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Annual Report 2011—2012

Thinking, Growing, Engaging It is always with extreme gratitude that I write to you in our Annual Report. As you will see from the long lists of donors, the support for the mission of The Lab School of Washington and Baltimore Lab School comes from so many contributors, through many different initiatives. We hope that the stories in this report illustrate the extraordinary value of your gifts. To that end, I have added a few of my own experiences from the past year. Several of these articles highlight faculty professional development: training, travel, and collaboration. Professional growth animates our culture and translates into more authentic learning experiences for our students. As the proud leader of the Lab communities, I recognize that we also need to engage in professional development. Last year I made sure that I was also


the lab school


Annual Report


2011— 2012

stretching, learning and renewing my passion for the extraordinary education we deliver. In February, I presented at the National Association of Independent Schools Conference (NAIS) on neurodiversity and neuroplasticity. I was thrilled to educate others on the imperative to consider different kinds of intelligence among students and to adjust teaching accordingly. I hadn’t worked so hard on organizing my thoughts since graduate school, but I found it healthy and most worthwhile to articulate to “traditionalists” the transformative power (some would call this the Lab Magic) of a progressive, active design for learning. It was a great pleasure to join our High School trip to France and England last April. Ten days of travel with 16 students and 4 teachers reminded me of my days working in a boarding school; it was intense, all-inclusive, highly structured, and oh-so-rewarding. It’s the perfect way to establish interpersonal connections and create meaningful shared experiences. It affirms our belief in the caliber of Lab students when you experience, firsthand, our students augmenting our tour guide on the history of D-Day, detailing painting elements in the Louvre, or securing a new passport at the U.S. Consulate in Paris without assistance. I have tacked up a wonderful, old travel poster of Mont Saint-Michel above my desk as a reminder of the renewal and inspiration I gained on the trip. This past July, I participated for the fourth time in a consortium of Heads and emerging leaders of independent schools that educate students with learning differences. This year, Dr. Doug Fagen, Director of Psychological Services, and Jennifer Sherman, High School English and Technology teacher, accompanied me. Our group from eight schools challenged ourselves to write a white paper on “value added “ education in our schools and to select one assessment we could all use to develop a substantial database for accountability. Our goals are ambitious; the collaboration is challenging; the logistics take time to put in place; and there is training to be done – exactly the kind of work Lab’s staff and faculty are doing in their own professional development. These opportunities were made possible with enormous financial support from the Annual Fund and from a number of generous designated gifts for professional development. The funding of professional development ensures our faculty and staff’s abilities to continue to deliver Lab’s “one of a kind,” highly specialized, well-designed education. I am enormously grateful to each of you for recognizing the value of a Lab education and for your outpouring of financial support.

With many thanks to all,

katherine a. schantz Head of School


T H E L A B SC H O O L of W A SH I N G T O N

A Year of Diverse Achievements As I look back over 2011-2012, my final year as The Lab School’s Chairman of the Board, I am struck not only by how successful a year it was, but also by the incredible diversity of our accomplishments. Our board, administration, faculty, staff, and families addressed a wide range of issues critical to the wellbeing of our School. The outcomes are impressive and they fill me with tremendous gratitude. As you may know, independent schools embark on the process of reaccreditation every 10 years. A detailed, painstaking journey, it is also instructive, illuminating, and empowering: the school leadership explores “what we do, “why we do it,” and “how we do it” with microscopic precision. The outcomes lead us to become stronger and point us in directions that help fulfill our mission. Led by Katherine Schantz, our Reaccred-


the lab school


Annual Report


2011— 2012

itation Committee helped The Lab School renew its 10-year accreditation from the Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges. We should all be appreciative of their efforts. We passed with flying colors. Over the past year, Baltimore Lab School made significant strides on its path towards independence. Rewarding as it has been to partner with Baltimore Lab during its first decade-plus of growth, it is even more rewarding to see it become a leading school for children with learning differences in its own right. I am indebted to our Baltimore Lab School Advisory Committee and to the Associate Head of Baltimore Lab School, David Lightfoot; together they have helped pave the way forward for their community. During my years as Chairman of the Development Committee and then as Chairman of the Board, The Lab School Annual Fund has grown from under $60,000 in 2004 to over $700,000 in 2012. This is proof positive that you – our families, friends, and donors – believe in the strategic direction our School is taking. You are invested in our present and our future. Not only has the Annual Fund enjoyed extraordinary growth, but our Gala continues to set the bar higher each year. Our 2011 gala was the most successful to date, raising over $900,000. Everyone who helped us achieve that landmark deserves a hearty round of applause, especially Sheila and David Feinberg, our gala chairs. It has been my great honor to help steer The Lab School during so many changes – the death of Sally Smith, the hiring of Katherine Schantz, and our ambitious Strategic Planning process, to name but a few. Your new Board Chair, Mimi Dawson, has been an exemplary board member, colleague, and helpmate for me and for Lab during these changes. She will be an exceptional Chair; I know you will be as welcoming and supportive of her leadership as you have been of mine.

BO A R D O F T R U ST EES 2 01 1 - 2 01 2

Executive Committee Rob Mathias, Chair Mimi Dawson, Vice-Chair & Chair, Trustees & Governance Committee Bill Tennis, Vice-Chair & Chair, Finance Committee Bruce Drury, Treasurer John Jonas, Secretary Nancy Taylor Bubes, Co-Chair, Development Committee Susan Hutton, Co-Chair, Development Committee John Magladery, Chair, Baltimore Lab Committee F. Davis Camalier, Chair, Master Planning Committee Katherine Schantz, Head of School

Members John Ablon Mac Bernstein Elaine Christ Neil Cullen Martha Bridge Denckla

With gratitude,

Kathryn Fulton Leah Gambal Hal Malchow Barbara Mattox

robert mathias Chairman of the Board, 2007-2012


income Tuition, Fees, Instructional Programs


Leslie Meek

Contributions 2,211,376

Greg Stewart

Investment Income

Kathy Tenhula

Other 230,975


Michael Tongour H. Brian Thompson

Total Income


Honorary Trustees John Clifford


Allyn Kilsheimer

Instructional 17,953,242

Connie Richards

Administrative 3,772,335

Richard Wiley

Plant and Facilities Total Expense

3,660,624 25,386,201


the lab school of washington

Diversity at Lab: a Strategic Planning Benchmanrk “The word ‘diversity’ has become so commonplace that it’s in danger of losing it’s meaning,” says The Lab School of Washington’s newly appointed Director of Diversity, Yvette Shepard. “You can’t take it for granted that people know what you’re talking about when you use that term.” One of Yvette’s first tasks was to engage faculty, staff, students and parents in meaningful discussions around the definition of ‘diversity.’ What does it mean for a school, such as Lab, to be truly diverse? And what steps does the school need to take to fulfill this important Strategic Planning imperative? In one very fundamental way, The Lab School is, by its mission, diverse. “Our students are an underserved population, a minority group if you will, by virtue of their learning differences,” explains Yvette. “These children have directly benefited from civil rights legislation that granted persons with disabilities vital accommodations.” As a result of their ADHD, dyslexia, and other learning differences, Lab School students approach the subject of diversity with a unique sensitivity, compassion and commitment. This was evident at last year’s People of Color Conference in Houston, Texas, sponsored by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). “White or non-white, our students were able to represent themselves as a vocal minority that needs to be heard. They lobbied impressively for greater funding, research and educational advancements for students with learning differences. They were credible, outspoken advocates for greater national awareness and support regarding ability variances,” notes Head of School, Katherine Schantz. Throughout the past year, Lab School teachers and staff


the lab school


Annual Report


2011— 2012

members took part in a School-wide discussion of how to fulfill the Strategic Plan’s diversity mandate. Using the NAIS’s Assessment of Inclusivity and Multiculturalism as their guide, diversity conversations centered on “Where are we now?” “What are we doing that works?” “And where do we want to arrive?” Although recruitment and retention of a diverse student body and faculty is an ongoing priority at Lab, the immediate effects of the ramped-up focus on diversity are most readily seen throughout the School’s curriculum and extracurricular activities. Teachers in the High School and Junior High School have effectively begun to integrate issues of diversity into the curriculum, specifically through literature, writing and art. “We want to move beyond themed events, focused on costumes and food – although those are certainly engaging and have their place in Lab’s education. We wanted meaningful instruction and discussion to take place in the classrooms,” comments Katherine. A concerted emphasis is placed on studying, analyzing and reflecting upon a spectrum

of differences, including not only race, but gender identity, religion, economics, ethnic heritage and political viewpoints as well. The results are impressive. High school seniors visited the expansive “What is Race” exhibition at the Baltimore Science Museum. Using their iPads and other interactive technology, the students created an audio/visual exhibition on the topic, which they presented to younger Lab School grades. The School’s robust African-American Heritage Festival (see article, page 10) was the culmination of a month-long immersion into the long, rich history of African-American culture, struggles and achievements. The process of research, study, exploration, reflection, interpretation, and presentation was so successful Lab is considering using this template to explore other aspects of diversity, such as Hispanic and Asian experiences or homelessness and hunger.

Yvette Shepard is very excited about the progress Lab is making in fulfilling this strategic pillar. “We have a number of professional development opportunities for faculty members coming up this year. Our Student Diversity Club has several terrific projects lined up and we will return to the NAIS People of Color Conference for the second time.” Particularly rewarding should be the Civil Rights Tour that Yvette is planning for the upcoming Spring Break – details will follow in the next edition of Lab School LINK.

During African-American History Month, students maintained a thought-provoking Lab School blog entitled, “What is Your African-American Experience?” “Every person has a unique African-American Experience,” explains Yvette, “whether you are African-American, know African-Americans, or have preconceived ideas about African-Americans.” Although the community was invited to respond anonymously to the blog’s overarching question, many of the most interesting online posts were – with permission – captured in a moving video that was shared with the School community.


the lab school of washington

8th Graders Define “Diversity” in Diverse Ways

eagerness to be heard and to understand is especially profound during “Learning Disabilities Awareness Month,” when the 8th Grade focuses on the various learning disabilities, negative myths surrounding learning differences, identifying and playing to strengths, and self-advocacy.

One of the first pieces of literature the class tackles is an essay on “dumpster diving” by Lars Eighner. “Students are startled to realize that’s a real lifestyle. There are people in the world who literally survive on what they forage from other people’s garbage,” says Debby Wise. Other important essays read throughout the year include: “On Compassion,” by Barbara Lazear Ascher “Just Walk On By: Black Men in Public Space,” by Brent Staples “A Modest Proposal,” by Jonathan Twist “How it Feels to be Colored Me,” by Zora Neal Hurston “The Myth of the Latin Woman: I Just Met a Girl

Diversity: It isn’t just about the color of your skin, the country where you were born, or your definition of “God.” This is the first surprising realization 8th Grade students confront during their year-long concentration on the theme of diversity. Examined through the lens of “What is an American?” students dig into thought-provoking topics such as homelessness, racism, gender identity, multiculturalism, and learning disabilities. Each topic shines a light on what it means to be different…and to be labeled or even stigmatized based on those differences. Eighth Grade Language Arts teacher Debby Wise feels that her students are uniquely poised to grapple with the tough issues surrounding diversity. “These topics are very much on their minds. They are hungry for information; they read the literature with great insight and come to class eager to discuss on a deep level. They ask very potent questions.” In addition to reading and conversation, writing is an important component of the class. The students’ written reflections are mature and insightful. The class also spends time reading, analyzing, and writing reflections on the poetry of Langston Hughes. Nor is literature the only gateway to exploring issues of diversity and discrimination at Lab. On permanent display is a sculptural work, The Ladder of Intolerance, created by a previous 8th Grade class. It serves as a daily reminder of the many ways in which bigotry infests our society, from name-calling to genocide. Because many of the issues explored in the class can be emotionally fraught, Lab School makes certain that students feel comfortable and safe participating in discussions. In addition to Debby Wise, the class is co-taught once a week by Ali Meyer, the Junior High social worker skilled in listening to, affirming, and supporting each student’s perspective. “The students aren’t hesitant,” assures Debby. “They are eager to be heard and to understand not just the theme of diversity, but the language – the words – we use to define and often to hurt one another.” The


the lab school


Annual Report


2011— 2012

Named Maria,” by Judith Ortiz Cofer “A Clack of Tiny Sparks: Remembrances of a Gay Boyhood,” by Bernard Cooper “Am I Blue,” by Bruce Corille “Two Ways to Belong in America,” by Bharati Mukerjee

As a capstone to their diversity studies, the 8th Graders took a day trip to New York City to visit the Lower East Side Tenement Museum. Students were able to view the world and its myriad challenges through the eyes of an Italian immigrant family living in Manhattan during the Great Depression. “We were surprised, moved, and humbled,” reflects Debby Wise. The experience of putting yourself in someone else’s shoes underscores the importance of recognizing, accepting, and appreciating differences; an experience that starts early at Lab.


the lab school of washington

African-American Heritage Day enlightens teachers and students

AfricanAmerican Heritage Day Brings History Alive for Elementary Students Everybody agrees: Elementary School students are wonderful at celebrations that involve costumes, movement, and a little bit of pageantry. Children in grades 1 through 4 took their dramatic and visual arts skills to a much deeper level when they staged The Lab School’s first daylong African-American Heritage Day. More than one excited student proclaimed “This was the best day of school ever!” Weeks of research, study, reflection, and creativity went into preparing the multi-layered look at the complexities of the African-American experience. Spanning six class periods, the various Elementary School homerooms took visitors on a multisensory excursion from the pre-slavery era to the present day Obama administration.

