the company and all the stakeholders. Companies will be proactive in boosting health and vitality rather than losing money on insurances and people's absenteeism. Among the top factors contributing to the growth of investment in wellness is the consumer interest to improve health driven by the aging, rising global epidemics and stress, willing to improve their quality of life. Making wellness available to the large public is both crucial and inevitable. Examples such as massage treatments starting as low as USD 40-50, fitness programs of body transformations and virtual gyms being offered at a very affordable monthly subscription as well as many wellness and organic ripe-markets becoming inexpensive solution for every buyer are few of the winning cases to make wellness affordable to the masses.


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imeshares can be traced to the 1960's in Europe and America, at a time of considerable growth in air travel and the development of the tourism industry worldwide. Timeshares as an investment were created from this travel boom. The 1980's witness continued development with more people going on vacation overseas than ever before. This was also a time of when several holiday resorts were being developed worldwide. Timeshares at that time, was attractive to both the affluent and budget-oriented travellers. Those riding high on the wave of success were attracted by the promise of luxurious new resort properties in exotic destinations. In the 1990's major hotel chains had started to expand and make money through timeshares. Hotels brands such as the Marriott, Sheraton, Ramada, Hilton, Disney, Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, Radisson and the Westin, all began offering timeshare properties. DUBAI'S TIMESHARE INDUSTRY


ubai being a sought-after holiday destination in the Gulf, climbed on this wave and started offering timeshares through its hotels. Due to the practices of a few less-than-ethical companies in Dubai's early timeshare history, Dubai Government officials wisely put a halt on all Dubai timeshare sales, until solid legislation could be put in place to protect timeshare investors. Prior to the Government's intervention, expats and overseas investors were sold timeshares by companies that did not exist, or that tied investors to onerous timeshare contracts terms that they could barely get out of, or failed to deliver on the promises made during the sale process. The timeshare companies targeted investors from the Gulf, Arabic counties and Africa, sales conversions where particularly from these regions. It has taken a while to formulate the much-awaited new laws for the timeshare industry in Dubai. The UAE Government has been keen to open the sale of timeshares again, as it is beneficial and compliments the tourism sector. The new law is out, at the right time in anticipation of a boom in tourism for the EXPO 2020 Exhibition, which will take place from October 2021. Timeshare selling is also becoming a viable part of Dubai's real estate market.



tourism. Ownership of holiday homes in several countries is purchased by professionals, business owners and literally anyone with the finance and access to expat mortgages in the country of their investment choice.

International timeshare investors will welcome the new laws designed to regulate and govern the Dubai timeshare market. Federal Law No 14 of 2020 was issued in December 2020. Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) will be responsible for regulating the industry and will work with Dubai Lands Department and Dubai Financial Centre to take charge of all timeshare business in Dubai. Uniform customer contracts for the purchase of timeshares will be created and government departments will take part in agreeing the content of those contracts.

Though seemingly an affordable way to get into the holiday home property market, timeshares are not always a wise investment choice. Below are some of pitfalls. 1. Rigid contracts that are very difficult to terminate. 2. High mandatory maintenance fees. 3. Potential loss of investment if owner falls behind with payments. 4. Rigidity in booking preferred holiday dates, compared with flexibility with private ownership. 5. Difficulties reselling. 6. Lack of appreciation/devaluation on resale.

NEW RULES AND HOW THEY WORK Under the new regime, there will be an inspection of timeshare facilities by the Dubai Tourism Department. The Department that will be responsible for receiving and investigating grievances and complaints against investors and companies that operate a timeshare business in Dubai. Dubai Tourism will create the customer contractual terms for timeshare investments and the transfer of those investments to a third party. The new law will deal with the terms and conditions for cancelling and transferring a contract.

For those investors with the budget to do so, it is worth considering an investment in Dubai 's real estate market property for rent on a short term or long term basis, for good returns on investment and complete control. The holiday rental market and demand for short term rental properties is expected to surge in the UAE in 2021, due to a rise in demand for staycations holidays and inbound tourism during the EXPO 2020 Exhibition.

Clearly investors would not have had use of their timeshare in the last twelve to eighteen months because of the coronavirus pandemic. It is best to start conversations with the timeshare operators to recoup investment benefits. Options worth considering are the renting out of an investor's timeshare allocations to those tourists who can visit Dubai. There are likely to be several disgruntled investors that purchased their time shares in Dubai several years ago. Unfortunately, the Government is treating contracts that were signed before the enactment of the new law as still valid vis a vis the timeshare operator. The best and most cost-effective solution for investors under the old-style contracts who wish to exit, would be to negotiate with the timeshare operator in Dubai by selling their timeshare to third parties who will have better protection under the new regime.

Arkhurst & Abdellah Solicitors Creative Tower, 17th & 18th Floors Mohammad Bin Abdullah Street P.O. Box 4422, Fujairah, UAE.


ennifer Arkhurst, a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England & Wales and Commissioner for Oaths is the Managing Partner of Arkhurst & Abdellah Solicitors. Having vast experience in corporate, commercial energy, oil & gas and real estate law and investing spanning 22 years, her law firm has brought innovative changes to the legal landscape and has been featured in several national newspapers in the Gulf.

