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01 contemporary 10 art auction 21 for la Casa 19h


20h CDMX

la Casa del Maquio A.C. Luis G. de La Torre 109 Chapultepec, Culiacán Sin.


Abraham Cruzvillegas Aldo Chaparro Alejandro Magallanes Alejandro Pintado Arnaldo Coen Betsabeé Romero Demián Flores EL_DESPERFECTO Elvira Smeke Fernanda Caballero Francisco Toledo Fritzia Irízar Gabriel Orozco Gabriel Rico Guillermo Santamarina Héctor Falcón Hilda Lugo Hugo Lugo Irene Clouthier

Juan Pablo Vidal Karian Amaya Ling Sepúlveda Manuel Rocha Iturbide Mariana Lagunas Marisol González Minerva Cuevas Miriam Molina Salces Mr. Brainwash Otto Patrick Pettersson Pedro Coronel Pedro Friedeberg Perla Krauze Rodolfo Díaz Cervantes Teresa Margolles Watchavato Yolanda López Pulido

Get your tickets at GUIADEHOY.COM in order to be able to bid, either in person or via WhatsApp from anywhere in the world. 2

Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa


With gratitude to our parents Leticia Carillo and Maquío Clouthier del Rincón and in honor of their memory, we dedicate this event to them. Their example, commitment and generosity taught us to value the importance of education and the arts as a way to enrich our minds and our souls. Their legacy motivates us to turn the space of La Casa into a reality that benefits the community. We also dedicate this project to our grandmother, Cristina del Rincón, mother of Maquío, about whom we never stop thinking. We treasure the gift of being able to grow with a granny who was an avid reader, who travelled to distant worlds and met unimaginable people through books. Moreover, our grandmother was a selftaught painter who raised awareness of art and beauty. She was someone who filled the house with paintings, charcoal and pastel drawings, books and above all the stories and lessons that not only surround us today, but also encourage us to work and collaborate with the artistic and cultural community.


The artistic community of Sinaloa and the rest of the country brings together the Casa del Maquío to raise funds that help us to cover our operational costs. This allows us to continue with our programme of activities and establish the precedent of carrying out this event year after year, with the mission to benefit the organization. La Casa de Maquío is a cultural and educational, non-political, non-religious, diverse and inclusive space with the goal of creating socially responsible leaders and citizens. In 2014, Leticia Carrillo, widow of Clouthier, donated her house and founded the Civil Association of La Casa del Maquío. Her intention was to make a reality the creation of a space to develop full time leaders and citizens who would become agents of change. Through the process of rescuing the house itself, a home for the community was also rescued which allowed for the coming together of people, a place of learning, participation of citizens and the development of leaderships skills.

Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa


auction rules • To participate in the auction, either in person or online, you must first purchase your ticket here: • At the event, people having purchased in person tickets will be given a paddle with a number to raise for bidding. • People who purchased an online ticket will be contacted and provided a virtual paddle number for WhatsApp bidding. • When you place a bid, you commit to paying the assigned amount of the lot when the hammer comes down. • Art pieces will be liquidated on the night, either via credit or debit card payment or via bank transfer. • Art pieces will be handed over on the same night or, depending on the lot, can be collected up to three working days following the auction from: la Casa del Maquío. Dr. de la Torre #109 Ote. Col. Chapultepec. Culiacán, Sinaloa. Mexico. 80040. • If you require the art piece to be sent via courier to a destination outside of the city, there will be an additional cost, that must be paid in advance in order to be able to send the piece to its final destination.


Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa

auction team IRENE CLOUTHIER CARRILLO General Event Coordinator

EMEESTUDIO.COM Editorial Design

IRENE CLOUTHIER CARRILLO MEMO MARTÍNEZ Selection of artists and their work



partners Our work is possible thanks to the support of our partners. These full-time citizens with whom we are building this space, make it possible for us to strengthen our bonds and community at both a local and national level. HOSTING COMMITTEE:


Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa


memo martínez AUCTIONE E R

Memo Martinez who comes from the Northern Mexican City of Monterrey, auctioneer (since 2000) and television presenter. Memo has run important auctions at a national level such as the Global Gift Gala (In conjunction with Eva Longoria and Ricky Martin), Arte Careyes, Arte Vivo (the longest running art auction in the country), SOMA and many more.


Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa

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FR ANCISCO TOLE DO El Cañonazo 1998 Engraving 27 x 22 cm Edition 9/10 Published Price: $ 15,000 MXN Starting Price: $ 8,000 MXN Courtesy of Macri Breceda Art Dealer

Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa



MARISOL GONZÁLEZ Zarda de muro suspendida “Gul” 2021 Velvet on an acrylic base 27 x 20 x 22 cm Published price: $ 35,000 MXN Salida: $ 24,500 MXN Courtesy of the artist


Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa


MIRIAM MOLINA SALCES Survival Kit 2021 Oil on canvas 80 x 50 cm Published Price: $ 100,000 MXN Starting Price: $ 60,000 MXN Courtesy of the artist

Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa



K ARIAN AMAYA Serie: Lento atardecer 2021 Copper on Marble 42 x 30 x 6 cm Published price: $ 22,800 MXN Starting price: $ 16,000 MXN Courtesy of the artist and Glim Artería


Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa


MANUE L ROCHA ITURBIDE Bifurcación NY 2016 Photograph 40 x 60 cm Published price: $ 40,000 MXN Starting price: $ 30,000 MXN Courtesy of Le Laboratoire Gallery

Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa




experie experie experie perienc experie experie experie experie

Estudio sobre el peso de un trazo triangular 2021 Gouache y acrylic on soaked cotton 165 x 122 cm 180 x 137 x 6 cm (framed) Published price: $ 190,000 MXN Starting price: $ 150,000 MXN Courtesy of the artist


Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa

ence experienc ence experiene e experience e ce experience ence experienc ence experienc ence experienc ence experienLOT 7


A private serenade of one hour by the talented tenor Jose Manuel Chu, of los Sinaloense de Cuidado. Published price: $ 40,000 MXN Starting price: $ 32,000 MXN


PE DRO FRIE DE BE RG Mil Casa para Mil pendejos 2da Edición (1ra 1978) 2019 Silk screen printing 62 x 62 cm 50 copies Published price: $ 26,000 MXN Starting price: $ 20,000 MXN Courtesy of the Saenger Galería


Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa


ALEJANDRO PINTADO Jardín en Jicaltepec 2020 Charcoal and Acrylic on rough linen 50 x 70 cm Published price: $ 50,000 MXN Starting price: $ 35,000 MXN Courtesy of the artist and Glim Artería

Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa


LOT 10

HÉCTOR FALCÓN Extracción modular constructiva (CHONMAGE) 2021 Acrylic on canvas 60 x 60 cm each (Variable Dimensions) Published price: $ 200,000 MXN Starting price: $ 140,000 MXN Courtesy of the artist


Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa

LOT 11

ALEJANDRO MAGALL ANES Papa o Piedra 2020 Book immersed in white paint with drawings 20 x 14 x 3 cm Published price: $ 19,000 MXN Starting price: $ 15,000 MXN Courtesy of the artist and Galería Le Laboratoire

Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa


LOT 12

OTTO Dodecaedro 2018 Stainless steel with car enamel 40 x 40 x 40 cm Published price: $ 40,000 MXN Starting price: $ 32,000 MXN Courtesy of Consigna


Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa

LOT 13

ALDO CHAPARRO Mx Blue, September 3, 2021 15 2021 Stainless steel with car enamel from the Bavaria group 60 x 58 x 11 cm Published price: $ 160,000 MXN Starting price: $ 128,000 MXN Courtesy of the artist

Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa


ence experienc ence experiene e experience e ceexperiencex ence experienc ence experienc ence experienc ence experienLOT 14


Baseball and Tomateros jersey autographed by baseball player Oliver Pérez from Sinaloa.