The Culture of the African Empire ~ this class researched specific pre-slavery African nations, comparing and contrasting different African countries, studying African heritage, culture, and traditions. They delivered written and oral presentations, made presentations on batik and other clothing patterns, replicated maps, prepared a robust call and response; performed African song, and acted out folktales in tableau format. 1849-Underground Railroad ~ after studying about the Underground Railroad, students recreated a convincing scene from that important movement, complete with wanted posters for runaway slaves. Students spoke in character as they led visitors through a typical Underground Railroad way station. 1861–The Civil War and Emancipation Proclamation ~ students created a living portrait gallery that brought to life faces affected by the war and its aftermath. They also made drums on which they played traditional cadence, performed “When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again,” and presented their drawings of American eagles. 1919-Harlem Renaissance ~ Lab School classrooms were turned into the “Cotton Club,” with music and poetry presentations. The students also created a stunning collage of Harlem Renaissance artists; each image was created in the style of the artist depicted. 1954-Civil Rights ~ having engaged in the exploration of segregation, equality, and “black versus white” issues of the day, students prepared dramatic presentations focused on famous leaders of the era, such as Rosa Parks and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Their verbal tableau of the famous “I Have a Dream” speech used the children’s own writing to share their dreams of equality. 2000-Obama ~ the highlights of President Barack Obama’s political career were brought to life in a dramatic presentation as students celebrated the first African American president.


the lab school


Annual Report


2011— 2012

The Elementary School was not the only division to participate in African-American Heritage Day. Intermediate, Junior High, and Senior High students – and their teachers - also took part with oral, written, and visual arts as well as dramatic and musical presentations. Ideas for the daylong event were spearheaded by a group of Lab School’s African-American teachers, who felt that the School’s cultural celebrations could be more effectively integrated into the curriculum. The group included representatives from each division, to ensure cross-curricular coordination: Tanya Rorie-Bryan (Athletics), Steve Johnson (Elementary and Intermediate), Alison “Gaia” Baytop (Junior High) and Yvette Shepard (High School). Students were not alone in their unanimous praise for African-American Heritage Day; faculty and staff found their preparations - and culminating event - meaningful as well. Of particular note was the Heritage Choir, which gathered faculty and students together in a gospel-inspired ensemble for a performance at the School’s celebration. The Heritage Choir featured as one of its selections, “Victory Is Mine,” a gospel song featured in the film The Help. Members of the choir viewed that movie together during their formative weeks. Their appreciation for the subject matter was enriched by a discussion, facilitated by Bernard Demczuk, Lab parent and Assistant Vice President for DC Government Relations at George Washington University, on the history of domestic workers in Washington, DC. Before this conversation, few students or teachers realized that these local workers had formed the foundation of what is now the largest and most successful black middle class in the nation.

Maya Angelou Public Charter School: A Valued Lab School Partner Maya Angelou Public Charter Schools are an alternative educational program model specifically designed to support lower income students with a particular focus on court-involved youth, students who have failed in traditional school settings, and students with special needs. We are grateful for the continued generosity of the Shippy Foundation, which has funded our special partnership with the Maya Angelou Public Charter Schools for the third consecutive year. Over the past year, Lab School staff continued to present workshops to the Maya Angelou faculty. In addition, we initiated an important observation/ collaboration program where Lab School-trained staff went to the Maya Angelou campus to mentor teachers. The first of three workshops presented by Lab focused on effective teaching methods for students with learning and attention problems, and covered the academic areas of foreign language, social studies, history, math, and science. Another workshop was presented by the art staff and highlighted how to infuse the arts into the academic curriculum. A total of 77 Maya Angelou teachers attended the four workshops. “I love the integration of general content with the arts,” commented one teacher. “I learned a lot myself through the arts and know for a fact that this works.” The newly initiated observation collaboration program was equally well received. Lab-trained teachers Sachi Ide Rosenbaum and Cathy Glick spent many hours on the Maya Angelou campus, sharing ideas and information with the teachers they observed. The outcome was so successful that this year, five Lab School teachers are involved in this project; we have also added a student collaboration component. “There is no question that the interaction between the Maya Angelou Public Charter School and Lab School is a learning experience and beneficial to both groups. Lab School staff has commented on how much they learned from the discussions during their workshop presentations and how impressed they are with the Maya Angelou staff,” says Outreach Coordinator Lois Meyer. “The Maya Angelou teachers are enthusiastic, creative and gracious. What a wonderful experience for both schools.”


the lab school of washington

Foxhall Campus: Where Art and Language Intersect “Art is a gateway to learning.” That’s a fundamental principle of The Lab School’s educational philosophy. But what, exactly does that mean? And how does that principle play out for The Lab School’s youngest learners? Teachers in our Elementary program invested considerable time over the past year imagining – and implementing – powerful new methods of integrating Visual and Performing Arts with Language Arts instruction. The results of this important co-curricular initiative were impressive, indeed. “We approached the issue of integration at a very high level,” comments Elementary Curriculum Specialist, Jenn Durham. “Teachers worked in tandem to answer important questions that would guide our classroom work.” Those questions included defining Lab School’s art standards, clarifying the School’s written language objectives, and drawing important parallels between visual/performing arts and written/oral arts…parallels that could be used to provide youngsters with the highest quality learning experience. “It became very clear to our Elementary team that we could…and should…integrate written language and vocabulary principles into our arts instruction, and vice-versa,” Jenn observes. The next step was to pair classroom teachers with a teaching artist. The co-teaching of reading, writing, and art gave children the opportunity to apply the intellectual and creative skills they employed when creating art to their emerging language arts literacy. Head of School Katherine Schantz explains, “Students learn best when they are able to make connections. It’s important therefore, for students to understand that the writing process is very similar to, say, creating a sculpture. Both processes are cyclical. A child ‘brainstorms,’ ‘drafts,’ analyzes’ ‘revises’ and reflects.’ This shared vocabulary is used in the classroom, whether the student is working on a poem or a pinch-pot.” Jenn Durham is extremely pleased with the results of artists and teachers collaborating and presenting academics using a cross-curricular approach. “With our youngest learners, it’s important to remember that the emphasis remains on ‘process,’


the lab school


Annual Report


2011— 2012

not product. Still, some of the products have been very, very exciting!” One project that students and teachers found particularly engaging was the creation of a “clay-mation” video. Students brainstormed on paper by writing individual ‘what–if’ stories, drafted their ideas in clay, analyzed their work, and made important revisions along the way. The resulting piece, “What if Dinosaurs Came to Lab?” used stop-motion animation to bring clay creatures to life; student voice-overs narrated the written script. The video was screened for fellow students, providing the final and – in some ways, most important part – of the writing/ artistic process: ‘reflection.’

During the year, Lab’s Elementary students embarked on an imaginative immersion into the study of birds. Younger students learned through exploring paintings of birds by such artists as Audubon. Older students read books about birds, wrote poems about birds, and created birds using different mediums such as charcoal and watercolor. At the end of the unit, all students ages 6-10 worked with clay to create extraordinary bird sculptures that doubled as…birdhouses! Other integrative writing-and-art projects included the creation of “I Can,” puppets and superhero rod puppets that were based on student stories; a play that was developed from concept, through costumes and scenery creation, to live performance; and multi-dimensional “books” based on personal written narratives. “The past year has amplified the power of the arts when they are truly integrated into all aspects of our academics,” enthuses Katherine Schantz. “This initiative has been very invigorating for our students… and for our teachers, too.”

Spotlight on Digital Cinema and Film Production

Storytelling is an important component of so many classes at Lab; the High School’s Digital Cinema and Film Production course is no exception. “We spend a tremendous amount of time focused on effective storytelling,” explains High School teacher Jaylene Arnold. “Students create their own storyboards, paying close attention to the narrative. The cycle of beginning, middle, and end of the ‘story’ is the starting point for every video and film we create.” Once the story has been conceived, students work in pairs or larger teams to bring that story to life with sounds and images. Their efforts received a boost last year with a significant upgrade of both audio and visual equipment. New condenser mikes and high-definition cameras were just two of the improved “tools of the trade” students used to create last year’s projects, which included documentaries as well as imagined stories.

Technology is a vital tool in any film/video class; Lab School takes it to a particularly high level, providing students with professional-caliber Adobe Premier Software. “Once they have mastered the basics of iMovie, this very advanced Adobe program allows them to create extraordinary special effects and rich, multi-layered audio and video,” says Jaylene. “It’s a remarkable tool to offer at the high school level.” Last year, The Lab School of Washington produced its first cross-division Video Festival. Students from the Elementary, Intermediate, and Junior High Division joined High School students from the Animation and Digital Cinema and Film Production classes in airing their films for the entire community to enjoy. “The scope and quality of the work was absolutely amazing.” Jaylene enthuses.

Digital Cinema and Film Production are not the only video classes offered at Lab. Animation has long been a popular High School class; it’s taught the traditional way, with emphasis on the physics of animation, favoring the stop-motion technique over digital shortcuts. Yearbook has also evolved to become more video-focused. These classes have inspired more than one student to pursue a career in television or film.


baltimore lab school

Dear Friends of Baltimore Lab School, It was just over a year and a half ago that I arrived in Baltimore to begin my journey as Associate Head of Baltimore Lab School. I had many dreams for the school early on, and so many of them have already come to fruition. Thanks and congratulations to everyone in our community for making this year such a success for our school, and more importantly for our students. As I reflect on the past year, I am filled with pride for the tremendous growth Baltimore Lab School has experienced. While there are more highlights than we can list on one page, here are some of our major accomplishments with the support of all in our community: •

The new school website :

A complete overhaul of our electrical system, allowing more classroom technology and faster connectivity

Over 50 new pieces of technology, including computers, printers, tablet e-readers, and classroom projectors, with screen reader software licensed for use on every computer, including those in our new High School computer lab

Exterior improvements, including a newly paved parking lot, porch roof repairs, and security upgrades

Launched monthly Breakfast Tours with Director of Admissions; brought 35 new visitors to the school over the first 3 tours

An Outdoor Education Program that gives students first hand, curriculum-based experiences in environmental and historic studies as well as swimming and rock-climbing adventures, after school and on weekends

• Global Learning Initiatives that included Lower and Middle School interdisciplinary studies of Thailand, a Middle School “Around the World” celebration, and a High School trip to Spain •

Weekly social learning classes for our Lower and Middle School, provided by our Related Services Department

Gifts in excess of $200,000 to Baltimore Lab School

• The hiring of a Baltimore Director of Finance & Operations Academic Instruction at Baltimore Lab School did not conclude at the end of the school year in June; the sounds of laughter, learning and excitement continued to resonate throughout the building during our Summer School program. This year’s program was very successful, with culminating cele-


the lab school


Annual Report


2011— 2012

bration of cultural studies for our younger students, and a sharing of self-published blogs by our older students who studied the Chesapeake Bay. Over the summer, teachers from all divisions planned thematic cross-curricular units, emphasizing project-based learning and increased collaboration in our arts-based approach in Humanities (English, social studies and the arts) as well as in STEM projects (science, technology, engineering and math). Our school-wide theme this year is “The United States of America,” an appropriate topic during a presidential election year. As I think about all we have accomplished in just one year, I am excited about the future of Baltimore Lab School and our continued journey to independence. With the support of our board, community and our friends at The Lab School of Washington, I am confident that this transition will be smooth and aligned with our goals for the future of Baltimore Lab School.

david w. lightfoot Associate Head, Baltimore Lab School


baltimore lab school

Baltimore Lab School Annual Fund


Founding Members: Elaine H. Christ, Vice President

Stones and Sparks Club

Mariale M. Hardiman, Ed.D. John Magladery, President and Chair, Facilities Committee

Members of the Baltimore Lab School Stones and Sparks Club have made a gift of $1,000 or more to our Annual Fund. In thanks, they receive invitations to Stones and Sparks events and networking opportunities, a gift of appreciation from Baltimore Lab School, and a membersonly annual meeting with leadership to hear about the School’s vision, partnerships, and opportunities.

Joseph McAvoy, Secretary and Co-Chair, Development & PR Committee Gregory D. Stewart, Vice President and Co-Chair, Development & PR Committee Gordon M. Stetz, Treasurer Maureen E. Walsh

Significant Development Growth for BLS Countless thanks to the many parents, grandparents, faculty, staff, friends, and donors who helped Baltimore Lab School enjoy a milestone year for fundraising. Through your generosity we met – or exceeded – all of our financial goals. Highlights included: •

Increased total development income by nearly 30% over FY 2011

Increased Annual Fund giving by over 20%

Faculty/staff giving reached nearly 60%, with more than 35 gifts

Formed and strengthened partnerships with local organizations and business associations

Cumulative giving (total cash/property value) exceeded $200K

As the School prepares to become independent in 2013, we are in an impressive financial position. But now is not the time to rest on our laurels! Let’s band together as a community and make the current academic year Baltimore Lab School’s most robust fundraising success to date.


