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This year we have stepped away from the typical Christmas ideal and created a magical seasonal range. We’ve chosen pastels to complete our colour palette for the party season, with keepsakes that will last past the festive season. This range includes a very special keepsake doll, knitted magical crowns, santa sacks and some gorgeous Christmas outfits. We hope you love our enchanted range as much as we do. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year xo

for the kids

Christmas Outfits Sorted

wish upon a star

Cream Crochet Bonnet, Pink Star Body Suit, Silver Wand, Deer Booties

matchy matchy

Deer T-Shirt, Deer Pants, Grey Classic Sandal PreWalkers

doe a deer

Deer Knot Beanie, Deer Sleeveless Suit, Deer Booties

naturally neutral

Grey Crochet Bonnet, Black Spot Body Suit, Tan Classic Sandal Pre Walkers

gorgeous in grey

Deer Knot Beanie, Deer T-Shirt, Grey Classic Sandal Pre-Walkers

grey star

Deer Knot Beanie, Grey Star SInglet, Grey Bloomer, Deer Booties

sweet little sunshine

Mustard Stripe Button Through Dress, Leaf Woven Bloomer, Pink Fringe Pre-Walkers

sweetie in stripes

Silver Crown, Grey and Cream Stripe Body Suit, Deer Booties

pretty in pink

Silver Crown, Pink Pinafore, Silver Wand, Tan Fringe Sandal Pre-Walkers

me in mustard

Gold Crown, Mustard Sleeveless Suit, Grey Classic Pre-Walker

Christmas Outfits Sorted

mini adventurer

Grey Crochet Bonnet, Deer T-Shirt, Mint Stripe Shorts

pretty princess

Silver Crown, Leaf Short Sleeve Dress, Silver Wand, Pink Fringe Sandal Pre-Walkers

little king

flower power

Gold Crown, Grey Short Knit Overalls, Navy Classic Sandal Pre-Walkers

Pink Crochet Bonnet, Floral Button Through Dress, Pink Cutout T-Bar Pre-Walkers

cute queen

mini prince

Gold Crown, Mustard Pinafore, Leopard Fringe Sandal Pre-Walkers

Prince T-Shirt, Mustard Stripe Shorts, Grey Classic Pre-Walkers

Christmas Companions

Arabella Doll

Penelope Princess

Gigi Galah

Frankie Fairy

Delaney Deer

Deer Snuggle Cushion

Pierre Prince

Sage Star

Mabel Moon

Cody Cockatoo

Kinsley Kangaroo

Kitty Koala

Keepsake Decor

Mustard Stripe Star Cushion

Floral Star Cushion

Mustard Stripe Pillowcase

Leaf Star Cushion

Floral Pillowcase

Cream Tassel Cushion

Pink Tassel Cushion

Leaf Pillowcase

Pink Panelled Foot Pouf

Pink Tasseled Quilt

Mint Tasseled Quilt

Grey Cross Hatch Foot Pouf

Mint Scallop Floor Rug

Grey Scallop Floor Rug

Dusty Pink Scallop Floor Rug

Make it Personal

Fill Those Stockings

Mini Swan Rattle

Gold Classic T-Bar Pre-Walkers

Floral Bib

Pink Bloomer

Gold Crown

It Doesn’t Matter If You’re Soother Chain

Bear Hand Rattle

Cream Bunny Hand Rattle

Natural Bloomer

Floral Woven Bloomer

Pink Crochet Bonnet

Star Wall Hanging

Horse Hand Rattle

Deer Booties

Princess Wall Hanging

Pink Cutout T-Bar Pre-Walkers

Natural Rubber Soother

Cream Crochet Bonnet

Dusty Pink Mini Bunny

Pink Fringe Sandal Pre-Walker

Pink Woven Bloomers

Natural Rubber Teether

Melange Green Monkey Hand Rattle

Prince Wall Hanging

Mini Kangaroo Rattle

Tired Eyes Soother Chain

Grey Classic Sandal Pre-Walker

Mint Unicorn Hand Rattle

Seafoam Stripe Bloomer

Navy Stripe Bloomer

Charcoal Mini Bunny

Leopard Print Fringe Sandal Pre-Walkers

Head In The Clouds Soother Chain

Spring Green Bloomer

Navy with White Spot Bib

Silver Crown

Deer Hand Rattle

Charcoal Fringe Moccasins Pre-Walkers

Navy Classic Sandal Pre-Walker

Mini Whale Rattle

Grey Crochet Bonnet

Mini Deer Rattle

Zebra Hand Rattle

Melange Blue Monkey Rattle

Silver Wand

Tan Fringe Sandal Pre-Walkers

Panda Hand Rattle

for her

Luscious Leather

Tan Croc Emboss Antiheroine Clutch

Cement Fixation Wallet

Black The Fallen Wallet

Tan Superconscious Bag

Light Grey Plunder Bag

Black Bubble Kingdoms and Oaths Bag

Tan Premonition Bag

Grey Some Secret Place Leather Bag

Black Wasteland Bag

Fill Those Stockings

C’est La Vie Notebook

Audrey Leather Wallet Light Grey

Stone Ceramic Tassel Earring

Stone Ceramic Bead Necklace

Green Tea Body Scrub

Speckle Ceramic Tube Tassel Bracelet

Blush Clem Large Wash Bag

Pink Joyride Sunglasses

Organic Body Wash

Oatmeal Tassel and Disc Earrings

Pink Ceramic Bar Drop Earrings

Salmon Laser Cut Tassel Key Ring

Cream Round Fringed Key Ring

Gold Chain and White Ceramic Tassel Bracelet

Pink Ceramic Tube Tassel Bracelet

Copper Beaker Candle

Blue Mildred Wallet

Blue Maud Wallet

Nude Laser Cut Tassel Key Ring

Blue / Black Stardust Sunglasses

Dark Grey Round Fringed Key Ring

Tan Normal Wallet

Black Norma Wallet

Royal Blue Laser Cut Tassel Key Ring

Clem Large Wash Bag Slate

Tort / Gold Right Time Sunglasses

The Travel List Notebook

Snow Cheetah Maud Wallet

Navy Ceramic Tube Tassel Bracelet

Navy Ceramic Bar Necklace with Tassels

Black / Wild Cat Gwyneth Bag

Organic Charcoal Hand Wash

for him

Special Things For A Special Man

Wayfarer Cologne Balm

Drifter Cologne Balm

Cognac Jonah Wallet

Journeyman Cologne Balm

Chocolate Flip Wallet

Green Flip Wallet

at home

Deck The Home

White Wire Bar Stool

White Wire Dining Chair

White Wire Side Table

White Wire Hallway Console

Rose Gold Wire Bar Stool

Rose Gold Wire Dining Chair

Rose Gold Wire Side Table

Rose Gold Wire Hallway Console

Black Wire Bar Stool

Black Wire Dining Chair

Black Wire Side Table

Black Wire Hallway Console

Christmas at your house?

Angus Marble Small Canister

Seagrass Speckle Bowl

Bowie Platter Soft White

Asta 3PC Cheese Set Brass

Pink Speckle Bowl

Asta 3PC Cheese Set Charcoal

Perri Salad Server Set Oak

Clay Mug White

Large Pink Speckle Serving Platter

Black Clay Mug

Bowie Tumbler Dark Blue

Diagonal White Round Placemat

Large White Speckle Serving Platter

Bowie Platter Clay

Bowie 30cm Bowl Green

we’d love to see your la de dah, and mo for you to share your special memories o @ladedahkids #iamladedah

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Miann & Co Christmas Gift Guide 2017


Miann & Co Christmas Gift Guide 2017