Óliver Pérez Martínez Born in Culiacan in 1981.

Published price: $ 6,000 - $ 10,000 MXN Starting price: $ 4,000 MXN

He is a professional baseball player that started out with the club Tomateros of Culican and currently plays for the Toros de Tijuana in the national league of Mexico.

He used to play in the big leagues, (MLB) for the San Diego Padres, The Pittsburgh Pirates, the New York Mets, the Seattle Mariners, The Arizona Diamondbacks, The Houston Astros, The Washington Nationals and the Cleveland Indians. He competed for the national team of Mexico in 2006, 2009, 2013 y 2017 in the Classic World Series.

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LOT 15

GABRIE L RICO Bufete 2013 Lithograph 38 x 53.3 cm Edition of 10 + 2AP Published price: $ 22,000 MXN Starting price: $ 17,600 MXN Courtesy of Consigna

Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa


LOT 16

E LVIR A SME KE Díptico Flower maps 1 (Mapas de flores 1) 2021 Flower, cotton thread on paper 31 x 23 cm Drawing with thread Cotton thread on paper, 23 x 31 cm Published price: $ 48,000 MXN Starting price: $ 36,000 MXN Courtesy of the artist


Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa

LOT 17

MINE RVA CUEVAS Shore 2021 Mixed Media (Paint and asphalt) 30 x 35.5 x 3 cm Published price: $ 300,000 MXN Starting price: $ 210,000 MXN Courtesy of the artist

Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa


LOT 18

PATRICK PETTE RSON Biofilia 1 2021 Xylograph on paper 123 x 235 cm including the white margin of the paper Published price: $ 48,000 MXN Starting price: $ 39,000 MXN Courtesy of the Saenger Galería y Glim Artería


Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa

LOT 19

RODOLFO DÍAZ CE RVANTES Permutaciones 2014 Graphite on paper 70 x 50 cm Published price: $ 40,000 MXN Starting price: $ 34,000 MXN Courtesy of the artist

Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa


LOT 20

experie experie experie perienc experie experie experie experie

TE RESA MARGOLLES Díptico: La Esperanza

2014 Colour photograph, printed in Barytha 60 x 40 cm each Edition 10/10 Precio al público: $ 200,000 MXN Precio de Salida: $ 100,000 MXN Courtesy of Gabinete TM


Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa

ence experienc ence experiene e experience e ceexperiencex ence experienc ence experienc ence experienc ence experienLOT 21


A conversation over zoom with the talented and entertaining actor Miguel Rodarte, in a chat moderated by Memo Martínez, presenter on TV Azteca, to talk about his career, his beginnings and whatever you would like to ask him. Published price: $ 6,000 - $10,000 MXN Starting price: $ 4,000 MXN

LOT 22

ARNALDO COE N Laberinto Circular 2021 Silk screen printing 44 x 55.7 cm P/A Published price: $ 30,000 MXN Starting price: $ 18,000 MXN Courtesy of the LS Galería


Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa

LOT 23

IRE NE CLOUTHIE R CARRILLO Love/Hate 2015 Panel of coloured PVC 76.2 x 49 x .5 cm Edition 3/5 Published price: $ 60,000 MXN Starting price: $ 42,000 MXN Courtesy of the artist

Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa


LOT 24

BETSABE É ROME RO Rosetones de papel 2008 Circle of cut-out paper in 3 colours, with gold silk screen printing 100 cm diameter Published price: $ 200,000 MXN Starting price: $ 140,000 MXN Courtesy of the artist


Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa

LOT 25

ALEJANDRO MAGALL ANES Huesos 2020 Book immersed in white paint with drawings 20 x 14 x 3 cm Published price: $ 19,000 MXN Starting price: $ 15,000 MXN Courtesy of the artist and the Galería Le Laboratoire

Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa


LOT 26

MARIANA L AGUNAS Todo bien, también 2019 Oil on fabric 140 x 120 cm Published price: $ 40,600 MXN Starting price: $ 28,000 MXN Courtesy of the artist and Glim Artería


Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa

LOT 27

FE RNANDA CABALLE RO Flowers for Spring 2019 Mixed media on fabric 200 x 150 cm Published price: $ 100,000 MXN Starting price: $ 70,000 MXN Courtesy of the artist

Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa


ence experienc ence experiene e experience e ceexperiencex ence experienc ence experienc ence experienc ence experienLOT 28


6 nights in a condominium in Tenerife Mazatlán for 6 people, with two parking spaces within the CID golf club. Published price: $ 16,000 MXN Starting price: $ 11,200 MXN

ce exexx cecias ce -

LOT 29

YOL ANDA LÓPEZ PULIDO #niunamasniunamenos Nº3 2016 Collage 27 x 34 cm Published price: $ 20,000 MXN Starting price: $ 14,000 MXN Courtesy of the artist

Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa


LOT 30

FR ANCISCO TOLE DO Tolrombo 65 x 50 cm Engraving on a kite Published price: $ 26,000 MXN Starting price: $ 20,800 MXN Courtesy of the LS Galería


Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa

LOT 31

MR . BR AINWASH Open your mind (Blue) 2021 Silk screen painting on paper 55 x 76 cm Published price: $ 196,000 MXN Starting price: $ 170,000 MXN Courtesy of Consigna

Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa


LOT 32

J UAN PABLO VIDAL Verde 2020 Aluminum, enamel and acrylic 30 x 30 x 30 cm Published price: $ 14,000 MXN Starting price: $ 11,200 MXN Courtesy of the artist


Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa

LOT 33

ABR AHAM CRUZVILLEGAS Horizonte 2005 Aquatint on paper 30 x 40 cm Edition 8/20 Published price: $ 52,200 MXN Starting price: $ 30,000 MXN Courtesy of the artist

Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa


LOT 34

experie experie experie perienc experie experie experie experie

GUILLE RMO SANTAMARINA Guerrero arrasado por increpaciones feministas

1994-2019 Bronze figure with plastic adornments, on a base of iron, sprayed with acrylic paint. 118 x 50 cm Published price: $ 70,000 MXN Starting price: $ 50,000 MXN Courtesy of the artist and the Galería Emma Molina


Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa

ence experienc ence experiene e experience e ceexperiencex ence experienc ence experienc ence experienc ence experienLOT 35


A weekend at the hotel Cardon in Celestino Gasca (2 nights) for 2 people (subject to availability from the month of November) Published price: $ 9,400 MXN Starting price: $ 6,500 MXN

LOT 36

PE DRO CORONE L Los amantes 132 x 108 cm Silk Screen printing Edition XXII/LXXX Published price: $ 16,800 MXN Starting price: $ 13,500 MXN Courtesy of the LS Galería CDMX


Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa

LOT 37

HILDA LUGO Cosmos 2021 Steel 147 x 40 x 80 cm Published price: $ 70,000 MXN Starting price: $ 50,000 MXN Courtesy of the artist

Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa


LOT 38

GABRIE L OROZCO Nubes de Espuma 2014 Print with pigment 50.8 x 50.8 x 3.5 cm Edition 5 + 2PA Published price: $ 500,000 MXN Starting price: $ 350,000 MXN Courtesy of the artist and the Marian Goodman Gallery New York and Paris, and kurimanzutto CDMX and New York 48

Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa

LOT 39

DE MIÁN FLORES De la serie: América, visiones nuevas desde el viejo mundo 2016 Etching on cotton paper 60 x 81 cm P/A Published price: $ 20,000 MXN Precio de venta: $ 12,000 MXN Courtesy of the artist

Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa


LOT 40

PE RL A KR AUZE Díptico: Piedra y Flor 2008/2010 Oil on linen 30 x 30 cm each Published price: $ 64,000 MXN Starting price: $ 50,000 MXN Courtesy of the artist and the Galería Le Laboratoire


Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa

LOT 41

FRITZIA IRÍZAR Sin título (estudios de botánica) 2020 Ink made with the ash of American dollars on cotton paper 50 x 35 cm Published price: $ 70,000 MXN Starting price: $ 52,000 MXN Courtesy of the artist

Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa


LOT 42

LING SE PÚLVE DA Las piedrotas 3 2016 Graphite on acid-free paper 104 x 69 cm Published price: $ 33,000 MXN Starting price: $ 23,000 MXN Courtesy of the artist


Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa

LOT 43

E L _ DESPE RFECTO Díptico: ¿Qué chingados es el Vectoriano? VOL.II 2020 Digital print on semi-gloss paper 60 x 60 cm each Edition 2/10 series Published price: $ 12,000 MXN Starting price: $ 8,400 MXN Courtesy of La Mina Embajada Creativa

Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa


LOT 44


biograp phies b biograp biogra s biograp phies bi biograp

2020 Silk screen print and collage on original FEDEX envelopes. Authenticated with a brass plate. 40 x 36 cm Published price: $ 7,500 MXN Starting price: $ 5,625 MXN


Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa

phies biograph biographies bio phies biograph s biographies b phies biograph iographies bio phies biograph Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa



Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, New York. Toledo was featured at the Venice Biennale in 1997. An exhibition of over 90 of his works was shown at LOTS 1 AND 30 the Whitechapel Gallery in London Juchitán de Zaragoza, 1940 and the Reina Sofia Museum in MaToledo was a Mexican Zapotec paint- drid in 2000. er, sculptor, and graphic artist. In a career that spanned seven decades, he produced thousands of works of MARISOL art and became widely regarded as GONZÁLEZ one of Mexico’s most important contemporary artists. LOT 2 Monterrey, 1974 An activist as well as an artist, he pro- Gonzalez holds a Bachelor of Arts moted the artistic culture and her- from Monterrey University (UDEM). itage of his home state of Oaxaca. She also studied art restoration and Toledo was considered part of the she took an experimental art course Breakaway Generation of Mexican based on the Italian style of Reggio art. Emilia. Her speciality is working with wire, especially in filigree. Her work Toledo was born in Juchitán (or Mex- spans over 25 years. ico City, according to some sources) in 1940, the child of Francisco In the beginning of her career she López Orozco and Florencia Toledo worked with wire, looking at the powNolasco He studied at the Escuela er of shadows and light to multiply a de Bellas Artes de Oaxaca and the figure. Centro Superior de Artes Aplicadas del Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, In 2014 she started in search of new Mexico, where he studied graphic arts materials and techniques trying to with Guillermo Silva Santamaria. As recreate what she was doing with a young man, Toledo studied art in wire sculptures, where her main focus Paris where he met Rufino Tamayo was to create volume and movement; and Octavio Paz. her works are inspired by nature and look to imitate and multiply shapes At the age of 19, a solo exhibition found in nature and create fractals. of his work in Fort Worth, Texas, received international attention. Toledo She has exhibited her work throughlived and worked in Paris from 1960 out Mexico in cultural centers, and and returned to Mexico in 1965. Museums such as Casa Lamm in Mexico City, Nuevo Leon Cultural Center, He lived briefly in New York in the late Plaza Fatima Cultural Center, Arte AC 1970’s, holding an exhibition at the Cultural Center, Drexel Gallery, Chopo


Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa

University Museum, Sinaloa Museum ture and installation. Amaya explores of Art, Roche Bobois and the San Pe- the notions of subjectivity and her dro Cultural Center. inner self. Her upbringing in the north of Mexico has influenced her work to be very personal and at the same time very political. At the heart of her work lies a LOT 3 deep concern for process and materiCuliacán, 1979 als, with each series seeking a formal Industrial Designer, Cum Laude from solution. Influenced by minimalism, Monterrey University (UDEM), she has Amaya explores themes related to a master’s in modern art from Casa language, time and the deterioration LAMM. She specializes in painting; of landscape. particularly in portraiture, in which she excels. She has a degree from the University of Guadalajara and studied mixed After working in design and digital media at the Art Students League of modelling she found her true visual New York. Her work has been exhibidentity and full self-expression. ited in Mexico, the United States and Europe. Her goal is to capture the soul - she strives to capture the importance of In 2015 she participated in the menthe uniqueness of being human; frag- toring program of the New York Arts mented, vulnerable, open, real, raw. Foundation, in 2016 she participated at El Paso Border Biennial, which has She strives to create visual poetry. received numerous awards includHer abstract work is both a reflection ing the Alfaro Siqueiros scholarship, of looking inward and freedom. The Grondman Legacy Grant and the FONCA grant, (Mexico’s national art She was recently selected and shown foundation.) at the London Biennale, The Bienal of Veracruz. Her work has been shown in Mexico, the United States, Denmark MANUE L ROCHA and the UK. ITURBIDE



LOT 5 Mexico City, 1963 Manuel Rocha Iturbide started his LOT 4 musical studies when he was just 13 Chihuahua, 1986 Amaya has a practice that encom- years old. In 1983, after studying mupasses drawing, photography, sculp- sical pedagogy in Lyon, France for one year, he decided to start a caContemporary Art Auction for La Casa


reer as a composer at the Escuela Nacional de Música at the University of Mexico. The extremely academic and traditional studies of the institution led him to explore different creative paths beyond instrumental music, leading him to practise photography at “Taller de los Lunes”, a workshop organized by Mexican digital photography pioneer Pedro Meyer. In 1989 he realized his first sound sculpture at the milestone exhibition “14 artists around Joseph Beuyce” in Mexico City, alongside important Mexican artists from his generation such as Gabriel Orozco.

for Contemporary Art (Pekin, China, 2011); MUAC (Mexico City, 2012); Le Laboratoire Gallery (Mexico City, 2012 and 2014, with respective curatorships of Ariadna Ramonetti and Michel Blancsubé); Prada Foundation (Venice, 2014); and Zona MACO 2013 (Prize 1800 José Cuervo), 2014 and 2015.


LOT 6 Los Mochis, 1974 Lugo studied Visual Arts and holds a masters in contemporary photography from Lima, Peru. He also has a post graduate degree from Tijuana, Iturbide has had solo exhibitions in where he lives and works nowadays. ARCO 99 in Madrid, Spain; Surge Gallery in Tokyo, Japan; and Avatar in “I think of my work as a serious game Quebec, Canada, in 2002. at the crossroads of drawing, painting His work has appeared in collective exhibitions in Chantal Crousel Gallery (Paris, France, 1994); Lines of Loss in Artists Space (New York, 1997); Sydney International Biennial (Australia, 1998); Project Rooms of the ARCO Fair (1999); Nothing in Roseeum (Malmo, Switzerland , 2001); AVATAR (Quebec, Canada, 2002); Puddles Artists-Initiative links (Tokyo Japan, 2003); Jumex Collection (Mexico City, 2003 and 2006); Museum of Fine Arts in Caracas (Venezuela, 2003); Koldo de Mixtelena (San Sebastian, Spain, 2007); International Forum of Cultures (Monterrey, 2007); Eco Museum (Mexico City, 2008); McBean Gallery (San Francisco, California, 2010); Xng Dong Chaeng Space


Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa

and photography. I am interested in the formal aspects of language and representation, in viewing objects as carriers of potential meanings and in strange situations that cause wonder.” The pieces that make up this series arise from the need to explore, in a pictorial way, the relationship between an uninhabited space and the body that imagines it. A subject is reduced by its condition of being and space is re-signified by its presence. It is through these devices of representation and seemingly simple geometries, that he also poses the constant pictorial dilemma between abstraction and figuration, between the evocative and the descriptive.