Other: Restricted and Gifts in kind


$95,632 $124,739


Dr. Luanne Adams & Mr. Murrell Smith Mr. & Mrs. James Aist Campbell Foundation Cho Benn Holback + Associates Mrs. Elaine & Mr. Jeffrey Christ F.E. Munschauer Family Foundation Mr. Peter Heffernan & Ms. Maureen Walsh Professor & Mrs. J. W. Howard Mary & Daniel Loughran Foundation, Inc. Mr. John Magladery & Ms. Kathy Barry McCormick & Co, Inc. Mr. Ronald Naditch Rogers-Wilbur Foundation, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Steven V. Sklar Mr. Gordon Stetz & Dr. Joanie Stetz Mr. Gregory Stewart & Ms. Diana Smith T. Rowe Price Foundation

Parents Mr. & Mrs. James Aist Mr. & Mrs. Austin Childs Mrs. Elaine & Mr. Jeffrey Christ Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan E. Clark Mr. & Mrs. Carl Crenshaw Mr. & Mrs. Ken Davis Mr. & Mrs. Peter C. Foote Mr. & Mrs. Wil Gehne Ms. Erin Good-Buckless & Mr. Pete Buckless Mr. Jack Harvey Ms. Maureen Healy & Ms. Catherine Igo Ms. Elizabeth Humes


the lab school


Annual Report


2011— 2012

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Kokoska Mr. & Mrs. Jim Leckrone Mr. John Magladery & Ms. Kathy Barry Dr. & Mrs. Philip McDowell Mr. & Mrs. Jack Melocik Mr. & Mrs. P. Noble Powell, Jr. Mr. & Richard G. Pritzlaff Dr. & Mrs. Michael Riger Mr. & Mrs. Steven V. Sklar Mr. & Mrs. William Spencer Mr. & Mrs. Brian P. Stanton Mr. Gordon & Dr. Joanie Stetz Mr. Gregory Stewart & Ms. Diana Smith Mr. & Mrs. Andrew M. Walen Ms. Lisa Watson Mr. Scott Wilbur & Ms. Patti Rickert-Wilbur Ms. Pamela Yancey

Friends (Includes Alumni, Alumni Parents, Grandparents & Staff) Dr. Luanne Adams & Mr. Murrell Smith Mr. Anthony Adams Ms. Marianne Angelella Mr. Stephen D. Baer Mr. Byron Banghart & Mrs. Martha Banghart Mrs. Leah Bennett Mr. William Bradford Jr. Ms. Kristin Britcher Dr. & Mrs. Abdullah Brooks Dr. & Mrs. James Brown Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Burkins Campbell Foundation Mr. Joseph Canner Ms. Sherry Caplan Mr. Michael Checknoff & Ms. Judith Stiefel Cho Benn Holback + Associates Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Clement Mr. Lee Cohen & Mrs. Stacy Rudin Mr. Jonathan C. Cude Ms. Wilnett Dawodu Ms. Christina Delgado Ms. Anne McKinne Dunn Mr. & Mrs. Carl Eberhart Ms. Elizabeth Euwer Ms. Marcella Fairchild Ms. Annette Fallon Ms. Helen Fallon Mrs. Kimberly Farley

Ms. Deborah Flavin Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey Friedman Mr. & Mrs. A. Corwin Frost Ms. Leah Gambal & Mr. Santiago Alfageme Mr. Steve Gangloff Mr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Gillespie Mr. & Mrs. C. Edward Hazen Mr. Peter Heffernan & Ms. Maureen Walsh Dr. Norris L. Horwitz Professor & Mrs. J. W. Howard Mr. & Mrs. David Huang Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Katzenberg Ms. Jennifer Kelleher Mr. David Lightfoot Mary & Daniel Loughran Foundation, Inc. Ms. Lisa Mandell McCormick & Co, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Martin Merritt Ms. Malinda Midzenski Mr. & Mrs. Earl N. Mittleman Mr. John Morgal & Ms. Jacqueline Lesh Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Motyczka Mr. John Mulherin F.E. Munschauer Family Foundation Mr. Ronald Naditch Ms. Ruthanne Neary Neuro Behavioral Associates, Inc. Ms. Ann Marie O’Keiffe Dr. Edwin Oliver Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Oliver Ms. Laura Parkhurst Ms. Susan Rome Ms. Beverly Sagal Ms. Lora Salladin Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Schultze Mr. Jim Schwartz Dr. Lisa Sheehan Ms. Erica Skoczylas Mr. & Mrs. Donald Smith Mr. & Mrs. Michael Smith Target Ms. Darran Tilghman Ms. Karan Temple True Dr. David Tuchman & Dr. Linda Rosenthal Mr. Jeff Wagner & Ms. Nancy Leopold Mr. David Weinstein & Ms. Susan Walen Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Weishaar Ms. Darlene White & Mr. Joe Mooney Ms. Ricka White Mrs. Colleen Williams Mr. & Mrs. Lee P. Woody


Gifts-in-Kind and Special Gifts

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Katzenberg The Magladery-Barry Family Mr. and Mrs. C. Edward Hazen Master Mark Ms. Deborah Flavin Brenna McWilliams Mr. Jonathan C. Cude William Salladin Ms. Lora Salladin Mr. Stephen D. Baer Darran Tilghman Dr. Lisa Sheehan Michael Isaac Vincent Mr. William Bradford Jr. George Walen Mr. David Weinstein and Ms. Susan Walen Magnus Watson Mr. Anthony Adams

We are so grateful to the many supporters who provide in-kind (non-cash) services or materials each year. Mr. & Mrs. Isaac Ankri Mrs. Elaine & Mr. Jeffrey Christ Ms. Christine Demuth Ms. Kathleen Dulaney Mr. & Mrs. Alex L. Kolodkin Mr. & Mrs. Jim Leckrone Mr. David Lightfoot Mr. John Lowe & Ms. Sheri Lowe Mr. John Magladery & Ms. Kathy Barry Maryland Institute College of Art Mr. & Mrs. Joe McAvoy Dr. & Mrs. Philip McDowell Mr. & Mrs. James McWilliams Parents Association of Lab School Baltimore (PALS-B) Mr. & Richard G. Pritzlaff Mr. & Mrs. David Riley Ms. Jen Rollo Judge James Schneider & Ms. Susan Marzetta Mr. & Mrs. Steven V. Sklar Ms. Erica Skoczylas Mr. Gordon & Dr. Joanie Stetz Dr. Karen Stoddard & Ms. Eileen O’Neill

Gift: in Memory of The names of the persons being remembered are listed in bold; the donor(s) names follow beneath. Dennis Goldman Ms. Beverly Sagal

baltimore lab school

We Couldn’t Have Done it Without Our Pioneers! Baltimore Lab School opened its doors in a small wing of the Port Discovery Museum in Downtown Baltimore in 2000. The students and families who walked through the doors that first morning were in search of something different. Their optimism must surely have been tempered with a measure of uncertainty: Will the School grow and succeed? Will it hold the answers we are looking for? Will I make friends and like my teachers? So many unknowns…but these students and families took a leap, hoping that at Baltimore Lab School their wings would unfurl. Unfurl they did! These students and families forged ahead, blazing a trail and overcoming the obstacles that are unique to establishing a new school community: building relationships, moving locations – twice - and learning to do a “lot” with just a “little.” As our aspiring, pioneer colony prepares to move on, they leave behind a newly-formed legacy, rich with its own culture and traditions. We are proud to recognize three members of the graduating class of 2012 who were founding members of Baltimore Lab School: Matt Kokoska, David Pritzlaff, and Breanna Stewart were recipients of our very special “Pioneer Award.” Kids, we couldn’t have done it without you!

The Parents Association of Baltimore Lab School (PALS-B) 2011-2012 PALS-B Officers

Financial Aid

Marlene Riley, President Katie McAvoy, Vice President Betsy Powell, Secretary Mary Ellen Kokoska, Treasurer “Yaffa” Ankri, Immediate Past President

Anonymous Ms. Marianne Angelella Mr. John Magladery & Ms. Kathy Barry Dr. Ellen McDaniel & Mr. John McDaniel

Gifts in Honor Of

Here is a sample of what PALS-B achieved in 2011-2012: • Faculty and Staff Appreciation Breakfasts and Lunches

• School Calendars for Staff and Families • Box Tops for Education Fundraiser • Parent/Professional Lecture Series • Cultural Enrichment Programs for Students • Spirit Wear for Baltimore Lab School • Student Dances and Celebrations • Annual PALS-B Spaghetti Dinner • End-Of-Year Gift to School: Renovated Teacher/Staff Workroom • Annual Spring Book Fair • Gifts for Graduating Seniors: Personal Engraved Pens • Dessert at Graduation 2012 • Monthly Parent Socials One of our greatest successes was our Annual Spaghetti Dinner, attended by more than 150 friends, families and school staff/ faculty. We greatly appreciate the generous donation of food from Yaffa Catering and parent Yaffa Ankri, as well as the coordination of the event by Nicole Lubin and Katie McAvoy. The dinner raised $1,827.00 toward our end-of-year gift to the school: a renovated workroom for school faculty. Parent David West donated the workroom plans and organized the materials for construction. A new wood floor was installed over spring break. The total cost of renovations was $4,150.00, all of which was covered by the PALS-B fundraising efforts.

This year, 55% of Baltimore Lab School families became “dues-paying” PALS-B members. Many more provided the “people power” for our events. The officers of PALS-B offer a rousing applause to all of the families who gave their time, energy, and financial resources to our many activities. We are so lucky to have you on our team!

The names of the persons being remembered are listed in bold; the donor(s) names follow beneath. Max Caplan Ms. Sherry Caplan Sutton Clark Mr. Ronald Naditch Class of 2012 Mr. and Mrs. William Spencer Gabriela Davis Mr. and Mrs. Ken Davis John Stuart Foote Ms. Elizabeth Euwer Grace Good Mr. and Mrs. Donald Smith Noah Healy Ms. Maureen Healy and Ms. Catherine Igo Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Motyczka Ms. Kane and Mrs. Sheldon

PALS-B: Putting the “Fun” in Fundraising The mission of PALS-B (Baltimore Lab School’s Parent Association) is to foster cooperation and community spirit among parents, administration, faculty, staff, trustees and students. How do we do it? By sponsoring a wide range of fundraising events that are every bit as exciting as they are essential to the School’s well–being. We engage families in a variety of volunteer opportunities that underscore the School’s objective and help meet its goals. Last year abounded with activities and programs that our whole community enjoyed, and from which the students, faculty and families benefited.

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Walen Kelleher’s anniversary


the lab school


Annual Report


2011— 2012


the lab school of washington

the lab school of


Money Matters for Lab Students, Thanks to EverFi What is a FICO score – and why does it matter? Why is college so costly and what types of loans are available to cover those expenses? What are the benefits (and downsides) or owning versus renting a home? These are just a few of the important “dollars and cents” realities introduced to our high school students through our pilot Financial Literacy program, supported through the generosity of EverFi and the DC Chamber of Commerce. EverFi is a local company, based in Georgetown. Predicting that their interactive program would be particularly effective for students with learning challenges, the firm partnered with The Lab School of Washington as one of its earliest test cases. The


the lab school


Annual Report


2011— 2012

firm provided thousands of dollars worth of creative software and online tools that successfully engaged our students in the real-world issues of personal money management. Students reviewed the online program independently, bringing their questions and observations to class for discussion. Upon successful completion of the EverFi program, students received certificates attesting to their financial acumen. Nor was the learning one-sided; the company sent software engineers to Lab, where they gathered student input and suggestions regarding the EverFi program. Head of School Katherine Schantz observes, “It was beneficial for our students to experience success with the online academic format. Nearly every college student takes at least one course online these days, and many universities predict that number will increase substantially.” More than just a “money course,” the EverFi program reinforces digital literacy; students improve their safe, effective online communications and deepen their awareness of the importance of cyber security. These skills are vital in today’s digital society, where so many financial transactions take place online. Parent Mary McGann was instrumental in connecting Lab with Everfi. She notes, “If all students were taught the basic and more complex underpinnings of our financial systems, this would benefit our society and our economy. It would hopefully mitigate the immense cost that college graduates face with student loans, which is a drain on them, their families and our economic systems.”


the lab school of washington

Welcome New Leaders; Farewell Noel It was with great pleasure that we recently welcomed two exceptionally experienced and enthusiastic new administrators to The Lab School of Washington.

Jessica Lux, Head of the Junior High School, brings significant administrative and teaching experience to her leadership position at Lab. She has been an instrumental member of the Kingsbury Institute team, serving as that school’s Curriculum Coordinator, Interim Head of School, and most recently as Upper School Director. Jessica received her BA from Yale University and her MA in Education Leadership and Administration from George Washington University.


the lab school


Annual Report


2011— 2012

Kim Brown, Head of the Intermediate Division, enjoyed an impressive career in education leadership before coming to Lab. Twice nominated as Fairfax Principal of the Year, Kim has served as Head of School at Brookfield Elementary and Wakefield Forest Elementary. Kim joins us from the faculty of George Mason University’s College of Education and Human Development, where she served as Professional Development Associate. Kim earned her BA in Special Education from Guilford College and holds a Masters of Education from the University of Virginia.

Lehman Grants Foster Faculty Growth One of the hallmarks of an extraordinary teacher is the passion for “lifelong learning.” Thanks to the continued generosity of The Edith and Herbert Lehman Foundation, Lab School teachers are able to indulge their passion for continued learning, through extraordinary educational and travel opportunities. Last year, five faculty members were awarded up to $4,000 each to help expand their horizons in ways that enhance their Lab School classrooms. The following faculty members were chosen based on applications submitted to a selection committee.

We also extend our sincere thanks and well-wishes to Noel Kerns, who retired last spring as Lab’s Head of the Intermediate Division. Noel began her career at The Lab School of Washington immediately after receiving her Masters of Special Education: Learning Disabilities degree from American University in 1977. A protégé of Sally Smith, Noel served as a classroom teacher and Elementary School Administrator, before taking the helm of the Intermediate program in 1989. Her contributions over 35 years to Lab have been significant; she will be missed.

David Coulon (Art Department) volunteered this past August at Alexandria Seaport Foundation, a non-profit boat-building organization that serves at-risk youth, communities, and schools in Alexandria, VA. With his new boat-building skills, David will guide his Lab Intermediate workshop classes as they complete a strip-built canoe.

Katie Kindle (High School English) traveled to Australia to study the role of story-telling in Aboriginal history and culture. She began her study by participating in a storytelling conference in Sydney; she then traveled around Queensland and Katherine, two areas rich in Aboriginal sites and culture. She plans to incorporate storytelling -- the art of oral history -- into her English curriculum. Her students are already involved in a Skype project with students from Australia.


the lab school of washington

Sarah Lowenberg (Visual Arts Coordinator/Reservoir Campus) participated in a two-week ceramics course entitled, “Drawing Conclusions” at the Penland School of Crafts in Asheville, North Carolina. She focused on the art of storytelling through the creation of ceramics, a process closely related to her teaching in the Museum Club.

Shaun Miskell (Director of Performing Arts) was the cultural guide on our High School trip to England and France over Spring Break. The trip was designed to be an on-site study of world history, with stops in Paris, Normandy, and London... complete with a side trip to the Globe Theatre, Shaun’s personal Mecca. See full story in Summer ‘12 : www.labschool.org_____________


the lab school


Annual Report


2011— 2012

Margaret Wasaff (Junior High Democracy/English teacher) embarked on a month-long journey entitled, “American Voices: a glimpse into the lives of everyday Americans.” Inspired by her teaching of 8th Grade Democracy, Margaret experienced American culture through the stories, music, and photos of its people. She stopped in Ohio for “America and its Music Workshop,” in Mississippi for “The Most Southern Place on Earth: Music, History, and Culture of the Mississippi Delta,” and in Denver for “Digital Storytelling” workshops. She also added to her understanding with visits to Louisiana and New Mexico.