HOLIDAY HOME OWNERSHIP V TIMESHARE OWNERSHIP Timeshare ownership was seemingly very popular in the 1980's until late 1990. Holiday home ownership at that time in popular destinations such as Spain, Switzerland, Italy, France, UK, Florida & Miami, California, Caribbean were seen by most at the time as reserved for the ultra wealthy. Holiday home ownership has since then become commonplace several countries with cheaper destinations and prices who wish to open up their markets to foreign investment and also to boost



Empowerment Why the right has to be given… it's their right to own.

Khala is the aunt (mother's sister), that's how was she addressed by the children of the previous wife of her husband. It is customary in the parts of India & Pakistan that the second wife is obligated to care for any children of her husband. In some cases, it could be one or two, but in Khala's case they were 4 and the youngest was only a couple of years old. The real test begins when you have your children and need to maintain balance & love among all the children alike. Khala managed her duties and role to the best of her ability and made some rules of her own.

"Like life, peace begins with women. We are the first to forge lines of alliance and collaboration across conflict divides." Zainab Salbi (founder of Women for Women International)


hen I read these lines, I paused my thoughts and went back in time, clearly seeing the 3 images in my mind. These women I had the pleasure and honor of interacting and spending time with, learning their wisdom and prudence. One led a family of 40+ in her in-laws, while the other was the mother of 4 from her husbands' previous wife and the 3rd was the one I called “Walida”.

Walida respectably is the mother, and we were six of her own. Her only purpose in life was to ensure that we were provisioned with good education and instilled in the best of manners. She dedicated her life to the pursuit of this goal her entire life. Her main hurdle was the stereotypical mindset of our societies that good education gets you good jobs and good earning, which was not her concern. She always made us understand that education is for you to understand between right & wrong and your values will live beyond you with people and in memories of who you interact with.

Baji means elder sister in Urdu/Hindi, this is how she was mostly addressed by many in the family. Baji was the wife of 4th son of the house with one younger brother in law & Six sisters in law. Her responsibilities were never defined or even assigned by anyone, they were understood by default. The character was so strong that everyone looked up to her, approached her, and brought all the unresolved matters to her round the clock. Baji was the only one in the family that could create an atmosphere of understanding and compromise between the north & south of the family. I have witnessed in my olden days, her playing an anchor role in very bitter family disputes and putting her repute in the firing range.

It is very easy for us to get inspired by the celebrities and superstars and the fame of wealth and so on…. But I believe that we all have examples around us that reflect the successes in society and they are authentic and powerful enough for us to connect with. My respect for women across the globe is with my life experiences and 23

learnings from these three best women in my life. I learned how to be cooperative and manage an environment with forty plus people diplomatically and honestly. I learned how a woman can sacrifice her wish to bear children so that she can be just and fair with someone else's children and nurtured them till they all were settled & married. And finally how it is so important for a woman to instill values & ethics in her children for a better future and a decent society. If these are not examples of women empowerment, I am not sure which part of the world you would find women with wisdom, sincerity, and futuristic approach. We have hundreds and millions of such women around us that inspire us in their way, may it be domestic, workplaces, institutions, or corporate… the list is endless. We do not have any right to claim that Empowerment should be given to them… It's their right by default and has been designed for such powerful roles in societies. The social set up around us has become so naive to recognize the great women the history produced like Marie Curie, Florence Nightingale, Princess Diana, Mother Teresa, Martina Bergman-Österberg, and many more. If we have policies & initiatives like UAE to have an equal pay law shall set some standards in the times to come to combat & conquer the fear. Unless & until we have changed our inner self and not a superficial surface coating of Fairness and equality slogan. I will conclude by simply mentioning the following, Women are empowered within and do not require permission or guidance from anyone. “An educated woman is a liberated nation” – Millycent Mashele Written by: Atique Muhammad Ajmal CEO / Lead Excellence Advisor Email: Mobile: +971 50 653 8256 Advantix Process Quality Consultants 1301, Burlington Tower, Business Bay, P. O. Box 32040, Dubai, UAE Tel: +971 4 249 8601 Email:

Atique Muhammad Ajmal CEO / Lead Excellence Advisor








FORTUNE-CANNON Founder & President – Widpan International 29


go hungry or remain uneducated due to the lack of parental care. As President of Widphan International, Ms Cannon has been instrumental in raising funds and donations to children homes across the country and in her home country Liberia. Ms Fortune-Cannon is Ambassador & Vice Chair of International Partnerships of Liberty Relief Fund. She is also Africa Director of AN3R International, Mesa, Arizona. In addition, she ran a non-prot organization on contract with ICE International Christian Fellowship, in connection with the city of Atlanta Ga, helping unwed mothers and youths back into workforce, through rehabilitation and training to help them function in society. She ran her own restaurant Chatu Café International at 142 Riverdale Ga, USA for 8 years. Presently, she is Founder & CEO of FAA Group of Companies, a registered oil and gas company in Ghana.


s. Agnes Fortune is a Liberian of African descent. She was born in Monrovia, Liberia, but raised and schooled in the US after her parents left Liberia for America. She returned home to help heal and build the nation after the Liberia war, but due to infrastructure and economic challenges in Liberia, she began with Widpan International in Ghana as a base and launching pad to make her contributions towards nation-building in Liberia. Widphan International is a non-prot organization based in Ghana, situated at Gbawe Top-Base, Accra and in collaboration with Liberty Relief Fund at Upper Caldwell, Liberia. The foundation supports orphans, street children, widows, single parents who are in need of help, in addition, Widphan provides education, shelter and food to those in need. Widphan's goal is to ensure no child

Ms. Cannon graduated from East Rome High School, Rome Ga. She went to Atlanta Junior College and has a degree in Business Administration. She also attended courses in t h e b a n k i n g s e c t o r, w i t h n u m e r o u s certicates and degrees acquired. She is a proud member of Victorious Light Chapel International, Accra, Ghana. Ms. Cannon is mother of two boys, Johnnie and Derrick Cannon.