His works have been exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Caracas, Bogota, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago, Madrid, Mexico City, Amsterdam, Paris, Hong Kong among others.

XI Biennale of Graphic Works in Tokyo (Special Award) in 1984 and was named an “Artistic Creator” by the National System of Mexican and Foreign Creators in 1993.


His works can be found in the permanent collections of the Museo de Arte Moderno, the José Luis Cuevas Museum, the Televisa Cultural Center, all in Mexico City, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Toluca, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Culiacán, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Pátzcuaro, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, the Museum of Contemporary Art in New Orleans, the Library of Congress in Washington DC, the Rose Art Museum of Brandeis University in Boston, the National Research Library in Ottawa, the Musée du Louvre in Paris, the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, the National Museum of Modern Art in Baghdad, the Ponce Museum of Art in Puerto Rico, the Franklin Rawson Museum in Argentina, the Omar Rayo Museum in Colombia and the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, The Museum of Arts and Design in New York.

LOT 8 Florence, Italia, 1936 Friedeberg lives and works in Mexico City. He is a Mexican artist and designer best known for his surrealist work filled with lines, colors and ancient and religious symbols. His most well-known piece is the “Hand-Chair” a sculpture/chair designed for people to sit on the palm, using the fingers as back and arm rests. Friedeberg began studying as an architect but did not complete his studies as he began to draw designs against the conventional forms of the 1950s including implausible designs such as houses with artichoke roofs. Friedeberg became part of a group of surrealist artists in Mexico which included Leonora Carrington and Alice Rahon, who were irreverent, rejecting the social and political art which was dominant at the time. Awards include the Córdoba Argentina Biennale in 1966 (2nd prize), the Solar Exhibition in Mexico City in 1967 (1st prize), the Argentina Engraving Triennale in Buenos Aires in 1979, the

ALEJANDRO PINTADO LOT 9 Mexico City, 1973 Pintado has been working professionally as an artist for a long time showing his work in solo and group exhibitions both in public and private Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa


institutions in Mexico, England, Spain, France and Russia. In Pintado’s works the presence of nature in contrast to the artificial is somewhat ambiguous, it is not clear if the landscape dominates the artificial or if it is nature that has invaded these built spaces. These are reflections presented to us by an artist who is not afraid to show his ability to recreate aesthetically and conceptually challenging compositions, drawing in views from the present, the past and the future. Select solo exhibitions include Medición del vacío (Vacuum Measure), Monterrey, Mexico (2013); Trayectoria del conocimiento (Path of Knowledge), dialogue with José María Velasco, National Museum of Art (MUNAL) Mexico City (2012); Incisión al romanticismo INSICION to Romanticism) Expanded painting at the National Museum of San Carlos Mexico City (2012); Contemplación del modernismo (Contemplating Modernism), MUSAS Museum, Sonora, Mexico(2011). Select group exhibitions include Messico circa 2000, Scuderia del Castello Miramare, Turin, Italia(2014); Coleccionismo, Museo del Tequila, Ciudad de México (2013); Resistencia, pintura contemporánea (Resistance, Contemporary Painting), Espacio Diagrama, Mexico City, Privada luz, Massimo Audiello Gallery, Mexico City (2012); Escape, Sumarria Lunn Gal-


Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa

lery, London (2011); Urban Dreams, Room Gallery, London (2011); Dialéctica del paisaje urbano (Urban Landscape Dialectic), Mural Diego Rivera Museum, Mexico City (2011); Colectiva (Collective), Flaere Gallery, London(2010); Landscape Interventions, “Arte sin límites” Foundation, The Hague and Berlin (2009), Free fall perspective, on line and perception Montevista, Los Angeles (2008); Landscape interventions, I International Moscow Biennial for Young Art, Moscow Museum of Modern Art (2008), the Arts and Industries building of the Smithsonian in Washington DC among others.

HÉCTOR FALCÓN LOT 10 Culiacán, 1973 A Mexican conceptual artist. Falcón studied Visual Arts at the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving “La Esmeralda” and at the University of Art and Design in Kyoto, Japan as well as at the Intercontinental University. He has had multiple exhibitions nationally and internationally, as well as extensive experience in teaching. He has been awarded the Acquisition Award at the Sapporo International Print Biennale in Japan; the Acquisition Award at the October Salon-Omnilife Grand Prize; the Caja de Madrid Trophy ; the Jury Prize at the “Clermont Ferrand” Film Festival, the Young Creators scholarship, from

the National Fund for Culture and the In 2012 he got a solo show at the Carrillo Gil Museum in Mexico City. His Arts. works were described as an intense His work is part of important collec- imaginarium that leaks dark humor. tions such as the Doshisha University He works with Le Laboratoire Gallery Kyoto in Japan and the National Insti- in Mexico City. tute of Fine Arts. Caja de Madrid Trophy Award. Best Art Direction; Acquisition Award ¨XXIV¨ National Meeting of Young Art, Aguascalientes, Mexico; Jovenes Creadores Fellow, National Fund for Culture and the Arts, Mexico; Acquisition Award, October Hall, Omni Life Grand Award, Guadalajara, Jalalisco, Mexico. Sapporo International Print Biennale, Sapporo, Japan; Artistic distinction. Department of the Mexico City, Mexico; Commission and Acquisition of the Absolut Falcón Mural, Absolut Vodka Cultural Collection / Absolut Art Program.


OTTO LOT 12 Mexico City, 2000 From an early age, Otto showed an interest in art and a fascination for creative practices, mainly sculpture. Beyond the domains and conventions of the plastic arts, with regard to color, shape, structure, balance, clarity, equilibrium and geometry, it is that Otto manifests himself as an artist at the limits of Modern Art and Contemporary Sculpture. Through Otto’s works we can observe a young artist who presents us with a curious and self-taught new perspective.


LOTS 11 AND 25 Mexico City, 1971 Trained in graphic design, Magallanes studied at the National Fine Arts University, in Mexico. He has written, designed, and illustrated multiple publications and has received many accolades for his work across Latin America, Europe and Asia.

LOT 13 Lima, Perú, 1965 Chaparro is a Peruvian sculptor living and working in Mexico city, he has studios in Lima, Madrid and Los Angeles as well as his studios in Mexico City and Valle de Bravo. His work is centered around sculpture and design, he’s best known for his works on stainless steel.

He got the Josef Mroszczak at the Sign Biennial in Varsovia, an award at the Ukrainian Design Biennial among others.

His work has been published in publications like Bright: Typography between Illustration & Art, Art and Text (edited by Aimee Selby), Art Forum, Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa


The Wall Street Journal, and His works are part of the Jump Collection, The Isabel and Agustin Coppel Collection (IACC), The CIFO – Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation (Miami – U.S.), The Helga de Alvear Foundation (Cáceres – Spain), Simon de Pury (London – U.K.), Collection Guler Sabanci, Istambul, Turkey, Pierre Huber Collection, Switzerland among others.