Year After Year, Frechette’s Generosity Brings History to Life Last October, nearly 40 Elementary students from Julia Peterson’s American Revolution Club traveled to Jamestown, Virginia. Another 20 Intermediate students from Noel Bicknell’s Industrialists Club travelled to Williamsburg. These trips were made possible through a generous annual gift from Peter and Patricia Frechette, parents of board member, alumni parent, and teaching assistant Kathy Tenhula. The funds are given to expand the experiential study of history at Lab.

“The students love these trips because it makes history come to life,” explains Julia Peterson. During the trip to Jamestown, Elementary students visited the island and fort, made ropes traditional to that time period, explored a boat, witnessed the firing of rifles, and even wore armor. Meeting the re-enactors at the settlements is always a highlight of these trips. In Lab’s Academic Clubs, students take on the role of a historical character and learn the history curriculum through that personal role. “Our students love meeting re-enactors because they associate them with their own club characters,” explains Julia. Intermediate students experienced similar levels of experiential learning during their trip to Williamsburg, where they studied the beginnings of the American Industrial Revolution. “Students wanted to know how transportation, communication and monetary systems began in America. They were curious about life before industrialization,” remarks teacher Noel Bicknell. They visited a Colonial farm, stopped by multiple trade shops, and enjoyed a meal at a period tavern. “I’ve found that students learn best when they experience high-level content through all of their senses: the smell of the blacksmith, the feel of the bricks at the brick kiln, the pull of a plow behind a workhorse. Experiential programming through our ongoing connection with Williamsburg provides hands-on, project-based learning that lasts a lifetime,” says Noel. In April, Elementary students took their own trip to Williamsburg, where they drew water from a well, planted cotton seeds, used the printing press to make their own paper, ate in a tavern, visited a court and jail, and learned drills from a sergeant.


the lab school of washington

These trips don’t benefit Lab School students and teachers only - they enrich the programs at Williamsburg as well. “Working with Lab teachers and students has given us new insight into how to teach hands-on history,” says Tab Broyles, Director of Teacher Development at The Williamsburg Foundation. Tab works on professional development for history teachers and has shared some of what she’s learned from Lab teachers with others. “What Lab’s doing is so unique and great, especially the clubs program. This is how everyone should teach and how every child should learn.” Tab was so impressed with Lab High School history teacher John Aragona that she encouraged him to apply as a “mentor” for Williamsburg’s Teacher Institute, which he attended last summer thanks to the Frechette’s gift. The Institute is a weeklong program where 25 participants and a mentor teacher engage in an interdisciplinary approach to teaching social studies with an American history focus. “Colonial Williamsburg has been in the process of actively expanding their high school program to coincide with the release of their online textbook, The Idea of America. I attended the program at the suggestion of Board Member Kathy Tenhula, who supports professional development opportunities for history teachers at Lab,” explains John. “I reported back to Colonial Williamsburg’s Educational Outreach Department that the program was vital to our student’s speech/ language goals. Colonial Williamsburg granted Lab five additional years to test the long-term efficacy of their program for students with learning differences.”

“John really took our program and ran with it,” exclaims Tab. “The way he implements it in the classroom is exactly how we would like all teachers to use our technology.” Lab is incredibly grateful to the Frechette family for cultivating and supporting this relationship.

Parents Association of The Lab School of Washington (PALS) PALS had a busy and rewarding year during 2011-2012. Thanks to your help, we were able to make significant contributions to our students, our teachers and staff and our campus. Highlights included: COMMITTEE CHAIRS Staff Appreciation and Support PALS hosted two breakfasts and one lunch for staff last year. (Is it true that the best way to the hearts of staff at Lab is through their stomachs?) We also wrote individual cards of thanks on behalf of parents during the holiday season and distributed gifts to teachers. PALS Book Fair helped fund staff training in math and technology. And, of course, our network of room parents lent valuable support to classroom teachers. Community-Building PALS’ signature community-building event is the Spring Fair with games, food, rides, music, dancing, and more. Some say the 2012 Spring Fair was the best ever! This year PALS once again sponsored a “buddy program” to help new families, a Welcome Back Coffee for parents, Grandparents/Relatives Day and -thanks to our room parents -- potluck dinners for each class and grade. Communication A priority for PALS this year was to improve the communication and information between parents and the School. To that end, we held monthly meetings with the Head of School to provide parent input on various topics. We also held two forums on topics of interest to parents (“Financing a Lab Education” and “The Academic Clubs at Lab”). Finally, we continued with “PALS Reports,” which updated parents who were unable to attend lectures and meetings. Our success over the past year is owed to the tireless efforts of our officers, events chairs, volunteers, and all those parents who join PALS. Thank you for all that you do and for your continued involvement with PALS.

Community-Building Julie Butler, Kathryn Everett, Lalie Tongour, Spring Fair Karen Spangler, New Family Buddies Rene Simpson, Welcome Back Coffee - Reservoir Hilari Dunn, Welcome Back Coffee - Foxhall Jackie Sink, Grandparents and Relatives Day Appreciation and Support Jenny Hunter, Membership/Volunteer Coordinator Jessica Doran, Colleen Robertson, Room Parents & Teacher Gift Fund Sherri Pellegrino, Staff Appreciation Breakfasts - Reservoir Jessica Doran, Staff Appreciation Breakfasts - Foxhall Linda Adams, Staff Appreciation Lunch Karen Spangler, Book Fair Communication Diane Hinson, Reporter Coordinator Mary Fran Miklitsch, Calendar Linda Adams, Vicki Burns, Parent Forums Finance Claudia Vacirca, Treasurer Margaret Hollar, Vendor Rebate Program Carol McKay, Box Tops Program Molly Carr, Amy McCleskey, Sally Foster, Fair Trade Debbie Roumell, Photo Day - Reservoir Liz Vogel, Photo Day - Foxhall

Room Parents 2011-2012 PALS 2011-2012 OFFICERS Foxhall Campus

Reservoir Campus

Heather Beatty Michelle Bernard Anita Brassart Kelly Briscoe Eric Campbell Margaret Conway Janis Fleischer Lisa Hohenemser Janene Jackson Melissa Schmitt Allison Soffer Diane Wiley Cristina Wills

Heather Barr Kim Baxter Cristina Carlisle Debbie Ellick Kathryn Everett Laura FitzGerald Laurie Friedman Andrea Joseph Jenny Ann Lynch Lori Milstein Elizabeth Snee Vanda Tamari Felicia Widmann

OFFICERS Linda Adams and Vicki Burns, Co-Presidents Christopher Lyon, Vice President, Community-Building Jessica Doran, Vice President, Appreciation and Support Lalie Tongour, Vice President , Communication Claudia Vacirca, Vice President, Finance Allison Howard, Hadley Boyd, Michelle Bacchus, Representatives to the Parents Council


the lab school


Annual Report


2011— 2012


The DaVinci Society

Diverse Giving Strategies Bolster Fundraising One of the most interesting and rewarding aspects of fundraising for The Lab School of Washington is the variety of ways donors can choose to support us. From the Annual Fund, to the Gala, to designated gifts for special programs and projects, our staff and Development Committee does a masterful job of matching Lab’s financial priorities to the interests and passions of supporters. There are so many ways to give! This year’s list of families, staff, alumni, friends, and corporate donors who have made a financial commitment to Lab reflects the diversity of our giving options. We are grateful to each and every one of you. Our fundraising efforts are guided by the Development Committee of the Board of Trustees, which was once again led by Susan Hutton and Nancy Taylor Bubes. Their focus, determination, and unflagging energy helped us exceed every fundraising goal of the past year, including a robust Annual Fund and the most successful Gala in Lab School history. To these remarkable leaders, and their team of results-oriented volunteers, we extend the heartiest of thanks! Special thanks is owed as well to our flexible, imaginative, and hardworking staff: they make our successes possible. Looking ahead, we will be diversifying our fundraising even further. Plans are underway for a significant Capital Campaign, which will help assure the School’s long-term financial sustainability and fund important visionary programs not currently financed by our traditional avenues for giving. You will be receiving details as our plans progress. I urge you to carefully consider the importance of this new initiative and add it to your strategy for financially supporting The Lab School.

DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES 2011-2012 Susan Hutton – Co-Chair Nancy Taylor Bubes – Co-Chair

2011 GALA CO-CHAIRS Sheila & David Feinberg 2011 GALA CORPORATE COMMITTEE CHAIR Kate Fulton 2011-2012 ANNUAL FUND CHAIRS


2011— 2012

Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Downey FeinbergRozen LLP/ Mr. & Mrs. David Feinberg Ms. Linda J. Fisher Mr. & Mrs. Henry H. Goldberg Paul & Annetta Himmelfarb Foundation Mr. Steedman Hinckley & Ms. Lisa Farnsworth/Shippy Foundation Mr. Robert Lagoyda & Ms. Rebecca Gould/Dell Inc. The Malchow Weigert Foundation Mrs. Jacqueline B. Mars The William Carey Mattox Revocable Trust Penske Automotive Group, Inc. The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Mr. Charles R. Schwab Mr. & Mrs. H. Brian Thompson





Other: Restricted and Gifts in kind



Annual Report

Mr. Santiago Alfageme & Ms. Leah Gambal AT&T Mr. Stephan Barth BenBella Books Mr. & Mrs. Matthew C. Bernstein Boeing Mr. Alan & Mrs. Nancy Bubes Mr. & Mrs. F. Davis Camalier Mr. William Tennis & Dr. Sara Cartmell Clark-Winchcole Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Craig Cohen Ms. Robin Ludwig Cohen Davis & Harman LLP Mr. & Mrs. Smith Davis Mr. Rhett & Mrs. Mimi Dawson DLA Piper EverFi General Dynamics General Electric Company The Harry & Lea Gudelsky Foundation H&R Block, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. John F. Jonas Colonel & Mrs. Freeman E. Jones Mr. Robert Kyle & Ms. Kathryn Fulton Mr. & Mrs. Marc Lefkowitz The Edith & Herbert Lehman Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Paul Logan Mrs. Barbara G. Mattox Mr. John Monahan & Ms. Annie Burns Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide Parents Association of the Lab School (PALS) Perfect Settings Pfizer Inc. Purple Strategies Paul Rabil Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Richards Rogers-Wilbur Foundation, Inc. Ms. Hilary Rosen & Ms. Elizabeth Birch Mr. & Mrs. Frederick J. Ryan Mr. Menlo Smith T-Mobile Mr. Peter & Mrs. Kathy Tenhula Mr. & Mrs. Michael Tongour Warrior Sports The Wasserman Foundation Wiley Rein LLP Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Wiley Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Winans Mr. & Mrs. Louis Woodings

Christi & Bob Nichols Rachel & Clint Robinson Marsha Pearcy & Kim Sperduto

marty cathcart Director of Institutional Advancement


The Combined Giving Societies acknowledge the generosity of donors who support any and all of our fundraising efforts: the Gala, the Annual Fund, or specific restricted requests. We are so grateful for your holistic support of The Lab School of Washington!

Donors who contribute $25,000 or more in total giving during the fiscal year, including gifts to the Gala, the Annual Fund, or any other gift to The Lab School of Washington.

With Deep Gratitude,

the lab school

Donors who contribute $10,000 or more in total giving during the fiscal year, including gifts to the Gala, the Annual Fund, or any other gift to The Lab School of Washington.

The Einstein Society

Mac Bernstein Mimi Dawson Sheila Feinberg Kate Fulton Leah Gambal Becca Gould Mary McGann Leslie Meek Christi Nichols Clint Robinson Kathy Tenhula Mike Tongour Doug Wiley

Annual Fund


Combined Giving Societies



The Annual Fund The Lab School relies on the generosity of our Annual Fund supporters to meet our ongoing yearly expenses. Annual Fund contributions help pay the salaries of teachers, specialists, and staff…maintain our campus facilities…fuel our programs…and fulfill the vision of The Lab School. With the hard work of more than 40 enthusiastic and effective volunteers, the 2011-2012 Annual Fund was incredibly successful. We exceeded our goal and raised nearly $760,000, which was put to immediate use by the School. We couldn’t have accomplished this without you, team. Thank you!

annual fund committee 2011-2012 Co-Chairs

Stephanie Stack Jari Tuomala Jonathan Walters Leadership Gifts Coordinators

Christi & Bob Nichols Rachel & Clint Robinson Marsha Pearcy & Kim Sperduto

Andrea Calem Susan Hutton Mary McGann Christi & Bob Nichols Rachel & Clint Robinson Marsha Pearcy & Kim Sperduto Lori Soto Doug Wiley

Ambassadors Joyce Bader Kakali Banerjee Andrea Calem Peter Cole Tom Conger Laura FitzGerald Lee Frazier Amy Graham Alison Howard Marge Lynum Colette Marvin Becky Marshall John Paliga Kim & Andre Pruitt Jasmin Gruenberg-Reisner Amy & John Repke Jeff Robertson Debbie Roumell

New Parents Coordinator Doug Wiley Grandparent Fund Chair Eric Wentworth Parents of Alumni Fund Chairs Wendy Jennis & Doug Mishkin Kay Kornman & Joel Goldberg

Alumni Fund Chair Debbie Ellick

annual fund leadership gift societies

Supporter Circle Visionary Circle

($25,000 or above) Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Downey Mr. Steedman Hinckley & Ms. Lisa Farnsworth/Shippy Foundation Mr. Hal Malchow & Ms. Astrid Weigert Mrs. Jacqueline B. Mars Founder’s Circle

($10,000 to $24,999) Anonymous BenBella Books Mr. John Monahan & Ms. Annie Burns Mr. Menlo F. Smith Mr. Peter & Mrs. Kathy Tenhula Mr. & Mrs. H. Brian Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Winans Head of School Circle