BEINGSHE 2020 UAE Stepping towards the game of Fashion Events, Entrepreneur and Women empowerment

“I don't believe in miracles,”


Nasiha says

Nasiha is also looking forward to conduct "Miss & Mrs Universe" pageant in Dubai in the year 2022



society's unsung heroines. Nasiha wants every woman to step out of their bubble, fight for their dreams and turn them into reality. Nasiha strongly believes that “When a woman is financially secure and enjoys mental and spiritual guidance from her loved ones, she feels inspired and seeks to conquer the world". Her firm belief is that marriage can never serve as a stumbling block for any potential female achiever. “I don't believe in miracles,” Nasiha says. I believe in perseverance.”


asiha Sherif, the “MRS.UNIVERSE 2 0 2 0 UA E ” , t h e W I N N E R O F “BEINGSHE 2020 UAE”, and is now stepping towards the game of Fashion Events, Entrepreneur and Women empowerment. The

Born in an affluent family of Siddha doctor mother

and a marketing personnel father. Talking about her growing-up days, she recalls, “Hailing from a conservative family, I did not get full support, initially, to pursue my dream of participating in a beauty pageant. And I got married. Finally, knowing my perseverance, my family gave me full support for me in this journey.” Nasiha has come a long way from who she used to be to who she is right now truly because of her "never give up attitude.”

model turned entrepreneur made her modelling debut in the year of 2019 with a beauty contest in Dubai in which even though she dints get the title, she was able to discover her calling. Nasiha Sherif will soon be launching "Queen's International Fashion Events" by conducting "Miss and Mrs. Universe 2021" event which is to be held in Chennai, India in the month of September 2021. Nasiha is also looking forward to conduct " Miss & Mrs Universe " pageant in Dubai in the year 2022. It is the first of its kind event where the women are encouraged from all walks of society to participate and pursue their dream to be crowned by a pageant. Being driven has inspired her to advocate for the social cause of bringing aspiring women together and providing a voice to highlight the skills of

We wish the beautiful woman inside out, a grand success in her new venture, “QUEENS INTERNATIONAL FASHION & EVENTS (For MISS & MRS)”. May she continue to ignite the spark of success, inspire fellow beings and instill aspiration in many young hearts. Way to go, superwoman! 32



SARPONG-AYISA ...a Touch of Beauty By E. Stanley Ukeni


went on to gain admission into the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in the city of Kumasi, in the Ashanti Region. There, she earned a degree in Estate Management. Upon graduation, Akua Afriyie Sarpong joined the now-defunct Ghana Airways. She worked for the national airline for twenty-two years in various capacities—eventually earning a place as the head of the In-Flight Section.

r. (Mrs) Akua Afriyie Sarpong-Ayisa is the founder and CEO of Unique Floral—one of Ghana's biggest event designs and floral companies. The company specializes in providing an extensive range of beautiful flower and gift arrangements to clients in Ghana and neighboring countries. Unique Floral is known within the event planning and design circles as possessing unique expertise to transform any event environment into an exotic and memorable scene—consistently delivering timeless esthetic and elegant with exquisite floral arrangements and décor, using both fresh and artificial flowers.

Her employment with Ghana Airways gave her a unique opportunity to travel around the world. It was during her travels that she gained a deep appreciation for different types of flowers. Having acquired an interest in flowers, Mrs. Ayisa cultivated a relationship with several florists around the world in a bid to gain deeper insights into how the floral business worked. After gaining sufficient insight into the world of floral plants, Mrs. Ayisa began to buy gifts of exotic flowers for her friends in Ghana from countries like the Netherlands, United States of America, and the United Kingdom. It was at the encouragement of her husband that she turned her growing passion for flowers into a

Akua Afriyie Sarpong is the daughter of late Emmanuel Victor Kwame Sarpong and Juliana Ama Sarpong. Both her parents are natives of Mampong in the Ashanti Region. Young Akua Afriyie Sarpong spent much of her early years in Accra, with her parents. She began her basic education at St. John's Preparatory School in Accra, before proceeding to Oda Secondary School. After obtaining both her Ordinary and Advanced Level Certificates, she 33


viable business enterprise. In 1991, she opened her first business office and began selling flowers. Her burgeoning business later acquired the name, 'Unique Floral' to reflect the exoticness of her flowers and floral arrangements. Having been in business for more than a quartercentury, the company has no doubt become a household name in the floral wedding arrangement and events decoration industry in Ghana. Over those years, Unique Floral has expanded from the sole retailing of flowers to events planning and

Ethiopia. Unique Floral has indeed come a long way from its humble beginnings as a small flower shop, over twenty-five years ago; to a company that impacts the lives of customers all over the world. In recent years, a mutually beneficial business arrangement with Teleflora allows the company to receive and send floral orders to customers in over one hundred countries. As a testament to its continued commitment to excellence and unmatched customer service,

decoration—as well as opening an ultra-modern flower decorating training school in Accra. Today, Unique Floral can be counted as one of the largest, if not the largest, retailer of fresh and artificial flowers in West Africa. On any given day, the company maintains a stock of beautiful fresh flowers harvested from its twenty-acre floral farm in Aburi, in the Eastern Region of Ghana. And for its more exotic supplies of carefully selected fresh flowers, Unique Floral relies on weekly imports from the exotic flower gardens in such far-flung places as Holland, South Africa, Kenya, and

Unique Floral has, over the years, been bestowed with multiple local and international awards and certifications.