GABRIE L RICO LOT 15 Guadalajara, 1980 Rico is a visual artist, living and working in Guadalajara Mexico. Through his work Gabriel proclaims to be a follower of ontology and the Heuristic method that aims to reflect the relationship between humans, their surroundings and the natural world. He participated in the 58th edition of the Venice Biennale and has been recognised for his work and practise all over across the world. He has exhibited his work around the globe including at the Perrotin in New York.

E LVIR A SME KE LOT 16 Mexico City, 1978 Smeke is an artist who initially trained as an art historian and photographer. She is currently a multidisciplinary


Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa

artist exploring sculpture, painting, drawing, installation, photography and video. She uses everyday materials, specifically objects of domestic use, as well as objects she finds such as tree leaves and stones. She also uses delicate objects like lace but combines them with materials that are mainly used by men, creating both a tension between them, and also a harmonious fusion. Smeke’s critical route in her work hinges on a feminist philosophy, with an important influence from Simone de Beauvoir, Heléne Cixous and the gender issues posed by Judith Butler. In addition, she reaches into literature the use of language and writing for inspiration. Her work also has an ecological facet, taking ideas from the Anthropocene theory. Smeke analyzes what it means to be a woman in our contemporary era, evoking ideologies and tasks imposed on women throughout history, but recapturing them from the perspective of the joy of being a woman. Her work touches on the problematic issue of feminicide and the suffering of women in a phallogocentric society. Her work is often performative. She takes long walks and sometimes col-

lects objects which she finds and uses ities to provide discounted or free them as a starting point to create, she services. uses her own body as a form and her Cuevas addresses the negative imown life to tell a story. pact that humans have on animals and She is aware of what she calls “the ac- the environment through sculptures cident” which is that uncontrollable coated in tar and tender paintings of animal rights activists, imagining a result of an action. society that values all living beings.

MINE RVA CUEVAS LOT 17 Mexico City, 1975 Cuevas is a conceptual and socially engaged artist who creates sculptural installations and paintings in response to politically-charged events, such as the tension between world starvation and capitalistic excess. Cuevas documents community protests in a cartography of resistance while also creating mini-sabotages — altering grocery store barcodes and manufacturing student identity cards — as part of her non-profit Mejor Vida Corp / Better Life Corporation. She lives and works in Mexico City, Mexico. Several of the artist’s works take the form of re-branding campaigns — exhibited as murals and product designs — that question the role corporations play in food production, the management of natural resources, fair labor practices, and evolving forms of neo-colonialism.

Minerva Cuevas attended the Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas UNAM (1997). Cuevas’s awards and residencies include the Edith-Ruß-Haus für Medienkunst Stipend in Oldenberg (2004) DAAD Scholarship (2003), and The Banff Centre for the Arts (1998). Cuevas has had major exhibitions at Fundación Jumex Arte Contemporaneo (2013); Kunsthaus Bregenz (2013); Museo de la Ciudad de México (2012); Musée d’art Moderne de la Ville de Paris (2012); Liverpool Biennial (2010); Berlin Biennale (2010); Whitechapel Gallery (2010); KW Institute for Contemporary Art (2010); Centre Pompidou (2010); SFMoMA (2008); Van Abbemuseum (2008); Biennale de Lyon (2007); Kunsthalle Basel (2007); Bienal de São Paulo (2006); and the Istanbul Biennial (2003), among others.


LOT 18 Cuevas finds provocative ways to Mexico City, 1970 intervene in public space, whether Pettersson obtained a bachelor’s dethrough the deployment of billboards gree in visual arts from the University and posters, or by hacking public util- of Texas, Austin (1994) and a master’s degree in art from UNAM (1997). Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa


He was the winner of the VIII FEMSA Monterrey Biennial. He has represented Mexico at the ARCO 2005 fair (Madrid), with Mexico as the guest country, and at the First Biennial of Young Art in Moscow.

vantes’s work has been influenced by his interest in composition and representation. Through codes (or through their absence), Rodolfo seduces us with a game of repetition, form and sequence: decomposition and chance, control and lack of control, color series, perception games, processes and memory.

His work has been exhibited in important cultural institutions in Mexico such as the National Museum of San Ildefonso, the National Center for the Arts, the José Vasconcelos National Library and the Fundidora de Mon- Along the way, he blurs and tries to transcend conventional guidelines. terrey Park. Thus allowing us to glimpse, either His work has been exhibited inter- on a macro or micro scale, the darnationally at the Museum of Modern ing of his insightful and meticulous Art in Moscow, the Contemporary Art mind. Foundation in The Hague, the Embassy of Mexico in Germany and the He questions the rules of compoInstitute of Mexico in Spain, among sition of architectural design and sculpture, in an attempt to bring others. mathematics to life, to make muFlora Filosófica, his current project, rals logical, to reconstruct what is takes up notions of the landscape and apparently known and to placate botany of the 19th century within the obsessions. contemporary discourse of painting, adding various representation tech- In 2005 he obtained the FONCA niques such as woodcuts and draw- Young Creators Scholarship, where ing. Versions of this project have been he began his exploration as an artexhibited in the Quetzalli (Oaxaca) ist. Simultaneously, he worked as and Nina Menocal (Mexico City) gal- head of Damián Ortega’s workshop (2004–2009), where he practiced a leries. variety of disciplines.


In 2009 he founded – together with Marco Rountree– the Vigueta y Bovedilla Collective, and they parLOT 19 ticipated in the Venice Art Biennale Mexico City, 1980 2010. He founded Taller Tornel in As a self-taught Mexican artist with 2012 where he is currently Director. a background in architecture and photography, Rodolfo Díaz Cer64

Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa


At the 2009 Venice Biennale in the Mexican Pavillion Margolles displayed clothes used to cover the corpses of victims of drug trafficking, while in LOT 20 another room of the palazzo men Culiacán, 1963 and women who had lost a relative Margolles lives and works in the City washed the marble floor with a mixof Juarez in Northern Mexico. Mar- ture of the water and blood of murgolles is a visual artist who examines dered people. the social causes and consequences of death, destruction and civil war. Such intimate proximity to the mateFor Margolles, the morgue accurate- rial of death produces visceral shock ly reflects society, particularly her and psychic fear that initiates prohome area where deaths caused by found self and social interrogation. drug-related crime, poverty, political crisis and the government’s brutal Teresa Margolles is known for creatmilitary response have devastated ing powerful artworks that demand communities. She has developed a attention to violence, poverty and unique, restrained language in order alienation; for exposing the social and to speak for her silenced subjects, economic order that renders violent the victims discounted as ‘collateral and destitute deaths an accepted damage’ and nameless statistics. normality; for her courage and integrity in transgressing social and artistic Subtle and seductively minimal, Mar- conventions; and for speaking truth golles’ works initially offer a pleasant to power through public exposure of aesthetic experience. government complicity in violence and poverty, not only in Mexico, but Viewers walk through mist before throughout the world. realizing that it is made of the water used to wash the dead bodies of desARNALDO COE N titute people. A single line of delicately colored and knotted thread is made of threads that were stained with body fluids used in the autopsies of murder victims. A small concrete block basking in the glow of a spotlight in a vast, empty room contains a stillborn fetus that would have been disposed of if the impoverished mother had not pleaded with Margolles to save it.

LOT 22 Mexico City, 1940 Coen is part of the Ruptura (breaking off) generation. He has been awarded the National Award for Arts and Sciences, he received a fellowship from the government of France and he was named a member of the Head of the Mexican Culture Seminar.

Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa


His work has been shown in individual exhibitions at the National Salon of Bellas Artes Museum in Mexico City, the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico (MAM) and many other cultural centers and museums across four continents.

Jacksonville Florida Museum of Art and other museums in central and South America as well as at many international art fairs.

She has participated in several biennials such as the IX FEMSA Biennial, the IX and X edition of the Northwest His work belongs to the collections of Biennial of Visual Arts, Radius 250 the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico biennial in Richmond, Virginia, the City (MAM), Contemporary Universi- Osten Biennial of Drawing Biennial ty Museum (MUAC), Rafael Coronel in Macedonia and at the IV Valencia Museum and the Carrillo Gil Museum Biennial Ciutat Vella Oberta, where she received an honorable mention among others. on artistic merit in 2019-2020.


Her work is in the Isabel and Agustín Coppel collection in Mexico, the National Commission of Art and HuLOT 23 manities of Washington DC, El Centro Culiacán, 1974 Cultural Pablo de la Torriente Brau in Irene Clouthier Carillo has lived and Havana, Centro Cultural worked in the Washington DC area since 2000.


She has studied in Mexico, Washington, Los Angeles, Madrid and Paris. She has more than 190 exhibitions under her belt in galleries, museums and cultural centers across the United States, Mexico, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Cuba. Including the Chopo University Museum, the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City, San Ildefonso Museum, Laboratorio de Arte Alameda Museum in Mexico City, Querétaro City Museum of Art, the Katzen Museum in Washington, the Mexican Cultural Institute in Washington DC, the Sinaloa Museum of Art, Monterrey Center of the Arts, the Anchorage Alaska Museum, the 66

Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa

LOT 24 Mexico City, 1963 Betsabeé lives and works in Mexico City. For more than 15 years her work has specialized in the elaboration of a critical discourse on issues such as migration, miscegenation and mobility through the re-semantization of symbols and daily rites of the culture of global consumption, such as automobiles, tattoos, urban signage, etc. At the same time, she has been interested in addressing the problems of public art and popular art, its permanence and relationship with the social fabric and with finding an alternative audience to contemporary art.

Betsabeé has made more than 100 individual exhibitions in Mexico, the United States and Europe, mainly, among which are those of the British Museum, the Mega Offering of the Zocalo of Mexico City, Grand Palais Paris France, National Museum of Women in the Arts Washington DC, Rubin Center El Paso Texas Altar on the esplanade of the Palace of Fine Arts Mexico, Nevada Museum of Art, Neuberger Museum, Nelson & Atkins Museum of art, Anahuacalli Museum, Dolores Olmedo Museum, Old San Ildefonso College, Amparo Museum in Puebla, MARCO and Monterrey Museum, Canberra University Museum, Carrillo Gil Museum, Recoleta in Buenos Aires, and several more. Betsabeé’s work is part of important collections such as the British Museum Collection, Daros Collection in Switzerland, Nelson & Atkins, Nevada Museum of Art Collection, Museum of Modern Art of Mexico (MUAC), Houston Contemporary Arts Museum, Phoenix Art Museum, World Bank in Washington , Gelman in Mexico, MOCA of Los Angeles, Museum of Monterrey, Museum of Contemporary Art of Portoalegre Brazil and others.

The quality of her work has been recognised at a national level, leading her to participate in diverse collective exhibitions in Mexico, including: la exposición colectiva FAMA en Monterrey, NL. (2019) y la exposición colectiva en el Museo de Arte de Sinaloa (2019). In addition to this she participated in a virtual exposition Limítrofe: between a before and an after, by Lagaleri_a en la Ciudad de México (2020); she also participated in the Feria de Arte Independiente (FAIN), y Casa Equis en la Ciudad de México (2020). Her work was selected for the book Memories of a pandemic, Culiacán 2020, edited by the Instituto Municipal de Cultura Culiacán (IMCC). Lagunas was selected to participate in the first edition of the exhibition OVALO GALERÍA: Submerging, which was carried out at la Casa de la Cultura, Emilio Carbadillo in the City of México (2021). She was invited to exhibit at la Galería de Arte Antonio Lopez Sainz, with the individual exhibition TODOS BIEN (2021), in Culiacán, Sinaloa.

FE RNANDA MARIANA L AGUNAS CABALLE RO LOT 26 Culiacán, 1977 Lagunas has delved into a variety of diverse artistic disciplines through workshops which have allowed her to develop a figurative and realistic artistic language.

LOT 27 Mexico City, 1990 Fernanda’s work is related to and inspired by the emotion behind color and shape. It is connected to the mimicry of reality that we understand as ‘ours’.

Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa


She has experimented and tried a variety of different disciplines such as dance, corporality, meditation and yoga to get to know the depths of being and thus to be able to see them embodied in her work.

porary Watercolor prize, selected by the program of Sinaloan Artists, Culture Ministry, Tlaloc Award for Watercolor Society and she received an honorary Mention at the Watercolor Salon in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

Her work is now part of a two person show in Monterrey, Mexico at El Colector Gallery, she was part of Salon ACME 2020, with Enrique Guerrero Gallery, 2020 Aparador Cuchilla in Mexico City, Maroma Gallery in Mexico City. In 2019 she had her first international solo show in Los Angeles with the Centro Cultural Contemporaneo Mexico.


YOL ANDA LÓPEZ PULIDO LOT 29 Culiacán, 1962 López Pulido currently works between Mexico City and Mazatlán.

LOT 31 Francia, 1966 Thierry Guetta, best known by his moniker Mr. Brainwash, is a Frenchborn, Los Angeles-based street artist. He lives and works in Los Angeles. According to the 2010 Banksy-directed film Exit Through the Gift Shop, Guetta was the owner of a used clothing store, and amateur videographer who was first introduced to street art by his cousin, the street artist Invader, and who filmed street artists through the 2000’s. He became an artist in his own right in a matter of weeks after an off-hand suggestion from Banksy.

She studied Graphic Design at the Iberoamerican University, with a major in Art History. She has done studSeveral critics have observed that his ies in Casa Lamm, The Carrillo Gil Muworks strongly emulate the styles and seum and the Museum of Modern Art. concepts of Banksy and have speculated that Guetta is an elaborate Yolanda has exhibited her work with prank staged by Banksy, who may very successful solo shows at the have created the works himself. Sinaloa Museum of Art (MASIN), OMA Gallery at the Mazatlán Airport, Banksy insists on his official website, Contemporary University Museum however, that Exit Through the Gift (MUAC) and the Museum of Modern Shop is authentic and that Guetta is Art in Mexico City. She has almost 50 not part of a prank. group exhibitions in Mexico. She has been awarded the Contem68

Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa

His work sold for five-figure sums at

his self-financed debut exhibit Life Is Beautiful, due, it is thought, to a mixture of an overheated and hyped street art market and his endorsements from Banksy and Fairey. The exhibit was held in Los Angeles, California, on June 18, 2008, and was a popular success. In 2009, Madonna paid Guetta to design the cover art for her Celebration album. In October 2013, Guetta took part in Art Wars at the Saatchi Gallery curated by Ben Moore. Guetta was issued with a stormtrooper helmet, which he transformed into a work of art. Proceeds went to the Missing Tom Fund set up by Ben Moore to find his brother Tom who has been missing for over ten years. The work was also shown on the Regents Park platform as part of Art Below Regents Park.