($7,500 to $9,999) Clark-Winchcole Foundation Colonel & Mrs. Freeman E. Jones International Dyslexia Association Partner Circle

($5,000 to $7,499) Mr. & Mrs. W. Sydney Albrittain Mr. Rhett Dawson & Mrs. Mimi Dawson Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Everett Ms. Linda Fisher Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Forman Mr. & Andeas Gutzeit & Ms. Kakali Banerjee Mr. & Mrs. Michael O. Hill Mr. Robert Kyle & Ms. Kathryn Fulton


the lab school


Annual Report


2011— 2012

Max & Victoria Dreyfus Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Robert Nichols Mr. & Mrs. John Osborne Mr. & Mrs. Clint Robinson Mr. & Mrs. Frederick J. Ryan SunTrust Bank Mr. Eric B. Wentworth

($3,000 to $4,999) Bertha and Isaac Liberman Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Brian Byrne Mr. & Mrs. Calvin Lee Frazier Mr. Joel Goldberg & Ms. Kay Kornman Mr. Stephen Jessey & Ms. Kathryn Bucher Mr. Robert King & Ms. Patricia Millett Mr. Adam Krinsky & Ms. Ranit Schmelzer Mr. Gerard Lamb & Ms. Mary McGann Mr. Christopher Lyon & Mr. Art Coleman Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Maddrey Mrs. Barbara G. Mattox Mr. James Ritter & Ms. Andrea Calem Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Robertson Mr. & Mrs. John J. Ryan Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Savitt Friends Circle

($1,500 to $2,999) Mr. Carlos Angulo & Ms. Laila Sultan Mr. David Apatoff & Ms. Nell Minow Ms. Sally Appelbaum Mr. Mike Beach & Ms. Katie LaPorta-Beach Mr. & Mrs. Matthew C. Bernstein Mr. & Mrs. Clarke Brinckerhoff Mr. Alan & Mrs. Nancy Bubes Mr. Kevin Bucher Mr. & Mrs. F. Davis Camalier Mr. & Mrs. Henri Paul Carbonneau Mr. & Mrs. Michael Carvin Ms. Marty Cathcart Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Conger Mr. Jonathan Cuneo & Ms. Mara Liasson Cuneo

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Ellick Mr. & Mrs. David L. Feinberg Mr. & Mrs. Henry Friedman Dr. Frank B. Fromowitz Mr. & Mrs. Allan Goodman Mr. & Mrs. Martin Green Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Haislmaier Dr. & Mrs. Gary L. Hartz Mr. & Mrs. Michael Herson Mr. Michael Hichwa & Ms. Anita Brassart Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Hubley Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Susan Hutton Mr. David Jolliffe Mr. & Mrs. John F. Jonas Mr. & Mrs. Adam C. Joseph Mr. Jeffrey Kline & Ms. Maria Bothwell Mr. Bradley Lake & Mr. William Brockschmidt Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Lattu Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Maddrey Mars Incorporated Mr. John Martin & Ms. Michele Pacifico Mr. & Mrs. Brian Marvin Mr. & Mrs. Timothy McKone Mr. & Mrs. Herbert E. Milstein Mr. Douglas Mishkin & Ms. Wendy Jennis Mr. John Paliga Mr. John Parachini & Ms. Hadley Boyd Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Pellegrino Mr. & Mrs. Andre Pruitt Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pusey Mr. & Mrs. Mark Sandground Ms. Katherine Schantz & Mr. Alex Frederick Mr. Peter Scher & Ms. Kim Tilley Mr. D. Stephen Seawright & Mrs. Sally Seawright Mr. David Seddelmeyer & Ms. Jan Hausrath Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Soto Mr. Kim Sperduto & Ms. Marsha Pearcy Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Stein Mr. William Tennis & Dr. Sara Cartmell Mr. & Mrs. Michael Tongour Universal Limited Art Editions, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. John Valentine Mr. & Mrs. William Walde Mr. Jon Walters & Ms. Tessa van der Willigen Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Wiley Mr. Michael Williams & Ms. Drue Pearce


a n n ua l fu n d pro gr e s s 2 0 04–1 2

$700,000 $600,000 $500,000 $400,000 $300,000 $200,000 $100,000 $0 2004–’05


parent participation elementary Ms. Sonberg’s Class

Participation: 100% Ambassador: Amy Graham Mr. Gary Cutler & Ms. Caitlin Adams Maj. & Mrs. Robert L. B. Edwards Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Graham Mr. John Haecker & Ms. Jennifer Hoffman Mr. Michael Hichwa & Ms. Anita Brassart Mr. C. Marshall Mills & Ms. Michele O’Neill Mr. & Mrs. Chris Morrison Mr. & Mrs. Eric Sorensen Ms. Laura Vinyard Mr. & Mrs. Philip R. Wills Ms. Owen’s Class

Participation: 100% Ambassadors: Amy & John Repke Mr. & Mrs. David Ani Ms. Michelle Bernard Mr. Benjamin Brown & Ms. Rebecca Bond Mr. & Mrs. Henri Paul Carbonneau Mr. Jonathan Cuneo & Ms. Mara Liasson Cuneo Mr. Stephen D’Esposito & Ms. Becky Marshall




Mr. Christopher Healey & Ms. Marya Myslinski Mr. & Mrs. Michael Herson Mr. & Mrs. John Reptke Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Soto Mr. Tim Staples & Ms. Pamela Wyville-Staples Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Wiley Mr. & Mrs. Brent Williams Ms. Baldwin’s Class

Participation: 85% Ambassador: Stephanie Stack Mr. & Mrs. Michael Beach Dr. Timothy Dunn & Dr. Hilari Dunn Mr. David Eskin Ms. Flore De Preneuf Mr. & Mrs. Alan Fleischer Mr. Lee Hockstader Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pusey Mr. & Mrs. Michael Rosen Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Stack Mr. & Mrs. Michael Tongour Ms. Lefkowitz’s Class



Ms. Forbes Class

Participation: 85% Ambassador: Jeff Robertson Mr. Carlos Angulo & Ms. Laila Sultan Ms. Sara B. Eagle Mr. Peter Jenkins & Ms. Julie Donovan Mr. & Mrs. J. Jonathon Jones Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Maddrey Dr. & Mrs. Craig Miller Mr. John Paliga Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Robertson Mr. John Schmidt & Ms. Elizabeth Vogel Mr. David Shaffer & Ms. Kelly Briscoe Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Stein Mr. & Mrs. Philip R. Wills

2011–2012 annual fund parent participation Elementary Sonberg






Dr. Stephen Baker & Dr. Margaret Grisius-Baker Mr. & Mrs. Tim Beatty Ms. Susan Charlton Dr. John Garcia & Dr. Karlene Ware Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Hinkle Ms. Lisa Hohenemser & Ms. Mindy Feldbaum Mr. & Mrs. Chris Jones Mr. Daryl Kimball & Ms. Sally James Mr. & Mrs. Eric Lynum Mr. & Mrs. Dan Rice Mr. Ian Rummer







Participation: 100% Ambassador: Marge Lynum

Intermediate Martin




Van Dyke






Ms. Palmer’s Class



Participation: 69% Ambassador: Alison Howard

Junior High

Ms. Rea Carey & Ms. Margaret Conway Mr. Terrence Costello & Ms. Betty Brooks Mr. C. David Howard & Dr. Alison Howard Mr. Jeff Kline & Ms. Maria Bothwell Mr. John Parachini & Ms. Hadley Boyd Mr. David Seddelmeyer & Ms. Jan Hausrath Mr. Christopher Weston & Dr. Katy Roth


7th Grade


8th Grade


High School 9th Grade


10th Grade


11th Grade


12th Grade






Ms. Endler’s Class

Ms. D’Andrea’s Class

Mr. Daniel Adcock & Ms. Pamela Wasserman Mr. & Mrs. Brent Baxter Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Daley Mr. John Dodge & Ms. Mary Marra Mr. Robin Farley & Ms. Karyn Barlow Mr. Francisco Ferreira & Ms. Bernice van Bronkhorst Ms. Patricia Francis Mr. Jonathan Greenblatt & Ms. Linda Adams Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Harker Mr. Todd Kutyla & Ms. Jennifer Azzariti Mr. Thomas Steinitz Mr. & Mrs. Angus Yates

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Forman Ms. MaryClare Fitzgerald Mr. & Mrs. Salomon Gruenberg-Reisner Mr. Andreas Gutzeit & Ms. Kakali Banerjee Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Haislmaier Mr. & Mrs. John Hanley Ms. Katherine Hazard Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Karas Mr. & Mrs. Rodd Macklin Lt. Col. Todd Minners Mr. & Mrs. Brian Nimmo Mr. Tim Ogborn & Ms. Karen Brody Ms. LaDonna Pavetti & Ms. Mary Fran Miklitsch Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Pellegrino Mr. & Mrs. Frederick J. Ryan Mr. Kim Sperduto & Ms. Marsha Pearcy Mr. & Mrs. William Walde Ms. Joan Weber

Participation: 100% Ambassador: Tom Conger

Ms. Miller’s Class

8th Grade

Participation: 85% Ambassador: Christi Nichols

Ms. Martin’s Class

Participation: 92% Ambassador: Peter Cole Mr. & Mrs. David Browne Mr. & Mrs. Brian Byrne Mr. & Mrs. Craig Cohen Mr. Peter Cole Mr. & Mrs. Kelley Doran Mr. & Mrs. Henry Friedman Mr. Mark Katkov & Ms. Ellen Hamilton Mr. & Mrs. Timothy McKone Mr. Robert King & Ms. Patricia Millett Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Mullin Mr. & Mrs. James M. Taylor Mr. Mac Thornton & Ms. Molly Carr

Participation: 100% Ambassador: Laura FitzGerald

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Conger Mr. & Mrs. David L. Feinberg Mr. & Mrs. Martin Green Ms. Jenny A. Hunter Mr. & Mrs. Adam C. Joseph Mr. & Mrs. Sean Kirkendall Mr. Adam Krinsky & Ms. Ranit Schmelzer Mr. Bradley Lake & Mr. William Brockschmidt Mr. & Mrs. Glenn LeMunyon Mr. & Mrs. Clint Robinson Mr. Homayoune Sabouriane & Dr. Shireen Sabouriane Mr. & Mrs. Barry Washington Mr. & Mrs. Lewis E. Woodings

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Dorian Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Everett Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey S. Felten-Green Mr. & Mrs. John H. FitzGerald Mr. & Mrs. C. Erik Gustafson Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hutton Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Lattu Ms. Claire McCarthy & Ms. Rebecca Womeldorf Mr. & Mrs. Robert Nichols Mr. & Mrs. Mark B. Sandground Mr. Gregary Smith

Ms. Van Dyke’s Class

Participation: 100% Ambassador: Andrea Calem Mr. & Mrs. Robert Carlisle Dr. Leonard Guedalia & Dr. Rochelle Weinberger Mr. David Kaplan & Ms. Felicia Widmann Ms. Kristy Kennedy & Ms. Ginger Noce Mr. Gerard Lamb & Ms. Mary McGann Lt. Col. & Mrs. Lee Medley Mr. & Mrs. John Osborne Mr. & Mrs. Stephon Ray Mr. James Ritter & Ms. Andrea Calem Mr. & Mrs. Sam Snee Dr. & Mrs. Steven Trauben Ms. Nicholson’s Class

7th Grade

Participation: 93% Ambassador: Debbie Roumell Mr. David Budin & Ms. Margot Mahoney Mr. & Mrs. Raighne Delaney Mr. & Mrs. Christian Eigen-Zucchi Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Ellick Mr. Pablo Izquierdo Mr. Robert Kyle & Ms. Kathryn Fulton Ms. Kristy Kennedy & Ms. Ginger Noce Mr. Christopher Lyon & Mr. Art Coleman Mr. & Mrs. Jim Roumell Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Savitt Mr. & Mrs. James Schad Mr. Reese Lewis & Ms. Kathleen Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Wahbe Tamari


the lab school

junior high


Participation: 73% Ambassdors: Jasmin GruenbergReisner & Kakali Banerjee Mr. & Mrs. W. Sydney Albrittain Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Barr Mr. & Mrs. Scott Butler Mr. & Mrs. Michael Carvin Ms. Susan Charlton Mr. & Mrs. Craig Cohen Ms. Lelia Collins Mr. Gordon Coveney Mr. David Cybulski Ms. Virginie Despointes Mr. Stephen D’Esposito & Ms. Becky Marshall Ms. Ellen Durkee & Ms. Denise Cunningham Dr. & Mrs. Jules Duval

Annual Report


2011— 2012

Participation: 76% Ambassadors: Colette Marvin, John Paliga & Jari Tuomala Ms. Karmela Barron Mr. David Boundy & Ms. Patricia McCarthy Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Burns Mr. Steve Cohen & Ms. Nissen Ritter Ms. Sara Eagle Mr. Bennett Goldberg & Ms. Lori Kimble Ms. Adrienne Gude Mr. John Harte & Dr. Bonnie Harte Mr. Steedman Hinckley & Ms. Lisa Farnsworth Mr. & Mrs. Joel Hemphill Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Hinson Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hoch Ms. Aimee Imundo Mr. Stephen Jessey & Ms. Kathryn Bucher Mr. David Jolliffe & Mr. Timothy Mahoney Colonel & Mrs. Freeman E. Jones Mr. Robert Lagoyda & Ms. Rebecca Gould Mr. John Maggs Mr. Timothy Mahoney Mr. & Mrs. Brian Marvin Mr. Richard Messick & Ms. Rita McWilliams Mr. John Monahan & Ms. Annie Burns Mr. John Paliga

