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Inventory of Historic Gardens & Designed Landscapes

Christmas Hearths Weekly Freeman, December 1886

Criteria … The systematic identification, classification & evaluation of sites which … • demonstrate some aspect of garden history / design. • contain notable plant collections – including specimen trees on Tree Register of Ireland. • form an integral setting to an historic building. • are associated with particular people / events.

Method ▪ Identified from

OS 6”/ 1” 1st edition ▪ Initial assessment of survival – comparing OS 1st edition with 2000 OS aerial photography

▪ Published on the web with map, aerial photograph & bibliography

• Identification of

approx. 6000 sites

• Provisional assessment of survival • Database & paper archive • Mechanism to add new sites / data


Numbers refer to one inch OS map sheets

Little Island House Co. Cork

Virtually no recognisable features

Louth Hall Co. Louth

Site of historical importance – now partially derelict or destroyed (Phase II)

Main features substantially present – no loss of integrity

Main features substantially present – no loss of integrity

Lohort Castle Co. Cork

Main features substantially present - some loss of integrity

Dividing up the estates or the Land Commission Inspector goes crazy.

Dublin Opinion c.1935


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Wrl 2018 cumming ireland gardens  

Wrl 2018 cumming ireland gardens  

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