JUAN PABLO VIDAL LOT 32 Mexico City, 1989 Vidal’s work revolves around the psychology of human understanding, which primarily absorbs the languages of advertising, cinema, and the contemporary art market, proposing peculiar seduction mechanisms by shaping a universe where things are not what they seem. He lives and works between Mexico City and Los Angeles.

Solo Show: 2015 what is old may one day be new again, CC186, CDMX, Mexico. Group Show: 2020 Festival del silencio, Aparador Cuchilla, CDMX, México. 2020 100 SCULPTURES, No Gallery, Los Angeles, California, USA. 2019 Welcome to our studio, Los Angeles, California, USA. 2019 OZario, Museo de la Cancillería, CDMX, Mexico. 2019 El castillo de los ladrillos rotos, Guadalajara 90210, CDMX, Mexico. 2019 April’s Fools, Los Angeles, California, USA. 2019 Pabellon de las Escaleras, Guadalajara 90210, CDMX, Mexico. 2018 Post Internet Treasures. Yoshua Tree, California. 2018 Martires de la Conquista, Public Art Projects, CDMX, Mexico. 2018 Frieze Jewels, Cassandra Goad, London, UK. 2018 UNTITLED, Fenomena, CDMX, Mexico. 2018 Salon ACME, Mexico DF. 2016 DH, Public Art Projects, CDMX, Mexico. 2016 SET, Public Art Projects, CDMX, Mexico. 2015 DEMOLER, Public Art Projects, CDMX, Mexico Collections: Museo de la Cancilleria, CDMX, Mexico Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Alfredo Zalce, Michoacan, Mexico. Museo de Arte Olga Costa - José Chavez Morado, Guanajuato, Mexico. Instituto Tamaulipeco para la Cultura y las Artes, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Museo de Arte Moderno, México.

ABR AHAM CRUZVILLEGAS LOT 33 Mexico City, 1968 Cruzivillegas studied Philosophy Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa


and Art at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). He later became a professor and went on to teach Art History and Theory at UNAM.

developed into the artist-run space “Temistocles 44” in the 1990s, founded by Eduardo Abaroa and Cruzvillegas.

He now lives and works in Paris where As a sculptor and writer, Cruzvillegas he teaches sculpture at Ecole des began as one of the key figues in a Beaux-Arts since 2018. new wave of conceptual art in Mexico City during the 1980s and 90s, GUILLE RMO studying under Gabriel Orozco from 1987 to 1991. SANTAMARINA LOT 34 Mexico City, 1957 Santamarina has participated in a wide range of exhibitions across the world including the Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, Madrid, 2010 y Museo de la Ciudad de México, 2011, Museo Universitario del Chopo, MUAC, 2013, Museo Contemporáneo de Oaxaca. Also in the programmes od the Bosque Sonoro (Museo de Arte ModTogether with Gabriel Kuri, Lakra and erno, 2015), y Máquina de coincidenOrozco, he participated in “Friday cias (a propósito de la exposición de Workshops” (Taller de los Viernes) in Leon Golub); en XYÑALNYNU, Friday the 1980s, a weekly meeting in which Workshops, in Galería Kurimanzutto; Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien, the artists met and collaborated. Berlin and the Museo Tamayo. As Cruzvillegas explained in the exhibition catalogue for ‘Escultura Social: Santamarina has held twenty individA New Generation of Art from Mex- ual exhibitions in a wide range and ico City (2007): “We came together some of the best site in the country, to discuss, criticise, and transform such as thee Universidad del Claustro our work individually, with no pro- de Sor Juana, 2007; El pájaro amarilgrammes, marks, exams, diplomas lo de Mathias Goeritz, Galería Gaga, or reprisals. We did not intend to be- 2008; Museo Experimental El Eco, come known, prepare for a show, go 2014; Museo de Arte Contemporáagainst the grain, make our presence neo de Oaxaca, 2014; Casa Tikal, 2019, felt as a group, or even make work Galería Emma Molina, 2019, Casa Eq… this was my education”. This then uis, 2019. Orozco has been proposed as one of the “dominant influence(s)” on his work. Along with Orozco, Damian Ortega, Dr Lakra, and Minerva Cuevas, Cruzvillegas was considered part of a new movement in Latin American art (which has been compared to the YBA boom in Britain in the 1980s, or the Modernist movement of the 1920s).


Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa

His work can be found in private collections and under public care, such as at the Colección Jumex, Fundación Alumnos 47, and the Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporáneo (UNAM).

PE DRO CORONE L LOT 36 Zacatecas, 1921 Coronel was a Mexican sculptor and painter, part of the “Generación de la Ruptura” bringing innovation into Mexican art in the mid 20th century. Coronel’s training was with artists of the Mexican muralism tradition, with influence from artists like Diego Rivera. This influence also lead him to include pre Hispanic themes and colors in his work. His artistic trajectory and influences from artists such as Rufino Tamayo lead him to start to use color within his work and to develop more abstract forms. His work was exhibited and gained recognition in Mexico, the United States and Europe.

1966 and the Premio Nacional de Arte in 1984. He was a founding member of the Salón de la Plástica Mexicana. In 1971 Justino Fernández published a book about him called Pedro Coronel, pintor y escultor. The state of Zacatecas named him a favorite son (Hijo predilecto) in 1977. Since his death, his work continues to be exhibited in various venues in Mexico. In 2005, the Museo de Arte Moderno had a retrospective of his work thirty years after his death, mostly of large scale oil paintings. In 2009, there was an exhibition of his graphic work at the state government building of Tabasco in Villahermosa.


LOT 37 Culiacán, 1956 Lugo studied architecture at the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara and is a professor of Urbanism at the Universidad Autonoma of Sinaloa. Architect by training, in her work she Shortly before his death, he donated focuses on the integral design of the his considerable personal art collec- architectural space, interior design tion to the people of Mexico, which and Sustainable gardening. was used to open the Museo Pedro Coronel in the city of Zacatecas. Over the years she has developed an artistic practise that has seen her Recognition for his work include try her hand at many different workthe National Painting Prize in 1959, shops and courses of both painting the José Clemente Orozco Prize and sculpture. She focuses on for(first place for painting and honor- mal composition, in the use of coable mention in sculpture), the II In- lour through different mediums. In ter-American Biennial in Mexico in her sculptures she works with de1960, the Salón de la Pintura prize of composed farming tools that have the Salón de la Plástica Mexicana in been substituted for new technology Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa


that was developed due to the Green Revolution. Lugo looks to give a new meaning and understanding to these machines through their re-purposing in an artistic context. Her work has been exhibited both in solo and collective exhibitions at the Mina Embajada Creativa and at the Almendro Residencia in Culiacán.

GABRIE L OROZCO LOT 38 Xalapa, 1962 A Mexican artist, Orozco gained his reputation in the early 1990’s with his exploration of drawing, photography, sculpture and installation. In 1998, Francesco Bonami called Orozco “one of the most influential artists of this decade, and probably the next one too. Important solo exhibitions have included his mid-career retrospective which began in December 2009 at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and traveled to the Kunstmuseum Basel, the Centre Pompidou, Paris, and ended at the Tate Modern, London, in May 2011. Other recent solo exhibitions include Asterisms, Deutsche Guggenheim (2012) and the Guggenheim, New York (2012), exhibitions at the Museo del Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico City (2006); the Museum Ludwig, Cologne (2006), Palacio de Cristal, the Museo Nacional Centre de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid, (2005), the Hirshhorn


Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa

Museum, Washington D.C. (2004), and the Serpentine Gallery, London (2004). Among his most recent solo exhibitions we can mention: Gabriel Orozco (OROXXO), kurimanzutto, Mexico City, Mexico 2017; Gabriel Orozco, Aspen Art Museum, Aspen, United States (2016); Fleurs Fantômes, Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire, France (2015-2016); Gabriel Orozco – Inner Cycles, at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo MOT, Tokyo, Japan (2015); Natural Motion at the Kunstahaus Bregenz, Bregenz, Austria (2013); which also travelled to the Moderna Museet in Stockholm, Sweden in 2014; Thinking in Circles at the Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland, (2013). Orozco participated in the Venice Biennale in 1993, 2003, and 2005, the Whitney Biennial (1995 and 1997), as well as Documenta X (1997) and Documenta XI (2002). He has received numerous awards, including the Seccio Espacios Alternativos prize at the Salon Nacional de Artes Plasticas in Mexico City (1987), a DAAD artist-in-residence grant in Berlin (1995), and the German Blue Orange prize (2006).