Follow E. Stanley Ukeni on Twitter @EzStan and Instagram @stanleyukeni Connect with E. Stanley Ukeni on LinkedIn Copyright © 2018 by E. Stanley Ukeni. All Rights Reserved.




Madam Jane Reason Ahadzie THE CEO OF JRA COSMETICS


ane Reason Ahadzie is the CEO of J R A C o s m e t i c s, a n d a t r u e industrialist at heart with various renowned cosmetics products under her list of achievements. She began the business from humbling beginnings and today the JRA Brand is recognized in the continent and beyond.

products, including Foundation Body cream, Hair Shampoo, Styling Gel, Foundation Body Lotion, Lion Antiseptic, Facial Cleaner, African Fresh Alata Soap, Everyday Fresh, H yd r o g e n , B a t h i n g G e l , H a n d Sanitizer, Hair Food/Hair Treatment, Wig Oil, Rubbing Alcohol, Dr Bone to Bone Balm, Jaseline, Glass Cleaner, Skin Rash Ointment, Parazona, Floor Cleaner, Hair Conditioner, Setting Lotion, and more, are leading products

H e r c o m p a n y J R A C o s m e t i c s, producers and distributors of cosmetic products, with over twenty range of 35


comes into reality through prayer, and the products comes from her intuition.

in their various segment. She also has 17 outlets across the county for sales of her products, and with over 467 workforce.

Her achievement in the cosmetics sectors has won her many awards and recognition for innovation and creativity, in addition to the award as industrialist of the year – 2021, at the Ghana Agriculture a n d A g r o Processing Awards. Others include West Africa Nobles Fo r u m , H e r o e s A w a r d s , We s t A f r i c a International Governance & Leadership Awards, amongst others.

Madam Jane Reason Ahadzie is a Ghanaian entrepreneur, who is born in Takoradi in the Western Region of Ghana. Her parents, Mr. David Kwaku Ahadzie and Madam A u g u s t i n a Yekporso Seshie, both hail from the Volta Region of Ghana. At the tender age of twelve year old, she imagined herself as a successful person. However, the road to the top was not an easy one, as she began the journey in the fashion industry, with trade n a m e 'STOPOVER AFRICAN WEAR HOUSE' in Takoradi.

She is equally a philanthropist and h a s m a d e n u m e r o u s donations to help the less privileged of society. She has a great impact on the youth because she engages them religiously and supports their every need. Her Foundation has been of great benefit to many and she stands as a role model for a lot of people.

She used the little money saved from the fashion business to buy her chemicals which she turned into cosmetics. As a Christian, she believes everything she envisioned in her dream, 36


CRSYTAL HEALING STONES Handpicked hearty brought by Muzaffer

STONISH TO ASTONISH and charge our vital center with energy, lifeforce circulates through our body. The crystal will record your feelings and then permeate whatever environment it is placed in. The Crystal gemstones can reflect both negative and positive energies. Wearing crystals and gemstones and using jade Rollers are of the best ways to enjoy their beauty and magical crystal powers all day long. From earrings and necklaces to gemstone bracelets and rings, using crystals as jewelry allows you to maintain a constant connection with these natural objects while also allowing you to explore and express your personal style.

We are the Mirror of Divine Beauty and have the light and reflection of the Goddesses

The Daily Crystals for very basic spiritual needs are as follows: Rose Quartz – Purifies Heart and promote love, Amethyst – Passion and Energy, Jade - Promotes knowledge and brings good fortune, Agate -


hysical life begins with the physical heart starts beating, our spiritual life begins when our spiritual heart starts beating. More specifically, spiritual life begins when we are “born again.” Born again means the Conscious living and self-awareness and acceptance. For that we need to align our frequency and our past goddess feminine power. Spirituality brings fulfillment to the Soul & Body Connection. Connection with Everyday Crystals They function as channels to transmit, concentrate, and activate all forms of energy. They collect energy and harmonize and purify our body and mind. With their great power of being transmitters and receivers, they allow to unblock 38

GARNET + PETRIFIED WOOD Since the early times of History, the Jewelry made of Gemstones has always been incredibly special and effective to connect to the Goddess power within. Used either to serve the needs of spiritual empowerment or protection against negative energies. Here below the science behind the jewelry and how to use jewelry as a spiritual supplement. Various types of Jewelry that we wear are connected to the specific parts of the Body. As per kundalini each part is represented by a particular Chakra. Divine Consciousness, Chaitanya that is activated around the body where the jewelry is worn purifies and awakens the associated one. If heart Chakra is touched by a necklace than spiritual emotions are awakened. Spiritual powers of Natural stones Prevention of black energy in the body, Insertion of divine consciousness in the body, Spiritual healing, and protection from negative energies Natural stones are ancient amulets and are extremely powerful and sacred. Stones can accelerate and amplify energy patterns which unite their natural power with the strength of your wishes to aid you in emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing. Wearing your natural stone jewelry when you are under great stress or are entering high-pressure meetings or court dates in order to maintain focus and energy. What must be remembered is we are all piece of world and our soul seek for peace with the completion through the other pieces of us from the earth. Once we can find the match feed the soul, and our divine needs along with the soul spiritual supplements the crystals we can feel the Universal peace. Intuition, compassion, and peace is the three pillars of spirituality, I am inviting you to connect with me and self and take a journey to the Universe within where we will dive into the Ocean of possibility with the light of potential and will of defining power to reason.

