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LABOUR Standing Up for Low Paid Workers



Working with Derek Nolan TD

Contact Derek: B贸thar na Long, New Docks, Galway Phone: (091) 561 006 Email: Web: @dereknolanTD

Cllr N铆all McNelis 087 6197300

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Labour -Standing Up for Low Paid Workers From our very first day in Government, Labour undertook to protect the rights of workers and to stand up for low paid workers in particular. That work is continuing every single day. So far we have:

l RESTORED THE MINIMUM WAGE One of Labour's top priorities when we came into Government was to reverse the despicable cut in the minimum wage by the previous Fianna Fáil led Government. Within months of entering Government, Labour restored the minimum wage from €7.65 to €8.65.

l EXEMPTED 330,000 LOW PAID WORKERS FROM THE UNIVERSAL SOCIAL CHARGE As well as delivering on our promise not to raise income tax, we removed 330,000 people on low incomes from the Universal Social Charge. This benefited low paid, part-time and seasonal workers and helped more people to move into employment.

l PROTECTED FAIR PAY AND CONDITIONS FOR LOW PAID WORKERS The Labour Party has delivered on its promise to protect the rights of low paid workers. We introduced legislation to restore the Joint Labour Committees (JLC), to protect the fair pay and conditions of low paid workers, their rights, their earnings and their standards of living. Workers that will be protected by this legislation include contract cleaners, hairdressers, hotel and restaurant workers and retail workers. l SAFEGUARDED COMMUNITY EMPLOYMENT SCHEMES Labour in Government remains committed to Community Employment schemes. More than €315 million has been allocated to CE schemes for 2012. l DELIVERED FOR TEMPORARY AGENCY WORKERS Labour in Government ensured protection of temporary agency workers by making sure that such workers are given equal treatment in their basic working and employment conditions. The protections cover areas such as basic pay, working time, rest periods, overtime, annual leave and public holidays. l DEFENDING THE CROKE PARK AGREEMENT Labour is a strong supporter of the Croke Park Agreement, which supports low paid public servants and has already delivered significant savings, along with significant reform.

Derek Nolan TD Bóthar na Long, New Docks, Galway Phone: (091) 561 006 Email: Web:

Working with Cllr Níall McNelis Phone: 087 6197300 Email:

@dereknolanTD 0612