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cotton is at the core of everything

ADVANTAGES OF DRESSING YOUR BUB IN COTTON All of our clothing is made from the finest 100% cotton yarn (no synthetic nasties). We are in love with our new range of natural cotton, gender-neutral baby clothing. These stunning earth toned pieces will be your go to all year round. Designed to be wrapped, layered and loved we hope that you treasure your natural cotton keepsake items from this range. It’s super comfy and scrumptiously snuggly for your little one. Natural cotton is wonderful for the tender developing skin of a child- it is softer and more breathable than regular cotton.

It will last! Natural cotton is not exposed to the weakening, harsh chemicals. Therefore with the proper care your natural cotton products will last many years.

It can be very helpful in relieving eczema symptoms. Natural cotton clothing is chemical and pesticide free, which will reduce the likelihood of an allergic reaction. Natural cotton products are created without using any chemicals during the farming/ production and dying process- resulting in no pesticide residue. This residue that is present in non-natural cotton products can irritate your bubs skin.

Remaining ethical is close to our heart, we hope our beautiful keepsake items will be treasured not only by you are your little ones, but passed on for years to come.

It is environmentally and ethically friendly. The method used to create a natural cotton product uses lower carbon due to lesser fuel and energy consumption. As the process is chemical free it also prevents water contamination- saving the environment from irreparable damage.

Miann and Co xx


{mee-sa} ~ verb a feeling of being content and cosy

knit detail cardigan eggnog knit bloomer

short sleeve knit polo portabello knit pant front cover: portabello wrap knit body suit eggnog wrap knit body suit

BABY GIFT PACKS Our baby gift packs are the perfect present. We have grouped together complimentary products to make the perfect baby gift pack. Packaged in a gorgeous felt branded mini suitcase! These suitcases are fully lined and perfect to reuse for baby wipes etc for busy and stylish mothers on the go, or for your little one to keep their treasures in.

what is included? Eggnog Body Suit Baby Pack 1 x Eggnog Wrap Knit Body Suit 0-3 months 1 x Sage Rib Knit Beanie XS 1 x Rust Mushroom Hand Rattle 1 x ‘Hello’ gift card, with a message of your choice

Portabello Body Suit Baby Pack 1 x Portabello Wrap Knit Body Suit 0-3 months 1 x Newborn Brush Stroke Knot Beanie 1 x Rust Bunny Hand Rattle 1 x ‘Koala’ gift card, with a message of your choice

Fog Green Knit Bloomer Outfit Pack 1 x Knit Detail Cardigan 0-3 months 1 x Fog Green Knit Bloomers 0-3 months 1 x Platypus Hand Rattle 1 x ‘Navy Leaf’ gift card, with a message of your choice



COTTON KNIT POLO Made from natural breathable cotton, our Short Sleeve Knit Polo is the perfect everyday shirt for your little one. Featuring a collared neckline, this shirt pairs perfectly with shorts, pants, or bloomers making it easy to dress up or down.

wear & care

CARING FOR YOUR KID’S COTTON KNITS Caring for your kid’s knitted clothing is an important part in ensuring they last, and remain soft and cuddly for years to come. All our knitwear is made from cotton and can be machine-washed, however it is highly dependent on the type of washing machine you have, and the cycles it offers. I had a top loader for 10 years and to be honest even on the delicate cycle it would snag my knitwear. We now have a front loader, and it is much gentler on our clothes. Hand washing is the safest way to ensure no damage is done. When hand washing, always, always, always use a detergent that works for your family and their skin. Cotton is quite versatile in what liquids can be used. But coming from a family of skin allergies and eczema, it is really important to use a washing liquid that works for your family and their skin. If you are hand washing be sure not to over wring your knitwear. We have some larger chunkier knitwear and these yarns absorb a lot more water so be careful not to over wring and distort the shape of your knitwear. Always check the care labels of our garments as although a garment is cotton, the knit may require a special kind of laundering or drying. Drying is a critical step in caring for your knitwear. Before drying, be careful that there is no excess water left in the garment. Drying a garment that is still fully soaked in water won’t return to its previous outer garment measurements. Knitwear is best laid flat, however you can also hang your knitwear over the drying rack. Avoid drying your knitwear in full sun.

The key to caring for your knitwear is ironing. It smooths down all the fibers that have been given a good ruffle up if you washed it, and it restores your knitwear to its silky best. Use the wool setting on your iron, with plenty of steam and as a safe guard, I always place a towel between the iron and the knitwear. Before you retire your knitwear for the warmer months, make sure your knitwear is clean, pressed and folded neatly so that when you go to pull it out again on a chilly evening, it is as beautiful as it was the day you put it away. I don’t recommend hanging knitwear, as it will drop no matter what yarn the garment is made from. The tighter the weave like a 12gg knitwear garment the less likely it is to happen. However I always believe that folding your knitwear is best practice for increasing the longevity of the garment. Lastly, love your knits. These are special pieces that have been lovingly hand crafted. The better you look after these beautiful pieces, the longer they will last and the less landfill we will have. Happy Knitwear Shopping, From Miann and Co xx

fog green knit bloomer

open knit jumper

knit detail cardigan portabello knit bloomers

eggnog wrap knit body suit koala hand rattle

HANDMADE CROCHET HAND RATTLES The perfect size for little fingers. These fabulous hand rattles will provide baby with hours of entertainment. Soft-to-hold but fun-to-rattle. These handmade rattles make a great first born present. All of our rattles are constructed from the finest 100% cotton yarn.





eggnog wrap knit body suit koala hand rattle fog green wrap knit body suit

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portabello knit pant knit detail cardigan

STYLE THE PERFECT ROOM Our range of cotton sheets, pillowcases and crochet soft toys are perfect for styling and dressing up your kid’s and babies rooms. All our sheets come in single, and cot sizes and are made to last for years to come, while staying soft and cosy.

portabello Wrap Knit Body Suit

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open knit jumper

portabello knit bloomer

portabello knit bloomer

knit detail cardigan

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