Improves concentration and perception, Obsidian- Protection Crystals are a practice in bringing us closer to the divine, A passage to inner beauty. Inner GODDESSES and Crystals to add to our ritual to awaken our inner goddess? RITUAL: Honor and Connect the Goddesses to empower and Boost your feminine energies, love yourself unconditionally, using the relevant crystal will elevate your frequency and your power to feel the love and power within. Lay down somewhere comfortable or on the ground and place a crystal in the center of your forehead, and under your pillow or around your head for about 15-20 minutes. Also try to Wear your crystals around your neck, as bracelet or as earrings. Divine Goddesses and their Crystals HERA : Represents POWER – LAPIS LAZULI + APATITE ATHENA: Represents CIVILIZATION APATITE + LAPIS LAZULI + FLOURITE + AZURITE APHRODITE: Represents PASSION – ROSE QUARTZ + SHELL + MOTHER OF PEARL PERSEPHONE: Represents UNDERWORLD, INTUITION – SMOKY QUARTZ + GOLD + TOPAZ + ONYX ARTEMIS: Represent NATURE, AMETHYST + PEARL + MOONSTONE + GARNET + KYANITE DEMETER: Represent MOTHER, CITRINE +

Muzaffer Asli R. Lifestyle wellness coach, Healology practitioner , Crsytal Expert Website: Instagram: aslimuzafferasli WhatsApp: +971585675004




on 43rd floor


ONADIPE Founder/Publisher LADIES IN BUSINESS MAGAZINE GLOBAL IG/Twitter: @linbizglobal Call: +971585956490 WhatsApp: +2347083245878



...change is here! MISSION


he Africa Change Movement is all about CHANGE for Africa and for Africans. Africa is known or perceived with many unsolved issues. Politically, Economically, infrastructure, Poverty etc. Thus, this have greatly affected the people and the country at large. Both locally and internationally. Africa is known with many issues globally. In terms of the Low Economy, Political crisis, Lack of Infrastructure, Human Rights violations, Human trafficking, Prostitution, Harmed Robbery, Modern Slavery etc. All these and many more we are about to set for change. Not at once, but gradually. This Change Movement will be a movement within ourselves first as Africans. And then to the entire world.

To bring about change within africa. From africans to africa and to the entire world. VISION To see every africa man and woman to be proudly african. CORE VALUE Love | Faith | Unity | Strength GOALS & OBJECTIVES To bring about change in: Politics | Cultural development | Poverty alleviation Education | Employment | Youth empowerment | Global representation

This Change Movement comes with Self-Actualization, Self-Motivation and Self-love. This change is like a rebirth of Self as an African. It will be a discovery journey for all Africans.

VISIONARY ACTIVITIES Vocational training | Business training Motivational training | Legal matters Funding/ finance | Miss Africa in UAE

This Change Movement is about ourselves as Africans. Is about the perception of ourselves, within ourselves and for ourselves. And then the perception of Africans to the entire world. This change must come quickly because Africa is the next continent to happen in the next generation world. We have gone through so much in the hands of our Masters. We have gotten our supposed freedom. Now is the real time of Freedom. Now is the time to bring the real Change we seek; we want and we deserve.

CONTACT US: Email: Instagram: @africa_change_movement Facebook: AFRICA CHANGE MOVEMENT Whatsapp: +2347083245878 Call:


+971568834336 | +971561219328





iss Africa in UAE is part of the Africa change movement visionary activities. Especially for Africa youth empowerment in UAE. Miss Africa in UAE is just one of the visionary activities from the Africa change movement.

OBJECTIVES: v To give every African girl in UAE the opportunity to build themselves with self confidence & respect. v To assist and develop every African girl in UAE mentally and morally. v To take off the street African prostitution in UAE. v To eradicate sex trafficking. v To bring good representation of Africa in UAE.





Sophisticated | High Networth | Excellence


he S.H.E AWARDS UAE is for the

Adeshola further mentioned that this award

purpose of showing APPRECIATION

is for ladies and women in busines who have

& RECOGNITION to all ladies and

rise above their struggles and now

women in business in UAE. The award is

successful in their own capacity. These

basically to applaud, reward and encourage

women have come a long way and gone

ladies and women in business in UAE that

through series of journeys in their life in all

they can be more and achieve success at

ramications. They have also come to good

every level and status of thier lives.

understanding and knowledge of themselves and their businesses. They are


also the ladies and women in business with

Founder/Publisher of Ladies In Business

great ideas and outstanding innovation.