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Plumer Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Price Mr. David Sahr & Ms. Lori Milstein Mr. Peter Scher & Ms. Kim Tilley Mr. & Mrs. Eric W. Simpson Mr. & Mrs. Daryl Sink Mr. & Mrs. Wahbe Tamari Mr. Jari Tuomala & Ms. Heidi Mattila Mr. & Mrs. David C. Turner Mr. Marc Van Allen & Ms. Michelle Bacchus Mr. Matthew Yeo & Ms. Karen Spangler

high school 9th Grade

Participation: 55% Ambassador: Joyce Bader & Rina B. Kunk Mr. Harinder Bawa & Ms. Anju Kaur Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Bergin Mr. & Mrs. Matthew C. Bernstein Ms. Alice Bodley & Ms. Terrie Bjorklund Ms. Rhonda I. Brunell Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Bryant Mr. Thomas Endres & Ms. Joyce Bader Mr. & Mrs. Peter Keisler Mr. & Mrs. Kunk Mr. Douglas Mangel & Ms. Elisabeth Lyons Mr. & Mrs. Christopher L. Puchalla Mr. & Mrs. Gregg Robinson Mr. & Mrs. David Sellers Mr. Robert A. Shapiro Mr. James Sires & Ms. Tricia Long

Mr. Manuel Rivera & Ms. Claudia Vacirca Dr. Bruce Siegel & Dr. Maura Cooper Mr. Samuel Smith & Ms. Celeste Regan Mr. Jari Tuomala & Ms. Heidi Mattila Mr. & Mrs. Laurent Van Huffel Mr. Jon Walters & Ms. Tessa van der Willigen Mr. & Mrs. A. Duanne Webber 11th Grade

Participation: 68% Ambassador: Andrea & Kim Pruitt Mr. & Mrs. Mark S. Allen Mr. & Mrs. James R. Bradley Mr. Alan & Mrs. Nancy Bubes Ms. Linda J. Fisher Mr. & Mrs. Kevin J. Gilday Dr. & Mrs. Gary L. Hartz Mr. & Mrs. Sidney L. Lanier Mr. John Martin & Ms. Michele Pacifico Mr. Alan McDonald & Ms. Andrea Winkler

10th Grade

Participation: 61% Ambassador: Jon Walters Mr. & Ms. Richard Berg Dr. Philippe Hermel & Dr. Annie Hermel Mr. Kevin Hovland & Ms. Sharon Block Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Hubley Mr. & Ms. Arthur Keys Mr. & Mrs. Leonard D. Lipton Ms. Emily Paulsen & Mr. Martin Livezey Mr. & Mrs. Ed McCleskey Mr. & Mrs. Eric J. Moholt Mr. & Mrs. Kevin S. Phillips Dr. Cynthia Post

Mr. & Mrs. Andre Pruitt Mr. Stephen Rasmussen & Dr. Zeba Rasmussen Mr. Mark Rovner & Ms. Shira Saperstein Mr. & Mrs. John J. Ryan Mr. & Mrs. James Watson Mr. & Mrs. Gary White Mr. Michael Williams & Ms. Drue Pearce

Parents of Alumni Mr. John Ablon General & Mrs. John R. Alison Mr. Edward Angevine Mr. & Mrs. Christopher G. Applegate Mr. & Mrs. William Atkinson Professor & Mrs. John F. Banzhaf Mr. & Mrs. Gary R. Bauchan The Honorable & Mrs. James A. Belson Dr. & Mrs. Edward Bodurian Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. Boyle Mr. & Mrs. Clarke Brinckerhoff Mr. & Mrs. F. Davis Camalier Ms. Marty Cathcart Mr. Harlan Cohen & Ms. Patricia Salas Ms. Julie Connor Mr. & Mrs. Neil P. Cullen Mr. Rhett & Mrs. Mimi Dawson The Honorable & Mrs. Rafael Diaz Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Downey Mr. & Mrs. Bruce B. Drury Mr. Otho E. Eskin Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Fedoruk Dr. Robert Friedland & Dr. Melissa Friedland Dr. Frank B. Fromowitz Mr. & Mrs. Peter Gibson Mr. & Mrs. Gene R. Gilbertson Mr. Joel Goldberg & Ms. Kay Kornman Mr. Joel Greer & Ms. Annie Storr Mr. Peter & Mrs. Susan Greif Mr. & Mrs. Sean Hagan Ms. Janis Hagey Mr. & Mrs. Michael O. Hill Mr. & Mrs. William Hoffman Mr. & Mrs. Franklin Hooker Ms. Anita Isicson Mr. & Mrs. John F. Jonas Mr. Michael Joy & Ms. Deborah Fischer Ms. Melissa Kahn Mr. & Mrs. Howard Kandel Mr. & Mrs. J. Michael Kelly Hon. William Kilberg & Hon. Bobbie Kilberg Mr. & Mrs. Cal Klausner Ms. Lydia Kleiner Mr. Arnold Kramer & Ms. Emily Carton Mrs. Judith W. Krivit

Mr. Henry Lavine & Ms. Ronda McCrea Mr. Carl Leubsdorf & Ms. Susan Page Mr. & Mrs. Angus Macbeth Ms. Virginia Major Mr. Hal Malchow & Ms. Astrid Weigert Mr. & Mrs. David Marlin Mr. Anthony Marra & Ms. Mary Sheehan Mr. Kent Mason & Ms. Susan Adams Mrs. Barbara G. Mattox Mr. & Mrs. William E. Milliken Mr. Douglas Mishkin & Ms. Wendy Jennis Mr. & Mrs. Paul Moroney Mr. & Mrs. Louis Nevins Mr. & Mrs. Warren Olson Mr. & Mrs. Alan Pisarski Mr. & Mrs. Dwight Pitcaithley Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph Pruden Ms. Mary Quirk Mr. Tim & Mrs. Jennefer Reardon Ms. Jannie L. Roher Mr. Walter Romanek & Dr. Nancy Miller Ms. Darby Rove Mr. & Mrs. N. Ross Safford Mr. Perry J. Saidman Mr. & Mrs. John Scorah Mr. & Mrs. Meredith Senter Mr. Joseph Shlaferman & Ms. Judy Zins Mr. Kenneth Simon & Ms. Janet Hahn Mr. & Mrs. Timothy K. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Marx Sterne Mr. & Mrs. Peter Susser Mr. Mark Szymczak & Ms. Holley Darden Mrs. Kathy & Mr. Peter Tenhula Mr. William Tennis & Dr. Sara Cartmell Mr. Desson Thomson & Ms. Sally Baldwin Ms. Zoe Tierney Mr. & Mrs. Robert Vieth Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Westfall Mr. & Mrs. David D. White Mr. Tom Williamson & Ms. Shelly Brazier Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Winans Mr. Peter Kramer & Ms. Diane Wood

Grandparents Mr. & Mrs. Sydney E. Albrittain Mr. & Mrs. Carlos J. Angulo Mrs. Felicia Angulo Ms. Sally Appelbaum Dr. & Mrs. John Barlow Mr. & Mrs. Harold Bean Mr. & Mrs. Peter Braun Mr. John Calkins Ms. Patricia Calkins Mr. & Mrs. Mike Charlton Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Cunniff Mr. & Mrs. G. Richard Dunnells Ms. Libby Ellis Mr. Otho E. Eskin Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. FitzGerald Mr. & Mrs. Edward Fleischer Mrs. Anne Fulton Mr. & Mrs. Henry H. Goldberg Mr. & Mrs. Allan Goodman Mr. Charles H. Gustafson Ms. Mary Haecker Mrs. Anne Hartz Mr. & Mrs. Bert Hawkes Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Healey Mr. & Mrs. Terrence Hoffman Ms. Audrey Jones Mr. John C. Kirtland Ms. Patricia Kourcklas Dr. & Mrs. Paul Marra Mrs. Mary McCormack Ms. Marion McGann Mr. & Mrs. Herbert E. Milstein Ms. Shahin Nasseri Mr. William Raffel Mr. & Mrs. Lacey Robinson Dr. & Mrs. Herbert Rosen Mr. & Mrs. Morris Sahr Ms. Marcia Sandground Mr. & Mrs. Jay Sarajian Ms. Fran Schmelze Mr. & Mrs. W. Marshall Schmidt Mr. Menlo Smith Mr. & Mrs. H. Brian Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Omego Ware Mr. Eric Wentworth Mr. & Mrs. Michael Weston Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Wiley Mr. Victor Winkler

12th Grade

Participation: 64% Ambassador: Lee Frazier Ms. Terry Baugh Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bell Ms. Kathy Broadwater Ms. Patricia Burke Patch Mr. & Mrs. Ron Devillier Mr. & Mrs. Michael Dorrian Ms. Linda J. Fisher Mr. & Mrs. Morgan Ford Mr. & Mrs. Calvin Lee Frazier Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Gorham Mr. & Mrs. Jon Hensley Ms. Margaret Hollar Mr. David Kirshbaum Mr. Kenneth Lee & Ms. Amalia Pizzardi Mr. Kenneth Libby Mr. Hershel Lipow & Ms. Susan Siegal Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Marshall Mr. & Mrs. Rick McKay Mr. & Mrs. Matthias Moran The Honorable & Mrs. John Negroponte Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Walls Mr. & Mrs. Angus Yates


Friends (Includes Grandparents of Alumni and Staff) Ms. Lisa Aisner Mr. & Mrs. Damian P. Alagia Dr. Anna Alt-White Mr. David Apatoff & Ms. Nell Minow Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Asher Mr. & Mrs. Sanford Z. Berman Ms. Elie Berman Ms. Marla Brazier & Mr. William Brazier Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Brennan Mrs. Kathleen Briançon Mrs. Judy Brinckerhoff & Mr. Clarke Brinckerhoff Mr. Philip Brunell Mrs. Brooke Buchanan & Mr. David Buchanan Mr. & Mrs. Conrad Cafritz Mr. David Caldwell Ms. Carolyn Calkins Ms. Susan Mebane Carter & Mr. Durwin Carter Ms. Marty Cathcart Mr. Cameron Coursen Ms. Michele Curran Mr. & Ms. Richard Debella Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Edson Mr. & Mrs. Walter Fendley Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fitzgerald Ms. Trudy L. Fleisher Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Galper Mrs. Loretta Gibson & Mr. Peter Gibson Mrs. Jude Gillespie & Mr. James Gillespie Mr. Jeffrey Glenn Mr. & Mrs. Jorge Goldstein Mr. Mark Graham Mr. & Mrs. Harvey A. Greenberg Ms. Elaine H. Greenstone Mr. Michael Gropman Mr. Eric Hager Ms. Catherine Hostetler & Mr. David Hostetler Mr. Charles Hoyt Ms. Natalie Katzourin-Buchsbaum Ms. Judy Kirkpatrick & Mr. Steve Kirkpatrick Ms. Rebecca Lent Mr. & Mrs. Gavin Lindberg


the lab school


Mrs. Elizabeth Gillespie Ludwig & Mr. Sherman Ludwig Mr. Lee MacVaugh Ms. Trisha Margulies Ms. Roberta Marks Mrs. Jacqueline B. Mars Mr. Fred Martin Jr. Mrs. Laurelle McCready & Mr. Ron McCready Mr. Martin F. McGann Mrs. Diana Meltzer & Mr. Richard Meltzer Ms. Claire Menegus Mr. J. Mento Mrs. Lois Meyer & Mr. Richard Meyer Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Meyer Ms. Paula Mishkin Ms. Wendy Jennis & Mr. Douglas Mishkin The Honorable Eleanor H. Norton Ms. Anne Novak Ms. Catherine Richards Olney Mr. & Mrs. Nick Pattakos Dr. & Mrs. Michael J. Petite Ms. Kathleen Prescott Ms. Marion Robey Ms. Katherine Schantz & Mr. Alex Frederick Ms. Christina Scheltema Ms. Pauline A. Schneider Mr. George J. Schutzer Mr. D. Stephen Seawright & Mrs. Sally Seawright Ms. Deanna Simon The Honorable & Mrs. Alan J. Simpson Ms. Terri Slitor Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Sodani Mr. & Mrs. Robert Spear Ms. Sally Spencer Mr. Joshua Stewart Mrs. Kathy Tenhula & Mr. Peter Tenhula Mr. Paul Tiao Mr. Eugene Tillman & Ms. Bonnie Thompson Mr. & Mrs. William P. Tompkins Ms. Katherine Van Arnum Mr. & Mrs. G. Duane Vieth Mr. Jeff Wagner & Ms. Nancy Leopold Mr. Hillel Weinberg Ms. Evelyn Winer Mr. Daniel Zelikow & Mr. Marcelo Sanguinetti

Annual Report


2011— 2012

27 Years of Honoring Inspiring Achievement Alumni Mr. Nimi R. B. Andersen-De Rivas Dr. Adam Boldt Mr. Marc BonTempo Mr. Kevin Bucher Mrs. Deborah Ellick Mr. David Eskin Ms. Leah Gambal Ms. Joan Howren Mr. Andrew Jost Mr. Jonathan Kilberg Mr. Barney Krucoff Mrs. Alden Lattu Ms. Gwenn Lavine Mr. David Mapes Ms. Sarah J. Mishkin Mr. George Roher Mr. Joel Rosenfeld Mr. Idris Said Mr. Evan Susser Mr. Charles White III Mr. Thomas Winans, Jr.

Corporations, Foundation, Organizations and Matching Gifts Alagia Family Foundation America’s Charities Associated Jewish Charities of Baltimore Batala Washington DC BenBella Books BlackRock The Brock Foundation The Chalfont Foundation Clark-Winchcole Foundation Deseret Trust Company Max & Victoria Dreyfus Foundation ExxonMobil Foundation Fannie Mae Foundation Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Freddie Mac Foundation Gannett Foundation, Inc. GE Foundation The Sally F. & James Scott Hill Foundation Integrity Applications Incorporated International Dyslexia Association Jewish Communal Fund Bertha & Isaac Liberman Foundation Mars Incorporated JP Morgan Chase Foundation Northrop Grumman Northrop Grumman Foundation Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide Potomac Hospitality Services San Diego Foundation Schwab Charitable Fund Shippy Foundation Social Technologies Institute Stonehall Farm SunTrust Bank The Malchow Weigert Foundation Tides Foundation Truist United Way of Delaware United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta United Way of the National Capital Area Universal Limited Art Editions, Inc. Washington Suites Georgetown The Washington Post Irving & Shari Weinberger Foundation Wells Fargo Foundation Wiley Rein LLP

A remarkable group of honorees…an awe-inspiring setting…over $900,000 contributed to benefit The Lab School: ingredients for a perfect 27th Annual Gala! The 2011 event raised the bar for the School’s yearly event celebrating accomplished women and men who have overcome their learning difficulties, to the inspiration of us all. Among those recognized were Erin Brokovich, consumer advocate; Gavin Newsom, Lieutenant Governor of California; Dr. Michael Oren, Israel’s Ambassador to the USA; Paul Rabil, Professional Lacrosse MVP; and the Pulitzer-Prize winning poet Phillip Schultz, author of “My Dyslexia.”

