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LACH DIAMANT® ManufacturingProgram With LACH DIAMANT® you are always one step ahead …whether it is in dressing, grinding, lapping, polishing, cutting, turning, boring, or milling of hard and very hard abrasive materials, and in machining the hardest material of all, the diamond.

Single-Point Diamond Dressers

Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheels

shaped diamond dressers – multi-point dressing tools

Dressing of grinding wheels. Single-point and shaped profile diamond dressers, Diaform® dressers, multi-point dressing tools, dressing plates, drebodress®-MCD-CVDdressing tools, rotary dressing rolls.

Economical grinding of carbide, HSS, hardened steels and other hard materials, such as ceramics, PCD etc. LACH diamond and CBN grinding wheels and pins are available in a variety of bonding materials, e.g. resin, metal, ceramics and electroplated bonds for conventional tool grinding and tool production up to high speed grinding. Standard products available from stock.

PCD Diamond and CBN Tools dreborid®

PCD Diamond Drills and Step Tools dreborid®

Diamond Spray »MF« Diamond Compounds

Turning – Milling – Wear protection

Drilling of ceramic materials – composite materials – GRP – GFRP – graphite and aluminium

Efficient and economical diamond lapping and polishing of hardened steels, ceramics and other materials – »spray-easy«.

Since 1973, when polycrystalline cutting materials were first available, LACH DIAMANT developed cutting tools under the name dreborid® for the automobile and accessory industry, aircraft and aerospace industry, wind power plants, etc. These were developed for the processing of aluminium, copper, ceramic, hardened steels, plastics, GRP, GFRP etc. Many patents are evidence of the worldwide pioneering work, such as »chipbreaker« (see picture) and monoblock diamond milling cutters. Regrinding service in Hanau and Lichtenau near Chemnitz as well as in Grand Rapids/MI, USA.

dreborid® diamond drills and step drills, e.g. for the automobile and accessory industry, aircraft and aerospace industry, sporting goods and boating industry, wind power plants are available in standard and special dimensions according to catalogue – as spiral drills also with a spiraled diamond insert.

Diamond spray »MF«, the diamond compound out of a spray can. Very effective and time-saving for lapping/polishing of large surfaces. »MF« spray is available from 1/4 up to 90 µ. Spray-easy for the best surface finish to aggressive material removal. Diamond compounds are available in metering syringe.

PCD Diamond Tools for Printed Circuit Board Materials

PCD Diamond Tools for all Woodlike Materials and Plastics

PCD Diamond Grinding Machines

Milling, scoring, profiling, cutting, edge processing, countersinking, deep milling of all printed circuit board materials, PCB, aluminium, Cu, StaRflex® etc.

Diamond tools, such as scoring tools, saws, hogging heads, jointing cutters, groove cutters and profile cutters, as well as the disposable »dia-economic« program for the wood and plastic industries.

CNC-controlled sharpening – tooth by tooth automatically – according to the Original-LACH-EDG ginding process for all diamond tools for wood, plastics and laminate flooring and PCB processing.

Diamonds for all wood materials – an innovation by LACH DIAMANT, presented for the first time at the LIGNA 1979.

LACH DIAMANT manufactures universal automatic diamond grinding machines, top and side grinders for sawblades, profile grinders, loading systems, grinding machines for PCD turning tools, measuring device »diaToolNet«.

Also here, another pioneering accomplishment from LACH DIAMANT. Already at the first Productronica 1977, in Munich, LACH DIAMANT presented the milling and cutting of circuit board materials. Today LACH DIAMANT is your partner with the most experienced know-how worldwide. Regrinding service for diamond (PCD) and solid carbide tools located in Hanau and Lichtenau near Chemnitz as well as in Grand Rapids/MI, USA.

LACH DIAMANT sharpening technology – worldwide. Sharpening service in Hanau and Lichtenau near Chemnitz as well as in Grand Rapids/MI, USA.

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Committed to Tradition and Progress 85 years LACH DIAMANT® founded in 1922

LACH DIAMANT® leading worldwide in manufacturing and developing diamond and boron nitride (CBN) tooling.

Worldwide, the name LACH DIAMANT ist synonymous with progress, precision and/or quality; quite simply: LACH DIAMANT know-how. Whoever is searching for why and how finds the answers in the innovation for the applications of diamond and new super-hard materials, such as polycrystalline diamonds (PCD) and the cubic crystalline boron nitride (CBN) as well as the monocrystalline diamonds (MCD and DVD) and similar. The results are superior tools and grinding wheels. The 85-year history of LACH DIAMANT 1922–2007:


Jakob Lach laid the foundation for the present company in 1922. In the beginning, in Hanau, the »city of precious jewelry«, natural diamonds were cut and ground into jewelry diamonds, called brilliants. In 1932 industrial diamonds and diamond tools were added, which, in 1950, finally replaced the jewelry diamonds.