Magazine Global is the organiser of this

Their good deeds have eventually paved the

ceremony. And she says this event is in

way for a greater cause to change their lives

celebration of the INTERNATIONAL

and their businesses.

WOMEN'S DAY. She also mentioned that

And that is why she is crowing their efforts

this event will be carried out on yearly basis

with S.H.E AWARDS because they are the

from different location in UAE.

SHEROS of our time. The S.H.E means: 44

SHE AWARDS UAE Sophisticated, Highly Recognised and

2. The business is in operation for at least


one year.

The following are the categories for the

3. The business is legally registered in UAE


for UAE business owners.


4. The business have employees of at least 2.


5. The business operation is in UAE for UAE


business owners.


6. They must have contributed or impacted


one thing or the other as a role model within


their community or state or country.

CATEGORY. This glorious event was done on March The following are the criteria chosen in

13th, 2021 at the prestigious

selecting these ladies and women in



CITY in Dubai.

1. The business is owned by a woman. 45


Excellence by BeingShe - championing women empowerment in the UAE


eingShe hosted its first UAE Excellence Awards to honor women and their roles in society. The ceremony took place on Saturday June 26th, 2021, at the hotel Aloft Dubai Creek Vox Cinema ballroom. Being She Excellence Awards was a first-of-its-kind campaign, during these pandemic times which celebrated womanhood, all their passions and career paths.

Ali. The Vox Cinema ballroom was decorated beautifully to set stage for a gala night and the red carpet was laid for the leading ladies to make an impactful entrance all dressed up in designer evening wear befit for the awards ceremony. The evening kicked off with a networking session from 6 to 7pm, and a meaningful opening speech by the founder & CEO of BeingShe- Aparna Bajpai, on how she was inspired by H.H. Sheikha Fatima "Mother of Emirates" the true icon of women empowerment. Aparna Bajpai quoted “I equally believe in championing the cause for feminism and equality and I am working closely as an observer to the UNGC, aligning BeingShe's goals to the aims and objectives of the organization. From our many initiatives,

The guest list for the event was an astounding bevy of entrepreneurs, fashion designers, life coaches, beauty enthusiasts, artists and many more. H.H Sheikh Mohamad bin Maktoum bin Juma Al Maktoum graced the occasion as the Chief Guest and the jury had personalities like Manal Ajaj and Dr. Sana Sajan and Dr. Yaqoob Al 46

EXCELLENCE AWARDS BY BEINGSHE Excellence Awards 2021 deserves a special mention as it's a cause close to my heart and an initiative that I have forged ahead without any commercial benefits attached to it.” Following this was an inspiring panel talk featuring Maya Al Hawary- ted x speaker and scholar in EQ, Belynda Lee- COO of Ascira, Suad Al Shamsi –the first female aircraft engineer in the UAE, Dr. Sana Sajan- Director of American aesthetic Clinic and Aparna Bajpai – founder and CEO of BeingShe movement. After the panel talk was the awards ceremony honoring notable women personalities like Hanan Al Sammak, Aiisha Ramadan, Adeshola Onadipe, Alaleh Mozafarian to name a few. The awards ceremony had 2 segments: one honoring the leading women of excellence and the other set of awards recognizing rising talents across various categories through a 2 months long social media campaign that was executed prior to the awards ceremony. Winners from the social media campaign got an amazing opportunity to display their talents: Best musician winner gave a serenading piano performance and the Best Fashion designer displayed a beautiful trunk show of her designs. The BeingShe Excellence Awards gave the much needed support to women empowerment, opportunity to showcase their passion and celebrate womanhood in totality. The guests were treated with the best of hospitality by the host Aloft Dubai Creek who was the venue partner for the BeingShe Excellence awards campaign. We are hoping to initiate this movement to a much greater height next year.



eingShe was built on the foundation of celebrating women, and offering a platform where they can receive the recognition they deserve. Founded by Aparna Bajpai in 2018, BeingShe is an international initiative and movement to empower and transform women, while giving them an ecosystem of support and networking opportunities. The organization provides women with a platform for self-discovery, career development, knowledge creation and confidence building through: BeingShe Workshops, BeingShe Universe, and the latest, BeingShe Excellence Awards. The workshops allow women to learn new skills within industries of interest, whilst the awards recognize and celebrate the efforts of participating women. To learn more about us please visit: Follow on social media:



TOP MODEL FASHION CARNIVAL 2021- SEASON 2 Courtesy LADIES IN BUSINESS MAGAZINE GLOBAL media crew. For more info how to be part of next show please visit

Miss/Mrs. Unique International


t was all Glitz & Glam Top Model Fashion Carnival at Luxurious Dusit Thani last week.