Benefactor/$10,000 Contributors

Patron/$5,000 Contributors

AT&T The Barth Family Boeing Nancy & Alan Bubes Lynda & Davis Camalier Kim & Craig Cohen Robin Ludwig Cohen The Frechette Family Foundation General Dynamics General Electric Company Sheila & John Jonas Elise & Marc Lefkowitz Ogilvy Washington Pfizer Inc. Connie & Jeff Richards Hilary Rosen & Elizabeth Birch Mary Ann & H. Brian Thompson T-Mobile The Wasserman Foundation Samira & Ted Woodings

Anonymous (2) Alston & Bird, LLP American Airlines AMGEN Applied Materials The Babcock & Wilcox Company BlackRock/Kate Fulton & Bob Kyle The Block & Hovland Family Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. Cassidy & Associates Chevron Sandy & Smith Davis Dewey Square Group Deborah & Stephen Ellick FitzGerald Properties Real Estate Management George Wasserman Family Foundation The Meltzer Group, Inc. National Retail Federation Occidental Petroleum Peck, Madigan, Jones & Stewart PEPCO Prudential Purple Strategies Quinn Gillespie & Associates Shire Joan & Ev Shorey Sidley Austin/Peter & Sue Keisler US Telecom Association Verizon Weitz & Luxenberg PC WJLA-TV

Sustainer/$7,500 Contributors Sara Cartmell & Bill Tennis Cuneo, Gilbert & LaDuca LLP Kathryn & Tony Everett FedEx Corporation Leah Gambal & Santiago Alfageme Becca Gould & Bob Lagoyda/ Dell Inc. H&R Block Impact Resources/IR Technologies Anne Beverly & Freeman Jones Eve & William Lilley

Lab School parent and NPR National Political Correspondent, Mara Liasson, kicked off the evening by unveiling the School’s awardwinning video, “Through My Lens.” The event also paid tribute to 20-year faculty members: Susan Carter, Trudy Fleisher, Jude Gillespie, Craig Omerod, Lindy Rosen, and Jim Ross. Alumna Meredith Shea Barnes, ’89, a celebrated chef and food critic, received the Outstanding Alumni Award.

2011 Gala Co-Chairs Sheila & David Feinberg Corporate Committee Kate Fulton, Chair Mac Bernstein Smith Davis Mimi Dawson Becca Gould Mary McGann Tim McKone Hilary Rosen Terry Thames

Sheila & John Jonas Mary McGann & Gerry Lamb Davina & Chipp Sandground Kathy & Peter Tenhula Lalie & Mike Tongour Diane & Doug Wiley Samira & Ted Woodings Sissy & Angus Yates

Underwriter $25,000 Contributors FeinbergRozen LLP Linda Fisher The Goldberg Family The William Carey Mattox

Benefit Committee

Revocable Trust Charles R. Schwab

Nancy & Alan Bubes Julie & Scott Butler Kim & Craig Cohen Jess & Kelly Doran Deborah & Stephen Ellick Kathryn & Tony Everett Laura & John FitzGerald Lilibet & Chuck Hagel Susan & Tom Hutton

Guardian/$15,000 Contributors Erwin Gudelsky DLA Piper Wiley Rein LLP

Noelle & Paul Logan Sarah & Christopher Meyers Marsha Pearcy & Kim Sperduto/ W. Sydney & Whitney Albrittain/ MaryClare Fitzgerald Roumell Asset Management LLC/ Debbie & Jim Roumell Davina & Chipp Sandground/ Caroline & John Osborne TE Connectivity Kim Tilley & Peter Scher Lalie & Mike Tongour/ TCH Group LLC Emily & Antoine van Agtmael Astrid Weigert & Hal Malchow

Sponsors/$1,000-$2,000 Linda Adams & Jonathan Greenblatt APCO Worldwide Geoffrey Aronow & Melinda Halpert Doug Badger Kakali Banerjee & Andreas Gutzeit Terry Bean Michael Berman Rachelle Bernstein & Richard McAlonan Tina Brown Kathryn Bucher & Stephen Jessey Business Software Alliance BP America, Inc. Capitol Maintenance Company Caremark/CVS


Margaret & Michael Carvin Elaine & Jeffrey Christ CIGNA Terri Claffey Judy & Richard Cohen Patricia & Neil Cullen Davis & Harman LLP DCI Group, L.L.C. Denis Dwyer Ronald R. Eckert Emtac Group David Eppler Robert L. Epstein Family Foundation Financial Services Roundtable Genworth Catherine & Michael Gildenhorn Susan & Allan Goodman Arnie Havens Hogan Lovells US LLP Intel Corporation Dolly Judge Barbara & Cal Klausner Stacy Lloyd The Honorable Trent Lott John Magladery & Kathy Barry John Martin & Michele Pacifico Mrs. William M. Martin, Jr. Claire McCarthy & Rebecca Womeldorf Mary McGann & Gerry Lamb Microsoft Corporation ML Strategies Tamara & Jeffrey Munk Mutual of Omaha The Nickles Group Sharon & Jeffrey Pellegrino Allison Carney Prince Principal Financial Group Laura R. Salstrom Sara & Chuck Savitt Katherine Schantz & Alex Frederick Ellie Smith-Khuri & Walide Khuri Gregory Stewart & Diana Smith Terry Thames Jennifer Treat & Dawn Laguens Union Pacific Universal Music Group Ellen & John K. Villa Washington Hebrew Congregation WB Mason Eric B. Wentworth Williams & Jensen, PLLC Angela & Daniel Yergin Zurich Insurance Company

Mr. Chris Hernadi Mr. & Mrs. John C. Holman Mr. Geoffrey Huguely Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Karas Mr. & Mrs. Brian J. Kelly Rev. & Mrs. Stuart A. Kenworthy Mr. Frederick J. Killion John Kramer & Son, Inc. Mr. Richard Messick & Ms. Rita McWilliams Mr. John Monahan & Ms. Annie Burns Mr. Michael Mosettig Mr. & Mrs. Robert Nichols Dr. & Mrs. Robert Nover Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Price Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Robertson Mr. & Mrs. John J. Ryan Ms. Sybil Shainwald Hon. & Mrs. Laurence H. Silberman Mr. Dave Sislen Mr. & Mrs. Jon Sonheim Tassey & Associates Mrs. Dorothy B. Traub Mr. Walter von Pechmann Mr. & Mrs. Ryan K. Wade Ms. Barbara Washburn Mr. & Mrs. Mark Wigtil Ms. Andrea Winkler & Mr. Alan McDonald

Mrs. Evelyn Novins & Mr. Andrew Novins The Parents Association (PALS) Paul Rabil Foundation Mr. John Racette Ms. Katherine Schantz & Mr. Alex Frederick Mr. Seigel & Ms. Jackson Ms. Deborah Shendelman Mr. Richard Silver & Ms. Rose Cohen Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Singer

There Are So Many Ways to Give

Restricted and Designated Gifts

Educational Field Trips

After School Program

The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Peter Frechette

Anthony Francis LucasSpindletop Foundation


Maya Angelou Public Charter School Partnership

Penske Automotive Group, Inc.

Gifts : In-Kind We are grateful to the many supporters who provide in-kind (non-cash) services or materials to Lab each year.

Ms. Debbe Balboa Mr. & Mrs. Peter Braun Chevy Chase Supermarket Clinton Learning Solutions, LLC. Colonial Williamsburg Foundation Mrs. Mimi Dawson & Mr. Rhett Dawson Ms. Joanne del Vecchio EverFi Mr. & Mrs. Peter Frechette Geier, Brown, Renfrow Architects Georgetown Cupcakes Mr. Joel Goldberg & Ms. Kay Kornman Hogan Lovells US LLP Mrs. Susan & Mr. Thomas Hutton Mr. Gerry Lamb & Ms. Mary McGann Level Perfect Settings/Peter Grazzini Peris Companies/ Jeffrey Pellegrino Mr. Paul Rabil Mrs. Nancy Rowland & Mr. David Rowland Mr. & Mrs. Mark Sandground, Sr. Mr. Peter Scher & Ms. Kim Tilley Mrs. Morie Scherl & Mr. Raymond Scherl Mr. & Mrs. Marx Sterne Warrior Sports Xerox Corporation Mr. Matthew Yeo & Ms. Karen Spangler

Financial Aid

Art Department

The Allbritton Foundation Mr. Robert Allbritton & Dr. Elena Allbritton Mr. & Carlos J. Angulo Mrs. Felicia Angulo Bloom Inc. T/A Celadon Mr. Nathaniel Breed & Ms. Robin White Mr. & Mrs. Brian Byrne Dr. & Mrs. James R. Cooper Mr. & Mrs. Ron Devillier Mr. & Mrs. Bruce B. Drury Ms. Roxanne Elliott Mr. & Mrs. Fred A. Ezra Mr. Francisco Ferreira & Ms. Bernice van Bronkhorst The Paul & Phyllis Fireman Charitable Foundation Ms. Etta Fleisher Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Fuge Mr. & Mrs. Harold Gray Ms. Judy Greenberg Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Healey


the lab school

Mr. Matthew Yeo and Ms. Karen Spangler Athletic Department Mr. Eugene Gallagher Ms. Margaret Hollar Mr. & Mrs. R. William Kent Level Paul Rabil Foundation Warrior Sports Drama Department Ms. Debbe Balboa Mrs. MoIre Scherl & Mr. Raymond Scherl


Annual Report


2011— 2012

America’s Health Insurance Plans Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Bogin Ms. Susan Carter & Mr. Durwin Carter Ms. Katie Clark Ms. Jo Ann del Vecchio Mrs. Karen Duncan & Mr. Douglas Duncan Mr. David Florin & Ms.Robin Thomashauer Mr. & Mrs. Abraham Friedman Mr. & Mrs. Howard Gartner Ms. Bernadette Glasgow Mr. Chris Hernadi Ms. Rhonda Jarvis Mr. Allan Kantrowitz Ms. Noel Kerns Ms. Lelia Kramer Ms. Ruth Landy Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Lazerov Mrs. Diana Meltzer & Mr. Richard Meltzer Mr. & Mrs. Robert Molofsky Mrs. Patricia Murray & Mr. Michael Murray

Mr. David Jolliffe Colonel Freeman & Mrs. Anne Beverly Jones The Edith and Herbert Lehman Foundation Mr. John Monahan & Ms. Annie Burns Mr. Peter Scher & Ms. Kim Tilley Mr. Stephen Tanner & Ms. Sophia Mellos Mr. Matthew Yeo & Ms. Karen Spangler The Dorothy Parker Adams Library Mr. Peter Scher & Ms. Kim Tilley Mrs. Morie Scherl & Mr. Raymond Scherl Mr. & Mrs. Marx Sterne Occupational Therapy Department Ms. Natalie Katzourin-Buchsbaum Professional Development Anonymous Parents Association (PALS) Mr. Peter Scher & Ms. Kim Tilley Mrs. Kathy & Mr. Peter Tenhula

Shippy Foundation

Contributors $250+

Junior High

Power of Arts Workshop The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Sally L. Smith Memorial Fund

Head of School Discretionary Fund The Edith & Herbert Lehman Foundation

Anonymous Ms. Anne Cafritz Ms. Carolyn Calkins Mr. John Parachini & Ms. Hadley Boyd Summer School Mead Family Foundation

High School Mr. Joel Goldberg & Ms. Kay Kornman


Simon Jacobsen ‘84 , together with his father, Hugh Newel Jacobsen of

technology initiative

The Lab School Alumni Association

A dedicated group of parents formed a Technology Committee to help guide Lab on its path to upgrading our technology infrastructure to support 21st century learning. The Lab School Technology Committee led by Susan Hutton, Mary McGann, Becca Gould, Mary Fran Miklitsch and Paul Logan worked tirelessly to guide and support technology improvement efforts. They launched an initiative in the Spring of 2012 to raise the funds needed to support a massive upgrade of our infrastructure, better interweave technology into the curriculum and continue bringing integrated technology into the classroom. (See feature story in Summer ’12 LINK) We are eternally grateful to the donors listed below who supported this important effort with their generosity. Anonymous (2)

Mr. & Mrs. Marc Lefkowitz

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Bernstein

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Logan

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Carlisle

Ms. LaDonna Pavetti and

Clinton Learning Solutions, LLC.

Ms. Mary Fran Miklitsch

Mr. Gordon Coveney

Mr. & Mrs. Eric Sorensen


Mrs. Kathy Tenhula &

Mrs. Susan Hutton &

Mr. Peter Tenhula

Mr. Thomas Hutton

Mr. & Mrs. William Walde

Mr. & Mrs. Cal Klausner

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Wiley

Mr. Gerard Lamb &

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wiley

Ms. Mary McGann

Wiley Rein LLP

Mr. Robert Lagoyda & Ms. Becca Gould/Dell, Inc.