In 2004, the »dia-compact« monoblock diamond cutter for high-speed machining (HSC) of aluminium and plastics was awarded the Hessian Innovation Prize.

Before the background of a modern industry, strengthened by new technologies, such as the development of synthetic diamonds, LACH DIAMANT became a worldwide leading manufacturer of diamond and CBN tools and a supplier of special machines for the manufacturing and sharpening of all polycrystalline diamond tools for the processing of aluminium and plastics (PCB, GRP, GFRP etc.) as well as all wood and wood-like materials. Innovations, which circled the globe. For good reasons, LACH DIAMANT today ist considered the pathfinder of indispensable pioneering work. The development of the company can be considered the “Who is who” in diamond and CBN tool manufacturing.

AIR TEC AWARD 2006 The PCD end mill »multiple cut« was the winner of the AIRTEC Award 2006.

1963 Start of the manufacturing of diamond grinding wheels in metal and resin bonds. 1969 Development of the first CBN boron nitride grinding wheel for HSS tool grinding by LACH DIAMANT. 1973 LACH DIAMANT breaks the trail at the Hanover Spring Fair with polycrystalline diamond tools

(PCD) for the superior turning of aluminium. 1974 Hanover Fair: Presentation of the first diamond milling tool for the machining of aluminium, wood and plastic materials. 1975 Hanover Fair: As the first manufacturer, LACH DIAMANT demonstrated the turning of high alloy hardened steels with polycrystalline boron nitride (PCBn). 1977 Productronica in Munich: Tools for cutting, scoring, edge processing of circuit board materials (PCB) are introduced for the first time. 1979 LIGNA Hanover: Worldwide, the first presentation of diamond tools (PCD) for the processing of wood, all wood-like materials and plastics for the wood, furniture and flooring industry. 1987 LIGNA Hanover: Presentation of the universal diamond grinding machines EDG for spark erosion processing of PCD, initially developed for their own production. 1997 LACH DIAMANT inaugurated the newly-built facility in Lichtenau near Chemnitz. 1999 Introduction of the patented chip breaker for the “short-chipturning” of aluminium. 1999 DeBeers presents the diamond award to LACH DIAMANT for 25 years of pioneering work in the manufacturing and market development of polycrystalline diamond tools (PCD). 2004 The »dia-compact« Monoblock diamond milling cutter won the Hessian Innovation Prize. 2006 Dipl.-Ing. Robert Lach joins the management of the company. 2006 AirTec Award for the PCD end mill »multiple cut« (see left). 2007 LACH DIAMANT, founded in 1922, celebrates its 85th anniversary. 2007 LACH DIAMOND INC., USA, founded in 1982, celebrates 25 years of service and manufacturing. 2007 Expansion of the manufacturing plant in Lichtenau near Chemnitz – the production capacity was doubled.

LACH DIAMANT® Your innovative Partner Reliable – customer-oriented, ready to supply custom-tailored solutions

Plant Lichtenau near Chemnitz built in 1997 – expanded in 2007 – Manufacturing facility for polycrystalline diamond tools (PCD)

Headquarters and Plant in Hanau near Frankfurt


Example of »dia-compact« monoblock diamond cutters for the high-speed machining of aluminium and plastics – GRP – GFRP – composite materials. In 2004 was awarded the Hessian Innovation Prize.

Regrinding and sharpening of all polycrystalline diamond (PCD) and CBN (PCBn) tools, MCD and CVD and natural diamonds with superior LACH DIAMANT sharpening technology. On photo: fully automatic sharpening of PCD diamond saws.

LACH DIAMOND INC., Grand Rapids/Michigan/USA 1982–2007 – now 25 years Own manufacturing and service of all polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tools for the automobile and accessory industry, printed circuit board, as well as for the wood and plastics industry.


LACH DIAMANT® Innovations

JAKOB LACH GmbH & Co. KG Donaustr. 17 · D-63452 Hanau, Germany Telephone +49-61 81-103 0 · Fax +49-61 81-103 860 ·



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® ® Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheels shaped diamond dressers – multi-point dressing tools Economical grinding of carbide, HSS, hardened steel...

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