Thinking of getting your own event featured, showcased or covered by LADIES IN BUSINESS MAGAZINE GLOBAL media crew? Kindly send an email to or put a call through to: +971585956490 or WhatsApp +2347083245878. You can also follow us on our social media platforms: IG/ TWITTER @linbizglobal

Hosted by Beunique, A Company founded by former beauty queen Prabha Pradeep who is passionate about creating opportunities for women like herself. She says right attitude, self belief, courage to do and strong determination will empower you. She was focused on how to turn her triumph into an empowerment platform for young girls & married women. Through her experience she created best pageant initiative in Dubai giving platform to married women. The 2-day event was packed with guests who experienced creative models showcasing their talent on stage and talented fashion designers Amity university, London School of fashion and design, American university in the emirates and independent designers who created carnival themed Eco fashion show all from recycled and upcycled fashion. The " Trash to treasure theme" was well presented. The magical event was also loaded with fashion celebrities, Dubai media personalities, and most Gorgeous top models in the city. Beunique Miss/Mrs Unique International title winners in each category are women who believed in their passion for purpose and trusted the platform to be the exponent of their message to transform themselves and the women in the community. Congratulations to each of them from BeUnique team and a big welcome to continue the journey ahead of womanhood. The aftermath of the well-attended show is still buzzing on social media which is an indication that creatives are on the look out for events and initiatives of this nature post covid. And yes, LADIES IN BUSINESS MAGAZINE GLOBAL was the official MEDIA PARTNER to this great and wonderful fashion show. Check out some of the pictures highlights from the event. 49




ntrepreneurship is great they said, and don't get me wrong it can very well be the most rewarding thing you ever do in life, ladies you know this feeling very well. However, how often do you feel that as a woman in business you have to give up your health, wellness, or even family time for your business?

currently stuck in the “hustle or die” web, I'm here to tell you it does NOT have to be that way. Your business and your wellness can exist side by side, with you happily thriving in the middle. You don't have to sacrifice. Before we dive further into this article, I'm really into mantras, I think it might be a millennial thing, so I want to share some with you.

The truth is that for most entrepreneurs, moments like these happen quite often especially in the startup stage. There will be times in business when it becomes your whole life, and you have to fit everything in your life around your business.

I am healthy and I am wealthy. I make money effortlessly while maintaining my health and wellbeing. My business has a healthy and positive impact on my life and the lives of my employees and clients.

That might mean that you don't go to the gym as often as you used to, or maybe you cook less because time is now a luxury and you end up making bad diet choices to cope with stress, or maybe finding a few minutes in the day to calm your mind through meditation is simply impossible because every time you sit down all you can think about are impending deadlines, your employees, taxes and blah blah blah.

Repeat this to yourself often, every couple of hours, every day, or anytime you get super stressed. Did you know that according to the Journal of Cognitive Enhancement research with Neuro Scientists suggests that it doesn't matter whether you recite an ancient Sanskrit mantra or the Lord's Prayer, or any sound, word, or phrase—as long as you repeat something with focused attention, you'll get results?

Ladies, if we are being real it can be quite tough finding a balance for both your business and your wellness. So you're constantly wondering how these “boss babes” do it. Yeah, you know the entrepreneurs who seem to have everything together? The perfect business, the perfect fitness routine, and quite frankly the perfect life, while you are still just trying to remember if you've drunk enough water in the day.

Repeating mantras like these along with some other guided protocols have helped me find much-needed work-life balance as a woman in business. This is not to say that I've mastered the game and currently live in a world of money-making zen, but I now have a good grasp of tools and resources that support my life, business, and fitness goals.

Listen I've been exactly where you are, and if you're 50

FITNESS TO FIT Ladies, use your power of choice wisely and say no when needed without feeling bad or guilty.

#TIP 1 Pencil in your ME time. Yes, the same way you'd add an important meeting to your calendar, add your non-negotiable time to the calendar, and what you do with it is completely up to you, darling. Ruck up a sweat and release endorphins, treat yourself to a nice healthy meal, spend it with friends or spend it doing nothing at all. That's perfectly fine. Just create moments in the day for you to not be “the boss” or “in control”, or “chasing after a deadline” and just be yourself.

#TIP 5 Set Boundaries Set Boundaries with those you work with by telling them when you will and won't be working so you can manage their expectations. If you make yourself available 24/7 to your clients, colleagues, or employees, that's a fast track to mental exhaustion. Be honest with yourself about your personal needs and non-negotiables and create an environment around you that supports that. So if your morning negotiable is taking a walk with your dog between 7 am to 8 am, then that time is out of bounds for meetings or work commitments, and the same applies across the day at your discretion.

#TIP 2 Make fitness a priority A healthy body feeds a healthy mind. Physical exercise has so many benefits including giving you a mood boost and a fresh mind which allows you to optimize your time, increase productivity and brain function.

I hope these tips help you in creating some business and wellness balance in your life. If you want to know more about me, then keep reading.

I encourage you to find a fitness activity you enjoy and do it often, for me it's dance! That's why I started my dance company, where we offer fun-filled dance classes for women which help them hit this goal. #TIP 3 Fuel your body with nourishing meals Good healthy and balanced meals are non-negotiable for me, it is one of the reasons I started my healing African food restaurant, where we serve healing meals to busy people who want a taste of Africa. In addition, I encourage you to eat mostly whole unprocessed food, cook often and when you eat out, try to make healthy choices, drink lots of water, eat lots of colorful veggies, and of course treat yourself once a week.


y name is Gbemi Giwa and I'm a millennial African entrepreneur and self-proclaimed fit foodie. I have a passion for creating brands and products that help you live your healthiest happiest life.

#TIP 4 Learn to say NO No is one of the most powerful words you'll learn as an entrepreneur because every time you say yes to something you are automatically saying no to something else and you might not have a choice in what that is.

My wellness-centered businesses include Catfish Dxb, a healing African restaurant in Dubai, Dance Body Dxb, a dance company for women by women dedicated to making fitness fun, I also create fitness and nutrition solutions for female entrepreneurs via my brand @GbemiGiwa You can find me creating wellness content on YouTube and Instagram, so send me a DM let's get to know each other.