The Nathalie P. & Alan M. Voorhees Night School for Adults with Learning Differences Ms. Carolyn Calkins Paul & Annetta Himmelfarb Foundation

gifts: in memory of The name of the person being remembered is listed in bold. The donor(s) names follow beneath. Peter Beck’s Mother Mrs. Lois Meyer & Mr. Richard Meyer Alice Bouic Cronin Mr. & Mrs. Walter Fendley Yvonne Felten Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey S. Felten-Green Michael Fleisher Dr. & Mrs. Gary L. Hartz Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Meyer Elizabeth Frederick Mrs. Diana Meltzer & Mr. Richard Meltzer Kaitlin Gallagher ‘13 ABCs for Life Success, LLC Batala Washington DC Mr. & Mrs. Sanford Z. Berman Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Bogin Ms. Marla Brazier & Mr. William Brazier Mr. & Mrs. F. Davis Camalier Ms. Marty Cathcart Ms. Katie Clark Mr. & Ms. Richard Debella Mrs. Karen & Mr. Douglas Duncan Ms. Trudy L. Fleisher Mrs. Elizabeth Gillespie Ludwig & Mr. Sherman Ludwig Mr. Jeffrey Glenn

Mr. Joel Goldberg & Ms. Kay Kornman Dr. & Mrs. Gary L. Hartz Ms. Wendy Jennis & Mr. Douglas Mishkin Mrs. Judy Kirkpatrick & Mr. Steve Kirkpatrick Ms. Rebecca Lent Mr. Lee MacVaugh Mrs. Diana Meltzer & Mr. Richard Meltzer Ms. Anne Novak Mr. & Mrs. Nick Pattakos Mr. & Mrs. Michael Poth Ms. Kathleen Prescott Ms. Katherine Schantz & Mr. Alex Frederick Mr. D. Stephen Seawright & Mrs. Sally Seawright Alvin Gandal Ms. Trudy L. Fleisher Marla Gilson Ms. Lisa Aisner Ms. Elie Berman Ms. Trudy L. Fleisher Mr. David Florin & Ms. Robin Thomashauer Mr. & Mrs. Abraham Friedman Mr. & Mrs. Howard Gartner Mr. & Mrs. Jorge Goldstein Mr. Allan Kantrowitz Ms. Ruth Landy Mr. & Mrs. Manuel H. Lazerov Ms. Trisha Margulies Ms. Roberta Marks Mr. & Mrs. Robert Molofsky Mr. & Mrs. Neil Segall Mr. Stuart Seigel & Ms. Sherry Jackson Ms. Deborah Shendelman Ms. Deanna Simon Mr. Paul Tiao

Mr. Hillel Weinberg Robert Grosshans Ms. Katherine Schantz & Mr. Alex Frederick Pauline Holliday Mr. & Mrs. Barry Washington Mirjam Jonas Ms. Wendy Jennis & Mr. Douglas Mishkin Mr. George J. Schutzer Catherine Lake ‘03 Mr. & Mrs. Dwight Pitcaithley Mr. Thomas Gerard Leonard Ms. Katherine Schantz & Mr. Alex Frederick Mrs. Diana Meltzer & Mr Richard Meltzer Ann B. Mathias Mr. Cameron Coursen Bill Mattox America’s Health Insurance Plans Mr. Doug Badger Ms. Tina Brown Caremark CVS Ms. Patricia Francis Mr. James Gillespie & Mrs. Jude Gillespie Ms. Dolly Judge Mr. Anthony Marra & Ms. Mary Sheehan Mutual of Omaha The Nickles Group Principal Financial Group Sally Montanari Ms. Wendy M. Kilpatrick Rabecca Rosenfeld Ms. Susan Mebane Carter & Mr. Durwin Carter Sally Smith Mr. Nicholas Fedoruk Mrs. Rosalie Fedoruk Mr. Andrew Jost Mary Tkach Ms. Moire Scherl & Mr. Raymond Scherl

gifts: in honor of The names of the persons being honored are listed in bold; the donor(s) names follow beneath. 9th Grade 2011-2012 Mr. & Mrs. Gregg Robinson Lab School Staff Ms. Leila Kramer David Feinberg’s Birthday Dr. & Mrs. James R. Cooper Telma Fitzgerald Ms. MaryClare Fitzgerald Mr. Fred Martin Jr. Gary Hartz Ms. Terri Slitor Jack Healey Mr. & Mrs. Gavin Lindberg Tucker Hemphill Mrs. Jacqueline B. Mars Logan Johns Ms. Michelle Bernard Noel Kerns Ms. Katherine Schantz & Mr. Alex Frederick Liz King Mr. Robert King & Ms. Patricia Millett Leila Kramer John Kramer & Son, Inc. Vittorio Maiorano Dr. & Mrs. Gary L. Hartz Robert & Rachel Palladino & Robert & Linda Palladino Mr. & Mrs. Robert Spear Roxanna Sabouriane’s teachers Ms. Shahin Nasseri Jack Sahr Mr. & Mrs. Morris Sahr Joshua Sahr Mr. & Mrs. Herbert E. Milstein Katherine Schantz Mrs. Karen Duncan & Mr. Douglas Duncan Cobie Sklar Ms. Rea Carey & Ms. Margaret Conway The Teachers of The Lab School Mr. & Mrs. Brian Nimmo Bill Tennis Mr. Jeff Wagner & Ms. Nancy Leopold Thomas Winans, Jr. Ms. Stefanie Altman

When Board Member Leah Gambal ’97 broached the idea of creating a Lab School Alumni Association, Founder Sally Smith called on two alumni who had been good friends while at Lab, Jon Ford and Kevin Bucher, both class of ’91, to take on the task of working with Leah to create an Alumni Association from scratch. They took on the job with great enthusiasm and organizational zeal. Six years later, they are ready to pass the torch to others. We are thankful for all their work which has resulted in an alumni council of representatives from the recent graduating classes, as well as a strong database of alumni with more than 1,000 addresses and contact information to help alumni reconnect with the School and one another. Under the leadership of Kevin and Jon, the Alumni Association has hosted numerous “meet-ups”, a gift program for graduating seniors as well as a luncheon in their honor 50 days before graduation. In 2010, these efforts culminated in the very first career day on campus to feature all alumni. Jon and Kevin, thank you for your diligence and hard work. We are grateful for your efforts, and look forward to building on the successful foundation you created.

the lab school


Annual Report


2011— 2012

Sean Swartz ‘88 writes, “I left Lab

in 1984. Currently, I am the owner of Cirque Cuisine, LLC, an all organic, locally sourced food truck. The menu changes monthly. Follow Cirque Cuisine on Facebook or Twitter. It would be great to serve some fellow Lab School alumni.” Mike Holmes ‘89 worked in The Lab School Athletic Department until

2008. He is now is now Athletic Director at Siena School. He and his wife, Catherine, are expecting their first child in April. Meredith Shea Barnes ‘89 earned an English degree from Guilford College.

She has worked as a cook, sous chef, chef, food writer, and public school culinary instructor. She is a regular contributor to the dining columns of several publications and works as an editor at an e-learning company. She lives in Charlottesville, Virginia with her husband and two school-age sons. Meredith was honored with the Distinguished Alumni Award at Lab’s 2011 Gala. 1990s Amy Wolfe ‘96 recently married Steve Knoblock. She works with special

needs pre-school children.

alumni class notes - winter 2012

In some instances, alumni graduated from a high school other than Lab School. They are listed here by their high school graduation year. 1980s Paul Gilbert ‘83 , author of Lead Like a General, was recently selected as a

finalist for the Eric Hoffer Book Award, which recognizes excellence in independent publishing.

Brandon Estrin ‘96 is Special Projects Director for the University Research

Corporation, a global company dedicated to improving the quality of health Alumni, get Social! care, social services, and health education worldwide. Brandon was Connected with Alumni honored with the DistinguishedStay Alumni Award atLab Lab’s 2012 Gala.

Alumni, get Social!

Alumni, get Social!

Stay Connected with Lab Alumni Wherever You Are!

Wherever You Are!

Twitter: @LSWAlumni When tweeting about alum, use the hashtag #LabAlum

Alumni, Get Social! Stay connected with Lab Alumni Wherever you are!

Stay Connected with Lab Alumni Wherever You Are!

Twitter: @LSWAlumni Twitter: When tweeting about alum, use the hashtag @LSWAlumni #LabAlum

When tweeting about alum, Facebook: @LSWAlumni use the #LabAlum Share your hashtag photos, reconnect with your classmates, and get the latest news from the Lab Alumni Association! Pinterest: Labschoolofwash


Jacobsen Architecture, has launched a line of contemporary furniture that was featured in the Washington Post. Both Simon and Hugh are listed in AD100, Architectural Digest’s national listing of the top talents in architecture and interior design. The Managing Design Partner at Jacobsen Architecture, Simon has also graciously hosted several Lab students as interns at his firm.

Be sure to follow our alumni boards, and we’ll follow you back! We’d love to see you pinning Lab!

Twitter: @LSWAlumni When tweeting about alum, use the hashtag #LabAlum

Facebook: @LSWAlumni Facebook: Share your photos, reconnect with your classmates, and get the latest news from the @LSWAlumni Lab Alumni Association!

Share your photos, reconnect with

Pinterest: Labschoolofwashand get the latest your classmates,

thealumni Lab boards, Alumni Benews sure to from follow our and Association! we’ll follow you back! We’d love to see you pinning Lab!

Facebook: @LSWAlumni Share your photos, reconnect with your classmates, and get the latest news from the Lab Alumni Association! Pinterest: Labschoolofwash


Be sure to follow our alumni boards, and we’ll follow you back! We’d love to see you pinning Lab!


Be sure to follow our alumni boards, and we’ll follow you back! We’d love to see you pinning Lab!



Will Lightfoot ‘10 is a junior at East Carolina University. He spent much

Lindsay Little ‘02 reports that she is planning her July, 2013 wedding in

of the past year working on the Obama re-election campaign and also volunteered at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.

the Dominican Republic. She was recently awarded the “Highly Effective Award” for her role as school counselor with DC Public Schools. This was the second year she received this recognition.

Sarah Mishkin ‘10 finished her sophomore year at Mitchell College in New

school in spring of 2011 and am currently living and working in South Boston. I love it! Right now, I’m cooking for Above and Beyond Catering. We were voted Best Wedding Caterer in 2012! Hope all is well for everyone else!”

London, CT last spring, where she made Dean’s List. She was inducted into Delta Alpha Pi International Honor Society and the National Society of Leadership and Success. Sarah participates in the Dynamy internship program in Worcester, MA along with fellow alumni Edward Gildenhorn ‘11 and Vica Kleiner ‘11. She is interning at WCRN-AM radio station.

Maxine Katz ‘05 writes, “I was recently promoted to store manager at

Lee Olson ‘10 participated in a panel discussion for an audience of

Mary Miskell ‘04 writes, “What up Labbies! I graduated from culinary

Claire’s Accessories. I am planning a move to Brownsboro, Alabama for this new position. I hope all is well!” Lisa Marino ‘05 is living and working in Philadelphia. She recently accepted

a new position at Patterson & Associates, an architectural firm.

educators, students, professionals and parents attending the 2012 Learning Disabilities Association of Virginia Annual Conference. A junior at East Carolina University, Lee was one of six college students and graduates with learning disabilities invited to discuss Challenges in the Classroom. Lee mentioned her Lab School experience as having provided her with excellent tools for success in college.

Nimi R.B. Andersen-Rivas ‘06 was accepted as a member of the National Rail Road Association on the Council of Representatives for D.C. Tim Danos ‘06 is in his second year of teaching at Nativity Prep School in

Wilmington, DE. Tim is also coaching soccer for Nativity and is proud of his winning record this year. Recently Tim surprised his sister and her new husband at their wedding by performing their first dance song, complete with 8 tracks (three vocals, rhythm, slide and lead guitars, piano and percussion). Many congratulations to the Danos family.

congratulations to the class of 2012! Marisa Goldberg ’11 is a sophomore at Curry College in Milton,

Massachusetts. She is majoring in Early Childhood Education and was on the Dean’s List last year. She travelled to Israel with a Birthright group during winter break last year. Marisa is also a member of the Curry Education Club and Hillel. Alessia Lee ‘12 participated in the United States Institute of Theatre

Technology Master Classes at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. She took part in the keynote session with insight on tips and tactics by Gene Columbus, a long-time manager, producer, and casting director for shows and events at Walt Disney World.

The Lab School of Washington Institutional Advancement Staff

Sam Mans ‘07 graduated cum laude from the Sawyer School of Business

at Suffolk University in Boston, MA with majors in Marketing and Information Systems. Jack Feeley ‘07 graduated with a degree in Broadcast Journalism from

the University of Maryland. He is currently a news fellow for Univision in Miami. You can check out his stories and follow him on Twitter @JackFeeley. Anya Kramer ‘08 reports, ”after graduating from Smith College in the

spring of 2012, I joined the Jesuit Volunteer Corps for a year of service in San Francisco. I am stationed with the Tenderloin Technology Lab, which provides homeless men and women with access to computers, internet, job search resources, and free computer classes. I coordinate volunteers, organize, create and teach computer skills classes, and handle administrative issues. To commemorate this new chapter in my life, I started a blog filled with stories, observations, and photos. Catch up with me by visiting:” Walker Bush ‘09 reports, “I recently returned from a tour in Afghanistan

with the Marine Corps, where I served as a machine gunner.”


the lab school


Annual Report


2011— 2012

Back Row (left to right): Chase Holdsworth, Ryan Miller, Thomas Moran, E.J. Mihalski, Nick McKay, Angus Yates, Adam Bell, Remington Walls, Alex Lipow, Jesse Dreyer

Middle Row (left to right): Keenan Fisher, Daniel Scheiner, Sam Frazier, Ben Marshall, Paris Burroughs, Alexandra Hollar, Mandela Wells, Emily Hensley, Alessia Lee, Melanie Kent, Zachary Devillier, Elizabeth Hughes, Hanna Hensley, Amy Kirshbaum

Front Row (left to right): Luda Baugh-Ruschman, Anna Feinerman, Emily Cavanagh, Madeline Gorham, Gavin Gallagher, Victoria Dorrian, Rachel Ford, Olivia Patch, Sarah Kirshbaum, Sophia Negroponte, Viviana Berjerano, Amanda Libby

Marty Cathcart, Director of Institutional Advancement

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Lab school 2012 Annual Report  
Lab school 2012 Annual Report  

2012 Annual Report for The Lab School of Washington