DE MIÁN FLORES LOT 39 Juchitán de Zaragoza, 1971 Flores is a contemporary Mexican artist who works across a variety of different medias. He has worked in

graphic art, painting, silk screen printing and other mixed media that often mix images of rural homes from his childhood in Juchitán with those of a modern Mexico City.

México en el Museo de la Ciudad de México y otros (2006), Match Dual Presence en la Universidad Autónoma de Baja California -CECUT en Tijuana y Fisher Gallery USC (2006),

His work tends to include a mixture of images of pop culture, often incorporating icons of Mexico City’s past. His work has been shown in galleries in Mexico City, Europe, Guatemala and Cuba.

Defensa Personal Drexel Galería Monterrey (2005), Novena en el Parque de Béisbol Eduardo Vasconcelos en Oaxaca (2004), Lulú en el Canvas International Art en Amsterdam(2004), Playbol! en Casa Lamm (2004), Mont Albán en Casa Lamm (2001), Cambio de Piel en Galería Quetzalli en Oaxaca (2001), Arena Oaxaca, en el Instituto de Artes Gráficas de Oaxaca (2000), Sedimento en Casa Lamm (1999), Resistencia Florida en Casa de las Américas , La Habana (1999).

The primary individual exhibitions of his work include: Nación en el Instituto de Bellas Artes (2012), Estucos en Casa Lamm (2012), Mix Teco Sound en la Galería Estación Cero en Oaxaca (2012), Estarcidos en la Galería Ginocchio (2011). ), La Patria en la Galerie Talmart de París (2011), Demián Flores en el Festival Río Loco de Toulouse (2011), Cómo Ser Goleador en varios puntos de Sudamérica (2011), VS en el Centro de Formación de la Cooperación Española en Antigua Guatemala (2010), La Patria en Casa Lamm (2010), Epigrafía en el Museo de Arte Moderno de la Ciudad de México (2010), El Triunfo en Galería Ethra (2010), Talayi en la Escuela de Beisbol en San Bartolo Coyotepec(exposición permanente), Aztlán en el Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil e Instituto de Artes Gráficas de Oaxaca (2009), Zegache en la Galería Drexel en Monterrey y Casa Lamm en la Ciudad de México (2009), Juchilango en Casa Lamm (2008), Bidxaá en Galería Manuel García en Oaxaca (2007), Pinturas en la Galería Hilario Galguera en la Ciudad de México (2007), Arena

PE RL A KR AUZE LOT 40 Mexico City, 1953 Krauze studies Anthropology at ENAH and History Studies and Graphic Design at UNAM (National Autonomous University), School of Visual Arts. She also studied Textiles at Goldsmiths University of London and has an M.A. in Visual Arts from Chelsea College of Art in London. Her work has been exhibited in Mexico and several other countries such as the USA, Canada, Paris, Portugal, Japan and China. Exhibitions include: The Museum of Modern Art (MAM) in Mexico City, Amparo Museum in Puebla Mexico and the Museum of Modern Art in Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa


Oaxaca and the Museum in Scotts- on to: as acts of faith, of belonging, of dale in Arizona, Scottsdale Contem- will or of certainty. porary Art Museum. Taken out of its typical environment, She has her work on view in important the currency Irízar uses in her works collections such as: MUAC, Mexico takes on symbolic qualities that City, Museo Amparo, Puebla, Mexico; speak to the construction of desire Museum of Modern art in Mexico City. and value. (MAM), Carrillo Gil Art Museum, México City, Museo del Instituto Nacional Her works have been shown in Musede Bellas Artes, Scottsdale Contem- ums in Mexico, Madrid, San Francisporary Art Museum, AZ; Long Beach co, Beirut and she has participated Museum of Art, CA; National Museum in several Biennials in Porto Alegre of Women in the Arts, in Washing- Brasil, the Cuenca Biennial in Ecuador ton DC; Lester Marks, Houston, Tex- and the FEMSA biennial in Mexico. as. Victoria and Marshall Lightman, Houston, Sprint Art Collection, Chris- Irízar’s work is part of the Isabel and tian Keesee Art Collection; Freedman Agustin Coppel Collection (IACC), Gallery, Albright College. Reading the Cisneros Fintanals (CIFO) ColCollege, PA; Bank of America in the lection in Miami and the 2 de MAyo Cultural Center in Madrid. US.



LOT 41 Culiacán, 1977 Fritzia Irízar’s conceptual artwork tests the elusive forces of value as it is expressed in economic and symbolic forms, including labor, precious materials, money, and myths.

LOT 42 Culiacán, 1982 Sepúlveda’s artistic practise explores the impact of art as a model within different educational processes. It looks to update the importance of the production of images within a certain context that have been violated due to a lack of political agency.

Her work refers to the flow of money on an individual scale and to the consumption of the work of art.

His work explores economic speculation that makes artistic work sustainable outside of the centralized circuits of the international art system.

Fritzia Irízar’s works recognizes that history and science are almost fictions, built on small superficies of knowledge and are subject to the de- His sound productions, video instalcision of a few individuals. However, lations and performances have been they are fictions that we want to hold exhibited in foundations, biennials


Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa

and institutions, among which the Atelier) and as an independent artist: Fundación Júmex, Casa del Lago, EL_DESPERFECTO. Chapultepec and Space Vanderth Borth stand out.


He has been recognised through the Acquisition Award at the XIII Biennial of Visual Arts of the Northwest (2011), Scholarship in the Flora Ars + Natura / Casa de Lago residency program in Honda, Colombia (2016).

LOT 44 Culiacán, 1972 Since April 2020 and when quarantine still seemed temporary, the artist Luis Romero decided to meet his alter ego, Watchavato.

He was part of the 2013-2014 SOMA Academic Program where he founded the Traditional World Ceviche Championship, held since 2013, he received a Fellow grant at McDowell Colony in the U.S.A. in 2018.

He started a series of letters that include texts and images that he had always wanted to share with himself, giving a new meaning to himself and from another perspective.

He currently lives in Culiacán, Rosales where he produces and directs Almendro Residencia, the first aesthetic research center in the northwest of the country.

A mutual back and forth of letters began (through interchanged envelopes), which soon became a communication game between the two selves. “Domicilio Conocido” was born and has made this confinement more bearable to date.

E L _ DESPE RFECTO LOT 43 Culiacán El_DESPERFECTO is architect Jaime Sevilla Calderón’s artistic name and alter ego. He trained as an architect from 2008 to 2012, during his education as an architect he woke up a curiosity and developed an interest in urban art, and since than he has explored a range of different techniques to represent the theme of imperfection through work with vectors, concepts and design at his atelier UDA (Un Desperfecto

Contemporary Art Auction for La Casa


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