So think carefully before you say YES to new projects and extra commitments that will eat up your time and might not contribute to achieving your work or personal objectives. That meeting? Maybe it could be a phone call. Instead of staying at work till midnight, maybe sleeping and working with a fresh mind could get the job done faster.

Email: Social media: @Gbemigiwa Website: 51





let us look more closely at what these are. In general, one could say that male values revolve around competition, winning, being the best, being the fastest, outperforming the other. We could summarize it with what probably can be regarded as a universal idea about men: men don't cry. This tough way to deal with one's emotions and emphasize rational behaviour as the key to success, paved the way for capitalism and a relentless quest to accumulate wealth and power. The world we live in is a reflection of this movement, which resulted in globalization, but also to a divided world where a few own the majority of the means of production and wealth. Political systems have always facilitated this process where corporations became the glue and cork upon which our societies rest. COVID 19 has brought the fragility of this system to light. Politicians are struggling with this across the globe because the fallacy of their own way of thinking has become so evident. In this quest for more and better; humanity, peace, equality and justice somehow became a side note instead of being the heart of policymaking. What misses is a female approach, feminine values. As Global Ambassador of Female Wave of Change - an organization which was set up four years ago with a mission to unleash the feminine potential of women and men – I see it as an important mission to support create societies which mirror these different values. So, let us look more closely at these feminine values. They revolve around collaboration, caring, compassion, nurturing, acting beyond self-interest. Women are the caretakers – this is

5 years after the Beijing declaration and platform for action, which set the international target for reaching gender balance in political decision-making, women are stll underrepresented across all levels of power. This has affected the political landscape fundamentally. Not only in t e r m s o f f e m a l e representation, but also in terms of political decisions and a political framework which supports women empowerment, leadership and participation. This article takes another angle: What if women were taking the lead in the political arena? Women have come a long way since industrialization. Where in the agrarian society, men and women had a clear role revolving around the house - the land they cultivated, the animals they owned – industrialization led to a clear divide between homework and paid work. Women stayed at home to take care of the household and children and men went out to work. This process set in around 1870. Somehow, we have not been able to breach the gap that across time has widened and led to a structural and persistent inequality between men and women, that is very apparent in the political realm. But not only there. Political decisions trickle down in society and affect the very fabric of societies at economic, social, cultural, technological and legal level. Political decisions have a long arm, so much is obvious. It has led to a world which is governed by male values, norms, beliefs and behaviour. So, 53

LADIES IN POLITICS We need more women in political decision making and more feminine values to guide that. Scylla Elworthy, acclaimed fighter for peace, speaks about FemmeQ, a feminine quotient. What is this FemmeQ? She says that as humanity tumbles towards planetary collapse — escalating international conflict, acts of terror and hate, an ever-widening wealth gap, and a rapidly changing climate — a quiet revolution is taking place. It is built on the feminine qualities of c o m p a s s i o n , l i s t e n i n g , i n c l u s i v i t y, interconnectedness, and intuition.

“Women have to be more bold and daring. We have spent decades trying to fight ourselves into a system, that mirrors us very poorly. It is a man's world. It is time to take the lead in creating a new pathway to a better future.” what they have been doing for centuries and still continue to do. They have entered the labour market, but here are also under-represented or plain absent. In many parts of the world women are still seen as second-rate citizens which have no rights and have to fight for their position. The influence of women is hence minimal when it comes to the design of a political system and institutions that do justice to women and actively support the participation of women in society. To play the game, one has to follow the rules of the game. So, women have had to fight themselves into the system by giving up part of their feminine values. It is time for change. The world needs it. COVID 19 has created a sense of urgency which women have to leverage for demanding a more feminine approach to the way the world is run. Political leaders have entrenched themselves in their patterns of thinking and behaviour which will only widen the gap between the rich and the poor and maintain the world divided. It is time for a paradigm shift which serves humanity and peace. While we promised ourselves after WWII that we would never again allow this form of mass destruction to take place, there are more conflicts and wars than ever in the world. These wars are perpetuated by a male dominated way of thinking which justifies war and sees retaliation, aggression and violence as a legitimate way of resolving problems. War above all is an industry and as such represents in its most perfidious form, what capitalism is about. On average we spend 2,5 trillion dollars a year on war, while the cost of the impact of war is worth more than 13 trillion dollars. It is important to understand that this is justified by political institutions, decisions and leaders who invest in warfare and the arms' trade. 5 of the 6 permanent members of the United Nations – an institution which was set up to safeguard peace in the world – are the biggest suppliers of weapons and instruments of warfare in the world. This is cynical, yes, but also a reality.

Women have to be more bold and daring. We have spent decades trying to fight ourselves into a system, that mirrors us very poorly. It is a man's world. It is time to take the lead in creating a new pathway to a better future. That is the way out of this pandemic. We should not wish to go back to normal. We should wish to create a world where what is happening now is not possible anymore. A political system built on feminine values is the answer to the crisis we are in. Women are the torch bearers of this humane approach and have the chance to create the new world order we desperately need.

Dr. Saskia Harkema MBA CEO and Founder Faces of Change Global Ambassador female Wave of Change Co-Founder Move in2 the Future